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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder | Testing Amazons Best Selling Protein Powder

this is the best-selling protein powder,on amazon its the optimum nutrition,gold standard whey protein and ill have,a link to it below in the video,description but im sure everybody,recognizes this container but why is,this stuff so popular well ive used it,daily for the past month and this is my,full review,for reference ive been using muscle,fees as my whey protein for two years,but i have been using optimum nutrition,as my casein powder for the past 10,months,now both of my regular proteins are the,vanilla flavors if you look at optimum,nutritions whey protein on amazon there,are several flavors to pick from,everything from banana cream to coffee,to rocky road ive been using the double,rich chocolate flavor not because that,would be my first choice but because i,was the first one to pop up so my,assumption was thats the flavor that,they sell the most of i could be wrong,its available in multiple sizes such as,a 2 pound container 5 pounds and 10,pounds i bought the 5 pound container,which has 74 servings and i paid 59.99,for it with free prime shipping plus tax,for a grand total of 64.19,and that brings us to 87 cents per,serving in just under 4 cents per gram,of protein one serving of this protein,weighs 30.4 grams which the nutrition,label says is about one scoop i found,that food company serving sizes arent,always accurate typically working in the,companys favor,just as an example,the oats that i eat say a serving size,is 40 grams or half a cup but when you,actually scoop out half a cup its a,good bit more that youre getting per,serving,and some powders call for a heaping,scoop which some of you might be used to,doing so were going to test both and,see how much they weigh,first is a nearly level scoop,this weighed in at 29 grams and thats,good thats close enough for me,now for the heaping scoop,obviously you dont want to do this if,youre strict on counting calories but,were gonna try it anyways,and that weighs in at 35 grams lets do,some real time mixing and ill use eight,ounces of liquid for each one for the,first test im using fat-free milk and,im going to shake it in a mason jar,[Music],[Music],next were going to mix the powder into,water this time im using a regular cup,and ill stir it with a spoon,so,[Music],here im using water again but instead,ill mix it up in one of those blender,bottles i dont use the metal mixer ball,that comes with these bottles,i dont feel like most people do,[Music],[Music],so with all three tests im very happy,with how well it mixes uh the label in,the container says to mix for 30 seconds,ive never mixed a protein for that long,i think i did 10 to 15 seconds for each,of these,it turned out smooth and there werent,any clumps so 30 seconds might be a bit,much,i know the taste is important so the fat,free milk mixture i really liked,to me its like drinking a chocolate,milk i dont ever mix my protein powders,with milk so i loved it,but when you mix it with water its not,as tasty of course im not sure if any,of you have had cocoa pebbles cereal i,havent had it since i was a kid but,thats exactly what it reminded me of,just a more watered down version of the,cocoa pebbles taste,not bad but the water isnt nearly as,good as milk thats how i normally drink,my other protein powder ill mix it in,water uh honestly my muscle fees taste,awful in water,anyone thats had this kind knows but,id rather not have dairy right after a,workout plus taste doesnt play a big,role in which protein powder i choose,anyways,i do want to mention that i usually eat,overnight oats and in them ill put oats,protein powder,water and peanut butter,and normally its fine,but when i use the double rich chocolate,for the overnight oats it was tough to,eat,the taste of the chocolate with the,peanut butter wasnt working out,the chocolate just seemed too bitter,so i started using milk and placed the,water which made the chocolate more,creamy which set well with the peanut,butter and it was pretty good,as far as ingredients im going to,compare the optimum nutrition with the,mussel feast that i normally use,neither of them have too many,ingredients i did notice that the,optimum nutrition does have acelfam,potassium which i think thats how you,pronounce it but it is an artificial,sweetener if thats something you try to,avoid,here are the nutrition labels optimum,has 120 calories per serving 1.5 grams,of fat this is something that caught my,eye the cholesterol and the optimum,but again thats compared to the muscle,feast i dont think 35 milligrams is bad,compared to other brands of powders the,sodium is 50 milligrams which i thought,was higher than that maybe it used to be,in the past because i feel like that was,one of my reasons for