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Good Time – Movie Review

good time was directed by the safty,brothers and stars of Robert Pattinson,and is the story of two brothers who try,to rob a bank but get caught one of them,does anyway and Robert Pattinson is free,trying to do everything in his power to,figure out how to get his brother out of,a really terrible Corrections Facility,its a very bad area and hes positive,his brother is not gonna survive the,night so we follow him on a real-time,adventure in which he tries to do,everything in his power to get money to,bail his brother out the movie reminded,me of collateral in one specific way,its one guys really crappy night and,all of his attempts to keep digging,himself out of a hole that hes dug for,himself and its really riveting,especially because of the way its,directed the safty brothers have a very,unique perspective on City nightlife,they use a lot of close-ups a lot of,long takes sometimes it feels very,documentary esthe which is really,riveting for this style because its a,very grungy and filthy movie and this,style really enhances that and a lot of,that is due to a unhinged performance by,Robert Pattinson who gives his best work,ever,hes really good here and his,performance along with the writing is,actually really ballsy he does and says,things that are considered so,politically incorrect nowadays that you,cant ever say in movies but theyre,things that criminals and his position,would do theyre not babying one another,when they talk they say filthy things,and they do filthy things theres a,cringe-worthy kissing scene that made my,mouth drop and I havent felt that way,in a movie in many years its been a,long time since Ive seen a film that,has audacious moments like that that,make you just sit back and be like wait,a second did that really just happen and,while I didnt enjoy looking at it it,gave me a lot of respect for the,filmmakers and there are scenes like,that in this film that make you feel,like youre watching something totally,real thats not Hollywood thats not,with real actors its just people doing,something dirty and gross and theres,tons of filthy scenes like that that,make you have a respect level for the,filmmakers because Robert Pattinson,scare achter in this film has virtually,nothing redeeming about him,he really loves his brother and thats,about it besides that hes pretty much,the scum of the earth and there theres,no amazing arc for him theres no like,glassy Hollywood moment where he sees,the rainbow on the horizon this guys an,[ __ ] and hes an [ __ ] through the,whole movie and whether or not you can,watch a film like that and be riveted by,a great performance and really good,camera work thats gonna be up to you,I found this film extremely surprising,and really really fresh also really good,in this movie is penny safty one of the,directors who plays his brother and his,work is so good here specifically in an,opening scene that has him answering,these questions from a therapist or a,community aide or someone like that and,you can really see the pain in his face,that he hates his life that he hates,this position hes in and both him and,his brother are just going to try to do,their best to dig themselves out of it,and its riveting to watch them both try,good time is one of my favorite,thrillers that Ive seen in a long time,as for flaws sometimes towards the,middle that can drag a little bit,theres a sequence where Pattinson is,stuck in someones house for quite some,time and youre wondering when the plots,going to pick up again the first 20 to,30 minutes are essentially perfect in my,opinion theres not a single flaw I,could find and I was on the edge of my,seat sometimes the film will dip down,and present characters or scenes that,dont really have much interest but,theyre letting you know things that,happen previously with new characters,who are being introduced and while the,direction and writing is as I said,pretty fresh and entertaining sometimes,the pacing is an issue it goes from,being really riveting to okay whats,going on to riveting again but still the,the neon drenched look of the city the,documentary esque camerawork really,impressed me Im gonna give good time,and a – if you guys get a chance to see,this one it has finally expanded into,more theaters definitely check it out,you guys are the best and as always if,you like this you can click right here,and get stubborn eyes,[Music]


I definitely like extreme characters,kind of its just more fun to play and,also even when I read the script I mean,theres so many bits which its kind of,funny and then like you dont know how,to feel about him its like the guy is,making really kind of gross decisions,like a lot of the time and theres still,something there which youre like and,understand why Im sort of okay with,this guy I mean nobody hate him,afterwards right hopefully this film is,exceptional its fast paced it feels,real it keeps you invested its gritty,as hell and is an adrenaline rush from,start to finish if you havent seen it,watch it immediately and if you still,arent convinced stick around because,you should be by the end of the video I,guarantee you will never look at a,sprite bottle the same way by the end of,this film,welcome to the film ese the film is a,thriller that rides this really,interesting line between being a crime,drama and a kind of absurdist comedy,with elements of horror from time to,time its directed by the safty brothers,the film centers around the relationship,between Connie whos played by Robert,Pattinson from Twilight by the way a is,the Twilight fans out there just cannot,wait to see this its very almost,heartbreaking because they dont want it,to be over and is mentally [ __ ],brother Nick who lives in Queens the,film opens with the scene of Nick,attending therapy and its clear he,doesnt like it there but its implied,that its necessary for him we first,introduced to Connie when he bursts in,and attempts to interrupt the session,taking his brother with him to help him,rob a bank,this botched robbery ends up leaving,Nick in prison and the rest of the film,takes place over one