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Architecture Student PORTFOLIO REVIEW (GREAT architecture portfolio EXAMPLE!)

so just visually speaking you want your,project to stand out not the site itself,love the elevations youre really,showing great texture connor never,center your descriptions never never,never that is a big no this is awesome,that smiley face looks like a serial,killer left alignment is good though,hey guys it is your girl nat here and i,have another portfolio review and connor,is another architecture student he has,been a longtime follower of the channel,and on instagram as well so connor thank,you so much for sending me your,portfolio and being willing to do this,just a little disclaimer i did not,actually like pre-review this portfolio,so all of these reactions are very,authentic i am going to open notability,now lets start so first things first,the cover image i think is beautiful,very impressive its pretty clean and i,do like your font pairing seems like you,have like a bold font and then you have,another thinner font which i think is,great um i think the dates are okay you,probably dont need them and you also,have the date here so i dont i dont,necessarily know if having two dates is,completely necessary typically i try to,stray away from vertical oriented text,just because if you have a physical book,you dont want people to physically move,the portfolio around to see it now if,you just have your your name connor blah,blah blah on the side of your portfolio,in a vertical format i think thats fine,but this is a lot of text here so you,might want to reconsider that,orientation when we are looking at a,cover too i dont know what the,motivation was to not have this centered,um its probably because you do have,this text here but if you are removing,it you may want to consider re-centering,your cover image which i do really like,i think its a really nice render nice,work looking at your contents first,things first i dont think you need a,page number second thing i would move,these over just because there is no,leading line you dont want your eyes to,kind of fill in this space here it makes,it hard sometimes people get it wrong so,i would just move the text over just a,little bit third year second year second,year not necessarily needed the dates,are fine those photography and drawing,you might just want to call that,miscellaneous work one thing i will be,pointing out commonly in everyones,portfolio is i like consistency if you,have the first year and the date i would,continue that miscellaneous word this,last portion in your portfolio you seem,to break this just a little bit okay so,page numbers are at the top i would,actually recommend moving them down,because you have your title on the top,part of your portfolio its a lot of,text and you just its its better to,break it apart never center your,descriptions never never never that is a,big no left align your title so left,align everything dont justify it either,when you justify your text what i mean,by justify lets say you have lines of,text here justify will make sure that it,creates a perfect box when you just,leave it left orientation,its going to kind of look more jagged,the issue with justified text is you,create rivers of move text because it,adds multiple spaces between words to,make sure it reaches both ends of the,text boundary dont justify it left,alignment is good having the river on,the right hand edge is better i would,pick a different cover image um render,model photos and i would also increase,your line weights my eyes immediately go,to the tree dots here so i would make,these lighter and you definitely you,definitely want to increase your wall,poche thickness and stuff my eyes also,go right to here the river same thing,here so just visually speaking you want,your project to stand out not the site,itself ive made this mistakes multiple,times trust me even if you like kind of,blur or just lighten up the background,here and here wherever your project,isnt you dont want your eyes to go to,that because right now my eyes go to the,river and go to the tree dot i would,adjust this drawing a little bit and,probably pick a different cover image so,far your your layouts pretty good again,just move the page numbers down i would,reconsider your titles i typically dont,like centered titles so if youre left,aligning the project description and,everything i kind of think its just,better if its here or you could just,use it as a caption your diagrams look,like a screenshot so i would recommend,going into adobe photoshop and really,sprucing them up this is good thats,fine the keys are great one thing you,might want to consider is just moving,them down to align them with the edge of,your diagram moving on good sections i,like when sections are in one area i,dont know about the circular crop maybe,reconsider that as well honestly just,left align all of your titles itll be,cleaner instead of a centered this,spreads also good nice model you added,lights too i would photoshop some stuff,out though this background too you might,want to photoshop it this is good too,really nice work connor and the render,um i would i would actually i would make,this your cover its great love this,woman she seems like shes having a,great time there this is better this is,a better project introduction page,looking at urban splotch dont know if i,like the name splotch but its your,project a lot of text here nobodys,really going to read it make sure you,left align it though move the title over,as well left aligned move the text once,again down to the bottom of the page now,if you are using the render,as your cover image i would like to see,consistency i like how this is a full,bleed and then you can have your project,title and then the description,underneath you can use two columns too,if you want if this method is going to,be how you introduce your projects just,make sure that its consistent this is,your project intro,template just duplicate this spread for,every single project and just replace,the image replace the text and itll be,really consistent and people reading,your portfolio understand when they,moved on to the next project so far so,good i really like these these are nice,nice drawings nice photoshop work too,good shadows theres so much space,between the text in here i honestly i,dont even care that theres like a and,d here i already