not buying it,before,maybe im wrong let me know if there,used to be more sodium uh three grams of,carbs with one gram of sugar and 24,grams of protein per serving,looking at amazon theres over 92 000,reviews and its rated 4.7 out of 5,stars but lets read the top two reviews,real quick the first one is a one star,review and it says,my message is the same as quite a few,others but i wanted to share my,experience in hopes that more people,become aware,ive been using optimum nutrition,protein for 10 years now in my eyes it,has always been the industry standard,good ingredients great taste no,i received my last five pound tub of,vanilla cream yesterday and made a shake,it was absolutely disgusting the shake,was so sweet i gagged but reluctantly,finished it,this was at night,the morning after,i had basically a pretty upset stomach,the second top review is a five-star,review and it says i see a lot of,reviews on here of people complaining,how theyve used this specific brand for,50 years,and all of a sudden it changes and now,its no good to them,im new to this brand and to ease some,others about the skeptical view of other,reviews on here i think it tastes fine,some say its too sweet well you should,check the ingredients first or dont,expect vanilla ice cream flavor to not,taste sweet i got vanilla and thats,exactly what it tastes like take a tub,of vanilla ice cream and melt it and,drink it this tastes better than most,powders ive tried and if it doesnt,taste that great to you toughen up,princess no one cares if it tastes good,we are using protein powder for protein,i really like that guy i dont agree,with the foul language but i dont,understand how anyone can say that this,stuff tastes horrible and i normally,avoid chocolate flavored foods whether,its cake candy whatever because i hate,the aftertaste of chocolate leaves,especially dark chocolate but even then,i wouldnt say this powder tastes,horrible even when its mixed with water,now if you mix the mussel feast vanilla,with water,theres nothing good about it but im,still going to drink it with no problem,because i like the nutrition and,ingredients theres nothing wrong with,liking the taste of a protein powder i,just i feel like most people often over,exaggerate in the reviews and horrible,seems like too strong a word i mean,its just a protein supplement,so what are the pros and cons for the,optimum nutrition double rich chocolate,for the pros while its not super,important to me,the taste is one i do really like it,with milk and with water its just okay,but its still much better than my,normal protein in water,and theres plenty of other flavors to,pick from but keep an eye on the,ingredients i think some have sucralose,its affordable,its not cheap but also not expensive,the powder is right in line where it,needs to be at four cents per gram of,protein,another is the serving size accuracy you,can trust the scoop thats included with,it to give you an accurate serving,there is no need for a kitchen scale,and finally it mixes extremely well,im a lazy mixer and i never have any,clumps,for the cons the only thing i dont like,is that there is an artificial sweetener,in the ingredients and yeah i realize,that my casein powder has artificial,sweeteners i havent completely,eliminated artificial s

this is the big one often nutrition both,standard whey protein powder this may,well be the most popular protein powder,in the entire world its the number one,seller on amazon.com and a bunch of,other websites and its basically the,default protein powder for a lot of,people out this or is it any good but,today Im going to talk about the brand,Im gonna try the taste with 2% milk and,with some water theyre gonna talk about,the nutrition the ingredients who is,good for what might not be quite so good,for the price and some other pros and,cons now if you would want to see if,this lands on my list of the absolute,best way protein powders on the market,make sure you google my full roundup,just google Barban plus best weight but,if you wanna stick around,lets talk about awesome nutrition so,Ive tried out that gold standard,pre-workout the gold scent of BCAAs Ive,also try out that creatine a bunch of,other products because they have an,enormous variety of products including,some relatively unusual ones like egg,protein powder and things like that but,this is them whey protein powder comes,in about two dozen flavors right now,this here is the double rich chocolate,so lets see how it tastes with some 2%,milk,[Music],lets break tasty it mixes very very,well and I gotta say it is relatively,mild especially for a flavor thats,called double rich chocolate its a,relatively mild flavor the flavor that I,am getting is more of a dark chocolate,like more cooking we flavor than a,really rich creamy chocolate but when,thats combined with the milk I gotta,say yeah it comes