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  2. HK P2000 Review – Brilliant, and Ahead of its Time
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HK P2000: State of the art 20 years ago.

[Music],hey guys welcome back to 1776 or bust so,today were going to be taking a look at,an interesting farm that probably most,of you could care less about and its,this one right here the hkp-2000 it is,by far probably not the most popular,firearm right now it is 2022 so i could,understand why that would be the p2000,came out in 2001 so youre talking about,a firearm that has really not made any,types of changes,in about 21 years so when you kind of,fast forward the clock youre wondering,why would you buy this gun in the first,place when you know it really doesnt do,anything special it is not any better or,not even close i should say to like,lets say the mr920 which is just a,fantastic gun love this gun,it is not better and it is not,necessarily any more prettier than a px4,storm compact carry which is also a very,awesome firearm,so then it would be why would you get a,p2000 so for me the second firearm i,ever owned which is going on probably 15,years ago,was,a p2000 it was actually a 40 cal it was,a an lem trigger the v the v1 just an,amazing trigger,wasnt exactly the prettiest gun it was,bulky it was clunky you know,ergonomically the gun is its okay i,mean it feels okay in the hand its not,anything perfect but its also not,horrible now the p2000 when it came out,it came out at a time when there really,wasnt a lot of competition,you know there wasnt a huge slew of uh,polymer wonders like we see now uh,whether theyre striker fired or even,hammer fired handguns and really the,p2000 is an evolutionary change i guess,you could say of the usp,so when the p2000 came out it was an,intriguing thing because really when you,look at it it does have a nice style to,it and at the same time you had the,replaceable backstrap which was new for,for the market i guess at that point,the stippling isnt that great i mean,really nothing about this gun is really,phenomenal but at that time,it was kind of leaps and bounds above,other firearms there was a little bit,more modularity with the backstrap,ergonomically it wasnt horrible,it had the the cocking lever in the back,some night sights on there so really it,was a decent firearm for the time period,now again fast forward 21 plus years and,youre looking at a gun that in my,opinion has kind of grown long in the,tooth the interesting thing about hk is,you have a lot of people that love them,and a lot of people who will sit there,and say well why do you need to change,something thats really good anyway and,im not saying you have to change the,gun im just saying maybe modernizing it,a little bit more maybe giving it a,better trigger system in it uh would,change it now the trigger ive got to,tell you guys the trigger on this gun is,terrible this is a v3 and it is a double,action single action firearm and when i,first got out of the box it was,ridiculously heavy as a trigger the,double action was coming in at almost 14,pounds the single action was about nine,and a half to ten pounds,it just was not a good trigger now,obviously you can change that which i,have done with a hammer spring a trigger,return spring,which is actually pretty simple its a,lot more,a lot more easy than i thought it would,be to do those types of things but,nonetheless it had to be done to make,this a little bit more of a little i,guess you could say higher than marginal,but less than good and i think thats,where the trigger lies right now as a,matter of fact if i get my little trusty,gauge here to kind of tell you what the,double action looks like,and let me get this ready here,the double action right now currently,with the trigger work and the spring,work is pulling at eight pounds 5.6,ounces which in my opinion is a very,doable very usable double action the,single action is coming in at,approximately,four pounds and 3.8 ounces so again it,is a much more doable trigger but it,takes a little work to get it to there,out of the box its atrocious so were,going to go to the table were going to,take a closer look at some of the,features and then do a quick comparison,of the mr920 size-wise and also the px4,storm storms guys and to the table we,are so lets take a look at this gun a,little bit closer where we can get a,better i guess look an idea of why this,gun to me still has something to offer,people,now ultimately when you look at a p2000,youre going to really have to come to,terms with the fact that youre going to,be paying for a premium firearm,that right now in 2022 is less than,premium this to me is not a premium,firearm you know when you look at some,of the modern features of the mr920 this,commands a premium cost because i,believe this is a premium striker-fired,handgun,the px4 compact carry same thoughts you,know while this isnt necessarily,anybodys favorite gun with all the,improvements theyve done on triggers,and all those other things in this,particular model this is commanding a,premium price because i believe it is a,premium firearm the p2000 20 years ago,probably you could say was a premium,firearm which could command that premium,price however i dont necessarily,believe that any longer now for those of,you who are h k fans and dont want to,hear that im sorry guys but to me that,is the truth of this firearm,ultimately its going to be based on you,if you decide to pick this gun up what i,would do is id probably recommend,picking this up used on the used market,as opposed to brand new because you can,find these from 450 to 500 which is,still fairly high but if you want the hk,name and you watch the agent k,profile and knowing that this is going,to be reliable firearm then it might be,the type of gun for you,now i spoke about the ergonomics the,ergonomics of the firearm are kind of a,kind of a mixture now it isnt,necessarily terrible because its not,its a lot more comfortable than a glock,but at the same time one of the things i,noticed is between the small and the,medium is kind of the comfort zone that,i have now i have probably large hands i,guess,and what i would say is that if the,small doesnt work its just too small,of a radius around the grip the medium,feels like its just a little bit too,big where it pushes my hand a little too,far back,so if i had to wish on something i wish,they came with a schmedium,that way you can have it in between,because to me