1. Why Are My Google Reviews Not Showing Up?
  2. Google Reviews Missing or Disappearing? DO THIS!
  3. Google Reviews Not Showing up???? Why Your Google Reviews Are Being Removed ????Easy To Understand ???? 2022
  4. Why Google Business Profile Reviews Are Not Showing Up and How To Fix It in 2022 By Vinay Toshniwal
  5. Google reviews NOT showing up?
  6. Google Reviews Are Not Showing Up: Understand Missing & Delayed Reviews

Why Are My Google Reviews Not Showing Up?

hey mike here with,silverbackweb.com and today im going to,answer the question what is happening to,your google reviews perhaps youve,experienced this before people have left,you reviews but theyre not showing up,on the google maps and if you would like,to know,13 13 reasons why your review might not,be showing up stick around i think this,is going to help you very much,[Music],all right so welcome back this is mike,with silverback and we provide videos,like this we try to do it every week to,help contractors help business owners,up their game with their digital,marketing whether they be google or seo,or web design or whatever it may be,today i want to talk about google my,business and the reviews and getting a,google review is extremely important you,want to get lots of reviews so that you,can beat your competitors and so that,you can be,showing up more regularly in local,search and in the maps so getting,reviews are critical but lately google,has been throttling down some reviews,and making them disappear this seems,very much like yelp and its very,frustrating and people are beginning to,wonder why is google doing that well,heres what google states specifically,on their website there are several,reasons why your reviews may be removed,from the page but in most cases missing,reviews are removed for policy of course,right this is what is always the issue,policy violations like spam,or inappropriate,um content so today im going to talk,about what heres 13 reasons i think,why google would remove,if you read the policies and you look,through them youll see these are about,13 reasons why google would remove or,throttle back throttle down a review so,lets look at those together im going,to just show you a couple of them the,first one is there is a url in the,review so one of googles policies is,youre not allowed to put a website or,url or a link inside a review if you,have a client who left your review a,review and they you put a link in there,and your reviews not showing up simply,ask them did you put a link in there um,and then that would be the reason why,the review didnt show up the second,reason why your review might not show up,is because the person who wrote the,review actually works for you now dont,ask me how google knows these things but,google knows things thats one thing we,know about google and so google why,might be able to recognize that this,person actually works for you,and so they are leaving a review for you,and thats in-house reviews and thats,not really going to work and so please,dont do that,number three the exact same review,appears somewhere else like maybe in a,yellow pages review or a yelp review or,even on your website if you collect,reviews with the plug-in on your,wordpress website,its great if a customer is willing to,leave your review in multiple locations,but if i were that customer and im,assuming most people are like me,theyre likely to copy that review and,then paste it somewhere else so if,theyve done that thats why google is,throttling it down it sees it as a,duplicate content and its not going to,post the review,the fourth reason why your review might,not show up is you have too many new,reviews,in a short time period this seems spammy,to google and it looks like theyre,going to say whats going on here you,know this happens a lot if youre in,networking groups or or if you go to you,know,business,conferences or whatnot and youre,passing out your business card or youre,trying to get hey everyone leave me a,review you send out a mass email asking,everyone you know to leave you a review,and youve got that link on there and,they click on it google is starting to,figure out that these people didnt,actually go to your website they didnt,actually visit your place of business,they didnt have any communication with,you at all all they did was click a link,and leave a review and that seems spammy,so google is again going to maybe remove,those reviews,number five,you are offering incentives for people,who write you reviews this is a this is,a common thing its against the policies,youre not allowed to give incentives,for leaving a review,this would include something like hey if,you leave me a review ill give you five,dollars off your next order or a free,bowl of chips and salsa which i would,totally leave a review for a free bowl,of chips and salsa but youre not,allowed to do that so if you do that,again i dont know how google finds,these things out but we all know google,finds things out and so dont offer,incentives number six,you,might have used whether you knew it or,not black hat or,aka cheap seo maybe an seo company,thats not doing the right things have,posted fake reviews for you and at first,this might have worked it might have,increased your rankings but eventually,google finds out throttles down those,reviews and starts throttling down other,reviews as well so its important not to,use black hat seo black hat seo is,practices that we would consider not,good you know like the,the cowboys wearing a black cat hes a,bad guy white hat is a good guy you want,to do white hat seo,black hat seo search engine optimization,is doing things to game the system