1. Genesis GV70 review: Better than the Germans?! ????
  2. 2022 Genesis GV70 Review // Nearly Perfect Luxury SUV
  3. SPECTACULAR! 2022 Genesis GV70 Review
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Genesis GV70 review: Better than the Germans?! ????

this is the Genesis gv70 and its a,little bit like a Lexus NX Im always in,one you see it is like the Lexus a,midsize SUV from Asia but also Hyundai,owns The Firm Genesis much the same way,that Toyota owns a firm Lexus and its,its premium brand and in this video Im,going to find out if this new gv70 is in,fact premium because Im at Watson and,youre watching car wow Buy sell car wow,lets start this video by talking about,the design of the gv70 so one of the key,things about Genesis Vehicles is that,they have this split like design really,do like it actually theyre the rear the,shape of it sort of reminds me of a,Porsche Macan can you see that no models,get a roof spoiler so if you get a sport,version you have a slightly deeper rear,bumper that looks more aggressive also,you get round rather than sort of oblong,exhaust though let me just find out if,these exhausts are fake or real Ive got,the Cobo sticker truth here so yeah,fakes around but there is a real exhaust,in each of these which is good news,anyway enough for that lets move down,the side so youve got quite pronounced,wheel arches like that and a sloping,roof light so its slightly coupe-like,different color trim here depending on,which model you go for and roof bars,once again depending on which trim level,you go for you get different colors and,it will start at 19 inches which is what,these are and they dont look too small,either they do rise up to 21 inches,though I dont really think you need,them then theres this line that comes,right from the front of the car its,sort of Bentleys but also this part sort,of reminds me of an old Jaguar S-Type,can you see that anyhow me about the,front really like this crease in the,Bonnet and then as you can see look the,split light design again here at the,front and then a really cool looking,Grille and the sport also has a deeper,more aggressive front bumper with more,air intakes there look air intakes and,yeah theyre real this is a good looking,car what do you think let me know in the,comments put a pink comment do you like,the look of this yes or no anyway lets,talk about the price so it starts from,41 000 pounds but if youre thinking,about buying a new car and you want to,make sure youre paying a fair price you,need to hit the carway because you can,see Ferris offers available on you and,used cars if you want to do that just,simply Google help me Caraway and me and,my team will help you choose your,perfect car and get it for a fair price,if you want to do that right now just,click on The Bob Outback up there for,the link in the description below here,on the inside the gv70 is blooming,lovely and its also getting a little,bit steamy because I tried to style out,filming the last segment as it started,to rain so Im a bit wet and um yeah,causing it to be a bit too moist in here,anyhow I wanted the car enough about me,so lovely design of the dash really,sweeping different layers and a pair as,well look at it theres these elliptical,shapes yeah it looks like that and there,and there thats the general theme going,throughout the cabin theres another,theme and thats high quality I mean,lovely leather up here with stitching,lovely leather here leather all the way,here here here here here it just feels,so expensive and this one has the,upgraded quilted seats which just like,something you get in a Bentley I really,do like the design and the steering,wheel feels nice this is the sport so,its got three spokes you get two spokes,on other models and its yeah the,seating position is great lots of,adjustment and,electrical operation at the steering,column youve got a nice clear digital,drivers display you can cycle through,different menus or very clear easy to,use and the design of it changes,slightly depending on which driving mode,youre in and it has a 3d effect as well,you cant see it on the camera you need,to see it with your eyes for it to work,properly but its just like you get on a,Mercedes S-Class and that brings on to,the fact this car feels like a really,premium product it does feel more,expensive inside than the equivalent BMW,X3 or Audi Q5 speaking of which you get,this huge entertainment screen here on,all models now you can use it as a touch,screen but as you can see its a bit far,to line reach forward when youre,driving so youve got an iDrive like,control here Swift oil the good news is,that you dont have to use disks to,control the climate control because,theres a separate section for it here,so some of it is actual physical buttons,but bits are touch screeny although at,least they have their own separate touch,screen so youre not having to Dell,through menus when youre driving along,other things I like with this look a,little bit of storage under here and,your 12 volt socket and everything just,feels expensive youve got felt in here,youve got a couple of cup holders here,which is where Im keeping the car key,and I like this,a little draw for your mobile phone even,my big fold which quite long fits in,there and youve got two USB ports as,well and in here is your glove box lets,see if it opens in an expensive way you,ready for it,ah well uh stamped but it kind of yeah,flops open a little bit too quickly that,is a minor complaint because otherwise,this is lovely okay last thing,bottle test,yeah a big bottle fits in there,practical comfy and luxurious now how am,I looking a little bit drenched actually,I can check myself out using a huge,vanity mirrors yep still lovely now if,you find these videos lovely and you,havent done so already make sure you,subscribe to I dont know Im laughing,at my own jokes anyway make sure you,subscribe to this Channel and hit the,Bell icon to turn your notifications on,that way you wont miss a single upload,here in the back of the gv70 new room is,good headrooms good as well I love the,fact that you can recline the back seats,like they do Recon quite a lot so yeah,its super comfy my only complaint is,that the foot space feels a little bit,tight yeah if you like a lot of what,space click on the pop-up button up,there for the link in the description,below to watch my depth review of the,Volvo XC60 that has more room for your,feet speaking of room for your feet if,you count three people at once this huge,lump in the floor does get in the way so,you end up playing foot walls with,passengers either side oh well not major,problem tell you what I do like though,quality just extends back it feels,really really expensive right down to,the feeling of the controls for the,climate actually underneath the climate,control youve got two USB ports there,andy now Ill go to this test,go all the way down go all the way down,go all the way down no Im not quite a,bit of a shame because the back window,is huge you do get a really good view,out do you have through loading,not on this car,no does someone