1. 2022 Toyota GR86 Review – EXTREME FUN MACHINE
  2. The New 2022 Toyota GR86 Is Better (And Faster!) Than Before
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2022 Toyota GR86 Review – EXTREME FUN MACHINE

[Music],[Applause],im hearing im jacob and we are going,for a drive,[Music],2022 toyota gr86 without launch control,manual transmission,keep going keep going were on a,racetrack today,horsepower and dark 228 horsepower 184,pound-feet of torque from a 2.4 liter,four-cylinder boxer engine and this,isnt meant to be lightning fast its,meant to be a fun track driving car one,of the last manual transmission rear,wheel drive simple cars and because of,that its the best yeah this is a very,special car i think we should honor this,moment yuri give me some shifts because,we got a manual transmission and these,theyre just becoming so rare these days,heel toe downshift oh the heel toe is,amazing on this as well and were at,toronto motorsport park cayuga and,youll see the curbs are all continental,curbs now we got continental corner all,over the place yeah and they did just,cut the grass so if you guys notice the,cones all inside the track thats whats,happening and its also a very wet day,so you will see some drifts out of both,yuri and i today still skinny skids yeah,and toyota said if you guys give this,video a thumbs up i can do some donuts,so preemptively im gonna hit him with a,few uh for the record toyota didnt say,that but yuri im gonna allow it,you guys gotta drop a like now at least,at least a like maybe even a subscribe,that earned it come on thats at least,20 000 thumbs up there yeah exactly wait,we need 20 000 more 20 000 more,you do those donuts ill film from the,outside for instagram okay sounds good,you guys got,okay so this is now a gr86 it previously,was not so gr is gazoo racing which is,toyotas like fun division now so thats,the gr supra the gr86 and potentially,the upcoming gr corolla which is gonna,be like the yaris yeah like all-wheel,drive little monster rally car thing,which is everything but confirmed its,coming and even before that it was an,frs by scion which doesnt exist anymore,exactly so this thing has been around,for 10 years and this is the biggest,refresh that its had well its not a,refresh its all new and the main thing,they fixed i guess is the torque curve,that everyone complained about,yeah so we do have a 2.4 liter engine,now we previously had a 2-liter engine,and it does make a big difference you,can actually see the lack of the torque,dip on the gauge which well get to,later yeah it feels super linear like no,issues at all yeah its really nice,naturally aspirated this is such a nice,powertrain okay before we get into all,the cool driving stuff which is the best,part i want to talk about the looks,because the looks is the first thing you,see when the car shows up and since,weve been driving this car this is a,prototype so we need to preface that,this is before a pre-production car so,this is a very early model so just in,case you see some stuff in this video,that doesnt match up with later models,because like the gauges the infotainment,stuff like that okay now that thats out,of the way ive been getting so much,attention weve been getting so much,attention driving this thing on the road,its crazy everyone stares at this thing,okay the new front end remember when,they teased it i did that little mock-up,i think it looks pretty good like its,such a nice front end its a big open,square yeah very similar to the 400c,from nissan thats coming out soon and,this thing looks amazing kind of like a,baby f-type as well yeah and then our,headlights are also pretty awesome,theyre just like nice little drls they,look simple but the dlls dont wrap all,around the side yeah so when the,headlights are off it looks like its,all one thing but when theyre on its,just like one little part which im okay,with,so back to those looks and then with our,hood we still have a little bit of,fender arches which is pretty cool i,remember we had that in that first 86,that we reviewed from our buddy chris,yeah its nice to actually be able to,place your wheels everywhere because brz,kind of same thing yeah brz brz chris 86,and we were drifting a lot more by the,way when it was like super wet now that,its kind of damp it really is a lot,more difficult to skid like you could,still probably put down a pretty quick,lap time in this so moving around to the,side i do like these wheels i dont,really like that theyre black but it,does work for this model yeah i mean,its a nice launch color it really,balances off the grille which is black,as well it makes it look really,aggressive with these wheels and then,what would be the continental,recommended tire for the gr86 the,extreme contact sport and then from the,side you can also see our side skirts,really stick out it has a lot of nice,form to it yeah and then we also have,fender vents which are real i can,happily report that they are real and,they look great and then our fender,flares and like our hips and everything,it is nice and like formy its not like,a square boxy car right right and i feel,like they brought everything kind of up,so that it makes it look like its kind,of hunched down i like the look now yeah,it definitely looks solid and im very,excited to see all the body kits and,stuff because all the old brzs and 86s,right now on the streets are all modded,and they all look awesome i love the,wide bodies that everyones doing with,them yeah liberty walk you guys get on,your pencils and pens start working on,some stuff 3d designing everything get,ever get it get all the 3d body kits,ready and then moving on to the back end,the first thing youre going to notice,is that duck bill spoiler yeah so we,have the premium trim and thats when,you get the duck bill standard then,weve got really cool tail lights that,kind of like swoop in around almost like,nsx style and then we have real exhaust,they look amazing we should probably,listen to it from the outside,and now lets take a listen to it from,the inside,[Laughter],not the biggest fan it does sound like,its pumped in but apparently its,actually like a real pumpkin thing where,its like its taking the intake volume,and just pumping it in through here,without the speakers oh it is kind of,loud but well give that a pass yeah and,then our trunk is a truck its not a,hatchback the opening is kind of small,but the back seats do fall down so i,guess you could probably fit a bunch of,tires and stuff in the back yeah it,might be a little bit hard to squeeze,them in there but it looks like it they,would fit and then to end off the looks,whats the color of this car uh its,called track bread with a capital r yeah,thats right bread youre on a racetrack,i get the joke no