adrenaline-filled,night where Connie tries to save his,brother and himself so the first thing I,want to talk about mister characters,every character in this film feels,completely real and Im not just talking,about the main characters I mean people,who show up for a couple of seconds Im,pretty sure they didnt have permits for,half the scenes they shot on the streets,which actually adds to this because the,people in the backgrounds dont look,like extras,because theyre just regular people,unaware theyre in the film one of the,characters in this film that does the,best job is Connick they managed to make,us empathize with him which is pretty,amazing because throughout the film hes,distinctly unlikable,he lies manipulate schemes behaves,recklessly and thinks hes far cleverer,than he is but despite us we root for,him throughout we see the love he has,for his brother and we understand the,world he exists him everything in this,film was a hustle and we understand how,the system is rigged against him we see,how he thought it would all go smoothly,we understand his mistakes and his love,for his brother throughout is what keeps,us empathizing with them another,character that is absolutely fantastic,is right,I mean after doing two years in jail,what the [ __ ] do you think is gonna,happen man Im gonna Im gonna want a,[ __ ] drink by the way Im getting a,bottle of brandy and Im already,practically broke with the little money,that was left in my account,so I call my boy some more liquor he,shows up halfway through the film and in,a way he represents Connie he too exists,with little money and has turned to a,life of crime the difference between the,two is that Connie thinks hes not like,gray he thinks hes smarter than him and,is a different class of criminal as the,film goes on every choice Connie makes,just causes everything to get worse and,destroys the people around him ray even,tries to talk to him about how much time,he is facing in the apartment and Connie,judges him and smirks at him saying hes,better than ray while ray replies that,no ones better than anyone ray as the,dark truth Connie doesnt want to accept,my teacher s gives a spellbinding,performances ray his character feels so,goddamn real and in a way so horrifying,the scene where he paused the bottle of,acid into the security guards mouth is,vengeful and feels so real and so,disturbing hes almost nonchalant about,it and in this way demonstrates the dark,consequences of a life of manipulation,the things Connie will end up to,if he goes down this path but its not,just the big characters even the guy in,the bail bonds place feels so real,listen to the safty brothers talking,about the scene and you understand their,commitment to realism,were idolizing it in a way that you,idolized the neighborhood landmarks,were trying to create new Empire State,buildings for each neighborhood when we,went looked for locations it was very,important that each one was an iconic,thing we actually pride ourselves that,we shot in all five boroughs of the city,in this movie year you know we went out,of our way to try to involve as much,fabric of the city and of this story as,possible there was a movie star whos,originally played the bail bondsman and,it didnt work out for a number of,reasons as mostly our fault but we went,back and reshot it with the actual bail,bondsman whose office that it was a,scene as such a narrative one such an,expository one by having the real fabric,in there it kind of grounds it the,cinematography is brilliant most of the,film is close-ups of peoples faces a,lot of handheld camera and a lot of,quick cuts this gives the film a kind of,claustrophobia and a really fast pace to,add to its adrenaline-filled nature so,much of this film is a study of human,character and the close-up shots of,people throughout help us really connect,and understand characters motivations,the distorted shots also build this,incredibly gritty realistic tone that,draws us into the world the film is,creating the shots at nights are some of,my favorites,playing with a very short focus and,intense background lighting to give,these intense people shots with colors,almost bleeding behind them its almost,like a fever dream youre having and,its such a rush to watch the music adds,so much to the film the soundtrack,echoes the mind of Connie distorted,agitated and pulsating from scene to see,every decision made by Connie makes,everything so much Willis yet he tries,to keep his composure thinking hes,going to be able to get out of this,situation,however as things gradually get worse,and worse the loud pulsating music shows,us how his mind is working overtime and,Ill screwed up the situation hes in,really is the song over the end credits,as opposed to the rest of the soundtrack,but really displays the emotional core,to this film listen to the lyrics think,about honor,twisting and undo anything these dreams,Im in to lead a Pure Life,look ahead in a clear sky aint gonna,get there,but its a nice dream its a nice dream,the film plays with a lot of themes it,displays what people will do for one,another and do to one another showing,both the good and the ugly in humanity a,lot of the film is centered on the,failure of the American justice system,the fact that Nick is trapped in prison,just because Connie is not rich enough,to pay his bail shows how America is,only really just for the rich Nick,wouldnt even have ended up in hospital,if their family were rich enough to pay,his bail the film also shows how people,like ray can get trapped in a life of,crime drugs and prison time theres,little hope for him,no money no career prospects surrounded,by people trying to make a quick buck,and distrusted by everyone the taxi,driver but not trusting ray simply,because he used to be in jail even,though Rays mother would pay him caused,ray to end up in hospital,speeding down the road 3040 miles an,hour and I know were getting close,enforcing the precinct I know my local,Christian its not far,and Im not going back to jail I just,look down at the pavement and just jump,showing how American society treats,ex-cons as second-class citizens want to,talk about the end of the film and how,haunting it is Nick really doesnt want,to be there although its technically,good for him his only way to participate

