1. *BLOCKED bY CBS!* THE KWAN SHOW! Halo: TV Series EP7 – Angry Review
  2. Mehhhh… Halo TV Series Episode 7 – My Brutally Honest Thoughts
  3. Halo Episode 7 Spoiler Review & Breakdown
  4. Episode 7 Was Utter Garbage, Kwan Ha Galore! HALO REVIEW
  5. Halo the Series Episode 7: Inheritance – Easter Eggs, References, and Lore
  6. No Master Chief? (Halo TV Show Episode 7 Review)
  7. Halo Series Episode 7 Review – Worst Episode Yet?

*BLOCKED bY CBS!* THE KWAN SHOW! Halo: TV Series EP7 – Angry Review

the [ __ ] came and blocked all,of them oh they kept the quan one up but,they [ __ ] wiped out the [ __ ] they,they,goddamn copyright clan,they [ __ ] blocked worldwide that one,they blocked that one worldwide but they,left that one public i guess theyre,[ __ ] earning money off of it,thats oh my god are you [ __ ] kidding,me the these guys do not [ __ ] give a,[ __ ],[ __ ] piece of [ __ ],all right youre gonna re-edit it they,didnt care about the one okay so like,it check this out i [ __ ] use the,copyright claim wheres the fair use,without the watermarks,they didnt [ __ ] with the one with,watermarks,but this might not even matter because,this might be a manual claim,i this is i believe this is a manual,claim the way to figure that out is to,go to my email,if its if its the same cbs employee,because im taunting him im saying hi,cbs,so lets see if its manual yep its the,[ __ ] guy,hes like all right go all right joe,lets go lets go to wardrobe lets,[ __ ] go,god damn it man,i cant [ __ ] believe it man you on,all three,all right,all right lets go to war uh im gonna,[ __ ] re-edit it and im gonna put the,one with watermarks i was trying to put,the one without the watermarks so that,you guys can [ __ ] enjoy it better,but uh i guess ill flip heres what im,gonna do im gonna flip im gonna go,watermarks and then when i put that one,up uh if they claim it again i am going,to war we are going send me the dmca and,well go to [ __ ] court send me the,[ __ ] dmca get serious about it,because you know the process is they say,thats ours i say no its not and then,they say yes it is,and then i do the thing where its like,counter claim and then they have to send,me an actual dmca court note is to open,up legal proceedings and then usually,they dont want to do that usually they,play chicken with you for 30 days and,thats all they really need they only,really need five days three days to,completely shut down a youtube video but,they get 30 days and then on that 30th,day theyll let it go thats thats how,this works,so,uh i guess ill put this intro in front,of all of it i was streaming i was in,the middle of streaming so ill put this,intro in front of in front of the three,videos that you just blocked so,lets go uh [ __ ] halo uh our kwan out,of ten uh and uh were doing uh the,[ __ ] picard finale that youre trying,to do and i was actually saying hey,great job on [ __ ] star,star trek strange new worlds but you,want to come after that one as well so,lets lets [ __ ] go,um god damn dude,this is [ __ ] [ __ ] man uh all,right which one first,i guess well start with the first one,that they [ __ ] blocked so,here we go,[Music],[Music],what the [ __ ] was that,weve been saying it,weve been saying it for long-ass time,what the [ __ ] was that,[ __ ],did i pray did i press the wrong [ __ ],thing did i get the goddamn [ __ ],wrong series here,what was i [ __ ] watching,trash trash,trash,what the [ __ ] we told you i knew this,[ __ ] was coming its a quan centric and,quad,quan centric episode and her yee ass,[ __ ] haircut i [ __ ] hate her,stupid-ass haircut maybe thats why i,hate quan so much,no i hate her because shes a poorly,written character god damn impulsive no,[ __ ] dumb no [ __ ] point this,episode was completely inconsequential,it was so [ __ ] inconsequential that,we recorded our entire [ __ ] review,and i didnt notice that the goddamn,thing wasnt recording so we have to,[ __ ] do it over again that was our,first that was a perfect review im not,gonna [ __ ] do this [ __ ] again i dont,want to talk about quan twice i dont,want to talk about quan twice we have to,[ __ ] do it again joe god damn it,what the [ __ ] was that seriously,you could completely skip this [ __ ],episode because nothing [ __ ] happened,no no no so important this episode is so,poor we found out that quan is the,chosen one and has a lot i am a,protector im a protector of the planet,and uh there theres a monitor on the,planet and magical super secret,important because theres a portal there,and its where the keystone was and,theres like theres like stuff there,and only someone in quans family it,makes no [ __ ] sense but what does,this have to do with halo,um i dont want her to be inquiry i,already know what youre [ __ ] typing,theres a monitor in the [ __ ] well,and theyre [ __ ] protected,this could have been resolved in two,minutes in the next episode,what a filler episode worst filler,episode the worst filler episode youre,right other television series or better,filler episodes than this,wow its like you took rafi and gave her,like a whole episode,quan,guys lets just [ __ ] jump in here and,[ __ ] redo the whole goddamn thing the,marines leaving theyre retreating to,fight the covenant theyre going in this,[ __ ] flashback we get a new character,reuben from castrol do you like reuben,for castro no [ __ ] barely even better,and uh this is the only time we actually,hear the marines [ __ ] fighting the,covenant and god damn it theyre,retreating and and,john ha says ill take it and uh the,[ __ ] quan is pissed at her father,its revealed that she never was a super,hardcore insurrectionist that she is now,she actually hated the whole stupid,thing and bought her shes been,the whole time shes just been a [ __ ],piece of [ __ ],big impulsive piece of [ __ ],shes just mean shes a stupid-ass,aircraft or something,shes just a strong female character you,dont understand guys quan has a [ __ ],purpose here no she needs to be in the,show,dont you [ __ ] remember you dont,need corn shes so [ __ ] strong that,her eyes dont even blink when shes,driving through a sandstorm,their [ __ ] bucky doesnt have a,goddamn windshield i know when i win i,dont need goggles in a [ __ ] mess,[ __ ],mad max crazy as [ __ ] even they,wear goggles its because its poorly,directed and poorly written the director,forgot oh well put the sandstorm in,post but i forgot to tell her look juan,youre driving through [ __ ] stop,smiling,stop smiling stop doing stupid [ __ ] oh,you hear something,and shes shes in the sandstorm what,happens here joe i dont i i thought,like she saw something and she comes to,me,at the sandstorm josh shes got great,vision she practice her eyes are white,she doesnt blink,no joe she hears something so she stops,her [ __ ] car sandstorm kids capture,she stops i dont know why that break,affection whats going on,kidnapping by the way the break effect,when the [ __ ] buggy stops its so,awful it clearly that wasnt even moving,they were just moving the wheels and,its on a green screen it is so cheap,its so stupid,yeah she hears something gets out and,gets immediately captured,um and if we didnt cut the sword i,would have [ __ ] yeeted out i would,have been like im gone oh you like do,you like that he just [ __ ] magically,teleported to rubble and hes just like,hes there oh yeah hes at a party and,its just like what the [ __ ],id rather listen to soren,oh my god so,and quan qan is its,what what is she doing she was on a,[ __ ] peyote quest yeah yeah i guess,drugs are cool what a much a mumbo,[ __ ] jumbo i was thinking the whole,time what the [ __ ] are we doing anyway,im sorry we cut to sauron and sauron,again in concert this,what are we doing we have to have the,politics of rubble whereas where people,are questioning his leadership because,one guy named squirrel and his,girlfriend are like we could have made,more money if you did the quan,wheres kwon anyway,i love that they named him squirrel,because theres some [ __ ] writer,again just jerking off the writing room,we name him squirrel so that someone can,say i see you found your nuts,thats it thats all that we get there,and hes like,shut up and so then she has their peyote,vision of chief but shes like ima [ __ ],everyone up,no youre not youre not you cant fight,who the [ __ ] you can fight for sure,fight everyone princess youre dying out,there dont call me princess the [ __ ],crazy overacting guy goes princess,youre dying out there,im like no [ __ ] i want to kil

