1. GoHighLevel Review | Why I Switched My Agency To GoHighLevel, And Why You Should Too! Free Trial!
  2. GoHighlevel Review W/ an Agency Owner [ 2022 Updated ] – Bruno Souza + Go High Level CRM
  3. GoHighLevel & SMMA Course Step-by-Step Review Tutorial (Beginner)
  4. HighLevel Review 2022 – My Honest Opinion (Marketing Software)
  5. The 10 Most Profitable GoHighlevel Features for Digital Marketing Agencies | HighLevel Review
  6. GOHIGHLEVEL Review 2022 – Full Step by Step Walkthrough – Go High Level Tutorial, Settings 2022
  7. GoHighLevel Review – Is GoHighLevel Worth It?

GoHighLevel Review | Why I Switched My Agency To GoHighLevel, And Why You Should Too! Free Trial!

if you got an agency and with more than,one client or even just your own uh your,your own tracking is important to you i,i want to recommend very quickly you,take a look at high level and the reason,i i want you to see see this im going,to show you behind the scenes but first,of all you know over 9000 agencies are,using this um theyre working with a ton,of businesses that generate a ton of,leads,but i want to show you first beyond the,14 day free trial which i totally think,you should get i want to show you kind,of behind the scenes now im not going,to actually show you any of my accounts,i created this fake account just to kind,of walk you through what its like but i,highly recommend you check it out,the key things that i use,for my clients and you can create as,many clients as you want and give them,their own little dashboards,it allows them to track kinda at an,instant you know how much you how many,opportunities how many leads youve,created for them what the value of those,leads are and how many theyve closed so,lets talk about this real quick so over,here on the on the left youll see,opportunities you can customize this to,say whatever you want like if its a new,lead um you know the client needs to be,followed up on appointment booked uh,appointment no show whatever you can,customize these columns but it allows,you to,create a um a very simple and easy uh,database of new opportunities for people,businesses so maybe bob smith their,email their phone,the opportunity name could be bob smith,plumbing um you know the lead value,being you know lets say 2500,uh if thats what youre charging if it,was a you know facebook or google or,however you generate you can create,these things very simply and you know,what im going to do this real quick,were going to do bob smith,and,bob,gmail.com,lets just say,facebook,read,bob smith,this is company,and im just going to use that as the,[Music],and pipeline were just going to use you,know any of the ones you want to use,im going to just put them as an,appointment booked for right now put it,at twenty five hundred dollars uh and,well just put facebook,so im gonna show you how this works,real simple first of all we created a,contact we can drag and drop this at any,point and if we want to we can say that,again we can edit it we can assign tasks,notes all that stuff um if we want to,say its closed one i can just turn that,into close one now the important thing,that were going to go back and see is,that we have one opportunity uh,dollars um its showing is open right,now but its actually closed and if i,refresh itll probably update this um,but really quickly what i wanna show you,is the ability to you know see at an,instant kind of where things are in uh,in the the funnel um process so lets,talk about marketing if youre doing any,kind of email marketing um or what have,you um we can do a create a,full um,campaign,that will,show you from start to finish kind of,where people are um in a process and,lets just say that were doing uh you,know a a funnel,for a a promo campaign,i can create an email i can create a,text message a facebook messenger i can,call them i can have a voicemail drop,all these things are editable and,creatable in a campaign,so if youre using like active campaign,or mailchimp,this is actually all included in here,so im going to move my head a little,bit,you can find facebook ads google ads,reporting call reporting,you can link up a twilio twilio phone,number so that you can make outbound,texts phone calls and the like,if youre using click funnels,you can create,funnels,that are going to be easy to attack you,know to to access and uh and track um,you know you can have opt-in pages you,can have thank you pages you can create,all that you can build a website um you,know a simple marketing agency website,home about you can create as many new,pages as you want uh if youre doing a,membership uh you know you have a course,or something like that,you can do it all within high level,which is obviously pretty fantastic,what i think is also great is obviously,you can track uh all the contacts so,its uh its a its a cms um as uh,im sorry a crm as well that allows you,to kind of track,every single data point about a customer,that you want,again theres bob smith i can go in,i can see what where where the,conversations are what text messages,emails ive sent,general activity pages visit visited on,my website,i can see their name address phone,number website address,i can customize different things,about you know,questions i want to see,current annual revenue i can build those,all out in forms,that are easy to see,and lets see lets get back away from,bob smith um lets see marketing forms i,can build forms that uh that you know,that can be easily dragged and dropped,into a website into a funnel i can do,surveys i i can again have email,campaigns,i can create triggers which means that,if somebody does something if they click,yes or click a button or click a a you,know on an opt-in i can create an,automation based on that all done here,um,reputation management i can see you know,google ads or im sorry google reviews,uh facebook reviews all,editable here um chat widgets i can,actually put this into their um their,google maps or google my business i can,have a chat bubble that goes there i can,put it on their website i theres so,many reasons to use go high level i,dont know if i can necessarily put them,all into uh into one quick video but i,do recommend highly that you click the,link below you get yourself a 14 day,free trial um of this if you have any,questions use my link im happy to walk,you through and be your guide with go,high level um if not you know by all,means just give them a test drive for 14,days i think itll be,well worth your time um again thanks for,your time here and i hope you give it a,shot

