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Goblin Slayer Anime Review: A Flawed Gem Covered in Organs

all right guys before we get started i,do want to warn you that i bought a new,microphone recently and im still kind,of fiddling around with the settings to,that so things dont sound really as,good as they usually do which right,there is kind of an oxymoron thats what,ill blame instead of my own,incompetence but none of you guys care,about that so lets go ahead and move on,with the review i feel like i need to,balance out the cutesy [ __ ] from the,last two anime reviews preferably with,something violent and masculine as [ __ ],so lets talk about goblin genocide,thats right goblin slayer,you know that anime that came out two,years ago,it was really dark and violent,a bunch of journalists got pissed off at,it because the first episode,come on guys you remember this show,right right all right so im just gonna,address the elephant in the room here,goblin slayer as an anime is,okay but the manga is substantially,better but before we get into that lets,catch everyone up to speed here goblin,slayer is the anime adaptation of the,dark fantasy horror light novels written,by kumo kagyo which were then adapted,into a manga by kosokei kurose the story,follows the adventures of the titular,character goblin slayer a warrior that,has dedicated his life to the utter,eradication of all goblins something,that makes him seem like an utter,lunatic by his fellow adventurers as,goblins are seen as nothing more than,mob monsters something that only really,kills villagers and rookies nevertheless,goblin slayer continues on his quest and,eventually runs into a newcomer,adventurer that he conveniently saves,during one of his slaughters since her,party was torn apart by the green little,bastards she decides to join his quest,and thats the basic premise theres,also a side plot about the impact left,on the world after the final battle with,the demon lord who nearly ended mankind,but was defeated by the hero in her,party and how the growing number of,monsters in the world might be a sign of,his return but who cares about any of,that goblin slayer only thinks about one,thing and that is the genocide of all,necrogoblicon fans and the anime doesnt,really focus on anything but that sure,there is more to the story than just,being friday the 13th with goblins but,it only has 12 episodes to work with so,you dont have a lot of plot meat and,before anyone asks no im not going to,make doom slayer jokes putting bfg,division over an action scene doesnt,inherently make it funny you sheep it,wasnt even the best doom 2016 song,anyway the main selling point to this,anime was the tone and the violence,really goblin slayer is a pretty generic,anime on paper but im putting that in,quotes adventurer meets stranger the two,bond is there pulled into increasingly,dangerous missions eventually,culminating and realizing they have,larger obligations to the world around,them and thats just the plot line im,not even talking about the setting which,is literally just jrpg tropes or the,characters which once again are,basically kind of archetypes what makes,it stand out is that goblin slayer is,[ __ ] ruthless whereas most other,fantasy animes would only tease [ __ ],up violence or grotesque ways to die,goblin slayer bathes in it see while,goblins are treated as a joke by every,other adventurer in the story you,actually see what they do to people in,this and you perfectly understand why,somebody like goblin slayer could exist,in that world not to get too detailed,for the sake of spoilers but goblin,slayer was heavily traumatized by,goblins when he was a child so bad that,he has forsaken any other path in life,that doesnt involve killing them all,with his bare hands the first episode in,my opinion sets this world up perfectly,follows the group of adventurers that,the priestess starts off with and they,are established as a pretty generic jrpg,party you have the bland leader guy that,wants to be a hero the martial arts,chick that clearly likes him but wants,to be a cocktes hi tifa the glasses girl,mage that acts as the straight man and,the newcomer priest girl that wants to,help everyone she meets at first glance,they all seem perfectly capable of,taking care of themselves and have the,potential to be the legend of the,galactic heroes well when they first,meet the goblins it uh doesnt end well,yeah i dont think a health potion can,regrow that guys intestines,or his liver also tifa got raped by,goblins then goblin slayer shows up and,its not even accurate to call it a,fight scene no its more like a rabid,tiger got let loose in a kindergarten,class as you can see the world of goblin,slayer is generic jrpg fantasy but it,actually shows all the [ __ ] up parts,that are typically glossed over when you,play something like tales of esperia in,this world if you get kidnapped by,goblins youre not going to magically be,saved by the protagonist without a,scratch best case scenario youre,disfigured and tortured because they,think its funny worst case scenario,youre raped and used to breed a new,generation of goblins and when you,outlive your usefulness theyll mutilate,and eat you goblin slayer does a,fantastic job at making you hate the,[ __ ] and you want to see them suffer,the character himself is great too hes,clever professional and an absolute,beast when he gets pissed off to put it,bluntly goblin slayer is like a mixture,of geralt and guts from berserk you have,a traumatized warrior who is a,professional monster honor and has,declared lifelong war on the creatures,he blames for ruining his life and uses,every strategy he can think of to,complete his objective every strategy,dude is an absolute badass and his cold,detached way of speaking fits the,character well the guy is clearly not,okay in the head and has simply seen way,too much [ __ ] up [ __ ] its a great,contrast to the priestess who is far,less experienced shes naive about the,world and acts as the human connection,for the audience to latch onto its that,piece of humanity that keeps us engaged,with this very twisted story there are,other characters beyond these two you,have goblin slayers childhood friend,cowgirl also known as miss mommy milkers,you have the registration chick at the,adventurers guild who is tired of,sending people out to die an elf that,joins because she wants to have an,adventure a dwarf that well is a dwarf,and a lizard guy that acts like a native,american