1. 7 Of The Best Ultra High Performance All Season Tires – Tested and Reviewed
  2. 12 of the BEST Tires for 2022
  3. 7 of the BEST UHP All Season Tires tested in Snow ❄
  4. 275/40-20 Goodyear Exhilarate tires on Chrysler 300S and the best spray on tire shine you can buy.
  6. I Tested Michelin Tires Against Goodyear and the Results Were Alarming!

7 Of The Best Ultra High Performance All Season Tires – Tested and Reviewed

its finally happening im finally,testing seven of the most popular,ultra high performance all-season tires,on the market,if youre watching this you probably,know exactly what an ultra high,performance all-season tire is,but let me bring you up to speed just in,case and ill try performance all-season,tire,is a tire thats designed to be used,year-round in milder winter climates,theyre not going to be as good as an,all-weather or a winter tire in snow and,ice,but they should offer better performance,below 40 fahrenheit or about 7 degrees,centigrade,in these colder conditions where a,summer tyres rubber,starts to really harden up and the,performance drops off,all while not feeling like jelly mess,when on a summers day in the blazing,heat youre trying to do an epic canyon,drive in your sporty car,and youre not left crying because,youve got an all-season tire on these,are meant to blend,that cold weather performance that you,need in colder climates,with some summer enjoyment that you,really want from a summer tire,on test is the brand new michelin pilot,sport all season 4,the bridgestone potenza re 980 as the,continental extreme contact dw06,the goodyear eagle exhilarate the cooper,xeon rs3 g1,the kuma extra pa-51 and the fusion uhp,sport a s to find out which of these,seven tires are the best,goodyear have kindly lent me their,massive test facility in san angelo,texas,where i get to run my own program to,test them in the dry the wet,comfort and noise and really dig into,not only the ultimate lap time,but how they feel and how sporty they,are in handling because i think thats,really important for this category of,tire too,as always i will be testing blind,meaning i dont know,what time im driving on when im,testing to remove any biases,the test car is this really red bmw 4,series,and the test size is 245 40 18. which,of these seven sets of tires is going to,be best one way to find out lets go get,testing,the dry handling course at goodyears,test facility in san angelo,might be short but it isnt half mighty,foot testing the tyres ability to take,high speed and low speed corners and,braking,and it even has a cone slalom area like,this and ive not used cones for dry,testing in a long time,i actually really like it because it,tells you a lot about the cars lane,change ability and transient behavior,that you might not ordinarily get but,ive just decided im not going to run,that cone again because the last thing,you want to see,is me wobbling side to side while im,trying to tell you about all the tires,now the slowest tire on test,unsurprisingly,is the cheapest it was the fusion this,tire felt more like a comfort tire it,didnt really feel like an ultra high,performance tire,in any way particularly it picked up,understeer early,and then just pushed and pushed and,pushed the ultimate level of grip was,fairly low,and the tide just didnt really do what,you wanted it to do,wasnt a disaster but it certainly,wasnt what youd call an ultra high,performance tire or a tire youd want to,put on a sports car,you want to enjoy because it just didnt,like being sporty,and im doing the cocaine again i enjoy,it that much i forgot im not doing it,and it didnt really like getting hot so,after about the first half lap it all,got a bit jelly,next up was the cooper now i think uh,regular road speeds this tire would feel,quite nice because on the way to the,track i was like,you know what this tire has potential,but like the fusion,half a lap in a lap in and everything,was going wrong,it just it was picking up understeer it,was getting too hot it was getting a bit,vague,and although the grip level was a little,bit higher,it still was well below what youd,expect from a adult drive performance,all season tire and the best tires in,this test so,i guess this might feel okay at road,speeds,but on track or pushing hard no thank,you,fifth place was the continental now i,was surprised at this,when i was going through the data after,doing all the testing because we only,know them by set numbers,set number five i was surprised this was,so far down the order,both in objective time and subjectively,because,everything ive seen about the,continental online is a good handling,tire a good sports tire of good sports,all season tire,but again this is another one that felt,better on the way to track than it did,when you started pushing on,the steering was quite light it was a,little bit more direct than the previous,two tyres but as you really dug into the,grip of the tyre it was just getting,slower and slower as it got hotter and,harder,and then it got harder and harder to,drive so during the my favorite slalom,the cone slalom youd have the back end,coming out and trying to overtake the,front end,and it was just a little bit of a,non-sporty package,it really didnt like going fast but,maybe thats going to be offsetting the,wet performance of the tire because,often you find that as a,performance trade-off you get better wet,performance at the expense of some dry,handling or,ultimate