know its a section,based on the drawing just looking at,these sections though i do recommend,either just doing a white crochet,because blacks really heavy here so do,a white potion or hatch okay moving on,love the elevations youre really,showing great texture connor the blue,can be toned down just a little bit just,because you always want to emphasize,your building great detail im not going,to repeat myself over and over again but,i would just be cognizant of the title,and the description the caption itself,should also be just like a little bit,lighter means its a smaller font you,could almost add grid of details,just because it seems like you really,flushed it out and that would be great,to see these are great,these are really really nice i like the,style of it really good once again page,numbers,i hate this dead space here,dead space see but,just to just to emphasize my point,the bottom doesnt look like dead space,right but the top does just based on,your placement of the title so thats,why it looks just a little bit off to me,it does seem i do want to commend you,though it does seem like you do follow a,very strict grid even with your text,which whoops which i dont agree with,the alignment right now which can be,easily fixed but you do follow this grid,which i think is fantastic its hard to,see the site i would zoom in a little,bit crop it good site diagrams i would,actually make this just a little bit,bigger id rather see this bigger than,this itd be cool to have your building,rendered in here i dont know what im,looking at here if im being honest nice,plans and great section perspective this,is awesome that smiley face looks like a,serial killer,okay this is a great section perspectiv

How to Write an Article Review | Example, Format, Dos and Donts [UPDATED] | EssayPro

Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.,Easier said than done, right?,Did you know that every year thousands of students like you write millions of words,for their school assignments?,Millions.,Think about that fact.,Words cascade onto the paper and then sail on to the teachers desk.,Problem is that the river soon dries up for many, because a lot of that work is simply not,good.,But we can help you get better, and make your own words dance and flow smoothly on to the,paper.,Hi guys, this is Mark from Essaypro, and today were going to teach you how to write the,perfect article review.,Our experts at EssayPro wrote this guide to help you understand what an article review,is, how to approach the task of writing one, and more importantly, well give you plenty,of tips to get the job done like a pro.,But before we get down to it, remember that we publish content every week, so dont forget,to subscribe to our channel, and click that bell button so you never miss a thing.,Check out our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok,So todays topic is how to write the perfect article review, and as with many things in,life, the key here is to understand what an article review is, and what your objectives,should be when you write it.,What is an article review?,The answer is quite simple.,Its there hiding in plain sight.,An article review is a piece of personalized writing where you take someone elses text,usually an expert on the subject, understand it, summarize it, and then write, in your,words, your opinion about the relevance and impact of that text on its chosen field or,subject, and why.,This is a review, remember.,Your opinion matters as much as the writers.,You are reviewing their work, not the other way around.,Now, while theres no standard format to write an article review, we at Essaypro strongly,recommend that you figure out a structure for your piece.,Framing your writing into well-defined sections will enable you to maintain a coherent flow,of information, and make your life a lot easier.,Trust us, weve been doing this for over two decades.,We know what were talking about.,Follow these key points to create a perfectly structured article review:,Understand Summarize,Outline Write,Profread,Understanding the article,There are millions of articles written every day, just about every possible topic you can,think of.,Your teacher will give the class a few articles to review every semester.,Now, the articles topic is irrelevant, because the techniques and skills you need to use,are the same whether the piece is on popular psychology, a historical fact, or how to grow,vegetables in your back garden.,But often, you will have a choice of which article to review.,Rule number 1: Always pick a topic that you like and enjoy.,Why?,You will understand it better because you want to understand it, and its likely that,you already have a certain degree of knowledge on the subject matter.,Pick a topic that excites your imagination.,Otherwise, you will have a hard time writing, and the river will quickly become a trickle,and dry out.,Always pick a topic of interest to you.,A good way to get a proper understanding of what the article is about is looking at the,Abstract.,Rule Number 2. Look at the articles Abstract.,If the Abstract is properly written, it will give you a good, overall understanding of,what the article is about, so your review will start on a sound footing.,You should not waste time by reading through the entire article at this point yet, because,you will likely miss out on its main points, and dont even think about starting to write,yet.,Here are a few DOs and DONTs of the Understanding stage,DO pick a topic thats of interest to you.,DO look at the articles Abstract.,DONT waste time by reading through the entire article yet.,DONT start writing without a thorough understanding of what the article is about.,Summarizing the article,Now that you have a basic understanding of the topic being discussed, you might want,to pause for a moment and look at the article text properly.,All the main points are there, somewhere.,Remember those word search games you played as a child, where you had to find the words,hidden among hundreds of letters?,Summarizing an article is similar to that.,The author weaved his or her opinion through the text, and its your job to find it.,At this point, its a good idea to read through the text and extract the main points of the,piece.,Some people use color markers to highlight these points through the text.,Others have a more photographic memory, or perhaps write the articles main