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  2. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg | Wikipedia audio article
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  4. Weekly Pupdate: Penguin Paints!
  5. The Mysterious Kecksburg UFO Crashes Incident in 1965
  6. #PODCAST | زائرون من الفضاء | أكثر 6 قصص حقيقية عن مخلوقات فضائية
  7. Dennis Jerz, R.U.R (Rossums Universal Robots), Karel Capeks “Fantastic Melodrama”

Pittsburgh 360: Never Forgotten

[Music],in the fall of 1970 my mom purchased two,bracelets at the gold crest bakery in,Cheswick Pennsylvania Roxannes story we,heard about a few years ago when I was,working as a general assignment reporter,in the newsroom one of my editors,happened to go to a curves,Roxanne who was an instructor there at,the time was wearing APO W bracelet,everyone who is even close to my age I,think has heard about prisoner-of-war,bracelets were aware that they existed,but I dont think Ive ever actually,seen anyone wearing one,[Music],my sister and I put them on I looked at,the bracelet that Id chosen and his,missing-in-action date was January of,1968 my birthday is in January so I,decided at that point to commit to,putting the bracelet on and not taking,it off which is what they were designed,to do,[Music],well Roxanne did not know a lot about,her soldier,she was very devoted to it although she,knew little about the person whose name,was engraved on the bracelet she just,wanted to wear the bracelet and honor of,soldiers in general but we wanted to,find out his story as well whatever,became at this young man who went off to,war and for reasons unknown never came,home,[Music],we were able to find out pretty quickly,that he had been a Marine he was,sergeant Orville Scarman he was from,Duluth Minnesota and he was very young,just 20 years old its kind of the,all-american boy next door had plans to,go to college but decided to enter into,the Marines first he was scheduled to,come home in just about a month I,believe it was 1968 he was to return,home but hed gone on a little R&R,mission hitched a ride I believe they,said with in a helicopter to China Beach,upon learning he was coming home his,mother had kind of stocked the fridge,with all his favorite foods like any mom,what a different year kids coming home,that Telekom Tarr crashed,[Music],the family was notified that he was,m.i.a,[Music],about five years later they finally did,decide to declare him too seized he was,someone who was kind of preserved in his,friends memory as forever young he would,always think of Orville was the kid who,went off to war as he did as well but,the friend came home and and Orville did,not I made the choice to not research,anything about him until after his name,had started wearing off because while,the paint was still dark it gave me the,opportunity to talk about the word and,it also made people aware of it when the,war ended or I dont know I guess you,could say it ended they started,releasing names of POWs that were coming,back so the big deal was to get into the,newspaper and read to see did your,soldier come back,[Music],theres were the fortunate families,obviously minded not its been off three,times I played sports in high school,with high school sports you couldnt,wear any jewelry the 70s it was still,cool to wear wristbands I would put the,wristband over the bracelet well two,different times it kind of slipped out,and the officials caught that but I took,one from the team to get off game to the,manager then the third time I got,married on September 4th of 1976 I gave,it to my husband we kind of made a deal,that I would take it off for the church,service and then the minute we walked,down the aisle,the very first thing he did was take,that bracelet right out of his jacket,pocket and I put it right back on and,since that minute it has never been off,since as the war was over and as it went,into the 1970s and then the 80s and,people still remembered and now people,probably look at it and say what is that,ugly thing on your wrist that you always,wear they dont ask and that for me,creates a bit of sadness because,[Music],that means people are forgetting they,just dont know and there are boys that,just never came back to,SOI only ninth date,[Music],scratched up and bent but its now a,piece of meat if it was meant to come,off let it be broken if his family,[Music],had asked for it back I would be,grateful to pull it right off and hand,it over,you,[Music]

