1. What Happens When You Hire A “Dark Web” Hacker?
  2. I Hired A Hacker On The Dark Web…
  3. i hired a hacker on myself
  4. “Hacker-For-Hire” Services 04 Dark Web Documentary
  5. Hiring a Hacker to Hack My Facebook
  6. “Hire a Hacker” ??? 03 Dark Web Documentary
  7. I Hire a hacker @ hireahacker.pro and this happened!

What Happens When You Hire A “Dark Web” Hacker?

[Music],but I spent a lot of time browsing,strange parts of Internet I click on a,lot of things that you probably,shouldnt click on I type in a lot of,weird search terms and frankly I go down,every rabbit hole I see lately I found,these people who claim to be expert,hackers network masterminds who could,bend any computers ones and zeros to,their will for your benefit just for a,small fee they offer things like,changing your college grades or SAT,scores updating your credit score maybe,you have really bad credit they can get,it to the perfect score maybe you want,to hack your partners cell phone to spy,on them they can do it all these posts,look legit I mean anyone who saw this,would immediately know that theyre,experts so I decided to do what anyone,would do hire them though our target is,in our sights we want to go after some,of these strange hackers on the internet,I mean look at some of these posts I,mean this is ridiculous,I wish crushed and urgently required,answers this didnt exercise well,however in the long run discovered that,my ex determined me to get our last kid,apparently this guy Billy has been,ripped off three times with other,hackers but finally discovered this guy,was legit,it seems like the trail begins in a,moment of weakness or desperation,someones struggling what their loved,one maybe has a situation with their,coordinate that they dont know how to,solve and they turn to the internet for,answers thats what we do right we scour,every reddit post every article every,blog we can until we find some sort of,solution that we can try okay so maybe,not everyone does this but follow me,follow me here I found a bunch of these,articles and blog posts from sometimes,legitimate sources claiming to give you,tips on how to change your credit score,quickly or maybe ways to find out if,your spouse is cheating on you and they,would be riddled with comments I mean,like thousands and thousands of comments,and then I started finding article after,article post after post claiming that,hackers can solve all of your problems,and I could imagine that has probably,been someone it was desperate enough to,see if it works,it was surprisingly easy to find an,active a number I mean these are,professional hackers they have,representative standing by 24/7,obviously and I had one on the phone in,minutes this is this is our story,yeah this is grant the hacker you just,called me how kind of justice to you,please oh yeah okay I dont recognize,your number Im looking Im looking for,someone who can help me I was curious if,you could talk a little bit about some,of the different cases that youve,worked on the different hacks youve,performed okay come again please yeah,could you please give me some examples,of that the types of hacking you have,done,okay basically right can you hear me I,sure can hear you okay basically right,on we do various types of the hacking no,depends on what you would like but could,you name a couple,did you name a few okay um we do bank,hacking we do social security a,key-value social media hacking were Im,basically then its called hack over ten,years of that experience so Ive been,doing this for over ten years now youve,been hacking for ten years all of your,business has done from like those,comments on the Internet nah it its a,lot more complicated than you might,think,hacking is actually illegal so all of,this is done you know discreetly right,yeah like very privately and discreetly,by a like spamming forums and stuff,sorry right no I know Im just the way I,found you was like it was like really,hard Ive been looking to first Im,gonna help me with this situation and it,was like really hard to find someone but,then basically Ive been having a,problem with my boyfriend or my ex her,I think soon-to-be ex boyfriend I dont,know Im pretty sure that hes like,might be doing something Im I was,trying to see if you could access his,like phone and laptop and every like all,of his devices to see if maybe hes you,know in a relationship okay,how hard would that be okay so basically,right you you want to get access to your,boyfriends devices right yeah yeah,weve been together now for a while,and like the other day I saw I just like,glanced over and was licking his laptop,screen and I saw that he I dont even,understand what this means he was typing,it buying GF and he told me once before,that he its like a hardcore Ironman and,I was like I dont know what hes trying,to do cant calm down the carried on,card hes gonna be fine okay,Im gonna help you just be relaxed okay,yeah its just I thought I was like I,thought I was enough for him you know a,lot of things happen in relationship,these days yet you have not appeared,just very relaxed okay Im gonna help,you out how could you help me okay so,basically right what Im gonna do is,actually okay what I can do now because,hes gonna cost a lot to be honest,feeling because yeah because I have to,purchase a lot of spyware you have to,purchase the hacks no no no I have to,purchase the spyware using hacking,okay from I for my spy tech so even,though youve been doing this for ten,years you still have to buy new things,no no no its quite more complicated,than you think because the trees the,tools I use are actually very very,expensive so well basically basically to,get it done for for just a couple of,minutes I have to rank these tools okay,okay cause depreciates to purchase the,tools itself cost cost a lot actually,and after use the tools become obsolete,thats why I cant keep them you,understand oh yeah theyre like its,like a one-time thing yeah yeah yeah,exactly,you feel like a toaster like a toaster,strudel or a hot pocket like you what,singing the hot pocket its gone yeah,yeah exactly,okay although you can reuse that little,that little thing that you used to heat,up the hot pocket I use that like every,day you know like Ill put eggs in there,and stuff in the microwave,okay so I just want want you to be,relaxed okay I am super relaxed right,now okay whats your name by the way,oh yeah my name is