together really nicely,now lets see how this tastes with water,[Music],I gotta say its kind of so-so with,water which is a little bit surprising,because this does have artificial,flavors and artificial sweetness so you,know I sort of got the impression that,it was going to have like a really nice,rich flavor but it tastes quite a bit,like a small spoonful of cocoa mix in,that water,its not that exciting if you want a,really nice rich chocolate flavor they,also got extreme milk chocolate which,might be more up your alley but this,its fine with water but I really,preferred up with milk now as far as,other flavors go this can always change,right now there are about two dozen,flavors of this protein powder which is,more than Ive seen at any other brand,and like if youre including white,chocolate and rocky road and mocha and,chocolate coconut and chocolate banana,there are about 10 different chocolate,flavors out there there are three with,the word cake in a title as well Ive,tried a ton of them in my opinion white,chocolate is fantastic,strawberry is just okay cake doughnut is,way too sweet so you dont have a ton of,different options I couldnt two dozen,or so flavors to pick from which is,definitely a pro for the brand theres a,lot of versatility there alright lets,take out the nutrition of this double,rich chocolate flavor so one scoop is,120 calories and not youre gonna get 24,grams of protein 3 grams of,carbohydrates with one gram of sugar and,one gram of fat with half a gram of,saturated fat so thats not the lowest,carb lowest fat protein powder out there,thats good its a blend of three,different types of whey which I talked,about in the next section besides that,its worth pointing out theres 10% of a,daily cholesterol here which could be a,pro or a con depending on your own,dietary goals and this 5% we daily,sodium and as far as other,micronutrients go theres just 2% of,your iron and 8% of your calcium which,is a little bit lower in calcium than a,lot of other protein powders which would,normally like 10 to 12 percent but then,again most people arent taking away as,a source of calcium as far as the,increase go its not a super long list,but there are some things that are,really important to point out so the,first ingredient is a protein blend of,whey protein isolate whey protein,concentrate and whey peptides there are,three different types of whey in here,all of which have their own benefits and,drawbacks,besides that youre gonna get some cocoa,because it is one of these chocolaty of,flavors then theres some soy lecithin,to help with like mixability its an,emulsifier then theres natural and,artificial flavors the artificial,sweetener acesulfame potassium and then,theres a minha gin and lactase sir a,few things really worth pointing out,its a blend of different types of whey,and whey concentrate is in that this,does contain a little bit of lactose,which might be important people who are,extremely sensitive to lactose however,this contains the digestive enzymes,lactase and amino jen which can help to,break down lactose and help to minimize,suggestive discomfort thats not a,guarantee but it could help some people,potentially and the immunogen is also,meant to help with like bloating and gas,and things like that that some people,can experience with whey protein powder,so again thats not a guarantee that,could be good you saw some folks with,more sensitive stomachs who is this,product best for well if you dont have,any allergies and youre a kid consuming,dairy I think its a pretty good option,for anyone whos looking to increase the,protein in their diet without spending a,ton of money or getting a lot of extra,carbs and fat now this is not carb free,or fat free there are white ice lets out,there that have like zero grams of carbs,and zero grams of fat so its 3 grams of,carbs one gram of sugar if you were,really trying to absolutely minimize,carbs and sugar as much as humanly,possible that could be an issue for you,those three grams might not sound like,much but like Ive been on some diets,where you have to get like 200 grams of,protein in a day and 50 grams of,carbohydrates so that can add up in,those situations so that is worth,pointing out also if youre gonna,ketogenic diet in particular those three,guys with carbs might not be for you but,if thats not describing you I think,youre gonna be in a pretty good spot,with this product its pretty low in,sodium,its pretty low in saturated fat it has,10% in daily cholesterol which like,might be an issue for some people but,otherwise this is like pretty solid,product with far as allergies go I did,mention there is some lactose here all,of the other digestive enzymes which,could potentially help with that,although you should speak with your,doctor if you have concerns about things,like that because I am NOT a doctor,theres also some soy in