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God of War 3 Review

[Music],the end is finally upon us God of War,three marks the finale of Kratos revenge,trilogy Sony Santa Monica has been hard,at work on the title since God of War to,ship for the ps2 almost three years ago,to the day and this will mark the,studios first PlayStation 3 release the,expectations have been understandably,sky high and for the most part God of,War 3 delivers where it counts its epic,brutal bloody and at times its almost,an arguably the best looking game weve,ever seen,right off the bat let me say that God of,War 3 looks flat-out amazing most of the,time kratos may be in fact the single,best looking character ever in a video,game its one thing to make aliens look,good as they dont have any real world,comparison but its another thing,entirely to create a shirtless man and,nail the lighting and texture work as,well as Santa Monicas done some areas,in the game look equally stunning with,stuff that looks like it could have been,ripped straight from the Lord of the,Rings trilogy the game truly approaches,film like visuals and spots and even,after youve been playing for hours on,end youll continue to be amazed at how,good it can look however while there are,some amazing spots things can be a bit,uneven at times especially in terms of,characters even important ones,granted even its worse the game still,looks really really good but there are,sections that definitely look better,than others and it can make the,experience feel a little disjointed,speaking of disjointed the story isnt,as tight as the other titles in my,opinion thats not to say that its bad,and I really like how things are left at,the end but it sort of feels like the,story wasnt quite set in stone early,enough as it seems a little patched,together at points,that aint broke dont fix it yep this,is unmistakeably a god of war game with,the same mechanics puzzle types and so,forth that weve played a few times,already thats not a complaint by any,stretch of the imagination but dont,expect a revolution in terms of gameplay,and the franchises jump to the ps3 what,you cant expect however are some of the,biggest and most epic scenes youve ever,seen in the videogame an expected got a,Worf fashioned the game starts off in a,huge way weve been fighting on top of,Gaia as she climbs mount olympus the,scale of this scene is nothing short of,incredible but its not the last time,theyll be blown away by the games,astounding scale,likewise youll find some fantastic boss,battles throughout the game many have,more than one part and while some arent,as great as others there are still some,seriously awesome and brutal fights in,store for you that we wont spoil here,while I mentioned that the gameplay is,largely the same there have been some,small but very welcomed tweaks made of,the combat for one you can now switch,between weapons mid combo by holding l1,and pressing X you can swap through the,four main weapons on-the-fly this way,allowing you to use all of them in a,single combat sequence another nice,tweak is that magic is now tied to a,weapon which means that its easier to,know what you have selected and you,wont have to jump into menus or,struggle with complicated button presses,to toggle between them as theyre one in,the same all of the weapons are good and,ultimately useful in almost any,situation but theyre not exactly unique,aside from the cestus which is the set,of gauntlets that you very likely seen,by now the other two weapons then you,earn are very similar to your blades,they move a little differently and have,unique powers but the idea is basically,the same it would have been nice to see,something different but you know at,least theyre useful this time,God of War three is a fantastic action,game that caps off Kratos is console,trilogy very nicely its not perfect,feeling a little disjointed and uneven,at times but the overall experience is,still stellar youre probably already,going to buy it anyway but youll be,happy to know that your money will be,very well spent for the full written,review head on over to IGN calm,[Music],you

God of War 3 Remastered Review

your son has rich done I bring the,destruction of Olympus,when we first reviewed god of war 3 for,PlayStation 3 back in 2010 heres what,we said God of War 3 is a fantastic,action game that caps off Kratos is,console trilogy very nicely its not,perfect feeling a little disjointed and,uneven at times but the overall,experience is still stellar youre,probably already going to buy it anyway,but youll be happy to know that your,money will be very well spent for the,full written review head on over to IGN,calm,Kratos and his fantastic world are,prettier than ever in God of War 3,remastered for the PlayStation 4 this,game is still great five years on thanks,to over-the-top action and a sense of,scale that still gets my heart racing,three-masted Edition cant quite pass,itself off as a native PlayStation 4,game but the upgrade to 1080p resolution,a frame rate that can pump out 60 frames,per second and modern textures and,lighting do a great job of bringing it,up to code walls and Olympia gleam more,brightly shadows and Hades flicker more,ominously kratoss makeover adds fine,detail to his armor which is often,splattered and shiny gore,and while the PlayStation 3 version of,God of War 3 looks nice with its 30 to,40 frames per second the PlayStation 4,remaster looks even better,its not locked at 60 frames per second,but it was usually up there and never,dipped to a noticeable degree gun for,three is a little tricky to