1. Is Grupeer a SCAM? €10,000,000’s DISAPPEARED?? (Grupeer Lawsuit UPDATE!)
  2. P2P Lending Income February (My Thoughts On Grupeer)
  3. Grupeer P2P Platform Visit – Interview with Vlad & Alla (Important Update in Description!)
  4. Grupeer co-founder Alla Kisika statement
  5. P2P Lending Income June 2019 – 214€ from Mintos, Bondora, Envestio, Iuvo Group, Grupeer, Crowdestor
  6. P2P Lending Income March (IMPORTANT Grupeer Update!)
  7. P2P Lending Income November – 324€ from Mintos, Bondora, Grupeer, Crowdestor and Wisefund

Is Grupeer a SCAM? €10,000,000’s DISAPPEARED?? (Grupeer Lawsuit UPDATE!)

this group here a scam have all the,investors lost their money in this brand,new group here review Im going to,reveal to you the latest group here news,and secrets also what is going on with,group here lawsuit and what is the CEO,and the staff of group here answering to,all their claims so whats this video,very closely until the end welcome to,learn to make honest money online my,name is Rob acute and my mission is to,help you to make a life CC income from,home so if you enjoy making money online,make sure you are subscribed to my,youtube channel and you also click like,for this video if you find it,informative and valuable I always want,to remind you that I leave a link in,description for my number one,recommendation to make money online that,I have used these four steps to make,even 5 thousand dollars in one week you,can check that out immediately in the,first comment or in the description so,you can start learning put your email,address here Ill give you instant,access to and for also my 7-day make,money online cuz this is a free gift for,you because you are watching my youtube,videos but at the moment we are going to,focus on group here and the latest news,that have been revolving around this,company some people say its a scam but,we are going to take a closer look,behind everything right now before we,dive into details what is going on at,the moment with group here and the,lawsuit I will tell you some background,like how it works and what is this group,here all about so its a peer-to-peer,lending platform which means that,private investors and investment,companies can loan money through this,platform to people who need to borrow,money,here are some charts how it works so you,can learn more about that here in a,nutshell group here has been like a,middleman between the loners and,borrowers so this is how it works and in,the past like it has been operating for,around 4 or 5 years and in the past it,has been one of the most popular and one,of the most like lets say trusted,peer-to-peer platforms in the industry,let me show you like people are giving,excellent service nine months later five,stars being interesting for a year five,star review five star review so on five,star review and if you take a look at a,group here reviews on YouTube on Google,here are some let they have a 4.3 stars,out of five based on 22 Google reviews,Marcus Watts gave them also 4.3 stars,out of 5 then you can read for example,peer-to-peer lending sides gave 4.2,stars out of 5 also money Tech gave them,a rating nine stars out of tens have,also been interviewed on YouTube by real,persons you can see Angelo this 30-year,old European investor he went to their,office and interviewed them I posted the,video here so everything has been seeing,good until March of 2020 me show you,just what happened with these reviews,like in February everything was still,excellent but after that let me show you,they are saying its a possible scam,still some people say in maths normal,p2p flat form wonderful zone but then,they say its a scam withdrawls not,processing scam alright scam possibly a,scam possible scam scam scam as you can,see basically almost everybody who is,giving them reviews is saying that it,would be a scam if you take a look look,at newest ones they say not a good size,nothing more than a scam by now it says,a scam just is too started its a scam,they say everybody said no we draw check,my bio in you need to help with money is,disappearing scam it seems to be a scam,can you see what people are saying about,this they are really pissed off and now,what has been happening that the company,hasnt really informed the investors,like they have created a to videos,during