dry grip fourth place was the,kumo now this was probably the first of,the tires,that felt like it was getting sporty and,i started to enjoy driving this bmw 4,series,it did pick up understeer and at points,it picked up surprise understeer which,technically is the worst kind of,understeer the understeer you dont,expect to be coming,and theyre all sudden is coming and,youre trying to back off and back off,and really,bring the front tyres back into line but,the grip level,started to get higher again than the the,bottom four tires,and it was a it was a more manageable,package as ive said with the other,tyres id just like a little bit more,detail through the front axle with the,kumo,telling me whats going on and whats,about to happen so i dont have to react,to it i can be proactive when driving,third place was the bridgestone now on,the way to the track,i was like oh this is going to be a nice,diet i thought this might actually be my,favorite of the bunch because it just,felt,solid on the sidewalk felt like it was,turning nice and quick,however strangely when you actually got,to the limit of grip,the tie just didnt tell you the limit,of grip was higher and the breaking,felt like another step ahead so were,starting to get to the top the top three,where theyre kind of like a category,above the bottom four and theyre,starting to feel like an ultra high,performance type which is great,and the bridgestone had the grip i just,i didnt really like it,information wise the tire would get to,the limit and then youd be under,steering and even at the back with a,little bit of oversteer the first you,knew about it was your bum,you didnt feel it through the wheel and,you definitely didnt feel it hear it,through your ears because weirdly it was,the quietest tire on test and i know,thats an odd thing to say,but when the tires sliding in,understeer and you cant hear that,sound that youre so accustomed to from,the other sets of,i thought it was worth noting very good,on the brakes overall,felt good steering race so i think at,road speeds this will be a really good,fun tire it might,sacrifice some comfort but i think uh,the limit driving no im just im not,im not,that fond of it you know but good grip,good grip otherwise,second place went to the michelin now,this tire,felt like an absolute monster on the,brakes it was,a step ahead of the bridgestone again,and,just really dug in and theres a slow,corner which is a sort of a breaking,down to a hairpin right,and you could just carry the brakes in,way more than you could with any other,tyre on the michelin,and it would turn you and youd be like,whoa im turning but,it didnt feel quite as good laterally,as it did on the brakes like the grip,circle wasnt rounded,and again it just left you wanting,perhaps a little bit more detail through,the front axle the steering is quite,light on the michelin as ive said in,other tests,michelin do seem to buy us towards good,braking,and good levels of comfort rather than,ult

12 of the BEST Tires for 2022

in this video ill be going over all the,newest and best tires for 2022. by now,youve hopefully already seen my,in-depth uhp and uuhp test so you might,be wondering whats left to talk about,luckily theres plenty of great ties i,havent had the chance to test so far,this year plus ive got more to say on,the new tyres i have already tested like,the michelin pilot sport 5 and theres,been plenty of other tyre tests from,around the world that give us great,information on what tyres to buy in,categories i havent yet covered,starting with the obvious its been a,fantastic year for ultra high,performance tires with the continental,sport contact 7 goodyear eagle f1,asymmetric 6 and michelin pilot sport 5,all being released in the past few,months while i believe im still the,only person in the world to have tested,all three of these it was across two,different tests why partly timing when i,tested the sport contact 7 the,asymmetric 6 and pilot support 5 just,werent available and partly because i,see them as different categories of,tyres the sport contact 7 is a max,performance or uhp tyre the michelin,pilot support 5 is firmly a uhp tyre and,the goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 6 kind,of sits in both camps more on this in a,second this is the part of the video id,planned to be standing with a beautiful,backdrop behind me introducing both the,tara views porsche cayenne project and,this video sponsor carly,sadly as i was driving to the filming,location today the porsche decided it,just didnt like coolant anymore and,dumped it all over the road ironic,timing especially as i had carly plugged,in giving me live statistics which,helped me understand what was going on,so i could make a quick informed,decision about whether it was safe to,drive or i needed to get it trucked away,you can guess which one it was,kali is a bluetooth on-board diagnostic,scanner as just proven these scanners,are super handy for self-diagnostic of,car faults meaning you dont have to pay,a garage every time your car throws a,fault code if you remember my cheap m3,project well kali has already saved me,lots of time and money when working on,that so im really happy to have them as,a sponsor again like the m3 project the,new cayenne was also a very cheap,purchase as ill be turning it into a,jacked up overland type vehicle soon,that really didnt bother me all i cared,about was whether the vehicle was,mechanically