1. Why Game Of Thrones Had The Worst Series Finale Of All Time
  2. The Iron Throne – Game of Thrones AWFUL final episode
  3. Game of Thrones – How to Ruin a Great Show
  4. Game of Thrones – Season 8 Review
  5. Rogan & Schaub Review the Game of Thrones Finale (Spoilers)
  6. How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended
  7. Game of Thrones Stars Share Their Honest Reaction to Filming Shows Ending (Exclusive)

Why Game Of Thrones Had The Worst Series Finale Of All Time

every one changer HBO Go password,because Game of Thrones is officially,over even people who arent super into,the fantasy genre got sucked into this,epic story featuring interesting,characters exciting moments and an epic,battle between man and monster now,accept all that totally got thrown out,the window during season eight lets,talk about the Game of Thrones series,finale and why it was unequivocally one,of the worst of all time we all know the,hit show Game of Thrones was based on a,series of books written by george RR,martin theres a game of thrones a Clash,of Kings the Storm of Swords a feast for,crows a dance with dragons and the winds,of winter now wait theres no winds of,winter because george RR martin hasnt,written it yet maybe this wouldnt have,happened if the people who signed on to,adapt a fantasy series for television,didnt end up having to write one,because you couldnt finish what you,started,sorry we got a little bit worked up,there for a minute but now that thats,out of the way lets move on our point,is that Game of Thrones is based on a,series of books and not just any books,but really really good good books lets,give all George some credit where credit,is due before we rip into the televised,series of Game of Thrones theres a,dramatic principal set forth by writer,Anton Chekhov which advocates removing,extraneous details and making sure every,notable ass as in a story comes into,play later he used the example of a gun,saying that if one appears in the first,act of a play it should fire by the last,in other words dont pack your story,full of pointless details that have no,real relevance yeah were talking about,the prophecies that both the books and,the show have been teasing us about for,ages the first is one that Maggie de,frog told Cersei Lannister when she was,just a kid,most of the prophecy came true including,Cersei marrying a king and having three,children who all passed away then,theres the part of the prophecy about,the valonqar which means younger brother,choking the life out of her yeah thats,the part of the prophecy we all wanted,to see play out as terrible as it may,sound,fans wondered whether it would be her,younger brother Tyrion or,jaimé her twin who was technically born,after her so what happened with all of,that Ill tell you what happened nothing,because both Cersei and Jaime perished,in the penultimate episode where the,ceilings caved in on them but at that,point who even cared because Jaimes,whole character arc had been completely,reversed you know the one we started out,as a terrible jerk redeemed himself,plucked for the living hooked up with,Brienne of Tarth and then ran back to,Kings Landing to see Cersei one last,time,oh and Cersei was pregnant or at least,she said she was another plot point that,never went anywhere but the big prophecy,was the one about the prince who was,promised its safe to say the fan base,was almost as wrapped up in this,prophecy as Melisandre herself right,from the get-go it seemed like Daenerys,Targaryen her Jon Snow embodied the,prophecy perfectly but hey its a,prophecy and those are notoriously vague,everyone from Jaime Lannister to sandra,Clegane could have been the next azor,Ahai except nobody was nobody was,promised that prophecy just collapsed,like Melisandre when she took her,necklace off but of course there are,always going to be people who are upset,about things that didnt happen now,lets complain about the things that did,happen during the finale of Game of,Thrones since the beginning of the show,Tyrion had been a fan favorite or at,least he was until he went from being a,clever and witty man with unfortunate,luck to being a complete idiot seriously,he was surprised that Cersei betrayed,him he also apparently forgot about the,time he was accused of poisoning Joffrey,and screamed that he wished he had,enough poison for all of Kings Landing,because he was really upset about,Daenerys burning the city to the ground,you know in the episode after she burned,up his best friend that he betrayed not,to be confused with the time that she,burned the tarlys alive or anything,finally after realizing Daenerys has,maybe got a little off track he chooses,that moment to retire from being her,hand yeah great great great timing,Tyrion everyone likes to joke about Jon,Snow knowing nothing but he also seems,to have gotten stupider over the course,of the show its like he got downgraded,from main character to NPC whose only,dialogue options are shes my queen and,I dont want it anyway he also finally,realized Daenerys is a threat to his,family why,would think he might have noticed this,when she strolled into Winterfell,looking all smug while her dragons,terrorized the citizens or after she,trailed off menacingly when talking,about what would happen if sons that,didnt start showing her more respect oh,and my respects Daenerys clearly meant,immediate and unquestioning obedience,now lets talk about the mad Queen,herself this was a theory people have,been working on since the very beginning,of the show we all know the last,Targaryen King was King Aerys the second,also known as the Mad King he married,his sister Rhea Ella and the two had,three children,Rhaegar viserys and danerys when the,show started you had to have some,serious sympathy for Daenerys her family,perished terribly and she was left with,only her awful brother Viserys for,company but who were always on the run,but Daenerys believed the people of,Westeros were awaiting the return of the,Targaryen but they were sowing secret,dragon banners and waiting hopefully,from Aceros to show up so she was,understandably pretty shocked when Jorah,Mormont assured her that the common,people couldnt care less who sits on,the throne after that we watched an,heiress go on a very long and winding,journey to find home the books did a,better job illustrating this point but,Daenerys has always felt very lonely and,isolated she tried to fit in with the,Dothraki only to lose her husband and,unborn baby she loved being looked at as,a savior but it still wasnt the type of,love she was looking for it was proven,time and time again that she was a,conqueror and not a true ruler sure she,could burn things to the ground but that,trick gets pretty old pretty fast after,losing Jorah missandei and essentially,John once she realized he wasnt cool,with hooking up with his aunt Daenerys,was understandably not at her best at,this point her being mad as an angry,made sense but the mad as in crazy,really seemed to come out of nowhere,just a little bit ago she was absolutely,aghast to learn the drogon had fried a,little girl before they got to Westeros,she was so horrified she locked her,dragons up so they wouldnt prove anyone,else then she gets to Westeros and,raises an entire city full of innocent,people for no real reason,Daenerys clearly lost her mind but there,was no building up to it,there was no slow burn,pun intended she destroyed the city,declared herself a savior and staked her,claim to the throne look we know that no,matter what happened during the season,finale there would be people who are,unhappy about it everyone has their own,opinion of what they think should have,happened and thats fair and lets not,forget that supposedly HBO got some,insight into major developments from,george RR martin himself of course it,would have been helpful if he had,actually finished the winds of winter,but lets say his guidelines were,followed,maybe he always intended for Daenerys to,go mad and towards Kings Landing but,this isnt just about what happened its,about the lead-up its about the fact,that this and so many other moments came,out of nowhere and then theres Jon Snow,Oh or should we say Aegon Targaryen now,were gonna call him John Snow because,he still knows nothing Sansa flat out,told him not to be an honour bound chump,like their father Ned Stark or so,besotted he cant be reasoned with like,Robb Stark and said John basically put,his hands over his ears closed his eyes,and hummed