here in the,form of lecithin which is like a fatty,substance down in soy that helps to,improve Nicks ability now this does,Nicks very very well which I was really,hot with but again if youre restricting,soy or youre sifting lactose that might,be a problem also they did tell me on,the phone this does not have like a risk,of contamination with shellfish and tree,nuts and things like that,which give a good news for other folks,at allergies but they wouldnt say if,its a gluten-free facility they werent,able to be a hundred percent on that and,this is not certified gluten free like,some of their products are so that could,be important information for some folks,in any case if you dont have any,allergies and if youre okay with a,little bit of sugar and a little,carbohydrates and in particular if you,are sick of just the regular vanilla and,chocolate over and over and over again,this is a pretty good brand because it,has a ton of fruit flavors you can,experiment with all right sir,how much is this cost so this tub here,is about 2 pounds youre gonna get 29,servings in it and the price does vary a,lot and it can change at any time I,should make it clear but this is between,like 25 and 35 dollars for this tub that,comes out to a little over a dollar a,script or roughly like between four and,four and a half cents per gram of,protein so thats pretty reasonably,priced I mean this is not an all-natural,product or anything like that which tend,to be a bit more expensive your normal,way protein powders the more popular,brands they do typically ho

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Top 5 – Best Protein Powders (2022)

une protéine,[Musique]

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So guys in todays video we will review Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey.,I am very disappointed with this brand. This is the No.1 protein selling brand in the world yet Im,very disappointed. We will talk about the reason behind my disappointment further in this video.,First lets focus on some important things.,The design of the pouch or the box of ON Gold Standard 100% Whey has been changed completely.,You can see how it used to look like and how it looks now on the screen.,With the change in the design, one thing you should know is that in India, the ON Gold Standard,100% Whey you will get will be manufactured by Indian company.,See, what Optimum Nutrition has done? They have outsourced the manufacturing of,ON Gold Standard 100% Whey to a company named Tirupati Wellness LLP.,So in India only Tirupati Wellness manufactures ON Gold Standard for Optimum Nutrition. ,Now, a question must be coming the mind of a lot of people that since this product is now,being manufactured in India by an Indian company, there must be corruption in the protein.,Look guys, its not like that, please understand, Tirupati Wellness is a well reputed group.,The Tirupati group is in India since 2005 and according to the data of 2020,,the revenue of Tirupati Wellness is 700+ crores.,700+ crores is their annual revenue according to the data of 2020. ,And Tirupati Wellness already manufactures protein for many international brands like,GNC, Labrada and QNT. Hence it is a well reputed company. So I considered telling you this thing. ,Now let me tell you something I am disappointed with.,So, as you know that when I review any whey protein, the filteration method is a very,important criteria. I always ask to choose the whey protein after checking the filteration method.,For those who dont know about filteration method, I am telling again.,See, whey protein is filtered to remove excess lactose, carbohydrates and fats, ,and there are four methods to do so, microfilter, ultrafilter, cross flow microfilter and ion exchange.,Among these, microfilter, ultrafilter and cross flow microfilter are natural methods to filter,whey protein. These methods keep the whey protein natural.,But the ion exchange method is a chemical based method. In this method chemicals are used,to filter the whey protein which results in minimising the natural substances that are also called,as microfractions of the whey protein and your protein becomes denatured.,That is why I always ask you to buy protein obtained from natural filteration method only.,So filteration method is very important for me and for the same when I read the new label of ON,,I found out that they have nowhere disclosed the filteration method. Then I read the old label of ON,,and I noticed a weird thing that you can also see on my screen, on their old label ,they have written that their whey protein concentrate is obtained through ultrafilteration method.,But, the company has not mentioned the filteration method of the whey protein isolate,which is the primary source of this product.,And… You know… I would say…,A misleading statement has been written by ON