1. Good American Review… Overhyped?
  2. Good American Jeans Try On Haul *worth the $$$?*
  3. 5 Women Try Good American by Khloé Kardashian! [Sizes 2-18]
  4. GOOD AMERICAN size 16 jeans try-on (these were *NOT* cheap)
  7. GOOD AMERICAN REVIEW| New Favorite Jeans| Oh, Definitely A Must Have| KOLBY SHANTEL

Good American Review… Overhyped?

first Kylie failed me with Kylie swim,then Kim failed me with skins and I told,you guys I was done trying the,Kardashian Brands they had disappointed,me enough but no you guys said I had to,try good American so that is what were,doing today I bought a bunch of stuff,from good American were gonna play a,little game called guess how much I,spent so I bought seven items and Im,gonna give you a little moment to guess,how much that was,838 for seven items and some of them I,even got like a 30 discount on so,clearly a high price point anyways good,American for a long time I did not know,that this was like a Kardashian brand,but this is Khloe Kardashians line and,good American is definitely like your,basic everyday style like your jeans,your I dont know pants and some tops so,we got a good range of things today so,all these pieces are very expensive the,jeans are around 150 and I know that is,what people may pay for a pair of,high-end jeans personally I dont like,to spend over like 80 on jeans because I,know that I can get good quality jeans,for that much but jeans tend to be,something that lasts a long time so if,you want to splurge okay anyways I am,expecting some high quality stuff,because I am paying high quality prices,also while I was on the website they had,recently launched their Better Than,Leather collection so I also got some of,their faux leather Tech pieces so,without further Ado lets get into it,and then lets start off with the better,the leather pants so I got the better,than leather good icon pants these were,175 dollars and that is just tough for,me to want to spend because first of all,something something that really grinded,my gears was that okay this is going to,be a high-end brand Im gonna spend 150,on jeans if youre gonna make me spend,150 or more on these pants theres got,to be multiple lengths and guess what,guess what not multiple banks for my,tall ladies and my shorter ladies anyone,is not quote-unquote average height this,isnt for you and that is just truly,truly it just makes me feel like the,brands are lazy when they dont do that,because for pants especially not like,skinny jeans you just need multiple,links because Im not gonna look good,when the pants are short on me so,rant over we got a size four technically,their size chart I think they put me at,like a size three but then their sizes,came in like two four six so that was,very helpful so I feel like since were,entering into fall a nice little brown,leather pant is super cute so these are,the good icon pants I dont really know,about like their General like names for,things but they have several names I got,the burnt caramel color it feels like a,decent material it is a vegan leather I,feel like people shifted from calling it,felt leather to vegan leather just like,make it seem like they were like more,intentionally doing it when really its,just like more affordable but obviously,for the vegan people who dont like to,consume other Goods this is vegan okay,so the faux leather shell is 100,polyurethane okay and the banking is 100,polyester wear with care I wonder if you,can wash this hand wash called do not,iron dry cleanable so this is not,something that you are just going to,throw in the wash I think thats pretty,obvious based on the texture I honestly,dont even know how I would hand wash,these I would probably dry clean them,but I have never taken something to the,dry cleaner myself so we got a straight,leg hopefully this fits my large calves,because sometimes thats a struggle but,they look pretty cute the only pants,that I really feel comfortable buying,anymore are the Abercrombie curve love,because they give more room in the,glutes and thighs and then smaller in,the waist and thats the only way I can,get pants to fit me otherwise I have to,wear like a size six or even larger to,fit my glutes in my thighs and then the,waist is huge so were just hoping this,works because they did not have like,multiple styles of sizes like a curvy or,anything here is the material close up I,think it feels pretty good I did,recently try a skirt from Abercrombie,that was made of a faux leather material,and I was really not liking the feel of,that one it felt very plasticky this,ones feeling a little softer so lets,just give this a try okay these pants I,I honestly was expecting much worse,things from them lets start off up here,um so its definitely snug on my thighs,and my glutes that tends to be where,pants are tight on me I dont think I,could go any lower are in the size range,than this so This does fit me in that,area keep in mind these dont have any,spandex or stretch,um feels like they almost have just a,teeny bit of give to them just with this,material but I really would not expect a,lot of stretch so we have some front,pockets here a little pocket here its,just a regular button and zipper and,then you have the back pockets so,because this is a four and my waist,measurement was really more of like a,two I do definitely have some gaping of,the waist and theyre kind of sliding,down a little bit for me so if you have,a pretty large discrepancy between your,glute measurement and your waist good,American is probably not the place for,you I would definitely recommend like an,Abercrombie curve Love American Eagle,curvy style thing because these just,dont have that stretch and they dont,have the extra room in the glutes this,kind of confuses me why these wouldnt,have more room in the glutes because the,Kardashians have like very curvy hips so,this probably wouldnt even fit them,without some alterations to the waist,and since I know I can find pants that,fit me in the waist Im not so inclined,to buy a 175 pair of pants and then go,pay 30 more to get it altered definitely,not a good choice if you have a curvier,figure and the length on these is,actually not horrible for me,um I think I could wear these and they,dont look like theyre too short,um they definitely skim my calves a,little bit here but I dont think they,look awkward,um I think this is a good like straight,like shape for me so just because of the,waist issue and that these would slide,down on me,um for those reasons I would not keep,these but I do think they feel like a,nice leather material but yeah I just,dont really feel like Im getting like,a waste of snatching,feel these okay next were trying a pair,of jeans I have heard good things about,their jeans so these are the good,classic boot again only one length 155,dollars but for some reason