sound and the low mileage,was genuine carly really helped there as,i could scan the car a fault of which,there were none at the time and you can,run a mileage report where carly scans,all the locations the car tracks its,mileage and then you get a report to see,if there are any discrepancies between,what the dashboard is saying and what,the other locations are saying which,would indicate a possible mileage,adjustment as you probably already know,kali isnt just a diagnostic tool it,goes one step further and actually,allows you to code disabled or hidden,features into your car from your,smartphone for the bmw it was really,awesome i used carly to do things like,code out the seat belt warning after id,fitted in some harnesses enable the tv,while moving for passengers change the,indicator settings change the stop start,settings change the wiper settings the,list is endless there is a free version,of the app which works great if you just,want to use the obd functions or you can,unlock all the really smart stuff if you,want more right now by heading over to,mykarli.com,the continental sport contact 7 replaced,the sport contact 6 and is only,available in a few 18-inch sizes and,then plenty of 19-inch wheel sizes and,above its a really great tire it was a,huge step forward in wet grip in my test,dominating the field and wet handling,and wet braking it was dynamically very,good and very sporty and continental say,the wear problems of the sport contact 6,launch are resolved so it should match,the pilot sport 4s in terms of wear it,won my uhp test link below and is,definitely a tire im recommending,the michelin pilot support 5 is,officially the best looking ultra high,performance tire on the market but i,need to stress especially from my,american viewers the pilot sport 5,replaced the pilot sport 4 not the 4s,whats the difference between the 4 and,the 4s well the 4 is more comfort bias,and the 4s is more dynamic and sporty in,handling try and remember it like this i,believe the sn4s stands for sport so,its the michelin pilot sport 4 sport,anyway theres sadly a confusing,imbalance between europe and the us when,looking at the pilot sport 4 and 4s,ranges because america gets the 4s in,plenty of 17 and 18 inch wheel sizes,whereas europe gets no 17 inch sizes of,the 4s and only a few 18 inch sizes why,michelin this means europe has way more,pilot sport four sizes in the market all,the way from 16 inch and up whereas us,has a much lower penetration of the,pilot sport for,all of this is probably why people are,confused thinking the pilot sport 5,replaces the pilot sport 4s it doesnt,im sure there will be a replacement for,the 4s in the future but theres no,official information on it right now so,that means its probably not going to be,this year like the pilot sport 4 north,america is getting some pilot sport five,sizes but i dont yet have the full size,range details its probably going to be,less than europe gets what improvements,does the pilot sport 5 bring over the,four well apart from that sexy sidewall,the main improvement is where i.e a lot,better tread life michelin say theyve,added 40 more tread life to the pilot,sport 5 without reducing any other,performances and if you understand tire,development youll realize thats an,insane achievement as tread life,normally comes at the expense of grip,especially in the wet the pilot sport 5,did win my test but like the pilot,support 4 is definitely the least sporty,of the three tyres were currently,talking about so i dont recommend it,for those drivers who want a race car,everywhere but it is an exceptional tire,for the person who wants a tire to just,do everything well and have good levels,of comfort as for the goodyear the,asymmetric five was probably the tyre,ive recommended the most over the,previous few years as it just balanced,everything well and had sporty handling,for its category the asymmetric six has,gone with the theory that more is better,more grip lower rolling resistance lower,noise and they seem to have kept that,dynamic handling of the asymmetric 5,that the michelin pilot sport 5 just,cant quite match the asymmetric 6,jointly won my test with the michelin,pilot sport 5 but it did feel quite,different to drive if sporty handling is,more important than comforts you pick,this over the michelin also thanks to an,auto build test this year we also have,the ability to cross-reference the,asymmetric six a little with the sport,contact seven though comparing tyres in,different tower tests in different sizes,at different locations with different,cars and different drivers is fraught,with issues but im going to do it,anyway because i know you will be auto,build tested the sport contact 7,asymmetric 6 and the pilot sport 4 not,the five in a 19 inch wall size the,result the asymmetric six narrowly beat,the sport contact seven overall by being,the better tire in the wet but the sport,contact seven was the better tire in the,dryer thats kind of what id expect,when considering ones a uu hp tyre and,ones a uhp-ish tyre anyway the test is,linked in the description below if you,want the full details i can see the,asymmetric six continuing to be one of,the tires i recommend the most in the,future the only caveat being theyve,reduced the starting tread depth to 7.1,millimeters which is lower than the,asymmetric five and the pilot support,five so we all need to keep this in mind,and keep an eye on the reviews on tire,reviews.com to see what people are,saying about their tread life there is,also the falcon azentis fk 520 and the,yokohama advanced sport v107 new to,mar