the last two months this one and,this one and in both of them their,leader this are you a logistical how to,pronounce it shes basically reading,from the script in a very very cold way,explaining everything and people are,really really complaining here like why,isnt she giving answers the questions,that people are asking,as you can see tons of dislikes but good,thing at least is that they are now,communicating something,because yesterday they sent this email,let me show you right here 17 hours ago,they sent this email they where they,explained basically what has happened,and how they fired all their employees,and now they are trying to fix,everything I dont know Im not like 1/2,percent sure if this is true but thats,what they are like telling you can see,the crisis overcome plan also on their,home page so let me read you a quick,summary on what is happening from,Angelas blog here so here are some to,highlight group error stopped processing,withdrawals in mid to late March into,other words nobody can withdraw money,from their group here accounts even if,you would have like ten thousand dollars,or fifty thousand everything is now,frozen in their accounts the company,fired most if not all of its employees,group here is just two statements all,its blog blaming 19 for all the issues,but now comes an important point it,seems like some of the recent loan,originators and development projects,were fake Im going to show you in a,moment how group here is answering to,these claims but let me continue first,here as a result as it stands there is a,strong reason to believe that they have,been scamming us investors I cant,believe Im saying this right now while,I was slowly losing trust in the,platforms management over the past few,months and even decided to leave group,here once again too late of course I,would have never guessed that this would,happen group here was working with many,loan originators that are also active on,other peer-to-peer platform I even met,with Derek office last year inmate with,both blood and Allah were speakers at,the p2p conference and here was the,interview that Angelo has created here,on his YouTube channel throughout our,conversations I had the impression that,they were good and honest people and so,did everyone else who visited them with,me last year yes they were bit chaotic,and sometimes inconsistent in some of,their replies but I never for a second,believed that they had bad intentions,and yet here we are,the current situation is looking more,and more like an exit scam by the,platform while we cant confirm that yet,legal action against croupier is,currently being planned by a few,investors including Guillermo who was,also working the investor and quits,allocates to be prepared for this,worst-case scenario follow all the,updates here so now I will show you how,you can if you have been investing on,croupier and what you can do next on,this peer-to-peer Empire website there,are some instructions let me show you,group here is currently facing serious,accusations I will show you in a moment,how they are answering these accusations,about the legitimacy of their loan,originators monetary online lender and,epic casts and actions you can take here,here are also developments and updates,about the croupier you can read them,there they are up to date usually here,so what can you do right now let me show,you here download all your account,statement download all of you investment,in an excel sheet take a screenshot of,your important pages so get all the,information that is still available on,the website because this can be used if,you go to the lawsuit against group here,so here they explain everything and they,also have a video where they show you,step by step what you can do so I,recommend that you check that out I can,leave you a link in the description,where you can learn more about this I,quickly also want to mention they have,this telegram group for croupier,discussing and this is for people who,had been in wasting money on group here,platform and here is also update from,the core team and this core team is a,people who have been preparing this case,for the court for the law of through it,so I will show you in a moment,who are members of this court team and,who are behind this like a telegram,group all these plann

