1. Gossip Girl 2021: What The Hell Happened?
  2. the new Gossip Girl is utterly bizarre…
  3. why is the new GOSSIP GIRL so CRINGEY?
  4. the gossip girl reboot was meh (a costume review)
  5. The Bizarre Legacy of Gossip Girl
  6. We NEED To Talk About The Gossip Girl Reboot… *i hate everyone*
  7. the unlikeability of the gossip girl reboot characters *a rant*

Gossip Girl 2021: What The Hell Happened?

this video is sponsored by brightsellers,[Music],new year,happy new year everybody we made it,we made it,2022,happy new year i got covered,yeah no yeah i dont,i get it it makes sense it makes sense,yeah i found out i had covet on new,years eve actually which,not fun dont recommend it so the last,couple of weeks have been a little rough,but thankfully i am okay everything is,fine im living that vax life but yeah i,thought it was about time for me to come,back and finally take a look at gossip,girl 2021 the hbo max sequel slash,reboot of the original show on the cw,that came out in 2007 and yes i know im,very late because i think i first,announced this video like in november,but i dont know stop yelling at me,i was busy alright if you dont know i,moved in november um it was a very,chaotic time it happened very quickly it,was a lot and i just didnt have the,time to do it im sorry im sorry okay,but im here now and i finally finished,watching this show and i,i i have i have thoughts i i got things,to say so let me contextualize a few,days before this video comes out theres,a new episode of my podcast the,mothership in which myself amanda the,jedi commander bruno and broy deschanel,react to unpopular opinions about movies,and television that were submitted by my,instagram followers unpopular opinion,thor ragnarok wasnt that funny wrong,what the [ __ ] are you on i havent seen,it one of those unpopular opinions was,about the show sex and the city which,prompted a very,passionate reaction in broly so to speak,and it created a very interesting,conversation about retroactive media,criticism that eventually led to,discussing our expectations for the hbo,max sequel of sex in the city that had,yet to come out at the time i also dont,trust darren start to nail that next,season,i i saw the trailer and i was like it,actually looks kind of good like it has,the vibes of the original im getting,the vibe that theyre trying to update,yeah the original in terms of writing,what im getting and the styling and,stuff but also it looks like theyre,trying to actually move it into the new,page and i im gonna really appreciate,it this clip makes me chuckle because,brolys optimism towards the sex and the,city reboot perfectly mirrors the,expectations and the optimism i had for,gossip girl 2021 and i think its safe,to say that life has once again,demonstrated that it is not on my side,because what the [ __ ] was that i,really wanted to like this show i swear,i did not go into it wanting to hate it,i was raving about the trailer in my,instagram stories it actually looked,promising there was potential there and,i was pumped if youve seen my video on,the original gossip girl you know this,was my [ __ ] when i was a teenager and,even now as an adult the first season of,gossip girl is still top tier television,i [ __ ] love it i even talked about,how excited i was for the reboot at the,end of the video i was rooting for,gossip girl 2021 so bad i wanted it to,be good so bad but unfortunately for me,it wasnt i think gossip girl 2021 is,the show that finally made me understand,how low the bar has become for team,television which is saying something,coming from me because analyzing the,genre is literally my job this show is,the perfect representation of the level,of mediocrity that has somehow become a,standard for teen tv and it kind of,bothers me i would even go as far as to,say that gossip girl 2021 is the show i,have disliked the most since emily in,paris and i know its a bold statement,believe me but i mean it in fact to be,completely honest with you i almost did,not make this video at all and not,because of any deep reasoning on my part,but simply because i did not want to,finish this show when the first half of,the season ended and the show went on a,hiatus before the holidays i actually,considered dropping it there and,abandoning my video hell apparently most,people stopped watching the show after,episode 7 so it looks like we were all,on the same page here but now,here i am,i blame kovid anyways before we dive,into it lets take a quick moment to,thank todays sponsor bright sellers,bright sellers is the monthly wine,membership that uses a seven question,quiz to match you to wines based on your,tastes the quiz is powered by an,algorithm that analyzes your taste,profile to suggest wines youre,guaranteed to like its honestly pretty,cool as a concept brightsellers focuses,on finding unique gems from small,vineyards all around the world and with,hundreds of private label wines youll,be able to try new wine youve never,tasted before all you need to do is take,their quick and simple seven question,quiz so they can gather your taste,preferences and deliver wines youre,guaranteed to love theyre really simple,questions like whats your favorite,chocolate or how do you drink your tea,and based on that theyll find the,perfect wine to suit you its pretty,neat im kind of a rookie in terms of,wine so getting to discover new ones is,actually really fun its helping me,develop my taste in it and not only is,it convenient because they just deliver,it straight to you its also highly,sustainable because the packaging is,completely recyclable just good stuff,man and guess what youre in luck,because right now brightsellers is,offering you guys 50 off your first six,bottle box if you go to,brightsellers.com,space ninja thats six bottles for a,grand total of fifty three dollars its,kind of a steal so remember go to,brightsellers.com,space ninja take the quiz and get,started today thank you bright sellers,for sponsoring this video and lets get,back to gossip girl so gossip girl 2021,takes place eight years after the events,of the original show we are now,following julian callaway the new id,girl of the upper east side and her,group of rich friends who also have a,lot of instagram followers,[Music],thats the most i can say about them,right now this show is really bad at,introducing characters anyways they live,their lives of obnoxious rich people who,are mean because thats just what they,do over there but things take a dramatic,turn when zoya lot a new student at,constance billard high school reveals,herself to be julians secret,half-sister which puts julian and her,entire entourage at risk of public,scandals because,years after the departure of dan,humphrey a new gossip girl emerges and,begins to watch over their lives if you,paid really close attention to what i,just said you will notice that this,synopsis,is really dumb and its also weirdly,underwhelming and the worst part is this,is not the dumbest part of the show but,were gonna talk about that in a minute,to be completely honest with you guys i,do not have the words to properly,explain how much i dislike this show for,the life of me i cannot understand how,this went so wrong how is this the,legacy of the original series this show,is so far up its own ass it takes itself,so seriously it thinks its so smart and,progressive it is the most arrogant,condescending and insufferably,self-righteous show i have ever seen and,im not kidding when i say this is,probably worse than literally any cwu,show ive talked about which is really,disappointing coming from hbo max and,yes i am also including riverdale in,this gossip girl 2021 is in a league of,its own when it comes to mediocrity it,is so embarrassing and when i say,embarrassing im not talking about a,light little face turns red moment like,when i showed up on elena batemans new,years livestream and she got,embarrassed because she was doing drunk,cartwheels,you cant be here i love you so much i,dont want you here because im really,drunk and im about to do a handstand,you cant be here for this because im,going to lose cool points you listen to,me alina bateman if that really is your,name i know it is whatever you will,never be uncool in my eyes you are a,[ __ ] legend and i love you no im,talking mortifyingly embarrassing a,level of mediocrity that rivals some of,the most terrible shows out there and in,my opini

