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www.Gotogate.com review

[Music],hello again,my names tony hilliard ive made some,20 or so videos for youtube and usually,they are technical or,how-to videos offering my experience and,skills to help others,this video is a little bit different,its a what,not to do video it is a review,of an online travel company called,go to gate my wife and i decided to take,a trip to iceland,in may 2020 so on 6th of january 2020,i started to look for airline tickets,we like to travel a lot and i usually,book online,with companies like booking.com or,tripadvisor.com,always with great success i decided this,time,to book through go to gate as they seem,to offer,reasonable prices and the scheduled,airlines they offered,fitted into our departure and arrival,cities,that was my first big mistake their,prices appear to be inexpensive,its when you start booking process that,you realize that the advertised price,is the absolute bare minimum and,represents little to do,with the reality of your ticket costs in,fact,the prices are a complete nonsense,everything except the hook,advertise price is extra in hindsight,it would have been cheaper to go direct,to the airline,from what i can find out go to gate is,based in finland,it would seem that its probably one man,working from his spare bedroom,i know the call center they use you,cannot help call it a help,center thats for sure is somewhere in,the indian subcontinent,in common with some international banks,this seems to be a common scheme,to get any inquiry answered with the,benefit of very cheap labor,this usually fails miserably as the,language skills are often questionable,i paid for my trip with my credit card,but when the coronavirus pandemic forced,our trip to be cancelled,i emailed go to gate for a refund,the response was extremely slow with,lots of excuses,i was told by go to gate that they would,contact the airline for me,and request a refund but for this,service,they would charge me a fee,i decided to contact the airline myself,and seek a refund,the airline in question was iceland air,i duly contacted iceland there to be,told that go to gate were responsible,for the overall refund so i had to,contact,goatergate again but i was curious about,the phrase,overall refund it now came to light,that the problem was the airline ticket,was actually,only a part of the cost of our flight,booking,my wife and i have have over the years,traveled the world and have generally,been treated with efficiency and,courtesy,by the travel companies and airlines we,have dealt with,so when iceland air said i needed to,contact go to gate,again to receive a full refund for all,the monies i had paid,i started to wonder so i did some,research into go to gate,it appears that the additional charges,they like to call them,for example a flexible ticket or a,support package,plus checked baggage have little or,nothing to do,with the airline these extras appear to,be the main income stream,for go to gate an example youre going,away for 10 days,oh you want to take a suitcase thats,extra,you get the picture this type of extra,makes a complete nonsense,of the so-called inexpensive airline,tickets,so you wonder why anyone would want to,use a company like go to gate,you might as well go direct to the,airline i contacted iceland air again,and in conversation with them i was,offered a travel voucher,valid for two years for their part of,the trip,contact go to gate yet again for a,refund,for the go to gate extras as iceland air,was so helpful and honest with me,i readily agreed to their offer of a,travel voucher,so it was back to go to gate and this is,where,i started to get the runaround i was,told,to contact their website and fill out,their contact form,yet again when i did finally get a reply,to my email i was asked again for all,the booking information,already supplied several times,go to gates say they offered me a,voucher this is not the case,besides i dont know what a voucher from,go to gate,as i am not convinced they would honor,it i just want my refund,for the spurious extras that i paid for,to date is now december 2020,ive been waiting seven months for my,refund,nothing so there you have it be warned,about having,anything to do with gotogate.com,[Music],you

GoToGate REVIEW| Flight Cancellation NO Refund. SCAM WARNING

hey guys it is pharaoh louie i am back,with another review this one is not as,positive as my other ones because it is,a complaint video and hopefully i can,save you guys the disaster of what i,just experienced that way you dont go,through this comfort,this is my personal experience your,experience might be different,[Music],so i ordered two tickets from go to gate,and im gonna post their information,right here made sure first and foremost,i made sure i paid for a um the fee so i,can adjust my ticket right with kovid,things are always changing and i wanted,to make sure,i thought that would have made it safe,for me to do so,after calling come to find out it,doesnt really matter theyre not gonna,refund you your money and if you do,youre gonna go through a horribly