P2P Lending Income February (My Thoughts On Grupeer)

whats up guys my name is Angela and,welcome to my latest pupil earning,income update for the month of February,2020 this year sure hasnt been boring,so far I dont think anybody could have,foreseen everything it happened already,within such a short amount of time first,of all with the virus currently,spreading all over the world I hope that,you are all safe and healthy that youre,washing your hands on a regular basis,and that your own personal lives arent,too negatively affected by everything,thats going on,that being said welcome to my peer,learning income update for February,apart from my monthly income my deposits,and withdrawals for each platform this,update also includes some minor changes,Im making to my portfolio and before we,get into it if youd like to support me,and see more videos like this dont,forget to hit the like button and feel,free to check out the links in the,description where you can also find cash,break bonuses to each platform if they,offer any after Januarys shocking,events regarding Invesco for many pure,pure investors including myself the,world is currently in crisis mode trying,to deal with the virus that uncertainty,has understandably led to a sharp,correction in stock and etf prices with,many investors fearing that this will,lead to the next recession for a bit of,context my Bangert FTC / DTF is,currently down around 20 percent from,its all-time high on February 19th and,today is March 11th in the midst of all,of this we shouldnt forget that,recessions are a normal part of the,economic cycle and if youre a young,investor like myself a stock market,crash is one of the best things that,could happen to you to accumulate wealth,long term after all it means youre,getting a substantial discount on all,the stocks or ETFs that youre buying,during this period I personally see it,as a valuable experience as stock prices,dont only go up and its ultimately,during difficult periods like this where,the equity risk premium is earned,of course it always feels like this time,is different and that the world is,ending especially if you spend all day,reading news headlines after all were,dealing with something new and we cant,exactly predict when the situation is,going to normalize nonetheless Im,positive well get through this as well,as the world has made it through worse,spirits in the past until then please,take good care of yourself prioritize,your health above all else and stay safe,out there getting back to investing is,during periods like this where Im,grateful to have a somewhat diversified,investment portfolio and so now lets,take a look at how my period landing,platforms have performed so lets start,with an overview of my period ending,income for the month of February 2020,and as you can see until we get better,news from the investor case Im writing,off the entire amount and you also see,this time that it includes minus hundred,sixty six year from Weiss fund which,were the early exit fees which Im gonna,get to in a second in February in total,I earn 312 euro and 38 cents so minus 40,point 1 euro compared to January after,invest you and the early exit on Weiss,fund I now have a total loss of 82 point,64 euro so things are getting a bit,better than the month before and Im,hoping that next month,I should be positive again that also,means Im currently at 21% of my goal,which is 1,500 euro monthly passive,income from investing lets take a look,at each platform individually and lets,start with you a group in February I,earned 33 euro and 59 cents from your,group which means 83 cents more than a,month before,all in all Im still happy investor a,new group as the auto invest takes care,of everything for me so I dont have to,spend any time on it and heres my,account as of today March 11th 2020 next,we have my biggest investment period,learning which is Mintos over the course,of February I earned a total of 91 euro,and 42 cents in interest which was plus,twenty point nine euro more than a month,before so as you can see my Mintos,income increased substantially last,month which was mostly because many,loans are now offered with higher,interest rates especially the ones from,Southeast Asia as a result I added 1,000,euro to my Mintos account on February,17th and heres my emitters account as,of today and as you can see the average,interest rate of my metres account is,also a bit higher than it was a couple,of months ago next we have mint,awesomest on access and this one is a,bit less exciting in February and seven,euro and six cents in interest which was,a bit less than a month before and,thats the exact opposite of what,happened on my main meters account which,was a bit surprising,anyway here is my investment access,account as of today as you can see 27,point 37 percent of my portfolio are,currently unavailable for cash out,because theyre either late or in grace,period and if quick access to your,investment is a priority for you then,you should,we take a look at the next platform my,list lets talk about Pond Oregon grow,in February earned fifteen point eighty,seven year in interest which was plus,two point ninety three euro compared to,January in my opinion bond Oregon grow,remains the best platform for short term,investments in period landing I can,withdraw the full amount of my deposit,including the interest I earned – a flat,one-year withdrawal fee and because of,the extra flexibility Im personally,okay with the interest rate being,slightly lower at around six point,seventy five percent per year and heres,my bond Oregon grow account as of right,now so for example today we would be,able to withdraw the full amount – one,year withdrawal fee all right lets talk,about group here first my income was,thirty three euro and thirty one cents,so slightly lower than the month before,croupier added two-factor authentication,as well as portfolio statistics to the,platform which were welcome changes my,own investment also have been running,smoothly so as far as that goes so far,so good,however as I announced in my last,monthly update my good friend Burnett,who recently visited Rica and Minsk so I,went to visit group here and he first,talked to Alec is Iike and it an office,tour in the group II office in Riga and,then he traveled to Minsk to check out,some development projects from prima,invest he filmed everything and Im very,grateful to him and the time and money,that he put into his trip and Im gonna,link all of his videos in the,description below so you can check them,out heres what I can tell you so far,while he enjoyed interacting with Allah,and meeting the team who were all really,friendly he wasnt too happy about her,answers in the interview and neither was,I to be honest after watching it and,here are some parts of the first,interview which stood out to me and,which I wanted to share with you so Alek,is Iike who we interviewed is the owner,and operational manager of group here,but her brother Andrew qussuk is the,actual CEO of the company and is,responsible for strategic decisions at,group here I personally find it a bit,strange that we never see him in,interviews or even office tours in the,first interview after 13 minutes and 43,seconds,Bernard asked Allah who is responsible,for the Bible County in case of default,when the loan originator differs from,the deal partner he mentioned loans by,Yvonne car for example where fin Sputnik,platform is listed as a loan originator,and she responded that the deal partner,ebon car,already the one that responsible for the,buyback contrary to what group here,recently published on his blog where,they mention that the buyback guarantee,is covered by Finn Sputnik platform ah,Allah fully own spin Sputnik platform ah,well she already discloses in our,interview last year it still isnt,obvious when looking at group here on,the website after twenty one minutes and,thirty seconds he asked her who is the,owner of Prima invest she responded that,50 percent of the company is owned by,her while the other 50 percent of the,co