the new Gossip Girl is utterly bizarre…

okay so like based on the titles of most,my videos i know a lot of people think,that i just,hate everything but id say right now,back in the day i loved gossip girl and,here we are in 2021 the millennial,remake machine is in full force with the,icarly reboot we got just like a few,weeks ago and now because nothing is,sacred we have the new gossip girl but,you know to be fair ive always wondered,how they could take the premise of the,original show which was how everyone in,the entire world was reading like the,same one perez hilton blog and spin that,into what we have today where everyone,has like six different social media apps,and,all the online drama beef tea is just,settled by watching two people pretend,to box each other for millions of,dollars but all the same after making,two videos on the original series here,we are,somehow with the new gossip girl so,lets take a walk but before that really,quick this video is brought to you by,morning brew like most of you i start my,mornings out by aimlessly browsing,through the same like four websites you,know trying to get caught up on whats,happening in the world but really just,getting distracted by all the nonsense,regurgitated memes over and over again,until finally i snap out of it and,realize ive been laying in bed for like,two hours,but morning brew has set out to fix all,that by giving you a daily newsletter,seven days a week that gives you all the,important news and information youre,looking for without all the fluff and,unimportant stuff you get everywhere,else like you can see here theres a,bunch of renewed interest in new startup,companies,instacarts been doing so well this past,year or so theyre looking for a new ceo,as well as all the important news you,would need to get caught up without,having to wade through the rest of the,garbage ive been subscribed for a few,months now and i personally enjoy all,their financial news stuff myself,because like i find the whole stock,market meme stock thing going on right,now just like really fascinating,signing up for the morning brew,newsletter is free so just click my link,down below in the description and get,smarter in just five minutes every,morning by signing up to morning brew,okay back to the first off we meet,this girl,zoya who right away just randomly gives,all kinds of wonderful exposition to her,dad you know as one does on the first,day of school,constance billard is one of the top 10,private schools in the country,with one of the best arts programs we,had to leave,and we couldnt pass up the scholarship,i mean at constance my college choices,are so much better,and yes shes a student there but i,doubt ill even get to meet her youre,not even sure she knows like this shes,your house sister,she knows you exist well then i dont,want to meet her because she never,accepted my friend request i sent when i,was 10.,you know its funny how guy friendships,work versus girl ones like guys will be,best friends and theyll be like he used,to beat me up every day after school but,now he watched jojo together but then,girls are like you didnt accept my,friend request five years ago and now,ive,come from vegas anyway like i said its,the first day of school,okay now show me the bag oh,sorry miss keller i didnt see you there,um it wasnt your fault,she almost destroyed your cap of scene,ah now the lights off the cape,i thought we were meeting inside,now oddly enough this new show decides,to focus more so on the teachers of the,school i guess because all of us who,watch the old show are now old enough to,either be teachers or students,apparently since this woman somehow,looks younger than all these teenage,kids,it took me an hour to pick out an outfit,i thought they wouldnt make fun of and,it took them one,second to prove me wrong if julian wore,that irvin would be mass producing,knockoffs by third period they just pick,on us because they can,now they cant be controlled because,weve ceased to matter,who needs an education when youre,famous for putting on your makeup well,okay now to be fair,theyre not just famous for putting on,makeup all right i mean you also have to,be like,the most insufferably annoying person of,all time the school produced great,people,caroline kennedy coulson whitehead nate,archibald,not like nate archibald was such a saint,when we started you went here rebecca,class of 09 but you said nate when i was,a student,we lived under constant threat how it,was this thing that started freshman,year,called itself gossip girl people thought,it was me,but it was actually one of my classmates,dan humphrey wait wait wait wait hold on,a second,who is this rebecca rebecca,rebecca sherman that random girl they,mentioned once in season two they,couldnt bring back anybody else not,even hillary duff remember when she was,in gossip girl for a little while that,was weird anyway so the teachers sit,down and start reading through dans old,gossip girl blog this chuck and blair,thing is,out of control definitely pre-cancel,culture,did you get to the part where she was,princess of monaco for six months or,when a high school senior got a story,published in the new yorker,as a writer im a little jealous i mean,these posts are like a lost edith,wharton novel,now while this is happening another,teacher runs in crying because she got,fired for not changing a students grade,even after their parents no doubt very,politely asked her to and this is about,when these teachers have finally had,enough,you want to show youre in charge you,need an audience,whos our last hope kate we could be,next,you dont have to be,whats this power,so what ends up happening is the,teachers decide to bring back gossip,girl,as a social media watchdog big sister,drama channel type thing to try and,scare the students into somehow,being less horrible which is hilarious,to me because like have these people not,been on the internet for the last like,five years i mean influencers,that word content creator,thats worse okay let me try again,internet individuals get famous all the,time for being like the worst people,imaginable i mean this is like the,dumbest plan ive ever heard now,speaking of horrible people that morning,we get to finally meet all the rest of,the main characters of the show we have,audrey the rich girl whos trying so,hard to be blair waldorf i mean look at,this face come on its not even subtle,then theres max aka chuck light but,somehow more annoying julian the rich,ringleader of the school aki who is rich,obie whos dating julian and happens to,be rich but like nice sometimes,monet a wannabe photographer who comes,from a wealthy family and luna the rich,girl so like slight spoilers here but,all these characters are just,so boring i mean the original gossip,girl had like dan and serena as these,sarcastic kids who were just kind of,like so,over the whole rich kid thing and they,were really fun to watch individually,and together this show however,is just like a dozen nate archibalds i,get that theyre trying to be more like,a realistic and relatable for todays,audience which is great but like if,youre trying to represent gen z,then like wheres the furry kid how come,no one has a naruto headband on i mean,come on i can always suspend my,disbelief so far but to be fair if you,love amazingly awkward exposition okay,ill tell you this is the show for you,you see your face keeps the sun the gram,can wait,ladies shes looking for her sister,shes not my sister,shes just half you have a sister she,enrolled and moved here like some,stalker,and if it wasnt for head mistress,burton who gave jc a heads up,we wouldnt even know their dads hate,each other oh,i remember shes from when your mom ran,off on you and your dad,perfectly normal human conversation but,later that day when julian and zoya,finally meet turns out they do actually,know each other and this has all been a,total ruse the whole time,well im so happy to finally meet you,youre not just in my chat history,anymore youre,actually here you know davis n

