1. Grammarly Review 2022 | Is it worth it?
  2. Grammarly Review: Is it worth it, and what you NEED to know!
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  4. Grammarly is Garbage, and Heres Why
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Grammarly Review 2022 | Is it worth it?

Sorry about that, but what better way to work on my grammar than Charles,Dickens 1860 classic, Great Expectations?,But wait, theres actually something much better.,As a college student you know how important avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes are.,Here is an indepth review of Grammarly.,To better understand how it works and,if its truly worth it.,Hey, Im Alberto from Gradehacker,,the number one nontraditional student resource.,We have been using Grammarlys Premium version,for a few years now, so we,know everything about it.,In a nutshell, Grammarly is a writing,app that helps you check and correct,your spelling and grammar mistakes.,Their AI software analyzes your text and,points out any grammar, spelling,,punctuation, word choice, and even stylistic mistakes.,Its basically your own little online editor.,Lets see how their features work.,First, lets start with the Grammar and punctuation checker.,Among the grammar mistakes that Grammarly,corrects, we have punctuation errors, poor sentence formation, run on sentences;,were one of the biggest culprits of that, and lengthy and wordy sentences.,Its quite extensive, and as it can correct more than 150 mistakes.,Spelling Check, with this feature, you can correct all the mistakes present in your,text in one place instead of having,to fix spelling mistakes via Microsoft Word,first and then checking grammatical errors through Grammarly.,Grammarlys awesome feature is that you can set your English language preference.,You can choose between American English,,British English, Canadian English, and Aussie English.,Because of this, Grammarly will point out,any words that arent spelled according to the English convention you use.,Gone are the days when you had to make,sure you wrote colour instead of color, or vice versa.,Next, we have one of our favorites, their Plagiarism detection feature.,You just upload or copy and paste,your essay, and Grammarly will do the job of comparing it to billions of existing,web pages to detect any sources of plagiarism.,This will save you from being scolded,by your professor because TurnItIn,revealed that your essay had a high Plagiarism score.,Following, we have their excellent vocabulary enhancement tool.,Just by double checking on a word, you can see a list of synonyms.,This feature is available for both the,free and premium versions.,Still, with Grammarly Premium,,youll receive an advanced suggestion for more words that are,more appropriate to your text, tone and formality.,It will also flag repetitive words,that youre overusing and give you the best synonym suggestions.,Finally, finally, Grammarly works as your own writing style coach.,Not only do they flag mistakes and,tell you how to fix them, but they also teach you why your error was wrong.,Over time, this allows you to improve your,writing skills and make fewer of the same mistakes.,Also, theres an overall score tab that will increase as you improve your text,by following Grammarly suggestions,,and if you click the See Performance button below the,overall score, youll be able to see,specifics about your text readability and word count.,Stop! Before we continue, dont forget to like and subscribe to our channel to keep,learning the best tips you need for your College life.,Okay, now we know what Grammarly is and what they do, but how do,you actually use it?,Theres a free browser extension that you can download right now.,By installing it, youll have Grammarly,monitoring your writing on almost any site on the web.,Grammarlys green logo in the bottom right corner will indicate that it is checking,your text, and it will provide you with grammar suggestions as you type.,Then there are three ways you can use their main workspace.,One is their web tool, which you can access by entering their,website Grammarly.com. Another option is their desktop app for Windows or Mac,,which you can download for free from their website.,And the third option lets you add,Grammarly into Microsoft Word to include all of their features right there.,You need to visit their installation,website and follow the instructions to integrate it.,Well leave the description in the link below.,You can also use Grammarly on your phone.,By downloading their app, youll be able to install their keyboard,and ensure that anything you write is free of mistakes.,We have seen everything about Grammarly minus,one tiny yet important detail, the cost.,Their prices change depending on the term you choose, and all are billed as one,payment $12 per month for the annual plan, $20 per month for the quarterly plan,,and $30 per month if you want to go for the monthly plan.,Even though their premium version allows you,to access their most exclusive features, we,must say that their free version is,actually quite good and complete.,Unlike other apps, Grammarlys free plan doesnt rely on a free trial.,Its a standalone version with limited features,that you can use for the time,you want without paying anything or even,adding your credit card information.,It corrects fundamental spelling,,punctuation, or English convention mistakes.,With their premium plan, you get all their features and it lets you,take advantage of one of the best online grammar checkers.,As a premium user, youll be able to fix more complex errors.,Some additional areas that Grammarly,premium corrects are unclear structure, writing inconsistencies, overuse of,words, wordiness, inappropriate tone, and insensitive language.,Before we finish here, lets make a quick recap of the pros and cons.,On the one hand, the best that Grammarly,has to offer is an extensive online grammar knowledge base,,a wide variety of workspaces to use, incredible tutoring tools,that will correct mistakes and explain how to improve.,One of our favorites, which is their Plagiarism checker,and a quite complete free version for people who arent interested in paying.,On the other hand, Grammarlys main cons,consist of its price, $30 per month,or $144 a year can be a bit too much, and many people may,not be able to afford it.,Yet in our own experience,weve seen that they have very frequent,online sales that include up to 30,,40 and even 50% off their annual plans.,Another Con is that Grammarly suggestions,once in a while could actually worsen your sentence.,Of course, a writing app will never,replace the accuracy of a human editor,,so you cant just blindly accept all Grammarly suggestions.,You have to take the time to read them to see if theyre accurate.,Yet most of the time they are.,Our verdict.,In our opinion, its one of the best writing apps you can,absolutely use and its a tool we completely recommend.,As we mentioned earlier, we use it as a team ourselves on a daily basis.,They know their prices are not cheap,so offering a free version that checks,basic and general errors is a great,choice for everyone who only needs,the basic features and cant afford to pay for the premium.,If you dont like it,,you can just delete it and if you do like it, you can upgrade to premium.,This paid version includes more,comprehensive features and more guidance in your writing.,With their premium plan,,you get all their advanced features that we assure you will significantly,improve your writing skills. Like this video,,subscribe to our channel and share it,with your friends so they dont miss,out on this absolutely beneficial app.,Thank you very much for watching and,well see you next time!,And if youre looking for more reviews on other college friendly apps, see our take on,Chegg and Course Hero.,If you still have doubts about Grammarly,,leave them in our comments below and well answer them without any problem.

