1. Grand Theft Auto 5 Next-Gen Review – The Final Verdict
  2. GTA 5 NEXT-GEN – Before You Buy
  3. The 7 BIGGEST Changes in GTA 5 On PS5
  4. GTA 5 PS5 (English) – Unboxing & Gameplay Grand Theft Auto 5 – GTA V no Map no DLC PlayStation 5
  5. Grand Theft Auto 5: PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs PC vs PS3 Performance Review
  6. Hands-on: Is Grand Theft Auto V on PS5 Worth It? | PlayStation 5
  7. Is GTA 5 on the PS5 worth it? | PS5 enhanced review

Grand Theft Auto 5 Next-Gen Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],oh,,[Applause],the grand theft auto series is in a,weird place right now gta 5 is the,biggest game of all time having followed,up on its immense critical praise upon,launch nearly a decade ago with years of,sustained financial success driven,largely by gta online gta 5 has become a,massive money maker for rockstar on its,way to selling well over 150 million,copies with that however the fact that,new single-player content for the game,has been non-existent and that gta 6s,launch has been pushed back to make room,for its evergreen predecessor many have,started getting tired of gta 5 and maybe,even resenting its sustained success,grand theft auto 6 is still clearly,years away though and rockstar seems,intent on ensuring that gta 5 really,does turn into a game spanning three,whole console generations,[Music],the open world behemoth has launched,natively for the ps5 and xbox series x,and s sporting many visual and technical,improvements and some changes to gta,online targeted at making the experience,more approachable for newcomers or those,who havent dipped their toes in its,waters for a while thankfully unlike the,recent disastrous launch of gta the,trilogy the definitive edition gta 5s,current gen upgrade is solid and,effective this is still a 2013 game,receiving its n3 release though and,thats something that it obviously cant,get away from the key changes here are,visual upgrades on ps5 and xbox series x,and s grand theft auto 5 offers three,visual modes fidelity prioritizes,resolution and enables ray tracing while,running at 30 frames per second,performance bumps up the frame rate to,60 frames per second while disabling ray,tracing and lowering the resolution,while performance rt is a jack of all,trades mode theyre all equally,effective at what they attempt picture,quality is sharp and crisp in fidelity,mode and lighting and shadows are given,much more depth with ray tracing enabled,personally ive always cared more about,higher frame rates than higher,resolutions so ive mostly stuck with,performance rt mode which makes solid if,unspectacular use of ray tracing while,also maintaining a steady and smooth,frame rate for the most part again,though grand theft auto 5 is a 9 year,old game by this point and visually it,shows,character models and faces tend to look,quite dated while the scope of the world,while still appropriately massive seems,par for the course for an open world,game in todays day and age gta 5 might,have been a jaw-dropping achievement in,2013 but open world games have made,immense strides in the years since then,and weve played no shortage of games,that have done a lot of what gta did and,done it a lot better something like,rockstars own red dead redemption 2 for,instance blows gta 5 out of the water in,terms of world design of course the,beast that is gta online is really what,has kept the gta 5 train chugging along,so smoothly all these years,and its no surprise that thats where,rockstar has made the most significant,changes with this remaster,of course even those significant changes,arent earth-shattering by any means but,they do still stand out treading into,the gta online experience for instance,has become much more streamlined and,welcoming to newer players with the map,and menus more effectively conveying key,details and being easier to navigate the,key addition is the career builder which,is essentially a way for newcomers to,take a couple of minutes after creating,their character to lay down a foundation,for their criminal career in gta online,you select which criminal stream you,want to enter you use a healthy pool of,starting money to buy a headquarters a,warehouse a car and weapons and then you,go through a couple of tutorial missions,given the fact that gta online is,something that rockstar has been,building upon constantly for 10 years so,even with these tweaks and additions,its still going to be intimidating for,many but something like a career builder,for instance should be a good way to,ease new players in at the very least,its a decent start,[Music],thanks to the more powerful hardware gta,5 is now on the game benefits from other,improvements as well its notoriously,long load times for instance which could,last several minutes on older hardware,are about 20 to 30 seconds now at most,while switching between characters is,also faster meanwhile on the ps5 gta 5,also makes decent use of the ps5s,adaptive triggers and haptic feedback,he keeps going forward,dont be an idiot,none of its spectacular by any means,but its been used smartly and in the,right places though the constant chatter,coming from the controller speaker in,gta online can get a little annoying,beyond that there isnt much else thats,new in this version of gta 5 that,shouldnt be surprising of course you,wouldnt really expect a remaster for a,9 year old game to be brimming with new,content at the same time though given,how light gta 5 is on meaningful,upgrades on new consoles one could,easily make the argument