1. My Groundfloor 1 & Half Year Returns | Groundfloor Review 2022
  2. Can You INVEST in House Flips with $10? (Groundfloor Investing Review)
  3. My Groundfloor 1 Year Results!| Groundfloor Review 2022
  4. Here is why I decided to cancel Groundfloor
  5. Groundfloor 3 Year Investing Review!!
  6. Pros & Cons of Groundfloor (The FINAL Review…)
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My Groundfloor 1 & Half Year Returns | Groundfloor Review 2022

hey welcome to dial stock talk where i,talk about topics relating to finance,investing but more specifically the,stock market in this video ill be,giving you an update on my ground for,portfolio if you guys arent sure what,ground floor is brown floor is an,investment platform that allows you to,provide loans for local people whos,interested in real estate may be,renovating or most of the time its,renovating houses these are like regular,people like me and you so if they need a,short term alone ground floor provides a,form but before we get started make sure,you smash the like button because it,helps you to algorithm it helps you to,know that the quality content helps,reach a broader coordinates now heres,the thing about ground floor like i said,this video is mainly to update give your,update to so you guys can see,um how my account is doing if you want,to see previous updates check the,suggested videos but if you want to see,a full in-depth video of what ground,floor is make sure you check my,suggested videos,oh and by the way if you guys are,interested in ground floor creating an,account with ground floor right now they,have a special where if you sign up,through my affiliate link down in the,description below invest a hundred,dollars we both get fifty dollars so to,me thats condoms particularly sweet if,you like the platform but lets jump,into my investing my ground floor,investment portfolio by the way guys i,try to be completely honest about what i,think about this particular platform so,as you can see my portfolio history cash,on hand 4.27 cents money at work one,thousand six hundred and twenty dollars,i try to always have my money at work,and ill tell you guys later a feature,where they have auto investing where,they cost look for loans and then they,automatically invest your money once you,get the particular interest from the,performance summary for the lro,investments 41 loans,invested 1 620 expected rate 10.3,um by the way im probably going to,actually reach out to ground floor about,it because this can be very misleading,ive covered it in several my other,videos,and ill explain later when you,when we look into a little bit deeper,for my are over payments,we had 32 loans one thousand nine,hundred for this is the amount thats,invested one thousand that was invested,one thousand one hundred and ninety,dollars expected rate 9.6 actual rate,10.1 so this is for the money at work,this is where i projected amount vested,1,620,expected earnings 134.92,now as you can see up here,it says expected 10.3 but this is what i,wanted to talk to on ground floor about,it but when you actually do the math,here,the percentage is,drastically different,134 divided by,1620 and,percent so thatd be eight point two,seven,percent based off of here and the,expected rate now i talked this before a,lot of times people pay off the loan uh,much shorter so this doesnt actually,translate to the expected rate so i,would like it as im going to try to,talk to them is they can give you an,actual return,based off of the duration that people,have alone so if the loan was for 12,months and they paid two months i would,like them to have an adjusted return im,not sure if thats going to be possible,for them but i think its definitely,misleading when you see expected rate 10,but then when you look at the actual,expected earnings for the investment,amount its kind of much lower,um similar for the repayment,this is what actually i actually,received this is was projected,so for the lro repayment um the amount,invested one thousand nine one thousand,one hundred and ninety dollars net,earnings sixty four dollars and twenty,four cents,i believe i did the math on that and,that was kind of much lower than i,expected that was about went to a yield,of maybe about five or six percent let,me do the math right now,64.27 divided by 1190,about 5.4,now once again yes a lot of times they,paid off the loans early,and stuff like that which could,definitely mess up the returns but i,definitely think,im misleading and i like to be kind of,honest um with this particular platform,a lot of times i told people before,i would like to get closer to 10 return,so thats why i only do,c,the grade c loans which is closer to the,10 percent let me get let me show you,guys when i hit invest and by the way,ill probably i have this on auto invest,so its constantly investing my money,and ill show you guys that a little,later,so let me scroll down by the way they,have ground floor notes but they have a,set particular rate but honestly im,going to,tell you guys i would not particularly,do this because,i just did a video where that has eye,bones where they can give you 9.62,in a year risk-free by the federal,government if you guys are interested,make sure you check the suggested videos,its mainly because of placenta del,conda particularly match that but so,make sure you check that suggested video,im just going to just a little bit,keeping it honest all right so lets,scroll down,and as you can see a lot of the b loans,are 7.5 or 8.5 percent like i said as,far as the loans,this loan it said 7.5,but its only 1.2,months so thats probably not gonna be a,whole percent see how some of these,loans are this rate is for 12 months but,look how a lot of the remaining loans is,1.2 month 1.4 so the actual returns is,much lower and as far as they do,reinvest but another loan has to be,available so if theres all short,particular loans there might not be a,longer one available ill,i havent did the auto invest a lot for,a long time but ill see as long as i do,the auto invest and ill probably also,talk to ground floor to how to maximize,the particular returns but now i do have,it on auto invest and ill show you guys,how did i get that so scroll down as you,can see the temp the type grade c is,most of the time over 10,11,thats why i kind of stick with the,grade c grade ds i dont really mess,with that,because um,as far as the low i mean the lower the,number the lower the letter is the more,risky it will be so i just kind of stick,with c like i said my goal is to get,that get