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  3. Godless Most LOVED And HATED Cast Members Revealed!
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  7. Netflixs “GODLESS” Review

GODLESS Series Review (Spoiler Free) | Netflix

binge Watchers where we talk about the,stories and characters beloved this,shows they live it my name is Ron and,lets talk about the Netflix limited,series godless so limited series what,does that even mean basically it means,that this is meant to be a standalone,story its done with no season two in,mind,godless aims to tell the stories start,to finish in seven episodes now does,that mean that there definitely wont be,a season two not really I mean I guess,that if this does incredibly well maybe,theyll do something more like with the,godless franchise I guess but I really,like the idea of a limited series,especially when a very ambitious show,you love can just get cancelled any time,for really bad reasons godless is a,Western it takes place in the American,West,during the 1880s and at its core it has,a very simple story Roy good a young man,who is incredibly proficient with a,revolver is a member of Frank,Griffins gang theyre a group of about,thirty outlaws led by this guy Frank Roy,decides to steal some money from Frank,after a heist kill a bunch of gang,members and run away,unsurprisingly Frank is not a big fan of,this so he makes it the mission of this,fearsome group of outlaws to find and,kill Roy good thats the premise and,very broad strokes the fact that godless,has such a simple and clear story at its,foundation I think makes that foundation,very strong I think its a really smart,choice for a limited series have a,straightforward story as a framework so,its easy to make sense of everything,and now we have the time you need to,build complex and compelling characters,and thats exactly my favorite part of,this show the characters the story as we,said is pretty simple not to say that,its not good its very good it fits,perfectly with this show but if the,characters in this show werent as good,as they are this probably would have,felt like something very generic so Roy,is on the run from Frank and,finds himself in a town called LaBelle,this was a mining town which means that,the town is owned by a mining company,and all the men work in that mine there,was some terrible accident in the Lebel,mine so everybody who was in there at,the time died this created a situation,where pretty much all the men of this,town are dead so LaBelle is populated by,kids widows seniors and the few men who,had other professions like the sheriff,the whole thing with Roy and Frank is,the thing that moves the story along but,its not necessarily where the show,spends most of its time we get the story,of this town and a few of the people in,it the challenges that the women of this,town have to face and the looming shadow,of Frank Griffin closing in on where Roy,good is hiding going into this show I,thought it was going to be a super,stylized Western action show I thought,it was gonna be heavily influenced by,West world and I was glad to see that,its really not West world was a,great-looking show and the style of the,Wild West in West world makes perfect,sense because its literally a Wild West,theme part but godless is something else,completely it tries to make the whole,thing feel more real so while you do,have people who are way too good at,shooting other people and you do have,quite a few scenes of someone just,describing how much of a badass,someone else is which is something that,Im not a big fan of the show doesnt,feel too fantastic it feels pretty,grounded also this is not really a shoot,out magnificent seven action type show,there are some really cool shootout,scenes for sure but its definitely not,the focus of the show the focus of the,show is how these characters are dealing,with everything thats happening in the,town the whole deal with Frank and Roy,and how those two stories eventually,become the same story and again the,strength of this show is the characters,there are some memorable interesting,characters in this show quite a few of,them could very easily fit into,stereotypes and some,them actually dude thats not,necessarily a bad thing but they all,have something that makes them special,or cool or more interesting,the only real exception and I feel kind,of bad saying this because hes a kid is,trucky hes the son of one of the main,characters and its just like what,happened there pretty much every line he,has you can just feel that there were,people on the other side of the camera,just you know shaking their heads like, it lets just move on,Roy himself actually feels pretty,generic compared to the other characters,but I actually thought that was pretty,great I didnt feel like hes supposed,to be the most interesting character,hes a pretty fleshed out character but,its the people of the town and Frank,that I wanted to learn more about and,its almost like the show knows this so,they dont push,Roys story too hard they give you just,the interesting bits there are a few,times that the show kind of falls into,obvious hero tropes which I guess was,hard not to do,godless pays tribute to classic Westerns,very often with the music and the,cinematography mainly and Roy in many,ways is that classic strong quiet cowboy,whos impossibly good at shooting people,which is all great but I could have done,without some of the scenes of other,characters just standing around and,watching him do stuff like I mean once,is fine hes a badass and everybody,wants to have sex with them like great,but the show does this pretty often but,generally they do pull off the old,western stuff very well like the ultra,wide landscape shots with the lone rider,or the dramatic music combined with the,camera zooming in on the heros eyes,that in the hands of a lesser filmmaker,would have made for a super cheesy,moment but in godless it just works and,looks great and Jeff Daniels as Frank,Griffin had to be one of my favorite TV,villains of 2017 I think he was great a,good step above everybody else with his,performance in a show where most,performances were pretty great but I do,think that Jeff Daniels also just got,the,best lines just like Wilson Fisk in,daredevil the best villains are the ones,who are fully fleshed out characters,themselves they can be evil they can be, but if the show lets you,understand why they are the way they are,when the show spends the time to,actually build them as characters and,not just something to motivate the,protagonist it pays off it makes,everything better so bottom line should,you watch it yes I would absolutely,recommend it I really enjoyed this show,I love the fact that it begins and ends,in seven episodes if theres a season,two great but if not this is a complete,and satisfying story it is a fairly slow,show I didnt mind it because I got,super invested with the characters and I,wanted to spend more time with them but,if you dont click with the characters,you might get bored because not only is,this show very much a slow burn each,episode is between an hour to an hour 20,minutes so you know just know that going,into this show what about you have you,watched godless what were your thoughts,about it let me know all your thoughts,in the comments down below and lets get,the discussion going and also let me,know whats your favorite show like a,period piece a show that takes place in,the past doesnt have to be a real story,of fictional story whats your favorite,one if you liked this video please give,it a thumbs up it really helps out a lot,and you can find me on TV time or on,Twitter or Instagram you can also join,our discord server where we chat about,TV and its a lot of fun you can find,all the links in the description down,below and if youre finding mint walters,for the first time welcome id like to,invite you to join the binge Watchers,community come talk about the view with,us its a lot of fun subscribe to,channel but in any case keep binging and,I will see you next time,Roberta do Pokemon oh youre my best,friend in a world we must defend