recommend to,newcomers though theres a brief story,recap video but it doesnt do a great,job of giving you the context you need,to understand whats going on my,vengeance ends now,it picks up right where god of war tooth,cliffhanger ending left off and launches,directly into the weakest and most,anticlimactic story in the main trilogy,the compound mechanics arent tweaked in,any way which makes sense since theyve,always been excellent,Critias can quickly switch between,multiple weapons like Hades claw and,Apollos bow with a simple tap of the,d-pad or l2 trigger combos are easily,performed with simple combinations of,face buttons and create a smooth,responsively,other than a few iffy platformer germs,the camera was the only real issue I had,since its fixed I mean ah whats going,on here platforming and puzzles also,hold up well leaping over caverns and,kicking enemies in the face feels as,good as ever and this is where we see,the famous sense of scale and its full,glory,a few puzzle solutions seemed,unnecessarily brutal but hey this is,Kratos were talking about here I mean,at least its consistent with his,character,God of War three was an impressive feat,for its day and it still impresses today,its beautiful graphics are now prettier,than ever and a higher framerate adds,more fluidity to the action the story,will be confusing to newcomers as it,picks up right in the middle but the,exciting combat and epic set pieces hold,up exceptionally well for more on god of,war stick with IGN,you

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God Of War 3 Review

your son has been turned,I bring the destruction of the God of,War series closed out the PlayStation 2,with a bang but its been a long time,coming for Kratos and cruise,high-definition debut as the capper of,the trilogy is it even possible for God,of War 3 to live up to expectations,if the Ghost of Sparta has anything to,say about it its a done deal,the hands of death could not defeat the,sisters of fate could not hope immortal,Kratos seeks to destroy all that I have,starting literally at the conclusion of,God of War 2 the third installment finds,Kratos and his posse of Titans,attempting to scale Mount Olympus in fel,Zeus of course things are never as,simple as they sound and the god of gods,gathers a group of his toughest,immortals to keep the Ghost of Sparta at,bay,getting to Zeus quickly becomes the,problem and this cat and mouse carries,the game as Kratos uses anything in,anyone to achieve his vengeance,the story here is much simpler than the,last game though the writing is just as,strong theres one clear goal that,twists and turns rarely distract enough,to dilute the main arc best of all it,doesnt use any cheap gimmicks or corny,twists if its possible to make Greek,mythology even more interesting than it,already is,God of War three does it understand this,Athena Zeus will,[Music],[Music],if youve played either the first two,games in the series then youll know,exactly what to expect from the design,the quest is completely linear with no,branching paths and very little room for,exploration invisible walls are,everywhere keeping Kratos from accessing,areas you should be able to reach yet,keeping the player on track at all times,theyre just a handful of areas in the,game and youll revisit most of them,using newly found powers to unlock,previously sealed doors the levels are,expertly designed taking you down,avenues so unique that youre surprised,when you pop into a familiar area it,goes a long way towards squashing the,feeling of backtracking Kratos comes,armed to the gills he has four main,weapons including the electrified,nemesis whip the blades of Exile the,claws of Hades and powerful gauntlets,called minion cestus typically these,weapons are handed down from the bosses,that bolts your blade all can be powered,up multiple times by collecting red orbs,in each level unlocks a new set of,attacks by the time you reach the,conclusion the move lists rivals that,have ninja gaiden with a focus on,offense magic is governed by a meter,thats replenished with blue orbs and,Kratos as special items are limited by,another meter that rebounds over time,its a tried and true system that aint,broke,so why fix it,the game is basically and even split,between Kombat and platforming with a,few token head scratchers youll also,acquire items throughout the game some,are mostly used in context sensitive,situations like the boots of Hermes,while others like aleosis head can be,used in any point in the game the final,collectibles come in the form of,organized Phoenix feathers and Minotaur,horns collect three of each and either,your health magic or special attack,metres are extended soul rituals of,course boss fights are a hallmark of the,franchise the third iteration doesnt,disappoint in addition to the epic,QuickTime heavy sequences youll get,plenty of traditional brawls we have to,master the ebb and flow of combat,clocking in a bit shop God of War -,youll get around nine hours of play,from a campaign with multiple difficulty,settings if youre so inclined,theyre also challenging arena modes to,conquer and some items you find in the,campaign can only be used in these,extras or during your second playthrough,God of War 3 doesnt stray far from the,franchise formula the path to the end is,clearly defined weapon upgrades working,exactly the same and the percentage of,platforming to combat remains untouched,[Applause],[Music],gut wars managed to carve its own,gameplay niche when compared to the,devil made cries and bayonettas of the,industry with a clear focus on offense,theres