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  6. Halo 5: Guardians – Review
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Halo 5: Guardians Review

what was that,well lets go find out were sitting,dogs here agreed move,in almost every way halo 5 guardians is,bigger than the excellent games that,came before it it has the strongest,combat in the series along with tons of,fun weapons levels creative multiplayer,modes and new game changing mobility at,the same time guardians repeats halo 4s,mistake of telling a story that relies,too much on halos expanded fiction blue,team,fall out,this hurts but doesnt ruin the,otherwise impressive co-op campaign,spartan jamison lock and master chief,share the cover of halo 5 but the,uncharismatic lock is the main character,the story pays a price for having us,spend 80 of the time playing as someone,whos just following orders it feels,like business not fighting for a cause,and an overcomplicated plot didnt help,at least the new main enemy is less,black and white in its motives than,previous halo villains the story does a,fine job of characterizing locks team,of osiris spartans through believable,background chatter but master chiefs,blue team doesnt get enough screen time,if you read the books or bought a pricey,special edition that includes the,animated fall of reach series you know,theyre chiefs lifelong friends if not,blue team will often just feel like,three extra guns watching your back,halo 5s levels usually arent massive,but theyre so dense with hidden rooms,pathways weapons and vehicles that i,didnt miss the breathing room and since,this is the first halo game native to,the xbox one there is outstanding detail,in each of the great environments the,story takes us to this makes halo 5s,campaign ripe for replaying and better,suited for the 4-player online co-op,its clearly built for you and your,friends have room to spread out grab,different weapons and get smart with,your engagements when playing solo the,new d-pad ai squad commands are simple,but useful stand there get in that,vehicle or shoot that enemy this is a,huge improvement over past games where,allies took forever to jump onto your,turrets and its great for taking out,important enemies too but sometimes,teammates just didnt listen or werent,quick enough to revive me which led to,frustrating game overs,halo 5s arsenal is vast and fun largely,because weapons that used to be weak are,now useful iconic favorites like the,battle rifle and rocket launcher are,still satisfying but there are,unexpected gems too like the suppressor,its mediocre in halo 4 but its new,homing rounds make it great against,quick targets enemies are just as,diverse 4runners are fast and those,annoying drones from halo 4 are rarer,now theyre challenging but no longer,overbearing one major improvement is,with the invisible covenant elites whose,shimmering effect is very effective on,new gen hardware they took me out more,than usual which was a nice surprise,the campaigns not the best in the,series but halo 5s multiplayer is,excellent the big new attraction is,warzone and its my new go-to mode in,this expanded version of big team battle,you dont just fight the other team you,earn points by capturing locations and,killing tough npc bosses theres more,than one way to win so great comebacks,are entirely possible warzones maps are,huge enough to accommodate vehicles but,provide ample cover to give infantry a,chance matches are longer than usual and,require resource management which is a,new dimension for halo if you spend your,wreck points early youll probably,outgun most enemies you find however a,frugal opponent might later pull out a,tank when all you can afford is a rifle,its well balanced no strategy seems,dominant and nothing beats skill a smart,player could carefully approach that,tank from cover and destroy it arena is,classic 4v4 halo at its finest its slew,of options is impressive and halo 5s,new mechanical improvements apply to,multiplayer as well as campaign boosters,and hover jets that switch on while you,aim in the air now feel essential they,allowed me to shoot from cover avoid,damage and make better use of the maps,theyre fun tools that widen your,tactical options clamoring is a huge,addition as well as long as you get,close to a ledge your spartan will grab,on and hoist itself up in game modes,where time matters clamoring is a,godsend,halo has never felt as good to play as,it does in darkness great new guns and,mobility skills give both campaign and,multiplayer a modern touch without,sacrificing halos classic feel the,sometimes illogical story fails to make,all its new spartans interesting but,campaign is still fast beautiful and fun,especially with 4-player co-op,guardians fun maps and modes make its,multiplayer the best since halo 2 and,the tactical new warzone mode absolutely,steals the show for more on halo 5,guardians stay tuned to ign

Halo 5: Guardians Angry Review

master chief you coming with me im here,to take you in who the hell are you son,and what the hell are you wearing on,your head what are you robocop its a,bunch of cuts this is all they could,issue me anyways im locked im the new,guy you gotta come with me cause command,doesnt trust you and i never question,orders,wait a minute command doesnt trust me,son do you know how many times ive,saved humanity and the whole galaxy in,the covenant race one two three i i,cant even think how many times what,kind of [ __ ] [ __ ] would believe id,be a bad guy and go awol,well that might be the story 343,i mean command came up with,so youre going to come with me or else,were going to have a non-interactive,boss fight,solely on cut scenes,listen here luck,i dont think so okay im gonna go save,humanity now is that cool do you think,man do you think im not gonna stop you,i thought so,get that [ __ ] fixed whatever that is im,trying and dont follow me all right all,right,hey youre luck the new guy right yeah,what the [ __ ] is on your head,budget cuts right,its all right hey listen i got a,solution to that its a great idea and i,hear you have it in with 343 studios a,direct line,okay check this out its called halo,requisition points micro transactions,yeah,i knew youd like it come on,follow me ill show you more,a little background on my love for halo,and how its a part of my gaming history,i instantly bought an xbox solely for,that game a true system seller back then,and later became a huge xbox fanboy and,just pure console player ill admit it,both through the original and the 360.,like some newer halo fans would do now,for halo 5. i would murder anyone that,talks [ __ ] about halo back then i was a,true halo fanboy okay and part of me,still is and when i put that suit on i,was just a kid again,god damn it,you and your [ __ ] toys,let me move back,however over the years my love for the,halo franchise waned eventually i i,moved on like most by the time halo wars,anniversary edition spartan assault and,more was coming out i was disinterested,for the most part and left those games,to