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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Review

[Music],foreign,[Music],has there been a game released in the,last 20 years thats been more,influential than Grand Theft Auto 3 from,its establishment of the open World,sandbox fundamentals to its critical,role in reshaping video games into a,more attractive medium for mature,audiences GTA 3s Shadow still looms,large over almost every facet of the art,form if any game deserved a definitive,edition that allowed fans to relive that,Revolution without squinting to ignore,ancient Graphics its this and yet,series Creator Rockstar Games has,decided to pay tribute to this modern,gaming monolith and its two equally,acclaimed PS2 era sequels Vice City and,San Andreas by producing a collection of,re-releases that cuts more corners than,a Diablo stallion in a Liberty City,street race at best this Trilogy is,ill-conceived and half finished at worst,its straight up broken if this,half-baked Definitive Edition is,anything to go by I have to wonder if,Rockstar reviews its own games as much,as the rest of us do,[Music],foreign,there are some positives mind you but,almost every welcome addition is,implemented at the cost of some sort of,Buzz killing compromise weapon switching,is improved across the board with the,ability to bring up a weapon wheel but,Auto targeting feels far snappier in San,Andreas than in GTA 3 and Vice City and,while you can Circle strafe while locked,onto an enemy with a lighter weapon,equipped heavier machine guns and the,likes still route you to the spot and,force you into a manually aimed,first-person perspective regardless the,auto targeting in GTA 3 and Vice City,proved to be particularly sluggish,whenever I found myself up close and,personal with a group of enemies which,was fairly frequent given that enemy AI,doesnt use cover and just rushes you,more often than not,similarly its nice that youre now able,to drop Waypoint markers to your,destination on a map screen in the pause,menu however you cant override,waypoints that are automatically created,during a mission and the path binding,can often get so confused that at times,it resembles something closer to a,hastily scribbled signature than the,shortest possible route a mid mission,checkpointing system has been,implemented to good effect in San,Andreas allowing you to restart with all,your health and weapons and skip the,early setup phase of certain missions,yet in GTA 3 and Vice City choosing the,option to restart at a checkpoint just,boots you back to the very start of the,mission no matter how deep into it you,were when you died which can lead to a,fair bit of repetition in some of the,more punishing late game missions its,odd that one game allows you to,literally cut to the chase while the,other two force you to repeatedly bring,the car around and warm up the engine,first,I got us some cannons in the truck holy, whered you get all this stuff the,cartoonish new character designs have,certainly been met with some controversy,among fans but while I wouldnt say they,look good I dont have any real issue,with them personally sure they all look,like a bunch of Down and Out Disney,Infinity dolls but the only time I ever,felt really distracted by them was in,the occasional cut scene where,characters would be holding objects in,the empty space where their blocky,fingerless fists used to be okay thats,largely the problem with the overhauled,Graphics in the definitive edition,theyre like a shiny new sheet of high,resolution stickers that have been,slapped haphazardly on top of an aging,Lego set they look cleaner on the,surface but theres no real consistency,in how theyve been applied and,everything is still pretty chunky,underneath I can only assume that a lot,of the work importing these games to,Unreal Engine 4 has been automated and,it shows in a suite of game worlds that,are simultaneously sharper than you,remember but also noticeably sloppier in,terms of their artistic Direction and,lacking atmosphere,the new lighting system also brings,mixed results Neon Lights really pop and,Reflections on cars and puddles are,appealing but elsewhere the overly,intense Shadows would cast characters,into darkness no matter how much I,played with the brightness and contrast,settings although squinting to make out,detail in dark areas was still less of a,strain on my eyes than the truly,torturous rain effect which made me feel,like I was being waterboarded with a can,of Silly String meanwhile an improved,draw distance which was likely intended,to make each environment seem bigger has,actually had the opposite effect this is,particularly glaring in San Andreas,where coupled with the removal of the,Los Angeles inspired smog Haze that once,concealed the ps2s technical,limitations you can stand out front of a,cabin in Flint County and see the San,Fiero Skyline looming in the very,immediate distance it completely,shatters the convincing illusion of,scale that the map was previously able,to conjure this improved draw distance,may also contribute to this collections,constantly wavering frame rate on Pierce,5 which is prone to frequent stuttering,whether you opt for Fidelity or,performance modes why youre forced to,even make that choice on a modern,console in a handful of games that are,each old enough to vote is beyond me,then there are the bugs which were,waiting to Ambush me around every corner,like a bunch of game breaking gang,bangers hard crashes Frozen cut scenes I,did your way NPCs getting caught running,in circles get on the bike Mercedes,Mercedes missions ending before Id,actually completed them,bridge is disappearing,invisible obstacles,building exteriors failing to load,Pole Position asset completed yeah only,just whatever is going on here screaming,pedestrians trapped inside trees,teleporting cop cars,and a particularly bizarre texture,glitch that has permanently left my CJ,to resemble watchmans Rorschach are,just a few examples of the many rough,edges Ive been exposed to in all three,games I also dont remember the vehicles,being this fragile,Im assuming that the developer is,frantically preparing bug fixing patches,as we speak but its a bit like barring,the stable door after the horse is,bolted or indeed closing the garage door,after the car has glitched inside the,house and exploded,however its a testament to just how,brilliant these games remain that I,still found myself smiling during my,replays in spite of the many issues,theres no doubt that the mission design,has aged particularly in GTA 3 and,creaky limitations like the lack of,swimming in both it and Vice City can be,tough to reconcile with that is unless,you happen to just magically bounce off,the water,but elsewhere these are video game,playgrounds packed with personality and,invention and accompanied by incredible,soundtracks even despite a few notable,licensed emissions,I genuinely enjoyed reabsorbing all the,hilarious radio commercials and,pedestrian banter I want to raise a,family,and it was also quite fascinating to sit,and play through the three games back to,back and relive the rapid evolution of a,series and genre that would soon become,all conquering GTA 3 establishes the,blueprint Vice City refines it and adds,weaponized 80s Nostalgia to its Arsenal,and San Andreas expands it in every,direction and arguably perfects it at,least given the technology available at,the time thats what makes these,re-releases such a bitter adrenaline,pill to swallow while these games may,have aged too much to be attractive to,new players they are still fun to,revisit for existing fans but this is,just far from being the ideal way to,experience them its akin to Martin,Scorsese announcing a new directors cut,of Goodfellas but palming off the actual,editing work to McGee what I say about,the giant shark youre still getting,three iconic GTA games and theyre,certainly still playable but theyre not,delivered with anywhere near the level,of exacting craftsmanship weve grown to,expect from Rockstar,[Music],[Applause],theres no question that the three games,in thi