Grammarly Review: Is it worth it, and what you NEED to know!

Whether youre writing a book or crafting a professional email or,submitting a paper having a professional proofreading software can be a lifesaver,but with so many different sets of editing software out there which one,gives you the biggest bang for your buck plus isnt just regular spell checker,and grammar checker good enough well in todays video Im gonna review one of,the most popular grammar checkers out there Grammarly but to do this right Im,gonna show you exactly what Grammarly is and what can do for you as well as the,difference between the free version and the premium version and Ill even show,you how I use Grammarly in my work life as well as my daily life also be,sure to stay to the end of the video where Im gonna tell you a story about,how Grammarly actually saved my company from getting ripped off now if youd,like to learn more about book marketing and other online softwares and services,go ahead and hit the subscribe button at the bottom right and click the bell icon,so as to get notifications of when my next videos are out and with that lets,begin,Grammarly is my favorite proofreading software it not only helps to check and,monitor my online writing like Facebook blogging and even forums but helps to,check my papers books and scripts it does this by using three different tools,theres the Grammarly browser extension which protects me from stupid mistakes,while crafting a not so witty Facebook post or comment as well as what Im,sending an email through Gmail or any other online email service whoops there,is also the Microsoft Word and outlook plugin so as to check my documents with,a click and later Ill show you exactly why this is much better than words own,spell checker and grammar checker however this particular feature is only,available for PC users sorry Mac users and finally theres the downloadable,Grammarly personal editor app or online version where you can either use it to,type your documents or books or papers copy and paste documents into it or just,drag and drop them into Grammarly inside of here I can organize my writing with,blog articles my course scripts and even my thesis which I wrote while at Naval,Postgraduate School this was a real lifesaver with Grammarly there are,two different versions free and premium with the free version you get access to,the browser extension the Microsoft Word and outlook plug-in and the personal,editor on Grammarly and the desktop app inside of those you can check,definitions and synonyms and get access to over 150 different critical and,spelling rule checks youll also get your writing performance stats via email,which is pretty cool with premium youll get all of that plus an extra 100 plus,more critical grammar and spelling checks so Grammarly is a lot better at its,job youll also get vocabulary enhancement suggestions genre-specific,writing style checks which is important for those fiction writers out there and,access to Grammarlys automatic plagiarism detection system which Ill,cover a specific story that pertains to that last feature at the end of this,video so what does premium actually cost and is it worth it you could either pay,the $29.95 per month which actually kind of sucks or the,$59.95 per quarter which really isnt that much better or $139.95,annually we can all tell which one Grammarly wants us to,go to right now I personally pay the annual subscription does everybody have,to do that of course not but I do a lot of professional writing on,Kindlepreneur.com and I used to get a lot of irate emails from people over a simple,grammar mistake Ill also make sure my daughter has it when she goes to college,next year because I think this sort of checker can really help her with her,papers and so the boost of premium is definitely worth it now youre probably,wondering to yourself isnt just the word spell and grammar checker good,enough lets do a side-by-side comparison of words grammar checker to,Grammarly free even Grammarly premium and see what,happens I took a small document and made it error-free as per words grammar and,spell checker I then copy and pasted the same document into Grammarly free and,into a Grammarly premium account as you can see Grammarly free found 16 extra,mistakes while premium found even more with 96 mistakes now in truth there were,many suggestions by Grammarly that I could disregard but I could not believe,some of the mistakes that word missed now one question that I get from a lot,of users is can Grammarly replace a professional editor and my answer is no,it cant so dont buy Grammarly if youre thinking you can cut out paying a,professional editor however there are a lot of us out there who wouldnt pay for,an editor like youre submitting a paper to a teacher or youre about to send a,proposal to a boss this is where Grammarly really shines because it will find a lot,of those issues that will shall we say be a little embarrassing when it gets,out there so in the end Im a pretty big fan of Grammarly and I use it myself,and if youre interested in picking up either the free or the premium version,be sure to click my affiliate link in the description below or you can find it,at Kindlepreneur.com/click/grammarly now that we,covered what Grammarly can do for you as well as some of the differences between,free and premium let me tell you how Grammarly saved my business from getting,ripped off a while ago I did a check of one of my Kindlepreneur.com articles,through Grammarly copyright check and I found that there was a website out,there that was using a lot of my content I clicked on the link and what was even,worse was that they were actually claiming it was their own,thanks to Grammarly I caught them in the act and now that I know who those,guys were I used the tactic that I discussed in my,fighting e-piracy video to send them a quick DMCA takedown within a day or two,all their stolen info was gone so be sure to click that video and check it,out also if you enjoyed this video then click the like button or the subscribe,button over here also be sure to check out some of my other videos as well and,comment below if you have any questions Im Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur,signing off

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Grammarly Review (is it still worth it in 2021?)