agreeing with me off,camera you definitely dont why,arent you going to get it but you dont,that is annoying yeah a couple of cup,holders there look you need to put your,wrist in it but you get that loads of,cars and youve got some huge door bins,oh God even that that feels so expensive,theres so much squidgy soft yielding,material in this card feels so premium,Im not yeah theres room for your,bottle as well and youve got some,storage Nets here on the seat backs yeah,fairly nice back here oh yeah an,Alcantara headlining well not Alcantara,but Alcantara alike it really does just,feel a lot more expensive than the,German counterparts it really really,does really really really lots of really,is there just emphasize the point right,back outside again because the rain,stopped I want to show you the boot I,love the way you open it you just press,this button here look,dont have to reach down there anything,like that very clever,also theres no low lips its dead easy,to slide things in and out lovely job,and then underneath here youve got your,kind of tire repair kit and stuff look,at this,there is,your Low cover,bear with me well like get it out,see that thats n

2022 Genesis GV70 Review // Nearly Perfect Luxury SUV

what,hey hey hey oh,okay did they come take it cool oh,who took it thats your car yeah i,thought that was you no no no,i just drove off yeah,you own an audi dont you this is a,genesis james i dont actually have to,take my own car in for service they just,come its part of their at-home valet,okay they pick the car up and they take,it away for service and bring it back,its pretty cool,i just uh yeah i just left it on the,side of the road with the with the keys,in it with the keys in it,yeah yeah that doesnt sound like thats,what youre supposed to do yes,hi there im here to pick up your gv70,and the orange jumpsuit,mother,[Music],youre watching throttle house im,thomas,and im james and this,is the new genesis gv70,the newest sleekest most,crossovery thing from genesis,a brand that continues to impress us,somewhat to their detriment because,every new model we get into,our expectations rise they no longer,feel,like an underdog so they dont get a,free pass,anymore especially since this gv70 while,it started at,under 50 grand canadian is nearing 70,000 as specked a not insignificant sum,of money,for a vehicle surrounded by german,giants,so does it match up lets find out,if youre new to farmhouse we do car,reviews,track tests and quite a lot of messing,around,so subscribe and hit the bell,okay lets find something out because in,genesiss genesis is this is language,genus caesars language in genesis is,language this is towards the athletic,side,rather than the elegant side so if it,drives,even 75 as well as a normal g70,and yet has this interior and the space,and the other stuff that were going to,talk about in a minute,it could be a huge win,because with the gv70 genesis is trying,to,sweep the leg of the audi q5 the bmw,x3 and the mercedes glc and thats,difficult thats a thats a stout german,leg,in order to do that the first ingredient,of the recipe has to be,the engine and in this case this one has,a 3.5 liter,twin turbo v6 im actually looking at it,now its,just two twin turbos apparently,theres a quad turbo its moving up in,the world,genesis okay it is actually a twin turbo,v6 but it puts out 375 horsepower and,391 pound-feet of torque,and genesis have seen fit to give this,launch control,so i think its pretty much our duty to,figure out what this can actually do,because it does,undercut the x3m40i by quite a few grand,now they claim 5.1 seconds to 100 but,were gonna do just a naught to 60,miles an hour so hopefully were looking,at just under five seconds,sport plus escr launch control ready go,[Music],great grip off the line all-wheel drive,system kicking in there,5.6,thats not very good thats about one,second,more than the x3 m40i so,i expected better than that i will say,that it didnt really build much,boost for the launch but we found that,to be a bit of a genesis thing,who knows maybe thats part of how,theres a 10 year warranty,in the states okay its not as fast as,the germans,and it does drive very comfortably in,comfort but it has theatrics switch it,into sport mode or sport plus mode,the exhaust gets louder the seat hugs,you tighter,the needle on the rev gauge transforms,into a flaming sword,i think thats pretty cool the engine,then,while not the quickest in its price,range is,smooth the eight speed is easy to get on,with does it sound fantastic,no not really especially as it,decelerates its just a bit of a drone,but this has the 18 speaker lexicon,sound system so just listen to that,instead,i will say that the car doesnt actually,feel that quick in practice ive got on,with the 8-speed transmission,and it is quick its absolutely quick,enough but its not,its not that level where i could say,that the 3.5 liter turbo is overkill it,is not,overkill if you want a massive cost,saving the 2.5 litre is going to do it,that four cylinder,but uh this car just feels right with,the 3.5,but from a packaging perspective the 3.5,litre turbo,also means you get some other things and,im not sure about all of them,even though i think that these 21 inch,wheels,kind of look like the impression a,wicker seat makes on your bum,when youve been sitting down for too,long my real concern,and its something the germans do all,the time is that in the name of,sportiness,genesis have compromised the ride,because they advertise this as the,sporty one,so im really hoping thats not the case,i will say i agree with james big wheels,are dumb thankfully because this is the,upper trim model you get the,rode preview adaptive suspension system,that reads the road ahead and actually,uses the gps as well to adjust the,suspension,on the fly so even though weve got big,done wheels,the rides actually pretty good it does,jitter over some big bumps if i was,going to be super critical but im on a,very bumpy road right now and theres,tons of suspension travel which is,really nice,and im even in sport plus ill just,knock it back down to comfort,and speaking of technology genesis,didnt stop with the fancy bentley style,road preview thing,theres also a fingerprint button right,here when i put my finger on that when i,get in the car it saves my driver,profile,so if you have multiple drivers read,your fingerprint and it sets everything,for you,back in the day you just carried,individual keys but,now were in the future so there it is,this also has,massaging seats cooled seats and you can,back the car,in and out using the key,its kind of got all the stuff really,but how does the rest of the car drive,because i have high standards for,genesis because they just basically,continually impress me,so sport plus were going to shift,manually,james is right about the power delivery,its very smooth and nice engine isnt,super refined though,but the steering i think is where this,wins right now even over most of the,germans,because its got a really solid,on-center feel and theres,actually some feedback going on which is,great