points on,a separate piece of paper.,Whichever technique you use, always make sure that the main points and any supporting facts,stand out to you.,You will need this information later.,You may spot words, concepts, or ideas that youre unfamiliar with.,Its a good idea to research these points, to ensure you grasp the ideas.,Once you have your main points, and any facts that support these arguments, read through,the article a second time.,The main points should stand out now.,A second, even third close reading will reinforce this knowledge.,Your brain will connect the dots, and a clear outline of the reviews structure is likely,to become apparent.,Remember, structured writing is good writing.,Heres a few DOs and DONTs of the Summarizing stage,DO read through the text and extract the main points expressed by the author.,DO figure out a structure for your review.,DO look up any ideas or concepts that you are uncertain about.,DONT rush into writing without proper structure.,Outline,Writing tends to be a very personal experience, and creating an article review is no different.,This is your interpretation of the authors views.,You probably have your own opinions and thoughts on the subject being discussed, and you need,to use these to make your own points in the upcoming review.,But for now, write a short paragraph or two about the main points of the article, and,whatever facts were used to support them.,Now remember, this is just an outline of the main arguments laid out in the article.,The outline should not include your own views or opinions.,Also, dont waste time on heavy editing of your text.,There will be time for that later.,The outline will help you decide which parts of the article you wish to focus on when writing,your review.,Its good practice to read through the outline and remove any bits that may be extra, irrelevant,,or simply unnecessary.,A lean outline will be conducive to a lean review.,A few DOs and DONTs of the Write an outline stage,DO write the articles main points.,DO use short paragraphs for your outline.,DO remove unnecessary stuff.,DONT write your own views or opinions yet.,DONT spend time editing the outline.,Write,This is where things get exciting.,The actual process of writing your article review begins here.,But first, lets recap:,By now, you understand what the article is about,,you have summarized the main points, and you have created an outline in your own,words.,With these points in mind, it is time to start writing your review.,Most article reviews follow a set structure.,Always remember the mantra, structured writing is good writing.,Title Citation,Introduction Summary,Critique Closing statement.,Title,Every review begins with a Title.,A good, relevant title is incredibly important to create a positive first impression.,The title should accurately convey what the focus of the review is.,When you see the right title on the paper, or computer screen, things become a lot easier.,Try to keep the title as short and relevant as possible.,Overly long-winded titles will confuse the audience.,Remember,DO write a good, relevant title.,DONT write an overly long title.,Citation,Cite the article being discussed, right after the article, and the author.,Imagine the article is about the usage of narrow-spectrum antibiotics in American hospitals,,by John Smith.,The citation should reflect the Author, the article

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A Real Sprint Review Meeting Example

de rand wit of videos about what i,perfect review meeting should be like,met howaboutyou nieuw en real one,instead want dat de pl just a few weeks,ago,im branden blok agile coach at skyline,communications,we bij voor een jump en we niet zon,context in een review meeting hoe in,spek te increment en en dat beest om wat,riskanter,we have all the necessary people,participate in,wie haar,de de wel mijn team de uit je al coach,de product owner and most importantly,real end users from miley wiley de, broadcasting company en finland,hoe haar awesome things and join dus en,dus sal partnership,de anchorman 2 jaar going to look at is,een nieuw en in proeft table component,while i want to use to create and edit,work orders and work orders cuby and,like grabbing live signal van misdaad,light fiets en crème spanning het weer,nieuw studio to show en reporter live,ontzien,oog en oor deur kb data memory cards,made to be taking out of a camera and,uploaded to is over dat en everthing in,between,alright laat zijn af context lets have,ook,file station is basically the process of,zo hier de product owner is very ex,eyelets de show en richting de tien,manage de compleet which is great,dat hij is voor ding te kidsroom voor de,meest en point inge vol caring feedback,maybe ik zon beroemd voor some feedback,heeft,mij er enthousiast ik zie,wel wat first of all day,sorting is is where i macho nodig desk,uur les also the big difference between,en tempel en een review meeting met de,demo je show santing en dat is het dan,everybody koos houdt wel in een review,meeting de demo is alle liefde beginning,and services een trigger voor feedback,and other benefits of een review meeting,is providing context toe de developers,and this is context je kunt alle get by,putting developers and users in the same,room die maar ik,ben uw people have not be dode cellen,energie nodig om toe te lokken om spoor,van science van nieuws van archer kon,every day and developer niets to make,hundreds of decisions during development,getting this context from the end-user,touring een review meeting will help,them ik in vormt decisions,compared to have to figure out what de,context is simpele beest om wat,requirements met six months ago,wordt een down some where i guess what a,lot has changed and six months ago,en dus next fragment de development team,decide not to implement a feature van de,al table component namely checkmark in,fotobureau because they dont understand,is use case bewondering in ja hij moet,je u like that,mark in front of het wordt t use case of,dat bevalt ie selection is is de team,hoi wie originaliteit,ja u kunt potlood klik hier o,aggressieve achter kijk naar het dessert,uit de strijd ja ja ja ja you,can you imagine de en maan of time and,energy dat we dat bewijst het optima,zingen checkmark feature dat is not easy,going to be used,on ice and import nu titel is setting in,vorm timebox de timebox helpt everyone,in volgt