The Iron Throne – Game of Thrones AWFUL final episode

its one of the sadly inescapable truths,of human existence that all good things,come to an end no matter how high we may,rise we must inevitably fall and so is,that Game of Thrones disastrous season 8,finally staggers over the finishing line,with the iron throne the last ever,episode of a sure that was once,considered the greatest achievement on,TV this is it this is everything the,shows been building towards for a,seasons 73 episodes dozens of hours of,storytelling and world building and,character development all the victories,and defeats all the alliances and,betrayals all the friendships and,sacrifices the heroes and villains the,triumphs and heartbreaks the entire Song,of Ice and Fire all of it comes down to,this final piece of,yeah [ __ ] sucks after everything its,accomplished Game of Thrones dies not,with a bang but with a whimper,and when I say whimper I mean a wet and,suspiciously warm fart at the end of a,violent romantic conquest now its no,secret that Im a man of many words and,your struggle to find a more eloquent,connoisseur of entertainment in all of,YouTube but its difficult even for me,to probably express the sheer scale of,the disappointment the waste of so many,years of build-up and careful,development the abject failure of even,the most basic elements of storytelling,that is the Iron Throne but I do enjoy a,challenge so lets begin the episode,kicks off in the aftermath of the new,king of Kings Landing Tyrion takes a,walk through the not so bustling streets,before making his way to the red keep,which now looks suspiciously intact,considering the entire [ __ ] thing,exploded and collapsed at the end of the,last episode whatever,I guess buildings have plot armor now,too when they contain iconic locations,they those sets cost a lot of money guys,weve gotta get our moneys worth out of,them so because Tyrion has a spare copy,of the previous episodes script he knows,exactly where Jaime and Cersei went and,he makes his way down to the crypts to,recover their bodies and theyre neatly,laid out beneath the layer of bricks so,he can have a nice crime scene without,witnessing the horrifying effects of,what hundreds of tons of rocks would,actually do to a human body what is the,point of this scene we know theyre dead,already why are you showing us this,stuff again all youre doing is wasting,time and telling us things we already,know now you begin to see the problem of,killing off two major characters in an,isolated location where no one else can,see it happen I honestly expected one of,them to spring to life in the ultimate,cheap shot so I guess we should be,thankful for small mercies,anyway all the unsullied and Dothraki,that have regenerated since the Battle,of Winterfell have gathered in the,central square of Kings Landing,finite resources and battlefield,casualties mean nothing now remember,armies can be as big or as small as the,writers need them to be and right now we,need them to be [ __ ] huge,so then Dany appears on a balcony to,address her armies and it made me laugh,because the whole scene set up to look,like the new,Bogg rallies in Nazi Germany really,subtle visual metaphor guys anyway she,gives a rousing speech about how theyve,all done a great job of liberating,Kings Landing and they should all feel,really proud of themselves what the,Terry Funk the schmuck is literally,still rising from the charred corpses of,the thousands of innocent civilians,youve just napalm to death and without,a trace of irony youre gonna stand,there and call yourself the liberator I,get that theyre trying to show how even,the most despicable people try to mask,their acts of cruelty by coaching it in,safe positive language but seriously,this is just taking the piss its like a,really crappy SNL skit which is,basically all of them these days but it,gets bare because Danny wont rest until,theyve liberated the entire world from,the cruelty of being alive and everyone,starts celebrating like theyre really,excited about the wars to come what the,actual Fukushima have I just watched why,are you people happy about this your,forces have been devastated youve lost,your fleet two of your dragons and tens,of thousands of troops youve inherited,a devastated Kingdom and a destroyed,city youre in no condition to conquer,the world or anything else that would be,like the Soviets standing in the ruins,of Berlin in 1945 and being like great,news comrades no were gonna conquer,America break out the vodka anyway,Aryas theyre looking like shes,getting ready to Ryan Johnson Dannys,ass and Johns like nah itll be fine,and then they both do absolutely nothing,anyway because its not time for John to,act and the writers have gotten clue,what to do with our er ever since,episode three [ __ ] offshore then Tyrion,shows up and hands in his resignation in,front of everyone and Dany accuses him,of being a traitor and hes like yeah I,totally am and thats it hes arrested,and taken away oh my boy what have they,done to you,the Tyrion I know would never have sunk,this low he would have found some way to,make it right I mean there are countless,ways for a man of intelligence and,resourcefulness to kill Danny and take,revenge for what shes done for example,you could poison her at dinner,or sneak into her room and strangle her,to death in the middle of the night or,join forces with the best assassin in,Westeros or wait until shes taking a,dump and shoot her in the chest with a,[ __ ] crossbow but instead he just,wanders into the middle of the Nuremberg,rally like a [ __ ] Bell end and gives,himself up what the Dickens theyve,given him the food virus treatment here,once cunning and highly intelligent,character is a reduced to pathetic,simpletons to service whatever passes,for this story,[ __ ] off sure anyway arias Rian Johnson,abilities are still cool and down I,guess so she tells John that he has to,be the one to stop Danny,but occurs only he can do it now and,Johns like nah hell be fine,so John visits Tyrion in prison and,Tyrion realizes hes dealing with a,complete [ __ ] so he sits him down and,patiently explains to him that nuke in,an entire city and killing tens of,thousands of innocent people probably,means that Danny doesnt have the right,stuff to rule the Seven Kingdoms uh-uh,are we actually having this conversation,like this isnt some alcohol-induced,fever dream of mine this is real this is,in the script are you actually trying to,defend this murderous genocide or,megalomaniacal lunatic you complete and,utter – if the total destruction of,Kings Landing isnt enough for you,what will it actually take to make you,realise shes lost her [ __ ] mind,[ __ ] off sure then John leaves because,the script decides its time for him to,act so he makes his way to the red keep,where Dannys alone in the throne room,with no bodyguards or protection look,here this place also had its plot armor,on anyway shes messing around with the,Iron Throne and thinking about all the,places shell liberate next fear not,peasants every time shell have a,Starbucks under my rule and Johns like,the irony killing bird and shes like,nah Ill be fine and hes like okay then,so then the kiss and he knifes her and,then she dies,[ __ ] off sure Im not kidding that,happens thats in the script,what a [ __ ] indignity for one of the,best characters to come out of this show,a character who clawed her way up from,virtually nothing to become the most,powerful ruler in the world not a shred,of remorse for what shes done,no attempt to explain her actions or,apologize no hint of suspicion that John,might be there with ill intentions even,though she already knows he doesnt love,her and violently objects to her recent,actions no she just goes in for the kiss,like a [ __ ] lovestruck teenager and,thats it shes done she dies with,barely a sound what a waste,so anyway drug on shows up and he sees,Danny lying dead so he gets mad and,torches the Iron Throne and it melts,into a puddle of disgusting molten slag,pretty emblematic of this entire seas

