1. RIP ESCALADE! 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Review
  2. Jeep Wagoneer Mechanical Review
  3. The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer Takes on Big Boys Tahoe and Expedition
  4. 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer | Nutty Price, Many Rewards
  5. The 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L Is An Extra Large Twin-Turbo Flagship SUV
  6. Is the ALL NEW 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer the KING of luxury SUVs?
  7. 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer – Is It Worth the Hype?

RIP ESCALADE! 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Review

[Music],im yuri im jacob going for a drive,[Music],[Applause],2022 jeep grand wagoneer without launch,control,[Music],not bad thats a lot of power,horsepower and torque,471 horsepower 455 pound-feet of torque,from a 6.4 liter v8 so this is an,all-new suv bringing back a throwback,name from jeep what are the competitors,for the grand wagoneer the main ones,would be the cadillac escalade and the,lincoln navigator and also kind of the,bmw x7 and the mercedes gls what youre,saying is this is kind of luxurious this,is quite luxurious and what is the,starting price of this thing in us,dollars its 88 995,and if youre shopping for a new jeep,click the true car link in the top right,corner to get discounted price offers so,lets start off with the looks because,thats the most striking thing of this,because it is a throwback to the old,wagoneer which was the woody wagoneer,from breaking bad yeah so the first,thing that sucks about the design is,that its not a woody come on guys if,youre going to bring the name back make,it a woody i think i saw some red drinks,with that yeah that was so cool it,looked really good so starting with the,front end we do have a little bit of,throwback where the hood kind of goes up,around the grill and in the grand,wagoneer it says that in the chrome part,where a regular wagoneer will have the,letters on the hood and the grille,angles forward which is a heritage thing,and they also look different from each,other so from the front do you like the,looks of this more than the grand,cherokee owl yeah significantly more,like this is what the grand cherokee l,should have been i think okay now moving,on to the side view,weve got a very i guess debatable look,that people like or not like because of,the chrome little swoops that come,around all the windows yeah so there is,a obsidian version which blacks,everything out i i do think it looks,really good the chrome kind of works on,this its a little bit weird looking but,i kind of like that now because its,very different from every other suv it,gives it like a throwback 60s styling i,think yeah for sure especially once we,move around to the back but sticking to,the side i really like these wheels as,well yeah its a pretty cool pretty,chill multi-spoked design but what would,be the continental recommended tire for,the jeep grand wagoneer that would be,the cross contact lx25,back to the side body lines and,everything this is two-tone two-tone,comes standard on the grand wagoneers,and i love how they made the two-tone,part into the door its not just the,roof so when you open up you can see and,i think that adds a lot of different,two-tone-ness than the usual two-toners,yeah and im not too into this burgundy,color the last couple of stalantis,vehicles that weve driven evolved in,this color i think it looks pretty good,in like silver and white as well as long,as youve got the black roof and now,moving on to the back we continue that,chrome theme where it kind of comes down,like the window actually looks a little,bit small,from outside but in here you know you,got a lot of visibility i think the,looks look fantastic yeah i really like,the back end i love the grand wagoneer,lettering that made it huge and the fact,that its like copper on the side of the,letter its like its like angled coming,out its really impressive and the tail,lights look pretty cool i i really like,the look of this and we have sequential,tail lights and sequential turn signals,which is very awesome and then its also,black at the bottom to match the top and,those are your side steps that come out,when you open the door and then our,exhaust at the back is just two exhausts,dumped