that would be where the,goldilocks spot is,now i went with the medium and the,medium is very controllable it feels,very good you can see that youre not,really going to get any type of uh you,know slide cut on your hand,or a slide bite for the fact that uh you,know the slide runs a little bit high,but at the same time theres plenty of,polymer in the back here in order for,you to be able to manipulate the firearm,without having a problem now obviously,you can see back here this is the,decocker there is no safety on this,particular model this is a v3 and thats,the way i would prefer to carry it i,dont want a safety on my firearm,however the decocking mechanism,to me is what i think is one of the best,features of this firearm i like the,location of it theres nothing here to,rub your thumb theres nothing to get,caught on a holster or a belt if that,even happens but i do like the,manipulation because it is very easy as,just dropping your thumb back there and,dropping the hammer you can see that the,hammer does have a little bit of a spur,on there it is a plastic hammer so you,know whatever,the night sights on here,are very basic they are not high vis,front or anything of that sort so it is,very basic but again this had did come,with three magazines as well,and uh the finish is excellent it is a,nice sheen on the finish it seems to be,again very typical hk quality,and other than that aesthetically its a,decent firearm would i say its the best,well in 2022 no,back in 2001 it it probably was very,close to that,now the magazines you can see it has a,little lip on the bottom so you get a,little bit more space on there i dont,really know if thats necessary because,you can see that my finger doesnt even,

HK P2000 Review – Brilliant, and Ahead of its Time

[Music],[Music],you,hello friends tonight were gonna take a,look at the criminally underrated hkp mm,this is probably the most underrated,pistol that Ive ever had here on the,table and yeah I know I say that a lot I,get some sort of interesting non glock,European hammer fired pistol and I say,oh its its so underrated but this one,really is its rarely discussed rarely,seen and almost entirely overlooked and,frankly yeah folks are missing out on,one of the greatest pistols hks ever,built so lets take a look at what makes,it so awesome where did it come from,well as the name suggests it was,developed at the turn of the millennia I,came out in 2001 even though its called,the p2000 a good job HK its and its,obviously based on the USP compact but,the USP compact wasnt released that,much earlier than the p2000 the compact,debuted in 96 a measly five years before,in gun time thats not a lot thats not,long at all but at the time the handgun,world was changing rapidly it held the,whole gun world was changing and I guess,the the wider world too there was a,whole y2k business we were all so,worried about hmm 1913 rails were,becoming the norm and that proprietary,HK rail on the USP was a less appealing,all the time so the USP Compact got a,facelift and this is what it looks like,but did they improve one of the best,pistols ever made yeah,I really think they did lets take a,look at why,features the hkp mm is a compact pistol,a bit smaller than a glock 19 with a 13,round capacity plus around in the,chamber this version is the v3 meaning,that its a traditional double action,single action gun with a decocker and no,manual safety my example came with,factory night sights though that isnt,standard these are very light guns they,come in at 22 ounces versus the 27 point,two ounces of the USP compact and it,takes us P compact magazines its hard,to do from across the table I dont know,if you can see that but its its,labeled P 2000 and USP compact 9 by 19,so if you already have a bunch of USP,compact magazines you dont have to buy,a pile of new ones thats really nice,obviously the styling is a little bit,different than the USP series even,though it does take a lot of a lot of,cues from its predecessors the grip is,them is the thing that youll probably,notice first its a lot slimmer and the,texturing is less aggressive folks who,carry these say that this texturing is a,little bit less pokey in their side so,thats good the muzzle is also rounded,to assist with holstering,and this gun was one of the first to,have removable back straps that a modern,feature that no one ever uses and check,this out in 2001 all the controls were,ambidextrous so ambidextrous magazine,release you can see that on either side,and the dextrous slide release and an,ambidextrous decocker which is you know,you can just reach it from either side,its just kind of in a central location,well Ive got it flipped over we also,have an extractor that functions as a,loaded chamber indicator that you can,both see and touch I dont know if you,can see this but when you press on that,a little red a bit of paint is revealed,and you can just feel it with your,finger so thats nice Id always rather,have that than not you know you never,know if you might need it this gun also,has full size sights,unlike the smaller sights of the USP,compact thats a nice feature I think I,really like that these are excellent,sights big fan big fan we see that we,have a slimmer slide release here this,will make it less likely especially,a tall person that you will block the,the slide release Im sort of sort of,short to medium sized but even I have I,have that problem with most other HK,pistols so its nice to see the the,lower profile one here very much like,that so the rest of that stuff is,awesome its all great but the star of,the show is the decocker the USP compact,had a safety and a decocker here on the,side it made the gun very wide and for,me that lever kind of interferes with my,shooting its just the way my hand is,shaped it sits in the way and if I rest,my thumb on top of it its gonna,accidentally engage it and make the gun,do some weird stuff so Im glad thats,thats not here I really like that I,like that about the p30 as well to me,that is so smart its genius its a,revelation and every gun should have a,decocker like that every gun thats not,a Beretta,I love the beretta and safety set up on,92s and yeah Im the only one but man,let me tell you if you put the G kit in,your beretta and convert it to decocker,only that is a fine location enough,yammerin though lets take a look inside,the gun so well line up the tab as you,do with an HK pull the pin out thats,its got the arrangement that you would,expect to