its great its,actually a really good color,its very fun to slide on the track but,it doesnt have as much power as that,rcf did so its like youre really gonna,put a lot my god this guy mentions the,rcm you need to put a lot more momentum,oh my god two door toyotas whatever bro,v8 four-cylinder still two doors triple,the price okay so the looks of this,compared to the last one the frs and the,last brz do you think is a solid,improvement oh my god like amazing,improvement i didnt expect so much,improvement the looks of this compared,to the 400z i dont know i think theyre,tied i think they both look really good,theyre good this is good for being,slower than the 400 z will be but then,itll be modded to a faster speed yeah,so before you drive im just gonna hit,up click slide corner and then,continental corner and okay hows this,slide,i i do want more power and im very,excited for people to start modding,these too but it is an appropriate,amount for someone thats like you know,buying a first or second car kind of,thing and thats like a rear-wheel drive,experience and then passing through a,continental corner,stop at the toronto motorsport park sign,now time for you to launch it all right,here we go its dried up a bit launch,control okay no launch control,oh thats a good one,ah this is great dude like the shift,lights on this this transmission,what a joy to drive this car and the,gauge cluster and everything so you are,in tr

The New 2022 Toyota GR86 Is Better (And Faster!) Than Before

this is the new 2022 toyota,gr86 and its the new version of,toyotas little sports car you may know,it as the scion fr-s or the toyota 86,but now theres a completely new model,and its called the gr86 and today im,going to review it,[Music],before i get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my enthusiast,car auction website for cool cars from,the modern era now with free listings,you can list your car for free and,auction it on cars and bids and weve,had some great sales recently including,this porsche 928 which brought over,thirty thousand dollars with low mileage,this ferrari california brought more,than a hundred and twenty three thousand,dollars and this fantastic e60 bmw m5,sold for almost twenty six thousand,dollars with a six-speed manual,transmission if youre looking to buy or,sell a cool enthusiast car from the,modern era the 1980s and up cars and,bids is the place to do it with great,selection and daily auctions at,carsandbids.com,so lets talk gr86,just like before this car is also,offered as a subaru which is still,called the brz i reviewed the new brz a,few months ago if youd prefer this as a,toyota here it is and you get a lot of,the same stuff including rear-wheel,drive and a 2.4 liter four-cylinder that,makes about 230 horsepower which is,about 25 more horses than the old model,and theres more new stuff than just,that of course the gr86 has a revised,look compared to the old toyota 86 and,an updated interior too with some better,technology than before and just like,before basically everything is shared,with the subaru brz including pricing,this starts at just under twenty nine,thousand dollars which is within two,hundred dollars of the subaru brzs base,price and today im going to review the,gr86,first ill take you on a tour of it and,show you all of its interesting quirks,and features then ill get it out on the,road and drive it and then ill give it,a dug score,all right im going to start the quirks,and features the new gr86,on the outside where the exterior,styling has been heavily updated,compared to the outgoing model and,frankly i think its a big improvement,at first glance it looks fairly similar,to the old version but really when,youre standing here next to it it has a,different look and a better one to me it,looks more muscular more robust more,like a true sports car the outgoing one,was okay but it had kind of an economy,car turned sports car look to it to me,this one really does have more of like a,brawny athletic sports car like,appearance and i think the changes they,made to the exterior styling even though,theyre subtle go a pretty long way to,improving the look of this car but,anyway since were on the outside lets,go through some notable items out here,one lets talk trim levels now the gr86,is offered in two trims theres a base,model and then the premium version the,base model starts around twenty nine,thousand dollars just a little bit under,the premium version is a little over,thirty one thousand dollars now this is,a premium model and there are a few ways,to tell on the outside one is the wheels,the wheels look fairly similar on both,versions but theyre larger on the,premium 18-inch wheels here versus 17s,on the base model and in this vicinity,the premium also gets better tires,michelin pilot sport tires on this car,for better grip and thus better,performance so wheels and tires,different on the premium and next up,another difference between the base gr86,and the premium on the outside is the,rear wing its bigger on the premium and,you can see how they make it bigger they,just tackle on a larger wing to the,already existing smaller wing you can,see it looks like its just stuck on,here and rises up a little bit higher,compared to the regular rear wing and,thats how they create the bigger,upgraded wing in the limited just a wing,stuck on another wing and next up,another notable item around back is the,badging on this car you can see it says,gr86 back here i guess technically this,is still the toyota 86 but toyota is,badging all of its performance cars as,gr theres this the gr supra the gr,yaris etc toyotas really trying to make,it gr into its performance trim at least,for its cars of course that stands for,gazoo racing which is like a racing,division within toyota and now its,trickling down to all of toyotas,performance car models with gr naming,and gr badging and thats also clear on,the inside you climb inside you have a,gr badge at the base of the steering,wheel as you can see,gr also its printed on the starter,button not just a regular start button,but a gr button but my very favorite,appearance of gr in this interior is in,the gauge cluster when you start the car,you get this cool gr startup graphic you,can see it like spins and then it,becomes 86 which is also this cars name,and i actually think that is a pretty,cool looking startup graphic that is,unique to this car kind of a neat touch,and next up i want to go back to the,fact that this is the premium model,which on the interior means you get a,few cool upgrades one is heated seats,you can see the buttons here two stage,heated seats for driver and passenger,seat which is pretty nice and you also,get leather and alcantara trimmed seats,pretty nice looking and nice feeling,alcantara