Mehhhh… Halo TV Series Episode 7 – My Brutally Honest Thoughts

hey guys welcome back i just watched,episode 7 of the halo tv show so i guess,we should talk about it uh quick preface,to this though uh the reason that i,didnt do an episode of six video last,week was because honestly i was away on,thursday,i could have recorded a video in the,morning,im gonna be honest i aint getting up,super early to rush out a video about,this show um i just wasnt feeling it uh,and also when i got back from being away,i was like you know what i could either,watch episode six of the halo show or i,could watch the la the second part of,season four of ozark that just released,or episode three of better call saul and,you best believe that i watched ozark,and backcourse all instead of the halo,show because this show really aint,doing it for me but uh,yeah today i thought id put on my moist,critical cosplay and talk about episode,seven so,lets get into it so this episode was a,quan focused episode which i think about,says it all granted i will say it wasnt,as bad as it could have been it was,better than i thought it was gonna be,but that doesnt mean that it was,exactly anything great quan just,continues to be for most of this episode,until the very end just an angsty,teenager still like i dont i dont know,why the halo show needed some angsty,teenage angle for its story it it really,didnt she gets mad with just everybody,she gets mad with the insurrectionist,and her father she gets mad with the,unsc with the spartans she gets mad at,the covenant she gets mad with sauron,she just gets angry with everyone and,its really repetitive that said though,sauron again was great in this episode,sauron is like the shining light of quan,story arc and this episode highlights,that perfectly because sauron had some,pretty good moments in this and i i do,genuinely like his character in this,show oh and one thing at this party as,well he mentioned quad wings flying into,his ship if you dont know quad wings,are those weird birds on epitaph and,guardian in halo 3 just kind of cool to,see those things referenced and speaking,of this party im gonna be honest this,party scene looks,it looks more like a scene from the,mighty bouche than a scene from halo it,looks like a party that howard and vince,would have in the shop not a party that,id see in the halo universe which,anyone gets that reference then bravo to,you shout out to you um any mighty boosh,fans out there but that its just,strange and even stranger quan goes to,see a bunch of witches in the desert uh,yeah oh and dont worry she also gets,mad at them as well because of course,thats her entire character archetype at,this point i will just say i dont think,the acting at all in the show is bad in,fact quite the opposite i think the,actors are doing a really good job with,this show um the issue is the writing i,just think the writing is awful to be,quite honest with you i just dont think,its good at all it just ill talk about,this more later but i swear to god this,this,show was written for a completely,different ip and then for whatever,reason the ip like i dont know didnt,end up going through so like hmm lets,just attach it to halo like if the halo,logo wasnt in the intro of this show,it would not resemble halo 90 of the,time like at all just not even slightly,and on that topic i love how none of the,vehicles theyre using in this episode,are like halo vehicles at all theyre,just like generic modern day vehicles,like vince is being driven around in,like some gm truck why could that not,have been like one of the civilian,vehicles from reach or like one of the,civilian vehicles for example from halo,2 in new mombassa like i dont know why,it had to be just like a modern day,vehicle this chevy tahoe all over again,and the same thing goes for the weapons,as well im a big fan of having the odd,modern weapon from the modern day in the,halo universe to ground it and bring it,down but whats important about that is,the contrast that you have between that,modern day weapon like for example in,shadows of reach the desert of the,desert eagle compared to dmrs and battle,rifles and assault rifles that contrast,between modern day technology and 500,years in the future technology is what,makes it so cool but when every single,weapon is just a crisp vector or a,pistol that exists today or hand cannon,that exists today its,it loses that cool flare thats created,by the contrast so the mystics tell,kwonhar that her father jinha who died,in the first episode uh meta being from,another time which im assuming is this,monitor-like thing that we see later,turns out that this well is a portal,probably to the halos because they say,that kwon is the key to opening the gate,and then talk about the portal so im,assuming that support to the halos,and im assuming this is a monitor so,jin met a monitor and the portal the,monitor came through from the halo is,being powered by the deuterium on,madrigal which is why he wants to,protect it,which,i guess it could im not gonna write off,yet it could be kind of cool if thats,how they get to it but i think the way,that halos were discovered in the main,canon was,significantly leaps and bounds better,when kwon goes into this kind of like,vision dream thing on madrigal she sees,wrath again from episode two ref who,should have been a jackal but of course,no this show doesnt do that its just a,guy um,cant have cool covenant characters i,guess uh but yeah she goes into this,this vision um and ill be honest,actually i did like how chief was,portrayed in this vision is this like,literal like demonic possessed demon,which is how i always pictured like the,covenant minions at the lower ranking,covenant seeing him when they called him,the demon just this autonomous like,almost robotic like serial killer he,kind of gave me that vibe and i did,really like that but yeah like i said,earlier the mystics tell kwan that uh,shes gonna meet chief again and that,she is going to open the door for him,which im assuming means open the portal,thats powered by the deuterium on,magical to the halo so chief and the,unsc can go through or whatever but im,guessing that whats going to happen is,marquis going to get there first and,then the covenant will go through it,first and then the unsc are going to,follow thats how i think its going to,happen this mystic stuff man it was just,i i swear right i swear dude they wrote,this story for a completely different ip,and then that ip pulled out and they,were like oh [ __ ] well lets just put it,on the halo brand and itll work because,it just it doesnt at least to me maybe,you think differently but to me,very little of this show has resembled,halo very very little in one of these,mystic visions quan meets her father,again and he tells her that shes a,better leader than him but i really,dont see how i i dont like i dont see,how shes demonstrated any quality,leadership abilities yet ive not seen,anything like that from quan jin seemed,like a a pretty good leader honestly he,was good at like rousing his troops he,led from the front lines quan,has just been annoying and angry for,seven episodes,so i dont really know how shes a good,leader another saving grace of this,episode was the fact that vince graf,played by bern gorman was in it quite a,lot granted i think this is his last,episode because he dies at the end but,he is fantastic ive said it before in,videos but im a massive fan of burn,gorman in particular from torchwood i,grew up watching torchwood and he was,fantastic in that um hes a great actor,and he plays the kind of unsc villain,role with adventure really well i did,like vinces character he was pretty,cool but like i said im pretty sure he,gets blown up by the hydrogen at the end,so,rest in peace venture i guess and the,scene in which fincher died was also,decent i guess where sauron and kwon,hold off in the camp from episode 1 on,madrigal as ventures like unsc goons,infiltrator and try and kill them sauron,has some great combat in this section,and again sauron was the highl

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Halo Episode 7 Spoiler Review & Breakdown