Jenny Jenny Jenny,Jenny yeah okay Jamie,okay what was your hacker name again,grant grant,wait is that your real name er is that,your hacker name Oh,whats your hacker like name um I just,used my real name basically I just is it,its really a lot more complex than you,think I dont use a hack and okay I just,yeah yeah I just used my real name right,Im just a little nervous about how do I,know that hes not gonna find out that,Im trying to hack him,yeah the tools we use actually add,actually hide all tracks trails okay,leaving the hack completely be quick,okay so the target the targets will have,absolutely no idea that hes being,hacked,okay can you hack I phones yeah yeah,yeah thats my problem,thats the use of what we can do we can,like hack what else in your hand we can,hack any mobile device we can hack,laptop we can hack I pad we can hack,bank accounts we can hack a lot of,things actually and you hack his credit,card yeah definitely,okay cuz hes been brutal theres been,these like strange $11 charges on his I,saw that me there the other month like,who pays $11 a month for something,oh yeah its really suspicious I really,want to know what that is yeah a lot of,yellow red red flags actually I can see,yeah yet the tool we use is called : X,integrated spyware – integrated all our,yeah lion-os integrated spyware and the,cost 400 years so basically Im gonna,give you a brief explanation of how the,hack is gonna be done all the procedures,and everything its going to take to,complete a half okay as well as the,requirements to involved okay so Im,gonna text you all of these are you,gonna go through and you understand,better okay I would actually prefer to,just talk about it over the phone,because Im Im a little bit afraid that,he might have access thats a little bit,afraid that he might have already hacked,my phone or like maybe that he reads my,text messages so no no no Im gonna text,you with a very secure line and so no,one will have access to

I Hired A Hacker On The Dark Web…

yo whats up bro its austin here coming,at you guys with a brand new video today,this is part three of hiring a hacker,now if you guys are confused on why its,part three its because i posted part,one and two,on tick tock but unfortunately part two,got taken down because,f tick tock so i will show parts one and,two to keep you guys up to date but,first and foremost i got my 100k play,button i am incredibly thankful for this,but look what i did,i already broke my play button look very,carefully you see kind of,how that bends and like this little part,right here yeah well i dropped it off my,bed,honestly a little super glue will fix it,so im not really tripping but um,that with my luck that would happen a,lot of you guys been upset with me for,not uploading but theres a good update,and this is why when i was at the,haunted hotel in savannah georgia,that was my last video my grandmother,was on chemo round three,and she just finished chemo round six,and they got a scan,back and her tumor level has dropped,which means that either a,its shrinking or b its going away,completely so were still kind of trying,to figure it out but yeah so far good,news thats why,it was just a personal thing all right,without further ado were going to react,to part one,of the video on tick tock all right guys,so now that were back on my phone were,gonna check out part one of me hiring a,hacker and it actually did 3.6 million,views which is,dark web this crazy probably going to be,the stupidest video but first let me,tell you what the dark web is alright so,this is the surface web this is like,your facebook your tick tock your,instagram,everything for any day use this is your,deep web this is where like the semi bad,guys are,heres where were going today were,going to go on the dark web and were,going to see if,maybe i can hire a hack this video got,me a ton,of hate by the way and ill address that,after this,okay so you have to use a browser called,tor in order to actually access it,because google doesnt let you do it,okay i just opened up tor and i want you,guys to look at this link,this is the link that i just had to type,in and then,bam rent a hacker uh i will do anything,for money simply hacking,causing a lot of technical trouble on,websites getting private information on,somebody,ruining your opponent okay i think i,found it small,job for example email and facebook,hacking so for 250 euros this guys,gonna hack me,250 euros is about 298,dollars and 10 cents all right lets do,it come back tomorrow for a part two,okay so that was part one of the video i,posted part two and it never,or it went up and it almost did a,million views and then it got taken down,so im gonna show you guys part two,all right heres part two i hired a,hacker on the dark web part two if you,guys remember part one i pretty much,hired the hacker and then i clicked buy,now and then that was pretty much it we,have a ton of information to cover for,part two also i only have 60 seconds im,not trying to make this a 10-part series,so i have to be quick okay so the first,update okay so the first update is my,purchase actually went through so i,actually bought it,second thing is we have a confirmation,number with the order date just so you,guys know im not lying and then we have,the small job but here is the important,part,this part right here says that i can,message them on telegram and which i did,and youre never going to guess how this,went down so i ended up adding them on,telegram and i was greeted with this,message,so right when i joined the chat i got,this message that said wren a hacker,invited you to join a secret chat room,use end-to-end encryption leave no trace,on our server have a self-destruct timer,and does not allow forwarding pretty,much what that means is whatever happens,in this chat state,my girlfriends calling me that means,whatever happens in this chat stays in,this chat then i text him say hey i,recently placed an order for a small job,he asked for my order number and i sent,him my order number didnt take a,screenshot he said i will get back to,you shortly thats all the information i,have right now follow for part three i,hate to do,okay okay so thats pretty much where,were at,now now were on part three also too let,me address this,the amount of hate i have gotten for,this series is,abnormal people are thinking that i,dont know the difference between the,deep web,and the