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there should be no reason that im,excited to do this video its a gold,gods video ive [ __ ] on the brand a,few times not the brand but the products,that the brand sells and they actually,reached out to me and they were like yo,weve seen the videos that youve done,of our brand and im like oh we see that,you also do content on real gold jewelry,and we sell real gold jewelry and im,like word would you be willing to review,our real gold jewelry as honest as you,want no strings attached and im like,you sure you want to do that they were,like 100 well send you the product you,can keep it review it and just give us,your honest perspective so lets roll my,[ __ ] music because were gonna,open this [ __ ] together and see if gold,gods gold is solid,[Music],im kind of a big deal,[Applause],blessed morning my beautiful peoples you,know who it is this year boy see to you,to me today im pumped bro i got the,package right here its not open,i havent seen it theres clearly [ __ ],inside uh i think i know whats inside,they mention a couple of different,things but were gonna unpack this [ __ ],together so uh i really want to see what,gold gods gold looks like because its,rare that an instagram jewelry brand has,decent [ __ ] and if they do generally,its marked up a [ __ ] load at the end of,the day when youre not a manufacturer,everythings going to be propped up and,priced up but were going to be looking,at the quality of the item and see if,its any good at all if its just [ __ ],so,lets get the cutting all right,opening up [ __ ] right now,slice that open there we go,all right,and it comes in the actual regular gold,gods packaging the regular gold gods,packaging 360 all around and im gonna,open it i dont know what way its gonna,be facing but were gonna figure it out,together here we go,let me see if i can sneak a peek,okay,i saw its over here,so the first thing i see is,certificate of authenticity,generally i say this is the certificate,thats authentically fake in this case,its supposed to be solid gold so here,we go,[Music],its a cuban its a little cuban this is,uh,i want to say three or four millimeter,cuban,certificate of authenticity im actually,interested to see this certificate this,is a genuine piece crafted to perfection,by the gold gods if you have any,problems with your piece we will,exchange it for free wow all right,thats ballsy to put that here in,writing,so if you have any problems with your,piece we will exchange it for free now,keep in mind not a lot of jewelers do,that type of [ __ ] especially when it,comes to like custom work or handmade,cubans,rarely exchange [ __ ] for free barely,even take it back so thats kind of dope,i give it ill give you that um,all right lets get this [ __ ] out of,here is it a chain or a bracelet what,the [ __ ] is this okay its a bracelet oh,it has a box lock here we go,im gonna show the camera first and then,im gonna hit it with the diagnosis,this [ __ ] is tiny,oh my god this is for like a baby a,little baby this is so cute its got,that italian style box lock let me,diagnose this [ __ ] before i open up the,joint,now they said that their gold jewelry is,actually out of the diamond district in,la this has an italian flair for sure,this is [ __ ] small im looking in,between this is going to be tough im,going to try to do some close-up shots,for you because for yall to see this,its going to be super difficult im,trying to look,in between the links,trying to see if theres any details,heres the box lock up close hopefully,you can see it,heres the back of the box lock its,tough to see this small and it is,stamped 14 karat let me measure this,[ __ ] out real quick got my caliper here,its slightly,[Music],under four,its hitting at 390.,three nine zero three nine zero three,nine one pretty much all across actually,yeah,in three nine zero i have a scale right,between my ball sack let me weigh this,[ __ ] its so tiny,10.6 grams of 14 karat gold and i,believe this is my size at seven and a,half all right so the figure eight clasp,i just took it off lets put it back on,lets see if we can hear it click,i dont know if you guys can hear it,because it is so small the work 100,machine made obviously lets open this,[ __ ] up again i want to see if these,lock theyre theyre tight the figure,eight clasps are tight thats good lets,see how about the little release just to,be clear this tension this italian style,tension lock will eventually crap out,lets be honest they almost always crap,out after opening and closing opening,and closing opening closing theyre,gonna crap out and lose tension it just,happens its its its inevitable lets,see if it has a click the lock is weak,its weak already,it holds but this,very very light click its a weak lock,this is going to lose tension quite,quick i feel it already it has a little,bit of a spring it has a slight tension,to it so yeah this is the type of,problem that i have with these type of,locks they just dont last and they,dont hold tension this is why i like,the handmade or even the casted locks,actually take that back because most of,these machine made cubans these are,actually technically handmade its just,pressed very differently the way that,the metal is done is kind of like a,sheet metal press and it boxes it out,and then you weld the piece together i,can already tell its going to lose,tension fairly quick lets put this [ __ ],on wrist so i can give you a wrist,profile wrist profile,see that gap right there,its a little bigger than i like,but no big deal i went into this,completely,negative,i wanted to,destroy this [ __ ] because it just makes,me feel good no im kidding now another,little thing that im noticing