1. Gone For Good (2021) Netflix Limited Series Review
  2. Gone For Good Netflix Series Review (Disparu à jamais – Harlan Coben)
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Gone For Good (2021) Netflix Limited Series Review

Whos ready for a whodunit? ,The Netflix adaptation of Harlan Cobens mysteries continue to roll out.,And this time its Gone For Good and its set in France.,Will you be watching? ,Ten years after the tragic death of his brother and ex-girlfriend,,a young mans lover disappears, suddenly leading him on a search for all the truths,that have been hidden from him. ,OK, so this is going to be spoiler free because it is a mystery,and I would love for you to experience the same intrigue I did.,Also, if you care about munchies and want to hear about some new ones,that I found, stick around to the very end. ,Guillaume is a social worker in his 30s who has had tragedy in his past,during his mothers funeral. ,His lover gets a mysterious phone call,and she has to leave and then doesnt return.,Guillaume follows clues to see where she could have gone,,which then uncovers other mysteries he thought were resolved.,This is a quick, limited series. ,Its only five episodes, and each of those are only about 50 minutes long.,The story moves along pretty quickly as well. ,I do think there is one episode that is interesting from a character,standpoint, but not necessarily important to the central plot.,Each of the episodes focuses on a particular character,giving us insight into their lives and more importantly,,into their past, which greatly influences their current motivations.,The episode that I thought was a little more filler than necessary,focused on Guillaumes boss, Daco. I think his character,arc is powerful, especially given the growth that we witness.,But it doesnt really ,contribute to the mystery and the journey that Guillaume is on.,That being said, there are still portions within the episode,that do keep progressing the narrative forward. ,So its not like you can skip it and not notice. ,I was drawn into the characters. ,Theyre all flawed, making them layered and complex.,I think their motivations make sense, too. ,So when we see actions, they make sense in accordance with what,weve seen in their personalities and their backgrounds.,As far as the mystery goes, I was stumped, which I loved.,Theres nothing worse than figuring out who and why early on,and then having to suffer through to the end to just confirm youre right.,I had guesses, but mainly I was trying to work the clues,to try and beat the story to its conclusion.,As more and more unfolded, there were definite portions,that I just didnt expect. ,And even if I did have some suspicions on certain characters,,I was completely in the dark about guessing the motivations.,The story is fairly tragic, and there are a few scenes that shocked me,with the violence. ,One in particular is meant to have a palpable effect on us,,which I think it did. ,I mean, when were watching, ,we winced and yelled at the TV in shock at what was happening.,It was brief, but it was also terrible. ,There are a couple of characters that kind of get sidelined,,and I thought theyd have a larger prominence to the story.,One is Guillaumes sister. ,Shes in the first two episodes and then pretty much just disappears.,The other is the little sister ,of Guillaumes ex-girlfriend that had died 10 years earlier.,Shes mildly important to the story, and I do like her resolution at the end.,But I think more visual importance was placed on her,than was necessary, especially when she doesnt add a ton to the story.,Those are nitpickes and really the only faults that come to mind as I watched.,I was invested in the mystery and became hooked into Guillaumes pursuit,to find the truth. Hes a likable character, even when hes flawed.,His charisma and pureness ,shine through, making him a protagonist that we really want to root for.,The settings are beautiful as the scenes transition from Nice, France,to the countrysides of Barcelona and the coast of Sardinia, Italy.,This has also been contrasted ,with some grittier sides of Nice, where Guillaume works with street kids.,It gives us that dichotomy of wealth and poverty, showing us,how the two worlds intersect. ,So if youre familiar with Harlan Cobens adaptations, more often than not,,the storytelling follows a back and forth formula.,Well watch characters interact in the present,,and then well have scenes that flashback a number of years to clue,us into events that shape current motivations and behaviors.,I enjoyed the way this was executed in the series.,I didnt ever feel like I was getting whiplash,from transitioning too quickly, and I felt like the storytelling flowed well,,interweaving the past and present to create a compelling drama.,So overall, I had a lot of fun with Gone For Good.,The mystery and intrigue kept me engaged and guessing.,The characters are complex enough to be compelling,,but also simple enough to have some relatability.,The five episodes went by quickly, but didnt feel like the story,was being rushed to get us to a conclusion.,Theres no sex or nudity. A lot of profanity and some violence,I give Gone For Good four out of five couches.,OK, so Ive got two munchies for you today. One is Mango Pepsi.,And I was pretty unsure about this purchase when I picked it up,because Im not a huge mango fan. ,Now, when you drink this, the smell is certainly stronger than the taste.,And to me, it almost has this peachey rather than a strong