that its,overpriced something like this would,make far more sense as a free upgrade,but anything above 10 just feels,undeservedly steep,of course what we circle back to is the,fact that the next mainline gta game is,still probably at least a couple of,years away and gta 5 still clearly has,more than enough life left in it to keep,rockstar flush with cash until its,sequel is ready to release,you think you could take me for a ride,[Music],until then if youve somehow never,played gta 5 before or are willing to,spend money to play it again its new gen,version is certainly the best way to do,that if however you already have the,game on previous gen consoles or,especially on a pc my advice would be to,save your money thats all for now if,you enjoy what you saw please hit the,like button and if youre new to the,channel now is a great time to subscribe,we upload brand new videos every single,day after subscribing dont forget to,enable all notifications by clicking the,bell icon thanks for watching this video,and well see you next time right here,on gamingbolt

GTA 5 NEXT-GEN – Before You Buy

(chiptune beeps),- [Jake] And were back with,another episode of “Before You Buy”,,the show where we give you some straight-up gameplay,and our first impressions of the latest games releasing.,As usual, its me, Jake, and today,were taking a quick look at “Grand Theft Auto V”,,yes, the newly released official PS5,and Xbox Series X and S versions,,because were now on, what is it,,the third generation of “Grand Theft Auto V”?,The game originally released in 2013.,Where were you in 2013?,Where was I?,I dont even know.,So because this channel takes any opportunity,to talk about “Grand Theft Auto”,,we had to take a look, and also,,I never did a “Before You Buy”,on the original base game.,So theres that.,Lets jump in.,This new version brings it to the next-gen consoles,with some modern graphical features,and takes advantage of a few things,,like 3D audio and haptic feedback,,and straight-up, it seems like,it certainly brings it up to par.,Weve been playing all day here,,and this footage is both PS5,and Xbox Series X versions, and it looks good.,Its not life-changing.,Do not expect a remake here or anything.,This is just a rerelease.,You mightve been looking for that.,You might not have been.,I dont know; its that simple.,You technically have to pay to get this upgrade,,and it does seem like a competent port.,I know a lotta people have felt iffy,because of the state of,how the “Grand Theft Auto” trilogy released,a few months back.,But so far, with this, we havent seen any red flags.,Its “GTA V”, with a higher resolution,,better frame rate, seemingly a bit more detail,,and some ray traced lighting and reflections.,Now, it might not look like too much,in this YouTube video.,YouTube kind of puts a damper on things sometimes,with compression, but in real life,,on a good TV and HDR,,this thing is pretty smooth and nice-looking.,Its got moments where it definitely shows its age.,It is still very much a game from 2013,,granted, a really big-budget, well-done game,from 2013, but still a game from 2013,,but thats kind of expected here.,This upgrade isnt gonna change your life or anything,,but it seems pretty rock solid,for what they set out to do here.,You have the choice of three different graphics modes,,depending on your preference.,Fidelity mode gives you best visuals,and native 4K on Series X and PS5,,but its 30 fps.,Now, to be fair, it seems like a pretty solid 30 fps,,for the most part, to our untrained eyes, but yeah.,Then theres Performance mode,,which is 60 fps with an upscaled 4K resolution.,Now, the upscaling looks good enough to me,,and the visuals dont take a hit.,It looks good, and its smooth.,Then theres Performance RT mode,,or Performance Ray Tracing mode,,which is upscaled 4K, 60 fps, with ray tracing enabled.,This looks the best, it seems,,and is still smooth.,This is what we mostly played on,,especially on the PS5 version.,Blasting through the city or the countryside,at high speeds looks good,,and even with a lot of action on-screen,,like a big police chase and helicopters and everything,,everything seems to be good.,Now load times make a hell of a difference.,Obviously that big front-end load is shortened up,,which is noticeable, but its really cool,to just do the quickly-swap-between characters thing,on the character-switching screen.,So if youve never played “GTA V” Story mode,,it centers around three characters that,,after a certain point, are out living in the world,,doing their own thing, separately,,and you can swap between them at any time.,This transition between them used to kinda feel,like a stylized loading screen,with a bit of a delay.,Now it feels like its just a zoom out,,and then (imitates zooming) and then zoom,in to another character.,Its really cool and makes all the difference now.,Now, people whove played the PC version,and have access to mods will obviously say,this new version isnt really a big deal.,But if youre a console player,,this is the best version youre gonna get.,Now youre also able to do a save migration,from previous-gen to this gen, which is nice,,via the Rockstar Games Social Club thing,,and they throw a couple of exclusive items,and stuff your way, too, for “GTA Online”,,most notably house special works,,with a few new missions and races,and car customization options.,So no, its not exactly like the jump,from Xbox 360 to Xbox One or PS3 to PS4,,with the first-person mode,and the bigger-feeling overhauls.,No.,Now, on the bright side,,them