a certain rhythm to using each,of the weapons when you get in the,groove and couple that with using the,right analog stick to roll out of harms,way theres little need for counters and,blocking even though theyre available,all of the weapons have been expertly,balanced so you can truly choose the,armaments of your choice power it up and,then watch the body count rise you can,quickly switch from one to another by,pressing a direction on the d-pad,juggles area effects and straight-up,blunt-force trama are the precursors to,the gruesomely awesome QuickTime,finishers because you have so much,latitude no two players play it the same,even if they use the same weapon the,caveat is that there are only so many,buttons on the PlayStation 3 controller,youll use every one of them with the,l2a modifier to use your magic and,special items toss in range of Sparta,mode by clicking both sticks and it may,seem confusing but the game does a great,job of easing you into it and constantly,supplying on-screen hints on Normal,difficulty the combat isnt much of a,challenge forms are handed out like,candy and it always feels like your,weapons are a level or two more powerful,than they should be you recommend,stepping up the difficulty of your event,no matter what difficulty you play on,the platforming can be rough Kratos dies,a lot more from falling into bottomless,pits than from blood loss the gauntlets,youre forced to run through will text,your dexterity and your patience as the,fixed camera angles dont do you any,favors the puzzles are of a whole new,lever here drag and create their variety,and if you die several times in a row,youre offered to switch to easy mode,the Titans were a big promotional point,of the game during its development but,were surprised how little of the game,these instances account for yet whats,here leaves an indelible mark,like a flea on Andre the Giant Kratos,scales their body parts searching for a,weak spot to exploit for QuickTime,events these sections are given scale,thanks to cleverly placed,Titan body parts at the edge of the,frame and the very first encounter,destroys anything the prior games,accomplished,much like the design the game-playing,God of War 3 is extremely similar to,that of the first two games while the,Titan element definitely has a twist if,youve spent serious time at the helm of,Kratos is blades in the past youll be,able to jump right in and decimate,[Music],you have disrespected the gods for the,last time,Kratos God of War three definitely gives,the ps3 a workout the scale of the game,top to bottom,its most outstanding visual,achievements creatures three times the,size of the Empire State Building fully,animating while scores of enemies battle,on their surface is something we havent,seen before the attention to detail in,the gore orders on disturbing pull out,Helios head and watches the veins and,arteries sway underneath it innards,spill out skin stretches and then tears,and the blood is the best weve seen the,textures and character models are so,convincing that some of the real-time,cinemas border on CG couple all this,with hardly any loading times in a silky,smooth frame rate and its apparent that,this is some next-level stuff if theres,one caveat its that the fixed camera,angles are almost torture with such i,popping landscapes you want to stop and,just take a gander at times but you have,no control whatsoever voice acting hits,the mark time and again and the brooding,music hits all the right notes at the,right time the sound effects are the,real audio highlight though the closet,Hades go to work you truly feel as if,youre wielding a weapon thats not of,this world,the quest for freedom is also a its,incredibly familiar and a bit brief but,God of War 3 still stands as a Herculean,achievement a lot of TLC went into its,creation and it comes shining through at,every turn the tweaks to the gameplay,are minimal and the lack of tighten,interaction feels like a missed,opportunity but

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Lead Writer Explains God of War Ragnarök Ending! The Final Mural

there are consequences to killing a God,why how do you know how do you,how do you,[Music],whats up guys and girls welcome to,another video God of War Ragnarok had,such an incredible ending however a lot,happens at the end and Im here to,explain it to you as easy as possible to,do this I decided to ask the lead writer,and the narrative director Matt and I,did this because I didnt want to put,any false information out there and he,kindly answered my questions before we,get into it though I appreciate a like,rating on this video and a subscription,because it helps the channel more than,you think lets get right into it first,I decided to ask him about the world,Serpent and Ragnarok during the section,with anger Boda Loki put a soul in the,serpent that version of the serpent is,the one that appeared in Ragnarok I,asked for clarification on this and this,is what he told me he said the serpent,is still in midgard just kind of,sleeping the name on the soul marble was,yarmun Gander we are suggesting yarmen,Gander was a giant before he was placed,into the serpent so the Serpents Soul,comes from a whole other giant named,yarmungander and this giant and Thor had,an issue in the past the reason why the,serpent we saw in yotzenheim grew that,large in scale is because of the soul,that was placed in him when Norman,Gander attacked Thor in Asgard it seemed,personal so,but theres no way they could have met,before that is there Ive been pondering,that and I have a theory we know the lad,spent