mango smell to it.,And even though the scent is stronger than the flavor, you can still taste,the fruityness in there. You know that mango ish.,So overall, it wasnt a terrible thing to drink,,but Im not going to be picking up ,any more of it if Im going to go with a flavored dark soda.,Im sticking with Vanilla Coke or Cherry Pepsi.,Now, the other munchie came from a recommendation from one of you.,And these are Blue Heat Takis.,Now, I love blue stuff. ,Blue foods have a certain taste to them and for the most part,,if I hear that a snack or candy is blue, I can pretty much count on it,having some berry ish flavor. ,Yeah, thats not the case here. ,These are rolled tortilla chips covered in a blue powder.,Now, I love spicy foods, but these arent particularly spicy.,I mean, yeah, there is a little bit of ,heat to them, but overall, Flaming Hot Cheetos are much spicier.,The flavor, though, is oddly satisfying, but only in small doses.,Theres this tanginess to them that kind of overpowers everything else.,And I think that takes away from the heat.,So while these are OK and I am grateful for the recommendation,,theyre just not going to be in a regular rotation of munchies for me.,Im going to stick with my Flaming Hot ,Cheetos or Flaming Hot Nacho Doritos as my go-to spicy snacks.,So do you have a favorite Harlan Coben story? ,Has it been adapted into a mini series? ,Whats one that you would like to see Netflix adapt next?,Let me know in the comments below. ,If you enjoyed this review, please give it a like. ,Also, dont forget to share and subscribe. ,Im Chris. This is Movies And Munchies. Thanks for couching with me.,Yeah, not bad, but, ,you know, I dont know if you can see that from here, blue junk like I smashed,a Smurf in between my fingers is on there, but overall, not horrible. [smacks]

Gone For Good Netflix Series Review (Disparu à jamais – Harlan Coben)

and welcome to the ruby tuesday my name,is robin and this is my review for,netflixs original miniseries gone for,good im here to talk about it,non-spoilers um kind of plot points and,why you should watch this i hope you,find this entertaining if you do do give,me a thumbs up and subscribe if you,havent yet uh it does help with the,analytics but for now lets jump in,goodman thought he had drawn a line,under the terrible tragedy which saw the,two people he loved the most die,ten years later judith whose love has,made his life worth living again,suddenly disappears during his mothers,funeral so gone for good uh is another,harlan cobin uh adaptation from a book,and every time i see one of these pop-up,in netflix i say to myself wow that was,good i really need to start reading some,of his novels and every time after ive,watched it and reviewed it i forget,hopefully this time i will remember,because this is definitely one of those,i feel like it would be worth,watching,uh and reading the stories because i,feel like theres a lot left out here,although,what we get in story wise is classic,harlan koban netflix uh series its a it,is a mini series its five episodes,theyre about an hour long each episode,or under like 45 minutes to 50 minutes,doesnt matter its a short mini series,and its a contained story so you dont,have to worry whether this is going to,leave you on a cliffhanger or whether,its going to be like another season,one story,in true classic netflix-style holland,cobin storytelling because i think weve,had three or four now uh this tells a,story narratively but through flashbacks,so we get the the kind of mcguffin that,happens we get the death at the,beginning then we get the missing,um,love uh judith at the beginning and on,spurs our main protagonist this,adventure well journey i guess lesser,dramatic adventure is trying to find her,and in amongst that we start getting,flashbacks as,part and parcel when it comes to these,storytelling uh how they build up the,characters and the story through,flashbacks of what is what has happened,in our characters storylines and their,lives and so were getting the,narratives told linear through,the present into the future and then,were getting that separate story that,we get to find out what actually,happened through the back and for the,most part it really does keep you,guessing it gives you little tidbits,along the way and then by the time you,get to the end it really kind of just,dumps everything but you do find out,bits of information along the way to,keep you invested i would say the acting,is pretty good in this um i like the,protagonist i like uh,that the fact that people just arent,your you know this guys good that by,that guy is bad it just it it messes,with real life so where peoples lives,are really messy it shows how parents uh,can shape the future of not just their,kids but other peoples uh kids by the,way they treat their own family you show,it shows repercussions and i thought,that did very well the cinematography,looks excellent its uh in a location,that lends itself to cinematography and,just beautiful landscapes a lot of the,time were seeing vast city landscapes,with you know high rise shots and then,you get those personal close-ups um not,not too much of those a lot of those,its just kind of showing you an action,which which i really appreciate when,there is violence that feels,hard-hitting and more real um there is,some sex theres some violence uh,it is an eating and you understand when,theres violence its used to make the,story go forward rather than just for,the sake of it of shock value or having,a sex scene