and leather sportsies that,look pretty good very premium just like,the name of this car now the premium,trim also gives you some more alcantara,in the interior like on the door panel,here you can see looks pretty nice and,on the top of the gauge cluster,strangely enough an alcantara surface,here not exactly sure why since you,never touch it and this doesnt really,matter but thats where theyve decided,to add alcantara for the premium models,and next up in the interior i want to,discuss the center screen this is an,eight inch touchscreen which is larger,than the screen in the outgoing model,which is nice of course and it comes,standard with apple carplay and android,auto all gr86 models not just the,premium come standard with carplay and,android auto which is a pretty good,touch for a modern vehicle now with that,said aside from carplay and android auto,you dont really get much in this screen,it is very basic easy to use intuitive,responsive to your touch but theres not,much in here you dont even get a,built-in navigation youll have to use,carplay or android auto for that so its,a pretty simple screen but larger than,before full color easy to use now,speaking of screens you also have a,screen in the gauge cluster which is,different from the old 86 and just like,the center screen this one is pretty,straightforward you can see not much to,it on the left you have like your trip,information in the center you have your,tachometer and your speed and over on,the right some obvious stuff like your,fuel gauge the time the temperature that,sort of thing pretty standard gauge,cluster although with that said one cool,thing about this gauge cluster if you,press this button in the center console,this will turn off your traction control,and put the car in like a track mode and,when you do that you can see the gauge,cluster switches to display the,tachometer theres like these rising,bars which looks way cooler and way more,performancy than just the standard,tachometer display you also get a lap,timer here over on the left side which,replaces your trip info so when you go,into track mode you get a cooler display,and a lap timer my only disappointment,here is the only way you can get to this,display is if you put the car in track,mode which also turns off your traction,control it would be cool to be able to,just switch to this display while youre,cruising around without having to turn,off your traction control now aside from,the screens in this interior its pretty,similar in here to the outgoing model if,youve spent time in an older brz frs or,toyota 86 youll feel very comfortable,and right at home in this car a lot of,stuff is either very similar or just,straight carried over some examples of,

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First Drive: Toyota GR86 vs Manual Supra – Which Analogue Sports Car Is Best? | Top Gear

guess who now makes two,front engined rear-wheel drive sports,cars with good old-fashioned manual,gearboxes yep its toyota the people who,make loads of dishwashers with wheels,and the prius are now some of the last,defenders of the classic analog sports,car weve got the new gr supra with a,manual gearbox,and the gr86 a proper back to basic,sports car,so now lets have a little civil war and,find out which is best its time for the,real toyota sports car to please stand,up,okay were straight into the supra here,because weve not got a lot of time and,thought wed start with this car because,its a bit familiar to us isnt it and,well ive been a bit disappointed by the,supra so far i dont know about you but,i have been thoroughly unconvinced by,this latest generation of the supposedly,legendary name and not because its a,bmw underneath i dont really mind that,frankly it wouldnt exist without bmws,help and well if toyota had to design,the interior they wouldnt have done it,as nicely as this,no i just had a problem with how the car,drove frankly its supposed to be a,sports car but the supra felt heavy and,lazy and well just a bit soft and,unengaging forgettable really thats a,crime so what have they done,well first of all,theyve put a manual gearbox gone is,that eight speed automatic you can still,get it of course but now weve got a,six-speed manual which im sure makes,the car worse in lots of ways i mean,its gonna do fewer miles to the gallon,its gonna cruise less quietly its,gonna be more of a pain in traffic but,so what,at least you can now,well you can be in control with your,hand of what that three liter turbo,charged,straight six is up to,some really nerdy stuff has gone on with,the supra its got lighter alloy wheels,even the hi-fi has been made lighter so,the revised model with the manual,gearbox is 38.3 kilos lighter than it,was when it was launched okay its still,one and a half tons so youre not,calling it a lightweight sports car but,it all helps go in the right direction,and when the gr86 arrives breathing down,this things neck with its purest,approach to sports car motoring,the supra needs all the help it can get,the suspensions been fiddled with the,electric power steering tweaked to make,it keener to change direction and even,the driver aids have got a bit more of a,sense of humor,im enjoying this shift as well maybe,its not quite as world-class as the,gear shift you get in a porsche cayman,or honda civic type r thats about as,good as manuals get but its a nice one,and theyve actually done some really,nerdy stuff too,theres three different weights of gear,lever that toyota tried for this car,they started off with i think it was 68,grams then they went to 130 and they,went for a 200 gram gear lever because,that gave a higher quality shift that is,gordon murray levels of geekery when it,comes to ensuring you have a nice,feeling shift and im here for that,so this is only a very quick first,impression of course well spend more,time in this manual supra in the months,and years to come but,yeah ive driven a few supras never,been convinced but ive enjoyed this one,more than any super driven so far the,standard three liter car just didnt get,on with tried the two liter and yes it,takes some weight out the nose but,its hardly night and day better but,some tweaks some just choice changes and,crucially letting me diy,my own gears with a stick shift a,supras go this,is an enjoyable one,the supra has been improved then but,well have to wait until were not on a,baking hot spanish race track to be,completely sure,now what about its little brother,much as i love my job there are some,cars that you find yourself,really looking forward to,and this is definitely one of them the,successor to the toyota gt 86 the back,to basics rear wheel drive sports car,this is the new toyota gr86,right welcome inside now all gr86s that,are coming to the uk