in todays video were doing a review of,grammarly and specifically is it worth,it to go from the free version to the,paid version so whether you are a,student an employee an individual or a,team grammarly has a lot of different,features for you but like is it actually,worth it to go into those features some,of the things were going to be talking,about in todays video are things such,as up talk and hedging these are two,things that are really important for me,because I have a tendency to come off,less confident with my writing and,delivery and that is something that I,want to work with and grammarly can help,support that so lets start off with the,free version and then work our way up,and see how it Compares when you go to,premium so whether youre on Chrome this,is what itll look like to add the,Chrome extension now if I was to go to,Safari you can see that they have an,extension on Safari as well so lets say,that you were to get set up on Chrome,the way that it works is theyll add an,extension to your browser and they have,a demo document that kind of highlights,some of the functionality of the tool so,Im going to skip the tour right now,because thats something that you can do,on your own but what I want to do is,actually go through all the basic,functions very quickly and highlight,those but then show you what it looks,like when you get to premium so some of,these are pretty simple like,misspellings its very easy one click,and you can change the spellings but in,fact if you look at this you know thats,one that I always do wrong obviously,this is kind of uh tailored made to all,the common mistakes that we make as,users Im terrible with commas as well,so its very easy to just kind of work,through this so you get the general idea,in my opinion at this point its very,similar to a basic spell check so this,is kind of where grammarly even on the,free version starts to set itself apart,from Basic Spell checks and what I mean,by that is if I was to copy this and go,and start a Google doc here and I hit,enter so youll notice that from the,Google spell check side of things there,are no issues with this sentence but,grammarly is showing you issues so lets,say I was to copy and paste this in,obviously this is the wrong form of,there this is what it looks like on the,Google spell check now if you want there,is a grammarly specifically for Chrome,which is in beta testing as of 2021 so,if I turn that on now and I was to,refresh this now what you would see is,the red underlining is grammarly so,thats good to know if youre writing,something and Googles trying to give,you a spell check that might be that,blue zigzags uh with grammar lights the,red and then you can correct it that way,now lets take a look at what grammarly,is suggesting though as far as this,being a little bit too wordy so blue,underlines consider shortening this,phrase so this is something thats,really helpful for me because I tend to,write too long and my sentences can be a,little bit confusing so again if we,click here it says an unnecessary wordy,sentence that is me to the T so if you,click this what its going to do is its,going to just remove that blue,underlines indicate the grammarly is,spotted in an unnecessarily wordy,sentence to save you a few clicks there,is a link for grammarly in the,description of this video it is free for,you if you wanted to stick with the free,version but if you do go with the paid,version I may get a small commission,from that and I appreciate it because it,helps to support my YouTube channel so,at the beginning of the video I,mentioned about hedging and hedging is,when you use words such as these,probably most likely generally typically,so going back to this the reason that,you want to remove that word possibly is,youre using softer language and this,makes you less authoritative and I,struggle with this for sure Ill write,out emails or documents and Ill write,things like I think possibly probably so,if we click this all its going to do is,its going to remove that so that the,writing is a little bit more concise and,then if you go to this it says revise a,wordy sentence in an effortless manner,effortlessly revise a wordy sentence,grammarly is able to shift the words for,you so that it reads a little bit more,concisely so this is pretty clever in,what they do here is they tell you hey,there are 13 additional writing issues,but thats in the premium version so,thats kind of how they get you with the,upsell so we just highlighted some of,the differences just based on like,Google spell check with Google Docs,versus grammarly so now what I want to,do though is I want to highlight all,this text and Im going to copy and,paste it into this document so then when,we go to grammarly premium you can start,seeing the differences between premium,and a basic spell check thats provided,by Google so this to be a good time to,talk about the pricing so when you hit,this page as far as trying to figure out,whats the right fit for you the easiest,way to do this is if youre a student,youre in the middle if youre a,business it really starts with three,users or more so if you dont have three,users or more its not even allow you to,pick a plan for business so what Im,going to do is Im going to go with the,premium for individuals I am kind of,bummed though because I would love to,have these Snippets feature which is,where you can just like have canned,messages that you can easily pull up but,later in the video I will show you a,tool that you can use as a workaround if,thats something that youre interested,in so in my particular case Im gonna go,with the monthly because Im just,interested in showing you how the,features are different on the premium,service,one of the cool things with grammarly is,it allows you to set goals so that you,can tailor your writing and tone to your,style so for me I want to be,knowledgeable I tend to go on informal,Id say for domain Im typically kind of,more casual I as I just said kind of uh,tone I want to be optimistic friendly,and respectful and then intent is to,inform and tell a story so Im gonna,click done right here now lets take a,look at what has changed here now that,were in premium so I just copied and,pasted that original document here and,you can see that this is mentioning that,there are nine additional suggestions,that I can review