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg | Wikipedia audio article

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg,commonly referred to as picked,Greensburg is a four-year baccalaureate,degree granting state-related University,institution that as a regional,residential campus of the University of,Pittsburgh located in Hempfield Township,Westmoreland County Pennsylvania United,States opened in 1963 picked Greensburg,was granted four-year degree granting,status in 1988 picked Greensburg has,been voted best university in the region,for eight straight years 1999 to 2007 by,the readership of the Pittsburgh,tribune-review as of 2010 picked,Greensburg had 1675 full-time,undergraduates 1820 total and 76,full-time 84 total faculty approximately,650 students live in the residence halls,you,topic history,Pitts Greensburg opened in September,1963 following a request of area school,superintendents for a branch campus of,the University of Pittsburgh Pitt,Greensburg began as a two-year,institution with instruction in nine,areas of study 15 faculty 56 full-time,and 156 part-time students the school,was originally located in the Vogel,building a former private elementary,school and Greensburg school system,administrative building located at 122,North Maple Avenue in downtown,Greensburg across from Saint Claire Park,fine arts classes were originally taught,at the Westmoreland Museum of American,Art physical education was held at the,Greensburg YMCA and laboratory classes,were held in what is now Greensburg,Salem middle school in 1964 the,university purchased the 104 acre 0.42,square kilometres charles mckenna lynch,estate in Hempfield at first faculty,offices and classrooms were split,between Greensburg and Lynch Hall a,former residents on the Lynch estate,campus in 1976 the entire Pitt,Greensburg campus moved to the Hempfield,location on the former Lynch estate,until 1988 when it received four-year,degree granting status picked Greensburg,served as a two-year feeder school to,the main campus as the University of,Pittsburgh in the Oakland section of,Pittsburgh by 1989 picked Greensburg had,its first graduating class in 1999 a,distinctive feature of picked Greensburg,opened when the first of three academic,villages Behavioral Sciences Natural,Sciences and humanities where high,achieving students live in residences,based on their,majors and participate in after class,events geared to those disciplines as of,2008 picked Greensburg had more than,1600 full-time students 29 buildings 249,faculty and staff and 21 majors and 19,minors today,2018 the campus boasts 29 majors 24,minors and four certificate programs,five presidents have led the campus,since its founding all Smiths,1963 to 1980,1980 to 1996 norm Scanlon interim,president 1996-1997 Frank Castle 1997 to,2007 and Sharon P Smith who became Pitt,Greensburg fifth president on July 1st,2007,you,topic location and campus,Pitts Greensburg is located two miles,three kilometers south of the center of,Greensburg Pennsylvania a city located,in Westmoreland County and approximately,33 miles 53 kilometers to the southeast,of Pittsburgh since 1976 the university,has been centralized at its current,location on the former estate of Charles,McKenna Lynch in suburban Hempfield,the entire campus consists of 22,buildings on 219 acres 0.89 square,kilometres,many student residences consist of,houses in the academic village section,Apollo Athena Benjamin Franklin Margaret,Mead Selene and Thurgood Marshall with,village hall as the villages social hub,the various academic villages integrate,curricular and extracurricular student,experiences and each have their own,student council each village must be,applied to in order to live there and,they are organized around four themes,including behavioral sciences humanities,international and Natural Science and,new technologies other residence halls,are also located in college hall and,Robert Shaw Hall Westmoreland Hall and,the University Court,other campus facilities include three,classroom buildings powers Smith and,McKenna which also serves as the,computer center Milstein library,chambers Hall the administration,building,Lynch Hall the admissions office,Rossetti house and the radula athletic,fields a new classroom and office,building named after former campus,president Frank Castle has recently,opened and has been awarded LEED Gold,certification being the first building,on campus to achieve such designation,the campus also features a nature trail,and a small Creek slate run that runs,through the center of campus,you,topic academics,Pitts Greensburg offers 29 bachelors,degree programs 24 minors and numerous,pre-professional and certificate,programs,the University of Pittsburgh including,picked Greensburg and its other regional,campuses is fully accredited through the,Middle States Association of colleges,and schools Commission on Higher,Education picked Greensburg as,ineligible for US News rankings as its,accreditation is not separate from the,main accreditation of the University of,Pittsburgh a school-wide Honor Society,the Ben Franklin Society was organized,in 2008 for sophomores juniors and,seniors with a cumulative grade point,average of 3.75 or higher the society,functions to help students identify,prepare and apply for prestigious,fellowships and scholarships another,Honor Society The DaVinci Society also,exists for juniors and seniors selected,for their academic excellence leadership,service and international experience,other honor societies also exist on,campus for specific programs of study in,addition academic villages for which,grades and participation are evaluated,for admittance act as living and,learning communities for students with,similar academic interests,you,topic athletics,Pitts Greensburg competes athletically,as a member of n-c-double-a division 3,and as a charter member of the Allegheny,mountain Collegiate Conference mens,athletic programs include basketball,soccer baseball tennis golf and,cross-country womens programs consist,of basketball soccer softball volleyball,golf cross-country Pitt Greensburg also,has an intramural program with flag,football racquetball and billiards on,January 31st 2003 the mens and womens,basketball teams of the pict Greensburg,and the University of Pittsburgh at,Bradford held a doubleheader at the,Petersen Events Center on the University,of Pittsburghs main campus in the,Oakland section of Pittsburgh in,celebration of the both schools 40th,anniversary