long,time looking for your money and waiting,for your money to come in if you dont,believe me go check out the reviews of,other people who have gone through,similar things if you try calling,customer service,the least amount of time youre going to,be on hold is an hour and a half yes i i,said it right an hour and a half so if,you guys are planning to call them make,sure you have a movie ready because by,the time your movies done thats,probably when theyre gonna pick up the,phone theyre definitely not gonna,assist you so,personally for me,i called didnt assist me the guy was,very rude but he told me that theres,nothing that he can do to swap out my,flight even though i paid for the,adjustment so i swap out my phone,theyre gonna hang up the phone in your,face,[Music],were gonna hang up the phone in your,face not assist you and tell you that,theres nothing they can do,so if you guys are experiencing anything,like this number one,definitely have your tracking,information ready to go i would contact,your bank and let them know that you are,having a hard time getting into contact,with the provider or the company and see,if its possible for you to dispute it,other than that it seems like it will be,very difficult for you to go and get,your money back or do any modifications,i have done a few reviews and now im,starting to see some,negative reviews on the company how i,found this line was through google,flights and usually google flights is,pretty good so this was kind of strange,that i just type of uh,of airline through google and having it,not be that good overall ive gone,through a lot of travel airlines,i and i was risking it too i went,through spirit airlines which,they make spirit airlines look like a,five-star airline company im not gonna,lie,ive gone through wow airlines which is,no longer in existence but i did do a,review for them if you guys want to go,and check it out,and by far,go to gate has,topped it off with the worst quality,airline service company that i could,ever use and im extremely disappointed,they did not care about me at all they,did not care about the fact that im,trying to change out my my um flight,they just wanted the money so im here,to warn you guys,if you guys want to do it do it at your,own risk you might go to your,destination or you might not but you,might get your ticket you might not get,your ticket so its a huge gamble if you,like gambling on your travel vacation,destinations then by all means be my,guest i personally had i known,i would never go through this company,ever ever again honestly i was better,off not spending two and a half an hour,and a half on the phone calling them and,just taking myself to sleep it would,have been more of a productive i just,wasted time doing this so i hope that,this video is a cautionary tale for you,guys who are considering traveling and,using go to gate,again,my experience i would never ever ever,ever ever do it again,and that says a lot because usually im,like you know traveling,no i will never take this this company,use this company ever again ever,yeah okay event session over i hope you,guys enjoyed this video,push that bell notification so when i,post more videos for review topics you,guys can be in the loop make sure you,guys like,this video give it a thumbs up,comment down below companies to stay,away from when flying and drop i want to,make sure i give you guys the most value,for your time,see you in the next video

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Cancelling My Flights (Gotogate Australia Reviews)

go to gate,is an absolute and utter nightmare,stay away from them,i hope you listen to my story because it,shows you how,bad this company is how they treat their,clients,and how poorly their customer service is,i have no doubt that ive lost,at least sixteen hundred dollars,and i have very little chance of getting,it back from them,and i just recommend people to stay away,theyre no good,i guess from a background perspective um,i have a partner in,vietnam,and weve been desperately trying to see,each other,so um,in late november,vietnam published on a um a,news online news um portal that they,were going to open from the 1st of,january,to international travel,and so my partner and i discussed uh,coming over,to,pretty much,from,january onwards,we actually settled on,the first of february which is uh,chinese new year and its a big thing,over there,so,um and i have proof of that fact i have,copies of um,of their publication i have,copies of uh,photos of a plane arriving with some,korean visitors,and so i i then started looking for,flights,now i i went through,sky scanner,to find the flights,and i found a flight,package,that was from go to gate and that was to,get me,from australia to vietnam,via singapore via bangkok and then,finally to ho chi minh,so i booked both flights,and everything was fantastic at that,point in time,um i got confirmation of the flights and,got booking references and so on so,forth,i applied for a visa to vietnam,and,it went a bit funny that,we werent getting any,information back,my partner was trying to get info