here,theres a bit,of a disalignment between the figure,eight clasp and the actual buttons where,they meet because when im just trying,to fluidly push it in,its slightly above the button,if you can see that there so i have to,manipulate this downward,and then click it into place,which i shouldnt have to do that it,could be due to the small nature of it,because honestly on a four millimeter,it shouldnt have a box lock it should,have the [ __ ] lobster clasp uh its,impressive that it has it but its not,gonna last um,but to be honest with you link is,claimed for a machine made cuban this,small the links they feel a little bit,the links feel machine made theres a,feeling that you have between a machine,made cuban and a handmade cuban this,kind of,smooth synergy that this doesnt have,this one has a little bit of a sharpness,to it it just feels cold and machine,like but its not ugly and its not as,bad at all as what i thought it was,going to be cons the box lock is going,to lose tension for sure at some point,maybe at some point soon because it,already lacks a little bit of tension,the figure eight clasp on this box lock,which is a four millimeter that is,really [ __ ] small is a little bit,disaligned so you cant fluidly click it,in together without looking youre gonna,have to look and align it before you,bend it out of place so thats another,con that i have another con is again it,doesnt it feels machine made it has a,little bit of a sharpness to it when you,rub your finger on the top it has some,kind of,little grit like a like a metal grit,about it but other than that it is not,as bad as i really thought it was going,to be uh lets do a hang straight test,see the figure eight claps are holding,very well once you get it in there,theyre holding well i dont know if,this four millimeter is going to pass a,hang straight test to be honest with you,but net,nope,straight straight straight straight,straight right here,it all goes downhill twist twist,twist twist and then back straight,theres a section between here,to here,that there is no hang straight its kind,of got a its got a curvature here so,machine made bro um i dont think its a,bad link it has its cons like a lot of,machine made cubans do but for it being,an instagram company which is what i,consider instagram costume jewelry,company its a nice l

Gold Godz solid gold

[Music],youtube.com,blizz vision i am your boy blizz and i,got another video for you guys before i,get into this video i just have a,question for you,what is quote unquote fake jewelry or,fake gold,because,say for instance if i have solid gold uh,chain and ive also got a plated gold,chain with the base metal being solid,silver both chains,are natural elements that come from the,earth,so,its not like the solid gold one is real,physical material and the,solid silver one is,a hologram or something theyre both,real physical elements and both,considered precious metals,so when i see certain comments saying,this is fake or this is gold-plated and,its the silver is fake its gonna fade,its not real,like what is your criteria,if youre this kind of person what is,your criteria for,fake gold or fake jewelry i just want to,read a comment i wont say the persons,name but this person right before maybe,a couple hours before i started filming,this video this person says,and he makes his points he gives three,points in this comment and he also went,on to watch two of two more videos he,watched three of my videos but hes not,into this kind of jewelry so i dont,know what hes doing on my channel,but anyway,in this particular comment he made three,points he says reasons not to buy plated,uh fake chains point one it looks great,on day one but depending on how much you,wear it it will fade,six to twelve months your chain will,look fake af,okay,point two,its a waste of money solid gold chain,will have value long after youre gone,okay fair point these are fair points,but number three is my favorite point,that he makes he says,youll look lame af,when youre at the beach with hot girls,around you,and you have to pause,take off your chain before getting in,the water,salt water will destroy your fake chain,thats my favorite point because,i think like this like if you have on,jewelry,or anything that youre wearing and the,relationships around you depend on what,it is you have on,what about you or your situation is,actually fake,because,if,you having on a fake chain or a real,chain,is going to look lame after the people,around you,then how do you look when you take it,off,what happens to your relationships when,youre not wearing these things,do they go away do they fade away do,your relationships do the people treat,you different,so maybe uh theres some different,things that you should evaluate about,whats real and whats fake,this video is not about any of that,though lets get into why this video is,happening right now i do actually to,appease a lot of different people and,for myself um personal preference i have,some real solid gold from gold gods that,i did purchase and for this chain um i,spent around 400,it is solid 10 karat gold and the length,on this is going to be 18 inches uh the,width on this is going to be 2.5,millimeters so lets take a look at it,its your boy blizz lets go,so like i said guys gold gods uh,personal product they did not ship this,to me i paid for it myself and like i,mentioned i did spend about 400 bucks on,it um,heres the chain guys it is,like i,mentioned um,10k solid gold,thickness on this is going to be 2.5,millimeters,and length,i got was 18,inches,all right this is just an everyday chain,for me,uh its a chain that i can wear every,day,i dont have to worry about it fading,i dont have to worry about,um,you