driving position is also good not,compromised because its a cuv,or whatever this thing actually is and,its,borderline fun to drive but dont expect,it to drive like a g70 because it,doesnt its,more like a crossover but thats okay,because i dont like it when they,compromise comfort,too much for performance its more fun,than an sq5 but its not,quite as dynamically exciting as an,x3 m40i and since this isnt the top top,trim it doesnt get the limited slip,differential,so if you wanted to do big snowy skids,in the winter time youd have a hard,time with this one,why would you do that because its fun,thats why,well we do nitpick this is an absolute,win for genesis,theyre going to sell a gajillion of,these because this is comfortable,easy to drive easy to point theres,enough feedback that you know whats,going on,but it insulates you enough that youre,not interrupted,living your life driving this car to,work,its a great little suv cuv whatever,huh what do you think i think its good,it is good i think theyve done a great,job here,genesis that doesnt look like a bentley,badge at all this is,absolutely we werent going to say that,im sorry i broke i broke up promised,this absolutely meets my expectations,yes because it drives just kind of like,a smaller,g this has been hyped g80 small yeah,its the same engine from the gv8 we,tried it in the same van it drives like,a bigger g70 but,it is sleeker sleeker sleeker just spit,all over it,its already metallic i just added some,flake yeah,but this has the new design right yes,its got this big crest,its got the quad lamps people are a bit,split yeah theyre a bit split on it i,knew youre going well,it wasnt planned and there youre going,but this is the sport yeah its called,the sport appearance package which i,think comes standard on the 3.5 turbo,dont quote me,okay which means that this is not bright,chrome,its dark chrome its its spider-man,when it becomes bad,so this is the symbiote this is the,symbiote chrome and theres also the,other places like the window trim this,is bright chrome is now dark,its got this is dark chrome is it it is,it its way too bright on the

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SPECTACULAR! 2022 Genesis GV70 Review

[Music],im jacob,were going for a drive,2022 genesis gv70 sport plus with launch,control,ready,thats pretty quick pretty good for a,genesis suv horsepower and torque,375 horsepower 391 pound-feet of torque,from a 3.5 liter twin turbo v6,okay cruising in auto just floor for me,dude this rips it picks up really hard,this is a great power train,its the same one thats in basically,every other genesis now surprisingly,quick,but like theyre not known to be a fast,suv company,right theyre more luxurious but this,definitely isnt slow either so this is,a smaller suv the gv80 is the bigger one,that can have a three row but before we,get into all the stuff,lets boot it into cliche corner okay so,taking this sport plus,trim in the sport plus drive mode and oh,automatic downshift tire squealing like,crazy it definitely understeers,does not feel quite as capable as a g70,even though its on the same platform,oh a little bit oversteer thats thats,pretty impressive for what this is,this kind of competes with a mercedes,amg glc 43,and like an audi sq5 and like a bmw x3,m40i,so i kind of get it but its also maybe,an acura rdx as well,yeah except this is based off a rear,wheel drive platform where the rdx is a,front wheel drive platform,right this isnt as punchy as kind of,all of those but its kind of in between,all of them its a really good mix okay,and my theory is,theyre not going full sporty stuff for,genesis because theyre just going to,wait till the electric,transition where its easier yeah,because its like itd probably be a,pain to make a motor,thats like a 63 competitor and then,itll probably be phased out,pretty quickly unfortunately so this car,or sorry suv has never existed before,the gv70 is all new,and genesis says its their most,important suv or car,that theyve ever made and if youre,enjoying reviews of the brand new cars,as soon as they come out consider,subscribing it really helps to make sure,we get them right when they come out do,it for the algorithm,yes the algorithm whoever whatever that,is,skynet prefers if youre subscribed and,since its so important we should,probably start off with the looks,it looks fantastic one of the best,looking,suvs of the year okay starting with the,front end we have the same style looks,as the g70 where everything is kind of,softer more rounded weve got the same,headlights same grille,and weve got our radar at the bottom,which means once you put a front license,plate on this it is going,to look really awful yeah like really,really bad but moving around to the side,these wheels are lovely i didnt like,them in photos but i really like,how thick the lips are on them and i,like them in photos and i like them in,real life and what would be the,continental recommended tire for,genesiss most important car to date,the sport contact six and then side view,weve got some really nice body lines,theres really cool overlaps,and then this paint color really helps,accentuate it but,weve got a lot of overcast right now so,we cant make it pop like we usually,would,yeah its kind of difficult today just,because the clouds are coming in and out,but one of the coolest things of the,overall side profile,is that rear window yeah it like the,body line comes up from the top and,swoops around in the back,i think it is good for making it look,cooper and the worst part of this,suv from the side is the stance its,just its so tall i get that its an suv,but a lot of other suvs in this class do,have like air suspension you can lower,them and overall they just look better,yeah that doesnt super bother me but i,can see how it is a little annoying if,you want it to look a little bit choicer,and it also affects the performance,because i did have a lot of body roll,and cliche corner like,it is noticeable in this scene but i,feel like this suv is like they gave you,the power,just because they could and theyre like,were not going to contour in the,handling its like were going to give,you a little bit more straight line like,just dont send it too hard we got the,g70 for that,this was tested and tuned on the,nurburgring whatever ive never been,there that place doesnt exist yet to me,yeah it definitely exists to me,only in video games only in real life,two laps oh i havent said that in a,while,and moving on to the back end we have,awesome genesis tail lights that go,across two lines,they look so fantastic and the best part,is that third brake light is along the,whole spoiler and it kind of gives me,aston martin dbx fives,i totally see that as well and its just,its really good looking from the back,except the exhaust look a little bit,weird little bit weird but bonus points,for doing something,original the way it kind of comes out of,the black part at the back i think,looks so wicked and like it could be so,much worse compared to what like audi,and other companies like the new,infinity has like