I got like a,little discount when I was at checkout,and it took off like 25 from this so,that works I also got a four again the,size chart wasnt like super clear so,these are four slash 27 I wear a 25 in,the Abercrombie curve love but those,have more room in the glutes and I just,wasnt sure that these were going to,have that so these are a boot cut and a,boot cut is kind of like almost like a,less dramatic Flair but personally I,just havent been liking skinny jeans I,honestly am like bummed that we wore,skinny jeans for like so many years,because I just never really felt they,were super flattering on my shape so Im,loving the kind of wider like pant Trend,thats been going on these do have a raw,cut Edge so if you are shorter and these,are too long for you you can just kind,of cut them but theres nothing you can,do when youre too tall and that is the,boat that I am in Okay so the denim,feels good so we have 99 cotton one,percent elastin honestly I dont,generally need jeans that are super,stretchy as long as they fit really well,and I feel like just like a tiny bit of,give to these so just one percent we,just have like a classic zip up and,button in the front I like a simpler,Jean I dont like any details on the,pockets so I like this as well I just,have a feeling that this waist is,definitely going to be too wide for me,honestly jeans and like work pants were,always like the most difficult thing for,me to find luckily I just wear scrubs,now okay lets try these on okay guys I,know that jeans are ver

Good American Jeans Try On Haul *worth the $$$?*

hello everyone it is lucy and today,were going to be trying out good,american the denim company from khloe,kardashian so good american was founded,in 2016 and it was co-founded by emma,greed great day greed who is the ceo of,good american alongside her co-founder,khloe kardashian and if youre like me,and consider yourself a medium to large,brain person who enjoys watching small,brain tv then you would have seen the,most recent season of the kardashians,and in one of the episodes we follow,chloe along to a good american shoot,its basically like a mini ad slash pr,statement about the brand kind of,talking about their values and,everything and one of the things that,they mentioned that i thought was,particularly interesting about good,american is that they will only stock,with retailers that agree to stock the,full range of sizes which is cool now of,course i am just an australian lady on,the internet but actually im also an,australian lady in real life which means,that my access to good american is sort,of limited and its only been recently,in the last year or so that weve,started to see a very small selection of,their styles in stores here in australia,i did see them one time and i did see,that they were quite up there in price,theyre like 300 australian dollars and,its almost verging on some of those,like designer denim brands like a gold,is it a gold or a goldie i feel like,its,im actually not sure i think youve got,your sort of tiers of jeans so you sort,of got your budget slash like fast,fashion jeans and then i think you go up,to what i would call like specialty,denim brands so levis lee wrangler,those brands that really specialize in,denim specifically and they tend to be,around the like 100 to 200 range and,then from there you then go up again to,your designer denim and good american,fits into kind of the characteristics of,that middle section like its a denim,brand thats doing denim but its not as,expensive as like the 700 pairs of jeans,im typically an australian size 9 in,jeans so thats a waste 27 which is sort,of an in-between size between australian,eight to ten so thats a u.s four to six,and so i tend to go for those sort of,specialty denim brands just because they,tend to stock those in between sizes,that most kind of retailers that sell,lots of different clothes and then also,jeans dont tend to have historically my,favorite denim brands have been leigh,jeans and then i also really love pj,jeans which are a small australian denim,company and both of those brands i find,tend to be a little bit more,accommodating in the hips of their,designs um because you go gotta gotta,she got a booty,so when i do try on a pair that like,just spark joy um im very happy to just,like pay to a get the process done with,but also be to like have something good,in my wardrobe thats going to last im,just going to show you a really quick,clip of the jeans im wearing now just,so you can get an idea of like the,things that im looking for so this is,the chelsea jean from pj so its a,little bit more of a relaxed style as,you can see its really nicely fitted on,the waist but theres still quite a bit,of room,my hips butt and thighs are fitted but,not necessarily squished and that legs,are a little bit more of that classic,straight shape when a lot of times if i,try on straight leg jean styles they,tend to look like flares so they do have,a bit more of that traditional straight,leg denim good american in particular,seem to lead with diversity in a lot of,their campaign and branding and a lot of,their denim styles tend to have a little,bit of stretch in them or tend to at,least cater to a little bit of a curvier,body type and considering it is,co-founded by one of the kardashians you,think that hopefully the denim brand,owned by one of them would also,in turn cater to,curvier body types,like i know kimmy k i know bbl slay but,im just thinking it is co-founded by,someone who probably understands the,struggle of the waist hip ratio with,pants or jeans or anything,that hopefully,their brand will,will help solve that struggle so lets,find out i have the jeans i purchased,them from an australian retailer called,the iconic i didnt realize that they,actually had good american on there and,they recently had a 30 off sale so i got,all pairs significantly marked down um,it was still quite a bit of cashola and,im im actually hoping because some of,the styles are really cool im hoping,that i will actually find a pair that i,want to keep but uh regardless they do,offer free returns which is a godsend so,lets cross our fingers lets do a quick,summoning circle to the denim lords and,uh just hope that this goes okay so,starting off with the first pair these,are the from what i can tell the,original,good 90s jean these are best sellers on,the good american website so i,definitely knew i wanted to try these,and i do have a couple of variation on,the good 90s because i think its just,their best selling line or one of their,best-selling lines this is very much a,classic you know true blue indigo denim,with a little bit of a distressing on,the top the size i got for this one and,most of the pairs of jeans was the size,american six so thats a 28 waist they,didnt have a size in between the,four