shaman that dudes pretty cool,im not gonna lie none of the characters,really get too much detail or fleshing,out its definitely enough to do the job,but its nothing youre really gonna,write home about nevertheless the bond,between priestess and goblin slayer is,the main emphasis of the anime you see,how the two become friends and goblin,slayer begins to open up to the people,around him its not completely,inaccurate to call it berserks little,brother since its a dark fantasy horror,anime about a traumatized warrior that,seeks revenge on the monsters that,wronged him but eventually learns that,he cant handle it alone and slowly,regains his humanity as he develops a,surrogate family and his party members,okay its a lot like berserk when you,really think about it but goblin slayer,does more than enough to differentiate,itself from that absolute unit of a,manga for one goblin slayer is far more,of a dark comedy than anything else his,obsession with goblins is poked fun at,more than once and fantasy tropes are,put on blast numerous times its nothing,thats an outright joke and really its,more accurate to call this a satire than,a comedy because there are moments where,something is called attention to such as,the one bit about the guy having a sword,too long to use in a cave but its not,really anything with a definite punch,line really its more of a drunk fun,experience than the genuinely emotional,and harrowing one that berserk is unless,youre a journalist then youll just,freak out at the rape and violence and,completely ignore how removing those,things destroys the tone and atmosphere,this st

Goblin Slayer Was Definitely… An Anime (Honest Review Of Goblin Slayer)

viewer discretion is advised oh its,going to be one of those animes i just,finished watching goblin slayer and it,was definitely an anime as always its,up to me to change the name of this,anime to something a bit more realistic,dungeons and goblins i have been killing,goblins for five years and maxed out my,level and finally goblin slayer come on,man thats just the name of the anime,and why do they all resolve around,goblins around what goblins goblins get,out youre fired okay if you wish that,you could be as focused as this man is,about killing goblins be sure to,subscribe to my channel and join my,discord let me give you a satire,synopsis of this anime just a fair,warning this anime is pretty graphic,which includes some scenes that may,require you to bleach your eyes out,afterwards our lighthearted anime begins,with priestess thats right none of,these characters have names in this,anime only being called by their race or,occupation she becomes a member of the,adventurous guild and gets invited to a,nice party why am i getting sword art,online flashbacks they invite her so,that they can as you may have guessed,slay some goblins,these guys are so screwed,[Music],yep thats me youre probably wondering,how i ended up in this situation lets,just say it doesnt end well for them,especially the women priestess has no,choice but to run away until shes saved,by gobrin,thats the name of the anime also yeah,this is his legal name well out with the,old party and in with the new so she,tags along to finish off the rest of the,goblins when i say tag along i mean that,she accesses his nightlight oh no there,are some poor goblin babies here too,theyre probably gonna take them in and,raise them to get along with humans,changing the way this world works man,[ __ ] them kids bro that was more than,double the xp than usual we now learn,that this is one of the most common,occurrences in this world but in all of,their divine wisdom they did it anyways,if i was in this world i wouldnt be no,adventurer i would be working in the,city as a merchant named well i guess,merchant now put yourself into her,position you just witnessed people die,in front of you and worse giving you,lifelong trauma but that armor is kind,of attractive in cgi form so the real,question is who wouldnt join goblin,slayer oh [ __ ] here we go again in this,world nobody takes goblin slaying,missions because theyre too low level,luckily our main character has extreme,trauma so now all he thinks about is,goblins when hes sleeping eating,collecting a harem and drinking,[Music],they go on a few quest killing goblins,by starting forest fires while asking,the most philosophical questions,[Music],ill pass since we do only have two,glorified exterminators may as well add,a few more to the party high elf archer,lizard priest and dwarf shaman at this,point no name could surprise me they,request goblin slayers help to well,kill goblins after going on a few,missions with him watching him decimate,goblins violate the geneva convention by,using tear gas they all come to the same,conclusion yeah thats the guy i wanted,my party yet for some dumb reason they,say hey no using poison or fire even,though they almost die every episode,maybe the poison or fire could have,helped if youre interested in playing,is goblin slayer gonna be cgi in this,scene or drawn or maybe even just for,the great dialogue,be sure to check out goblin slayer,starting from episode 2. now lets talk,about the characters in this anime,starting off with the man who has,goblins for brains when he was yet a,young goblin slayer his village was,attacked he hid in a closet the whole,time as he watched goblins do,unspeakable things from that moment on,he dedicated his life to killing goblins,but not just the men and the children,too wow what a dark past i cant wait to,learn more about this characters,personality thats uh basically his,whole personality wake up kill goblins,while counting them like count dracula,then go to sleep i mean many times in,the show people beg him to help him with,things that arent related to goblins,and he replies with i miss the part,where thats my problem wait does all,this goblin hate technically make him a,racist,[Music],youre probably thinking with a,personality like that how does he get,all the women come on man do you see,this cgi that should answer the question,this man never shows his full face to,the audience pulling a reverse kakashi,only showing the bottom half typically,the armor doesnt come off because what,if a goblin just happened to attack when,he took it off thats right the helmet,stays on during stork hours for this,tier list i let goblin slayer himself,name the tears slayer of goblins tear,the priestess of this anime priestess,who unlike most healers in anime is,actually