from,from inside vietnam and i was trying,within australia,what what transpired is that they opened,their borders they allowed people to,come in,and they got an influx of omicron,coped 19.,so they quickly shut the borders again,and so,when i finally got notification back,from the vietnamese government they said,sorry weve had to temporarily close,our borders again,and we cant give you a,visa to visit vietnam,that was,around the 13th and 14th of january,so i immediately wrote to go to gate,um,on an email i also rang their telephone,number thats on their website,when i rang the number i couldnt get,through um i probably tried about six,times and i finally got through,and a,an indian gentleman,uh had a chat with me and uh looked up,the information,the,the upshot of that conversation was that,he said that go to gay could not do,anything,until such time as i cancelled,the back end flights,the back end flights were from a uh,an airline called,scoot which i understand is an,affiliated um airline under the,singapore airlines banner,but its a cheap its a cheap airline,[Music],and i i said to the guys that that,doesnt sound right,i i shouldnt have to do,cancellation and he got he actually got,quite a rape with me,and,basically hung up,so,i then tried to ring back again and over,the course of a week,i probably rang them 30 times,and the phone number would just,disconnect immediately,so i then emailed them,with no answer,and it was around about that time that,i found,your site,and i actually read uh somebody elses,um experience,and then somebody had a list of email,addresses and said send it to every one,of these people so i did,um and i got a couple of,strange emails back that didnt make,sense,um i got a couple of acknowledgements,but nothing,uh concrete from anybody,on my flights were to leave on the 28th,of january,on the 26th of january,i got an email,so two days before the flight was,leaving i got an email from them,saying that um if i wanted to cancel it,i had to pay,390 to singapore,a hundred dollars to them,that was for the first leg,then another thirty dollars for,the second leg,and then they still kept on saying and,youve got to do the last leg,and i i i thought this is weird and so,being a frequent flyer i have a,singapore airlines frequent flyer so i,wrote to them and said i need,confirmation that this 390 is correct,and i wrote back to go to gate um,and got confirmation that theyd,received the email,but i had no,nobody contact me,i didnt get any response from anybody,until the 3rd of february,which was like 5 days after the flight,left,at that time i got a phone call from,them,just let me step back i actually made,contact with school deadlines i rang,their call center i had a lengthy,discussion with with scoot their minds,and at the end of it they said no,you cant do that you have to go through,the agent and in that in my case it was,going to go she said we cant do,anything for you you have to go to,um go to gate,and,um because i wasnt getting any answers,i was sending emails nearly every day to,these people,on the third of um on third of february,i got a phone call from go to gate,telling me that um,they oh and in between that sorry help,in between that id written to them and,said,i want,i want the flights,but obviously i cant go now because you,you havent replied to me,um i want the dates to be shifted,so that i can use them in the future,um they rang me,on the 3rd of february 5 days after the,flight had left and said,yep we can,we can move them itll cost you 550,to move it thats one leg,and they still kept on saying i had to i,had to change the scoop airlines,and,i said,and and they wanted the money there and,then,i while i was talking to i said well im,not doing that,because i dont believe you,and the the guy again hung up on me,so again i wrote to singapore airlines i,then contacted scoot,and the,the lady said if you,go to our website you can log on with,your name and the booking reference so i,found those in the emails,i logged on and found my flights and,moved them,so the the back end flights now,are the third of may,and it cost me a total of 20 uh 46,dollars because i had to apply for new,seats,so given that i could do that for it,next to nothing i i questioned whether,they were trying to rob me,of all of this money again,so,i didnt hear it from them again for,another two weeks,and then finally they rang again,and this time the girl said yeah okay we,can cancel it,and i said all right,and then she go online she said oh,no we cant cancel it because youve,changed the,scoop flights,i said,you you told me to change the scoot,flies you told me that you would not do,anything until i did that,she then turned around and said all,right let let me see if i can do a,partial cancellation of,the,two flights that remained,and she went away for about five minutes,and she came back she said no the system,wont allow me,because,youve already moved the the scoop plots,i cant do anything,i said well what am i supposed to do,in all of this i i took out insurance,which i thought was the best insurance,that they offered i said well i