and,eventually google is going to catch you,and then theyre going to penalize you,so if you created fake reviews,then google will find that and whats a,fake review all these different fake,accounts like you just someone created a,google,account with a fake gmail address and,then left you review and you know and it,just didnt work out well,number seven,the review is from the same ip address,as other reviews,this probably happens a lot if youre,trying to get people to leave your,reviews,in a specific location like hey youre,at my office right now weve just closed,the deal can i get you to leave me a,review and theyre leaving a review,maybe theyre even logged into your,wi-fi network or if its a coffee house,and theres a wi-fi system,google sees that all these reviews are,coming in in the same location and,thats fishy and so again they make the,review disappear they ghost that review,number eight the person is a manager of,your google my business listing this,happens to me,all the time it just recently started,happening in the past year and its very,frustrating,so i am michael and my business is,silverback and so of course i dont,leave reviews with my silverback google,account i leave reviews with my mike,google account and im trying to become,a local guide and ive got lots of,points and i even got a free pair of,socks because im a good local guide,leaving reviews for restaurants and bars,and and people and contractors,but,i think google has started to figure out,that michael,works at silverback and silverback,manages their google my business listing,so michaels review doesnt count and,they will and they have ghosted my,reviews so im not even able to leave,reviews for my clients and customers,even if ive used their services and,ive used a lot of their services but,google is throttling those down as well,so if,the person works for you or is a manager,of your google my business or has access,to your google my business as an admin,or an editor google will,not show those reviews number nine,there are too many reviews,aka theres more than average reviews if,youve got 200 300 reviews google saying,hey slow down where are you getting all,these reviews why do you have all its,just its unnatural and google doesnt,like that things need to be natural you,need to be getting a few reviews a week,over a natural period of time not 30 in,one day or not 300 in one year,number 10,the person has never left her this is,common the person has never left a,review before,and that person has little activity on,that google profile this is the main,reason why for instance your reviews,dont show up on yelp people always,criticize yelp for the reviews not,showing up yelp has an algorithm that,says if people didnt find you on yelp,and then somehow go to your place of,business,for your location and then interact

Google Reviews Missing or Disappearing? DO THIS!

if youve recently noticed some of your,google business reviews have vanished or,are simply missing from your listing,youre not alone in an attempt to combat,review fraud google has tightened up its,filtering process to reduce the number,of fake google reviews shady business,owners use to boost their online,profiles this new phenomenon is,highlighted in this article by joy,hawkins owner of the local seo agency,studying sky which i recommend you read,since the filtering is done,automatically through an algorithm a lot,of genuine reviews are caught in the net,and are wrongly removed this is a,growing problem for many of you based on,the number of published threads related,to this topic in various local business,forums,in todays video im going to go through,what you need to be aware of based on,joys article so your customers reviews,dont fall into the review removal trap,if its already too late and some of,your reviews have already been removed,or are simply not showing up just watch,till the end to find out what you can do,to get them reinstated the google review,filter is not new and has been in place,for as long as i remember it is designed,to remove reviews that violate googles,prohibited and restricted content you,can find the entire list of prohibited,content here and read it at your leisure,im not going to go through it today,since these restrictions have been in,place for a long time and nothing new,has been added to them recently but if,you cant be bothered to read it here is,what you need to know in a nutshell if,any of your customers reviews fall into,one of these categories it is likely to,be removed which shouldnt come as a,surprise to anybody generally speaking,this is a very rare occurrence and,wouldnt be the main cause for your,reviews to go missing or to disappear,what is new however is what joy observed,in a research there seems to be,different reasons outside of the,prohibited and restricted content,causing the increase in review filtering,lets start with the first one you offer,free wi-fi to your guests running a,coffee shop without offering wi-fi,nowadays is almost like committing,business suicide it is expected by all,customers free wi-fi is not exclusive to,coffee shops and can now be found at,your local hairdresser or dentist and,many other places which is great for,customers the problem is google is able,to see the unique ip address of your,wifi network for those of you who dont,know an ip address is the digital,equivalent of a postal address and,identifies your precise location if you,manage your google business profile from,the same wi-fi network your customers,connect to google will see that,connection reviews left by customers you,connected to your network using the same,ip address will