3. How to Low Ball On Grailed
  4. HOW TO SELL STREETWEAR ON GRAILED (Posting Tips + Shipping)
  6. How I Got SCAMMED $500 On GRAILED???????? *Story Time*
  7. My First Purchase From Grailed


[Music],what is up guys Kevin from passport Oh,is your back with another video so Ive,been getting some comments and people,have been hitting up my Instagram DMS,wondering whether or not,hey yo Kevin is this listing among,grilled legit is this okay is this,alright so Im basically here to give,top 5 things thatll basically show you,whether or not youre getting scammed or,whether or not listing is I guess,legitimate basically like top 5 things,how to not get over on grill so,number one thing that I always do is I,always check how many items they sold,and what theyre seller rating is,because immediately what makes me,suspicious whenever I see like some,steel piece is first I check the ratings,and Ill check if they even have any,verified sales from grilled so if you,have a seller with zero reviews,and you know like not even any ratings,thats immediately to me its going to,be like a red flag because that means,you know this person just joined that,means this person doesnt really have,anything at stake if they do like kind,of scam because basically Im grilled,you can make as many account as you want,but I think they limit depending on,PayPal account because I think if your,PayPal account gets blacklisted by them,you cant register with the same PayPal,account but you can make another PayPal,account thats just how scammers go so,definitely check out their items sold,and you know stuff like that so lets,say a person as one item sold and only,one review check when that item was sold,whether or not it was like very recently,because a lot of things what scammers do,is that they sell the same item multiple,different times so youve got to,definitely check the recently I guess,reviewed transactions if they have any,and whether or not thats the same as,the item that youre purchasing right,now so second thing is going to be,tagged photos I cant explain to you how,important this is ask them either in the,message or comments for private or not,private for tagged photos or hopefully,see if they even have any tags photos or,photos of the product because a lot of,the time scammers youre not willing to,actually have the actual product in hand,it was just going to say it I have,it or Im going to grab it off the,screen cap of like a YouTube video or,something like that so definitely ask,them for that comment down below for,that and check it out so number three is,going to be check if there are any other,listings currently on grilled with the,same photo or you know the same pictures,so or not pictures so with the same,photo or same description so basically,there are two things that they could,possibly do they could either one steal,everything from a legitimate listing,from a person whos actually trying to,get the stuff sold on grill and they,might just take the photos take the,description and just put a cheaper price,tag on it on a new Grail account or,another thing is that something I did,touch on I think on number one is that,they are going to relist the same item,multiple different times so that they,can basically get them all sold cash out,and bump that PayPal count away,so definitely do your research so search,out that item on Grail kind of see,whether or not there are other listings,for it same picture same possible like,usually the scammers they go by like a,number system so they have like you know,scammer 1 2 3 or scammer 1 2 4 scammer 1,2 5 a lot of them have like incremental,ups and downs so definitely look out for,that so number 4 honestly just talk to,the seller just see like where hes,coming from see why its so cheap see,you know where you got it see you know,if you have any receipts or any proof of,purchase thats definitely one of the,things that I look forward to is uh you,need to either have a proof of purchase,especially for a lot of items that can,be faked such as Yeezys such as some,hype stuff like maybe even some acronym,Prestos especially with footwear,because on clothing yeah like supreme if,you are going to be getting a box logo,definitely,get a receipt from them or some type of,email confirmation have them forward,that email confirmation to you but,another quick thing you shouldnt give,out your email or your phone number or,grilled gets alerted because they have,basically a bot that switch through the,messages to see whether or not you gave,somebody your phone number or you told,them like hey lets do an off-site you,know transaction just try to like make,sure and be clear that you want the,email confirmation just for legitimacy,reasons not for doing the chat section,off-site so tip number five for not,getting scans or completely wrecked on,grilled is well just if its too good to,be true it probably is,because a lot of the time is grilled,prices if you have some seals but a lot,of the times its just like you have to,be careful because the prices are fair,on grill mainly because grill has a six,percent commission that they take and,they also take off the two point nine,percent from PayPal and they take off,thirty cent so that kind of keeps the,marketing sort of you know alright,basically because they take out about,ten percent about nine to ten percent so,thats why Im saying like you know the,prices are fair on grill there are some,skill that you can offer lower you know,thats where I get most of my field Id,offer you know maybe 30 bucks lower than,whatever theyre asking for 40 bucks,lower than whatever they asked you for,also if you fuckboy that I swear I have,so many people who offer me like,sixty percent of whatever I listed it as,which is the absolute lowest grilled,will let you offer because theyre,trying to stop lowball is like you and,it sucks even when you accept the sixty,percent because youre like you know Im, you know Im gonna get this guy,deal he doesnt respond and Im,just like ah so yeah like back on topic,if its too good to be true it probably,is so thank you guys so much for,watching this video once again this is,Kevin from fast forward always Im going,to be churning out some content now now,that Im like super focused you know I, I deleted most of my,team games Im so terrible person,so Im focus on this you know Im,railing out my genetics and o-chem,classes Im trying to provide you guys,with okay content you know pretty pretty,spicy and yeah Ill see you guys later,check out my grill below I have a bunch,of steals if you guys are a subscriber,just just PM me on grilled and I can,give you like a discount of whatever,item that youre interested in maybe,even for retail for some of the items so,just definitely let me know and yeah,Ill talk to you guys later peace,you