for the sake of it it does,its all kind of adding to that puzzle,piece and thats what this really is,its a,its a jigsaw piece that you have to,piece together and its a story that,allows you to piece it together little,bit by little bit and then when you get,to those the cracks of the matter youre,going to be like,i didnt see that coming for the most,part you might guess a few bits like,whats actually happened but i actually,didnt see like the big reveals coming,which i really appreciated uh its not,often these days that a tv series or,film can catch me up because lets face,it weve seen everything done under the,sun in you know you take a genre and,then you skew it as much as you can and,weve seen all of that because uh you,know were living in the world of,entertainment where theyve thought and,done everything so now to try and give,something a new spin and keep you,guessing is really tough to do,really this is just a really well,polished acted story with good,cinematography good editing its a one,and done so you dont have to watch it,ever again i dont think you would want,to but that doesnt mean its not good,its well acted the score is something,that i wanted to talk about it was,really good i am,my son is tapping on a game so i had to,listen with my 3d audio um,headset and i really felt what uh the,moment the emotion that were trying to,that the composer was trying to tell us,during certain moments i really,appreciated the score on this one,sometimes its just like classical music,in the background and thats fine but,when theres key moments,that you need to be feeling something,emotive or something emotionally or its,a hard hitting reveal i felt like the,score was really reflecting what was,going on on screen and i really,appreciated that all in all i thought it,was a fantastically told story nothing,really massively fresh but it did keep,me guessing i enjoyed it so im going to,give it a b plus stick it on your watch,list if you dont mind watching um,an original holland cobin but its its,not english this one so i would say,stick to the subtitles if you can the,dubbing is never really what they want,you to go through because you get those,original emotional feelings from the,original voice acting and then the,subtitles i thought were so good,it just lends itself to storytelling,that you forget that youre reading and,thats often a good,moment when you can recall afterwards,like yeah barely remember reading,anything that means that the story has,immersed you enough to make you forget,that youve been reading it all and just,becomes part of the adventure or the,journey that these characters are going,on uh so yeah let me know in the,comments below which is your favorite,harlem corbin uh netflix adaptation and,if youre a fan of these these novels um,which one is your favorite and which one,should i stick which is the first one i,should read if youve read a bunch,thanks so much for watching this but,most of all until next time,remember subscribe and like live longer,tuesday,[Music],you

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Netflix Gone for Good series Review with spoilers about Ending Explained

hi everyone today ill be leaving this,new netflix mystery thriller show gone,for good,and this show is actually based on new,york best-selling book by harlan corbin,and this show all the based on a new,yorker best-selling novel but this show,takes place in french,and this show is actually quite good,its only five episode long super easy,to branch and when i look back and think,about the production for this show is so,good its really very well done from,beginning till the end,uh the first episode i will say it,starts a little bit slow uh,you know to start up the story for this,center character his name was gu liam i,think,might be saying his name wrong uh so,this show starts with his character,finding out you know his girlfriend uh,get murder and his brother say same time,same night on 10 years ago uh after that,night he get back to his the present,life where he like we are at his moms,funeral and at the after his moms,funeral his present girlfriend nora she,also disappeared so this show goes back,and forth between past and the present,uh country throughout the show and and,in the second episode you learn more,about it uh these characters we are,watching here uh,again this show is super easy to branch,about episode,three four five its so good especially,four or five its really the best in,this,series because probably because the,episode one to the start of the story,but once you go to the,those episodes its really good and once,like uh especially you do get answer all,the question uh so now ill be going,into spoiler because i dont know what,to say about the show without giving out,spoiler or not if youre thinking to,checking this out its really good so,spoiler warning from now on so the i,really like this hunter character,ghoulia i might i just call him ghouliam,you cannot say his name or dont,remember i really felt so sorry for him,end of this show so he said his,character was really very honest and the,way his character was portrayed by this,actor he did really good beginning till,the end he stayed true to the character,he was playing and all this innocent man,uh,and hes very different from his brother,uh fred who is we we know more about him,now hes actually pretty evil compared,to gulens character fred fred is,actually very bad person he,uh in the past we learn more about him,hes even from his teenager years he