very often not get,published even if they are no longer at,your location they will likely be deemed,as spam,unless you want to switch your free,wi-fi off there isnt much you can do,here apart from trying to identify which,reviews have been filtered out and,attempt to get them reinstated which i,will cover in a couple of minutes lets,move to the second reason the reviews,are written inside your store,encouraging customers to leave a review,using a review station at your business,location for example may sound like a,good idea its likely to make the,process simpler and speed up the number,of reviews you receive unfortunately it,isnt as good an idea as you think and,this is why just like in a wi-fi example,your review station will use a unique ip,address reviews coming from the same,device using the same ip address will be,a red flag to the google review filter,and will not get published the solution,here is simple dont encourage customers,to leave your views from your location,if you have and you know the reviews,have been filtered try getting them,reinstated reason number three your,reviewer is too far away from your,business location whether customers,submit reviews on a business listing,from a desktop computer or using a,smartphone google is able to track their,exact location,if you have received a review from a,customer who is nowhere near your,business location or hasnt recently,been closed to it its likely the review,will not be published this makes total,sense how could a customer base in india,review a plumber located in london for,example there are cases however when the,review will be genuine if so ask for in,statement quick tip if you ever receive,a fake negative review on your listing,from a random user you never dealt with,you might be able to use a customers,location as an argument to back up your,claim for it to be removed go to your,google listing and bring up the fake,negative review if you have too many,reviews and cant find it use the filter,option and click on lowest which is,where youll find the fake review,click on the users profile and the,review tab this will show every review,this user has posted which can reveal,some unusual patterns like in this,example where reviews are geographically,far apart and also only have a one star,rating which could prove this user was,never anywhere near your business lets,move on to the fourth reason joy,mentions in her article using an,education or school category on your,google business profile if you are using,an education or school category in your,listing apparently anyone trying to,leave you a review will not be able to,do so although the person attempting to,publish a review on your listing will,not get an error message it will not,show anywhere unfortunately there is,nothing you can do if you fall into this,scenario this rounds up the four main,reasons why you may have recently,noticed your missing reviews the next,question is how can you reinstate,genuine missing reviews which have been,filtered by google,head over to the google business profile,forum click on the community tab and,scroll down a little click on ask now,and log in with a google account fill in,the form making sure you include the,following information,add a title such as customer review,missing or customer review disappeared,in the explain the problem youre facing,and what youve tried box add the,following information,your business name and your business,address,the link to your google listing to do,this go to google maps and search for,your business then copy the link from,the address bar and paste it in the form,specify the number of reviews you,believe are missing,if you can add the date when they were,submitted or at least the time frame,whenever possible add screenshots of,missing reviews,last but not least add the name of the,users who were trying to leave them,select the policies and guideline option,from the drop down then click on next,click on the review missing option then,click on next step this will take you to,step two ignore the suggestions and,click on next step again in step 3,choose the web option from the drop down,then click on next then post,hopefully someone will be able to help,you reinstate your missing reviews based,on information you provided note the,people manning the help center are,volunteers and dont work directly for,google although they are experts there,is no guarantee they will be able to,reinstate your reviews please be nice to,them i hope you enjoyed the video if you,did please give it a thumbs up and until,next time happy marketing,[Music],you

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Google Reviews Not Showing up???? Why Your Google Reviews Are Being Removed ????Easy To Understand ???? 2022

hey whats going on guys in todays,video i want to show you why i believe,your reviews are being removed its just,my theory watch this,[Music],this video is dedicated to my friend,darren marion who passed away november,14th,2021 i really miss you darren i love you,brother,reviews are a major ranking factor,having,the uh keyword in the review the,location the brand name even the person,who,who uh serviced you or helped you,in the review is really a major trust,ranking factor from google so having,your reviews removed even good reviews,having having good reviews,removed,will hurt your rankings,if you have enough of your re reviews,removed theyre going to hurt your rank,as youre going to drop in the ranking,so one of the big factors today,is that you know google is removing your,reviews and as ive said you know a,thousand times i am not a scientist,uh i i have some college i dont