1. Funeral Home Secrets They Dont Want You To Know
  2. The Obituary – Your Greatest Marketing Asset
  3. Mining the Newspaper Databases on MyHeritage for Your Family History
  4. Who Died: May 2022, Week 3 | News & Reactions
  5. Misery: The Complete History of Annie Wilkes | Horror History
  6. WikiTree Challenge (2021) feat. Lorine Schulze/David Lambert
  7. Info Session – Funeral Service Cape Cod CC

Funeral Home Secrets They Dont Want You To Know

You died.,Bummer.,Unfortunately, you’re not quite ready to move on, so you decide to stick around for,a while and keep an eye on your physical body.,Little do you know, you’re about to witness first-hand many of the funeral home secrets,they don’t want you to know!,Since you’re fairly young and your death was rather … unexpected, you’re going,to need a post-mortem exam.,That’s why you find yourself…or rather, your body…safely stored in a freezer in,the morgue in the basement of your local hospital.,You watch with interest as the doctor removes your body from the freezer and prepares it,for the post-mortem exam.,They start with an external exam, looking for any obvious signs of injury or recent,medical care, and taking note of any defining marks, like your freckles and tattoos.,The doctor dons a strange looking face shield to start the internal exam, which seems a,bit overkill to you… until he reaches for the saw.,The doctor uses the saw to cut open your abdomen, from your pubic bone all the way up to your,sternum, and to cut through your ribs to expose your chest cavity.,At least they’re careful not to cut too high so that your loved ones won’t have,to see evidence of the post-mortem exam during your funeral.,You can’t stop watching as the doctor proceeds to remove your organs one by one so that he,can examine each of them by turn.,They work in three blocks, starting with the thoracic area.,First they remove your lungs and heart, then loosen the skin up to your chin to get at,your tongue and throat without leaving visible marks.,Umm, thanks, I guess…,Next they remove your liver, pancreas, stomach and kidneys, and finally they take out your,kidney, bladder, bowels and reproductive organs.,Now that your body is an empty cavity, the doctor turns their attention to your organs,and examines each of them in turn.,You find it hard to pay attention to what’s happening on the bench, though, when your,body is just laying there… empty…,The doctor doesn’t find any obvious damage to any of your organs, so they take samples,to send for analysis, including a toxicology screening.,After the samples are prepared, the doctor carefully returns your organs to your body,,roughly where they belong, then carefully sews up your incisions.,You’re a little bit surprised to see that they also clean your body to remove any evidence,of the post-mortem, and they even wash your hair for you!,Finally, the doctor completes their report and releases your body to the funeral home.,Two attendants arrive to transport your body to the funeral home.,They load your body onto a stretcher, and gather up your clothes and personal belongings.,You’re relieved to see that your wallet makes it untouched into the bag with your,possessions, but then…,“Hey!”, says one of the attendants.,“This guy has a full Metro pass in his pocket!,This has got to be worth at least fifty bucks.,I’m keeping this – it’s not like he’s going to miss it!”,They both have a good laugh at that as they wheel your body and belongings out to the,waiting hearse.,After a pretty bumpy ride, you follow your body into the funeral home and into yet another,freezer.,Who knew death was so chilly!,Well, you’d better get comfortable – this is your home until the results of the post-mortem,come in.,Then your death can be registered and your embalming can begin…,A little while later – you’re not sure if it’s hours or days, time is pretty weird,when you’re dead – your body is once again pulled from the freezer and placed on a table,in the funeral home’s dedicated embalming room.,The funeral director comes in with the embalmer, chatting about the arrangements for your funeral.,“The public viewing is in two days, so we need the embalming done in time for the private,family viewing tomorrow