in grammarly so Im,going to click this button right here so,this popped open here and Im going to,start with this so to correctly write a,sentence,to write a sentence correctly so just,simple kind of just word choice right,and then right here we have formality I,wanna to want to okay so then dont you,think uh that ones check your tone,were gonna put in a period there uh and,then this one is businessman uh it,should be business people or people in,business Im gonna go with people or,business people and then very helpful uh,constructive and these are the things,that youre not going to be able to pick,up on a basic spell checker right so I,wanted to do a plagiarism check and I,thought an easy one to do is Im a,Buffalo Bills fan and I would take an,article thats from May 6th so right now,its June 29th 2021 as making this video,so were going back uh almost two months,so Im just curious if grammarly is able,to check that so when youre actually in,the web tool right here what I did is a,new document and Im going to copy and,paste this information in here so this,is already giving us some uh examples,here things that could have been cleaned,up so this is interesting because this,is being pulled from an actual newspaper,and what theyre saying here is that,this should be before and then cleaning,this up again this is is a professional,writer wrote this and it said pre-draft,were the Chiefs was the Chiefs and bucks,so now what I want to do is uh we have,cleaned up their writing but I want to,do a plagiarism check and see if this,works for an article that was written,just a couple months ago,so its interesting because it didnt,pull up t

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Grammarly is Garbage, and Heres Why

grammar is one of those fun topics that,people either absolutely love,or absolutely hate grammar is the set of,rules that hold our language together,and as with any set of rules there has,sprung up a variety of interpretations,as to what is right,or wrong and if there even is such a,thing as,right or wrong when it comes to how we,use language,even if you dont think that youre,especially interested in grammar,chances are you have some opinion on,whether irregardless is a word,the use of they as a singular pronoun or,the almighty oxford comma,all that to say grammar is complicated,writing is complicated language,is complicated and if humans are good at,anything,its taking complicated problems and,creating equally complicated tools,to solve them one tool that we have,created to help our complicated language,problem,is grammarly which is the subject of,this video and of many many,many youtube ads,[Music],while it started as a simple spelling,and grammar checking tool,grammarly has become a one-stop shop for,helping you polish your writing,they purport to fix grammar mistakes,make your writing more clear,and even help you change the tone of,your writing,and honestly this sounds great,as a writing teacher i would love to see,more people write,more better,but can grammarly actually deliver on,this,can it make our writing better and if it,can,does having better writing actually mean,that we are,better writers and even if it does,is it a good thing to have an external,ai controlled tool that tells us whats,right,and wrong well,lets find out,[Music],the promises of grammarly are pretty,hefty,they promise to make your writing,polished and error-free,to ensure all of your punctuation marks,are used correctly,and to make sure that you end up with,flawless text that will impress your,readers,they even say that with their tool you,will build your writing skills,as you fix your mistakes and the thing,is,these promises arent kept and to be,fair this isnt grammarlys fault,because keeping these promises,isnt really even possible,see theres this thing called rhetorical,grammar which,put simply is when the purpose audience,and,content of your writing change how you,use,grammar in that writing now i know that,this sounds,boring as hell but its actually really,interesting,consider these two sentences i ate,the cake and the cake was eaten,the same thing happens in each sentence,but by phrasing things differently,you get something different out of it,in the first one i am doing something i,am,the actor i have had some kind of effect,on the world around me,in the second one something happens but,there isnt really a driving force,behind,it sure the cake was eaten but no blame,can be placed on,any party now this seems pretty harmless,right,well lets look at another example,an unarmed suspect was killed in an,officer-involved shooting,and a police officer shot and killed,an unarmed suspect just like with the,previous,example one sentence gives blame and the,other one,doesnt in one case you could even blame,the victim for being shot,they are the only actor in that sentence,after all,all of this is to say that while two,sentences,can be grammatically correct and,technically equivalent,we get a different meaning from them,depending on which construction we use,grammarly doesnt really take this into,account i mean it cant,in fact it defaults to always preferring,the active voice sentence that is the,sentence where there,is an actor who does an action grammarly,will,always say that the passive voice,sentence,the cake was eaten is incorrect and,should be changed,but passive voice isnt wrong,its a perfectly fine and valid,stylistic choice,it shouldnt be relied on and its easy,to overuse,but it is not wrong in fact,many of the things that grammarly marks,as incorrect just,arent they are stylistic choices that,can,fundamentally change the meaning of a,sentence,one concept that grammarly commonly,inappropriately flags,is wordiness here are some examples from,my own writing,where the suggestions were just,not good verb tenses,are not perfectly equal saying,instructors,are facing lower levels of engagement,does not mean the exact same thing,as instructors face lower levels of,engagement,the former implies that this is an,ongoing problem it is dynamic,the latter is static it just,is my point with this sentence was to,show that lower levels of engagement,can be changed which is why i went with,the,dynamic wording another thing,grammarly likes to point out is synonyms,they absolutely love telling you that a,particular word is overused and that you,should change