out the bottom we dont have any,fancy tips or anything which is nice,because that means they didnt do fake,tips right but we do have some very,lovely sounds coming from those two,exhaust tips from this 6.4 liter v8 so,lets take a listen to the outside,thats a hammy yeah now floor for me,inside yuri,muscular but like really toned down,luxury muscle yeah so looks wise this,compared to the escalade and the,navigator did they do a good job of like,sneaking jeep into a luxury car segment,i think they did i dont think it looks,the best but i think it looks the most,different which i i really do like i,think the cadillac escalade like,absolutely nailed it escalade and,navigator have better and like more,striking front ends where this has a,better and more striking everything else,but the front ends yes i would agree,with that and then x7 or gls,i think the x7 looks really really good,like really good and to time the luxury,from the outside to the luxury on the,inside if we look at the general looks,of this interior weve got this amazing,walnut wood and then weve got really,nice leather everywhere a lot of piano,black but this is a very expensive,luxury suv so it kind of makes sense,yeah it kind of does im still not a big,fan of it it is literally basically,everywhere but the materials in here are,very nice like even the vents the,finishes on the vents yes they are gloss,certain parts of their glass black but,this copper amazing yeah and then we can,get it in a whole bunch of different,colors as well like some of the lighter,colors may look nicer to you and then,there are some like cool different wood,patterns you can get in there in like,metal patterns and since im on the,passenger side i do really like seeing,this grand wagoneer in front of me and i,actually do have a passenger screen in,front of me as well which year you cant,actually see because the way they,designed the screen for driver safety,yeah its got one of those privacy films,on it and while were on the screen i,can actually input directions and things,i can actually watch netflix which well,get to later and i can send those,directions to the main screen from this,passenger screen i think this is one of,the best implementations of something,like this from any manufacturer ever,they actually did something better than,every other manufacturer so far with,screens in the back and that is having,amazon fire tv for auto back there which,means you can watch netflix youtube,disney plus all that stuff you have,remotes with hard buttons for everything,and you can mirror your iphone by,plugging into an hdmi but if you have an,android you can just mirror it,wirelessly yeah its a really really,good system like definitely the best,that weve ever seen like this is the,first yuri has been complaining that he,wants netflix in a car we have netflix,in a car and its not laggy or anything,like everything works as it should you,do need to connect to a wi-fi hotspot,this is a pre-production model so we,cant actually connect to the wi-fi,hotspot but when you buy one of these it,will have that and like i said earlier,you can actually watch netflix on the,passenger side and the driver cant see,it so you can actually watch it in the,front and the passengers in the back can,also watch netflix its awesome okay,lets get you behind the wheel talk,about the rest of the interior,infotainment power handling,lets do it i guess thats pretty much,our normal review thats a car review,since you break boosted it im just,gonna floor it,[Music],that was surprisingly better because,this thing is gigantic so we do have a,zf 8-speed auto it is really good really,smooth but not as smooth as like a,mercedes or something like that its,its very nice though this thing needs a,hellcat motor yeah it kind of does but,this is definitely the appropriate,amount of power for this its way better,than that jeep grand cherokee l with,that v6 so very floored very appropriate,yeah this is great it sounds good like,you put a little exhaust on here throw,some valves on it this is great but,hows the gas mileage uh 15 miles per,gallon quite terrible worse than its,competitors in the escalade in the,navigator and if you guys havent,noticed uh were actually on a bit of a,press event right now so were filming,in a different location but we did film,through cliche co