night,” says the funeral director.,“No problem,” says the embalmer.,“Did you tell them that embalming isn’t actually necessary, especially?,I could just keep him on ice until the viewing and put a plastic suit under his clothes to,manage seepage.,It’s cheaper, especially if they’re just going to cremate him…,”,“Of course not!” says the funeral director.,“I can’t have that getting out – that would ruin us!”,They both have a good laugh while you look on, fuming.,Since there’s not much you can do about it – you’re a ghost, after all – you settle,in to watch the embalming process.,Besides…you didn’t like the sounds of “seepage”.,First the embalmer unwraps your body, then cleans it thoroughly with disinfectant spray.,Rigor mortis has set in, making all of your limbs stiff and hard to work with, so they,spend some time massaging your limbs to work it out.,Then, they make a small incision in your groin and fill your body with formaldehyde.,As you watch the formaldehyde flow through your body, you’re shocked to see your body,begin to plump up and get more colour – you’re actually starting to look more lifelike.,Creepy…,Next, the embalmer makes another incision, this time under your ribcage, and inserts,a metal suction tool called a trochar attached to a pump system into your chest cavity.,You watch with horror as they use the trochar to puncture each of your organs and drain,them of fluid – including your bladder and bowels.,Yuck!,Thankfully, the embalmer is wearing gloves and a mask, and the suction system is airtight,,so none of the fluid comes into contact with the embalmer.,Once your body is completely drained, the embalmer refills it with a litre of fluid,,which saturates your organs and mitigates any nasty smells.,Now that the embalming is complete, it’s time to prepare your body for your viewing.,You find it hard to watch the embalmer stuff your nose and throat with cotton to prevent,any smells or fluids from leaking out, but even worse is watching them dry out your eyeballs!,This is an important step, though, and if it’s skipped it can lead to liquid seeping,from your eyes, which might look like tears to your horrified family!,After drying them, plastic half-moon caps are placed under your eyelids to keep them,from collapsing into your skull, and your eyelids are glued shut.,The final indignity, though, comes when they get ready to dress your body.,After a thorough cleaning, to your dismay, the first item they put on you is an adult,diaper!,This is meant to protect the coffin and your clothes – not to mention your loved ones!,- from any leakage, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch!,Last but not least, your hair is styled, your nose and ear hair is trimmed, and some light,makeup is applied.,Your body is even treated to a last manicure!,Finally you’re dressed in your best suit, and you have to admit, you look pretty darn,good…for a dead guy!,After the embalmer leaves, two attendants enter the room wheeling a coffin on a stand.,You recognize one of the attendants from the hospital – he’s the sneaky bus pass thief,- but you don’t recognize the other one.,He looks vaguely uneasy about being so close to your body, so you conclude that he must,be new.,Your suspicions are confirmed a few minutes later when the Bus Pass Thief nods towards,the coffin and says:,“Okay newbie, go open the lid so we can get this body loaded.”,The newbie edges closer to your casket, keeping one eye on your body the whole time, as if,he half expects you to sit up any minute.,As he reaches out a hand to open the casket, the lid flies open and a body sits up and,reaches for him.,He runs from the room screaming bloody murder, and you have a feeling he won’t be back.,“Did you see him run!,What a scaredy-cat!” says the man sitting in your coffin, who you now recognize as the,other attendant from the hospital.,“I knew he wasn’t cut out for this job.,Good riddance,” says the other.,“Okay, get out and help me with him.”,Finally, they carefully place you into your coffin and wheel you out into the visitation,space.,You have a lovely service full of family and friends, and you’re happy to see that it,seems to bring them some closure.,But you’re still not quite ready to move on.,