it,but there is no such thing as a perfect,synonym connotations the little,tonal differences between synonyms is,important,and grammarly just kind of ignores that,like here where they want me to change,academic,to literary yeah in some contexts these,words could be interchangeable,but not this one grammarly no,even with some of the simpler things,like spelling grammarly isnt perfect,here i was talking about the composing,process,composing like writing and they wanted,me to change it,to composting like [ __ ],now all of these examples are indicative,of a bigger problem with grammarly,see i am an english professor and a,professional writer,i do writing and teach people how to,write for a living,im not infallible but i know my stuff,and i am able to tell where,grammarly is wrong i know the difference,between their good advice,and their bad advice and they do offer,some good advice,there are some grammar issues that they,found in my writing that i missed,there were some tonal and stylistic,changes that they suggested that i would,implement but they also,offered bad advice a lot of bad advice,and not just no that suggestion isnt,quite the tone that im going for,but stuff that was straight up wrong,for most people especially grammarlys,main consumer base of,college students and working,professionals who lack confidence in,their writing,they dont know how to tell when advice,is good or bad,they trust the program to tell them what,is right,and wrong but they shouldnt,because grammarly is far from perfect,not only is grammarlys advice sometimes,just,wrong but it also illuminates a larger,issue here,even if all of its suggestions were,correct,would that actually make us better,writers,well no not really,like imagine that you were given the,problem,minus 2 and you got 9 because if you add,the letters and both numbers together,you get,9. you happen to get the right answer,but,you dont actually know the math if you,stumble,into the correct answer with no idea how,you got there you dont actually,know the answer you cant replicate it,you havent actually,learned anything the same thing is,happening with grammarly,you trust the program to tell you what,is correct or incorrect,and so when it points out errors and,gives suggestions you accept it at face,value,and then when you get your paper back,with a good grade you assume that,everything was correct,but you never actually learned why your,grammar mistakes were mistakes,or why the corrections were correct,the thing about learning grammar is that,its actually really counterproductive,to just,have our errors pointed out to us this,is something that grammarly,actually does a little bit better than,most teachers though,teachers often just circle or underline,something that is incorrect but,grammarly also gives you an explanation,for,why something is wrong this is a good,thing,what is not good though is their claim,that this can help you learn,grammatical concepts it cant,maybe if you spend a lot of time reading,through every comment and,considering things with depth and,curiosity but,grammarly is marketed toward people who,are busy,and dont have the time to relearn,things on their own,so their customer base is,not super likely to actually sit down,and,slowly and meticulously sift through,every single comment,in order to gain a deeper understanding,of,i dont know commas places now i know,that some of you m

No-BS Grammarly Review (2021): Worth It Or Skip It?

grammarly has been the go-to for most,students and professionals theyve been,around for over 10 years proving to be,one of the best most trusted grammar,checkers grammarly can help you improve,your writing by coming up with useful,suggestions and feedback to get you back,on track in todays video well talk,about what grammarly is well cover its,features how it compares to other,writing tools and if its really worth,your money lets get into it,[Music],grammarly is a grammar checking,proofreading spell checking and,plagiarism checking tool all rolled into,one most people use it as a grammar,checker but there are a ton of extra,features that can improve your writing,the writers in our very own content,marketing agency use it on a daily basis,grammarly is best known for checking,grammar and spelling but what we love,about it even more is that it not only,finds where you made mistakes but also,shows you where to improve and teaches,you why these changes matter the issue,is shown on the left screen and you can,see the explanation on the right if you,switch to grammarly premium version it,checks for plagiarism by comparing your,writing to billions of web pages,[Music],grammarly is a freemium software tool,which means you can use the free version,forever all you need is a grammarly,account and you can use it on the,browser extension tool the desktop app,and the web browser but the free version,might not have all the features you need,in which case you can upgrade to,grammarly premium itll cost you around,12 a month if you purchase an annual,plan or around thirty dollars a month if,you choose to pay month to month,grammarly business helps companies that,hire many writers its similar to the,premium plan but its slightly more,expensive it costs around 1250 per month,for an annual subscription and is,calculated per user for a single,business subscription that can account,to 150 team members,grammarly is rated as one of the best,grammar software tools for good reason,lets go over some of its features that,make grammarly stand out when you sign,in to grammarly and upload your document,it lets you choose from a list of goals,to understand what kind of writing,youre doing and who your audience is,grammarly will do a quick scan and,youll start seeing results in around 10,seconds most grammar checkers simply,tell you what to change grammarly tells,you why it should be changed it breaks,down the feedback into four categories,correctness clarity engagement and,delivery it even has a scoring system,that takes into account how many errors,grammarly has spotted in your work even,grammarly can make mistakes from time to,time it takes a skilled writer to know,when to ignore a suggestion and trust,your instinct instead finding the best,word choice can be hard especially if,youre a less experienced writer,grammarly saves you the trouble by,coming up with other word