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Grupeer P2P Platform Visit – Interview with Vlad & Alla (Important Update in Description!)

hey guys its Angela and today Im going,to show you my recent visit to the group,peer offices in Riga Latvia where I had,the pleasure to do a Q&A with blood and,other blood is the CEO and Allah is the,co-owner of group here and in case,youre wondering Victoria the community,manager is the other woman who was,sitting in the room as well just make,sure you stick around till the end,because there are two more questions,that I was able to ask them today via,skype since Vlad had to leave a bit,early during our meeting in Riga and I,think youre gonna find those questions,very interesting as theyre about their,two biggest loan originators own group,here you guys is Angela from Riga and,Im on my way to meet prepare in their,new office and I had a pretty crazy,morning I couldnt open my everyb,apartment and I really had to rush to,still take a shower and three breakfasts,just to make it in time to my meeting,especially after my flight was delayed,yesterday by 12 hours so that was,definitely fun because we arrived at,midnight I didnt sleep much either way,its gonna be a fun day so he was a very,short tour of the new group here office,I was there with three German bloggers,been sent from freaky finance Sebastian,from hobby investor and Florian from get,robots Im gonna link their blogs down,below as well if youre interested,anyway lets get to the interview with,blood and Allah,workers better absolutely there well,first of all we need to understand that,in p2p field there is no competition I,mean somebody could tell you that listen,whos your investors at bla bla bla and,so on and so on,we dont work that way so even when we,speak with our competitors its its,friends relative relationships is,basically you know commune of people of,owners who are actually trying to make,p2p more understandable for people like,I mention to you speaks for example they,have some issues in understanding TTP,versus crowdfunding how it works and so,on so in a group here there is a few,things why what we will feel its unique,selling points here so number one thing,we started initial business with,platform not with the credit companies,like for example other competitors are,doing their stance because the credit,companies then they become a solo loan,originator on the platform building the,platform and then funding their own,companies for our perspective was that,we actually want to build platform from,scratch and the unique selling point the,number one is that every single code,that we have from the platform is built,from scratch by our own so we are not,using the subsidiaries furnace using the,outsourcing to you know to compile the,platform and so on its fully done by us,the second one I mean is is management,what what we spoke before all myself and,so we are really customer imitated so,there is a lot of things to meet improve,of course I mean thats normal I mean,there is no ideal company because we all,know about the Net Promoter Score and so,on this is something that we are,implementing right now and really really,working hard on that stuff so and,basically its diversification which,actually is very interesting for many,people not only in the business lots of,different types of companies because now,people are different and they would like,to invest in different things for,example I came from construction field,and I would like to invest in to come to,feel because I do understand how it,works but the other people know how to,work with the business for example and,they would like to invest into some,people like both so this is one of the,major actually the point which is the,current from other platforms yes this is,definitely is so the first,diversification from the project,perspective here the second one is the,customer concentric so thats what we,are changing right now so we should work,on the customer experience so thats why,I believe that we did three steps,forward two steps back to make the,Forester steps forward its just to make,sure that were gonna get you know its,good enough its never ideal but we want,to make the group here so user-friendly,as we can so thats why were working on,to the qualitative feedbacks and we have,very positive people working here yeah,the second is by the second or the dark,its I think its a force unique selling,points is the people because um its all,about the people behind the plot,not about the how beautiful it is or how,fast the platform is about every single,person in grouper as person that came,from the big company so for example we,speak about the outlet that were doing,to our loan originators our scoring and,so on,we speak about the person from the top,five companies yeah for KPMG if we speak,about the management that starts here as,I mentioned before but there is a mass,effects expertise in real estate in,finance from myself and as well as from,the bleeding,you know payment processing and,everything was connected with that if we,speak about the marketing these are the,top team from the local market as well,as European markets so thats thats was,really difficult for