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  3. GTBets Sportsbook Review
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GT Bets Review (Sportsbook) 2022 | CASH Bonus & US Sports Markets

GT vets is ideal for sports bettors in,the united states who love lots of,betting options on the most popular,American sports GT bets also has many,different options for deposit and,payouts and its one of the few sports,betting sites that still have cash,bonuses available for sports betters in,this review well highlight the best,features that make GT bets of valuable,online sports book option and more,importantly one of our top rated and,safest betting sites the betting site,offers online gambling on sports casino,and horse-racing in their sports book,they have an impressive selection of,football and basketball markets,including an extensive list of props and,live betting options to cover all of,your bases as a sports bettor they also,offer one of the more unique promotions,in all of online sports betting free,have points on your favorite football,and basketball teams all accounts will,get a free half point on their favorite,college and NFL teams along with their,favorite NBA team and college basketball,team GT bets is one of the few sports,betting sites that still have cash,bonuses available for sports bettors a,rare and highly valuable offer you cant,find often nowadays betters can receive,$500 or more in cash bonuses when they,sign up GT bets also offers additional,reload bonuses for existing accounts to,help you get the most out of your sports,betting action there are a variety of,cashier options including a long list of,crypto currencies including Bitcoin,Bitcoin cash light coins and more,traditional options such as credit debit,and gift cards theyre also one of the,few sports books that accept American,Express cards a rarity nowadays GT bets,also has a rewards and VIP program for,players their gametime tier rewards,program offers points to cash program,for players along with contests,sweepstakes and other rewards payouts,are quick and easy at GT bets there are,several options including Bitcoin and,Bank wires,withdrawals for crypto currencies are,free if requested once every 30 days and,our process within 48 hours or less safe,and reliable remarkable cash bonuses,fast and secure cash your options out,standing VIP program free half points,promotions our SPS betters have tested,deposited wagered and withdrawn from GT,bets for several years and it has,checked all the boxes for a legit safe,and reliable online sports book sign up,at GT bets Dottie you make your deposit,claim their great cash signup bonus to,boost your bankroll and start placing,your sports bets for more information,about the best promo codes and bonuses,for new users visit our related article,at safest betting sites Comm find the,link in the description of this video as,well as other related pages such as our,full GT bets review where we talk more,in depth about the good and the bad this,site offers to their players do you want,to add any information to our review,help others make the right choice by,leaving your honest review in the,comment section below dont forget to,subscribe to our channel for more sports,book reviews free picks and predictions,betting experts advice and betting,education for pros and beginners hit,the subscribe button on screen and start,getting notifications for all your,sports betting needs every week

Is GTBets Legit? Is GTBets.eu A Safe Sportsbook That Pays?

hey guys its uh smokey joe from safe,with betting sites,um our topic today is gt bets are they,the,are they legit gt best out of you are,they a safe place to put your bankroll,um are they a good place to bet at and,um basically were a little bit of a,breakdown on the sports book what,theyre good at,what the positives and negatives are,before we go any further please hit that,subscribe button below were trying to,build the channel were trying to give,you guys,as much information as we can about,offshore sports betting,okay gt best out of you um,right off the bat they are a legitimate,sports book but,theyre a little newer the industry than,other sports books,um they have been in the industry as,long as,fed online or spavada or five dimes,bookmaker into big boys,but they still do have some good offers,for bettors,um one of the things is they have,some nice deposit bonuses so you can get,a,first deposit bonus and you can get a,second deposit bonus on your second,deposit,they also have a vip program it doesnt,have a ton of value but you can still,get some,free points or some free bet tickets if,youre,a player for quite a while there other,factor and,one of the cool promotions they have is,a free half point on your favorite teams,for nfl nba college basketball college,football you can get a free half point,um for a team in each of those sports,throughout the whole season,so lets say the cowboys are plus seven,that week you get you get plus seven and,a half you chose that team as your,favorite team,its kind of a cool promotion um doesnt,it doesnt have a ton of value because,you sort of need those to line up the,right way but,i mean if youre getting a free half,point on key numbers in football with,your favorite team,yeah that adds some value and it makes a,little more fun for you as well,um in terms of markets they are not as,great as some of the big boys that i,mentioned earlier uh,youre just going to find a lot