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Good Time Video Essay: A Humanistic Approach to Character Development

okay lets talk about,good time the 2017 film,directed by the sapti brothers and,starring robert pattinson,is one of the most intense crime,thrillers of the 2010s,its a story about a man named connie a,criminal narcissist,and nick his mentally disabled brother,the story revolves around a bank robbery,gone wrong where nick,ends up getting arrested in the process,the rest of the film follows connie as,he attempts to right the wrongs of his,failed robbery attempt,falling deeper and deeper into a hole,that is increasingly more difficult to,climb,out of this film is a lot to process,on its first feeling the aesthetics of,the film are both visually pleasing,and visceral the uncomfortable close-up,shots throughout the film give it a very,claustrophobic feeling,making you feel almost trapped within,the films environment,the dialogue comes off as extremely,naturalistic,almost like a documentary rather than a,fictional film,and when you add the synth-heavy,soundtrack provided by daniel lopeten,you get this barrage of both,complementary and contrasting filmmaking,that adds to the anxiety that is,presented through the films,storytelling,in my opinion the overall aesthetics of,the film help elevate good time beyond a,simple crime drama,but with that being said im not going,to specifically talk about the,aesthetics of good time,to be completely frank uncut gems,succeeded in creating a similar,aesthetic,the claustrophobic shooting style the,intense pacing,the synth soundtrack its all there,and given the fact that uncut gems is,much more popular,in comparison to good time i feel like,its important to talk about what makes,good time unique,and in my opinion more impactful,in order to understand the films impact,we have to answer a,pretty straightforward question why do,we,as the audience care about connie,a simple response to this question could,be connies love for his brother,throughout the whole film we see connie,as his helpless romantic,one thats willing to do anything in,order to get his brother out of jail,we see a brother that promises nick a,brand new life for both of them,one without the burden of the city or,past transgressions,see connie might do some bad things,along the way,but his actions are coming from a place,of love,therefore we forgive him right well,i dont think its that simple,well yes i do think connie loves his,brother i also think he manipulates him,as well,his speech he gives to nick right after,the bank robbery is a pretty,clear example of that and on top of that,he also lacks any sort of empathy,towards the people around him,his girlfriend rey the security guard,crystal all of these characters end up,being used and abused by connie,in order for him to reach his goal his,actions,even if he himself believes they are,selfless,are actually quite selfish in nature,so if its not love that makes connie a,redeemable character,what is it why do we care about connie,as a character to answer this question i,think its important to look at the,safety brothers previous filmography,some of their most well-known films up,to this point of making good time,included heaven knows what daddy,longlegs,and lenny cook heaven knows what was a,story about a girl,struggling with her addiction to heroin,where the main actress went through,similar struggles,in her own life daddy longlegs was a,story about a somewhat absent father,taking care of his kids for two weeks,and that story was loosely based on the,directors relationship,with their father and lenny cook was,literally a documentary on lenny cook,a high school basketball prodigy who,could not capitalize on his dreams of,playing basketball professionally,all of the characters in these films had,a backdrop,to fall back on the actress from heaven,knows what was able to look back on her,struggles with drug addiction in order,to give a more accurate performance in,her film,the father from daddy longlegs was able,to use stories given by the directors,in order to portray his character more,accurately,and lenny cook was able to relive his,past struggles in order to help create a,realistic tone,for his documentary these choices,along with the many non-actors present,in many safety brother films,add a sense of realism that is,impossible to emulate in a purely,fictional film,but the satu brothers dont believe,thats the case we ended up writing up,really,trying to learn the character so he,started writing his backstory and the,backstory was arguably harder to write,than the screenplay,because it was minute one of life to,minute one of the movie,what is his backstory if you could flush,it out its that,uh he says this in the movie he says,that he,lose to a couple times and his,his father died and he lives with,and the mother is estranged uh issues,with,with uh substance abuse and they live,with their grandmother nick,and and connie um just dont forget,about the uncles the car dealership,and i might i might forget about that,im gonna forget about that part,essentially he grows up with a very you,know in this,hostile sort of negative environment,living with his,uh brother um and his grandmother,he goes down a bad road he ends up in,prison in,prison he has a kind of um i guess its,a kind of enlightenment you know i dont,know if it comes from reading the bible,and running across,joseph but he suddenly sort of fancies,himself as this kind of provider that he,has a mission that he has,um that his sort of purpose in life,which hes never sort of felt before is,to reconnect with this brother,in building a whole backstory filled,with trauma and neglect,as well as a whole experience as an,inmate you suddenly remove the character,from connie,and instead you make connie a real,person,this extensive storyline to connies,life actually helps make some of his,less redeemable qualities more,understandable in context the first,quality that comes to mind is the fact,that,connie is straight