taking advantage of little things,,like of the PS5 DualSense controller tech, is nice.,Theres a bit more subtlety to different road textures,,and the controller will react to certain things differently,,like rain and stuff.,The pedals feel like you gotta push em a little bit.,ADS and shooting feels good.,These things are just nice, little thoughtful additions.,The game itself, now you can access Story mode,or Online mode right from the main menu,,because at this point, this far in,,”GTA Online” is its own beast.,Its become its own huge thing,,and some people might be jumping in just for that.,But Story mode itself is nice to revisit.,Its a wild and weird story in an awesome,,satirical Rockstar Games-style world.,This doesnt quite connect with me,as much as “San Andreas” or “Grand Theft Auto IVs”,story and characters really did.,Thats just me, personally.,But upon replaying it again,,I did kind of notice some more subtleties here,and there, and Im a little older now.,I understand plots a little better.,But the idea thats centered around three main characters,,Franklin, Trevor, and Michael,,is really ambitious and each character brings,their own unique thing to the story,,from skillset and sense of humor,,to just world view, really,,and different approaches and different settings.,Michael brings a kind of subtler, older guy,,retired crime, midlife crisis story.,Franklin brings a kind of full-flesh journey,from one walk of life to another completely crazy one.,And Trevor is just kind,of like the chaos element, the insanity.,People really like Trevor.,Im gonna say something blasphemous here.,I find him kind of annoying.,But still, Steven Ogg, the voice actor,,the portrayal of him, is entertaining.,And its a lengthy adventure,,with a couple of really boring side missions here and there.,Im looking at you, like warehouse,,container shipping one.,But there are still tons of good,,entertaining ones, mostly.,And every voice actor absolutely kicks ass,,and some of the satire of the world,,like the poking fun of social media,and pop culture, is still pretty decent.,Its been a long time, though,,and youll notice a bit.,But I can only imagine what type of stuff,theyd make fun of in the eventual,,inevitable “Grand Theft Auto VI”.,Replaying this one, here, actually got,me thinking about the future of it,,and Im really curious and kind of excited.,But if youve never played the single-player adventure,,again, its not quite my favorite,of the whole series,,but its still an entertaining adventure worth seeing.,The musics really good.,The set pieces are really good.,The world is really damn good.,I mean Los Santos and the surrounding region,and the state of San Andreas is really,,really well-realized, even now, in 2022.,This world can still kick the pants,off of some video games worlds.,Its dense and interesting, with wacky pedestrians,and fun secrets, and like I said,at the start, now it looks a little better.,Now, the same goes for “GTA Online”.,If youve never jumped in,,it technically has way more content than ever.,Ive never been super big into it,,just kind of dabbled here and there,,and I was never into the additional micro-transactions,or anything, but theres no denying,that there is a lot of game here,,and you can spend a lot of time in it.,Theyve finally streamlined the career-starting,,and jumping in fresh is a way better,and more immediately engaging experience now.,It doesnt feel like just the single-player lite start,to “Grand Theft Auto Online”.,Now it has full-fledged bases of oper

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The 7 BIGGEST Changes in GTA 5 On PS5

welcome to mojo plays and today were,taking a look at the seven biggest,changes in grand theft auto 5 for,playstation 5.,come on lets get to the chopper,after nearly two,years grand theft auto 5 the,record-breaking game of the last decade,is finally on playstation 5 and xbox,series xs while some of these,improvements have been made for the xbox,series xs version of the game we want to,focus more on the ps5 iteration as that,has come with more bells and whistles by,the way all of the footage you see in,this video was captured on playstation 5,under performance ray tracing settings,did any of these improvements surprise,you will you be picking up the upgrade,for yourself let us know in the comments,below is he in a gang,curiously enough i did not inquire when,he bought the bike we got work to do uh,employee of the month before we begin we,publish new content all week long so be,sure to subscribe and ring the bell to,get notified about our latest videos,a new welcome mate,one of the more notable differences,between gta on ps5 and the previous,iterations is in the online component,prior to this next gen update gta online,opened up with your character flying,into los santos and getting picked up by,lamar the two of you do a street race,and shortly after youre thrown into the,world of screaming ragers and trolling,hoverbike owners well this time the,tutorial is a bit more streamlined now,you select what kind of criminal empire,you want to build towards start off,walking out of the police station and,doing a couple of brief tutorials to get,your footing its honestly a way better,method to get newer players into the,game as quickly as possible yo,good to see yall im out over from lc,looking after these joints you taking,over this clubhouse,all right,gta gets some tlc actually yeah,its that house right there with the,yellow stairs,yeah good looking at home appreciate it,man get your stupid