has,done bad things and his dad his,relationship with his dad was,complicated uh his dad was too pushy to,him you know keep pushing him to be,uh this thing and also his dad has money,he did many cobra for him for the fred i,think which did him bad i think,uh but end of like hes too quick to do,bad thing you know like this fred,character he just what happened to at,the end of the show,really justify all the things hed done,in this show because like his,overall is a bad person you know uh even,im not sure hes a good brother or not,often although hes many times he said,he really liked his brother golem he,said hes such a good innocent person,but i know if he he meant it good way or,bad because hes such a bad person i,dont know because he got sonia killed,uh,even nora got in the trouble because of,him you know what i mean like so noras,character was interesting all the reveal,about her was also very interesting i,thought uh overall this show is really,all the twist and turn,uh,revealed uh it was really interesting,watch honestly especially when i thought,think about mystery thriller point of,view it was very,i guess based on a book but still very,interesting watch i dont know people,who,read the book for them how much,interesting its gonna be because like,they already probably know some of this,twist and turn because us,audience who didnt read the book which,i thought it was oh interesting,so uh as i was saying this fred,character how he got trouble uh like he,got everyone in trouble because of him,and its interesting i guess and also i,like uh end of the show how they shown,this uh what was his name coster,costa leg i think thats i read the,subtitle that was his name cost her leg,uh his character on end of the day he,was a victim here you know what i mean,uh,like especially he like the sonia fell,in love with him and then sonia got,killed and you know uh at the beginning,of in the episode five you learn even,when he was literally his dad also sold,him out so overall his character was,very like uh,like you feel really sad for him his,character although he seemed like you,because the show did started with him,hes the bad guy shooting at him but,ended with him with being the victim,here,uh it was interesting honestly uh really,episode 5 i was like oh once they start,revealing all the things,especially when you go back to their,teenage year,and you go to their grown up years wow,everything makes sense at the end this,show uh to me felt like yeah all that,like the question where answer,especially how they wrapped up in five,episodes was very interesting and very,well done that i i thought wow i had,good time really watching this show,anyway,i thought this was a really good watch,all the many show came out during the,weekend i imagine many people will be,checking this out later late because,like,because i also imagine many people know,about the show they will be checking,this out i thought it was interesting,watch for me,uh,let me know in the comment what do you,think about this show and if you enjoyed,my this review dont forget to check out,my other,tv show review on netflix under my,playlist tv show review and please dont,forget to subscribe and please take

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TV Review: Netflix GONE FOR GOOD (Disparu à Jamais) Limited Series (No Spoilers)

[Music],what up this is drama screen covering,movies tv and entertainment and heres,my review of netflix new mini series,gone for good hey before you watch my,review please subscribe to my channel,press that like button and ring that,bell,so you can get notified whenever i post,new videos and if youd like to help,support this channel please do so at,patreon.comscreen,thats patreon.com drawmyscreen lets,rock this,first up i would like to say thank you,to netflix,for granting me the screeners to this,new limited show,theyve asked me to not spill spoilers,therefore this review is spoiler free i,repeat there are no spoilers in this,video review,ah yes another international series,based on harlan,cobins book this is in addition to the,polish the woods,british series the stranger and spanish,series,el inocente now ive never read any of,harlan colemans books,but they all have a pattern dont they,its always about the disappearance of a,loved one,and its always about we hardly knew ye,turns out the person you live with is,not who you thought they were,and youve been living a lie and the,other thing that harlan,always does is break down his paranoia,mystery thrillers,through the perspectives of each of the,key characters,so once youve acknowledged that pattern,that constant recurring storytelling,method and theme,we can then dive deep into what makes,this latest one,gone for good compelling but if you,straight up,ask me do i like gone for good my answer,is yes,its gripping its mind boggling,it really moves like a novel it makes,the wheels in your brain keep,turning and thats what i think makes,this particular story,so addictive in that its not enough,just to figure out where she is,or why shes missing because theres,more to the picture than you realize,and of course you know how it is nothing,or nobody is really what they,appear to be based on harlan cobins,book,this five-part thriller series is about,guillaume lucasi,in his 30s thought he had drawn a line,under the terrible tragedy which saw the,two people he loved the most die sonia,his first love,and fred his brother ten years later,judith whose love made his life worth,living again,suddenly