the new generation of halo fans now i,eventually did buy halo 4. youre,curious to see what its new curators you,know 343 studios would do in bungies,wake but i just couldnt even bring,myself to finish it it was missing,something it just wasnt doing it for me,however after the recent damn good media,content from microsoft and promises from,343,that they were making about improving,after halo 4 making it even better,returning to the roots of halo and,making some truly cool additions to,multiplayer i decided to jump back in,for this one ready to judge this game on,its own rights while still considering,key things from what players expect from,a halo game in terms of,value length story and multiplayer,goodness,and actually once you get it going the,xbox one finally hits its first real,intended stride since its inception yes,sir,things were looking up for this big,exclusive of the year i called other joe,over to start our decade old tradition,of playing through the various,difficulty levels and i was immediately,met with the first sign that this isnt,gonna be the halo i would fall back in,love with,okay multiplayer okay uh arena in,warzone theres only two here and then,theater wheres forge or did they get,rid of forge,do you see it no i dont see it,no then its gone this guy,thats [ __ ] lame,forge is in december okay cause i was,like what the [ __ ] man gonna take out,forge for the [ __ ] cry what the hell,no [ __ ] split screen,youre joking right because me and joe,want to play,joe theres no split screen,the [ __ ] gonna take out split screen,from halo,oh jesus damn it,thats [ __ ] stupid sorry joe,you want to play go home too bad,i dont have an x get out of my house uh,so taking out split screen multiplayer,was a huge estate a huge [ __ ] mistake,i cant believe its three four three,you know what i got for you,oh,im sorry i,didnt know how that machine worked,first strike there is no split screen,multiplayer,at all,one of the core tenants of the halo,franchise now completely ripped out with,no warning gone removed in a blatant,effort to force you to buy two copies of,the game and a second xbox one something,that people had no problem doing with,mind you for halo 1 and halo 2 after,playing split screen with friends but,here microsoft in 343 studios said [ __ ],your friend give me money,the reasons for its admission being some,of the most insulting pr [ __ ],ever submitted to players uh according,to spencer the reason the newest game in,the series doesnt have split screen is,because fewer older people actually make,use of split screen gameplay and when,they do play games like halo 5 its,usually on the xbox live service we see,the robustness of what xbox oh and then,and then he has to include these these,pr [ __ ] words oh its so robust of,what xbox live is today quote unquote i,love the,nostalgia of the couch co-op,of what halo did in the past but i also,know the realities of the day,with peoples busy lives its just not,as easy to get everybody in the same,physical place its one of the,advantages that xbox live obviously,offers,what verbal diarrhea just came out of,your mouth,are you [ __ ] serious,look look at how hard look at how hard,it was for other joe to come over hes,not here,what how are you here it took me like a,minute,hes hes not even here thats how,difficult it was to get one of my,friends to come over to my house what it,is you see what it is is phil spencer,has no friends and thats what they tell,him and hes like guys so why is it so,why does nobody come over to my house ah,it must because xbox lives features are,so robust that they would rather,interact with me through xbox live but,you dont understand the interaction is,so deep and rich oh deep and rich,rich mahogany,fine i sent joe home and i bought a,second xbox one for this review im not,joking i gave that one to dell and joe,could borrow his roommates xbox one by,bargaining some favors though you have,to turn off the other xbox one so that,they dont get in each others way on,the router so 400,later were off and then in a about as,long as it took me to download the thing,from xbox live arcade,we beat the game,wait what,get fred back on his feet,in roughly four hours and 30 minutes,okay okay okay to be fair that was on,normal we do normal heroic than,legendary thats what we do uh legendary,heroic it its gonna be longer but,thats still a valid point it has never,been this short for us even on normal,you see you now have three spartans,flanking you at all times which makes,things far easier in the campaign id,recommend that theres actually just two,difficulties in halo 5 now okay heroic,and legendary ignore easy and normal,forever okay so doing that your campaign,is going to be closer to three hours you,know repeating levels and getting killed,and and you know that extending the,gameplay but it is still comparatively,one of the shortest halos to date,compounded by the fact with multiple cut,scenes or which are in the game that are,damn well produced and a fun watch but,adding them up its about a little more,than an hour of that play time and hell,three of those missions are essentially,just talking to other characters,you know in between set piece battles,hardly levels,science human says to leave her alone,message received,enforces our holding position in tsunaya,the canyons of saint helios are,breathtaking but they do get to let us,hear some funny covenant dialogue i love,the grunts more and more every time i,get to spend more time with them,how come do you think your stuff looks,different sometimes i mean the guns are,the arbiter,do you remember being more purple,i do,maybe just my eyes getting smarter but i,swear sometimes its like theres a,whole spaceship is different,nobody says anything,it was a great bite always so much scary,i dont know it was like a big puppet,big flappy thing maybe just peter,now the games length could be

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Halo 5: Guardians – Before You Buy