Godless – Season 1 Review *Spoilers*

[Music],getting right to it the pros of godless,it looked great it really made you feel,like you were inside of this show the,way they shot it,they constantly from scene to scene gave,you a camera point of view shot of the,character was most important the scene,you saw where their angle was coming,from what exactly they were seeing,so really well done at that point the,music was excellent really good western,music here,where they decided to film was beautiful,so many shots just in canyon areas,at the ranch the sandstorm floating in,the sky and shooting through that they,did,spectacular and the sound mixing was,great with the sand with the rain,even the dialogue it was really on point,with all this stuff so,you cannot do any of this better strong,point for me acting wise was actually,the young actors in this show,i think whitey could be a fan favorite,here for sure the actor was really good,the character was great hes so likable,hes very smart for his age well then,truckee alices son,he was excellent i want to see more of,this kid he was really good actor,and his character was really funny also,really attached to him too and how he,believed in roy good when everyone else,was kind of skeptical of him another,strong character here for me was mary,agnes played by,merritt weaver from the walking dead who,played denise if you notice the face,she was actually one of the few strong,female characters,in the show im going to get to that in,a second because i think its very,interesting how they,promoted the show and what it actually,was but the best part of the series to,me was the villain,and i love a good villain and that would,be frank griffin played by jeff,daniels from my favorite movie ever dumb,and dumber,totally different role here but he was,spectacular as always,every scene he was in he stole every,scene was in general were the best,scenes in the show if he wasnt in a,scene a lot of the scenes in this show,were a chore to get through in a slog,but he,always upped the ante and his dialogue,was great and it really was his acting,just dominated and,i didnt want him to get off the screen,and really liked about this show too is,it,really felt like a classic western the,sense of,if you love that feeling of being in,that western vibe and escapism it really,nails it here and you love horses the,horses here were beautiful and trained,well,i really like the scene where truckees,learning from roy how to ride the horse,not be afraid of it and fight his fears,it was a drawn out scene but it was,really beautiful and something you would,see in like an oscar award,movie for sure now theres a lot of cons,for me here and i didnt expect this but,to start off,this show is not what you think it would,be its promoted as a,feminist western that its going to,change the game of this and its a,progressive show,and then its woman empowering but i did,not feel that at all this show to me is,a trick,because if youre selling it on that,point all this story really is is,really roy moores story versus frank,griffin and they kind of just made this,plot of the town of la belle with all,females,as like a side plot that was just in,there for the sole purpose to say that,this was a progressive western and,it wasnt even the main focus not saying,that it has to be a progressive show to,enjoy but,why put it in then if youre not going,to actually go with it it just didnt,make any sense to the story,where i thought this show was going to,be mainly about the town of lebel,and roy moore maybe would have been the,side character thats how i thought they,were setting it up,but as you go on and on its really just,your classic western story that weve,seen a hundred times over,where hes teaching a kid of a different,race how to grow up and theyre all,learning from each others culture,and he meets a girl whos just sitting,on the farm and he has a classic villain,it was,nothing new here and that was fletcher,shes pitches the main female lead but,she wasnt good,i didnt care about her and they tried,to give her this backstory that was just,super,all over the place and when you first,hear about it its a lot of telling and,thats the problem of the show its so,much telling and not showing,and then when it did show something that,happened you already knew it from a,previous,instance of them talking about it so it,wasnt like shocking it wasnt like whoa,or like didnt give you that,storytelling vibe it just felt like,someone was just,reading backstory off a script so they,could fill in some holes,and she wasnt this like kick butt,female character either sure shes good,at shooting a gun,but thats her whole purpose in this,show i mean literally alice fletchers,face the whole time in the show was this,the whole time every scene it was just a,one note character,i dont know if thats the actresss,fault or the characters fault but im,gonna say both,it was very wooden and no emotion and,theres a lot of loose ends in this plot,a lot of things they teased about they,didnt get to and remember this is a,limited series this isnt,planned for another season the show to,me felt like a show that was setting up,for a season two the whole time,and then they brought in a very bad,finale that just wrapped everything up,in a disappointing way for example so if,they kind of teased what was the purpose,of the one guy that made out of the,mining accident we meet him and hes a,weirdo,did nothing there was no point to his,character introduction at all and then,when a news editor that basically gets,frank griffin to get to labelle and rats,him out,comes back to town no ones mad at him,they kind of just give him dirty looks,but no one actually,tries to fight him or call him out for,what he did and then when hes there,dying he just gets up,no resolution with that and then what,really was ridiculous to me,was when whitey is seeing luis getting,abused by her father,we learn the father is a real jerk hes,really hitting her you can feel whiteys,anger because were feeling that and,its adding this meat to a pretty good,relationship that was on the show,and we get nothing from that either the,next time whitey actually talks to the,dad,he comes to town doesnt confront him,about it hes just like hey can you help,us out,like what thats it no mention of him,hitting the girl you love or,any talk of that again so what was the,point of showing us that he was just,like hey man im not here to tell you,you want to hear your daughter cool,whatever come help us,just very lazy writing for sure and then,they hype up okay we forget kind of,about blackdom for a bit,were told theyre really good fighters,from frank griffins right hand and,telling him that and then we see they go,to the town,all this tension at the dinner table and,youre telling me they couldnt get,basically any kills on frank griffins,people with these trained fighters and,they had the upper hand because those,guys were underground,and they all just get killed immediately,like destroyed and then you compare it,to a bunch of people in lebel,and half them never pick up a gun before,in their life and they destroyed frank,griffins people so,just doesnt match up well like its,really asking you to suspend your,disbelief and let me stress im not,saying that because theyre a woman in,the town they dont expect them to go,with guns,not at all its theyve never had any,conversation that tells us where do they,learn to shoot gun,where do they train are they a renowned,woman with guns you cant just show us,before the big battle,hey heres the gun heres how you load,it oh heres a gun for you heres how,you load it,and then all of a sudden they all have,great shots and you take down what weve,heard is some of the best killers in the,world,i dont get it because the difference of,the black thomas you had that scene,where they explained oh no they have,really good reputation for fighting,and they did nothing and then that,finale what a disappointment in one of,the worst finales ive seen in the show,problem with the s

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Godless Most LOVED And HATED Cast Members Revealed!