all right whats going on everyone Im,Tristan and today in this video man I,have a great I have a great story to,tell you all right I just want to see I,just want yall to see this box I have a,great story to tell you all I want to,tell you all how I almost got scammed um,grilled almost so close but I didnt,its all good Im getting my money back,Ive almost been scammed twice recently,and Im getting my money back in both,situations Id both opened PayPal claims,for both and Ive already provided,information so Im getting my money back,on both situations so were straight Im,at this one and get my money back so Im,not really concerned I just now have a,good story to tell about the situation,where I found some dumb scammers that,were very easy to get my money back from,after they tried to lie to me about what,they had and other things like that so I,hope you guys will enjoy this video if,yall want more content like this feel,free to go ahead and subscribe below and,also drop a like on this video if you,want more content like this dont forget,were gonna try and hit lets say lets,say were trying to have 103 likes so,drop a like and you know just just share,this shared this was people if you want,more people to see this you want more,content like this then definitely do,that and thats pretty much all gonna,say so oh one more thing follow both my,instagrams you know we wont follow,those go ahead Tricia Marwick you know,reselling I appreciate that and yeah,lets get into telling you guys how I,almost got scammed and Im getting my,money back all right so heres pretty,much what happened so this dude had been,listening up for here Ill put the,picture the listing up he had a pair of,shoes right here as you guys can see was,some Gucci one said he said he had in,reality he didnt actually have them and,Ill get into that but basically I said,he had a pair of these not offered lower,on them and I got them and I was,planning to trade them to my friends,they believe he actually had him in the,original box with all that stuff like he,said it said that in earlier messages,but Im not gonna be showing those,earlier messages Im gonna just kind of,show you guys the part where I actually,kind of catch him which is funny that,you know we ever just negotiated him,first about price I got a good price,firm and I was gonna sell them just,dont buy CP the see I can got him 4045,which is a very good deal and looked,authentic so I was pretty happy about,that but basically heres all Dawg get,started so they come in hand Im very,happy Im about to trade him for like a,pair of shadow ones the low ones and,about it like you know make some deals,get my money and you know it was gonna,be good day so bout to be a good day,basically I get the package in hand like,this open it,I get a pair I was I was immediately,sucks when I saw this they sent me they,actually sent me something which is,crazy send me some rippen dip and then,look trying to send me a pair of old,school vans that are super being trying,to send me this and they had been,telling me earlier in the tech co can,you please release the money on,playpound if you please release the,money on PayPal and I never do that if,youre a girl seller I will never,release the money for you until I see,that I dont hand I think its all good,if its if its not good to me that Im,not gonna release your money and Im,just gonna keep your stuff so shout out,them for I guess this free pair of vans,cuz Im getting my money back anyways,and basically how Im doing that is Im,basically just opened a PayPal claim,sent them pictures of what Ive received,what theyre listing was a sent a link,for the listing like Ill be straight I,know Im gonna win that case and there,was an old one too where someone said,they had a Gucci jacket I bought it,never saw a ton of money and like you,know that they didnt actually have it,so I that one too so like in April you,know beginning in April were gonna be,having a nice in boxing because were,getting back like a ton of money from,like old people trying to scam but you,know we were winning though so we,started ice-t looking at this you know,heres like the first text as you can,see I was like you sent me some random,shoes after you obviously I was mad I,was pissed off because like I wasnt,expecting to get old-school checkerboard,bands instead of some Gucci ASIS in the,original box and all that right look at,that Im the same it was like a whole,much almost scam dude now and then he,added like a little star emoji which,that that just that just made me sauce,alright I was sauce when I saw that and,anybody who tells you to its just,thats it I see I dont know it was dumb,and then he said go get your dough,before it release a nice lurch but,little does you know it takes three,weeks for money tacky release so I got,this item way before this would release,it and if you did spend the money and I,figured out you know like if I get this,in hand and it does release the money,then youre just gonna then have to owe,some money to PayPal because theyre,gonna give me money back and youre just,gonna have to put some in so I dont,know it seized um I was like Im gonna,get my money back,fo like this man was dumb thats all I,thought of it and like heres what he,was saying earlier like right here see,like at the post office now bro and,obviously Im gonna like mark out the,tracking number so you cant see that,like youre honest,see that and hes like if you could,confirm it that rocking was added Id,appreciate it and obviously Im not,gonna do that until Ive received the,item in hand so I didnt receive that,hes not trying to make you feel sketch,I just need extra money right now my,birthdays tomorrow and then you put the,little star emoji again like this man is,just completely suss and hes just a,terrible seller dont dont work with,this person I gave him a one-star so,people will watch out just dont work,with this guy and hes like not trying,to make you feel sketch not trying to,make you feel sketch you look what you,sent me but youre not sure to make,people feel sketch youre a scammer,straight up and youre not even a good,one so like I dont know what to say,like youre not trying to make you feel,sketch you you literally are the,definition of sketch bro like I caught,you in that and like Im looking at like,the other tech see were like alright,thanks you know like we were doing good,you know were like cool business,partners all that you know we were,chilling and like I heres another text,right here,Bams like yes I originally did low ball,pretty hard as you guys can tell to 15,you know its kind of low and I get that,but nice