the fact that there is something wrong,with the definitive edition probably,everyone knows,[Music],most people even have no doubts about it,[Music],on the other hand on November 11 2021,Old Timers and real fans of GTA thought,that they would relive the wonderful,moments they had experienced once again,in 2001 2002 and 2004 respectively,refreshed versions of GTA parts were to,appear on store shelves and in digital,subscription which is deeply taken root,in the minds of those older fans of the,series all thanks to the teaser,announcing the remaster and then the,trailer itself which by indicating the,release date caused Euphoria but also,effectively cooled down the aspirations,of many people thanks to what was,presented,after watching the trailer many fans,were simply afraid of the final product,but it was only a preview of the,disaster which as the trailer itself,said came on November 11 2021 although,there were groups of players who liked,the refresh Trilogy each part of the,remaster contained a whole lot of bugs,or flaws even the graphic aspect itself,left a lot to be desired you could get,the impression that the developers,assurances that the games will be,heavily modified graphically but at the,same time will leave the atmosphere of,the original games where something to,protect against the opinions that the,games look as if they were created some,10 years ago but would infuriated the,most was ubiquitous carelessness from,constantly occurring totally abstract,situations,hey,hey,to things that show how much laziness,the developers showed over the last year,a few patches have appeared in GTA the,trilogy The Definitive Edition or if you,prefer the defective Edition one of them,was even commented on by us but the,question is how comprehensively all of,these patches have affected the games,and is it worth buying them a year after,release giving them a chance well talk,about it in todays episode welcome to,the gaming investigators Channel and,lets start oh here we go again,first of all we believe that its good,to mention the fact that for a long time,there has been an opportunity in the,gaming world that is both a blessing and,a curse for players it is a possibility,for the developers of their games to,update their games on an ongoing basis,even based on the opinions of players,this has the huge advantage of fixing,Community reported bugs but also causes,a kind of laziness and less alertness,from developers the creators often think,that he even if they missed something or,fail to refine something ah they will,fix it in the patch as a result there,are more and more situations where on,the day of the game release things are,very very underdeveloped and while it is,still quite acceptable when we see later,that the developers are repairing the,game remasters are one of the better,examples where we can see how badly we,were treated as players especially,thanks to Vadim M who demonstrated that,we are dealing with the remaster of the,previous remaster what,this has a huge impact on gameplay,because a kind of conversion of the,phone versions to the PC or console,versions causes great inconvenience such,as the disastrous work of the camera,clearly visible even when using jetpack,in GTA San Andreas staying in the aspect,of flying while playing on a PC and not,having a controller we cannot admire,even those beautiful views resulting,from the refreshed Graphics because,rotating the camera simply does not work,anymore,since the games release there has been,no patch to fix this inconvenience even,though the problem with the operation of,the camera should not be something,difficult to eliminate especially that,in another part of the trilogy and more,precisely in GTA Vice City without a,controller we can already admire the,views,probably due to this conversion what we,mentioned earlier is also due to one,more particular thing namely we cannot,switch from Crouching to Sprint mode,without first turning off the first mode,theres a lot of this type of issue and,it affects many levels and most of all,it is extremely annoying for us players,moving on the next thing that has been,very much poked fun at by the community,is the characters in the game no wonder,because many characters in The remaster,look just terrible there are plenty,examples of fd up characters such as,Misty Lance Vance Colonel Cortez or Big,Smoke just to name a few the developers,have done virtually nothing with the,characters despite many Community,reports it is very annoying because,since they had decided to change old,Reeses appearance in one of the patches,it is obvious that if the creators,wanted to improve the other ones there,are simply no major obstacles here,meanwhile you can feel the atmosphere,around the course of the plot when you,see such mouths during cutscene,you can also see great carelessness in,the graphic aspect for example some,elements of the environment have not,been refreshed which is pathetic after,all the goal of remasters is to improve,the graphics so this should be,fine-tuned for example you are currently,seeing pictures from The Definitive,Edition that are confronted with the,work of modders in this case we use a,mod called Definitive Edition as you can,see if independent people could do such,a good job then what was the obstacle,for a corporation earning so much money,to deal with the topic at least as well,the answer is obvious and at the same,time very sad for us players moreover,even these large oversights have not,been corrected even some cutscenes dont,add up a perfect example is the prologue,of GTA 3. we didnt know that back in,2001 there were cars that could drive,themselves and didnt need a driver,staying on this topic the biggest error,that the community has been reporting,for months is totally ignored by the,creators after all we still have many,strange looking textures cars driving in,places where they should not be driven,no textures but an existing collision,and vice versa that is textures without,Collision on the other hand poor CJ in,GTA San Andreas still cannot