GoHighlevel Review W/ an Agency Owner [ 2022 Updated ] – Bruno Souza + Go High Level CRM

our agency has had go high level for,about a year and a half now,and in todays video were going to be,doing a go high level review and for,anybody whos interested in the tool im,going to be sharing with you guys how we,had our successes with high level,like how we got our first couple of,quick wins how we picked up national,brands with it our favorite high level,campaigns im also going to share with,you the,challenges and kind of the not so good,parts about high level and so if youre,looking at go high level because you,want to grow your agency,then stick around because thats exactly,what were talking about today and,before we get started make sure to check,out the description below,for a 14 day free trial of high level,when you use that link were going to,send you a whole bunch of sweet bonuses,like our agencys template that we use,on a day-to-day basis as well as all of,the training that you need to get a,quick start with high level with that,said,lets get started,[Music],so point number one and what i think the,biggest pro to high level is,is that it is without a doubt out of any,tool that weve tried,the number one tool for increasing,revenue,picking up clients and opening up new,opportunities and doors,so to add some context if you know,nothing about who i am or what i do,i run a digital marketing agency and we,work with clients as small as your,typical local business,all the way up to a couple of fortune,500 tech companies and so the first area,that high level kind of had this big,impact in is like lets for a second not,talk about revenue,its just that it gave us new ways of,picking up clients that are so much,better than the traditional models,before we had high level the way that we,would get clients is through a lot of,the,traditional methods so we were doing a,ton of email marketing we were doing,direct mail we were doing cold calling,we were on every freelancing website you,could think of,like fiverr freelancer upwork legit,conquer people per hour,we had linkedin bots facebook bots we,were just doing a ton of volume,to get as many sales appointments as we,could and now look im not bashing on,those methods,its like they do work but its its,like you have to do a lot of squeezing,to get just like a little bit of juice,out of them,and our agency was just kind of at the,point where it was like two or three,years of me putting in like these 80,hour work weeks and i was just,absolutely burning out and so i was like,okay,i need a new way to keep growing the,agency without me having to do like,these 80 hour work weeks,and like literally hundreds of hours,every month to just get a handful of,clients,and so around november of 2019 thats,when we were introduced to high level,which brings us to were still on point,number one but i guess like the next,section of the video which is how we got,our first couple of quick wins,around the same time that we were,introduced to high level i was also,thinking like okay,what if instead of having to do a ton of,volume i could just come up with a,better digital marketing offer to sell,people,and we would do less volume and we had a,better offer so we could convert,more if youve had similar experiences,to me the clients that tend to close,when you present them the offer,are either people that like for whatever,reason you just hit it off or two,theres some level of trust already so,its like a referral,or three its somebody whos desperate,and they just want marketing and,the point being is that youve probably,noticed that when you present your,digital marketing offer,its pretty hard to actually get a,client to close and more people,tend to say no than they say yes and so,if you write,if you were to break down like,traditional digital marketing offers,on paper it would be something like this,like hey mr prospect,mrs prospect youre gonna pay me,thousands of dollars,up front im gonna generate results for,you later and i promise you im not like,the last