these fake chrome,things that look like exhaust tips like,a lot but arent exhaust tips at all,yeah and then theres also a different,trim of this which isnt as,sporty which has like vertical exhaust,so there are options,and the thing that sucks the most is,that fake grille we have back there,along the black thing if you look at,this 911 targa we also have right now,its just like plain black i think they,probably could have gotten away with,something like that,but there is a lot of like fake grill,throughout the car yeah because that,fake grill,at the bottom then carries through to,part of the sides,which also carries through to the front,a little bit and it just looks a little,bit weird but the fronts got a lot of,like normal plastic behind like the,actual grille to block it off i think,if they did the back like a diamond,pattern like one of the old hyundais we,did like the um,tucson the new tucson yeah they could,have gotten away with that but,im like everything else looks so good,im not mad at all,and since we did talk about the exhaust,tips what does it sound like from the,outside,and what does it sound like from the,inside of this pumpkin audio,just like every other genesis with this,engine its not very good its this kind,of like droning,theres three levels of turning it down,and weve got it cranked to the max so,that you could really hear on this video,so its nice that you can,turn it all off yeah and its funny that,they change the names for this,particular car maybe theyll do that for,the other ones but,for what this is its pretty funny,having it off i think is the appropriate,thing to do in a car like this,and we also got the cool spoiler at the,top of the back and then weve got,genesis across the whole trunk lid and,then to open the trunk the button is on,the rear wiper,and if you open the trunk we should,probably do the box test,one two three four,five six seven,eight nine ten,eleven get your own box on patreon.com,slash the straight pipes,so overall looks wise killed it killed,it like,this looks great the little things wrong,with it dont really bother me and i,think this looks better than pretty much,everything until you put the front,license plate on it,and then it kind of all actually,completely falls apart yeah,totally would new gv80s look so bad with,the front plate,i think they need to bring back the,radar in the grill so they can drop the,license plate,at the bottom like mazdas do yeah as,much as i,hate that like plexiglas thing it kind,of makes sense because we,have those stupid front plates here so,back to some performance again im gonna,floor it,its really torquey like i feel like,they updated it more,something the way that this all works,together feels like it works better than,it does in the new stinger where it had,like a little bit of turbo lag and stuff,i dont know what they did maybe genesis,gets to spend a few more horsepower,points,yeah i dont know or like they they move,the horsepower and the torque curve,around,but anyways it feels really good we do,have an eight-speed auto and it just,seems to shift really fine in this,however if you do use the

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Genesis GV70 EV driving REVIEW – the fastest charging electrified mid-size SUV

A new midsize EV SUV is coming up,with the Genesis GV70 EV.,This vehicle here is available,with combustion engine, both petrol and diesel,,but now there is the electric version.,And you can see it here,,with the closed grill,but in this dotted structure.,And with Thomas on Autogef├╝hl for you,,well tell you all about,what you need to know with this vehicle,including the driving part.,Burgundy is a very interesting color here for the day.,We also have some other color choices.,For example, a red one,or a matte green, military style.,Or my favorite, the matte gray.,That looks the best, I think.,Other than that, heres the closed grille.,You can see the tail…,The… tail lamps?,Thats the other side, right!,The front lamps here,,very slim.,Daytime running light integration.,That looks very modern.,Quite modern starting in the front.,Do you like it?,4.72 meters or 186 inches is the length here,of the Genesis GV70.,The EV version is no different.,So from the exterior,,you cannot differentiate it from the side profile.,The direct competitor would,,for example, be a Mercedes GLC,but thats not available electric yet.,Well here, 20-inch wheels mounted for today.,And we can see that we have,the chrome frames around the windows.,It has an elegant styling,,and a very interesting design line right here.,Suspension-wise, the EV version,directly comes with the otherwise optional ECS.,Thats the adaptive dampers.,And here, also in the Preview function,so it scans the road ahead,,and it sometimes does beeping sounds.,Really clean design here also in the rear,with these taillamps that are,very horizontally drawn, very slim.,And did you know, this is also a performance SUV.,It has all-wheel drive.,One electric motor in the rear,,one in the front.,4.2 seconds is the acceleration figure,to 100 km/h or 62 mph.,Very impressive.,And also for efficiency,,they both use, on the rear and the front axle,,permanent synchronous motor.,And that means theyre more efficient.,But usually, theyre always running,even if youre rolling.,But they can decouple,the front electric motor when rolling,so theres then less resistance.,And then usually when youre,just running rather straight,,just the rear electric motor is active.,So it is predominantly then,a rear-wheel driven car.,And then front electric motor,when you really need it.,The top speed is 235 km/h or 146 mph.,So they also thought about the German Autobahn!,Yeah, we Germans need the high speed, you know.,And well test the German Autobahn, of course,,with this one here today.,Some think that the Genesis logo,can be mistaken for a Bentley logo or vice versa.,Whats your opinion on that?,Tell me in the comments.,And there is indeed here a small frunk.,Aww, aint that cute!,Well, at least you do have one.,Would that be a relevant factor when buying an EV?,Tell me in the comments as well.,And talking about the engines in general,,about the general vehicle,,yep, general vehicle,,well, this is the EV version.,77 kWh net battery.,That will bring us a range, more or less,,400 kilometers or 250 miles.,Maybe a little bit more.,Well see about that later.,It also features a heat pump,so you dont have so much range losses in winter times.,Other than that,,the general platform here of the vehicle,offers a petrol engine 2.5L.,Or in the US, also 3.5 liter V6.,And also, 2.2-liter diesel.,Charging port is here hidden in the front.,That looks cool, right?,And it has the 800 Volt architecture.,That means charging from 10% to 80%,state of charge when you have,a proper DC-charging station,,in less than 20 minutes.,And this is indeed segment-leading.,And turning indicator check,,that looks quite fancy, doesnt it?,In the rear, its not that spectacular.,The reason here they keep it in lower part,is that when the hatch is opened,,you can still see that.,Thats also mandatory