pick up his,vehicle from the police compound in San,Fierro because it is still totally,screwed up next there are errors with,GPS or huge performance problems which,in our case most often appear in GTA 3.,the game sometimes works as if it had,requirements like Microsoft flight,simulator and we would still have a dual,core Intel on our PC moving on it is,raining in some rooms during rainy,weather and there are weird things with,some weather conditions in general we,wont even mention that there is still a,lack of different weather conditions in,GTA San Andreas as we have probably,already mentioned although we have,different variety 80s in the game lets,call it rain-free weather such as hot,sunny and cloudy weather theres no,difference between these types despite,several patches the developers did not,do anything about it and Rockstar did,very well in this matter so considering,that these types of things are not,repaired then we dont even count on,improving some of the physics elements,of the game like the one we also talked,about some time ago for example when CJ,is falling from a great height into the,water he does not submerge under the,water surface which in turn was the case,in the version from 18 years ago the,lighting is also not overwhelming,especially in GTA San Andreas which,leaves much to be desired GTA 3 can be,very dark at times and the game is then,not very comfortable but the king in,this matter is GTA San Andreas where in,some cutscenes you can barely see the,faces of the characters there are other,downside aspects that they forgot to fix,one of them is that some songs are not,licensed and while in GTA 3 they can get,over it in GTA Vice City the lack of,Billie Jean at the beginning of the game,is very hard to accept by the way we,have quite an interesting thing about,the rock band love fist created,especially for Vice City whose song was,also removed from the game why well its,hard to say anothe

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The GTA Trilogy is Everything Wrong with Modern Gaming

the gta definitive edition trilogy just,launched,and its incredible,rockstar really outdid themselves,the definitive edition is a true,masterpiece,a visually stunning rework of some of,our beloved classic games,and honestly it couldnt be better,i never thought that los santos could,look so good,and personally these might be my,favorite games of all time,[Music],but,this isnt the definitive edition,everything that youre seeing right now,is a fan made project by arcadia yeah,three guys from argentina put this,together all by themselves so if three,people are able to do this to los santos,in modern day i can only imagine what,rockstar a one billion dollar company,could do,yep thats about right,wow honestly im not even sure where to,start theres a lot of [ __ ] packed into,these files from the awful release to,their terrible customer service rockstar,somehow managed to decimate their,reputation in only a matter of days and,i can confidently say,this launch was,worse than cyberpunk,look at this gun its that gun,we just got it,that is sick yes taking cover,which for this channel is extremely,ironic dude i cant i cant even believe,im saying that its weird right this,forces me to shove my whole foot in my,mouth because ive given rockstar a lot,of praise on this channel yeah i only,trust rockstar now yeah that was months,ago okay and i no longer blindly trust,rockstar im not an idiot alright and,ive learned my lesson,i should i should just i should just,start reviewing movies right because at,least when a movie sucks it only takes,like an hour or two out of my life i,dont have to play eight goddamn hours,of dog [ __ ] just so i can go online and,tell everybody hey guys this game is dog,[ __ ] but damn dude i really hate this,trilogy so in this video were going to,go over these games and were also going,to talk about the pr disaster that was,the release of this trilogy if you enjoy,the games thats cool congratulations,because i did not and because of that i,think we need to properly talk [ __ ],about this soulless cash grab of a,dumpster fire,firstly lets talk about the games,production,common sense says that rockstar,themselves should create these remasters,right because that makes sense what,doesnt make sense is that you have a,studio that focuses on mobile games do,it for you this is a disaster,actually not even stand-alone mobile,games just mobile ports of old games,yeah why the [ __ ] would we do that,i get that they were also responsible to,ports for later consoles but this wasnt,supposed to be a simple port this was,supposed to be a remastered version,which is different from a rework a,rework is actually rebuilding the game a,remastered is just adding better effects,textures,lighting you get the idea looking back i,kind of wish they just ported the,original games instead of trying to,remaster them,hotter than anybody in the world,because the original playstation 2,versions of these games were objectively,much better and certainly they would,have done a much better job with it,but nope they did their best to make the,games better and here we are making fun,of them,so no one really knows how the,development process actually went but,im pretty sure i know what happened,they took these games ran them through,an ai upscaler and called it a day,what i mean by this is they use some,sort of artificial intelligence program,that went through and just kind of,spruced the game up they made the,textures higher resolution they improved,the polygon count and they released it,the problem with that is it seems like,nobody actually played the game after,the computer messed with it,[Music],and nobody who worked on this project,actually went through and did the due,diligence to make sure that the computer,did a good job modernizing these games,great idea right,what bad could come from that,now before we talk about all the issues,that were added to the game or the,things from the original games that are,just not fixed i do want to talk about,the good parts of this remaster its,only fair right i owe them that at least,for their efforts but dont worry this,wont take long so they improved the,lighting effects along with the textures,and yeah now the lighting does look a,little more realistic the control scheme,was also modernized meaning things like,shooting uses the right trigger instead,of a button which just sucked they also,added checkpoints and quick saves this,one to me was a lifesaver because these,games crashed all the time,and also they added a gps tracking,system so it was easier to get around,when driving,which is something else that i liked but,yeah thats it that is literally,all the things that i like that they,added,like like imagine that all the,improvements for this definitive edition,fit into a couple sentences,thats incredible that is so cool do you,know what bicho means in spanish it,means bugs,and thought i explained some [ __ ] since,youve been away should have changed,around here,okay we got a car driving,pretty normal,oh yeah no thats not supposed