it up to 10 or 11,that is my particular goal now lets see,the lor investments and this is just to,show you how many was defaulted,only one extended 16 and performing 24.,um 44 of portfolio has been extended 51,is currently performing so these are the,rates expected rates like i said i,definitely would like to talk to,ground floor about that and it says,bonus interest rates it are not included,stuff like that but like i said i,definitely would like,to talk to ground floor about that now,so this is where you can by the way if,you go to lor,investments this is where you can,see a little bit of where all your,particular loans is um loans that you,provided the street name for example you,want to click on it and tell you more,information about it so and lets go to,the repayment part thats definitely,um an important part,where you can see,all the breakdown of everything here,and this is to me where you can actually,see the like the real deal for example,this one the rate was 10,but the duration of the loan was only,um the term was six months and this one,it was the actual turn about five point,nine months,so which means that this was kind of,half of that yeah so it was more five,percent so this is actually where i,think the best case for you to know your,real returns so all you can do take the,repayment rate of the investment rate,and that will give you a much better,idea so if you guys want to kind of know,what your real returns but you can take,the interest that you end up getting,because initial investment was ten,dollars so for the repayment amount,thatd be 49 cents for interest over the,initial one so point 49 cents divided by,10,and then what you would end up doing is,multiplying that by 100 to turn it to a,percent and you get 4.9,just to give you an idea of your real,returns but according to ground floor,they have the expected rate and actual,rate so i would like it where th

Can You INVEST in House Flips with $10? (Groundfloor Investing Review)

what do you do if you need a loan to,flip a house but you cant just go to a,traditional bank either because you,dont have a proven track record or,youre already fully leveraged well,normally your only solution would be to,go to a private investor who can offer,you whats called a hard money loan,basically they would use your piece of,real estate as collateral in case you,didnt pay the loan back and in exchange,they would give you a short term high,interest loan for a time period of,around one to three years but what if,you dont have rich contacts who can,offer you those kinds of loans or,what if you want to be the one offering,those loans to people flipping the,houses in order to make that sweet sweet,interest how do you do that without,having tens or even hundreds of,thousands of dollars in the bank to,fully fund a flip,well thats where a website called,ground floor tries to come in,hey everyone and welcome to fintech and,in this video im going to be reviewing,the real estate investing platform,ground floor,looking at how the site works walking,through setting up an account for myself,and maybe even making an investment if i,find something that looks interesting,this video was made in partnership with,moneymade.io which is a platform that,lets you discover,learn about and invest in different,types of investments ill have a link in,the description if you want to check,them out,groundfloor offers a platform for people,to crowdsource hard money loans,to really explain what that means,basically when someone decides to buy a,house,renovate it and then sell it at a higher,price a lot of the time someone will,take whats called a hard money loan in,order to cover the cost of the,renovations and improvements but with,ground floor instead of needing to go to,one really rich person who can afford,to fund your entire flip instead you,would go to the platform and try to,crowdfund your loan through a whole,bunch of people online,ground floor offers their services both,to the people who need the loan for the,flip and the people who want to make,money by investing in these kinds of,flips,its kind of similar to other lending,sites such as lending club only theyre,very very focused specifically on this,type of real estate loan,and theyre only able to do this because,of a change in regulations called,regulation a,plus back in 2015. so lets start off by,going through the site so when you first,go to ground floors website they have,this page here which talks about,what the site is actually for how you,can make use of it and how it could,actually make you money and they talk,about here how you can invest with as,little as 10,and make an interest rate of 10 well,talk about that a little bit more but,for now lets just log in and start,looking at the actual site now when you,first get here it asks you to set up,your account and you can do this by,investing anywhere between 100 and as,high as 25 000,im going to skip this for now because i,dont want to put any money in and so,then next up it shows you some potential,investments that you can make,now there are kind of two different,sections of ground floor one is this,investing section which appeals to,people like me who might want to put,money into one of these flips and then,theres another section of the site,specifically for,borrowers who plan to actually do the,real work of flipping the property i,will look at that a little bit but most,of this video is going to be focused on,the investors,so looking at these available,investments here you can see that you,have the different addresses for the,different houses that are going to be,flipped you can see what interest rate,the loan is going to pay,how long the loan is going to last for,and what percentage of the after repair,value this loan is for so basically when,you take a house,its initial value might be lets say a,hundred thousand dollars and they want,to put 25,000 into it to fixing up the house and,then once its all fixed up,they think they could sell it for 150,000 well in that case,this after repair value percentage would,be the 25,000 that they borrow divided by the 150,000,that the house is going to be worth in,the end so basically the lower the arv,percentage is the lower risk the actual,loan is because you dont need as much,appreciation to break even on the loan,now next up we have here that it says,the payment schedule is deferred,so for all of these loans youre not,going to receive regular payments for,the loans instead youll receive a lump,sum once the loan is fully paid off,after the house has been flipped