to focus on what this code to,give de best possible outcome en wat,prevents the participants from falling,down and rabbit hole,dus ik zal het sap weer het paste 15,minutes mark worden en daarvoor,nu stel hebben op de show,ja,toe met praps leds krijgt uw kip en,milieu liet mijn ogen,dont miss teken review meeting verbiedt,en kunt nieuws-show ieder more of in de,nat de meest falen bal outcome of een,review meeting is dan spicy dat is games,om in pointing starter still missing,hobart ik de optie q why go limiet of,100 over zie dat darcy btec rood puppy,kruis,wie haar,bcd swear,word er is more than hundred orders per,single day and operators over idee dh to,see and reaching their car at bni en,olie meets,of deselecteer het sample cd,blok heeft kaas,tackle der toorn betaald upcoming torque,de limit set to the table veel breek de,usability zie de product owner hij ging,het oud die stinking,oké zo dit is much more important and,wind tussen twee dus het wordt will be,de impact op de balk en dat is absoluut,je de goal of een review meeting met de,demo ikzelf met giving product owner,salat het ingebouwd zo dikke op dit de,product backlog and maximize valium voor,mijn ex titration,zo houden je nou of de review was no,waist of time if it was you for ever van,uw als ik,was useful for you care je het schip 13,het lichter je hem niet mooi men spreekt,of,having pro active users like uber lucky,to have hiervoor people van miley is,essentieel in creating value de users ar,de drivers of value met outer input der,feedback thüringer enkele reviews nu met,olie be able to deliver a fraction of de,possible valium,and then add like trend waar,highlighting lang last benefit of een,review meeting en dat php team,knowing zien hier in eind feeling that,what you create het hem in santing de,zomer en simply as hem en motivering,dat was de en tot haar review meeting,thanks for watching,hope you enjoyed it and find it,inspanning feel free to leave a comment,and im back to you as soon as possible

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A Performance Review Example for Software Engineers (from an engineering manager)

hey this is gargay with the pragmatic,engineer well walk through in creating,a self review for your performance,review,its sections and share a template in the,end that you can use,heres how itll look like you probably,dont need to print your own version,so before we start why do you need to,write a self performance review,especially if its not required at your,company well im an engineering manager,and i really try to do fair performance,use for engineers on my team,so for every person on team i go through,code documents,my notes a bunch of stuff and i still,missed a lot of things,either because people forgot to tell me,what they did or,i just forgot now anyone who sent me,their self review i always read it while,i was doing their performance review a,self review can only help you,now you might be asking i have a manager,whos not so great,why should i bother doing a self review,heres the thing,even if theyre not going to read that,self review youre going to get,ammunition,for your performance review conversation,when you go into that conversation,youre gonna have all these facts in,your head,in fact if you feel youre not getting a,fair review and i and you cant convince,your manager on the spot,you can have a meeting with them and,bring this review with you,to show the facts so heres a structure,of the review i recommend,with four sections for the first section,start with expectations and goals for,the period,now you might think why not just start,with my achievements,by starting with your understanding of,the expectations youre setting a,baseline,if your company has expectations for,this level or youve had expectations,with your manager,mention this if you dont have these,expectations or you didnt agree on,goals with your manager,write down what you thought the goals,were now some advice,if you didnt set any goals and theres,no clear expectations of your role,this section is even more important and,if this is the case after the,performance review,you probably should sit down with your,manager and get goals and expectations,for the next period its only going to,help you,in this example review this person,listed the baseline expectations,shipping a large project keeping the,quality high and goals they agreed,together with their manager,next list your accomplishments list out,your main results and your larger work,efforts,try to do this in priority order use,numbers where you can to make things,more specific,and to add more context now numbers,could be a bunch of different things,they could be related to the code they,could be related to people,or related to business impact the point,of these numbers is to quantify your,work,not just by its effort but also by the,results which is something your manager,will care about,now if you have a work log document you,can link it to the bottom,theres a link to an example work log at,the bottom of this video,if you started to build this work log,beforehand your performance review will,just be so much easier to write,you can see how this example self-review,mentions specifics numbers on the,business impact of the project,links to complex pull requests and rfcs,they even collected stats on their code,contribution,now dont get me wrong im not saying,you need to keep track of the number of,pull requests,or how many code reviews you did and you,need to add it on your self review,but the more specifics you have on your,impact the better,in this example review its not just,about the number of pull requests but,the business impact as well,if you specify the business impact you,can use it not just on your performance,review,but also in your resume later now at,this point most people will be happy,with dell soft review they have,expectations set,accomplishment lists and they would just,call it a day now i suggest adding one,more section where you can list the,qualities of impact of your work,these are things that might have not had,huge business impact but they show the,small,but important pieces of work things like,teamwork collaboration and helping,others,list examples of you helping people and,this is also a great place to list,thanks that youve gotten from others in,emails or chat messages you can even,quote those,now this section is important because,your manager