less in,terms of betting options when it comes,to props,and other things like that also very,focused on,betty marcus in the usa youre youre,not going to get if you want to bet on,asian soccer,or you know some table tennis in russia,youre not going to be able to do that,at gt bets,youre youre really going to be,focusing more on um,us sports nfl nba nhl mlb,um live vetting dont love their live,buddy interface that much compared to,the,other sites out there uh as far as,markets and betting limits go,sort of the same thing their betting,limits are low they,will limit players quickly um if you,show,that you have a clue the,their teasers for football uh do do,offer some value but again,you know if youre if you are showing,them that youre savvy,better you know you might not be able to,bet a lot for quite a long time i didnt,even win much money there personally and,they,limited my account pretty quickly so,thats something that,does happen there um as far as payouts,go,theyre pretty fast i mean theyre not,as theyre not elite speeds but theyre,definitely,in the ballpark of of where they should,be in terms of offshore betting,bitcoin two to three days they sell bank,wire um,bitcoin payouts are free and thats,always thats always important thats a,must at this point,and they do take a lot of other,cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash,um ethereum and even xrp so if you want,to deposit with a different crypto you,can do that pretty easily as well um,so thats basically it with the gt vets,pretty straightforward sportsbook great,for,recreational betters if you want to take,advantage of the bonuses,we always recommend doing that but if,you want to bet a lot you want a lot of,different markets,entertainment markets you know,international sports winning markets,theyre not the best option for you but,if youre just,into us sports and you just want to find,football basketball,you know um theyre a great option,so thats about it from us um if you,want to read more about gt events check,the description below well link you to,our full review which goes over,everything i just said plus a little bit,more,and some other articles that we think,will help you as a sports bettor,thanks a lot and good luck on your bets,dont forget to subscribe to our channel,for more sports book reviews,free picks and predictions betting,experts advice and betting education for,pros and beginners,hit the subscribe button on screen and,start getting notifications for all your,sports betting needs,every week

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GTBets Sportsbook Review

GT bets is one of a small number of,sports book and casino sites still open,to North American customers its not,exactly an all-in-one site because it,doesnt have a poker room skill games,bingo games and other things that,usually go into an all-in-one site but,it is a combo of sports book and casino,and race book so its a funny little,creature in that way it basically it,just lacks a poker room and maybe bingo,or skill games to compete in the,all-in-one stage another funny thing,about GT bets judging by the fact that,it exclusively uses English for customer,service and the US dollar for deposits,and withdrawals it seems like Americans,are their main targets you could maybe,throw Canadians in there too and say,that their target is North American,sports bettors I say that in part,because the site doesnt cover a lot of,exotic sports markets and will cover,those markets in a minute and also from,time to time it incentivizes major US,sports with its bonuses look at this,image here thats clearly an image of,well its supposed to be NFL football I,can kind of read NFL on the refs hat,there although this this Patriots player,has been stripped of his insignia I say,all that to say that this is pretty,clearly a us focused site though GT,Betts is one of the newer sports book,combo sites Ive reviewed I looked and,looked and couldnt find a lot of,customer complaints thats the best way,in my opinion to judge a new site is to,look and see what some of their,customers are saying and there have been,a few complaints about GT bets customer,service or cashier department besides,the usual late-payment complaints thats,thats a symptom of doing business with,Americans GT bets premiered in 2011 and,its licensed by the Curacao Gaming,Control Board once again English is,their only language the US dollar – the,only currency now about their sports,book of the layout is pretty standard,youve got,lines menu here starts with special,wagering which is where they keep their,teasers pleasers and parlays live,bedding which well get into in a moment,and then just their regular lines,baseball WNBA Canadian rules football,these are mostly major markets theres,not really anything all that odd here,except maybe rugby thats kind of a,niche market and you know WNBA and,Canadian rules football those are kind,of niche markets to GT bets is pretty,much all about sports casino and horses,in fact if you look right here,bang-bang-bang Sports Casino and horses,but from the look of it the sports book,almost looks like the afterthought,thats kind of unusual for a combo site,and Im not going to review the casino,here thats not the purpose of this but,they seem to have spent a lot more time,on their casino theres a lot more games,a lot more variety even though the,sports book is supposedly the feature,here,it focuses mainly on NFL football thats,their main