The Obituary – Your Greatest Marketing Asset

well all right so it is 11 31,a.z time so well go ahead and get,started here,hello everyone and thank you for joining,us today my name is maddie wagner i am,the digital marketing specialist with,johnson consulting group today we have,nelson tulene director of business,consulting services at jcg and john hill,the general manager of the funeral home,channel at legacy.com,john and nelson are here to talk about,how to utilize obituaries as an asset to,market your business but just before we,get started there just as a friendly,reminder please feel free to type,questions into the chat box on your,control panel during the presentation,and well try to answer as many,questions as we can,and with that nelson,take it away,thank you maddie uh good morning good,afternoon wherever you find yourself on,the planet here uh we were just,commenting that theres nearly a hundred,people participating,in this webinar and considering its a,tuesday after a long,holiday weekend and its kind of the new,monday,and we all know how busy mondays can be,i think it,it explains just how,valuable and important,this webinar is,that people all over,during the course of the pandemic which,continues to go on throughout the,country,everybodys come to a realization about,how powerful,your individual websites are i think we,went from a belief that you know youve,got to have it everybody else has one,and knowing now,that it really is your new front door to,your communities and,the opportunities around you,um i couldnt be more thrilled and ill,say it quite frankly to endorse john,and,legacy.com,and it i do so because,we,have these strategic partnerships with,johnson consulting,with organizations people groups that do,things better than we do,as part of the,growth management style that we embrace,at johnson consulting is,dont try to be all things to all people,but do try to put people in contact with,with others that do something better and,uh who could you ask to do something,better than truly the largest,organization in the country here say the,world probably when it comes to managing,obituaries,newspaper obituaries obituaries on your,sites,this is without a doubt the premier,organization,and,i can tell you quite frankly,ive had half a dozen different meetings,with john and every single time im,looking at it with a critical eye,and trying to say okay but whats the,catch and over and over and over again i,found out that there there really is no,catch,it truly is just the obvious thing to do,and um ill let john explain it,because hes clearly the expert but um i,would jot this down that if this doesnt,remain one of the things that you do,in the last quarter here of 2020 2021,to make sure that your websites are,linked up and you have a site set up,with,legacy.com,it really could potentially be the,greatest thing you do in preparation of,2022 so,with that being said uh john take it,away,awesome well thank you nelson and thank,you maddie for helping facilitate the,discussion this afternoon uh while its,11 30 your time its 2 30 here,in boston so uh im a little bit more,than halfway through the day and im,actually um,doing this this zoom webinar here today,from one of my favorite funeral homes,in all of the country and,uh its the joyce funeral home located,in waltham massachusetts and,a state-of-the-art facility but i wanted,to one say hello to the family here and,to,just take advantage of his space and say,hello to a family later on as theyre,going to have some services but you know,that being said um you know nelson did,give you a a very i think uh,large welcome for me but a little bit of,background on myself i am a funeral,director um,i did not grow up in the funeral,business,i grew up around it so while i am,technically a fourth generation funeral,director my brother and i really,consider ourselves first,um we actually built our funeral home in,2010,uh in central massachusetts and sold it,two years ago,but uh if that wasnt enough we had also,started tributes.com,back in 2008 which was really a site,to help consumers find obituaries and,our core focus was on funeral homes,and fortunately over some some time,patience and persistency you know we got,tributes to a really good place and,legacy and for all intents our,competitor um acquired us and and since,that time ive had a role with them,thats just been absolutely fascinating,and you know one of the best things that,i get to do is travel the country,meeting with funeral directors so i mean,that uh wholeheartedly im gonna go,spend a couple of hours in providence,tomorrow and,um you know as we get back on the road,just visiting with funeral homes from a,personal perspective and i share this,because i know that jake johnson was one,of like the original,kind of founding board members i now,serve on the funeral service foundation,as a representative of legacy.com and um,you know just one of the most amazing,organization in terms of what they do,and and their desire to give back and,yes that means financially,to so many different causes and needs,throughout our profession so,just from a personal perspective i,wanted to share that but,you know my goal here today its going,to be quite simple there is no one,that knows the obituary better than the,folks on this call you do them every,single day,ideally for every single family i have,some questions for those that are that,are not um but,you know nelson pointed out the largest,organization the reality is legacy is,weve been around since 1998 which makes,us a very very old startup,and we really do,take that perspective and that theres,just been a lot of change and great,things happening at our company but,weve also got some significant,relationships throughout not only the,newspaper side of the house but uh in,the world of funeral service as well im,proud of it and growing it every single,day but i laugh at this slide because,it started back in 1999 when stoffer,bartle our ceo on the right side of this,picture here went to the first trade,show,the name of the company was obit details,and they were kind of introducing,themselves to the funeral profession and,said hey,were here wed love to build you,websites wed love to have you put the,obituaries of the families your survey,on those websites what do you think,about it,and it did not go well if you think,about the world wide web back then most,of the funeral profession said i dont,need a website we are all set we dont,need to do it,so they were able to quickly pivot um,and learn this,you know a number of different things,but were able to find some significant,relationships with the newspapers,so that for all intents any newspaper,across the country where youre looking,at obituaries whether it be the,um,boston globe the indianapolis star the,az republic,the obituary section online is powered,by legacy.com,weve been around for a while so,you know i i say this and and you know,put this out there as a question what do,you think about obituaries other than,just you know something that you do in,terms of providing a service to the,family,but i asked this because do you ever,consider them a part of your marketing,plan and i hope to review that and a,little bit more here in the,presentation today but heres heres my,premise,i think,the number one goal should be to get,people to your funeral home or place of,service right thats kind of where you,shine your facilities your staff the,level of service that you provide the,families and their guests,that is your,best marketing vehicle in terms of you,know customer retention cut customer,growth all of the things that you want,to do to make sure that youre serving x,number of families every single year,so the goal is to get people to your,your place of business,and,one of the best ways in which to do that,is to announce a death and if they dont,know about a death they are not going to,know about your funeral home,so we we,nelson maddy and i were just talking,about coven and travel and all the other,things and,you know one of