up a pathological,liar,in many instances in the film kami,seamlessly strings together lies in,order to push through whatever,obstacle is in front of him there are,points in this film where it feels as if,connie believes in his own lies,and that his reality is separate from,others,you know like any kind of con man,uh every every lie is,a truth but i think to connie its,becomes almost more of a truth than uh,than the average liar um,i think because he has hes so uh,he has so much conviction to his purpose,that like,he convinces himself very very very,quickly and i think all these times,theres this scene and theres another,scene,when im talking to a cop in the,hospital,and it was we talked about a lot at the,beginning when its,hes lying but hes not lying its like,hes,hell create these stories in his head,and its kind of its no longer a lie to,him as hes saying this this,these this story its like its its,true,when you put in the context that his,childhood was filled with negative,energy,with his father passing away and his,mother battling a drug addiction,it would make sense for a kid to lie to,himself,to create a fantasy world where the,negative aspects of his life didnt,exist,and how lying to himself can actually,make him feel better,about his overall surroundings as connie,gets older,this coping mechanism develops beyond,simply coping and instead,engulfs his personality where he himself,cant distinguish between reality and a,lie,this adds a lot of emotional weight to,the final scene involving connie,where you can see the genuine confusion,on his face,slowly recognizing that his reality,might have been a fantasy world all,along,and that the atrocities he committed,during the film were real,that there were direct consequences for,his,immoral actions another aspect that,could have distorted connies reality,is the fact that he was once a prisoner,himself,this distortion of reality can be,explained by a simple antidote,mentioned to the safety brothers during,the pre-production of good time,a former prisoner mentions that once,youre out of jail,you keep bumping into

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Quickie: Good Time

So I just saw the new Safdie brothers film “Good Time”, and it was a good time.,As some of you may remember,,I included their film “Heaven Knows What” in the guilty pleasures section of my 2014 list.,So you could probably imagine how ecstatic I was,to find out their newest film was premiering as official competition at Cannes Film Festival.,Its always pretty validating to recommend a small film,thats not on many peoples radar,and then later seeing the filmmakers getting much more mainstream validity and recognition.,And Im happy to say that with this new film, every film-making aspect is dramatically improved.,The aspects that I found flawed in “Heaven Knows What” are still the weakest aspect of this film,,but theyre improved to the point where it didnt really sour my experience.,In Heaven Knows What, one of my complaints was the lack of wide shots.,In Good Time,,they made it abundantly clear that its not in any way because of a misunderstanding of film-making,,but that its an intentional choice for the style of the film.,Not only did we see much wider angles more often in this film,,but they were pretty expertly done from a visual standpoint,,especially that aerial shot of the car as its going past the fair land.,So yeah, even though the percentage of close-up face shots is gonna be a lot higher,than any other movie in theaters right now,,theyve put in the effort to make it clear that its a legitimate stylistic choice.,And you know what?,In this day and age, Im actually pretty happy to have a pair of new directors,emerge in the film-making industry that actually have a unique style and voice,Even if you ignore how they frame their film, this is a film that could only come from them,Its so incredibly personal and ballsy that you cant really find this experience anywhere else.,The music in this movie is fantastic and very similarly toned to their previous film.,Although this time, its from an actual composer instead of previously existing licensed songs.,Its no surprise whatsoever that the film won the Cannes Soundtrack Award for 2017,Although mostly synthesized, the music had a variety of different sounds,There was some slow synth that sounded like it might as well be an 80s throwback,,but there were also some fast and complicated compositions that made the tone feel extremely chaotic,,and I mean that as a compliment,The music is so special in this movie in the way that it sounds in the way that its used,The experience of hearing these tracks laid over top of their respective scenes,is one of the reasons why Ive seen it in theaters twice now,And just thinking about it right now makes me want to see it for a third time.,All of the acting was phenomenal.,There wasnt a single weak performance and each character was incredibly realistic,I have literally never seen Robert Pattinson act this well ever.,During the entire film I never once thought of him as Robert Pattinson,,because I believed his characters so much,If A24 were smart enough to release the first 5 to 10 minutes of this film online for free,,there would likely be a significant new rush of people checking out this film.,It opens incredibly strong, and it never slows down much at all. The writing and sequence of events is fantastic,I seriously had no idea where the story was going. Each of the characters were well-defined and believable.,And watching it for a second time,,its clear that there was a lot of thought and effort put into developing them,I only really had a few minor issues with the film,I already mentioned the overabundance of close-up face shots,My main issue with that is that I feel a little starved in terms of the setting,You know, when they enter a new room, I would like to see whats in the room.,But at the end of the day, its so clearly intentional,and it helps differentiate their style so much,that I wouldnt really want them to abandon their way of filmmaking just for my sake,Perhaps there are ways in which the style and purpose can be retained,while