see,not a lot of where Im not sure how many,rounds I have through this thing I dont,really know its not too terribly many,though not like some of the other guns,that we that we have here on the table,but just as you would expect fitting,finish perfect,yeah no no machine marks or anything,like that,HK does such a such a good job with,their manufacturing so Ive noticed that,this p2000 the assembly and disassembly,is easier than some of the other HKS,that I have I dont know why Ive also,noticed that inside the fit and finish,is better than some of the newer models,also I dont know why those shoot just,as well dont get me wrong I love my,other H case they shoot fine but this,gun just seems like yeah I dont know,though the extra little touches were,were put on this one,they just were doing something special,with the factory that day all right so,which guns compete with this one well,what any of the small double action,single action guns like the cz po7 the,sig p220 to the px4 compact from beretta,and maybe the FN FN s FN FN s man thats,hard to say,but this gun is is sort of in a,different size category almost than,those other guns its at the bottom kind,of of that of that category its almost,small enough to be something else but,its its still in that category so so,keep that in mind because most of those,other guns also have larger magazine,capacities but well talk a bit more,about that later,besides the beretta none of those other,guns have triggers that compete with,this one,theres there also those guns are,substantially heavier and like we said a,little bit larger none of those other,guns also have such a nice decocker or,in the case of the cz any decocker at,all on some models although you can get,the po7 duty and choose between either a,decocker or or a safety the the HK has,that very polished feel almost like a,custom,the only other pistol on the list that,feels that nicest this the px4 beretta,does an awesome job with those thats,another very underrated pistol at the,px4 storm the px4 like this one just,these guns feel like they were almost,hand fitted by a master gun maker and,theyre six hundred bucks thats thats,crazy,the sig p220 to me feels like a cheaper,226 Im just not a fan I dont really,care for them but I do love the po7 like,most CZs they feel awesome they look,awesome and they just give me the warm,fuzzies deep in my my cold black heart I,would love to have one,but the HK costs so much more than all,these others youre thinking but not so,anymore,following a huge price drop in their,early 2018 the p2000 can be found for,under six hundred bucks I am Im dead,serious,six hundred bucks yeah that is crazy,thats an insane deal so for that amount,of money you can pick up the beretta the,cz or the HK for any of those youre,getting an awesome awesome gun either,way you win the HK is the smallest the,beretta has the least recoil thanks to,the rotating barrel and the cz,undoubtedly has the cool factor so,whichever of those three you pick you,get a great pistol but I would recommend,just choosing all three if you are so,inclined,why should you choose this particular HK,pistol well lets get one HK pistol out,of the way first,the vp9 is a striker-fired pistol its,much larger and generally a totally,different kind of thing so lets leav

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Heckler & Koch P2000

Hawkins Farm Solutions today were,looking at the HK P2000 now the hkp2000,came out in 2002. now the whole purpose,of this gun was to make an improvement,over the HK USP Compact,now I dont have a USP Compact here but,I have an HK USP,now the USB compact pretty much had the,exact same features as the USP for as,far as the way it was sort of a little,bulky on the sides here the way that it,was shaped uh the shape of the of the,grip now I have to say I prefer the feel,of the USP it feels good to me where a,lot of people didnt particularly care,for it they felt that it was sort of,like a Glock it was blocky but I I did I,personally prefer the HK USB and one of,the reasons I do is also because of the,recoil reduction system thats in here,as well that was developed around the 40,smw and also went into the mark 23 and,the HK 45 which is three color reduction,system made a big difference,they have something,similar but very very different in these,compact pistols when we take it apart we,will we will take a look at that but in,1994 it was when the USP Compact came,out this again was 2002. and this was,designed for a German uh Customs,organization,again their their mandate was they,wanted to increase the ergonomics they,wanted you know got a compact pistol,again that was more like the USP Compact,than the uh,then the full-size USP now there was a,specific uh criteria that was put out by,them as well there was two different,ways this thing was going to work one,was going to be very much like that of,the USP where you had a safety lever on,the left hand or right hand side which,had either decock decock only safe no,safety you would have all the different,configurations,and the other one was to have no side,side manual safety with a decock only,and that was what they did differently,on this one if you were to take a look,on the back you see that we have a lever,right here a button,so when you would have to lower it lower,the hammer your decocker was basically,pushing inward on that button rather,than taking the USP or you would have a,lever on the side and drop down now,again there was a version of this that,did have a lever like this it was the,more of a skeleton type lever but it did,work the same way but the one that the,Germans were looking for did not have,any kind of external safety on the back,the second was uh the criteria was was,to look at the trigger now you have it,was referred to as the Lem trigger the,law enforcement modified trigger there,was a couple things about that first was,to have a much better double action pull,your average double action pull for,instance like on the USP was probably,around 12 to 15 pounds in that area by,going with the Lem model your double,action was taken down to six to eight,point five pounds,so you have a much lighter the second,thing was you were to have a single,action that would mimic that of a,striker fire pistol where you would be,able to pull the trigger back it would,go back to that point and it would be,the same pull from your first shot to,your last shot so it would do both of,those again that was a law enforcement,modified,so