want,that cancelled too oh well no,because youve,youll still use that insurance,and i said well no i cant get there,and,you know they again went very they going,so,at the upshot of that the girl said well,i cant cancel it ill send you,the booking reference you log on to,singapore airlines and you see if you,can do something,now by this stage it was like it was,a good two weeks into february,the fight left on the 28th of january,so,we and we discussed about the insurance,we had discussed about cancelling the,the flight from singapore to bangkok and,bangkok for ho chi minh,and um all all they did in their email,back to me was give me the first leg,nothing about the insurance nothing,about the other flight,just the first the first leg,so i got that and i locked on to,the singapore,airlines flight,i put in those references my surname,and was told,that the booking did not exist,and uh then when i tried it again like,making sure ive got it right it,actually come up and said that these,flights have either been cancelled or,theyve flown,and theres nothing we can do about it,and i thought well well im buttered,theres nothing i can do,and they werent they werent providing,any information to me,so i sent them an email,and i have yet to,get a writ an email back,so,basically ive lost,uh about sixteen hundred dollars,they

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Proof GoToGate is a SCAM!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

but ive already called the airline and,they,said they canceled it and that would be,refunded fully,i called the airline last night earlier,this morning,and they said that they already refunded,it,i called i called provincial airlines,and they,said that they refunded you guys and,that you guys have to refund me now,[Music],ive been on hold since i cancelled it i,i called the airline,canceled it they refunded you guys and,then i called you guys right after,so you guys have already been in front,of the money so its either you guys are,funding me the money or,youre just pocketing the refund and not,giving me the money back for some reason,because you guys have already been,refunded,by the airline when im checking the,cancellations you know,the cancellation,cause its been within 24 hours and its,been refunded i called them,would you let me just check sir,[Music],so in this case the refund has to be,requested you know uh,from rn its not the airline would be,able to you know request any refund from,their side because the booking,is not made directly with the airline,and as mentioned you know,that uh this is out of the white window,which is you know uh we cannot,go ahead and even process the refund,with the cancellation which,you know i mentioned you uh at the,beginning of the call of 75,because that is outside that window if,that was possible then i would have gone,ahead and,would have you know charged 75 and three,funded the remaining forty five dollars,back to user,but uh even thats not an option and as,for the fair rules i think its uh,operating,sir uh the ticket is completely non,returnable okay so can i speak to your,manager,or your supervisor,[Music],that is a completely different thing but,again that cannot be guaranteed,theyve already refunded the ticket to,you guys though so right now youre,saying that youre just,youre targeting the money does not have,the authority to rebound,but i just called them an hour ago and,they said that its fully refundable,because,so the airline lied to me then when they,said this morning that it was fully,refundable,okay well ive recorded this whole,conversation it sounds like you guys are,stealing my money,and youre not,no no no no no,i called i called the airline i called,the airline and they said that its,fully refundable within 24 hours which,it already has been exactly because you,know,it has not been 24 hours it has not been,24 hours and its been 10 hours,sir its been 10 hours its been 10,hours since ive worked,it has been okay,so even that was not possible,i called them and they said that it has,been refunded,to you guys so you guys have my money,[Music],i called them and they said,they told me that it has been refunded,this morning when i called them,they said that it has not been 24 hours,so they they are able to refund the,money and they refunded you guys the,money,you can just you know contact the,airline once again and if they can you,know,update any authorization in the booking,that you know,there is a refund that is already being,processed then we can definitely,i dont know what you mean request,authorization theyve already refunded,you guys the money,its already been cancelled,no its not good for travel i cancelled,it this,well so im not morning about the,flights im talking about the ticket,because the biggest,status is still showing uh not refunded,because if the ticket was refunded the,ticket would have,shown refunders because the tickets,still open,okay well you guys are uh criminals ive,recorded everything here and im gonna,be posting on the internet,because uh you guys are clearly scamming,me out of 120 dollars that,you guys will be refunded