that “Microfractions obtained from whey,protein isolates.” See, you can extract microfractions through ion exchange as well as,natural filteration method. So the way they have disclosed the filteration method of whey protein,concentrate on their old label, the same way they would have done for whey protein isolate too.,Why did not they do so?,So to know this thing, I mailed ON company. I asked them the filteration method of their whey,protein isolate. At first the reply they gave was like putting a lollipop in my mouth.,The reply was very normal that they have filtered the whey protein isolate to extract the,excess lactose, carbs and fats from it. By giving this reply they thought that I am ignorant,about protein and I wont ask them again. But I mailed them again and said that,”Here my question is different. I am asking the name of the filteration method of your ,whey protein isolate.” After this, their reply came that they cannot disclose the name of ,the filteration method of their whey protein isolate because that is confidential.,I was so shocked, the thing that the customer should know is confidential?,I did not ask any trade secret that it is confidential. And you have mentioned the filteration method,of whey protein concentrate on your old label, so I am asking about isolate.,If filteration method is so confidential for you, then why did you disclose the filteration method,of whey protein concentrate on the old label? So guys it shocked me.,Means after some time companies will hide the amount of protein per scoop, and when you will,ask them about it they will say its confidential.,Means the thing that you should know is confidential?,From this reply of ON, I assessed that the whey protein isolate used in this is filtered through,ion exchange method because there is one more brand of Glanbia Nutrition,,ON comes under Glanbia Nutrition. So there is one more brand of Glanbia Nutrition i.e. Isopure,in which also they use whey protein isolate filtered through ion exchange method. ,So I think the company is not replying me because the isolate used in this is filtered through,ion exchange and the company wants to conceal this from their customers.,So guys this was a big doubt of mine and it is a concern about this protein powder.,Anyways, we will quickly move forward and cover its review.,So, first of all lets move forward and discuss the ingredients. So it is a blend protein whose,primary source means the ingredient which is used in the highest quantity is whey protein isolate,,then whey proten concentrate is used and hydrolysed whey protein is also used in this. Although,the company doesnt disclose whether the hydrolysed whey protein is of isolate or of concentrate.,After this the company puts soy lecithin. Since I have double rich chocolate,flavour, cocoa powder is used. And the company uses flavours and artificial sweetners.,So guys this was all about ingredients. Now lets move forward and discuss the nutritional information. ,So, the company offers you 79% protein here, that is why serving size of double rich chocolate,flavour is 30.4 grams, out of which 24 grams of protein is offered by the company.,Carbohydrates per serving is 3 grams and total fats is 1 gram.,If we talk about the amino acids profile, that is not disclosed by the company anywhere.,I have discussed about the filteration method in detail, the company doesnt disclose their ,filteration method. If I talk about its taste, honestly, I have never been a fan of Optimum,Nutritions taste. I have consumed its double rich chocolate, extreme milk chocolate and,rocky road flavour. Its taste is good, you will not complain, but the taste is very light and,I like rich taste. So if I compare other international brands with this, I like the taste of those,other international brands as compared to ON. But having said that, its taste is also good,,you will not be disappointed. I was just comparing it with other international brands,,so I just liked it less in comparison to them.,Going forward lets talk about its serving size accuracy. So the company mentions that one scoop,is of 30.4 grams. Earlier they used to mention on their label that their serving scoop is heaping scoop. ,Now it is not mentioned on the new label. So I am measuring according to rounded scoop,and you can see the measurement on the screen.,Now lets move forward and talk about its mixability. Its mixability is very good.,You will get smooth and lump free shake in 10-15 seconds.,Now we will discuss about the lab test report. So guys I had given a sample of it to a NABL accredited,and FSSAI certified lab and according to the lab test report there is 22.2 grams protein per serving.,Company claims that you get 24 grams of protein per serving. In my lab test report, 22.2 grams,of protein is found in one serving of it, means 1.8 gram protein per serving is found