his time in yachtenheim learning,Soul magic perhaps the serpent figured,in you mean atreyas placed some other,giant Soul into him someone who already,hated Thor to begin with exactly well,that doesnt narrow it down much again,arent you I wonder if you only even,remembers after all this time he once,was,but our version of the serpent that we,met in God of War 2018 is still in,midgard just kind of ignoring Ragnarok,next I asked about the mural of Kratos,dying that didnt come true at the end,of the game and what the norns really,meant Matt broke it down for me he said,the norans actually said there is no,such thing as fate its just that people,refuse to change so their actions are,predictable which makes it seem like,fate Kratos averted his fate because he,opens his heart fought for something,instead of Vengeance and spare Thor when,he could have tried to kill him this,answers a lot of questions in the God of,War Universe the moment Kratos changed,the mural was when he told atreus to,open his heart to it Kratos originally,told atreus to close his heart to the,suffering of others and when he realized,Faye was right he in that moment changed,fate once again proving nothing is set,in stone and fate itself does not exist,you can always change the future because,you can always change who you are the,next question was about the ending angra,Boda said Faye destroyed the mural I,asked Matt if he can clarify this was,his response he says it means that Faye,was the one who destroyed the far right,wall mural from the wall at the end of,the game in God of War 2018. she wanted,them to see the journey they taken but,not be bound by the prediction of their,fate in the future like atreya serving,Odin etc for my final question I asked,about the final shrine Kratos saw it,appears Kratos seems to be worshiped I,also added that there seems to be a,bluish figure behind Kratos on that,final Shrine this is what he had to say,about that final panel the larger figure,behind Kratos is actually Thor standing,over the dead Kratos which was in the,original mural but since Kratos changed,his fate all of that was painted over,with the new prediction of his future,where people Revere Kratos as he says to,Freya slash mamir soon after there is,much to do much to rebuild so this new,future is a statue dedicated to Kratos,the Rebuilder rather than his past as,the Destroyer I admit when I read that I,got a little choked up the Rebuilder,instead of a destroyer this story has,some beautifully written moments and I,just love it and thats all I asked,about Matt thank you so freaking much,for answering these questions thanks to,you we have a bigger and broader,understanding of the ending of God of,War Ragnarok and its really awesome,dude his Twitter link will be in the,description and thats all I pretty much,have to say about this video uh Im,gonna make more theories and more,content just like this so definitely,stay tuned remember to hit that like,button and definitely subscribe to the,channel for more stuff imma be out of,here thank you guys and girls for,listening Deuces there are consequences,to killing a god

God of War 3 | The Completionist

[Music],yes,you,hey everyone and welcome back to another,brand new episode of the completionist,many years ago here on the show I,started my quest to get into new games,and I say new games because back in the,day when I started the show I was more,of a retro gamer but now I definitely,play everything and one of the newer,games Ive played on my ps3 well new ish,was God of War Here I am nearly four,years later playing God of War three,remastered and let me tell you the,journey that I have been on to play,these games is one that I will never,forget these games are fantastic pieces,of media that I wish I could consume,like a bottle of root beer or a wine or,something like that because its so,awesome and honestly I thought we were,never going to see other god of war,anytime soon but then at e3 this year we,saw a trailer for dad of war and let me,tell you Im so pumped to be a father so,today we are diving into the final game,of the trilogy known as God of War 3,remastered on the PlayStation 4,all of you guys is hyped about the new,god of war as I am that III trailer came,out of nowhere and blew me the hell away,I was in the audience at e3 when those,singers came out and I was screaming,into Jessie Coxs ear its God of War,watch it be God of War and you know what,I was right so far game looks impressive,and almost unrecognizable as a God of,War title and with that beard and his,mysterious young charge,Kratos really seems to be like the dad,of war eat your vegetables be outside,when I pick you up from soccer practice,do not under the DVR with reality TV Im,tired of watching the Kardashians but,Before we jump into the new we should,take a look back where we last left,Kratos God of War three we may be pretty,familiar with the conclusion of the,trilogy today but it was actually,originally intended to have a very very,different story David Jaffe the creator,of God of War originally wanted the plot,to involve Kratos dismantling not only,the Greek pantheon but also the Nordic,and Egyptian ones too oh were on Gods,Kratos gonna get you that didnt quite,pan out but when it comes to the final,product the guys at Sony Santa Monica,really outdid themselves they utilized,the capabilities of the PlayStation 3 to,create their most graphically,astonishing and technically impressive,game at the time when God of War 3 was,released in 2010 it became an instant,classic eventually getting a release on,the PlayStation 4 as God