tattoo 45 sec shoes are,basically brand new I lowered it to 300,because I just need money before my,birthday tomorrow what have you said,shoes are basically brand new shoes are,basically brand new hey my sisters,gonna like these though maybe this will,fit her if they do yeah none no this,wouldnt fit me so I dont know I dont,know what Im gonna do with these but,yeah basically brand new no not at all,bro like I dont know you just look,gotta do a better job if youre gonna be,a scammer couldnt convince me couldnt,fool me so Im you know Im straight Im,coolin theyre pay BOTS gonna shut down,theyre not gonna be able to make a girl,anymore so were just getting scammers,on the street like that are bad ones you,know so Im trying to keep my money Im,not trying to lose it I work for money,you dont clearly so Im get my money,back early April suss building to get,through the cases and all that so pretty,simple situation and thats how I almost,got scammed out of money on girls so,pretty crazy stuff anyways I hope you,guys did enjoy this video if you guys,want more content like this do feel free,to go ahead and subscribe below and drop,a like I mean I hope Im not making more,content like this where Im getting,scammed obviously just more like stories,cuz Ive plenty of stories with like a,throughout reselling and funding things,and interactions and things like that

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How to Low Ball On Grailed

[Music],welcome back all buckaroos to the,channel i felt great today so i decided,to make a youtube video,and i finished my finals and everything,so,what is today december 9th at 9 53 a.m,it is quite early at a 7 30 in class so,forgive me if i sound a bit tired before,i get into anything lets talk about the,piece behind me like i mentioned im,going to be doing this all the time the,piece behind me we got this american,mail trench coat i get a lot of,questions about it,and its a piece that holds some,sentimental value to me just because my,friend gave it to me thank you kay,she gave it to me it was her dads from,the 80s or 90s i dont remember he got,it from japan or korea i dont really,remember but its a it is an old vintage,piece it sits really well on me it fits,me,you know given my height she only gave,it to me because it actually fit me you,know im a tall dude it fit me so thats,the only reason she gave me it its not,like were friends or anything or she,even cares about me but again i want to,rephrase i dont have any friends this,person,i dont wanna i dont wanna play that,joke okay it fits great on me it looks,great it has that nice draped look to it,but other than that lets move on we do,also have to do a hair check so,currently we have my hair as you can see,it is getting,really long i always talk about it i,think i might get a haircut quite soon i,know a lot of people want,an advice video on how i get my hair,done and what i ask for,but its pretty easy im just saying,remember you gotta grow your hair out,before you even get a haircut in general,so get it layered and textured and then,grow it out its gonna take some time,its all about patience and thats one,thing we we have to actually talk about,todays video is going to be how to,lowball on grailed,or universally anywhere how to haggle,how do we get uh these amazing pieces jq,how did you get that isumiyaki bag for 1,30. how did you get your yoshi pants for,130 too i think,when they retail for,way more than that its because im,charming its because i know how to,haggle the first the first key here and,the notes do not lie,its all about mindset so,when i talk about mindset when you go,into purchasing something or a piece,that youre looking for so when you go,in you have to have a minimum and a,maximum price youre willing to spend on,an item so lets say you have this piece,let me go on grilled actually we have,this isumiyaki uh an old isumiyaki high,sporting gear you know jacket,as we can see here so,it was posted for 300 and its now at,270 and what i mean by minimum and,maximum um is basically what you want to,do is revolve the idea around well its,at 270 theyre asking shipping is 25.,dont ever equate that to the the final,price point the shipping does not matter,theyre just putting it there who cares,um sometimes theres a trick sometimes,sellers actually put higher shipping,costs so that they get the price that,they want so 270 ends up becoming like,what so,295 almost 300 is like what they wanted,so sometimes people play around with,shipping to actually get the price point,they actually wanted to sell the item,for,so forget about the shipping its its,all in one point so its gonna be like,your haggle or your low ball is gonna be,shipping included dont who cares about,shipping so,hypothetically i dont have this money,but hypothetically i would spend um,about maybe,one,180 at max on this piece,um,so theyre selling it at 270 and my bare,minimum so my max is 180 and thats,where i max out if i really really want,it bad 200,so i guess 200 would be my max and the,lowest i could possibly go in terms of,minimum,which is what im gonna offer right,so the dudes selling it for 270,im gonna offer,lets say usually i like to say half of,the amount so im gonna offer,one well offer 150. now when you offer,150 its going to say,175,so were going to want to get that down,to like 150. so im gonna type in 140,nope,125 that means its going to send that,offer of 150. thats what i mean by,ignore the shipping the shipping in,general its its going to be in your,final price so when i say im going to,offer 150 i dont mean im going to,offer 150 because thats going to be 175,thats not what im looking for im,going to offer 150 as a final offer,and you know you send that in and then,youre going to get the item that youre,looking for now what i mean by having,this mindset is you have to go in,thinking what is the max im going to,spend on this item and what is the,lowest i can try and offer without,offending the,seller,a lot of the times we see a lot of,people meaning um sending like really,garbage offers low balls youre wasting,peoples time its not worth it um and,this is kind of where the second thing,that im gonna be talking about it comes,in and it helps you out a lot in terms,of haggling,so,we just went over the fact that you have,to have a max and minimum in your head,so that you dont overspend or you know,whatever that is,i the second thing i do and i look for,is going to be,the,time time frame so how long an items,been up for so im going to look around,for a piece thats been up for a while,so lets see so a good example this acne,studios uh sweater this has been up for,two months,and meaning that means this seller,specifically uh of whatever