by law, actually.,By the way, we also caught a pink vehicle,which was also interesting, doesnt it?,This is the key fob,,and it also features the Remote Parking feature.,And that means when youre close,,you have to close it,then have this hold button,,then you can…,Oh, I almost ran over Michelles foot now.,That was close!,So lets say you have a narrow parking or something.,Then you can remotely park this car in and out and…,Hey!,Stop… stop!,I have to use the Force!,Yeah, sorry I had to go for this one.,Door closing sound.,Its actually quite good.,Have her better ones.,But definitely, definitely heard worse ones.,Whats cool here at the door,,look at that.,It really continues all the way to the lower area.,That means, yeah you can easily,scratch the ground when its,,you know, when theres like a bump here or something.,But the good thing is,that the whole area here,in the entry area there,,it always stays clean.,In here starts what I love about this vehicle.,Here, real controls.,This is the real deal.,You have real buttons,,and they are from good build quality.,I really love that,,also how the contrast stitches,are lined here and so on.,That makes a very good impression.,And you can also see that,here at the steering wheel.,You have real controls,,also the jog for the volume, for example.,And it looks premium,,it feels premium.,At the same time,,you offer a classic user interface,because we as humans,,we need feedback and we need to touch things.,Yeah, I literally mean that.,Yeah, thats the cool thing.,And it shows you can make a modern vehicle,but still keep a classic,and good user interface.,Seats, they look quite comfortable.,Ill soon test them.,However one strange thing here with the EV version,,you have some fabric in the head restraint,but main part is animal skin.,And for the petrol engines,,you can get leatherette seats, for example.,Well, why not here?,Maybe at a later stage, I dont know.,Seating position here,,with 1.89 or 62,,there is still some headroom left,and theres a nice comfort feature here.,When I turn on the ignition,,steering wheel comes down,,seat goes forward.,This is then the final seating position.,And yeah, its really disappointing,especially for the EV version,,they only sell the top trim,and then with animal skin seats.,That doesnt make sense at all.,Yeah, but lets see if that only counts for Europe.,Well have to see about that.,Seating position itself from the ergonomics,is actually quite decent.,You have a nice comfortable seating position.,And once again, the quality,,how you know, everything is thought out and planned,,that makes a very good first impression as well.,Interior overview, really clean here,from the surfaces and so on.,And here, wrapped tightly.,14.9-inch screen.,Really horizontal widescreen format.,What I love best with this vehicle is,that they once again show,it looks more than it looks clean,,yet at the same time,,we have a real climate dial,which you can feel and turn.,And thats the way to go.,I think this is actually a good way they found.,Yes, you also have the screen here,,for example, to activate…,the steering wheel heating, for example.,Or the seat heating right here.,So they dont have knobs for everything.,But for example,here, for that.,Or the steering wheel,,Ive shown that to you as well.,And also some hotkeys that you can,quickly access the map, for example.,Its important by the way, in a way,,that you still use the cars internal GPS,because when you use that one,,you can have preheating for the battery,for fast charging.,That wont be possible with,Google Maps or Apple CarPlay.,Then in the lower part,,we have also this control unit,where it can control,the infotainment system while driving.,Its also a good function to have.,Driving mode selection,,soon more about that.,Another real volume jog.,And everything resonates very well with that quality.,And this is then the drive mode selector.,Drive, Reverse,,and Neutral if you ever need that,,and then here for the parking.,Also when you open these things like here,,it feels so smooth when you open that.,I love these details.,2 USB-A chargers.,You can also fit a second phone there.,Als

2022 Genesis GV70 | Luxury SUV Family Review

[Music],were driving a 2022 genesis gv70 coming,up im going to share a fact that,absolutely shocked me really but first,information explosion,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],for those who dont know the genesis,gv70 is a small luxury suv it shares its,platform with the genesis g70 which is,the sedan and we reviewed it if you want,to see our g70 review click right up,here so were gonna do a little bit of a,comparison between the g70 and the gv70,and were going to dig deep into the,family friendliness lets start things,off with interior,milady what do you think about the style,of the interior of the genesis gv70,there is a lot i think it might,mostly be the color,well thats an excellent point though,because it is this vivid red but to,genesiss credit you can get this,interior in,four different color schemes theres a,beige black blue i think its stylish,and luxurious feeling yeah one detail i,like too is that when you have the,vehicle off this all disappears,its all black and then when you turn it,on it magically comes to life so a ton,of style in here um what about space one,of the things that really we struggled,with in the genesis g70 which is the,sedan that shares this platform was,space this is a huge improvement on that,i feel like all passengers have plenty,of leg room were a small family so it,really works well for us but in a pinch,you know like sometimes you might need,an adult in the back seat and i fit,quite comfortably in the second row,cargo space is similarly great so,theres 28.9 cubic feet of space,behind the second row and then you know,you can flip those seats down with the,cool little releases on the sides though,i have noticed one thing which is that,the,seat if you let it go and if the front,seat is in the access position the rear,seat headrest will flop into it,but i have a solution,[Music],what about getting kiddo in and out she,had such an easy time climbing in and,out the low height of this vehicle is,excellent for getting a small person in,back yeah i would say that you know this,is an suv but really its more like a,wagon just a barely too tall wagon but,we cant call them wagons in america so,were gonna wink wink uh agree on the,suv nomenclature but man its super easy,to get in and out we do not have latch,flaps uh the latch points from chelsea,back there are exposed but they they are,so sly and subtle that you wouldnt even,know that they were there so very easy,to install a car seat one issue though,um door width,oh yes the doors dont open very wide,and um the size of the opening as,compared to the,size of our seat it was a little tight,getting in it takes a little light,finagling yeah and i only mentioned that,because i wanted to use the word,finagling in a review,we talked about safety for a second,sweetie please wont you let me talk,about safety i mean its all i ever want,to talk about