it already has,been refunded and youre just making up,a story to,to make a feeling,sir because that cannot be you know,taken as a verbally you know,confirmation so so how can you how come,you guys cant call the airline then,you need to contact the alexa and you,dont need to you know just request them,to update this authorization,right so thats all thats all put on,your customer right its not,your guys responsibility okay thats you,guys are a really great company,so um so its looking like you guys are,just going to pocket my money so,if you guys if you want to see this,video itll be on youtube its called,go to gate is a scamming company,and youll hear your voice talking so,yeah thanks a lot for not helping me at,all and enjoy your 123 dollars you,[ __ ] criminal,anything else to say sir but sir i do,not have you know i have given you all,the possible options,no you havent no the the option is you,guys refund me like 123 dollars,and then what do i do then i send you,guys a piece of paper with writing on it,like what,you guys said its not in writing on a,piece of paper it has to be documented,on the system okay well theyve already,canceled it ive already spoken with,them it took them two seconds to cancel,it,um i dont see what the issue is here,you guys have awful customer service,clearly uh,its already been its already been,refunded its already been cancelled so,youre lying to me,so why dont you request the refund,because this ticket,why is it non-refundable,and if you want to cancel this this is,the rules,thats thats not true because i called,this morning,so why are you telling me thats,non-refundable when this morning they,told me that it was refundable,so youre telling me that the provincial,airlines had wrong,information the actual airline was wrong,and that youre right,okay so can you get authorization,because i i called them and it took two,seconds and they said that,its cancelled so i i dont understand,why you you guys cant do the same thing,because we have to follow the fairways,and conditions because,unless you know the ticket is not,refunded so we wont be able to go ahead,and process a refund,okay were talking in circles the ticket,is refundable,she told me it was refundable,why is it non-refundable,[Music],what are the rules explain to me the,rules,so so she lied to me this morning the,airline lady,the person who works at provincial,airlines who said that their rules are,you can cancel within 24 hours which it,has been,its been with it,do you understand how time works sir,its been its been within 24 hours,that was last night at 10 oclock its,been 12 hours,thats not 24th yeah did try to you know,cancel that flight you know,if you remember in the beginning of the,conversation you know i gave you this,option you know and when i tried to,cancel,with that option the system was not,allowing us to do it no i dont think,that you,you were ever trying to give me a refund,this is all a scam youre lying to me,ive you guys have already been refunded,your money,the lady told me this morning theres no,such information on,the booking so that the amount has been,300,what well sir we have not got any such,authorization or any update you know,from the airline that you know this,amount has been refunded,because this ticket is not refundable,i dont know why you keep saying that,its non-refundable when the airline,themselves told me that it was,refundable,so why are the airline telling me that,it was refundable,well if it was you know cancel at that,very same time when you made this,booking we could have you know process,the refund,but you know since this booking was made,last night but its already,you know as i mentioned because the date,on the booking is showing at 13,and now since thats your rules thats,not thats not their rules its your,rules then,because their rule says 24 hours from,the time of the booking,which would be 10 oclock tonight,okay i think ive got everything i need,from you guys um,yeah ill not be recommending you to,anyone and,have fun working for a criminal company,you piece of [ __ ],have a nice day bye,a

My First Airline Ticket Scam Experience…

so a couple days ago i tried booking my,flight from new york back to my home,country thailand particularly bangkok,and that was when i had,unpleasant,experience,is that right right,when it comes to booking my flight i,am a loyal fan to sky scanner,i love sky scanner in a way that i can,see the whole entire month calendar and,i can see in general when is the,cheapest day to fly and when i have the,specific transplant that okay i want to,travel somewhere during this time span,where is the cheapest destination that i,can fly to i think in my whole entire,lifetime i have never used any other,booking website sometimes,very rare though that i book directly on,my website because sometimes it happened,that way that you can get better deals,but usually sky scanner is what i go for,especially after i compare a lot of,booking website and found out that sky,scanner provides cheapest fare,sky scanner is basically a meta search,engine when you search for the flight it,would link you