1. GOLI APPLE CIDER VINEGAR GUMMIES REVIEW | weight loss? is it worth it?! *one month update*
  2. Goli gummies review | weightloss, clearskin and more
  3. Goli Ashwagandha Gummies | Are Ashwa Gummies Worth The Hype? (not sponsored)
  4. A Nurse’s Review on GOLI Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies // Weight Loss & Clear Skin?!
  5. Do New Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Work the Same as Liquid ACV?
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GOLI APPLE CIDER VINEGAR GUMMIES REVIEW | weight loss? is it worth it?! *one month update*

[Music],hey guys welcome and welcome back to my,channel as you saw by the title todays,video is going to be a review on goalies,apple cider vinegar gummies i did just,finish this entire bottle,as you can see it is all empty this,bottle is about a one month supply but i,thought i would just quickly come on,here and share with you guys my thoughts,on these gummies the taste the pricing,if i lost any weight and if i think its,worth it i do want to quickly start off,this video by saying that goalie did,reach out to me and sent me this bottle,to try out but this video isnt,sponsored or anything i will be sharing,with you guys 100 of my honest review,and thoughts on these gummies if you are,interested in checking out goalie i will,leave their website all linked in my,description below i do have a discount,code you can use for some money off and,that is cleo so if you guys have been,watching my videos for a while now you,guys probably know that i have been,taking apple cider vinegar every single,morning for the past couple of years,before taking the goalie apple cider,vinegar gummies i was taking out this,right here this is the bread raw,unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the,mother and i take about a tablespoon of,this into a glass of water and i just,drink it first thing every single,morning so before i get into my goalie,review i thought i would just also,quickly share with you guys some of the,amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar,and why i take it first thing every,single morning apple cider vinegar has,actually been around for centuries its,a natural home remedy it has a ton of,amazing benefits the first being that it,can actually help aid in weight loss i,personally like taking apple cider,vinegar first thing in the morning,because it just kind of gets my,digestion moving it kind of acts as a,natural laxative and drinking apple,cider vinegar can actually help you feel,full longer which results in you eating,less and then leading to helping you,lose weight another great thing about,apple cider vinegar is its great for,controlling high blood sugar levels ive,mentioned this before but diabetes does,run in my family and i actually got,blood work done a couple of years ago,and my doctor did inform me at the time,that my blood sugar levels were on the,higher side which is what made me start,taking apple cider vinegar in the first,place years ago and i have been,religiously taking it every single,morning and i am happy to say now that i,have normal blood sugar levels and i,definitely think that drinking apple,cider vinegar consistently every single,day has been a huge contributor to that,so on top of controlling high blood,sugar levels apple cider vinegar is also,great for decreasing high blood pressure,and decreasing cholesterol its also,great for your skin because of the,antibacterial properties its great for,dry skin its great for acne i actually,also use apple cider vinegar on my dog,sparky whenever he has his seasonal,allergies ill just mix up a mixture of,half apple cider vinegar and half water,and just kind of spray on his infected,areas so its also a great natural,remedy for pets,during seasonal allergies you could,probably also use it to treat some minor,wounds and the list of health benefits,of apple cider vinegar honestly goes on,and on including improving digestion,overall gut health,bloating belly fat and it also has,antioxidants the only catch i will say,with a drinking apple cider vinegar in,at this liquid form is the taste i,honestly will never get used to the,taste and i have been drinking this,stuff for years i honestly whenever i,mix it in water i just drink it as fast,as i can because i will never get used,to that taste so taking these goalie,apple cider vinegar gummies has,definitely been a game changer for me so,finally getting on to my review on,goalies apple cider vinegar gummies they,are actually the worlds first apple,cider vinegar gummy these gummies are,gluten-free vegan non-gmo and unfiltered,so you can feel confident that you are,consuming the highest quality apple,cider vinegar gummy from goalie these,gummies are also fortified with vitamins,b9 and b12 to help support energy,metabolism help support your immune,system,heart health and so much more so like i,mentioned earlier i did finish going,through this entire bottle i took two,gummies every single morning and this,lasted me about 30 days you can take,more gummies if you prefer but every two,gummies is equivalent to one shot of,apple cider vinegar and like i mentioned,earlier i was taking about a tablespoon,of this every single morning into a,glass of water which is why i just kind,of stuck with taking two gummies every,single morning and this did last me,about 30 days and i am looking at the,suggested use right here it does say you,can take up to one to two gummies up to,three times daily enjoy up to six,gummies a day so you cant take more,than two but if you really want to get,the biggest thing out of your book i,think taking two is plenty,and each gummy is 15 calories so 30,calories for two gummies every single,morning so starting with the taste of,these gummies they are honestly super,delicious the texture of the gummies too,arent too chewy or too hard its not,too soft either it honestly was just,really delicious in my opinion i,actually also kept these in the fridge,and if you have them cold they do have a,nice very fresh cool taste you,definitely dont get the apple cider,vinegar taste from it at all they do say,taste the apple not the vinegar and you,do truly get that from these gummies so,the gummies are really delicious,honestly if you didnt tell me these,were apple cider vinegar gummies i could,probably finish the entire bottle,but definitely do not do that um like it,said it says you could take up to six,daily so definitely do not eat the,entire bottle but that just goes to tell,you that these are honestly so delicious,and i definitely do not mind the taste,at all i do not get that nasty sour,vinegar taste so yeah so moving on to,pricing the price per bottle of these,goalie apple cider vinegar gummies is 19,a bottle there is a subscribe and save,option on their website which will bring,these bottles down to 16 a month which i,dont think is too bad there are 60,pieces in each bottle and again that is,if youre taking about two gummies every,morning if you take less then you can,obviously stretch this bottle out a,little bit longer they do also have a,100 money back guarantee if you are not,fully satisfied with these