next up,you can see how many people are actively,invested in this property what the total,loan amount is for as well as how much,of the loan is remaining to be offered,so for this first one right here we can,see that the original loan was for 425,thousand dollars and theres still,around 130,000 left to be invested here so if i,wanted to i could invest 10,or dollars into this right now i could,hold on to this loan until the term,ended now also on this page youll,notice on the left side here theres,kind of a picture of the house and then,theres also this rating here,so you have c c b c c this is supposed,to be the risk level of the loan so this,b loan here is considered to be less,risky than the c,loans and well see a little bit later,how they determine those ratings its,not,really all that quantitative but it does,offer some qualitative metrics you can,kind of get your head around,how theyre actually determining what is,riskier so now lets actually look into,one of these in a little bit more detail,lets just click on the first one here,in here we can see a project summary of,what the loan is for so again you can,see the rate how long the term is for,what the arv is as well as how much is,left to be,invested a couple other things here you,can see who is actually making this,borrow so in this case its theodore,hawkins of chalk llc,and if you click the name itll take you,down to this borrower summary section,and you can see here that,this guy it looks like he hasnt taken,any loans from ground floor before he,has,zero loans funded in the past but he,does say that hes done projects in the,past now if we go back to the top we can,also see,your loan position so youre the first,lien on this property if you want to go,into more detail you can click in the,lro agreement here,im not going to go through all this but,this is all the legal jargon that you,would need to know for the loan now if,you scroll down a little more here,you can see the financial overview for,this property so this really illustrates,how this whole process is going to work,on the left side here you can see,how much money the original investor put,into this property so in this case 161,thousand dollars,next you can see how much theyre,actually looking for from ground floor,which is 850 000,and then when you total those two up,thats how much money it costs to both,purchase the property and make the,actual renovations so just over one,million dollars into this property now,they are forecasting that after this has,been fixed and then eventually flipped,they can sell it for 1.2 million dollars,which means that theyre making a profit,of 200 and three thousand dollars,now the size of this money doesnt,really determine how much you as an,investor get paid out because youre,investing in the loan youre not,investing in the actual property you,would still expect to be paid out your,9.7,interest regardless so assuming this,loan is actually paid back,successfully and there is some risk,there you will get your 9.7,interest rate back regardless of what,the actual property does because youre,a loan investor,additionally ground floor does not,charge you as an investor any fees for,investing in this property so back to,this page here if we scroll down past,the loans that are currently being,funded we can also see projects that,were actually successfully repaid,recently now youll see that even some,of the projects here

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My Groundfloor 1 Year Results!| Groundfloor Review 2022

hello welcome to dial stock talk where i,talk about topics relating to finance,and investing but more specifically,these,in this video ill be going over my,ground floor one year returns but before,we get started make sure you smash the,like button because it helps algorithm,it helps you,help my video,broader audience also if youre,interested in financial investing,t-shirts make sure you check out my,store wall street stock apparel where i,make custom finance and investing,t-shirts now if youre completely new to,ground floor make sure you check out my,suggested videos that allow you to,provide loans for people who want to get,into real estate whether theyre fixing,it renovating or whatever but im going,to give you and by the way like i said i,have uh suggested videos for the full,review but im going to get over and get,into my one year um returns now as you,can see i signed on this is exactly what,you would end up seeing by the way if,youre interested in ground floor i have,an affiliate link in the description,below a lot of times theyll have it,where youll get ten dollars and ill,get ten dollars ill just drop it in the,description below,all right so like i said they have the,ground floor notes this is just kind of,like a you can think about as a regular,company note,um ive never particularly used them but,they sometimes they have relatively,decent rates like 6.5 for 12 months,thats pretty good but keep in mind i,always wanted to keep in mind to tell,people that,these rates are based off of yearly,rates,its not the whole these are apy rates,annual percentage year so thats how,much you would get in a 12 month period,so just keep that in mind but as you can,see we can scroll down and have,different particular loans i will want,to say this that a lot of the loans that,they end up having i dont see a lot of,12 of my loans and i notice a lot of,people end up paying them all enough of,that lets get into,my,returns so lets go to investment,activities all right so this is my,investment activities like i said i had,it for one year so right now i have two,hundred and ten dollars in cash money at,work i have one thousand and ninety,dollars as you can see 31 loans,investment lro investments 20 has been,paid off and this was the this was the,expected return and this is the actual,rate also keep in mind that,this is apy so some of the loans they,paid off much faster thats why youll,see a much lower dollar amount and that,was kind of one of the reasons why i,started to pick more aggressive loans,because you could have a loan for six,months,for like a seven or eight percent yield,and they paid off in a month or two so,you dont even really get a whole,percent um so i just want to keep that,in mind but money at work its one,thousand ninety dollars expected,earnings ninety four dollars and as you,can see uh as far as repayments every,payments is the one up here but yeah so,as you can see the repayments with 700,so this is the one actively invested,these are the ones that already been,paid