what is up youtube and welcome to this,halo episode 7 breakdown i cannot,believe we got a throw down with,brutes,elites weve got a hunter thrown into,the mix for the first time we continue,on as we head towards no no no no no we,headed back to madrigal la family,madrigal here,as we went back to kwans story now the,last two weeks have been pretty decent,pushing the main unsc and covenant,storyline forward i would admit the,blessed one you know sort of sort of,interested its got my interest peaked,somewhat as we saw the halo array at the,end of the last episode not sure what,installation its going to be but,probably the same one from combat,evolved but well we moved back to kwan,uh,yeah so two years ago the madrigal,resistance discussed the marines and how,they put it out and the unsc are spread,thin which is most likely due to this,civil war and the emerging covenant,threat,now a new guy comes to join them and she,acts like a total and utter dick to this,new guy shes jaded by the wars her,mother passed away but what a way to,make a character who hardcore fans dont,like even more unlikable as she just,acts like an absolute douchebag but we,return back home to the present,somehow after subduing this the spartan,but we cut to sauron whos whos back,home,hes at the mcus nowhere as a business,partner is apprehensive about dealing,with him and hes finally had enough,libations to call him out for not,delivering quan to vince to get the,bounty as hes clearly had enough of him,but,of course saurons imposing presence,embarrasses the partner meanwhile quan,has been taken and people are going,through her things as we have a,mysterious woman and a tribe and she,wants to know about the secrets of what,these women,are and what they talked about with her,father sorry if that my watch hit the,desk though i just picked that but,meanwhile the evil guy who seeks to,control madrigal and take out quan is on,his way in a car this this episode seems,so out of place with the last episode of,focusing on the main halo story and,while every show needs to have a subplot,i get it,this aint it chief aint even in chief,lets be honest but ive ruined that,joke there with the should we move on we,cut to sauron with his partner who are,clearing the air and a job is being,proposed to him which we then cut to the,witches of the desert explaining the,history of madrigal how is baron and,quans ancestors made it how it is today,shes next in line to receive,seems like the power of the planet its,absolutely giving black panther here you,know when he goes and he has the whole,vision of of the afterlife there,you know what i mean,uh she sees the creepy farseer guy and,it seems she is destined to make peace,with chief and theres a special portal,on the planet which i would imagine,maybe leads to the halo array and i,imagine its being protected by needing,two keystones for it to you know work of,course theres a whole history in the,halo games of humans,and being left around,all of these uh these four runner,installations here,um because of course we had the humans,for runner war which led to the humans,being like down evolved the evolved if,you will so i think that is maybe part,of that here and the people who came,before the the forerunners wanted,humanity to,inherit the uh the mantle of,responsibility,so i guess thats what theyre doing,here its just a bit odd,so we then cut to the job being run,and our boy yes,its weird soren,turns on his business partner as vinci,has now arrived at,the last place we saw so kwan there,before the tribe im not sure this civil,war is entertaining as a halo fan,i think it might have been interesting,if they did like a whole season zero,like preacher did where we had the civil,war between the unsc and the the people,who were who are holdouts against it and,then the covenant arrived and they,theyre like,yeah we need to uh,fight these weird alien things,maybe itd be interesting show without,the halo name,i dont know i just want more chief now,quan comes out to find a vision of her,dad and,she he doesnt really know what the,portal is and sauron has arrived to help,her out,hey who who cares about any of this,seriously,but well we have them have a very,taken a long time a protracted shootout,escape but they eventually escape with,the machines blown up uh thats the end,of injure maybe his troops are taken out,quan stays because she wants to work out,what that portal is and sauron goes off,because,whatever,yeah it felt very out of place i think,that this did need to cut to the a story,to be honest,a bit hypocritical with me because they,barely if anything they didnt even cut,to this story last week so,it gives and it takes overall it was,weak very weak its not what we want,from halo it is a definition of bait and,switch unfortunately but that is it for,this video please drop a like down below,do subscribe with notifications on and,ill see you soon goodbye

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Episode 7 Was Utter Garbage, Kwan Ha Galore! HALO REVIEW

[Music],hello ladies and gents lets talk halo,episode 7.,uh,yes i know still reviewing it,this was a quan r episode fully uh look,obviously,you know you are just gonna have to sit,here and watch me i know,they they dont you cant show any,footage you cant show anything you,cant show trailers i cant do anything,because cbs is just copyright claiming,striking everyone,uh angry joes been here ive been hit,its you just cant do it cant take the,risk you know this shows definitely not,worth the risk,um involved it just showed some images,so soz you have to look at me,all right but,its fine okay at least you dont have,to look at master cheeks face,so,so i stated this is,a quan r episode,which i did think to myself the entire,last episode has solely been about,mastered cheeks,wheres quan r and then lo and behold we,get a whole episode of,her a surprise what a surprise i mean i,thought this was bloody halo what is,going