ass on as youve,probably noticed already gta 5 has,received quite an overhaul in visuals,even after launching on then new,hardware like the playstation 4 and xbox,one the game never looked or ran all,that great showing polygonal edges on,everyone and everything while still,using that creepy glass eye look in the,animations from the ps3 and xbox 360 era,now characters are far more expressive,in their facial animations and sport,more visual details franklin looks,somewhat older now michael displays more,wrinkles to show his middle age and,trevor is well hes just as disheveled,as ever its trevor what do you expect,texture has also improved with terrain,looking more realistic and building,sporting the details more clearly,youre here whatever sit,youre not gonna rob me again man i,never robbed you that was just a,repossession okay,you call it whatever you want to call it,load times they rigged the vote i saw,the ballots its a lie,its democracy at work amigo,democracy can suck my fatty one of the,most painstaking parts of gta 5 were the,load times dear god the load times on,playstation 4 it took the game roughly a,minute and a half to load and switching,from online to story or vice versa would,sometimes add a few more seconds to that,clock luckily the next gen upgrade for,gta 5 is taking full advantage of ps5s,ssd gta 5 almost instantaneously brings,up a main menu allowing you to either,continue the story or jump into the,online mode when choosing to resume the,story the game took me only 25 seconds,to go from loading screen to game,swapping from story to online took,double that time but you know youre at,the mercy of network connection and,speed at this point jumping from online,back into story mode on the other hand,took about 34 seconds still impressive,we were hoping for shorter speeds but,regardless these are still massive,improvements that make the experience,way more enjoyable,mr samuel its not exactly how it looks,i always trump big for a job well done,get out of here kid,ray tracing,dad wait,youre the guy from the dealership yeah,and its a long story,[Music],bro another thought you may have had,while watching this is hey is there,something going on thats making this,game prettier this looks far better than,i remember gta 5 from a decade ago well,thats because gta 5 has made another,big step into the modern world of gaming,thanks to the implementation of ray,tracing lighting looks far better and,more realistic than ever before there,arent pieces to a character that look,out of place under certain lighting,anymore and it makes los santos look,less video gamey and more like a living,and breathing world,ill tell you what,least i can do is buy you that beer,theres a little bar i like,its not too far from here,lets go all right man im following you,dual sense support,hello,whats up,whats up franklin here has been awarded,employee of the month,after spending a handful of hours,between gta 5 and its online component,the addition of dual sense support has,become both a blessing and an ungodly,curse i am speaking from personal,experience here first off there is a,decent amount of feedback programmed,into the controller though the impact of,car crashes wasnt too powerful it was,interesting to experience when driving,half of my car off-road while the other,remained on asphalt whereas games like,call of duty make the adaptive triggers,cumbersome to use gta 5 finds a balance,between the restraint and looseness of,it enough to replicate gun triggers,without turning it into a finger,exercise as for getting calls from,characters through my controller speaker,this was far from enjoyable when playing,online as i could hear every other,playing yelling at each other in the,middle of these calls through my,controller im not joking no matter how,much i tried to mute them i even went,and tried to mute everybody nothing,happened they were still coming through,my damn duel sent speaker this needs to,be fixed,now for the techie stuff yeah here you,hardly feel it,yeah i smoke all day and im fine,its a pure,mellow high,but i do get concerned about the,monsters we promise we wont get,insanely techy here but a lot of this is,still worth mentioning the next gen,upgrade for gta 5 renders the game at 4k,resolution and runs at 60 beautiful,frames per second on playstation 5 and,xbox series x xbox series s on the other,hand upscales the game at 4k so youre,not really getting 4k but its close to,it of course it comes with a few graphic,settings for you to tinker with and find,the optimal experience thats right for,you performance mode will focus more on,maintaining that 60 frames per second,while rendering in 4k resolution,fidelity mode focuses on rendering at,the best possible resolution while,lowering the frame rate to 30. so if you,dont want to see pixels youre gonna,have to deal with a paved frame rate,performance ray tracing on the other,hand blends both while enabling ray,tracing and as i mentioned earlier it is,the footage that you are seeing now,what do you want man ill come by for,that drink you offer thats all,i wasnt really serious about that what,new generation,new audiences very good vincent very,good you managed not to frighten them,away this time wonderful we are making,progress right this way sir welcome,welcome with gta 5 being such an,incredibly old game now some folks might,be intimidated by the online mode its,understandable considering how many,people know life the game and grief,others with hoverbikes especially when,all you want to do is expand your,business do missions and find,collectibles im here minding my own,business man quit blowing me sky high,well new players can get a massive jump,on their criminal empire upon creating a,new account the game will give you 4,million smackaroos to use for your,business vehicles and more i for one use,that money to start a counterfeiting,scheme buy the ultimate motorcycle for,edgelords and buy an apartment its nice,i like it i still had a few hundred,thousand dollars left over which i then,used to upgrade my bike and that said,the cash bonus