and the six which again tends to be,the size i go for so i sized it up for,all of them by one pair which well get,to when we get to i really like the kind,of little label on the pocket that,explains a little bit more about the fit,it says good 90s iconic 95s gene fitted,at the waist and backy through the body,where true to size or size up with the,inseam which is a 32. it makes me feel,good that i picked the 28 because thats,like a half size up for me typically,well see i dont know how theyre gonna,fit i do prefer a little bit of a,lighter wash than this typically i,prefer like a medium to paler wash denim,but i do think this beautiful blue,indigo color is quite universally,flattering on a lot of different people,the fabric is quite buttery and soft so,check the material composition because,typically if youre buying a rigid pair,of denim jeans like classic denim from,like levis or something like that,theyre usually a hundred percent cotton,can stand it as cotton and if youre,buying a pair of like stretchy jeans,from something like fashion nova they,tend to have like one two three percent,spandex but this is actually a cotton,and lyocele mix im not super familiar,with lye cell but it kind of indicates,to me because its not like theyre,stretchy but they do have a little bit,more give and a little bit more softness,than you would typically find in a denim,jean i should also mention that uh while,i think i got these for around 130,150 on sale they originally were,retailing at,330 australian dollars first impressions,they feel and look nice for 130 but even,if they feel and look nice uh at first,impressions for 330 dollars i want these,to look very good okie dokie so im,wearing the original good 90s jean this,is meant to be,their kind of like best-selling jean i,dont know if i got the sizing wrong or,what exactly is happening because these,are quite big for me and with the way,theyre sitting i think i would classify,them as a mid-rise because thats just,where my,like belly button is i dont know if,theyre meant to be like a mid to high,rise or a mid-rise i thought they were a,high rise from what i could tell i think,if they were tighter on the waist i,think maybe they would look more like a,traditional high rise or like mid to,high rise,i think they do look like nice quality,jeans like looking at the piece itself,and not necessarily how they fit i do,think they look,of quality from the front if were doing,this kind of like mid-rise style i dont,like hate how this looks but,that doesnt look great because its not,like structured and theres nothing like,holding it im doing like here which,would be high rise if we went down,there and committed to that wed still,need to get the bat taken in to make it,not look

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5 Women Try Good American by Khloé Kardashian! [Sizes 2-18]

we are back with another five,women try were actually sticking to one,brand and that is,good american so pretty and with these,orange nails,okay theres just so much room almost,like an,old kind of vintage you got,i hate this so much whats up you guys,welcome back we are back,with another five women try we are doing,something a little,bit different were actually sticking to,one brand and one brand only,and that is good american good american,is known for their size inclusivity,theyre known for their amazing jeans so,were really excited to get our hands on,some of these items and try them on for,you,so we are going to be letting you guys,know how it fits what we think about it,and give you our honest honest,thoughts this is my first time trying,good american so im super excited to,see how all the pieces fit,so stick around to the end to find out,which of these pieces is our favorite,and we may even end up liking someone,elses selection more than our own so,you gotta watch to find out i dont know,and as always all the links are down in,the description,below with that being said lets try on,these clothes,the first pick is mine uh it is the sexy,twist romper and i am obsessed with this,honestly the quality is so good its,super wrinkly because its been sitting,in a box all week my bad,the material is so soft um i love how,low its cut on the sides i love the,slouchy kind of boyfriend feel,im wearing the extra small through,extra large size category its like the,zero to four size category,but then they do go up and i believe,they go all the way up to five xl so,there it fits a variety of sizes,to really make sure that everybody has,the opportunity to get that slouchy fit,i do prefer,some of my clothes oversized but this is,just a little too oversized,everywhere i feel like you have to,balance it either baggy on the top,tight on the bottom and vice versa which,you know it looks like it is to be,oversized you know when wearing it,but like theres like a lot of room in,here it feels,so thin and so loose and so light,that it almost feels like im naked,which isnt a bad,thing but you know when youre walking,through the freezer section at the,grocery store,you may want something a little more,substantial that is quite a situation,i think it fits really nicely and the,material is nice its like,rubbery velvet but just like the top,layer of velvet like velvet is,thick and soft if you took off the,thickness and just had the softness,that would be what this feels like i,dont know if yall can put that,together just hear me say that but like,imagine what rubbery velvet feels like,thats what it feels like,i can like do anything in this i can mom,in this i can garden in this i can drink,in this i can party in this i can go out,in this,cleaning lounging its that perfect,apple or anything like just like brunch,with the girls or with the guys or like,whatever,in your backyard on your patio getting,right out of the shower bringing to the,beach as a cover-up with a bikini,underneath anywhere else i,probably wouldnt so i do like the,details in this piece i am wearing a,full bra here showing a little bit of,cleavage which im really into,i do think it is a little see-through,and like i said very thin,so you would have to layer it with,something because like just in case,shes like just a little bit nervous,that somethings gonna fly out because,the back and the sides are open,just a little bit of guard protection,the back,is really cute beautiful holder i like,this,detail here so definitely you know with,a different,kind of bra i do think this is cool that,you can like change these little,scrunchy,shoulder things aka straps i dont know,if that really does anything for the,tightness,of it so if you want to like look a,little bit more taller you can like pull,them up,and i do think that the length is pretty,pretty good you see my socks is long,like its a good,length it could be maybe like a half,inch longer for my liking,but