five companies that screwed you,over,are you stupid or something like,regardless if youre doing facebook ppcs,seo websites or whatever it is thats,what the core digital marketing offer,looks like and its not that attractive,and so how does this all relate to high,level and dont underestimate what im,about to share with you guys because,this is,literally the like the like the big,secret,that really helped our agency scale and,it was improving our offer,so around this time i was just i just,put myself in the clients shoes and i,was like okay,if i was a client and i was coming up,with like the perfect digital marketing,offer,that i would just have to be silly to,say no to what would it look like,and im like well it needs to be,risk-free it needs to be fast it needs,to be big,and so i guess the perfect offer would,be something like hey mr,slash mrs marketing agency youre gonna,generate a ton of results for me up,front,im gonna make money first im gonna pay,you,using the money that you made me and,youre gonna do it fast and its gonna,be big,i was like yeah that that thats a,pretty solid offer that like if,if youre a business owner and a,marketing agency offers you that like,hey im gonna make you a ton of money,first,you only pay me with the money that i,make you and were gonna do it really,fast and youre gonna get really big,results its like yeah youd be silly to,say no to that,and so this is really where high level,comes in the picture because what we did,we swapped out our old digital marketing,offer with our new high level offer,which we started calling the profit,launch and the way that it works is like,this,in old digital marketing what do you do,you go in and you generate a whole bunch,of new leads and you hope that the,client,closes them that they see an roi and,that they keep paying you with the,profit launch we take a completely,different approach what we do instead,is we take a list of existing clients,and leads and businesses have thousands,of these theyre usually stored,somewhere in a computer or an office,file but they have thousands of leads,and these are people who at one point or,another they purchased but they didnt,purchase again,at one point another they expressed,interest but for whatever reason they,didnt close,or if its like a subscription service,like a gym that they were once a member,but then they cancelled,instead of generating new leads from,scratch all we have to do,is take the existing leads and we plug,them into high level and we run the,profit launch campaign,what the campaign does is it just sends,out a very specific,offer to everybody on that list and,normally we can get anywhere from about,one,to eight percent of that list to convert,into paying customers and then we take,it a step further because then once,again in traditional marketing,you generate the leads and you pray that,the client closes but here what we do is,we get the,we actually get the people on that list,to book an appointment and the reason,why the appointment is so important if,youve,done lead generation yourself or you,know a digital marketing who does legion,whats one of the biggest problems that,you face when you do legion for a,business,well the business owner doesnt pick up,they dont follow up on the leads,and they just dont have the systems in,place to have like a,a well optimized follow-up system but,because high level is completely,automated,we can add all of that on and get all of,these high converting leads without,actually doing,any more work because thats that we can,talk about that later but thats like,the third pro high level its just,and its insanely automated but the,point being is,in a very short time period its like,you literally take the list it takes 20,minutes,format it you upload it to high level,you press the green button you run a,campaign,and like within two hours the customers,already getting booked appointments,and so in a nutshell that and i guess,that was like one of the other points,its like thats our favorite high level,campaign,and the reason why