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7 of the BEST UHP All Season Tires tested in Snow ❄

if youve seen my video comparing seven,of the most popular ultra high,performance all-season tires in the,drying wet,youll know that in those conditions,michelin and goodyear reign supreme with,bridgestone continental and cooper,not too far behind how does that,translate to snow performance and does,good dry performance mean bad snow,performance because theyre often,opposing qualities,well to find out michelin have very,kindly got me access,to the michigan university quinoa,research center,up here in the north of michigan where,its incredibly cold,ill be using exactly the same seven,sets of tyres and ill be using a very,similar rear wheel drive sedan,to really put these tires through their,paces which of these seven sets of tires,is gonna rain supreme is the all,triumphant michelin gonna drop down the,order because it was so good in the dry,and wet,one way to find out lets go get testing,snow handling always a fun one always a,sideways one,always worrying about points if youre,on the wrong tire to give you some,context,ive been around here on a summer tyre,its 173 second lap,and with the worst all-season tyre going,around in 110 seconds,you can see theres quite a delta,between a summer tire and all season,tire,if you want to know more about that ive,shot an in-depth video,already which also includes a winter,tire so subscribe to that,the slowest ties on test were the koopa,and kumo the kumo was probably the,least friendly from an objective point,of view it actually had,pretty good breaking and traction but,laterally when you tried to turn there,just wasnt the grip it didnt have the,bite on the front end,and when it was sliding it just took a,long time to recover,which meant you got to the corners,pretty quick and then you turn and,youll be like oh,okay and there might have been an,incident with a bank but we wont talk,about that,the cooper the cooper was a little bit,perhaps a little bit more friendly,but still had what i would call terminal,understeer and it took a long time to,recover so again youd get to the corner,you turn in and youd just be waiting on,the front axle and the front axle and,the front axle which,isnt isnt fantastic next up was the,goodyear infusion,now the goodyear backs up my theory,that a tire thats very very good in dry,and wet,isnt so good in the snow because the,goodyear wasnt the best in the snow but,it was very very good and dry handling,and very very good in the wet,the tyre just had peaky grip the grip,felt like it was there but you kind of,needed to be quite straight and narrow,with it,so as soon as you overstep the mark you,just find yourself sliding and then,like this now youd be taking quite a,long time to recover,so it wasnt perhaps the easiest tire to,extract a lap time from conversely the,fusion,was you know what that tyre wasnt the,best in the dry and wet weve already,been there and done that,but fair play to it it was it felt okay,it felt rounded,uh it was just a little bit easier to,drive than the goodyear so,ah there we go the the worst tyre from,the dry and wet pulled some points back,in the snow okay,fine the next pair of tires 106 second,laps or a couple of seconds faster than,the previous two,was the british stone and conti now the,bridgestone,confusing tire now this isnt the first,time a bridgestones confused me,and probably wont be the last its not,a bad tyre and it felt like it had,good grip in all directions it felt,quite rounded which was nice,however when you were sliding,like i am now again it just kind of did,its own thing so it wasnt,predictable i cant it,its the only time i cant quite put my,finger on but there were times when i,was sliding and i was like oh oh,didnt expect that to happen some of the,other tyres especially the better tyres,it gave you a lot of information a lot,of detail when it was sliding,but the reach dont the grip was there,and a lot of the time it was absolutely,fine,but then sometimes it wasnt so that was,my experience with the bridgestone,its not a bad tyre and its got good,grip its just not the best tie here,in second place is the continental,now the continental is another tire that,quite conveniently backs up my theory,that a tyre thats bad in the dry can be,good in the snow because the continental,was definitely not the best in the drive,by any means,but in the snow its second place on,time,and on subjective handling its a really,nice tire to drive,you just feel comfortable and safe,driving it perhaps a touch more,understeer,than i would have wanted from the,package but,its uh its very good i can see why the,internet loves this tyre in the snow,because it is,a very good tire in the snow,however michelin,what have you done the michelin was,another,six seconds on from the continent six,seconds,so this blows my theory out of the water,that a tyre thats good in the drying,wear cant be good,in the snow because it was one of the,best in the dry and wet and its the,best in the snow,its like its a different category of,tyre and there are two recurring themes,that come to mind when driving this,michelin,confidence and grip which are the two,things you want from a tire,how about that the best tire confidence,and