1. Gunpowder Milkshake Review
  2. Don’t mess with Gunpowder Milkshake stars Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh, and Carla Gugino
  3. Gunpowder Milkshake Netflix Movie Review
  4. GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE Review – Karen Gillan, Headey, Bassett, Gugino and Yeoh Whup a Bunch of A**
  5. Gunpowder Milkshake Netflix Movie Review
  6. Gunpowder Milkshake Review: Karen Gillan Is One Bad Ass Action Star
  7. Shot By Shot w/ Karen Gillan | Gunpowder Milkshake | Netflix

Gunpowder Milkshake Review

you know rob i i am very pessimistic,i i think thats fair to say when it,comes to,um netflix original movies i mean every,once in a while,they have what we call a diamond in the,rough like once in a while therell be,an,old guard or the irishman or you know,once in a while theyll put one out,thats really quite good but i feel like,nine out of every 10 of them just are,completely terrible,but there was one i was really looking,forward to,and that uh one that ive been really,looking forward to,is gun powder milkshake,this is one with uh karen gillam its,got i mean its got an incredible cast,it looks kind of like a female john wick,kind of movie,very excited to watch it so i sat down,this weekend and i watched gunpowder,milkshake,uh we were gonna watch it a little bit,later we tried to watch some of the wwe,money in the bank thing last night but,the streaming on peacock was terrible so,we abandoned that and went and started,watching gunpowder milkshake instead,and i was really really excited about,watching this again i thought the,trailers were great,i love karen gillan uh really a lot i,mean ive loved her,obviously as nebula i never saw her,doctor who because i dont watch doctor,who,i really liked her in jumanji i think,shes an up-and-coming star,i think shes going to be great,this movie is terrible,dude this movie is terrible and i,wanted to like it so much i so,badly wanted to like this thing and its,just awful like right from the beginning,as the the dialogue starts,im just like going oh my god who wrote,this,probably somebody whos a 20 times,better writer than me but,this is probably just a bad day at the,office and it just came across,badly and i listen i went to the rotten,tomatoes,thing to see it i am flabbergasted that,this thing has 68 percent,because i mean i great that 68 is not a,great score,but i i dont get it now the audience,rating on it is 50. i even,think thats too high i i dont i dont,this look all film is subjective and,in its benefit i will say this the,action,first of all the action in the first,part of the movie is really lame the,action in the second part of the movie,gets,notably better and its always great,seeing michelle you,and anything and angela bassett in,anything i mean,yeah its but and its very very,stylized and i understand that they were,going for a certain style,you got paul giamatti in there i,understand the stylings,but it was so,difficult to just listen to like just,trying to hear them,talk was bad because the dialogue was,terrible,and im going to tell you what karen,gillan,well i am a big fan of hers right now,im going to tell you this,i i did not think she was very good in,this,you know when you look around like um,you know you got queen cersei in there,uh leona heady and you got angela,bassett of course and michelle yo and,the acting and its pretty by the way,the little girl from my spy,is in this and shes actually a really,good child actor i liked her too,but i dont know if the way they were,directing her or whatever but,karen did not come across as strong in,this and i think shes great,i think she has so much charisma and,charm and personality when i see her on,screen,but for whatever reason in gunpowder,milkshake it just wasnt there,its a simple enough nice enough little,premise,you know and while doing a job she ends,up killing the wrong person and,you know her organization just washed,their hands of her and now shes on the,run from,everybody and its so its a good enough,straightforward thing,plausible enough kind of like in john,wick the way they set up,like this mythology with the continental,hotel,they also try to set up a little bit of,a um,a mythology with like this diner where,all the assassins go and hang out but,you got to check your weapons at the,door when you come in,and they try to set up a little bit of,that too but man,it just didnt work again some of the,performance is really good,the little girls really charming the,action in the second half of the movie,gets much better than the action in the,first half of the movie,but on the weak side the dialogue was so,bad it was really hard to watch,sometimes,a lot of it just came across as very,thin i didnt think gillen,was great in this one even though i,think shes a great actress this was not,her best day,and that could have a lot to do with the,director overall it was just,difficult to watch it was hard to watch,and get through rob i i dont remember,what,your expectations were because i,remember we talked about the trailer i,cant remember,what your expectations were now you,havent had a chance to see it yet but,what have your expectations been for a,gun powder milkshake,well i i they were kind of high john i,gotta say because the director who,directed this hes an israeli director,and made a film back in 2013 that i,loved called big bad wolves and i,i had a lot of expectations for this and,the trailers look great and the cast,looked like it was a lot of fun but,if youre hearing that the script is not,great uh,it kind of bums me out got to tell you,all right im going to still watch it,though,you should yeah and everybody listen,dont just be turned off because i,didnt like it like all film subjective,if youve been looking forward to it you,should give it a shot yourself because,maybe itll work for you,all i know is that i was very excited,for this i i loved everybody involved,i thought it looked like it was going to,be a real cool kind of female different,john wick sort of thing,it just did not work so chalk another,one up for,really bad netflix original movies in my,opinion,but remember take out the grain of salt,guys a bunch of other critics i mean,68 of them seem to like it 50 of the,audience say they like it so,maybe youll like it give it a shot if,you have what did you guys think about,gunpowder milkshake jump on down into,the comments section below,and let us know your thoughts