pretty well kitted,out theres led lights all around,theres a reversing camera at the back,and then what weve got in here look,theres keyless starts cruise control,heated seats,you can plug your phone in down here and,that gives you android auto or apple,carplay in the screen which is great,because it means you dont have to use,toyotas interface and the rest of it,well got,buttons and switches for my dual zone,climate control i like that all sorts of,readouts in the new digital display,which looks cooler than it did in the,old gt86,the only thing that hasnt really taken,a step on is yeah its this isnt it,its the materials doesnt feel like an,expensive car crucially it isnt an,expensive car its not supposed to be an,audi tt inside thats why i dont mind,that all these buttons down here look,like theyre made of lego because this,costs under 30 grand when it went on,sale at 29.995 for the one kitted out,spec in the uk toyota sold out all of,its gr86s for brits for two years in an,hour and a half just proves that there,is so much demand for back to basic,sports cars out there youve just got to,price them where people can reach them,in the back toyota says theres room for,four spare tyres if you flip the seats,down so thats handy if you go into a,track day but if you have the seats up,then theres really not any room for,even children,still if youre trying to talk yourself,into one the gr86 is practical enough,for a sports coupe but what really,matters is how it goes stops and steers,now thats the sound of a boxer engine a,flat four,[Music],its the successor of course to the gt86,a previous top gear car of the year a,car we liked for bringing rear-wheel,drive kind of back to the masses but it,wasnt perfect and one of its chief,flaws,being a co-developed car with subaru,was that its flat 4 subaru engine very,low center of gravity purist normally,aspirated all very honorable but,just didnt have much torque,made it feel like you were thrashing the,car the whole time so for this second,generation car if you like the gr86,well theyve kept that purest philosophy,theyve not put in the gr yariss,turbocharged engine but theyve brought,this engine out 2.4 liters now so there,you go look left it in third and it,picked up were now up to about 184,pounds feet of torque its not going to,punt you up the road like some sort of,turbo hybrid electric nutter,but it can now slightly get out of its,own way and look if you put the power on,in the middle of a corner,you can keep the tail up properly even,in the dry when your tires are hot,basically its fun without going insane,speeds the gr86 is a second quicker from,north to 60 than the old gt86 and it,will do 140 miles an hour but theres no,car you can imagine thats less about,the numbers,so this new gr86 will do north to 60 and,seconds you can have an automatic which,is slightly slower but with all that,power going to the rear wheels if you,are medically able please please go for,the manual its a cracker,really nice doesnt feel as notchy as i,remember the old gt 86 feeling,but there is,obviously some familiarity here in,similar kind of suspension settings the,body is obviously very similar,dimensions as well although wherever,its just slightly lower and apparently,you sit a bit lower as well but yeah the,driving experience feels,like the gt did but every little bit has,been made a little bit better,if youre sick of the hypercar power,wars and classic cars with values rising,faster than fuel prices this is the,machine youve been waiting for its,just a pity its sold out so fast and,its only going to be on sale for a,couple of years in the uk if youre,thinking,also sounds a bit meaty than it did,before theres some interesting stuff,going on there that you might not like,you see in the gt86 there was a pipe,coming off the engine that was just,designed to sort of burp engine noise,into your face,problem is that did make the car quite,unrefined on the motorway so what,theyve done this time is theyve piped,the engine noise through the speakers,now that means you can have more engine,noise when youre holding,int

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2022 Toyota GR86 Review // Surprise DRAG RACE + LAP TIME

i honestly didnt think id be back here,with you guys,i mean ive got the new one right its,supposed to have more power,but you know,the other day i pulled up beside,the 370z and he gave me the wave and i,gave him the nod,and,beep,beep,beep,ive never even seen the front of a 370z,i mean of course,until he came back around and,gave me this,i dont even like dollar margaritas,thanks for sharing i see some new faces,today,would you like to share your story,um,oh,um,hi everyone im im james hi james um,im 29,and,i own oda miata,so brave,youre watching throttle house im,thomas,and im james and this,[Applause],is the new toyota gr86,gr,for gazoo racing toyotas fancy way of,saying that this thing means business,at under thirty thousand dollars u.s new,it keeps its bittersweet title as one of,the only affordable lightweight,rear-wheel drive sports cars you can buy,like its mechanical twin the subaru brz,it keeps the same formula as before but,this time it gets among other things a,new look and more displacement with a,2.4 liter flat 4 boxer engine,and no there is not a turbo in sight,its oh natural just the way we like it,lets go,if,we do car reviews,track tests and quite a lot of messing,around,so subscribe and hit the bell,[Applause],oh this is long awaited long awaited,youre looking at one of the original,brz owners here,the twins the 86mbrz,im always credited with just being the,pure essence of car enthusiasm,[Music],the beauty the balance of a lightweight,rear wheel drive car is second to none,and now thanks to the upgrades the,increased bore size the changes to the,exhaust systems the optimization of the,fuel injection,we have more power,its gone from 205 horsepower to 228 and,then a bigger jump is 156 pound-feet of,torque,has jumped to 184,so it pushes harder it pulls harder and,it only weighs a tiny bit more,does it feel quick around the track,i mean like the miata this has always,been a momentum car but yes you can feel,the extra push,and it revs out nicely the sound in 86,has never been something to write home,about its always been a bit of,a and in this one it still goes,but maybe just a bit more aggressively,its more like,but you know what i cant complain about,that because i was actually quite,worried the last 86 i was in was the trd,and they had the trd exhaust on that and,it was super boomy on the highway,thankfully despite the extra power and,displacement here this doesnt boom,and by boom i mean the vibration in your,ears while youre driving which gets,very uncomfortable so,thumbs up,that,coupled with more