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Game of Thrones – How to Ruin a Great Show

if you could describe the season finale,of Game of Thrones in one word how would,you display it disappointing so Game of,Thrones just ended and if were being,honest it kind of sucked despite what,you may think by looking at the title of,this video I actually used to like this,show I read the first book back in,middle school which I definitely should,not have been allowed to do then I,started the fourth book before I,realized that I was making a mistake the,books didnt really have numbers on the,back then and I got confused alright but,the point is that that was a long time,ago and I never could have anticipated,back then that these nerdy ass books,would spawn the most popular show ever,I mean its so popular that Elmo even,watches it I think this show is,definitely a step above other shows of,its type I mean think about it how many,fantasy shows even come close to the,quality of Game of Thrones but the,problem is this show really dropped the,ball like it really screwed up have you,shot your final scenes yet and are you,happy with how things ended this show,fell victim to something I always warn,about bad writing I talk about bad,writing and like every video Ive ever,made and now that weve all seen the,finale of this show I hope you realize,why writing is important because this,show has pretty good acting some pretty,good cinematography incredibly,impressive effects moments of really fun,editing and yet everybody is mad because,the writing is bad and honestly thats,the only thing wrong with this show but,its so bad that it really makes it hard,to appreciate the rest of the stuff you,know how many movies our shows are saved,by having good writing hell its the,only reason Woody Allen slash a career,if you watch Game of Thrones all the way,through from beginning to end it feels,like everything that was important at,first just kind of gets thrown away,the show just morphs into something,bizarre the themes an idea,that were once important are now,completely gone and replaced with more,generic fantasy tropes something just,dont feel right anymore and Im not the,only one who thinks that so lets take a,look at why oh and by the way if it,wasnt obvious now if youre a weirdo,whos never watched Game of Thrones,because you dont mind missing out on,cultural media milestones Ill explain,the general premise for you the story,revolves around a bunch of families in,the land of Westeros Westeros is a,fantasy land with dragons and magic but,dragons and magic are pretty rare the,aforementioned families are all fighting,one another because [ __ ] happens and the,King dies and its a series about,political intrigue realistic complex,characters and boobs however most of,these concepts kind of get [ __ ] up by,the end of the series it kind of stops,being a show about characters and,politics characters used to get by on,their wit and creativity but now its,just fighting remember how I said magic,and Dragons were pretty rare well not,anymore when the writers dont know what,to do we either get magic a dragon or a,fight and sometimes we get all three at,once and thats because the writers are,not very good at writing this show and,yes I know that sounds a little weird so,Im gonna explain the Song of Ice and,Fire series is written by george RR,martin and a good 80% of the show is,adapted from these books and about 75%,of that is actually really good,now the show itself is written by David,Benioff and DB Weiss or has a lot of,people like to call them D&D now for,what its worth they are pretty good at,adapting this material for the screen,they have a good way of cutting the,unnecessary stuff accentuating the,important elements that might not be,immediately important and presenting it,in a fresh and engaging way now a lot of,people [ __ ] on these guys because of the,recent seasons but lets not forget that,the good stuff is partly their work too,so if these guys are pretty good at,adapting existing material then whats,the problem well the problem is that,around season 4 & 5 they ran out of,books see unfortunately for them the,books arent finished and when they,signed on to do this show they probably,thought the series would be over by then,but then we all found out the hard way,that george RR martin is kind of lazy i,mean its kind of hard to say that,because you cant really get a,the guy the first three books have a,mere two years between each of them and,thats about normal thats a pretty,quick pace then there are five years,between books three and four then six,years between books four and five and,book five came out eight years ago with,no release on book six in sight and,theyre still supposed to be a book,after that one now my personal theory,has always remained that Jorge kind of,knew he wasnt gonna be able to finish,the books in time for the show so he,just decided to wait for the show to,finish which is honestly the better,marketing choice even though I dont,know if he really cares about that I,mean think about it what if the show was,in like season six way after theyre,done adapting the books directly then he,releases a book with completely,different stuff in it who the [ __ ] is,gonna read it now when the show is still,on it would just be confusing to consume,two stories named the same thing but,with different [ __ ] happening I think he,knows that the show is like the most,popular thing ever and if he releases,the book its just unnecessary,competition its better to just do the,books after the hype of the show has,died down a bit but either way the point,is that D&D ran out of books they had a,few tidbits from George but thats about,it,but outside of those few elements the,show just had to start making [ __ ] up,and these guys arent really good at,that once they started writing original,content we got some of the worst plot,lines in Game of Thrones history we also,got some of the worst dialogue not to,mention fight scenes also start popping,up randomly to distract the viewer and,fill up time Game of Thrones used to,have like one fight a season if you were,lucky but in the later seasons it feels,like fights just get added for no reason,why doesnt he have a shirt on this,whole scenario reminds me of Full Metal,Alchemist,where the original anime ran out of,manga to adapt so they just started,making [ __ ] up and it got pretty weird,Game of Thrones went the exact same way,except we dont have any books to show,us what were missing out on but if you,ask me its obvious yeah,north of the wall and then back here,again he climbed on the [ __ ] dragon,unfucked,what kind of person climbs on a [ __ ],dragon a madman what kind of person,climbs on a [ __ ],I mean look at the whole Hodor reveal,this is one of the last things that was,based on material directly provided by,George and its so [ __ ] weird and,cool and creative like bran sends his,mind back in time and like time splices,jung-ho doors mind so then he just,damages his brain forever I cant even,explain it properly its so conceptual,and strange that I know these goobers,didnt make it up themselves,unfortunately the show just stopped,being creative once they had to do it,themselves before it was a nuanced,fantasy series that submerged your,expectations in interesting ways the,main character from season one is your,traditional fantasy protagonist hes so,righteous and good-natured that he,almost solves all of the problems of the,series right away and he cant have that,so they kill him,one trope inversion that Ive always,loved is with revenge and how the series,deals with it in a traditional fantasy,story were taught to root for characters,that are driven by vengeance because we,see it as justice you know if you do,something bad you should be punished for,it but A Song of Ice and Fire takes this,and twists it vengeful characters are,almost always punished kill them all,every one of them kill them all,we have to get the girls back and then,we will kill them oh theyre usually,blinded by their lust for revenge and,more often than not they