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GoHighLevel & SMMA Course Step-by-Step Review Tutorial (Beginner)

foreign,[Music],welcome to the free social media,marketing agency course where Im going,to show you exactly how to go from zero,dollars to complete beginner to running,a professional agency making at least,ten thousand dollars per month in 90,days or less its 100 free it will,include a community for free and weekly,q a calls for free and Im going to go,over everything in todays video this is,the the most important video in the,entire course so make sure that you,watch the entire video in its entirety,dont skip around dont fast forward or,anything like that so lets dive into my,computer and lets get started alright,so were inside my computer and lets,just go over the agenda of todays video,so first of all were going to talk,about the goal and the rewards in this,course then the course curriculum so,whats actually included what are we,actually going to go over in this course,then Im going to talk about week one,the smma launch and then Im also going,to go over like the rest of the weeks,and whats included in those and then,how to get support very important and,then finally summary and action items so,before I begin as well make sure that,you subscribe to my YouTube channel and,also follow me on Instagram Max Pearson,also share the course I really need your,help like lets start a revolution,together and change peoples lives,together and I cant do this by myself,so share this course to Mom or a dad or,a brother or a sister or a friend or a,cousin or maybe youre in an online or,an offline Community maybe youre doing,some type of sports or you know somebody,you want to change their life share this,course with them I need your help and,that also a warning this is the most,important video in the entire course so,watch the entire video dont skip dont,fast forward but now and also a pro tip,by the way before I forget you can also,watch these videos in double speed,thats what I do always when I go,through videos on YouTube and different,courses I also I always watch them in,double speed so thats Pro tip for you,to consume the content a bit faster but,now lets begin with todays video the,first module video in this entire course,and lets talk about the gold and,Rewards,so the goal with this course is to help,millions of people to start running grow,their own social media marketing agency,from zero dollars to at least ten,thousand dollars per month in 90 days or,less completely for free escape the,matrix and Achieve freedom for,themselves essentially and a lot of,people ask me why do you make a free,course well first of all I want to have,a real impact on the world I want to,help millions of people I want to give,back and this is what I needed when I,started out essentially so its going to,be awesome to help somebody else in my,shoes when I started out five years ago,or whatever now my is in 2017 I started,my agency and really in 2015 my journey,began so if I could have something like,this myself when I started it would be,amazing and I want to give back as,mentioned and also the thought of,launching like a revolution together,with other people its very very,exciting,um so thats why I decided to go another,route than most other course creators,out there just provide as much value as,I completely can for free and actually,help people to change their lives and I,need your help as mentioned so I want to,I basically want to in on on this vision,and we need to have an abundance mindset,not to scarce their mindset where we,dont share things with others we need,an abundance mindset where we share as,much as we possibly can with the world,and other people so theres enough for,everybody time money everything theres,enough and resources and all of that so,have an abundant mindset and we want to,change millions of peoples lives with,this information but I cant even I,cant do it alone essentially I need,your help so share this course this,program with anybody and everybody that,you not know that might benefit from,this maybe if you know somebody stuck in,a job that they hate or they just want,to evolve or theyre down and want to,have some more control over their life,share this course with them because we,will change a ton of peoples lives with,this information in this course,and the main goal with this course is to,help people to achieve Freedom help you,to achieve Freedom so that you can do,what you want whenever you want and,serve clients with amazing results while,making a lot of money for yourself as,well support yourself your family your,friends and become a provider because,thats what really started me on this,journey I worked in jobs that I hated I,could not see myself work for somebody,else and build on their dream and I,really desperately wanted to be able to,do what I want when I wanted in my,opinion thats the only way to live your,life Freedom deciding yourself when you,want to do things be able to work from,home if you want to or go on vacations,provide for your family give them back,to your parents when as you grow older,or help your kids whatever that might be,to help them to go to college or,whatever that might be,and so the main goal really here is,freedom and it is possible right so,achieving ten thousand dollars per month,with this information is actually not,that hard because Im going to walk you,through everything from A to Z from a,complete beginner not known anything to,have a professional website the the,professional setup of an agency know,exactly how to position yourself how to,do advertising promotions both free and,with ads uh how to do sales the whole,shebang and in our agency right now,were making more than fifty thousand,dollars per month in profit and now,were gonna scale it to at least hundred,thousand dollars per month in profit uh,we want to take the next step,essentially so making ten thousand,dollars per month is not that hard when,you have this information its literally,three to five clients paying you between,two to thirty five hundred dollars per,month essentially which is completely,doable the first client I ever got was a,3 500 per month client and I knew a,hundredth of what Im going to share in,this course and you have the support,structure as well we do the weekly q a,calls and the group community and,everything so you literally have,everything that you need to completely,change your life in 90 days or less with,this course,so heres the reward I have for you as,well so if you join this course and go,from zero to ten thousand dollars a,month and you can actually prove it to,me that you had no previous experience,youve gone through the entire course,implemented everything then first of all,Im going to offer you two hour,one-on-one Consulting session complete,for free with me where Im going to help,you to put up the plan to help you and,take your agency to fifty thousand,dollars a month complete for free youre,also going to get a special price and,youre also going to be on the Hall of,Fame list uh basically right so,um yeah so yeah thats the reward so do,your absolute best and work the hardest,because you can completely change your,life with this information it definitely,changed mine and now I want to help as,many other people as I can as well so,heres the course curriculum basically,whats included in the course so week,number one is going to be the smma,launch and whats included in the week,number one essentially is that were,just gonna set everything up so were,gonna set up these sales and marketing,platforms were going to do the fun,stuff first basically get started get to,tested set everything up the text of so,that you actually get your hands on,starting with something right away so,the sales and marketing platform we have,a prepared a professional agency website,that were going to give away to you for,free I just want you to know theres no,hidden fees theres no hidden theres no,upsells or anything right here,everything that Im showing on the,screen right now were going to give you,completely for free were going to help,you to