torque being available,down low,actually makes this easier to live with,every day,the shifter feels,incredibly similar i would argue its,the same,clutch is the same,theres a lot thats very similar to the,last one but with more power although i,will say,there does seem to be one thing,missing,let me explain in the previous 86s they,suffered from torque dip in the middle,of the rev range so youd put your foot,down and then thered be push as you,built the revs and then it would level,out weirdly and then thered be more,push again you actually had to drive,around it and weirdly in the later years,they included a graphic in the gauge,cluster that showed that actual dip in,the graph they showed you where they had,to make compromises not a deal breaker,but in the latest model thanks to all,the changes,86 is no longer come with that pesky,torque tip,so thomas might be disappointed,but its actually a very good thing,so with not much more weight and quite a,bit more everything else,what happens when you put the new one,against the last generation in a quarter,mile race,here we go here we go here we go,okay off the line similarly,torques already kicking and hes,falling behind,as this makes a slightly better sound,more power,no tip,[Music],and im across the finish line,so,new one quite a bit quicker than the old,one oh hes motioning to line up again,why is that,he hasnt hes only gone and done it,this is mean of thomas because what hes,done is brought out a miata mx5 master,mx5,and if hes smart thats the nd2 which,means it has the horsepower upgrade so,it still,doesnt match this for horsepower but it,is a lot lighter,its arguably the best car in the world,depending on who you ask but its really,mean though because,i lose either way if i win in this the,miata loses and im hurt,and if i lose in this i lose,it might be the meanest thing thomas has,ever done i i want to go back to when he,used to kick puppies,all right lets see what we can do,the main rival of this car the nd2,[Music],good grip oh hes taking off the line,faster because hes lighter,but i think ive got him in the top end,always close oh its close,oh i think ive just taken him i just,took it,oh that felt like i killed a brother,that felt like fratricide,oh,oh,so there you go they are neck and neck,and everything was perfect the launch,the shifting air cons off im sweating,like a goose the goose sweat the geese,sweat,okay i googled it they dont sweat,fascinating,more interesting though is that the new,gr86 can finally take on the nd2 miata,rf in straight line speed,and yes a soft top miata with the weight,savings might have fared a little better,but then thomas might have won,and we wouldnt want that,on the track,this is the most important part of this,car this is the part of this car that,they absolutely cannot could not,should not screw up,because the best part about the 86 and,the brz and this whole chassis has,always been the way that it goes around,a corner the center of gravity is low,its stiff the steering is communicative,it turns in and is predictable in the,way that it breaks away,and im happy to report,that for the most part,its exactly the same we actually have,obviously that other eight six here,today i back to backed it on the track,they feel pretty much the same,that one was on premises though this one,is on michelin pilot sport fours,which means that it has more grip and,more grip in an 86 is not necessarily,what you want so i want to be able to do,stuff like,[Applause],[Music],no i this can because theres more power,yes we have been living with this in,fact our camera guy karsten has been,driving it around a lot,and hes an owner of the original scion,frs,and he can report back happily that it,is more comfortable to live with the,damping is better on the road it looks,better on the track too the original one,would bounce a lot they did upgrade it,later with better sac stampers but i,think this is just one stage above,but so minor so minor they kept almost,the exact same formula,its wonderful,if i was going to gripe about something,it would be the fact that the steering,isnt as good as the original scion frs,or subaru brz,the the first couple years of that car,in my opinion i thought had the most,communicative front end,this is a little bit more numb just a,little bit more numb,but still very good for electric power,steering,and theres a reason that we love this,formula james and i harp on about it,rear wheel drive manual transmission,naturally aspirated limited slip,differential,its because,its fun,[Music],if i were to nitpick which i do and im,about to,without the premises i find that the,breakaway characteristics are not quite,what i remember them to be,like this is,there you go that was perfectly fine but,i just did one before that that was i,ended up in a four wheel slide almost,off the track,dont really know why or whats going on,there it feels pretty consistent most of,the time but its worth noting that,theres something a little bit a little,bit different a little bit off and i,cant put my finger on it,by the way this is a throttle house,track test which doesnt usually have a,funny skin at the beginning we just,couldnt resist but that does mean that,were gonna do a lap time,okay time for the hot laps as usual our,rules are one warm-up lap three hot laps,and one cool-down lap,now the 8-6 you are looking at the,fastest lap of the three and as much as,we always say these are mo

The LAST Affordable RWD Manual Gas Cars! 2022 Toyota GR 86 vs Mazda Miata MX5

[Music],[Music],[Music],im yuri im jacob and were going for a,manual rear-wheel drive,[Music],2022 mazda miata mx5 and the toyota gr86,and were going to see which one is the,better manual rear wheel drive car to,buy these are both very affordable very,desirable cars that will be guaranteed,future classics so with this new,generation of brz and 86 its time to,compare to old faithful nd2 miata so,lets start off with the horsepower and,torque the miata has 181 horsepower and,151 pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter,4-cylinder and this 86 has 228,horsepower 184 pound-feet of torque from,a 2.4 liters 4-cylinder boxer engine,downshift and sent,send it,[Music],destroyed you,they are very similar in speed but the,brz wait the 86 edges this out just by a,little bit every time,yeah just by a little bit the zero to,60s are also very close the miata is,actually slightly faster on paper but,this is actually slightly faster in the,real world and unlike the brz and 86,twins this is a convertible so i can,bring the top up and down with this,little switch right here it only takes a,second but right now im traveling,pretty fast i dont want to get caught,by the wind and the miata is also,available as a retractable fastback aka,a