event so theyre really,kicking into top gear right now because,Im reviewing this at the beginning of,the NFL season and I would say that they,focus on the NFL to the detriment of,their other markets so now as far as the,the betting Styles theres a tons of,different fighting styles from straight,wagers money lines parlays teasers they,do round robins theres quarters betting,if bets all kinds of props and futures,everything you expect and I want to,point out too that international soccer,they do a really great job with,international soccer I know I kind of,dogged him for being an NFL focus site,but this is just a ton of world leagues,and youre not just you know Major,League Soccer and Premier League in,England but whatever basically any,international league you would want to,bet on is available as far as banking,options here is the deposit and payout,cashier page as you can see there are,seven methods for adding money to your,account Visa MasterCard prepaid gift,cards,these are all pretty good options I,especially like that most of them are,fee free as far as the minimum and Max,it ranges from about 25 or 35 dollars up,to about $1,000 although some methods,like visa here your maximum depends on,your player status so those are all,pretty good options its impressive to,me if we go to withdrawals here payout,options that they have a decent number,they basically have the same number of,payout options as they do for a deposit,options this isnt really common for us,facing sites and though Americans seem,to be their focus Im sorry to say that,a lot of these methods are not available,to Americans US customers will probably,have to depend on check by courier which,Wow look at that temporarily unavailable,so that could be a problem,your best bet would be to contact,customer service if youre an American,and you want to make a deposit or,withdrawal and well get to details on,how you can do that next if you need to,contact GT bets customer service they,make it pretty easy for you as long as,you speak English there is no other,language available the email address,right here theyve got one two three,four dedicated email addresses your,support email address is on top support,at GT Betsy you live chat is available,there is your hours of contact goes off,Eastern Standard Time and theyre,basically available from 10:00 in the,morning to 4:00 in the morning I havent,had any trouble getting a response by an,email or reaching anyone on live chat,theres where you would click to,initiate that and youve got your,various international and toll-free,phone numbers here all in all I like to,see a site with a neat contact page like,this a lot of times this information is,spread all over the place but its right,there in their top nav bar and theres,even a little widget here on every page,on the site if youre interested in,bonuses and I know a lot of you are,youll like GT bets if youre a sports,bettor its not the best book for sports,betters in terms of bonuses that Ive,ever,you but theres a decent list of,promotions they pat this list here a,little bit to make it look better than,it is but I say theres basically three,or four promos that are good for sports,with members so your sign up bonus here,you can trigger the sign up bonus as a,sports bettor its a 100 percent deposit,match worth up to 250 dollars the,minimum deposit is $35 and theres a 5x,deposit plus bonus rollover its like a,little better than the industry standard,which I would say is probably 6x so,thats good theres a details here on,this page about the welcome bonus and,remember that the rollover requirement,is is lower for sports bettors than for,casino customers or horse booked betters,even the reload bonuses here are also,good for sports with customers because,all customers at GT bets are eligible,for a 5% deposit match bonus on all,reload deposits worth up to 50 bucks,this is good on every deposit after your,first one and they have a 5x rollover,for sports book bets as well which is,again thats pretty good in terms of,this industry I also like the referral,bonus for splitsville printers because,they dont have many options besides the,two I just mentioned refer-a-friend you,get 20% of their first qualifying,deposit up to two hundred and fifty,dollars thats a little bit higher of a,maximum that Im used to seeing so,thats nice,but your friend does have to deposit at,least a hundred bucks and thats a lot,higher than Im used to seeing usually,its twenty twenty-five dollars so if,youre gonna refer friends and GT bets,they better have a little scratch if you,know what I mean referral bonuses having,4x rollover which is lower than Ive,ever seen and thats really impressive,GT bets,unfortunately beyond those and this,somewhat cool little favorite teams deal,whereby you can get a free half point on,certain basketball and football teams,during their season theres just not,much here for sports bettors if youre,into a whole race book theres a horse,rebate fifteen percent rebate on net,monthly losses so you should look into,that heres another thing remember,all these bonuses the rollovers are,based on a totally different system tha

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KIA XCeed GT-Line FL – No Clickbaits (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