grip was the fastest,theres a shock the mission was just it,was for an all-season tire,it was super rounded it was super,progressive it was easy to drive,you just felt confident when driving it,and the tire,didnt give you any surprises which is,exactly what you want from a tire in the,snow so,quite how michelin have done this from a,tire,that is it was the best dry breaking i,believe,very good in the where yet somehow its,the best in the snow,the tread pattern doesnt look like it,should be this good but it is like,fair play michelin fair play but,i do need to double check that michelin,being that far ahead isnt just my,driving and how i,handle the car or this car package so,the next thing were going to do to,verify the results,is go and do some acceleration and,braking which is a very objective test,you cant really get that wrong,especially with abs braking and see,where the tyres lay whether its a,similar order or whether it shuffles,stuff around a little bit,[Music],snow braking testing confirmed the grip,advantage of the new michelin pilot,sport all season four,with only the continental getting,anywhere close in deceleration levels,snow acceleration moved kumo up the,order confirming what we felt on the,circuit,but otherwise the order remained fairly,similar dont forget ive tested all,these tyres in the drying wet already,that video will be linked at the end of,this one now now lets move on to the,conclusion,so how to conclude well usually if i had,more time id merge these snow results,in with the dry and wet,and re-jumble the order but as you can,see the suns setting,and this is the last of a four day test,weve had two of them snowed off so its,a minor miracle weve got here,if you want to see the results with,everything combined therell be a link,in the description to the tire reviews,website,where you can check out all the details,as for this particular test,on any of the ultra high performance all,season tires youre miles better than if,youre on a summer tire there will be a,full video going into the details of,this with a winter tyre,so if you want to see that hit subscribe,stick around for that,of the ultra high performance all season,tires there was some deviations and some,were better than the others but there,were some very clear standouts,and that was michelin i can now see why,michelin was so keen to let me come and,use their facility,to show the performance of the tyres in,snow this has been a completely unbiased,test ive ran it as i want to run it,ive bought all the tyres from tyrax so,theres no influence,but you can see now why michelin were,like yeah youve done a great test with,the dry wet come and test the snow,performance of the same tyres,their tyres outstanding these conditions,it doesnt quite make sense to me,how its so good but it is ive,confirmed

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275/40-20 Goodyear Exhilarate tires on Chrysler 300S and the best spray on tire shine you can buy.

good morning youtube andre here,wanted to do a uh quick video,about something ive done with my car,recently this is a 2015 chrysler 300s,it does have the 5.7 hemi but thats,regardless i just like saying it,anyhow car comes factory,with the 245,45 20s for the tires,see here 245 45 zr20s,these are the eagle rsas,curb rash was there before i got the car,but when i got the car from the,dealership,they said hey well put some new tires,on it well they did but they only put,them in the rear,and i had 50 000 miles,on the car and i believe the front tires,were,the original tires they werent bad,the car was driven pretty easy for its,first part of its life,but they were definitely on their way,out didnt ride very well,also they just they wouldnt hold tire,shine,i dont know i think they were just worn,out so i had,those tires here on the back for about,the last 10 000 miles,well i have now since put those tires in,the front,got the wheels rebalanced everything and,what ive done back here,is i now have some goodyear,275 40 zr20s,these are the new goodyear exhilarate,tires,they are a 275 40 r20,got some meat back here now so just,wanted to do a quick video,showing that if you are interested in,putting on,some wider tires that will fit these,rims perfectly,they have just a little bit of bow out,on them,just a little bulge the video actually,doesnt capture it all that well,they look better in person than here on,this video,but if you want to change to a little,bit wider tire this 275 40 zr20,works perfectly they look great they,fill in the fender well a little bit,more,and i think they match these eagle rsas,pretty well as far as the side stance,goes they are the exact same height,as the factory tire i forget the exact,measurement in inches,but they are identical so it does not,throw off any of your speedo or,anything of that nature so just wanted,to make this quick video showing you the,new shoes,on my chrysler 300 and if you are,curious as to what tire shine that i was,using with this car,you get this at oreillys you can order,it on amazon as well if i believe its a,little bit cheaper,but this is a superior products coverall,tire dressing,no wiping no drips no runs no mess,thats a little bit of a fib but if you,let it sit on,overnight it is pretty accurate it,doesnt spin off too bad at all,ive used that product for roughly 17,years i worked at oreillys,when i was a young man and found it then,and it is,probably the best spray-on tire shine i,have ever used in my entire life its,really good for,interior trim as well so uh just in case,youre,curious what that awesome tire shine was,on my new tires here,it is the superior products coverall,tire dressing from oreilly auto parts