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GTA 5 PS5 (English) – Unboxing & Gameplay Grand Theft Auto 5 – GTA V no Map no DLC PlayStation 5


Grand Theft Auto 5: PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs PC vs PS3 Performance Review

oh there there there it is grand theft,auto one of the biggest franchises in,gamings history and gta 5 made a huge,impact on the playstation 3 and xbox,360. now back with another re-release,thanks to the current generation of,consoles is this the third time to charm,for gta 5.,so this latest release of gta does have,some significant improvements over even,the best the pc has to offer here we now,get ray tracing 4k and 60 fps just not,all at the same time it does offer one,big advantage over previous console,releases though and that is that 60 fps,output which wasnt possible prior to,this generation due to the cpu,limitations the value here is actually,surprisingly good 10 to 20 dependent on,playstation or xbox does at least,represent the value the port offers and,the publisher is aware, with me right,so what does this offer then well like i,say three modes both the ps5 and series,x two modes for the series s and,generally performance is very impressive,across the board considering the options,that are at play let me quickly,summarize what those options are first,though so on the playstation 5 and,series x you get a fidelity mode which,operates at a native 3840 by 2160 at 30,fps theres no dynamic resolution,scanning here it obviously wasnt,available original engine and they,havent done that level of updates to,the original title that is still a very,clean and crisp image offering excellent,visual quality on top of the additional,boost this mode offers which ill get,into in the graphics comparison in,addition to this we also have a,performance array tracing mode the rt,mode which now does the same thing but,drops the resolution down to an equally,fixed 2560 by 1440 but this time,targeting 60 fps then the final mode is,just flat performance where those ray,tracing options are turned off but it,still targets the same fixed,2560×1440 on both consoles and it just,uses that to achieve a more stable 60,fps where some of those issues may arise,the series s literally doesnt have any,ray tracing options so it sticks with,the fidelity option or performance,option this means no ray trace additions,to this particular mode but it still,does have significant improvements over,all previous releases even some above,and beyond the pc release so what is,performance like then well lets remind,ourselves just how this title launched,back in the day now using the,playstation 3 as a representation of the,last generation versions which did,include the xbox 360. this really,summarizes and reinforces how,technically ambitious outstanding and,talented the team were and still remains,an impressive title across that entire,generation most specifically around the,hoops and the known constraints of that,hardware that all developers had to jump,through,all these issues non-withstanding it,obviously did have performance issues,even at 1280×720 a relatively high,resolution on a lot of multi-platform,titles for the ps3 but it certainly can,dip during driving around cityscapes in,combat sub 30 most of the time some 20,in heavier sections it can feel quite,jarring and jittery when you play it now,but visually its still impressive and,fundamentally the same game underneath,as were playing right now on the ps5,and series x,a bit would be good for that kid come on,man,what happened to this dude,the version of gta 5 that really,cemented itself is the one that most,people are now aware of the ps4 and xbox,one release is a little under a year,later really cemented all of the visual,quality we now expect and form the basis,of this updated version so resolution,was bumped to 1920 by 1080 on both it,still ran at 30 fps but it improved,density of lod shadow quality,tessellation and texture details all,significantly improved and then about a,year later the pc version pushed that,even further now that hasnt changed,significantly here with many of the,aspects of the title being pretty much,identical to those but there are some,improvements one of the biggest though,is absolutely performance the ps4 and,the xbox one did have some mold judo,traversing through cityscapes at fast,speeds on the initial release but that,was patched out later on in its life,cycle and now its pretty close to a 30,fps title,most of the time this is obviously,resolved in all modes most of the time,on the new generation consoles but there,are some caveats to that so in general,fidelity the that mode is absolutely,rock solid it doesnt dip on the,playstation 5 and series x from all of,my tested sections comparing some,heavier combat areas obviously traveling,through the world at fast pace this is,all at the highest visual settings with,the highest resolution of a native 4k it,really holds lock solid so there isnt a,great deal to discuss here im not going,to