of War 3,remastered and you better believe were,gonna play that version because I love,my games pretty the upcoming God of War,is gonna change a lot about the series,but before Kratos officially becomes the,dad of war its time for one last,blowout I mean we still have Ghost of,Sparta and Chains of Olympus but,whatever this is kind of like Kratos,sets bachelor party but instead of booze,theres blood and instead of strippers,there are corpses and instead of a best,man theres just more blood and corpses,but in the shape of a best man maybe,yeah thatll do,[Music],just as a general disclaimer and I dont,think I really need to say this but I do,want to reiterate that if youre,watching this episode chances are you,probably should have watched our episode,coverage on God of War 1 and 2 or else,why the hell would you go to the end of,this its like reading a ending of a,book right away read the other books,last time on God of War Kratos had taken,his chronic omnidirectional rage and,focused it squarely on his father Zeus,Zeus tried to kill kratos which is a big,no-no so Kratos is now returning the,favor by leading Zeuss oldest and most,powerful enemies the Titans straight up,Mount Olympus Zeus is crapping his pants,a little bit,so hes rallied a few of his olympian,brothers and sisters to play some,defense kratos in the Titan Gaia make it,to the top and confront Zeus but he bops,them both to the big-ass lightning bolt,they go crashing down to the,mountainside and Gaia manages to grasp,the cliff with Kratos holding on to her,for dear life Kratos actually asks for,help but Gaia chooses to save herself,revealing that the Titans have just been,using Kratos to exact a revenge on Zeus,which when you think about it is exactly,what Kratos was doing with the Titans so,you know Jesus Christ Zeus when so many,people want to murder you its time to,probably reevaluate yourself see where,you are are you invited to parties in,the weekend get it together,Gaia drops Kratos like a bad habit bad,move lady,all this guy does is kill and yell at,people Kratos then falls all the way,back down to Hades sometimes youve got,to go where everybody knows your name,taking a break from all your worries,sure would help a lot,wouldnt you like to get away,while swimming through the river Styx,the damned souls within eat away at all,of his cool power-ups from the last game,effectively Metroid in him kratos runs,into his old pal slash victim athena who,advises that if he wants to destroy Zeus,he needs to snuff out the flame of,Olympus the source of Zeus his power,when asked why shed help Kratos to kill,Zeus when she previously sacrificed her,life for the old man she just shrugs it,off and floats back to the land of,shoddy storytelling and cryptic excuses,but not before giving Kratos the blades,of exile sweet upgrades from the very,beginning of the game Kratos has got a,long way to go and a lot of people to,kill before he gets another shot at dear,old dad oh look at that hes already,started what an eager murder beaver the,stories in God of War have always felt,incredibly epic but theyve never felt,as wide reaching as they could have,weve seen the fallout of Kratos his,actions before but theyve always affect,just him and a few of the other gods for,the most part but this is the first time,where Kratos is personal quest for,vengeance is directly tied to the fates,of just about everyone in the entire,world killing an entire Pantheon is,going to have big ramifications on the,world which is the only thing that the,writers could possibly do to make Kratos,seem more like an [ __ ] think about it,he was already such a dick that they,made him threaten the entire world to,appear slightly worse honestly thats,really freaking impressive,god of war has always been a brutal,over-the-top series but God of War three,somehow manages to take things even,further I mean even out the gate this,game does something that very few games,do which I really love it starts exactly,where the last one left off no time has,passed literally just previously on God,of War this game was the finale of a,trilogy and you can practically feel the,developers pulling out all the stops for,all they knew this could have been,Kratos his last ride before he walked,off into the sunset of retired videogame,IPs tons of elements are exactly the,same as you remember them the score,still pendulums between being hyping,grandiose during combat and somewhat,serene and ambient while Kratos is,puzzle-solving,and youre still frequently reminded of,just how small Kratos is in the grand,scheme of things when the camera zooms,out to show you these incredible scale,shots it shots like these that really,reinforces what an unwavering dick,Kratos is in the face of insurmountable,odds never tell them the odds because,hell just [ __ ] murder you and then,hell kill those odds and then hell go,back in time and kill that guy then,emitted a way to calculate those odds,God of War 3 has a few new tricks – such,as all of its cutscenes being made,completely with in-game,assets get out of here you have,pre-rendered stuff youre not popular,anymore and I didnt think it was,possible but the violence and gore,actually got to me this time around you,think there was no way they could ramp,up the kills but stuff like the murder,of Poseidon from his perspective are,[ __ ] gruesome,hot damn great job Sony Santa Monica,Studios you guys are monsters,the developers also seem to have tried,expanding the narrative and God of War,three by including way more readable,books and notes they give

Everything GREAT About God of War 3!