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Mining the Newspaper Databases on MyHeritage for Your Family History

hello and welcome to the myheritage,webinar series,im jeff rasmussen your host,broadcasting to you live from middleton,idaho,today we have janice sellers who is with,us live in the beautiful state of,oregon for her class mining the,newspaper databases on my heritage for,your family history,thanks to janice and thanks to the more,than 1800 of you from,29 countries around the world for,registering for,todays live webinar wherever and,whenever you are glad to have you with,us,and were thrilled to introduce my,heritage education,a new online resource center for,enhancing your understanding of my,heritages tools,products and services and to help you,make the most of your family history,research,the website includes a wealth of,educational materials that will help you,learn about every facet of my heritage,articles,how-to videos and the myheritage,webinars covering a wide variety of,topics,my heritage education is currently,available in 10,languages im also excited to invite you,to make history and join us for,this 24-hour genealogy webinar,marathon which occurs this thursday and,friday,where youll expand your genealogy,horizons broader than ever before with,24,free back-to-back uninterrupted lectures,from,the comfort of your home so to learn,more and to sign up visit,familytreewebinars.com24 and well see,you there,and now id like to introduce todays,speaker jenna sellers,janice has researched her own family,since 1975,and conducted research for others since,2005.,she is a board member programming,director and publicity director,of the san francisco bay area jewish,genealogical society,she has been on the staff of the lds,family search center since,2000 she has a ba in french,with minors in spanish and russian and,graduate studies in library and,information science,computer programming and music she has,worked as an,editor indexer and translator since,1983.,please put together your virtual hands,and lets give jenna sellers a nice warm,webinar welcome hi janice and welcome to,the webinar,hi jeff thank you very much im very,happy to be here,well so good to have you here on on the,topic of newspapers too,uh which we all love but uh really,looking forward to learning more about,where to find them on my heritage so,janice your screen looks uh perfect so,the times,all yours thanks again thank you very,much,and that is the case we are talking,about using newspaper databases,on myheritage theyre not one of the,most obvious things in the world,so well have to hunt for them but let,me give you a little bit of background,about oops computer about newspapers,newspapers by their very nature are,actually secondhand information,and some people definitely have made,comments about that fact,to one degree or another so christopher,hitchens,talked about it and became a journalist,because he didnt want to rely on,newspapers for his information,and if youve ever seen the wiz eveline,proclaimed,dont nobody bring me no bad news but,thats what they like to put most in the,newspapers,now newspapers themselves in the united,states,the original purposes for their being,published was primarily,advertising national and local news and,legal notices,which sounds pretty dry and boring and,you might not think that there would be,much of a chance of finding,information about your family in,newspapers like that,but we have this lovely little,passage here two english captives,escaped from the hands of the indians of,french at pasa maquati,and captain mason was at port royale and,cut their faces,well if you happen to be related to,captain mason he was actually in the,newspaper,in 1690 so even that early you can find,peoples names and find out what they,were doing,even if it doesnt give you the bare bmd,facts about the family members it tells,you more about their lives,now newspapers from the civil war world,war,ii this is during the industrial,revolution,and printing presses are becoming more,widely available,so a lot of newspapers that had been,weeklies can now,be dailies because its easier to,physically produce the newspaper,new york times is one of the sterling,examples of that,and you see a lot of small towns,actually getting,newspapers and you get county seats,towns throughout the country,because its easy to make the paper the,flip side of the industrial revolution,however,travel is easier and mail is better so,these newspapers start up,and now they have to find a reason to,continue to convince people to buy them,this is when you see local news coming,into its own,so if you have family who stayed in an,area that had a local newspaper,you want to try and find that newspaper,and see how much they wrote about people,because,people like to read about themselves in,the paper,now as a genealogist why do you even,care about a newspaper,well you can find the standard kinds of,information,you can find things about births and,christenings engagements,marriages anniversaries divorce deaths,probate obituaries but you can find,much more dlt yeah detailed information,about family so you might find lists of,people going to college,graduation programs just programs during,an academic year,there are lots of legal notices,naturalizations can be announced in the,newspaper,court cases that have been filed are,often listed,land purchases land disputes,especially in smaller towns there might,be news about local businesses,even in big cities you might find a list,of everybody who had,to pay taxes,one of the big things in small town,newspapers is the social notes otherwise,known as the gossip column,so whos visiting who for family whos,coming into town to visit family whos,going out of town,what clubs are in town all the people,who attended a meeting of a club,lists of people who have mail waiting,for them at the post office,when travel by ship and train were still,fairly new innovations,you might find complete passenger lists,published in the newspaper,you can find notes about people getting,a job leaving a job,people who are looking to hire other,people,especially during wars you can find,military service so there might be a,servicemen of the day in the newspaper,every day,maybe your relative is the servicemen of,the day one time,in some areas they would list when,people moved into and out of town,they might list who was re doing house,remodeling and tell you all the things,that they were doing to their houses,and you can find lots and lots of,photographs,now what kind of newspapers are out,there,for us how do we look at these,newspapers,theres what i call a true national,newspaper so the wall street journal and,usa today,really do cover the entire country,they are covering big news very,important people,may be very infamous people john doe,is not as likely to show up in this kind,of newspaper,next step down nationally distributed,but,still tied to a specific locality so the,new york times in the early times,london times theyre definitely tied to,their cities,but theyre still covering a lot of the,very important national and,international news,still john doe probably not often going,to show up in these,then you have a large local paper so,these are papers that are,significant in their areas dont,necessarily get a lot of national,distribution,people outside the air may not have,heard of them your person in your family,is now getting a much better chance of,showing up in this local paper,because theyre covering their own area,a little more in depth,then you have small local neighborhood,and newspapers,these are ones that are very tightly,tied to their very small communities,they live and die by whos in town and,what these people are doing and you can,find,incredibly detailed information about,local people like ellis steinfer slipped,on the ice and broke his nose,yes that is really something i found in,a newspaper,ethnic papers serve a specific ethnic,community,theres not really as many being,published as there used to be when we,had the massive waves of immigration,in the late 19th and early 20th century,but