us so the team that,we build in here were really proud of,instead Larry I would like to say that,very loyal and actually we were looking,by the Manor things major things we were,looking for people will because the,thing is when something is happening,because the thing is this interesting,quite new and every day we are facing,some problems and challenges and stuff,but this team is working 24/7 if its,needed and we always like him and its,not like they its hot it is hot but,sometimes its very theyre motivated to,do so and yeah you have a question no I,just want to say that you have a really,nice team Eric improve as you can see,you should put them back on the website,because I think theres nothing thats,missing right now its were missing,your patience because Im gonna tell you,why because the thing is we made new,files and they will come but Id like,your feedback coming because thats,another proof that we are getting in the,right direction the photos yes you can,find out one thing that may be nice or,some financial statements and were just,the seen the past past few years what,was the performance just a minute dear,prom like we have some other from school,so new a better American okay what is,the probability that there might be,default in a couple of years as of the,other bankruptcy or something is from,Europe so grant this is a second stage,what youre working on so I probably,took as well as a new will be added and,of course financial information,well be at it yes you want working,group you know I dont want to move,right now thank you so yeah sorry Im,the if you just jump in a little bit on,the other stuff yeah there is something,that I probably will be some new,information for you guys as well we are,actually innovative in the field and we,are really working right now hard in,building the aggregator so as I said,last time that there is no competition,as such I think in the field yeah but,there is a need for the Emunah,or we can call that one yeah were,basically will be a one-stop shop for,many platforms where you just registered,you do understand the scoring not just,on the loans our loan originator but on,the platforms as well so for example,right now if Im one diversify my,portfolio I want to invest in 12 2015,and we have one customer was 48,platforms he is investing in the,different ones its difficult but so we,really feel that there is a need of,having the one-stop shop basically its,gonna be a big specialist who are going,to do scoring for the platforms and the,platform aggregators that were planning,to build as well will include will,include as well many different platforms,whos been working on the API stuff some,connection and so on next,presentation late from them we can jump,in on that so if we speak about,differentiating class between the the,other platforms we dont have just a,target of cash cash cash prob making big,ooh theyre big baby were actually,working in terms of chan

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Grupeer co-founder Alla Kisika statement

[Music],were concerned at the moment whats,happening in now industry prison field I,think this family decided to take this,video and to start the conversation with,you is an investments to be opened and,this year actually we call it the the,education coming to life that birthday,were very happy that so many new,initiatives and projects are happening,now such as updates on the site and the,investor cabinet new loan originators,and development projects are coming we,also work to improve our products and,[Music],most of you are asking about the,secondary market it takes longer than we,expected but its coming,definitely this year were trying to,make it as convenient and easy to use,for you is anything less than while we,dont have secondary market we decided,to offer a short-term deal starting from,two months to invest this and because we,understand that some investors,also have some flexibility in order to,get the funds this video gave us a,really great experience and weve grown,from three persons to 40 a really great,professionals we get many questions,about our former CEO blood philemon,were still in good connections he,decided to give up his own his own I,wish you good luck and if you have any,questions come to me because Ive been,CEO and co all from day one and all,about not only good beard has grown,whole industry has grown as well this,market attracts more and more new,players were really looking forward for,regulation and in order to remove,dishonest their place in this market to,help this industry grow and we are very,proud to be partners with Prima invest,that brings us a lot of great,construction projects and few of our,bloggers are coming you know we may,invest in much theyre gonna film few,projects and Belarus and youre gonna,see them in reality development project,differentiates us from other PTP,platforms in order to beat more,transparents we will share a financial,statement of our partners of 2019,our mission from day one is to bring the,best returns to our investors with the,lowest risk possible group you will,continue to bring attractive offers to,our investors follow us and try to,appeal if you havent done it yet,[Music]

