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World of Warships- Hampshire First Impressions: The New Worst Ship In The Game?

hello good people of youtube,mountbatten here,and today we have the new,tier viii premium,british heavy cruiser,the hampshire import to review for you,guys today,this ship is currently available in one,of two ways,you can well one of three ways actually,you can complete the,around the world of voyage around the,world,missions to acquire 35 tokens to,potentially get her,or you can purchase the tokens in the,armory to potentially get her in the,random bundles,or you could purchase this ship outright,for 98,via the admiral bundle in the premium,shop,this review is made possible by the,support of the channels patreons,i am not a cc nor affiliated with,wargaming in any way shape or form so,the donations from the from these,generous patreons make this review and,all premium ship reviews possible,so massive shout out to those guys,patreon is the best place to support the,channel besides watching the videos and,streams,so the hampshire what is this well,according to,the description,this is a development of further,development of the surrey class of,cruiser,basically they slapped this third turret,you see in the front on so now you have,10 203 millimeter guns,at tier viii,also as always the model looks excellent,with all the graphical upgrades and such,as you can hear my computer chugging,along in the background to keep up with,uh,with it uh the ship models keep looking,better and better as does the game,so,this is,potentially a free tier 8 premium as in,the update,you can as in the update as in the,armory right now if you do go to the,voyage around the world sorry around the,world section,um you can see that the random bundles,are located right down here,and i was lucky enough to get the,hampshire on my second random bundle now,the cool thing about that is you can,purchase,three of these navigator tokens which,you need to exchange in the,random bundle to get the bundle,you can get three of these completely,for free via 10 million credits,so i bought three of these before,i uh i was going to buy like maybe five,to see if i would get lucky at the,hampshire,early on but i got it on the second,bundle so,this is a ship we managed to pick up,completely for free and im glad that we,did uh more on that when we get to the,gameplay review section,but yeah so you can potentially get the,ship for free and it is,essentially a free tier 8 premium ship,if you do the campaign,so,the hampshire,this is,i have played it we played it quite a,bit on stream last night as you can,tell,but before i start talking about her,lets go ahead and go through her stats,ill show you the bill that i was,running on her for,uh the roughly two hours we played her,on stream or so and subsequent battles,thereafter well go over what shes like,to play go over her quirks and features,and then give her a score so lets go,ahead and look at her stats shall we,so starting off uh economic bonuses you,do get the,uh standard tier eight permanent,economic bonus with the hampshire,these of course are just the,other bonuses i am running on the ship,at the moment which you do get quite a,few of these in the um,random bundles if you do buy through,them to get the ship,uh her camouflage this is the camouflage,she comes equipped with,which is just the default camo its a,pretty nice looking camo looks very uh,british,pretty along with the other british,cables that weve seen,for her armor she has a 25 millimeter,bow,27 millimeter midsection,27 25 millimeter stern,25 millimeter,stern deck,25 millimeter bow deck,30 millimeter mid deck,and,this is her citadel right here with 152,millimeters of armor,strip away everything else and as you,can oops as you can see the citadel is,high and dry like i just showed you guys,and very exposed a very british layout,if you will,all right tucking those back away,first survivability she has seven,thousand six hundred hit points with a,seven percent torpedo protection damage,reduction,her guns she does get the ten two oh,threes like i mentioned in the intro,section three load in 10.5 second space,have a 180 degree turn time with 22.5,seconds base,maximum displacement of 149 meters base,and a maximum range of 16.8 kilometers,per aep does a maximum damage of 4350,and the ap comes up the tubes at 884,meters a second,and no your eyes are not deceiving you,there is,not any hg on the hampshire its a pure,ap,boat it does get the improved ricochet,angles so it does have that going for it,i do believe it is the improved extra,angles of the,um,of the light cruiser tech line,so basically a really big minotaur if,you