all in all like its not as short as,i anticipated it like the idea of,belting it i should get a belt,a few moments later i feel like this is,an easy one,to love or hate like depending on your,style preference,i just think it comes down to style if,you like this type of style youre gonna,love this,for me i dont think it does anything,for my figure i think it just,hangs there and when youre kind of like,in a mid,size range you dont really want that,because it can just look really baggy,i dont think im a huge fan i feel like,2x to 5x is just a huge,gap a huge difference i do,like the fit and its kind of hard to,tell because this is,supposed to be an oversized piece as is,i love the pockets though,its 129 and if im gonna spend 129,on an item of clothing and invest that,much money i want to wear it,all the time and this is not something,that i would pull out of my closet all,the time,i do feel like for quality items i do,like to splurge,i dont think i would splurge 129 on,this,but hey maybe some people will cant win,them all i got,a good american,okay you guys we are in my pick this is,the body sculpted mini dress its 79,and according to good american sizes im,wearing the size,one which is their equivalent of a small,so i picked,this dress mainly because there werent,that many options with the sizes were,still available,that seems fair i really like that its,fitted i love this like,sage olive color i think its so pretty,especially on my skin and with these,orange nails,okay yes love the color,as soon as i saw i was like oh yes i,love that color i feel like its going,to be really good against my skin tone,the color of the dress is amazing i,think drew,nailed it i like the goal of this dress,i think its a really good,version of one of these like body con,tight dresses and its 79,which i dont think is a bad price for,this quality of dress i wish you could,feel like,i wish i wish we had touch vision so you,could touch it,like the stretch is amazing on it,its really snug and comforting in a way,its not tight its snug,like this material is thick yeah it is,the thickest material ive ever felt on,a dress im wearing like the thinnest,underwears ever and you can definitely,still see them it has a lining,which is amazing so you dont have to,worry about it being see-through,and when i tell you it will you in its,going to,you in as far as the sizing goes for,this piece i picked a five,which equivalates to like a 2x,and i probably could honestly size up i,know its supposed to be a little snug,but for my personal preference id,probably want it a little bit,looser im not wearing a bra with it but,i feel like,comfortable doing that because it is,double lined it doesnt really have much,support,but i do like that there is a second,lining the nipples are showing a little,bit,if you dont like your nipples showing,then you definitely would need to wear a,bra with this,i dont mind it i would feel confident,going out without a bra i almost feel,like having a strapless bra,would almost show too much just because,of this cut which i love i think this,cut is gorgeous i think its very,flattering in the back,its almost like a razorback so again if,you wanted to wear a bra you could wear,a razor back bra with it,the length of distress is problematic,for me because,i know i say this all the time but i,have no torso,and so it just doesnt really fit the,way i,i dont think its a splattering on,shorter people,thats my personal opinion i do really,like the length not too short,not too long i feel like its literally,just right it falls,just below my knees which i think is,beautiful its flattering,i almost wish it was like maybe a little,bit,shorter which would give my knees room,to like move,and a little bit less fabric-y,but it is so soft and so comfortable so,its really hard,to not say that i love it its very,versatile like you can wear this to,brunch,you can wear this to a business dinner,you wear this to work if you have a,corporate job,i do think that you could wear it with a,lot of different things

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GOOD AMERICAN size 16 jeans try-on (these were *NOT* cheap)

– Today we are doing another jeans try on.,And this one is a brand that I have like dabbled in,a little bit throughout the years,,but have never really tried to find my size and my style.,So this is going to be like a limited,,trying on different sizes, from Good American,,because this shit is expensive.,If any of these jeans do not work out,,I will be returning them, full disclosure.,And also, just a quick side note,,I know people have mixed feelings about the Kardashians,,myself included.,This jeans line, and this brand,is founded by Khloe Kardashian.,I do think that theres a conversation to be had,about Khloe and her sisters kind of,creation of different beauty standards,,and then claiming to be a victim to those beauty standards.,You know, thats a whole other separate conversation.,Today, we are just going to be focusing on the jeans.,They carry from a size 00 to a 24.,And I believe they carry like a 26,and 28 in some other things.,And they make really good quality jeans, I have to say.,I do know that they are making efforts,towards sustainability as well.,I definitely am not gonna claim,that theyre a sustainable brand.,But at least based off of what theyre telling us,,which we never know is true or not,,it does seem like theyre taking sustainable steps,,which is good.,However, Im just really curious,because Ive seen the way that these look,on street size influencers,,as well as influencers who are in larger bodies than mine.,So Im curious to see what its gonna look like on me.,So were gonna dive in, Im gonna give you my review,,how much it costs, all that good stuff.,You know, its me, your guinea pig at your service.,So lets do it.,Okay, ignore the bike shorts.,Its just cause were gonna be changing a lot.,So deal with it.,The first pair and the pair that actually made me,wanna start this entire video,is called the Good 90s jeans.,Now, if youve been watching me,,you probably know that I have been looking,for the perfect pair of 90s, semi-wide leg, kind of baggy,,sort of Gen Z approved jeans, if you will.,Thats just a name for them, by the way,,I dont like, Im not looking for Gen Zs approval.,Its just what people are calling them.,And so I found this pair, which,,Im not gonna lie, looks pretty big.,It looks like I mightve needed to size down.,And it was weird because I was trying my very best,to pay close attention to all of the reviews,,to what people were saying the sizes were like.,Do they run big, do they run small?,And like, there was a very mixed bag of opinions.,So I decided to just go with my normal size.,And I can tell you right now, by looking at these,,these are gonna be way too big.,So Im kind of annoyed.,I