Don’t mess with Gunpowder Milkshake stars Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh, and Carla Gugino

were going to bring the sky down on the,kids,so you guys have long played strong,women but not always ones with such,skill,in like hand-to-hand combat what was it,like getting strapped up for this role,angela maybe you can start this one,you know we had maybe about a week and a,half well karen had im sure she had,the lions share of it as well she,needed you know,and but we had about a week and a half,and i felt at times that,i needed a little more you know because,the coordination of,of the hammers i know carla you had work,with one hand but,working with two its more to trip up on,but it was it was a lot of fun we had,great uh stunt coordinators who were,very patient,and really empowered us to believe that,uh we could get it done that we,that we were getting it done and we did,i always feel like part of like,doing any sort of role like this has to,be believing that you can do it or,believe,like belief that this character is,amazing at this,do you know what i mean and that is of,course part of what acting is but like,how do you sort of,find that within you and go like oh yes,my character would be excellent at,tomahawks or whatever carla,you know i think that that its thats,an interesting point and i think that a,lot of,you know some roles um if its something,like sin city that was a very unusual,thing because we were doing literally,page per page from the graphic novel so,that was about acting from the outside,in,like oh which elbow is lucille leaning,on you know,but mostly a character is coming from,the inside out right so some of the the,stunt training in and of itself,was really helpful to go okay these,women were assassins and,uh now theyre sort of seems to be more,like theyre just like actually,um you know giving the people who are,still out in the field equipment that,they need and providing,um resources for them i thought i,thought okay so this is interesting,madeline presents as being a very,conservative,kind of um peaceful person uh quiet like,a librarian,and uh and yet her past was totally,different,and she maybe has turned her her back to,that for a little while and now shes,coming back into it,so that was sort of a way that i felt,like okay this is what she used to be,able to do and its a little bit like,getting,riding a bike here we go again it was,fun,just one simple word it was just you,just have to throw yourself,in there and go what the heck lets just,go,for it and i think all of us did you can,see,the expression i hate to say that the,expression of sheer,joy when we go like smash his head onto,the table yeah,otherwise we are kind of gentle souls,and we have deep conversations and we,really enjoy being in each others,company and it was,fantastic to work with these amazing,women,amazing women the librarians like we,dont really get their backstory but,theres clearly like,years of support and care for each other,there,i think in a very short period of time,the minute you walk into,the library already it tells you this,place has history,so rich in history and knowledge and you,see,those lions at the the painting of them,and you know this is a place where,whoever is in charge here is someone of,people to be reckoned with,and i think it sets up the tone so well,that when you see these three ladies,come together,their body language the way they start,and finish,each others sentences they they have,been together for a long time,they have been watching each others,back for a long time they have,a bond thats its like a sisterhood,their family,and their fears their fears they protect,each other each other fiercely,as well i think that was something that,drew me to the script,in the first place because i love,working with women,they are so much fun and they are also,very emotional,and i like that drama where,its always deep in the gut and,then theyre not afraid you know to tell,you,or show you when it needs to be it has a,lot of amazing women in it but the,script is written by a man and the movie,was directed by a man,how do you think sort of he entered that,world like that he sort of addressed,this and tackled it in a way that feels,true,nevada is a man oh shoot no im kidding,no that was the one thing that always,drew me to this i dont believe that,men cannot write strong fascinating,women,its like women can write strong,fascinating men is,it goes the other way around if you are,a good storyteller you are a good,storyteller,it doesnt matter your gender or where,you come from,or you know what race or whatever you,are,you must be someone who is telling a,story with a passion and is coming from,you know youre within and is dying to,come out and be seen and be heard so,he loves women i think no,its not i think i know he does because,the way he talks about them,he has got a um feminine side,and i think its only men who are very,confident of themselves,are not afraid to be and to embrace the,feminine femininity and you know to,explore that,in different kinds of ways and i think,in this one he did he brought out,the fierceness of women you know the,love of women but at the same time,if you get on my bad side and you touch,one of my girls,our sisters youre in for it so you guys,have worked in hollywood,for a long time this is a movie thats,on netflix which sort of made me,think about this what do you think one,of the most significant positive,ways that youve seen the industry,change has been is it,streaming representation well i,definitely think uh,representation quantity and quality of,roles you know,when i came through what were there like,four stations,and living in new york and most film was,nightcaster done in new york certainly,not film that i could do,i had to move to california so its like,the world has gotten smaller and just,more complex and complicated and,and an opportunity has expanded so,hopefully that will continue i mean i i,love that you can,catch the middle of anything on netflix,and amazon and hulu,and whatever its like so many choices,and so many stories and opportunities,do you think that thats affected,budgets in terms of like,yes there are so many different things,now but everythings operating on a,smaller budget or,is there just more money to go around i,mean thats a bit i mean i think thats,an even longer conversation but um,yeah because it doesnt work on the same,model as it used to in the sense that,you used to make a movie and then see,how much it made at the box office,as to whether the profit or not um and,therefore you know and now with netflix,and,other streamers its its much its its,much more,about um do you get an audience but its,not about those kind of numbers equating,the same way so um being made for more,money and things are being made for less,money and its definitely the wild west,in that regard,i love uh being able to see something in,the theater theres just no doubt about,that experience being really special but,i do think that,what netflix and the other streamers,have allowed for us to do is have,global audience is really to have,simultaneously,um the world see something and and so,for me,art and entertainment and storytelling,is so vital and brings us together and,makes us realize that this world is very,small were all,you know theres room for all of us in,it and and uh,and i think that for me you know seeing,stories about other people have have,given me that,viewpoint and certainly thats one of,the things that i love about acting is,being,able to allow people to see the world,through other peoples eyes so,if we get more audience for that then,bring it on i love that because that,used to be,you know an excuse that you would hear,like stories about you,dont travel,you dont buy that yeah i mean even this,morning i was in the,room waiting for michelle and like a,bunch of the art of journalism there,were international journalists,and your director your writer director,made a movie in israel and like,that got seen here and then got kind of,brought over and you know this is a,pretty international production which

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Gunpowder Milkshake Netflix Movie Review

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GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE Review – Karen Gillan, Headey, Bassett, Gugino and Yeoh Whup a Bunch of A**