the one that the Germans ended up,going with was the Lem version of course,the ldm version was never that popular,on the commercial Market but it was in,the law enforcement realm the pistol,that we have here was not the Lem,version it was a standard double single,uh with the decock only button on the,rear there were two versions of this the,P2000 and the p2000sk,so the compact version was the P2000 and,they had a even a more compact version,was the SK the main differences that,they had and it would be,the weight you would have 22 ounces,versus 21.4 on the SK you would have a,little bit longer of a barrel uh with,3.7 on the 2000 versus 3.3 on the SK and,wait you have a 4.6 ounces on the SK,versus five on the on the standard P2000,all of them had 13 shot magazines again,13 shots,you also had an extended bass on here,this didnt really give you any extra,route just to give you 16 rounds versus,13 Rounds and as you can see it,certainly made a big difference for as,far as the grip was concerned,um again it sort of gets it away from,being a compact pistol puts you more of,the to the realm of the standard USP,another change that was done on the,P2000 versus the USP was the removable,back straps now the removable back,straps would custom fit them for your,hand,so well take a look at some of the,about the inside of here now as you see,unlike the USP you have a slide release,on both sides where the USP you only had,it on the left hand side,so for disassemble were going to make,sure were clear,this is someone just like the USP where,were going to pull it back so you have,that Notch thats engaged flip over to,the side push Inward and that pops the,lever right out,slide comes right off,and now you can remove the recoil spring,assembly in the barrel,thats where were going to see a little,bit of the difference between the USP,and the compacts,now the first is the Reco erection,mechanism of the USP now this was truly,a pioneering part that was very unique,to the USP basically you had two recoil,springs you had the outer spring near,the inner spring and you had this piece,on here so what would happen is when the,slide would come back,the slide would impact this this this,base piece and it would push inward on,the bass press and that would compress,the extremely heavy spring on the uh in,the rear and that would take significant,amount of stress off the frame and even,off the shooter in fact this was put in,a few pistols at the time that you could,take plus b plus a mission and fire,through it as many rounds as you wanted,it was never going to wear because this,thing was designed around the really,heavy plus P plus ammunition,well they developed the smaller guns and,the compact guns,you basically add a couple changes one,you went with a flat recoil spring,compared to the rounded,and again you go with the flat recall,spring has more bearing Surplus its a,little bit a better spring instead of,having the recoil spring in the rear you,had this rubber type bumper on there,that would absorb shock that nearly as,well of a job as the original design,that you see here at least at least in,my opinion but its certainly better,than most most average uh Pistols that,are out there for as far as recall,reduction when you look at the frames,theyre quite similar in many ways you,know you have your ejectors well you,have your decockers on here its pretty,its pretty much the same again you have,instead of having the decocker you have,the button,the button on the rear or for the decock,around this one here youre just pushing,pushing downward instead of inward like,so,so if you look at the frames,again this is less less blocky you do,have more of a Groove in here so you,know for I can imagine for many people,this would be more comfortable the,triggers are pretty much the exact same,now you have a different kind of,accessory rail on here and theres a,specific light that was designed for,this pistol for the German uh for the,German customer or this one you had its,own accessory rail again the USP,accessory rail this predated uh that of,the 1913 rail as you can see we still,maintain,the the large trigger trigger guard and,the same kind of a paddle that you would,have in the front which is ambidextrous,on each side,so again a more compact pistol the,barrels as you would see these are the,exact same kind of barrels theyre all,cold Hammer forged the you know the,super secret French uh steel uh coal,Hammer forged uh Barrel so barrels are,identical again you can see the,differences in length between the two of,the USP full size and that compact,looking at the slides,basically what we see here is identical,its a way that their way the slides,were cut you see you do have your frame,pen safety on both,and again very much identical on the,inside the only difference is Im the,outside,again seeing how this ones got its,edges that are more

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hello everybody,and welcome back to the channel we,appreciate you joining us today,well ive got another pistol video for,you today and um were going to be,talking about a pistol,this one here i originally bought for,the specific purpose,of being a concealed carry weapon for me,on a full-time basis,and it has a lot of good features,it is a well-made good-looking pistol,its light,and there are many considerations about,whether something is an ideal carry gun,and were going to talk about all of,those things,in just a minute,[Music],okay so once again welcome back we,appreciate you joining us,just want to take a moment to thank our,viewers and our subscribers for uh,staying with us here and participating,in the comments helping to,exchange information and make all this,work really well,we cant thank you enough for all that,youre doing if youve been watching our,videos and you havent had a chance to,subscribe yet well if you want to locate,that little button in the,lower right hand corner there right in,there somewhere and give that a poke,wed really appreciate it if youre on a,mobile device you can just kind of roll,down below the video and hit subscribe,and the bell icon,to let you know we do something new it,helps us out a lot and we,really appreciate it so what we got,today,hk p2000 sk,once again this is a weapon that i,purchased,originally to be a concealed carry,weapon,for me on a full-time basis had a lot of,experience with,hks especially the larger frame age,case and i thought well i want to try to,get that,same