pretty useful about three times,a day since this is influenced by d d it,does make sense that she can only use,her abilities three times a day but its,kind of stupid now that i think about it,we really dont know much about this,character except that she pisses herself,when she sees goblins and she has a,crush on a suit of armor although she,was pretty cool in the last episode and,is probably one of the better healer,characters that ive seen in anime which,still isnt that impressive not a goblin,tier whos that tsundere i dont know,looks like a high elf archer its high,elf archer the only one that ive ever,gotten right and its this she is as you,may have guessed the archer of the group,whos over 2000 years old after being,converted to the great goblin slaying,religion she decides to join the party,she also gained the shocking trait of,being in love with goblin slayer,not a goblin tear lizard priest the man,who speaks to the bones he summons many,different things out of bones and likes,cheese yes this is in fact his whole,character not a goblin tear dwarf shaman,the final member of the party who is the,optimistic member of the group,possessing a wide variety of spells yet,has even less screen time than the guild,woman not a goblin tear,these characters may all have bad names,but at least theyre not called cowgirl,guess why shes called that shes the,character that sits around waiting for,goblin slayer to come back and is,totally not just in the story for,fanservice not a goblin tear speaking of,fanservice we get guild girl the,receptionist of the guild her job is to,tell new people hey you probably,shouldnt take that goblin slam quest,youll probably die they proceed to die,and she repeats the process again,something truly unexpected of this,character is that she has a thing for,goblin slayer even though she has tons,of guys after her she always says if,they dont have ptsd they aint for me,not a goblin tear which the character,who somehow talks even slower than,eeyore but what about that fan service,though not a goblin tier we also get the,crossover nobody asked for a berserk,ex-goblin slayer thats right guts,appears in this anime who somehow looks,even better than he does in his own,series not that anybody watched it not a,goblin tier time for final thoughts in,raiding the anime i guess ill start,with what everybody wants me to talk,about which goblin was my favorite the,answer is clearly the pirate one fine,when it comes down to the grape scenes,in this anime i really dont care could,i have done without them sure it doesnt,really add much but it does give the,anime a darker tone and if thats what,the author is going for it worked,because i now have a deep hatred of,goblins at least its first episode,didnt scar me nearly as much as,nagatoros bullying in the first episode,of that anime the plot of this anime was,honestly kind of boring i mean how many,more types of goblins is he going to be,able to kill clearly a lot since there,is going to be another season and there,are multiple light novels this anime did,have quite a bit of fan service and,really random stuff such as how somehow,sleeping next to a virgin can somehow,heal a person the characters in

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So, About Goblin Slayer…

this video discusses sexual violence and,media in a way that requires showing,certain explicit scenes while Im going,to try to keep that to a minimum and put,warnings in front of the worst of it and,Ill provide plenty of I bleach in the,form of cute animals between all of that,be aware that some of what youre about,to see may be disturbing the ure,discretion is advised,thats not the way that I wanted to lead,into a discussion of goblin Slayer Im,pretty sure that content warning alone,is going to invalidate my opinion for at,least some of the shows biggest fans,first impressions are everything and I,wish that I could be making a different,one I also wish that goblin Slayer,didnt need to have a Content warning in,front of it on crunchyroll I wish that I,could be making a video about fun,creative D&D kills or the psychology of,an obsessive antihero protagonist or the,potential for a resurgence of dark,fantasy that this show along with,Overlord and re0 is facilitating and yet,here we are because first impressions,are everything and for a lot of people,myself included goblin Slayer left an,awful one on watching the first episode,I said the series was repugnant and edgy,and felt like it was written by a,fourteen-year-old and I regret that,tweet having read the manga and light,novel and seen a few more episodes I,think its unfair to the work as a whole,and to the series writer goblin Slayer,is a fun pulpy schlocky adventure about,a plate armored psycho bending the rules,of the RPG world he lives in to Massacre,trash mobs and the most imaginative,efficient and often entertaining ways,possible its a show that highlights the,absurd creative potential of tabletop,role-playing and marries it to the,gleeful murder lust of games like doom,and hitman overall its not repugnant,but its first episode is and that,largely comes down to one awful,ill-conceived poorly justified and,exploitative rape scene that I think is,as bad as if not worse than the,infamously awful scene from the end of,swordarts fairy dance arc today Im,going to lay out the problems with that,scenes concept and execution and dig,into the issues with the anime,adaptation that created them and because,I know that not everyone agrees that the,scene is a problem in the first place,Im also going to try to explain why I,think its detrimental to the series,overall so in case you dont know how,goblin Slayer starts the series opens,with a young priestess signing up to,become,an adventurer and joining a party of,other newbies on a goblin killing quest,as a healer they go into the goblins,lair woefully unprepared and are quickly,overwhelmed and then die except for the,priestess who makes a swift retreat and,is rescued by the titular hero goblin,slayer at the last second and the,fighter who is brutally beaten and raped,because in this universe,thats how goblins reproduce this is,meant to show that goblins are dangerous,and make us hate them as much as our,heroes do or at least understand why,they need to be killed so badly and it,arguably does that but the way it goes,about doing it is cheap and exploitative,the scene makes us as an audience feel,upset but it doesnt do so by hurting a,character that its made us care