whats the statement of your personality,according to Kia the statement of your,personality is the refreshed X seed,is it really though watch this to find,out,[Music],foreign,Kia seems to know not only that,personality goes a long way but also,that compact SUVs are Charming, pigs like that Arnold on,Green Acres you know what Im saying,their market share is expected to reach,20 soon the number of competitors in the,segment is also growing approaching 70,models,to attract customers to the exceed Kia,is betting on distinctive design,connectivity and electrification,even before the facelift the X seed,looked interesting but after the,facelift there are some new details like,new design for the headlights radiator,Grille front and rear bumper wheels and,interior this is especially visible on,the GT line trim with a more aggressive,front and interesting rear lamps sporty,diffuser Etc also there are sporty,interior accents but more about them in,a moment,meanwhile the engine range which may not,be as broad as you think Kia announced,the refreshed X seat will get a 1 liter,turbo a diesel mild hybrid and a 204,horsepower GT version as well as a,plug-in hybrid and a 160 horsepower 1.5,gasoline engine which replaces the 140,horsepower 1.4 unit some of these may,not be available at the moment to check,with your local dealer what can actually,be ordered,whats wrong its the supply chain,issues again key assures that the full,engine range including the diesel will,be available soon and no wonder because,in the coming years the share of,internal combustion engines even with,mild hybrids is expected to remain at,around 50 percent of the market and when,hybrids and plug-in hybrids are added,were talking about 80 of the market so,much for electrification,its cold so heres a quick look at what,hasnt changed or hasnt changed much,the electrically opening tailgate is,standard from GT line trim upwards or is,a part of an equipment pack for the,middle trim well talk about why you may,want to avoid the GT line in a moment,the boot capacity remained unchanged 426,liters in 5-seat configuration,1378 when the second row backrests are,folded they are spring-loaded so you,dont have to push them and they split,40 20 40.,the parcel shelf fits under the double,floor theres a mini spare there are,also shopping bag Hooks and a 12 volt,Outlet,this is everything Id expect from a,boot in a car like this,new in the rear is a USBC Port under the,air vent other than that the legroom is,still average while in the Subaru XV,Crosstrek I reviewed recently there was,more space for the rear passengers at,the expense of cargo space the x-seed is,more about boot capacity and the rear,passengers will have to make do,there are small pockets in the doors and,cup holders in the armrest,I also like the isofix covers are on,Springs so you dont have to pull them,out and remember where you put them,the cockpit its another example of a,functional car interior design Kia is,like VW a few years ago before they,hired that infotainment Buffington,Wolfsburg he seems to be looking for,work again anyway there are a lot of,physical buttons and knobs for the cars,most important functions and for the AC,like it should be,the infotainment system can be paired,with Kia Connect app which offers some,connectivity its cool that I can lock,and unlock the car check its location,and find out if the steering wheel,heating is off but so wouldnt be better,if I could actually turn the steering,wheel Heating and maybe windshield,defrosting on remotely but those,features are probably reserved for Kias,electric models,other than that there is Apple carplay,and Android auto wired two USB ports,usba and USBC a 12 volt Outlet cup,holders and two sizes so even my water,bottle fits in one,it also fits in the door pocket,the storage compartment under the,armrest is decent for a compact car the,glove box is average size on higher trim,models you get not just heated seats and,heated steering wheel but also heated,windscreen the reversing camera and,heated windscreen are in my opinion two,of the best features that made it into,mainstream cars in the 21st century on a,cold morning you dont have to scrape,the windshield just wait a minute for it,to defrost,now when ordering your exceed check for,option conflicts for example in Poland,for some reason the heated windscreen is,unavailable on diesels plug-in hybrids,as well as when you select an equipment,pack on Lower trims which includes,things like power tailgate leather,upholstery front ventilated seats and,electrically operated driver seat with,memory function why I dont know,speaking of seats the one in the GT line,are not my favorite first of all the,thigh support is high as in sports cars,so a few times I got an unpleasant,wedgie when getting in,getting out is also unnecessarily,difficult Im not buying a raised car to,have the same problems getting out like,I would in a sports car which by the way,the Kia exceed is not not even in the GT,trim,also and this may be a problem unique to,me or not despite the lumber support,adjustment my spine starts to hurt after,about 15 minutes in these seats its a,good thing that my physiotherapist is,coming next week because he will have,something to fix,Im 175 centimeters tall but Anna whos,160 centimeters tall also complained,about her position behind the wheel and,its not just that the steering wheel,obscures a third of the instrument,cluster for her something is wrong with,these seats thats why if youre,considering the GT line trim I suggest,you sit behind the wheel for a while,longer and then try the regular seats