as you probably already know godless is,an american western drama streaming,television miniseries a young bandit on,the run from his vengeful mentor ends up,in a little new mexico hamlet populated,almost completely by women in the series,which is set in 1884. who are the,godless most loved and hated characters,our ranking to make it easier to,understand we rank the characters from,worst to best the number one spot,belongs to the most loved person in the,show number 10. frank griffin frank,griffin serves as the main antagonist in,godless a handsome but scary and wanted,bandit who has been terrorizing the west,in the pursuit of roy goode who is his,adopted son who has turned arch enemy,griffin has been ravaging the west,looking for him frank leads a posse,called the griffin gang there is one,monologue where griffin is conversing,with a group of tied up men that gives,us a great idea of his personality and,beliefs after one of the men accuses of,being a man of god he says what god you,clearly dont know where you are look,around there aint no higher up around,here watch over you this heres the,paradise of the locust the lizard the,snake its the land of the blade and the,rifle its godless country and the,sooner you all accept your inevitable,demise the longer youre all gonna live,he goes on to say the same god that made,you and me also made the rattlesnake,that just makes no sense his badassness,is reinforced by a naked woman who,appears firing off a rifle several times,as he doesnt even flinch and waits,patiently as one of his meds subdues her,number 9. ed logan ed logan appears on a,number of occasions and godless he is,also a published author his,responsibilities include serving as,chief of security for jj valentine and,the quicksilver mining company moreover,he is an arrogant and unpleasant,businessman which makes him exceedingly,unlikable in the workplace another one,of his favorite pastimes is spinning on,people while riding on the back of his,horse simply assuming control as the new,sheriff of the bell the fact that he is,the second least likable character on,our list is unquestionable he actually,might have made first number eight bill,mcneil bill mcnew is the key character,in godless bill has been robbed of his,shadow as seen by stumbling over objects,and difficulty to read from a distance,he is losing his vision rapidly he is,given glasses which as long as he wears,them will assist him to deal with the,problem with dark hair and a mustache,bill mcnew appears to be a middle-aged,man he is dressed in the traditional,smart yet appropriate attire for a,sheriff of the frontier town as seen in,the photographs he has the sheriffs,badge pinned on the lapel of his code,and he wears a cowboy hat bill carries a,pistol and a gun belt with him at all,times mcnews priorities seem to be in,the right place number 7. john cook,marshall john cook is a recurring,character in godless as the marshal for,the state of santa fe and the territory,of new mexico he is on the trail of,frank griffin a legendary bandit with a,gang of 30 men who has been raiding,mining communities for some time cook,was the first person to arrive on scene,in creed when griffin and his gang,arrived mr cook is a friend of sheriff,bill mcnews in the town of lebel where,he lives cook rides and decreed,following the town bloodbath cook and,his posse observe the burnt bodies of,men women and children the cops ride to,the wrecked train that frank griffin is,getting robbed and the view of dead,passengers cooks deputy summons the,marshalls attention to a young lad,dangling from the water tower the child,brings jon to his knees that already,says a lot about cooks character number,six whitey win win is the town deputy,who is devoted to the town and the,sheriff and afraid of no one one of the,few men left in the town of lebel a,frontier mining community that lost more,than 80 men in a single tragic mining,accident leaving a number of widows is,whitey wynn the town deputy and one