karen gillan fresh off her incredible,work as nebula,in the mcu is stepping out of the makeup,and into a bowling jacket some guns,and leading a group of badass ladies in,a shoot em up here,gunpowder milkshake on netflix im gonna,let you know if this is one,you should definitely watch this weekend,right after this,[Music],hey outlaw nation its the outlaw john,roca here with a review for you,of gunpowder milkshake the new stylized,shoot em up film that is out on netflix,now from director navot uh papua shadow,i gotta tell you as soon as i saw this,film i couldnt wait to get on here and,record a review for it,uh because i love these kind of quiet,stylized,shoot em up movies uh and its great to,see one,being led by a bunch of badass ladies,and certainly karen gillan,uh leading them all is fantastic in the,movie,you got lena heady here carla gugino,michelle yao,angela bassett paul giamatti is along,for the ride as well youve got two,young actresses,who are incredible and if youre a,casting director if youre director or,producer,look at these young ladies and start,putting them in more of your films,chloe coleman as emily almost steals,every scene shes,in with karen gillan and freya allen as,the young sam karen gillan,karen gillans character as a young,teenager is uh fantastic with the,limited amount of screen time that she,gets,as well so basically this film is a,mother and daughter story,and a pseudo-art story as well karen,gillen is a young girl whose mom lena,heady,is a assassin and a hired hit woman for,a company called the firm,she gets into trouble with them and then,she has to go away,and we go modern day thats a flashback,we go modern day,and karen gillan herself now works for,the firm her name is sarah characters,name is sam she works for the firm now,uh in place of her mother kind of and,she hasnt seen her mother,since that day 15 years ago which,occurred in this diner,and the diner there are locations in,this film that are reminiscent of john,wick for example in the diner,uh its a kind of a well-known place,where these assassins or hitmen or hit,women,can show up but they have to turn in,their guns before they can sit down have,a meal or have a meeting,or what have you there are theres a,hospital here certain doctors kind of,like we saw with heat jeremy piven,uh doctors own doctor thats paid off,to work for these people,and get paid under the table theres a,doctor here who does that so,there are things that are reminiscent of,john wick throughout the movie not just,the action,and the stylized shoot em up action,thats being used here throughout,uh so basically shes got to uh she gets,uh called upon to do a job sam does,for the firm but it ends up being,complicated because she kills the son,of a local crime lord uh and that puts,her in trouble with the firm,uh and then she gets involved in this,situation with this man,who has stolen some money and paul,giamatti is her handler nathan who hires,her to go get that,money and go get the man uh but the man,you find out has stolen this money to,protect his daughter,thats emily thats who chloe coleman,plays and so now she takes,responsibility for,emily uh and for this money and trying,to make it right,with the firm and then gets involved,with the ladies here carla gugino,michelle young angela bassett,who run a library but in a lot of the,books in the library are weapons so they,essentially are,front for these weapons you can come and,exchange weapons,its kind of like a library in a way but,a library of weapons you can exchange,them and theyre embedded into the book,so very stylized,very brilliant use of that and very fun,use of that as well,gotta give a shout out to the music here,heim frank elfman does a great job,bringing you from scene to scene and as,i said its very stylized it fail it,feels,both modern and uh in the past right it,feels like a 1950s,kind of vibe and style and look to it,but a very modern,approach to that look we need that money,back,the costume designed by luis