have an,engineering or a science a science,degree,so i you know,let me just put that straight out,however i like to get information out as,soon as possible put it out there and,then this way uh somebody else could,take it to the next step if you like im,not gonna wait six months do all kinds,of except experiments and then put,something out and after that google,changes the algorithm so let me do it,while its hot and let me give you my,ideas and then maybe you could take it,to the next level heres my idea if we,look to the image to the left,most people get a review,right you get a review on your business,mind saw i worked with brad over at,mindset or local seo you know,and uh,they get a review and all and what i do,is i just respond to review okay hey,thank you john for,giving me such a great review look,forward to working with you i like,working with you and you know thats the,end of it,uh,but,what is it that google wants you to do,to review they dont only want you to,respond to the review,google actually gives you other options,as to what you can do with the review,and i believe in the next slide,i believe,that if you protect the review meaning,that if you,if you do the other four or five things,that googles asking you to do its,going to be harder though not impossible,for google to take,your review down,all right so lets move over to the,right hand side well go one at a time,well,google,uh,wants you to respond to the review and,responding to the review,it doesnt matter if you add keywords to,your response so you could add the word,local seo or local plumber it doesnt,matter right so but they do want you to,respond to the review in a reasonable,amount of time,right,now,after that after you respond to the,review did anybody like the review,right was it helpful to anyone else so,right away after re responding to the,review,hit the like,the thumbs up,have the client if they can hit the,thumbs up have more than one people hit,the thumbs up have them like the review,take that review and share that review,on social,google gives you,as you can see google gives you the,ability to share,that review so share it on social,you can also embed that review,so,what i would do is i would i would have,like you know weebly sites tumblr sites,um,anywhere you,do a fiverr gig,and have those in uh reviews embedded in,other websites,right because that shows that that,people are sharing and that you review,is helpful,now heres another idea that i thought,of which was add the review to their to,your website,have a section in your footer,that says something like uh,heres what clients are saying about our,business or here,clients clients say this about our,business what clients say about our,business you know what what clients say,about our business i guess thats a,better way to say,when they click the link,all your reviews are on that page it,doesnt have to be in the top navigation,it could be in your footer heres what,clients have to say,when they click that link,it goes directly,to,a page with all your embedded,reviews so add that on your website,when you create a youtube video,add a section in the description that,says,uh heres what clients have to say,and add several reviews,to your google descript your youtube,description,just copy the links and put them in your,youtube video,now,will that totally protect your reviews,i dont know i dont know 100 percent,however i do know,that,youre doing more with the review,than just responding to the review i,think when you just respond to the,review just like this,diagram shows the sharp shark comes up,and just eats your review the google,shark comes eats your review and thats,the end of the story right because its,not protected by anything its its not,helping anyone else,right if you do these other six steps i,believe,youre doing what google wants,wants you to do and what you know a,regular person will do theyll share the,review theyll embed the review theyll,put it on social media,right so thats what i want you to do,why dont you try that,when you get a new review do these six,steps and put in the comment box see if,that helped,guys this is just my theory right uh,somebody may take this theory and take,it to the next level ive done a couple,of videos like this where i have an idea,i want to get it out there and then i,notice that somebody else takes that,idea makes a video about it does it and,improves upon it thats great thats,what thats what were all about were,all about its all about community its,all about putting stuff out there and,helping and not being the end-all be-all,to every single problem that you have,the problem and you have the solution to,everything i dont have the solution to,everything i know what the problems are,i know how to solve some of the problems,but maybe if i put it out there maybe,somebody else could take it to the next,level somebody like chris palmer or,william jones or uh this fella brock,misner very smart guy really smart guy,you know people like that,could take it and bring it to the next,level and uh you know do some,experiments on it and see if that works,but,it has to be better than just responding,to a review,i think if you just respond to a review,i dont think youre protecting you,think about it when you get a review i,want you to now think about i have to,protect that review,how do i protect that review not only,respond to it but like it have other,people like it,share the review embed the review,add the review to your website,right what people are saying about us,right,and uh add that review to youtube in the,description link,you know people people,also say about this is what