of,the towns few remaining men whitey is,often cocky and wont pass up an,opportunity to show off but he is a,decent person at heart who strives to,serve his neighbors whenever he has the,opportunity a number of times during the,course of the play he is also alluded to,as being foolish but hes also praised,for his courage whitey is a skilled,marksman who isnt scared to engage in,combat his mother died while he was a,child and his father died in the mining,accident according to what is known,about him number five mary agnes mcneal,mary agnes is the boisterous widow of,the late mary of labelle and she is a,character in her own right the fact that,shes a powerful woman who enjoys,dressing in mens clothing is no,surprise we arent sure when she was,born to be honest she appears to be in,her 20s and intelligent she is,considered to be one of the most,intelligent ladies in lebel as she,devises indigenous strategies for,attacking or defending the castle she,has been residing in labelle following,the death of her husband whitey nguyen a,very dear friend of hers is in her care,at the moment at his funeral the,preacher observed its hazardous to fall,in love with something that death can,touch this suggests that she had,romantic sentiments for him in the past,hes most likely referring to mary agnes,at this point she kisses cali done and,shows a strong infection for her,throughout the series indicating that,shes most likely bisexual number four,cali done callie relocated to labelle,from virginia with her husband warren,who died of appendicitis shortly after,arriving in town as a prostitute she was,able to save up a total of twenty,thousand dollars she recalls the first,time she ever saw mary and how she felt,at the time her attention was drawn away,from the paper she was reading of,magdalenas porch as mary galloped into,town on a bay mare she used to own as,cali describes her dismounting she was,gliding off the horse in a flurry of,skirts and hair and that was the last of,her for the day her feelings for mary,are currently so strong that she may,able to locate her in the dark number 3,roy good the fact that roy good played,by the off malign jack oconnell was not,given a specific reason to turn on his,makeshift father frank griffin is,perhaps the most innovative feature of,the show his vengeance was not driven by,a single betrayal or by frank violating,a single line in the first place rather,than being angry with roy frank had far,more reasons to be angry than roy with,him when roy discovers that his,brothers still alive it appears to have,been a watershed moment after being,abandoned by his brother in place with,his sister lucy cole played by marceline,hught roy remains as long as he can then,he loses hope he believes his brother is,no longer alive so he flees and joins,frank in his new home one earned act,taking franks horse leads to another,and another until he finds himself as a,member of the worst posse in all of new,mexicos history number two alice,fletcher alice is a twice widowed woman,who lives on the outskirts of town alice,is a stunning woman with fair skin dark,eyes and long wavy brown hair shes also,a talented musician despite the fact,that she frequently wears her hair down,she frequently sports a lengthy braid on,the side of her head when it comes to,clothing she likes to wear modest skirts,with a shirt which she sometimes pairs,with an apron alice is seen leaving the,house with a more formal blazer which,she accessorizes with a little scarf and,a floppy brown hat alice tells roy a,story of how she lost her first husband,in a flash flood and how she was only,able to live because she was wearing a,new yellow dress that her new husband,had purchased for her to wear for their,first encounter after the flood had,passed she was roused by a group of,native americans some of them were,dressed in long hairy hoods with horns,and appeared to be walking with a group,of white prison inmates then a number of,them came upon her and then rape