to happen,well hey it reset,naked oh nope you can see throw them,yeah okay,i dont think his arm is supposed to be,like that,all right we got a car driving again,um hope it hit nothing and it turned,into a frisbee again i dont think that,was supposed to happen,oh okay so hes got like some cyberpunk,level clothing on its pretty cool,though i mean,okay so backflip,oh it blew up too all right [ __ ],whats going on,oh its raining,oh wait no its not raining,oh wait no yeah it is raining,oh and another car gets turned into a,frisbee,and of course the first person glitch,wow this is incredible this is just,fantastic what they did all right thats,enough of that start the song lets talk,some [ __ ],the first thing i noticed was the,character models,everyone looks like theyre wearing like,these weird skin suits,its weird its like rubber all the,characters that got major reworks were,turned into like inflatable sex dolls,why the [ __ ] are his eyes so small why,do you look like this now and why does,my girlfriend look like this,wait,all my girlfriends are ugly now,this sucks its like real life im,playing a video game so i can date,somebody whos pretty im not gonna put,that in god damn it,but jesus christ this isnt how i,picture gangbangers i just look at these,goobers they look like teletubbies i,dont know why i just felt like goobers,is like the perfect word to describe,them i mean look at this its the,perfect word right goobers,honestly they should have just let,modders do this its obvious that,modders care more about the game than,them but yeah they pretty much botched,like all the characters making everybody,kind of feel awkward and cartoonish,and in a bad way not a good way,but the characters were almost as good,as the new rain effects,google what is it called if you could,have seizures from flashing lights on,the website,now if you suffer from seizures from,flashing lights and stuff like that you,might want to skip ahead a little bit,because what the [ __ ] is this it looks,like a snapchat filter or something when,is rain ever looked like that when has,it ever looked like that even in games,when my favorite part about this whole,thing is how the rain just stops if,theres a body of water behind it,because you know thats just how weather,works but again dont worry because,modders already fixed this issue for,them and it only took them a couple of,days i just dont get like why the why,arent they hiring these modders,obviously these people have more skill,than the entirety of grove street games,do you want people to have seizures,because this is how you give your,players seizures yeah thanks grove,street games i hate it now this next,screw-up is certain proof that they ran,everything through an ai upscaler and,also didnt check to make sure that,everything came out okay so a lot of the,text and signs just dont really make,sense anymore because computers dont,know how to read taste a real mans heat,what that doesnt even

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GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition – 1 Year Review

So “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive  Edition” (what a name), has now been out for more  ,than a year. Developed by Grove Street Games, who  is the same developer who made the mobile ports of  ,the original games, which other than San Andreas,  were mostly done well, at least on release.  ,So for this video, I’m going to go over what  I think the definitive editions did well,  ,what they tried to do but didn’t do a great job  of, and what they did poorly. For some of these,  ,I’ll go over what they were like at launch and  whether some issues were fixed properly or not,  ,just so you have a good idea of  why they were received so poorly.  ,And lastly, I’ll wrap up with my overall thoughts,  whether you should buy these games, and what I  ,think would’ve been better for these three games. Before we begin, if you enjoy GTA videos,  ,specifically modding and tech explanation  videos, consider checking out the channel.  ,So you’ve heard all the bad things about these  games. But despite all the criticism, I do think  ,Grove Street Games did some things well. I’ve seen a lot of people say modders have  ,made the original games look better than the  definitive editions, and in some aspects,  ,this is very true. But the truth is, Grove Street  Games did a lot of things in the definitive  ,editions that modders haven’t done yet. For the most part, I’ll only be listing the  ,good things I found in the definitive editions  that we haven’t been able to replicate in the  ,originals with mods. So while the definitive  editions have things like improved vehicle  ,reflections over the original games, there’s a  ton of mods which implement different reflection  ,methods to vehicles in the original games already,  so I won’t be listing things like that under what  ,I think the definitive editions did well.,First off, the lighting. The original  games never had dynamic real time lighting,  ,not to this scale anyway. The entire 2DFX system  from RenderWare seems to have been replaced with  ,new dynamic lighting from Unreal Engine. Lights in the definitive editions,  ,now actually light up areas in real time, instead  of just character models and vehicles. In the  ,original games, the light you see on the ground  under lights, is actually just a texture that  ,changes colour based on the colour of the  corona sprite, you can easily replace this  ,texture yourself in particle.txd. This solution  isn’t ideal, because if a light is next to a  ,wall or anything, the wall won’t appear lit up. The sprites in the original games usually have a  ,pointlight attached to them, and this will light  up character models and vehicles, but that’s it.  ,Vehicle headlights and taillights basically  functioned the same way in the original games.  ,However in the definition editions, lights now  dynamically light everything around them in real  ,time, which looks much better. Not only that,  but they also now cast dynamic shadows too.  ,Headlights are especially impressive in  the definitive edition; each headlight can  ,cast their own shadows and it can  look really good in some scenes.  ,Another good thing about the Definitive  Editions, which is also part of the new  ,lighting system, is these games now have  real time dynamic shadows from the sun.  ,GTA III and Vice City didn’t  have any actual shadows,  ,only a generic shadow like texture  under vehicles and character models.  ,San Andreas introduced stencil shadows  and dynamic shadows, but they were very  ,limited. With stencil shadows only appearing for  generic map objects like lampposts and trees, and  ,dynamic shadows only appearing for characters. I’d also like to note that basically no mod for  ,the original games does anything like this. Some  San Andreas mods have attempted to do something  ,similar such as Renderhook, but they’re not  nearly as polished as the definitive edition  ,lighting and its only available for San Andreas,  not GTA III or Vice City. Renderhook is still a  ,fantastic project, but it’s hard to compete  with what the Definitive Edition is offering  ,in terms of lighting, especially without  the resources that Grove Street Games had.  ,The real time shadows in the definitive  editions definitely look good,  ,and like I showed earlier, the shadows that  come from light sources do look fantastic.  ,My only complaint about the shadows from the sun  is that they update every few seconds rather than  ,instantly, which makes the shadows jump quite a  distance if you watch them closely. I haven’t seen  ,this since Skyrim on the PS3 and I’m surprised  they couldn’t make it update more often.  ,Now while the definitive editions butchered a  lot of the games assets due to using automated  ,tools for almost everything. The few things that  Grove Street Games seemed to have done by hand  ,is a big improvement over the original games. One of my favourite changes was the vegetation.  ,All of the trees seem to have been replaced, and  it’s a big improvement. Palm trees especially.  ,A lot of the bushes in the games will also  now move as the player walks through them,  ,it’s not the best effect, but it’s something. Most of these models might be from GTA V,  ,but I’m not 100% sure. Vegetation is also now part  ,of the LOD system, so trees can now be seen from  much larger distances. There’s a mod that does the  ,same thing for the original San Andreas, but  nothing like this for Vice City or GTA III.  ,How about the grass? GTA III and Vice  City don’t actually have any 3D grass,  ,instead grassy areas just have a grass looking  texture and will usually have bushes and trees  ,placed on it. San Andreas introduced dynamic grass  to the series. Depending on the material type of  ,the models collision, different types of grass  will spawn when the player is near grassy areas.  ,This grass will move slightly, as if the wind  is blowing it around. The draw distance of  ,grass is very short, and it’s also something  that hasn’t been changed by modders yet.  ,However, the definitive editions add  dynamic grass to all three games,  ,it looks pretty good here in Vice City. The grass is much higher quality than the  ,grass found in the original San Andreas,  and it looks great. The draw distance for  ,grass still isn’t that high unfortunately, but  it’s not as low as the original San Andreas.  ,Plus the grass is placed in a lot of areas  that’s missing in the original San Andreas  ,and it even moves as the player walks through  it, not a perfect effect, but it’s nice.  ,Some small things which were improvements  over the original games include things like  ,wind effects on vegetation, so they gently  blow around even outside of stormy weather.  ,It’s very subtle, but trees were static in  the original games unless it was stormy.  ,And yes, a mod has been made for San Andreas in  the last few weeks which actually does something  ,similar, and it looks fantastic, but it’s not  available for GTA III and Vice City, so I’m  ,listing it in this video as an improvement. The definitive editions also include fake  ,LOD traffic, similar to GTA IV and V. This is  basically vehicles which can be seen at a distance  ,on roads, they’re not actual vehicles though, it  just gives the impression of traffic all over the  ,map, even when the player isn’t in that area. This can greatly improve how alive the world  ,feels and is again, something that hasn’t  even been modded into the original games.  ,The definitive editions also include a light  pollution effect similar to the one seen in  ,GTA V. This is a very nice effect and makes  the cities seem a bit livelier at night time.  ,Another small detail which I like is the addition  of randomized pedestrian clothes. In the original  ,games, pedestrian clothes were never random in any  way, so you’d often see exact duplicates walking  ,next to each other. In the definitive editions,  the colours of the pedestrians clothes can be  ,random, along with accessories, allowing for a  combinati

The Definitive Problem With GTA: The Defective Edition

this video is sponsored by world of,tanks,there are so many issues with this,release some are even outright corrupt,rockstar announced gta the trilogy the,definitive edition one month before its,release this was a clever marketing,tactic for rockstar because it allowed,them to release a cash cow product,quickly with as little drama as possible,the short window of time from reveal to,release meant people kept their,expectations low since they didnt have,long to speculate knowing what we do now,were able to see the beginning of the,scummy behavior in the trailer itself,the trailer insinuates that these games,were remastered by rockstar games there,is no mention of grove street games from,what i can tell and their logo is,nowhere to be found at this point it was,the general consensus that the,definitive edition was a true remaster,being developed by rockstar games as,professional in-house developers not,until 21 days before release in a,newswire article was it revealed that,grove street games was behind the,definitive edition this huge project was,being outsourced to a company with about,21 employees who mainly work on making,mobile ports that dont even work,sometimes for example the xbox 360 san,andreas port made by this company did,not work it was filled with various bugs,that would only increase in volume as,you played until it was completely,unplayable oh and they were fully aware,of these issues but chose not to fix,them even to this day rather they,decided to rebrand by changing their,name from war drum studios to grove,street games its hard to be respectful,of a studio that has disgraced these,games for years with unstable broken,ports and continue to insult its,customers by refusing to patch broken,products you know who doesnt insult its,customers with broken products wargaming,world of tanks is a completely free pc,game developed by wargaming that lets,you take part in massive battles across,40 different battle arenas and maps,these graphics outdo anything seen in,gta the definitive edition the game has,a huge arsenal of tanks to choose from,each with different play styles whether,you prefer running in and shooting,everything in sight using stealth,tactics or shooting from long range the,different classes and over 550 tanks,will keep you busy with so many new,things to try this game really feels,polished from the graphics to the,physics it feels like a triple a game,that youd buy join over 100 million,players in battle earn experience modify,and upgrade your tank to create the best,machine for your way of doing things,experience historically accurate and,authentic models and vehicle,characteristics with believable physics,new players can use code tank mania at,registration to get 250 credits 7 days,of premium access and a tier 5 british,premium heavy tank excelsior,if you want to blow some stuff up,register using the links in the,description below,rockstar a company with 4 000 developers,couldnt be bothered to make something,special for their fans