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Dangerous Trailers.Org Presents Losse Flying Tires This Is The Power They Have

steve p,underground media king of osmer,so we got a truck disabled on the,highway just south of antlers beach,guy got hit by a tire that had come off,an oncoming vehicle,you can see,a good three feet in there motor kept,running,airbag deployment obviously poor guy got,smoked in the face really good,got hit all the way up there tire,bounced,hit the front of his vehicle and,the tire is somewhere down here,we shall go and try to find it all right,looks like this could be the culprit,tire,so cant even see with this camera,right where that car is right now is,where the damage happened,hit that truck and that tire rolled all,the way over here,that could have killed him,well theres a problem,sheared right off im sure,somebody here is looking for a tire,so if anybodys looking for a wheel and,tire you may have an insurance clan,so the tire hit here,airbag deployed obviously right away,destroyed this poor truck,and uh the driver luckily,was uh able to see around the airbags,pull over,the tires way down there,you

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Weekly Pupdate: Penguin Paints!

alone here we are well the Westmoreland,Museum of American Art in Greensburg is,closed right now but you can still enjoy,masterpieces and get a canine critics,review of the art online dogs owner,manages public relations for the music,museum and like many shes working from,home and tells the tribune-review shes,always looking for creative outlets I,love this so with the help of her dog,SEBI,her dog gives art reviews on instagram,the account is called what does SEBI say,and by the way SEBI is a PhD this is,true it stands for professional hound,dog of course its not what you,necessarily,well hes no art critic that we know of,but he is an artist were talking about,penguin our PCL pup who created these,paw prints behind us and we want to find,out more on our weekly pup date with,penguin and his puppy raisers from,canine companion for independence Jill,and Jack save oh hey guys alright so,these pictures were pretty impressive,and and penguin actually did them yes he,was the artist so what you need is you,need some paint and some brushes and a,piece of paper you take one of the,brushes and you dip it in paint and then,you paint the pads of his eyes okay,you just go like this seems a little,surprised by this and you go like that,and you get a nice little pop right,there oh oh so in that makes the flower,petals and that makes the flower petals,so then what you do is you take the,green and you just kind of make a little,stem and go like this for that and you,take a little wait for the middle to,make the little middle and you have a,nice little flower there so you dont,make penguin make the stem nope anyone,doesnt make this you make all the paw,prints so we have a big stack here of,all the prints that hes made this week,and if you check on our facebook that,penguin KDK page you can find out how to,get one for yourself oh thats so neat,that would be all over my house if I,attempted to do that with Kevin can you,imagine if Kevin dead paint on his paws,a disaster you definitely want to use,the non-toxic paint to make sure it says,non-toxic and then when youre done you,just kind of take his little paw and he,gets a little foot bath you just go like,this,and you just wipe it off it gets like a,little pedicure in there as well a,little massage on the foot yeah who knew,he had such artistic skills do something,to keep us all occupied probably more so,than him but its been fun and you,actually want to give away some of these,prints right hows that going to look we,have a big stack so if you check on the,Facebook page theyll be instructions,for how you can request your own photo,and then we can hopefully drop it in the,mail to you through the Facebook JDK the,penguin Katy Katy page on face Joe we,had some great video earlier this week,of the boredom that was ensuing at,someones house with the dogs chasing,each other doing laps around a dining,room table I dont know if you caught,the video earlier this week but you have,three dogs including penguin so has,anything happen in the house with the,boredom now not so much they run around,out in the yard a lot they run through,the trees in the backyard and they do,figure Eights around the trees but,luckily so far in the house it hasnt,been too bad,penguins been playing a lot of,tug-of-war with us and a lot of,tug-of-war with the other dogs that,seems to be his favorite his favorite,dumb playtime activity so weve been,doing a lot of tug-of-war and and even,though the stay-at-home order is,happening this is not taking penguin off,course for what he has to learn is it,Jack no its not so as of right now,although the may turn ins for canine,companions have been cancelled hes laid,to matriculate in November and so his,November turn is still on course so,were still training every day and,planning for November fantastic and we,love to see his new artistic skills this,was fun,thanks guys Jack and Jill and penguin,and remember you can keep up with,penguin here on PTL or any time on,social media just follow him on facebook,twitter and instagram and get your,request in for his paw prints spell cute