gummies so i,think that also speaks volume about,goalie and how strongly they stand,behind their apple cider vinegar gummies,and so moving on to weight loss and if i,lost any weight from these apple cider,vinegar gummies i will be honest my,weight tends to fluctuate up and down,and i dont think i could contribute any,of my weight loss from these gummies i,will say though that i do think that,weight loss is attainable with these,gummies with of course a balanced diet,and exercise because these gummies are,great in assisting with your overall gut,health digestion,reducing appetite so i definitely do,think that with consistency and a good,diet you cant see some weight loss and,again apple cider vinegar is a great,natural detox so i definitely think that,with consistency you may start to see a,physical change over time and so finally,to wrap up my review do i think these,goalie apple cider vinegar gummies are,worth it 100 yes i do think theyre,worth it i honestly had such a pleasant,experience taking this over the past 30,days it was a nice sweet treat i looked,forward to to taking every single,morning and like i mentioned i really do,like that you just taste the apple and,not the vinegar because honestly the,taste of this is something i will never,get used to no matter how long ive been,taking it no matter how many years ive,been taking this i will just be straight,up with you guys this honestly does not,taste the best so if you are someone who,is very

Goli gummies review | weightloss, clearskin and more

[Music],hey guys welcome,welcome back to my channel so i wanted,to make this super quick,video because i thought it will be,beneficial to a lot of people,especially if youre following me mainly,for,my fitness video or my weight loss,journey or,just in general i think this is going to,be a helpful video,i want to share with you guys a product,thats been helping me tremendously,that ive been taking consistently for,the past 30 days and it has really,helped,with a lot of things but mainly with my,weight loss journey,the product that i am talking about is,the goalie nutrition apple cider vinegar,gummies,um this is the worlds first apple cider,vinegar gummy that i came across,on i think i was scrolling on facebook,and i saw an ad and then i went on,youtube and i started watching,reviews and i still was not convinced,until a month ago i think until two,months ago and now,ive tried the product myself and im,coming here to tell you guys,about the amazing thing that it has done,for me first i want to do a disclaimer,please do not mind how i look i actually,just woke up like two hours ago,and i was having my breakfast and i was,taking my daily vitamin i was like let,me just make a video because,if i dont make it now i dont think im,going to have time to,ever make it so this is why i look like,this,basically just woke up and i did not,even bother to fix my face or put on,makeup,so i guess im sorry if,this bothers you and i dont believe if,he does honestly,im embarrassed but um yeah as you guys,may know i am currently on a weight loss,journey and im trying to lose about 50,pounds,which i am currently almost halfway,through my goal weight,here on my channel i am obviously going,to be sharing a lot with my progress,and all the things that are helping me,get to where i want to be,and i feel like this is one of the,product that is helping me get to where,i want to be,because it has helped tremendously with,my weight loss,and even with my skin which i did not,expect,so im just going to be telling you,about my experience with this process,before i do that im going to give you,some of the benefit that this product,claims so it is gluten-free its vegan,non-gmo organic and unfiltered and,so one bottle comes with 60 pieces,and the recommended dosage daily is one,to two,gummies up to three times daily but you,can enjoy up to six gummies,personally i take two gummies i take one,in the morning,and i also take one in the evening just,before i do my workouts because,it helps with energy but thats another,thing that i will get come in this,little red and white box and in the box,it comes with this lift light,which essentially has the comparison,between the apple cider vinegar gummies,and also the traditional,apple cider vinegar and im just going,to read out the benefits for you guys,and whats included in the gummy that is,not found in the traditional apple cider,vinegar it helps with controlling your,appetite and weight loss,it lowers your blood sugar levels it,improves your immune system,it is made with the mother which is very,important,and it contains highly nutritious acetic,acid,now all the benefits that im going to,read are whats included in the gummy,that youre not going to find on,your traditional apple cider vinegar it,is infused with superfoods like,pomegranate and beetroot,it is enriched with vitamin b9 and b12,it is safe for your tooth enamel a very,important one,and it tastes good it has a yummy smell,and it is easy to take which is all true,on the bottle it says taste the apple,not the vinegar which is absolutely true,because this does not taste like apple,cider vinegar at all,this tastes like a candy it tastes like,an apple flavored candy,and thats really really good because it,really makes it so easy to take,prior to taking these gummies i actually,used to take apple cider vinegar,but i was not consistent with it because,if you know apple cider vinegar tastes,horrible and it smells horrible so its,very difficult,to take consistently every morning so,yeah i used to take apple cider vinegar,but i had to stop because it tasted,horrible,and also because it was messing up with,my as we speak i do currently have a,temporary feeling because im in the,process of getting a root canal,and i will be getting a crown because,im not sure if its just the apple,cider vinegar,but im pretty sure it played a role in,messing up with my teeth,these gummies are really good for that,because they do not compromise,your tooth enamel health and it also,stays on the bottle,taste the apple not the vinegar which is,really true because,this tastes nothing like apple cider,vinegar it smells really good,and it tastes like candy which makes it,super easy for you to take consistently,to get all the benefits ditched now im,going to talk about my experience with,taking these gummies,the one main thing that it has helped me,with is controlling my appetite,thus resulting to weight loss i kid you,not you guys i take one gummy in the,morning,and i literally do not eat until lunch,time i,always have my breakfast at lunch time,which sometimes ill be sharing stories,on my instagram because i like to share,what im making,if i feel like it and then people will,be asking me why are you making,breakfast,at lunch time why are you making,breakfast after 12,and thats mainly because i literally do,not have the appetite to eat in the,morning and i feel like these gummies,they played a really huge role in that,because they,absolutely curb my appetite so that im,not eating too much throughout the day,and also ive noticed ever since taking,these gummies i do not snack as much,as i used