3 Protein Powder SCAMS To Avoid (WATCH OUT!)

so with protein powder costs,consistently increasing from year to,year and with a pretty high percentage,of supplement companies just being,generally shady to begin with today i,want to go over a few really important,things you need to watch out for when,youre purchasing a protein supplement,so in this video im going to explain,three misleading tactics that companies,pretty frequently use in terms of over,hyping their powders and driving down,manufacturing costs meaning that you,ultimately end up paying more for a,lower quality product so if you want to,make sure that youre getting the very,most bang for your buck from your,protein powder so that you can build,muscle and lose fat effectively while,saving money then youre going to want,to watch this video all the way through,to make sure that youre checking off,all three of these boxes and i can,almost guarantee that theres probably,going to be at least one thing in this,video that you probably had no idea,about all right protein powder scam,number one is a greasy little trick,called amino spiking so what is amino,spiking well its important to,understand that when protein powders are,tested to analyze how many grams of,protein they contain per serving that,total amount is not based on how much,complete protein it contains and instead,its based on the total nitrogen content,of the powder and what that does is it,opens up,a labeling loophole that supplement,companies can take advantage of because,singular amino acids which are the,building blocks of protein those contain,nitrogen meaning that they can be added,into the powder separately to,artificially raise the protein gram,number on the label so what some,companies will do is put in a certain,amount of legitimate complete protein,but then inflate that protein count,further by dumping in singular free-form,amino acids on top and they of course,use the absolute cheapest ones so that,they can save on costs and actually it,gets even sneakier than this which ill,explain in a second but maybe your,protein powder lists 25 grams of protein,per scoop on the label when in reality,its only 15 grams of protein and then,10 grams of maybe one or two cheap low,quality amino acids that arent going to,have any added muscle building effect so,they make more profit on each tub you,get a lower quality less effective,product now fortunately amino spiking,isnt as common as it was a few years,ago because more and more consumers have,caught on to this but there are still,quite a few protein powders out there,that are still doing this and so it is,something that you need to be aware of,so how do you know if your protein,powder is amino spiked well its,actually pretty simple you just need to,look at the ingredient label not the,amino acid profile okay a lot of people,get confused on this uh every protein,powder contains amino acids because,theyre the building blocks of protein,so having an amino acid profile listed,is fine but what you want to,specifically look at here is the,ingredient list which is usually,underneath the supplement facts so what,you want to see is simply the type of,protein thats being used as the first,ingredient and then whatever additional,flavors and sweeteners and binding,agents are being used after that but,what you dont want to see here in this,list are singular amino acids when it,comes to amino spiking you might see,l-glutamine listed,l-taurine l-glycine branch chain amino,acids are sometimes used because theyre,actually cheaper gram for gram than,protein is and then another one to look,out for and this one might surprise you,because its something that most people,are totally unaware of but that is,creatine oftentimes people will see,creatine listed in their protein powder,and then theyll think oh this is great,what an awesome product im getting 25,grams of protein per scoop and my five,daily grams of creatine as well what an,excellent company they truly care about,creating premium quality products no,actually you just got played and thats,because creatine is actually a,combination of three amino acids,methionine arginine and glycine and so,even though its not protein its still,a nitrogen-containing compound and so,its actually going to register as,protein when that powder gets tested and,not only that but some tests have,actually shown that creatine can,register as high as a hundred and forty,percent protein so if the powder has uh,say five grams of creatine in it that,could be accounting for up to seven or,eight grams of the protein total and,companies do this because gram for gram,creatine is a lot cheaper compared to,protein and its not only creatine the,same thing also applies to other,nitrogenous compounds as well like,beta-alanine or betaine anhydrous so,unless the company specifically states,that the protein total is separate from,those other ingredients then theres a,very good chance that theyre actually,using them to artificially inflate the,protein total now whether or not amino,spiking is actually going to affect your,bottom line muscle growth that will vary,from product to product and it just,depends how heavily the powder is spiked,you know if theyre just using a few,extra grams to shave off a tiny bit of,cost per tub then its probably not,going to matter for you in a practical,sense but in any case its just a flat,out misleading tactic you have no way of,knowing how heavily spiked a given,powder is and theres just no reason to,give your money to supplement companies,that are intentionally bullshitting you,hit the like button if you agree with,that and moving on to protein powder,scam number two is just false claims,plain and simple its when supplement,companies try to portray their protein,powder as some kind of high-tech magical,muscle building potion thats going to,skyrocket your results