also making it a bit more pleasing to view,,I mean aesthetically speaking,,this film was a massive improvement from their previous one without making any,sacrifices to the style,But even though its something that I do feel a little bit of issue with, its completely worth it for the final product.,Just like the last film, the practical effects were comparatively worse than the rest of the film,Still, Good Time was a massive improvement,so it didnt really detract much from the experience at all,Maybe Im just a little sick and annoyed of the whole dog attacking someone but only tugging on their arm thing,Wow, what a wild coincidence that thats exactly what they do to stunt trainers specifically,And yeah, the shot of the old guy in the opening scene was a little out of focus.,Not a big enough deal to ruin the movie, but enough that a reshoot definitely wouldnt have hurt.,Anyway, I thought this movie was absolutely fucking awesome from both a critical level and a personal level,I was enjoying this film thoroughly,and who knows I might even watch it for a third time sooner than I do with baby driver,Go check this one out while you can because you never know how long its gonna stay in theaters,And Im giving this one an 8 out of 10, maybe a 9 later.,I dont know, you figure it out, fuck.,Whoa, hey guys!,When this video is published, Ill be on Twitch streaming the new “Life is Cringe” come check it out if you want,Thank you.,♫

Good Time reviewed by Mark Kermode

its a good time which is a New York,thriller directed by Josh and Benny,safty who made daddy longlegs and heaven,knows what we reviewed heaven knows what,on the program a couple of years ago and,I talked about it being a a film which,was a very sort of realistic and gritty,experience but also a filming which was,quite hard to get into because it,essentially involved you spending a lot,of time in the in the company of,characters who were massively,unsympathetic now the case of this this,stars Robert Pattinson as Constantine,Connie knee casts at the beginning of,the film we see him essentially breaking,his brother Nick played by Benny safty,out of a therapy session and he rescued,him saying stop asking these questions,stop asking these questions and he takes,his brother and he takes his brother off,as an accomplice on a heist a rather,poorly thought-out heist which rather,you know expectedly pretty soon explodes,in the brothers face next thing Nick,finds himself first in prison and then,in hospital and Connie is scheming,another way to rescue his brother from,another situation becomes absolutely,clear that he is somehow decided that,his mission is to in inverted commas to,rescue his brother from this terrible,situation that hes in and show him,another kind of like show him a good,time by getting involved in all these,these scams the film plays out over I,mean basically the course of 24 hours,but a huge amount of it plays over over,the course of one restless night in,which things go from bad to worse as,connie attempts to rescue his brother,ends up instead accidentally teaming up,with an ex-con called ray and becoming,involved in a completely ludicrous and,increasingly frightening scheme to,retrieve a pop bottle full of,hallucinogens that has apparently been,hidden at an Adventureland fairground,the film is interesting for a number of,reasons firstly there have been a lot of,reviews saying this is the film in which,Robert Pattinson demonstrates that he,really is you know brilliant actor in,which he loses his celebrity status I,mean a lot of its shot on streets in,which its evident that although they,have permit so their permits for some of,it permits for more of it and they have,for a lot of their other films but its,evident that Pattinson is being able to,move through crowds through the,arent necessarily talking of what he is,and a lot of critics have said well this,is the film in which he shows his mettle,my own feeling about it is this I think,Robert Pattinson has always been great I,love Robert Pattinson in the Twilight,movies I thought Rob Pattinson was,really interesting in lost city of Z I,think you know weve had him on the,program talking about other projects in,which he the idea that somehow hes,suddenly surprising everybody by being a,great actor hes a bit of is I think a,bit of a strange situation he tells us,more about the people who are writing,that stuff exactly I mean for me the,revelation was from the safty whose,movies in the past Ive admired but I,havent completely clicked within the,case of this I completely clicked with,it had a really terrific sense of,location I mean you could you could feel,and smell the the streets of Queens and,Brooklyn its shot of 35 mil which has,been going to the cinematographer,battered and tortured in terms of its,exposure so many of the nighttime scenes,the exterior scenes they have this kind,of cooler half light that almost feels,like in the induced documentary of,something like French Connection or,panic needle Park which i think is,definitely an inspirational touchstone,the directors have also cited in Martin,Scorseses after hours as well though,thats I think thats a very different,feeling of him because that is a film,which is broadly speaking a kind of a,comic film in the case of this there are,elements of tragedy comedy in it but it,is a its its a thriller which has sort,of absurdist comedy in it it has a,pulsating really pulsating electronic,score by daniel Upton who was told by,the directors,to have a look at the tangerine Dreams,score from sorcery which as you probably,know is currently on release and this is,I should have mentioned it you can hear,echoes of that kind of circling semi,tonal pulse theme that tangerine dream,using that in the score for good time,but that score for good time is so front,and center its like its occasionally,you know it has this kind of analog,sounding distortion to it you can hear,the edges of everything cracking its,like being right in the mind of the,central character the filmmaking itself,has this sort of febrile sense of,agitation its a film which,moves at a running pace and goes from,one increasingly you know