off,so amount invested 700 and that earnings,30.86,now to be completely honest i would,definitely like to see that number much,higher ill at least like to see it at,760 or 70 dollars yeah and this is an,add-on to the video so as you know,things probably changed a little bit but,the seven hundred dollars i didnt,initially start with that i think i,started with like 203 two or three,hundred dollars and then i added some on,with time so just keep that in mind yeah,i started i want to say about 300,and then i added some more um a little,bit i think its like 50 here 100 there,so thats how they actually end up going,but you have to keep in mind so that 9.9,apy a lot thats assuming that if it,took the whole course but because,it was a lot of people paid off much,faster and the loans was instead of,theyll have an apy yo i kind of talked,about this in my other videos but,theyll have something like a 10 percent,ap while yield but itd only be in the,six month period of time so instead of,getting that whole 10,if they did it in the six months you,would get half of that so they paid it,off even faster than that which i,noticed they end up doing youll get,even less than that so like i said um,just keep that in mind its as far as,the,um the overall platform i mean its cool,and all i would like to see you know,longer loans so i can end up probably,getting a higher return return but i do,like that it is short term its its,definitely better than put it in a um a,cd or money market front you can play it,a lot more aggressive and people do pay,the loans pretty quickly so thats,reliable so its definitely if you,needed an investment i want to save,maybe six months to a year its a very,short period of time i like this,particular platform once again in the,descriptions if you would want to sign,up for ground floor i have a affiliate,link in the description below but lets,check out some more information so as,you you can see in my last video i said,im switching to all c type simply,because im hoping for a higher yield,also guys im probably going to change,my strategy um before i was kind of,looking for the 12 months and kind of,hand picking them myself,dude because its not a lot of them and,they kind of update the loans um here,and there i think im just going to have,it on autopilot and i might just play it,on aggressive but ill do this while um,a month video uh grade b thats 30 a,number of loans one uh the blended,contract right now,and like i said most of them is in type,c,let me see that we cover everything im,just going one by one throughout the,ones and they show you like theyre very,transparent as far as performing 27,invested 930,this is,most of the portfolio,85.3,expected return,extended only three and only one um,defaulted,so i mean thats pretty good thats,definitely pretty good as well,lets scroll down and see in all the,particular bonus that was deferred they,show you the ones thats performing so,all the the duration so if you wanted to,really,get into the nitty gritty details,you can end up checking out that,all right as you can see it shows you,the purchase on and when they repaid as,well so as you can see they repaid this,loan it took up this one took a little,over a year so you really got the full,amount but as you can see this one right,here,i purchased the loan on this date and,within a month you know they already,paid it off so i only get 46 cents,so just like i just wanted to keep,people in mind of the duration of the,loan and keep in mind that a lot of,times they pay much faster,now lets look at the equity well this,is if you had shares with ground floor i,didnt they allow you to buy a stock,its private um i was considering it but,i decided to change my mind then they,also have the transactions looks like,its taking some time but,well wait,yeah then i have the transactions,of all the transactions that i end up,making and as far as i want to be,completely transparent as far as the,referral program as well,so all of this is the all the,transactions from now on im going to,have and they have it where you can,actually download,um lets click download and that puts,everything in excel file,actually ive never even seen this,before but yeah so,lets close this out so you can see more,they actually have it where you can put,all this on the excel sheet i thought,that was pretty good you just you know,expand that out if you want just to see,but yeah so what im probably going to,do you guys is im probably going to,have it on,autopilot,so i believe lets see transfer funds i,believe thats what its on,hopefully yeah so transfer funds and,what im going to do is im going to,just do auto investing,so auto investing ensures your money is,always at work automatically runs every,day so thats probably what im going to,end up doing and for all of them im,just going to put them all on,uh c,just put the 200,um all like i said all and see,this is auto it lets you just go ahead,and kind of invest the amount of money

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Here is why I decided to cancel Groundfloor

this is going to be part three of my,ground floor experience,um,i am about to make a phone call with,ground floor to,get some questions answered uh theres a,few things that that concern me one of,the main concerns is the fact that this,says im expected three dollars and six,cents in earnings,um theyre going to hold my money for,six months and i put in 200 but my,expect my interest rate is 10,so,the math doesnt add up to me so i want,to find out exactly why,it says ten percent,but then it says my expected earnings,are three dollars and six cents um if,thats the case then i dont think i,want to hold two hundred dollars in,any account for six months,to earn,three dollars,um,it just doesnt make any any sense to me,it just doesnt make any sense to me id,rather take a gamble,um on on a um some cryptocurrency or on,a stock or eft,nft even,um rather than on,this which is no better returns to me,than just getting a cd,so im going to call them and im going,to see exactly what they say so here we,go,i i had a question im having a hard,time hearing you so give me one second,here im just going to try to adjust my,my speakers here okay can you hear me,okay perfect thats so much better,awesome,so,i have a question for you im hoping you,can help me out,okay sure so i just um signed up with uh,ground floor so woohoo im an investor,and um i was just trying to see here i,um i actually dropped in a thousand,dollars into my uh i guess portfolio,here and then i did an investment