in comparison to,other protein sources whether thats a,regular solid food protein or a,different type of protein powder now yes,on a gram for gram basis uh you know,whey protein casein egg white protein,even plant-based powders if theyre,formulated properly those are very high,quality sources of protein that will,have a high bioavailability and a strong,amino acid profile and thats of course,a good thing but also keep in mind that,as long as youre consuming enough total,protein for the entire day so around 0.8,grams per pound of body weight or about,1.8 grams per kilo and your meals are,just generally based around some kind of,complete protein source which most,people are going to do by default even,if they dont even lift you know chicken,fish steak whatever else if youre doing,that then protein quality isnt really,something you need to obsess over,because with enough total quantity by,the end of the day youll have gotten,all the amino acids that you need to,optimize muscle recovery and growth when,it all comes down to it protein powders,really are just optional um you dont,have to use them you dont have to,consume a liquid,post workout shake or a pre-workout,shake or take your protein powder before,bed theres no special benefit there and,i even say that as somebody who owns a,supplement line and has a protein powder,in development right now in reality,protein powder isnt even really a,supplement its a lot more accurate to,just think of it as a convenient food,product whether its whey or egg or,casein or pea protein these powders are,derived from whole foods i mean they,literally are food,little miss muffet sat on a tuffet,eating her curds,and whey,she wasnt trying to make gains she was,just enjoying a meal,or maybe she was trying to make gains,look i dont know i wasnt there i dont,know what her specific goals were to be,perfectly honest with you i dont even,know what a tough it is but thats not,the point here guys were going a little,bit off track here the point is dont,fall for the over-hyped marketing if you,enjoy the taste and the convenience of a,protein powder and you find that it,helps you hit your daily protein needs,more easily then go fo


what is up my athletes if youre new to,the channel welcome thanks for,checking me out make sure you guys,subscribe hit that like button,and,if youre not and welcome back to,another video today im going to be,talking about the protein that i use for,my muscle gain and my weight loss listen,my opinion this is the best protein im,not sponsored by these guys or anything,im just put that out there but i think,this is the best protein why did i,choose this protein i would did what,anyone else would do i went on google i,typed in,protein to help me lose weight,and this came up,this uh weight thing,i didnt know what weight meant,but um after i did my research it says,that whey protein is an exceptionally,healthy way to add more protein to your,diet its a quality protein source that,is absorbed and utilized efficiently by,the human body when it comes to muscle,gain and fat loss protein is king whey,protein seems to be even better than,other forms of quality protein that was,just one article i was searching up a,bunch of articles um i even asked people,who you know were fit at that time that,i wasnt and i went to the nutrition,store and i was asking guys and they all,said whey protein whey protein something,all right,screw it,i got this one,and uh you guys got to understand if,youre looking to lose weight remember,its calories everything is calories,everythings a numbers game you have to,lower your calorie intake and then you,have to increase your protein intake,and,if we look here,one scoop of this has,110 calories the total fat has one grams,of total fat uh,0.5 grams of saturated fat,um i dont even be honest with you guys,i dont look at the sodium i dont look,at the cholesterol i look at the carbs 2,grams of carbs,i look at the sugar and i do look at the,protein which has 24 grams of protein,now,im going to be honest with you guys if,youre looking to lose weight and you,know gain muscle,i would focus on the calories the fat,and i would focus on the protein and the,sugar all right obviously the fat and,the sugar has to be low,but,in the calories the calories also has to,be low but um also the protein has to be,high so if youre looking at uh,you know foods that you want to eat i,would always look at the nutrition facts,all right if you guys are you know want,to be healthy lose weight get into the,fitness life the nutrition facts on food,that youre going to consume is your,best friend i love i love this protein,this is a french vanilla theres,different flavors and stuff like that,ill leave the website where i got mine,from in the description below other than,that i think this is the best,supplement or protein powder to use,during a weight loss and muscle gain,transformation,i hope you guys enjoyed this i hope this,video was very,uh informative to you guys and,try it out let me know what you guys,think alright stay tuned for more videos,[Music],you

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Protein Review