his name is,evan,he has missed out on a lot of offers and,he probably got a lot of low balls and,that is quite annoying as a seller in,general so after two months of being in,the the deep pits of hell on grilled,sellers get desperate sellers need to,make money,they need to pay rent they need to pay,child support they need to pay for other,clothes that theyre trying to buy now,this dude is selling it for 130. it used,to be 250 and im sure at the at the,point he was not budging but as time,progressed and as he continued to get,hurt by,a lot of bullying and low balls and,people just being rude and mean to him,he was like you know what im gonna,knock it down if you maybe get the get,the,get the buyers interested to purchase an,item,now that is when people like me come in,or people like you because youre,learning,patience right,now you may see a lot of items that go,up brand new right and theyve been up,for a couple days of course sellers are,not going to budge not willing to haggle,with you because theyre going to be,trying to get the price point theyre,looking for but if you wait,um,you know a couple weeks and you try and,haggle with them and theyre not willing,to do it for you wait some more wait a,month,wait a couple you know until theres,their psyche gets broken down theyre,going through,mental struggles where theyre just,depressed and sad then theyre just like,you know what it doesnt matter i need,to sell this item who cares now,thats when you take advantage thats,when you offer your low balls thats,when you offer um you know whatever you,wanna you wanna look at the price and,its 130. its only for 130. now you got,to think to yourself like i said minimum,maximum,what am i going to offer what is my,minimum in terms of how much ill offer,to see if i can get that steal so that,steal i would probably do is its 130,bucks,i dont i dont always recommend,offering half of the price so what is,half of 130 thats 65 bucks so,65 he probably wont take it so i,probably would offer lets say,75 now my max on this piece i would,spend was maybe like 90ish bucks so i,would send over an offer of 75,see if he takes it and if he doesnt,take it then oh well hes probably gonna,send you an offer of like oh could you,do like 120 and uh like ill do it,shipped or whatever if you sent over an,offer of 70 or 75 bucks youre like okay,look ill add another 10 bucks ill do,ill do 80 85 ill do 85 bucks,and then this is going to get that,seller um you know a little bit more,interested because youre willing to,haggle with them and you know at that,point its like,do what should i sell it because i need,this rent or this is when your max,mindset comes in so your max you wanted,to spend on this item was 90 bucks,now,youre lik

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you see what is going on it is your boy,Kesey it aint easy being Kesey and,today im gonna go through the best ways,in order for you to resell your street,wear whether its using grilled ebay,bump theyre all relatively the same,third party reselling sites and Im,gonna teach you today on how to go about,like just little tips and tricks on what,I do to help myself selling these,websites so lets get it the first,example that Im going to give you or,tip Im going to give you is that always,make sure that you have really nice,photos and Im gonna replay a clip here,that I have from another video of mine,because I dont want to redo it but I,will do one other example of that and we,are going to be using this wall and this,item on how to take some photos,basically just how to make it look the,best way possible,alright lets clean this out real quick,okay so what Im going to show you is,how to quickly take some you know some,decent pictures for your grill to count,to sell your item a little better make,sure that on your wall you dont really,have too much going on like some of the,stuff that I have here were gonna make,sure we throw it over there,so then the spot is open in order for,you to kind of present your item better,so I recommend if you have a wall that,has a previous like painting on it or,whatever usually you have like one of,these little hooks right here which Ill,show you on the wall it was for either a,picture frame but this also can easily,be used for a hanger to hang some,clothes as far as where to buy a hanger,to hang up your clothes I just use ones,from Target so you just go ahead and add,it to your clothing item here make sure,everything is kind of in place and hang,it onto the wall just make it as,presentable as you can now sometimes,this is like the tricky part for some,people because I seen a lot of post on,grill or eBay or whatever website that,theyre using to like a third party,reseller or clothing items or just any,other items in general they dont,necessarily take the pictures that well,so Im gonna teach you on like kind of,like a little quick step on how I do go,about doing that now most pictures are,usually taken on cell phones,reasons about were hanging it on the,wall is because I want to lay it flat so,so when I step back a little bit I can,get the whole item now make sure you,have a gap on each side of the item and,youre,youre not taking your picture like this,where its like you cant even see the,whole item and also make sure that when,you take your picture youre not shaky,and then it turned something out like,this all right you dont want it to be,blurry if its blurry its harder to,sell your item so make sure you got,everything lined up directly take your,photo and then it ends up being,something like that so anyways I hope,that was helpful because I just wanted,to add that tip it in on how to shoot,your photo to help better sell your,stuff because sometimes people will post,something and they go oh its not,selling its not selling and then I see,their photos and Im like of course its,not something like that item looks,terrible yeah the item is sick but,youre not making it look good and this,is a very very easy way of making your,item just pop a little bit more to help,you sell okay so for my second tip on,how to go about selling your products on,third party reselling or streetwear,reselling sites is not only to take,photos like the way I just showed you,and put it on the wall and make it more,presentable but also to tag your photo,now this is really big in like the,street wear community in fact just the,reselling community it doesnt even need,to be clothing but to always tag your,photo and what that means is to put your,screen name next to the item that youre,selling okay so I just want to go grab,my piece of paper and a perfect example,this is the screen name that I use below,for my grilled and my ebay and then this,is sometimes I