– America!,(upbeat music),(rap music),America,(turntable scratch) – Why are we yelling,,I dont know why youre yelling,,I dont really do the whole yelling thing.,That was my bad but, how else would you explain,one of the first companies in the United States,of America to begin making tires.,The first company to do pretty much anything tire related.,Thats what were here to talk about,in this episode of tires history,,which is none other than Goodyear Tires.,So hit play, wait, no thats part of the intro.,See, I said hit it and then it says play intro…,I (beep) it up. Youre gonna need to pause it.,- [Stewie] You suck!,(upbeat music),Taking it back to 1898, to a man named Frank Seiberling.,Now, Frank was a son of American-German entrepreneur,,who just liked making money and he was from Ohio.,Probably the only exciting thing to ever come out of Ohio.,- [Smokey & Craig] Damn!,He spent some time in college, kind of just you know,,wanted to be a millionaire, and who didnt,want to be a millionaire in the 19th century?,But Frank really just kept, I dont know,,getting involved in all sorts of things.,Frank ended up going and heading into a bar in Chicago,,where he was just planning on having a couple drinks,then from there, he heard from a man,talking across from the bar,,which is all rumor by the way,,about a factory that was about to close down,,it was really for sale for pennies on the dollar.,Frank really just wanted to try his hand at something,and he figured, you know if Im gonna take a risk,,might as well do it now.,Frank ended up buying this place,,but he didnt have any money, and the word,on the street for the story of how Frank,managed to acquire the factory, is that he,got drunk with the man, went to his sisters house,,and convinced his brother-in-law to loan him,$3,500 for the initial down payment on the factory,that we would come to know for Goodyear Tire.,Now heres the thing with Goodyear Tire,,is they had absolutely no idea what they,were going to do with the factory.,He just knew that he wanted to buy one,,and really when it came down to the rubber industry,in the late 1800s, it was already,saturated with bicycle tire companies.,There really was already companies,doing what he wanted to do.,So Frank and his brother launched the company Goodyear Tire.,(glass breaks),(audience groans),- Goodyear, essentially, right when they got,out of the gates, they already started,having trouble with pretty much everyone.,Kelly Springfield, at the time,,which was the largest carriage company at the time.,They fought with patents, technologies,,processes, the courts themselves.,It wasnt until really, he convinced the lot of courts,and pretty much through every single lawsuit,that he just wasnt doing anything wrong.,He was an entrepreneur, but he wasnt,necessarily a business owner.,He was really good at making sure,the products that he was going to make,,were just going to work, but he didnt want,to necessarily have to be the person,to get involved and say, lets fight,all these legal battles and do this and do this.,Frank was just like, hey man youre making a tire this way.,Were gonna make it this way.,And then hed go to the court and be like,,Yo this is different.,The courts would be like, God damnit Frank,,stop making the same tire.,But really, it was weird because just randomly,,after one of the biggest probably legal,battles Goodyear ever faced, the court,just decided, hey you can make your tires,the way that you want to.,Now thats a vast over-simplification of what happened.,Dont sue me, but thats pretty much what had occurred.,What ended up happening with Goodyear,,is they found out that the original tire patent,that they were duplicating was no patent at all.,It was just something that the previous company,was trying to battle to punch them out,before they were actually able to make money,and Goodyear just stuck with it.,They decided to keep making more money.,And they developed a lot of different processes,and patents to start leading the game when it came to tires.,The original employee company had only,13 employees, who were busy making Goodyear successful.,So while that was happening, Frank was just,kind of making inventions and stuff.,There was one specifically, that really set,Goodyear on the map, and that was the one,that we know, which essentially made it,from going from five tires made per 10 hour,work day to 6o tires per 10 hours.,Now, it was pretty easy to do because they,could just find a really easy way to make tires.,It was less maintenance, they could detach them easier.,Use different cloth, they had all sorts of processes,that was pretty much a middle finger to the industry,at the time because Goodyear was just like, hey.,(swoosh),By 1926, Goodyear really was one of the largest,companies in the world with over 230 million in sales.,A lot of Goodyears history is essentially,within their initial three to four decades,because from there, once they got through,the legal battles, they really did explode.,(toy squeaks) (eerie music playing),(explosion),Now, well, a lot of things were going good,for Goodyear, there was some things that were really,not going so good for Goodyear.,There was a lot of strikes