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HighLevel Review 2022 – My Honest Opinion (Marketing Software)

today im going to show you one of my,favorite pieces of digital marketing,software and something ive used for,years now to create very profitable very,effective and often almost completely,automated digital marketing agencies,whether youre a brand new digital,marketing beginner whos looking for,information on how to start a digital,marketing agency and get to your first,10k month or youre a seasoned marketing,professional who needs a way to scale,your marketing agency from 100k a month,and up and do it quickly and efficiently,and without dying of stress in the,process this is going to help so with,all that said today i want to introduce,you to a platform and a marketing,software thats been getting a lot of,attention lately in the agency and,consulting space its called high level,and its basically an all-in-one sales,and marketing platform and it gives you,the power to white label it and resell,it as your very own software the main,reason though that ive chosen to use,this software as my primary marketing,tool for my agencies and for my clients,and for my students is that its got,just an absolutely insane amount of,features baked right into it it has a,built-in crm it has full email and text,automation theres funnel and website,builders theres social media scheduling,and reputation management and a whole,lot more their pricing model is also,perfect for agencies as you pay them one,monthly fee of 297 and then you can add,as many clients users and contacts as,you want so essentially if you have,lets say 10 clients well that works out,to a cost of 30 per client and if you,have 100 clients thats only 3 bucks per,client which is completely nuts so what,i want to do here is give you a quick,demo of how agencies typically start off,using high level to generate sales and,leads for themselves before beginning to,implement it with their clients this,will be helpful for two reasons first,one of the most important aspects of,running a marketing agency or marketing,consulting firm is your ability to,generate your own clients you gotta,practice what you preach after all and,second once you see how to use the,software for your own business itll,make it that much faster and easier to,implement with all of your clients,moving forward also an important note,here high level was kind enough to,sponsor this video but that doesnt,change the fact that ive been using,them for years and continue to recommend,it to my clients and students so ill,make sure to put a link in the,descriptions below this video where you,can check it out and sign up for an,extended free trial right after this,video of course so now lets dive in,first lets assume that this is our,agencys website this whole thing was,built in high levels drag and drop,builder including this web chat widget,which is a gateway into a two-way sms,conversation within high level so now my,agency has text message capability so,lets hit this call to action and we can,see a model pops up with an offer form,which was also built in high level so,theres no need for zapier and lets see,what happens when my new leads go ahead,and claim this offer okay so weve been,redirected to a thank you page with,instructions for the next step which is,to book a results call which is smart as,that call will be my sales call if we,take a look at what happened on the back,end we can see that when the lead form,was submitted an opportunity was,automatically created in a sales,pipeline here we can drag and drop,opportunities change their status and so,on but with high level workflow,automations all the movement and status,changes can be completely automated so,now lets check out what the new lead,sees on their end as soon as they fill,out the lead form first they get a,confirmation email with instructions to,take the next step and book a results,call but check this out they also get a,more conversational text message thats,basically a yes or no question which is,again smart because if you can get leads,to interact within the first five,minutes the odds of closing the lead,increases by around 80 percent so this,is obviously trying to get me to say yes,but lets see what happens if i reply,with sure perfect so according to high,level they have ai that actually read my,reply and interpreted the result to be,positive so it shot me back this next,steps text and response very cool so,from here the lead would click back to,the booking page and book my results,call which in this case is my sales call,but lets take a quick peek at the,workflow automation behind this to see,what would have happened if i just,ignored and didnt reply to the text at,all so heres the step that made the,opportunity in the pipeline heres the,confirmation email we saw heres the,initial text message then we hit a wait,step thats set up to wait for reply or,timeout after two minutes from here we,have a conditional step that checks to,see if there was a reply if yes we hit,that ai step and then the second text,but lets look at the no path for leads,who dont reply to the text after two,minutes with no reply we get this really,cool call connect step which would,actually call my agency read me,information about the new lead and then,prompt me to push a key to connect with,them when me or my sales team pushes a,key it then dials the lead and if they,answer it connects the call this is,amazing because its basically putting,me or my sales team on the phone with,new leads within two minutes after they,were generated if they havent already,engaged with the automated options now,if we couldnt get the lead on the phone,we then push a ringless voicemail which,is an mp3 file that we upload and then,from there we wait a day and can,continue building more automated nurture,steps for the process this workflow is,an absolute game changer because it,guarantees that every new lead is,immediately engaged through multiple,channels and it creates an automated,path for new leads to become booked,sales calls now high level does way too,much to talk about in just one single,video but what we just walked through is,enough to immediately have a huge impact,on any agency but whats even better is,like i said earlier in the video how,high level is white label so you can,literally rebrand and resell all of this,to your own clients under your own name,and your own brand now normally high,level has a 14 day free trial so you can,test it out for free but i was able to,get you an extended trial link so you,can test all of this for the next 30,days for completely free and all you,need to do is click the link in the,descriptions below this video so make,sure to do that now and for a complete,marketing strategy breakdown on the,exact plan that i use with all of my,clients make sure to check out the video,ive got linked up right here on digital,marketing strategy so check that out now,and ill see in the next video the core,four are made up of model market message,and media so lets unpack those now the,model is essentially your business your,offer your package your servicing the,pricing that goes with it