Jeep Wagoneer Mechanical Review

today were going to be reviewing the,Jeep Wagoneer now the wagoneers Jeeps,largest SUV its based on the Ram 1500,pickup truck with a body on frame,construction and today were going to be,taking a look under the hood and,underneath this vehicle to see whats,inside and how it works and were going,to start under the hood where we have,Jeeps Antiquated 5.7 liter V8 engine,situated longitudinally for a rear wheel,drive layout now this engine is going to,be replaced by an inline 6-3 liter so,were not going to really judge it too,much for what it is now this engine is,made into an 8-speed automatic,transmission down underneath the vehicle,with a proper transfer case for a four,wheel drive setup taking a look at how,things work under the hood here you can,see weve got the air intake system,where air is going to be drawn in right,here through the air filter and then,sent directly to the throttle body this,engine is naturally aspirated now,changing the air filter is pretty,straightforward theres just four bolts,pops right off and then you have access,to the air filter and with the air,intake out of the way you can see it,frees up a lot more space around here we,have the dryer by wire throttle body,its going to feed air directly into,this plastic intake manifold which is,going to distribute it to the eight,cylinders now taking a look at the,passenger bank here you can see the,changing spark plugs are pretty easy you,just have these ignition coils that you,pop off and you get easy access to the,spark plugs now those are actually,sitting on top of a plastic valve cover,over here which then sits on this,aluminum head further down in between,here you can see this Rusty thing is,actually an iron block thats right Jeep,is still using an iron block with their,5.7 hemis now similarly over here on the,drivers side the spark plugs are pretty,easy to access I really like this old,school design you dont have to take off,any intake manifolds or any other,brackets or anything in the way its,pretty easy to work on now in terms of,the oil changes this vehicle does use 0w,20 weight oil and the oil dipstick is,pretty easy to access right here while,were on the topic of Maintenance lets,take a look at the dry build setup you,can see down there we have the,crankshaft then weve got this big belt,here that runs to this giant motor,generator this is part of Jeeps,e-torque system which is a mild hybrid,system first functioning like a,generator which is going to charge the,48 volt battery down underneath the,center console inside the vehicle and,then thats going to charge the 12 volt,battery over here now as a motor this,can also apply torque through this belt,down to the crankshaft at the bottom,there so you get much faster start stops,when youre idling instead of powering,all eight cylinders and wasting gas I,find it strange that theyre using a,grooved belt rather than a tooth belt in,order to transfer torque down to that,crankshaft but you can see that using,two idlers one hydraulic over here and,then just one regular idle over here so,that they can power that now just below,that working off the same belt we do,have the AC compressor at the bottom now,moving over to the cooling system is the,secondary belt here we have this water,pump now this is just a stretch belt,theres no tensioners on it now if you,follow that water pump pulley around the,water pump is actually this giant piece,of aluminum here thats attached to the,front of the engine it actually gets,replaced as an entire assembly with the,thermostat hidden inside of here now,speaking of coolant here we have a giant,plastic radiator fan right up at the,front here and then in front of it we,have the radiator cap and of course the,radiator would sit over here now what I,do like is that this vehicle is large,enough so you dont have to remove the,entire front fascia in order to change,out the fan or the radiator it just kind,of slides out this way now looking down,in the front here looks like you might,have active Grille shutters to help with,warming up as well as fuel economy on,the highway now when behind the drive,belt we do have a timing chain out,theres not much to see here but theres,a single camshaft located within the,block itself theres no overhead caps,because this uses a push rod design,however there are things like variable,valve timing as well as cylinder,deactivation and those solenoids are all,located underneath this intake manifold,at the top of the engine here you can,see weve got this fuel rail this is,Port ejected only which is good because,you dont have to worry about carbon,building up the back of the valves now,this is a pretty old-school engine which,means that there is no direct injection,for a better economy now next up on the,drivers side weve got the braking,system here you can see the reservoir,and the computer off to the left here,inside here is the ABS motor youll,notice that theres no vacuum power,brake booster or any traditional style,master cylinder thats because,everything is done through this module,over here thats why the brakes are are,very non-linear and sometimes really,touchy but it also means youre going to,have to get a computer in order to,activate this to pressure bleed it you,cant do it the old school way now,looking at the some of the components,here weve got the engine computer,located next to the 12 volt battery,pretty easy to access and work on,because theres just so much room in,this engine bay whereas the Grand,Cherokee had it underneath the passenger,seat so heres the fuse box on the,drivers side and one thing I dont like,is that a lot of Manufacturers are,integrating relays into this fuse box to,make the entire thing replaceable as,opposed to having those relays that you,can actually just change by itself that,makes it a lot more expensive now,looking at the back of the headlight,unfortunately theres no bulbs or,anything to replace because the entire,thing is Led so you will actually have,to replace the entire headlight assembly,which is going to be pretty expensive in,a thousand hours or so or whenever these,LEDs burn out heres another thing I,dont like radar sensors which are right,at the same height as your kid when it,comes out of karate class and these are,going to be pretty expensive to replace,not to mention calibrate look at the,ground strap on this between the body,and the engine looks like its made of,paper first thing I do is upgrade that,this bracket here is made for every,other engine except this 5 5.7 liter,engine and once you remove that bracket,all you have is this thin little fender,liner here in the wheel underneath,thats because none of this stuff here,is structural its a body on a frame,vehicle which means that the frame runs,over here and this is just a hang on,panel overall under the hood things are,pretty well laid out and easy to get to,with a lot of room to work on lets go,down underneath the vehicle to take a,look at whats going on taking a look,under the Wagoneer you can see that,theres no body panels or skid plates or,anything covering up underneath its,just all laid out very easy to access,but also not really protected from the,elements now were going to start at the,front here and make our way towards the,back this here is the tubular structure,that runs along the length of the,vehicle and it begins in the front here,where It Bolts against this radiator,cradle which is backed with steel which,I like as opposed to having plastic in,there but just underneath the front,bumper here we have this plastic spoiler,and its controlled by this electronic,motor and what it does at higher speeds,is its going to deploy which is going,to prevent air from coming underneath,the vehicle to give you better,aerodynamics at highway speeds I,definitely need that when youre rushing,the kids down to school on a Monday,morning down underneath here is the,cooling fan assembly this entire thing,is just one giant piece of plastic under,the radiator petcock valve now from th