used in facebook group,chats so I just put it all in the same,paper so it doesnt confuse anybody I,basically switch between two pieces of,paper because theres too much time I,just get a sharpie I write my name on it,I put it next to the item you can,literally do this anywhere its super,easy now the biggest reason why youre,gonna want to do this is because people,want to know whether or not you actually,have the item because theres been many,cases on eBay and other reselling sites,where people will post a picture of,something say that they have it and sell,it to you just so they can get your,money and scam you and this is a sure,way of kind of telling people that,youre not going to scam them now have,people been scammed even though theyve,tagged their photo before Im sure in,theres been a lot of cases of many,different people scamming many people,but this is a better way to just,reassure that youre like a better,seller a more legit seller and also that,you have just,experience and what youre doing in what,youre selling so without talking about,this piece of paper too much let me show,you on how we take the photos with this,okay so make sure that whatever floor,that you choose accents the t-shirt that,you have carbon floors are a really good,example of floors whether you put a,white shirt a black shirt a grey shirt,or maroon shirt it will always accent,the t-shirt so that it would pop a,little bit more and then what we do is,we get our tag and you can put the tag,anywhere really I sometimes I put it,here,sometimes I put it on the bottom but I,dont want to have to have too much,distraction from the actual t-shirt so,sometimes I can put it on the side like,this right here and then you would just,take your cell phone now I would take,the photo from up top and then keep in,mind the little cross in the middle make,sure the cross in the middle lines up,take your photo dont worry if your feet,are caught in the way you know photos,like or like this obviously are not,going to work those those type of photos,are a no-go then after youve taken the,photo of the whole t-shirt I would take,more detailed photos of the shirt in,this case I sell a lot of babe so people,always want to see the little tag that,is on top they want to see the tag,thats on the side and maybe sometimes,the tag on the inside,if there is one so I would get up close,to the tag here snap a photo right here,snap a photo of how to dry it dry clean,it and also get a snap photo of the bait,logo thats inside take a photo of the,sleeve and also the inside of the sleeve,and thats pretty much it thats how you,take photos for a tagged item item okay,now were even going to go into depth on,how to post it onto grilled step-by-step,now I took a photo of that Bape t-shirt,that I just showed you its the heavy,metal baked t-shirt and before I even,post the item I always look up on the,actual account that Im selling on how,much everybody else is also selling it,for and it looks like its going for,about 175 180 dont know whether or not,these are new my assumption is that,theyre probably new,and this right here everybody is selling,for about 135 right 135 at the lowest,180 at the highest so that we have that,information all you do once youve,started your Grail to count is that you,go down to the bottom it says sell this,is super easy super super easy click Add,listing then buy item name you would,type in or for my case I would type in,vape bait Evie babe heavy metal tee blaq,size XL alright – XL is what I do then,you sometimes right here on this option,they will give you like options on how,or other people that have sold the item,and also information on what they,previously posted to help you post yours,faster but in this case they dont have,it so were just gonna go to go to blank,form I will go ahead and add my photos,my photos I have here the first photo,that I will put is the one that I hung,up because it looks the best I will put,the one of it on the back side second,and then all the rest the order doesnt,matter people can just basically just,flip right through it fi


I know I look hello guys I am finally,doing an update to my most popular video,on this channel which is how to not get,scammed on grilled Im gonna be doing a,two-parter where the environment of,Grail ever since I posted that video,Ive been getting questions dms about,legit checks is this listing real yes or,no I provided that video in order for,people to sort of make their own,judgment cuz theres no way for somebody,to be 100% infallible and a hundred,percent kind of scam free everybody gets,scammed,everybody gets bitten in the ass,everybody gets burned once in a while,but this is just supposed to help you,kind of make your own educated decision,Im gonna split this into two parts and,well be having it in two separate,videos so people each ever want to,interest you or if youre interested in,both just watch it both of them this one,is going to be the buyers guide so the,buyers guide is sort of similar to the,previous one except Im going to update,it for thrilled as it is modern a lot of,things have changed they have done a lot,of great stuff a lot of questionable,stuff and a lot of things have like sort,of shifted around a little bit so lets,talk about it so number one sort of,reiterating what I did do in my first,video look at the profile see if they,have just a random string of numbers see,if how many reviews they have how many,items theyve sold how many things that,theyve I mean people are following them,etc just trying to get a sense of,whether or not they are human or not as,well as if they are using like an,account for them to like just dump where,its like theyll scam somebody real,quick and then delete the account and,then they dont care if its get bad or,if it gets bad something that I did,mention is that like yes although some,profiles may have zero purchases and,zero transactions they might just be a,new user Ive gotten a lot of comments,in the description,youre just [ __ ] my grill because I,guess you want radiation also as a buyer,if you are looking at high ticket or,high hype I should say,items and its a seller profile that,literally only has like one item that is,extremely highly valued sought-after as,well as if the deal looks too good or,just the photos are kind of shoddy I,would say those things are sort of,indicators to be a little bit cautious,Im not necessarily completely like whoa,like you know like hands-free but I,would say be a little bit cautious you,can also see if the user only has a,handful of transactions you can see,whether or not because Grail just,recently added this in if theyre like a,speedy shipper if theyre trusted seller,or if theyre like a quick