really well then uh youre,gonna appreciate the fact that there are,eight standard airbags in the gv70,theres also a full suite of active,driver assists lane keeping assist,automatic emergency braking in fact this,has full speed adaptive cruise control,which isnt really a safety feature but,its included in that suite i mentioned,the airbags one of the airbags theres a,center airbag,between us and the front here so if,were in an accident we wont whack into,each other sounds like somethings doing,some whacking back there on its own,what are we doing theres actually a,hitch back there for the bronco that we,own if youre curious about our bronco,driving adventures click up here so you,may hear the occasional clank i assure,you thats normal,one other really neat feature that,genesis offers on the gv70 is a rear,occupant alert system so all of them,will tell you oh you should check the,back seats if the vehicle thinks you,might have left something back there but,on higher trims there is this feature,its an ultrasonic sensor where if you,have a small human being or an animal or,something in the back,the ultrasonic sensor can detect,movement and it will honk the horn and,it can even alert you on your phone with,the genesis app that you uh may have,left something alive in the back seat,which is a very reassuring thing for,frazzled mothers and fathers so family,what do we think is the gv70 family,friendly family friendly,rear window test,so close,armrest test so im driving in a,comfortable eight and four shuffling my,way down the mountain and on the inboard,here,its padded but not deeply padded and,theyre stitching right along the edge,and that makes it sort of an,uncomfortable place to put my uh elbow,um theyre even height but in their okay,position i can uh access the elbow space,but a little bit firm and on the,outboard its softer but still not uh,not genuinely soft im gonna go 50,35 on the inboard 50 of the outboard wow,hey have you subscribed to our channel,if you havent please do at 100 000 subs,were going to review a windowless white,van,style,milady lets talk about style with this,vehicle thats the first thing you want,to talk about because the style is,pretty over the top for a little suv so,what weve got is the dual light bar,motif that genesis has incorporated into,all of their modern vehicles um you also,got uh some interesting details along,the side some very kind of muscular,design elements like the real kind of,sharp creases and then also on the c,pillar its almost like a reverse,airplane wing the longer and short of it,is theres a lot of style here but is it,working for you,its mostly working the part that i,dont care for is theres a lot of like,really visible plastic on it it almost,in that crosshatch pattern it almost,looks like um like an evil spiderman,should be driving it sorry arachna dude,reacted to because its off-brand,because its like it does look a little,bit cheap i think youre absolutely,right that crosshatch its like theyre,going for what looks like a grill but,its clearly not a grill and also the,color of the plastic,they didnt want to go shiny so they,went kind of matte and it almost looks,pre-production sick burnt,i like this is the only context in which,saying something is pre-production could,be a sick burn,what do you guys think of the genesis,gv70s style do you like it do you,dislike it tell us in the comments,if youre curious what were doing,between youtube videos give us a follow,over on instagram im mostly a,helicopter and car guy shes mostly cats,and kids,catching kids,moving on in motion,[Music],first things first ive noticed that,ride quality is a little bit firm even,in comfort modes and i wonder how much,of that is dependent on our specific,vehicles 21-inch wheels yeah a little,bit firm however thats not a bad thing,because that firmness cues you that this,is kind of an on-road focused kind of,suv as you drive around,its car-like qualities are quite,apparent its very quiet in here by the,way so great noise,control but coming around the corner,here there is a a precision to the,steering that i like its also a little,bit heavy but again thats sort of,conveying um sporty vibes its like the,people who designed the car wanted to,let you know its okay to have fun with,it oh thanks guys,[Laughter],i feel like theres a joke under the,joke that im not quite getting but im,just gonna roll with it reasonably quick,reactions from the uh paddle shifters,and then were just gonna go a little,bit zippy family lets see how do we,feel going zippy zippy zippy zippy zippy,oh,yeah the seat belts kind of squeeze you,down when theyre like,too zippy yeah yeah the people were like,hey go have fun with the car not that,much fun,its interesting because its built on,the same platform as the g70 um the gv70,that were driving here i think is,ultimately less capable in the corners,but in some ways i prefer that because,the joy of driving quickly is kind of,like playing with that edge and you can,approach the edge in this a little bit,more easily if the the old um adage,about its better to drive a slow car,faster than fast ca

Genesis GV70 FULL REVIEW – Bentley on a budget? (UK 4K) 2022

unlike other brands lukewarm attempts at,producing a premium sub-brand Hyundai,seem absolutely determined to make,Genesis a household name their lineup,now includes an impressive seven models,with three of them being fully,electrified with more in the pipeline,including the breathtaking convertible X,which was revealed this week at the Los,Angeles Auto Show this is the gv70 which,is the SUV sibling to the likable g70,Saloon which I reviewed earlier this,year the v in its name stands for,versatile due to this being a practical,size and four-wheel drive as standard,demand for these mid-size SUVs continues,to Skyrocket the world over including in,the UK where Genesis is still a pretty,new brand its hoping that models like,this the gv70 will help crack Europe,with excellent value and high grade kit,with prices starting from just under 40,000 pounds it certainly looks very very,promising,hi guys Im Tish and welcome back to my,channel Auto social UK in todays video,were going to be getting to know the,gv70 and Ill tell you everything there,is to know about this fabulous looking,vehicle so if that sounds good then,please keep watching and if you do like,new car reviews and car content then,dont forget to go ahead and hit the,Subscribe button,so lets start by talking about design,because this car certainly demands,attention with that great big Bentley s,Grille and the Bentley s badge as well,youve also got creases down the side,which make it feel very very premium,its clear that when Genesis designed,this car they wanted it to demand,attention on the road and thats exactly,what it does in the sportier model that,I have youve got the black front grille,and youve also got a black diffuser,down the bottom there as well I really,love the design of the gv70 in fact I,think that this bentley-esque design,looks best on the larger models like,this and also the gv80 the only thing,that Im not