type of feel and reliability,and quality and smaller gun,so ended up,with this bad boy right here,now the p2000 sk um,the original p2000 the full-size version,of this gun came out in late 2001 a few,few years later as their apt to do they,scaled it down because theres always,demand for the smaller version of the,pistol here which is what we have,now they make this pistol in 40 smith,and wesson which is what we have here,they also make it a nine millimeter,i always like to give you a little kind,of a size comparison here between these,guys just to,let you know what its going to be like,when you carry it and i always like to,get something thats,kind of in the same size range and,so this is the,glock 27 also 40 caliber,and obviously these arent going to be,the exact same size,but if i was considering one of these,two these are both sub-compact handguns,which is why ive selected them,you can see that the overall outline of,the hk,is obviously you know a little bit,bigger than the glock,and when you look at them from,the top you can see the,hk is just slightly longer,not by too much you can really see when,you go to the back though,you know the hk is,quite a bit longer in the grip but,you know theyre both adequate size for,carry,i always like just to kind of let people,see,as close as possible something that,might be in the same category because if,youve carried this one you can see that,its not that much,larger it might help you make a decision,on whether it makes sense for you to not,also lets compare with some other hks,here now,i have a usp compact here so were kind,of stepping up,the p2000 sk here is a sub compact,we have the usp compact next to it,as you can see the compact weapon,is quite a bit bigger in every,conceivable way,so the p2000 sk is pretty small you know,if you compare it to even the,compact version of the guns,and one more thing if you really want to,get an idea of how small this,is ive got a full-size usp,here check that out,full-size usp is,much much bigger obviously and then,youd expect it from a full-size handgun,but it gives you a sense of scale,of just how small and manageable that,little,p2000 sk can really be,um if you look at it you can see that,theyve taken a lot of time,as far as the uh the fit and finish and,the detail on this pistol its just,its really nice i like the,you know the serrations i like the,engraved slide,im not really a big fan of whether they,have you know colored,or you know lettering thats etched in,or not thats colored but its but it,still looks,pretty cool and obviously if you if you,have any hks in your collection,you know you know that theyre not cheap,so for what you pay for them,i think its nice that theyve you know,gone to the trouble of doing that anyway,but thats kind of your overall size,comparison,all right so lets talk about the,features so,we are looking at a,40 caliber you can see here this is a,nine round magazine so we have a nine,plus one,uh capacity they do make a variety of,aftermarket,uh magazines with different capacities,you can increase that by a little bit if,thats your thing,you know nine plus one a total of ten,for me thats,im perfectly happy with that and they,uh carry gun and im also not the type,person whos typically going to carry,any type of extended magazine because,that just makes the gun bigger which,kind of defeats the purpose of getting a,small gun but thats just me,so looking at the different uh features,here,all right so this particular gun,im going to drop the magazine here,and well take a look make sure were,all clear you look you can see,daylight down through there and then you,can look see my nice polished feed ramp,an empty barrel so we,are clear,all right so,obviously got a metal slide polymer,frame,um hk makes a lot of these little,polymer framed handguns that actually,are,pretty durable um pretty nicely made,guns the fit and finish is really good,on this all right,youve got a choice of some different,configurations on the gun now obviously,like i said this is the 40 caliber,version they also make this a nine,millimeter,you can get um the lem,trigger on this as well in two different,configurations im not gonna get too far,into that,but what we have is what they call the,variant three and that is your double,action single action with the,decocking lever on the back of the gun,now im going to go ahead and be,forthcoming here and just tell you im,not a real big fan,of having this decocking lever on the,back,and you know im working on it im,trying to get used to it you know ive,been,shooting the gun ive been playing with,it and kind of seeing if i can,you know work that out but for me if,this gun is,if its cocked and youre holding the,weapon and its hammers back,to bring my thumb back here to,decock it and it feels very awkward,its a very unnatural movement,especially since im used to,on the say the usps,your decocker is right here so when,youre holding the gun if your hammers,back all you gotta do is just bring your,thumb up right there and decock and,youre finished,so its not necessarily a deal breaker i,would say,its just something that feels kind of,weird and i gotta work through it,and i will but at this point i dont,like it,so of course you do have this nice big,hammer which you can pull back,and i realize thats on purpose so you,can pull that hammer back but also when,the hammer is at rest it sticks out,anything that sticks out on your gun is,going to stick into your body,when youve got it in the waistband and,i can tell you from first-hand,experience that thats exactly what,thatll do now ill cover that again,when we get into the carry section,but its just something to think about,so youve got a lot of detail here,like i said they really really outdid,themselves with the look and fit and,finish on the pistol its just really,nice,the texturing on the grip here is really,nice on the back strap,it feels really good in the hand i think,theyve really done a good job with the,details,your magazine of course has got this,little lip on it,which is designed to give you some,gripping space here,now i have i guess medium to large hands,and this is one of the disappointments,that i faced,when i got this because i was really,hoping that this could be a,perfect full-time carry gun for me but,my hand,its kind of the worst of both worlds,because,i can get if i get two fingers in here,then the bottom of the magazine,splitting my pinky which feels really,weird and

HK P2000 – Why no love??