disappears during his mothers,funeral to find,her guillaume will have to face all the,truths,that were hidden from him by his family,and friends,as well as those that he had long,decided to ignore,for better but mostly for worse the,question remains,can you really trust the ones you love,directed by juan carlos medina,this very interesting deal that harlan,has,with netflix it allows the opportunity,for these adaptations to have different,flavors,depending on the country and in the case,of gone for good,its unapologetically french not just,in terms of the culture the location and,the dialogue driven long takes,but also the social issues wrapped in,the storytelling,which moves you to draw your own,conclusion instead of them,feeding it to you and gone for good is,like the perfect enigma for this,approach,because the mystery constantly morphs,with so much ambiguity,involved the non-linear nature of the,story can be a bit,difficult to keep track gone for good,may be,a slow burn but the jumping back and,forth between past and present,goes faster than you can say what,happened some of the episodes also,venture into the supernatural granted,its more,haunting than terrifying but its quite,bizarre,that theres this tepid or mild attempt,at horror,in the middle of this whole drama,thriller unlocking,every perspective or every backstory on,every episode,does help you reach one step closer or,at least help you,gain better understanding of the,situation at hand,but getting to the bottom of it requires,a lot of patience on your part,the performances across the board are,pretty solid,obviously i dont know much about any of,the actors here,but the upside is it makes it easier for,me to view them as their characters,theres also an endearing friendship,buddy drama,embedded in the journey is it fair to,say that perhaps,gone for good is a better harlan cobin,adaptation,compared to the woods the stranger and,el,inosente its a matter of personal,preference,i think they all have their own,strengths and weaknesses,but gone for good is definitely the,latest immersive experience for those of,you mystery thriller lovers out there,so checking it out just once would be,more than sufficient

Gone For Good by Harlan Coben | Book Review (no spoilers) & Book Chat (spoilers)

[Music],hey everybody welcome back to the book,flicks club and if youre new to our,channel welcome im carrie im cheryl,im stacy and we are three sisters who,love to read books,love to watch movies love to watch,movies about books that weve read we,just love to read and watch and talk,and today we are going to review a book,called gone for good,by harlan corbin now this is the first,time ive read from this author,this was more of a,mystery suspense twisty kind of a book,kind of like right up,my,realm of reading i love to read,books like this now what this book is,about it is about will cline who,absolutely idolized his older brother,ken,one night,his former girlfriend wills former,girlfriend gets murdered and the prime,suspect is none other than his brother,can,well,the evidence against,ken is just overwhelming so ken vanishes,and is leaving his family to believe,that he is actually dead,11 years later,will comes across proof that you know,what maybe kens not done after all so,then he,goes on to this,um series of trying to find the truth,about is he alive what happened that,night,and the more he uncovers the more twists,come,again right up my alley,first impressions and writing style of,mr golden what do you think okay um well,first of all i i this is out of my,genre,im usually a romance girl so this you,know im not typically a thriller,mystery reader um this book gave me,whiplash with,you know,going not only just what happens in the,book but just the writing style because,it was like sometimes it was will,talking that it was just what was,happening,the events that were you know so it was,like will talking then so i i had a,little bit of a hard time figuring out,who was you know what was happening who,was talking but overall,it was so suspenseful and it was just,like,every page was like oh my god and its,like so it was i i really liked it for,not being my,usual book to read i thought that it was,really well done,yeah i this was the first time i read,this author and i will agree with you,cheryl at first i went on a wild ride,with this book and it first in the,beginning i was a little bit confused,because it does jump from wills point,of view to then just what was happening,with other characters and then it was,here in another state and here in,another and i had a little bit of,trouble,at first trying im like where are we,whats going on is this all present or,did it happen years you know so i had to,kind of like,stop,and then you know just keep reading and,and and i figured it out,but,once i did boy does this book grab you,and it grabs you so hard and,twists and turns galore and i will say,this is i am a thriller mystery reader i,love reading those kinds of books so,this was right up my alley because it,had everything that i would want twists,and turns and when you think you know or,when you think you have it figured out,youre like well thats not what i,thought at all like and i mean,blindsides you in a good way youre like,wow and i love books like that the ones,that you cant see coming things happen,that you cant see coming so,you know once i got past the the,confusion in the beginning i,really enjoyed how this book was was,written and really kept me interested,and hanging and