also of course measured myself,,looked at the size chart, and I was like, oh,,these will be a little bit baggy, but theyll be good.,So I dont know.,Maybe if I wear a belt, theyll be okay.,But we are gonna try them on because Im very curious.,These are pretty expensive.,They were $139, which is pretty pricey for jeans.,But I feel like lately Ive been trying to thrift jeans,and buy really kind of cheap, like $30 jeans,,over and over and over again.,And it keeps failing.,So Im wondering if maybe I invest in,a little bit nicer jeans, like if I buy a more expensive,,but better quality pair of jeans,,then Ill find my perfect jeans.,And then I wont have to keep spending money,on thrifted jeans, and other jeans.,Does that make sense?,Just like investing in higher quality things.,So, okay, were gonna try these on.,I really do like the back of these,and how they have cool seams down the pockets.,I really like the look of them.,I will try to flash you as little as possible here.,Lower you down just a little bit.,Good American Good 90s jeans, size 16.,Here we go.,Okay, feels very loose so far.,Oh no.,Oh no.,Why does this happen to me all the time?,What is going on?,Okay, you know what?,Im mad.,These are so big.,I mean maybe if youre supposed to wear em like this,,like if youre supposed to do that 90s thing,,like theres supposed to be more low-rise, I would get it.,But I want them to be more like this.,And they do feel high-rise.,So I would need to go down to at least a 14.,I am sad.,I really wanted these to be the ones.,Like I was really, really hoping for it.,But I get it.,I get that what Im looking for is kind of hard to find,,because I think what Im looking for,is like a mom jean mixed with a dad jean.,Cause I really do love the feel of the legs.,Like the feel is great.,I dont mind a baggy leg.,I just want it to be more fitted in the waist.,Not like so tight, like a mom jean,,where you cant bend over.,But just a little tighter.,You know what I mean?,I just had another idea because you know,,we talked about that TikTok hack,,and Ive worn it a couple of times,,these like extra buttons.,Ive worn them a couple of times in videos.,So Im gonna try this little TikTok hack here.,See if this is any better.,Its a little better.,Maybe I can go just like a tiny bit more.,Lets try one more.,Okay.,And then button it over here.,Its definitely better.,Okay, I think were getting somewhere.,Its definitely like,,I feel like I could move around and theyre not gonna,like fall off of my person, you know?,But I am pretty bummed because I was really,,really hoping to have this like cool, vibey 90s look.,Which I like the look of this,,but I just want this to be tighter.,So I think maybe Ill return these and size down to a 14,because I actually really love the bagginess.,I love that you can just like.,Are you kidding?,The fact that you can move around in jeans,and bend over, tie your shoes,,youre not being sliced in half, is kind of incredible.,Its what I love the most about,this jean trend at the moment.,So these may not be for everyone,,but I definitely know now,that Im wearing a tighter waist,,that I just need to return them for a smaller size.,So dont be like me and read the reviews,,or completely trust the size chart,,because they just run really big.,So definitely size down at least one size for these.,But they are cute.,Theyre not perfect,,but they are the best that I have found so far, I think.,Cause you can find mens jeans like this,,but they kind of, you know,,give me a little bit of a camel toe.,And the fact that I can wear these super high up,and theyre not giving me a camel toe is kind of epic.,I think once I have the right size,Ill like them a lot more.,Next up, we have a jean called the Good Boy jean.,And I think these are supposed to be,kind of like a boyfriend style.,And this intrigued me for a couple different reasons.,Number one, because this jean in particular,was offered in a size 15.,And I was like, huh?,Cause I genuinely feel like sometimes I am a size 15,,like sometimes a 14 is too small and a 16 is too big.,And so I was like, is this my new favorite jeans brand?,So that really intrigued me about this.,And on here, theres like a little patch on the butt.,It says, Good Boy, vintage inspired,curvy jean with flat tummy technology,,and a gap-proof waistband.,I dont really care about all that,,but I am curious to see.,So I feel like these are maybe like a step down from these,,like these are the super 90s, super baggy moment.,And then maybe these are slightly reeled in a bit.,And a fricking size 15, like what the heck?,I really like how Good American does,this kind of like crisscross .,The butts of their jeans are very cute, I will say.,These look a little bit more up my alley.,So well see how it goes.,Lets try these ones on.,Oh, okay.,So these are a button-fly, heads up.,The last one was zipper.,So far, feels pretty good.,Okay.,Interesting.,Okay, were gonna button all like 87 of these buttons.,Feeling a little tight, not gonna lie.,But it is stretching a bit.,Oh.,Okay.,Heres the thing.,These are much tighter in the waist.,Like completely different style of jean.,Theyre not as long on me.,I mean, theyre definitely still a full length.,But these are yeah,,kind of more of like a straight jean.,Number one, I really love how high-waisted it is.,That


im sure you have seen every influencer,have sponsor campaigns and theyre like,these are the best jeans ever these are,made for all the kirby girls you need,these jeans and im like yes yes i need,them,give them to me,and then you like check the price tag,and theyre a hundred and like fifty,dollars and youre like,are they really that good,because you said two pairs of jeans ago,those ones were the best,today im gonna give you,the honest opinion we are comparing,two,of the best,jeans for the curvy girl were trying,out the good american jean and the,abercrombie curve love jean so if you,guys have been on the fence with,purchasing from either brands,this is a true unfiltered try on review,you guys are going to see this in real,time were trying them on together,which jean is best good american or,amber crombie lets jump into this,[Music],hey everyone welcome back my name is,danielle and this is daniella diaries,welcome to vlogmas day whatever hi how,are you if you guys are new here hi my,name is danielle and like i said this is,daniela diaries and this is a great,place to be real friends around here and,i would love for you to subscribe so if,you guys have not please subscribe do,not forget to hit the notification bell,and leave a give it a like i say give it,a like and then leave a nice comment,down below we are really trying to beat,the youtube algorithm because its,playing me its playing me and theyre,just just shoving me underneath the rug,and i need you all to help