P2P Lending Income June 2019 – 214€ from Mintos, Bondora, Envestio, Iuvo Group, Grupeer, Crowdestor

hey guys its Angela and with the,hottest June in history and the first,ever peer to peer conference behind us,its time for my new pure pure lining,income update for June 2019,as usual Im gonna show you my exact,numbers for the month of June 2019 my,investments exactly how much I invested,my returns my deposits and withdrawals,and Im also going to show you a live,view of my accounts today on July 8,alright lets get started so first off,heres the overview for last month I,made a total of two hundred and fourteen,point 1 euro in interest last month,which is a new record by a long shot and,this is how much I have invested and the,total value as of right now and my,internal rate of return since I started,investing so what a month this has been,both my wife and I had a blast the first,ever pure pure company Riga and we were,a little bit sad that we were only able,to attend the first day which was the,actual conference and we had to skip the,second day which would have been nice to,do some more networking and in a more,relaxed environment so this is me in my,way hopefully there will be another one,next year and then hell definitely stay,for the entire event it was great to see,and talk to people behind some of the,platforms Im invested in and I wasnt,able to speak to a lot of people due to,my short visit but I was especially,impressed by the employees at Mintos,including the CEO Martin Salter and by,Vlad and Allah from group Pierre who I,interviewed on video which you can check,out below as well even some Mintos loan,originators were present and open to,answering my questions for example,credit pintar a loan originator from,Indonesia impressed me the most in,addition I finally got to meet some,youtubers and bloggers that I had,previously only seen online and I really,enjoyed talking to other investors ok,lets take a closer look at my returns,here you can see the Pinoys progression,over time I definitely like the trend,where this is going,my income from my investments in biryani,for June group to 214 point 1 euro as I,mentioned which is a new record by a,long shot so thats plus 39 euro and 52,cents compared to me that means I,reached 14 point 27% so plus 2.63,percent of my first goal which is 1500,euro monthly passive income from,investments and my internal rate of,return since I started my period journey,also increased and is currently 15 point,55 percent I invest in an additional two,thousand 98 euro over the course of June,lets move on to,first platform and Bastille here you can,see my investor income over time I,received eighty one point seventy two,euro so plus three point eighty five,year in interest on invested last month,and my internal rate of return on the,platform is now a ridiculous twenty,three point sixteen percent so from just,reading that I wouldnt blame you for,assuming that invest you had a great,month but sadly not a single new loan,has been added to the platform since May,29th lets take a look at my investor,account right now you can see my current,account balance 4180 row and forty-one,cents free to use son invested money,which I earned so far after almost a,month of waiting for new projects I,decided to move four hundred euro of,interest and principal payments that had,been piling up on my account from an,investor to Mintos on June 25th and,there I invested the money into car,loans with an interest rate of sixteen,percent per year the money was back on,my bank account within less than 24,hours of my withdrawal request and,ambassador which was faster than I,expected,according to invest you new loan deals,with a sum of over ten million years we,were published race from hopefully this,week already,they were not planning for investors to,have to wait so long but the,finalization of the loan deals is taking,longer because it is holiday time for,some involve counterparties either way I,still have a nice exposure of over four,thousand one hour on the platform so I,can take advantage of future high,interest loans when they arrive as,usually you can get a five-year bonus in,a first deposit and 0.5 percent cash,back with my link below next lets move,on to you a group you who grew passively,generated thirty two point twenty one,euro so minus three point four year in,interest last month I expected a small,decrease because of the portfolio,rebalancing which I did in me where I,moved a small amount to Mintos for,broader diversification I like that the,Audion best reliably reinvest interest,and principal payments right away and so,far Ive never had to touch my settings,which you can also see down below,knowing and Im always fully invested,into high interest paying loans with a,private guarantee Ill check out my,account right now heres my current,account balance how much interest I,received so far yeah,some of you reached out to me for the 30,to 90 year refer friend bonus last month,and I really enjoyed our interactions,with email and hope that youre as,satisfied as I am with your investments,platform next we have Mintos my biggest,investment and here we can see a really,nice progression over the last couple of,months my income from Mentos grew,significantly last month and I received,fifty 3.73 euros so plus eighteen point,twenty six year and interest payments in,June my internal rate of return also,increased to eleven point six to eight,percent so plus zero point forty three,percent and heres my account balance,right now and my total profit so far I,deposited an extra nine hundred euro on,Mintos over the course of a tune which,should lead to further cashflow growth,in the coming months Mintos is currently,offering a lot of fifteen to sixteen,percent interest loans with a buy back,guarantee which I didnt want to miss,out on,I also took advantage of the opportunity,by selling some loans with a lower,interest rate on the secondary market,and reinvesting that money into mobile,car loans paying sixteen percent,interest per year as usually can use my,link down below to get a one percent,bonus on your investment on Mintos as a,result of selling some lower interest,loans and buying high interest loans my,average interest rate is now fourteen,point sixteen percent on the platform my,remaining loan term is a bit longer now,but I still have a nice level,diversification in my opinion next we,have an exciting new product coming to,us in the beginning of June Windows,launched invests and access as a new,simplified way to invest in a flat from,and to cash out more easily,I was curious to test out their new,investment strategies so I invested 1000,euro on a separate Mintos account under,my wifes name so it doesnt get mixed,up on June 12th over the coming weeks,and months Im going to compare its,performance to my main mintus account as,well as the pond or Gangrel I already,did some videos about that and my one,month update is gonna come out in two,days last month I earned 1.92 euro in,interest on Mentos investment access and,my investment access portfolio was,showing an average interest rate of 11,point 94 percent on July 1st but Mintos,usually takes about to get things,rolling and for interest payments to,arrive so my internal rate of return is,at only three point 81 percent so far,another thing worth noting is that you,can only cash out the current part of,your investments right away not the ones,that are late or in grace period with,the latter which were 27% in this case,you either have to wait for them to,become current again or to be bought,back after 60 days well that percentage,is complain or momentos it still means,that Mintos investment access lags,behind bond Oregon row as far as access,to your money is concerned it will be,interesting to see how that,this changes over the course of time and,today on July 8th lets take a look at,the account so so far we earned a total,of 3.44 euros on the account we have an,average interest rate of 12 and 0 2,percent average term were diversify,across 35 lending companies which is,nice to see 72% of the loans are current,a