to and i do not have cravings,especially for unhealthy food as much as,i used to,so they really helped with curbing my,episode and its really helping me,lose those extra pounds which i really,really appreciate like,ive noticed the most amount of weight,loss,in a month than i experienced than i,than i had in the past six months so,that should tell you something,and also another thing that it has,helped me with is my,skin as we speak right now i do not have,any makeup on i literally like i said i,woke up two to three hours ago,it just did not feel like going upstairs,and getting ready and putting on makeup,and stuff like that,so i came as i am and i cannot believe,that this is my skin,like my skin used to be so,my skin used to be so bad you guys im,actually going to include,pictures when im editing this if they,dont look too terrible,because sometimes im even scared to,share pictures of what my skin,used to look like even though i know,its gonna help somebody,but if you guys want something like that,i will totally make a video about my,skin journey,and i did actually make a video with my,skin routine,that cleared my acne together with,product like this that are helping me as,well,so if you want that i will upload that,video in a few weeks from now or maybe,in two weeks time well see but yeah it,has really,really helped with clearing my skin i,have never seen my skin,this good in the past six years like i,had really bad acne like i said,and im noticing i havent had any,active breakouts i havent had,blemishes and my skin is still very oily,but it is not excessive like it really,has helped with clearing my skin in,terms of,my skin i do use the traditional apple,cider vinegar,as well that i include in my masks i use,it for,my hair and then obviously for intake i,take the gummies to replace the,traditional apple cider vinegar,but yeah it has helped tremendously with,cleaning my skin another thing that ive,noticed that these gummies have helped,with is my energy,levels they give me so much energy,during the day,i take one in the morning and im able,to go throughout the day without feeling,tired without feeling,fatigue i just feel good and you know,im on the go,and then i also take one in the evening,just before i do my workouts and it,helps me,throughout the workout to the point,where im not even sure if its like a,placebo effect or if its

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Goli Ashwagandha Gummies | Are Ashwa Gummies Worth The Hype? (not sponsored)

Ashwagandha, also known as Withania somnifera, is an adaptogen.,Which to put it short, adaptogens help your body manage stress better.,Not just that, its uses go well beyond that and is studied for its role in lowering blood,sugar, boosting fertility, enhancing muscle growth and strength, boosting memory, and,so much more.,And in todays video, we will be going over arguably one of the most sought after and,popular ashwagandha products on the market.,The Goli nutrition, ashwagandha gummies.,With over 20,000 5 star reviews on amazon, lets unpack and dive into whether or not the,hype is really worth it.,We will be going over 3 pros of the ashwa gummies, and then 3 cons of the ashwa gummies,,as well as finish it off with my final take and if I recommend them.,Definitely stay tuned till the end, as ill be sharing one tip that I think can help you,maximize using ashwagandha in general and reaping more of its benefits.,Hi guys, yaseen arsalan, media pharmacist here on youtube, as you guys already know,,this channel is really all about helping you make more informed decisions about your health,and wellness, im posting 3 times a week on this channel now, so consider subscribing,down below to stay up to date with new weekly videos.,Also: if you learn anything, give it a like down below, as itll seriously make my day,and help get this video recommended by youtube.,As you guys know, Ive already discussed ashwagandha on this channel before, once on how to take,it and secondly, a beginner friendly video when entering the world of ashwagandha, that,I encourage you to watch both after this video.,And if you all are coming back from that video to this one, welcome back, im glad to have,you back here again.,Todays video is a little different.,And ive gotten a few requests to go over this specific product, which ill start by going,over 3 things that immediately stood out to me about the ashwa gummies.,And to do that: lets take a quick look at the brand itself.,Goli Nutrition entered the supplement scene in 2017 when it was founded by Michael Bitensky.,And Many people know the company for creating the world’s first apple cider vinegar gummy.,Which ill be making a complete video breakdown for that supplement too, so definitely subscribe,down below to not miss out.,All of Goli’s supplements are manufactured in a state-of-the-art FDA-registered facility,located in California that is cGMP certified.,They are also non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and free of artificial flavorings and,colorings, which makes them different than a lot of other gummy supplements on the market.,In terms of their ashwagandha gummy, the first thing that immediately stood out to me is,that they are using a KSM 66 version of ashwagandha.Now something to know about ashwagandha, is you,have 2 major types, then you have types that dont tell you what youre getting, which you,should stay away from.,But the two major types are ksm 66 and sensoril: KSM-66 means they only use the roots of the,ashwagandha plant with absolutely no addition of leaves.,Unlike sensoril ashwagandha which is made from both the leaves and roots.,This btw explains why the dose is higher for ksm 66, because there are no leaves, only,the root, so youre getting closer to a 2.5 to 5% withanolides vs 10% or more with sensoril.,But honestly, 10% can be a little too much, when starting off, which some have reported,that switching back to a lower percentage helped them even more.,Switching from sensoril back to ksm 66 that is..,The ksm 66 does not include the leaves of the plant Because there is more clinical data,and research done with the use of the root only.,And obviously that can change, but as for now: ksm 66 has been tested for a longer period,of time and more observation data has been published vs the sensoril.,So its nice to see GOLI using a version that has received more testing.,Some who are proponents of sensoril, like the calming effects it gives them so, you,find some use ksm 66 in the daytime use for stimulating cognitive function and sensoril,at night to help promote restfulness and sleep.,So it depends on preference.,The second thing i noticed is: Goli’s ashwagandha is vegan.,I thought to myself how is that possible, because: KSM-66’s extraction process entails,pre-treating the ashwagandha roots with milk.,Sure enough I found, that the milk-pretreatment step is skipped: making their KSM-66 vegan,and milk-free.,And lastly, lets take a look at their dosage.,Because just as important as the quality of the ashwagandha is, the dose matters too.,Now: you get 300 mg for 2 gummies.,And it says, to have 2 gummies in the