on,this episode really does open up some,absolute nonsense so were on madrigal,the entire time were on madrigal uh we,do we do dip over to saurons,rubble uh at one point but its its,its a quan our episode it is a corner,episode,and,we open the episode with,you know some flashbacks and stuff like,that again to this this child being,really petulant being very unlikable,someone you dont want to deal with not,a very nice person,and shes dealing with her father shes,dealing with her soul father soldiers,and all this kind of crap and then we,flash forward to her driving through the,desert she drives through the desert in,a windowless car and a massive sandstorm,and youre like mate,your eyes would be ripped out of their,sockets,you know you ever done sand blasting,like it rips paint off metal,sand at high speed it will rip this it,will rip the skin off its very very,very very harsh and shes driving full,belt into a sandstorm,she sees figures in the distance and,then she puts her brakes on and i wish i,could show it i oh god i wish i could,show it but it is so fake she puts her,brakes on and the car just stops theres,no suspension travel theres no movement,and it clearly was just on runners you,know how they set these things up in,green screen rooms and sound stages and,this car was very clearly just on,runners,and they havent adjusted anything,like at least change something,so what i mean by that is underneath,theres just,you know surrounding each wheel therell,be runners so the car is the wheels are,turning on runners and then they just,stop the the runners so the wheels stop,moving but the car doesnt move,which does matter because,it adds authenticity to what youre,trying to show anyway whatever she she,finds some figures then she gets knocked,out and then whoo shes in desert,woman land its just some,its a tribe of women in the desert,dont ask me how they survive theres no,men dont ask me how,physics the biologys not there it,doesnt make any sense theyre just,weird desert witchy women,and theyre like oh well,youre not ready to know the truth quan,youre not ready anyway,she she doesnt take much convincing and,quants like i am ready shes like fine,drink this drug juice,because apparently madrigals just full,of people getting high remember the,first episode we see quan r she finds,drugs for everyone and then this episode,theyre like here quan get high so she,gets high absolutely ridiculous anyway,she gets high,sees master chief,uh and then shes shes got a stage of,fight between master chief consistently,and starts dying its just this really,nonsense sort of allegory for her,fighting with the unsc i would imagine,and then having to work with them i,would imagine it doesnt make any sense,because if that is the case basically,she starts fighting my uh master chief,and then master chief kills her she,wakes up again continuously in this,weird phased out land you know in her,mind of being high,and then all of a sudden master chief,takes off his helmet,holds his hand out to her and helps her,up and then,shes resolved and its like what is,that an allegory for is that an allegory,for a fighting with the unsc working,with the unsc what is it for,doesnt make any sense because her,father,fought against the unsc,said it literally didnt make any sense,at all anyway she sees her father,they,commune with one another and her father,obviously from the from the grave tells,her,there is a great portal on matt a portal,on madrigal,and it can only be unlocked,when madrigal is free,and thats what theyve been fighting,for a portal,its just some weird mumbo jumbo,nonsense theres no mechanism for it,it,doesnt make any sense is it for runners,it probably isnt if it is do they did,they,did they plant these drugs for people to,drink like whats the mechanism for this,within halo law what is the mechanism,doesnt make any goddamn sense anyway,that happens sauron comes back from,being away on the rubble and fighting,his pirate life,comes back,saves quan because kwans like right im,going over here and then fitcher fincher,finds her,they stage a massive massive fight,where,sauron gets shot in the neck,but presumably not that badly because,hes fine and anyway fincher dies and,then,kwans like ive freed madrigal now and,thats it,it was the most boring,i dont know sort of non-offensive yet,offensive episode yet,because its all about,quan whos an awful character,shown to be awful even in flashbacks so,its not like,shes just an awful person its just,like just being rude to people non-stop,i dont get it,and the allegories and the weird getting,high and seeing master cheeks didnt,make any sense and we dont see anyone,else this is this is not an episode for,anything else and i tell you whats so,funny,even in,this weird drugged up flashback master,chief has to take off his helmet,even in this weird drugged up flashback,master chief takes off all of his armor,they just cant help themselves in every,single episode it is almost like the,writers were like you know what people,are gonna really hate if master chief,takes off his helmet and then theyre,just like [ __ ] it were doing every,single episode,because theres no reason to do it in,this episode,so dumb,so dumb sauron is a pirate hes a pirate,i dont care its fine,but this weird mumbo jumbo hippy dippy,nonsense theres no mechanism for that,to work within halo law,correct me if im wrong like im not an,expert on halo law but im fairly,certain there is absolutely no mechanism,for that,within halo law so let me know,anyway if youve watched it,please regale me with how fantastic you,thought it was sarcasm,i cant wait to hear it,outside of that and you havent watched,it definitely dont watch it because,its not that good,um im bemused with where theyre going,to be going for the second season,because theres only like two more,episodes left,two more episodes of this drivel,and then,weve got another season,crap anyway let me know your thoughts,take care,[Music],you