instead they,entrusted the remastering of their,legendary 3d era games which made them a,multi-billion dollar company to a very,small amateur company they took,advantage of the studio that has been,porting these games over and over for,years and had them do it yet again the,result was literally a mobile game that,was reworked for pc and current consoles,through the unreal engine,this is not the definitive edition of,these games and i can guarantee that the,employees at grove street games know,this,these games were about passion,creativity and breaking the bounds,technologically this remaster contains,none of those factors be it the graphics,character models art style etc the,quality is significantly lower than is,expected for such an iconic trilogy of,games rockstar games have always been,the golden standard for video games but,this remaster has put them below so many,other studios there are so many examples,of game remasters that were executed far,better than this train wreck spyro halo,1 and 2 destroy all humans mafia,resident evil shadow of the colossus,modern warfare just to name a few were,going to cover everything the models the,graphics the ui the soundtrack the art,style take twos actions rockstars,action strauss zelnicks lies modders,that were threatened and more this is,the definitive problem with gta the,definitive edition ladies and gentlemen,rockstar games has issued an apology oh,boy that for me this is important i,dont think i have to recount the,disastrous launch of this game with,so many issues like as far as disasters,go this is you know top of the list,so the grand theft auto trilogy was,released on thursday and unfortunately,its not very good,rockstar has gone into damage control on,november 19th they issued an apology in,which they admitted to the inferior,quality of the games although they did,not outright admit fault they half did,they claim the technical issues were,unexpected they confirmed that the games,did not launch in a state that meets,their own standards of quality or the,standards that their fans have come to,expect both of these statements make,them sound like they had no idea what,was going on within their own project,why did you release it in that state if,that state does not meet your,expectations at the end they also said,thank you for your patience and,understanding while we work to ensure,these games meet everyones justifiably,high standards our standards are not,high quality we wanted a working,remaster we got a cartoon monstrosity,that barely runs in response to the,negative feedback theyre also returning,the original games back to the store,which proves that the original games are,still the definitive editions,unfortunately in this post they have,also told us that the development teams,are being harassed on social media,harassment is never okay this was a,small team of 21 people they were given,a monumental project that should have,utilized a team of at least 300,developers in comparison to similar,projects this was unfair to the,developers and they do not deserve to,have people attacking them its one,thing to criticize a game its another,to personally attack a person just,because theyre a developer on that game,these people are not public figures they,work a normal job as a game developer,take your frustrations out on rockstar,and take two not the individuals who,work at grove street games they did the,best that they could,things were fixed and its a good start,some things were claimed to be fixed but,werent only consoles received these,fixes by the way pc didnt get any,updates i guess were not as important,what does definitive mean understanding,the definition of the word will tell us,exactly what we should expect from a,game with the title these are the three,basic definitions of definitive of a,conclusion or agreement done or reached,decisively and with authority the most,authoritative of its kind definitive,edition equals the final version of the,game or the version that has the,complete set of extras rockstar held,this version of these games so highly,that they felt the only appropriate word,to convey their superiority was,definitive they really committed to this,version being the end all be all proving,it further by removing the originals,from the stores the definitive edition,replaced older versions as the complete,and final version from this prestigious,title and no longer being able to,purchase older versions it would make,sense for them to be remastered and,remade the games would be built from the,ground up possibly in the rage engine,rather they were simply ported over by,people who dont know how to properly,code if i were in control i would have,two modes original and definitive both,running in rage original would be,improved slightly to look sound and play,better for the definitive edition using,the newest technology in this new,generation i would have utilized ray,tracing the definitive edition would,have euphorian physics built in,re-animate

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition Revisited: BIG Improvements Since Launch

six months have passed since the release,of grand theft auto definitive edition,this package of gta 3 vice city and san,andreas was modernized with contemporary,graphical techniques and translated over,to modern consoles and pcs while some,aspects of the visuals like the car,rendering and particle effects were,considerably improved the fundamental,visual design was lost in translation,from the original games plus these new,releases were plagued with glaring,errors including spelling and grammar,issues and performance was poor but six,months is a long time in game,development and there have been several,major patches since those initial,releases which have a frankly enormous,list of fixes most of which resolve bugs,but some indeed purport to fix some of,the visual issues that we identified in,our original coverage so whats changed,here are these versions finally worth,recommending,[Music],the definitive editions didnt exactly,impress us the first time around the,basic lineage here is that these are,ports of the mobile phone versions of,gta 3 vice city and san andreas to,unreal engine 4. though the gameplay is,largely the same the graphics have seen,considerable reworking with a modern,lighting and material system completely,redone character and vehicle assets,enhanced texture work and,post-processing niceties like ssao and,screen space reflections there are some,positive and negative aspects to the,visual design here which john and i,covered in some detail in our original,coverage the basic gist here is that,city areas hold up all right at a macro,level but suffer when you examine detail,closely and lack the color grading and,stylization that define the original,releases characters look like theyve,been molded out of a mix of play-doh and,plastic and the animation work which is,largely copied from the originals looks,very awkward these fundamental aspects,of the visual design as you might expect,are largely unchanged as of the latest,patch in broad strokes were