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why is the new GOSSIP GIRL so CRINGEY?

we are only halfway through this episode,and i truly do not know if i can make it,through to the end,i dont know if i can do it,hi welcome back to my channel hope,youre doing well hope youre taking,care of yourself,today i will be watching the new gossip,girl reboot,on hbo max i was a really big fan of the,original gossip girl despite all of its,horrible problems it was so good iconic,you could say ive got the blair waldorf,headband moment happening for me,were ready were here will it be good,will it be bad,nobody knows i have done a good job of,avoiding any,anything about this show i do not know,if it is good or if it is hot garbage,going in blind here the only thing im,pretty sure i know about it is that,kristen bell,is the narrator she was the narrator in,the original gossip girl so thats like,kind of cool that they got her to come,back for this one but thats pretty much,all i know about it,i dont really know how loyal its gonna,be to the original show,or to the books that it was based on so,were just gonna watch the first episode,and see how it goes lets get to it,first episode just another girl on mta,nearly a decade after the original,gossip girls website went dark a new,generation of new york city private,school teens are introduced,to the unflattering reality of 24 7,social surveillance,okay so this takes place in the same,timeline as the original gossip girl,i guess and its 10 years later so its,like a sequel,i wonder if theyll know any of the,original characters or theyll be,referenced at all,okay lets get into it xoxo,[Music],i really hope they dont like just,recreate all the characters,but like with new names you know what i,mean,thats a dan humphrey looking,[ __ ] if ive ever seen one,she even has a headband like blaire dad,please no sorry im just excited its,your first day,constance billard is one of the top 10,private schools in the country,with one of the best arts programs i,hated that exposition that was so forced,this is the name of the school that im,going to and why im going and the,reason that it exists and,why would you be telling your father,this i think he knows this already yeah,shes a student there but i doubt ill,even get to meet her,youre not even sure she knows exists,shes your half-sister she knows you,exist,well then i dont want to meet her,because she never accepted my friend,request i sent when i was 10.,oh my god we get it its about social,media,its a satire were gonna be talking,about social media but,do we need to okay,now show me the bag,sorry miss keller i didnt see you there,i know the lights off,this is supposed to be a teacher but she,looks exactly the same age,as these teenagers who are not teenagers,absolutely fully grown adults if you,showed me this picture and were like,tell me how old these people are,they all look kind of 25-ish it took me,an hour to pick out an,outfit i thought they wouldnt make fun,of and it took them one second to prove,me wrong if julian wore that irvin would,be mass producing knockoffs by third,period they just pick on us because they,can,no teacher in the history of teachers,has ever been that attractive,this is a prestigious school built on,tradition,and everyone here looks like the cast of,riverdale caroline kennedy,colston whitehead nate archibald,nate archibald kate archibald was such a,saint when we started,you went here rebecca class of 09 no,they cant be controlled because weve,ceased to map she wasnt the original,gossip girl,so who could it be rebecca sherman her,heads always in a book shes not paying,enough attention,people like nate were scared straight,how called itself,gossip girl oh no,if she are the teachers gonna be gossip,girl,are they gonna start no no no,i do not like this all those months away,gave me renewed interest in the student,body,theres included this guy is trying to,be chuck bass,so hard look at it look at this smug ass,little face just listen to his voice i,guess all those months away gave me a,renewed interest in the student body,giving everybody,shes cute though shes so cute look at,her,shes a vibe this chuck and blair thing,is out of control,i mean these posts are like a lost edith,wharton novel goes to show this school,has always been a breeding ground for,the worst kinds of people,is it really their fault they inherited,power and influence the minute they were,born without,any examples of how not to abuse it this,conversation,feels so scripted all 11 were 11,minutes in,not one conversation except maybe the,new girl,and her dad which is sort of like a,humphrey family dynamic that i got from,them,like the awkward outcast new kid who,doesnt really fit in with the rich kids,but this teacher thing the teachers are,like really,not working for me especially this hot,teacher i,just its really taken me out of it so,there is no way theres just no way,you [ __ ] got fired,theres something about me refusing to,change a great last year,we could be next you dont have to be,okay so the teachers are creating a,gossip girl,so they can get back in control of the,students,and not get fired,what,this is very creepy actually because now,that means this,the teachers are going to have to get,like super involved,in all of these kids lives and,blog about them these are minors and,youre adults,this is gross i do not support it we do,not like it,we are not here for this also i hate,that i already know who gossip girl is,like that ruins half the fun,the beauty of gossip girl is not knowing,who gossip girl is,even though the reveal was kind of [ __ ],and we dont talk about it we do not,speak of it,this is like if how i met your mother,started,with the finale which was also bad,maybe theyre onto something here maybe,they were like all these shows that have,a big mystery,and then get revealed at the end and,then it flops because,the reveal was actually not very good,maybe we just skipped that and we just,start with the reveal,what a twist i bet thats what they did,that was their writers room,conversation theyre like,were on to something this is,revolutionary stuff,[Music],a constance french teacher just got the,guillotine wait i should read this like,her symbol,spotted her executioner the parents,looks like this schools paid a sleigh,oh god i hate it so much,granted the original narration was also,incredibly cringy so they kind of nailed,that part,also make a profile pic girl dont you,know anything about social media come on,okay iconic we are 14 minutes,in to the episode and i feel like i,still really dont know any of these,people like i kind of know her,i dont remember anyones name like the,pilot of the original gossip girl,you instantly knew serena you instantly,knew dan humphrey and his family like,they were so,well introduced so instantly and like,you got the dynamic and you understood,how the school worked and,the hierarchy plus it was relatable,because the humphreys were like normal,people and,no one here is really that relatable,what are you doing what if shes cool,she has a headband on,not headband slander not blair waldorf,slander wear it like a crown which one,of them should i get fired next,what did you just say no i wasnt,talking to you,about you maybe but that depends on your,behavior ugh,but im pretty sure this teacher student,rivalry is,so dumb what actual teachers,would be like oh its on like who like,its a youre a student youre a teacher,youre a professional,this is a child what are you doing,my house tonight,oh i hate it i hate it gossip girl would,have been nothing without blair versus,serena,we need our own this is so gross this is,so weird,youre teachers why are you stalking,your students,oh i hate it like doesnt any there,should be like one devils advocate in,the group whos like i dont know guys,this is kind of weird like they need,that character to be like,you know the voice of reason but instead,theyre all just crazy and theyre like,yeah,lets do it lets be gossip girl i say,we do it,you got my vote,[Music],i dont know what the [ __ ] is happening,hell