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The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer Takes on Big Boys Tahoe and Expedition

im here to tell you all about the new,jeep wagoneer spoiler alert its really,big i think you can see that it looks,like the camera is a block,[Music],away three row suvs are the new family,trucksters in america the vehicles that,shuttle the brood to grandmas house in,soccer practice jeep has not had,anything to counter expeditions sequoia,suburban tahoe yukon or even,stellantiss own durango let alone the,blizzard of triple row crossovers,available wagoneer doesnt just revive a,storied name it finally gives jeeps,something to sell to those that need to,schlep 8 humans how much is a wagon here,a base model with rear drive starts at,70 000,and just so you know you can get into a,chevy suburban starting at 54. this one,82 000 has tested well equipped and,theres a new fancy model called the,grand wagoneer it starts at around 85,000,and can climb up past 106 grand,talk about new territory for jeep,so yeah you can get a wagoneer that goes,toe to toe with escalade and navigator,but the fake wood cladding thats off,the table designers say it just doesnt,work with this body style instead,theyve stuck it on the inside where,owners see it more often buying the,plane non-grand wagoneer well then it,runs with this powertrain a 5.7 liter v8,thats not just a hemi it gets an,e-torque 48 volt mild hybrid system,making 392 horsepower,and 404 pound-feet of torque so you know,grand wagoneer runs with a 6.4 liter v8,without e-torque,[Music],both wagoneers run with 8-speed,transmissions manual shifts are done,here,this particular vehicle has quadra drive,2 with 2 speed transfer case and various,drive modes to help tackle different,terrains it also has the optional,quadralift air suspension with,semi-active damping part of a 2300,advanced all-terrain package it ups,ground clearance to 10 inches it lowers,its speed for better aerodynamics not,that big square slips through the wind,like a bird,wagoneer is large and its heavy too,6300 pounds on average but it is not,pokey zero to 60 in just under seven,seconds,sounds good off the line too,theres decent power for passing on,two-lane roads wagoneer is a,body-on-frame vehicle jeep points out,that this is not simply a ram 1500,architecture wagoneers foundation is a,couple inches wider the rear suspension,is a five link independent setup with,coil springs for a large three row suv,wagoneer corners well its pretty easy,to drive its also very comfortable,especially on the highway no micro,corrections it would be great as a road,tripper especially because its luxury,car quiet,except for the fuel economy the epa,rates the average at 17,mpg that would be a lot of gas,its as car-like as youre going to get,considering the size the seating,position is very high those prone to,altitude sickness youve been warned,this is what people want these days low,road hugging vehicles seem to be relics,of the past,and while it feels its size from behind,the tiller and feels top heavy in hard,cornering wagoneers driving dynamic is,as trim as youre going to find in class,remember this is a body on frame vehicle,very impressive,hard to know how many wagoneers will,venture off pavement but know that as,equipped it does the kinds of things,that you would expect from a jeep here,are a couple shots from mud fest and suv,of the year competition where it moses,through the extreme off-road course,without breathing,hard and not sure if you noticed theres,no trail rated badge on the flanks it,does this all very discreetly for those,that need to tow it can tug up to ten,thousand pounds its one of the reasons,why people buy these,but many are simply used as family,vehicles,which is like cutting butter with,chainsaw in the burbs it navigates,cul-de-sacs well the turning radius is,38 feet in dense urban traffic and,parking garages its not as much fun,simply because of its size its a little,longer than tahoe about a foot shorter,than suburban,lets talk about active electronic,safety tech standard on wagoneer is,adaptive cruise control lane keeping,assist which is pretty good and,automatic emergency braking with,pedestrian and bicycle detection and,that is very important on suvs that are,this large because these grills are so,high it can be hard to see pedestrians,and pets in front of you you have to pay,attention the mild hybrid system acts a,bit as a torque fill unit as the,transmission is switching gears meaning,its as smooth as a babys cheek,and ill let you determine whether its,that one or that one i havent driven,the grand wagoneer but the bones are,certainly here for a very luxurious,truck nearly all modern vehicles have,automatic engine stop start systems,these days not all of them are all that,great but this one,this one,is nearly imperceptible when shutting,down because of the e-torque system and,startup,is very very smooth you may not notice,it seriously its that good it can be,turned off but i doubt that youll ever,want to,maybe in really heavy stop and go,traffic jams but yeah its impressive,and so is the cabin this is a wagoneer,series 2. for reference theres a series,3 but no series 1 yet and this niceness,is without venturing up to grand,wagoneer really i see the 2 as the sweet,spot since all of the materials look and,feel great and its stuffed with,features that make family life easy,parenting can be hard so comfy heated,and vented seats are a plus,this is heated my very petite wife,easily found a comfortable driving,position because of all the ways it can,be configured a 12 year old could try,fitz if that were legal dont get any,ideas kids grab handles are in the right,places too,tunes are important to me this alpine,system with surround sound is very good,its loud its rich,the base a little bit boomy for my taste,i did get the chance to briefly test the,macintosh system thats available in,wagoneer and gotta say if youre an,audiophile,do not pass on that its amazing door,panels dont get loads of cubbies to,squirrel things away but the rest of the,wagoneer has plenty of storage areas and,this being a large vehicle some of them,are quite spacious a small dog or this,standard sized ipad is easy to stash,away and really do i need to tell you,not to put pets in here,1200 bucks buys a separate passenger,control screen could be cheaper than,marriage counseling,lots of charge ports this one is,equipped with wireless phone charging it,has all the amenities of a small condo,other than a bathroom and a kitchen the,uconnect user interface has a clean easy,to use flow about it and the touch,response is among the best in the,business and there are knobs where they,should be so jeep gets kudos here as,expected android auto and apple carplay,are standard and wireless,row two can be had with captains chairs,this ones outfitted to maximize people,hauling the kids sports team will look,your way for carpooling duties,obviously you can dial in as much or as,little legroom as needed with over eight,inches of travel its easy to get,situated here for those in cold climates,this is for you,the floor is nice and flat its helpful,that these are built in,again door panels dont have multiple,pockets like gm suvs the glass roof lets,passengers view the whole big sky when,in montana the only thing keeping,electronics from being charged is,forgotten courts,access to row three,is a piece of cake though being a truck,wagoneer does have a higher floor older,folks and small kids might have issues,climbing in not all three row suvs have,roomy waybacks wagoneers is impressive,notice that my knees arent up by my,chin thats because the cushions are,high enough thigh support is good and,the seats are contoured theyre actually,pretty comfortable im five foot nine,headroom is good so is knee and leg room,this is a third row after all,plenty of storage there are cup holders,there are usb ports there are vents and,loving the sunroof back here ive got my,own there are belts for three if youre,gonna use them all i would put kids back,here but two full-sized adults,theyll be comfortable seriously,