me get seen,so i would love for you to help me out,and stick around because its a good,place to be and i would hope you guys,would like it here as i previously as i,previously stated i have seen a ton of,campaigns especially right now since,this quarter four a lot of brands are,putting out sponsored content and ive,seen a lot of my favorite favorite,influencers talk about good american and,talk about amber crombie um if you guys,dont follow to name a few of like my,either mid-size or plus-sized girls i,really love like shaynas life she shana,maretti oh i love her she even used to,have a youtube channel i dont know if,her channel is still active but she does,a lot of,fashion videos shes i knew she was,going to be huge shes amazing and she,always talks about um,good american and amber crombie crystal,heredia,super ashley they always do these videos,and im kind of taking a page out of,their book because they always try on,the jeans,and they do it in a body suit so thats,what im going to do were trying them,on a body suit but yeah so these are,definitely inspired by those lovely,ladies so thank you guys for being a,voice for the midsize plus size,community because for a long time there,was nobody but here we are,shes out here flexing flex and the,booty muscles,but to give you guys a little run down i,am recently been on a uh journey of like,weight loss not even weight loss for,more like body com uh recomp with more,of a fat loss approach so i have been,slimming down and ive gone from a size,14 to either like a 10 12,and i have been really struggling with,finding good jeans so my issues are with,denim i used to really love american,eagle jeans but they had so much stretch,in them that they were always like its,stretchy and baggy and i was always like,pulling them up and they just never like,i felt like they didnt have a nice,thick tummy panel um,but they did okay with the booty and,they had like only like a slight bit of,a back a slight bit of a blah a slight,bit of a back gap my tried and true has,always been fashion nova for their jeans,especially the fashion nova brand ive,always done really well with them but i,also wanted a more high quality denim,and ive been watching a lot of fashion,vloggers and stuff like that ive been,really getting into that lately and,their big thing is you should always,invest in a good quality pair of denim,even if you only have one or two pairs a,good pair of jeans will make and break,the outfit they will really,level it up and its essential to your,wardrobe so i was like all right,lets do this so i was going through and,the majority of the people said either,amber crombie curve or um good american,we dont really have um i dont like,going to the mall yeah there are some,malls that sell these things i dont,even know where you would find good,american at in store,but i knew that i didnt want to go to,the mall during christmas,here came black friday cyber monday,black friday is where i ordered the,amber cromie jeans and i believe all,their jeans were like 30 40,off and i ordered a pair from amber,crumby and then on cyber monday good,american was offering 30,off and they already had jeans that were,marked down 40 so youre able to combine,both so i was able to actually get a,pair of abercrombie jeans for 65 and a,pair of good american jeans for 65. i,was like hell yeah,sweet,sizing was going to be weird so like i,said im kind of learning in between,jean sizes and im struggling with kind,of figuring out what size i am now so i,did order everything in a size 12 and i,just crossed my fingers i did kind of,take reference from the other people,ive seen order on um,sites and like what size they were and,what they were and what i wear so i kind,of went off shaynas um size and i think,she does a size 12 in amber crombie and,um good american so i was like well,maybe theyll fit me,so anyways let me show you what i got,the first pair are going to be from,amber crombie these are the 90 straight,ultra high rise and the curve love and i,got these in a 31 or a 12 regular,so thats the tag,okay retail price do they have that on,here retail price for these are 89,my goodness honey in canada theyre 94.,why is everything more money in canada,so heres what they look like they are,like a gray fade wash which i really,liked i wanted something like this i,will say selection was super limited for,sizing but i will say i believe these go,all the way up to like an 18 or a 20. so,they go all the way up to a 37,which is what what is a 37 equivalent to,all right so amber cromie goes all the,way up to a size 24 which is impressive,i will be honest with you guys i,remember when like that song like,abercrombie had,black girls really make me sick that one,and i like girls who wear amber crown,being fit that song you know i remember,when that was big and i tried to wear,clothes from abercrombie and honey,nothing was fitting me okay like if you,were like above a size six in that store,you werent getting like th they were,tiny petite so when they came out with a,curved live i was like all right lets,see so anyways they go to a size 24,which i love the size inclusivity here,okay i like that were trending with,this okay,because all bodies matter honey,everybody deserves a nice pure denim so,bravo for getting on the trend a little,late but nonetheless you jumped on so,okay so these are the jeans again,they have a little bit of fading i got a,size 12.,i dont know what size i am,fingers crossed,these,these do not have any give these are not,feeling very stretchy at all it says,fitted with a full length straight,length featuring additional two inches,um theyre fit through the hip,i dont know they tell you the,tell you the ingredients i dont know,they aint got no this barely has any,stretch but these are a high rise,and they have a straight flip but they,do have some slits at the bottom and a,little bit of a frayed,um,edge i like the slits with like boots,and stuff like that ive been really,digging um like a straight leg pant and,a post like a skinny jean but i like to,have both so i ordered one of each but,nonetheless i love this color i think,this would be super cute you could dress,up dress down you wear with boots or you,can wear with sneakers i love that so,these are the first ones like i said,i dont know,they didnt get no stretch though,curve love i dont know if you gonna try,it theyre nice though you can tell,these arent like a cheap denim theyre,real heavy thick quality,like the you would think that th