in,a different trim even with electric,adjustment they should be better than,the sporty ones,and now the driving experience which is,similar to that in the pre-facelift key,IX seed with a 1.4 liter petrol engine,the x-seat is undemanding to drive but,it gives you enough driving pleasure to,make you want to take the longer perhaps,some more twisty route home from work,long curves are what the car likes,tighter ones not necessarily also I,really really wish the exceed had,all-wheel drive especially on Ultimate,winter days it would give me a greater,sense of security the 1.5 liter petrol,engine producing 160 horsepower is in,this case not a mild hybrid although a,mild hybrid version will also be,available someday and will have,identical Performance Kia claims this,will Accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers,per hour in 9.2 seconds with DCT 9,seconds flat with a manual I managed 8.9,seconds with DCT on slightly damp called,tarmac but with ESP off,at first you can feel the computer is,cutting power only from about 40,kilometers per hour you can really feel,the car starts to accelerate,of course driving like this forget about,less than 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers,promised by the manufacturer but driving,normally I got low sevens the rear,suspension is multi-link in front we got,McPherson struts also in the front we,have hydraulic pump stops now hydraulic,bump stops are also used by Citroen on,the C4 Cactus and the C5 aircross but on,both axles on bumps the shock absorber,doesnt hit hard against the rubber bump,because this one is hydraulic and it,absorbs energy better the hydraulic bump,stops are also supposed to contribute to,faster steering response and increased,body stability says Kia with the,exception of hydraulic bump stops the,rest of the suspension components on the,xseed are identical to those on other,body styles now because of higher ground,clearance the springs and the exceed are,softer than those on the hatchback which,improves ride comfort,soundproofing is average visibility for,this type of body style not bad the,driver assist systems are still loud and,obtrusive regardless of the equipment,version there is no 360 camera according,to the specification this car should,have automatic parking but I couldnt,find it perhaps its the semiconductor,shortage again,[Music],thank you,price of the Kia X seeds started 23 990,Euro for the basic

Next Level Racing F-GT | 2022 Review

the next level racing has been out,on the market for several years now and,has come to be known as a good,all-around mid-range simracing cockpit,but in recent months it seems to have,garnered more and more attention as,users start upgrading their beginner,wheels to higher end belt driven and,budget direct drive wheels they also,start to look very dedicated cockpit and,with its 500 price tag the seems,like a viable choice but is it really,lets find out,[Music],a ton of you guys have been requesting i,make a review of this cockpit so i,reached out to next little racing and,they were kind enough to send me one for,review right off the bat i attached a 9,meter direct direct base onto it along,with a high-end set of load saw pedals,and with that it was ready to be put to,the test,the next little racing retails for,500 and with that you get quite a bit it,comes with the shifter plate seat slider,a lumbar support cushion height,adjustable feet and even a butt kicker,mount something which other companies,sell as an accessory in rigs that cost,more than double this one,the frame is made entirely for metal,with a matte black finish and has a,simple yet sleek design a big selling,point is that youre able to completely,change the seating position of this rig,from a gt to a formula seating position,albeit it takes a bit of time,the seat is something that didnt,impress me at all when i looked at,photos of this rig online but once set,up with everything else on my rig it,actually looks very good and a lot more,sleek than any other ive ever owned,its made with foam padding and has a,synthetic leather finish similar to that,of the gt track using it with the,included lumbar support i found it to be,very comfortable in fact if im being,completely honest i will confidently say,that the seat on the is more,comfortable than the next wool racing,es1 seat which alone costs only 50,dollars less than this entire cockpit,the seat is very flat so i only used it,with the lumbar support which at times,did get a bit hot in those more intense,races since the seat is so flat though,it will support all types of body shapes,and sizes unlike the more commonly seen,bucket and racing seats that being said,you dont get the same race car feel you,would get with one of those,in essence the seat left me very,impressed its very comfortable and,better looking than i thought especially,with the logo on the back,[Music],something that next-door racing does,better than any other sam racing cocky,manufacturer is their seat sliders and,thats no exception in the it works,exceptionally well as you smoothly,adjust the seat back and forth in a,matter of seconds,in talking about adjusting theres a lot,you can do to perfectly adjust his,cockpit to your needs whether that be,the angle of the seat the height of the,wheel plate or the angle of the pedals,you have no problem dialing everything,in there are two main drawbacks i found,though the first is that the shifter,plate has a fairly