The 10 Most Profitable GoHighlevel Features for Digital Marketing Agencies | HighLevel Review

in this video im going to share with,you the 10 most powerful and profitable,features of the high-level platform for,digital agencies selling to the small,business community hey its mike with,services that scale if you are a digital,agency selling services to small,businesses there is no more powerful,tool to have in your toolkit than the,high-level software platform and in this,video im going to share with you why i,say that and im going to show you 10,specific features that are so powerful,and so profitable to help you build your,business on a foundation of very high,margin recurring revenue services all,right lets jump into it hey feature,number one is that you can add an,unlimited number of customer accounts,onto your high level platform that you,can charge whatever you want for on a,monthly basis,at no additional cost to you,thats right so i can add as many,customer accounts here into my agency,view of high level i can give as many,different businesses,access,to the platform here at absolutely no,additional cost to me and i can charge,whatever i want so with high levels,agency unlimited plan i pay 297 dollars,a month i can set up as many customer,accounts as i want and i could charge,each of those customers 97 297 497,per month whatever i want to charge,creating obviously an incredibly,profitable opportunity for me thats,feature number one unlimited customer,accounts,feature number two is what are called,snapshots okay right here im looking at,the snapshots that i have created that i,own in my account,what are snapshots snapshots are the,ability for me to deliver,a snapshot a picture,of an account and everything thats in,that account,to another account that i set up in high,level i know thats a mouthful but lets,just say i set up a template account for,the restaurant industry,that has all the websites landing pages,automation campaign sequences that i,want my restaurant customers to have so,now when i sign on a new restaurant,customer instead of having to go and,rebuild those things in that new account,for that customer or manually copy those,things into an account for that customer,i can just take this snapshot and when i,set up,that new customers account i just put,the snapshot into that account and,immediately all of those assets that,ive created are going to be available,for that customer in their account okay,snapshots make your service delivery,incredibly scalable and profitable,because it looks like you did all the,hard work of building that new website,building those new landing pages and,workflows and funnels,campaigns but really all you did was,take a picture of an existing template,that youve created and you just,installed it into that new account so,thats feature number two snapshots,feature number three is sas mode if,youre familiar with high level at all,im sure youve heard of sas mode sas,mode allows you,to be in the software business okay so,you can set up customers with their own,logins to the high level platform with,the features that you define just as if,you own and you developed this whole,platform and of course you can make it,branded for your business so the,platform that your customer is logging,into is not the high level platform its,whatever brand youve created and look,at the ability to control what youre,offering to your customers here you can,see here i can use this little slider,here just to turn on a trial period if i,want for customers,and then down here you can see ive got,three different packages created,standard professional and premium but i,can set the prices on these both on a,monthly and annual basis and down here,you can see the features that are in,each plan,so here is again the standard plan that,has all these standard features in here,but maybe i only want to offer workflows,which are the sophisticated automations,that you can put together in high level,perhaps i only want to offer those to,people who are paying at the,professional level all i have to do is,drag and drop that over there so lets,say uh email marketing as well and,for whatever reason sms and email,templates now ive got three distinctly,different plans and price points that i,can bill for on a monthly or annual,basis,i can also as you can see here,include credits for sms and email which,i can markup and resell as part of these,packages so if i want to go ahead and,include a certain number of credits,into these packages i can,also i talked about snapshots before i,can automatically associate a particular,snapshot with these accounts so when the,customer signs up for the account that,snapshot is automatically delivered into,their account as part of the setup and,then down here you can see,i can manage,how much i am reselling telephone,services and email services,with complete control over the markup of,those services,for each of these customers that im,bringing on board so this is an,incredibly powerful system that again,puts me into the software business with,control over the platform as if i,developed it not high level,its an incredibly profitable,opportunity so thats feature number,three sas mode,feature number four is the high level,marketplace and you may have services,that you want to deliver to your,customers but you dont want to do the,work yourself perhaps you dont have the,team that you need to be able to offer,those services effectively or you just,dont want to hire for those services,youd rather have somebody else take,care of it for you well you can see,right here the high level marketplace,has a variety of services that you can,offer to your customers that you can,then mark up however youd like and sell,out of profit to your customers you can,see everything from website funnel,builds copywriting,white label services hipaa compliance,services theres all kinds of things,here that you can offer to your,customers and you just come in here into,the marketplace and buy it so that you,dont have to worry about creating the,services yourself right that is feature,number four,the high level services marketplace,okay feature number five is a feature,that you may think seems a little bit,minor here when i walk through it but,im telling you it is absolutely one of,my favorite features to just make,getting things done,for my businesses and for my customers,businesses incredibly easy and efficient,and when it comes to running a,profitable,agency,the efficiency that your team is able to,work with is a huge factor in your,profitability so this feature here,feature number five is just the ability,to easily copy assets from account to,account okay so im actually inside of,the services that scale account of,course i use high level to run my own,business and so im in here in the,funnel builder which by the way i,absolutely love their funnel builder i,use it for everything,and i am in one of my landing page,funnels here,and so lets just say that this,particular funnel page was one that i,wanted to be able to give to some of my,other customers to use as well all ive,got to do is go down here and hit this,clone funnel step and i could clone it,in this funnel,so i just want a copy of this page in my,funnel but take a look here i can also,choose,any of the other accounts,that are in,my agency set up here so any of the,other accounts that ive added to high,level i can just pick one here,and then i can choose which funnels,i want to put that into and i can choose,up to 25 funnels at a time,so,in terms of creating assets and then,wanting to share those assets i talked,about snapshots before snapshots are,incredibly handy to be able to deliver a,massive amount of value in one step,but,as youre doing work as youre creating,you know more one-off assets a landing,page here or a funnel there and you want,to be able to copy that into somebody,elses account its that easy and in,fact,if we go out here and we say um you know,i i dont want to just copy that,particular step of the funnel i want to,copy the whole funnel and go right here,hit the clone funnel button

GOHIGHLEVEL Review 2022 – Full Step by Step Walkthrough – Go High Level Tutorial, Settings 2022