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the gossip girl reboot was meh (a costume review)

Hello my New York pigeons!,Welcome back.,My name is Mina and Im your host today!,So, for todays video were going to be  talking about the Gossip Girl reboot.,And yes, there will be spoilers,,so no one get mad at me.,As a disclaimer, I did not get past  Season One of the original Gossip Girl,and I actually watched it right  before I watched the reboot,,so, One: I cant really compare the two series;,and Two: I went into the reboot  without really any expectations,or nostalgia, because, again,,like, I didnt grow up with the original show.,This is going to be a show review and a costume review.,Originally I wanted to do  just a costume review, but…,I…,I dont know, I felt kind of  neutral about the costumes.,I wasnt like, impressed by them,,but I wasnt particularly angry.,There were pros and cons,,but I think part of the reason why that is,is because the lighting on the show was just really dark for a lot of scenes,and I couldnt really see the  costuming details that clearly.,Especially because half the show, like, took place at nighttime.,But, anyways!,Lets get on to it.,So, during this Season,,the major conflict is between half  sisters Julien Calloway and Zoya Lott.,Their mom passed away when they were young and  they lived separately with their respective dads.,Julians ex-boyfriend also leaves her for Zoya.,Theres some drama about it, but not enough to feel realistic, honestly.,Like, Id be SO angry if I was Julien,,especially because Zoya is 14 and Obie is, at least, 17.,That doesnt sit right with me.,Gossip Girl, which is run by the teachers…,Yes, its really dumb.,Has made it their mission to  put rich kids in their place,,and, for some reason, decided to target these two sisters,who are actually very nice.,They may be the nicest girls in the entire school.,Even Julien, whos supposed to be a bully,,and she has this moment  where shes like, you know,,apologizing for being a bully,,is never actually that rude.,Shes like, not that mean in the show.,I dont know, I just–,- Oh, Im sorry.,Im so sorry!,I also dont really know why the  teachers decided to pick on Zoya,,because Zoya is a scholarship student.,Shes, apparently, not as rich as all the other kids,and she just transferred to the school.,Like, she hasnt been there, so I dont know why,shes the center of their little revenge plot.,I honestly, like, I couldnt get  behind the first two episodes.,I didnt like how they revealed  Gossip Girl right away.,Anytime these no-life teachers were on the screen,,I was just like, “ugh, please!”,Like, I just dont understand why they dedicate so much of their life,to harassing students!,To the point of taking photos of their underage students undressing,and getting another teacher  fired to protect their account.,It was just like, so inappropriate,,but also like, so unrealistic.,Its like these teachers  literally live in New York City,,why are you spending your  entire lives on Gossip Girl.,- The only time I get to work on  my lesson plans or grade papers,is after they go to bed, which is never.,- Shes so like…,Whats the word?,Like a limp noodle.,And not going to a fucking bar or something.,Or seeing your friends– I dont know.,Theres just so much to do in New York.,I was also really uncomfortable  with the hot and heavy sex scenes,,which I talked a little bit more about in  my “the problem with teen dramas” video.,Long story short:,No, I do not enjoy watching underage  characters getting it on with each other,with sensual music play in the background and,soft prawn camera work.,The creator, Joshua Safran,,even said this in an interview with Teen Vogue:,”I believe that Audrey, Aki, Max  moment at the end of the episode,”is as hot as it is because you fully  understand each of these characters,”and exactly what they are feeling.,”Those actors acted that  moment exactly as it should be,”and incredibly authentically,,”and I think thats why its so hot.,”They keep their clothes on and  they