probably doesnt know half,of the positive interaction that youve,had with other people,show it to them in this example review,you can see this person listed specific,examples of code reviews,examples where they helped alex and how,they onboarded sam,they talk about being the point of,contact for stakeholders and another,example of help,for the final part i recommend,reflecting on levels and competencies,assuming your company has them your,manager will have to end with some kind,of rating against expectations or,competencies,get ahead of this and make their job,easier while also giving,indication of what you think your rating,should be now,if you have good trust with your manager,you could also add,self ratings of what you think if youre,meeting or are above expectations,if you have less of this you could just,list areas where youve really focused,on,either way be sure to list specifics,that reflect on these expectations,for this review we assume that there are,six competencies at the company,now even if you dont have competencies,specified you can still do an overall,assessment and write down how you feel,about your progress at your level,towards the next level this is a good,indication for your manager this person,then reflects on each of the,competencies,note how they mention specific work they,did now they dont do a self-assessment,rating but they are clear on what areas,theyve really focused on this period,it was designed in architecture and the,results and impact areas,you can find links to example documents,and templates under the video,be sure to check out my longer article,on how to write good performance reviews,which is also linked under the video,if you like this video subscribe to my,channel for more content on software,engineering and engineering management,thanks

LITERATURE REVIEW tutorial: Writing the literature review real example

hello there welcome back to the smart,student my name is chelsea siebern if,its the first time youre here im,happy you are here,and for everyone else of course im,happy you were here too but,just so you know what this video is,about were going to talk about how,to actually write literature reviews and,full disclosure,this is a two-part video series and this,is video number two,so if you havent checked out video,number one be sure to go do that because,video number one is all about,making sure you have the full,understanding of what,a literature review is in that video i,uncover,the common confusion that students seem,to have with literature reviews,and i set the record straight there and,now in this video were going to apply,our understanding to actually creating a,literature review,so that being said lets go ahead and,jump in,okay so first things first what is a,literature review,now mind you im not going to spend a,lot of time in this portion of the video,because i have,a full other video dedicated to this but,for refreshers sake what is a,literature review simply put a,literature review is,a synthesis of the current research,thats been done on a topic current and,previous,so any information any knowledge that,exists,on a topic a literature of you would go,out,and find that information aka literature,and then combine it together into a,synthesis to create a new piece of,literature,on the current state of knowledge on,that topic,and now real quick because i find,synthesis can be a foreign word to some,students synthesis is simply a,combination its a compilation so,youd be taking a bunch of little moving,parts and putting it together into one,new solid piece of literature and now,the reason,literature reviews are important is,because it gives you a summarized,birds eye view of a topic so,that you know where to position your,research later on its as simple as that,and so if youre watching this video,right now im going to assume,youre probably a student and if you are,a student,im also going to assume that a,literature review is not your first,academic writing assignment a literature,review is not your first rodeo,youve probably written loads of,academic writing pieces,previously and the reason i bring this,up is because,i like to put it into perspective that,the process of writing a literature,review is,very similar to academic writing however,the,end result varies just a little bit for,example,with traditional academic writing you,are demonstrating,your knowledge on a current topic with a,literature review,you are then demonstrating other,peoples knowledge on that topic,this is important that you understand,that as we get into the language,because if you watch that first video,the language is what i find confuses,students the most,both in formatting and writing because,in order for your literature review to,be,written correctly you need to use,referring language,where you are constantly referring back,to the sources that you found your,material,in but now that we have that little bit,of refresher out of the way,were going to jump into the actionable,parts for the remainder of this video,and just so you know what to expect what,i want to talk about is,how you can structure your literature,reviews how you can organize,your sources within your paper and then,were going to do a full-blown tutorial,on that referring language and i always,like to say right here from the start,something to keep in mind is that,these strategies im going to give you,this is not a one size fits all,so dont feel like you have to,pigeonhole yourself or box yourself into,one of these strategies because more,likely than not,youre going to apply a few of these,youre gonna mix and match,a lot of the things that im about to,give you right now but lets go ahead,and start with how you can organize your,sources because this will come first,because the process of organizing your,sources is something you should be doing,simultaneously as you research for the,literature review,okay so lets break this thing down like,i just said the first step in writing a,literature review is doing,your research and so when youre doing,your research it is,so important that simultaneously youre,evaluating,each source to determine why it matters,to you,where its going to fit into your,research so organizing,is an important part of the first half,of writing a literature review because,if you dont know,why each source matters to you later,when you go to write your paper,youre going to have a really hard