know,if its if im gonna sweat,if im gonna be around any water or,anything like that,um these are thing these are good,reasons to buy solid gold,does this,mean that plated gold is a terrible,decision no it all depends on what you,want,plated jewelry can last a very long time,depending on how you take care of it i,just,the lifestyle that i live i dont,necessarily take too much good care of,things that i want to wear every day i,dont want to think about it i just want,to have it on,and,not worry about,if its raining or if im going to go to,the gym and im going to be playing,basketball or something im going to be,sweating i dont want to worry about if,my chain is,going to be okay,um so yeah i went ahead and i just got,this so this is like an everyday chain,for me link will be in the description,if you guys are interested in it but,yeah it is from gold gods um they did,have a sale running and if they still do,all that information will be in the,description for you guys but yeah i just,wanted to uh show you guys this piece i,dont want to harp too much on the whole,debate,about fake jewelry and real jewelry or,what it really means its all personal,opinion,at the end of the day its personal,preference what do you really want uh,where do you really see value,whats real and whats fake to you,um,in case you guys didnt know,a lot of your favorite rappers,entertainers that like that you see that,wear a lot of jewelry they also own fake,jewelry right because theres a time and,a place,to actually wear fake jewelry just like,you know what goes hand in hand and that,is like people wear fake shoes,its kind of a big debate like oh you,wear fake shoes people will say the same,stuff i dont personally wear fake shoes,lets just get that out of the way um,but theres a time and a place to wear,um shoes that made maybe generic,or shoes that are from like nike or,jordan right,like say for instance if im gonna go,cut the grass,i might have some walmart shoes to cut,the grass in right i dont need to wear,four or five hundred dollar shoes while,im cutting grass or if youve got on if,youre a rapper or an entertainer you,have to portray this image and every,time you step outside theres people,taking pictures of you right,say for instance you got to go somewhere,go to a bank or something you got to,make a run it might not be wise to wear,real jewelry maybe,youre wearing the fake some of the fake,jewelry is really expensive the t-pain,talked about this on one of his videos,recently um,you can check that out you can just,search it im not going to put that in,the description but yeah p rappers and,people have spoken out about this about,fake jewelry rappers wearing fake,jewelry people wear fake jewelry so,youre just gonna have to get over it,um quote unquote fake jewelry uh just,going based off of what people consider,fake jewelry actually is um people,actually wear that people that have more,money than you and i,wear,knock off jewelry,there i said it,gotta get over it um but yeah,if youre looking for something solid at,a reasonable price,just about four hundred dollars just,under four hundred dollars like 392 or,something like that,um,from gold gods i really enjoy the piece,if im gonna give this a,a a rating of my own out of 10 im,giving this piece,a 10.,um the color looks for 10k gold the,color looks really nice it shines it has,a nice color to it,um,its very sturdy very solid,i ive been wearing it pretty much every,day i havent had any problems with it,so yeah link in the description if you,guys want to actually just have some,solid jewelry if you dont like like the,gentleman was saying in the comment um,he made some fair points in the,beginning,um,a lot of opinion opinionated points amid,but,he made one valid point um,after a while your plate of jewelry you,know considering how much you wear it,may start fading if you want something,that just wont do that,link in the description for the solid,gold gold gods wont be a long video,just want to touch base on a few things,and talk about some things i get those,comments from time to time but i dont,get them all the time,i just i just thought it would be,interesting to point out since a lot of,my viewers appreciate play the jewelry,and i dont see a problem with that so,you guys keep doing how you doing keep,rocking the way you want to rock its,your boy blizz link in the description,for everything go ahead and like and,comment uh how you feel about you know,the whole,idea between fake jewelry and real,jewelry let me go let me know guys what,you got what your opinion is i really,would appreciate that other than that go,ahead 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is this a possible gold god redemption,so based on my last video that I did of,the gold gods the Cuban link chain that,I purchased was complete and utter trash,I would never wear that joint in public,now they did find my DM and they DM me,and they were like yo who would love to,send you some of our newer styles as,that old style would no longer exist and,it doesnt represent the type of [ __ ],that were doing I was like cool Ill,accept the free [ __ ] as long as you,understand that Im gonna give my honest,opinion if you can take constructive,criticism thats on you and they were,like bet no problem do whatever you want,I was like I Gucci so they sent me over,two boxes Im assuming one something I,dont know what the other one is as roma,[ __ ] me so we can see if this is a,redemption video or consistency is still,caca kind of a big deal,[Applause],listen morning my beautiful peoples you,know who it is this your boy see to you,to be today so again they send me two,packages I dont know whats in the,second package I just crack these