Halo the Series Episode 7: Inheritance – Easter Eggs, References, and Lore

[Music],welcome back again canaanites this week,saw the release of episode 7 for the,halo tv series bringing focus back to,the character of quan ha and advancing,the madrigal subplot,ive been among the many waiting for her,storyline to pick up some steam and boy,does it in this episode,as usual ill be comparing the episode,to halos core canon aka the games books,and most other halo media additionally,comparisons are just that unless,directly specified,and with that lets dive in once more,the episode opens with a flashback to,two years prior so around 2550 quan,sporting a very different haircut shows,a little trick to a kid the trick seems,to involve burning a bit of the,deuterium that permeates the ground and,rock of madrigal giving the illusion of,burning rock,the professor one of the older freedom,fighters from episode 1 introduces,reuben one of the young fighters we met,back when the series started,ruben notes that hes from castra a,region on madrigal that in core canon,was home to the castra arcology,birthplace of future odst kojo romeo agu,while jins generals discuss recent unsc,activity noting that marines have been,pulling back and not just on madrigal,referring to the escalation of the human,covenant war quan and ruben get to,talking as well the conversation brings,out kwons feelings towards her fathers,fight and if you remember her desire to,getting off this stupid rock,you know those arent positive feelings,we then jump to the present quan driving,deeper into the desert to meet the,mystics of madrigal that we just heard,about passing through a sandstorm she,seems to reach her goal,after the opening we find ourselves on,the rubble soren having managed to make,his way back we find the ex spartan,sharing a story of how his ship went,down after hitting a flock of quad wings,likely an attempt to explain certain,recent events in a better light,incredible what an absolutely incredible,story it is,i love how soren basically just admits,the entire thing is made up by the way,quad wings were an alien avian species,that in core canon was mostly,encountered on the halo rings and,installation 0-0 the ark,as the scene goes on sorin continues to,tell his embellished story additionally,mentioning being chased by broadsword,fighters broadswords are one of many,unsc fighters which are often named for,bladed weapons the broadsword first,appeared in halo 4.,the scene closes with a brief verbal,confrontation between soren and his,partner squirrel the latter accusing the,ex-spartan of losing his touch setting,up for an encounter later on,back on madrigal kwon meets with the,alleged mystics their group is seemingly,comprised entirely of women and they all,sport white hair,i dont know if this was intentional but,it reminded me a lot of some early,concept art for the canceled halo mmo,which depicted forerunners as basically,human but with white hair at least in,early concept art,up close we can see their outfits have,forerunner glyphs on them,the leader of the mystics introduces,herself as desi dorata a lead and phrase,meaning things desired appropriate,seeing as she holds things that quan,desires,desidorada is also the name of a,well-known poem by max ehrman which,encourages the reader to find happiness,in ones own life and accomplishments,desert dorada reveals that quans father,wasnt the one who started this quest,jin merely being the most recent ha to,take it up,meanwhile venture gathers his forces as,he prepares an all-out assault on kwan,once shes found we find the governor of,madrigal quoting from john miltons,paradise lost concerning satans,banishment to hell hell in this case,being madrigal,better to rain in hell,the interior adventures car has a vacara,guessing bh logo on it marking the car,as one of their creations though active,in core canon since at least 2495 vacara,is only known for manufacturing the vk78,commando at the moment,over on the rubble we find squirrel,making his way to work greeting people,as he goes it reminded me of governor,ventures walk through magical city a,few episodes ago though where everyone,was afraid of venture squirrel seems to,genuinely get along with everybody,hes soon confronted by soren squirrel,immediately apologizing for his behavior,the day before to his shock however and,i think ours sorin merely wanted to hear,about a job squirrel had been proposing,as though soren were trying to settle,things between them,swinging back to madrigal we get an,above shot of the mystic tent village,which almost seems like it was set up in,the shape of a reclaimer symbol though,this could just be a coincidence,as noted by ben ben wild on my discord,however the center here looks not,dissimilar from the icon for,installation 004 seen in halo 3.,as we get closer we can see some,intricate patterns cut into the tense,cover which seem to be based on the,symbology first observed on the halo 3,map sand trap,inside we find even more forerunner,imagery the walls are adorned with this,floor runner-like pattern and above them,is a figure that kind of evokes the,silhouette of a stratos sentinel,in the back we find a comparatively,simple symbol seven triangles arranged,in a circle these represent the seven,halo rings,in the rooms center we find a burning,rock the fire likely burning deuterium,within the stone like quan did earlier,desiderata explains that when madrigal,was first founded it was a barren place,one of kwans ancestors went out into,the desert to find water digging a well,and discovering the planets rich,deuterium resources though that wasnt,all he found,the mystics have kwon drink what is,probably some of that heavy water,possibly with something added,basically sending the young woman on a,vision quest,quan suddenly finds herself back aboard,the condor from episode 1. following a,quieter than usual master chief quan is,brought to the mystics tent now filled,with mystics and wrath from the rubble,where she has to fight the spartan the,fight go is exactly how youd expect and,seems to be meant to show kwon that her,rage will not help her only by taking,the spartans hand is kwans vision,allowed to continue,a now armorless jon then guides kwan to,a well the well her ancestor doug where,she finds a man talking to what is,likely a monitor the monitor here looks,more like a solid sphere than any,previous monitor design nor does it,appear to be using the design from the,recent halo infinite,many have speculated that this might be,343 guilty spark himself and while this,monitor might have a direct connection,to spark i dont think thats what were,seeing here,instead i think this may be a monitor,assigned to watch the artifact on,madrigal while most core canon halo,installations were only given a single,monitor perhaps in the silver timeline,halos other than installation 07 were,allowed to have sub-monitors to aid the,main monitor,anyway the man soon turns to quan,informing her that the spartan will,return to madrigal soon as the man,starts to walk forward he changes,becoming each guardian of the well,kwons ancestors before jyn manifests in,front of her,after a brief reunion jin tells kwan,that the secret the family has been,guarding is a portal one powered by,madrigals abundant deuterium and one,that wont be revealed until madrigal is,quote safe,as the vision concludes jin praises the,strength kwan has shown labels her as a,protector with a capital p,then tells her to go back to where it,all began,now before we continue im sure many of,you have several questions about the,vision quest quan was on and what it all,means,while definitive answers are going to,have to wait at the moment i think what,quan experienced was likely a version of,a geish a concept introduced in the,forerunner saga of novels,written by sci-fi legend greg baer the,4runner saga were among the first halo,media to do a deep dive into the,forerunners,among many new concepts introduced in,the trilogy was the geish or jean song,basically a genetic gift from the,forerunners,and among t

No Master Chief? (Halo TV Show Episode 7 Review)