focus much more time on it if you do,play at 30 fps it obviously has a big,problem though and that is the input,latency this title is heavily dependent,on the havoc physics engine for its,animation system and that drastically,slows down movement which can feel,incredibly heavy and slow when you move,it on the controller thats exacerbated,by two areas the first of which is the,input time is very high in this mode on,average or median 190 milliseconds give,or take is the input time sometimes,higher sometimes lower driving is better,because of rigid body cars but that,really is quite heavy and slow for this,kind of title the other part that adds,to that is the fact that it really,relies on the havocs physics system for,its animation and that means that things,are weighted and move slowly this means,that when you move forward it can take,time to step in and obviously when you,let go it can take time to slow that,means changing direction and fast,movement just isnt possible in the,title like i say it gets away with it,slightly in driving because those cars,dont suffer from that quite as much,generally though its not the mode i can,play because its too unresponsive and,it feels very heavy and also even though,that motion blur which was present in,the previous generation versions as well,in terms of a subtle camera motion blur,and on pc you could push that even,higher it certainly is a good looking,title but one that sacrifices too much,in terms of input for me to choose and,thats also balanced out by the fact,that the performance modes do drop the,resolution in the numbers game quite,significantly to 1440p but from a visual,perspective it doesnt make a huge,amount of difference some of this is the,fact that the textures are by and large,the same as the best the pc had to offer,a few years back and that means at 1440p,its kind of the perfect balance its,still a 77 percent higher resolution,than 1080p but it now runs the game at,twice the tempo resolution because,youre getting twice the frames and that,means it not only looks smoother appears,cleaner but also input time is reduced,again its still a heavy game and,theyre not going to fix that overnight,but you can see a reduction of around 45,going down to a median now of 127,milliseconds and at times on certain,actions it can creep just under 100,milliseconds still pretty high for a,60fps title but certainly much better,than what it feels like in that fidelity,mode and this brings us onto the,performance in this mode again like,fidelity 99 of the time give or take it,is a pretty much locked 60 fps,certainly better than most pcs run the,title and even more powerful pcs now but,ill touch on that on the pc section but,there are points that can cause dips,comparing these two here some of those,are specific to the improvements this,new version adds so again there are,improvements over and above just those,rage race shadows im going to touch on,one here which is the alpha effects and,explosions including the particles have,been significantly improved compared,here to the pcs best on maximum,settings that semi opaque fire sprite is,very weak compared to the latest one,here which is very dense it has a light,bloom effect and obviously is mor

Hands-on: Is Grand Theft Auto V on PS5 Worth It? | PlayStation 5

[Music],hi everyone its aaron here from push,square and would you believe that gta 5,has come to yet another console platform,in this case it is of course the,playstation 5. yes after well over a,year in waiting the next gen version of,rockstars crime focused magnum opus is,finally here to check out now our very,own sami barker has been taking it for a,spin this past week or so which im,happy to dive into today,grab the take,a rendezvous with you,you get out of there does that uh work,for everyone,oh,here we go again,grand theft auto 5 is one of the,greatest selling games of all time,shifting over 160 million copies in the,decade or so since it first debuted,first released on the playstation 3 in,2013 the game was a mainstay on software,sales charts throughout the entire ps4,generation as well and now its launched,on playstation 5.,for those of you playing on sonys new,gen console youll be able to download,gta online for free while the single,player campaign will carry an,introductory cost,until the 14th of june 2022,so the question here is,is gta 5 on playstation 5 worth the,upgrade,rockstar has barely touched los santos,since it launched on ps4 in 2014.,that means regardless of whether you,invested in a ps4 pro or have been using,playstation 5s backwards compatibility,the console version of the game has been,locked at 30 frames per second in 1080p,for the past 8 years sheesh,unsurprisingly then seeing the release,presented at 60 frames per second in,higher resolution is mind-blowing even,if its not really all that impressive,by modern open world standards,the developer has also added native hdr,support and while some scenes look a,little too gloomy for our tastes you can,almost feel the sandboxs sun on the,back of your neck whilst playing,there are also three graphics options,now available fidelity has the best,image quality and it appears to resolve,a native 4k at a smooth 30 frames per,second,performance drops the resolution ever so,slightly its still way above the,playstation 4 versions 1080p but,presents an equally smooth 60 frames per,second,we tried triggering some explosions and,the frame rate holds well although your,mileage may vary under significant dress,the third option is performance rt which,blends