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Game of Thrones – Season 8 Review

so Ive been watching Game of Thrones a,lot of people have asked me what I think,about this show over the past few years,a lot of people and I never had anything,to say because I wasnt watching the,show my wife loved it some of my best,friends loved it and they would,constantly try to get me to watch the,show and I was like Ill eventually do,it so I took the beginning of 2019 and I,binge the show and I watched the entire,show in a few weeks actually leading up,to season 8 and I was able to experience,all of that in a very quick time so that,I could talk about the series finale and,my overall thoughts on the show which,Im about to do in just a second but,before I get farther in the review I do,want to give a thank you to the sponsor,for this episode and that is raid shadow,legends a brand new RPG for smartphones,released in 2019 its extremely,immersive and one of the most ambitious,games youre going to find on the,smartphone it can be compared with some,of the biggest PC and console titles and,since were going to be talking about a,dragon very soon here in just a second,check out this dragon the game features,[Music],it has all the features youd expect,from a brand-new RPG title amazing,storyline awesome 3d graphics giant boss,fights PvP battles and hundreds of,champions to collect and customize I,downloaded the game I played it I had a,good time it reminded me of some of the,old-fashioned RPGs Ive always liked and,surprisingly the game is completely free,which is awesome considering the level,of detail the game has raids special,launch tournament is happening right now,and its getting big real fast so go to,the description of this video download,raid only through my link to get 50,000,silver immediately and heres the,coolest part youll be entered into a,special launch tournament to compete,with other players for in-game prizes or,physical prize packs so please do check,out the links for iOS and Android in the,description below,thank you so much to raid Shadow Legends,for sponsoring this video lets talk,about that Game of Thrones series finale,because I have a lot to say so my wife,my friends and many of you have been,imploring me to watch this show for the,past like seven to eight years people,have been begging me to see this show,and Ive always put it off because I,have this thing with TV shows Im afraid,to get invested in a show love it so,much and then either it gets cancelled,or it ends poorly and I feel like Ive,wasted my time,so with Breaking Bad i binge the entire,show when it was in its final season and,I loved it I loved the finale I loved,how it wrapped up in my opinion Breaking,Bad is a perfect show it rarely had a,misstep it possibly didnt have a,misstep Breaking Bad was incredible and,and that show was very rare there are so,many shows where I have gotten invested,in them and theyve either ended in a,horrible way or they got cancelled and I,got burned a lot with with shows and so,I kind of became of this mentality where,unless I have it streaming or easy,access to it or like really interested,in seeing the show which does happen I,tend to not watch TV shows until theyve,had a fairly successful run and Im like,okay okay so they had a long time to,prove how good they were so that I could,watch that show and then get really,invested in and thats what I did with,Game of Thrones because I heard nothing,but good things about Game of Thrones,for,at least season 1 through 7 I would say,like Ive heard plenty of things about,season 7 and 6 and 5 and people not,liking everything that happens but for,the most part people seem to be pleased,with seasons 1 through 7 you know for,the most part consensus wise and so I,was like you know what alright season 8,is starting its the final one Im gonna,watch the whole show and I binge,seven seasons in about two and a half,weeks so that was an emotional journey,that took me in many places and I felt,very depressed on some days and very,happy on some days and then very excited,and but it was a different thing for me,because so many people have spent years,with this show and I was able to,experience it condensed I was able to,feel the arcs that they were setting up,in a very quick period of time I didnt,have to remember like what happened like,six years ago,no that was a couple days ago so,watching and discussing season 8 with my,wife and my friends has been a,magnificent experience for me because I,have been completely on the outside of,the Game of Thrones event for all of,these years and so most people have,these grand built up expectations about,what they wanted to see I didnt because,I watched the whole show in a few weeks,and I really enjoyed it,its a masterful show I mean incredibly,well directed and written and acted and,shes the the [ __ ] visuals and the,cinematography god I mean like theres,theres very few shows that have ever,gotten close to that level of,craftsmanship on TV my favorite episode,still to this day is battled the,bastards I love that episode its my,favorite battle I love the finale I,guess lets just give the spoiler,warning upfront here were gonna talk,full spoilers about all of Game of,Thrones including the last episode so if,you havent seen any of that,thats your warning love the ending of,battle of the bastards Ramsay getting,mold by those dogs and Sansa just,walking off but setting battle episodes,aside my favorite dramatic moment was,the entire finale of the laws of gods,and men Tyrion finally standing up to,his father when he was on trial,admitting to the things he feels,confessing to the things that hes,afraid of and standing up for himself,was just I got goose bumps,when I watched that episode and I,thought that Peter Dinklage throughout,this entire show was just masterful hes,my favorite character Tyrion is for sure,at least seasons one through like six,ish he makes some really strange choices,for the last few seasons and they kind,of did away with the whole Tyrion is,clever and smart an amazing thing which,sucks but nevertheless he remained my,favorite character and surprisingly I,was able to for the most part avoid,spoilers for Game