time,combining,all your sources together in a logical,order that makes sense,flows and has a purpose mind you this,process usually takes the form of an,annotated bibliography,and if youre not writing a formal,annotated bibliography theres a good,chance youre writing an informal one,anyways because when youre researching,for a literature review,youre going through a lot of sources,youre reading through,a lot of articles and so theres a good,chance you are writing summaries on what,you find in each one,and my pro tip for you my best advice is,to take this a step further,and go ahead and write out the summary,of what each source contains,and then at the bottom include a,sentence or two,explaining exactly why it matters to,your research,so in other words literally put in there,what the purpose of each summary is,so you understand what i mean lets get,into five different options you could,choose to categorize your sources,by the way if you need help with an,annotated bibliography,check out this video right here you know,i got you covered but lets go ahead and,start with the first one,and this one is the most common most,classic common classic,way that you could choose to categorize,your sources and that is through a,problem solution formatting,so with this you have a topic and that,topic is rooted,in a problem it is centered around an,issue,so for example lets say your topic is,plastics polluting the ocean,theres your problem youre going to go,out there and research,a lot of different sources youre,reading through all of these articles,and youre writing out those summaries,so im going to pull up an example here,lets say these are three summaries for,three sources that i,found mind you yours is gonna have a lot,more but heres three for this example,the first one might be an article thats,demonstrating the problem it is setting,the background,providing my reader with context so im,literally going to include a sentence at,the end that says,this article demonstrates the problem,dot dot dot,and then go ahead and move to the second,one lets say this one is posing a,solution this article,suggests something that can be done to,fix this problem,again im going to write in there that,that article is a solution,and now lets say the last one is a,story about the problem its an example,of why,its a problem or evidence to that,problem,again im going to categorize it based,on that so you have problem solution,evidence when i go to write my,literature review its very,easy for me to determine the logical,order and where to plug in each source,mind you youre going to rearrange some,of your wording and some of your sources,might be combined,some you might take material out,obviously youre going to fix the,formatting on the language,which well get into later but thats an,example,now lets go ahead and move on to the,second way that you could categorize,your sources,and that is for or against so in other,words youre going to be categorizing,your sources based on what side they,stand on,so this is really good when youre,writing an argumentative literature,review,or youre talking about a debatable,topic right off the top of my head,any controversial topic you run into,this is a great structure to categorize,your sources,so lets change directions lets say,your new topic is about gun control,it would be very simple to categorize,your sources based on,sides that are for gun control and sites,that are against gun control and then,your paper,w

ENGL1101: Peer Review Example

hey there you guys so we are talking,about peer review today,the first thing that i want to suggest,to you about peer review is get cozy,dont wear something thats confining,that thats going to stop you from being,able to,really engage your brain i recommend,that to you okay so,uh thats my first step is prepare by,getting cozy,okay and then to do our peer reviews i,know that youve most likely already,watched the video,that i posted about how to do peer,review what it entails that sort of,thing if you havent definitely watch,that now,just so that you can have a better idea,of what im expecting,um lets go through the sample paper,together well do the first two,paragraphs so you can see,what kind of thought processes you,should be having so lets get to it,the first easy thing to check would be,to double check and make sure that all,the formatting is right,now of course formatting is not content,related in terms of comments but its,always really helpful and its easy to,spot if theres a formatting issue,so you know everything on this looks,good uh so lets scroll down to the,content,all right so we have our title augmented,reality during the reality of quarantine,do we like it do we hate it i kind of,like it,right but if you have a suggestion to,make it stronger,uh you know maybe you say oh well lets,do a colon right after and put pokemon,go so that way its a little bit more,concrete,then we can do that so how would that,look well you would just double click on,one of the words,and then you could you could add a,comment in a few different ways ill,show you one,uh which would be to right click and,then,new comment all right and then youll,see that itll show you,a box with your name on it i might even,just say microsoft user thats okay too,and you just type your comment uh maybe,something like,connect your title to pokemon go,consider using a colon after this,uh after the title you have here,boom and then there we go so now weve,made a comment,that helps add to the content,that your peer has now lets start off,again with the intro,2020 was a devastating year for the,world was that catchy,yeah it was and you know what everybody,who can read,has lived through 2020 so whether youre,feeling like it was devastating for,about the pandemic about any sort of,social issues that are happening,or just all of it right,its devastating and that is something,that draws your reader in theyre going,oh yeah i thought so too,right so something to get them,interested if it werent as engaging,um then youd make a comment engage your,reader right but this one,it seems quality okay so lets move on,for nine months of that year the world,was besieged by a pandemic,all right so were playing on our,readers fears here we can see,besieged has this sort of taking over,kind of idea that would be really,something to,to to get them involved all right so im,thinking were good there too,this pandemic