game ranks presents another episode of,before you buy the show where we give,you some uncut gameplay and some first,impressions on the latest games coming,out this time around were talking about,Halo 5 yes another long-awaited Halo,game this time by 343 not Bungie and how,does it fare this time around well lets,talk about it we got a lot of rows and,we got some cons some big cons for me,but depending on what type of Halo fan,you are and what you expect from the,series your opinion might differ for the,sake of this video Im going to break,down the single-player first and then,the multiplayer so lets talk about the,single-player campaign um I was really,really disappointed oh my god okay so,heres the thing with it its from a,story standpoint and from a scene,standpoint and and commander Locke and,that whole thing its all really great,everythings set up really cool all the,cutscenes are fantastic the drama is,there the story is there it builds up to,something really cool that Im not going,to spoil but a where it takes the story,with a certain character and what,theyre doing is really really exciting,and I love it but the problem is that it,all cuts off short so quickly I swear to,god this campaign I beat it in one,sitting it was like six hours or,something like that of course yeah one,setting okay I ate lunch seriously,it felt really short and I was really,disappointed because once I started to,finally give a [ __ ] about the story and,it started at the hiccup and it cut,short yes like halo 2s finished the,fight but this time around just really,felt like a first act there was build-up,but then there wasnt really a big,ending awesome battle or anything I,really didnt feel like I accomplished,anything all I feel like I really did,was just kickstart at the beginning of,the game and then it ended I felt really,slighted because I really wanted to see,where characters would go and how things,would work out but I didnt really get,any of that I didnt really get a lot of,great battles or really anything but,complaints aside like I said the story,the cutscenes are great and there are,some really cool moments and really cool,set pieces that the game puts out there,you know one is actually youre running,completely on a vertical downhill,incline its very intense,its a really great from a halo gameplay,perspective it really shakes things up,I dont those freaking sweet and the,fact that you have three other Spartans,to command works really great,feels good sure they might not be,completely lethal sometimes theyre a,little useless but ultimately you know,they do keep the bullets flying and,theyll revive you when they need and it,was a dynamic that I was skeptical about,but it was actually working out pretty,good that and of course with the bumper,button if youre sprinting you can do a,shoulder charge where the gameplay cuts,to third person and you do this shoulder,punch or you can jump up into the air,and do an aim down ground punch and both,of those additions felt really awesome,just the way they added it in a way they,integrated it into the gameplay felt,really satisfying and really enjoyable,of course with this halo like many,others if you bump it up to legendary,you get a much more satisfying gameplay,here but ultimately what I was really,disappointed with was the fact that from,the beginning of the game you encounter,all the enemy types and you fight those,same enemies from the beginning of the,game to the end of the game and theres,a lot of those damn Promethean dog,things that run around that take two,bullets theyre more annoying than,grunts and you fight them through the,entire game thats basically like one of,the end battles is just this boss throws,out a bunch of these dogs at you and you,have to shoot them and its awful but,despite all that like I said as a Halo,fan the lore at least starts to go,somewhere that is really interesting I,just really really wish they followed,through with it because honestly it does,not feel like a full retail,single-player campaign but now when I,completed this campaign I really said oh,man I really hope three for three put,all their focus and effort into,multiplayer and Im happy to say that,yes they did this definitely makes up,for it I really enjoyed the multiplayer,Ive been having a great time with it,now just for disclaimer sake Ive been,playing pre-release press preset match,game modes and stuff so I dont really,get the full experience of everyone,being online so of course if the gating,launch is day one and the servers are,absolutely [ __ ] and no one can play,Ill update this review because of that,because then I have to really kind of,adjust how I feel about it but as I have,been playing its really great and,pretty enjoyable and Im liking all the,game modes theres tutor 4 multiplayer,modes to jump into theres war zone and,arena arena is great you have a lot of,you classics Slayer modes and stuff like,that and they feel incredibly satisfying,and awesome and fun and some of the,changes to the series like,aiming-down-sights,or 80s doesnt really make too much of a,difference here it still feels,fundamentally 100 percent like Halo and,80s doesnt really do anything for,three-fourths of the guns because it,doesnt increase your zoom or anything,its just more of like a twitch reaction,type of thing to make some,more comfortable and I get that so Id,know its just little balancing things,Im noticing here and there Im not like,a super hardcore first person expert but,it does seem like the DMR this time,around is a little overpowered and the,assault rifle completely sucks and is,totally useless but thats just me I am,looking forward to what you guys think,about the weapons when the game releases,and control wise everything works really,really well I already mentioned in the,single-player the ground pound and,shoulder shark abilities but that just,sense of movement feels more fluid and,added small parkour elements while it,doesnt seem like its a big deal but,the ability to jump and clamber up and,climb over things in such a really easy,and smooth fashion and the fact that,everything just feels smoother makes you,just feel a lot more mobile in his Halo,multiplayer more than ever and I really,enjoyed that that made it feel kind of,fresh to be honest I hate to use that,tired phrase but it feels fresh and it,feels interesting and intuitive warzone,is really sweet just because its larger,scale battles that are a lot of fun and,you fighting these giant multiplayer,arenas with a bunch of players vehicles,and enemy AI characters thrown in the,middle which are pretty cool,like other Halo multiplayer games you,have a Spartan this time around that you,can completely customize the game does,have in-game req packs that are unlocked,with in-game currency req points that,you can use during war zone mode and,theyre fine you can earn in-game points,or buy points to buy these packs and,then you open the packs and you earn,cards that you can use in-game the cards,are very similar to burn cards from,titanfall and theyre fine you can use,them in-game for a slight advantage that,doesnt seem to unbalance things or you,can just ignore them but between war,zone and arena this is gonna keep you,busy for a long time arena especially,has a ton of game mode some of your,classic favorite ones like SWAT and new,variations on classic game modes made me,play a lot I could not stop playing and,clamoring for the next playlist match,every time it came up because this game,is just damn fun its a good Halo,multiplayer game and I didnt find too,many disappointments overall in,multiplayer compared to the,single-player but guys those are the,things I think you need to know going,into Halo 5 before you pick it up those,are the facts and thats how I feel,about multiplayer and singleplayer I,think theres a lot of trade-offs here,but ultimately its a fun game that,being said if you are a hardcore,single-player halo lore fan you might be,a little disappointed here it might be a

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Analysis: How BAD Is Halo 5 Guardians Really?