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Scoot McNairy & Merritt Wever First Reactions On Netflixs GODLESS

how are we today good good he does have,that radio voice I know what ya mean ya,lo ya powerful projecting its great,people always talk you know its funny,you should say this I did what you gonna,bring this up but when I was a kid my,dad used to scold me as like devar right,here,but see as a kid I was training maybe,for later you know right its a strength,hey you know what else I was doing as a,kid that I still do as a grown up,watching westerns I love westerns and I,told you f daniels I said in my living,room I have Lauren Greenes chair that,he used to sit in when he filmed bonanza,his son I swear to you its yeah I went,to his son put it up for auction and,Ive been on it I love westerns do you,guys when you found out about the story,and you were a part of the show I want,to know what your first thoughts were,your first reaction to the script well,we read it when we first got it it was a,feature and then the writer director,scott frank stretched it into six or,seven episodes i was shocked that they,thought of me for this part because I am,NOT tough I am NOT confident Im pretty,insecure and self-conscious so Im not,sure what Scott and Ellen Louis the,casting director were thinking but Im,damn grateful and Im not sure what they,were thinking about casting because I,can see perfectly my vision is perfect,and no its good,no I was over the moon to get this job I,had been a huge fan of Western since I,was a kid Ive watched so many of them,with my older brother and my dad,you know I think Ive been waiting,forever to do a Western so when this one,came up it was it was sort of a,no-brainer because the script was,amazing the cast was incredible I was a,big fan of Scott Frank so it was sort of,a no-brainer so I mean I hope I do many,Westerns to come but Im really glad,that this was the first one that ever,have done because Ive been waiting to,do one for a really long time I know,acting is acting and no matter what the,role is but is there a different kind of,mindset though to doing like like horror,I dont think youre gonna do the same,things like if youre in a Western per,se but when you do a period piece like,this do you think do you go somewhere or,is it just hate its its an acting role,we had a powwow on top of the rock every,day to sort of get the cast and no I,dont think so I thought I was actually,going I was like wow thats a great,story no we do have some pow wows but no,I dont think that I would have,approached the material based on the,material and not necessarily based on,the genre its got a tone though and I,wondered if I was finding it or not know,what is doing but but thank you but um,yeah I understand why you asked but yeah,you because you know youre scaring,people youre gonna be like Im gonna,get this on would be is you know,horrific as I cant weather and your,show is kind of violent actually but,its yeah I call it but answer with um,going back to Bonanza can I really like,what are you what did you guys film this,because its just absolutely beautiful,um we were about an hour outside of,Santa Fe and we actually I believe it,was the largest privately owned tell us,are sorry yes yes in regards to the the,tower I was thinking about st.,Christopher ranch I think is one of the,most the largest privately owned ranches,eighty-one thousand acres beautiful,something like that yeah well scoot,well wrap with this Texas says hello,and you still live in Texas or I do ah,you know Brenham a blue belt yep 30,miles south I love its the Brenham area,yeah and go Astros room alike use of,Texas Lake dude