shits,open so lets get right into the,[ __ ] shall we pick up one of these,boxes so this is the gold god gold Gods,presentation box I dont know if you,guys seen it,double box nice presentation so lets,crack this [ __ ] open right lets get,right into the [ __ ] okay alright so this,is the traditional Miami Cuban link,chain style look,so I can tell you right off rip it,definitely looks way better than the one,that I purchased so shout out to them,and changing that whole style cuz I,shouldve trash I mean it doesnt look,amazing right from the bus but it looks,better pull this [ __ ] out you pull this,tab open like so and then the chain is I,guess tucked back here with stuff it,looks like its a little like a pouch,like the gold got pouch open something,on Instagram joint and OH,care instructions so a lot of people ask,me about the care for gold-plated [ __ ] I,dont have a ton of gold-plated [ __ ] I,have stuff that I buy for the video but,I dont wear a ton of it okay so care,instruction all gold plating can,eventually fade facts following these,simple instructions to ensure your piece,lasts long okay while washing your hands,avoid getting water and soap on your,piece so if youre wearing a bracelet do,not wash your hands take your [ __ ] off,because god forbid you actually clean,the bracelet,it might [ __ ] fake do not wear in a,pool or in a beach chlorine and salty,air will cause your chain to corrode so,if youre trying to flex on the beach,with your chain and you got some,saltwater on this [ __ ] it will melt it,like the Wicked Witch of the West avoid,wearing directly on your chest skin oils,can cause the plating to fade what so,where the chain but make sure it hits,the shirt and you not tucked in because,your chest juice is gonna make it fade,what okay,thats wild thats some funny-ass [ __ ],yo dont talk your chain and I cuz your,chest juice is gonna make this [ __ ] face,I mean at least you keeping it a dozen,alright so I got the chain in my hand,and right off rip I mean it definitely,lives way better than the original one,that I purchased so uh its not cheddar,cheese yellow so thats a plus theres,still no welding in between the links,theres still little gaps but it tight,okay cool,the box lock look I cant I dont like,this GG lo [ __ ] or whatever and the,edges towards the box lock on mine are a,little faded if you can see I dont know,how well you guys can see that but,alright so all in all looks alright,lets do the hang straight test cuz I,know you guys love that hang straight,test so lets do that hang straight test,right now bond Ill do the stretch to be,fair and here we go thanks really,straight the [ __ ] clasp is the spring,loaded [ __ ] that once it starts getting,somewhere and that tension gets down you,gotta tuck it back up so I can try to,get the tension again once you start,doing that a couple of times it should,become super weak but Im sure right now,it collapsed pretty good good click,figure eight claps are good alright Ill,put this [ __ ] on my chest,excuse me Ill put this [ __ ] over my,shirt cuz you got for a bit my my my tip,juice just melts this [ __ ] to my chest,right now,I mean I look I necro file,now Im assuming the basement of these,are like brass or something along those,lines or some other alloy I was having a,funny ass thought the other day while I,was having a conversation one of my boys,I was like yo can you imagine if youre,an [ __ ] and youre just super ballsy,and you pull up to the VIP club cuz you,know people be poppin bottles stunting,hard matte chains and [ __ ] but we dont,know if they go play to the original so,if youre ballsy [ __ ] you pull,up to the VIP section trying to blow,somebody spot up with some magnet and,you just be like yall was good be,chillin not yo you shining homie,this aint sterling thatll [ __ ],someones ego of real quick,this [ __ ] is definitely not sterling,its the other alloys under here that,are clearly super magnetic give you an,example this is my gold fever gold,plated Miami Cuban link that the base is,silver theyre claiming it to be silver,nothing no magnetic sticking sterling,silver silver no magnetic I have a gold,chain one this gold stick this sticks,Im gonna be pissed,thatd be some [ __ ] [ __ ] tell me not,I mean its,its better than some others Ill put it,that way lets see what else is in the,other box let me tuck my joy in because,I dont want anybody to feel bad now I,dont know whats in here but Im,curious to see so lets oh they send me,blingy I dont move much blingy stuff as,far as gold-plated blingy [ __ ] Ive done,it once or twice but thank you for,sending it I appreciate it Ill probably,put this in a giveaway of some sort well,this is a gold plate in Miami Cuban link,looks like its a pave set up in this,[ __ ] so lets pop this [ __ ] open lets,pull this [ __ ] out,holy twisted pretzel this is wild,this looks like one of those those,Chinese stare box lanyard games used to,do as a kid this [ __ ] is twisted,Im sure this had to do something with,the shipping I mean all right easily,turned over youll imagine doing that,hang straight test on this hang straight,says Im trying to let me try to,straighten this [ __ ] out because I know,that uh this is probably not good,alright its easily straightened out,there you go all right Wow,I would never wear this a real chain,like this would be anywhere from 28,000,up so this is definitely not my style,this for the younger kids will be doing,vines and [ __ ] and doing the you know,[ __ ] Harlem shake over the [ __ ] they,do nowadays alright so this is what the,chain looks like Ill show you up close,but this [ __ ] is twisted holy [ __ ] this,is twisted Ill put it on my next to you,guys to see it got a lot of