just kiss but you feel that”.,I dont know!,I just dont think we should be  describing teen sex scenes as “hot”.,But, anyways.,Actually, were not moving on, because I forgot to talk about this guy.,His name is Rafa,,and hes one of the teachers in the  show who starts a predatory relationship,with one of his students, Max Wolfe.,At first, its kind of going down this teacher-student romance glamorization,,but then, it takes like a sharp  turn when Max realizes that,Rafa has a history of preying on his students.,He ends the relationship,,so then Rafa starts getting extremely aggressive,,stalking his family,,spreading rumors onto Gossip Girl that Max has an STI…,I know, once again, extremely inappropriate,and very, very gross.,Thankfully, I will say that I do like this turn, you know–,I dont know why were so fixated  on the teacher-student romance,,but, at least, the series is setting  him up to be this malicious villain,that will, hopefully, end up in jail.,- I was hoping I can convince  you to stay away from Max Wolfe.,- What are you doing here? – Hes 17.,Hes a student, hes in one of your classes.,A couple of the scenes were still uncomfortable,,like the showers scene.,I really just did not need to see ever, but…,Im glad theyre taking this route, at least.,By the end the show was definitely trying to  set up a throuple between Audrey, Aki and Max.,And, again, I feel like theyre  not writing this romance,because they want to give a good  representation to polyamorous relationships,,but because they think its like, “hot”,,which I have a problem with.,All in all, I do think the  writers were a little confused,with the direction they  wanted to take with the show.,There was a lot of pandering to old series fans:,- What are you doing? – Shes cool.,- She has a headband on.,The scene was absolutely a reference/poke  at Blair Waldorfs signature headband.,But there was also still an attempt to make  the show more reflective of the new generation,to build something new and more socially conscious.,Obie and Julian go to a protest in the finale,and Zoya is a loudspoken passionate activist  throughout the entirety of the show.,- Unhappy?,Youre demolishing a homeless shelter,and increasing the homeless population for what?,Condos with poor doors?,I can see why some fans didnt like this approach,or were skeptical about watching the show,,because a lot of the appeal of the old  series comes from how out of touch and,,isolated, these kids were from like, real life.,It offered viewers like us an escape  into this elite glamorous world,,but I, being not a fan of the original series,,was pleasantly surprised by  the incorporation of politics,,because it felt natural and  integral to the storyline.,Integral to Zoya and Obies relationship issues.,- Whyd you have to go so hard at him?,- Roger? He said it was fine.,- Of course he said it was fine, Zoya.,- And my mom… – Your mom what?,And Obie and Akis relationship to their parents.,It wasnt just like, shoved in for woke points,,which I feel like a lot of shows these days do.,- Because if were going to  play that game, lets do it.,Oppression olympics, lets go!,It also felt realistic to how, a lot of the characters,,just had different moral compasses.,Like, some were more sensitive to certain issues,,some were more ignorant…,Its reflective of how, you know, communities actually function.,Episode Three is when I actually  started enjoying the show.,The problems I had with the show  didnt like, go away, or anything;,but I think I just got used to it.,And also, with HBO Maxs weekly release schedule,,so, if you dont know,,they didnt release all the episodes  in one go, like Netflix does,,they release them like, once a week,,I felt like there was enough of a buffer  time for me to sort of absorb the show.,I think if I just watched it all in one go, I wouldnt be able to look past as much stuff,and I wouldnt have been able to enjoy the show.,So, bottom line, would I recommend this show?,No.,If–,Know if your personality leans more  critical to the medi