to other booking websites,and that was when i had,unpleasant,experience with e-dreams,so now talking about eating i have,multiple experiences booking with a,dream,before i have never actually encountered,any problem but a couple days ago,it happened,i tried booking my flight from new york,back to my home country thailand i as,usual hop on sky scanner and search for,the flight i found extremely cheap fly,flying with india and indigo i had an,experience flying with them before so i,feel like oh no problem at all and after,seeing the detail of that flight then,comes down to,going to the booking site there are,multiple options popping,e dreams is one of them and this is one,thing as well when it comes to e-drink,it can be very tempting,especially for those who,look for ship flight because the list of,multiple booking sites provided by sky,scanner a dream normally come at the top,because it provides cheapest flights,always based on my experience always,because i have never had bad experience,with a dream so click select right away,now the problem coming when,after i finish booking an hour pass by i,didnt receive e-ticket i didnt receive,the email showing the confirmation of,booking,i received nothing basically at first i,was so worried,but i didnt really think that they,would scam me because i never had,horrible experience with them and its,been just an hour,but at the end of the day on the first,day that i book i never receive anything,from them,so i go to a dream website,and i try to find the phone number that,i can contact them i dont see any,contact number,at all okay so theres one article on,their website that make me feel relieved,in a way and it says how to contact de,dreams,customer service,so lets go through the whole entire,page still no contact number in the,section of offline support it says in,case you need to get in touch via phone,the call center is available 24 hours a,day seven days a week,but wheres the phone number where is,the contact number you tell me every,single thing but you miss one simple and,important thing which is,the contact information,however there is,one,website interestingly called,pittscustomer.com,provide different numbers that we can,use to contact e-dream,[Applause],[Music],sorry but your call cannot be completed,[Music],okay,chat with chris the a dreams chatbot,so at the end of the day i leave the,message,might be experiencing some delays ticket,will be issued within 24 hours,after my payment gone through,the thing is that my payment gone,through already they already charged me,they charged me two separate,transactions the first transaction,is the transaction that says e-drink and,the second transaction under the name of,india which is the airline that im,supposed to fly with the next day i,checked my email still havent received,anything from a dream anything at all,about my ticket my flight,two days pass by never get a ticket and,my friend suggests me that i should call,bank of america that was when i called,with the bank and i disappeared,transition,so i did some more research and i,found out that a lot of people actually,had,horrible experience by booking through,e-dream after reading through all the,comments somehow it made me feel like to,my case,is nothing at all compared to their case,so after reflecting through this whole,entire experience with a dream i have,come to,the point that i think,somehow this also gave me,big life lesson as well just because you,never,experienced it just because it never,happened before to your life it doesnt,mean that it will never happen,and,this is literally the case of it,from now on i dont think that i will,book with adrian,again,[Music]

Best Cheap Flights Websites NOBODY is Talking About | How to Find Cheap Flights 2022

today im going to show you four of the,best cheap flights websites that nobody,seems to be talking about its not that,popular tools like google flights,skyscanner and momondo are bad by any,means theyre actually some of the best,websites to find cheap flights its just,that today i want to show you how to,find cheap flights using a few clever,specialty tools for anyone who wants to,take their travel hacking game to the,next level if youve already heard all,four of these consider yourself a cheap,flight finding expert alright chief,airfare here we come,[Music],first up on our list is skip lagged and,skip lagged shines in its ability to,help you find hidden city flights hidden,city flights are when you can save money,by getting off at your layover instead,of your final destination for example,lets say you wanted to fly from new,york to orlando and for some reason the,tickets were super expensive,so you could use skip lag to look for,one of these hidden city flights and you,might find that say a flight from new,york to dallas is actually cheaper and,it has a layover in orlando and you can,just get off on your layover instead of,taking your final flight to dallas i,have no idea why some of these flights,are cheaper when they actually have more,stops and travel more distance but,sometimes they are on skip lagged you,can see which