if you want to look at it like that,she has 12 of the 102 millimeter,secondaries uh no shes like a secondary,boat this is more of just dual purpose a,here,torpedoes she gets 2×4 the 533s the,tubes 180 in 7.2 seconds they have a,reload of 96 seconds,torpedo range of 10 kilometers maximum,damage of 15 533,the torpedoes travel at 62 knots and,theyre detectable from 1.3 kilometers,away,she has two charges of the airstrike,a she has a rating of 69 which isnt,great,uh she has four of the single mounted 20,millimeter orlikins,18 of the dual mounted 20 millimeter,oerlikons,four of the quad mounted vickers,glorious glorious pompoms,four of the octopus mounted vicars more,glorious glorious pom-poms,and then the six by two 102s,my new ability sure her top speed is 30,knots space 7 to 10 meters turning,circle a 9.8 second runner shift time,base as well,consummate base is 12 kilometers,all right so im gonna go ahead and slap,my commander module build on new,hampshire and ill meet you guys right,back here silly see lord i forgot to,show you guys the modules and,consumables so um she does get a choice,of spotter or a fighter,she gets dfa,hydroacoustic search,and then damage khan shes attacking for,five seconds and recharge in 60 seconds,hydro goes out to five kilometers and,yes again your eyes are not deceiving,you,there is no heal here,more on that in a minute all right so,now uh the commander build i went with,last stand so that when our engine and,rudder inevitably gets knocked out,because this is a cruiser a tier 8,cruiser they will still operate at,reduced capacity,then i went with priority target so we,know how many,enemies are aiming at us and how much we,need to dodge,then,i went with adrenaline rush where you,could take adrenaline rush or you could,also take survivability expert heres,your first three three point skill ill,probably take survivability expert,because this gives you another 450 hp,per tier,then i would go with adrenaline rush to,give you that boost to your reload time,as you take damage,then ill most definitely take consumer,expert as my first four point skill,coming back around i would most,definitely grab heavy ap shells this is,just free damage here five percent boost,to your damage per shell,and then top grade gunner which gives us,a eight percent boost to reload time,when theres a enemy ship within our,spotting range,and then finally come back for grease,the gears to keep that those turrets,nice and quick,so now,for the modules and with the main,armature mod 1,because we really need those main,battery guns to stay in the fight,that i went with engine room protection,to reduce the chance of our engine or,our steering gears getting knocked out,and also increases the repair time by 20,percent,then aiming systems mod one to rename,that dispersion a little bit more,then steering gear is mod 1 because you,cannot fit propulsion mod 1,so if were going to be juking we need,to use our rudder as much as possible,and then consume assistance mod 1 to get,our detection range down even more,so now,we have,for our hit points 41 200 hit points,for the guns the guns for 180 and 19.6,seconds down have maximum dispersion of,138 meters and the ap is now doing,4 568 maximum damage,we are now going 31.5 knots with the,speed flag and the rudder shifts in 7.8,seconds now,angus summit is now down to 9.7,kilometers which is much better than 12.,all right guys so im gonna go ahead,throw a match u

Hampshire – Review – T8 British Cruiser | World of Warships

all right good morning afternoon or,evening today Im going to be showing,you the new tier 2 8 premium Cruiser the,Hampshire its British as you can see,um but yeah I think we should start off,by saying what its available for the,ship will be available from random,bundles and in the Admiral bundle in the,premium shop this ship will be available,for purchase in a just ship option in,the beginning of 2023 so if you dont,want to buy it in a bundle and you want,to wait till 2023 to buy it normally you,can the bundle the number of bundles is,35 each bundle may be purchased for 1K,dubs,um youll get a couple of free rolls,from the portal campaign and three can,be purchased four credits besides the,ship itself there will also be a skin in,one of these bundles and Ill show you,the camo in the camo section here soon,but yeah so if you dont want to buy it,in a bundle you could wait till 2023 and,buy the ship normally but with that out,of the way I think we should start off,by talking about the ship itself and if,its worth it or not and play a game,um so here it is this is the Hampshire,this is what it looks like I think first,of all we should start off with the,armor layout