too sure about on the,design of this car is the front,headlamps I think theyre just cheapens,the model very very slightly but overall,its a great looking car isnt it it,actually sits on 19-inch Wheels which,which are the smallest available to the,gv70 but I dont think they look small,on the car and theyre in quite a nice,design which is slightly subtle for some,of the new car designs that were seeing,nowadays but it really suits it and it,also rides better on those smaller,Wheels which Ill talk about a little,bit later on,so theres an electric version of the,gv70 which has been recently introduced,however theres no hybrid version which,is kind of odd because Hyundai have the,plug-in hybrid the mild hybrid the,strong hybrid so Genesis did have access,to all of these engines however they,chose to just go straight from standard,petrol and Diesel to Electric which I,dont know its kind of nice that in,these executive cars that you might have,the option of having a hybrid so you,have that backup of the combustion,engine but you can get a lower bit rate,and you can also kind of run in electric,solely if youre only doing short,Journeys to and from work so I do think,thats a bit of a shame but talking,about the actual engines that are,available theres two to choose from so,the petrol is a 2.5 liter petrol,producing around 300 brake horsepower,and it will go from naught to 62 in 6.1,seconds ends which for a car thats this,size I think thats quite impressive the,diesel is a little bit slower it gets,just over 200 brake horsepower and that,will go from 0 to 62. it actually I,think a respectable,7.9 seconds which is still not slow and,probably the car that I would lean,towards if I was going for a gd70 just,because it can get quite thirsty when,youre driving this car a lot Ive seen,some people online saying that theyre,getting an average of 20 miles per,gallon however I do think thats because,theyre pushing it a little bit hard,because in the time that Ive spent the,gv70 which has just been driving people,around leisurely enjoying this car Ive,seen 30 miles per gallon so thats much,better but nowadays we are used to,higher fuel economies in cars with,hybrids so perhaps that is a little bit,low,one of my favorite pieces of Technology,attached to the gv70 is the ability to,move it using just the key this is,really handy if youve got a tight,parking space or if you just want to,impress your friends so simply turn it,on using the key and then,and if youre worried that it might hit,something it will automatically,stop itself before it comes in contact,with anything How cool is that,from what the Genesis gv70 looks like on,the outside you kind of get your hopes,up that its going to be a little bit,special on the inside well were in luck,because come and check out the interior,of this car,it really is very very special on the,interior of this car its probably not,going to be for everyone with this red,quilted leather but I really like it,youve also got the contrasting black,dashboard with the red stitching and,Alcantara on the headrest it just feels,really really premium this nice steering,wheel where youve got some Chrome,detailing and actually some haptic,buttons as well its really visually,appealing and I also love that at night,this geometric part here actually glows,in like a blue color it feels really,really ambient now whilst Ive been,spending some time with this car Ive,actually done a lot of chauffeuring,people around and this is the ultimate,chauffeur car its got a fantastic sound,system fantastic interior lighting and,its so very comfortable both the driver,and the passenger get electrically,adjust ball front seats which is really,lovely but you do have to upgrade if you,wanted to go for the electric lumbar,support as well and equipment is just,absolutely booming in this car Ive got,automatic lights automatic rain sensing,wipers heated seats cooled seats a,heated steering wheel a rear view Camera,360 degree Ive also got loads and loads,of Technology including Apple carplay,and Android auto and youve also got a,little screen for your climate control,dials now this might not be user,friendly to everyone it does look good,but it is a little bit difficult to use,if you want to quickly change your,temperature you do have to punch around,on the touchscreen and it doesnt always,accept your inputs but actually its,pretty user friendly everywhere else,when you compare it the equivalent Audi,Q5 that car can get around with darting,around town and feeling like a high,riding hatchback however this feels much,more like a large SUV its only around,20 milliliters wider than say the,Mercedes GLC or the Audi Q5 but it feels,bigger than that on the road youre kind,of always checking your mirrors to make,sure you can fit through spaces but,Genesis are aware of this and what,theyve done is theyve given you a few,features to make it easier to live with,and that includes some little reversing,cameras which which no sorry reversing,lights so as youre reversing it lights,up the road and it shows you where the,car is heading which I think is quite,handy and especially considering its,already got that 360 degree parking,camera youve also got the little camera,that comes up when youre indicating to,show your blind spot its just very very,handy and it also gets all of the safety,equipment as standard that youd expect,blind spot warning youve also got Lane,assist which is really easy to turn off,I love and Hyundais that they put the,lane assist button on the steering wheel,so you can very quickly turn it off,straight away if thats something that,you dont like and actually I have found,because this is such a large car you do,spend quite a lot of time around town,and on the back roads going over the,lines so its handy that you can turn it,off,around the back the gv70 reminds me a,lot of the Porsche Macan and thats,definitely not a bad thing it also feels,really sporty with that crisscrossy,Bottom Grill housing those massive,exhausts although a lot of that exhaust,is just the surround now inside the boot,you will fin

2022 Genesis GV70 | Review & Road Test