The Bizarre Legacy of Gossip Girl

ill keep that in mind so if youre,under the age of 97 youve probably,heard of the show gossip girl,is this show about pretty white people,who do things just like every other show,youve ever seen and it was really,popular during its entire run between,2007 and 2012. i used to be obsessed,with gossip girl i would even go as far,as to say,that it was majam and from what modern,pop culture has to say i wasnt the only,one to be obsessed with it the show is,kind of iconic and is considered to be,one of if not,the best teen drama of all time maybe,shes born with this its also worth,noting that i was the perfect age when,it came out,i was around 13 or 14 years old,somewhere along those lines so i was,completely taken away by the hype like i,completely fell in love with the thing,gossip girl was a phenomenon that,completely corrupted the minds of,teenagers at the time and i was,definitely one of them and just like,pretty little liars gossip girl is,getting a reboot,sequel on hbo max this year so going,through the original series sounded fun,to me,just to look back at what once was now i,gotta say,that gossip girl is a show that i,struggle to completely grasp not in,terms of the story the shows not all,that complex but rather its sort of,impossible status in pop culture,the iconography of gossip girl is,something that kind of escapes me,because all things considered,this show should not have worked or at,least not the way it did there are so,many aspects of this show that are just,beyond me,its a little weird and i think it makes,the whole thing very interesting to dive,into,so you know lets do that gossip girl is,a show that broke,all the rules and it was rewarded for it,on every front its what people call,lightning in a bottle a recipe thats,impossible to recreate the circumstances,were perfect we were coming out of an,era of team television that was great,but was also starting to be a little,stale and overdone the genre needed a,new flair it needed to be reinvented and,that is why gossip girl came,at the perfect time now back then the,idea of a show painting teenagers as,sex-crazed maniacs on drugs was sort of,becoming a thing because in the same,year the uk got to have its own anthem,of teen debauchery with skins which also,heavily weaponized sex drugs and alcohol,to appeal to audiences but the uk was no,stranger to raunchy content for,teenagers it is for america where,everything is so heavily censored all,the time that it was kind of,controversial suddenly people got to see,teenagers doing cocaine and sleeping,with prostitutes,an overwhelming number of creepy adult,women sleeping with underage boys and at,times forcing them to a lot of creepy,men sleeping with underage girls and if,youre one of those people who were,shocked about that riverdale scene where,a 16 year old betty gives a lap dance on,the stage in front of a crowd of grown,adults well,know that gossip girl did it first and,they were very conscious of all of this,the original marketing campaign for the,show was sort of unusual and provocative,for the time the show was priding itself,on,being scandalous and made the very idea,of taboos the major selling point of the,first season,the posters were highlighted by quotes,from the media,saying things like every parents,nightmare or,mind-blowingly inappropriate like the,show consciously weaponized controversy,to turn the curiosity of the audience in,their favor,and i think that was pretty clever,because they werent gonna lose press,and audiences for being problematic,they were openly bragging about being,problematic and thats what got,everybody to watch they appealed to this,[ __ ] up part of our human brains that,just want to see,[ __ ] up [ __ ] go down and it worked,gossip girl is what i can confidently,refer to as an,instant classic from the very first few,episodes it completely transformed,television and it took over the world it,even got to have remakes adapted by,different cultures with the releases of,gossip girl turkey gossip girl,china gossip girl acapulco gossip girl,thailand and as recently as 2020,gossip girl indonesia hell to this day,even american tv shows are still,miserably trying to recapture the sense,of novelty gossip girl had almost,15 years ago god im old 15 years,i gotta get my life together so gossip,girl is the story of a bunch of rich,kids from new york city who like to,party,do drugs and have sex and overall just,do crazy [ __ ] all year long they try to,navigate their luxurious lives in the,upper east side all under the watchful,eye of,gossip girl an enigmatic individual on,the internet who has permission to,uncover their secrets at all costs and,make them public everyone seems to be,operating on a very specific and,sheltered status quo but things suddenly,begin to change when serena,vanderwoodsen the former,id girl of this elite community returns,to new york,one year after suddenly running away to,connecticut,under mysterious circumstances and this,right there is where i think gossip girl,is really clever as a show because on,its own,the premise is not all that interesting,its just a bunch of rich kids being,rich but by adding a mystery element to,serena the writers do a great job at,making you want to know what the hell is,going on here who is this girl why did,she leave why is everyone,so freaked out that shes back and it,keeps you engaged long enough for you to,become obsessed with all the other stuff,going on in the show and theyre really,good at carrying that,for a while because then the show goes,off the rail because yeah there are a,number of problems with gossip girl and,the show definitely doesnt end as,strongly as it starts and if you know me,you know that i think the shows,downfall tends to start with how the,writers handle the characters,so in that spirit lets take a look at,the main cast,of the cws gossip girl and someone,better hold my hand now because this,gets,ugly serena vanderwoodsen shes really,boring okay not exactly though in season,one serena is actually a fascinating,character and i like her quite a lot,shes kind of a tortured soul,you can tell theres something off about,her that explains why shes been through,such a change but like i said the show,does a really good job at keeping that,enigmatic thread going so her character,has a mystery element that makes her,pretty cool you always get this sense,that theres something shes not,saying and while that something is not,in the forefront of the show,it still manages to build a solid sense,of engagement throughout you learned,that serena used to be a very different,person,a bit more like blair actually but,probably even worse she was all,cold and mean she was the quintessential,cliche of the rich spoiled party girl,and its implied several times,throughout the season that she might,have been suffering from an alcohol,addiction and even after her return you,can tell that shes kind of struggling,with her newfound inner peace shes,trying really hard to be a good person,but at times her former mean girl,impulses get the better of her and she,goes into full blare mode i really like,how her past self often comes back to,haunt her and she has a difficult time,proving to people,that she has changed because when she,comes back to new york everyone expects,the worst from serena like everybody is,just waiting for her to mess things up,for herself and for everyone else,shes held to a very low standard by her,peers and her own family and you can,tell that it really bothers her that,powerful,untouchable queen image she has become,so famous for,is drowning this layer of problematic,debauchery everybody sees in her and the,show does a really good job at showing,you that its not really an easy thing,to live with,especially when you dont want to be,that person anymore and all of that is,perfectly anchored in her relationship,with dan,she falls in love with this outsider guy,who doesnt know much about her past,and hes kind of the only person who,sees her for who she is no