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Who Died: May 2022, Week 3 | News & Reactions

here are the most recent deaths in the,national news plus peoples reactions to,those deaths as seen at legacy.com in,the third week of May 2022.,actress and singer Maggie Peterson,Mancuso died May 15 2022 in Colorado at,the age of 81.,she was beloved for her role as Charlene,darling of the musical darling family on,The Andy Griffith Show,Peterson is also being remembered for,appearances in TV shows such as Green,Acres and The Odd Couple as well as the,Andy Griffith TV reunion movie returned,to Mayberry,[Music],character actor Fred Ward died Sunday,May 8 2022 at the age of 79.,he played astronaut Gus Grissom in the,right stuff and handyman Earl Bassett in,the first two films of the Tremors,series,Ward is also being remembered for his,passionate performance as author Henry,Miller in Henry in June and as a 1980s,Action Hero in the ill-fated Remo,Williams the adventure begins foreign,died May 11 2022 in Bend Oregon after,fighting cancer at the age of 84.,he was the first living black U.S marine,to receive the Medal of Honor for his,Valor in the Vietnam War,his unit Commander was wounded during,the Battle of whey in 1968 and Gunnery,Sergeant Canley took command of the,company risking enemy fire to carry,wounded Marines to safety several times,in 2018 his Navy cross was upgraded to,the Medal of Honor for conspicuous,gallantry,Canley is being remembered for his,28-year career in the Marines and for,running a textile import business after,retiring from the military,[Music],singer Rosemarie Von Trapp died May 13,2022 in Morrisville Vermont at the age,of 93.,she was the daughter of Georg and Maria,Von Trapp of the trap Family Singers her,mothers Memoir inspired the hit stage,in movie musical The Sound of Music,Von Trapp had a cameo in the film and,she is also being remembered for her,missionary work in New Guinea and as a,beloved resident of Stowe Vermont,rapper Lil keed died May 13 2022 in Los,Angeles at the age of 24.,he was a protege of atlanta-based rapper,Young Thug and was signed to his label,[Music],little keyed is being remembered for his,high-pitched rapping in songs like,nameless and his 2020 album trapped on,Cleveland 3.,NFL football player Gino cappelletti,died Thursday May 12 2022 at the age of,89.,he was a wide receiver and place kicker,for the Boston Patriots in the 1960s,cappelletti is being remembered for his,1964 AFL MVP season and as the Patriots,longtime radio color commentator,[Music],guitarist Ricky Gardner died May 13 2022,at his home he had been suffering from,Parkinsons PSP according to his family,he was 73.,he was best known for his guitar work on,the acclaimed albums Low by David Bowie,and Lust For Life by Iggy Pop,Gardener is also being remembered as the,co-founder of the progressive rock band,Beggars Opera and for co-writing Iggy,Pops classic song the passenger,[Music],activist lawyer and author irvishi vad,died May 14 2022 at her home in New York,City she died of cancer at the age of,63.,she was a long time lgbtq plus activist,and served in various positions at the,national lgbtq task force,that is also being remembered for,founding elpac the first lesbian Super,PAC,[Music],actress Marnie schulenberg died May 18,2022 at a hospital in Bloomfield New,Jersey,she died of breast cancer at the age of,37.,she was best known for starring as the,troubled Allison Stewart on the soap,opera As the World Turns from 2007 to,2010.,Schulenburg is also being remembered for,appearances on Blue Bloods Elementary,and the good fight,singer-songwriter Bob newworth died May,18 2022 in Santa Monica California he,died of heart failure at the age of 82.,he was a folk singer and songwriter who,co-wrote the classic Janice Joplin song,Mercedes-Benz,newworth is also being remembered as a,Restless artist and an influential,associate of Bob Dylan,you may not know that any family can,place an obituary on Legacy in honor of,a loved ones memory just visit,legacy.com,and select your local community to get,started,on May 14 2022 10 people were killed in,a shooting at the Tops supermarket in,Buffalo New York their names are,Celestine Cheney Roberta drewry Andre,McNeil,Catherine Macy,Marcus D Morrison,Hayward Patterson Aaron W Salter,Geraldine Talley,Ruth Whitfield,Pearl Young,[Music],every week in the United States flags,are lowered to half staff to honor the,lives of Americans whose communities are,mourning their loss here are the most,recent half-staff Memorial flag honors,Flags in New York and North Carolina,have been lowered in honor of the,victims of the shooting at the top,supermarket in Buffalo,Flags in Georgia have been lowered to,honor the memory of Rockdale County,Sheriffs deputy Walter D Jenkins Jr who,was killed in the line of duty,Flags in New Hampshire have been lowered,in recognition of the New Hampshire Law,Enforcement Officers Memorial ceremony,Flags in Maryland have been lowered to,honor the memory of former state senator,and former Montgomery County Executive,Sydney Cramer,Flags in Oregon have been lowered to,honor the memory of Chief of Staff to,Senator Mark Hatfield Jerry Frank,s in Pennsylvania have been lowered to,honor the memory of former Pennsylvania,state senator Jim Furlow,this week also marks several notable,anniversaries,five years ago this week Soundgarden and,Audioslave singer and guitarist Chris,Cornell died by Suicide at the age of,52.,ten years ago this week BGs singer,Robin Gibb died of kidney and liver,failure at the age of 62.,also 10 years ago this week disco singer,Donna Summer died of lung cancer at the,age of 63.,30 years ago this week band leader and,TV host Lawrence Welk died of pneumonia,at the age of 89.,rapper The Notorious BIG was born 50,years ago this week he died in 1997 in a,shooting at the age of 24.,singer actor and TV host Perry Como was,born 110 years ago this week he died in,2001 of illness at the age of 88.,you can read more about the lives of the,people featured in this video on,legacy.com,you can also follow legacy.com on,Facebook and subscribe to our Channel on,YouTube to stay up to date on national,news deaths and reactions,[Music],foreign,[Music]