[Music],hey,jerick here,i really dont want to make this video i,dont want to play through halo 5s,awful campaign again and im really not,looking forward to the inevitable toxic,comments that come from me,he doesnt want to play the inevitable,toxic comments that come from me talking,about halo 5s multiplayer because halo,fans just cant have a regular civil,conversation it always devolves into,arguments and insults if you guys follow,me on twitter you would have seen that,even just playing halo 5 was a bit of a,process its like the universe wanted to,stop me from making this video the last,time i used my xbox one was back when i,made a video of black on july 4th of,2019 so its been over two years since,ive used it i have moved since then so,my xbox one was sitting at the very,bottom of my closet i had no reason to,use it so i pulled my xbox one of the,deepest parts of my closet found a place,on my desk to put it plugged it in and,whoops that was my roommates hold on let,me go find mine all right i plugged that,one in it needed an update because i,hadnt used it in two years it took 30,minutes or so to update,and it gave me a black screen all it did,was tell me hello please sign in and i,couldnt do anything nothing i did,worked for a little bit i thought my,xbox one was just bricked i did some,googling online and i found out i just,need to factory reset it so i factory,reset my xbox one and then went through,the process of trying to find my halo 5,disk i did find my roommates halo 5 box,which,doesnt have a disc in it so that didnt,do me any good i have kept all of my,games in the same box for my entire life,digging through this box i found my,original pokemon crystal box my original,ruby my original emerald my original,soul silver box which still has a brand,new unused unopened poke walker in it,but i couldnt find my halo 5 box i,continued the search for 40 minutes,until i remembered wait my friend worked,at 343 during this time and he gave me a,code to play halo 5. so i had it,digitally so i went to the store,searched halo 5 and it said i owned the,game the reason i didnt initially see,it was because when i did a factory,reset it deleted all my games so i,started downloading halo 5 and it was a,100 gigabyte download like i said the,universe just didnt want me to make,this video but its the last halo i need,to cover so im going to make this video,damn it okay before i completely tear,into this game i do have some positives,i want to say about it because not,everything is bad the main thing i,remember really liking from halo 5 are,the weapons they sound awesome the,recoil is nice the animations are very,well done and they have a nice effect on,target the next thing i can say is that,i did really enjoy the multiplayer but,thats going to be its own section in,this video so stay tuned i will talk,about it and that brings me to the,graphics the graphics actually do look,quite good in halo 5. they didnt skimp,out on the artistic quality for sure i,found myself frequently just staring off,into sky boxes in these big open areas,or maybe just looking at some really,highly detailed rocks with that said,this did come with a little bit of a,downside this game stayed at 60fps and,it scaled the resolution to stay at,60fps it also did a lot of other things,to make sure that framerate never,dropped the result is that enemies at a,distance look like doom sprites and,anytime something serious is going on,theres horrible jaggies everywhere,while yes this doesnt look good i can,palate it because i would much rather,have 60 fps in a first-person shooter,than the game looking really nice but,with having terrible frame rates we,moved away from the 360 to go to the,xbox one i expect this to be 60fps but,here is where i really start having,problems because while graphically yes,it looks nice the art style is awful,like i said my halo 4 video and,touchdown in my halo infinite video 343,felt the need to change the art style,for everything for i dont know what,purpose we had an entire franchise with,established enemies and weapons and an,established art style and 343 just undid,all of it spartan armor looks more like,power rangers than it does halo it also,looks like its made entirely of plastic,instead of metal the weapons are very,hit or miss i actually like most the,promethean weapons mostly because we,didnt have any preconceived notion as,to what they should look like beforehand,and they are pretty cool just kind of,floating together the covenant weapons,are more hit or miss i mostly dont have,complaints about them but oh boy these,unsc weapons are all over the place i,actually love the design of both the,pistol and the assault rifle the pistol,looks like a small version of the ce,magnum and it also feels like one it,feels like a pocket dmr and thats great,the assault rifle is by far the best,assault rifle weve ever had in halo it,actually acts like an assault rifle this,doesnt invalidate your precision,weapons but it does give you a viable,option at medium range also in my,opinion this is the best looking assault,rifle weve gotten in the whole,franchise the battle rifle looks a,little bit funky although i cant say i,hate it i just dont like it the dmr,looks ugly as hell and what the hell do,they do to the rocket launcher why did,we go backwards here why do we go from,an awesome futuristic looking rocket,launcher to basically what we have now,with a side loading magazine,wait a minute,oh you son of a [ __ ] but by far the,most egregious and annoying changes they,made were to the covenant themselves,grunts look ugly as hell compared to the,way they used to jackals now suddenly,turn in the turtles instead of these,dinosaur bird things and the thing that,annoys me the most is how they changed,elites elites used to be these slender,agile yet strong warriors but the,changes 343 made to them made them more,hunchback and overall just look uglier i,know that parts subjective but it gets,worse than that this changed their body,language entirely they suddenly dont,seem so agile anymore they walk more,like brutes than they do elites thank,god they got rid of this in halo,infinite in fact we can use infinite as,a good example here look how this elite,is moving in halo 5. these