morning, and 2 gummies at night, which means we are,at 600 mg’s a day.,Now in my opinion, 600 mgs is a sweet spot when it comes to dosing.,Because what was 600 mg studied in: well: 500–600 mg for 6–12 weeks was studied,to reduce anxiety and lower the likelihood of insomnia in people with stress and anxiety,disorders.,So does it meet that criteria, yes!,300 milligrams of root extract twice daily for supporting male fertility and balancing,testosterone, does it meet that criteria, yes!,300 milligrams, taken two to three times per day for boosting brain function and memory,,does it meet that criteria, Yes!,So yes, Goli has done their research and is providing an adequate dosage to meet the criteria,dosage that were studied in the clinical data, which in some ashwagandha products you dont,find the dosages make sense, but in this product you do.,Now lets talk about 3 cons of the product, and what my thoughts are.,The first one being is: You are getting 4 grams of added sugar per serving.,And i get it, thatd probably taste horrible without the sugar, but Thats about a teaspoon,of sugar per serving, I mean that doesnt seem like a lot, but considering the American heart,association suggesting that you need to have no more than 24 grams of added sugar a day,for women, and 36 for men.,4 grams is a sizeable chunk out of that limit, especially when other products dont use sugar,at all.,The second issue is: I really dont know how much withanolide content am I getting, is,it 2.5%, 5%, it doesnt say.,Usually its the standardized 5% meaning you get the same dose for each serving, but it,would be really helpful if it was mentioned.,This is a big problem im seeing in the market.,Many companies do not list the percentage of withanolides online or on the product label,,which makes it increasingly difficult to determine how effective a product may be.,And remember, its all in the quality and amount Withanolides that are the active components,responsible for the effects you want, the increased libido and stamina, the stress reduction,,the sleep benefits.,So consumers are looking out for these details.,And they arent there.,And lastly number 3: its not really a con, but definitely something you should know is:,they are using a vitamin D2 instead of a vitamin D3.,This is because they have this marketed towards vegan consumers.,Vitamin D2 is made from mushrooms and fortified foods, and vitamin d3 is made from egg yolk,,liver, and oily fish.,So with that said, we know that vitamin D3 is more effective and superior than vitamin,D2 at raising blood levels of calcifediol and working for longer periods of time, just,something you should know of.,Cuz After all, it takes only 5 to 30 minutes of sun exposure a day for your body to make,enough of vitamin d and you shouldnt rely on the gummies to get the full amount you,need, nor replace your vitamin d3 for it either.,Oh and since you stayed tuned till the end, I told you that id give you a tip for getting,more benefits out of your ashwandha.,And that is: using it with black pepper.,While Ashwagandha doesn’t need black pepper to work, the addition of a grind of fresh,black pepper can help your digestive system absorb the Ashwagandha better.,SO In turn, it’s easier for your cells to absorb and less is processed as waste, which,will help you theoretically maximize the benefits you are looking

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A Nurse’s Review on GOLI Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies // Weight Loss & Clear Skin?!

[Music],hey guys and welcome back to my channel,if youre new here my name is marie and,im so glad that you clicked on todays,video,today we are doing a review on the one,and only,goalie apple cider vinegar gummies,goalie actually did,send me this jar to try out for you guys,this video is not sponsored by them but,i did want to do a review on them,everybody is talking about these,everyone wants to know if they actually,work so of course i had to make a video,and share with you guys my thoughts and,i think if i think they are really worth,it,if you like this video please dont,forget to give it a big thumbs up and of,course subscribe to my channel to see,all my future,videos i do post twice a week on mondays,and on thursdays,and i post so many different videos all,on health and wellness so if you are,interested in knowing my review on,goalie apple cider vinegar gummies then,just go ahead and keep on watching,lets start off by explaining to you,what is apple cider vinegar,apple cider vinegar is made by,fermenting the sugar from the apples,and whats really important is that when,you are going to be purchasing this,you want to make sure that it is written,with the,mother the mother consists of strands of,enzymes,protein and good bacteria which is,really good for your gut health and just,your overall digestive system so the,mother,is that thing at the bottom of the,bottle that has a murky appearance,i know it might not look very appetizing,but that is where all the health,benefits are at,common dosage of apple cider vinegar,ranges from one to two tablespoons every,single,day and you can just you know use that,when youre cooking,or you can just have it with some water,now the thing is that,it really doesnt taste good i mean just,think of it its vinegar so a couple,years back i used to have a shot of,apple cider vinegar with,water every single morning and i just,stopped doing it because of the taste,even though i knew i was getting those,healthy benefits it just didnt become,worth it for me because,it started to become a little bit of,torture drinking,that every single morning its just i,i just did not like it i was just not a,fan so i was so excited when goalie did,come out with these,gummies because that meant that i can,have that dosage of apple cider vinegar,without having that,strong taste of the vinegar when you,take these gummies you are tasting,the apple and not the vinegar of course,every single gummy does have one gram of,sugar which does help you know make it a,little bit of sweet,but i mean its one gram one gram will,not,hurt so two gummies equals one shot of,apple cider vinegar,so what i like to do is i will take two,in the morning,and then two at night you can take up to,six of these per day,i have been taking them religiously i,dont know if you can tell,like it was up to here it is down to,here now,now ill explain to you what are the,benefits of taking apple cider vinegar,and after that ill give you guys my,final review and let you know if i,really did see,a difference taking these and if i do,recommend it to you guys,so the first one is that the vinegar can,help kill,bacteria im sure you have already heard,of people using vinegar when,cleaning their floors and that is,because vinegar is just a natural,disinfectant so why this is so good for,you is that it will kill those bad,bacterias in your gut,so then you will be left with more good,bacteria than bad bacteria,which promotes good gut health i have,spoken to you guys here on my channel so,much about gut health and why it is just,so important to me,i actually did make a full video on it,so make