everything that i loved,now did you guys read the book yes we,did i did i actually did the audio book,and i so i didnt think i felt like i,got is lost maybe okay i i did i did,there was a couple of moments where i,went okay wait where are we now yeah but,overall i think because i listened to it,it it made a little bit it was a little,bit smoother of a ride yes but i did,there were a few moments that i kind of,went okay who was that right and,sometimes i felt like,um we got to know this one group of,characters but then youd hear about,them for a little bit you kind of forget,yeah it comes up again youre like okay,who was this again yes exactly you know,but other than that i i didnt feel like,it went back and forth but just those,those moments of i got a little lost,when i didnt hear about this character,for a little bit and then all of a,sudden it came back and i went okay well,who was that again and then oh i i know,i know but i twist and turns galore i,absolutely loved it it was jaw-dropping,it was yeah i okay i cant say that,and thats why they came,dropping were gonna stay suspenseful,because obviously i cant say that thank,you for saying that because um yeah,its just not happening with us,but yeah i i thoroughly enjoyed that uh,all the twists i just i love that i love,when like you said stacey when you think,you know something and youre like yeah,wait yeah thats not what i had in my,head yeah and of course that one turned,out better but you know what were gonna,do next is were gonna do our favorite,thing and were gonna get into,characters and spoilers and the twists,and turns so if you havent read the,book we suggest you you stop go read the,book come back,and maybe youll agree with what we say,about the spoilers and the characters,okay,characters yes,its gonna be a little different because,i i dont feel like there was one,particular,there was one particular i think will,was the main character but as far as,his partners and all that its more like,little characters here and there yes so,lets talk about well what do you think,about will,will,okay so um will i,i had a little bit of a hard time with,him sometimes only because,he just seemed like,um,he he was so sure that his brother was,innocent that he he kind of i thought,had blinders on one of them right yeah,um but at the same time he was such a,nice guy he was a good guy i mean he he,worked at a um you know kind of a,halfway house kind of thing and so you,know so i liked that i liked him overall,as a character but for me sometimes it,was just like he had blinders on when it,came to to his brother yeah so um but,yeah overall i i like him as a character,i did too i i liked the growth of him,actually because you know for much of,the book,you get the sense that ken,well you dont get the sense he ken,was wills protector you know and will,kind of hid behind ken before any,confrontation so he was always used to,ken taking care of him so you do see,that throughout the book that you see,that hes not that confrontational kind,of guy but you see the growth with him,throughout the rest of the book towards,the end and i love that i love when you,can see the character growth,one thing i will agree that he kind of,annoyed me sometimes though because when,he would get um interviewed by the fbi,or when they came to talk to him i felt,like thats the time youre going to,have confrontation because,i thought he would be you know so,confrontational with the fbi im like,tell them what you what they need to,know you know that kind of bothered me a,little bit but i loved his heart and i,my heart broke for him because you know,he had so much loss i mean you know he,lost his brother his his,first his mother his first girlfriend,and then his current girlfriend goes,missing im like how much more can this,poor man take but overall character i,really liked well i i agree with with,both of you um,i just i i really i loved,will and i i just i was one of the best,for him throughout the whole thing,and you do you just feel bad with all,the loss but i think like when you had,mentioned about when he kind of was,standing up to,confrontational but you know i think,that was his way of protecting his,brother yes because thats true because,can always protected him yes and i think,thats why he even had blinders on yeah,you know its like no he couldnt do,that because you know he was always,there for me you know hes not that type,hes a protector hes not a murderer,right thing but yeah i i did like well,okay squares we got to talk about,squares yeah i,i,squares i wanted to like not like him,but i couldnt help but like him,and i mean,and talk about just a change of person i,mean he was like kind of a neo-nazi yeah,hitler you know yeah even had a swastika,on his forehead

Gone For Good Netflix Cast: Real Age and Life Partners | Cast of Gone For Good