ridiculous and,and absurd situation to another tumbling,and running and falling as we follow the,schemes of the central character played,by Connie its also a film which its,kind of bookended by moments of,stillness which emphasize that sort of,sense of frenetic feverishness from,which the rest of the film is concocted,its its a this is where I use a lot,but it is very tactile you can you can,feel the environments you can feel the,textures you can smell the streets you,you you kind of feel yourself being,pulled along by this character and,whats really fascinating about it is,that the central character played by,Robert Pattinson is massively,unsympathetic hes devious hes a,schemer,hes a chancer he behaves with,apparently no care for the fates of,anybody else around him with the,exception of his brother he is,completely reckless he is hugely,incompetent and one of the reasons that,things keep going wrong is through sheer,incompetence and yet the film makes you,keep pace with him and doesnt alienate,you and thats a very very hard trick to,doing of the the filmmakers have a very,non-judgmental style which sort of,presents I mean I think it presents that,theyve talked about the best Pulp,Fiction being amoral although I dont,think the film is amoral I think what,the film does is map out its characters,map out its situation and assume that,the audience is intelligent enough to,make its own decisions about the,morality or otherwise of whats playing,out and I thought it was really really,really well done really well judged,there it is absolutely full-on,experience you come out of it feeling,really breathless and really knocked,about and yes Pattinson is is brilliant,in it thats not the surprise the,surprise is that the film is as good as,it isnt particularly when you have a,film in which youre referring to films,which I love I mean any filmmaker who,will cite panic a needle,and well cite you know sorcerer and,should I know,panic in needle park its an Al Pacino,film Kitty win,Jerry Schatzberg early 1970s is a film,its very controversial I think it was,banned for a while its a film about,drug addict and I man about drug,addiction and I mean its really its a,its a its a heartbreaking film,its a tough watch but you should see it,actually its really really good,okay Ill then ignore that

GOOD TIME (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted

we are now can be a lot of fun if you,ever youre gonna have a good time,[Laughter],[Music],are you guys doing tonight,damn why you have to be that aggressive,with good just give a [ __ ] no we aint,gonna allow you to do that we want old,good [ __ ] Cory right then so a thats,what you pushed me thats where I gots,to be but you know something I was a,little behind yall were nice enough to,come in and get things going so Im not,gonna waste your time anymore Im not,gonna sit up here and lag any more on,things were gonna get right into the,movie reviews oh my god,somebody was looking at the intern and,they said man they doing good times and,then they got mad they said man they,appropriate and everything of us we,cant even do a remake a good time,diecast and white people hes gonna be,in good times the movie people move into,the but no take the S off of it theres,a difference between good times and good,time I knew that some people get that,confused this is a movie where Rob,Pattinson and Robert Pattinson all his,friends call him Rob and Rob Im gonna,call Rob Pattinson and this hes really,trying to make a great departure from,plan what was it Edward or what did what,hell his name was Edward every condom,there you dont know,Robert calming your fans no but yall do,I see not me theyre all like that [ __ ],only gave the first one a mad name was,only got the theater with Tony but nah,man Edward Im sorry Robert,doesnt want to know anything about that,anymore either everybodys committing,the gun maybe not everything is a,success but Robert Pattinson is out,there trying to do these different,projects not mainstream projects and,these roles and given him different,things to do to test his range and weve,seen him this year alone do quite a few,different things but this is probably,the most different that weve seen,Robert Pattinson that is not him right,there but in this movie he plays a,street hustler who decides to go to the,big leagues and do a bank robbery the,only thing is hes stupid and his,brothers merely challenge yeah [ __ ],brother and they trying to do a bank,heist and from that point on and this is,the first five minutes of the movie,where things go completely horribly,wrong for them and hes him trying to,dig himself out from this situation in,one thing after another the biggest,thing that he has to do right now is,that he wants to get his brother his,mentally challenged brother out of,Rikers Island because he said man they,dont understand it this dude is slow he,dont die over there so its a race,against time not only to evade the,police who were kind of on to him at,this point that theyve done the robbery,but also to try to get the money in a,very short amount of time,$10,000 brother get it to available the,bails bondsman yeah so its its a very,suspenseful movie its a very very odd,movie – I can probably say youre not,gonna see anything like this this year,lets go ahead and take a look at good,time which is what no one is habit in,this and will be back with I think just,my review and yours man,all right,be a lot of fun if you ever didnt have,a good time,[Laughter],men will tell you something this is a,brilliantly uncomfortable movie this,movie is amazing and how it combines two,things it combines the the surreal with,the extremely real I mean with this film,what you have is you have this this,whole thing with it from what I,understand theyre going through Queens,and it all starts Im trying to this,bank robber but theyre going through,Queens and this is a this this goes it,starts in the day it goes into the night,almost into the next day and to the,morning till the morning and were not I,mean it is a nightmarish vision of,Queens New York but its still making,you so much a part of it like you feel,detached until you