dark web and let me just be real,with you guys,i 100 do also if i sound stuffy its,because i have a cold,but guys lets address this real quick i,have 60 seconds for a video,six zero like literally one minute long,obviously i have to cut corners and the,reason i use that screenshot right here,that you can see that says,semi bad guys is just because it makes,the most sense to the average general,audience sure a lot of you guys are,gonna get mad at me for that but i know,the deep web is not bad guys,i know the deep web is literally just,anything with a password,protected and im 100 aware of that but,there was literally a guy who made a,video about me,that has like 200 000 likes and hes,like exposing me and im like bro i know,what im talking about just for a little,background information,i used to be a website developer and,application developer and i,i code in five different six different,languages c sharp c plus plus,yes php okay so my camera died probably,a couple hours ago and it took me,forever to find the charger because i,was trying to find the bag,that i went to the hotel with and its,been that long because i filmed so,yeah okay so if i do remember right we,were talking about some of the exposed,videos that were like coming against me,let me fix this,so were gonna react to a couple of them,right now um as you guys can see,you guys can see my phone all right here,we go this is where like the semi bad,guys are,oh no no no no no dont you start trying,to [ __ ],[ __ ] tick tock cuz dont you start,trying we went into the trick took [ __ ],homie talks like ksi this is your deep,web this is where,the semi bad guys are it is honestly,painful,how wrong of a description the deep web,is just stuff you cant easily search,for on google and things like that,like say if you self-host a minecraft,mapping tool this is your deep web this,is where,guys this is all because i didnt,explain it right because i only had 60,seconds,everything for any day use this is your,deep web this is where like the semi-bad,guys are,here you literally could not have been,more wrong basically deep web,is anything that like doesnt show up on,google,your email is deep web technically,everything i i i dont even know what to,say at this point,do some research before posting about,the dark and deep web,the surface web is anything that you can,access without a password,aka wikipedia google the deep web,is anything password protected right,meaning,your tick tock your email,your medical records the deep web is not,bad guys,it is literally just password protected,things,its not that hard to do research on,this it takes 10 minutes,all right well thats enough going,through all the hate but like i said,guys im not an idiot i know what i was,saying and i know what i was doing i,only had,60 seconds to make a full video 60,seconds might seem like a lot but when,you,really go down in the details about how,my videos are scripted,everything is planned like even my story,time videos are 100,scripted and the reason theyre scripted,is so i can type them out on my notepad,like literally look at this,literally look at my computer right this,is the latest,granny story that i did i have to,literally type,line by line of what im gonna say to,make sure i can fit it into one minute,i completely understand why everybody,gave that amount of backlash but guys,listen i promise im not an idiot,honestly no its just irritating like i,get why you guys made those videos,because you guys think that like im,just some other tick talker who like,is trying to like get cloud off of,something he doesnt kn

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i hired a hacker on myself

this video is brought to you by private,internet access youre probably going to,think that Im crazy I myself think that,Im crazy because I just hired a hacker,on myself I hired the hacker to do a,full osint investigation by using social,engineering or any open source,Intelligence on the internet to find out,exactly where I live or my phone number,is what my email address is find out as,much personal information on me as you,could by ethical,or unethical means so I posted this on,my social media platforms to see if,anybody would take the bite if you are a,hacker DM me on Instagram its I am,Lucid I only want white hat hackers that,know exactly what theyre talking about,the first hacker is actually somebody,from my city I dont know him personally,but he lives within like a five minute,drive from my exact house like after I,found out your high school based off of,your videos you kind of gave too much,info because I could have just easily,found out who used to be your language I,was a teacher yeah right yeah yeah I,found I found out who he was so lets,say somebody lived across the whole us,and wanted to find out where I live itd,be almost impossible yeah its near,impossible yeah and theyre not gonna,have a good time its its not going to,be easy and he starts to ask his friends,like do you know who I am Lucid is to,try to gather any real life information,on me because he has that advantage over,the other hackers and hes texting his,boy can you ask around if you dont mind,Ill love you forever he says youre,trying to mess with him no Im not going,to mess with him Im not messed up I,just want to contact him because Im a,hacker and hes interested in people,like me so hes making up a fake lie,obviously to get his voice to hand over,information about me so his boy posted,on his Snapchat story asking if anybody,knew who I was in real life and only two,people responded two people that Ive,never heard the names of ever before in,my life they went to a different High,School than I went to and they basically,didnt give me or give them any,information about me at all like,whatsoever I swear to God I cannot make,this [ __ ] up the Hackers friend like,the friend of the hacker was texting and,trying to get real life info about me,ends up meeting me in real life I was,just outside a couple of hours ago and,this guy pulls up next to me in the most,random spot in the entire city thats a,really closed off spot from the public,he pulls up next to me and hes like yo,lucid and the more that I talk to this,guy I realized Im talking to the,Hackers friend that was trying to find,out everything about me the hacker texts,me bro you met my friend and I said yeah,a small City send me the pic and he,sends me the picture and