of Thrones somehow I,knew that Ned Stark died its pretty,hard to avoid that and I knew that a lot,of people died at the red wedding but I,didnt know who and so I had,expectations for that but I didnt know,like what would happen but for the most,part I didnt really know anything else,so I was able to have a very fresh,experience with the show and I enjoyed,almost all of it season 8 though has,been a mixed bag for me which were,gonna start talking about now theres a,lot of things that have happened in this,season that fans hate and choices that,were made that fans hate and theres of,course been petitions and boycotts and,all kinds of crazy nonsense on the,internet as usual whenever fans dont,like the way something they love is,going and I was fine with the first,three episodes of season 8 the long,night looked awful on streaming its,gonna look amazing on blu-ray and Im,excited to see that episode on blu-ray,but my biggest issue with season 8 even,though I liked the first three episodes,before I saw the fourth episode was that,it just felt rushed it felt like so much,was happening so quickly and while I,could understand certain choices that,were being made it just felt so crammed,and that could have something to do with,the fact that most of the seasons except,for 7 had 10 episodes so a lot was,happening really fast and arcs were just,flying all over the place the night king,was like an afterthought really and from,the perspective of someone who watched,the whole show in two and a half weeks,though hes kind of an afterthought,throughout the entire show they never,really knew what to do with him I,remember I forget it was season 3 or,season 4 I dont remember one of the,seasons ended with the White Walkers,just marching and you were,like oh [ __ ] whats happening and then I,of course click next episode and I,watched like an entire half of the next,seaso

Rogan & Schaub Review the Game of Thrones Finale (Spoilers)

the Joe Rogan experience its,fascinating to me did you watch the game,of Thrones finale did you get bummed out,I got I you know what not somebody else,wrote I think they did yeah its very,strange I thought they did,I love I did like season eight and I was,kids the other seasons hey Liss whos,[ __ ] get everybody know right now,spoiler alert hold up what is today,Thursday yeah yeah but some people its,Sunday some people jobs sunny day people,work all day for days,some people were called to the New York,Times like put it on the front page of,the paper Im unclear bro yeah but they,did that because they can do that not,because they should do that the next,days little [ __ ] well I think I think I,think movies is you got a week movies,you got a week TV show two days damn,especially for that what are we not,supposed to talk about it cuz youre,busy,thats insane did you like you actor,what is no I didnt other satisfied Id,left unsatisfied when they made spoil or,homeboy the King I was like what in the,[ __ ] are you talking about he didnt,want it the whole I can see the sudden,everybodys fighting to the death over,whos the king theyre ready ready to,stab their brother kill their mom,theyll kill anybody theyll betray,lovers but now this guys like alright,Ill take it now I think you should be,the king theyre like okay like that was,great and how about that one guy that,just stood up and is like maybe I could,be the king they like sit down I said,citizens just Sopranos like what do you,what are you doing which means this guy,Bobby Lee had that guy Bobby Lee had the,greatest I thought its such a good,ending so he says when everyone goes you,know when the decided to be the king and,then home boy whos crippled is like,Ill do it and then when they were,wheeling my way he just looks over and,he has the [ __ ] white Walker I that,would work and then it closes you know,what should happen thats Bobby Lees,idea Jon Snow should have fought to the,death with that dude who has no dick,yeah I wouldnt see that shes good to,the death they hated each other they,hate each other how about that dude,psych,yeah just like killed my girl CEO big,deal just you get on the boat theres no,way they should have fought to the death,did you like episode 3 Ill tell you,what I like though like when the the one,that the Hound,knocked the mountain off of the fire,that was dope,now addict just a fire that was a dope,scene [ __ ] was dumb the best scene in,the whole [ __ ] series though was when,you know the beds best scene in the,whole [ __ ] series when when she was,telling that dude that he betrayed her,and then from the darkness the Dragons,face appears and youre like oh Jesus,this is where I was a powerful scene,those dragons are so [ __ ] scary,Im so happy theres people out there,that do special effects like that that,[ __ ] was dope cause he used to be kind,of like samurai corny like super corny,remember what was that movie there was a,good dragon movie with Matthew,McConaughey back when Matthew,McConaughey was jacked up in the show,homeboy from Australia was in a – Batman,[ __ ] his name oh [ __ ] was his name,Christian berenstain bears two barrels,in a chicken fire what does it call rain,of fire yeah the dragons in there were,corny compared to the kings of Thrones,be believe me see let me see a video,that public obviously we cant show it,on the podcast or well get arrested and,castrated joe carnahan was just talking,about this bro this [ __ ] movie was,not a bad movie it was a little corny,but for a dummy like me who really likes,dragons it was great stuff it was an,interesting movie but the Dragons its,just crazy how much because I want to,say this was probably 2004 I might,correct for that – 2 then 2 oz pretty,close yeah pretty close youve been on,but the difference between what the,Dragons looked like 17 years later in,terms of flex special laughter even,dinosaurs from dress mark 1/2 dress park,world yeah like look at them they look,theyre not showing you much thats,thats the Dragons vision though its,kind of gay oh why is it dragons vision,homosexual I wish to see when I said,whyd I say that because youre a man,why is it and weve been doing arms I,know why relearn it I know we got a,reprogram our brains dude,[Applause]