sure to go ahead and check that,out,i will have it linked in the description,box below that is just the biggest,reason why i do love taking apple cider,vinegar,another reason so many people take apple,cider vinegar,is that it improves the insulin,sensitivity and helps lower the blood,sugar which has been proven to help,with diabetes and high blood pressure,now i dont have,those two things but its always good to,take something that will help prevent,them,and of course i do eat very healthy on a,daily basis,so this is just like a little boost that,will help prevent those even more,now why im more interested in this is,the fact that it does lower that blood,sugar that will help increase,the feeling of being full which can lead,to you,um eating fewer calories in the day that,is why you have heard,so many times how taking apple cider,vinegar can help you lose weight,now do not expect to take feeds and lose,20 pounds in a couple of weeks that is,just not going to happen,what this will help you do in order to,lose weight is taking these,you will notice how you are just less,hungry during the day,and ill just say this right away that,is one thing that i did notice,the most out of all the benefits that it,does offer i did notice that when i was,taking these,i was less hungry during the day so i do,take these in the morning,and normally i do have breakfast at,around 10 30 11,and i started having breakfast at around,11 30 and even,past 12 sometimes now no since taking,these i have not lost 20 pounds,and i knew that would happen already,because there is no quick fix when it,does come to losing weight you really,need to be patient and consistent with,it but i wont speak too much about that,in todays video because i have just,made,so many here on my channel on that well,one thing i can tell you,is that it is a myth that taking apple,cider vinegar will make you lose weight,another benefit is that taking apple,cider vinegar will help,improve your skin quality and that is,because of the disinfectant properties,that it does have,because apple cider vinegar is naturally,acidic it can help,improve the skin barrier and prevent,infections which is how you do get,breakouts is when theres just so much,bacteria on your skin,which causes you to break out now this,is something that,more studies need to be done on they,havent been able to fully prove that,it is just something that people have,noticed is that their skin quality is,better,now i must say that since taking this,two weeks ago,i have not been having new breakouts but,thats also because,my time of the month also passed when i,started taking these,so it could also just be related to that,so im not able to tell you,if that is true for me so now for my,official,review yes i do recommend taking these,just because of those gut health,benefits that these do offer you,i would not suggest taking these if you,think that you are going to lose weight,because that is just not going to happen,it can help you out because it will help,you know,lower your appetite throughout the day,which will make you consume,less calories so for that yes it will,help you but if youre planning on,getting this and trying to lose weight,within a couple weeks that is just not,going to happen,and whats great is that you dont have,to take those shots that i just really,dont like i honestly loved taking apple,cider vinegar back in the day but i just,had to stop because of how not a fan i,was of the taste,so im just so glad that goalie did come,out with these gummies because now i can,really get those benefits if you look at,the nutrition facts you will also see,that there is folic acid and vitamin b12,in every gummy which is also amazing and,those things alone have their own,healthy benefits,that i wont get too into but yeah if,you are interested in these gummies i do,have,a coupon code that will get you five,percent off if you do want to try them,out,um it is marie c5 and i will have a link,down below that will take you right,to them last thing that i will quickly,mention is that they are gluten free,vegan non-gmo organic and unfiltered,what is which is just,amazing so thats it for todays video i,really hope it helped you out,and maybe cleared your mind on what is,apple cider vinegar and if,the things that people say about them is,true like this video if you did,enjoy it and let me 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Do New Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Work the Same as Liquid ACV?

i fought a walrus a squirrel a blue,footed boobie and a crusty round worm,just to be able to reclaim my title as,the apple cider vinegar guy so,i think im kind of entitled to do a,review of those goalie,apple cider vinegar gummies here it is,listen i want to open up with saying,apple cider vinegar rocks,and acetic acid in apple cider vinegar,does absolutely work,in a capsule or potential gummy form,okay this is purely my opinion im not,trying to,say anything negative or really even,positive about the goalie gummies this,video is not sponsored by them in any,stretch of imagination after this video,do check out the actual sponsor of this,video,not goalie thrive market okay theres a,link down below,they are an online membership-based,grocery store they do,have a lot of supplements and things,that are kind of in this category too,im not saying that because of this,video it just makes sense so use that,link down below that way you can get,your groceries delivered to your,doorstep pantry staples supplements,some frozen food items really awesome,its who i use almost exclusively for my,non-perishables now,so i highly highly recommend them for,just various things,that might just be easier to get online,versus having to schlep all the way to,the grocery store theyre a supporter of,this channel they have been for three,years,i love that you can sort by different,categories for your diets and everything,just super easy anyhow,special link that also gets you a free,gift when you utilize that link,so check them out down below after this,video but let me lead off with some,apple cider vinegar research just so you,have an idea so theres a study that was,published in bioscience biotechnology,biochemistry,it took a look at subjects that were in,a control fashion,with no apple cider vinegar versus,subjects that had either 15 milliliters,or 30 milliliters of vinegar so either,750 milligrams of acetic acid the active,component,or 1500 milligrams of acetic acid well,they had them do this for 12 weeks well,they saw that the group that had between,15 and 30 milliliters of apple cider,vinegar,ended up losing between two and seven,and a half pounds,more than the control group so apple,cider vinegar definitely has an effect,on fat loss for a lot of different,reasons so ive talked about in various,videos,another study thats published in the,european journal clinical nutrition,found that subjects that had,one gram or a thousand milligrams of,acetic acid coming from vinegar,after a slice of white bread ended up,having a 34,reduction in their blood sugar now they,also have this with some olive oil which,could have an effect too,but