thats me and,is it,what the [ __ ] this next hacker is an OS,int or open source intelligence expert,he knows exactly where to look to find,very sensitive data from data breaches,that he saves at his house to sift,through and find somebodys real house,address or location anything you can,find about me that people shouldnt know,I want you to find out enough Ill see,what I can find I know you have some,pretty good opsec already though so I,cant promise Ill find anything so the,first thing I did was I watched as many,of your videos as possible to try to get,an idea of where you were at and what,region you were at and possibly even,down to the house I memorized everything,about your apartment and saved it to,files on my desktop and would try to,pair it with multiple apartments that I,had looked in Detroit and I spent an,excruciating amount of time just,searching through,an apartment in Detroit and I honestly,could not find you really anywhere in,now you could be on the cover here but I,couldnt match the architecture of your,apartment so hes looking at the outside,of these apartments to find out if the,outside of my current window actually,matches up with what hes seeing on,apartments.com so my next process was to,go ahead and hop on over to docspin to,see if maybe you had been hacked before,and the work will be cut out for me and,the only thing I was able to find was,this information which I reluctantly,probably shouldnt open because it may,not be your actual information and I,dont it was added May 9th 2000 it was,added this month to Docs been three,comments and 69 views created by,Anonymous its I am lucids docs I doubt,this is real I think it is its someone,in South Carolina its not real I also,tried to go to your Twitter account and,stock your page and found absolutely,nothing there I checked some of your,fandom status your famous birthdays got,a an idea of about how old you were and,I even attempted to check voter records,and was bummed out when I I got nothing,back I cant vote as a U.S citizen like,at all like if theres a presidential,election or any election at all I cant,vote and put in my ballot because Im,not registered to vote anymore and the,reason for doing that I made an entire,video in the cards above check that out,but I cant do it I cant Vote Alex is,your real first name or not because I,did not find an Alex with your date of,birth as a voter record now,so my my real name might not be Alex,never enough so I attempted searching,you and I went through just about every,page I could,and really came up with nothing IP,address and some breach data but that,sent me to Northern Iowa which I can,only assume was probably either one of,your vpns you already know maybe this,video,this video my private internet access my,favorite VPN private internet access is,a VPN that masks your real IP address,and encrypts all of the data being sent,from your machine so that nobody can,track you across the web it also comes,with a feature called Pia mace now Mace,will immediately kick in when you,connect to their servers it will block,all ads all trackers and all malicious,websites that I could find without you,having to do any work on your end,whatsoever so that means when you first,connect the Pia theres going to be no,ads at all on any device that youre on,so thats why I use private internet,access for everything that I do on the,web even gaming is super low latency you,can get 17 milliseconds from Detroit to,Chicago which is the server that Im,connected to private internet access,also has advanced kill switch for those,that are really cautious about leaking,their IP address itll make it so that,you cant even access the web without,private internet access turned on check,out private internet access in the link,in the description down below to get 82,off your order that is two dollars and,11 cents per month when you use the link,in the description down below check out,Pia today I checked multiple breach data,sources such as d hashed Ive been pound,and my own collection and didnt find a,whole lot of good leads there so he,actually has his own collection of like,breach data that he gathers and saves,which is totally legal by the way Im,not even sure how thats the case but,its legal and he gathers just a bunch,of breach data to search through it and,sift through and find my information,which he couldnt find at all either and,a possible Forum post from you back in,2010. now I dont think you hold up 2010,song by the name of extra gravity made a,Modern Warfare 2 glitches and tricks,really just boiled you down to this area,saw that there was the roasting plant,and I could assume thats maybe a coffee,shop its known that youre from Detroit,so Hawaii I went to Downtown Detroit and,found,looking at my location to hear the way,you shot it you could probably look,straight from right here thats actually,exactly where I shot this video,General location I was able to find um,but even at that I gotta give it to you,Lucy you got really good opsec and as an,investigator doing an ocean,investigation on you I was unable to get,any good leads and anything solid to go,on to find your location and I knew,social engineering I even tried to call,several apartments and the managers of,the apartment that

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“Hacker-For-Hire” Services 04 Dark Web Documentary

hello everybody and welcome back welcome,back to another youtube video showcasing,the dark web now reminder this is an,educational artistic and scientific,documentary,this is all for educational purposes i,dont make any claim that this is,actually meant to be showcasing you uh,doing stuff on the dark web i dont want,you to you shouldnt want to,uh your mileage may vary and this is all,to,explore its very exploratory just,seeing,what there is to see with reminder that,anyone can do this if you have the,stomach for it if you have the know-how,you can take a look at the pages on the,dark web,and see what people are really up to,which is uh kind of insane,you see some weird shady stuff but lets,get to it this is hot off the tails,of the previous video where we were,looking at some,hire a hacker or rent a hacker,services which are so weird for one,thing,and i had a couple like stage websites,because i wanted to show you some,funds that i thought were interesting,but i also suggested hey we can just go,look and search around for