We NEED To Talk About The Gossip Girl Reboot… *i hate everyone*

hey guys whats up its emergency and,welcome or welcome back to my channel,today were gonna be talking about a,show that has been heavily requested for,a while now honestly ive been uploading,it ill open up and ill say that ill,be that honest ive been avoiding it and,i feel like i was avoiding it because i,had like these major misconceptions,about what gossip girl was going to be,when i thought about gossip girl,specifically like this new season i,thought itd be like a friends,equivalent the office equivalent just,because people have been talking about,it for so long from like the original,show i thought it was one of those but i,was pleasantly surprised it actually was,nothing like that in fact it was very,good might i say lets talk about it,also really quick before we get into,gossip girl i want to quickly plug my,new channel roomy robinson im going to,be doing vlogs over there if you all,have been following me for a while you,would know that i originally started my,channel doing a bunch of vlogs college,content and just general like lifestyle,stuff im going to be doing that stuff,again but moving that all over to rooney,robinson there are any videos out yet,but i am going to be doing a college,week in life very very soon thats going,to be up in my channel so make sure you,go subscribe over there to check out,that content when it comes out and to be,one of the first people to be a part of,that new community so um go and do that,subscribe thank you,okay so really quickly before we start,talking about this show make sure that,you are subscribed turn on post,notifications and leave a like on this,video because it helps a lot also follow,me on my socials here at emergency,because,im active on instagram and tick tock,and all that so follow me there but,lets talk about gossip girl so full,disclosure i had not seen the original,gossip girl so this is coming from a,completely like fresh set of eyes like i,dont have any preconceived like oh new,gospel girl was worse than an old gossip,girl like old gosh girls so much better,like no were just talking about this as,if this is a completely different shop,because from what i hear it is so the,new gossip girl basically focuses on,these two sisters zoya and julian zoya,is like a small town girl she grew up in,like buffalo i think and moved with her,dad to new york city per request and for,help of her half sister which we come to,find out julian who happens to be like a,social media influencer star like,literally like charlie demilio of new,york i guess,and yeah theyre half sisters like they,both share a mom but their mom,unfortunately passed away while giving,birth to zoya and the whole,circumstances between both of their dads,is really complicated and also really,messy which we come to find out later in,the season the show basically follows,them trying to mend their relationship,while also combating all of like the the,social pressures from being from two,different economic classes along with,having to fight against gossip girl who,basically is this conglomeration of,teachers who are fed up with the,students treating them like trash so,they make this instagram account to,bully them into submission which is,weird were gonna talk about that,because that is very weird but i feel,like thats like the best synopsis i can,give for the show it honestly gives me a,mix of like blood and water meets elite,but in new york city just because,theres like that whole sisters dynamic,going on and theres like the reg versus,like the less fortunate and then,like this mysterious figure like causing,drama,between all of them and people being,shady and turning on each other yeah,basically gives you a mix of those two,shows if youve seen those and have been,watching this channel and at least watch,me cover those shows then you can kind,of get a feel for what this what this is,like and i want to say first and,foremost while i do like this show the,show does a really great job at making,you hate every single character like i,cannot pick a favorite characters,because i despise all of them equally,they are all so annoying like its,giving like grand army almost like the,level of annoying that these characters,are i dont know if its because theyre,all like super snobby and super sneaky,towards each other and you cant trust,anyone but like i really struggle to,like genuinely root for anybody like,like at the end of the season i was like,all right whatever happens happens,because all of you are such terrible,people to each other,like even zoya by the end like they all,definitely give like the vibes that,theyll be doing stuff if you get what i,mean like to a certain extent i do,empathize and like understand where,theyre coming from but also like just,be better,people at least with elite you had like,some people that were good and had like,redeeming qualities but monet,and luna what are your redeeming,qualities like yall look great everyone,in the show looks fantastic like they,look great outfits makeup just general,appearance 10 out of 10. but like monet,and luna specifically monet ive been,seeing some narratives on my tick tocks,in like the comments of my tick tocks,talking about some of yall want monet,to be like the new it girl and replace,julian and honestly i could see that,because monae definitely does give like,super mean girl but like what are her,redeeming qualities like she does all of,that for what to what game luna you do,all that for what youre just so sneaky,and julian julian bessie julian why i,get like the pickings are slim at your,school but why do you continue to go,back to the same friends that backstab,you each and every time it just feels,like a constant repeat of the same thing,happening every single episode like zoya,and julian will become good theyll be,friends and then all of a sudden luna,and monet want to stir up some trouble,because julians numbers arent doing,great or they just dont like zoya they,manipulate situations to make julian,hate zoya theyre like very similar,situations too like its not like,theyre going out of the box to find,something super creative its obviously,them behind it and then they make the,two of them fight and then the two get,back together like i just dont really,understand how youre not picking up on,the trend here and why you continuously,go back to the same friends that,backstab you when you could just find,other friends like youre famous youre,literally famous you can you can make,friends with anybody if you wanted to,like honestly girl just get a better,team around you and also i really want,to talk about obi specifically both zoya,and julians obsession with obie,like obi really isnt all that like sure,hes cute or whatever but like he is the,definition of like performative activist,and he really just does not know what he,wants he really does not know what he,wants like literally any time throughout,this whole season his whole character is,like finding a new black girl and being,like oh youre so different and then the,second that she does something that he,doesnt like hes like oh youve changed,youre not who i thought you were like,who,who asked you barely know these girls,and the second they show a better their,personality or the second they show a,little bit of something that you did not,expect youre like youve changed i,didnt know this about you like grow up,or at least be to yourself for a little,bit just for a little bit i hope you can,tell like my anger for all these,characters in the show like i promise,youll like the show i promise you this,is im so excited for season two like i,promise you its just that the,characters make it so irritating in like,the best way possible because like,theyre so ugh why are you like this why,why why are you like this just getting,back to their obsession like otto youre,gonna be obsessing over a guy named otto,like no please please please take me,away and i honestly dont even really,want to touch the whole like audrey aki,and max throuple relationshi