hey beauty today Im going to be sharing,a good American haul Im not gonna lie,this video was totally inspired by,Instagram targeted ads because I could,not escape the sale on sale ads from,good American which I kind of thought,that I did because I found some good,finds hear me out I kind of want to,start a new series where I shop places,that I wouldnt normally shop I did,recently share an Abercrombie video and,Ive shared like Urban Outfitters in the,past and now I moved on to good American,so if you want to see a series of me,shopping places that I normally wouldnt,shop definitely let me know down in the,comments below or give this video a,thumbs up I did also shop the sale at,Abercrombie so maybe we could do some,sort of fun take on that I think itll,be fun just to switch up some of my,videos because I know I do focus a lot,on Amazon and Walmart which are my two,favorite places to shop when I shop at,different places I end up finding pieces,that I normally wouldnt Buy and they,become like my favorite in my closet so,I thought that would be fun anyways if,you are new to my channel my name is,Deandra and I share lots of Amazon and,Walmart content I do try to make all of,my fashion hauls its super affordable,we are bougie on a budget around here so,if you are too youre definitely gonna,fit in hit that subscribe button down,below to become part of the fam and,lets get into this good American haul,happy dance okay so of course we want to,talk about the denim first but I did,pick up a few tops the first pair I want,to talk about I feel like are gonna be,one of my everyday basic pair of denim,this one is called the good classic and,I ordered them in a size 6 28 which is,my normal size that I usually pick up I,got this for extra 50 off and I ended up,paying 59.60 for them which I totally,feel like the quality fabric is worth it,I love that theyre just a basic denim,no ribs no,trendy holes or anything like that on,this pair so its definitely a classic,pair that I can wear throughout the,years it does have some distressing,right here in the pocket just making,them look a little bit more lived in it,does also have some fade right here and,some distressing right here on the back,pockets as well its supposed to be like,a comfort Flex waist they are more of a,mid-rise pair of jeans I do also find,that right here in like the crotch area,its a little bit more loose it is a,good pair of jeans just to wear like,hanging out around the house or just,running a quick errand or two theyre,very comfortable I like this medium wash,color I think its super cute theres,slight give but I would not call these a,stretchy pair of jeans at all the bottom,hem does have a slight distressing as,well I do like the length on these I am,only five one they look great with a,pair of heels and they also look good,with tennis shoes I just did a Barefoot,try on just so you guys could see the,length without any shoes getting in the,way I have also tried these on on Tick,Tock I feel like Im gonna gravitate,towards these over my Levis if Im,being honest just because my Levis do,tend to slide down and with the Comfort,waist I dont find that they slide down,my hips even though theyre not like,super snug on my waist Im really liking,these honestly theyre a good casual,pair of everyday jeans and then I did,also pick out the good legs crop which,these are basically just a dark wash,skinny jean they do have a lot of,stretch in them and the waistband does,also have some stretch in them I also,tried this one on for my Tick Tock video,and I really like these Ive also styled,them for the fall with a pair of cowgirl,boots I am from Texas so it is very,practical for me just to walk around in,cowgirl boots I know that skinny jeans,really arent that trendy and its like,Millennial of me to have them but I do,like over-the-knee boots in the fall,time I needed a good pair of skinny,jeans to tuck into my tall boots,honestly I dont really care its not,like Im gonna be going out to like bars,and places where I need to be super,trendy like I would totally wear these,to a school function with some cute,boots and a cute little sweater Im not,trying to be like Tick Tock try ready,all the time so I do really like these,and I feel like Ill have them in my,closet for a long time these do not have,any distressing there is like a slight,brushed distress right here but not very,much honestly they do also have just a,slight color right here in the legs but,not much in the back these are so,comfortable theyre not a pair of skinny,jeans that are going to feel too tight I,could totally move my legs around sit in,these and you cant go wrong with a dark,wash pair of skinny jeans with the 50,off at discount I ended up paying 50 to,15 for these skinny jeans and then I,ended up going back for these because I,got an email from good American offering,me a 20 gift card so of course I had to,use that I will say that their marketing,emails feel very personalized I actually,really appreciated that,um Im checking my necklace because I,spent a good like 45 minutes trying to,get it to stay the right way but anyways,these are called black but they are more,of a washed gray color I knew I was,gonna love these because I had a pair of,gray straight leg jeans from American,Eagle but they had a hole in the knee,and that hole literally ended up ripping,all the way down my leg I wore them all,the time they look so Chic with just a,black tank top some heels or even a pair,of Vans and a cute little black hoodie I,actually wear gray jeans a lot so I was,excited to receive these and these ended,up being my favorite of the three the,fit is amazing its actually called the,good boy and its supposed to be like a,boyfriend fit they are high rise super,smoothing right here in the the belly,mom belly area and again they have a,comfort waistband so you see thats,light stretch these do have distressing,right here in the pockets also along the,waistband and the back and the front and,they do have a little bit of distressing,in the knee nothing crazy the straight,leg fit is super cute I would say the,length on these are actually really nice,its not a cropped style I think they,would look cute with heels and with,tennis shoes with the 50 discount and,the 20 gift card I ended up paying 67.05,for these that price point in my opinion,is totally worth it because I love these,jeans and the way that they fit the way,that they feel even the color I feel,like is slightly different its not,something that youre gonna find a lot,for that reason I totally feel like the,67 dollars is worth it what I pay full,price no but Im just like not a full,price kind of girl you know moving on,lets get into the tops I could not shop,good American and not try out a bodysuit,because that is what Miss Coco is known,for so I went with this a glittery one,and the kelly green color my reasoning,is that I have a lot of attachment to,this color first of all you could wear,this every single year during the,holidays it is just the perfect,Christmas color you could also wear this,on St Pattys Day also I graduated from,UNT so my alma mater is this color which,is why I say I have emotional attachment,to this color I want to say it comes in,a gold and a silver and maybe a pink,there are other color options dont,quote me on those but I just fell in,love with this color and I figured Id,get a lot of wear out of it Im not,gonna lie though it is slightly itchy,like not in the bodice area or anything,its only itchy right here in the,neckline and the armholes from where,this glittery fabric is folded over for,that Stitch its more like a leotard,where it doesnt have any openings or,snap buttons or anything of the sort on,the bottom which kind of sucks because,if Im going out in this Im gonna have,to get naked to pee and theres a zipper,in the back which makes it hard to get,out of on my own so Im gonna have to,like just cut it and make sure that both,my front and back are tucked in Ill,show you the inside bec