as you know it is a Heavy,Cruiser so it has 25 millimeter nose,armor,um 30 millimeter deck armor 27,millimeter side armor and 25 millimeter,aft armor so the armor isnt anything,too spectacular it reminds me actually,of ligers armor its very similar,almost while Tiger has a 25 nose,um but it obviously has better armor,than tiger uh apologies if there is uh,drilling noises in the background we,have a construction site at the moment,but yeah so,um let us take a look at the Citadel,actually I wanted to take a look at here,it is,um pretty high it is above the water but,its not too wide so its not too bad,its this whole section here it doesnt,extend to with the entire guns so its,not the worst in the game but its still,obviously above the water so you do have,to keep that in mind in a cruiser let us,go into the commander build Im running,lost stand Grease the gears priority,Target survivability expert heavy AP,shells Adrenaline Rush concealment,expert and top grade gunner in terms of,equipment Im running concealment System,model one steering Gears mod 1 aiming,System Mod 1 Hydro search mod 1 and Main,armaments mod 1. these are the flags Im,gonna be running you dont have to run a,lot of flags to be honest in terms of,the camouflage,um the stock cam was actually this one,this ones actually the stock camouflage,it looks very grayscale the alternate,camo you can obviously get if you have,alternate camels turned on for the,British is this one as you can see which,I actually do like the color of this,camo its a very nice color but the the,special camo we were talking about that,you could get in the random bundles is,the cloud Privateer camo which is this,one which resembles the look of a pirate,ship I would say I guess not really but,I mean theres wood right I guess,theres like a pie look here theres a,plane that looks like a pirate ship I,guess and heres a pirate flag inside of,the British flag and you know heres the,bridge you know the guns that look like,cannons I guess and it does move a bit a,tiny bit and I have this like,its interesting I guess I mean its,okay I wouldnt spend too much money on,it but there you go if you would like to,get it thats how you get it with the,bundles I like this flapping thing I,guess these four flappers,I look its quite cool I guess but,thats pretty much it if you really are,into pirate stuff I mean it could be a,thing but no not for me um so let us go,into the match guys and talk about the,ship itself,all right so here we are in a tier 10,match with arms race enabled so tier 10s,are gonna be even stronger lets keep,that in mind so but yeah so this is the,Hampshire,um,we have AP only as you can see 10.5,second reload 4.5 K Alpha with the build,16.8 kilometer gun range we have no Hill,but we do have a spotter plane a dfaa,hydro and a DCP guys we do have a dcv,and we have asws and well we have 10,kilometer Torpedoes that do 15,000 damage each you also have 41 200 hp,so I mean 41 200 seems like a lot but,then you have to keep in mind that like,for example Prince wygan which is a,premium has more HP and it has a hit so,keep that in mind but theres obviously,other ships that like for example tiger,even though it has less HP I think I,would say it has around 35 000 it is a,superhero so you have to keep that in,mind the HP in the pool looks okay I,guess,but it has no heel and you could say oh,but Tech trees dont really have heels,at tier 8.,but the British do so Alabama does and,the Dem Brothers,and you know so they do have heels at,this year obviously,um but yeah so let us go wide here and,see what we can do,all right so we spotted a GK and a,schleaf in here which means their div,mate is obviously here theyre poison,so this is going to be a pretty,difficult flank to fight on to be honest,with you,because if the person actually gets the,shots on us he can overmatch our 30,millimeter deck right because you know,we have 30 millimeter deck and he can go,straight through that with over match so,we have to keep that inner mind,um I think Im gonna spot their plane,here so I can see what theyre doing,we have five guns that means we have 10,AP shells so trees,theres the Ill be mortal my friends,9k damage not bad not bad on an angled,uh croyson he does have a lot of super,structure though but that was pretty,good sadly they have three Buffs already,we have,one,that is a Reload buff so thats not too,bad 9.5 second reload right now on our,Hampshire,I mean obviously against tier sixes its,gonna be pretty good I mean against tier,10s I mean its,as you can see its its okay I guess,just because we have the real little,buff but the AP is doing quite a lot of,damage its probably improved AP but you,have