How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

حدثني عن رد فعلك عندما قرأت نص الحلقة الأخيرة,مممم,او, انا.. لقد كنت,لقد كنت حقاً…,”راضي عنه”,[تعليق صوتي من مقتطفات المراجعة] أنا أكره منتجي وكتّاب البرنامج Dumb and Dumber. لم احبهم ابدا,هم من اكثر الاشخاص مبالغ في تقديرهم,مغرورين ومعتذرين في هوليوود,اعتبارًا من إعداد هذا الفيديو ، تقترب عريضة لإعادة كتابة الموسم الثامن من,مليون ونصف توقيع, أكثر من العريضة لإنهاء الجوع في العالم ، لكن كره هذا الموسم شيء واحد,وأمر آخر أن تدعي أنه كان بإمكانك كتابته بشكل أفضل,لذا قبل أن تمضي قدمًا وتكره هذا الفيديو تلقائيًا ، اسمعني إذا كنت لا تحب ما اقوله هذا حقك,لكن السبب الكامل لكوني أصنع هذا الفيديو هو لانني أحب هذا المسلسل كثيرًا وشعرت أن الشخصيات تستحق أفضل بكثير,سوف أقوم بتقسيم هذا الفيديو إلى نصفين مختلفين,أولاً ، نقدي الرئيسي للموسم , والثاني أعاد كتابته,لذا إذا كنت مهتمًا فقط بجزء إعادة الكتابة,لقد تركت الطابع الزمني في الوصف أدناه ،,لكن ضع في اعتبارك نقدي للموسم يؤثرعلى إعادة الكتابة. بعض القواعد الأساسية قبل أن نبدأ ، سيكون هذا أمرًا شاملاً واسع النطاق,لمراجعة بعض اللحظات الرئيسية ليست إعادة كتابة مشهدًا تلو الآخر وإلا سنكون هنا طوال اليوم,في الحقيقه,سأترك الحلقتين 1 و 2,بدون لمس واختار البدء بالحلقة 3 حيث بدأت الأمور في الانحدار بالنسبة لي ثم فصاعدًا إلى الحلقة 4,حيث سارت الأمور خارج القضبان تمامًا. “بينما نست (دينيريس) (الأسطول الحديدي) وقوات (يورون)”,وأنا أيضًا لن أقوم بأضافة حلقات أو مواسم بطريقة سحرية,أريد أن أعطي نفسي نفس القيود التي كان لدى كتاب المسلسل,على الرغم من أن آخر 35 دقيقة من الحلقة الأخيرة كان من الممكن أن تكون موسمًا كاملاً في حد ذاته,لذلك سأستعرض بإيجاز ما أعتقد أن المشكلتين الرئيسيتين لهذا الموسم هما, الآن وأنا أعلم بأن هنالك,المئات من الأشياء التي يجب أن أشتكي منها في هذا الموسم ويمكنني تصوير مقطع فيديو بالكامل حول هذا الموضوع,ولكن لأغراض إعادة كتابتي,سأركز فقط على هاتين النقطتين الرئيسيتين الأولى (ملك الليل) والثانية (خاتمة الشخصيات),(ملك الليل) هو القوة العدائية الرئيسية التي تدفع الكثير من السرد في المسلسل,ان وجوده هو الذي يجبر أشخاصًا مثل (دينيرس) و(جون) على التجمع معًا لإنقاذ البشرية,إذا نجح (ملك الليل) في سعيه. لا يهم من على العرش الحديدي,أنا أعتقد أن (ملك الليل) هو أكثر أهمية من اي عدو أخر,كـ (سيرسي) وهناك المزيد على المحك إذا فشل أبطالنا ضده ،,أنظرون إلى الوراء في المشهد الأول من الموسم الاول, لا يبدأ الموسم الأول بمؤامرة موت (جون آرين) او مؤامرة قصر أو شيء له علاقة بالعرش,يبدأ بـ (بالبيض السائرون). هذا هو مدى أهميتهم و(ملك الليل),لهذا السبب كان موت (ملك الليل) في الحلقة الثالثة خطأً فادحًا,لم نحرم فقط من معركة ملحمية بين (جون) و(ملك الليل),والذي وعدنا بها بشكل واضح مع نهاية حلقة (Hardhome) (من الموسم الخامس),لكن جميع المواسم الثمانية من العرض كانت تتطور حتى هذه اللحظة,هل سيهزمون (ملك الليل) أم لا؟ بجعله يموت في الحلقة الثالثة,تفقد ثمانية مواسم من بناء الحماس/الترقب,أفضل تشبيه يمكنني القيام به هو تخيل لو أسقط (فرودو) في فلم (سيد الخواتم) الخاتم في (ماونت دوم) وهزم (ساورون) في منتصف الفلم الثاني,يجب أن يتم البناء باستمرار على أكثر اللحظات ذروًا في المسلسل حتى تنفجر بالقرب من النهاية, ,قم بإلقاء نظرة على هذا الرسم البياني الذي يظهر,الهيكل الثلاثي التقليدي للفيلم وينطبق على المسلسل التلفزيوني فقط في تلك الحالات التي امتدت عبر الحلقات,هذا هو المكان الذي كان يجب أن تحدث فيه هزيمة (ملك الليل),هنا حيث حدثت,ضع هذا في الاعتبار عندما أعيد كتابتي,النقد الرئيسي الثاني لدي في هذا الموسم هو خاتمة الشخصيات بشكل أساسي لأن العديد منهم أولا لم يرقوا إلى مستوى إمكاناتهم,او ثانياً تم تجاهلهم تمامًا, الآن هذا لا يعني أن بعض الشخصيات لم تحصل على خاتمات مناسبة,اعتقدت أن كلا من (السير جورا) (وثيون) تلقيا نهايات منطقية وعاطفية على حد سواء,ولكن بعد ذلك هناك شخصيات مثل (جون) و (دينيرس) والشخص الذي كان لديه أكثر أمكانيات (جيمي لانستر),كان لدى (جيمي) اكثر قصة مؤثرة على مدار المواسم الثمانية,بدء كزاني محارم وقاتل أطفال والذي يتعلم على مدار ثمانية مواسم اخطاء طرقه ويصبح متواضع,ومع ذلك ، في الحلقات الأخيرة من البرنامج ، يعود إلى نفسه القديم,وحبه (لسيرسي) يمحو ثمانية مواسم من البناء لشخصية, حتى علاقته بـ(بران) تنسى,فقط ليتمكن من الموت تحت كومة من الأنقاض المتساقطة هذه الإمكانية غير المحققة لخاتمة الشخصيات هي شيء أريد معالجته في إعادة الكتابة,لذلك بدون مزيد من اللغط ، هذه هي الطريقة التي كنت سأكتب بها