the unlikeability of the gossip girl reboot characters *a rant*

so bad i want to give you a zero,but thats not possible so i give you,a one,[Music],hey girlies welcome back to the channel,so excited to be back i just got a new,mic and i feel like radio rebel like,even if you cant tell the difference in,quality i encourage you to lie to me in,the comments and tell me you notice a,difference thank you so today as the,title says i will be giving my honest,thoughts on the gossip girl reboot,characters i finished season one like,about a month ago so i figured it would,make sense to make this video now after,all of my thoughts are in order if you,want to know my initial thoughts on the,series check out the video i made on the,pilot it will be linked above,so if i speak poorly about one of your,favorite characters which will most,likely happen because the characters are,mostly unlikable dont take it seriously,this is a tv show and its simply my,opinion and the beauty of an opinion is,that you dont have to share the same,one as me,so,um another disclaimer we will be hitting,on topics of sa,and grooming so just a heads up and also,of course this is implied spoilers on,season one of the gospel reboot they,just pick on us because they can because,no one says not to starting off with the,teachers we have jordan glassberg i,literally didnt know this mans name,throughout the whole series as im,making this video it is me discovering,that his name is jordan he annoyed me,the instant he stepped into the frame he,was like an annoying pestering mouse,that just wouldnt go away he was,obsessed with kate kate didnt want him,and he was just not getting the memo and,thats all i have to say on him hes,weird hes,hes strange bad vibes inherited power,and influence the minute they were born,without any examples of how not to abuse,it moving on to the woman of the hour we,have kate keller cant stand her words,cant describe how delusional her mind,is you are tormenting liberal teenagers,online in hopes of somehow making them,better and kinder people im im still,trying to figure out the logic that is,behind that also the whole narrative,with the writer that the writers were,trying to push that they need gossip,girl because ghost girl helps them have,like hard conversations what were yall,doing before gossip girl like the people,in the show you were still alive you,were so functioning,you know the kids were thriving and they,were doing the same thing they were,doing before like no one has changed in,a positive way due to gossip girl and,theyre sort of gonna lie theyre still,gonna cheat and theyre gonna steal it,doesnt matter what girl is there or not,but i do think that my favorite moment,this entire season was watching miss,keller kate get dragged to helen back by,monets mom you all allowed gossip girl,to taunt and torment them not only did,you do nothing about it but some of you,even sent in tips yourselves tips,on kids you were in charge of what a,choice occasion that was that brought me,so much,happiness my final point on her besides,that shes like a loser who needs a life,um is that she also needs to stay out of,black peoples business she does i,cannot stand the fact that she tried to,make zoyas dad feel bad for accepting,money from julians dad um for context,julians dad gets cancelled for reasons,ill elaborate on a little bit later and,zoyas dad kindly offers to take julian,in so she doesnt have to move states,and live with family that she isnt,really that close to,and to help pay for julian and julians,tuition and taking care of julian he,accepts the money from julians dad even,though hes a sucky person he still,takes the money and the way,that,kate was getting onto,zoeys dad for accepting the money was,just rubbing me the wrong way zoya,deserves a dad who lives by an example,hed want her to follow none of this is,right its just,its where i am right now,like youre a white woman with no kids,and hes a black man who now has to take,care of two teenagers who go to a super,expensive school you dont get to judge,him for taking care of his family i can,make a whole video on how much i hate,kate teller but i wont do that we have,other characters to talk about the,school has always been a breeding ground,for the worst kinds of people you need a,lot of help psychologically,and thats basically just my thesis on,rafa like,first he hooks up with a high schooler,max and then when said student wants to,break things off he begins spreading,rumors about them having stds all over,gossip girl youre different than them,you arent a conquest,youre a fellow conquistador consider me,colonized and move on you thought he was,done you thought that was the rest of it,no hes not when max confronts rafa,about like the false rumors rafa then,proceeds to continue to spread rumors,until max comes back to him and when max,doesnt come back to him he even,messages maxs dad ill be dating app in,order to hurt max,like did you guys get that like lets,really sit and reflect on that behavior,hes insane im tired of speaking about,this man put him in jail or moving on i,dont mind losing everything if i,deserve it but i cant lose you terrible,men is just like a theme within the show,there are very few men in the show who,arent disgusting i really dont even,want to dwell on his storyline i really,dont i absolutely hated this plotline,because it just felt very rushed and,very thrown together last minute for,those of you who dont know julian dad,is a major creamy award-winning producer,who in the show gets accused of,tampering with his female artist drinks,and basically taking advantage of them,we as viewers come to find out he did it,to more than one woman my issue with the,storyline is i feel like the writers,just put it in because it was like,irrelevant in like hot topic today,without really like thinking through if,the subject is being talked about in a,respectful way if its like really being,impactful,on its viewers they just threw it in,there it just should have been more,carefully intertwined in the show given,how serious this matter is within real,life and how prevalent it is today they,just threw it in just to have drama when,its this isnt really a storyline that,needs to be thrown in for drama like,they should have thought about it more,relationships are just ponzi schemes,that we repeatedly run on each other,that only end the pain and ruin i mean,poor sweet max he was he was going,through it there was not an episode,where max is not in turmoil where he is,not,stressed when the show starts the second,starts hes already popping several,pills to get through the day i am more,of a medical procedural kind of guy two,addies got me through calc and a benzo,which i definitely feel is something,that his quote-unquote friends should,have touched on,but maxs friends dont really seem to,recognize when his life is falling apart,until its too late and thats a very,common theme throughout the show,and its just swept under the rug,theyre like ah max is just popping the,xana like this is just what max does and,im like all right max was being taken,advantage of by a teacher who i touched,on ratha now here comes some of yall,saying max is 18 and max pursued him,first that doesnt matter to me you,dont know why its because rafa is a,teacher and max is a student and do i,think max was old enough to,not actively pursue his teacher yes i do,think that he was old enough to know,that hey maybe this isnt the best thing,ever but at the end of the day,rafa should have held his ground and,rafa is the older adult in the situation,and rafa has power and so he should have,had the power to say no and to stop it,and he did it and meanwhile while all of,this crap with wrath was going on max,finds out that his dad is cheating on,his other dad through seeing him on a,dating app at the pinnacle at the height,of his like,stress and turmoil after finding out,that his dad is on his other dad,max gets very high and hes very,distraught and he basically he outs that,his dad is cheating on his other dad and,he also

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