to keep in mind against tier sixes,obviously youre gonna do well I mean,its its hard to find it a tier eight,that doesnt do well against tier six is,to be honest with you,um the true question is are you gonna do,okay against tier 10s especially in real,matches,I mean,I believe this has British acceleration,as well yes it does because,um you cant even put prop mode on the,ship and thats why I have steering gear,mode because I cant put prop mod on the,ship itself because I I of course try to,but it doesnt allow you to it does,because it has the improved acceleration,you know so yeah well we do have to aim,for super structures obviously because,we are playing a cruiser so we have to,aim for superstructure damage here on,this GK and stuff actually end up doing,some damage obviously I would prefer,having he on a ship like this because,that would mean I can actually unload,some pretty good he especially if it was,British he on this GK we would have high,alpha and high fire chance,you know even if it doesnt have high,fire chances and stuff or high alpha I,mean he I mean you can set a fire here,and we would be taking this entire time,right,that would be cool,keep in mind we do have torps,so Im gonna twerk like this were,actually gonna go dark right before we,get to the Border if possible oh my God,I was like what was that horn going on,theres a GK right here,nicely done is this turret is actually I,believe 360 the target number two and,third number,three actually rotates backwards so you,can always if youre kited like me which,obviously I like to be kited in some of,these uh lower tier Cruisers against,High tier ships,its nice because you can actually,rotate four of your guns the entire time,which is quite cool I guess,were gonna try go for the chief in here,maybe hopefully our GK lasts long enough,where we can actually trade them with,the shafen at least the Schlieffen is,the scariest one I think actually the,prison is definitely the scariest one,but Schlieffen is very scary here as,well,I mean because of the fact of the,secondaries the secondaries can start,unloading on us and were gonna have a,real

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New Premium British Cruiser – Hampshire

hello this is overlord bow back with,another ship review video and today,well be looking at the new tier 8 real,navy heavy cruiser they hampshire,the hampshire will be released in patch,11.7 available in random bundles and in,the admiral bundle in the premium shop,now each bundle will be purchased for,about 1k doubloons you can get also get,a few free bundles through a portal,campaign and purchase three more with,credits once the event is over the,hampshire herself will be resold,sometime in the beginning of 2023 and at,that time the ship can be bought,directly by herself without any extra,bundles or add-ons,now if you dont get the hampshire from,the free bundles or credit bundles i,dont really recommend gambling for her,again,by gamble you can just wait the buyer if,you are interested she will be really,released in 2023 so neither no theres,no need to rush for her,um,im just gonna let you guys make your,opinions about the ship um at the end of,the video ill say my own opinions about,the ship,um but,uh anyway lets go on from there so ill,be going over my recommended captain,build a module set up followed by the,ship stats and finally ill give my,thoughts about her performance overall,first up is the captain build and,upgrade which we shot on the top right,um,since the ship does have ap only,you kind of just want to build into,heavy ap so thats the only odd thing,about this build well lets talk about,the ship stats starting with the armor,survivability now the armor will be,shown on the top right it has a 25,millimeter bow slash stern with 27,millimeter side armor with a 30,millimeter deck,uh with a 16 millimeter super structure,and an hp pull of 37,600,now the citadel section is under the,bridge is very small buried in the hole,and the citadel under the engine extends,above the water line easy to hit,the hampshires durability is more,comparable to other tier heavy cruisers,compared to her royal navy tech tree,counterparts though the citadel is very,small and concentrated under the,smokestacks its still very exposed and,vulnerable to any ap,cruiser ap or larger the large battle,section also takes significant damage,when battling to enemies,while not uncommon for tier 8 cruisers,lack of a heal means she will likely be,severely damaged or crippled if she if,she survives into late game overall her,survivability is surprisingly average,for a tier 8 cruiser however dont think,this is a good benchmark as tyra cruises,are