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2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer | Nutty Price, Many Rewards

[Music],the all-new jeep grand wagoneer this,marks jeeps re-entry into the segment,that is the premium three-row,body-on-frame suv which means this,competes against things like the,cadillac escalade and lincoln navigator,when you get into a grand wagoneer for,the very first time youre gonna be,struck by one thing and that is the,sheer volume or size of this thing and,to be honest if youre buying a product,like this thats exactly what you want,this is a very very usable vehicle and a,true three row which means getting into,the third row isnt a penalty you dont,feel like youre in a coffin back there,you can be a full-size adult and feel,comfortable the second row at least in,this configuration is a set of captains,chairs and they are great and due to,thats basically canal boat or water,taxi side profile with all of its glass,the cabin is super airy this vehicle is,a very pleasant place to be at least in,the back two rows you do the sheer,amount of glass in this thing the sun,roofs the side glass theres a really,good sense of airiness to this cabin,when you fold down the rear seats there,is a ton of rear volume in this thing,and due to its entirely flat load floor,you could use this essentially as a,truck if you needed to to haul your two,by fours and all that other fun stuff,but i will say this the rear tailgate,does not have a split open function,something like a lincoln navigator or,cadillac escalade you cant separate the,rear glass from the tailgate,when it comes to the front seats of this,thing they are some of the best ive,been in in any american product they are,very comfortable they arent so soft,where they feel like a fat dog or,basically a water bed they hold up on,long journeys is what im saying the,massaging function works great and they,fit a wide variety of body types and get,the seat up nice and high if youre a,shorter driver or if youre a taller,driver like myself you can get far,enough back and low enough and because,of all the glass theres still great,visibility the general ergonomics of the,front are pretty good all your controls,release your primary controls are still,physical while there are still some,haptic controls you have,a great use of storage in the front the,door cards are medium size but your,center arm rest is massive and the glove,box is kind of average,when it comes to the interior technology,because this is a series one which means,its not fully loaded we dont have the,full monty but i will talk about the,three primary screens you have a large,android auto or android automotive great,infotainment screen on the top it has a,mix of physical and touch controls but,like most of the stellantes products now,it is very very easy to use android,automotive gives fca or solantas the,flexibility of future ota updates and,the added benefits of security weve,also properly inspect the processor,speed so its really fast to use the,bottom screen is your hvac controls,your seat controls and some of your,other things it is also a folding screen,which means or a retractable screen,which when you press a button it will,fold up and you have a set of basically,a small storage place for your phones,and a set of charging ports,your primary screen in this vehicle or,your gauge cluster is all digital which,is not a bad thing the black levels are,good its fast to react and theres a,ton of auxiliary information so if,youre going to use this thing for,towing or off-road you should be covered,in that regards the last piece of,interior technology im going to bring,up is the macintosh audio system take a,look at of our take a look at our,objective audio test done by your audio,engineer but,very quickly the one thing i will say is,this is a far from a reference audio,system really favors bass so if you like,a more neutral sound profile you might,not like this audio system,when it comes to overall interior design,salon has put a lot effort in this thing,and you if you were coming from a more,legacy jeep product youre probably,going to be blown away by this thing and,for the most part this is a really nice,cabin theres a good use of wood in this,thing which is a nice throwback to,wagoneers of yesteryear the leather,feels great and some of the primary,switch youre dealing with like the,shifter volume controls and some of that,stuff feels very high quality,but there is some,i hate to call it cheapness but,cheapness in this cabin like the the,door handle does not feel of a product,that is 90 000.,there is way too much piano black,plastic in this thing and a product that,is this expensive ill leave that up to,you but with all that said i think its,time for us to head into the shop and,put this thing up on the left,oh teddy,this,looks,like an absolute,beast it is mark this is the grand,wagoneer this is jeeps re-entry into,the premium three-row truck based suv,what does that mean this competes,against things like the lincoln,navigator and the cadillac escalade and,the infinity abomination its like the,qx1000,yes uh this is a big boy and theres,also the regular wagoneer from jeep,which is largely the same but less,premium okay this is built on the ram,platform it has nearly the identical,front suspension geometry off the ram,however the ram 1500 yes the 1500 but,the rear suspension is no longer a,bmx or a liver axle it is independent,and the floor is all new so really they,took the ram platform and heavily,modified it for this application which,is a three row suv that in rear wheel,drive form can tow ten thousand pounds,and then four wheel drive can tell like,90 700 9800 basically best in class,towing and that was one of their key,objectives and in typical in typical,jeep fashion after spending time with,their chief engineer on this product the,thing that they stress to me and whether,or not thats particularly important to,customers ill argue in a second that,this had to maintain the off-road,capability of a jeep product thats not,a marketing term for them it really is,something theyve baked into all these,products and in adverse conditions,off-roading trails and stuff like that,trying to make it idiot-proof for a,person whos gonna drive this thing,year-round and keep their families safe,in bad weather,conversely though that does add cost and,complexity and as we talk about all the,time you try to get one product to do,everything it becomes compromised in,many ways yeah in this car case it,suffers in two ways immense weight this,thing is like over 6 000 pounds i think,and not the best fuel economy im,getting about 10 miles per gallon on,average so,so mark in the front of this thing lets,talk about the suspension architecture,you have a double wishbone front,suspension you have a aluminum lower,control arm a giant air shock and air,ride comes standard on the grand,wagoneer with a,adaptive damper and you get a,steel plastic,upper control arm it is a steel control,arm coated in like a plastic polymer,you got a nice huge accumulator that can,double as like maybe a scuba diving,so they keep it up front with a bleeder,valve you see,i mean,this is massive it is its real heavy,duty you have an eps system that is,variable ratio,uh depending on what trim level you get,in the regular wagon uniform you can get,all the skid plates for when you go,off-roading you have a zf gearbox in the,front in the regular wagoneer you get a,5.7 with their etorque system which is a,mild hybrid and then in this the grand,wagoneer only comes one way thats with,a 6.4 liter which best in class power,im going to use that a lot because the,jeep engineers do,it goes through a zf 8-speed gearbox as,they call a torque flight and then in,the grand wagoneers form it gets a,two-speed transfer case a true low-range,transfer case as well for when you are,in bad weather you need to go,off-roading and the grand wagoneer comes,standard in the back with an e-diff or,an electronic rear limited slip,differential where in the 5.7 base model,of the wagoneer you get a traditional,rear mechanical diff,it defini

The 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L Is An Extra Large Twin-Turbo Flagship SUV