oh my GAD its not go rally doing a,two-for-one deal on videos thats how I,do it I do two videos back-to-back and,then I go dark for six months,I also do still have a lot to talk about,so but anytime I do have something to,talk about I want to make videos so here,you go title HK p mm P mm the redheaded,stepchild of the HK lineup okay why why,not Carelli did you get one of these,why didnt why doesnt anyone talk about,these to be quite honest this is really,what I want to know about the HK p mm,lets cut to the chase super awesome gun,how about that I wouldnt bash it Im,not going to bash in HK pistol come on,actually I had a vp9 and I got rid of it,so not for me but typical HK hammer,fired pistols my cup of tea let me tell,you another secret here I like this bed,in the p30 bone how about that,yeah I do so what we got here is an HK p,mm hi this is the variant three which is,just the traditional double action,single action hammer fired with a,decocker its hard to see in my shitty,lighting but theres a D copy right here,on the back of the gun just like the p30,kind of unique okay lets do a safety,check lets get into it okay nice steel,magazines with a nice little this is,rubberized nice little rubberized,basically and this is 124 green plus P,federal HST full metal jacketed hollow,point look at that [ __ ] you,cant find these guys I got hooked up on,my local gun store the guy I have a good,relationship with these are hollow,points but theyre Full Metal Jacket 124,grain plus P HSTs awesome awesome okay,so you get 13 round 13 rounds in the mag,standard magazine for the p2000,nine-millimeter these also its actually,stamped on the bottom Ill never go,get this on camera stamped on the bottom,here P mm USP Compact nine by nineteen,so these are the exact same magazines,that the USP Compact in nine-millimeter,uses and believe it or not this is,pretty much the same gun as USP Compact,pretty much same dimensions all around,except they just enhance the ergonomics,thats kind of what I want to talk about,whether read about the p2000 and kind of,what what how it got to where it is what,happened is the p2000 kind of came in it,was more of an evolutionary design step,kind of like what just came out,yesterday with the Camaro the 2016,Camaro looks like the 2015 and kind of,previous fifth gens but its kind of,refined a little more sculpted and now,they call it a six gen but the drive,trains a little bit better huh kind of,like this alright so the USP evolved,into this and basically took that,platform just made it a little more,ergonomic added a new internal setup so,you can have dual ambidextrous slide,stops and a regular rail and a little,bit different unique firing control,group which worsened the trigger all,around but who cares its still a great,trigger and its still combat-ready what,do you get with yet the p2000 and really,knocker le why would I buy a P mm when,youve got cool HK lets say Im even in,the world market for an HK which is rare,enough in and of itself if Im in a,market of an HK why would I even,remotely consider a P mm well Im going,to tell you okay first off good,ergonomics really really nice ergonomics,good it really points natural and you,dont look you got an energy I,interchangeable backstraps,this is the one that came on its the,medium I went this one small and I play,with the large this students back on it,the large is kind of cool but its got a,little too much hot then it kind of,makes the grip angle more glock like the,small be great for your chick or,something but the medium does just fine,its got really nice texturing on the,front and back straps and then this this,stuffs not bad its kind of slick but,it does the job its a 9-millimeter,pistol its not you dont need to build,a wrestle with it okay you dont have,side panels to [ __ ] with like the p30 UK,its good enough and you want the stress,that I want the large back medium small,medium large large large large look the,p30 is really unique in its modularity,but this is this is like okay you pick a,backup you like and youre good youre,done I like that second of all its got,more us P then P 30 / HK 45 DNA and I,love the USP series of pistols its,still in my opinion the ultimate HK,pistol the of these other newer pistols,all I think have things that shooters,want and I think its a problem because,theyre just theyre just giving you,this [ __ ] that you dont need right,for instance one big thing that I like,about the the p2000 versus the p30 and,its interesting kind of side bar here,you get the p2000 and the p30 only come,in nine millimeter and 40 caliber this,holds less than the p30 in its smaller,configuration you can get a subcompact,the p2000 sk but they just came out the,p30 sk so whats going on with the p mm,I think HK eventually in May I think,they would if if this wasnt in the,hands of our Customs and Border Patrol,agents and I have other contracts but I,think this would get the big ol axe this,is kind of like you got USP diehard fans,and then you got your p30 you know,high-tech people in the HK 45s all right,and then this is kind of just sitting,there right but I like this better than,the p30 because its got more USP DNA,than p30 hk45 DNA for instance its got,the USP magazine release which can be,switched out to the hk45 c magazine,release because these are metal mags,okay it can be people like doing it I,dont know why HK recommends not doing,it and I agree with them its easy Ive,had on a full-size USP 45 and I,its easy to depress right here if,youre not if youre just kind of,getting your cane comfortable bones can,hit that and jacked your magazine you,want it to be discreet enough where its,not going to youre not going to,inadvertently hit it a second its got,the USP compact trigger guard without,that trough that stupid [ __ ] trough,thats on the p30 the hk45 and it made,its way now into the vp9 I hate that,trough people out there hate that trough,this no trough so I dont what are you,going to get to p30 on this its got the,HK buffer spring recoil reduction system,maybe doesnt have a true pick rail but,its got a its got an accessory rail,with one slot so I dont know many,people that are putting freaking,handrails and guards and lights and,lasers and [ __ ] all on you dont need to,pick a teeny rail for on a pistol it,[ __ ] asinine in my opinion I like the,sights better it comes with your regular,USP three dot sights and what do I like,about this better than the USP compact 9,millimeter these have the full-size USP,sights on them that stand taller on the,slide versus the USP compact that dont,and theyre harder to pick up to my knee,difference that I noticed immediately,because I really dislike the factory,three dots that come on the USB compacts,theyre just – theyre just too small I,also like that comes with a full-sized,hammer and not a spurred hammer like the,USP compact I like doing that okay and,its a slick looking gun its really,pretty its proportion its kind of like,a p99 or ppq right its just its really,nice its a little bit smaller than the,Glock 19 but its a little bit wider,because its got these dual slide,releases itll be heavier thats because,its a hammer fired gun and tell a bit,more meat here and that you notice that,have when youre shooting because it,recoils like a puppy dog compared to any,claw,or any other ppq or whatever anything,else I like about this gun yeah its,just its really its good gun how about,that what dont I like um Im not a fan,of ambidextrous mag slide releases I,always get in my way because I dont,need them and its uncomfortable and,its just uncomfortable to annoy me so,what can you do you can take this off,but then you have the the I call it a,pole you have the pole that goes through,the frame here that you use to take down,the gun sticking out way too far and,its too easy to depress and I dont,like that because this is also very easy,to depress watch heres one thing I,dont like about it they put my finger,on that pole and just start moving the,slide back oh