The Mysterious Kecksburg UFO Crashes Incident in 1965

foreign,nearly 27 years ago in Kecksburg,Pennsylvania to this day many people who,have studied this sighting believe there,is a continuing government cover-up of,what really happened in 1965. as I,discovered on my trip to Kecksburg some,believe the UFO was a meteor others that,it was an alien spacecraft and still,others that it was all an elaborate hoax,Kecksburg used to be just like a lot of,other small villages in Western,Pennsylvania,but in 1965 Kecksburg lost its anonymity,when it became one of the worlds most,famous UFO landing sites,I happen to look up in the sky and I,seen this red Fireball it sure wasnt a,me or because Ive seen them fall before,Ive never seen any of them with blue,lights on and it looked like it made a,turn and come back again and when theyd,come back,it seemed like it went down,it was December 9 1965 a night that many,townspeople will never forget,I got my flashlight and I started down,through the woods up to where it was at,theres no wings there was uh no tail,section there was no Motors there was no,windows there was no doors it was big,enough for a grown person to stand up in,it had like Egyptian writing like,backwards writing on it stars and,circles and dashes and lines and things,like that it looked like an acorn it was,really weird some claim the UFO wasnt,the only thing to arrive that night it,wasnt too much longer down through the,woods come to gentlemen the one,gentleman very ramrod straight very,authoritative voice crew cut hair I mean,he just reeked the military he looked,object and looked at us he says all,right this is not a restricted area,means were all ordered out of here some,military people come to the house and,said theyd like to use is the phone,they sort of took the house over we,started talking among ourselves whats,going on,about that time up here on the road,becomes a big flat bed truck in the,flatbed went down and empty and they,come back yeah I was something on the,back of it covered up about the size of,the Volkswagen that truck was hell-bent,for leather and if youd have walked out,on that road youd have still been there,because they just scraped you up for the,putty knife they werent stopping for,anything or anybody and that began the,real mystery of this whole thing,27 years later what happened down there,in that wood surrounded by Fields if,anything happened down there at all is,still a matter of bitter controversy,youve got this town split into two,groups you got the Believers and the,non-believers theres been some,friendship lost and its foolish as far,as Im concerned I have a brother-in-law,that uh,he hadnt spoke to me for two years and,said that I lied about everything that I,never lied about a thing you got,neighbors and Neighbors,that has known each other all their life,now they dont want to talk because One,Believes it and one dont believe it,just as the town is divided so too are,experts who have researched what really,happened in Kecksburg planetary expert,Robert Young believes that some citizens,may have perpetrated a hoax he claims,the UFO was merely a meteor known to,have passed over Ontario in several,northern states that evening,virtually all of the accounts can be,explained by people having looked toward,and seeing the Ontario meteor how about,the accounts though of the military that,turned out in large numbers kept people,away from going down there a truck that,went down into the area and came out you,got eyewitnesses that say this happened,right I understand Ive I have written,signed eyewitness accounts from 61 local,people who say that that did not do,there was nothing crashed Europe was,recovered there was no military,occupation a lot of people probably,think youre the government well sure,yeah but Im not I dont know how some,people can say that nothing ever,happened when there was so many people,that saw things that night something had,to happen I know let us all and Im not,going to deny it,yeah,they can tell me Im lying but