about,or cutting off a potentially interesting,and fun storyline before it can begin or,doing any of the other things that well,written stories do to earn their readers,reactions all it does is take something,from the real world that is already,inherently upsetting and put it in front,of us saying look at this feel bad and,it doesnt even do a good job of that,but Im getting ahead of myself,that is to put it nicely really [ __ ],lazy its the writing equivalent of a,jump-scare or of focusing the camera on,a puddle of gore a cheap tactic for,getting a totally unearned reaction out,of your audience and while using,shortcuts to move people early in a,story when theyre not inherently,invested isnt a bad thing on its own,specifically using sexual violence which,is both a hot-button issue and a source,of trauma for hundreds of thousands of,people is at best crass and tasteless,because frankly there are plenty of,other horrible real-world things that,could elicit the same reaction without,that baggage if the goblins were to say,shove their knives in a box of puppies,or stick their dicks in a box of puppies,wed be equally disgusted with them,equally inclined to hate them and it,would have just as much of an impact on,the rest of the story as killing off and,traumatizing a pack of nameless prop,characters if youre going to devote,significant time to sexual assault in a,story especially right at the start you,need to make sure that its an essential,component of that story that it changes,your characters alter,is the future course of events or at,least lets you say something meaningful,that you otherwise couldnt psycho-pass,offers an example of how this can be,done right as its first episode also,involves sexual violence specifically,the episodes villain kidnaps a woman,named chika Shimizu and starts doing,every horrible thing hes ever imagine,doing to her because the Sibyl system,has flagged him as a latent criminal and,he figures his life is over anyway so he,may as well enjoy it the twist is when,our heroes kill him and rescue chika,shes so traumatized and stressed out,from what shes just been through that,the Sibyl system picks up on her mental,instability and deems her a latent,criminal as well meaning right after,they save her the officers have to kill,or at least arrest her this whole,plotline is meant to highlight the,horrifying flaws in the Sibyl system how,it encourages criminal activity and,makes no effort to distinguish between,unstable criminals and traumatized,victims and that message is amplified by,showing chika going through one of the,worst kinds of trauma imaginable making,us entirely sympathetic to her plight,threatening a box of puppies are even,subjecting chika to a lesser crime would,change the outcome and meaning of the,story so I think that using sexual,assault as a plot point there is,justified in a way that goblin Slayers,use of it simply isnt at least not in,the anime but both the light novel and,the manga turned the faceless party of,adventurers who accompanied priestess,into actual you know characters in the,light novel before each of them dies the,narration shifts to their perspective,giving us a bit of insight into who they,are and how they think the mage is,annoyed by priestesses constant worrying,for instance while the fighter is in,love with the warrior and finds herself,heartbroken to watch him die in the,manga each of them is given a one page,flashback where we learned that the,warrior was a poor farm boy who picked,up some big dreams listening to tales,from other adventurers the mage was a,spell casting prodigy destined for great,things and the fighter was the daughter,of a martial arts master who wanted to,honor her fathers legacy by saving,people,it says thin as characterization gets,but its still characterization it tells,us who these characters are and who they,could have been in a different world,less rapey goblins these characters,could have been proper heroes in their,own right the warrior could have been,dragon quests Erik but in this bleak,world that story is cut short before it,could ever begin this small bit of,character building adds a tragic element,thats not there in the anime and makes,this scene upsetting for reasons other,than just because the goblins did an,inherently bad thing in front of us kuma,kagu the series author does something to,earn that reaction and its better than,the nothing the anime gives us now this,level of characterization doesnt really,justify how gratuitous the anime or,manga are but its perfectly appropriate,for the way the novel handles the scene,which leads us to the bigger problem,with the anime the way that it,sexualizes this violence treating whats,supposed to be a traumatic scary moment,as dimly lit fanservice and undermining,its

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Goblin Slayer: Why ONLY Goblins Matter — Wisecrack Edition

this video sponsored by crunchyroll,whats up wisecrack jared again today,were covering the only show guaranteed,to traumatize you in its first 10,minutes goblin slayer now while much of,the conversation surrounding this show,focuses on that note or Eocene that,were all aware of theres something,else going on that is a really,interesting development for the fantasy,genre and it all revolves around the,question why does goblin slayer only,kill goblins and how does that form the,shows greater message,well lets bathe in goblin blood and go,deep in this wisecrack addition on,goblin Slayer and as always spoilers,ahead lets kick it off with a quick,recap a bright eyed priestess no one has,real names in this show and friends set,out on their first adventure eager to,kill goblins but things go wrong very,very wrong her friends died but goblins,Slayer rescues her in the nick of time,she joins his party and becomes his,goblin slaying padawan their party grows,when an elf dwarf and lizard man joined,them to investigate some particularly,worrisome goblins on the elven border,then they head off to kill even more,sewer goblins all the while a Demon Lord,is threatening the realm and our hero,seriously does not care meuk wanna hold,a demo no hospital no cattle zero so no,gala Maggianos cuts no no yachts a goon,zhè shì Oh horrible so toasty Rula,Tsukasa,so today on Akane Kyoko gotta go buddy,Egon you were like why well sure theres,actual narrative reasons they killed his,sister Bocconi multi-label is even gonna,know Sora,nobody one side,gun grease quota suppose but because we,like