this,with our search engines like see what,else is out there,now i realize ill probably have to like,blur some things out of this video in,case we do stumble across,anything thats a little bit maybe,across the line um,so there will be some hopeful video,editing and obscuring here but i still,want to show you the real,stuff this is live this is raw this is,me not knowing where im going,this is just us typing into the,equivalent of google,hey over here on the dark web how can i,hire,a hacker and ill search for that i have,a second page open here,uh for amia so ill search for another,thing like oh rent a hacker and well,see if we get any different pools,or what else we might be able to uh to,look through so,some of these pages we might have,already seen in the previous video some,of them might be completely new,this hire a hacker basa mafia one um,i want to check out hira hacker rent to,hacker that one looks kind of familiar,maybe from the title,rent to hacker uncategorized archives,hackers for hire how can i hire a hacker,from x hacker us,verified online hackers thats weird,certified hackers,offering professional online hacking,services hirehacker for facebook email,web database etc,insane professional hackers team quickly,helps to resolve your needs,why are they all in caps hire a hacker,dx elite marketplace,oh man some insane crazy stuff here,so theres a lot right this could go on,i could i could be scrolling down you,can see my scroll,bar this could be going for a quite a,while,but uh lets explore lets see what we,got,you can see this very quickly devolves,into um more,extremely questionable stuff uh and i,and i lets not you know maybe,lets lets cut ourselves off lets quit,while were ahead,okay,so im zooming in here on this site um,this is peculiar,base of mafia this is an organization,brokerage with a vast network of hacking,surface tailored to suit each clients,needs our consulting service provides,professional hacking services here,oh my gosh hacking services include,social media email websites etc custom,rats and trojans,oh good goodness,look at this stuff guys,theyre actually showing some like legit,terms though its not all fluff,website and serve hacking xss cross-site,scripting right,csrf cross-site script uh cross-site,request forgery,sql injection ldap injection,uh clrf carriage return lied phene,injection,what a hack guys thats thats a zero,day right there just add a new line,a few vulnerabilities but they affect,most websites,not to mention the obsolete software,installed on the servers,thats kind of right uh we cant we,cant claim that,but hey they have a hacking course,guys,buy my course i want i want like,dark web uh fake gurus i want i want my,get,get rich quick scheme gurus from the,dark,of course you have your email and wicker,so you can reach out to these guys,theres a sec mail pro email account yet,again,um if you go onto their service page,uh oh my lord okay,okay we are not checking out that one,i dont think that needs to be done what,the heck,look at this,im done im done im out of this one,im out of here if you go in the order,what,evelyn w martin is that a legitimate,name,is that that persons name im sure its,got to be,uh another alias or handle but if you,theres a join,our network page which is even more,insane,like hey if you want to join this gang,of cyber criminals,and other extremely sensitive and uh,spooky stuff,please write to us by this male or via,wick we dont ask money from our members,were coming up with an all hackers,party if you want to join this party you,must become,part of us one of us what the heck,this uh disclaimer here says be warned,dont mess with the site or you risk,your life,okay okay okay were done with that one,were done with that one oh this is a,heres a cyber cracker supposedly,according their name,uh worlds largest higher hacker,organization,this is weird is this meant to be all a,white page website,i have the javascript turned off as you,remember,so it is not going to hopefully end up,running anything oh no it has a,background i just refreshed the page,this looks lit now,oh my goodness what do we offer look at,this,showcasing their products showcasing,their services this is a legit,business website um,more services the nice animations here,what makes us the best,so this is totally because theres like,no javascript running,um because normally you see on like a,cool flashy like bootstrap webpage or,something,they they uh have a number count up to,to their stats and their numbers uh but,the javascript is turned off on the,browser right now because im,being safe but its counting up numbers,would be,zero percent of customers who satisfy,with our services,zero available to hire zero years of,experience,zero types of professional services,offered,that just makes me laugh ill be honest,this carousel wont run,because of a part of me i i like outer,initially thing like oh their website is,so broken their websites so bad,uh but im pretty sure its just because,javascript is off,they got some stuff though here they go,showcasing like everything they put they,put together,frequently asked questions oh this is,the good stuff how can i hire someone,just submit a simple request form just,reach out just contact us how long does,it take to complete,uh totally depends of what youre trying,to do,but we can usually accomplish this in a,few hours,or one to two days wow wow,all of our conversations are encrypted,in sha-256,thats a hashing algorithm guys,am i wrong am i being stupid in that,case,do you hash all of your conversations,how do you how do you like are the is it,encrypted end to end,or like in data in transit,how do you crack that hash if youre,trying to receive the message,is it untraceable and discreet all of,our services are anonymous and discreet,your victim wont know anything,we follow hard and silent methods to,gain access how do you do that,i want to know for my like just just for,my sake because,if you fire off you know a server-side,exploit if you exploit the vulnerability,that can typically be kind of loud,of overt and there are sensors and,anti-virus,and edr solutions that get in the way if,you send a phishing email,then they know by the fact of them,receiving the email,how can i get a refund in such cases,well transfer your case to our refunds,department theyll study your case and,provide you,really is that so what details do i need,to provide,anything anything you got seriously,please tell us everything that you know,do you accept credit card and paypal,thats the,thats the question of the hourlies due,to some security reasons we dont accept,payments via credit cards in paypal and,theyre precisely monitored by,authorities and agencies,im telling you man they all want crypto,they all want cryptocurrency,no oversight no authority no regulation,holy cow what else is on this website,here,oh does this just scroll down okay yeah,its just one single landing page,and it 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Hiring a Hacker to Hack My Facebook