ultimately as a blood sugar,modulator apple cider vinegar is pretty,powerful,so these goalie gummies they have 500,milligrams of acetic acid in one gummy,and they usually say take between like,one to four gummies right,so you actually have a good amount you,really should be taking probably three,to four to get an effect,so as far as acetic acid is concerned,youre getting a good effect,but acetic acid is whats in pretty much,any vinegar it doesnt have to be apple,cider vinegar,a lot of the benefit of apple cider,vinegar comes from yes the acetic acid,indeed,but also the fermentation process right,so we have to factor that in youre,certainly not getting that with a gummy,but the acetic acid has a powerful,effect on blood sugar modulation so,it might be something good even in the,gummy sense to take with a meal to,potentially aid in just,some blood sugar control that being said,a lot of the benefit that i find from,apple cider vinegar comes from,ampk activation what that is is you,basically trick your body into thinking,that youre in somewhat of a fasted,state for example if you wake up in the,morning and you have a tablespoon or two,of apple cider vinegar the acetic acid,in that particular case can enter the,cell,and act as somewhat of a precursor to,acetyl coenzyme a,long story short is it makes your body,think you have some food in the system,even though you dont,so you go into sort of a net kind of,calorie deficit,making you quote unquote deeper in a,fasted state potentially being able to,burn more fat so,i find that fascinating you cant get,that same effect with a gummy okay its,not going to work,especially when you factor in some of,the other components that are in it so,lets dive into that,they have beetroot in it but they only,have 40 micrograms of beetroot,just to give you context to see any kind,of performance aid from beetroot you,need,500 milliliters of beet juice okay,this amount that is in the gummy would,equal,0.004,milliliters so hardly enough to trigger,any kind of ergogenic aid right no,performance aid but i think its really,just there for color and flavor anyway,but i just dont want to see anybody,like marketing it as like beetroot for,like nitric oxide synthesis thats not,just how its gonna work,okay then additionally theres,pomegranate in the same amount same,situation though probably for flavoring,so lets just give them the benefit of,the doubt,but if they did want to use like a more,concentrated pomegranate extract i think,they could actually,get some overall polyphenol benefit,there because theres some pretty,powerful stuff there,that being said lets move on vitamin b9,120 micrograms of vitamin b9,we need about 400 micrograms in a given,day but were probably getting it,through our diet,most of us arent super deficient in b,vitamins so,folate b9 is a precursor to serotonin,and dopamine,very very important and overall this,kind of goes along with a lot of,different energy blends that you would,see,most like generic knockoff vitamin b,supplements,are going to have it in there and claim,that its an energy booster and a mood,booster yada yada i dont really think,its a big deal,probably could have left it out but its,also pretty easy to add in so why not,then you go with the vitamin b12 now in,this case 1.2 micrograms we need about,2.4 in a given day,we urinate a lot of it out because its,highly water soluble youre probably,urinating a lot of this one out but im,not here to bag on vitamin b12 but what,i am concerned about,is i noticed that there is,cyanocobalamin being used,theres different forms of vitamin b12,im more of a fan of methylcobalamin,maybe its my humble opinion but i dont,like the fact that cyanocobalamin,is with cyanide now youre not going to,poison yourself with this amount,but there still is that cyanide piece of,it that the body has to deal with,so theres a level of potential,hepatoxicity,at least the liver has to deal with that,but the bigger thing is it makes me,concerned like,where is a corner being cut like where,else are corners being cut if were,using an inexpensive version,of vitamin b12 but then again theres,nothing like crazy proprietary in this,so i guess it doesnt matter then its,kind of interesting because if you go to,their website you notice that,pectin is marketed like theyre,marketing the fact that they have pectin,in there as,soluble fiber and this and that which,again i get it like for blood sugar,modulation this product does make sense,ill come out and say it,apple cider vinegar the acetic acid yes,blood sugar modulation pectin a soluble,fiber blood sugar modulation plus great,microbiome effect but they dont even,list how much pectin is in it,its not like they added pectin its,just whats making the gummy if you go,and you make some,jam or jelly youre going to end up,using pectin not that its a bad thing,its great but its not like its added,in there,specifically with that in mind this is,how you literally make a gummy,okay lets take a look at a couple other,things theres a gram of sugar in each,gummy,thats a little bit disconcerting,because this,should be a blood sugar modulation tool,do not,use it as something fasted its not,going to get you deeper in a fasted,state its going to break a fast its,going to disrupt that process because,theres sugar in it,and theres fiber in it it is a food for,all intent


if i take goalie super fruits gummies,every day for two weeks,what will happen hello everyone whats,up and welcome back to my channel,my name is delaney if youre new here,welcome i hope that you will subscribe,stick around and join the fam today i,will be going over goalies new super,fruits gummies,so every day for the past two weeks i,have taken these im gonna read you guys,the directions explain the ingredients,and benefits but if you dont care to,hear that and you want to skip ahead to,the video montage,of me taking them go ahead and fast,forward to this time stamp right here if,you do want to hear about all the things,i just said,just keep watching this is my third time,trying goalies gummies ive tried the,apple cider vinegar gummies which i,absolutely love,theyre so good for bloating and a way,to incorporate apple cider vinegar,into your diet which personally im not,good at those gummies are the way to do,it,ive also tried the ashwagandha gummies,which are good for stress relief and,sweet and sleep i actually,still use both of those so im very,excited to be trying the new superfruits,gummies today lets go over the,ingredients and instructions,so it says our goal for goalie,superfoods gummies was to create an easy,and delicious way,for consumers to incorporate super,fruits and collagen enhancing,ingredients into their daily routine,weve included essential vitamins and,minerals as well as super fruits for,beauty wellness and nutrition,so this is a mixed fruit dietary,supplement it has,acai berry acerola berry amla berry,pomegranate goji berry banana apple and,strawberry so,a bunch of different fruits and its,supposed to really be a mood booster,help improve your mood and help improve,your energy levels throughout the day,the instructions say,take two twice a day lets do