P2P Lending Income March (IMPORTANT Grupeer Update!)

whats up guys my name is Angela and,welcome to my pure pure income update,for the month of March 2020 and this one,includes an important update on group,here as well as monetary as usual Im,gonna go over the earnings from my pure,pure learning platforms and show you the,accounts as of today April 5th I also,talked about where I made deposits or,withdrawals and my strategy going,forward I thought its impossible but,somehow this year keeps getting worse,all of my assets excluding cash are,currently in the red due to the,coronavirus and just as I was thinking,that I could use some of my funds in,pure lending to rebalance my portfolio,and to buy stocks on the cheap something,else happens so lets not waste any time,and get right to the important part,before we take a look at the rest of my,peer-to-peer portfolio lets start with,group here and here are some of the,things that happened since last months,group here stopped processing,withdrawals in mid to late March my own,withdrawal from the 28th of March didnt,go through either and thats even though,the funds are technically displayed as,available on the group year platform the,company fired most if not all of its,employees then group here issued some,statements on its blog blaming kovat 19,for its issues and lastly it currently,looks like some of the russian loan,originators as well as some development,projects might have been fake as a,result as it stands theres currently,strong reason to believe that they might,have been scamming US investors and I,cant believe that Im saying this right,now while I was losing some trust in,group peers management over the past two,weeks and months and even decided to,leave group here last month I would have,never guessed that this would happen to,appear was working with many loan,originators which are also active on,other well-known peer review platforms,heck I even met the team so back then,plot and Allah in May last year in Riga,at their office and they were both of,them were speakers at the last,peer-to-peer conference I also remember,my own wife telling me that she wanted,to open a group peer account after she,heard him speak throughout her,conversations I had the impression that,they were good honest people and so did,everybody else who visited them last,year yes they were a bit chaotic and,sometimes a bit inconsistent in some of,the replies but I never would have,guessed for a second that they had,about intentions and yet here we are the,current situation is more and more,resembling an exit scam by the platform,and while we cant confirm that yet just,in case legal action is already being,planned by a few investors including GU,er moe who already earned some valuable,experience from working on the cases,against investor & Cootes on Im gonna,link the telegram group in the,description or you can follow all the,announcements regarding this case you,should know that a very little,experience regarding these matters and I,cant give you legal advice but I,personally will be joining the legal,case once it starts I really hope Ill,have better news to share in the coming,weeks and then we have Moana Tara and,more coronavirus excuses I have to say,that this platforms temporary closure,was less of a surprise to me than group,here back in January I shared my,concerns and reasons why I was leaving,the platform and after I received a,withdrawal in mid-february I was hopeful,that things were still going to end well,but then mana Tara announced that they,were forced to temporarily closed down,because of kovat 19 Im gonna link their,announcement below looking back it now,looks like I made a mistake by not,selling my loans back at a discount when,it was still possible,apart from ever testing the platform in,the first place of course since Im,having a hard time believing that they,were forced to even stop withdrawals of,available funds because of kovat 19 I,decided to join a public lawsuit against,monetary as well from another telegram,group Im gonna link that below if you,want to do the same check their print,message there for announcements and how,you can sign up so that now means that I,would be actively participating in legal,action against 3 peer to business,platforms I would have never believed,you if you told me at the beginning of,the year that this was going to happen,alright now that we got the hardest part,of the way lets take a look at my pew,pew learning overview for the month of,March 20 24 March Im not counting any,income from group here I want to wait,out and see what happens hopefully I,wont have to count it as a loss next,month on the other hand I counted,monetary as a loss for now while Im,hoping to recover some funds my income,from pure pure lending so all the other,platforms,apart from group peer and monetary drop,to 262 euro and 87 cents which was 49,euros and 51 cents less than a month,before if I dont recover anything from,investment monetary,I would have lost 972 euros since I,started my investment journey in,peer-to-peer lending and if in a,worst-case scenario the situation we,group here doesnt get resolved either I,will have lost a total of 4,000 158 euro,which is 12 percent of my pure pure,investments not taking into account any,potential recoveries from any of these,three platforms my channel slogan,adventures in pure pure lending is,definitely feeling so far this year,although I might have to change it to,misadventures if the situation doesnt,improve my jokes aside Im hoping for,the best,I hope that were able to learn from this,to make better decisions in the future,and to avoid this from happening again,alright now that the hardest part is out,of the way lets take a look at what the,other platforms have been doing last,month and before you do if you enjoy,videos like this even during hard times,like this then please dont forget to,leave a like and subscribe if you,havent already and feel free to use my,links in the description if you want to,check out anything yourself lets start,with you a group in March I earned 34,euro and 2 cents so 43 cents more than a,month before I havent noticed much of a,difference in loan performance on your,group compared to the month before which,Im happy to see and heres my account,as of today April 5th 2020 next week my,biggest investment in pure pure lending,which is mint rose in March I earned one,hundred and twenty three euro and 25,cents so plus 32 euro and 33 cents on,windows on March 12th I added 500 year,to my Minters account to take advantage,of the higher offered interest rate on,the marketplace and heres my metres,account as of today next we have Mintos,investment access in March iron 6 euro,and 18 cents so 0.88 cents less than a,month before for me Mentos investment,access has been a big disappointment to,say the least it was supposed to offer,investors more liquidity by being able,to cash out from investments more easily,when needed well that worked out well in,the beginning investors me included are,currently unable to cash out most of,their investments and find themselves in,a situation with many long-term,low-interest loans in their portfolio as,a result I decided to stop my investment,axes experiment I much prefer using the,auto invest on my main metres account,and heres my account on April 5th next,we have one door,grow in March I earned 17 euro and four,cents so plus one euro and seventeen,cents in interest because of a,substantial increase in withdrawals,ongoing growth Pandora recently,implemented partial withdrawals Bowen,Grove was always designed to work this,way in an extreme scenario as there,needs to be a balance between money,thats invested into loans and cash to,be able to generate those returns the,6.75% per year on average I decided to,withdraw 1,000 euro for my grow and grow,account a couple of days ago and from,that around 30 to 40 euro per day on,average are added to my main Bundoora,account as the platform receives,principal and interest repayments and I,can withdraw that money to my Austria

P2P Lending Income November – 324€ from Mintos, Bondora, Grupeer, Crowdestor and Wisefund