to get meta we wanted to address,this question as it pertains to the,genre that the show is playing fantasy,okay yeah its anime but the show is,pretty heavy on references to D&D,theres the dice rolling spell slots,guilds quests and a hodgepodge of other,fantasy tropes the show relishes in the,generics of the fantasy genre characters,and places have intentionally generic,names as the show prefers labels like,elven Ranger Watertown or sword maiden,even big bosses get nomenclatures like,goblin champion or Demon Lord so lets,talk about generic fantasy in novels,tabletop games or mmos heroes start,with the small stuff rats bugs goblins,they grind through these small,challenges until theyre ready to take,on stronger and more interesting enemies,but then some horrifying villain emerges,and threatens the world as you know it,the story starts with small problems and,builds to a big one and once that big,one is slain then things can go back to,being PG goblin Slayer steps off that,linear path with the resounding you know,what Id rather just kill goblins things,he rationalizes his choice when his,compatriots try to get him to care about,more pressing matters do take you naga,sekai de hitori de magie go buddy,Mahmood o Horribles circle you know,Kiki I go buddy boom University Union,see even if the Demon Lord dies the,goblin Slayer argues goblins will still,terrorize rural and vulnerable areas by,having our protagonist focus on the,little guys of source album Slayer,subverts the basic assumptions of the,fantasy genre namely the happily ever,after do things go back to normal when,weve murdered the big bad guy has the,hero achieved peace not quite a litany,of less spectacular monsters still,plagued the villagers in the most recent,episode the demon Lords death confirms,this while the constant reference to the,Demon Lord earlier in the season would,normally foreshadow some kind of,climactic end of season showdown so,as a game the opposite happens the Demon,Lord is dispatched in under a minute by,some random heroes that we neither know,nor care about and instead of suggesting,some happily-ever-after,were said reminded of these words from,the sword made demo,Kony Neos are a jury bussiness chosen me,mama screw you motivated a step so,Nikita kimmykak a decorative dokoni,movement we can better understand,goblins lairs logic with something,called piece theory which is pretty much,exactly what it sounds like it asks what,exactly is piece one theorist John,Dalton draws a distinction between two,kinds of piece positive and negative,negative peace is the absence of war,its the kind of peace you are used to,talking about the end of world war 2 or,the Vietnam War or the civil war you get,it in the fantasy genre we can think of,it as the absence of knight kings or,Sauron or Ganondorf ie a world without,the demon Lords destroying the world as,we know it thats fine and dandy for,peace theorist but it doesnt examine,these smaller and often more pervasive,violence that affects societys most,vulnerable people,thats where positive peace comes in,positive peace is the presence of,justice and protections that serve the,needs of everyone,more or less what goblin Slayer is after,while in the show its simply goblins in,the real world it can be a litany of,mists poverty famine disease corruption,discrimination crime and so on the,goblins of the real world if you will,positive peace is especially important,for our understanding of violence for,many folks violence is an interruption,to daily life but for some its the,backdrop against which life takes place,goblin Slayer cant just chill at an,idyllic farm with cowgirl which is,really what they call her without,searching for signs of goblins and,fortifying defenses unlike the platinum,heroes that killed the Demon Lord,[Music],in Goblin Flairs view the shape of the,world guarantees that people out on,farms will always face goblin attacks,thats why goblin Slayer doesnt care,about the Demon Lord hes busy burning,down goblin nests,now that may not seem very peaceful and,its not but its a question of conflict,prevention and development so simply by,taking care of the goblin problem in the,short term goblin Slayer starts the,process of long term protection but its,not just that smaller issues can,compound to create an equally crappy,reality for many the kind of small work,that needs to be done is balked at its,grunt work everyone wants the glory of,telling the Demon Lord but chopping,goblins thats childs play even when,the Demon Lord is gone the cleanup of,his armies is below some people,Maggianos on toga Matamata no go ta,highs on OHara,karoku generaiiy Casa Gallina Oh myoh a,canonical or Jordan boy does it,[Music],some Medina thicker despite being a,silver class adventurer goblin Slayer is,mocked for his choice admissions cut him,off in hierarchy of adventuring hes,like if General Patton started cleaning,latrines but in the world of goblin,Slayer toilets are going uncleaned,because nobody wants to be the janitor,and without clean toilets we might just,all died from cholera so somebody has to,do that work we can see this sort of,thing all over the place in real life,people take jobs that get all the glory,so doctors researching cancer get all,the press while doctors doing routine,work to test the water to prevent,equally deadly stomach illnesses well,not so much people take jobs that are,high paying and high prestige without,much thought for what has the highest,social impact even in sports everyone,wants to be the quarterback nobody wants,to be whatever a left tackle is goblin,Slayer wanted to kill dragons as a child,and its not until he sees the dangers,of goblins firsthand that he commits,himself to his mission new to city look,at Tony cook a wolf Castillo to coddle,youths service to eat snack or sweetie,this is an even bigger problem than it,seems for two reasons first the stigma,against goblin slang causes many to,minimize the threat goblins pose shes a,cougar recently slaying goblins isnt,complicated you mostly swing swords,around and cut off heads they can even,apparently get killed by a strong kick,now that doesnt mean its easy as we,see throughout the show goblins have,tricks of their own that can make them,very dangerous when theyre perceived as,a simple problem however the people sent,to deal with the issue are not qualified,because aside from goblin Slayer silver,ranked heroes