responder I,think those are like the three new,metrics that they added as well as if,theyre moderator or an admin those two,things are pretty much guaranteed to be,legitimate as well as Grail has recently,incorporated and authenticated by grill,thing which I think is interesting that,theyre providing authentication,services now which kind of hard for a,lot of items but I would say that yes,that is something to look at and whether,or not you can trust this profile or,this listing unlike number two look at,the listing in itself look at the photos,do a reverse google image search to see,if its appeared on either reddit or any,other websites look at the description,or the product description see if its,well-made or if its shitty vocabulary,or if its very very very short or its,literally like seven out of ten great,like that like those things kind of are,a little bit like being like you know I,like triggers like a little bit of like,an alarm in my head,I might not be 100% legitimate as was,made sure to read the listing and like,know exactly what youre getting the,photos could look great but the,description says like six out of ten,rips and tears at that point you want to,ask that buy or ask the seller what the,heck is like rips and tears etc as well,as just inquiring a little bit more,which leads into my next one talk to the,seller before purchasing before,purchasing,I suggest really dont purchase out of,the blue make your presence known send,them a message,hopefully theyll reply within 24 hours,if they dont then kind of ease off and,then I say you rather be safe than sorry,then go through the whole process of,like PayPal transaction like claim as,well as going through the whole process,of contacting Grail etc but lets say,lets say they do reply they are,cooperative and you should be good to go,even though they might not have like,good reviews but know as a buyer you are,protected by both Grill and PayPal,another thing for those that are,purchasing high ticket items or,high-priced items do your own legit,check there are so many legit checking,tools websites videos you can you can up,yourself in knowledge wise of like what,to look for for fakes you can even go on,like Reddit I think I think they have a,self reticle like sneaker like reps or,sneaker replicas you can compare you can,try off,legit pairs to the listing pair to like,the best like replicas or whatever it is,out there and then you can kind of see,like pros and cons and like see if,theres like a legit or not the only,hard part is that if theyve been worn,then theres a little bit of like a,discrepancy but there are certain sign,that you can kind of look at to see,whether or not they are legitimate pair,of arms theyre a fake bear I also do,suggest checking out Facebook groups,based on groups are a revi of,information knowledge people who have,done legit checks even before you know,the rise of grilled or during the forum,days thatd be like entire legit check,like threatens that like people would,just like post their shoes like oh is,this legit and theres people that are,trusted people who are knowledge so ask,away,but dont be like kind of snotty and,like just like post that and like demand,like a legit check you can just be,relatively nice post to a few different,groups my final I guess word of advice,for buyers is definitely definitely,definitely do this over PayPal or over,grilled or at least PayPal as a buyer it,doesnt necessarily matter too much in,the scope of things where I would say,that you are protected by PayPal and or,grilled anything goes south either if,the buyer doesnt respond they send you,the wrong item they send you the item,that isnt as described as well as they,sends you or they dont send you like,item properly whether it be like the,item gets damaged in transit etc that,isnt on you thats on the seller,because the seller has to ensure that,the item gets to you properly so if,anything had self contact the buyer,first I would say talk to them if they,dont reply or if theyre being a little,bit difficult to deal with I would say,do two things,flyable PayPal claim as well as contact,the help desk on grill and tell them,that this seller is being particularly,difficult or if if theyre being,difficult they wont ban them but if,theyre just straight-up flat-out not,responding then theyll ban them or put,them in like a purgatory where they,cant list anything they cant sell,anything make sure to do that to protect,other buyers from from these guys as,well so you want to at least kind of,quarantine them off,you will eventually get your money back,lets say for whatever case PayPal does,not side with you which is very rare but,lets say they dont side with you take,screenshots take all the information,that you can from either chat logs chat,logs from PayPal emails from PayPal,the item that you got etc take photos,and all of that and talk to the grilled,helpdesk and talk to them about like hey,peopled inside with me I am completely,in the right I dont know why they did,it heres all the information I dont,knows the and an other thing do not ship,back the faulty item or the item that is,incorrectly sent to you or damaged or,whatever do not ship it back until you,get confirmation that either youve won,the case or youve gotten the money back,because then if you just ship it back,theres no guarantee so yeah I hope that,this

How I Got SCAMMED $500 On GRAILED???????? *Story Time*

welcome to my world,okay,lets ride,subscribe,i just filmed this i just filmed like 80,of this video and the camera cut off and,didnt save nothing,now i know yall havent seen me in the,car in a long time yall aint seen me,in the whip in a long time rex i havent,made a video here in a minute but today,we gonna talk about the day i got,scammed out of 350 or 500 i cant,remember it was a minute ago but for,title purposes were going to save 500,man lets get to it bruh lets go all,right so boom man first off first off,four years ago 2018 i was in 10th grade,i wasnt into streetwear fashion or,anything i wanted to get into shoes is,when i started getting into shoes now,before this all i had was some air,forces um some adidas zx fluxes and i,think a pair of tims that was it i,didnt have shoes okay so boom saved up,my money and after christmas break after,christmas i caught me they just came out,the air max 97s the undefeated ones,copped them i was happy boy was i happy,man i got him you know im saying got my,little air maxes it was nice bruh first,stay back so this is what happened bro,first day back christmas break and,everything i wore them and i was feeling,myself why because everybody loved them,i was getting compliments people saying,oh i like your shoes ooh that was