stones even,stones in the GG in the back definitely,that lock looks better than that one,this is also a spring-loaded one but,this one Lexie looks a little beef here,and little sturdier its not something I,would personally where ever neck profile,all in all the chains look nice,personally theyre not my style I dont,think that theyre the best Ive seen,some better gold played in Miami Cubans,but this is kind of a Redemption because,its better than this [ __ ] that they had,before so Ill give them props on that,but these are not my style these are not,amazing theyre okay and better than the,other ones just my personal opinion,again they sent this to me and Im,gracious for you guys sending understand,that I was gonna give my viewers the,real perspective and thats just what it,is,this is your type of description you,guys can go on their website I love you,it is in the game,[Applause],[Music],[Applause]

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alright job its been a full month since,I had this chain I done did everything I,could in 30 days straight and I wanted,to bring a real review to yall to let,yall know how the winner and tear went,on this chain so I just wanted to keep,it a buck with yall yall know how we,do it lets get right to it,roll camera whats good YouTube its,your homeboy camcorder banks walk to my,channel cooler with camcorder will you,will get content focused on Street well,sneaker content and me as what fashion,now if this is your first time tune in,to my channel make sure you hit that,subscribe button,notification bell hit that like button,drop them comment down below and let me,know you rockin with the ting now why,you wet it go ahead and follow me on my,Instagram channel this is where you can,catch me posting all type of crazy,photos whether Im styling some pieces,without guys from new sneakers I just,want to have some fun and while youre,waiting you go ahead and ask me anything,you want me to and Im always keep it,above what yall Im gonna keep it 100,you can either drop a comment down below,in this video or yall could go ahead,and drop me a DM in my IG now lets just,get to this whole thing man Ive had,this chain for an entire month,I dont got to mess around in it and I,wanted to wear it for straight 30 days,every day I at least had this chain on,once at least so I just wanted to give,yall a full review on this like how it,went for this last 30 days and what it,looks like now so with that being a,sailors just hop right into it Sam and,I see as this chain right here yall,cant really see it too much its that,video just looking at it right now its,still in perfect shape it has not broken,for those who have and know it didnt,break and I told you our earlier in this,video this was a sturdy chain like,earlier in my last video which I could,go and check out it was really sturdy,like its heavy and its really sturdy,not another question I have people,action was what whats up with the,guarantee so you get an authenticated,card and its like a lifetime guarantee,but let me tell you ahead of time like,you have to do your research on a,website because it lets you know that,lifetime warranty is only good for one,cleanup so if you were to mess this,chain up if you had any sweat damages,any scratches any water damages or any,fade and going anything,happens to the chain that you get or any,other jewelry that you actually get what,you can do is send it in you get one,time to send it back to the company,theyll check it out,then theyll send you back another chain,or any of the jewelry that actually was,messed up and you get a new one back,sent to you so you would be all good at,you fresh to go now hands up if they,dont have whatever chain or whatever,jewelry that youre looking at in stock,then what theyll do is let you pick out,another item thats at least the same,equal price of what your chain or any,other jewelry ones in this case theyll,let you pick out another chain or some,type of jewelry that actually fit to,that same price price range that you,actually bought the chain for now moving,forward I had a number of people that,was actually man is it discolored do it,fade does it fame is it is it worth me,actually getting now what I what I do,want to tell yall this is plated gold,and this is plated gold this is its,solid gold theres a difference between,solid gold and the other different,between us play to go play the gold,theres different types of mixtures when,it comes to this type of change and in,this chain the best part about this is,you have the best of longevity when it,comes to this brand now to actually done,my research and a lot of people and a,lot of people thats really in surgery,actually say the same thing that this is,the best quality plated gold chain that,you will actually get so in this case I,say you get you getting the best for,your buck right now it hasnt faded,nothing has faded and I want you to keep,in mind when you do get plated gold,anytime you get a plated gold chain or,anything plated like Plato rings or,whatever jury that you get in due time,its gonna fade thats why I say that,its very important for you to check out,whats the reason of you getting your,chain in this case if you ask me is it,better to go solid gold or the better go,plate it I say still its up to what you,want in this case I have a solid gold,chain already Im fine with my solid,gold chain this is more so used for fun,and having any other activity that I,just want to do whether Im styling well,I just want to accessorize its no,different than you going to any other,store Zaras top men,Uniqlo any other accessory that you read,Brad some earrings grab some jewelry and,you put it on its still gonna wear and,tear in some due