this is the genesis gv70 its a smaller,premium suv akin to the bmw x3,mercedes-benz glc acura rdx volvo xc60,lincoln corsair you know what you get,the idea the competitive landscape is,rich with choices but the gv70 sets,itself apart in a few regards not the,least of which being design,im not one to pontificate on style you,know what you like but in the case of,the gv70 i have to proclaim my,admiration in fact i like it so much,were gonna bust out some drone footage,super flies,[Music],ive said it before everything looks,better from the sky including the,gorgeous gv70 genesis,design philosophy looks brilliant when,applied to a compact suv form i,especially like the muscular profile and,forward swept c-pillar wing treatment,here enjoy a few bonus seconds to draw,your own conclusions,[Music],inside the style parade continues with a,bounty of ellipses,ellipse,ellipse ellipse theyre like ovals but,fancier,and yes i know thats meant to evoke the,cross-section of an airplane wing of,course i know,the vibe throughout is smart and sporty,i especially like how the climate,controls remain invisible until you,start the vehicle,the gv70s interior proclaims a strong,stylistic statement by shape tactile,quality and by color blue red beige and,black themes are all available,beyond appearances whats it like to,occupy the gv70s cabin,lets start in the back seat ive,already set the front seat for my ideal,front seat position and well first,things lets,angle this back a touch,oh that goes back pretty far actually,okay so we got some angle the rear seat,doesnt slide but it doesnt need to i,have adequate clearance in front of my,ideal front seat position headroom is,pretty good in fact ill even notch over,here a little bit as i lose my mic pack,and uh lets see do i look like i got,enough room,ive got enough room lets go to the,front seat and see how that works,all right i mean unsurprisingly theres,plenty of room up here i really like the,driving position too the wheel,telescopes far enough back that im in a,very comfortable driving position oh hey,you know what we havent done a little,while the mike and muzio elbow comfort,index so on the outboard its a little,bit firm underneath this padding here,and then on the inboard you get the seam,and sort of a hard edge its a little,bit padded but it could be more padded,im gonna go maybe sixty percent,squirrel on that,hey buddy good to see you again,[Music],as for cargo space if you want to open,up the hatch you just push this little,button right here it opens up to reveal,28.9 cubic feet which i think is a very,workable amount of space lets see,whats under here,a little nook that you can put some,genesis branded uh pressed materials,perhaps,is that where you keep your press,materials underneath there thats what i,would do too one thing i like about the,cargo area is that youve got these,releases back here for flipping the,seats forward though one thing i have,noticed if you use this one and the,access function is um working on the,drivers seat the headrest hits it so it,doesnt go all the way down though in,the pantheon of automotive complaints,thats pretty minor,i got it,as long as im lodging complaints im,not a fan of the standard two spoke,steering wheel consider that motivation,to choose the gv70 sport model like,were driving which boasts a three spoke,steering wheel along with dark chrome,trim carbon fiber accents and 21 inch,wheels,i also think a traditional volume knob,would be easier to use than this roller,volume control,another interface to consider is the,14.5 inch infotainment touch screen,whose distant placement is accounted for,by a round control knob,as stated in other genesis videos i like,how genesis puts the screen high here in,a very wide aspect ratio because when,youre looking at that screen your eyes,arent far from where you should be,looking which is out at the road ahead,everything here is controlled through,this little knob and i think the,interface is easier to use than lets,say something you get from mercedes or,something along those lines though i,will point out that on more than one,occasion i have reached for this drive,selector instead of the infotainment,controller theyre both round and very,very close to each other youve been,warned,with that helpful segue lets talk about,driving the gv70 built on the same,rear-wheel drive architecture as the,genesis g70 sedan the gv70 comes,standard with rear biased all-wheel,drive,engine choices include a base 2.5 liter,turbocharged 4-cylinder,or an optional 3.5 liter twin,turbocharged v6 each paired with an,8-speed automatic transmission,we happen to be driving the v6 because,of course we are hashtag blue book life,lets put it to good use,ooh pepe,theres a slight delay off the line but,once that power kicks in it kicks strong,besides snappier acceleration another,good reason to choose the 3.5 liter v6,is that it comes with a camera-based,adaptive suspension which reads the road,ahead adjusting the suspension in real,time for improved ride and handling,in my experience big bumps even in,comfort mode are met with controlled but,firm reactions from the suspension,[Music],despite the gv70s taught nature ride,comfort is generally agreeable elevated,by minimal wind and road noise,meanwhile outward visibility is good,thanks to rear quarter windows and a,slightly raised vantage point because,this is an suv though it doesnt really,feel like an suv from the drivers seat,maybe its the assertive brake feel,maybe its the quick heavy weighted,steering maybe its the surprising,amount of speed you can carry through a,corner if youre feeling motivated,whatever it is the gv70 drives much more,like a sports wagon than a proper suv,considering how most people use their,suvs i think a speedy on-road spirit is,a good thing oh and if youre curious,here are the fuel economy figures,huh it might be nice if genesis added a,hybrid to the lineup and now just,because i love pulling mike danger into,my videos were gonna do a mini,comparison between the audi q5 and the,genesis gv70,hey mike youve been driving the audi q5,as our camera car quick what do you,think of it ill tell you what i think,[Music],[Applause],[Music],i think the audi q5 is a great luxury,compact suv the fit and finish is proper,it looks premium and its very,comfortable but that can be the bad part,its too comfortable,i like a little bit more performance out,of my vehicles and if you want that in,the q5 you will probably have to step up,to the sq5,but as far as checking all the right,boxes for a compact luxury suv this does,just that,so comparing the zv70 to the audi q5 i,mean since were on the subject of,checking boxes ill give you three boxes,ill check off number one the looks this,definitely checks off that box the audi,q5 is a bit more conservative,this is really dynamic i mean check out,the red stitching on the inside and the,outside youre going to definitely turn,heads when youre driving down the,freeway which leads me to box number two,the performance,the base model of the gv70 has 300,horsepower which is more than the base,model in the audi q5 not only does it,have more power but it also has more,weight to the steering and the,suspension isnt as cushy its a bit,more firm so you could do more spirited,driving and feel the road up under you,the most important part is box number,three the price the base model gb 70 is,4 600,cheaper than the base price of the audi,q5 to me,more performance better looks lower,price,thats a win,so if you had to choose between the,genesis gv70 and the audi q5 using your,own money which would it be you know,what i want my car to look as good as my,kicks im going with the gv70 there you,go danger has spoken,as mike danger mentioned the gv70 has a,lower base price than the q5 but at 41,000 to start not including 1045 in,destination charges the gv70 still comes,well equipped with heated front seats,wireless phone charging android auto and,apple carplay smartphone integration a,hands-free p

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