elites look,clumsy now look at this elite is moving,in halo infinite this is way more in,line with how the elites initially were,in halo 1 2 and 3. next well talk about,the story oh my god halo 5 story is a,complete mess from the very opening cut,scene i didnt like the tone im pretty,sure the way they wanted me to react to,this is to like freak out and go oh look,spartans being badass this is so cool,but instead my reaction to this is one,why the hell am i not doing this in game,why am i not playing the game and two,this is so cringy like this is like,someones fanfic of like look how badass,spartans are look how cool they are im,like no,its just dumb,compare this the way halo infinite,opened the game where master chiefs,literally getting the [ __ ] kicked out of,them,its like,look at all this cool stuff that you,will just,never do in game,its almost like this is what three four,three one at halo 5 to be,it just it just tone does not fit halo,this tone fits power rangers on top of,that this game commits the sin of,expecting you to know characters with no,introduction the only way you will know,whoever the hell this whole squad is is,if you read the books and it gets worse,if you read the books because theres so,many plot points that it just throws out,in the books and makes new ones which,were then completely forgotten when we,moved to halo infinite like seriously,who is osiris team the only person here,people will recognize his buck but he,suddenly went from being an odst to a,spartan so it gives you more questions,than answers and this gets even worse,when youre playing as master chief who,the hell is blue team they had no part,of any game before you had to read the,books the only introduction this game,gives you

Why is Halo 5s Campaign So BAD!? (Part 1) Marketing, Expanded Lore, & Intro Cinematics

Halo 5 Guardians has one of the worst campaigns and stories in videogame,history. And Im not really sure who to blame for all of this because it seems,like every aspect of Halo 5 story was screwed up. Everything this story tries,to do it FAILS! And this is halo this is a franchise known for its quality,storytelling! And with such a huge budget how was this the end result? I dont like,it. Now theres a couple theories I have for why halo fives campaign turned out,so terribly. One: everyone that worked on Halo 5s campaign had no idea what they,were doing what they were trying to do or how to tell a good story. 343 hired a,totally inept group of writers and staff. Two: Microsoft intervened at some point,and changed the design process of Halo 5 story resulting in what we have now. It,could even be a combination of both but Ill leave that up for you guys to,decide. I dont think anyone is happy with this story,,I dont think 343 is happy, I dont think Microsoft is happy, Im not happy with it,,nobody is happy with this story! Now this is going to be a straight-up review Im,going to be honest, Im not gonna bullshit, Im not gonna dance around, okay.,Ill point out things that I think are good if I come across them. Now the sad,part about Halo 5 story is that it will never go away,it cannot be remade or redone this is the story the game released with and,theres no going back from that. In fact, Halo 5 story is so bad that its,actually the perfect example for how not to tell a story. Now I think we all know,that halo 5 story is pretty bad but just how bad is it?! And where do I even begin,dissecting this monstrosity?? Well Im gonna start off with the thing that,pissed all of us off. Number one Hunt The Lies! The first and most obvious problem,with Halo 5 story is the God forsaken marketing! Ill admit it 343, after,watching those trailers and videos I sincerely thought,there was going to be an awesome story told in Halo 5. All of the advertisements,painted a truly epic picture: a newer brand of Spartan fours? Team Osiris?!,Against a group of renegade Spartan twos?? And blue team emerging from their,stories to reconnect with the Master Chief?! Chief versus Locke! Two Spartans,within seconds of executing each other? Who would be victorious?!? Shit! I gotta get,this game! This story looks awesome! These visions and ads made such an impression,on everyone who watched them they showed radical changes to the halo story and an,interesting conflict between the two characters youd be playing as. We all,eagerly awaited the fifth installment in the Master Chief saga. After Cortana,died Chief was finally starting to show some subtle emotions, he looked to be in,a vulnerable state. She said that to me once,About being a machine. This would be the perfect time to explore themes of PTSD,,soldiers as machines, war, older versus newer generations, the possibilities were,endless! And just like me you were probably super excited after,watching some of these ads. You probably thought Halo 5 was going to have a,kick-ass story, maybe even the best story in the Halo franchise! But what you,didnt realize was that you were fucking lied to! These scenes reflect a setting,we never see, conflicts we never get to experience, character development that,never happens, and badass dialogue that is non-existent in Halo 5. Im not so,much hunting a spartan, as Im hunting THE Spartan. Its almost like there was,going to be an entirely different story but that they changed it halfway through,and kept the marketing ads for the story they were going to have. Now when youre,marketing a game you need to have ads that reflect what is going to happen,,what players can expect from it. When your advertisements are so slimy and,deceptive and it just pisses off the community of fans that you have, you,really need to rethink your marketing strategy with this! Because the last,thing you want your fans to think is, am I being deceived?,Am I being tricked? Was this all a lie? So what 343 needed to do was stick with the,story in the marketing or change the marketing, but they didnt do either so,the marketing is lies! Pretty much everything the trailers and ads showed,is non-existent in Halo 5 and it doesnt matter! It doesnt happen! Or does it? I,dont know! Is this real? Its incredible how little all this marketing matters in,the grand scheme of things looking back were gonna see it as those deceptive,ads that