apparently somebody in this anime got,clapped and the boyfriend he needed his,revenge her name is actually just,Priestess what were you expecting more,thats what they call her for the,entirety of the show actually its not,just her youre about to see a lot of,characters who ooze generalization life,is a priestess was not daring enough for,her so she decides to join the,adventurers Guild the best form of,employment in anime as soon as she,enrolls she is approached by this eager,group who asked her if she wants to join,their group Sword Art Online she enrolls,she is approached by this eager group,who asked her if she wants to join their,group they were short of a priestess so,they wanted to take in Priestess ah man,this is going to get confusing fast,playing for these little kitties is to,enter a goblin cave and Im assuming,murder all of them inside and call it a,day I have to give it to them though,despite being low ranked adventurers and,four years old they dont lack,confidence they had determination 54,years old I mean yeah whatever what,worries me is that theyre inside this,pitch black cave with who knows how many,goblins and what size with no,preparation at all look at this wait,they went to this place blind they,deserve whatever they about to get bruh,they went into this cave blind as [ __ ],with no preparation and no no Intel,stupid just foolish almost how many,goblins and what size with no,preparation at all look at this kid all,he has is a toy sword he can barely,swing it doesnt take long for the,Goblins to make their grand entrance and,as soon as they do the witch or the Mage,or whatever you prefer to call her gets,taken down stabbed and is basically dead,weight sword kid gets his two second,Spotlight by taking down a couple of,goblins before and he gets into the,ground and the Goblins just punch him to,death third girl in the group a,hand-to-hand fighter starts to throw,some kicks before her limbs are broken,by a giant green weenie it would have,been easier for her if they just ended,her but perhaps the month of November,was hard on these goblins oh no,Priestess does manage to get away from,there only to get shot by an arrow and,instead of holy water something else,begins to drip out of here,nasty just when everything was about to,get a little too tvma a random person in,Knights armor shows up out of nowhere,and it makes quick work Of the Goblins,he is known as the goblin Slayer wow,what an incredible you can tell this,guys an expert he covers himself in,Goblin blood to hide his scent and goes,back to where the giant Goblin was hes,probably still breeding from there he,sets up multiple traps throughout the,cave easily takes down the spellcaster,goblin because thats a thing and sets,the rest of them on fire nice how this,man runs simulations in his mind because,no one comes in this prepared without,some improvisation Midway now if you,werent already convinced that this man,had some personal Vendetta against,goblins he really ends up proving you,wrong when he takes a stick and starts,making Goblin sauce by beating up some,infants the aftermath of this is the duo,of Priestess and Goblin Slayer who are,probably going to spend the rest of,their lives covered in Goblin scent,never in my life did I think I was going,to say something like that forming their,own little Duo party thing thing Goblin,Slayer is so serious about the business,that even at home he roams around and,tends to his chores in the freaking,armor I was just about to ask that is he,ever going to take the armor off like,this boy just lives in it business that,even at home he roams around and tends,to his chores in the freaking armor his,family seems to consist of this woman,can you guess what her name is uh I got,all day man woman it is cowgirl yeah,creativity at its finest ladies and,gents come on someone take notes you,there take notes oh cowgirl because,theyre her milkies her milky milky,since their little farm is near the,woods his job is to check for signs of,goblin activity on a daily basis man is,so wary of them that hes been doing,this for the past five years I do get,him though if goblins get their hands on,cowgirl the amount of protein will turn,all of them into giant Broods holy is,that true the Slayer Is that real we,have a great reputation of the guild,hes a silver rank similar to most,experienced adventurers there but they,all look at them with repulsion mostly,because of his Goblin fetish The Guild,is mostly crowded with people looking,for more dangerous monsters in,high-paying jobs and when all but clears,the Slayer comes in at last looking for,any Goblin related Quest the manager,notifies them of a quest near the,mountains and he starts to head off with,Priestess cowgirl on the other hand,starts to worry when he does not come,back home for two days straight the Duos,out here near the mountain and how the,hell were these goblins capable of,building such complex architecture,Hideout thats engineering at its best,darn shame if someone oh I dont know,burned to the ground and thats exactly,what happens with a little bit of fire,arrows and op plot armor when he does,finally return to the guild the manager,is more than happy to see him alive,which makes sense since she has been,slowly developing a crush on him over,the past few years does he even know,what he looked like does he even know,does anybody know what he look like,right now besides his wife does he,smashed what do you know what Im saying,all Ive ever seen him right now is what,a suit on so like Im assuming nobody,knows he looked like I was suffering,from a lack of characters presented in,this anime especially when they have,names like cowgirl so it was good to see,the addition of these two new characters,an elf and a dwarf except that is,exactly what theyre called for the rest,of the show,anything else even IP addresses man but,anything is better than elf and dwarf,and cowgirl at least Goblin Slayer,sounds cool,say hello to lizard man youre telling,me that a normal human male whose,employment is not known will just be,called human and all three of them are,here in search of the Slayer who somehow,had the best possible timing as he,appears right fracking in front of them,some other low-class adventurers are,bothering a little bit of passive,aggressiveness in this recap like Lord,because he appears right fracking in,front of them some other low-class,adventurers are bothering Priestess,about her affiliation with the Slayer,she clears up any doubts in her head,about being a partner of the sighter but,also warns her