whats up guys my name is Angelo and,welcome to my latest peer peer learning,income update for the month of November,2019 like every month Im gonna show you,exactly how much I invested on each peer,peer learning platform my deposits and,my returns for the month since I want to,be as transparent as possible well also,take a look at all of my accounts as of,today December 4th but before we get,into it if youd like to support me then,dont forget to hit the like button for,YouTubes algorithm and feel free to use,my links in the description to check out,the platforms for yourself thats also,where youre gonna be able to find some,information about bonuses and things,like that for each platform as I dont,want to waste your time mentioning that,in the video so this time I decided to,take a slightly different approach to,displaying everything in the video,compared to my previous updates so,please let me know afterwards if you,like it or not I also wanted to find a,way to keep the repetitive part short,while focusing more time on all the,changes that happen month by month on a,platform level either way this month has,been very eventful I feel overwhelmed by,all the positive feedback I received on,my last two videos especially the last,one where I shared my entire portfolio,with you thank you everyone,alright I think thats enough for an,introduction lets get into the good,stuff first here is an overview of my,pure income last month in November I,earned a total of 324 euro and 10 cents,in interest throughout all of my,accounts I currently have thirty one,thousand eight hundred and thirty nine,youre invested in pure pure lending it,also means that earned 4.99 euro more,compared to October which means we,reached a new record and since my first,investment in peer-to-peer lending on,the 1st of September 2018 I earned a,total of two thousand eight hundred,seventy nine euro and semi eight cents,with an internal rate of return of,fourteen point 93 percent per year on my,money,it also means I reached 22 percent of my,goal which is 1,500 euro monthly passive,income from investing alright lets take,a look at each peer-to-peer platform,individually lets start with invest you,I earned a total of sixty point twenty,five euro in interest last month which,is seven point zero seven-year-old less,compared to October nonetheless with an,interim rate of return of over twenty,two percent per year I really cant,complain and heres my account right now,and Bessie also published six new,projects over the course of November,with interest rates between seventeen,point nine percent,and 19 percent per year I still wish,they would start spreading out loans,more evenly over the entire month,instead of their habit of publishing,several at once unexpectedly at random,times interestingly the loan financing,of refurbishment of hostel was for the,same hostel that had previously been,financed via crowd Esther heres a,response me and a couple of other,investors received from Yanni steamer,the crowd Esther CEO when we asked him,about it on Facebook,apparently crowed Esther was open to,discussing further funding via its,platform but it looks as if the borrower,spade CEO chose to refinance and work,with investor instead apart from that,and Bessie announced the change in,management just two days ago heres the,full press release which are linked in,the description below,apparently the platform was purchased by,Arkady Ganz in from Germany Eduard,Richman will join investor as a new CEO,and Development Director the former,invest you co Oh Afghani cookin will,continue working foreign vessel as a,general adviser for at least six months,and old team members are staying on,board I dont know what to think of this,change yet so Ill reserve my judgment,until we find out more about the new,owner and the new management in the,coming weeks who knows maybe the new,management will bring a more regular,flow of new projects to the platform,either way Im hoping and best you will,be able to keep up its track record,alright next we have you a group I,earned 29 euro and 35 cents in interest,last month which was about 40 cents less,than the month before however last month,was also one day shorter so it doesnt,really matter much and if youre,wondering about that income spike in,October thats because of the 19-year,refer-a-friend bonus as usual uber group,kept running nicely on its own last,month,however Ive noticed that the 14% plus,interest loans by I credit seem to sell,out pretty quickly every week probably,because a lot of new investors joined a,platform personally I dont mind waiting,for my auto invest to pick them up on,its own as soon as theyre released,theyre usually added either on,Wednesday Thursday or Friday morning,every week and heres a quick look at my,youve a group account right now next we,have my biggest investment in peer,lending which is Mintos I earned 83 euro,and 44 cents in interest last month,which is 80 euro and 36 cents less than,a month before which makes sense since,my higher interest loans have been paid,back over the past couple of months and,your loans dont offer more than eleven,to 11.5 interest per year,either way Mintos has been,smoothly and reinvesting reliably in,November as we are now back to having,plenty of available loans with interest,rates of up to 11.5 percent per year,which is still much better than the 10%,which we had a couple of weeks or months,ago Im still hoping well see a further,increase in available interest rates in,the coming weeks and heres my account,on winters right now next we have Mentos,and Western access a separate account,that I set up back in June to test out,the new feature of the platform invest,on access earn 10 point 25 euro in,interest last month which is 2 euro and,43 cents more than a month before,however the interest rate of the,investment access portfolio keeps,decreasing and is currently sitting at,nine point seventy nine percent per year,were currently unable to withdraw,around 20 percent of the portfolio as,this part is currently late or in grace,period if easy access to your pool,investment including interest is a,priority for you then you should,probably take a look at the next,platform on my list okay lets move on,to Montoro and roe,last month we owned five euro and 52,cents in interest which is 16 cents less,than the month before since last month,was also one day shorter for short-term,investments in peer-to-peer lending I,have personally yet to find a better,platform than bond or go and grow while,getting a slightly lower interest rate,of 6.75% per year Im able to withdraw,my full deposit including the interest I,earned – a flat one-year withdrawal fee,and heres my bond or grow and grow,account as of today so right now we will,be able to withdraw 1030 euro and 81,cents from the account right away next,we have group here I earned a total of,32 point 34 euro in interest last month,which is 1 euro and 31 cents more than a,month before,croupiers ot invest has been running,smoothly last month reliably reinvesting,my funds into loans with 13% interest,per year over the course of November the,loan originator modified left the,platform while the loan original Im,joined group here and heres my group,here account at the moment but away,croupier is currently running a cashback,campaign until the 8th of December which,might be worth checking out next we have,crowd Esther iron 32 euro and 81 cents,in interest last month which is 7 euro,and 25 cents less than the month before,and in case youre wondering about this,confusing drive paid interest chose the,interest I received on a monthly basis,while accrued interest includes,outstanding interest that I should,receive at a later date and Crestor,release on its website last month so,lets take a look what I generally like,to redesign include,being able to see the profits of farm,and the upcoming payments as well as an,overview of my investment portfolio by,sections I think theres still some room,for improvements pro

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