GOOD AMERICAN REVIEW| New Favorite Jeans| Oh, Definitely A Must Have| KOLBY SHANTEL

foreign,[Music],hi guys,i am back welcome to my youtube channel,um where i share all things home fashion,and lifestyle if you have not already be,sure to subscribe click the bell below,so that you can get notified when new,videos are uploaded so today i am back,with a good american,review if you have not already heard,about good american good american is,khloe kardashians baby and,the brand is amazing i was part of a,collaboration with good american and i,received some products and i just wanted,to briefly review them give you a little,insight i wanted to just share with you,a little bit about the products and how,i am loving them so far,and if you are considering,ordering something from good american or,even trying out their jeans they are,amazing and i 10 out of 10 would,recommend,you try,them out so im getting ready to put the,jeans on,and were going to talk about them these,are the american jeans that i received,from the brand i will put this style,jean down in the description box below,but the stretch factor is,amazing,and wait time put them on like it hugs,every little curve,curvature,you have and its impeccable theyre,definitely worth the price so many of,you know that american jeans are a,little pricey but they are worth the,dollar amount because the product the,quality the material you hear me is,absolutely,amazing,so im gonna put these on,and,show you what im talking about so im,pulling them up,and,like i said the stretch factor,is impeccable,most jeans will have like that extra,space back there,um sometimes in your waist and it just,doesnt fit your crotch area well but,these jeans have absolutely no gapping,fits your waist,a very contoured minimalistic look like,i said there are a few rips,in the jeans but i think theyre really,classy rips um if you guys have been,following me for a little while,on my instagram account i asked people,last summer if ripped jeans are still in,style because i feel like were in this,season where like everyone is,minimalistic everyone is going for a,very clean polished look and sometimes,im just not sure whats trendy when it,comes to jeans but,i just think these are cute i think,theyre tasteful,i do think they give off a minimalistic,vibe because the rips like i said are,very minimalistic,they just are classy theyre not,up near your upper leg and thigh area,theyre down below the knee,and theyre pretty small okay it is a,cream,nude ribbed bodysuit ill also put the,style to this bodysuit down in the,description box below,the stretch factor on this bodysuit is,amazing like,look at that,amazing other thing that i absolutely,love about this bodysuit is that it has,a thumb strap,for the bodysuit part so in the event,that you want to wear this with um,something that you dont want your panty,line to show with this is,definitely,your go-to so i do believe that this,style bodysuit comes in three colors,black,white and nude,so if you are interested in the cow neck,style with the thong,strap you are limited to your color,selection they do have other body suits,though so if you are looking for a,different style body suit or if youre,looking for a full body suit where,theres no thong strap they do have,those options as well so i really love,the diversity of the brand and,considering everyone in their,preferences,ensuring that they have things for,everyone is tasteful to me personally,because obviously everyone does not like,a strap up there behind,everyone is not comfortable with thongs,and so when you do have the option for,the full covering the full cheek that is,also preferred for some people and they,have considered that and theyve,considered you so whenever im shopping,for brains im always considerate of,ensuring theres diversity and,consideration of everyone every body,type etc and so i believe that good,american,is considerate of all body types all,body shapes and sizes and,it shows in their products so the,stretch factors in their jeans it is,just considered all around so im going,to try this body suit on really quick,just to give you a feel of what it looks,like it is getting,snatched so theres no gapping in the,torso area its just really really clean,really really polished i am a petite,woman so obviously i dont have a lot of,excess weight around my torso area but,in the event that you do have extra,weight in your torso area i feel like,this body suit will help keep you,together in conjunction with the the,jean or the style gene that you should,you select if you do like the,high waist jeans the bodysuit i think it,will just help you look really really,together help you look really poised and,give you like a posture,make you look like you have an awesome,figure,this is the bodysuit and im loving i,believe that i need this bodysuit in the,three colors and so earlier i told you,ladies that this was a cow neck please,forgive me,considered editing that out but im,gonna just be a thousand percent human,and say that this is a mock neck um so,this is a mock neck not a power neck so,please put it there but here um,is just a closer view,closer view of,the look,and we love it we love good american,please if you have not already,shopped with good american go shop,asap its totally worth the buy um and,its a really good investment of good,quality material quality products in,your wardrobe i think were all getting,to this space in life where we are,trying to buy less and use the products,that we have and make sure those,products that we have are quality so if,you are on that page that way this is,for you good american is for you,and i encourage you to shop,thank you thank you thank you so much,for tuning in to,my good american review like i said if,you have not already be sure to,subscribe click the bell so that youre,notified when new videos drop and i will,see you soon bye,[Music]

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