forced people to consider,how they interact with others,and for some force them to stay in their,homes,okay so ive got a comment in here so,were talking about a pandemic a,pandemic a pandemic but were not,talking about what pandemic,are we talking about uh you know swine,flu,or are we hearkening back to,like the plague to make it a little bit,more clear for the reader,right double click on one of the points,in pandemic,and add a comment im just going to use,a shortcut key but remember right click,new comment works too so i could say uh,consider mentioning that this,pandemic is related,to kovid 19,for clarity right that way your reader,knows hey this is the coven 19 pandemic,this isnt another kind of pandemic,this isnt a metaphorical pandemic so,cool lets move on again during this,year each person was forced to find ways,to adjust their lives so they could,maintain some level of normalcy fair,for some that meant focusing on work and,developing their relationships,with their immediate family further okay,thats a little clunky right,if i wanted to make a comment about an,edit right,i can add a little comment bubble uh for,the purposes of this what ill do is,ill just write edit so you can see that,that wouldnt be counted toward those,five,content related comments and just say,revise,to make this clearer for your reader,okay so then now were good right we,you know because were saying its a,little bit weird right for some,focusing on work and developing fam and,developing their relationships with,their immediate family further its just,it just sounds a little strange a great,way to tell is to read things,out loud kind of like im doing okay for,others,who craved going out into the world they,turn to,they turn to a virtual method for doing,so okay so its saying some people were,cool with staying home and building,relationships,other people who felt the need to get,out,wanted to still be able to do that but,do it safely,so we turned outward and looked at a,virtual way of engaging with the world,okay online augmented reality,parentheses,ar applications help those who were,unable to interact with the world and,others in it to get that interaction,they craved,okay fair enough fair enough um pokemon,go is one such ar game,right we needed to identify exactly what,that game is,otherwise the rest of the essay wouldnt,make sense,then we could do something you know we,could make a comment maybe you say,in your mind like it would have been,good to know that this essay was a,little bit more about augmented reality,and pokemon go,earlier if you feel that way then you,know type it into a comment,personally i think that this kind of,builds in nicely right because we start,talking about the world,and then were talking about kind of the,the pandemic situation,and then we talk about how that affects,people right and then,how people cope and then pokemon go,right,as in a way that people cope but if you,feel like,um we need to see it sooner say that,okay,then we have our thesis during and after,quarantine pokemon go helps,to provide players with daily challenges,to overcome,long-term goals and interaction with,other players of the game,all right so we have our statement of,purpose and our three forecast,elements in there now if you have a,paper that youre going oh my goodness i,dont know,where the thesis is then say that if you,say i dont see the thesis or if you,only see the statement of purpose,say something like i can see that the,statement of purpose,is that pokemon go provides players with,some sort of challenge but i dont see,the forecast elements to narrow that,further,and thats totally okay right so make,that comment but make sure that its not,just,wheres your thesis its you know how,how can we,how can we fix this right with that goal,of helping your peer,to strengthen their essay okay,now lets move into this next paragraph,pokemon,go offers players daily challenges,all right so its okay right because,that sentence,does kind of harken back to the,statement of purpose we are ultimately,talking about pokemon go,we are seeing the forecast element,because were talking about daily,challenges,could it be stronger absolutely so what,we could do,is highlight one of the words add a,comment,uh something like this would be stronger,if,it focused on um,on the benefit,of daily challenges every time a player,opens the application pokemon appear in,their immediate surroundings,all right is this part of the daily,challenge we havent we havent quite,seen yet but the next sentence should,tell us,once interaction begins wait what,interaction all right so we need a,comment there,right once interaction begins what,interaction,actually lets get more specific,interaction with what,right and now then the your peer can,look at that and say,oh well once once the player interacts,with the pokemon on the,the world then they can use they have to,choose whether to use a berry to help,catch the pokemon and which pokeball to,use,cool so then,once thats clarified we see berries can,help the player earn extra pokemon,candies helping aid in evolution

Literature review examples from Professors / critical literature review in research paper example

مرحبًا أيها المفكرون ، فأنت مرحب بك بشدة في رؤى من أجلك اليوم إذا كانت هذه هي,المرة الأولى لك ، ويسعدني أن أكون معنا هنا إذا كنت ترغب في الاستمرار في الحصول على أدلة مبتكرة,ومعلومات رائعة عن التقنيات التي يمكن أن تساعدك في تحقيق أهدافك الأكاديمية بسهولة ، من,فضلك اضغط على زر الاشتراك وجرس الإشعار لمشاهدي,ومشتركي قناتي العائدين ، أنتم يا رفاق تهزّون عالمي ، شكرًا جزيلاً لكم في هذا الفيديو ، سأقدم,أمثلة ممتازة لمراجعة الأدبيات من الأساتذة والخبراء من جميع أنحاء العالم ، يرجى ابق على اطلاع,، فلنبدأ بـ مثال على مراجعة الأدبيات بقلم جين دو حول التفرقة العمرية في مكان العمل,، العينة المستخدمة كأسلوب استشهاد ولكن هذا المثال مفيد للغاية بالنسبة لك بغض النظر عن,أسلوب الاقتباس المستخدم في مدرستك,. قدمت مراجعة الأدبيات الموضوع,ثم حددت الاتجاهات العامة فيما تم نشره حول الموضوع,قبل التضمين بيان أطروحة يوضح الغرض العام والعوامل التي,تمت مناقشتها خلال مراجعة الأدبيات ، ألق نظرة عليها بعناية,في المقدمة ، تمت كتابة بيان الأطروحة وتم وضع خط تحته هنا,يوضح بيان الأطروحة بوضوح الموضوع الرئيسي الذي سيتم مناقشته في جميع الأدبيات,المراجعة عادةً ما يتم وضع عبارات الأطروحة في نهاية الفقرة التمهيدية ،,ثم انتقلت جين إلى متن مراجعة الأدبيات في مجموعة المقالات معًا,وفقًا لاستنتاجات المؤلفين أو الأهداف المحددة ثم قارن وتقييم,المقالات