tried to sell us a story that never existed and were not gonna look,at it as, oh fuck yeah I remember getting so hyped for this! When we look back at,the other Halo games marketing we can get fucking hyped for it.,There are things about Halo, even the Hierarchs do not understand. But when we look back at Halo 5s marketing,were going to remember those feelings of being tricked and lied to and thats,the worst part of Halo 5s marketing. All right so Im done talking about the,marketing and so now you might be thinking that were going to move on to,the actual campaign, right? WRONG!! There is yet another fatal flaw with the setup of,Halo 5. As if the deceptive marketing wasnt bad enough, this is actually worse!,Number two: the writers expects you to know all of the expanded lore. This is,the thing that alienates so many people from being able to enjoy Halo 5s story.,Im sorry, not enjoy. Understand. Just look at this diagram! This is all the material,you have to know in order to simply understand Halo 5s campaign. Lets look,at this okay, youve got Halo Escalation a comic book series. New Blood, the book,where Buck becomes a Spartan. Fall of Reach, Origins of Blue Team and Spartan,II program. Master Chief Collection, the cutscene where Locke was first revealed,as a Spartan talking to the Arbiter. Trailers, Halo Last Light, exploration of,Blue Team, a novel. Hunt the truth podcast who can tell you the truth? Ruhbluhbluh,Halo Nightfall a TV series that gives the background to Agent Locke. Hunters in the,Dark, introduction to Olympia Vale. Like holy,shit! Just just stop! Just stop with all of this! No longer is it possible for,players to simply put in a Halo game be able to play the campaign and enjoy it,just on its own thats not possible. Youve got to do your fucking homework,,okay! Youve got to read the comic books! Youve got to read the novels! Youve got,to watch the animated TV series! Youve got to watch the trailers! Youve got to,listen to the podcast! Youve gotta watch Halo Nightfall! And if you dont, well,youre not gonna understand jack shit because youre not a true Halo fan and,you dont fucking do your homework!! Gaaaaahd! This is the worst possible setup you,could have for your story and campaign. Not only,is your marketing incredibly deceptive and full of lies, but the entire premise,,plot, and characters of your story can only be understood from things that are,outside of that story! Im not bashing the expanded universe Im not bashing,any of these things because truth be told I havent read or watched any of,them. So Im not criticizing those stories, what I am criticizing is the,fact that they are essential to understanding what is in the actual game.,Now the way they should have done this, is they should have put all these,essential parts into the story and if they cant do that then create a story,that has all these essential parts. And then once you release the game, people,love the story and everyone wants more, then release your comic books, your,novels, your TV shows, okay. Thats how you fucking market this. Thats how you get,people into it. Now looking at this diagram we can all agree that Halo 5s,campaign and story only appeals to people who have read or watched this,material and not only that but you have to buy these books! Thats more shit you,have to buy and spend your time in. It would be fine if Halo 5 Guardians told a,complete, incredible story. But it doesnt! And its because of this that it doesnt,,because the most essential plot points are not in the game. Its as bad as,grimoire cards for Destin

Halo 5: Guardians – Review

halo 5 guardians is a game about,momentum its fueled by new ideas and,propelled by some of the boldest changes,to this storied franchise yet some of,these ideas fail but others succeed and,although halo 5 falters at times it,whisks us through black holes in the,cross war-torn tropical islands at a,rapid pace we can only surrender to its,velocity and with Halo 5 developer 343,industries comes closer to meeting the,many expectations the halo name carries,with it in fact some facets of the,franchises shooter formula are at their,best here,guardians introduces new player movement,open level design and an innovative new,multiplayer mode all to great effect it,also implements a new campaign structure,with eight playable characters across,two separate teams as one chases the,other across the universe on the one,hand you have blue team comprising the,cheat and three of his oldest Spartan,comrades on the other you have team,Osiris for soldiers new to the Spartan,program still learning each others,idiosyncrasies the Spartans,relationships unfold across what amounts,to an extended chase sequence the Master,Chief is suspected of war crimes,so Locke and his team are ordered to,bring him in its a bold thing turning,the face of your franchise into a,possible villain and it sets the stage,for what could be an intriguing,character study sadly though it never,delivers halo 5 pulled us through this,chase as it tries to tell a story about,responsibilities the nature of,artificial intelligence and the fall of,ones idols but while there might be a,compelling story to tell here 343,doesnt make use of the opportunities,before it cutscenes fade to black before,they feel finished character motivations,shift on a whim halo 5 guardians spans,several beautiful worlds with chromatic,mushroom fields at labyrinthian cave,networks but I seldom knew why I was,there there were also combat free,environments in Halo fives campaign in,which you explore small self-contained,areas before embarking on the next,mission,there are also audio logs that at their,best add backstory to Halo 5 world at,their worst though they dont fit their,added weight to an already disjointed,plot the exploration based areas and,diary entries only serve to slow down,the otherwise steady sprint through halo,5 worlds,but in the end my frustration with the,campaigns narrative was offset by how,good the gameplay feels three four three,has added several abilities to the usual,Spartan skill set granting new options,to the already tight controls you can,ground pound on suspecting enemies from,above you can dash to one side to avoid,that rocket barreling past your team now,more