it with,all that being said were going to jump,on into todays video im going to take,these for two weeks if you want to watch,the video montage of me taking them just,keep watching if you want to skip,forward to the results of this video,go ahead and fast forward to this time,here it looks like this is the official,taste test because we are on day one,how you know i havent tried it yet i,will say i think that i liked,the taste of the ashwagandha ones the,best because that they werent like,slimy,these ones are like a little sticky,[Music],okay taste test in comparison to the,other two ashwagandha tastes the best,acv is the slimiest i would say this is,a happy medium definitely tastes furrier,which is,you know super fruit so that makes sense,yeah i think thats probably,it probably tastes second best im gonna,go with that is june,14th and im taking these in the morning,ill probably take the other two in the,evening,so ill see you guys later it is my,second time today taking these,still june 14th and im taking two of,these guys,with lunch today day two,taking two of these with breakfast at,lunch time today,i will say like yesterday and today have,just been,really good days and i know these are,supposed to boost your mood,im wondering if like the days have just,been good or if this is actually,impacting me or maybe a little bit of,both,um im not sure but taking two of these,with lunch today day three of doing,these im taking two with breakfast,i will say yesterday again was a super,good day and i just feel like im in a,really good mood so like,again i dont know if its because of,this or not or if im just like really,happy with my life right now but i will,say like my mood has been so good the,past couple days,two of these with breakfast today and if,youre interested in trying these,you can use this code or visit the,description box and,basically theres a link and discount,code to all the gummies the apple cider,ones the ashwagandha ones and these,using the code delaney hog gets you 20,off,your purchase and i also get a small,commission so it helps me out also,i dont know which ones i like the best,im gonna have to keep taking these to,decide i gotta go the full 14 days,before i give a strong recommendation,and its the second round of goalie,gummies for the day june 16th today and,day three,taking two of these with dinner tonight,because i was at work earlier and,couldnt take them,with lunch taking two superfoods gummies,with breakfast today,taking two of these with dinner june,19th im taking two of these for,breakfast,taking two of these with breakfast today,lunchtime june 21st and im taking two,of these with breakfast,two gummies for breakfast taking two of,these with lunch today,eating two of these with breakfast this,morning taking two of these with dinner,eating two of these with dinner tonight,taking two of these with breakfast today,its been almost two weeks its friday,now so i think my last day for this,two-week series is going to be on sunday,or monday i know i started this on a,monday,i am so excited though um so im taking,two of these with breakfast today,probably due to with like lunch or,dinner im not sure but honestly,these are my favorite ones so far i feel,like ive noticed the biggest,mood change since then and i already,ordered another bottle,because i have a problem but if you want,to use my coupon code its delaneyhog,for 20 off at goalie.com,or you can do goalie.com delaneyhog i,believe thats what it is but check the,description box and ill just link,everything,there and i get a small commission so it,does help me out and i really appreciate,it if you guys,have been liking this so far i honestly,ive been trying these,for almost two weeks i feel like ive,seen a significant,difference in like my mood like i truly,just feel like,my life is really great right now and,like its probably a combination of,these,and my life actually being pretty good,right now i take the ashwagandha ones,too,ive just been taking one before bed and,then sometimes i take the apple cider,vinegar ones i just am running low so,honestly all three kinds i seriously,recommend like i actually have seen,the biggest difference with all three of,them so im gonna take these and eat,breakfast,eating two of these gummies with dinner,today its lunch time and im taking two,of these i believe,it is june 26th saturday,taking two of these with dinner tonight,you guys know the drill if youve,watched my other videos before we have,finally gotten to the part in the video,where i give my honest review,on taking these gummies so let me just,say,first of all i really like the taste of,them i think theyre very easy to,incorporate into my regular routine,i typically take any sort of supplement,that i do a video like this on,i usually take them with meals as,instructed on the use of these it says,to take two gummies,twice daily so i usually would do them,around breakfast and lunch but it,honestly would just depend on like the,regular routine that i had and if that,really fit into it i also tried taking,different amounts so im gonna give my,insight on that,i started off pretty strong by taking,two of these twice a day,usually at breakfast followed by lunch,honestly i did notice a significant,difference,in my mood not that im generally like a,moody person but i just felt like i was,very like happy,in all the days that i was taking these,um and i cant you know solely say that,gummies fixed my mood and made me this,happier more positive person thats,simply just not possible for something,as simple,as a gummy or a super fruits gummy but,what i will say is that i noticed a,significant difference in my personal,life about,my mood and its improvement over the,course of taking these whether or not,theyre related i truly cant say,i would say that i could probably take,these once a day and be fine i dont,think its necessary to take them twice,a day but i did see,more positivity more happiness and just,a generally more positive mood,when i didnt take them twice a day,which i think makes sense,honestly when it came to ashwagandha,gummies i didnt see a difference in the,day-to-day,um i just noticed better sleep and when,it came to the

Keto ACV Gummies: The Scam Exposed