time thats why you,have to take care of your jewelry so,jewelry is juries so for anybody thats,like maybe you should have got a real,good where you should got this net shut,up shut up,jury is jury family just enjoys the jury,vet reject man and in this case this is,a really good piece this is a really,good chain and I actually enjoy it no,fate has come its only been 30 days and,I actually did some crazy testing in it,not a first testing that I actually did,I took a shower in it I was asked about,that I took a shower in it that was one,of the tests and I shouldnt have done,that anyway but I just wanted to test it,out just because I mean it was just to,crash or burn situation for me nothing,had happened to it no rusting happy to,it but at the same time I do want to let,yall know I did add some coughing to it,I patted it dry and everything I just,made sure that it was clean cuz it does,tell you on the website you dont want,to add too much moisture on your trainer,you dont want it to be anywhere in your,chain at that – so I petted a drive made,sure as soon as I got a shower clean it,all put in like one of the microfiber,towels and I was good to go and now just,let it dry out and it was all good to go,I also worked out in the chain so I was,good with that the sweat on there of,course you want to make sure that you,are still cleaning it off the best the,biggest part about this is maintenance,man you have to make sure that youre,taking care of your change for anybody,thats actually lazy with change or any,type of injury,you shouldnt have jewelry fam because,no matter if you have a real solid gold,channel or if you have a plated gold,chain you still has to take care of your,jury that means taking any and getting,maintenance on it or you actually using,a microfiber bag that they give you or,petting things dry you need to make sure,that your maintenance is paid up or your,change so in this case Ive seen a,number of people that actually say that,men in 30 days mai-chan youre actually,scratched up my chain actually started,rusting and fading everything thats,because you wasnt adding any,maintenance to your chain you have a bag,that they actually give you that bag is,just not so sitting around now last,video of course I was just playing,around and says like you can put,whatever you go to in that bag it is,what it is but at the same time that bag,actually has like a scratch proof,microfiber type type of material inside,of that bag so when youre done taking,the chain I was just like I did any time,I took this chain off every night I made,sure that I wiped it off cleaned it off,and I put it inside that bag to store,for the night and I was good to go so,with that being said the chain was,perfectly fine as the glowing one here,was fine I had no issue with it now I,dont have any scratches thankfully I,dont have any type of scratches I,looked on this chain I dont,any scratches no fade has hit yet but,one thing that I did want to look at did,I advise yall to also look at that that,just came to my mind is to look inside,of the crack of that the links inside of,the links of your chain you see your,chain hanging like this I want you to,twist it if you do get one I want you to,twist it to where that the links

[Music],kind of a big deal,[Applause],yall requested it in our body I got,this joint second hand its a chain made,by the gold gods and as you can tell,already we have a little bit of a,problem Houston lets roll my,[ __ ] music so I can put yall,onto the things that I like and I dont,really like about this change welcome,back my beautiful people you know how it,is this see a Boise City gonna be today,I appreciate yall checking back to see,if this is something you want a cop or,just completely drop this chain is from,the gold god its a Cuban link allegedly,the 18 karat gold plated its,approximately I wanna say this about a,28 inch or 26 to 28 inch this joint is,stiff like Stiffler stiff look Im,turning the links down here cuz these,links are so tight and thats usually a,good thing on a Cuban that you want a,soul tight link but this is like almost,herringbone tight link remember the,herringbone chains the [ __ ] that the 80s,drug dealers just the way that just look,like a strip of gold that if you wore,and you had any hair in the back of your,head it would just get caught this joint,flips like let its flipping the whole,thing just from a this is stiff now let,me take this joint off so you can see it,up close and personal and of course your,boys gonna do some close-up shots so you,can see here the stamp hopefully the,gold god 18k in the back now right off,rip the links are super tight like,next-level tight so shout out to them,for getting these links so tight but it,doesnt look like the traditional Cuban,link average person its perfectly fine,and it might be acceptable but you move,it in any direction and that bottom is,just coiling in such a weird way that I,dont know its just weird,theyre pretty [ __ ] straight as stiff,as it is it better be the box lock on,this joint is actually one of the better,box locks that Ive encountered and the,figure 8 clasp on this one also one of,the better ones its actually,some tightness to it and the chain does,hang pretty decent its now horribly,twisted but its its straighter than,most so thats definitely a plus now one,thing I dont understand which is,unusual is these links are so tight,everywhere else except theyre just one,singular link holding the clasp as,opposed to I dont know it just felt,like this is like a construction flaw,the chain isnt bad its not great its,not something that I feel can be played,off as real if youre looking for that,oh yeah I just want to fake it till I,make it cuz theyre