Godless Season 2 Is About To Change EVERYTHING For Fans.. Heres Why!

four years have passed since godless,released their first season on netflix,after such a long wait theyre finally,coming back with another season and,heres what you need to know about it,will there be a second season first,season of godless was released back in,november of 2017. it was a pretty decent,western miniseries that was consumed by,viewers over thanksgiving while eating,those reheated leftovers although it,didnt really hit the mainstream viewers,enjoy the beautifully captured,widescreen landscapes and the lengthy,episode run time it had the show mostly,revolved around a charming gunslinger,who was hiding from his criminal father,the series isnt anything out of the,ordinary but hey its something you can,enjoy binge watching over a weekend for,these past couple of years people have,questioned whether or not there will be,a season two but is this show really,worth the second season or did the,extended horseback riding montages long,monologues and endless flashbacks make,this series a bit boring for viewers to,give its second season a chance well the,answer is yes apparently the show,received great ratings and reviews from,those who watched it god this has,received 83 on rotten tomatoes and an 8,out of 10 rating on imdb which is a,pretty hard rating to reach these days,season 2 release date sorry to bring it,to you guys but there hasnt been an,official announcement from netflix that,godless season 2 will be hitting the,screens anytime soon however there have,been multiple reports that a second,season will be released this,thanksgiving its not clear why netflix,hasnt released an official trailer for,season 2 yet but there are other,websites that reveal the shows release,date to be on the 17th of november itll,have a total of eight episodes and aside,from the characters that did survive the,season finale there will be a lot of new,characters we will be introduced with,viewers were shocked that the show would,continue it was pretty unexpected,considering the way it ended which felt,like there was nothing more to add to it,what will happen in godless season two,despite having some flaws during the,first season godless still pulled it off,pretty well there was something,interesting about it that just kept us,going for that next episode however,there have been numerous critics that,pointed out that the show mostly gave,out a no mans land storyline with women,being the main concept of the series but,show creator scott frank said that the,woman-driven town of labelle was only,one aspect of the story he said that the,town which was mostly run by women was,put in the series to show viewers how,these women have managed to survive and,adapt a living without the presence of,men and this perspective of the show,will likely be present in the second,season as well season 2 will also,continue on giving up valuable screen,time to thinly drawn characters as it,did in the last season with characters,such as the gutless newspaper man plus,theres no denying that western shows,have endless catchy stories to tell that,will keep you glued to the screen for as,long as they last for the past four,years netflix showed no interest in,making a renewal of this western series,but scott franks most recent comments,changed everything hes expressed his,desire to continue the show and stayed,committed to it frank said that even,though he hasnt written past the first,series recent shows such as 13 reasons,why stranger things the night of and big,little lies which have continued,releasing new seasons even after their,original script ended inspired him to,write a sequel to godless frank revealed,that the second season will bring quite,a different story to this world after,fixing the rivalry between frank and roy,the show will now continue to explore,some of the less predictable character,dynamics which remained hidden,throughout the majority of season 1.,this upcoming season will keep its,old-fashioned western theme in,revisionist clothing but will also focus,more on cleverly referencing old works,than completely re-imagining them,hopefully itll be as good as or even,better than the first season and who,knows the series might even go on to,release the third season after this,fingers crossed how did the cast of,godless prepare for their role since the,show was set in a completely different,era the actors had to prepare a lot to,match the characters they were playing,starting off with jeff daniels who plays,frank griffin the actor prepared for his,role by creating a fake father and son,scenario in his mind he reminded himself,about this scenario frequently until he,started thinking it was actually true,while other actors from god this found,the inspiration to play their characters,from numerous different