currently netflix is expanding its,international catalogue by coming out,with more of foreign language content,the latest one of which is the french,mini series titled gone for good and in,this video we are going to talk about,all the main cast members of gone for,good we will give you some background,details of all those members as well as,their love life,gone for good has been adapted from,harlan corbins book of the same name,and this series revolves around a man,named guillaume who is dealing with the,tragic loss of his loved ones and is,trying to lead a normal life but,suddenly his girlfriend judit goes,missing and everything comes down,crashing,now goilam will have to go to extreme,lens to find her out and in this process,he will get to know about certain things,that were kept a secret from him by his,family and friends with that being said,now lets go ahead and look at each of,the cast members of gone for good but,before that do not forget to subscribe,to our channel perfect list if you want,to watch more about the latest content,on netflix and amazon prime,finnigan oldfield as golam lucasy golam,is a social worker who has already seen,two people he loved the most die sonia,his first love and fred which is his,brother at present that is 10 years,later in the series he is dating another,girl who suddenly disappears out of,nowhere and now it is golams job to,find out where she is born on 10th,january 1991 finnegan oldfield is a,french actor he was a part of the main,cast of the french movie titled lets,cowboys but it was 2017 that really,solidified his place in the french,industry after an extraordinary,performance in the film marvin he is,currently single and is not dating,anyone,next in the list we have nailia harzone,as judith judith is the wife of goulam,who suddenly disappears and this role is,played by nailia she is a 31 year old,french actress who grew up in france,nairia made her acting debut with the,french tv series titled the little,murders of agatha christie,[Music],since then she has worked in geronimo,made in france and nine days in winter,nylia is not married yet and prefers to,keep her love life private,garens medulla estonia garrens is seen,in the role of sonia the first the,vaguely as well as sonias younger,sister inez garan is just 23 years old,and she is a french actress and musician,she landed her first role at the age of,13 in the short movie junior after that,she was seen in the lead role of justin,in the movie titled raw,rumors have it that gerance had been,dating a guy back in school but she is,currently,single nicolas duo kill as fred fred is,seen in golams brothers role who dies,at a very young age by gunshot hes,mostly seen in flashbacks throughout the,series dua kills one of the prominent,names in the french entertainment,industry his career started in 1999 with,movies like trouble every day but then,he received his first major role as paul,in the movie titled les cops impatience,his other roles include bronco and,lightweight,nicolas has a very active romantic life,as he has had three children but all of,them with different partners,he first married ludivine sagnir,followed by laura issas and finally,anuchkas leaf,so guys it was all the information that,we had regarding the cast of netflix,original series gone for good which of,these characters has become your,favorite tell us in comments and if you,have enjoyed this video do not forget to,press the like button and if you want to,see more of such interesting videos do,subscribe to our channel perfect list,and press the bell icon,[Music]

Celebrities Turning Their Back On Meghan Markle After Her Netflix Show

the Netflix documentary starring Prince,Harry and Meghan Markle is at nearly the,royal family Smash Hit that many had,hoped and expected it to be but that,doesnt mean it is an upsetting,audiences around the world and not just,this it seems like celebrities are not,only closing doors but also turning,their backs on Meghan Markle and Prince,Harry after their documentary recently,made it to Netflix lets see what the,chaos is all about the first lady is on,the go with a brand new Venture thats,right she is marketing her new book and,has Enlisted the help of a group of,friends for a month-long schedule of,speaking engagements including Oprah,Winfrey TV anchor Gail King and actor,Tyler Perry additionally last week she,shared the stage with Perry and both,looked like they were really enjoying,themselves all parties involved have,also been tweeting enthusiastically,about their friendship and the virtues,of the book given that both Perry and,the former first lady exchanged some,really warm thoughts on what the event,meant to them according to Michelle,Obama what an amazing crowd in,conversation last night at our first the,light we carry show in Atlanta with my,friend Tyler Perry in contrast Perry who,seem to be walking right next to the,former first lady Express back saying,thank you for reminding us all that we,have a light and we should use it to,make each other better but not,everything is sunshine and rainbows here,you see you could anticipate finding the,Duchess of Sussex in the exclusive list,humanitarian setting that being said,Gail King attended Megans baby shower,and was even invited to stay with the,royal couple in Frogmore when Archie was,a newborn and there is no question about,Megans admiration for the former First,Lady Michelle Obama Megan has also been,a house guest of Perry since he provided,her in Prince Harry with a home when,they first moved to California and of,course we are aware of Megans,commitment to charitable causes but,thats the thing there was no sign of,Meghan Markle at the event at all you,heard that right but not only is she not,participating in the tour which began in,November and will end the following week,but those who have been oddly mute on,the subject of her shocking Netflix,documentary Harry and Megan and you know,how it all goes one of the strangest,aspects of the Contemporary media,environment is in fact theres silence,many people who you might anticipate,would be pop publicly endorsing the,marriage if this pivotal time are,instead remaining silent none of