joining us official,its got a decent weight to it Im going,from but it does sound kind of eat one,thing Im gonna be honest about I did,buy this joint use and there was a,reason I bought this joint use cuz Im,gonna put a screenshot up here on the,gold Gods website this along with a,diamond on chain is two hundred and,nineteen dollars lets remove the,diamond on can spread that price right,down the middle so youre telling me,this is like a hundred dollars this to,me is not at all worth a hundred dollars,the plating Im sure is decent until,last the chain has some okay wait it,looks dope from afar but II not for a,hundred dollars honestly my personal,opinion this is exactly thirty dollars,$20 worth the wish joint that I got,previous to this had way better quality,than this in my personal opinion I love,your [ __ ] from the heart let me,know if you copped something from the,gold guys that was actually decent cos,this is definitely kappa ill see you,[ __ ] next time you know who it is is,the biggest in the game leave down below,any other websites that youll want me,to buy ship from or any other brands of,cuban linx,that youre interested in buying and i,will try to cop those if they have them,for a decent price because this is a l,and a half smooches,[Applause],running photo on the ruler start back,when its time to call back for the,rough front that the wrong way they say,its a game but he dont play Hey all,the cheese to God,[Music],[Applause]

The Gold Gods 18mm Diamond Cuban Bracelet 2 Row Baguette

whats going on youtube my name is will,young from drip talk guys this video is,sponsored by none other than drip talk,jewelry we have bracelets on the website,we have watches on the website,we have earrings chains yall go roll,over go check out that weekly deals,section that we do have on the website,you can go get pendants anywhere from 60,bucks to 20 down to 20,20 to 60 bucks all pendants do come with,a free rope chain,so yall go roll over check out that,weekly deal section we have a lot of,different stuff coming to the website so,yall stay tuned we will keep dropping,these visuals for yall,all right today,we will be doing uh unboxing on a,company that me myself has never dealt,with before,this company go by the name of gold guys,ive never purchased anything from them,long as ive been doing the jewelry,reviews but today we will be doing,something new from them uh this is a,actual bracelet that i got from now,lets see,this is a main diamond cubic bracelet,two row baguette 18 millimeter bracelet,so lets go ahead on the door unboxing,this is how this is how the packaging,came,in the envelope,we got the you know just its just a,just an envelope guys so lets go,hopefully aint no stones feel like this,thing because i like my stuff in boxes,like we ship out or whatever but,lets go around and see what this hell,do,see what the shine factor look like ive,never done nothing from gold guys as,long as ive been doing these reviews,lets see what its hitting for man,all right,so off the rip,you get your lifetime warranty card,all right even though with these people,they send you a care instruction all,gold-plated can fade eventually thats a,good point oh aint no can fade all,plated jewelry real fade even real gold,fade you have to get it read up from,time to time it takes a long time but,eventually real gold does fade,follow these simple instructions to,ensure the pieces last long avoid,moisture including sweat showers pool or,ocean,wipe off skin oil after um were using,microfiber cloth,store in cool,dry dark,environments there yall go i think,thats dope that they put that out,letting you know you know we giving,yall a warranty but at the same time,this stuff going to eventually fade so,they keeping it a dollar like unlike a,lot of these other companies saying that,they stuff will never fade come on man,real gold fade but uh i like the,presentation with that card,lets go ahead on and see what else we,got up in here,a welcoming card welcome to gold guides,this is a logo right here gg,last but not least,we got the packaging it comes up in this,bag right here,drawstring bags,turn it around,black bag,double g and gold gold guide so you know,thats the goat thats dope theyre,letting you know on the front d gold,guys so lets go ahead on and pull this,out and see what we got,okay,see gold guys know what what it is man,this thing is like a like a triple lock,too i dont like feel a lot of light lot,of,light,a lot,lighter than i was expecting,oh lets go ahead on let me give yall a,quick visual on this thing the thing,does shine good they go they logo right,there,in the front,let me turn it the right way,hey yall go got the gg in the front,look like i got the two-tone uh,variant,all right lets bring this around this,thing is a two-row baguette and when,they call it two-row that mean you got,your you got you got two per you got two,per side let me see if i can get that,out,yall see that them two baguettes on,that side,but there yall go lets flip this thing,around so yall can see it a little,better see how icy this thing is,its supposed to be some kind of triple,lock on this thing i want to check that,out in a second im gonna just give,yall a visual of this thing,all right we all the way back around to,the logo so there you go,all right,for one i can see that they do have,figure eight clasps,were gonna have to unhook that,its only one of them,so lets flip that up once we flip that,up,there you go right there,i like that,all right,so well close it down lock it again,lets look at the plating on the back,the back of it letting you know its 18,karat,gp gold plating,it do have a nice good clean,even,feel on the back of this thing,there yall,go visual of