frogly also,deserves a shout out and the,cinematography,from michael sarason deserves a shout,out theres a lot of awesome action,sequences theres great,uh battles uh within the library when,the firm,and the crime lords people get involved,and start to come after,the ladies and its all of them against,these guys and theyre all dudes,uh and they kick the crap out of them on,multiple occasions,michelle yao using a chain angela,bassett using two hammers,double fisting hammers uh and you can,see carla gugina use a 50 cal in essence,in there uh and uh of course lena heady,and uh,karen gillan shoot it out shooting it,out as well no surprise,lenie comes back into her life and that,becomes a thing,that they have to kind of resolve and,work out well oh yeah karen gillan or,sam rather is also,trying to work out this relationship,with emily because she has done,something tragic uh to emilys family as,well and so shes got to figure out,at what point she tells emily what shes,done hiding that secret from her,until a critical moment in the film so,throughout thats basically it you just,youre just sitting down having fun with,these incredible women,kicking some ass shooting up people,killing people in,brutal fashions uh and uh in great,settings,and in the end you get a little bit of,the revenge that you were waiting for,it doesnt quite come the way you expect,it to come uh so i think thats a nice,little twist there near the end of the,movie,but great work by everybody involved,including uh paul giamatti whos always,a nice touch in any of these films,remember i think shoot him up is that,what it was called the one with clive,owen and monica bellucci,he was great in that as well god,damn it smith uh in this one not so much,a villain but certainly someone of power,who is uh having to uh kind of uh take,care of sam but also,uh uh at one point cant take care of,sam anymore and puts her in harms way,so,a lot of interesting cross-purposes,going on throughout the movie,and i enjoy the performances all of them,i mean youre talking about veterans,here and carla gugina michelle yao,angela bassett lena heady,all bringing their veteran status to,this situation and of course,karen gillan kind of breaking out now,nebula really announced her,uh as an actress i thought uh in the,endgame she should have been nominated,for best,supporting actress so to see her,grabbing on to these roles and having a,little fun with them,for sure i like and the films got that,vibe of john wicks got that vibe,of dark city of blade runner shes even,dressed almost like carmen san diego,to give it a little bit more advice so,its like a modern what they call that,post-modern or modern deco,noir that i think everyone can enjoy if,you just kind of sit back and have fun,with this thing,pretty simple plot just these ladies are,in trouble because,uh one of them got in trouble with the,firm so they all protect each other,get involved here and go toe-to-toe with,the firm and go to toe to toe with this,crime lord because theyre tired,of being pushed around in that town and,they finally,fight back you have some great battle,sequences in the library,great fight sequences in the diner and,great fight sequences in a warehouse uh,and karen gil oh and the bowling alley,fight scene,is stellar heres the thing karen gillan,is,you know a tall girl kind of awkward at,times uh with her her body,so its fun to see that they didnt do,the jump cuts,to try to cover up she fights as she,would fight and when youre seeing it in,the bowling alley her moves and stuff,shes not all of a sudden you know like,going on wires,she can she or the the battle scenes or,the fight scenes rather are realistic,and they work so well for her so that it,adds more of an element of reality,to this kind of fantastical uh story,thats being told here so,i love that they made that decision i,think the director navad pupashado,deserves so much credit for having a,very clear vision of what he wanted to,do here and having a very clear v