الموسم الأخير من مسلسل (لعبة العروش),حسنًا ، يكفي من هذا,نبدأ بالحلقة الثالثة من (معركة وينترفيل) بالنسبة للجزء الأكبر من الحلقة ستلعب هذه الحلقة بنفس الطريقة في النسخة الحقيقي,القوات المشتركة (للأبياء ووالدوثراكي ورجال الشمال والهمج) في مواجهة (ملك الليل) وحشده الخالد,في نفس الوقت (سيرسي والشركة الذهبية والاسطول الحديدي) يتهيئون في مدينة (كينغز لاندينك),بعد أن نكثوا بوعدهم بالمساعدة في الحرب القادمة,لكن هذه الحلقة سيكون لها فرق واحد مهم سيغير تماما الحلقات القادمة,سينتصر (ملك الليل) وستضطر القوات المتبقية من (وينترفيل) إلى التراجع إلى (كينغز لاندينك),دعونا نتعمق أكثر في كيفية حدوث ذلك أولاً. لن أضع (تيريون) والنساء والأطفال في القبو,نعم ، من الممتع أن يكونوا في خطر من الجثث المتصاعدة لعائلة (الستارك) ، لكنها كتابة كسولة,إنهم يضعون إثارة الاضطرار إلى تفادي الزومبي فوق المنطق كما يقول (بيتر دينكلاج),”لم يفكر أحد في ذلك إنه يعيد كل الموتى إلى الحياة ويضعون النساء والأطفال في سرداب مع كل الموتى”,بدلاً من ذلك ، كنت أنقلهم إلى القاعة الرئيسية حيث يواجه (تيريون) والآخرون حقيقة أنهم سيموتون قريبًا,يشبه المشهد في الجزء الثاني من فلم (سيد الخواتم) عندما تبدو المعركة خاسرة ونرى ألم النساء والأطفال,يحتضنون بعضهما البعض مرة أخيرة,لا يزال بإمكانك الاحتفاظ (بتيرين) و(سانسا) ممسكين بأيدي بعضهم و(تيريون) يلتقط نصل جاهز للقتال,وحتى (سانسا) على استعداد للانضمام إليه في لحظتهم الأخيرة,إنها لقطة عاطفية وتصل إلى النقطة دون أن تنهض المومياوات من الموت,في هذه الأثناء ، (دينيرس) و(جون) سيواجهان (ملك الليل) مع تنانينهما ولكن مع اشتداد المعركة,يجب على (جون) أن ينفصل عن (دينيرس) لمساعدة الجنود أدناه,ليس هذا فقط ، ولكن سيتعين عليه الاختيار,بين إنقاذ (بران) أو صد جحافل الزومبي الذين على وشك اقتحام وقتل (تيريون) و(سانسا),ولكن (ثيون) الذي مع (بران) يخبر (جون) بالذهاب فهو سوف يمنعهم ، (جون) على (ريغال) يحطم جانب القاعة الرئيسية,في الوقت المناسب لإنقاذ النساء والأطفال وإتاحة الفرصة لهم للهروب عبر أنفاق تحت الأرض في (ونترفيل),والتي سوف تحتوي على اعداد من الموتى الأحياء لصدهم ولكن بعد ذلك يمكننا الحصول على شخصيات مثل (آريا) التي ستنضم إليهم في توفير ما تمس الحاجة من الحماية للهروب,عندما سمعت (دينيرس) صرخات (ريغان) ، تحشد ما يكفي من القوة لفصل (ملك الليل) عن تنينه (فسيرون),يسقط إلى الأرض تمامًا مثل ما حدث في الحلقة,ثم يشق (جون) طريقه إلى (شجرة السد المقدسة) في الوقت المناسب تمامًا ليرى (ثيون) يقتل على يد (ملك الليل),موت (ثيون) سيغضب (جون) بشدة فيهجم وأخيراً سوف نرى قتالاً بالسيوف بين (جون سنو) و(ملك الليل!),ثقو بي سوف تكون المعركة أسطوريه! ولكن (ملك الليل) سيثبت (لجون) بأنه اقوى من ان يقتل,في نهاية المعركة يرفع (ملك الليل) سيفه ليقتل (جون!) ولكن (بران) يبدا بالتحكم بتنين ملك الليل (فسيرون) فينفث نيرانه على (ملك الليل),نعم ، في نسختي ، يستخدم (بران) قدراته التي تساعدهم بالفعل ، لكن (ملك الليل) يخرج من النار كما فعل في الحلقة!,سالمًا من النيران ويمسك الآن رمحًا من زجاج التنين,فيقوم بقتل (فسيرون) مسبباً حدث كبير جداً مستغلً هذا الحدث,يقوم (جون) بحشد قوته لهجوم أخير ويطعن (ملك الليل) بسيفه المصنوع من زجاج التنين,لكن لا شيء يحدث! نجد (ملك الليل) محصنًا أمام زجاج التنين!!,إنها صدمة كبيرة (لجون!) عندها يقوم (ملك الليل) بحمله من رقبته وعندما بدا كل شيء ضائعًا بالنسبة (لجون),(دينيرس) على ظهر (دروغون) تنقض على (ملك الليل) لتقذفه على بعد حوالي 20 قدمًا لتحرر (جون) من قبضته,بخسارة المعركة تقوم (دينيرس) بحمل (جون) و(بران),تحترق( وينترفيل) في الخلفية حيث نرى (ريغار) يقتل من قبل حشد من جيش الموتى,ستنتهي الحلقة بنهوض كل من مات في المعركة كـجيش (لملك الليل),الذي يواصل غزوه جنوبًا بينما ينظر (جون) الى (بران) سيجده ما يزال عالق في حالة التحكم,وهم غير قادرين على أيقاضه,سنصل إلى ما يفعله في الواقع بعد قليلاً,ما أحبه في هذا هو أنه يحافظ على الترقب بأن هجوم (ملك الليل) لا يزال مستمر في نفس الاثناء إعطائنا معلومة جديدة صادمة بأن زجاج التنين لا يعمل ضده,إنه يرفع من مخاطر الهجوم التالي الأكبرعلى (كينغز لاندينك),اذا استمريت بمقارنة هذا الجزء بفلم (سيد الخواتم) الحلقة الثالثة هي الجزء الثاني من الفلم والحلقة الخامسة هي الجزء الثالث من الفلم,ستتم إعادة كتابة الحلقة الرابعة للتعامل مع تداعيات المعركة مثل الناجين الباقين يشدون الرحال الى (كينغز لاندينك),هنا سيتعين على (سيرسي) أن تقرر ما إذا كان ستسمح لهم بالدخول أم لا؟,و(جيمي) هو من سيقنعها مع وصول تقارير لـ(كوبرن) عن زحف جيش الموتى الى (كينغز لاندينك),توافق (سيرس