nice,you know i was saying theyll be like oh,you got those im like yeah i got it,i got them boom nice and dandy you feel,me but what i realized is that a lot of,people were asking yo let me buy them,off you oh let me get the hook up ill,buy those off your feet right yeah you,know what im saying people were saying,hella stuff so in my head especially,back then i was a hustler still them,still always will be you feel me hustler,in my vein so boom i literally come home,that day i put this on my life i went,home i told my parents im selling these,shoes because i can see the demand for,it was high up they were limited they,were hyped not everybody got them i got,my hands on them and yeah they cool but,if i could flip them im gonna flip them,you know so thats just the mindset so,boom i go home i figure out how to sell,shoes i put them up on three sites bump,shout out if you remember bump shout out,to you number two was my freaking grail,and number three was ebay you know so i,put them on those three those are very,important ebay and grilled are very,important so boom i put them up on the,website you know saying all nice and,dandy dont sound waiting a couple weeks,im getting some offers conversating not,getting what i wanted because i wanted,either the 350 or the 500. again i,forgot we just gonna say 500. i wanted,the 500 i wasnt getting it so it was,like all right cool you know what im,saying whatever ill just keep waiting,im gonna leave them ill put them on,ice leave them blah blah whatever boom,so im waiting im waiting on waiting,and then one day i get a message on,grail i get a message on grill that bit,said uh text me more pictures on,instagram lets lets take the convo to,instagram im like cool all right,because one thing about grail you cant,send pictures through grail it is really,weird i dont know why you cant but you,cant send pictures through grail so i,was like cool im gonna send it through,instagram were gonna chop it up on,instagram boom now number one you might,have already caught on if somebodys if,youre selling something and someone,tries to bring it to a different,platform automatically scammed i didnt,notice at the time you know im saying,so boom i go on instagram were chopping,it up im sending pictures blah blah,blah hes saying write it down on a,piece something write something on a,piece of paper put it by the shoe take a,picture,all of it because im legit you feel me,im legit so boom everything goes smooth,a couple days later hes like i bet im,gonna buy him whats your paypal i put,my i sent my paypal information i get an,email on my computer saying youre uh,blah blah blah you got it you know,saying the money the money is being on,hold until you ship the item again you,gotta watch out for those me i didnt,know any better so im like i bet boom i,go i the next day you know ill say im,hyped you dont say im trying to ship,off this package as soon as i get home,from school you know im saying im,getting all the finest tapes you know,im saying im getting my box im taping,it up im going to shoppers im going to,canada post you feel me and boom i give,my package off and i paid shipping,myself i even paid for my own shipping,because okay im selling it for this,price i got you on shipping you feel me,back then okay i was doing my little,hustles right i was doing my little,hustles getting my little side money you,know im saying flipping airpods selling,this doing this doing that but a big hit,of 500,that was a lot of money back then that,was a lot of money if somebody gave me,500 right now its still a lot of money,500 back then and i was like yo this is,my big break so you can understand how,hyped i was bro 16 year old 10th grade,me i was high up i was so hyped bro so,boom i ship off the package i take a,picture of the tracking number i send it,to guy hes like all right boom thanks,blah blah blah and im sitting down like,where are my funds you know im sitting,like where the hell are my funds where,is my money i just sent off my shoes i,dont got the money where is my money so,im texting im saying bro wheres the,funds blah blah blah when are the funds,gonna come in no response no response do,you understand how i felt bro i had no,response im like hold on hold on hold,on because we aint bout to do this,yeah no response yo i am scared right,now cause im like yo i might have lost,money and i lost the shoes and im,getting no money so im scared now you,feel me im scared im scared i dont,know what to do i dont want to go to my,parents and tell them i just lost the,shoes and the money because remember,ive been saving up for this i aint got,no job at the time im flipping im,hustling im saving up for this and i,just lost them and i just got them i had,the shoes for like two weeks i bought,them warm to school stopped wearing them,went to sell them ive had those shoes,for like three weeks now people tell me,i already lost them i got scammed im,like hell no so i call i call paypal im,like okay maybe i have to call paypal,blah blah so im calling them im like,yeah i have some funds all holding my,account when do i get him and then he,checks my account he says you have,nothing on it what do you mean i got,nothing on i just shipped off the shoes,im like no no no i got something heres,the heres the heres the heres the,confirmation number blah blah blah the,id number for the transaction hes like,ah nah thats when you got a fake email,thats not us oh,no what you mean,im im yo im on the phone panicking,im like no theres no freaking way what,do you mean thats not real i checked,the email hes like because he sent me,an email with the official paypal now so,im comparing the emails im like oh my,god you cant be serious im like i just,got finessed im like what do i do what,do i do hes like oh whats it called,you can report the fraudulent email so i,did that you know saying i sent them the,fake email so dude cant scam anymore,immediately immediately im calling the,pulse im like yo my package let me get,my package back theyre saying theres,nothing we can do about it theyre,saying theres nothing we can do about,it at this point its like the next day,you know im saying its like the next,day but like theres just nothing we can,do about it im like what you mean,theres nothing you can do about it i,need those shoes shoes are gone im so,sorry sir you can always ask him to just,send the package back,i cant even get in contact with dude my,shoes are gone i yo you dont understand,at this point im spamming him on grails,im spamming him on instagram theres,nothing i can do,no shoes no money day three now at this,point i just told my parents im like yo,theres nothing i can do about it but,the shoes are gone you know saying they,we