H&K P2000 V3 Review

all right yall have another h k pistol,to bring to you all this time and uh,while this one is not exactly as well,known or as popular as the other hk,pistols um it is still nonetheless well,known by counter terrorists,um you know that are participating in,global offensive shall we say,um so those people will understand what,im saying when i say that uh,so this is the hkp 2000 and one of the,only correct ways i think that you,should have this pistol this is a full,the full-size,uh v3 version,uh so i have been looking up and down,for this pistol for quite a while now uh,because p2000s are not exactly common,pistols anymore,and i dont really even think hk really,produced all that much for this for the,commercial or civilian market anyways,i know they made an absolute boatload of,these things for the border patrol here,in the united states,as far as i know they still carry them,but theyre all 40 cal and have various,configurations im sure but this one is,in a correct caliber nine millimeter so,um,main reason why i got this is really,cool factor i have not really thought of,a practical purpose with this gun yet i,mean it definitely fits in the,more compact category of firearms so,this is something i would probably want,to carry for more um,you know longer duration or im,concerned about weight or bulk or,something like that so,this fits kind of in the same,[Music],size realm was like a cz 75 compact or a,czp07 or something,of that kind of size and shape maybe,even a p320 compact,so this is definitely the same form,factor as those,so um yeah this one is not especially,popular among hk fans uh,mostly because its just been another,kind of step in the road for the,evolution of,hks line of pistols,versus usp you know then the usp compact,and then this thing happened um and then,they went on from that to the uh,p30 and the vp9 series which are their,current guns so which i have both,so i figured um,you know because this is lying and lying,in one of my favorite gun shops around,here uh for a pretty good price actually,i only paid uh 640 uh out the door for,this pistol,um and it was used of course you can see,the the wearer and everything on it it,has been carried a lot and i believe not,not shot a whole whole lot but whoever,did carry this carried it quite a bit,because it does have a lot of holster,wear and theres,fuzz and and lint and things that were,kind of clogged up in the small spaces,but it did come with um,original box with all the back straps,and the spent um test cartridge and,manual and the original sticker and,everything too so thats pretty nice for,640 because,i think a new p2000 run run you probably,around the eight to nine hundred dollar,range so im quite happy with this,because hk pistols last for freaking,ever they are indestructible um and that,is definitely uh no different with this,one so,uh yeah i got it mostly on cool factory,because i play a lot of counter strike,global offensive and as everyone knows,this is the default starter pistol for,counter terrorists,alongside the usp 45 tactical which i,also have which i also got because of,counter-strike so,there you go valve doing uh hnk,marketing you know for them but uh,anyway uh so thats mainly why i got it,but its still despite all that a very,very good pistol,um,just like every other hk pistol out,there at least the modern ones anyways,these things are utterly indestructible,and very very reliable very very,well made pistols,when i took this thing out shooting and,cleaned it all up and everything no,reliability issues whatsoever and that,includes,both the original,magazines which are quite old because,they still say,restricted law enforcement on them i,dont know if thatll show up there its,really really hard to see with the glare,but it does say restricted law,enforcement only,on these magazines so that tells you,kind of the age of this particular,pistol,back when that was you know a thing so,these are our usp compact,slash p2000 full size magazines 13 round,capacity kind of low capacity for a,firearm of this size most things you see,this size now are going to be 15 round,capacity but,you know hk has never been super big on,ultra high capacity stuff they prefer,reliability over capacity so,but i have also a p30 slash vp9 magazine,here you can tell by the back there and,the witness holes are different and i,found that,they looked very similar so i was like,hey i wonder if,i can toss that in here and have it work,and as you can see,it locks in and fits just fine and i ran,a lot of ammo through this too i put,full magazine plus one so 15 plus one in,this,i put hollow points through this and,despite it having a little bit of a gap,right there in the grip,it functioned perfectly so,and i actually believe that there is,x-grips makes an adapter that actually,will fit this gap here so thats pretty,awesome so now you can get a proper,quote-unquote proper and up-to-date 15,plus one capacity in a pistol this size,which is honestly not all that bigger,from the,from the original mac here so thats,pretty awesome also the fact that i have,an absolute boatload of these p30 and,vp9 magazines so that makes it quite,nice because these particular uspc mags,uh p2000 mags are expensive of course if,you have any hk pistols you are quite,familiar with the cost of magazines and,it should be no different to you,so,this thing carries a lot of,improvements over from the usp,manual of arms but it also has some,things that we see on later pistols as,well like the p30 one of those things is,the ambidextrous slide block release,lever here so you can see its on this,side,its also on that side,so thats pretty cool i definitely enjoy,that i dont usually shoot my pistols on,the left hand too too much but it is a,welcome addition if i do decide to,change it up or uh shoot one-handed on,either hand so,continuing the tradition that hk pistols,tend to be pretty pretty lefty-friendly,at least the neural ones are especially,because this one also has the,paddle mag release as you can see right,there but its very very small this is,even smaller than my usp tactical one,and definitely smaller than the vp9 and,the p30 so this one is much much harder,to activate for my uh my hands and