oh,[Music],no,hello there guys guys ladies and,gentlemen my name is laypolarden and,welcome back to my weekly review and,recap of the halo tv series,in case the intro gave it away,yes this week halo is turning into the,kwan ha show and i know for a fact there,are a lot of people who are probably,just going to tune out of this episode,and wait for episode 8 next week and,honestly i dont blame you unfortunately,there is no master chief well i i mean,there is,its not its complicated ill get to it,no furthering of the massive note that,episode 6 left us on so here i am to,watch and recap episode 7 so you dont,have to though this time i i really wish,i didnt have to watch this this was um,i i i cant get past,the episode begins with everyone,together now a flashback to pre-mullet,kwan as kwans family enjoys a bit of,food and how good is it that pretty much,all of these characters are dead then we,cut to the present day where quan is now,on the set of mad max fury road,what a lovely day,driving back to madrigals capital city,or something whatever quan gets,kidnapped and i i just have to say you,know,great idea driving into a sandstorm,where you cant see a thing like 2 000,iq plays massive brain five head,incredible back on the rubble sauron has,somehow managed to get back home despite,there not being any kind of transport,and nothing but sand dunes for miles and,half the planet looking for him sauron,is confronted by one of his henchmen,squirrel no,im not joking thats literally his name,asking what happened to quan and his,ship implying that sauron collected the,bounty on kwans head for himself and,that theres rumblings potentially of a,coup against soren later the two of them,have a chat trying to get over the,hostilities from the other night and,squirrel mentions that hes got a score,planned to steal a unsc military-grade,slip space drive peaking sorens,interest along with a small team the two,of them end up boarding the unsc ship,find the slipspace drive which is in a,padlocked box oh my god ah theres only,so far my suspension of disbelief goes,but youre telling me that something as,expensive as a slip space drive,something that is supposed to cost an,arm and a leg a ridiculous amount of,money and its only safeguard is a,[ __ ] padlock we are in the future it,is the 26th century as if theres not,some kind of electronic safeguard on,that box and secondly that is not a slip,space drive all right that is a slip,space drive no way that melted car,engine is getting a unsc frigate from,one side of the galaxy to another once,they get the stuff back to the rubble,soren decides to mess with the controls,on a forklift and crush squirrels foot,asserting dominance in the only way a,scumbag ex-fart and pirate can do a,little bit later saurons wife convinces,him to go back and help quan out saying,that venture has tripled the bounty on,her head and i guess out of some sense,of moral obligation sauron looks like,hell be going back to madrigal because,the first thing i think when someone,leaves me for dead out in the middle of,the desert and takes my gun is yeah,i really want to go back and help them,kwan wakes up at the camp of the mystics,how much of a coincidence is that huh,she gets,she gets told to go looking for the,mystics and they just so happen to find,her in the middle of a sandstorm that is,an incredible series of events quan,pesters them to tell her what her dad,found out from them that made him so,protective of madrigal despite telling,her shes not ready yet guess what,happens they tell her anyway exposition,dump happens something about kwans,forefather and how they found the,hydrogen fuel that keeps the planets,economy afloat along with a being a,visitor from another time and place,presumably a forerunner of some kind,that explained his purpose that was to,be handed down through the generations,you got that so far good because it just,gets completely wackier from here on out,quan takes a big old sip from a totally,not spiked bowl of water and trips out,reliving the events of the first episode,when she was with chief though this time,a little different wrest pops up tells,the mystics to form a circle around kwan,and chief,and they fight she understandably gets,tossed around like a rag doll and chief,punches a hole in her face and thats it,roll credits were done,no were not jokes she respawned this,time going at chief with a knife maybe,go for the parts of the undersuit,visible you know like the soft parts,just an idea quan tries again and again,to take down the chief getting,absolutely smacked around every time,eventually she gives up and chief,stretches out his hand and his helmet,just magically disappears and she shows,quan what appears to be a forerunner,monitor quan has a chat with one of her,ancestors telling her that she will be,the one to show chief the way,or,hold up a minute there the ancestor,shapes his appearance to resemble kwans,father revealing that the hole the,monitor came out of is,a portal,powered by all the hydrogen deposits,that theyre sitting on then it wont,open until the planet is safe,how does a portal know when its safe is,this like a sentient portal or something,whats going on quan goes back to the,scene of the battle from the first,episode while vince interrogates and,shoots one of kwans old affiliates,trying to find out where she is turns,out they didnt need to interrogate her,because they know exactly where quan is,anyways courtesy of the latest apple,product find my terrorist now with,thermal imaging sauron eventually meets,up with kwan intending to keep his,promise to jon to keep her safe fincher,rocks up with his merry band of morons,who are led into a trap as quan loads up,the facilitys main sky pipe with,hydrogen gas their plan is to shoot the,pipe sparking a chain reaction blowing,it up and hiding in the vault which will,probably,probably protect them yeah that worked,really well for all those kids when the,covenant attacks of course things dont,quite go to plan and the sky pipe is,apparently jammed or something so kwan,goes under it to get it fixed while,sauron fends off against vinces goons,quan blows up a dude with a plasma,grenade left over from the fight with,the cubbies venture manages to score a,good shot on sauron threatening to,finish the job and kill him if kwan,doesnt show herself and i,i [ __ ] you not quan finds the cgi,assault rifle that master chief threw,aside from episode 1 which is now,apparently in a completely different,spot than it was last time and under a,truck quan puts a bullet in the gas pipe,they make a break for the vault and,manage to survive,just quan and soon go their separate,ways cue the epic music and were done,so,did it suck i think i need to reevaluate,my ratings for last weeks episode,because this was just,it was another level of bad you know,like last week i was passionately pissed,off with how many issues i had with the,episode whereas this i was just,apathetic towards it i really,didnt care there were definitely some,interesting things in there some little,sprinkles of potential saurons knife,fight was kind of neat but im truly,baffled at their decision to ruin the,flow from last week and divert their,attention strictly to quans story after,the massive note that episode six left,off on im feeling a little more,comfortable with bumping episode six up,to a three and a half or a four out of,ten now as even though it was full of,filler and full of poorly delivered,dialogue and all this other crap it was,at least somewhat interesting and made,for an engaging story whereas this week,id feel comfortable giving it a two and,a half maybe even a two out of ten the,action sequences while short are done,fairly well i loved seeing soren finally,kick some ass and show off his,capabilities as a spartan and i think,this plot line might finally be building,up to something else but,i dont like where its going i swear to,god if that portal in the world is the,gateway to halo or something were going,t

Halo Series Episode 7 Review – Worst Episode Yet?