imagine with me for a second,that you have a facebook account or an,instagram account or twitter account or,whatever account you want and youre,locked out of it,whatever are you to do,well i know quite a few people that are,offering to help online,and i have always been curious what that,actually looks like i get these messages,all the time,heres a look really quick at my,twitter account actually lets start,with,lets start with youtube on youtube if i,come into my comments held for review,all the time for all types of hacks and,recovery contacts kennex hack on,instagram,hey i will give you a course for 25,bucks you got all kinds of scams contact,iron tony666 at gmail,and we have all these extreme hacking i,just need back into my email account,okay,thats the general premise now,on twitter i like to put out what are,called thirst traps for bots okay,and these these thirst traps all you,have to do is say hey ive been hacked,cant get back into my account and bots,will immediately appear,now we live streamed this yesterday and,unfortunately the guy that i was talking,to has already been suspended it usually,goes pretty quick but we could see a few,more replies in here this guy said hey,i can see that uh or my account got,hacked yesterday but i got it back from,this tech shine zero and this other guy,said sorry youve been hacked i saw your,tweet go ahead and message shadow hacks,okay,so these bots come out and they say hey,i can help you out here just just let me,help you go ahead and message this,person on instagram,so,i went ahead and took the liberty of,messaging a few people on instagram now,here is the general premise i messaged,five different people,and three of them responded back to me,very quick these two down here were from,my youtube and they did not respond at,all so far so the ones that were on uh,were on twitter and botting me,immediately actually responded pretty,quick so that was interesting to see,they all have the same cadence were,gonna focus on hackwiz here and some of,the information that i found out about,hackwiz but you could see they all have,the same look to them they all have the,same feel to the account,i tell them all im in need to help ive,been locked out of my facebook account,and hes got good customer service by,the way i applaud his customer service,throughout this whole thing because it,is fantastic uh hes he asked how long,youve been locked out of your account,for same thing happened these other ones,its almost like theyre going off of a,script,now i had some,thoughts going into this that these were,likely people from low cost of living,countries um these are likely people,that are working maybe in cubicles or,working in like a scam farm of sorts and,youve probably seen these on youtube,and they likely have managers and it,likely runs pretty deep,okay um,we pretty much targeted a location i am,fairly certain as this goes on that they,are in africa i am fairly certain that,they are in kenya,some details that we pulled ill show,you but,with that being said they could have had,really good opsec and just been fooling,us the entire time though i dont think,that was the case here,now these people are not hackers i,should point out i asked a couple of,them hey what do you what do you use to,hack and they said ill tell you later,or ill tell you after you pay me,so the general premise is i can get back,into your account i said im locked out,of my account been locked out for a week,now cant seem to remember the password,whats your username i gave him this,fake user that we created and he said,was your account hacked or can you not,get back in i said just cant get back,in he says okay well your account can be,gotten within a few minutes amazing,hackers a few minutes,okay i im impressed i would hire this,guy if he could hack a facebook account,in a few minutes and i said hey i heard,about you on twitter this is again,customer service how did you hear about,us,and uh so i said i posted my account,somebody offered up and he said i can,get you in 15 minutes max,okay i said how much of what payment,methods now this guy asked for 53. said,he accept bitcoin and paypal this quick,recovery guy told me that he only,accepts no he accepts both paypal and uh,bitcoin as well this guy was only,cryptocurrency nothing else i asked,about google play cards and he said he,would take google play if i paid a,hundred now shadow hacks over here was,fifty dollars hackwiz was fifty three,dollars and quick recovery was 80,so there was not pricing across the,board um they would ask me where im,from and they would give me a an email,address so,with this email address went and did,some basic ocean information i wanted to,see if this email address had ever been,um in a breach before which this one has,if you searched it on have i been pwned,it has been in a breach if you look up,the name regina kurumba it comes back to,african names,and this could again be opsec on their,part but i dont think that it is uh so,this is not i dont think anything of,their name i just think that its what,theyre using is african names here,and i,uh searched this didnt see anything,didnt see anything for the username but,a trick that you can do is you can copy,this okay and you can come into gmail,and paste it and say next,and then you could say hey i forgot my,password,okay when it asks you if you forgot your,password you could say hey try another,way,it will say confirm the phone number on,your account settings,confirm the phone number this phone,number has one two three four digits up,front one two three four five six digits,on the back if this was a us phone,number it would go three three four like,you would imagine the us you can imagine,other countries so this is kind of,giving an indicator of the country,layout four