also this is,what people also say about about xyz,business,right,i hope that video helped if theres,anything that i could do to help you see,my cell phone number here feel free,shoot me a text if youd like to work,with me on a consultation business i can,take a look at your website show you,exactly what you need or what i feel you,need to rank in the google three pack,uh,itll probably save you a years worth,of time of watching videos,if you dont have time to make the,changes to your website you dont have,the means necessary you know i have a,full team that can handle your project,id be happy to work on your website,please take care of your family kiss,your wife kiss your kids be good to your,family clean up around the house,throw out the garbage get out off your,computer every hour to help out around,the house sit there like a,a potted plant where you dont move,and uh if youre over 50 years old,please get a cardiac ct scan,it could save your life it could predict,a heart attack up until 15 years after,very simple to do go to your primary,care doctor say id like a prescription,for a cardiac ct scan theyll give you,the prescription you bring it over to,cardiologist,and they do it i believe its less than,100 i have insurance so i dont know but,you know i believe its less than a,hundred dollars for them to do that test,you go get the test and if youre good,you know youre good for the next you,know next uh 15 years or so thats,thats what doctors say,1

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Why Google Business Profile Reviews Are Not Showing Up and How To Fix It in 2022 By Vinay Toshniwal

namaste,this is vinay toshniwal from tubiso,tuviso stands for together we solve,so,lets solve one issue,which is why,google business profile reviews are not,showing up,this is a common problem with many,businesses now,so lets get to the point and see why,google is doing this to our businesses,huge complaints on fake one star reviews,the reason behind google deleting or not,approving some of the reviews is because,of many feedback or complaint from the,business owners themselves,please do understand that google,improves themselves on users feedback,they are not showing reviews because you,because we as a user have reported,google on one star fake review saying,that the competitors are spamming our,businesses with one star ratings,didnt you report,or didnt you flag any of your reviews,let me know in the comment section,google is improving themselves for the,users,whenever we complain them they,acknowledge it and start working on it,and let me tell you its not just one,star but even,fake five-star ratings,yes you heard it right many business,owners hire,such professionals who do such services,as giving,five-star ratings to business listings,which google knows,they know everything as you are using,their services be it chrome be it google,maps etc and on top of that your,competitors also do report your listing,asking google to remove it with their,valid reasons,not just one star or five star business,owners hire professionals to take fake,reviews with keywords urls,and whatnot which google treats as,spammy,a secret if you want to know how to,identify fake reviews,comment below so i would make another,video for all my viewers,so viewers tell me what would you do if,you own google maps or google business,profile,what would you do with all the feedback,and complaints you get from your,customers from your users,im sure you would take action the same,way google has taken it,in the next slide i will tell you how,google is tracking,and deleting and not approving reviews,and as a user what important things we,need to know about google business,profile that many users dont know,proximity do you know google business is,made for local businesses,and to be precise local business which,targets their customers within two hours,of drive location,yes thats a gbp guideline,so do not expect a review from overseas,sitting in your country,or even from the customers who do not,come,within your radius,yes at times you are lucky because of,the category you are in or because your,listing has never been struck,and you are playing fair and within the,guidelines set by our google baba,communication with business,having set the radius for local business,means users,can search for your services in your,targeted area sitting anywhere in the,world but,to leave your review they have to visit,your store,with their location on so google would,know that customer has visited your,store and then google,would itself give a notification to your,customer to leave your business a review,yes yes i am coming to you,for service area business google tracks,the call and your visit to the customer,this means,your customer searches for your service,in google search engine,finds you,calls you you visit them give them your,service and then they can leave you a,review again here,two hours of drive location is important,your customer should be within two hours,of drive location,and heres a tip to get an uninterrupted,review,make sure to give access to the business,listing to whoever visits the customer,for the service,so this is all about why google reviews,are not showing up,so how would you review this video did,you find this informational,okay lets have some fun why dont you,review this video like you review any,business in gbp,with a rating and review in the comment,section,if you have any doubts or any questions,about gbp let me know in the comments,section and i would answer you,thank you for watching this video this,is vinait oshiniwa from toviso together,we solve

Google reviews NOT showing up?