ray tracing with 60 frames per,second refresh rates although we,honestly couldnt tell much difference,between the two permutations of,performance so you may want to wait for,someone with a magnifying glass to,explain exactly what is going on here,all three modes look great to our eye,though although considering how slow and,cumbersome gta 5s controls can feel at,the best of times the 60 frames per,second options are literal game changers,aiming is significantly less sluggish,while driving through los santos with,the new gta online tuning upgrades more,on those later feels positively,wipeout-esque,the game does still show its age however,there are textures which are clearly,ancient that can still pop up from time,to time and the character models,particularly their faces just cant cut,it against contemporary releases like,horizon forbidden west or even the last,of us part two,still were talking about a title from,2013 here almost 10 years ago,loading times are significantly improved,now too,one neat trick is that once youve,booted the game for the very first time,it skips all the annoying logos and,copyright information thereafter a 30,second saving alone phew,from there we clocked 11 seconds from,the main menu into the single player,campaign and just six seconds whenever,youre changing characters,booting up gt online still takes a,little time around 44 seconds roughly,but the flow of the multiplayer mode is,much faster overall allowing you to load,in and out of key locations like the,diamond and casino resort significantly,faster than you could before,as previously alluded to the only real,content change between gta 5 on ps5 and,ps4 is the addition of how special works,in gta online which allows you to add,tuning upgrades to select vehicles in,order to make them go faster,and these speed improvements are,actually significant pair it with the 60,frames per second performance and you,can go insanely fast,there is still quite a bit of pop in,even when not traveling at these,blistering new speeds but we suppose not,even the playstation 5s lightning fast,ssd can prevent that,rockstar has done little to improve the,flow of multiplayer unfortunately a new,main menu screen allows you to jump,directly to the featured content but,theres a great chance that los santos,will still prove quite overwhelming to,newcomers and youll need our gta online,guide available now on the push square,website if youre playing for the first,time this week,youll still have to wait exorbitant,lengths of time for lobbies to populate,and some of the menus beggar belief,really,years and years of bolting content onto,a game not originally designed for it,has made the entire experience a bit of,a mess if were honest while work has,started on gta 6 it could still be years,away,the single player campaign despite being,dated in some areas is still laughing,like funny at times and it still has,some truly memorable moments in it we,played through a handful of our favorite,missions including the life invader,sequence and theres still nothing else,quite like this,the open world 2 is arguably,unparalleled not even the massively,anticipated cyberpunk 2077 has a world,this alive and this believable,ultimately its a true testament to,rockstars original vision that a,release from 2013 still has so much,character so time for the big question,is it worth the upgrade,well do you like gta 5 aside from the pc,release this is far and away the best,version of los santos you can find on a,console with fast loading times sharp,visuals and a silky smooth frame rate,that helps eliminate some of the,originals gameplay issues we didnt,even mention the dual sensor port which,is brilliantly implemented and even,captures tiny details like rain,for the introductory offer price around,8 pounds 75 in the uk and 9.99 stateside,it represents great value for money even,if youve paid full price in the past,but if you played these missions before,and you dont have any interest,whatsoever in gta online its going to,prove a more difficult sell we suppose,the problem is we dont think youll be,getting your gta fixed for quite some,time meaning that gta 5 on playstation 5,will still represent the best of the,best when it comes to open world primer,ups,[Music],and there you have it our hands-on,impressions of gta 5 on playstation 5.,at least the console number and,franchise installment entry now match up,correctly right anyways have you,revisited los santos yet,or do you intend to maybe even for the,first time be sure to let me know in the,comment section below and then once,youve done that be sure to leave this,video a like if you enjoyed it or even,found it useful and consider subscribing,to the push square youtube channel to,stay up to date with everything else,playstation related until next time guys,thanks as ever for watching and ill see,you in the next one,[Music]

Is GTA 5 on the PS5 worth it? | PS5 enhanced review