Misery: The Complete History of Annie Wilkes | Horror History

On May 30th 1938, accountant Carl Wilkes married Crysilda Berryman in Bakersfield, CA.,Just one year later, they gave birth to their son, Paul Emery Wilkes, but on April 1st 1943,,they would return to the Bakersfield Receiving Hospital, this time to deliver a daughter.,But this was no April Fools joke.,Annie Wilkes is main antagonist of Stephen King’s Misery, a character he created to,represent his fear of his most obsessive fans.,But Annie’s history goes much deeper than what we see in the film adaptation of Misery,,so stick around to the end of this video to see me analyse her entire life’s story,,including how she planned to take revenge on Paul after escaping the house.,This video is sponsored by Raycon.,Quick note: I’ve been doing a lot of serious looking into the best options for premium,wireless earbuds, and it doesn’t make any sense to me why anyone would look past The,Raycon Everyday E25 earbuds.,They have the perfect fit for your ears and deliver that top notch, clean, isolated sound,quality that you’d expect from the top brands on the market.,I’m gonna get back to the video right now, but I just don’t get why you would spend,200 dollars or more when you could use my link right now to get Raycons and you’ll,be getting better battery life [6 hours of playtime] and great color options.,Visit buy raycon dot com slash czsworld to get that deal.,[HORROR HISTORY],As a young girl, Annie loved going to the movies with her brother, and her favorite,part was always the chapter plays.,In the 1940s, television was not yet widespread, and the internet did not yet exist, so feature,films were accompanied by newsreels and serials, or as Annie called them, chapter plays.,Her favorite series was called Rocketman.,Well, it may have actually been called King of the Rocket Men.,Annie’s memory tends to be a bit spotty.,She loved the cliffhangers at the end of each episode, and would spend the week thinking,about how Rocketman would get out of his latest dilemma.,In one episode, Rocketman was stuck in a car with no brakes, that went over a cliff, bursted,into flames and fell into the ocean.,The next week, Annie was there early to see how it turned out, but was furious to see,Rocketman jump out of the car just before it went off the cliff.,”I stood right up and started shouting.,This isnt what happened last week.,Have you all got amnesia?,They just cheated us.,This isnt fair!,He didn’t get out of the cockadoodie car!!”,She wouldnt stop yelling about how that wasn’t what happened last week, to the point that,the manager threatens to kick her out.,This incident tells us two things about Annie.,First, it highlights her obsessive attitude towards works of fiction, a problem that will,only intensify as she gets older and discovers new stories to latch onto.,Second, it shows the early signs of borderline personality disorder, commonly known as bi,polar.,She’s sitting there excited for the movie one minute, and causing a scene the next;,she has no control over her emotions and mood swings.,Annie was also a long time sugar-junkie, maybe another sign of her lack of self discipline.,She sometimes babysat for a woman who lived in her building named Mrs. Kremitz, but she didn’t,like the four kids, and called them the brats.,On October 28th 1954, when Annie was 11, her family was staying in a temporary house because,of a water leak in the apartment, and Annie went back and started a fire in the basement,,killing five people, including the brats she had to babysit.,This was an extreme response, showing us that Annie’s views on other people were very,black and white.,She either liked someone, and practically worshipped them, or deemed them as bad, and,felt they didn’t deserve to live.,There was very little in between.,Unfortunately for her father Carl Wilkes, he fell into the latter category.,On July 19th, 1957, he passed away at 44 years of age.,Newspapers reported him stumbling on a pile of clothing, but it’s heavily implied that,his 14 year old daughter had something to do with it.,”Come here.”,”DAD!”,The next incident came January 29th 1962.,Annie was in her sophomore year at USC’s nursing school, when her roommate Andrea St.,James was taken out in a similar manner — she had supposedly tripped on their cat, which,was lying on the stairs, ending her life at 21 years of age.,It was discovered that the cat had also been poisoned, but that didn’t seem suspicious,because the landlord had put out rat traps in the basement, and figured the cat had gotten,into them.,Perhaps one of the most disturbing parts about Annie’s minimum of 8 victims before even,graduating from college, is the fact that there was a sense of pride she associated,with her accomplishments.,She collected newspaper articles for each of the obituaries she was responsible for,,and secretly kept them in her scrapbook, often looking back at them as her “cherished memories,”,right there with other normal achievements, like her graduation from nursing school on,May 17, 1966.,She was an honor student.,The first nursing job she held was across the country in Manchester, NH, where she continued,to collect obituaries at St. Joseph’s Hospital.,Her first victim there was a 79 year old Ernest Gonyar, followed not long after by Hester,Queeny Builiphant.,There were three deaths that summer, then two more in the fall of 1969.,So during that year in New Hampshire, she had nearly doubled her victim count.,I would attribute this to desensitization.,Her attacks in her child and teen years were very spaced out, but the more she did it,,the more frequent her issues became.,Then once she was in nursing school, she was around death a lot more, and got even more,used to it.,For most people this wouldn’t be a problem, but for someone with BPD in addition to a,secret, violent past, it could be considered an issue.,I would like to point out that the desensitization I’m talking about is not the same as desensitization,to violence in movies, video games, or other media, which has been proven to have no link,to real world violence.,Each of her hospital victims were older people whose deaths were attributed to “long illness”,,or in some cases, “short illness.”,Perhaps due to paranoia that people were catching on, she decided to start fresh in a new town;,a career reboot, if you will.,But like many horror franchises today, Annie’s life had WAY too many reboots.,Yes, I’m looking at you.,*sad music*,It started on March 19th, 1970, when she was announced as a new registered nurse at Riverview,Hospital in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.,This was followed by another two patients that she gave the old “you dont get to,be alive anymore” treatment to.,You know Annie is scary when I’m running out of words to use that won’t get me in,trouble with YouTube.,It was also in Harrisburg where she took up karate, and apparently was very good at it.,I would guess that this is also where she gained a lot of her strength and part of the,reason she’s able to easily carry a fully grown man when she’s in her mid 40s.,Annie also took up a hobby in collecting ceramic figurines.,Her last victim in Harrisburg was a 3 year old who had fallen down a well and was already,in a coma, so it didn’t look that suspicious that Annie was “unable to save the kid”.,At this point she basically got into a cycle; she’d get a job in a new city, collect two,or three new victims and move on before anyone started to catch on to what she was up to.,But the reason she didn’t stay may not have just been because of her growing list of victims.,She was also secretly stealing medication, and stashing it for her own personal use.,“But I knew enough not to take any of the morphine-based drugs.,They lock those up.,They count.,They keep records.,And if they get an idea that a nurse is, you know, chipping—that’s what they call it—they,watch that nurse until they’re sure.”,The non-canon fan series Castle Rock suggests that she stole medications to relieve her,hallucinations, but there’s no confirmation of t