hardtop convertible and you can also,get this miata with a sport package,which gives you brembos different wheels,different recaro racing seats but this,is not that one and this is not the full,gt trim and this is the most expensive,manual 86 that you can buy and thats,still less expensive than this miata,shocking so lets get to some,similarities and differences we both,have limited slip differentials were,both rear wheel drive we both have six,speed manuals the miata has two seats,where the 86 has four but the back isnt,really usable we both have a 7 500 rpm,redline we both have awful cup holders,yes we do like really bad i think the,miata has worse though with those ones,you take out and well no actually maybe,better because you can put it out front,but when theyre both in the in the,elbow compartment then theyre awful i,definitely think the miata has better,cup holders like the the position of,these is just horrid but this car review,isnt about cup holders lets send it,through cliche corner so in the miata,one button to turn traction off id like,to see you keep up with me through the,twisties and cliche also one button in,the 86 and no problem yuri i will be on,your bumper you dont have to be stopped,isnt it a toyota,no you dont and you also have a track,traction mode as well,all right into second through cliche,lots of body roll in the miata a little,bit of understeer first,but then i cant get it to rotate,oh dude that thing is flying all over,the place it looks like body roll,central this is so composed yeah but it,feels cool and thats the whole thing,about a miata it feels like youre going,faster than you actually are which is,good yeah it actually feels like youre,going faster than you are with this,except im actually going faster than,you in this,[Music],so since this is not an episode of car,review court were gonna switch up the,drivers and go back through cliche and,downshifting in the miata to verify my,thoughts and this is body roll central,but it is still really fun but it is all,over the place,yeah this thing is so much flatter this,feels like a modern sports car compared,to that mx5 feeling like an old,experienced car,yeah this thing is literally just body,roll i cant believe how much it wallows,around the front moves down the nose,picks up,like everythings all over the place in,this but it holds on like you can still,go faster and its almost a little more,exciting because it feels like youre,more on the edge where this just feels,so planted in the 86,yeah this feels like more of a sports,car cruiser closer to a gt car where,that thing feels like more of a sports,car,yeah like something you want to take to,the track and you want to take drifting,and stuff like that i think i want to,get myself back in that car now yeah i,kind of like the convertible so lets,switch them back up so lets do some,launch controls before we find some more,twisty roads that we drove the last,miatas in,[Music],i mean thats pretty,good you said launch control but neither,of these had launch controls so uh,manual pedal launch,[Music],yeah this 86 rips,that was pretty solid i want to do,something a little different lets go,back to those roads where we drove the,first 2019 miata like four years ago,yeah when the new nd2 launched and we,actually got to test out the new engine,for the first time and compare it to the,previous gen and really absolutely,nothing has changed in this miata since,that day and we still got it in red and,it still looks great,so now lets test out the 86 of those,roads,the first major difference on the back,roads between these two is the,suspension we mentioned that the miata,wallows around its got really soft,suspension the 86 definitely has stiffer,suspension but by no means is it,uncomfortable and when were both,flooring it does one really sound that,much better than the other i feel like,the 86 has some pumped in audio to it,but the miata is just like raw normal,four-cylinder engine i feel like i can,get better launches and if i want to i,can get way more tire smoke out of the,86. oh 100 but lets listen to them both,from the outside,and we normally dont talk about weight,but these are lightweight sports cars so,i actually looked up the weight of both,of these the miata is 23 50 pounds and,the 86 is 28 11 pounds giving it a,slightly better power to weight ratio so,the power to weight is nice and all but,this is a car about the feel,and i think the feel of this shifter is,nicer than the feel in the 86 its so,clunky and mechanical but like,perfect nothing weird about it at all,the six-speed manual in the 86 is i,would say very close to perfection very,notchy it feels very precise i think,its maybe a touch better than the one,in the miata but not by much they both,feel really really good,okay top down through this new corner,much nicer experience than in that 86 it,sucks that theres no convertible,version of that in the past or still the,experience in this hardtop coupe,is perfect i dont really love,convertibles i dont really mind them,either but i just love that theres a,hard top it looks so much better than,the miata because of the hard top,no no a miata looks perfect as a,convertible and look how fast i can,bring the top up,and bring the top back down,yeah impressive that is the most,impressive part of this whole car,and to prove that the miata has a nicer,driving experience we had a question for,the person who helped us film today all,right terry our editor and driver for,today if you could take one home for the,week which one would it be it would be,the,toyota brz all right,and he answered it correctly because he,chose this one well he actually chose,the brz which isnt this car but theyre,kind of the same thing anyways okay my,theory behind his answer is he doesnt,have enough seat time in a convertible,if he knew what convertible life was all,about he picked his hands down because,if you had to pick one of these for a,week just to putt around in i mean im,going miata i mean if youre talking for,a one week rental type situation 100 im,going miata but to own 100 im going,this so were in the next section of,this tight little windy road and lets,see which one feels slightly more nimble,and i actually think its definitely the,86 still,im sure that feels better but i think,this is a little more interesting,through here,just because it is a little more body,rolly i feel like that 86 can conquer,this road with no problem the miata is,more of an experienced car this is more,of the performance car like youre,definitely getting more for your money,here especially because it costs less,okay but how about looks wise starting,with the paint in this particular blue,the miata wins for sure that 86 paint is,pretty nice but i think the 86,definitel