I know,that Ive seen the military in my house,that night Freedom of Information Act,states there was,212 military personnel here that night,sightings attempted to speak with the,Kecksburg residents who deny anything,extraterrestrial ever happened here but,they all refused our invitation to talk,even the landowner whose property was,the alleged crash site remained silent I,think the government bought them off or,threatened him with something that got,them scared half the wits ironically,their refusal to talk has only deepened,the controversy UFO researcher Stan,Gordon heard about the Kecksburg,incident on the radio the night it,allegedly happened in 1965. he has been,investigating the sighting ever since,so much of what we know about the case,now weve learned since about 1987 with,the fact that now we have at least four,different eyewitnesses who apparently,saw the object on the granite Kecksburg,the fact that there are dozens of people,independent of each other who dont even,know each other yet who have given us,detailed information about what the,experience I saw that night and theyre,giving us confirming information that,has not been published yet the Skeptics,and these include the people who own the,land and some very substantial citizens,of Kecksburg think that this whole thing,is loony,why do they feel so strongly the other,way could be that some of these people,were in the wrong place at that time,they were in a position where they,didnt see what was going on and if you,see the geography of the area and where,the majority of people were that night,they could not have seen the military,activity that was happening on the land,on the other side of the area down there,do you have any hard evidence at all,that what went down in the woods near,Kecksburg was something other than a,meteor or was anything at all,unfortunately not as in so many of these,cases you have to go by the eyewitness,accounts and in this case the eyewitness,accounts are very very strong and again,unfortunately we dont have that type of,information if this was the case whether,it be a space probe or in other UFO,cases sure if we had the physical,Hardware the mystery would be over what,do you think it is what I think it is at,this point and again this is not,conclusive at this point the weight of,evidence would point in the direction,that this may have been a Soviet space,probe if the object were proven to be a,Soviet space program then many questions,would be answered if a Soviet device,landed in Kecksburg the government would,have been required by International,treaty to recover and return immediately,any space debris to the country of,origin but retired army Sergeant,Clifford Stone doesnt believe the,Soviet probe theory if this was of,Soviet origin in 1965,the state department would have released,documentation to me under their boondust,files to date none of that information,has been forth,Clifford Stone collects government,documents about space debris recovery,operations like project Moon dust and,project bluefly he began his,investigations in 1965 when as an army,Sergeant he witnessed a top secret,delivery to Lockbourne Air Force Base,about 200 miles from Kecksburg,I noticed that on the back of the,vehicle it had something that was,covered by a tarp it was about a 10 to,12 foot at the base 12 foot tall it,looked like a chocolate drop when my,friend told me that uh,every question I ever had about UFOs was,under that canvas I was mystified since,that time Stone has repeatedly attempted,to obtain information from the,government regarding that object each,time the governments response has been,the same they have taken the stance by,direction of the president of the United,States we may neither confirm nor deny,the existence or non-existence of any,information that all involve the,recovery of unknowns Kecksburg remains a,town divided the only thing on which,Believers and non-believers can agree is,that all they want to know once and for,all is what really happened on December,9th 1965