WikiTree Challenge (2021) feat. Lorine Schulze/David Lambert

[Music],my,hello hello everybody i hope youre all,excited and ready for our wednesday live,cast,we we have we have lorraine here and,shes going to get her reveal done and,learn all the secrets we have found and,then down below me of course you guys,know who david allen lambert is,and were going to do the introduction,and some questions for him when we get,to that part of it now our captain,unfortunately for lorraines week um had,some personal stuff come up so she,didnt make it this week but thats okay,because i have all our notes so,ive got it covered were gonna be doing,great,now to go ahead and start out before we,get any further for those of you that,dont know who we are and why were here,wikitree is a community of genealogists,who work together on a single family,tree in other words we collaborate to,grow an accurate global tree that,connects us all,and its free,the wikitree challenge is our year-long,event and part of our year of accuracy,where each week we take on a guest star,a genealogist guest stars tree,and we collaborate to make it more,accurate and complete than it is,anywhere else we hope thats our goal,its to improve our accuracy on wikitree,add more family connections and make,more friends and that weve certainly,done this year,so,this week we worked on lorraine mcginnis,schultzs tree,and were gonna take a look and see,what we found,now were going to start out here on the,mcguinness line we unfortunately this,was looked at but we did not find,parents for joseph mcginnis he was born,about 1825 but there was no proof for,where in ireland,so we did find a probable migration,record for him where he traveled to,canada with two adult females in 1846,and im not sure if you had seen that,his his daughter bridget would have been,with him she would have been quite young,the rest of the children of course born,in canada and we did find that there,were nine total children born to him,so um in upper canada so hopefully,this will eventually lead to more clues,on where he came from but we just didnt,have enough you know going forward with,the records that we could find to prove,who his parents were,those tough ones right yeah yeah,definitely,now they did make a correction on,harriet kings line,and records prove that james king,referenced as a direct ancestor what was,the wrong one so,a lot of work went into looking at the,sources that were available what the,possibilities were theyve been added to,the profile the ones that are correct,and it turns out his parents were,william king and margaret claude king so,that gives you a new name to play with,mm-hmm,definitely,this one was interesting i dont know if,youve seen yeah see this story have you,seen this one okay well theres many,articles about that,well well tell everybody that didnt,get to work on your tree,and this was about her great grandfather,stephen edward pier now he had an,altercation with a neighbor over the,outside water source in its house and i,get it was a water pump that was owned,by the landlord right yes yes,and they got an argument about it the,the neighbors son came out to try and,help his father with a with a fight and,lorraines great grandfather was hit,upside the head now they said it,actually fractured his skull so you know,at first when i heard oh he died a few,years later i thought well maybe,complications but i guess not he came,bounced back from that,and unfortunately,yeah unfortunately didnt survive the,case of tb tuberculosis that he got a,few years later so,but,sometimes its you know if if they dont,do anything bad at all they may not be,out there where you can find them so we,like finding those stories,yeah,yeah yeah he was in the hospital for a,long time,was he,now we didnt research the voloc line um,intent not intentionally this week we,were we were um supposed to be staying,away from that so we did but i just,wanted to point out to some that there,were some ancestors however that were,already present um on wikitree,now ava hendrix fruman was on your,primary tree and a lot of the ancestors,on that line where youre on your tree,but we have her as the daughter of,hendrick vermin,and ima say this wrong janet jen,vouters,there are already eight additional,direct ancestors past her now this work,was done by the new netherlands project,and youll want to look at those,profiles because theyve done some,really,yeah theyve done some really incredible,work on them and,some of those profiles date back to,2011.,ill take a look,stuff to add to your notes,[Music],now here was somebody we did find i love,that picture of that church its just so,beautiful,um parents for john fuller your fourth,great grandfather,and they were found to be josiah fuller,and sarah honey fuller,now he was born in 1729 in kent he,married sarah in maidstone in 1746 his,occupation on the um in the poll books,was listed as a farmer,so there are now six new ancestors past,john,oh wow im really excited about that one,because thats my mothers maiden name,so thats kind of important oh great,yeah thats real important yeah yeah,and i know how it is you know when,youre into genealogy at all you wind up,helping everybody else and its so hard,to get back to all your own branches i,have branches that havent been worked,in so long yes absolutely,now this one was just kind of fun this,was also on marianne caspels line we,had a few things on that line john,caspell born before 1780 won prizes for,growing pears and potatoes from the,local horticulture society in 1847,he lived to the age of 75 dying in,ramsgate kent england i just thought it,was cute and you know there were,articles and stuff on him getting the,best the best six pairs and the best,wrapped potatoes,and um,yeah and you know what i had to look up,what a kidney potato was i was like,whats a kidney potato i know theres a,lot of kinds but,i i guess its a rich buttery flavor and,a great texture so thats what they say,um,john caspell was a shipwright who,married twice and fathered at least 15,children so,those were some of your your caspal,people,yeah,thats great thats really good its,gonna be so much fun to look at this,later,yes,youll want to slate lots of time for,that these guys these guys have done,awesome,um,here we have on that same line we have,captain john moses now he was born,before 1676 so hes back there always,hes your eighth great grandfather and,he has a family crest and a memorial,slab in the church in saint lawrence in,thana in kent,on a slab covered by the seats,shows this coat of arms of course and,they give the description for that and,it says here eliath ye body of elizabeth,wife of captain john moses who died june,28 1735 any 54th year of age,and likewise here under elijah body of,captain john moses who who died,september the 22nd 1733,he was only 36 years it says and then it,listed their children but i did find,somebody that had some pictures of some,of the um,the actual crests in the memorial slabs,when the team member was telling me,about this that had done all the,research on this line but unfortunately,he didnt have the one for john moses so,i i was hoping he did maybe i can get,him to go back out there and get it or,something hes got some beautiful,photographs,and um,just really really amazing photographs,and the stained glass windows and stuff,in that church are amazing,i missed my chance to go to ramsgate a,few years ago,oh no,so is that going to be slated as a,future trip now,not now with my physical issues but oh,thats okay ill do it vicariously,through other people yes thats what you,do get other people interested and just,tell them now go look here while youre,over there and take pictures take,pictures go take pictures you had a,number of people that were living in,ramsgate,yes yes,so we had also on the same line now this,was fun parents were proven for ann bird,doused,that was your fifth great grandmother,she was born in 1764 to stephen bird and,mary bolesberg,she was the youngest of their six,children so she was kind of born a,litt