2022 Toyota GR 86 Review – The Perfect Affordable Sports Car!

hello everyone and welcome we are,sitting in the all new toyota,gr86 so of course a collaboration uh,with subaru so subarus equivalent,offering being the subaru brz so this is,the new for the 2022 model year instead,of the naturally aspirated 2.0 liter we,now have a naturally aspirated 2.4 liter,and a lot of people may have wanted that,to be a turbo im very happy with the,decision they made and the changes,theyve made to this engine i think its,fantastic so were going to get into all,of that,[Music],so a 2.4 liter boxer 4-cylinder and the,way that this engine is larger is that,theyve increased the size of the bore,so the pistons are now wider they have,the same stroke so they move up and down,the same distance uh allowing for more,air in that engine which of course means,more torque so we are now up to 228,horsepower at 7000 rpm same peak rpm as,previously with the horsepower and then,for torque 184 pound-feet of torque at,3700 rpm and this is quite a bit sooner,however thats not really the full story,so youll probably often hear with this,vehicle that the torque the peak torque,is now way way sooner but if you look at,the old torque curve the way it happens,is it comes up it reaches a peak and,then comes down and then it gradually,increases as you go across into those,higher rpms up to 60 600 6400 where you,have your peak torque however its just,slightly higher than that earlier peak,so its not like youre getting um a ton,of torque sooner but the big benefit,really isnt that different in rpm,number which again i think will probably,be overstated the big thing is that its,all been bumped up so similar curve you,still still do have a little bit of a,torque dip like you did previously not,quite as severe,but fortunately all of its been bumped,up so you have significantly more torque,which is fantastic and this is once,again using toyotas d4s injection so it,has both direct injection for maximum,power and then it has port injection for,your low and mid-range power uh getting,better efficiency in those zones so i,like that they do that because i think,there are some disadvantages of going,just direct injection and so this one,here using both and kind of getting the,best of both worlds now as far as the,transmission its pretty much carryover,youve got the exact same gear ratios in,the manual exact same gear ratios in the,automatic strengthens a little bit in,order to compensate for the added torque,um however there is one difference in,the final drive ratio so now were going,back to the original final drive ratios,of the scion fr-s when that came out so,4.1,for the manual and 3.9 for the automatic,versus the new manuals the 2020 manuals,those are coming with the 4.3 so youre,losing a little bit of torque,in each gear because of that taller,final drive however you have more than,enough torque with the engine to make up,for that difference so about 12 and a,half percent more torque overall in,every single gear which is fantastic and,definitely noticeable,now manual versus automatic honestly the,decision is pretty simple and thats,because the manual is just pretty much,better in every way its lighter and,its quicker and it has more aggressive,gearing so 0 to 60 of the previous gen,manual about 7 seconds now 6.1 previous,gen automatic about 8 seconds now 6.6 so,the manual is still faster and thats,really because of the more aggressive,gearing in all the gears even though you,have that extra time for shifting,because the gears are more aggressive,you get to put down more wheel torque in,each gear meaning you get better,acceleration so gears one through six in,the manual transmission every single,gear is more aggressive than one through,six in the automatic transmission you,have a one-to-one ratio in fifth gear,and the automatic you have a one-to-one,ratio in fourth year in the manual so,out on the track it was a very clear,difference as far as which one i prefer,driving i drove the automatic first and,it kind of felt quickness wise like the,last gen manual and then i got in the,manual and i was like okay this is where,this thing comes alive so really for the,driving experience the manual is the way,to go because its lighter and its got,better gearing and thus it is quicker so,why not a turbo well when you look at,the weight of this car then you figure,out why they didnt go with the turbo so,its only about 20 to 30 pounds heavier,kind of depending on where you go ill,put up the weights on the screen so you,can see the differences but its not,that much added weight and its a,significant amount of added torque and,so as a result you get a car that weighs,very similar to previously except now it,has more torque it has that same lovely,characteristic of the naturally,aspirated engine very responsive you,dont have to worry about turbo lag you,dont have all the weight that would be,added if you were to add a turbocharged,system and all the intercoolers piping,coolant uh beefing up the hardware in,order to make that happen so i love the,decision they made there they kept the,weight down,they did a few things to help keep that,weight down uh the roof now being,aluminum the hood was previously,aluminum still aluminum and then the,front fenders are also aluminum they,also took weight out of the seats uh and,so you know a little bit of weight out,of the rear muffler so theyve taken,weight out in a few places to compensate,for this larger engine that has now gone,in it as far as the suspension similar,style to the previous generation so,weve got a mcpherson strut up front and,we have a multi-link suspension in the,rear now if you look at what subaru and,toyota say about the rear suspension and,they have the same similar suspension,geometry uh subaru calls it a double,wishbone toyota calls it a multi-link,rear suspension and i was kind of,confused and asked toyota about this and,they basically said its just kind of,how they define it um its the,difference uh theyre pretty much the,same of course theyve got different,tuning for each suspension and toyotas,using different springs,but same overall suspension geometry and,thats just what they call it they call,it multi-link and when i was looking at,it to me it looks like a multi-link,because you have that upper a arm like a,double wishbone and then the bottom arm,you have multiple linkages coming in so,i would reference it as being a,multi-link subaru calls it a double,wishbone so how about this interior well,we are sitting in the base version so,its a very simple interior thats it,does come with a nice screen,youve got nice automatic climate,control uh you know touch points things,like that theyve actually added uh for,the premium youve got padded where your,knees going to be here its kind of a,hard surface for my knee uh overall you,know youre not going to be impressed,with the bass levels interior from like,a quality material standpoint but keep,in mind theyve said with destination,this thing is going to come in under 30,000 so its got a really good price for,the performance uh so i im okay with,that i mean bare bones in here if you,want the nicer interior you go with the,premium here we just have these cloth,seats theyve actually got a little g in,them uh thats what toyota says this,little pattern here which is also on the,front grill little g in that and then,you can get alcantara with leather,inserts if you go with the premium,[Music],buddy,as far as visibility uh just like the,last generation visibility is fantastic,out the front large windows to your side,yeah youve got a little bit of a blind,spot thats kind of uh cumbersome right,there but overall out the back looks,good youve got plenty of visibility,rear view camera so visibility is great,in here and its actually spacious you,know im about six one ive got space in,here when i drive on the track my helmet,pretty much is right at the ceiling um,and kind of touching it as you know you,go around corners and things like that,um but i do fit in it versus like an,mx-5 i