hey guys hope youre having a good day,so far I am just about to head to the,gym to do some cardio but I thought itd,be nice to give you a little review of,optimum whey protein powder and I,actually have two of them I have two big,tubs I bought I got these for my,birthday this year,and um this one is the gold standard,hundred percent weight protein and it is,the this one is the strawberry the,delicious strawberry flavor and I also,have this one over here they are both,five pounds and this one is the double,rich chocolate a little breakdown of the,macros are that both of them have 120,calories the double rich chocolate has,one gram of fat three grams of carbs one,of it being sugar and 24 grams of,protein and the delicious strawberry,over here has also 120 calories 1 gram,of fat 2 grams of carbs and 2 grams of,sugar and 24 grams of protein my honest,opinion is that it tastes great it does,the job but its not amazing it actually,sends out pretty quick like I found that,the less water you put the better it,tastes,but anything above about like a cup of,water it just starts tasting really thin,the chocolate doesnt taste like,chocolate strawberry does taste like,strawberry but its not phenomenal its,not the kind of flavor that goes wow,thats great its more like hmm thats,pretty good they are both artificially,sweetened with acesulfame potassium and,also sucralose,which is kind of the ingredients that,they have in Splenda and such I have,tried the natural the optimum natural,way and I found that its the taste is,pretty bad the reviews say its pretty,good but to be honest with you its not,sweet its almost like you,like flavored powder like its theres,no sweetness to it like I feel like you,need to add more stevia or more sugar,for it to even taste remotely drinkable,II good and so thats why I found that,over time Ive tried a lot of different,natural protein powders but the,artificial ones just is the way to go,because like even though its not very,very great for you at least it doesnt,make me gag so thats important,cost-wise about well I get my protein,powders from vitacost calm because,Vitacost calm has free shipping over $49,or above and they they dont charge tax,you end up spending less than you would,on lets say bodybuilding calm or going,to store because you save on the tax and,the shipping so for five pounds of it it,cost fifty seven ninety-nine,and for two pounds of it it costs $29.99,and if you go crazy you want to go for,10 pounds its a hundred and eleven,ninety nine and one thing that they,dont tell you is that even though you,buy the five-pound protein powders you,have to check for the serving sizes,because I found that some of them have,more servings than others for example,for my strawberry one right here it has,73 servings in the five-pound tub and in,my double rich chocolate it has 74,servings and and you know its not too,much of a difference but if you for,example buy cookies and cream and five,pounds and we has sixty eight servings,and for those of you who are on a budget,or like really concerned about that and,like every little serving counts then,that is something that you want to take,into factor as well also what a lot of,people dont do is that they just look,at the macros but they never look at the,ingredients for me I look at everything,I look at the first the macros and then,I look straight at the ingredients the,great ingredients are one of the main,selling points for me whether Im going,to buy something or not and for example,I found that the reason why I bought,actually double rich chocolate and the,strawberry one is that it doesnt have,too many ingredients,and the strawberry-banana has oh this is,actually strawberry banana hey sorry,its pretty minimal ingredients but if,you look for example into some of the,more yummy flavors like the caramel,toffee fudge youll find that the,ingredients has creamer in it and the,creamer I wrote down the ingredients,that has sunflower oil,maltodextrin theres a lot of diction in,the creamer and theres modified food,starch even the extreme milk chocolate,has creamer and thats why I bought a,double rich I got the double rich,chocolate rather than the extreme milk,chocolate because solely not because of,flavors but because of the ingredients,it has a creamer in it in the extreme,milk chocolate and whats even crazier,is that the cookies and cream actually,has cookie crumbs in it and what the,cookie crumbs are made of theres many,ingredients in it but some of them I,wrote down were enriched flour theres,high fructose corn syrup in it yes there,is and theres corn flour and its also,its made with dextrose dextrose is also,another sweetener it spikes your insulin,levels as well so it has those,ingredients in it and you know for those,who are really concerned about their,diet and making sure that you know,theyre eating a very clean diet these,are some things to consider its a,little amount in each serving but if you,think about it it adds up and for,example for those who buy like five,pound tubs like me if you if you consume,the whole entire thing imagine how much,of that youre youre actually consuming,when youre in contest prepping like me,you know every little bit counts and,its not just the macros that youre,that youre should be concerned with but,the ingredients should also matter as,well because thats why its even,composed of and you gotta keep in mind,you guys that protein powder doesnt,necessarily mean youre going to build,muscle protein powder is is a supplement,is exactly that it supplements a good,diet so you got to make sure that you,eat right and you train well and this is,a supplement to your,right and you know if you keep drinking,this stuff thinking youre gonna gain a,lot of muscle no you wont be you,probably just like gained a lot of,weight and a lot of fat because it does,have calories in it so you just have to,take that into account so protein powder,doesnt necessarily mean muscles but it,does help with your diet it does help,with adding enough protein you diet,helping you to get that through your,bloodstream especially its good for,post-workout you know when you need that,to go in your muscles quickly,these are my personal opinions of the,flavor and everything you know if it,works for you if you love optimum,nutrition thats great,you know keep drinking it you know keep,it up but these are just my personal,opinions of what I feel about it and so,I hope you found this helpful and I will,talk to you guys soon all right,have a good day I

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