Info Session – Funeral Service Cape Cod CC

will be your primary contact uh going,forward so actually sean i think i have,an email in my inbox to respond to you,this afternoon as well um and so what,will happen is,once you apply,you know when your application is,processed ill be the one who reaches,out if theres anything outstanding or,to let you know your next steps so just,want to let you know that because its,always kind of nice to have a face to,put with the name that you know comes,out to you through email,and im just gonna walk through a little,bit of the,uh application and enrollment process,right now if you have any questions you,can,let me know or wait and shoot me an,email you know afterwards,thank you so much,youre welcome,all right so,we can get started you can flip,um all right so a little bit about 4cs,if you dont know we are two-year,community college and we are sort of,trying to,um expand our,our programs which is why were really,excited about having the funeral service,program,um dan i dont know if you plan to talk,about this a little bit later but you,know the college is sort of trying to,work to make some transfer opportunities,for our funeral services students that,is an incredible opportunity,starting at a two-year school and then,transferring to your four-year school,saves you an enormous amount of money so,if thats something that the college is,able to provide you with its going to,be an amazing,opportunity for you to grow in your,career but also not do that and come out,loaded with an astronomical amount of,debt all right,so a little bit about 4cs themselves we,are typically us of what people would,consider a smaller school we do have,about 3 000 students,the best thing about our students i,think having worked in a whole bunch of,different types of institutions from,large private institutions to large,public institutions,i love the students we have because so,many of them have such varied,backgrounds,most of our students are not traditional,fresh out of high school students a lot,of them come with,different educational but also different,work experiences um and,they find that because theyre coming to,four cs and thats,thats,the traditional student that were used,to i use traditional student that were,used to um,the staff and the faculty members here,just,relate to them in such a different way i,really do think the faculty we have at,4cs is phenomenal um,ive never worked with faculty who looks,at their students more like peers,like the faculty of 4cs does,and we have a whole bunch of different,opportunities for you if you decide the,funeral services isnt for you you can,certainly transfer into another program,i think this is a great great,opportunity but you know its it might,not be for everybody so theres always,something for you here at 4cs and were,happy to help you,figure that out,and i do want to apologize we got chicks,so if you can hear them peeping in the,background i,want to apologize,uh for if you havent been to our campus,yet were located in west barnstable,massachusetts,on cape cod which,does not stink um its you know it can,be a really fun place to come and visit,um but i think most of your courses are,going to be,your your funeral service program will,be right at bridgewater state,the cool thing about the opportunity we,have with bridgewater state is you have,access to our entire four seas campus,everything we have to offer here but,anything at four at bridgewater state,that doesnt um require an email address,i believe it is you can access there as,well so you have access to their fitness,center their tennis courts um,you have,literally everything that you would want,to do there,you have access to both campuses which,is really interesting and i dont know,if i missed anything in particular there,i dont know the ins and outs of that so,dan can certainly answer more questions,about that since he is there,um a little this kind of goes hand in,hand with what we spoke about before the,transfer opportunities,you may not have a specific mass,transfer opportunity that is a very,specific thing,but you can certainly meet with an,academic advisor we do have specific,transfer advisors and they will work,with you about programs to continue your,education afterwards,so tuition and fees it is a little bit,different than our traditional programs,because you do have,um,and,sort of like an allied health feed,thats associated with it so,if you are an in-state student which im,not sure who here is and who here isnt,so well go over both,if you are a,in-state student,your tuition credit is 223,per credit most of our classes are a,traditional three or four credit class,so you just you know multiply that by,however many courses you are in i think,youre going to work through your,program cohort style so you will take,the the,standard full-time course load the whole,way through so for the year including,your funeral service program fees youre,looking at,8097 per year,and then obviously youll double that,for the two-year program if youre out,of state it is a little bit more per,credit,youre looking at 429 per credit in,addition to the,funeral service fee so youre looking at,a total cost per year a little over 13,000,you can certainly apply and i would,encourage you to do so to apply for,fafsa which is the federal student aid,you can go right online make sure that,when you apply to that you use,they do it a little differently now they,changed it so before you would use your,previous years tax returns now youre,actually using two years previous so,youre going to use your 2019 2020 um,2018 2020 um tax returns but youll go,right online youll input four cs as,your college it wont be through,bridgewater state it is through four cs,theyll send your financial aid straight,through us,to us and then financial aid will put,together a package specific to you and,then you will um get that in the mail,thats through our financial aid office,you can contact them at any time i dont,think it lists their,contact information here but i can,certainly give that to you when i reach,out to you ill double check everybody,will get an email from me asking have,you filled out your fafsa so if i can,provide the financial aid contact,information there as well um i would,encourage you to do that sooner rather,than later the application opened to the,beginning of october,and the priority deadline ended in may,it does not stop you from applying i,just would recommend if you havent to,go ahead and do that sooner rather than,later,and the last one i want to talk about,quickly is health insurance um anybody,who is a full-time student at the,college is legally required to have,health insurance however you can have,your own we just assume that most,students dont however if you do you can,waive health insurance right on the,business offices website,all right so this is just a quick cost,comparison between what traditional,two-year program would look like with us,um as compared to going for a four-year,program at one of these other,institutions as you can see it is,significantly,less money to do a two-year program at,four cs first and then transfer out,okay all right and so the application,process um and again i apologize i dont,know your num your names off the top of,my head whether or not youve applied,but the application process is pretty,easy you go straight to our website,at the top of the screen theres a red,button that says apply and you click,that,uh you choose funeral service as your,your program um,there is no,um,requirements for the funeral services,program other than you need to have a,ged or high school diploma sent to us,so you just need to do that you can,reach right out to your,previous schools if you do have official,college transcripts go ahead and have,those sent because there are general,education requirements that we we have,for part of the program that we can,waive so if youve already taken english,101 we want to be able to save you a,little bit of money and take that off of,your credit account um so

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