start seeing the,people that inhabit this world would you,feel like extremely real people I mean,its almost like they got extras and,just let them be who they are and these,this and if thats the case these are,some of the best directors of people who,are non actors that Ive ever seen,because when you see these real people,in here the you know it you could you,could sit back and watch this world and,watch everything thats happening cuz,all this stuff thats going on its so,exaggerated its so bizarre and you can,set up there and kind of like keep a,distance but when you see all the people,that they have in here who are people on,the street the people who work stores,the people who are who were just,passers-by you face almost gets it you,watch it for a little bit and if you,watch just little segments by itself it,has and Im saying just in little,segments just little chunks it feels,like oh this is a documentary until it,goes back into some crazy [ __ ] yeah you,know its really pulling you in and make,you feel like man I could get lost in,this too and I dont want to be here in,this [ __ ] with these crazy people oh and,it is such a dark dirty grimy film with,dirty grimy people in it and people,gonna be watching this and theres gonna,be like oh my god this is so serious man,I was,laughs and my he was like the one / – me,- laughs I didnt want to cuz Im gonna,tell you Im just gonna go out on a limb,and say that they meant this to be a,comedy this is probably the darkest,comedy as hell its so hard to tell,every person in here makes some,decisions that are so stupid,humanly saying like oh come on nobody,would do that yeah but you go nobody,whos smart would do that but a dumb,person would and man of all the ways you,could have gone you could have chosen,yes you think that man Im telling you I,love this because the reason why this is,the almost a comedy to me is because I,mean like we said right from the,beginning they set it up uh-huh a dumb,guy and his [ __ ] brother rob a bank,[Laughter],because you know Im not trying to,equate mentally challenged with stupid,you know dont get me wrong cuz because,honestly this is a movie where I saying,thing to me about this movie is that for,all the suspense thats there I find,another character is likable that you,like like its when these things were,like I like you I dont like like even,the Millie challenge brother you dont,like points never really like you know,what you take your heads back to it we,get to the ass beat you kind of like man,you have it coming cuz you did he just,learn to sit your ass day but he walked,into the room with all these thugs and,prisoners he lay who throw the TV like,man we watching this get your ass on,back and hes like nah you cant do that,[Music],[Laughter],Robert Pattinson his character Connie I,forgot his last name is short for,Constantine yeah hes that hes the hero,and you see how outside of robbing the,bank he wants to do good or he want he,wants to not be an evil guy but hes a,cancer because everyone he comes in,contact with,he leaves worse off than they were,against you somehow that would lead to a,truck hit you like he doesnt mean to,but people die around him he takes Souls,he crushed his souls of peopIe by man no,hes right hes a [ __ ] poison this guy,and thats the thing about it that makes,it so funny because not only is he a,poison but hes stupid hes stupid yeah,you stupid and in his head hes just,trying to do one good but hes dumb and,the thing about is that the stuff that,they do here says hes dumb hes doing,dumb things and these dumb things are on,a Three Stooges love you man some of the,things that happen in here happen in,situation comedies the mix-up you know,the whole thing of oh theres even,physical comedy in here that occurs the,reason why its like watching The Three,Stooges episode with realistic tragic,consequences yes like the nez no joke,you know theres no punch line to it,yeah you rake the saw across Curlys,head instead of the saw teeth bending,and it bleeds you poke your fingers you,blind no man and no and thats why I sat,in there and I just I said I cant see,this any other way,there was a scene here where right in,the beginning I laughed and I and I felt,so em

GOOD TIME: The Benefit Of Hindsight | Video Essay

[Music],what is,the primary goal that a filmmaker is,trying to achieve,there are a lot of different answers to,this but id say,its to make you think specifically,when the movie is over you should still,be thinking about it,whether youre discussing it with your,friends and family or perhaps writing,your own review to summarize your,opinions,the biggest mistake a movie can make is,to not leave an impact on the audience,it was intended for,and well lets just see 2017s good,time certainly left an impact,[Music],[Music],holy [ __ ] im gonna call benny and josh,softies 2017 synthwave thriller,is many things its a political,commentary on the justice system,it looks at the treatment of the,disabled in a rural america,and more importantly in my opinion the,movie is about the benefit of hindsight,or knowing something before it happens,as this whole movie gains a larger,meaning on a second viewing,that explains a lot of its central,protagonist decisions,which i will be looking at today lets,start,by running through the plot then the,average viewers thoughts,on a first viewing brothers,connie and nick nicos rob a bank,which doesnt go too well resulting in,nick being arrested,and sent to a very rough prison cell the,same brother,that has some form of mental disability,that would not be safe in that,environment so connie sets out on a,night long odyssey,doing whatever it takes to save his,brother its during this odyssey,that many events occur involving illegal,substances,underage sex and emotional manipulation,just to name a few,all commuted by connie truly doing,whatever it takes,to get enough money to bail his brother,out,on a first viewing the audience may,overlook these points,as our sympathy for the disabled means,that we will excuse these illegal,actions and hope connie succeeds,to free his brother helped along by the,casting of robert pattinson,known for his charming