nearly two years ago Jeep returned to,the large three-row truck-based family,SUV segment with the all-new Wagoneer,and Grand Wagoneer now when you compete,with vehicles like the Expedition and,Expedition Max the Tahoe and the,Suburban we all knew that jeep was,planning several different variants of,the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer which is,why Im out here just outside of Bozeman,Montana with all the trees the mountains,and the very loud cows in the background,with this gigantic Beast this is the,2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L the lme this,is now the new longer wheelbase version,because the company has stretched the,overall length by about a foot but they,didnt stop there they actually replaced,the old 6.4 liter V8 with a new 3-liter,twin turbo inline 6 under the hood,dubbed the hurricane so if you guys have,had your eye on the Wagoneer or Grand,Wagoneer but you required something with,a little bit more space as the all-new,2023 L version Stack Up stay tuned to,find out,[Music],so its not every day that an all new,product gets a new engine the following,model year but thats exactly what jeep,has done here because they knew the V8s,were a good option but they were also a,thirsty option so underneath the hood,theres a new three liter inline six,its going to be offered in two,different outputs a standard output and,the Wagoneer and a high output version,they dubbed hurricane 510 in the grand,wagon here this is under a new hurricane,engine family its what theyve,basically named the engines internally,and underneath here youre going to find,a three liter twin turbocharged double,overhead cam inline six its got direct,injection its got two turbos with boost,pressure ranging from 22 PSI on the,standard output Wagoneer to 26 PSI on,this model here because its the high,output 510 in the Grand Wagoneer the,output number is also impressive 420,horsepower on the standard output with,468 pound-feet of torque thats an,increase of about 40 horsepower from the,5.7 liter V8 in the current Wagoneer,however this model here makes 510,horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque,thats an increase of about 30,horsepower versus the old 6.4 liter V8 I,want to point out that you can still get,the 6.4 and the 5.7 on the short,wheelbase versions Jeep will offer them,as a no-cost option you can also get the,new inline six as a two thousand dollar,up charge on the short wheelbase,versions of the Wagoneer and the Grand,Wagoneer remember the standard output is,limited to the Wagoneer while the high,output is limited to the Grand Wagoneer,now all goes out through an eight-speed,automatic transmission thats a ZF,design transmission and in the Grand,Wagoneer four-wheel drive is going to be,standard they offer two different,versions of their four wheel drive,system on the Wagoner you can also get,this vehicle with rear-wheel drive,all-wheel drive four-wheel drive and a,trail rated four-wheel drive system,because this is a Jeep the company still,wants you to be able to know that you,can take this vehicle off-roading if you,need to even though this one is pretty,pretty big now in terms of fuel economy,that did improve about 15 versus the V8s,the standard output model can get up to,24 MPG on the highway if you guys go for,the two wheel drive version this model,here kind of drops it down to around,1420 MPG 17 combined premium is going to,be recommended for maximum performance,the company did not quote a 0-60,performance but we brought our testing,equipment uh keep in mind we are at,around 4000 feet above sea level here,were going to see what we can get out,on the actual Road in terms of Towing,this vehicle still can tow among the,best in the segment Jeep claims that,this model here will tow a maximum of 9,750 pounds that is a little bit less,versus the 10 000 that we got from the,V8 but still this is basically 10 000,pounds so for those of you who basically,want to tow or you want better fuel,efficiency this new hurricane engine,should be a win-win on both fronts but,lets go ahead and close the hood,and talk about the styling of the 2023,Grand Wagoner now this vehicle was just,introduced so it didnt really need any,styling differences of the front however,I do want to point out that this,particular one here that Im showing you,has the obsidian or its the obsidian,trim Jeep now offers the obsidian as a,single trim thats kind of based off of,the series 2 Grand Wagoneer and they,also offer an obsidian Series 3 which is,basically everything plus all the black,accents you can see you have the,traditional seven slot Jeep Grille here,which is painted in Black which looks,really good with the bright white,exterior all wagoneers and Grand,wagoneers will come with their full LED,headlights you can see it has a,sequential LED turn signal LED low and,high beams LED fog lights more black,accents here with functional openings,this engine is going to require some,cooling you also have these very,pronounced front tow hooks with the,Wagoneer kind of boldly spelled out at,the front fascia in terms of the width,this vehicle is just under 80 inches,wide they didnt really change in the,width compared to the short wheelbase,models Im going to refer to those as,the Shorties for the rest of this video,but looking at the rest of the side,profile you can see this is a huge SUV,because remember its built off of the,ram 1500s body on frame architecture and,what they essentially did is they,stretched the wheelbase so the wheel,between the front and the wheel the rear,wheels seven inches so this is now 130,inch long wheelbase its overall length,was has been stretched by a foot so at,an overall length of nearly 227 inches,long this is now the longest of all the,competitors so its longer than,something like a Chevy or Suburban or a,Ford Expedition Max which again for,those of you who are looking at those,Vehicles youre going to want something,of this size now in terms of the wheels,my particular tester has a 22 inch wheel,thats also painted in this kind of jet,black I really like the way the wheel,wheels look when I first tested the,Grand Wagoneer it had kind of like a,chrome polished look this black look is,definitely a little bit more trendy but,its wrapped in a 285 45 R 22 inch tire,looks really good with the bright white,exterior you have painted wheel arches,and then this model here you can also,get it with air suspension which is,standard on the Grand Wagoneer itll,Jack the vehicle up from like just under,eight inches of ground clearance to,nearly 11 inches of ground clearance so,again its a Jeep Grand wagoners however,Q mine are not trail rated because of,the 22 inch wheels if you want a trail,rated Wagoneer you have to go to the,standard Wagoneer and then add an,off-road package that will give you an,18 inch wheel now again just like other,models you can see here Grand Wagoneer,is spelled out along the side boldly,with the American flag right behind it,and then you can see here this two-tone,exterior color looks good with the black,mirrors the black roof it kind of goes,really well with the bright white,exterior and then over here this is,where jeep has changed the styling,because because of that increase in the,overall length the rear doors are,slightly larger so you get a slightly,bigger opening to get back here and then,this area right here you can really tell,they kind of just lengthened it because,essentially theres about five inches of,additional overhang at the back which,they were able to give us into the cargo,area of this vehicle so for those of you,who need to carry more stuff along with,bringing around seven or eight people,this can now do that because of the,longer overall size now looking around,the back of the vehicle the overall,design is pretty much the same the,taillights are the same you still have,Grand Wagoneer boldly spelled out at the,back the rear tailgate they say is also,exactly the same more of those black,accents here you can see this one here,has the Quadra drive two four wheel,drive system w

Is the ALL NEW 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer the KING of luxury SUVs?