[Music],welcome to the game informer show a,weekly video game podcast releasing,every thursday and fridays im your host,alex stadnik and i,am so sorry so sorry that we all had to,sit through that together im sorry we,missed last week the best episode of the,series,uh before i get too much more into this,uh i have andrew reiner here hello sir,the eic hello yeah i i gave you guys,fair warning,i was the first i was the first into,these trenches and uh yeah it was a,horror show,no were not asking about the games,youre playing tonight,um and then of course the beautiful man,himself brian shea hello,hello i,had optimism coming into this week,because the last two episodes were,pretty good,this week well get into it we will so,if youre just joining us for the first,time uh welcome you have a lot of,episodes to catch up on this is the halo,series review show that weve been doing,the last couple of weeks we missed last,week because uh were all busy people uh,you know reiner and i were out of town,shea was out of town so uh we we we,missed what is the best episode in the,series unfortunately but we watched it,were caught up and uh so were gonna,spoil episode seven right were gonna,review and spoil it like we have been uh,go through moment to moments uh all the,highs and lows and uh well lows mostly,but um,and were just gonna go from there but,before we do i want to make sure we,spend a little bit of time on last,weeks episode which was actually very,good um reiner do you want to kick this,out were just going to go basic like,what we thought of it right so,what did you think we saw the halo,finally we did it and chief kind of,not hes not happy with whats going on,and hes hes fed up and hes fighting,back yeah uh he literally tried to,murder halsey which was a which was a,wild surprise yeah it was a half-hearted,murder attempt come on,its manslaughter you know,um,yeah it was cool we finally saw it,theyre referring to it as halo miranda,took over the spartan program while,halseys getting relegated to the bench,basically and um,i was very excited with what i saw last,week i i was like okay here we go halo,keeps getting better and better two,weeks in a row right shea what did you,think,yeah i i really enjoyed the uh the story,they were doing i think that they,focused on the right characters i think,that seeing chief kind of turn against,halsey was was really interesting and,like we,like we touched on like having halo show,up at the end looking as amazing as it,did i was all in on that and also the,the week before that i believe was when,the the big battle scene happened right,and,you know having the fallout from that,having actual,uh interactions between characters and,the the covenant lady in this this uh i,guess last weeks episode,uh i actually enjoyed those interactions,and im waiting for kind of like the the,other shoe to drop with with that,character im actually interested in,where theyre going with that storyline,unlike this weeks episode which we will,get to again yes but uh yeah i i liked,last weeks episode a good deal i think,i liked the other one the one before it,just a little bit more just because it,had that amazing battle scene yep um i,would say if we had to say which one was,the best episode of the show so far i,would say the one with like the big,battle i agree,we almost got a kiss we almost had a,kiss there was a very tender moment now,we dont know what kind of romance this,is is it gonna be like true,they fall in love together or is this,going to be like luke skywalker and,princess leia i was gonna say,im thinking brother and sister more,than,uh lovers at this point i absolutely,were,very much longingly looking into each,others eyes they touched he touched her,face or she did his i dont remember but,it was him yeah yeah i really think,were gonna get a luke and leia,situation yeah where its like,maybe they go in for a kiss and like,halsey kicks the door youre brother and,sister,stop and halseys the true protagonist,of the show,my favorite part of halo light incest um,yeah so uh,it it fin we finally hit this moment,right we see,halo at least through chiefs vision,its this beautiful rendering of it its,like i once i saw him on the rocks i was,like finally here we are it seems like,chief also kind of,like the his his sickness that was,ailing him right like it seems to be,fixed when he comes out of it right,because now he has seen what he needs to,see as a as a blessed one or whatever um,oh also best revelation of last weeks,episode its mickey not,mache anything its mickey mouse thats,her name thats how you pronounce it,apparently,okay here we go i did not know until uh,i didnt and i was like okay they,definitely havent said this up until,episode five so or episode six i should,say so um so coming off this high right,feeling good i watched this morning i,was like yes halo master chief halo,infinite season two life is good and,then reiner started messaging me and,preparing me for what was my message,oh no oh no oh no no no no no no no no,no no no,i was like,in my head i was like i know what i know,why this is so bad and but i was like,they couldnt do that they wouldnt do,that right,and sure as stuff i guess thats a,proper uh segway there um,they do an all,soren and quan episode like we were,fearing they were gonna do after episode,five,and then they gave us false hope and,then they finally did it in episode,seven,yeah it started with the flashback they,always have the flashbacks at the,beginning and it was them,you know her earlier in her life and i,was like,ah this means were gonna get more of,their story this episode,i was not prepared for it to be the,entire episode yep at about the 30,minute mark i was like,my god,we still have halfway to go yeah because,like no one stopped them,and they said this was a bad idea no one,not a single person was like hey maybe,we shouldnt put this episode of filler,in do you are you two breaking bad fans,oh yeah yeah do you remember the fly,episode,yes yeah this feels like the fly episode,but infinitely worse where its like oh,yeah,theres only one point theres two story,points i think they made in this that,they could have done in five minutes um,but anyways well get into it here uh it,starts off with the flashback right quan,ruins a perfectly happy dinner you know,probably one of the last ones shell,ever get with her family good job quan,um and then just beats down on this poor,child who joins the resistance um,and then it goes to her shes driving,and she seems like an absolute delight,by the way yeah a real treat um,she drives mad max style into this,desert and smartly gets out in the,middle of it no protective eye gear,nothing,that is exactly the thing about this,episode is i was like i take notes in my,notes app while im watching,and i think the first,three notes that i have are just,questions of why are characters doing,this right and this was the first one,its like shes driving through this,like sandstorm she sees like shadowy,figures why does she get out of the,warthog like if anything shouldnt she,just like drive slowly past them so like,if theres somebody with a bag waiting,to put over her head and kidnap her,they cant they have to have a little,bit more of a tough time yeah then just,like oh i wandered blindly into like,towards these silhouettes that i have no,idea why theyre in the sandstorm and,then she has the audacity to be,surprised like what what they kidnapped,me like,what happened i i was like of course,this was gonna happen,why so urgent to go into this storm like,its like this seems like a very bad,idea youre gonna,like drive over something and flip your,jeep or somethings gonna happen right,yeah but nope she just went in well,call it youthful and experience and i,guess um,so uh there she comes out of the the bag,and its these mystic,uh desert witches that were alluded to a,couple episodes ago when the assertion,was made that quans father uh was not,on the up and up which thats still such,a weird,l

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