limited range and,isnt able to tilt or have its height,adjusted so although it worked well for,me i would like to see more range when,it comes to that the second drawback is,that adjusting everything does take some,effort as you must unloosen both to,determine which pre-drilled hole works,best and fidget around it until you can,re-tighten everything maybe ive just,been too spoiled with aluminum profile,rigs but adjustments are not something,youre going to want to be making very,often with this rig and thats,definitely true about changing it from a,gt to a formula seating position as,there are several additional brackets,youll need to take on and off with,several adjustments to dial everything,in so while its nice that you have the,option to do so it certainly wont be,something youll be happy to repeatedly,switch between back and forth and with,all that being said theres only one,thing left to talk about and thats how,does the hold up on track and in,only two words surprisingly well,[Music],as i already mentioned i attached a 9,meter direct drive face onto it without,hesitation and doubt it up to its max,force and throughout the several hours i,spent racing i really didnt find any,major problems with it,now you may be able to see the wheel,plate slightly wobble on some occasions,but for the most part it stays rigid and,firm and when you realize that this,cockpit isnt even intended for direct,drive wheels like i said its pretty,impressive,honestly i would be lying if i said i,lost any type of in-game performance or,immersion from using this star drive,based on the simply put it held up,well despite the strong force of this,wheelbase,[Music],what i will say though is that i think a,90 meter director of base is at the peak,of what this cockpit can handle and i,would not be confident at all using some,of my other directories wheelbases which,weigh three times what this one does and,push double the force so if youre using,the eight new meter phantek cso dd or,the moza r9 youll be totally fine but,if youre using a more powerful dark,drive based i would highly suggest you,look elsewhere,and then of course if youre planning on,using this cockpit with a non-direct,drive wheelbase youll be more than fine,[Music],now on the pedals its a slightly,different story i was using some,high-end pedals but i wasnt using them,at their highest resistance and on,camera the flex on my pedal set is a,little bit more visible did i notice it,on track no not at all and i was still,hitting the same lap times i would,normally that being said the flex could,become a lot more noticeable when using,higher resistance levels on the brake so,if you prefer and have access to pedals,with a very firm brake pedal that is,somewhere where youll want to start,looking at the high end offerings out,there on the market but in general if,youre like me and dont like having a,brake wall as a brake or just using,lower end pedals even something like the,thrustmaster tlcms you really wont have,a problem,in conclusion look at it this way just,the fact that ive been talking about,potentially using high-end directory,wheelbases and pedals with a mid-range,cockpit that only cost five hundred,dollars is saying a lot the next full,racing provides exceptional value,for money and unless you have very high,end gear or are dying to have the,versatility of an aluminum profile rig,this may be your best bet,500 is a lot of money dont get me wrong,but in todays sim racing market where,just one seat can reach that price the, provides a lot for a very fair price,as always thank you all for watching,stay safe and have a fantastic rest of,your day,[Music]

Thrustmaster T300 GT Edition Racing Wheel and Pedals Review

two years ago almost to this day we,review the Thrustmaster teeth rehan RS,for the playstation for ps3 and pc since,that time the t300 has not only become,one of the go-to wheels in sim racing,but has become the center point of the,fair sized Thrustmaster eco system bet,eco system includes derivatives such as,the t 300 servo which is just the,standalone wheelbase and the t 300,Alcantara Edition that features the,fantastic feeling 599 evil Alcantara rim,and removes the not-so-great to pedal,set in lieu of the solid t3 pa3 pedal,set and now theres a new addition to,the t 300 family the t 300 GT Edition,the GT Edition named after the Gran,Turismo franchise and featuring GT sport,inspired box art throws his hat into the,ring with minor changes so should you be,interested in the T 300 GT Edition lets,talk about it,you,sim racing chassis provided by next,level racing check them out at next,level Racing calm so what are the,differences between the t 300 RS and the,t 300 GT edition well the t 300 rim gets,a GT logo instead of the PlayStation,logo the wheelbase gets more,Thrustmaster branding you get the three,pedal t 3p a set with new pedal faces,and thats it so if you already,purchased the T 300 RS and have upgraded,to the t3 PA pedals then theres not,much to see here so thanks for watching,make sure to check out is our TV comm,and click the like button on your way,out,but if you already dont own the t 300,RS then stick with me because the T 300,GT Edition offers a nice price per,performance argument the GT Edition,comes in at 399 dollars and 99 cents the,same price as a t 300 RS was when it was,released two years ago today the t 300,RS goes for $350 at the time of this,filming that means 450 dollars more you,get to