than ever I actually feel like a,super soldier that 343 has introduced,these drastic changes to the formula,while still maintaining that responsive,halo feel is admirable as a Halo veteran,this feels like I remember but also adds,another layer of nuance to my muscle,memory Halo 5 also features open-ended,mission layouts gone are the linear,pathways of the series past these new,environments function more as arenas,with varying elevations and avenues of,approach,there are also hidden weapon stashes and,vehicle depots and if you dont mind the,erratic narrative these missions are,worth replaying just to see them unfold,differently a second time in the end,halo 5 is best played cooperatively with,three other friends the ability to split,into two teams cover each other from,different angles and utilize every,weapon possible leads to a wide array of,emergent gameplay situations this style,of play also erases the weight of the,ally AI which fills any spots devoid of,the human player to be fair the AI,performs well at times after pointing,out a priority enemy target for example,my artificial teammates are quick to,focus their fire but other times the AI,is abysmal halo 5 grants you a second,chance before forcing a respawn allowing,your teammates to revive your dying,character but without a human touch this,situation devolves into a train of,suicide missions as the AI rushes in to,certain depth one by one but thats the,campaign now theres the multiplayer and,here halo 5 excels in fact this is the,best shape halos multiplayer has ever,taken the classic halo playlist such as,Slayer capture the flag and fan favorite,SWAT Ill ask you the modern multiplayer,progression system introduced with Halo,4 now instead of earning new weapon,options a lot Call of Duty,halo 5 returns to forum with Universal,weapon loadouts and by scattering power,weapons throughout each map delivers a,welcome departure from the tedious,unlocks,some of its predecessor while arena,feels great and captures the essence of,what makes Halo multiplayer compelling,its the new warzone mode that the,parchments franchise tradition several,times over it takes inspiration from the,MOBA genre combining player versus,player tactics with player versus,environment combat and its one of the,best new ideas and not just this series,but the shooter genre in general warzone,spans huge maps from lush jungles to,barren Arctic landscapes each team has a,plethora of options laid out before it,from capturing neutral zones to killing,enemy players to defeating AI combatants,matches are won by accruing points and,each kill each zone capture each slain,mini boss contributes to that total,teams must choose where to strike and,when to do so or zone is brilliant,because as with the rest of Halo 5 there,is momentum here but this is a force,that shifts from side to side with in,each match horizon– isnt so much about,consistency,its about adaptability and the team,that can roll with the punches and punch,back at the right moments will have the,upper hand after ranking up and,achieving certain accolades through Halo,5s multiplayer modes youll earn,requisition points these act as currency,for 3 tiers of item packs each,containing random weapon unlocks vehicle,orders and aesthetic items and although,theyre random they still succeed in,changing the way you play based on the,equipment available by gaining energy,throughout each match burned through,cards thereby granting weapons and,vehicles to aid in the battle,these can turn the tide of certain,skirmishes allowing you to defeat,certain bosses or take certain capture,zones when others can the requisition,system is a welcome departure from Halo,4s progressing system and I think it,might be the thing to keep me coming,back weeks after halo 5 releases in some,ways halo 5 is the boldest halo yet the,franchises multiplayer is at its peak,with well-designed maps and balanced,player combat but then theres the,campaign which introduces fluid new,movement and open level design yet it,cant tell a dynamic story to match,there are signs of phenomenal shooter,here but certain narrative aspects feel,underdeveloped and they hold the,franchises newest sequel back from True,Excellence like Spartan Locke and his,team 343 is chasing after something,bigger than itself and with halo 5,Guardians,close now if only it could reach out its,armed intake hole,you

Halo 5: Guardians Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

hi everyone this is character a CG and,today I bring you the review for halo 5,Guardians for Xbox one its been a long,time since a sequel has garnered so many,questions about where its going in both,story and set up across campaign and,multiplayer does halo 5 return us to the,big band set pieces of some of the prior,titles like Halo 3 cerebral scarab,battle or halo ones massive multi,football-field-sized strategic set,pieces does the story follow various,threads left over from Halo 4 or does it,go back and plumb the welcome and,well-oiled wellspring of the prior Halo,games and does multiplayer offer both,new maps and the promise that changes to,the gameplay and abilities of the,characters are going to be reflected and,what will the playlists include always,an important question and all good,questions lets check it out and see so,heres the review for halo 5 Guardians,covenant or promethium Master Chief or,lock the Didact or well anyone else and,helmetless Spartans that look like,theyve suffered through African,traditional neck stretching rituals if,you liked the review please subscribe,graphics are up first in many ways halo,5 continues what halo 4 began with the,various Promethean stylings and tron,like facades of the past titles evoking,neon shines at such a volume it makes,people wonder how anyone pays the damn,power bill however halo 5 stretches its,wings a bit with sporadic returns to the,organic nature of the first three halo,titles and in some ways even brings back,a bit of the stylings of the gravemind,in halo 2 except you never feel like,youre walking down someones esophagus,without asking their permission using a,dynamic resolution system halo 5 aims,for a resolution of 1080p at its max but,when enemies energizing the projectiles,begin to fill the air with