them,have expressed any interest in appearing,on the show and neither have the Obamas,or Oprahs spokespeople this week when,asked why not even Sir Elton John and,Edward and in full of Vogue two,venerable allies have refrained from,mentioning the undertaking only Tyler,Perry out of the aforementioned people,wished Megan a happy 41st birthday on,social media this summer not to forget,this year Megan did not make it to,Oprahs elaborate Birthday Bash in,Hawaii in fact Oprah who was a neighbor,of Harry and Megan in Montecito and,spoke with them for that TV special in,March 2021 hasnt given Megans Spotify,podcast series even a small promotion it,seems like Oprah has drastically changed,her attitude toward the pair thats,because an interview between Oprah and,her friend Gail King on September 14,undoubtedly gave the appearance of,remoteness King requested her to,consider the possibility of Princes,William and Harry reconciling after the,passing of the queen to which Oprah,replied I do not get into peoples,Family Matters I know everybody who has,experienced some challenges in their,family within laws are brothers or,sisters knows how difficult some of,these situations can be I am sure that,for the royal family it is no different,but even if we were to give Oprah a,benefit of the doubt here what about,Jessica Mulroney Megans former closest,friend who served as matron of honor at,her wedding and as we now know thanks to,the Netflix documentary spoke to her,just before Harry popping the question,Jessica didnt publicly wish Megan a,happy birthday when she turned 41 in,August and she didnt even attend her,40th birthday celebration honestly their,friendship seems to have completely,banished since stylist Jessicas,downfall in 2020 following an Instagram,meltdown with a black influencer who had,accused her of racism so whats really,happening according to journalist Shivan,Kanani Megan doesnt even need Jessica,to be there in her life considering she,already has a MAO at Oprah as her,besties but that is where we disagree,with the Toronto journalist lately Megan,doesnt seem to be having many friends,around her or people she could really,count on similarly there is a sense that,Harry and Megan are falling off the,charity list despite the Ripple of Hope,event the Netflix documentary and the,Spotify podcast,they were featured on the cover of Time,magazines 100 most influential people,in the world Edition just one year prior,however they arent even on the,influential list this year far from,being the cover Stars instead space can,be found for presidents Biden and,zelinsky as well as Florida Governor Ron,DeSantis under the area titled leaders,where they once took Center Stage even,Joe Rogan a contentious right-wing,commentator the couple dislikes even he,is mentioned additionally Megan wasnt,present when George and Amal Clooney who,were formerly friends and wedding guests,recently unveiled a new humanitarian,award in New York but do you know who,was invited and could be seen in honor,of South African Justice Alby sacks,dedication to ending apartheid the,Clooneys invited friends in the,entertainment industry to the September,unveiling of their Albee Awards which,were given that name this included,British actress Phoebe dynover of,Bridgeton Renown dhoni talibrasachi,Merle Street Dua Lipa Julia Roberts Gail,King Cindy Crawford Joni Turner Smith,Charlotte Tilbury and Janet Chan were,also among the celebrities that joined,human rights attorney amount following,that there was a party in the mark,hotels penthouse suite famously it was,where Megan hosted her extravagant baby,shower for Archie in February 2019 Amal,was there and offered Megan a ride back,to the UK on the Clooney Jet and yet,even though it took place far beyond the,Queens period of mourning Megan and,Harry were not present if the sussexes,were invited or not the Clooneys,Representatives did not respond to calls,for comment however clearly did mention,a few things about his relationship with,the Royals according to him we live not,too far from one another and we have,dinners and stuff and were friends with,them for all the reasons that youre,friends with anybody similarly later in,2019 when Megan was harassed by the,media while she was pregnant Clooney,stepped forward in her defense saying,theyre just chasing Meghan Markle,everywhere shes a woman who is seven,months pregnant and she has been pursued,and vilified and chased in the same way,that Diana was in its history repeating,itself he once swore claimed that The,Duchess was being treated in a manner,that felt unkind a month after Megans,baby shower in New York that the,clooneys havent spoken about their,Montecito friends since that time,Vaders side has brought up the,possibility that they have crossed paths,Harry and Megan have of course moved to,California since the baby shower after,having a falling out with the royal,family they have also come under Fire,particularly for continuing their,tell-all interview with Oprah when,Prince Philip was in critical condition,and moving on with Harrys Netflix,series and book spare so soon after the,Queens passing Michelle Obama a former,first lady is another well-known,International personality whose,friendship with Harry and Megan appears,to have fluctuated the Obamas have,established themselves as significant,role models for Harry and Megans lives,after leaving the UK thanks to their,generous foundation and lucrative,Netflix deal although

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