hello welcome to my channel my name is,Jarrett Sorensen and today were going,to be talking about go high level and I,dont want to sound like someone else on,the internet on YouTube but I really do,believe as he does that this is the,greatest software ever Ive been using,go high level for about a year now and,the more I use it the more I learn how,to actually use it and the more I really,understand how powerful it is and how,much you can really do with it so lets,dive into this go high level review for,2022. so the first thing that you will,see when you log in to go high level is,the dashboard so you can see this gives,an overview of everything thats going,on for your business so this is a dummy,account so youll see that theres not a,lot of things going on here but as soon,as you start getting customers into the,database it will show up in your,opportunities how many of them you have,closed how many are still open how many,youve lost same thing with the pipeline,value and how much value is in your,pipeline and then you can also track the,conversion rate which is awesome you can,see if the things that youre doing are,actually converting well or if you need,to improve them there are more things,here as far as the funnel for your,pipeline where theyre at in your funnel,whether theyre at the top of your,funnel the middle the bottom Etc and you,can see their distribution over here in,the stages of where theyre at in that,funnel as well and what percentage are,in which area there are also tasks down,here so anytime you assign one of your,users in your company to complete a task,this would be something that is manually,done that isnt done with the automation,of high level something like follow-up,follow-up is what I use this for a lot,of times if Im doing cold calls Ill,manually follow up with someone and,assign myself a task to do so so so that,I remember so this is the dashboard you,can see also at the top here we have,these two banners these two Banners are,for services that high level provides to,you at a very reduced cost in comparison,to for example YX what you could get yex,for outside of high level and then,WordPress they do have this is brand new,but they do have their own WordPress,hosting thats hosted on the Google,Cloud platform and it allows you to host,your website or if you are an agency,your clients websites on your go high,level platform and youre able to,rebuild them as well if youre an agency,and youre hosting other clients youre,able to rebuild them for the yext and,the WordPress charges as well and you,can choose whatever you want to rebuild,them for for example lets open another,Tab and I can show you so to see the,rebuilding you would just go to the,agency Sea View,and then you would go to the reselling,section and you can see right here that,high levels price for yext is thirty,dollars,and if you wanted to resell that you,could resell it for any amount you,choose and the same with WordPress over,here your cost through high level is ten,dollars per site or if you wanted to,upgrade you could get unlimited sites,for 350 a month if you dont have a lot,of websites doesnt really make sense,which is why Im on that ten dollar per,site plan as well and then you can,choose what you want to sell it for on,the platform all right back into the,location view of higher level lets go,through the conversations the,conversations page is where you can,follow up with any and all conversations,that youre having with people whether,it be through email through SMS through,your Google my business page through,your Facebook Messenger your Instagram,messenger whatever you have linked you,can follow up with those conversations,right here and you can see that you can,filter right here by the unread,conversations all recent conversations,and then all conversations that are,going on the manual actions is where,where you can also see any pending tasks,that need to be done by you by any of,your team members in the company and the,templates are amazing so you can add any,of these templates and this is a,chiropractic demo,account and so you can see that there,are already some templates that I have,loaded into here theyre all text,messaging,templates and they allow you to easily,send the same message to people,just by selecting which template you,want to use and now on to calendars so,if youre using calendly you dont need,it anymore the calendar and high level,is very highly functional youre able to,do I mean it has been a while since Ive,used calendly they may have added some,new features but for the most part,youre able to do everything,that you were able to do in calendly in,high level so you can see this is a,calendar view of what you have going on,obviously since this is a demo account,its blank but if we were to book an,appointment we could add a new contact,and say,test person is the name theyre in,Denver time zone lets say,this is their phone number its fake and,test at email,.com its going to allow me to do that,so well just create a test contact here,and once we have that test person were,able to book them into a calendar so you,can see this is the only calendar,the sales off calendar and then we can,choose a day and time to book them into,that calendar,and you can also add notes here any,additional preferences like the meeting,location if you wanted to for this one,meeting add a new location and lets say,it was a specific Zoom link you could,just paste that in there and by default,this calendar is set to confirm the,appointment based on your availability,so thats everything that you can do,there so lets book an appointment so,that we can see what it looks like on,the next page,all right so theres the appointment in,our calendar and then if we go over here,to appointments youll see that the,appointment showed up it is confirmed,lets say that you know 11 A.M thats in,10 minutes for me lets say that 11 am,comes around and the persons a no-show,we can just come over here we can say,hey they were a no-show well mark them,as a no-show and now that theyre marked,as a no-show certain things can be,triggered to happen,knowing that they are a no-show and,well talk about that more but that is,in the automation section all right now,lets jump into calendar settings,so this is the calendar settings and I,wanted to show you this because you,should be able to see what you can do,and compare this to calendly,so you can link your calendars right now,they will allow you to link with Google,and Outlook I believe and theyre,working on adding more soon if you start,using this platform and you need more,added then definitely hit up their ideas,board and upvote those services that you,want added theyre really good at adding,stuff,so this is just a bunch of basic stuff,with that as far as the availability,you can set your slot durations your,intervals uh any buffer duration between,appointments how many slots you want or,how many appointments per slot how many,appointments per day any minimum or,maximum scheduling that you want and the,hours that you want to be able to,schedule within and there is something,that shows up at the top its a round,robin team setting where you can choose,a team and it will select from the team,which team member will show up for that,meeting next that isnt on here because,it is a unassigned calendar and then as,far as the confirmation you can add a,bunch of other settings,and customize that as much as you want,so like I said this is on the unassigned,calendar if we were to add a team,calendar it would show up over here and,that would allow you to do the round,robin scheduling with team members so,lets go back,and lets go into contacts,so you can see right away that my test,person contact is in here so this is,where you manage your contacts this is,basically a CRM so if we go into this,contact you can see all of the details,that youre able to add for a person so,first name last name email address phone,number date of birth source that they,came from any

GoHighLevel Review – Is GoHighLevel Worth It?