back in the day,,in terms of working conditions because factory labor,was so new at the time.,So while the rubber tire company was making plays,so was the United Rubber Workers.,(turntable screeches) United Rubber Workers.,(rap music playing),In fact, the URW single-handedly made it,extremely difficult for Goodyear to pretty much do anything.,They almost shut down if they werent,going to increase the essential benefits of the time.,What ended up happening is Goodyear,found that they really couldnt win this battle.,(swoosh) ♪ its a shame I had to get my,♪ (bleep) whooped on this beautiful day ♪,- URW made a lot of these working conditions,much better for the workers for Goodyear at the time,,and because it was so new, Goodyear really didnt,know what to expect and after that they just,continued to grow with their union,division that made the tires.,So lets just hit you with a few,accomplishments that Goodyear essentially created.,In 1963, they produced over one billion tires.,In 1971, they were the first tires on the moon.,Like how do you, you can brag about that.,In 1992, they made the first,run-on flat tires in the industry.,In 1999, they essentially partnered with Sumitomo,rubber industry, which if you didnt know,,I talked about in the previous video,,when we were talking about Toyo, to become,the worlds largest tire player.,In 2009, they partnered with NASA again,to make more stuff for the moon I guess.,I dont know, maybe the moon just likes tires.,Essentially, their tires range from everything,,from all seasons to winter to summer only.,Their specialty though, is really nothing,besides just affordable all-season standard tires.,Theyre high-end tires dont have the,same following as Toyo or Nitto.,Its unlikely that theyre going to break,the mold with any sort of crazy summer tires coming soon.,But Goodyear is just one of those brands,that is so involved with everything,that they just are probably part of your,life and you dont even know it.,Goodyear is probably the biggest proponent,of any sort of rubber industry in the world.,Especially, when it comes to tires.,I mean, they are involved in motor sport.,They are one of the sole producers for NASCAR.,But I tell you what, Goodyear is a damn good,American company because gosh darn it,,if you like Busch Light, America, flags,,freedom and everything that has to do,with turning left; you know Goodyears a good company.,Theyre definitely the definition,of biting off more than you can chew;,(roars),- [Dad] Did he bite you?,- [Child] No.,- Because their historys so sophisticated,and confusing that even if you look at their,about us on their website; its absolutely insane.,They have dedicated material to like,every year that Goodyear did something.,Like the time Frank took a poop in 1936,or the time Joh

I Tested Michelin Tires Against Goodyear and the Results Were Alarming!

im gonna go do some racing,im just kidding generally everyone ive,ridden with today has been more cautious,[Laughter],[Music],hey guys so today i am with michelin and,graco and we are learning about tire,safety being just as important as your,car seat safety i know all of you guys,spent a lot of time trying to find the,safest car seat on the market for your,babies but yet probably most of us dont,even think about the tires on our car,and today i am first hand experiencing,how important your tires really are when,it comes to car safety and it really is,the difference between getting into and,avoiding an accident,[Music],hey guys so im here at the test track,um with michelin and im going to be,test driving the new all-season michelin,tires were going to see the difference,between michelin tires and their,competitors and how fast i can come to a,stop to protect and save my family all,right here we go were getting in the,car,[Music],[Music],did i do it right,[Music],im gonna go do some racing,im just kidding,were gonna test the tires im just,wearing a helmet are you gonna wear a,helmet,do they not trust me now,[Music],generally everyone ive written with,today has been more cautious,and i mean it is a compliment,thats a good sign right,youre asking to go faster so that to me,that means that you feel great im,trusting the tires,thats a good relationship to have,nope nope still good,fishtail fishtail fishtail fishtail,fishtail there we go,wow,goodyear tires were not good,[Music],when it comes to car seats graco is one,of the best in the business,currently our boys are in a bucket seat,and a convertible and today we learned a,little bit more about the proper,placement how to install them and where,some of those seat belts actually should,be i did not know that for tommy um his,the seat belt should be at or above his,shoulder and for connor they should be,at or slightly below his shoulders,thats the difference between the bucket,and a convertible quick rundown so were,in teams of four were gonna be racing,each other weve got to go pick up a,baby weve got to go get,um some laundry and weve got to get,some pizza,and,we need parallel parks im going to,peril park were going to race each,other,sounds really safe,[Music],do,[Music],so the point of the trip was to come and,experience the michelin tires and the,difference between theirs and,competitors when it comes to safety and,clearly,that was seen and experienced first hand,theres no doubt in my mind that they,truly are superior especially when it,comes to the safety of your family so,when you guys are out shopping for car,seats thinking about car safety for your,family you really should also be,thinking about your tires as silly as,that sounds i mean right it does sound,funny that im hearing talking to you,guys about car safety but you think,about your health you think about your,fitness and i know we all,are super,uh concerned with the safety of our,families especially when we are driving,so,make sure you check out the michelin,tires theres a lot more information,down below,i had a lot of fun today make sure you,go and check out on instagram some of my,stories and some of my videos thanks for,watching and i will see you guys soon,you