My First Purchase From Grailed

whats up youtube welcome back to,another video and this is just a,quick review in my opinion about this,website ive started using,for a while now its called grail where,you can obviously buy you know,clothing sneakers but my focus right now,is on sneakers,so i did pick up a pair of concord 11s,for a really good price in my opinion,because of the condition and i just,shared my experience with it,so as you can see this pair right here,is from grill,uh however the seller did buy it from,stockx so that,does help with um thinking about this,who is real now as you can see when the,picture is really good condition,and the price was fairly fairly good in,my opinion just a,you know a little bit over retail which,you know surprised me,lets go right into the unboxing as you,can see the seller did,ship it in a amazon box not to worry,about that as long as the box has enough,space with the sneakers thats,all i really care about when it comes to,buying sneakers and you know they come,shipped,lets read anything i care about and,obviously im unboxing the face down,just because,the label was really tough to try to,take out so i didnt even bother with,that so,you know worse unboxing you will theres,some airbags,also a great touch by the seller you,know thats a really helpful sneaker,as you can see the box is a bit aged but,not really too concerned theres nothing,crazy about it,um the shoe is about you know almost,three years now so,i cant really complain about that that,was when jordan was sending out these,og boxes especially for the retro 11,and well get right into it so get right,into the sneaker and as you can see like,i said,uh standard og jordan 11 box,great starts to snicker when i initially,came out and of course size 10,my size my personal size uh you can see,retail was 220 i think this is when,jordan was converting,to the 220 mark which is you know fair,for some sneakers in my opinion,especially for you know an og like this,there we go once you got the lid ill,show you the inside here we go,as you can see really really compared,especially for,one sneaker he said he wore i think a,few times or maybe even less than that,um first thing i looked at also to me,great condition like i said well one,pair,great great great condition let me just,close this little so i can give you a,better view of the sneaker,and of course you can see great repair,my opinion,um for the price well the price he,initially wanted 330 30,you know as a consumer you try to you,know bring that down as much as possible,but then i saw later on he wanted 267,which to me was an odd price,you know you dont really think of 267,for a pair of sneakers,and were shipping and everything came,out to about 280,in my opinion this thing my sneaker,right here can go for at least 350,on the condition um so,for me its almost a steal i had to put,the trigger on it,it was a must to me so im really,looking forward to wearing these really,really soon,so you can see the sleep is really,really really good condition like i said,for the price,cannot go wrong and i did not go wrong,uh as you can see im expecting the,sneaker just to see if theres any flaws,i missed from the pictures but,i know the heel tab was a major factor,for me because there are other pairs but,with,major major major creases of the heel,on the toes and all that so i really,didnt want to pay,big price for increasing on it but you,see also really really clear,um i have never tried to you know bring,back a clear soil,or attempted to just because you know i,dont want damage a sneaker,but who knows we have more wear words,here on these this might just be my,first prayer i tried that sauce on the,sneaker,so who knows now one thing has always,crossed my mind when,you know buying things like this from,sites like grail which you know,is known but nothing you know definitive,yet is the if the sneaker is real or not,um they did check it you know before,the seller was able to put up the,sneaker so to me that,plus like i said they had the stock,actually see and everything so,it gives a little more confidence on the,sneaker realistic but like i said,um im not really sure but really,confident in the sneaker being legit,so if you see anything off comment down,below ill let you know,um but i doubt it three thin sneakers in,good condition i,did compare with my other 11s um and so,out so,under the insole so to me it passes but,you know who knows so comment down below,whats your personal,opinions on you know sites like grail,of course you have ebay you know just,you know small not really small sites,but you know,really unknown sites like that um to me,i did get put on to grill,like maybe a couple years ago by a,couple friends of mine um,they did cops and we steals in my,opinion i know my friend,bought some bread for us for a good,price some,air max 97 strong weather spoons for a,good price so,for me i just you know he sent me this,pair personally he said hey check this,out a really good price so,i had to put a trigger shout out to him,and ill just show you know the stockx,you know receipt,that came with the sneaker like i said,it does have the traps on it so this is,like i said this,is from some time ago he probably,purchased it maybe just a year ago,and because of course stockx thicker,im surprised he didnt actually use it,i know im the type to just you know,stick my stocking sticker as soon as,possible,and ill show you the price he actually,paid for it which uh,in my opinion for right now is market,its not too bad um,if i can focus it i will show you the,price as you can see he,did pay 394.30,um he did purchase it last year mid last,year so,not bad in my opinion just because,theyre going for uh,500 mid 500s now for ds player so really,good price in my opinion,so overall im really really happy with,this experience um,like i said this is my first purchase,from grab so take that with a green saw,um if you do if you do buy something,from grail i do,really highly recommend that you check,the,seller profile first um me i dont even,consider,the sneaker or even thinking about,parking the sneaker,if the the seller profile is a bit you,know,on the dark side so just keep that in,mind,that theres something really really,important it comes to size like this now,of course ill give you some better,shots of sneakers so you can see how,well it is,and now from the pictures you can see,this pair is really really clean,i know um the outsole does come,translucent blue,but this you know is a bit clearer you,know better for me,and like always if you enjoyed the video,dont forget to like comment subscribe,and ill see you in the next

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