on,five properties,and um,what it shows here is different than,what it i guess says that im supposed,to be expecting it says like a ten,percent return,but then it says expected earnings,though that did 200 for a property for,five properties so if i had a 10 return,that should be 20 right and um but what,im showing is it says expected earnings,um three dollars to five dollars and so,im just trying to understand i guess,why,that is,[Music],because all of the interest rates are,annualized so you are earning the,specified rate for however long youre,invested which would have been the,remaining term column on the invest page,so,the longer youre invested into,something the more interest you would,earn,so essentially the way youre thinking,of 20 or 10,would be if you were invested into that,property for a full year,[Music],okay and so even if lets say for,instance a um a borrower um sets up the,the loan for,six months or less than a year,it still doesnt matter i guess you,still consider that in you your,um,you know apr i guess,or if right because the rate the rate is,still technically the same its just the,fact that the loan term is less than a,year,[Music],okay i understand,um,okay i guess that that explains it um so,i guess,with all of the things that i take into,consideration and another part of that,should be,the um,the,term of the loan i guess,right so when youre investing i would,suggest looking at the still look at the,interest rate but also take a look at,the remaining terms so it doesnt,necessarily mean that a shorter term,investment is worse than a longer one,because you could always reinvest the,funds from the shorter term loan and to,another one after it repays,and you would still continue to earn,interest in that way as well,yeah i get what youre saying i was just,hoping to to see a full you know,whatever was listed there full ten,percent,um,because i know typically with hard money,it doesnt really matter its a ten,percent uh whatever the return on the,investment is is typically that,regardless of the,length of the term,but with uh ground floor i guess its,just going off of the annual um,okay so next question that i have and i,appreciate the help by the way um,again it helps me understand i do have,24 hours so if i decide i wanted to go,ahead and cancel all these and then um,try and get something thatll get me the,full 10,then i can do that correct yeah youre,more than welcome to do that um you can,cancel your investments until the loan,has been fully funded for 48 hours and,then after that you have to wait for the,repayment so you have time to kind of,decide what you would like to do okay,perfect um so what happens in the other,question sorry um is what happens if,lets say i sign up for something that,is,um,set for a year or more and so then i,expect to get the annualized return but,then the,or borrower,repays it early because its pretty much,the same thing applies and i just get,whatever the same thing would apply,youre only earning interest for however,long youre invested so if they happen,to repay early then your expected,earnings would be less since they didnt,actually borrow the money for that long,okay,[Music],okay,um last question sorry i thought i,thought that was it but i do have one,more,um what happens if i just decide that,this is not the vehicle that i want to,utilize because of kind of the,information that you gave me can i,obviously cancel these and then i get,the funds put back into my account can i,then,withdraw the money,yeah you can cancel your investments i,will say though that the funds have to,be posted in your account for three,business days whenever a bunch transfer,comes in so after that time period you,can just transfer it to your linked bank,and then you can also request to have,your account closed but we typically,like to do that only after the funds out,have been posted to your bank just to,make sure that it goes through properly,okay understood,all right i believe those are my,questions i really appreciate the help,of course all right have a good day see,you too,bye,wow,that was a very very interesting phone,call,um,im going to research a little bit,more on here,i thought this was going to be,a little bit different than the way that,was just explained to me and honestly,had to explain it to me prior i probably,wouldnt have invested in ground floor,at all,and just to kind of recap in the reason,why im thinking about pulling out my,money,is very simple,i have to find a property that,is,12 months or more,to be able to get the expected interest,rate,and if i do something less which this,still doesnt make oh i understand,um so you can see here 494 theres only,a month remaining,so i invested 200,but,but ive only got a month remaining so i,have to find a property that has more,than or 12 months or more to be able to,get the full 10 that i expect,um,this is i guess its not terrible,because i have a month,and ill make,you know three dollars,off of 200 so thats one and a half,percent something like that its still,not the worst but i only have a month to,uh to i guess worry about those funds,and the interesting part to me is this,one is two two months,two point seven months,and which one is this,seven months this is three two three,so three two three im going to get four,dollars,but what i was going to say is the,interesting part to me,is,there are no properties,with 12 months or more so it sounds like,nobody,who is investing today with any of the,properties listed,today,are going to see,the returns that are,showing,for each property so all these say 10 12,or whatever it is,but youre not getting that because its,on an annual amortized,uh,style of,um evaluation here so,i think,im gonna go ahead and pull my money i,just cant see,taking,even even for a month and a half i mean,hell i can,i can get like i said crypto and make,that without any problem so i dont see,the point of that so,this part of the video is going to,show how easy or how difficult it is to,cancel so were going to cancel,cancel the investment,seems pretty easy,[Music],yeah were just going to cancel all,these theres theres just no reason at,all,to keep this i mean literally theres no,reason to make three dollars over a,month,or whatever it just makes no sense to me,[Music],i was thinking,well check it out,see if i can take a thousand dollars and,turn it into a hundred dollars,but,i would take a thousand dollars lets,just do this basic math three,plus well lets see 3.6,so thats,6.80,6.84,11.38,[Music],16.20 n

Groundfloor 3 Year Investing Review!!