it,that two-tone is hitting man im gonna,keep it real with yall,two-tone is hitting,let me look this over make sure i dont,see no stones missing ima look what,yall were gonna put this thing up real,close,were gonna come on down,all right now lets go ahead on and put,this on the scale i dont see any stones,missing on this thing,and i do what see why they call it a,triple lock triple lock class,see how much this thing weight because,it feels kind of lightweight,that aint bad man that aint bad 100,grams 100 grams this is an 8 inch,bracelet too lets go ahead on and check,out some of the details on this thing,real fast,let me hold this up for yall up,hope this aint gonna take that tangle,up too fast but let me hang this up for,yall right there so yall can take a,look at it lets go over some of the,details this is a eight they got them in,seven and eight inch,uh the width on these things are 18,millimeters you can pay with after pay,or a firm,to make those four monthly payment those,are four weekly payments,the details,18 karat gold,plated pvd,plating,all right color options they got yellow,gold white gold and they got two tone,stones handset vvs cz simulated stones,uh feature they have a,signature triple lock diamond logo clasp,im gonna show yall why its a triple,lock two,uh,18 millimeters in width the length is,eight inches i dont know if they carry,these in like seven inches or nine,inches i dont know,uh last but not least the two-row,baguette diamond cuba link bracelet is,one of the fastest growing trends in the,jewelry the king of all cubans out there,this new 18 millimeter baguette diamond,cuba link bracelet features large prone,set diamonds let me make sure thats,close enough,oh lord set diamonds with our custom,design link pattern,okay so they saying that they customly,made this up okay thats dope but lets,go ahead on and go with this hill this,is why they call it a triple,locking safety class because one you got,this figure eight clasp over here that,you bring down thats one,all right you lift this up,thats one,this is two the way you secure it down,and thats three and fasten it back up,so this is a triple lock safety class,but a lot of,chains are double lock safety class,these days this is triple lock just to,be a little bit extra secure,i think i think overall its a very dope,bracelet lets go ahead and put it on,wrist,see if its true to size and also,lets see,how it looks on the wrist i havent did,this in a little while imma give gold,guys benefit of the doubt because uh i,dont normally like taking my stuff off,man,all right lets lets see what this,thing look like on wrist,um,boom all right here we go yall,what yall think,what yall think,i think its nice i think its nice uh,let me see what i actually paid for this,thing lets see what the price is on it,all right price on this thing is 199,bucks im pretty sure they got a,discount code floating around,on our gold gods somewhere online so,there yall go man,just wanted to give yall a quick visual,of this,two-row but get 18 millimeter cuban link,bracelet if anybody out there is,interested man there yall go yall got,a visual on this thing,we gonna go head on and in this video,right here we got your weight on this,thing,um,do i got a diamond test over here,do i got a diamond tester since we never,did them before,uh lets see we do got a diamond tesla,lets let this thing warm up real quick,lets let this thing warm up real quick,ive never dealt with them so we just,gonna put it on the diamond tester they,specifically say that this is czs we,know that theres czs this is for,entertainment purposes only,come on baby heat up for me heat up,come on,all right she ready lets go it on and,put the diamond test on here got the,fingers on the back,all right,let me turn it to yall,all right nothin


no cat pendant you can get this at,shopjimmy.com,discount code G OD – little dope sick,how you doing guys welcome back to my,channel is Georgian Canizales back with,another video its got a package from,the gold gods about to open it before we,start this video im normally brock shop,GLD everything my favorite company best,quality jewelry use my discount code GLD,- little dope sick Ill put it on the,screen $50 off your order over $150,definitely checked off shop gog.com like,I said they have the best bow plated and,solid gold jewelry and they also have cz,options and PBS options everything on,the website is dope check them up so I,got a 2 millimeter 22 inch rope chain,never shopped with gold guys before,often tissa tcard if anything happens,theyll exchange it for free and the,package itself,no no box or the apparently and no bag,just the chain itself,this is supposed to be pbd plated,theres an 18 karat GP insignia on it,probably cant see that and then the,double cheese on the back on this small,piece right here its pretty nice Im,not gonna lie,were just gonna try it on,I wanted to get a 16 and chain but this,is the smallest one that had 22 inches,so I wasnt too happy about that,but I like the color on it it feels,pretty sturdy I dont know I rock with,it Im gonna put a pendant on it,definitely but yeah seems to be good,quality,Ill give updates on it in the future if,you guys want an update on it see if it,faded or anything like that yeah,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],Im gonna be getting out his pendant,from shops uld in a few days so once I,get that I want to make another video so,stay on the lookout for that like I said,use my discount code GLD – little dope,sick on shop geo DS website or $50 off,your order over $150 thank you for,watching this video and Ill see you,guys the next one peace and love guys,you

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