upgrade to the much better T 3 PA,pedal set so whats so special about the,T 3 PA pedals and more specifically this,version of the T 3 PA pedals well for,starters the TPPA pedals are a very,solid set of pedals that will allow you,to race competitively are they the best,pedals out there no but with that said,the driving I did for this review,reminded me what a solid set of pedals,the t3 pas are the conical brake mod,does a good job of adding resistance to,the brake pedal and the gas pedal has,good snap back and what about those,pedal faces visually the new pedal faces,are a nice upgrade from the standard t3,PA faces with clean lines and brushed,aluminum theyre also bigger in width,height and thickness which is nice from,not just a higher looking quality,standpoint but from a practical,standpoint,I really enjoyed the feeling of having a,little more petal underneath my feet,what I was a little disappointed by was,the lack of options for the brake phases,location while the gas and clutch pedals,keep the same mounting hole options as a,standard t3 PA pedal set for some reason,the brake loses four of its mounting,holes this means I wasnt able to move,the brake face more to the left as I,like to do is straighten out my left leg,during braking with that said due to the,gain width the GT edition brake pedal,faces reaches about the same location as,the pedal face of the standard t3 pa,when you utilize the leftmost holes so,there really isnt much difference,regardless though it would have been,nice if the rest master would have kept,the holes for the brake so if you wanted,to move it even more left you could so,now lets talk about the wheel and to be,honest there is it too much to say here,its the same t300 that Ive had on my,rig for a while now thanks to its good,force feedback strain and smooth,consistent belt drive it can be hard,mounted via 2 m6 bolts which are not,included and I wish more wheel,manufacturer would start throwing those,bolts in so your first stop and get a,brand new wheel is into the hardware,store and a table mount that does a good,job as long as the table is of uniform,thickness the GT Edition allowed me to,reclaim myself with the base t300 rim,and like the pedals reminds me that its,a pretty good base rim while not wrapped,in leather or alpha Terra it is wrapped,in nice feeling rubber that isnt too,hard or too soft and has positive,feeling buttons and paddle shifters and,because its 8300 wheel you can upgrade,to different Thrustmaster rims in the,future if you like with that said lets,get to our final thoughts is the GT,Edition T 300 wheel and pedal sets,revolutionary no is it a fruitless brand,exercise I dont think so either while,this doesnt really move the needle if,you already own a,t300 or TX for the PC or even T 500 if,you are in the market for a new wheel,and pedal set I do think this does offer,a pretty nice price per performance,option $400 for 8300 wheel and flasher,t3 PA pedals is a good deal in fact the,hardest decision may be whether or not,to spend an additional seventy dollars,and upgrade to the t 300 Alcantara,Edition for four hundred and seventy,dollars sure you dont get the new pedal,faces but you do get that sweet 599 rim,options are a good thing well usually a,good thing except when youre like,picking out paint color through,significant other or lights or flooring,maybe that referential supplies to me,but considering how there arent that,many choices really out there in the,simracing world for wheel and pedal sets,having another option that is well,priced like a t 300 GT Edition is a good,thing thanks for watching inside,simracing if you enjoyed the video,please give it a like if you havent,subscribed to the channel please do so,and also check out our website is our,tv.com for all the goodness we have,going on over there also check out the,Amazon affiliate link in the description,below,when click on the link shop through,Amazon and we get a little kickback,so we can help feed our family including,this new addition to ours,this is Indy I name drafter Indy cars,and my girlfriend allowed me to do it so,theyre both keepers so for John stable,thanks for watching sighs simracing,see you guys next time good girl

2024 Ford Mustang GT Full Review

foreign,[Music],Ford launches the seventh chapter of its,storied Mustang sports car with reworked,but familiar styling revised chassis,Hardware an all-new interior and two,improved powertrains,while the new pony is saddled up for the,future with a bevy of upgrades the,long-term fate of its closest,competitors the Chevy Camaro and Dodge,Challenger isnt as rosy,the Mustang will enter its Seventh,Generation with sails beginning In,Summer 2023,the new design brings the Mustang some,desperately needed updates,amid its mini style and powertrain,changes theres a fresh roster of,offerings for those with a true Need for,Speed,both Mustang GT and EcoBoost models will,offer an optional performance pack,equipment upgrade,[Music],the Seventh Generation adds modern,chiseled looks to its Heritage inspired,design which sets out to appeal to the,broadest Mustang customer mindset yet,its low horizontal brow across the,front emphasizes overall frontal width,while the upper grille design shape is,influenced by the original 1960s design,the tri-bar LED headlamps continue the,Mustangs Classic Lighting signature,its Sleek roof line broad sprinting,stance and shortened rear overhang are,also true to the authentic