digits then six digits,ending in zero one,we could choose the country here um im,not gonna go ahead and pick the country,but im fairly certain this gives a nice,indication okay so it ends in zero one,and i try to ocean him a little bit he,tells me to use the payment as family,and friends which is just so that they,get money without having to pay any fees,and i told him hey its asking me for a,number ending in zero one and hes like,can you send a screenshot so while were,on stream really really fast we make up,this fake uh fake osinty type deal on,paypal showing that were trying to send,him money and at the very bottom it says,please verify recipients phone number,heres a couple blocks first block,second block submit payment and he said,okay can you try submitting without that,we said sure but we sent him an error,page so basically all im trying to do,is get a number out of him because i,wanted to talk to him on the phone um,then he goes ahead and he sends me,another email we repeat this process we,keep going through,and i keep asking him little questions,to try to get up and i said youre out,of africa yes um i,was waiting and waiting and waiting for,him to respond at times so i got bored,and asked him who his favorite hackers,were which led to another side quest,that i could tell you about he asked me,to go on coinbase i i kept deferring i,wanted to get him to either give me a,phone number with paypal because if i,went google play or if i went coinbase,or anything else then i lose the,leverage that i think or thought i had,at least um so i was trying to get him,to disclose information going to any,other platform i feel like i did not,have that same leverage,so with this i asked him please just,send me your top three favorite hackers,while youre waiting he sends me a list,that if you google like top hackers,these are the guys that show up and,whats funny is,i posted this on twitter but we tricked,his bot or he posted it in the bot um,so his account got deleted but i went,ahead and saved it,i asked him this and then his his bot,went out on twitter and posted the same,thing,uh so i dont know what happened here,but just uh just a side quest that was,kind of funny um and

“Hire a Hacker” ??? 03 Dark Web Documentary

hello everyone and welcome back welcome,back to another youtube video were,still going through a little safari ride,a little uh,journey and escapade through the dark,web,in this educational scientific and,artistic,documentary right this is all for the,sake of education its all for learning,its just for,trying to see what we can see and with,the reminder with the whole moral and,the thesis that i want to get across for,this series of videos,is that look anyone can do this anyone,can take a look,and just if you have the stomach for it,if you have the know-how you can really,see whats going on,on the dark web and you know i hate that,term that name it sounds so stupid but,whatever were having fun in the last,couple videos in the very first video,we got ourselves started with tails,linux so we have,an operating system that is a little bit,more its fine-tuned,for privacy for security for that,and uh now were using the tor browser,and we learned a little bit in the last,video,about the different search engines that,we could use,to find these onion websites or find the,tor hidden services,so now were ready for the fun stuff now,were going to get to some of the weird,creepy strange and shady websites,that uh you maybe you might be able to,stumble across,on the dark web so lets get to it lets,get after it ill hop over to my,computer screen here,and youll notice i have amia up now amy,is the one its the search engine that i,had suggested,its the one i have been using to kind,of find my way around,and i want to stroll through amio with,something that we might be looking at in,this video but i also still want to,showcase some of the kind of staged and,canon ready ones that i wanted to,present,to you because in this video,i want to uh shine the spotlight on how,you can,hire a hacker or rent a hacker or uh you,know take,in these cyber security skills,everything that we kind of do on this,channel more for education for learning,for,the white hat sense for doing good,things to better and protect security,and the really interesting duality of,the the dark web kind of counterpart so,you might work your job,and you do security things to benefit,the world,and i dont know provide a better good,better security,uh there is a weird mirrored projection,of you,in this underground world of the dark,web,that is more interested in doing these,things that could wreak havoc that could,completely damage an organization,hinder security in whatever sense and uh,thats just a paycheck,for them they take it at face value,they dont care what it costs what it,costs the,receiving or ending organization they,just care about getting,their job done so lets take a gander,lets take a look i want to showcase,some of these really,interesting really,interesting sites uh so this is,rent a hacker and this one i think is,kind of peculiar because its like this,guy,is going out and putting on his own,resume his own cv,putting it out to give to the world hey,im an experienced hacker,offering his services uh parentheses,illegal,illegal hacking and social engineering,is my business since i was 16 years old,never had a real job so i had the time,to really get good at hacking and i made,a good amount of money the last plus or,minus 20 years,ive worked for other people before now,im also offering my services for,everyone,with enough cash here look at that man,theyre all for the money,theyre all in it for the money im not,doing this to make a few bucks here and,there,thats weird thats very antithetical to,what i just said im not from some,crappy,uh location and im not going to say,that im allowed to uh you know offend,the world,happy to scan people 450 currency im a,professional computer expert who could,earn,this amount of money an hour with a,legitimate legal job so stop reading if,you dont have a serious problem,worth spending some cash at it prices,depend on a lot of the problem you want,me to solve but minimum amount for,smaller jobs is 250. you can pay me,anonymously using,bitcoin ooh now this is a trend now this,is something that well see time,and time again especially as were,looking through this cryptocurrency,is the way now