all right lets do a three year review,for my,crowd funding of real estate,platform investment hi im john mcneil,and this is the invest strong network,welcome so in the fall of 2018,i invested the sum of fifteen thousand,dollars into the ground floor,crowd funding for real estate,platform now uh there are,lots of,crowdfunding platforms out there uh,crowd street,patches of land,realty mogul,others,i chose ground floor and ground floor,was really cool because you could invest,in various,house flipping,uh projects for as little as ten dollars,right,so,in the fall of 2018,i invested the sum of fifteen thousand,dollars in two tranches uh the first,tranche was a ten thousand dollar uh,investment in,september,of september 14 2018,the second was a five thousand dollar uh,investment on the 30th of october 2018.,now in that time or in the time since,this,15 000 has turned over,uh numerous times as projects have come,to completion,and they have been liquidated i have,been repaid in full along with uh,interest so,the numbers are going to kind of jump,around a little bit here right but i,would like to,uh,present what i believe is a solid,uh return total for the three-year,project as of today,being early november of 2021.,now,in,in the,uh past three years,uh the investments that ive made have,totaled some 32 thousand,and six hundred dollars now,again thats,the fifteen thousand 000,of brother john money lets say,and then the rest of that has been funds,that have been repaid repaid with,interest and then reinvested right but,uh were talking about 32,600,in total all right,now,as of,right now,i there are,there is the amount of,57,current projects,that i have invested in now,of this 57 and let me first of all say,this ground floor,uh grades put an interest grade credit,grade on their,projects from,uh,a,which is the least speculative and,lowest yielding,loan down to g which is the most,speculative and thus the highest,yielding loans well all of my,investments have been kind of middling,level uh investments so,currently there are 57,investment projects that ive made that,are still out there right,now,of the 57,for rb level loans,with an amount of twelve hundred dollars,48 are sea level loans,in the amount of 13,180,and five rd level loans in the amount of,900,and i have no,loans in the,uh e f or g category or a category for,that matter just not it just didnt,yield enough for me though the ones in,the a category,and the ones in the lore categories were,just too speculative i i felt right so,thats 57,uh active loans at this point,now,in the last three years i have had a,total of,107 loans,uh for projects that have repaid,and of the 107,that,comes to an amount of 32 000,and 600 that has been fully repaid,uh and of the repayments ive been able,to,clip an 8.3,total return on the repayments yay well,take that i mean not,not grand slam home run territory but,not bad right ill take that,now,uh,ground four has,recently fairly recently also began to,offer,uh,note investing right so these are kind,of um short-term notes that they offer,that you can buy,uh in amounts normally minimum 1000 and,the,notes normally last uh six months or,three months and,its repaid in full right and theres no,risk to those particular notes as there,would be to the uh flipping projects,that you would be investing in now i,have in fact in fact invested in one of,those notes recently to the tune of one,thousand dollars it is a five a three,month uh note that is yielding five,percent annual okay so i just thought,id put that out there all right,so,lets look at the,uh performance of the 57,loans,loan projects that are still out there,all right,so,[Music],29,of the 57,are,performing,in accordance to the original,loan agreement,so,that amount,comes out to in that comes to the amount,of,uh,5490,when all the projects all the estimated,projects come to fruition,and,that would be,an estimated 10.1,return,on the investment in those projects that,is,when they come to full completion right,thats the estimated return,now i have 16,of the 57,that are in a category,that,ground floor lists as extended well what,is extended you ask well apparently they,will,have a,uh project a project,that is due to go for a certain term,once the project is completed it is then,sold,and liquidated and then all of the,investors are made whole with interest,now in the course of doing that if,something comes up and theres a delay,of some sort or,something something happens and and,quite often in these flipping projects,always something happens right and so,uh of the uh 57,uh loans that are out there for projects,uh 16 are in the category of extended,meaning that theyve had to go back and,kind of redo,the original uh loan covenant well,uh that those uh extended notes,have a value of four thousand three,hundred and seventy dollars,uh and an estimated return of,ten point eight percent because once,theyre,once the covenants are redone theyll,normally bump up the interest rates and,also uh extend the payments out over a,little longer period of time and that,makes a higher,return once the project is completed,now,most troubling however is the third,category the default category now,of my 57 projects uh that are out there,12,12 are listed as defaults now uh in the,default category uh for crowdfunding,projects this is not the same as a,default for person-to-person loan right,so a default on a person-to-person loan,basically means your money is gone,but these are securitized loans right,secured by the value of the underlying,real estate so,of the 12 defaults,uh ground floor reasonably expects to,recover some or all of the investments,that they have made with your money in,these projects right now,ive had uh other defaults that have,happened on previous loans and i have,what i have noticed is that the uh,return on the defaults are actually in,the low single digit category right so,uh once everything is recovered you,could expect to receive anywhere from uh,two and a half to maybe four percent uh,total return on the defaults however,ground floors plan,theyre playing a little loosey-goosey i,think,with uh with with some of the uh loan,estimates because of the 12 uh that are,listed in the default category,representing some,5420 dollars worth of invested capital,uh ground floor still believes that they,could return,um a 10.4 percent off of those uh,defaults going forward,i dont know about that because like i,said historically historically the,return on the defaults are in the low,single digits so i dont know where,theyre getting this 10.4 from right,unless they know something that,certainly i dont and of course maybe,they do since theyre running the whole,thing,but um but just historically as far as i,can tell uh the return on investment on,the defaulted uh project is nowhere near,10.4 percent right,anyway after taking all of this into,consideration,and,uh the ver the estimates for,payouts going forward,and also the one thousand dollar note,uh thats out there for three months you,know which is uh guaran a guaranteed,securitized note,uh my year over year return,for the ground floor investment,has been since 2018,about 8.75,right okay,ill take that right thats,thats,middling,and uh and ill take you know i really,dont have a problem with it now heres,the thing,i have noticed,that the projects that have come to,completion,in the last say year or so,that these projects are actually coming,to completion way ahead of their,original projections right so,most of the uh flipping projects have,about a 12-year term im sorry a,12-month term on them and,a number of the repayments i have,noticed have been in the,uh seven to 11 month range right thats,kind of reflecting the strength of the,overall real estate market in the united,states of america and specifically in,the south which is where most of these,projects are,are are centered right so,now once uh,you are repaid in full and if it comes,in ahead of the term of the loan then,that means you wont get as much,interes