choices to,make your life easier grammarly also has,other built-in features such as writing,conventions formality clarity passive,voice checker and proofreading which you,can read all about in our full written,review that you can find in the,description below,in todays market there are many other,grammar tools which makes it confusing,to know which one to choose each has its,own strengths and weaknesses but all do,the same job of checking grammar lets,see how grammarly compares to other,writing tools,weve reviewed and tested some of the,best writing tools and grammarly comes,out on top with pro writing aid writer,and white smoke not too far behind when,comparing pro writing aid to grammarly,both are good grammar checker options if,price is a concern the better choice,would be pro writing aid if accuracy is,your goal the safer bet would be,grammarly the good news is that you,cant really go wrong with either option,the only downside to grammarly is that,its only available in english for,international users or second language,students white smoke is a better option,as it has access to over 55 languages,and is also slightly less expensive than,grammarly writer is a newcomer with,similar features to grammarly but,businesses may prefer it because of its,integration options and style setting,options if youre looking at ginger,instead of grammarly the pricing is,affordable and it also has a language,support for over 60 languages but its,biggest downside is that there is no,plagiarism detector which puts it behind,grammarly,it is simple enough to change a grammar,mistake but grammarly helps you to,understand why whatever you decide to do,wed recommend using some type of,grammar checker that works better than,ms word or google doc most of the free,grammar apps are not in depth and may,miss lots of errors even the grammarly,free app did a better job in our tests,grammarly is compatible with all modern,web browsers such as chrome safari,firefox and lots more they also have,support for mobile devices and so both,android and ios users can now correct,their writing on the go with a grammarly,keyboard dont worry grammarly doesnt,collect data or save any private,information such as your password or,credit card details,its easy to ignore grammar mistakes and,think they dont matter but strong,writing skills make you appear more,confident and trustworthy with grammarly,you will see results even with the free,version if you want to become an even,better writer you can upgrade to the,grammarly premium version where you can,use some of the best grammar checking,software available today you can check,out our full grammarly review article in,the description below subscribe to this,channel for more reviews for rices,thanks for watching and well see you in,the next one

Grammarly Grammar Checker Review 2020: Comparing the Free VS Premium Memberships with a Live Demo!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel Jennifer Marie vo,where I teach you different ways that you can make money online,working from home. If you are one of my subscribers, you know,that many of my videos focused on becoming a paid,transcriptionist.,I also have a large playlist full of videos on different,transcription tools and websites to help you perfect your,transcription files before submitting them. transcribe me,is one of the transcription platforms that recommends you,use a tool called Grammarly to help you check your work for any,punctuation or spelling errors.,So in todays video, Im going to compare Grammarly Free Online,Writing assistance with their premium subscription plan. To,download Grammarly, Free Online Writing assistant and follow,along with me in this tutorial, click on my referral link in the,description below. First of all, I want to say that I am amazed,at how much this free tool has to offer. Im not even talking,right now about the premium version. Im talking about the,free version which is free forever. I always assumed that,you could only benefit from Grammarly. If you had the,premium membership, and I was wrong. Their free tool is,incredible. And I 100% recommend that you download it. You can,use this both as an extension for Firefox and for Google,Chrome. So again, go to the description below and click on,my link. And once you click on the link, itll direct you to,this page and will tell you to click to add it either to,Firefox or to Chrome.,So Im going to click Add to Firefox its free. Click,Continue to installation and click Add.,And now we can click ok got it. So I am going to show you the,free version first and then Im going to compare it with the,premium version and see what you get what you dont get and which,one I recommend for you. So Im going to click got it activate,Grammarly and then youre going to go ahead and install it by,putting in your email and your password. You can also sign up,with Facebook or Google or your Apple account. Okay, so right,here is the Grammarly app. You can see here we have my,Grammarly and click on account. If I click on subscription, you,can see here that I am using the free version which includes,basic writing corrections. It includes grammar, spelling, and,punctuation. So were going to go back to my Grammarly and what,were going to do is click on new,so this is the new Grammarly editor start a quick tour tells,you editing Made Easy get detailed feedback on your,writing and apply suggestions with just one click become a,better writer.,Go beyond grammar,set your goals,and were going to click start writing.,So you can just start typing whatever you want to type out or,you can copy and paste it so I have prepared a little Grammarly,demo, Im pretending This is a conversation on the telephone,between two different people and Ive made all sorts of different,mistakes. I have not tried this in Grammarly either the free,version or the premium yet. So were going to do this together,to see how much Grammarly catches and how many errors they,find and if they find everything or not. So Im going to go ahead,right click, click Copy. Now Im going to go back here and you,can either press Ctrl plus v on your keyboard to paste or right,click and choose Paste. Now another thing you could do is,click Upload. And then here you could go ahead and locate the,document that you would want to edit and you could edit it,straight into into