proportions,of the first generation,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],the roof line is optimized for driver,entry and exit without removing their,helmet on the track and an extended rear,deck houses a new crisp signature,tri-bar lighting and redesigned diffuser,for improved aerodynamic balance in the,rear,each model in the Mustang lineup carries,its own unique front end,GT is differentiated from EcoBoost,models by larger more aggressive Grille,openings engineered to allow increased,airflow reflecting the increase in power,and performance,the cars aerodynamics are optimized,further with the addition of new events,and redesigned front splitter,[Applause],[Music],the all-new Mustang Dark Horse Model is,a track focused Step Up based on the GT,that uses a 500 horsepower 5.0 liter V8,with either a 10-speed automatic,transmission or a six-speed manual,Ford said the heart of this engine,contains connecting rods from the 760,horsepower Mustang Shelby GT500 plus a,revised intake system,the twin throttle body cold air intake,will allow twice the airflow to create,the most powerful GT to take,the all-new Mustang launches with 11,exterior color options including two new,shades vapor blue and yellow Splash,complemented by new stripe colors and,designs,customers also can choose from three,Brembo brake caliper color options black,red and Grabber blue plus an all new,lineup of alloy wheels ranging from 17,inch standard size on base models to 19,inch for GT with optional 20 inch alloy,wheels,[Music],[Music],from the drivers seat of the 2024,Mustang every detail has been chiseled,in place with what Ford is calling a,fighter jet inspired design,while we wait to find out if the,Mustangs performance will break the,sound barrier its standard 12.4 inch,instrument cluster is a massive leap,ahead from the previous cars,the configurable display can be,customized to fit the needs of most red,white and blue Patriots with selectable,colors gauges and even a calm screen,that reveals only the most necessary,details,ambient lighting and a drivers display,adapts to whichever drive mode youve,selected,base Mustangs come with cloth seats and,available micro suede vinyl inserts,while the premium level adds Stitch bits,and pieces from door trim to dashboard,the Mustang GT gets leather inserts,Ford is also introduced a remote riff,function that allows the cars engine to,blast up the RPMs with a simple click,from the key fob while you admire the,sounds from outside the car,foreign,[Music],of improvement for the new Mustang is,its interior gadgetry,the 12.4 inch digital instrument cluster,can be customized to display different,animated designs and new drive mode,dependent visuals,the infotainment screen using Fords,sync 4 software flows from the gauge,cluster toward the center of the car,behind a curved blast panel Apple,carplay and Android auto come standard,on this system and an optional Wireless,smartphone charger helps drivers reduce,the Clutter of charging cables,Amazon Alexa and Ford streaming allow,voice commands to replace knob turning,or button presses and every Mustang,comes with Ford power-up software,capability which allows for over-the-air,updates for later software and vehicle,function improvements,[Music],the center console can also incorporate,an available wireless mobile phone,charging pad while new overhead USB,ports are installed above the cockpit,conveniently placed for track cameras,and other devices helping prevent wires,from draping across the cabin,the available bno sound system is,optimized for the cars interior,contributing to the visual experience of,Mustang ownership Mustang has a standard,cloth interior featuring all cloth seats,with optional micro suede vinyl inserts,and black seat belts while premium,models benefit from upgraded wrapped in,accents stitched across the instrument,panel and door trim,EcoBoost models feature Fords ActiveX,synthetic leather upholstery with,multiple color options while GT models,gain leather seat inserts rear,passengers will have a hard time,stepping past the folded forward seat,when theyre squeezing into the back,backseat space is limited even for,children,outward visibility is pretty good though,with relatively narrow windshield,pillars and a large enough rear window,for a near full view of whats behind,you,[Music],the Mustang has a sizable lead in cargo,capacity over the Camaro but the,Challenger still has the most,the 13.5 cubic foot trunk has a wide,opening and a low lift over height,the compact roof design and independent,rear suspension also contribute towards,segment leading trunk space that can,accommodate up two golf bags can fit,across the back when its equipped with,the standard stereo,at the rear the tri-bar tail lights,mimic that of the US only Mustang Maki,with the current cars blacked out rear,Valance replaced with body color paint,and also dramatic rear angles that,undercut and act like a spoiler making,the car look wider even though the,proportions are largely unchanged,the integrated rear diffuser has also,been reprofiled to visually swallow more,bumper real estate,the available active exhaust adds an,amazing sound to the car and encourages,you to drive it hard,its capable of raucous performance yet,its also a pleasant daily driver,that means to configure personality or,mood on the Fly,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music]

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