Gunpowder Milkshake Netflix Movie Review

is this a flavor of milkshake what is up,netflix fans welcome back to my channel,the brand new movie that just dropped on,streaming is called gunpowder,milkshake and its very reminiscent of a,film like john wick were going to talk,about it today,spoiler free as always and lets get,into it,so three generations of women fight back,against those who could take,everything from them starring karen,gillen,lena heaty carla gagino paul giamani,ralph einson its a really good cast and,a premise that has,all of the promise in the world and i,have to give kudos to a movie like john,wick,ever since we got that film weve had,multiple,interpretations come out and theyve,felt very reminiscent to that,very specific type of action heavy,gun toting style of movie with various,interpretations on that now gunpowder,milkshake definitely has things that,allows it to stand apart,and it does also kind of feel like a,quentin tarantino kill bill at times,especially when you look at some of,these action scenes,one in particular that was just,incredible,and huge amount of kudos have to go to,karen gillan who just,crushed this role i mean she is,genuinely great when it comes to the,action,in terms of her character i did need a,bit more,from her the emotional resonance wasnt,quite there and,theres not that range that i believe is,necessary for the story that theyve,given her now obviously you think back,to john wick,keanu reeves range isnt the first thing,you think of but theres a very specific,thing he has to do in that movie and i,believe he executes it well,gillen is great when it comes to the,action but i did need more and maybe,its just the writing,that went into her character theres an,emotional attachment a bond that youre,supposed to feel with her and her mother,i feel like that should have been,explored just a bit more in the film and,that criticism kind of comes,post-introduction because the intro,shows us exactly what,went down what happened with her how she,ended up,in this life and i thought that was,really well done it got me invested in,the story,almost immediately and theres some nice,lore there with her also the librarians,that come in there is,more to be explored absolutely and i was,completely on board with where they were,going,and then when they bring everyone back,at the end im like okay im loving what,theyre giving us,especially and heres the real highlight,of the film with the choreography,its very impressive when youre,comparing this to other films in the,genre,and this has one maybe two standout,action-centric scenes that stand up,to some of the best weve seen in the,genre again kudos goes to gillen but,just the stunt choreography in general,is awesome here,i love the color correction the vibrancy,of this movie it has this,neon drive-esque flare,to it a visual style that we dont get,all that often it,it feels retro in a way but at the same,time youre just kind of moved by,not just the color but also the,cinematography is really good so,visually on a technical level this movie,is firing on all cylinders,my big issue and not something thats,going to keep me from,having a good time with this movie,because i had a good time with this film,its very entertaining,i just wish the story wasnt as cliche,as it was if that makes sense sometimes,simplicity is your friend and i feel,like maybe there is just too much going,on here,one or two elements that they could have,taken out entirely scaled it back,just a bit maybe focused more on her,relationship with her mom,or this little girl that comes in and,kind of becomes her protege in a way,and then at a point the movie almost,feels like its ending and then you,realize that theres still the big boss,and youre like oh man theres still,still 25 minutes left in this film uh,and i still had fun with those 25,minutes and that was one of those action,scenes that,really blew me away with the librarians,it was awesome,but at the end of the day i do wish the,story was a bit stronger and there was,more of an emotional attachment,that being said if youre looking for,action if youre looking for fun and if,you,love these stars i,have a feeling youre going to have some,fun with gunpowder milkshake which,sounds delicious and before i give you,guys my score thanks so much for,watching if you enjoy these reviews be,sure to drop your thumbs up netflix,reviews almost every day this week even,if there is much to be desired from the,story,gillen shows her range as an action star,and the film is beautiful and i mean,beautiful to look at my score is a 65,a solid 6.5 out of 10 for gun powder,milkshake i need to know down below guys,did you enjoy this film did you think it,was as,visually spectacular as i did and did,you expect maybe a bit more from the,overall story,like i did or did you feel the opposite,thats what our review is all about you,guys are truly the best thanks for,watching this is,my third video planned for the day it,goes out,and my next video will be another one,that makes four,alright