so this morning i went on a,google search,trying to figure out why it is that some,of the reviews that i have sent to,friends and,uh clients of mine,are not showing in their google my,business pages so i got to the,conclusion that it had to do with the,fact that i have two uh profiles on,google and apparently one of them is,inactive,and i guess apparently ive been sending,reviews from that inactive account,so my,conclusion after going through,everything that i went through was that,they were coming from the wrong profile,so i wanted to share a little bit of,what my experience was this morning to,try to figure out what was going on so,what i did is i went to google maps,and so that brought me to this page so,if you can see over here on the top,right you can see my picture,but then on here i can see the other,google account that i have which i dont,i no longer use so what im going to do,is im going to click to that,and im still on google maps so what im,going to do is im going to go to the,top left,in this menu bar and im going to look,at my contributions,so what i found out is that apparently i,have,written all this reviews in the past so,about five,um and then i have,shared about three pictures on the,review so i have about eight,contributions so you can tell here,there are five reviews and three photos,that i have contributed to reviews,however this is coming from my personal,account which i no longer use and my,friends are not seeing,the reviews that im sending from this,from this business profile,so,in order to correct it,what i had to do was to,go into all the reviews that i had made,i copied them,and then i switched,to the other profile,so im here on my old profile so i went,to my picture and then i went to my,default account,so i went over here and then,same thing i wanted to check and see,what contributions i had,so,this morning i went ahead and,copied and pasted all the reviews coming,from my business profile,into,my friends and now,theyre finally seeing the review so,when i look over here,i can see that ive had four,contributions which are the two reviews,that i sent this morning and the two,photos that i contributed to the reviews,so anyway i wanted to share this in case,anybody is trying to,rack their brains trying to figure out,what is going on and why my friends and,clients are not getting my reviews i,hope this helps

Google Reviews Are Not Showing Up: Understand Missing & Delayed Reviews

Google reviews are not showing up,understanding missing and delayed,reviews lately many Google business,profile owners started complaining that,their Google reviews are not being shown,or not being published or being removed,FYI Google business profile is former,Google my business,this issue creates serious difficulties,in local ranking which is vital for many,businesses lets find out why it happens,and what you can do,why my Google reviews are not showing up,in short Google reviews might be missing,because of two reasons One reviews might,be delayed two reviews might be filtered,what is the specific reason why my,Google reviews are not showing up,Google will Almost Never provide you a,specific reason when filtering reviews,we Google reserve the right to disable,user-generated contributions for,individual business profiles and,business categories to prevent abuse we,also reserve the right to remove content,that violates our policies or terms of,service and to suspend or delete abusive,accounts the decisions about filtering,Google reviews are made by robots not,humans Google started using automated,spam detection measures to remove,reviews that are probably spam,Google confirms that because of that,legitimate reviews are sometimes,inappropriately removed although Google,considers that these spam prevention,measures help improve peoples,experiences on Google,it means that decisions about filtering,reviews are made by the Google algorithm,and sometimes quality reviews will be,filtered as well,why my Google reviews might be delayed,usually when users post a review they,can almost instantly see their reviews,as published on their devices although,these reviews may still not be viewed by,the public,some reviews get published within two to,three hours however others may take two,to seven business days I would suggest,contacting Google support after seven,days the review was posted and getting,ready to provide the screenshot of the,review left by the user if available,please take into consideration one users,on older mobile devices and operating,systems might have issues leaving,reviews,to fix the problem users should update,their operating system and Google Maps,app version 2. if you set a future,opening date for your business that,hasnt opened yet any reviews left,before its open to the public will be,removed why my reviews might be filtered,by Google your review might be filtered,for many reasons which are presented in,three different documents one your,review might be filtered if it does not,follow Matts user contributed content,policy 2. your review might be filtered,if it consists of prohibited and,restricted content three your review,might be filtered if it does not follow,the guidelines for representing business,on Google you can find the links to,these documents in comments below this,video,besides following Google policies Google,review has a high risk to be filtered if,a review is too long more than one,thousand characters and a review does,not look genuine or looks like an,advertisement if a review contains URLs,phone numbers or addresses if a review,contains prohibited