this video is sponsored by raid shadow,legends,[Music],and on this day the man,the legend,kratos,will have his revenge normally its the,man the myth the legend but,unfortunately for the greeks kratos is,no myth,[Music],in case you need a beautifully rendered,reminder of the key events that happened,in the past two games here you go,[Music],and straight into the main menu like it,was nothing a crazy amazing presentation,to end our trilogy santa monica and,keeping in line with the last two games,we get to see kratos in all his glorious,anger in this main menu,[Music],my vengeance,ends now,who wasnt ready to freak out and scream,when they played this back in 2010. only,three years ago did we play god of war,to cap off the ps2 era and not even,halfway through the ps3 era we got one,of the defining games of the generation,now it isnt really kratos to be slain,gods or dragons or starting from the,bottom of arena that only come back,stronger in the end to win when you play,raid shadow legends be sure to use the,links down below to download raid on pc,or mobile i know youve heard of this,game but what you dont know is what i,like about rain and that be the fun of,chamonix you find these little shards,that you smash open like kratos does to,anyone that said hi to him this morning,and out comes a whole living being ready,to do your bidding if only making,friends were this easy you pop open,these kyber crystal tamagotchis and out,comes your new army ready to use in pvp,or pve ray doesnt discriminate and lets,you be social or left alone now if this,wasnt enough for you rey just released,their doom tower update which brings in,two new bosses astronomics dark fae and,bomb of the dread horror alongside new,balance on tower floors and super secret,sneaker sneak rooms that houses new,items for you to find all on your own,also dungeons introduce super raids,which doubles rewards and is perfect for,those that feel they dont have time to,play raid or the ones that feel its too,late to get into the game as kratos has,shown us many times its never too late,to start putting the beat down on,monsters and in the arena if you want to,get a huge head start in raid all you,have to do is hit the link in the,description or scan my qr code and,youll get the epic hero chinaroo who is,amazing in the gym tower 200 000 silver,1xp boost an energy refill and an,ancient shard so you can summon an,awesome new champion as soon as you get,into the game all this treasure will be,waiting for you here be quick because,this offer is only for 30 days and new,players its that easy just click the,links down below and ill see you in the,game now lets get back to the,greeks out of the chaos,you know the end of this game presents,itself much more bleak than it really is,and right at the start we are told that,the chaos of war doesnt mean the end of,all things but beginning of something,new for all its gore power fantasies and,sex minigames this story is really about,hope and forgiveness in the end as,pandora smashes over ahead later but i,can forgive the lack of subtlety for the,absolute masterpiece of a game this is,the might of the olympians,while zeus is circle jerking with his,fellow olympians willem is reminding us,these guys are a joke,i know its a pre-rendered cut scene but,that doesnt take away the magnitude of,the one shot take we went from the realm,of hades all the way to the top of mount,olympus in one shot thats still so,freaking cool and see santa monica,always wanted to do one shot takes,how awesome that god of war 2 cgi,cutscene was recreated using,pre-rendered n-engine footage and thank,you santa monica for showing us our,deadpool for this game but with a man,like kratos on the scene there are no,predictions on who will die the answer,is just yes,[Music],you know the angle almost looks like he,missed the top of the columns,there was probably the helicopter there,[Music],all right everyone i got a rune for you,oh devils pot of tea,oh devils pot of tea,but also kratos gets his theme before he,even shows up thats how badass he is,im playing the remaster but i will,still be talking about the game from the,ps3 perspective and how incredible it,was then we arent even pre-rendered,here and god of war 2 guy was pretty,much impossible to do was only around,for cutscenes now we are riding her into,battle and fighting on her since i suck,and have a tendency to go backwards,through franchises on this channel,theres a quick spoiler for god of war,18. just skip ahead 10 seconds and,youll be fine coming back to three,after using the blades of chaos at god,of war 4 im even more impressed with,how santa monica were able to preserve,the combos with the camera ship is this,a win for god for three not exactly but,one for santa monica and for the,boo-hooers that complain god of war is,not that great compared to other games,in the genre i just gotta say who cares,god of war is still a blast to play and,the games have always been pushing,whats possible with technology to its,absolute limits god of war 3 came,halfway through the ps3 arrow and it,remains among the best looking games on,the console we arent really shown the,full extent of the powers that each,olympian holds in previous titles but,the end of the trilogy is no time to,stand on ceremony and were treated to,this ginormous boss battle with one of,the big three