about the goblin Slang,The Slayer is asked to help with the,fight against the recently resurrected,Demon Lord but he declines making it,very clear that his life is dedicated to,the eradication of goblins and nothing,else once this conversation goes to,waste Lizard Man quickly recovers by,asking for his help with some Goblin,related Quest and just like that boom,maybe he was so excited after hearing,that that he accepts the offer without,even knowing if they were gonna pay him,or not he advises the Priestess to sit,this one out but she insists on going as,well I dont think this man is so,obsessed with goblins I hope the recap,tells me why he only wants to fight,goblins this man does not care about,nothing else thats a good idea before,the battle the party gathers up for a,quick dinner where they share details,and get to know each other a little,better you know now the elfs name is,elf and the lizard man is probably half,lizard if that wasnt obvious they,probably even uncover the mystery of why,fire is hot and water is cold and how,incest is the best the worst uh water,can be hot too I wish I could add more,to the things that are happening on,screen but what do you expect me to do,here to elaborate on the scene where a,half lizard dude melts some cheese can,cause it Gods nectar after tasting it,while the guys smelling like poop is,thinking about Goblin corpses because,thats exactly what I just did well at,l

Moist Meter | Goblin Slayer

initiating moisture welcome to the moist,meter get out your waifu body pillows,and flashlights because today were,going [ __ ] deep into another anime,were looking at goblin slayer goblin,Slayers a show that I thought got off to,a fantastic [ __ ] start the first,episode wasnt afraid to be edgy and,dark and it did it well I thought it was,a really good first episode that I hoped,would set the tone for the whole season,but it didnt the first episode is,probably the best in the entire season,everything else after that is just,lackluster and just kind of boring and,cliche I wouldnt call this a generic,anime though because it breaks pretty,much most traditional animate ropes for,example instead of following like the,big heroes in anime you always get like,the big dick warriors going up against,the even bigger dict enemies defying the,odds and using the power friendship and,big anime titties to beat the bad guy in,the end in this show you dont follow,that you follow some broken psychopath,whos just obsessed with cleaning up,goblins hes just like the [ __ ],janitor of this world just doing the,low-level tasks that everyone kind of,spits on and he is a very very cool,character but what Im saying is it,doesnt follow those heroes in the show,they just referenced the heroes and side,characters oh the hero just defeated the,super evil bad god Lord but now we gotta,go kill some goblins and I really like,that however goblin Slayer is the only,good character in the show every other,character is super forgettable and,generic for example you have the,Argonian look and [ __ ] the,Skyrim Argonian looking guy whos only,deal his only quirk is that he likes,cheese and food,theres the dwarf who only knows one,spell to shoot pebbles at a mildly fast,pace hes the worlds worst earthbender,you have the elf archer who you know,shes that generic attitude girl,independent strong lady who can drink a,lot of alcohol doesnt need a man but,secretly blushes every time goblin,slayer looks at her its a boring cast,of characters surrounding a great,character goblin slayer himself is,fantastic the other ones not so much now,the whole show is about goblin slayer,and his party going on quest that no no,wants to do because its just killing,goblins and you know thats cool from a,conceptual level but its not that fun,to watch play out the first episode such,this tone where goblins are grisly scary,creatures that everyone underestimates,and then they get [ __ ] by them quite,literally and then after that they kind,of just become background enemies like,they theyre not terrifying anymore,theres nothing they never do anything,too spectacular until the end again and,it just becomes a vehicle for goblin,Slayer to develop I understand that but,that doesnt make it super fun to watch,it is nice sometimes though like there,are some scenes where the goblins are,terrifying and they do some crazy [ __ ],but its never anything that matches the,first episode or anything even close to,that level what I do appreciate those,goblin Slayer isnt a great warrior he,just really understands goblins knows,how they think and can outsmart them,every single time with just better,strategy I [ __ ] with that hard I thought,that was really cool instead of him just,being this overpowered muscular hunk of,a monster just [ __ ] brutalizing,goblins by squeezing their [ __ ] eye,sockets into oblivion,he just outsmarted everyone with good,strategy and that was cool but still the,episodes arent good and they also rely,heavily on CGI in the beginning thank,god they stopped using so much CGI,towards the end I guess some hero at the,office stood up and said you know what,this is enough CGI for one anime CGI,animation sucks guys lets put the,brakes on this and actually just get rid,of it for the rest of it so about,halfway through it just stops using CGI,so thank God for that and Ive been kind,of [ __ ] on the middle episodes in,between the first and last two but,theyre not all bad it serves to,humanize goblin Slayer he starts to open,up more and starts to learn to feel,because hes like a husk of a man and,through his quests with his party he,starts to learn to be human again so,its nice to watch that character,develop but even still the episodes just,dont play out in a very good fashion,just really not a lot happens especially,when the first episode sets the tone of,these goblins will [ __ ] your [ __ ] up if,you dont know what youre doing they,start to become bumbling [ __ ],imbeciles again in between and the,strategies that goblin Slayer employees,arent all that clever every time,sometimes his strategy is hey shoot some,rocks at this one and Ill shoot some,fire well you know I could have [ __ ],figured that one out a four-year-old,with his,Lincoln Logs could have probably devised,that plan as well overall though the,shows not bad I did enjoy it and I think,the last two episodes are extremely,wholesome with a really nice payoff so,lets just go ahead and plug this [ __ ],into the moist meter Im giving goblins,Slayer a 65 percent its a show thats,probably worth watching but dont expect,the first episodes tone to carry over,through the whole series because it,absolutely doesnt it seems like it,loses its way I dont know what its,like in the manga I dont read that [ __ ],but here it really seems like it got,almost afraid to be the same way it was,in the first episode which is a shame,because he could have he could have kept,that tone up it couldve been something,special but anyway not a bad show thats,a so yeah