and restricted,content spam and fake content off-topic,content restricted content illegal,content terrorist content sexually,explicit content offensive content,dangerous and derogatory content,impersonation and conflict of interest,if a review were left by the employer or,left by a current or former employee if,a review is not based on real,experiences and information if the,reviews were requested from customers in,bulk f for example via email campaigns,if a review comes from the same physical,location from the same IP address for,example if a reviewer shares an IP,address with someone who already left,you a review the review might be flagged,another example if your business offers,Wi-Fi that customers connect to and,youve logged into your Google business,profile account if the reviewer is,located far away from the business,location or has never physically visited,the business location if the reviewer,left the same exact review Elsewhere on,the internet for example Facebook Yelp,Bing or the content for the review was,taken from another business if the,number of reviews is abnormally higher,than most businesses in your industry if,other Google users other than the,reviewer or business owner reported the,review as offensive spam not relevant or,inappropriate and anything else,that might trigger Googles robots to,filter the review,God only knows,because Google never discloses the real,reasons for filtering the reviews,remember that Google will Almost Never,provide you a specific reason when,filtering harmless or apparently,harmless reviews,what can you do to show filtered Google,reviews if your review was filtered you,can appeal to Google business profile,support make sure to take screenshots of,the reviews if available and pass that,information to Google support team,there is no guarantee that the reviews,will show but there is a chance of,success if you can strongly support your,point of view,probably the most important conclusion,if you were now able to reinstate,filtered reviews do not stop asking your,clients to review your business on,Google and try to follow the tips from,this article to reduce the chance of,being filtered why the fake one star,reviews are not filtered by Google great,question it is amazing that Google is,trying to improve its reviews filtering,algorithm,the policy says Google review policy,prohibits spam and fake content Google,requires reviews to reflect a persons,genuine experience at a location or,business I just wonder why this new,algorithm is not applied to the fake one,star reviews which almost all businesses,have it happens when an unknown user who,never was at the location of the,business creates a Google account just,to leave one harmful review for your,business without providing any details,why do these annoying reviews not,qualify for filtering,so far I was not able to receive or find,any answers share with us your thoughts,and do not hesitate to contact dimico,web if you need any type of assistance,with your digital presence,we are only one click away to help you,become number one online,[Music]


hey whats going on guys hope,everythings going well so i got about,five minutes i wanted to just shoot a,quick video im getting ready to get out,of my hotel move on somewhere else so i,just wanted a quick uh shoot a quick,video about how to rank in the google,three pack using reviews,and,its going to be,super simple very easy to understand but,this is going to be quick so you may,have to watch this more than once i,dont have a i dont have a lot of time,once again this uh,video is dedicated to,my best friend who passed away darren,marion on november 14th 2021 guys if you,havent gotten a ct,uh cardiac,uh prescription from your primary care,doctor please get that it could predict,a heart attack up until 15 years so with,that being said lets get started,[Music],all right guys so i already have,everything loaded up in the interest of,time i did a search that was something,like pressure washer,you could use any keyword im just,showing you how to get in the google,three pack if this is you i want you to,type in the keyword so for example in,this case im using the word pressure,washer right and if youre somewhere on,the first page in the google three pack,right if youre somewhere in the first,page,what id like you to do,is i would like you to just find your,listing i already have one loaded i took,a look at uh logo pressure washing right,so this is about seventh or eighth but,it could be,you know it could be uh,10th 11th 12th place its okay its just,going to take a little longer,so this is what i want you to do the,first thing i want you to do step one,and ill usually i usually put step one,but i dont have time to do that so this,write this down its just step one,step one what id like you to do i hope,im not making you nauseous is id like,you to go through other peoples reviews,and id like you to start pulling out,you could write the keywords down,right,i want you to start looking at,all the keywords right here people often,mention and write all these keywords,down,then i want you to go through,some of the,reviews and see if anything,see if anything is sticking out,in regards to any kind of trust words,anything thats trust for example,professional i would take as a trust,word informative i would take as a trust,word write hard working i was taking,this i would write all these down put,them in excel spreadsheet whatever you,want to do just get these words down and,i want you to go through the top three,or four,people,i want you to go through dont