the thickness,of a nice LED bass – it drops lower to,keep the frame rate at a rock-solid,60fps and the frame rate sticks,regardless of how many sympathetic,explosions you can cause by detonating,things in a row or grenading grenades or,ramming vehicles into explosive,containers because lets be honest,Master Chief and now locked relish and,making sure everyone knows that they had,been there during these moments the,resolution does drop its frame by frame,meaning that unless you have a keen eye,theres a really good chance youre,actually just going to miss it,despite this drop the games,architecture and design always looks,crisp and for those desiring of a higher,framerate you now get it locked,throughout almost all of the title all,so there were various times where it,felt that halo 5 was absolutely trying,to return to the atmosphere of the,original granddaddy title unfortunately,it wasnt the open mass of battlefields,where this was felt so keenly but in,various traversals through tunnels that,felt like fighting within the pillar,bottom against the Covenant for the very,first time now for the most part,textures are crisp and highly detailed,but if you go looking you can find basic,textures and those befitting the last,gen titles spread throughout the levels,including a couple glaringly obvious,main ground textures lastly the Annis,tropic filtering does seem set either,much lower than in past titles or not at,all with blurry ground textures,switching over to their more detailed,and i pleasing brethren a shockingly,short distance in front of you like a,line drawn in the sand about 20 feet,away continually wiping vaseline off the,ground a sad situation that is occurring,on the new consoles from time to time,and doesnt seem to have left,halo 5 unmarked now right here lets,talk map makeup for the single player,for just a moment its nowhere near as,open as halo 1 and there are no open,style combats that come close to the,scarab battle in Halo 3 they just arent,there and for the most part missions are,spread across maps where apparently the,builders decided the building at the,bottom of a closed river ravine or,separating everything in the world by,impenetrable walls was the only way to,build like some kind of Halo version of,judged Reds mega tropi less cities now,thats not to say there arent somewhat,large-scale battles there are a good,deal of them however theyre still,tragically contained two enclosures that,at times feel far more like Unreal,Tournament arenas rather than the,excellence of execution that weve seen,in some prior titles now enemy designs,are still fantastic and I swear that the,Covenant aliefs have been writing out,what we call a smile to them theyd be,calling a set of hard reps because they,appear bigger badder more bulky than,past titles and they are danger,certified in menace approved I loved the,overall look of that in fact all the,enemies have seen little improvements,here or there in befitting the power of,the Xbox one versus the 360 its all,done with an excellent eye towards,making them look good from scope view or,when theyre standing in front of you,asking to see your insides all of this,is mimicked in the multiplayer which,continues to see rock-solid frame rates,despite massive battles across both,cluttered and open terrain to sum it all,up Id say that halo 5 does look great,but it does so with some caveats like,dynamic resolution Tufts of chemotherapy,be grass spurting out of the ground,textures and that horrible horrid,filtering sound music and voice chief,son Bullard update we need to get,airborne make your way in a space,elevator right now final shuttles are,departing stuff like this since we were,in bootcamp,hes fine Fred this many missions not,stopped isnt fun,ciara one way 17 routine is located,argent moon signs of hospitality and,sound is up first I have to say theres,a crispness here too much of the sound,work that I love and the mixing was,fought on respecting the spectrum at all,times and informing the gamer regardless,of position about what was occurring,around them I still find the Promethean,weapons have all the tonal punch of a,child yelling bang into a microphone but,thats a personal preference and not,actually a technical one however once,youre the chief and you pick up the,good old EMR or battle rifle that,singing sound of projectile scented,enemies noggins is absolutely sure to,delight all in all excellent sound work,in mixing music once again created by,the talented Kazuma the music in Halo 5,is not only better than Halo 4 by a,longshot to me at least but actively,reconnects the mystic feeling of prior,titles musical scores with Halo 5 mixing,in ambient threads from time to time to,have a more militant march-like sound to,them only to soar off into the,orchestral of affairs that halo games,have always had with stringed,instruments and woodwinds,there are also poignant moments of,negative space here not many but some,and that sort of lets the sound effects,reinitialize a bit and set a solid,foothold into the game only to then have,the music sort of creeping up on you,again its the best use of that,technique in the titles that Ive seen,in the transitions which are normally,the most difficult part are transparent,completely I adore the soundtrack I,think its easily one of the top Halo,soundtracks to me of all time voice we,have a good number of newcomers and some,returning favorites Nathan Fillion nails,of his buck both gung-ho and yet,sparingly cautious about both plans and,overall strategy while Locke is a,by-the-numbers foil really when you,think about it offsetting the Master,Chiefs continually gray area of,thinking with a by the books but always,understanding where and what hes doing,mentality of a soldier that might be a,bit out of his element of course the,Master Chief continues to delight with,one-liners like elevator panel here and,enemies its hilariously abrupt sentence,structure and delivery like that that,Linde a good deal of life to a character,that you could easily assume was an,emotionless robot under that Armour but,then when meeting old friends and,comrades he might even finish a sentence,as always your mileage is going to vary,but I s

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