sources michelle,dockery who played the role of alice,said that she went to a cowboy camp to,learn how to use a rifle and get into,character for the show docker revealed,that when she arrived at the cowboy camp,she felt really unsettling as it was,something far off from what she was used,to the most difficult part for the,actress was getting comfortable holding,a rifle but in the end everything turned,out great her acting in the show was,pretty convincing to say the least,samantha soul on the other hand had to,play the nervous and put together,character of charlotte temple to prepare,for her role samantha spent weeks,religiously watching old western movies,and tv series such as mccabe and mrs,miller and high plains drifter besides,watching movies she also studied and,took a lot of notes on the way women,acted in the cowboy era in the end she,gave most of her props in preparing for,her role by binge watching western,series actor thomas brody sangster had,to play whitey wynn the loyal deputy who,was brave enough to take responsibility,for the town brody sangster said that he,mostly prepared for his character by,reading the script frequently he had it,easier than other actors as his,preparations for the role didnt require,much planning the creator of this show,scott frank who is a reputable,screenwriter in hollywood wrote and,directed all episodes of this miniseries,he first wrote godless to act as a,feature for one of director steven,soderberghs projects however things,ended up differently after scott frank,was offered quite a hefty deal after a,streaming service by the name of peak tv,gave him the opportunity to make godless,a series of its own of course frank,would not refuse such a great offer so,he refashioned the script and turned it,into a mini series the scriptwriter,surprised fans with the way he ended the,series which was with a bang or to be,more precise with minibangs he first,revealed the side plots to get them over,with so he could focus the ending of the,show around frank griffin and his,cowboys going to labelle a town that was,mostly populated by women heres where,the action of the show picks up again,the series main character mary agnes,mcnew steals the show by shooting,towards the villains from the roof of a,hotel which is literally something that,never happens in reality okay so she,takes these bad guys down and settles,the storyline a bit the ending was not,really a cliffhanger and not much can be,speculated about what future episodes of,the show hold the viewers were left with,one question that is who died in,godlesss big battle the season finale,of godless was the longest of these,seven episodes and had one major detail,that other episodes didnt have which,was the fact that it gave us a sense of,urgency the worst episodes of the series,however were five and six although they,were just under one hour each they were,a bit boring to watch as the story line,was stretched out just to fill the,episodes in which is something that,viewers hate and chose but thankfully,things got way better in episode 7 when,frank griffin ended up on a warpath,after his long search for his surrogate,son the women in labelle stocked up on,their weapons and bill mcnew finally,decided to retur

70th Emmy Awards: Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Limited Series Or Movie

[Music],and now here are the nominees for,supporting actor and a limited series or,movie mr. Frane there is such a braver,than demand to the loved ones of the,victims of 9/11 your government failed,you everything you gave me the bars,meals the men it means nothing I want my,life back,was I paid to love him was I take to,love him to land the blatant wrath its,godless country now to present the award,please welcome,constants world,[Music],the performances of those nominees,elevate our industry and our art and,gave us hours and hours of compelling,and captivating television and the Emmy,goes to,Jeff Daniel,[Applause],[Music],thank you very much if youre gonna do a,Western do it with Scott Frank thank you,to Netflix for your support of artists,letting artists be artists Edea blondes,Paul Martino have been with me since the,late 40s rogers & Cowan L and a rob.jenn,Curran Michelle Schwartz Brandon Clark,who trained me on a horse in Michigan,Felix Delgado my driver,Kathleen my wife my family,mark Warwick my horse Wrangler little,tip for you young actors when they call,and say can you ride a horse dont lie,you will find on day one youre in the,Kentucky Derby,Id also finally like to thank my horse,Apollo he he was Jeff Bridges horse on,True Grit and I felt he was making,unfair comparisons three times he threw,me off the horse three times the third,and last time I broke my wrist literally,broke my wrist it was my left wrist its,now officially healed thank you very,much,you