[Music],hey guys whats up its joe rady from,rateys rides were here in new york,for the national media event of an suv,many of you including this guy right,here weve been waiting for it this is,it this is the,return of a famous name but in an all,new rapper this is the all new 2022,jeep grand wagoneer but before we get,into this full-size,luxury suv from jeep lets talk about,whats going on here jeep,they are just a bunch of gangbusters man,because they are bringing some new,models to market,new technology with the jeep wrangler 4,by e but theyre also going back to,their roots,and taking the name wagoneer and grand,wagoneer,and bringing it back to the forefront,now jeep has not had,a full-size suv like this especially,such a rich luxury base so this vehicle,is really meant,to go up against you know it you guessed,it the lincoln navigator,and the cadillac escalade very,interesting because those are two,other american luxury producers luxury,vehicle producers in the auto industry,this would even go up against if you,want to do german,a bmw x7 now jeep celebrating that 80,years,of building vehicles wanted to make a,grand wagoneer that not only had those,luxury touches,but also had off-road capabilities so,theres a lot of surprising,things that they brought to the table,technology-wise,especially when we get into the interior,so what i want to do is i want to find,out,is this the king is there a new king to,crown,with full-size luxury suvs,with this grand wagoneer and i want to,try to compare it to one of the,big heavy hitters the lincoln navigator,lets go ahead,lets dive into our grand wagoneer and,find out,right off the bat the styling its crazy,because remember we brought to you,the concept of the grand wagoneer,late last year and they really brought a,lot of styling touches when we started,the front of the business,heres what we got full led lighting you,got your,projector beam led headlights led,daytime running lamps,and the style mimics perfectly what the,concept brought,love this nice aluminum style trim that,goes,all the way around the headlight housing,and they did a great job,to keep things on the smaller side to,kind of tone down,the size of this full suv now,as you drop down youre going to get the,separated led fog lamps love all the,little intricate touches nice details,they didnt try to make this area look,like a fake vent they just gave it a,nice texture design,and theres some more of that aluminum,style finish,working your way all the way to the,bottom youre going to get this metallic,gray which i think works perfect with,our particular white,grand wagoneer now of course being an,official jeep you are going to get those,tow hooks,those are going to be perfect to yank,the navigators the escalades and,everybody else out of the mud,the snow and the sand but nice to have,those,nice shiny bits at the front that are,fully functional,welded to the frame that box frame body,on,frame construction really gonna make,this very very rugged now,as we come across the front on the grand,wagoneer youre gonna get some unique,distinctive touches and dont worry we,also have the wagoneer coming as well,but on the grand wagoneer especially our,level three model we have the wagoneer,name they took it off the hood,brought it to the top of the grill you,got that iconic,seven slotted grill on this level three,trim youre gonna notice,the bronze finish that outlines all the,letters there,very very classy touch we have a,forward-facing camera,nicely mounted in that grille area,all of this is fully functional and you,have such,great detail look at the detail of the,inside perimeter,area of each of those seven slots,keep working your way down there is some,gloss black,nothing too crazy you do have night,vision,of course that new technology that we,brought to you on the grand cherokee,l is of course on this grand wagoneer,keep working our way down,love this nice aluminum finish and then,like i said those,massive tow hooks it looks aggressive,without being too over the top which is,wonderful now when we get up onto the,hood,they actually took some of the design,cues remember grand wagoneer,and wagoneer have been around since 1963,model year 1963,so they took some of that styling of the,hood i love the way they kind of fold it,down,to sit right above the grill area like,that original,grand wagoneer back portion youre going,to get some nice,gloss black design it isnt,functional so we are going to zonk that,but from an aesthetic standpoint,looks great and we have a nice bulge to,the hood because,we got hemi power underneath the hood,now as we come around the bend,look at the nice smooth surfaces all the,way around,what do we have massive 22 inch wheels,now youre going to have,options youre going to have options,wheels starts with a 18,on the wagoneer you can work all the way,up to the 22,on this level 3 series 3 trim,love the aluminum finish look at what,they did this beautiful almost looks,like a,hand sanded casting,on each of these inner bits all the way,around the wagoneer name,looking classy and like i said 22-inch,wheel you got standard 4×4,gonna get the traction to the ground and,if youre wondering whats the size of,this,youre looking at 285 on the width and a,meaty 45 series sidewall we have that,traditional,fender opening of the jeep products and,im so glad they went,full body color on all the fender,treatment,of course were gonna get that quadra,lift air ride suspension and this is an,upgraded version that has,that adaptive quality that active,adaptive quality,to adjust the compression and rebound,damping so this just soaks up,all the bumps very nicely now continuing,down the side,love the hard body lines and the fender,nice fender flare there youre going to,get the grand wagoneer name,perfectly placed on the doors with the,american flag thats paying,tribute to where the jeep brand first,started,and one thing i also think is so smart,is the high,belt line that they did it really gives,it unique proportions i know a lot of,people were saying well that looks like,a yukon that looks like,this look at that you got to see it in,person to really get the full effect,on this grand wagoneer youre going to,have those electric dropping running,boards,very nicely done plus the suspension,within seven,seconds drops a little bit as well when,you go to get,out and into the vehicle to help with,that they actually quickened up that,process,from about 13 seconds they knocked it,down to seven,color matched on the mirror caps we have,our 360 degree cameras,great size with some of that trim and,the led turn signals,i love the way they have some of that,aluminum finish along the bottom of the,door both doors front and rear,and then look at how they did that,beautiful trim,from front to rear look at how they did,the bright shiny metal work,around the window openings very very,unique the way it,follows along the bottom then curves,back up,they did everything that they could to,kind of make this as,thin as possible strong but also thin to,really,open up the glass the side glass youre,going to get that two-tone style the,black roof,with the white spot on the money,love the way they did the details in,your roof rails,nice aluminum finish with a little bit,of gloss black to match,with the black roof but you can see how,i was telling you,with that bright shiny metal work it,follows perfectly,around each of the pieces of side glass,but yet it flows down the side of the,vehicle as well,youre going to get color matched on the,door handles with just a little bit of,black on top,and then working our way towards the,rear you can see how they just,enlarge that rear corner window and im,glad that they,ended it im glad they didnt bring it,all the way to the edge,i think that would kind of make it blend,in with the rest of the competition and,if youre comparing this to the,navigator,think about it up front we got a much,smaller grill,area we have softer curves but yet still,that muscular look they did a

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer – Is It Worth the Hype?