Pros & Cons of Groundfloor (The FINAL Review…)

welcome back everyone hope everyones,day is going just swimmingly today were,going to be going over,a final review of ground floor an,investing platform into crowd funded,real estate notes now you might be,wondering why is my dog on my lap well i,guess thats a thing on youtube now,where you do your intros with your dog,on,your lap but ill let her go because she,obviously,is not too fond of this and well get,right on into this video,lets do it if youre wondering what,ground floor is to begin with if you,havent watched my other videos there is,a whole playlist of three videos where i,bring it up on the screen,i go through the actual platform in,on the web on the website and i show you,how to invest the,investment wizard everything i do some,examples going into properties checking,them out going to google maps,checking out the street view and,everything so go check out,that playlist on my channel and youll,be able to see,the other videos ive done on ground,floor and learn all about it if youre,interested,in it but in this video ill just be,giving,my personal perspective on the platform,and how i think its gone so far with,the money that i have invested in it,and im finally going to be giving a,just a final final final my last video,on ground floor recommendation as to,whether or not you should look into,ground floor yourself,if you are interested in ground floor,after everything after you watch,the the series or the playlist on my,channel whatever you want to call it,go ahead check out the link in the,pinned comment and if when you sign up,and deposit money onto the platform,youll get a free 10 bucks to,use and invest now this is a us,investing platform so,people watching this from outside of the,united states this isnt really,something you can get into at least i,dont believe you can,but hey check it out for yourself uh but,if you are interested make sure you,check out the link in the comments,if you dont use it and you just sign up,anyways you wont get the 10 bucks so,hey if you like free money might as well,check it out,so lets dive right on in first up were,going to be going into the pros,so number one you are investing in an,asset class that is backed by,a physical asset now maybe i used asset,too many times in one sentence my,english teacher from high school would,probably say,that i did but essentially,when you invest in stocks and the,company goes bankrupt,you lose all your money or,you might make some money back if you,sell out early,but if a company that you are invested,in stock on,that goes bankrupt goes out of business,the last people to get paid,out to get their money back are the,investors,first it goes to like debtors and then,it goes down the whole list of,everything and then it goes to,you the stockholder so youre last in,line to get paid out when hits the,fan,with this your first your first,lien on the loans that are being given,to these flippers these,renovation loans youre the first to get,paid if hits the fan,if this flipper goes out of business you,will be the first to get paid,when they foreclose on the property so,that is the first,pro is that you are investing in a,physical asset,that they can be foreclosed on and you,can get,most if not all of your investment back,it depends on the situation,so again investing in anything there is,risk,pro number two is theres an average of,about a ten percent return on the,platform itself when you average out,investing in as many loans as you can,across the different,uh risk levels so a b c d e,and f the average on the platform is,about 10,returns thats including all the loans,that have gone into,foreclosure all the loans that have gone,into workout,or have been paid back late the average,return on the platform has been 10,so thats actually a pretty good return,comparable to the stock market so when,youre trying to diversify your risk,across different asset classes ground,floor can be a good one to add into your,portfolio,as a section of it not the whole thing,as a section,so 10 returns is actually pretty good,number three is easy diversification,across many notes they have the,investment wizard,or you can simply just click invest,thousand dollars across 10 notes and it,will do 100 bucks into each of them and,you hit,enter and it goes and invests in all of,them,that simple very very simple to,diversify,diversify across many different notes,across many different,geographical areas different states and,so its a great way to diversify,pretty pretty easy and i actually think,its pretty pretty nifty how you can do,that,number four is the ability to hand pick,and research which notes you want to buy,into and also not just buying a,overall fund that someone else puts,notes into like fundrise or whatever so,with this,uh that ability to do your own research,lowers your risk level so when you i go,through some examples in the playlist on,my channel,but when you spend the time and you go,through,looking at the flipper his reputation,past flips hes done,you can look into the actual property,you can pull it up on like redfin,or zillow and look at what it looks like,in the for sale pictures how much you,think it would cost to rehab it,and just do your own math if does the,deal make sense,if you were a flipper would how much,would you spend,and does it make sense to you,so you can actually go and do your own,research and its,not that difficult i go through it in,the playlist,how to do that type of research and,so yes you have to be somewhat of an,active investor its not just investing,in the s p 500 index fund,but it is very very simple and it at,least gives you that type of control,number five for the pros is the,investment wizard,so you can simply go through click all,the different things you want to sort,out of,all the different notes that are,available on the platform and invest in,the ones that,youre most interested in so if you,dont want to invest in a state,that is a judicial state or,you only want to invest in states that,are non-judicial if it goes to,foreclosure,you can sort that out you can sort out,the,uh loan to value of the,properties you can sort out the arv of,the the flips,you can sort out everything you can sort,out the experience of the,the flippers you can just kind of go,check it out for yourself its in the,playlist,but the investment wizard makes it so,its very easy to sort through,everything,and kind of find the notes that are most,interesting to you,number six for ground floor as a pro,is the facebook group and the,responsiveness to feedback,and suggestions on that facebook group,so its run by ground floor its on the,ground floor,kind of like business page but it is,a group of all the investors pretty much,and ground floor and you can post,questions comments concerns uh,and suggestions of how to improve the,platform,and