#PODCAST | زائرون من الفضاء | أكثر 6 قصص حقيقية عن مخلوقات فضائية

Good morning or good evening Whenever you hear me out, were going to talk about the,6 most real alien accidents that have ever happened, 1.,APRIL 17, 1897: A CRASH IN AURORA, TEXAS In 1897, a “cigar-shaped” UFO supposedly,crashed into a windmill belonging to Judge J.S.,Proctor of Aurora, Texas.,The incident was reported in the April 19 edition of the Dallas Morning News, two days,after the crash occurred, and it claimed the pilot of the ship was “not an inhabitant,of this world.”,Supposedly, the pilots remains buried in an unmarked grave at a local cemetery, and,the ship was partially buried with the pilot.,The rest of it is said to have been dumped down a well.,Barbara Brammer, a former mayor of Aurora, claims the whole thing was a hoax crafted,in order to save Aurora.,See, the town was suffering after a series of unfortunate events that included a fire,,the local cotton crop dying out, a fever epidemic, and the cancellation of a planned railroad,into town.,The “hoax” put Aurora back on the map.,But the events of that April still havent been fully disproven.,2.,MAY 11, 1950: MCMINNVILLE UFO IN MCMINNVILLE, OREGON,One of the most disputed and often-studied UFO events in U.S. history concerns a pair,of photos taken by Paul Trent after his wife, Evelyn, first spotted a slow-moving, metallic,disk in the sky near their farm just outside McMinnville, Oregon.,Trent only managed to snap two pictures before the disk was out of range, and skeptics and,believers have fought over the photos since.,In the 80s, two women, Philip J. Klass and Robert Sheaffer, made it their mission to,debunk the sighting.,They concluded that the Trents lied about the time of day the photos were taken, so,they, of course, had to be lying about the content of the photos.,Ufologists have since contested that theory.,But the photos were printed in Time magazine, making it one of the best-publicized UFO events,in history.,To this day, theres still no consensus.,3.,DECEMBER 9, 1965: THE KECKSBURG INCIDENT IN KECKSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA,In 1965, a giant space acorn landed in the woods outside Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.,That’s, at least, what the town members and volunteer firefighters who found the craft,said.,The alien craft was supposedly the size of a car and covered in writing that resembled,Egyptian hieroglyphs.,Locals claim that the U.S. military rolled in, secured a perimeter, kicked civilians,out, and took something away on a flatbed truck.,The military publicly denies having found anything in the woods that day.,Similarly, a local newspaper, the Greensburg Tribune-Review, ran a story the morning after,the event, confirming the sighting and landing of a UFO, as well as the military’s intervention.,A later edition of the paper claimed the exact opposite: that nothing had been found.,4.,MARCH 24, 1983: V-SHAPED LIGHTS IN HUDSON VALLEY, NEW YORK,A fever of sorts overtook the Hudson Valley area in the mid-‘80s, with over 5,000 people,reporting UFO sightings between 1982 and 1986.,But the most significant event from that period came in the form of a mass sighting on March,24, 1983.,Throughout the evening of March 24, Hudson Valley residents reported seeing a V-shaped,object covered in lights.,It took interest in a nuclear reactor and bodies of water.,Witness reports from that time are all documented in the book Night Siege: The Hudson Valley,UFO Sightings, which quotes a witness as saying that on that night he saw an enormous flying,object covered in multi-colored lights.,“If there is such a thing as a flying city, this was a flying city,” he said.,The prolonged event is often considered to be a grouping of air force jets, though there’s,no real proof of that.,5.,MARCH 13, 1997: THE PHOENIX LIGHTS IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA,The 1997 Phoenix Lights are one of the most-documented sightings in U.S. history.,Documentaries and fictional adaptations alike have portrayed the lights — a v-shaped formation,that reportedly blocked out the stars and was seen by hundreds — as an incredibly,realistic unknown.,The lights are often seen as being connected to similar events in the Hudson Valley (above),and are viewed by researchers and witnesses alike as benign in nature.,Phoenix Light deniers tend to settle on the explanation that the lights were either flares,or a military thing, as there are several military and air force bases in ,the Phoenix area.,But films such as Phoenix Forgotten are determined to posit that something wholly out of this,world was seen that night.,6.,JANUARY 8, 2008: THE STEPHENVILLE LIGHTS IN STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS,Early in 2008, flashing orbs of light, red as fireballs, zipped through the air above,the Texas plains.,“First, I saw a yellow-red orb the color of lava in a volcano,” Constable Lee Roy,Gaitan of Dublin, Texas, said.,“Then, instead of the red orbs, there were nine or 10 flashing lights maybe 3000 ft in,the air, bouncing and very bright.,They hovered there, strobing for 2 or 3 minutes, bright like German auto headlights.,Then they shot off at blazing speed like a school of fish, you know, when it’s frightened.”,At first, local air force bases denied having crafts flying in the area at the time, though,many witnesses reported seeing military aircraft chasing after the lights.,On January 23, it changed its tune, saying it had been conducting training flights in,the Stephenville area that involved 10 fighter jets at the time.,Conspiracy theories still abound.,See you later