still,seeing the same presentation as launch,versions but there are some key changes,here that do manage to address some of,the most pressing issues with the,visuals while leaving other areas,curiously untouched to demonstrate these,changes well mostly be comparing the,game running on xbox one x on patch 1.02,which is the mid-november patch that,shipped on the disc release with patch,1.04 which is the march patch and the,most recent as of this recording to,start things off the rain effect has,been comprehensively improved the,original release had very strong rain,that sorted behind water surfaces it was,eye searingly bright and was difficult,to see through at times particularly,given the relative darkness of the game,during the night as of patch 1.04 this,effect is much improved the actual,density of the effect appears to be,similar but the transparency seems to,have been dialed way up particularly for,the larger rain droplets that appear to,be closer to the camera giving the,effect an appropriate level of coverage,while not being distracting all the,sorting errors seem to have been fixed,so the rain now renders in front of,water surfaces and doesnt penetrate,overpasses or car interiors,now fundamentally the rain effect still,appears to be a volume of rain that,travels with the player notice in this,scene how the raindrops never change,their horizontal position relative to,the player camera even as we travel at,high speed critically though the rain no,longer seems to track with the players,vertical velocity this is a curious,issue best highlighted in san andreas,where diving in a jet would see the rain,basically freeze in place this has some,base in physics but looked really,strange in practice as the rain was,still bounded to the players horizontal,movement the patch 1.04 release solves,this problem with the rain now,descending at a fixed rate regardless of,the players velocity relative to the,ground perhaps some sort of middle,ground would have worked well here but i,think this is a substantial improvement,over the original speaking of san,andreas one of the most annoying and,off-putting visual issues with that game,was the way the game looked from,altitude there was no haze or,approximation of atmospheric scattering,which made the game world look,incredibly small plus the edge of the,map was clearly visible with water,clearly stopping at some point not too,far off the san andreas land mass as of,patch 1.04 this has now been corrected,the game now has a ground haze option in,the settings which enables a sort of,low-lying fog and haze layer that,obscures distant geometry with some,layers of alpha textures that actually,look pretty good as you ascend in,altitude these layers kind of awkwardly,cross-fade in but once theyre fully,visible the world does have a much more,appropriate sense of distance and,atmosphere plus it looks sort of similar,to the way these effects rendered in the,ps2 original although unlike the ps2,release you can fly far above them here,many of the issues on signage have been,fixed though certainly not all as well,see later some of the spelling issues,have been corrected our guitars has been,rewritten in air guitars and competitive,has been changed to competitive amongst,other changes these spelling and,localization issues were common in the,original release and are somewhat less,present now plus some of the textures,that were reversed before have been,flipped and now read correctly though i,still managed to spot a couple of,doorways with backwards labels,finally i didnt notice that many bugs,this time around most of the collision,issues and problems with missions seem,to have been resolved as evidenced by,the extensive patch notes i did spot a,couple issues still one cutscene that,frozen placed in san andreas and,geometry that refused to draw in in gta,3 but not nearly as much as before so if,thats whats been fixed whats gone,unaddressed there are plenty of obvious,flaws that still stick out grass for,instance still has some misalignment,issues throughout the remasters these,areas in vice city exhibit grass that,juts out at odd angles and hover over,the ground even as of the latest patch,plus i managed to catch a couple,instances of foliage emerging out of,nowhere in san andreas and some of the,ground clutter in gta 3 is still,suspended above the ground,the ambient occlusion implementation,also leaves a lot to be desired its,very very strong thick outlines encircle,every piece of geometry that comes,anywhere near a wall or other surface,pedestrians for instance often appear,surrounded by a dark glow ssao should be,an easy visual win for the remaster a,cheap way to add ambient shading that,would have been impractical to replicate,on original ps2 hardware but the,implementation here is just way over the,top there are also some inconsistencies,with material properties this shiny,beach from vice city is still a problem,grassy surfaces and roads also exhibit a,bit of an odd sheen at times pbr and,specular properties are obviously new,additions here and they often look,perfectly reasonable but there are some,exceptions there are also some problems,that are more fundamental to the visual,design characters and animation work are,probably the most prominent example npcs,are rounded off with additional geometry,and sport new materials work which gives,them a bit of a strange appearance in,motion the results are often comic the,characters look sort of like sculptures,that move awkwardly the animation data,was clearly not built from models at,this level of fidelity a substantial,overhaul here is probably outside the,scope of a typical post-release patching,effort but the characters still dont,hold up at all i have been sitting in,this chair all night with the lights off,drinking coffee this is a disaster we,are so screwed man heres my final major,outstanding issue with the remaster and,im going to spend a few minutes on this,one as its a problem thats really,stuck out to me the more

GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition – Before You Buy [4K]