right from the start,something that not many other games,still can match god of war 3 on is its,sense of scale never before god of war 3,had we really seen a game this gorgeous,and this big santa monica knew this,would be the end of their trilogy and,held nothing back with what they wanted,oh yes our first qte that god of war,most definitely had a hand in for the,mechanics influence but three leveled,them up a bit with the stylized button,prompts and having them on the edge of,the screen that correspond with their,location on the controller which fixes,the big problem found with qtps not,being able to watch the amazingly,animated action because youre able to,page to the props all fixed up here,[Music],so this is kratos at the height of his,brutality,sean can we get a brutal counter for,kratos,and speaking of leveling up kratos,strength is on full display now he can,open normal chests with one hand now,its the little things like this that,makes sequels so great,we are just this tiny little ant among,these gods and titans its just so,gratifying to watch the war rage around,us while were just casually climbing,this one hole that beside makes is,possibly the sole reason were able to,kill zeus and guy at the end since you,know its the hole we jump through to,escape being crushed besides secretly a,severus snape,look its the guy that brought upon the,fall of olympus,ares i mean kratos has been here for a,while,this is poseidon getting payback for all,the fish weve caught with hooks,[Music],[Music],aah,[Music],a quick reminder of how terrifying,kratos must actually be,the mountain would like to know your,location and pretty cool that we got to,use our thumbs just like kratos,god of war 3 is just a hit list of all,the gods that get in the way of kratos,killing zeus having kratos kill one of,the big three as the opener to your game,is a great way to set your expectations,for what is to come,[Music],you know i was really hoping for a,little boop,but this will do im not surprised i,didnt make that cute little sound,because this game came before bethos,really started to take over in,storytelling,beethovens is basically anti-climax an,undercut of the tone and emotional,weight for a punchline that leaves us,not feeling so heavy about what just,happened think almost every marvel,studios joke ever,[Music],so now we know that with each god that,dies their domain descends into chaos,even with that new information just like,walter white im still on kratos side,good job saying monica,the sisters of fate could not hold me,and you will not see the end of this day,i will have my revenge yep,youre telling me the

All God of War Games Ranked Worst to Best

hey hows it going guys captain cuba,here and i have to tell you i absolutely,love being called a god for youtuber,this series has been my favorite ever,since i played it back in 2005 and not a,day goes by that i dont regret,uploading my first god for a video,but i have to be honest with you getting,asked the same questions over and over,again gets really repetitive im not,taking it on the people who ask me these,questions they are probably new fans of,the series who came across my channel,and won my opinion on things this is,totally understandable and im flattered,that they believe my opinion matters the,three questions i get asked the most are,will kurds die in the next game what,will be the next pantheon and can you,rank every godfor game,i have addressed the first two questions,in other videos before but in regards to,the third question ive given that,answer during my live streams but ive,never made an official video answering,this question so here it is my official,ranking of all the god war games,until the next one comes out,you must prepare yourself,this shouldnt come as a surprise to,anyone who watches my videos but i,believe god of war ascension is easily,the worst game in the series ive,already made a full review on its,crappiness and you can click on this,link if youre looking for a more,in-depth look at it but for now,ill just give you the short version my,first gripe with the game was the story,kratos has killed his family and is on a,mission to free himself from the visions,placed on him by the furies the furious,job is to keep critters happy with,visions of very good looking women,military awards and so on they do this,so critters wont break his oath to ares,this might sound like a decent story at,first but it really doesnt contribute,anything to the overarching plot of the,series in other prequels youre,introduced to characters such as,kratoss brother as well as explain,mysteries surrounding some characters,like atlas holding the world on his,shoulders god of our ascension on the,other hand gives us characters that die,as quickly as theyre introduced without,adding anything new to the story and,theres also a surprising lack of,important characters like athena or,aries think about it aerys suspension,throughout this game but never makes a,single appearance,you would think that hed do anything in,his power to get kratos back right but,instead he just sends the furious to do,his job anyway let me get back to the,story regarding kratos going crazy with,visions i have an issue with the fact,that the visions are not present during,gameplay heres what i mean,if youve played god for ascension did,you feel that curtis was going