here we are once again gta 5 this time,released on the ps5 with new graphical,enhancements and quality of life changes,the question is though is this still,worth the 10 when many of us have,already paid for the enhanced ps4,version and indeed the ps3 version lets,find out,welcome back to midlifegamer and today,we are looking at gta 5 on the ps5 now,to be clear todays short review is of,the story mode only and having played,gta 5 to death since its release i want,to be honest here and say that ive just,spent a few hours just driving around,los santos and seeing what is on offer,so there may be some further,improvements that ive yet to really,pick up on in this review but really,what its about is just giving those of,you on the fence some initial,impressions of the ps5 release so lets,get straight to the question to hand is,it worth 10 bucks,yes is the resounding answer to that now,as mentioned ive played this,across multiple consoles and indeed a,high-end pc and for me,the pc is still the go-to above all else,but i have to say my initial impressions,of gta 5 on the ps5 are solid so,straight on with the graphics because,lets be honest i think for a lot of us,we know the story,we know the gameplay is fantastic but,what are the kind of big graphical,changes so there are three options,presented to you one fidelity one is,performance and one is performance with,ray tracing or performance rt now,fidelity is capped at 30 frames per,second but 4k performance running,unlocked 60 frames per second and,performance rt i believe is running,close to 60 frames per second most of,the time but it has ray tracing effects,so as you can see on this video what,ive tried to do is actually find an,area that i could potentially,see where the new rt lighting would come,into full effect and the showroom floor,at the start of the game,in the car dealership seemed a pretty,good place as any uh to sort of showcase,these new graphical features and i have,to say,i really struggle to see any clear,differences between performance and,performance rt mode now im sure the,gurus at digital foundry will really,deep dive into this and show the error,of my ways but to my naked eye im not,really seeing anything to shout home,about however performance rt runs,perfectly well and if you have an oled,youll be in for a treat as the hdr,really does,look fantastic here really pumps out the,vibrancy and the colors of what is the,reimagined los angeles now in terms of,quality of life changes the draw,distance has been improved but i,wouldnt expect the ps5 to really,struggle with this i mean here and there,you find that the low times are so,instant it almost feels like the,transitions on some cutscenes are,actually uh taken away from you which is,a bit of a shame one area that i was,particularly disappointed with now is,how sparse los santos fields on the,roads now i need to really open up the,pc version again but i swear it had a,sliding scale for traffic and you could,really make the city feel far more alive,and lived in than what we are seeing on,this version here now believe it or not,whilst the accent may tell you otherwise,i actually live in la im well versed,with the la locations and its culture,rockstar have created a wonderful city,full of charm and colorfulness that la,has to offer but,it massively misses the mark on the,density of cars here i get playing a,game where traffic means you move at a,crawl is no fun,but on the flip side they really should,have upped this more and considering the,power of next-gen consoles ive got to,say i came away disappointed another,area that left me disappointed was the,implementation or should i say lack of,implementation of the dual sense,controller when i see a re-release such,as uncharted from naughty dog it really,went to town implementing those new,features of the ps5 controller and its,a shame that rockstar really went the,opposite way sure it has the rumbles,based on explosions etc but im missing,those certain clicks on the triggers,when firing guns which could have and,should have added so much more to the,experience however i do like how the,controller utilizes its speaker for,phone calls,hey maybe it did this on previous gen,its been so long since i played those,but overall it just feels like a bit of,a missed opportunity one area we cant,ignore of course is that the animations,are still the same the textures are,pretty much the same,theyre starting to show their age a,little bit it does hold up though and as,mentioned,if youre playing through an oled it,really is a great place to be with some,wonderful color palettes on display with,the beautiful orange hues as the sun,sets and the hdr,really does make those whites pop so far,then ive spoken really about i guess a,lack of a lack of graphical upgrade poor,controller implementation,and a city that is starting to show its,age with the sparseness of traffic,density i mean dont forget this game,now is many many many years old so why,is it that its worth your 10 bucks well,to be frank thats all it is worth,especially if youve already played this,to death on other generations of console,but in three months this is going to be,back to a full price game and thats,where i think they are taking the piss,frankly and it is a cash grab at that,point there is no denying though that,gta 5 is a piece of gaming history and,with that you wont find a better,version on console the story holds up,the voice acting is absolutely,delightful the characters and world that,have been created can really only be,matched by i guess rockstars own red,dead redemption or indeed naughty dogs,the last of us gta 5 changed how we look,at gaming and there are glimpses small,glimpses in this enhanced version,running at 60fps in full hdr of what gta,6 could and grow from the fact is though,this game is now 10 years old and in,that time gaming has changed and,improved considerably and we yearn more,from rockstar there really is so much,you can milk a cow and the gta 5 cash,cow must surely be,coming to an end thanks again for,listening please subscribe and speak to,you all soon,[Applause]

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