– [Jake] And were back with another episode,of “Before You Buy.”,That show where we give you some straight up gameplay,and our first impressions of the latest games releasing.,As usual, its me, Jake Baldino,and today were talking about the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy,,The Definitive Edition.,Weve been playing these nonstop since they went live,and weve got some info for ya.,This was a long-rumored rerelease of the classic,Grand Theft Auto games,that really changed the world of gaming.,And its got some good tweaks.,Its got a couple of things its missing,,a nice new coat of paint, some weird visual glitches,and some issues, and yeah.,Now, its worth pointing out,that this is not a complete remake.,Set your expectations, its a remaster.,Its an updated, nicer looking and more convenient version,of the original,that still feels lolled in some spots.,Yes, Im bumped that Rockstar de-listed,the original versions of the games,,so you cant buy them anymore.,But I think what we have here is,,if youre interested in it,,a decent way to experience the classic games.,Theyre like you remember, for the most part,,except for a few things Ill explain.,But its also a good enough representation,for a new generation of people to play it,who never got to.,We think for most people,,for people who play these games a lot,,or youve experienced them a lot,,this feels like it did need some more time in the oven.,The answer for the whole thing is a bit more complicated.,This is gonna be a divisive one.,Now, whether you think its worth the money,or maybe you dont want this because youre mad,that Rockstar still isnt giving you a Grand Theft Auto Six,,thats up to you.,I cant really move the needle there.,But putting that stuff aside,,lets just dive into this product.,Weve got a lot of gameplay footage for the game,on different consols and platforms for you to see,and all of this is spoiler free.,So first, lets talk about the biggest upfront upgrade,,you know, the visuals.,A lot is this is gonna be down to personal taste,and preference, you know, specifically with the art style.,Its subjective, so keep that in mind.,But the facts first.,These are the original games,,but with new, nicer, higher resolution textures.,New lighting system, vastly better particle,and weather effects, cars look way better.,Theyre shinier with better reflections,,characters and objects look just kind of updated,like they filled in the blanks with the old graphics.,Theres a bit more to the middle cut scenes too.,But generally, visually I think in most instances,,it looks really good.,There are some caveats but at the very least,,in terms of translating the old,into somewhat new, but like you remembered,,I think they mostly made the right decisions.,I found myself sometimes going, “Wow.”,Some of it looks good.,A few things look not so good.,Do you want more?,I mean, maybe youll get it with mods again, eventually.,San Andreas has some really killer lightning during the day,that can make things look pretty modern,,while Vice City just seems,to have gotten the most care here.,The colors are freaking, absolutely, like amazing.,And the game just looks and feels a bit fresher,,but familiar.,Some characters and things have a bit more,of that cartoony look that the old games were going for,,but now, you know, less muddy and a bit more fully realized.,Now again, thats a matter of personal preference.,A friend of mine thinks the main characters look weird,and I just disagree.,I think they look cool.,But there are some side characters,that look kind of jacked up though, I will say.,I dont know what happened.,They will be Memed a lot.,But once you start moving and once you start playing,,this really is still the old Grand Theft Auto games.,Meaning, characters still get in the cars,in that same goofy, aggressive way.,They still have those crazy jerky jump animations,and shooting still looks a little awkward.,More on that in a bit.,Now on PC, it has DLSS support,and on next gen consols, its to quote Rockstar,,”4K up to 60 FPS.”,Now its got two modes, of course.,Prioritize resolution or prioritize frame break mode.,Weve seen this in a lot of other games,on newer consols and its all fine and dandy.,Theres not a massive compromise in cool visuals,between the two, except for one game, GTA 3.,GTA 3 overall seems like it got the least attention.,Youll see that be the theme here.,I know its the oldest and the hardest to fix,but theres tons of weird glitches,,we had a few crashes and there are a lot,of visual bugs and stuff that flip flops weirdly,,depending on if youre frame rate mode or fidelity mode.,Lightning can get really weird and inconsistent,and the rain effects are downright hard to look at.,I cant believe these are in the game.,It actually made two of us here kinda feel woozy,after staring at it for too long.,The frame rate also dipped here and there,and was not rock solid,,which is something I really was not expecting,for an updated version of a PS2 game.,You know, this stuff should be watertight.,Thankfully, though, so far, San Andreas,and Vice City seemed to be much stronger overall.,The frame rate on frame rate mode maintains a close,to solid 60, except for the occasional stutter.,Its still a bit more than I was hoping.,But, Im just pointing out stuff,that was noticeable to our naked eye.,It seems mostly smooth.,This also goes for the last gen version as well.,It looks a little more framey, but it aint bad at all.,And it looks okay.,We tested out the PS4 version on a base model PS4 slim,and well have some gameplay popping up in this video here.,So you can compare.,Now, the PC version, some quick notes,,PC started very promising with San Andreas running,between 60 to 80 FPS in 1440P with ultra settings,,which doesnt sound great for a 17 year old game on PC,with a risen 730800 and a 280 super,but it isnt terrible either,,considering the upgrades and changes,,still we think it could use some optimization.,Still the game is totally enjoyable.,But, you know, like we said earlier,,theres more problems in the GTA3 version.,The game runs seemingly for us with the performance loss,of like 30 to 50% in more demanding scenes.,We messed with our settings,but still couldnt get it perfect.,If youre jumping around between the games back to back,,you might notice some stuff.,Now the switch version is actually pretty much,what we expected.,Its rough.,Its kind of like The Witcher 3 on Switch,where on handheld it technically looks decent.,Like, wow, they did it.,And seems somewhat playable, but its just blurry.,Now put that in docked mode on a screen,and its just, its pretty unacceptable.,But again, we have inconsistency between the games,,you know, where I thought San Andreas was blurry,but fine, Vice City on Switch specifically,was a little choppy in some strange ways.,You can see it in Tommys run animations sometimes.,I dont know whats going on there,,but you know, just know that the Switch version comes,with a warning.,It comes with the territory,of the hardware not being super powerful,,but still, its a facelift of an old game.,Now, the gameplay itself, it feels good.,It feels largely unchanged, but slightly beefed up,in places that count.,The games are still good and really fun,,specifically San Andreas.,Its all still so great if you ask me.,The games have more modern check porting,and auto saves, so its way easier to restart a mission,if you fail.,The older games were notorious for this,,you know, you would do a longer mission,and you would fail right at the end,and it sucks.,And in some ways its a little better here.,Theres now a more modern GTA style weapon wheel,and radio station wheel.,And it works perfectly.,You can still swap weapons the old fashion way,by just mashing the button through them all,,or just hold it and bring up the weapon wheel now.,And many maps are updated as well,with like fresh navigation and stuff.,The control layout is more Grand Theft Auto 5 style,and the aiming and shooting has been updated as well.,Th

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