guys whats going on your boy mr here,welcome back,so welcome to red lines youtube channel,todays youtube video is gonna be our,Goodyear tires any good or you know,lets change the topic again lets say,lets make it more attractive our good,your tires junk question mark I repeat,are good your tires jump right off the,bat without 275 60 2000 am tires on a,Dodge Ram 1500 it comes stock thats,pretty much all they fit to be honest,with you so lets get down to a little,bit about good youre good youre rubber,company Goodyear is actually you know,what an international world renowned,brand Im sure everybody has seen the,Goodyear blimp on TV or in real life at,some point now Goodyear when you talk,about tires you know theres a few,brands that come to mind and that will,always be in our minds stamped in there,from time to time one is Goodyear when,you talk about tires,you say good year people right okay,lets lets put them on or lets get it,done,another big tire michelin and i would,say a third would be Firestone so those,top three are synonymous for tires you,say tires the number one name that comes,to mind though is good here okay so now,automatically hey Goodyear bang theres,a frickin tire company or tire masking,on the wall should I put him on well,its 5 to 10 years ago that was the case,people would pull up and say you know,what,just give me a Goodyear tires I dont,give a what it is what tire brand,what the price is,give me Goodyear putting on give me that,Goodyear tire with a Goodyear blimp with,a good year logo with a foot and the,stupid wing on it but lets fast-forward,10 years in the future the World Wide,Web the thing called the Internet the,thing called Google the thing called,tire reviews has now kicked Goodyear in,the ass now what happened is you know,what as you cant as you know every,other product in the world entire,reviews product reviews unboxing all,that stuff is out there so what happens,down is that Goodyear is not mr. tire,thats not the mr. coffee machine that,used to be out many years ago,now theres competitors you have Chinese,tires you have,taijuan tires you have European tire you,have tires made in India now so now,whats going on is a video is now not,that household brand now back to the,topic our Goodyear tires jump well dude,your tires arent the worst but theyre,not the best theyre kind of middle and,a little bit below grade what happens,now good your tires have a disease which,is hereditary what just not which is not,in these times because these are very,new these are this years deal tees but,any good your tires are three to four,years old they have whether cracking,they crack on the sidewall they cracked,on the top they crack everywhere and,that happens because bad rubber,production and quality control mouths,been slipping a little bit and I see,that a lot youre a good your Allegras,good your triple tread good your fuel,max our notorious for weather cracking,you take one off you pull the sidewall,Im telling you I got more crack than,Harlem okay so thats one reason now,number one and number two is a lot of,times now that these good your tires,here are having weather cracks in,between in between the site but this,tire here has does not have it at the,moment because it is fairly new now,youre asking a more should I go and,bite did your tires well not totally bad,melting or trash-talking or hating on,they do they do have good products but,lately the products have been slipping,so thats why I could ask a lot a marsh,and I buy good your tires and somebody,emailed me and left a comment on YouTube,saying right to the point,aimer are good you are good your tires,junk this is why Im answering this,topic video so you know I should go out,do your research on all kinds of tires,and see what tires fit you best okay and,thats based on the Goodyear product as,you can see one thing I freaking hate,about good youre not to be on a,negative point is you havent changed,their tire technology we are 2018 this,is a 2018 do t this is a love old-school,tread pattern in the market very basic,no technology nothing guys its the same,friggin mold but the guy in May had,eighty years ago look at this no one,uses these anymore,this one got a two to four sites per,tread block what is that thats nothing,the traction control lets just jump,over here at Continental and lets jump,back to Goodyear so you can see right,off the bat now follow us on Facebook,Instagram YouTube and Twitter if you,have any tire questions real questions,or comments,hello my name is AMR follow me on my,personal account at am ARS IHRA,via all social media and follow holy REM,lions Facebook Instagram YouTube or,Twitter and give me a call at 1 905 five,two eight three five zero zero thank you

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