flights are hidden city,flights because the last flight in the,itinerary will be crossed out this works,best where the place you want to go is a,popular airport hub where theres lots,of connections and it doesnt work on,all routes if you do decide to do this,just be careful not to check any bags,even at the gate because your bags are,going to continue to your final,destination even if you get off early,also airlines dont necessarily love it,when you do hidden city flights so its,probably not a good idea to do the same,route over and over with the same,airlines that said if you follow all the,tips on the skiplag faq page this can be,a pretty sneaky travel hack speaking of,travel hacks i made a free download,revealing 15 tricks that professional,travelers use to pay about a third of,the price as everybody else so if youre,interested in saving money grab that,down below the next tool up on the list,is called ita matrix and we made a whole,video about how to find the cheapest,flights on google flights that was super,popular and in that video many,commenters said that they actually,prefer using it matrix over google,flights by the way if you havent,already seen that video theres some,really good tips in there so ill link,that down below as well anywho ita,matrix is basically the technology that,powers google flights and many other,search engines its similar to google,flights but it gives you some extra,advanced features for travel hackers,like you and me to nerd out on that said,it kind of comes down to personal,preference and so youll have to test it,out to see which you prefer some people,swear by it saying that its more,accurate and better at finding the,cheapest prices possible and a lot of,people use it for open jaw flights where,your origin and your destination arent,exactly the same both ways its also a,powerful tool in finding long stopovers,which can add an extra destination to,your trip for free or really cheap for,some of these search features you need,to know how to harness all the search,power that ita matrix gives you and,maybe ill make another video about that,in the future,but in most cases its going to take a,little bit to get the hang of it the,last two im going to show you guys,makes finding these long stopovers dead,simple and is a lot more user friendly,now one thing to know about ita matrix,is that unlike google flights you cant,book your flight directly with ita,matrix you have to do one extra step you,can either book directly with the,airline or you can copy the flight,itinerary that they give you on ita,matrix and paste that into a website,called bookwithmatrix.com,next up on the list is scotts cheap,flights which is a newsletter that sends,out epic deals that are personalized to,your airport you set the departing,airports that youre interested in and,whenever they find these awesome cheap,deals they send them directly to your,inbox and they only send the best deals,usually forty to ninety percent off,these usually arent last minute deals,either so youll have plenty of time to,plan your trip after you buy a ticket,they also tend to shy away from more,basic uncomfortable airlines so when you,see their deals you know theyre for,actual quality flights speaking of which,if youre thinking about flying with,spirit airlines dont book your ticket,without first watching our video on tips,for flying with spear airlines which,includes our nightmare experience scotch,jeep flights has both free and paid,plans but i just recommend signing up,for the free plan to start the free plan,will send you all the deals for,international flights if you fly,domestically a lot you might want to,sign up for their premium plan which,just costs a few bucks per month premium,members save an average of 550 dollars,per ticket so even if they just help you,find one flight the savings youd get,would basically pay for your membership,for over a decade i can personally,attest to this because the newsletter,once helped me and my wife save a,thousand dollars on two tickets from la,to asia now its important to note that,they currently only focus on flights,that are leaving from the united states,and so if youre based outside of the,united states it really doesnt make,sense at this time before we move into,the last one i just want to mention that,all four of these tools can help you,find super cheap flights but there are,other travel hacks that allow you to fly,practically for free im gonna make a,video on exactly how i traveled all the,way from detroit to spain for just five,dollars so subscribe and hit the bell if,you want to be notified when that video,drops alrighty last up on the list is a,site called airwander airwander helps,you find long stopovers which,essentially lets you add another,destination to your itinerary on the,cheap stopovers are long layovers where,you have time to leave the airport and,do exploring before taking your,connecting flight sometimes these,stopovers can last for days and so you,have plenty of time to see a bunch of,awesome stuff heres how it works with,airwander first you search for your,origin and your destination