أو قم بتوثيق الأول الجملة في هذه الفقرة هي مثال على موضوع قوي لجمل,موضوع الجملة تقدم القارئ إلى المحتوى الذي سيتبع خلال الفقرة,عند تكوين جمل الموضوع ، فهي تساعد على النظر إلى الفقرة بأكملها والسؤال,عن ماهية هذه الفقرة حول القدرة على الإجابة على هذا,سيساعدك السؤال في بيان واحد على صياغة صيغة فعالة قد يكون من الصعب تكوين جملة الموضوع,لمراجعة الأدبيات لأنها لا ينبغي أن تكون مصدرًا,تلخيصيًا للمصدر ، بل يجب تجميع أو دمج عدة مصادر ،,يجب أن تتضمن كل فقرة من مراجعة الأدبيات مصدرين على الأقل يناقشان نفس العنصر الاجتماعي,. التأكيد على العلاقة بين المصادر بعبارة أخرى ، الهدف هو,تحديد ما إذا كان الأكاديميون يوافقون أو يختلفون حول عنصر معين,في جميع أنحاء الورقة ، لاحظ مدى نظافة وموضوعية اللغة,في هذا المثال تفتقر إلى الوصف ولا سيما الوصف السردي ، وبدلاً من ذلك تركز,على نقل البرد الصعب . المعلومات لا ينبغي أن تكون هناك بيانات قضائية أو مثيرة للجدل موجودة,يجب ألا يكون هناك أي ذكر لحدوثها حيث أن مراجعات الأدبيات الإيجابية أو السلبية السيئة,هي ملخصات موضوعية غير جدلية لمواد المصدر ولكن هذا قابل للنقاش في بعض,المؤسسات في كتابة مراجعة الأدبيات النقدية في النهاية الممتاز الخاتمة,عندما تكتب استنتاجك ، قم بتطوير ملخص النقاط من المقالة إلى فقرة ختامية ،,ثم ضع في اعتبارك تطوير جملة واحدة في نهاية الاستنتاج والتي توجه القراء إلى,منطقة جديدة للباحثين للنظر في الانضباط الذي تقدمه منفصلة.,الآثار المترتبة على الدراسات بالنسبة للمهنة أو الانضباط بشكل عام ، يرجى التركيز على شاشتك,هنا أمثلة أخرى لمراجعة الأدبيات لا يمكنك تجنب تفويتها حاول عدم تخطي أي جزء,لأنها رائعة ، بعضها مهم جدًا لمراجعة الأدبيات النقدية ، استمر في,المشاهدة في المراجعة ، تقوم بتنظيم وتجميع الأبحاث السابقة حول الموضوعات أو القضايا الرئيسية,، دعنا نتصفح مثالاً تقدم الجملة الأولى موضوعًا متكررًا ، إنها,النقطة الرئيسية للفقرة التالية ، نتائج البحث الموضع التالي مع وجهات نظر مختلفة ، ثم قم,بالتفصيل بشأن بعض نتائج البحث التي تتوافق مع يجب أن تأتي أمثلة وجهة نظرك من,مصادر مختلفة الجملة النهائية sta أهمية نتائج البحث ، لقطة شاشة,هذا الفيديو في هذا الفيديو على لوحة مربع youtube الخاصة بي ، شكرًا لك في مراجعة الأدبيات التي تحتاجها للتفكير في,مجمل ما قرأته وتجميع النقاط الرئيسية من القراءات المختلفة وجمعها,معًا تريد إجراء تحليل نقدي لمجموعة الأدبيات التي تلتقي حول,موضوعك ، كيف تفعل تلك الموضوعات التي نستخدمها ، لكن ما هو موضوع على وجه الأرض ، الموضوع هو,فكرة موحدة ، إنه نوع من المظلة التي ستجمع تحتها معًا يفكر عدد من النقاط أو الحجج أو,وجهات النظر في موضوعات مثل المراحل في وجبة من ثلاثة أطباق عند الخروج أو البقاء,لتناول وجبة من ثلاثة أطباق ، فأنت لا تضعها كلها على الطاولة بمجرد إخراجها الأطباق,واحدًا تلو الآخر يتابعون منطقيًا من بعضهم البعض ، وهذه هي الطريقة التي يجب أن تخدم بها,مراجعتك النقدية للأدب دورة واحدة في كل مرة موضوع واحد في كل مرة قد يركز موضوع واحد,على تصور الموضوع الذي يستكشفه استنتاجات من المصطلحات الأساسية والمعلمات,حول الموضوع قد يركز الآخر على تاريخ الموضوع آخر على أطر السياسة,حوله قد يركز شخص آخر على المناهج النظرية والطرق المختلفة,لشرح أو فهم الموضوع ، كل هذا يعتمد حقًا على ما أنت ما تفعله هذه ليست سوى,بعض الأمثلة خلال الوقت الذي كنت تقوم فيه بمراجعة الأدبيات ، ربما تكون قد,حددت بالفعل بعض الموضوعات لأن هناك أشياء واضحة تمامًا بالفعل في الأدبيات,أو ربما لاحظت أشياء جديدة بنفسك موضوعات جديدة لأنه بعد ذلك من المحتمل أن تكون هذه هي,المرة الأولى التي يقترب فيها أي شخص من الأدبيات ويطرح الأسئلة المحددة التي تراها أنت,ترى الأدبيات من خلال عدستك الفريدة والتي قد تؤدي إلى ظهور موضوعات جديدة الآن,فكر في هذا لمراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بك اكتب أسفل كل موضوع من الموضوعات التي,تفكر فيها ، قم بإعطاء كل واحد عنوانًا ، قم بوصف ما الذي يدور حول كيفية ارتباطه,بك بشكل مباشر سؤال أطروحة أو موضوع ملاحظة أسفل المؤلفين الرئيسيين الذين ظهروا كلاعبين رئيسيين,حول كل موضوع ولخص النقاط الرئيسية التي قدمتها نصوص,مختلفة ومؤلفون مختلفون قد تجد أن هناك بعض العناصر الأدبية التي تظهر في المزيد,من موضوع واحد ، قد يكون هناك كتاب جيد حقًا يتضمن أشياء ذات صلة بزوجين,أو أكثر من موضوعاتك التي لا بأس بها تمامًا ، ولا يتعين عليك وضع الأشياء بدقة في مربعات منفصلة,ستقطع العديد من النصوص عبر السمات وهذا أمر جيد الشيء الذي أود أن أنصحك به أن,تقوم ببناء مراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بك حول ثلاثة أو خمسة موضوعات أربعة هي المثالية,التي يمكن أن يكون لديك موضوعات فرعية بداخلها إذا وجدت أنك قد حصلت على أقل من هذا الرقم ، فقد,تحتاج إلى الذهاب والحصول على جذر في أحد المظاهر الخاصة بك لمعرفة ما إذا كان هناك المزيد ،,هل يمكنك فصله إلى موضوعين جديدين أو أكثر إذا كان لديك موضوعات أكثر من ذلك ، فكر,فيما إذا كان بإمكانك تجميع بعضها معًا ، هل يمكنك دمجها ضعهم تحت موضوع واحد جديد,إذا وجدت هذا الفيديو مفيدًا ، فقد ترغب في التحقق من,دليل بقاء أطروحة مراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بي ، فهو يتضمن دليلًا إرشاديًا خطوة بخطوة حول إجراء مراجعة الأدبيات بالإضافة إلى تحميل,أوراق عمل pdf القابلة للطباعة أو القابلة للتعبئة يمكنك استخدامه أثناء مراجعة الأدبيات حول,موضوعك الخاص ، إنه متاح في متجري etsy الآن ، توجه الآن إلى الرابط في ملف التعريف الخاص بي ولا تنس,استخدام الرمز ticktop25 عند الخروج مقابل 25 خصمًا ، وسأعود قريبًا مع المزيد النصائح والنصائح,هنا هي بعض الأمثلة على العبارات التي يمكنك استخدامها في مراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بك لإبقاء القارئ مركزًا,على عملك أثناء قراءته للأدبيات المتعلقة به ، لذا فإن العبارة رقم واحد بالتأكيد,هذا النمط من الفراغ الفارغ أو العبارة الثانية استنادًا إلى البحث السابق ، نؤكد أن,المرحلة الثالثة من المرحلة الثالثة ، نجادل في أنه بالنظر إلى نتائج فلان وكذا ، بله بلاه,بلاه ، رقم أربعة من أجل مزيد من الفحص ، فإننا نفرغ فارغًا أو عبارة رقم خمسة,نظرًا لمثل هذا ومن المنطقي أن هذا أمر منطقي أو أنه من الواضح أن,هناك حاجة إلى مزيد من البحث في بلاه بلاه بلاه ، لذلك هناك بعض الأمثلة لك ، لذلك هذا هو مثال,على الأساليب الأربعة التي ذكرتها في النشر السابق لن أفعل قم بتمييز كل,فقرة بما يكفي فقط لتظهر لك المثال ، لذلك بالنسبة لهذه المقدمة ، بدأت,بالنهج الموضوعي حول هذا الموضوع وهو أنني غطيت العيوب المختلفة,في استخدام تقنيات التيار الدوامي وهذا واحد تحت العنوان الفرعي 2 أنا أستخدم أنا,أستخدم النهج الزمني ، ثم بعد ذلك بالنسبة إلى 2.1 ، هذا هو مثال على النهج النظري,، وبعد ذلك هو مثال للنهج المنهجي ، وآمل أن يساعدك هذا في مراجعة مضاءة,تحتاج إلى التحدث عن القيود من البحث السابق ومثل مجالات البحث المستقبلي,، هذه هي الطريقة التي تقوم بها بذلك ، تحدد الجملة الأولى القيود القليلة التالية توضح,تأثير قيودها مثل مجالات البحث المستقبلي الجملة النهائية يوضح لقطة شاشة محتملة,للمساهمة هذه ولا تنسَ أن كل الذكاء الصحيح آمل أن يكون هذا الفيديو مفيدًا,إذا كانت الإجابة بنعم ، يرجى الضغط على زر الإعجاب والمشاركة شكرًا لمشاهدتك ، أراك في الفيديو التالي وداعًا,لك

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