Dennis Jerz, R.U.R (Rossums Universal Robots), Karel Capeks “Fantastic Melodrama”

so,um im going to talk about the rule of,chopex,robots a public lecture well talk about,the word robot,hopefully a few more than the one or two,sentences thats in every encyclopedia,entry on the history of the word robot i,want to talk about some precursors in,context and well,take a well discuss a little bit about,what robots,the representation of robots how that,relates to humanity,um all right so,were going to do isnt uh its not,really intended for humans,no its probably its probably more for,robots,in the future when robots have killed,all humans,thats the sort of market that were,trying to get into,hes right there,look at that one its dead ill just,confirm that theyre dead,affirmative i poked one it was,kill them like to dead their systems,down,captain do you not see the irony by,destroying the humans because of their,destructive capabilities we have become,like,the dc what we see,solos,okay all right thats enough okay um so,uh,the new zealand um comedy folk pop,duo uh uh flight of the conchords has,told you pretty much what a lot of,people,think they know about rossums universal,robots its that,mythology of the robot story that carol,trepiks play introduced in 1920,its called a fantastic melodrama and it,did introduce the word robot to,languages,around the world well what is a robot,to many people according to the carnegie,science centers robo world exhibit,robots are especially robots if they are,humanoid and agile and sociable,and smart and well this kind of a robot,theres not a,whole lot of dramatic potential for this,kind of robot so im,i want to talk about um the fact that,this,robot trope is so universal its so,familiar,that these performers didnt even have,to make complete sentences,we knew this story so well we filled in,their gaps,and it doesnt even require utterance to,be effective,and its that kind of a deep-seated,cultural idea that when we,dont examine it we lose a lot of,potential to learn so i want to examine,that a little bit,because we carry around with us this,idea of what a robot is,we know that galatia is not a robot and,we know that frankensteins monster is,not a robot even though they are,artificial creations brought to life,through various through,divine magic intervention on one side,and science on the other,but theyre not robots the tin woodman,of oz,more of a cyborg if you look at his,origin story,the steam man of the prairie is a,man-shaped locomotive thats not on a,track its really not really a robot and,even olympia the mechanized doll from,tales of hoffman and the story of,sandman,these are some things that we can look,at if were talking about artificial,people,automatons androids but uh,i want to talk about carol chapics,vision of robots his play introduced,not only the word robot into the,languages displacing a lot of other,terms,but a new way of looking at and thinking,of a particular category of artificial,people artificial workers mass-produced,artificial workers,so i want to uh do something that uh,plenty of robot experts and plenty of,theater experts,uh dont do very frequently i want to,look closely at,uh the play rossums universal robots,and i regret that my skills dont permit,me to speak about the czechoslovakian,original and time doesnt permit me to,talk about textual variations and,translations issues and so forth,uh for something like that camilla,kenyons the phenomenology of robots,would be a good place to start,but um the basics published in 1920 its,called a collective drama in a comic,prologue and three acts,and um the robots are not in this,version buckets of bolts,okay if you dont know anything about,rossums universal robots get outside of,your head the idea that these robots are,bucket the volts think artificial meat,okay this is laboratory grown flesh from,a chemical,substitute for protoplasm that is not,all explained in the play because carol,tropic didnt really care that much,about robots,he wanted to find out what happened to,society when society was,altered