GoHighLevel Review,GoHighLevel is an all-in-one sales and,marketing platform gohighlevel is jam,packed with features like capture features,such as landing pages survey forms calendars,inbound phone System followed by the entire,nurturing process to youve got the,automation like messaging leads by a,voicemail SMS emails Facebook messenger and,then youve got the analytical side of,things where you can collect payment,schedule appointment and track all your,analytic gohighlevel contacted me and asked if,I can do a paid review of their software,I tell to firms that Im,completely transparent when it comes to my,reviews so its pretty brave and they must,be pretty confident with the software so,Im going to show you everything you need,to know about gohighlevel and if you have,questions go ahead and drop below I cant,reply within a few minutes of hours and,also need a special discounted link below,to you always get your moneys worth when,purchasing that we are now in the dashboard,I love Im going to try and cover all the,main us piece of hair and at the same time,give a brief overview of a certain features,while so Ill go with more deaths in,summertree USB on the dashboard right now,and what I love about softwares is when it,tells you what to do first so in front of,Oz you can see youve got left at you on,the path to success and then step-by-step,it tells you what to start integrating but,before you do any of that I would recommend,going to the question mark and then click,youre welcome course this has 15 lessons,of quick videos that will just teach you,everything you need to know and the best,way to get so they also have onboarding,video tutorials a health centre a Facebook,group and support just making it really,easy to get sorted with the software start,off with the dashboard is a snapshot of,whats going on in so it displays all the,opportunity all the conversion rates,promotions going on what sort of manual,actions and you can fill to them by,campaign on assessment all the task and,your Google inside the conversation tab is,where all of your conversations are held,from Facebook SMS etc so basically all the,platforms that use integrated into,gohighlevel which has a feature is,displayed right hair and directly from the,conversation when someone pops up you can,select the name there and then even create,a new opportunity and configure it,according to the stage that started the,lead value etc so thats £20 and Resources,just go with Facebook and then do that,information has been populated and you can,even book an appointment you can customise,a day the slot and the appointment I took,so could be a website you can add,preferences and then do book appointment,and now that will be in your calendar you,can also create your own custom,conversation template so under the tab go,ahead and click templar and then decide if,you wanted to be a text message Templar,where your title it and then add custom,values that uses dynamic functionality,which means you can pay to this tablet for,everyone in criteria so this is a dynamic,field which will automatically populate,your contacts name here and then you can,also add trigger length you cannot send a,text to a mobile to see how it look and,then moving on to the Templar is the exact,same just for emails rather than text,messages now in the calendar if you,remember previously I booked a website demo,and added it to the calendar from the,conversation well heres that booking right,here and you can have caused and book,appointments and add new leads and contacts,end and then inside appointments your also,have a list of all your appointment you can,create different colours for different,people in your team or different events or,anything those lines movie onto the email,builder this is where you can create email,template so we go ahead and do create email,they have it tons of you to use and even,have an HTML import option if you know,anything about coding this is a way you do,it and your daughter import it I dont want,to scare a lot of people say Im going to,go back and choose a different one as go,ahead and Im one of the things I really,like about this email builder is actually,gave a smooth to use you just drag elements,in and then you can edit them right hair,then do done a few more images and again,its John just worked and it works really,nice late just hover over press delete a,lot of the time with email builders they,can be quiet buggy or just they dont work,that well you can change the layout like,left add more layouts and at a shopping car,which is super useful under the appearance,to have this is where you can change the,width of the Templar change the body the,background I have not done this design,Justice right now but you get the gist also,if you screw something up go over to action,and show version history it shows you all,the previous versions can you say that so,if we click on that it was about restore,dispersion and there you have it youve got,your template back to normal on the,settings where you put your from name and,you can even do Dynamics of Shalott is the,Leicester,and Andy uses going to be lets just say,first name and then you can get first name,from rent CL ok but its really useful,having a dynamic fields because then you,can just really really simple mean thats,the idea of working smarter not harder,doing one thing once and letting the system,do the rest and then you just go into,search contacts and just do all contact if,you have a smart list send it to them that,will go into a little down the line but we,can do a schedule for later sending drink,mode where released the content and then,youve got RSS email can under these sites,harbours where you would build all of your,holes in websites or membership lets go,ahead and start off with funnels we click,can you follow were going to do go to,template library and hes all the fun all,that they created for us to go out and do,agency and had and do a marketing audit,this is what it will look like and we can,go ahead and get the Templar now it would,actually be nice if they included a button,for this at the top,its gone all the way down this sticky,sticky button just for convenient so we can,click anywhere on the page because go ahead,and you get the Templar and now youre in,the funnel creation process on the left,youve got all the fun of steps at are,included inside this Funnel and you just,switch then you can start editing up then,youve got the overview tab that shows the,funnel followed by the product add product,related to the funnel ok so because we got,no products are we collect collect hair,create new products and were going to say,website REdesign you can also make this a,membership for now just going to do create,this product a and now we have this now,what chord is that you can actually import,your products directly from stripe going to,the funnel now go to products product and,do website designers and its ok so now we,can include this product inside or service,page so to edit the funnel or the design,pages etc edit and edit page this is a,drag-and-drop editor take a moment to see,how all of this works so everything inside,the page is an element or a widget to edit,the easier just select on it and then you,can start editing so hello you know for,example and each element is a little,difference youve got image elements where,you can increase the padding like the space,around it etc change the opacity even,change the image if you want ill at the top,is where all of the elements are so each,element is inside a section which is listed,here and as you have over each section will,automatically and then elements as well ok,so that is basically how you navigate,around at all and if you want to reposition,just been dragged the little out like so,and that you want to add pop-ups go ahead,in quickly pop-up button and then this is,where you can add element and then add your,own forms etc or once orders to click on,form here had a form and they have it,youve got you

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