Netflixs “GODLESS” Review

hell hath no fury then a mining town,full of widows hey guys its G from the,effort here to review for you Netflix is,godless now godless is a show directed,by Scott Frank and produced by Steven,Soderbergh Steven Soderbergh most,notably for the oceans movies and Scott,Frank has been a writer for the majority,of his career doing work on Minority,Report with Steven Spielberg and Tom,Cruise he also did Logan and he also did,the Wolverine so I dont know how much,directing experience he has but he,knocked it out of the park with this it,also stars Jeff Daniels who plays Frank,Griffin a legendary outlaw in these,parts a bona fide badass he has raised,this child named Roy good picked him up,as an orphan and Roy good eventually,betrays him ends up in the town of,LaBelle which is a that mining town I,was mentioning full of widows and and,weve get our story from there the,mining town do you have a sheriff in,Bill McNew but he lost his wife kind of,lost his manhood because of it and no,one really sees him as a sheriff or any,type of a man hes also losing his sight,which doesnt help we got whitey win,played by Thomas brodie-sangster who is,his right-hand fast-talking gun slinging,twenty year old kid kind of reminds me,lunar Caprio in the quick and the dead,if you remember that movie we have Alice,Fletcher we often saw Mary Agnes whos,actually controlling the town as their,true protector so with the good stuff,this is a very good show this is a very,good Western and the westerns have been,killing it healing it on Netflix Im a,big fan of period pieces I think most,people are they did a really good job,with this the acting is really good the,writing is really good no surprise with,a guy like Scott Frank on there and,Steven Soderbergh the cinematography is,beautiful the score is surprisingly,really good too even though you dont,notice it as much but when it hits it,hit so perfectly the progression of,these characters and their development,throughout is really good and I also,like the way that the story is presented,to us we obviously have our modern-day,and the S they do flashbacks from this,huge accident that happened caused by,really good in his betrayal which youll,see also when he was a boy under kind of,Franks tutelage so to speak and it also,speaks to Frank cuz when you meet him,hes a mean son of a but again,everybody has their own backstories as,to why they are the way they are so you,do understand,as being the main villain so I really,like the structure of it with kind of,showing pieces of it so you as the,audience has to pay attention and piece,together where it all kind of happened,another huge thumbs up on this on is the,final gunfight I mean this is a,non-spoiler review but the final scene,with a gunfight happens where the actual,brawl air all the stories come together,is magnificent Id loved it I thought it,was great the gunplay was really well,done these people know how to use these,guns lip them it turned them,some of the negatives definitely not a,lot I would say maybe it gets a little,out of focus sometimes so you do find,yourself where its moving from one,character to another trying to figure,out okay where am I now,with you and Who am I following because,you know they cut to certain people,outside of the ROI good Alice Fletcher,Mary Agnes and Frank Griffin part,theyre kind of jumping from each person,so its its tough to remember and piece,together where exactly you are in the,story so it does tend to get a little,unfocused towards the half but trust me,it all comes together and its a very,small negative I would say thats the,only thing we got good character bellman,we got a lot of really good things in,this so,I would definitely say check this out if,you like westerns I think youre gonna,love this if you like Jeff Daniels he is,incredible and most notably both Alice,Fletcher and Merritt Wever who plays,Mary Agnes are huge standouts huge,standouts plus big shout out to mr. Rob,Morgan who has been in the Netflix,family for a while he was just on mud,bound a show that I reviewed and hes,also in this he does not disappoint even,though its a very small role he still,doesnt disappoint this is definitely,like at least an eight point seven out,of ten for me it is a great show its,not a huge huge investment even though,the episodes are an hour but it,definitely needs it have you seen,godless do you want to check it out if,you have let me know in the comments,below hit that subscribe button to see,more of our content wed love to hear,from you you can also email us at the F,word podcast at gmail.com and you can,find me on twitter at the f words g,thats my review im g and i am out,you,[Music]

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