by the human dependence upon,robots,so in the comic prologue set in the,office of the island factory of rossums,universal robots,the ideal idealistic heroin helena glory,shows up,hoping to inspire the robots to incite,them to awaken their class consciousness,expanding a trope about worker related,theater thats uh,very popular at that time period part of,the comedy comes from the fact that,helena cannot tell,humans from robots and robots from,humans and,also she uh though she and it entered,this,environment intending to bring it down,essentially she ends up accepting a,marriage proposal from the alpha male,business executive the next act is set,10 years later,and suddenly its like a scene out of a,dolls house where,the business manager is protecting and,coddling his sweet,childish wife and helena,has an interior life much like nora does,secretly she has been conspiring with,another scientist to develop a different,kind of,robot a different strain of robots that,is more sensitive and,more irritable because she believes that,that will,allow these robots to um be more,sympathetic to human suffering and,become,less alien to us well um,the robots on the island by the end of,this first act proper of the play,receive the orders uh from robots,elsewhere in the world that its time to,revolt,uh the role happens very quickly uh the,end of the first full act,and um uh at the end of the second act,the robots actually march in im sorry,im only a spoil a whole lot im leaving,quite a lot out im,your painting isnt very broad brushes,but as the executives are waiting for,the robots to,um launch their final assault suddenly,were in,a george bernard shaw talky play where,people with,uh sort of symbolically significant last,names blame,science or they blame business or they,blame each other or they wish they had,spent more time on,hedonistic pursuits uh um uh but even on,this last day of civilization,um uh alquist is a worker a builder a,humble builder,who says the real crime was in building,robots in the first place because humans,got too soft and let the robots do the,work for them,and dolman the the leader um uh,says no alquist i dont regret that even,today,not even today not even today on the,last day of civilization,it was a great thing that is to dream of,a future in which humans,did not have to do this kind of drudgery,because theyre depending on a slave,class to do it for them,and theatrically chopin undercuts,domains idealism,by having the accountant busman mutter,316 million as on the last day of,civilization,the business manager has nothing better,to do than the books,um and uh this reference to money sort,of does,undercut domains idealism but there are,other characters who speak,very idealistically as well and were,sympathetic to a lot of them,including actually were kind of,sympathetic to the robots,because in the final act set years later,we learned that the robots are now,feeling,um theyre having their own existential,crisis because robots,cannot reproduce they wear out after a,certain number of years and although,chapak has earlier in the play,indicated that robots have all the,features of masculinity and femininity,but they have no interest in each other,so they dont do anything with it,well um these robots,keep the last human alive alquis the,humble builder,and they order him to rediscover the,ability to reproduce robots,robots cannot reproduce by themselves,they need human science to do so,well the robot leader which in different,translations different versions is,radius or daemon i wont go into those,details,but um the robot leader orders,alquist to start dissecting robots,to learn about robot anatomy and alquist,says fine ill start with you,and the robot leader initially says no,but then says okay all right if this,this is the only way that i can help my,people,ill do it so theres a theres a,nobility theres a theres a,self-preservation instinct but a kind of,nobility in that,the robot leader is willing to be,dissected to save,uh his peop

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