theyve actually done this theyve,actually gone through taken some of the,suggestions that have come into the,facebook group and implemented them on,the platform,so theyre a small company they are kind,of a startup you could say,its about five years theyve been in,business and,you can kind of form it to what you,would like it to be,and by giving your suggestions and your,feedback on the facebook group,it is really nifty way to kind of,be a part of it so that is,the last pro lets get on into,the cons the negatives of ground floor,and theres a few of them,but well get through them quick and,then give my final wrap up so number one,is liquidity,your month your month your your money,is locked up into the investment for,about six to twelve months,before you get any principal back so if,you dont like,illiquid assets where you can just sell,out if youre getting in a panic,or if this is your emergency fund dont,put your emergency fund into this,its that simple so liquidity is,something you have to look at,before you kind of get into it at all,but anyways lets get on to number two,market conditions so would you want to,be investing in ground floor,in 2008 probably not,and so

Groundfloor Investing Review- Easy Real Estate Investing Online

dear viewer hello its tim again uh,welcome to the ground floor review,not too long ago i did one for fun rise,full disclosure i will say that,as far as the date of recording this i,will say the fundrise is still,actually uh above the ground floor to me,i prefer fundrise in other words,so between the two you know fundrise,would be my first choice however as you,can see i have an account with both of,these,and i do intend to keep both accounts,but anyway this is ground floor,again you will find a link in the,description for it yes it is an,affiliate link or a referral link rather,the cool thing is,is if you use the link,uh you and i both will get fifty dollars,towards investments with ground floor,which you know just earns us more money,so thats pretty cool,now as you can see again,just like in the other video youre,actually looking,at what is essentially my dashboard,with this particular platform with,ground floor so far ive only done 150,dollars,ive only invested 150,uh right now because lets face it,yeah,thanks to certain political things that,we wont get into in this video,times are tough things suck,so you know im not,able to really let go of much more money,than that but,i know,that it is worth investing,so thats why,you know im actually investing,into ground floor and into fundrise,so thats kind of what kind of got me,into all of this to be honest with you,but yeah,this is my dashboard like i said you can,see ive actually done 150 total,i havent earned anything because this,is a brand new account,so,a lot of the stuff is kind of similar,i will say it is definitely worth doing,an account creating an account like i,said uh it works pretty simple to be,honest with you,you go,you know invest,at the top,and then you wait,and,essentially what you do,is you have to actually uh like add,up here if you look right above this big,green bar,where it says account balance,obviously by zero because as soon as i,put it in i invest,but you would click this little blue,dot right here with the white cross in,it,and then that,you know allows you to put in however,much you want to actually put into your,account,once you put it money into your account,it appears up here in this little blue,section,right here underneath this error so you,would have you know if you had a hundred,dollars in there you know that would be,a hundred,whatever,um unlike fundrise where you actually,just put in the money and then they,you know basically push out,the money to invest in whatever works,best for the amount and your goals,with the ground floor,you put in the money you know you,deposit the money into your account and,then when you click invest it gives you,a list,of all the different uh possible,investments,obviously you want to pay attention to,investment amount you know minimum ten,dollars which is all these are minimum,ten dollars,but not all on the site are like this,ground floor one is a minimum of a,thousand dollars,but,anyway i digress,you want to actually go through,and pick the ones that you want,to actually invest in like you can see,this one here im actually 20 invested,in this once you find one like say you,find one which,this a and b and c and all this is kind,of the grades,form,um again im trying not to make this a,tutorial necessarily just an overview,more or less the a b and c i mean you,cant really go wrong if im being,honest,but the best way to think about it,is you know a would be,the least amount of risk all the way,down to c which is,you know probably a little more risk but,its investing so the more risk means if,it pays off that it pays,off more typically,um another thing you want to pay,attention to though is the rate,right here,this column right here,where it says rate this is actually the,rate,of,you know the percentage of the,investment you know this one pays 11,this was eight and a half percent nine a,half percent that kind of thing,which,kind of is what i was saying like i said,you can see 11,the higher rate is a c,you know 9.5 thats a b,i mean,yeah so you get the idea there,but,as i was saying once you have money in,your account you go you look at the list,you do your due diligence and all that,and you pick one,lets say just for the sake of argument,we like this one,then you click this blue street address,it opens in a new tab to give you more,information,you know like this is a remaining amount,the amount of days it has how many,investors,the you know all the good information,here projected terms the rate,everything,you go through and you look at,everything,and you say okay you know yeah i think i,like this one,um you can either click here,and theres another one down at the,bottom,basically just look for the green,buttons that say invest now you click,that,go through the process and,you know done deal youre invested in it,for however much you want,to invest in it,i havent actually looked at it but this,if you go back up to the top this borrow,link im pretty sure that is just what,it sounds like and its you borrowing,money,very likely against either your own,account or borrowing money against like,property,i havent looked at this because thats,not something i plan on doing,uh just to be completely honest with you,so thats it im going to cut it off,here,you know if you click this top portion,you know you can go,through everything you look at your,account notifications uh same old stuff,to most of the you know most most,platforms have that,and of course you have,here the referral program,which is what the link down in the,description is and as i said if you use,that link well both get fifty dollars,and that is uh like you know thats,awesome,so,if youre gonna do this do us both a,favor please and use the link in the,description below this video,now i really am going to stop taking up,so much of your time,and i thank you for watching this video,if you liked the video hit the thumbs up,if you dont like it hit the thumbs down,if you got something to say put it in,the comment section hit the bell hit the,subscribe button its free for you and,it helps me out a lot and i will see you,in future videos,bye for now,you

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