Gunpowder Milkshake Review: Karen Gillan Is One Bad Ass Action Star

all right well for my,next pick i have an action comedy,the title alone maybe what may want you,inspire you to watch it gunpowder,milkshake,so thats kind of a strange uh uh,putting those two words together um but,its on netflix,its uh it stars a lot of cool people,its karen gillan i think im,pronouncing that carla gugino,lena hedy michael yo michelle yo sorry,and angela bassett so as you can see,badass ladies,and here they are who would not want to,watch this movie,and i will say uh,the ladies dont team up until the third,act but nonetheless,it is a fun little ride i will call it,its a john week,john wick meets kill bill sort of a,sort of a movie um so basically karen,gillan is following her moms footsteps,shes an assassin,working for the firm her mom disappeared,15 years ago,she does she like she actually knows why,but she cant believe that she left her,alone she was probably she was already a,teenager when she left,but it still really affected her so now,were following her shes working for,the firm,shes on an assignment and she kills a,russian mob boss son,so of course like john wick the russians,come after her,then they send her on another assignment,to kill a man who stole,from the firm but she takes pity on him,after she finds out that he took the,money over his daughter who was,kidnapped,but now what happens is shes on the run,from the firm because she disobeyed,orders and now she has to take care of,this young girl,shes played by um chloe coleman shes,from the movie,my spy shes such a good actress shes,so endearing and you fall in love with,her right away,so uh carrie ellen has to protect this,young girl and herself,because not only are the russians coming,after her but the firm,has pretty much given up on her so she,no longer has the protection,of the firm and theres some great some,great action sequences heres lena heady,who plays her mom,um she we see her at the beginning of,the movie and then we dont see her,until the,third act as well uh we meet angela,bassette carlo guzino and michelle yo,also in the first act that theres no,action until the third act is when it,really really gets good when they all,combine their forces,um to fend off these russian killers,who are out to get her no matter what,and i would say its a fun ride its not,what i expected i thought all,women would be dominant throughout the,whole movie but theyre not,its pretty much karen gillan and a,young,actress she her characters name is,emily,but the action is really good i love the,lighting,its very stylized uh i forgot that i,forgot to write the name of the,director but its a male director i,think hes european,and the lighting as you can see here in,this image is really,like bright neon um so thats why it,reminded me of kill bill because of the,um,cinematography is very similar to what,can quentin tara,tino did with those films and so you,know what i recommend its on netflix,so its not a big commitment um its a,movie,its a little over two hours and i found,it enjoy,enjoyable and if youre looking for an,action,popcorn flick this is pretty pretty much,it and the comedy,obviously its action comedy um so,theres a lot of funny moments,and uh like for example um,a doctor injects her to paralyze her,arms and so shes like,flailing around uh killing people,she has the girl tape knife to her hand,and the gun on the other one so shes,just like flailing her arms around its,hilarious,the whole sequence is hilarious so they,do some really cool inventive stuff,there,like i mentioned dont expect to see all,the ladies,throughout the movie its pretty much,karen gillians um movie,and i mean she shes really badass in,the movie so i was really impressed with,her and like i said they dont take it,seriously theres a lot of comedy in it,um so you can just have a lot of fun so,just get your popcorn you know friday,night whenever you have some down time,and just,check it out nice yeah i looked up as,you were talking the director,this guy uh navit papashado,yeah i never heard that which yeah im,not super familiar with,either but um,yeah yeah i think i dont think he has,that many credits from when i looked i,dont i didnt recognize any credits,yeah nothing recently i think yeah a few,years ago was like the last thing he did,a writing thing but um yeah yeah his big,return,i guess big return yeah so this is good,i mean its a good action flick,um not what i expected but um it was,turned out to be fun because i thought,it was just,like an action comedy i mean action,movie but the action comedy the comedy,really,added to it you know because weve seen,the action uh this type of action,already,um but the fact like the flailing arms i,was hilarious,um and then theres like a library where,they store their,um weapons and books but theyre all,like,very feminist books,theres a lot of humor now so i thought,it was a female director and then when i,looked up i was like oh it was a male,director,okay well they did a nice job giving a,very feminist touch to it,and i mean at the end it gets a little,cheese ball but hey,thats what kind of you expect from the,beginning so yeah,one cool one to watch on netflix cool,[Music],you