Grammarly right here, but Im just going,to paste it. Okay, and Im going to add a title. So this is,Grammarly, free version demo. Okay, lets go through this. So,you can see in this first sentence, theyve ignored a few,things. This here should be changed from an AR to AR D. But,theyve missed that. But lets just see what they have caught.,So you can see here Ive written Hey, john, how are you feeling?,I heard you were sick. So this first sentence, they havent,corrected anything. But in the second sentence, theyve, if I,click on where, because I accidentally wrote where instead,of work for the purpose of this demo. And when you click on it,,theyre telling you that you need to write work, not where to,just click and it corrects it for you. Okay. Thanks for asking,jack. Im not bad.,Here, theyre telling you that there should be an apostrophe it,should be Im so you click that and theyve corrected it. But,have been feeling pretty rough the last week Did I miss,anything at work? Here? Theyre telling you that you need to put,a question mark because this is a question. So theyve corrected,that correctly. We had a big meeting last Friday. Again,,theyre telling you that,You need to capitalize the word Friday, which is correct. And,they told us that theyre going to give us a raise. So here,There should be a period and they have not told us that we,need a period. So thats one thing that they missed. Lets,keep going. I cant believe it, click on that.,Click cant, theyve corrected that for us. Did they tell you,when wed get the race, okay, I intentionally didnt put in an,apostrophe here to see if they would catch that they didnt.,extra money would really affect my family. Here. If I click on,effect, it should be an effect, not effect. So theyve caught,that as well.,Now, if you click here,,theyre telling us that really is unnecessary in the sentence,,consider removing it. If we were using Grammarly just as a writer,and not as a person who is transcribing, then we would,listen to this sort of feedback here about conciseness and,clarity. But because we are really only worried about as a,transcriptionist as correctness right here, because we cannot,just start taking out words that someone said, so if you were a,writer, you could really take advantage of these other tips,here, clarity and then engagement and delivery which,are premium. But for us as a transcriptionist, you would only,really need to worry about correctness. Okay.,So the next one, they are going to start giving raises to the,accounting department. First, I click on that, theyve told me,that we need to change this to there are they are, so were,going to use their by the way. And great theyre telling us we,need to put a comma after By the way, which is correct. By the,way next week is Kyles retirement party. So once we did,that, its also popped up it recognizes that we need to use,an apostrophe because it is a persons retirement party. So we,need to use Apostrophe S. So were going to click here,,Kyles retirement party, I need you to bring napkins, cups and,paper plates. Okay, here, there should be commas separating,napkins, and cups and they havent included that. So that,is something theyve missed. Well, lets keep going. I will,bring them if I am feeling better and able to go, I have to,see what Dr. Thompson says first. Okay, here, they havent,recognized that this should be capitalized Dr. Thompson. So,theyve missed that.,I hope you feel better soon. Remember to get lots of rest.,Thanks for the advice. Okay, here, were going to click on,advice.,Okay, so now that weve gone through that, theyre telling us,that there are a few little other things that they will only,tell us about if we get the premium. So theyre saying to,us, they know that this is a problem that we need to fix.,Potentially, this is a problem, maybe this maybe this,and maybe this as well. So theyre giving you a clue that,there are six other writing issues that are only available,for premium users, but on the whole, they have corrected a lot,of different mistakes for us already, just based in the free,version. Okay, I want to show you something else thats really,cool in the free version of Grammarly once you have,installed the extension, either on Chrome or Firefox, and lets,say Im writing an email to someone. You can see here that,Grammarly will be helping you anytime youre typing in,anything while youre using your browser. So lets say for,example, I am sending in an email, Im trying to get a job,,or maybe Im using Upwork or Fiverr. And Im trying to write,out someth

Grammarly Review : Is It Worth It for Freelance Writers? | Grammarly premium review

hi and welcome back my name is alma from,allencane.com and for today im going to,show you how i use grammarly this is a,grammarly review and see if you really,need it as a freelance writer so you can,see that ive been using it and i think,its perfect perfect perfect for,freelancers especially for freelance,writers copywriters even for bloggers,ive been using it for years and years,and years now why would i use something,like grammarly and not something like,hemingway or other online editors well i,trust grammarly i had to write a blog,post actually for my client about,grammarly and i had to ask other,bloggers about them using grammarly so i,really learned about grammarly i think,at that time and invested in it i dont,know if it was after that blog post or,if i did it before im not quite sure it,was probably after that blog post im,like you know what grumbly is a really,good tool i should invest in this and it,has totally helped me with my writing,im not the best writer i keep telling,you i am not the best writer but clients,love my writing people who comment love,my writing style ive been told that,its inspirational that its,informational that its easy to read and,i attribute a lot of that to grammarly i,do make the same mistakes over and over,again so you might see this i dont know,which pieces of copy on my blog have,been grammarly eyes,um so im gonna pick a landing page and,well see what happens i dont always,listen to grammarly what it tells me i,think as a writer especially as a,freelance writer you have the right to,do the things that you do to make an,effect of your writing especially if,youre doing like copywriting youre,going to have a certain style that an,editing tool