What’s the difference between Goli, Keto  Blast, Biolyfe, and Via Keto gummies?,Trick question, they’re all exactly the same.,These four gummies are all the  exact same apple cider vinegar  ,gummies that are marketed under different names.,There are even more aliases for these keto ACV  gummies, but these four seem to be the biggest.,So with that out of the way, the question one  needs to ask is do these apple cider vinegar  ,gummies do anything for weight loss or keto? And  how practical is it to take ACV in gummy form?,Let’s comprehensively review these  “keto” apple cider vinegar gummies,  ,and see if they hold up to the hype.,Let’s first take a look at  the ingredients. Here are  ,the doses per gummy, as listed on their bottles.,Goli, Keto Blast, Biolyfe, and Via Keto  gummies all have the same doses per gummy,  ,just that some of the bottles list the doses  for 2 gummies rather than just 1 gummy.,The recommended dosing for them all is 2 gummies,  ,3 times a day, so that’s a  total of 6 gummies a day.,Whenever supplements add any ingredients into  their product, there are three very common issues.,First is that the doses they use  are way too small to be effective,,second is that they aren’t  using the active compounds,,and third is that the ingredient itself has not  reliably shown any beneficial effect in humans.,When we analyze these ingredients, we’re  going to see which of these issues they have.,The claims around apple cider vinegar and its  potential benefits on weight can be summarized  ,into 4 major points, all of which when looked at  practically, are not really of much help at all.,First is the claim that acetic  acid, the active component in  ,apple cider vinegar, can mildly help  with controlling blood sugar levels.,While some studies do find this is true,  acetic acid is found in regular white vinegar,  ,meaning that there is no additional benefit of the  ,more expensive apple cider vinegar over  the far cheaper regular white vinegar.,Second is the claim that apple cider vinegar and  its acidity helps with appetite and digestion.,Vinegars like ACV tend to stimulate  digestion, and increase appetite.,So if you’re trying to lose weight, that’s  probably the last thing you want to do.,Also, stomach acid is way more  acidic than apple cider vinegar,  ,and your body produces one  and a half liters of it,  ,so if you’re taking 1-2 tablespoons a day,  its not going to help with digestion at all.,Third is the claim that the probiotics found in  ,the sediment of apple cider  vinegar might be helpful.,The amount of sediment found in ACV is very small,  ,and most of it is made of fiber and  leftovers from manufacturing, not probiotics.,So realistically, even if the probiotics  were helpful, you’re getting an absolutely  ,miniscule amount of probiotics, certainly  not enough to be beneficial for health.,Fourth is the claim that the sourness of apple  ,cider vinegar can help perk  you up and improve energy.,This claim is mostly anecdotal, and if  you find it does, then it’s likely that  ,the sour flavor is helping you, not  necessarily the apple cider vinegar.,Some people find this to be the case when  mixing lemon with coffee. There’s nothing  ,special about the lemon, but perhaps the  sourness of the lemon being added to coffee  ,helps to make the lemon coffee seem to  perk you up more than regular coffee.,If you want more details about apple cider  vinegar, I already have a video specifically about  ,ACV and if it can be helpful for weight loss, so  I’ll leave the link down below in the description.,Now these claims are made with people  taking the apple cider vinegar raw,  ,from liquid form, and most people  take around 2 tablespoons per day.,But how much apple cider vinegar do  you actually get from these gummies?,The average tablespoon of apple  cider vinegar is about 15 grams.,Two tablespoons of liquid is therefore 30 grams.,Their website claims each gummy has 500 mg.,That means you need to eat 60  gummies a day to ingest the  ,equivalent of a normal daily dose of  2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.,That’s the whole freakin bottle. Every day.,If you were insane and did that, you’d also  be consuming 210 grams of starch and sugar,  ,adding up to a whopping 720 calories per day.,There is no way you can realistically get a useful  dose of apple cider vinegar from these gummies.,We can also calculate how much apple cider  vinegar we are actually getting in each gummy.,The average weight of a single drop  of apple cider vinegar is 50 mg.,Each gummy has 500 mg, and therefore provides  about 10 drops of apple cider vinegar. Yeah,  ,that’s way too little to do anything for anyone.,But the bigger problem for those trying  to lose weight is that each gummy comes  ,with 4 grams of sugar and starch  that provides 12 empty calories.,The B vitamins, particularly B12, are essential  vitamins used by the body for fat metabolism.,Vitamin B12 is usually found in  animal protein, like meat, milk,  ,or eggs. Supplementing vitamin B12 is a good  recommendation for vegetarians or vegans, since  ,they tend to be deficient. Deficiencies in these  vitamins can lead to imparied fat metabolism.,However, the doses of B12 and B9 provided  by these gummies are so miniscule that most  ,children’s multivitamin gummies  have more B vitamins than them.,If you were really deficient  in B12, I would recommend just  ,taking a regular B12 supplement since  these gummies do not provide enough.,The organic beetroot and pomegranate so proudly  ,displayed on their webpage may  seem great, but look at the doses.,They’re measured in micrograms!  Not milligrams, micrograms.,Micrograms are 1000 times  smaller than a milligram.,To get an idea of how small a microgram is,  ,a single grain of granulated sugar  is approximately 600 micrograms.,A single grain!,Take one tenth of that grain of sugar, and  you’d still have more organic beetroot or  ,organic pomegranate than in one of these gummies.,I think I can safely say that  these microscopic amounts of  ,vegetables aren’t doing anything for you.,But could these gummies hurt you?,Well it might, especially if you have blood  sugar issues like diabetes or insulin resistance.,It would actually be harmful  to your weight loss progress,  ,since it adds empty calories  and sugar into your diet.,Also, it may actually be more harmful  for your teeth than regular candy,  ,since it contains not only sugar, but  acetic acid, which directly harms enamel.,All these branded keto apple cider  vinegar gummies are essentially candies.,That’s what they are, and the couple drops of  ,apple cider vinegar they put into  each one doesn’t change it all.,You just aren’t getting any meaningful  dose of apple cider vinegar from them,  ,and trying to do so would require  you to eat the whole bottle,  ,at which point the side effects  would likely include diabetes.,So no, they aren’t effective at all, and  don’t have any health benefits whatsoever.,In fact, taking these regularly  would more likely harm your health,  ,just like eating candy every day might.,At least it would most certainly negatively  affect your weight loss progress.,If you ate what the bottle  recommends at 6 per day,  ,you’re adding 72 calories per  day from refined sugar and carbs.,That’s like drinking half a can of Coke every day.,They shouldn’t be classified as a  health food, but unfortunately a  ,lot of places like Walmart do, which is  misleading and confusing for customers.,Please just put them into the candy  section, which is exactly what they are.,Also they don’t do anything for keto. In fact,  ,they are worse for keto since keto diets  require you to stay away from carbs and sugar.,These gummies are literally carbs and sugar.,It’s like me trying to sell you a brand of  ,cigarettes that I claim helps  to increase your lung health.,That would be ridiculous, and that’s exactly  what these “keto” ACV gummies are, ridiculous.,Don’t be fooled.,These so-called “apple cider vinegar”  or

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