like you,normally would then all you have to do,is hit this little plus button when you,do this it will search for flight,itineraries that have long layovers and,it will tell you exactly how much extra,it would cost to add a pit stop into,your itinerary you can even set the,length of the layover that youre,looking for so if you want to explore,for lets say three days before moving,on to your final destination it will,tell you exactly how much extra it would,cost to do that in some cases its just,a few dollars extra to add a whole,another destination to your trip,cha-ching once you finally find your,cheap flight this next video will show,you some sneaky personal item packing,hacks that will save you loads of money,on checked bags check it out bye bye,guys

Gotogate,Mytrip, Etraveli scammers avoid them at any cost

uh hi everyone,uh just need to share my experience by,the experience over,uh more than 16 months one year on four,months with the,company called my trip,actually its coming with many names,it probably my trip go to gate all,all of them same so if you find my,thread,or go to gate they are same same scams,same,same company which is acting under,a travel in january 2020 before the,corona virus has been separated i have,booked to egypt,for holiday for me and my family,and i paid them fifteen hundred,and forty two pound and sixty five,pounds,right uh they sent me a,email and,and everything is was fine until uh,the day of traveling coming which is 7th,of april when,the full lockdown has been applied,and in the uk,of course the all the flight has been,cancelled,then i try to contact go to gate my,trebuchet you call her,go to hell they,shut down their communication center,and they you just talked to the customer,service,which is unfortunately they trying to,lie,they tell you many lies and they keep,lying,but theyre good things like i could,[Music],by the way when you call them they it,took,about 40 minutes for waiting,uh call them many times and,from their email i know like that both,airlines,has been paid them the full amount of,the council the flight if you read in,here,they have paid them back,full amount of,of the flight,place,that way they said,that we have,received the full refund from broad,airlines,right and what data was,just let me check the date yeah the,other date,so they got that date 25th of,march that the confirmation they got it,earlier,anyway i,i call them time,countless times countless times each,times like 40 30 minutes on waiting some,time,the customer service when you reach just,they hung up,as the line has been cut up,but the the reality they just hung up,all right then after,too many calls and emails,they ask me for my details,just let me see wheres yeah,i cannot but this is quite,i send them the details and then they,confirm,they receive the details that when that,was in 10th,of march about year and two months,from the book and when i paid them money,then i waited and that,their confirmation they received my my,account to refund me,because they said we cannot refund you,on the original,payment right,then after,keep keep contact them and they they,keep,lying on me,they wouldnt pay me back,they trained their customer service to,lie online,this week next week this week next week,this week next week,wait three days wait 10 days till,i discovered there is no way like to get,any refund from them so i went to the,facebook,and just wrote go to gate,and when i wrote go to gate,i found many many victims like me and,some of them like,give advice to not contact these,scammers,and just go and,contact the consumer european consumer,protection or sky scanner where i,found these groups i contacted,skyscanner and they was,very helpful i spoke to,i emailed by a lady called,her call and she contacted them and as,well,in the same time they consume a european,consumer protection,they contact them they have the,basement on greece and they contact them,and they go refund me after 16 months,waiting and they cut up,30 pounds which is no problem for me,because,im about to lose all the money because,last customer service of them,said we cannot pay you back,and i tell him what reason is to say,i keep the reason or some something like,that,[Music],i i didnt of course go all through,severing i have because,i send emails to their placement in,sweden and they know answer,i send many letters,to the greece and they know answers and,tens of emails too many many,of their emails they provide i have been,provided by the customer service and no,one answered the emails,so for anyone here that video,please dont use them at any cost,they are crooks they are scammers and,they will take your money,and if they offend you after two one,year or over year,they will cut up your money avoid them,on any cost forgive my bad english but,avoid them of,any cost they come with many name as i,told you italy,go to gate my trip super,super safe many many many they use many,names,and hopefully the government,try to stop them like to do the afro,thank you very much indeed thank you for,listening bye

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