crazy,during gameplay,im not a game designer but i think this,disconnect of cuts in kratos with,gameplay cradles could have been easily,fixed by adding a few disappearing,chests that made the player question,what was real in the environment in,addition the game also changed mechanics,that had been staples in the series to,this day god of war ascension is the,only game in the series not to have,secondary weapons instead you get,different elements for your blades some,fans have said that this added variety,to the game but in my experience i,always used to fire up aries since the,other elements dont really offer much,difference in gameplay mechanics now im,not saying this is the worst video game,to ever exist it did a couple of cool,things the big one is that it added,multiplayer as you started multiplayer,mode you would be given the choice to,pledge your allegiance to a god of,olympus each god has their own unique,abilities choosing poseidon would give,you different powers and move sets than,someone who chose ares or zeus this made,for interesting matches with other,players as they could be using skills,and weapons that you wouldnt have,access to making you want to try other,gods it wasnt revolutionary but it was,fun nonetheless however at the end of,the day i dont play the god of war,series for the multiplayer ive played,for the single player experience that,revolves around the story and gameplay,two things that god afford ascension was,lacking this is why god of war ascension,ranks the worst god of war game of all,time,the next game is god for chains of,olympus and this is where things start,to get difficult for me because unlike,god of war ascension chains of olympus,is not that bad of a game its just not,as good as the other entries on the list,the original director of the game has,said in interviews that this game was,going to look how you would expect the,handheld god of war game to look like a,2d side scroller that wouldnt demand,too much from the psp graphical,capabilities this changed when drew,weiss sure took the reins of the game,and gave us a proper god for in the psp,and boy did ready adon nail it the game,didnt move the gameplay forward in any,meaningful way in fact it had to work,around some issues that came with,developing for the psp like the absence,of a second joystick which is normally,used to evade in the series,but aside from that the developers gave,us exactly what we expect from a god of,war game fun enemies to fight a fluid,combat system multiple magic attacks and,a very fun side weapon the god little of,zeus,now lets talk about this story in the,beginning of james of olympus the sun,falls from the sky for unknown reasons,with his own absent morpheus the god of,dreams puts all of the gods to sleep and,takes over olympus much like art of war,1 kratos is sent by athena to figure out,whats going on not much happens after,this introduction in fact the story can,attract after it inside until its,revealed that persephone is really,behind it all and she plans to destroy,olympus that things start to get,interesting persephone gives curse the,choice of staying with his daughter in,the elysian fields for a few hours until,atlus destroys the world or forsake his,daughter forever in order to stop atlas,needless to say this results in one of,the saddest cut scenes in the series,[Music],at that moment kratos knew his destiny,was not with goliath,the fates were never that kind,[Music],all in all chains of olympus is a solid,godfor game but struggles with the,pacing of its story technological,hurdles that came with developing for,the psp as well as the game being really,short so do i recommend this game if you,have playstation now and consider,yourself a hardcore fan of the series,then yes but if not then dont worry too,much about it aside from learning how,atlas ended up holding the world and,getting a better understanding at the,darker side of olympus you wont get,much out of it,coming in at the number 5 spot we have,the most underrated game in the series,gradient dawns second god 4 game goes,to sparta once again radio dawn had to,work with the psp capabilities to give,us another stellar entry in the series,and im not sure how they did it but,this game looks almost as good as any,playstation 2 game thanks like curtiss,body stain with the blood of his enemies,during combat the city of sparta being,extremely detailed realistic looking,cutscenes the list can go on just trust,me when i tell you that this is one of,the best looking psp games ever made,but it wasnt just the graphics that i,found mind blowing about this game,unlike chains of olympus they actually,moved the gameplay forward by adding two,big changes a new charging ability that,would allow the player to either punch,slam and even throw smaller sized,enemies this could also be performed,mid-air for some extended combos it,might not seem like much but critters,charging towards an enemy is something,that you need to experience the second,thing they added was in my opinion the,best side weapon in the entire series,not the nimiyan systes not the blades,from god of war 4 not even the barbarian,hammer those in my opinions have nothing,against the arms of sparta the,developers somehow managed to take the,feel of the blades of chaos and fuse it,together with wh

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