Goblin Slayer is Fantastic

since the beginning of the season there,has been one anime that has been the,most controversial show to come out,since sword art online from videos,hating on it to videos praising it its,time I finally gave my true and,completely unbiased opinion one,Zombieland saga pretty much the same,thing from what I said two weeks ago I,still like it a lot,goblin slayer is another anime you may,have heard about just like a little,maybe a tweet or two every now and then,speaking of which if you have a twitter,you should totally follow me in,shameless plug no since this show,originally aired it has gotten both a,ton of praise and also a ton of backlash,even going as far as having crunchyroll,give out a warning at the beginning of,each episode explaining that this show,does have graphic content so if you,hadnt followed the controversy I guess,I can give you a quick heads up,basically in the first episode the show,prominently features rape which is,something that is occasionally explored,in anime but very rarely is it a subject,matter that occurs in the first episode,as a rapid tonal shift mechanism so the,either way I intentionally held back,from making a video on this subject for,the past two weeks,mostly because I wanted to see how the,drama would play out but also to form my,own opinion on the show from the first,three episodes rather than merely the,first episode and to tell you the truth,I heavily enjoy this anime,luckily I managed to watch the first,episode of this anime completely spoiler,free and I am grateful for it I think,the show does an incredible job,capturing its audience in the first,episode by use of said controversial,tonal shift nevertheless if after this,one episode the show either swapped to a,more carefree attitude or just went down,a boring path I would have quickly,disregarded it but it doesnt as Ive,stated I enjoy goblin Slayer pebbly so,far the two main characters make it for,aid,duality but at the same time make sense,together,the additional character is added in the,most recent episodes are fun and add a,little comic relief to the show without,ruining the atmosphere but thats not,really what I want to talk about today,today I want to talk about the shows,heavy tonal shift and how they use it,both as a hook and to improve its own,narrative but first I want to talk about,another anime that uses a similar tonal,shift charlotte spoiler is ahead about,midway through the series of this anime,the main characters sister gets killed,out of nowhere which is pretty insane,the show takes an incredibly dark dive,which was ambitious considering just how,far into the series this event occurs,but unfortunately this is a prime,example of this technique gone wrong an,entire episode is dedicated to this dark,shift which is definitely very powerful,but within the next two episodes the,show becomes happy and upbeat again only,to fall back into a dark and dreary mess,in the last episode of the anime its,the classic example of not being,consistent with the tone of your show,its why Charlotte is infamous for,having a bad and rushed ending its not,totally sound and the last few episodes,just feel incredibly wrong now lets,look at goblin Slayer the beginning of,the anime seems quite upbeat and happy,but with the first episode the scene I,cant reasonably show on YouTube occurs,making the harsh tonal shift of the,anime from a beaten happy to dark and,ominous but after the scene occurs the,show maintains this tunnel balance it,doesnt ever really get this dark again,but the following two episodes dont,lose sight of what the show is really,about that these harsh into horrible,goblins need to be exterminated,despite it not being an honorable job I,think whats most impressive about,goblin Slayer is despite its dark,atmosphere it never feels cheesy even at,the beginning of the tonal shift in,Charlotte before they,whose control of it some of the scenes,feel well a little ridiculous,they make goblin slayer seem more real,by having moments of comedy but never to,undercut the actual tone of this anime,for instance the characters crack jokes,before ever entering the tomb but once,theyre all inside the joking stops and,the show makes sure to take itself,seriously goblin Slayer is always,maintaining its atmosphere it never,feels like Im watching a different,anime and the horrible events that,occurred in episode 1 definitely feel,like something that still incredibly,relevant the anime currently and thats,important another note I want to quickly,touch on is that art is made to evoke,emotions from others not particularly,good ones Ive enjoyed this show so far,because it evokes a lot of emotions in,me and from what Ive seen on Twitter I,doubt Im the only one I dont watch,horror animes for the happy endings I,watch them because they scare me,goblin Slayer is no different its dark,and depressing with glimmers of,happiness and its extremely good at,making those emotions felt and thats,something I dont think many people have,properly praised this anime for by the,way if you like goblin Slayer I highly,recommend high to Ginsu know grim guard,its an anime that came out winter of,2016 its very similar to goblin Slayer,and its themes its also one of my,favorite anime of all time and its,absolutely worth a watch and thats why,despite possibly the popular opinion Im,not gonna be honest I dont even know I,think goblin Slayer is fantastic thank,you guys for watching this weeks video,if you enjoyed it maybe consider,subscribing I make anime really content,once a week on this channel either way a,huge thank you to all of my patrons you,guys are my heroes its fitting of which,if youre interested in seeing how I,edit chatting with me or simply,supporting the channel I run a 1mm up a,trying to make that as easy as possible,make sure you guys share like comment,and subscribe this isnt a Matt make,sure you guys see manga watch that god,damned anime,[Music]

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