bad boy romantic,that we should be rooting for,the movie dedicates the entire opening,into making you care about nick,so that connies journey to save him,feels like a righteous path,until the very last scene mere moments,before the credits rule,its at this point that i dont want to,lose anyone while i do consider it a,twist,ending it does not compare to the likes,of the sixth sense or the village its,more,opening your eyes to whats actually,going on,and repeat viewings allow you to see,past these roars tinted glasses,and see this odyssey for what it truly,is,simple as this nick didnt need saving,nick was transferred to a class where he,could be around people that would help,his mental state and lead him on the,road to recovery,the movie has commentary on an unfair,justice system,but ends by showing that people that,need help,can be identified and helped as the,therapist does for nick,by giving him his happy ending one that,the audience has been yearning for,and placing connie under a massive,spotlight,connies actions are now unforgiving,and we are left to reassess everything,hes done,completely changing how we viewed the,last,90 minutes of chaos,in the opening scene connie tells off,nick for crying,and gives off the impression that he,shouldnt talk about his inner feelings,sheltering him not for protection but,because connie doesnt want his brother,to be taken advantage of by others,this point can be justified that they,live in a rough neighborhood,so nick would need to be tough to,survive however,i would then argue nick has no right to,be in that neighborhood at all,this scene also mentions connie and,nicks only family,being their grandmother a character that,is described as abusive and unlikable,due to nick throwing a pan after an,argument,however in every scene we see her,she is either supporting nick or in the,best interest to find,connie and bring him home which shows,connie,has twisted and manipulated the way nick,views his family,there are more surface examples like,this,like connie trying to have sex with an,underage girl to distract her from the,tv,robbing a bank which gets no motive,[Music],and finally causing a security guard to,overdose on lsd,only to then break into his house just,to name a few examples,however all of this will be overlooked,if we think he is the protagonist,the world plays a huge part in selling,this,realism every shot is an extreme,close-up with a neon haze for a,background,we are entirely consumed by character,and realism,the camera moves like its another,person trapped,in the claustrophobic world connie finds,himself in,we know what a persons face looks like,and we know what a house,or a bus looks like so coverage is not,important,because a rural american audience can,fill in those gaps,and the rest of the worlds audience can,only imagine,this places full focus on the movies,characters,as we dart around their faces struggling,to comprehend,what is happening this confusion will,relate,to real world situations where so much,happens at once,that we overlook what weve just done or,said because we just want to get through,it,this hazy memory of events is why we,excuse the actions connie commits,turning a blind eye because we just want,to see him succeed,dialogue is also a very important factor,in creating realism in reality,there arent rousing speeches and,everyone is only focused on their own,words,and the safeties direct their actors,impeccably by having them constantly,interrupt or talk over each other to,create an,anxious feeling as we can all relate to,situations like this,in our everyday lives maybe at a party,or with a group of friends we do not,wait for someone else to finish their,points there is a,ferocious impatience that is innate,within the characters of good times,dialogue is thrown our way through,constant conflict,or connie himself acting as a social,animal,manipulating his situations in ever more,dangerous,ways as the movie continues,and connie goes further and further to,manipulate the people around him,there reaches a transitional point where,connie stops mentioning nick entirely,and i believe its around the same time,that he discovers the body he recovered,wasnt the right person and his,motivation begins to change,or at the very least be forgotten as he,goes down a completely different rabbit,hole,that could be completely disconnected,from the plot since theres no,reassurance,that connie will use the money he gets,to help his brother,the only down time in the movie is a,short conversation right at the end,in which you would expect connie to,reinforce his motivation,and defend what he had done however this,doesnt happen a much more,interesting piece of writing ensues that,is essentially,a man with a god complex thinking hes,one,six minutes before the movie ends only,for it all to fall apart,in seconds we learn more about connie,here,in the way his brain works thinking,other people are too docile and,predictable,which makes them boring drones connie,clearly has big dreams and aspirations,but doesnt want to be held back by his,own race,the final shot we see of connie is an,incredibly long,one shot of his self-reflection in the,back of the police car,as a god trapped behind bars his entire,mindset,proven wrong he seems completely broken,and angry,with no way to extrude it fantastic,acting on the behalf of pattinson that,really sells the idea of the character,getting a comeuppance that is a victory,in disguise,as it keeps his brother safe from the,real villain,himself the final scene of nick,recovering,plays a track written specifically for,the movie about how,no matter how good or bad people are,the pure will always act from love and,on the other side of the coin,the damned will also act out of love,and thats how we engage with connie we,embark upon his journey with him because,he is doing it through the familial love,of nick,he lost sight along the way and his own,selfish tendencies took over,but the melancholic ending provides us,with a glimmer of hope,that nick will be redeemed and lead a,moral life,whilst his brother is kept far away,which coul

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