2023 Toyota GR86 review: Sports coupe is angrier than ever – but is it better than the original 86?

[Applause],[Music],foreign,by now the Toyota 86 doesnt need any,introduction but this is the second,generation version and its added some,to the name plate thats right this is,the gr 86 and its angrier than ever,still rear-wheel drive still no turbo,engine still The Benchmark when it comes,to driving Dynamics for this sort of,money well in this review youll find,out Im going to tell you everything you,want to know and all the stuff you need,to know as well and remember if you want,to read it you can go to cars guide and,read my full written review there and if,youre watching on YouTube dont forget,to like And subscribe it helps us out a,lot now lets start off with driving,because well thats why youre here,right,[Music],foreign,that should tell you some of the story,about the drive experience it does sound,a lot louder and it does feel a lot,faster and it is faster theres now a,bigger engine that 2.4 liter,four-cylinder boxer engine does have a,lot more power and torque than the old,2-liter and you can really feel it when,you are accelerating its just a lot,more effortless in the way that it,manages to get the power to the ground,also theres the choice of a six-speed,manual or six-speed automatic youll,make up your own mind about which one of,those you prefer,Im in the manual right now and just,like the last Model the shift action,isnt as good as it could be its just a,little bit notchy but at least the,clutch is easy to manage one thing that,Toyota has done with the 86 compared to,the BRZ is they say that theyve tuned,the engine to feel more responsive than,the other car and I cant really say Im,not driving them back to back so I cant,really say with any sort of confidence,whether thats the truth but it does,feel very peppy and very linear in the,way that it revs Toyota says that you,should be able to achieve almost all of,the torque from about three and a half,thousand RPM all the way up to six and a,half thousand RPM and it does feel,very grunty the in-gear acceleration is,one of the things that Toyota focused on,with this car and in the last generation,version there wasnt all that much in,gear acceleration to be had you did find,yourself rowing through the gears quite,a lot whereas in this version it just,feels like you are able to basically,leave it in gear and accelerate out of,whatever situation youre in,now lets talk about the other crucial,elements of the drive experience the,steering and the suspension the,suspension firstly is quite firm the,whole body has been stiffened up to be,well stiffer and you can feel that as a,result when you are on roads like Im on,today,and it is not necessarily the most,comfortable sports car out there it,certainly doesnt feel as cushy as the,last generation model but I guess that,goes with the intent of this car its,designed to be a bit more angry and well,Toyota says that the gr badge has to be,earned so it had to be a little bit more,aggressive to drive and if you are the,sort of person who will spend most of,their time around town maybe make sure,you test drive it over the road that you,might drive on all the time because it,might be just a little bit hard work if,you do have a really bumpy area where,you live but when it comes to the,steering well its very very good its,nice and accurate super direct and has,nice feel through the wheel as well I,guess my biggest criticism so far is,that its quite noisy in here theres a,lot of road noise to contend with these,are the 18 inch wheels with only 215,millimeter wide tires so theyre not,necessary early the biggest contact,patch on the road but still theyre,throwing a whole lot of noise in to the,cabin from this course chip surface,which is the sort of road that youll,see pretty much everywhere across,Australia Ive given you some,information about how the manual drives,and unfortunately I didnt get a chance,to drive the six-speed automatic on the,road but I can tell you that it is just,a little bit less engaging based on a,track drive that I did in that model now,speaking of Engagement lets take a look,under the Bonnet because theres a bit,to talk about,itll be easy to think of Toyota as a,brand that only really sells diesels and,hybrids but this Toyota has a different,engine to any other petrol Toyota that,there is and thats because this engine,actually comes from Subaru it even says,so on top of the engine cover its a 2.4,liter engine this time around so its,bigger than the last one and as you can,see on your screen the power outputs are,bigger than the last generation model as,well that means this one has at least 15,percent more power and torque than the,last one but no its still not,turbocharged and Im not the only one,here at the launch wishing it was,Toyota has never claimed that the 86 is,about outright speed but this new,generation model is faster than ever,before were talking 6.3 seconds not to,100 for the manual model and 6.8 for the,automatic I mean it makes sense more,power more torque bigger engine faster,car,[Applause],if youre the sort of person whos,buying a car like this you probably,dont care how often youre doing this,but there are a few things about the,fuel consumption of this new gr86 that,you need to know its thirstier across,the board and the fuel consumption,figures are on your screen now and they,show you that there is a variance,between the manual and the automatic and,also the trim level that you choose,essentially it is thirstier than before,and it also requires 98 Ron premium,unleaded petrol which could be a,consideration for you if youre,wondering what weve seen during our,Drive of this car on the launch drive,its on your screen now as you can see a,little bit higher than the claim but,actually not that bad considering were,ringing its neck,oh I can still remember that day like it,was yesterday there I was in that room,with all those journalists at that shed,next to that tracking Canberra,where Toyota announced that the first,generation 86 was gonna cost less than,thirty thousand dollars for the GT,manual base model,it was a bombshell none of us were,expecting it,and in fact,I was shocked now more than 10 years,later at another shed next to another,racetrack Ive also shocked at the price,of the new 86 the gr 86 that is and,thats because its so much more,expensive now than it ever was the base,model GT is 43 240 and thats before,on-road costs and if you want the GTS,like this one which gives you a few,extra items that youre probably going,to want its 45 390 an extra 2150 bucks,over the GT,so yeah its pretty expensive compared,to what it used to be you can read all,the details about what you get in the GT,and the GTS in my written detailed,review thats in the description below I,guess if theres one good piece of news,from this pricing story its that well,the manual and the automatic are now,priced exactly the same so that either,means youre getting an automatic for,free or youre getting over charged for,your manual and the manual model,actually misses out on a few crucial,safety items that the automatic gets so,if safety matters to you well youre,gonna have to read my review,if you decide that you want a manual gr,86 you arent getting a safer car as if,you bought the automatic version Its,that simple let me explain thats,because the manual versions still miss,out on all the now expected active,safety technology like Auto emergency,braking Lane keeping technology and even,adaptive cruise control what all gr86s,do get is a reversing camera seven,airbags and tire pressure monitoring,Ive got more detail in my written,review linked below but for 2023 and,Beyond those specs are well behind the,times,all right lets play a game lets see if,you can pick every difference between,this the gr86 and this the BRZ and for,every correct answer you get 10 points,so for the first person who gets the,right answer in the comments section,below youll win a prize so you ready,three two one go,its hard isnt it the changes between,the two models are seeming

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