use it a,business like uh like lowes or home,depot theyre national brands right use,use some mom and pop so theres mccreary,pressure washer if he was to add the,word uh,largo to it hed probably be on the,first page but,i dont suggest you do that you could,get you could also get uh suspended okay,so i go through here find most relevant,he doesnt he may not have enough,reviews for most relevant okay heres,another one professionalism quality,responsiveness value right,so i would write all those keywords down,so thats step one get all those,keywords trust keywords write them down,and anything that sticks out in your,industry like okay thats good thats,good so if were speaking about pressure,washer maybe were using the word power,washer maybe were using the word soap,maybe were using the word detergent,right all those have to do with pressure,washer you get the idea if youre a dui,lawyer,or youre a plastic surgeon,right whatever your thing is you write,down your keywords and write down your,trust words trust words and keywords,write them down,all right we got that,now,were going to go to the website,were going to go to his pressure,washing page,his pressure washing page appears to be,his um,his pressure washing page appears to be,his home page thats his pressure,washing page i want you to take the,first 500 words meaning this,this,i want you to take the first 500 words,probably probably goes down to about,here,and i want you to sprinkle in some of,those words that you just wrote down,sprinkle in so instead of over 20 20,years of experience you know what were,some of the,the uh keywords that that they said,quality and they said uh professionalism,right just take out you know over 20,years of,uh over 20 20 years of professionalism,in pressure washing located in uh largo,or,top rated google professional,pressure washer and logo right just,change it sprinkle in those keywords,sprinkle them in because we need this,site to be crawled again,by google,so we need to change the first 500 words,sprinkle in those keywords the trust,keywords and the keywords that you found,in the reviews,i hope you guys are following me because,i am whipping through this all right,so,im just going to say it again find the,re find go through other peoples,reviews,find,find the um the key words and the and,the um,you know the the the the words that that,have to do with you know the quality the,trust the trust words write them down,add them to that page that,uh that youre trying to rank it may be,one of your inside pages,right it may be your home page in this,case its the home page thats what,ranks this is the pressure washing page,in your case it may be one of these,pages your keyword pages,all right maybe one of the keyword pages,all right now the next thing,go to your post,and create posts,using those keywords,those trust words,and make sure you make all the posts,about pressure washing,using those keywords those trust words,create posts,using the same words the words that you,got from the reviews,the words you waited you added to that,specific page,youre gonna create over the next two,three weeks three posts a week on,pressure washing just on that keyword,because what were trying to do,is were trying to get to the first,place,so what were doing,is were were changing the words on the,page in this case its the home page but,it could be your case could be the,inside pages,then youre going youre creating some,google posts,on that keyword pressure washing dui,electrical engineer whatever you do,and then the third thing,youre coming back to reviews,you have all those keywords written down,and all those and all and all those uh,those trust words,you if youre in this area lets just,say this is you,you want to look look through your,customer list,and you need reviews,from people in this area,not from,not from here not from new mexico,not from haiti,not from miranda,merida merida,not from cancun,from here,okay,this is where you need,your reviews from,you need them from this little area,wherever your area is if youre in,alabama youre in chicago youre in,california you need them from this area,this is where you need your reviews,so were just going to review one more,time listen im sorry that i review so,many times but i want to make sure that,everybody got it if everybody if you got,it at this point im just going to say,the same thing over and over i guess you,could just excel make sure you subscribe,okay so,youre going to as a recap,as a recap you are going to,find reviews,go through reviews find trust words and,keywords,for the keyword that youre trying to,rank in this case its pressure washing,pressure washer in this case its,pressure washer,find the page on your website that,speaks about pressure washing in this,case its the home page yours it may be,the one of the inside pages,fix the first 500 words add sprinkle in,all those key terms,on that page only on the first 500.,next,create posts,using those trustwords and those,keywords,next,get reviews using those trust words and,those keywords about pressure washing,i dont like to guarantee anything but i,guarantee you,youre going to move up in the ranking,now one of the other things i want you,to do,for example,im just using this as an example,hey everybody larry i like this guy,larry lawton he speaks,if you guys dont know i worked in jail,for 20 years he speaks a lot of things,about jail i dont know why i still like,it but okay,so in your description create a youtube,video about pressure washing,add those ke

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