where,its located,i can still get it just fine either with,my thumb or middle fingers i like to do,it,no issues with that but it is very small,and i know there are some reviewers out,there who have said that its a little,difficult to actuate at times which i,can definitely see being the case but i,i really do believe this one was,designed to be more compact in nature,anyways so it kind of takes a form,factor and just really shrinks it down,into a,compact package so,i dont blame hk too much for doing that,but one thing i do not like though is,because it is smaller lets see if i can,show this here,so,there is a gap right here underneath the,paddle which would focus correctly uh,theres a gap right here underneath the,paddle right there right and when you,put a mag in,you can see that it will,move towards the frame,and then it finally,uh snaps into place,the reason why i dont like that is,because,the flesh of my finger right here um,gets caught right underneath that little,gap so when i put a mag in it pinches me,a little bit i kind of dont like that,i imagine that could be solved if i put,a larger,we call it larger magazine release on,here because i know some people have,taken,usp compact magazine releases and,swapped them in here for the p2000 and,it fits just fine,as far as i know i havent tried it,myself obviously but,its one thing i guess you could look,into if you ever got one of these and,dont like the pinch either,so,otherwise uh ergonomically this gun,feels quite good in the hand uh despite,the lack of you know,modern things like hyper aggressive,texturing on the side panels here uh you,know this is kind of old school you can,also see this pattern on the i believe,the hk45 compact also has the same,texture,which some people dont like but i dont,real

HK P2000 vs HK P30 – TheFireArmGuy

hey there friends thanks for checking in,you are looking at 2hk handguns here we,have AP mm and a P 30 days are,considered higher-end guns they do cost,quite a bit the p2000 MSRP is $1000 an,MSRP on the p30 is $1100 so there we,have $100 difference right off the bat,on MSRP used value right around $700 for,AP mm right around 88 and a quarter for,a p 30 of course all this will depend on,the condition of the firearm both of,these guns are mine I have owned the P,mm longer but Ive got some good range,time behind the p38 Ive really fall in,love with this gun as well so both of,these are definitely quality guns,theyre both high-end guns for good,reason a lot of people love their H case,I understand why but there are some,differences between these two models and,were going to check those out today,before we go any further let me just say,that this P mm is a nine millimeter and,the P 30s that were showing is a 40,Smith & Wesson does that matter for the,comparison not at all both of these off,also offer models in various calibers,here we have two variant three handguns,HK has variant one two and three the 33,is the double action single action pull,on the triggers here you have a double,action of 12 pounds single action of,four pounds thats the same both of,these are very similar internally and,both are excellent shooters very,accurate we take a look at the triggers,they are identical the trigger guards,identical so those are some similarities,the p30 definitely has more texturing on,the grip does have finger grooves and,does have interchangeable grip panels,these are interchangeable so you can,fatten up this grip you can make it,skinny all depends on what you choose,there are three different types also,three different back straps as well does,that make a difference well a little bit,do I think its a deal-breaker I dont,because the p2000 does have,interchangeable backstraps as well so,they have some texturing the front,rear the grip some people like the the,smoother side of the grip for inside the,waistband carry doesnt rub up against,the body one thing worth noting though,the magazine release on both these guns,is on the trigger guard the p2000 is,very small,both are ambidextrous can can do it,righties and lefties both the same but,its small and so you cant have to look,for it and push down as where the p30,and the vp9 for that matter its a lot,larger you see right there its larger,easier to find out the answer youre,done shooting just drop it right there,gusting edge makes it nice and easy we,move up the gun we see a full picked,inner rail as were with the p2000 we,have an accessory rail does that make a,difference it could depending on the,accessories youre going to put on there,here you can put on any size actually,adjust it wherever you want on the rail,thats where youre limited with the,p2000 lets talk about the sights the,p30 comes with luminescent sights this,doesnt get much attention but I think,it should because these standout in,low-light conditions and you have a,yellow tint to it but they kind of glow,in the dark and its actually a real,nice sight system and I think more gun,companies should use that a little bit,yellow tint to it makes no difference at,all these here night sights but right,out the box it comes with regular white,dot sights and so it does that make a,difference I think it does I would pay a,little more to have the luminescent,sights I really really like that lets,take these down take a closer look at,the internals some of the things we see,theyre looking at the slides not a lot,to talk about here theyre both very,similar no great big differences the HK,handguns do have this buffer here that,goes around the recoil spring and the,guide rods they fit loose on there you,may also notice that this indentation,here is where the slide stop pin is,inserted through the frame and this one,is right there it keeps the whole gun,the upper and lower extremely tight,together – definitely a good feature,its the same on both models one of the,things that is,different is that the p30 does have,front serrations as where the p2000 does,not the rear serrations look very,similar,the field-stripping itself is very,similar but a little bit different its,different in the fact that with the,p2000 you have to remove this pin the,p30,feel strips the exact same way except,that the pin stays attached I like that,Im not worried about losing the pin,many guns you have to take out the pin,so Im not worried about that but I do,like that feature I think you know what,if you keep it attached without actually,having to remove it kind of nice its so,so thats all I want to say about that,internally both excellent guns lets get,these on the scale weigh em until were,looking at were expecting the p30 to be,just a little bit heavier because they,can look at the slide its a little bit,longer and then the grip is a little bit,longer as well both of these are empty,p30s weighing in at 27 and 3/4 ounces,and the p2000 weighing in at 25 and 1/4,ounce so there it is friends HK p2000 HK,P 30 both very good guns high end guns,but for good reason if you like deals,like this please subscribe and share,I always appreciate thumbs up button,thanks for watching and you guys be safe

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