Shot By Shot w/ Karen Gillan | Gunpowder Milkshake | Netflix

(latin music),(gunshots),- Hello. I am Karen Gillan and I play Sam in the film.,- And Im director, Navot Papushado.,- And today we are going to take you through a scene,in Gunpowder Milkshake shot by shot.,(latin music continues),So yes, Sam basically has to fight the same goons,,but this time she does not have the use of her arms.,So shes had Chloe, the young girl,,tape a gun and a knife to either hand,,and she is just going to use every other part,of her body to fight these guys.,So the guys are on laughing gas in this film.,So like not only is it bonkers enough,that Im in a fight sequence without the use of my arms,,but also the three people that I am killing,are just laughing hysterically the entire time.,(latin music),(fighting grunts),(gunshots),(man screams),- Theres so many moving parts.,And Karen really, I think,,delivered on Sam feeling trapped like a trapped animal.,Theres desperation there, but also violence.,And the moment where Yankee holds her,and tries to start biting on her,,and obviously her hands are paralyzed.,She doesnt even notice, but she looks at him like,,seriously, are you biting my hand?,(screams),- My gosh, this is so crazy.,- This was probably the coolest thing,,the funnest thing we had to shoot.,(latin music),(man screaming),- This was a challenge for me,,just because to kind of like isolate your arms,,and make sure that you dont use them.,And dont try to control them as quite a difficult thing,to do, especially when youre in the middle,of a chaotic fight sequence, trying to stay alive.,(gunshots),So, yeah. I think probably we had to like work,on that quite a lot of,just like do not use the arms whatever you do.,Oh, I love this tooth moment.,Yeah.,Navot came up with this tooth moment actually,on the day it was meant to be something else.,And then hes like, I have an idea.,- In the original script,,it was Karen, you can see this,,theres a fire extinguisher there.,Sam was supposed to come pick it up with her legs,,go and just comes down on his face,with the fire extinguisher.,So we had one of those thinking moments,where we just took at pause.,Its like, wait a minute,,we have this huge shoot that weve established.,This is going to be so much more fun and creative.,- Hey, bonehead.,- Its those moments I think if you find them,inside of an action sequence,,that makes it seem memorable.,And I think again,,can sell it so bloody well.,You know, we got really lucky with Karen.,- Oh, thanks Navot.,Check out Gunpowder Milkshake, now streaming on Netflix.

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