like grammarly will not,agree with so you dont have to take,everything that grammarly gives you you,dont have to worry too about the score,that it gives you all right so let me,just show you what im talking about,here this is the piece of copy that i,will use but grammarly is a i use a,desktop version because im on my,desktop and as you can see i have been,using it,over and over again i guess this number,is how many mistakes there are,i dont know,thats the score they gave me but all i,do if i have the word doc i will import,it but a lot of the times i write my,blog post in wordpress i write my email,in convertkit and those are the two,forms of copy that i put to use for,grammar like i i use grammarly to figure,out if they have any mistakes especially,in my emails i dont do it all the time,so thats something that i need to build,into my schedule because i have sent,emails and as soon as my husband reads,it hes like oh you know theres a,mistake in the first sentence oh well,thats me,i am a mama twins so i blame that you,know being rushed what im gonna do is,im going to press new and here is where,im going to paste my copy so im just,going to do it in chunks,youre already seeing what is happening,it has assessed my writing it gave me a,75 overall which i dont even pay,attention to this but its telling me,off the bat that i have to improve my,spelling grammar and punctuation which,is always something for me i dont know,if its you know i grew up in a,multi-language household my dad spoke,danish to me my mom spoke spanish to me,so i dont know if that had an influence,or not,clarity its mostly clear which is,awesome engagement its a bit bland,which so surprising to me but its a,landing page so and i didnt put,everything in the page okay and all good,with a style guide i did not set any,goals so thats something to consider if,you do decide to use my special link,ill put in the description below from,grammarly you might want to set some,goals to help you with your writing its,suggesting to make this compound word i,think needs a hyphen what i would do is,i would go in the back end of my,original copy and fix it but im not,going to do that for you right now im,just going to show you the mistakes and,how i would improve my writing so i,would accept that and i would click that,but in reality if that was the case i,would see what i needed to fix and fix,it in real life on my piece of copy i,dont fix it here and then copy that and,re-paste it i dont do any of that this,is too wordy i wrote this landing page,probably one of the first or second year,of starting my own kane blog i was very,wordy a lot so this so that you can,could be shortened you definitely want,to shorten your content even though you,might be hitting award goal lets say,your client piece needs to be you know,1200 words and youre at 900 and you put,this to grammarly and its telling to,remove all this like fluff you have to,its fluff writing this is just filler,writing that you dont need to write and,so i would definitely change this so,its say this free mini course will help,you get paid to write online to earn an,income as a writer much clearer to know,with expectations i bet you this is a,comma that i dont need so i have issues,with commas i think a lot of writers do,it can be a bit subjective of where you,put your comma its saying that i dont,need a comma you dont always have to,follow what grammarly says with commas,well i dont because it doesnt make,sense to me lets see okay so,desperately try instead of desperately,trying i think also changing my the way,i form an action you know it wants it to,be more concrete saying its wordy so i,would change it again a comma probably,doesnt need it do you want to be a,freelance writer but sorry its i have,to keep scrolling it doesnt need a,comment before but but it needs a comma,before or,and then this tells me that its,probably too wordy and it wants me to,rephrase my sentence its unclear hard,to follow so the original is whether you,want to leave the job you despise or you,want to find a way to make money from,home this free course can help make that,happen and it wants to change it to,whether you want to leave the job you,despise not quite sure what that is or,find a way to make money from home this,free course so this you want to just to,remove that lets see what it looks like,yeah so it still has the same end result,of what i want to say and it just,shortened it and made it clearer for me,content marketing probably this is rely,maybe its supposed to be reliable,relies on relies upon again adding those,prepositions i have an issue with,prepositions for some reason i usually,use the wrong one content marketing,relies on and demanding see i dont see,relies upon relies content marketing,yeah i dont know if i like that that,change i would have to find a way to,change this content marketing ill just,say content marketing demands quality,content i would just snuff that out,completely practically every business,sometimes it would want me to change the,word because i use business too much i,dont like using company so im going to,keep it that keyword filled wants it to,be hyphenated,i dont know if i would do that heres,another rephrasing google is cracking,down on that and instead favors long,quality content that users find helpful,google is cracking down on that and,favors long quality thats fine too i,like that so long quality nope dont,want to hyphen at google nope dont want,to change that its going to want me to,write out six which that makes sense i,would definitely write out numbers below,10 write it out and then numbers after,10 you can just write the number 10,write the number 15. i would definitely,do that there needs to be a comma fast,track is probably hyphenated this,probably needs a comma this isnt going,to teach you how to write,comma and it wont teach you thats fine,i can do that oh look theres no space,here see,so its going to have me do that thats,i like things like that because thats,an oversight for me so i like that its,telling me i need to have a space,so thats nice so its changing i was,thinking to i thought this needs to be a,comma probably im a freshman i started,fans writing from scratch without an,experience comma and in six months comma,i was able to earn an

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