bitcoin,monero ethereum doge whatever the heck,you want,uh that is now going to be the hackers,market thats going to be their crypto,their dollar,value of choice right and it makes,complete sense well talk about this,more,in a lot of later videos but thats,it adds their own anonymity uh it has a,little bit of safety and security for,the bad guys because once that money is,sent,it can never be retrieved back yeah,so whatever well talk about it more,technical skills,some uh web scene c plus plus and,assembly,zero day exploits oh yeah i want to see,some cds,attached to this guy highly personalized,trojans bots distributed,denial of service spear phishing and,taxi accounts from selected targets,basically anything a hacker needs to be,successful,if i dont know it ill learn it very,fast you gotta you gotta give crops to,uh you gotta give props to that,determination and drive if only we,we could strive to have that much grit,social engineering skills very good,written spoken phone calls english,spanish and german,if i cant hack something technically,ill make phone calls write emails at,the target to get the needed information,ive had people make things you wouldnt,believe really often,oh yeah a lot of experience with,security pack practices inside of big,corporations,he says ill do anything for money if,you want me to destroy some persons,business or a persons life,ill do it,what how are these real,okay look at this look at this this is,real thats why i wanted to bring this,to you thats why i want to showcase,some of this stuff,following prices are estimates so yeah,like hey heres a breakdown of numbers,heres a breakdown of what things cost,but it obviously its going to be,dependent on the case right its very,subjective,you can get an idea of what these might,be but if you kind of go in here to buy,now,oh looks like i need to create an,account a register an account,bro we should do it we should try it out,uh i want to explore the rest of this,website this products page it looks like,it brings us right back yeah to the,original home page,the faq though the frequently asked,question powered by tour shops,that would be something we can take a,look at maybe in another video,tell others about this shop earn a one,percent discount,wait wait earn one percent from every,purchase they make,simply give them this link for the onion,link with a variable ref,uh your username replace your username,with the actual username on this website,and earn,directly or get earnings directly sent,to your wallet,what a deal right look at this look at,this,actual like business this actual,they have it all figured out you may,choose between many exchanges and,marketplaces to fund your bitcoin,address in your account depending on,your location and available payment,methods,and they link to a couple different uh,locations for for bitcoin stuff,thats unreal thats unreal we should,add it to the to-do list,to go and you know register an account,on this website and see what we can,see what we can do this other one ive,got a few more and maybe in this video,we wont end up going searching but i,can record a second one for this because,this is where the fun happens im,telling you and i think now were,getting the real stuff,and i hope this is kind of interesting,hacking services,contact request services you got a email,account over here we could access,and now let me put my disclaimer right,let me let me say,obviously i have no idea if any of this,is remotely legitimate or actually,factual whatsoever,and i dont pretend to know and i dont,want to know you as the audience you as,the viewer,shouldnt dont care about this,uh i i know in releasing a certain,amount of videos on this sort of thing,there might be a cluster of folks or,individuals that are like whoa,bro can you really hack my you my,instagram my girlfriends facebook

I Hire a hacker @ hireahacker.pro and this happened!

how you doing scotty bear back with,another video,this video about my experience with,the website hire a hacker dot,pro uh i know you,feel the anticipation uh i got a great,story for you guys,uh you might be thinking to yourself man,scott why are you,trying to hire a hacker what do you got,going who are you trying to hack,uh and you know those uh dick pics uh,you know i need to get them back from,that chick that i upload to,tinder no its not actually the reason,actually,the uh part they helped me out with i,dont even want to talk about i mean,im you know kind of a micro celebrity,and i mean the internets kind of a,dangerous place i mean you probably know,you know crazy xs,revenge porn dick pics i mean you know,the internets nuts so,um of course theres those reasons and,but,that part is not the part of the story i,mean yeah,i mean i didnt hire him to you know the,dick pics i send the dick pics on tinder,yeah that part is true i didnt hire him,for that,but uh the part of the story that i want,to talk about,is uh how he helped my friend,so um uh my boy comes to pick me up,were about ready to run out grab some,dinner,and uh you know i was talking about,hacker guy,and and stuff like that and basically,he goes uh man i need to hire a hacker i,was like,i was like yeah why he goes i think my,old lady is cheating on me,and um im like oh yeah no kidding well,well lets,ask the hacker guy if he can help out,and um hes,like oh yeah lets try you know because,so,uh on to the good part uh basically a,hacker guy comes back with pictures,messages and his,kid may not actually be his,kid yeah its that [ __ ] crazy,and uh boy i its going to be hilarious,its going to be hilarious if this,hacker guys can see his video hes,probably going to try to hack my [ __ ],and i mean the guy was,excellent hacker well i mean i dont,know how good a hacker,he was or whatever but uh he did an,amazing job,um for a pretty good price and you know,i like,do these reviews i mean i try to do good,reviews bad reviews all stuff i mean,things that really stick out,as uh something to talk about or,what you might be interested in but uh,it was a pretty fun story,uh my buddy now has uh filed for divorce,uh this has,been i dont know about three weeks ago,now he filed for divorce,um hes uh his whole life changed over,a hacker it was uh actually kind of,crazy,but uh anyway thats the,my review i gotta go do some uh,dishes in the uh,in the tub thanks for uh for watching

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