Game of Thrones Stars Share Their Honest Reaction to Filming Shows Ending (Exclusive)

are you happy with how things ended you,people are in for it,talk to me about your reaction when you,read the script for your final episode a,wife I was I was really pleased with,that I mean I thought they did an,amazing job,overall with over the whole the whole,season but with Jamie also just believe,yeah it made sense I was just like numb,I was just numb when I read like my last,page because its just so sad its so,sad that like that is the last time like,Im reading half my character you know,and its just got to go on a long long,walk it felt like because knowing how,the whole thing ends it felt like you,had suddenly sort of burdened with this,huge huge secret that millions of people,around the world wanted to wanted to,know I think that we would just relieved,I well I was certainly relieved that we,had an ending that we could send out,into the world and be proud of and happy,to talk about it I was really happy yeah,I was really happy pleased,have you shot your final scenes yet and,are you happy with how things ended bad,season ever,what was it like shooting those final,scenes though and you knew it was mine,sighs so sappy then everyone gets ready,for the emotion and everyones that,being like oh its gonna be the lot how,many more takes are we gonna were just,gonna and then it kind of wears off and,it was just really emotional like I feel,like everything you do its like you can,start to get yourself so down being like,this is the last time Im gonna read,script and this is like the last time,Im gonna be in this location and like I,got to a point where I had to just stop,doing that so its gonna just have like,a nervous breakdown yeah I was very,excited mmm Im very happy for the way,that my character is gonna end up with,Game of Thrones,I just remember thinking oh the boys,have done a good job I remember when I,read the final episode okay I got up and,actually genuinely had some pace around,my floor a bit Wow,there you go that was just cuz my leg,said this is sort of just seems like an,added bonus that were getting to watch,it and celebrate it now Im um its Im,kind of I said to Rose the other night I,was like weve been tethered by this,show for a long time weve loved it and,now we get to enjoy the fine on the,wrong it took me a long time to actually,digest the storyline this season I,thought they did a good job,listen not everybodys gonna be happy,not everybodys gonna be sad its its,it you have to remember were a bit like,real-life were not gonna tape ink,pretty ribbon on this show is probably,not gonna happen well thatd be fair to,say yeah I thought all of the things you,could possibly feel and hopefully thats,what people will feel when they see,there are no better writers in,television and Dan Weiss and David,Benioff they ended it brilliantly better,than I could have imagined and you,people are in for,[Music],[Applause]

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