thats right guys i am still driving,occasionally,my blazer i actually really like this,thing its just a lot of fun and its,pretty good off-road,and what happened was i got to the,office and andre found out and he said,oh my god i have to show you something,you have to see it you know him with his,big hands and its something that i,havent driven yet that said,suv,theyre like surprising me like this,which is kind of funny because i wear,sunglasses all the time so you cant see,my eyes bug out,but ive been looking forward to this,for a while,yeah dude im really glad i was able to,surprise you with this one because,you know weve done a couple of these,videos before,is the brand new vehicle this new 2022,grand wagoneer wharf the hype,well,among other things this has the big hemi,in it right oh yes,and it has up tow hooks,chrome tow hooks,and i was told by a jeep rep that its,not actually really a jeep its a grand,wagoneer kind of sort of a jeep if you,look at the most recent uh materials,that they put out,it is jeep related it also has some jeep,logos on it yeah yeah,um so easter eggs of course yes this is,interesting so um,youve driven this,quite a bit and so you have some insight,uh but now its my turn to get to drive,this can we walk around a little bit,yeah totally so lets do it because its,based on a truck chassis really related,to the ram 1500 so its got a proper,frame body on frame three row fully,luxury uh fully optioned suv,so uh these big ass wheels and the whole,bolt pattern axles hubs frame a lot of,that comes from the ram exactly well so,these are 20s 22s are also available so,if this is not blingy enough for you,nathan i can step out yeah all right uh,yeah and but the rear end resuspension,is different from the ram of course,because its an independent rear,suspension and not a solid axle hey,backwards american flag very cool so,check this out yep oh man that is huge,look at the size of that step its huge,look look at this it reminds me of the,mercedes maybach suv,its really big yes wow interesting that,underneath here,yeah so i think they all have to come,with it because if you look thats kind,of unfinished otherwise yeah its kind,of part of it but yeah this is the whole,thing this is their new luxury brand for,jeep right,thats why they initially they didnt,call the jeep they theyre trying to,differentiate it i dont understand why,theyre doing that but i get the point,that this is super luxury i mean the,interior so far looks amazing,doesnt it look a little bit like a,tahoe from the side,well yeah its got that squarish look,but its got the unique look too because,they decided to put the b pillar,the c pillar of course the d,in body color and kind of make this,greenhouse this way,yeah with a lot of the uh this bling,here for bringing out the windows,so i mean,what do you think do you like this,by the way the step came down because i,have a key in my pocket okay i thought,it was just because he was happy to see,me,okay so,i got to see the back of this,theres a huge,thing theres other social media out,there that were showing,this being all wonky but apparently that,was quality control of jeep whos,actually showing that say no we dont do,that this is how its supposed to be,but its interesting,that they do this look at these the big,letters and theyre also like this is a,little bit narrower than up top so its,like like this popcorn cd effect its,pretty cool uh of course it has a full,you know this is the key,look it does not say jeep on it hey its,heavy yeah its good yeah that actually,does kind of impart a little bit of,luxury expensive tv too well tell you,the price in a minute okay uh but yeah,you can start to remotely uh start the,engine you can,lower it oh slam it well its got air,suspension of course of course uh open,the rear end so yeah,and then go inside and we need to talk,about the engine because its got a,wonderful engine yeah so um,while that is thinking about working oh,there it goes sorry thats all right oh,so the pads off to the side and whoa,thats big yeah take a look,so this is the space behind the third,row,this is actually really nice i want this,in my house,no its really plus yeah its just super,plush,so theres a theres a little storage,area uh-huh,the spare tires underneath is underneath,and this is where like the jack is and,all that but take a look dude so um,theres uh some seat controls on this,side okay,so you can raise and lower power uh,actually all three rows have power,adjustments,now ive seen the jeep grand cherokee,l right yes and that also has three rows,i think this is whats confusing and i,was a little confused about it which is,probably why you brought this and had me,you know surprised on video and that is,much smaller than this you can really,tell from back here yeah and also you,know different capabilities,of course the jeep is a little bit,lighter well this is this is a frame so,this is a truck right so it can tow,so as youre playing with that whats,its towing ability so up to 10,000 pounds and you know previously you,know ford expedition was rated that you,know still rated at 9 300 pounds right,but this is rated at more and the way,they did it they said they told me at,one of the debut events is that every,wagon youre in grand wagoneer actually,come with a hitch because its built,into the frame so its part of the,structure its not added later oh i see,what youre saying so the frame itself,when its formed has the hitch kind of,built into it kind of built into it yeah,as opposed to it going in there and,being bolted in okay i got that so well,be doing an eye gauntlet which im very,excited about this too so were gonna,test it out and see,yeah this is um,this is big um,its weird because when you see a,picture of it versus when you see it up,close its very different can we go,under the hood yeah dude we got to check,it out ill pop it while you play with,that its a grand wagoneer so,its not a hybrid right,no no no no its not i know it has a big,hemi but i just dont know the numbers,on and all that stuff um oh this is,really pretty yeah well show you the,interior later because its its one of,the premier uh elements of this suv,by the way hows your blazer doing,it still runs okay yeah ive been slowly,fixing it and just kind of kept it right,i love it actually so,yeah heres the thing dude its 6.4,liter this is the big hemi and you know,the wagoneers are also there so the,wagoneer is kind of the start of their,brand for 2022. do they also get this uh,no some of those get a 57 and then the,grand wagoneers all of them the grand,part is the big engine as well,okay and then its eight speed,yes yes so the power is really good i,can tell you that after driving it over,the weekend in a few days uh 471,horsepower 455 pound-feet of torque like,you said 8-speed automatic of course,four-wheel drive with four low so it has,some off-road chops,uh that we also will show you on tfl for,our channels yeah but this thing is,really low to the ground,like really low yeah but it has air,suspension so you can lift it up to 10,inches of clearance thank you for the,hands thing by the way because i was too,dim to understand what,you guys saw this right hes just like,oh no it goes up,well it rises all ships thats okay my,wife does the same thing please mix the,food as opposed to just saying it so i,get it um auburn hills yes check this,out,a little plate right here born in,america wow theyre american so its got,it all over the place lots of american,flags and all that,um okay here how about this thats what,i want to drive here start the engine,before we show the interior and you,drive it uh start the engine and give me,a couple revs ill go in the back and,show um try to show the sound sounds,good,lets walk this way,man he always leans the seats back like,this,drive like a pimp,ill try to get my microphone here,all the way down,okay okay okay,dude so especially on a cold start this,is a wonderful wonderful engine note,this is a really comfor

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