generally squishy with poor,self-sustain,next up is her main guns she has five,two uh twin 203 millimeter 50 guns with,a 16 point kilometer range and the 10.5,second base reload,it use it uses normal cruiser dispersion,in a 2.0 sigma,it has a 22.5 second 180 degree uh,turret traverse you can fire 34 degrees,off of the bow and 29 degrees off of the,stern it has no hg which i was saying,earlier and the ap shell damage is 4 350,with,249k ap dpm with a 14 millimeter over,match and a 60 through 75 uh degree,ricochet angle with a .005,fuse same as the royal navy light,cruiser line,now the hampshire guns uh can be thought,of as mini gibraltar,or the heavy cruiser version of the,royal navy light cruiser guns each,hampshire salva will devastate poorly,armored ships who fail to angle probably,to her,her super short fuse ap ensures she can,also she almost never over pins dds,unlike cruisers combined with her heavy,cruiser ap penetration hamster can,citadel other cruisers at surprisingly,long distances,or at the lee steal heavy damage now the,dispersion will be shown on the top,right,now her amazing ap comes at the cost of,having no hd whatsoever,new hampshire will struggle against any,opponent that angles to her a notable,issue if you dont have allies to create,crossfires now heavily armored ships,like the flat can represent a problem as,hampshire struggles to find a section,armor her ap to penetrate overall,hamsters guns excel at punishing,broadsides especially on dds and like,cruisers where other ships may get,over-pinned instead,however she will be equally punished,when fighting against angle opponents as,she becomes almost incapable of damaging,them,moving on lets talk about her,secondaries for the secondaries you get,six twin 102 millimeter 45 guns with,1500 hd damage three second reload in a,6.6 kilometer range with a six percent,fire chance it does have a normal,secondary dispersion aka,terrible,like every other cruiser hampshires,secondaries are almost completely,irrelevant,low effective damage output means,enemies can outright they can,ignore them if they havent been blown,up already that being said secondaries,are the only way for hampshire to light,fires since,they have a chi with a bit of patience,and enemy cooperation you can earn the,arsonist achievement,highly doubt though,if that somehow happens you can retire,in peace knowing your wilds career is,piqued and youre the best balls player,that ever seen now on to something more,useful her torpedoes she has two quad,launcher 553 millimeter torpedoes one,rack per side that do 15,533 damage 10 kilometer range 62 knot,speed and 96 second reload these are the,same torpedoes used on the albemarle um,like her tech tree cousin hampshires,twerps torpedoes are not expected to see,significant use mostly reserved for the,rare close combat or even point-blank,torpedo,rushes now as you can see in part of the,video i was able to,uh in a cunning position get torpedoes,as someone that was chasing me you can,also do that there as well since you do,have a 9.7,uh concealment now in those scenarios,the turbulence will form adequately but,dont kill uh wont kill most of full,health hpvs now next up is her anti-air,she has three inner plus one outer flack,uh with a long range uh anti of 5.8,which is 74 mid to 249 and near up to,73. now hampshires anti-air is merely,average at best being propped um up by,her permanent access to dfa,while her aads,values look good on paper theyre,concentrated under 2.5 kilometers,enemy cvs will have no issue getting,strikeoffs as rockets in tvs only spend,a few seconds in her effective ae bubble,she fears better against dive bombers,but again the range is too short to,reliable to relative,reliably prevent any strikes getting,through,it just means the cv loses a few more,planes,now for dfa you can shoot down a few,more planes but dont expect it to help,unless the cv blunders into your flag,somehow,overall the hampshire zantire is good,versus tier 6 tvs but like other tiered,cruisers will struggle against confident,to rate into your 10 cb planes,now for the anti-sub capabilities um you,get a maximum charge of two with the,number of depth charges per attack being,three with the damage being 1600 and it,has a reload time of 45 seconds and a,range of seven kilometers,this is the same asw airstrike given to,all the other royal navy heavy cruisers,basically low damage but safe and easy,to use,better than the alternative of running,over to the sub while being shot at by,his entire team,lets cover her maneuverability she has,a max speed of 30 knots with a 710 meter,turning radius and a 9.8 second uh,rudder shift it is the slowest cruiser,ever to rate somehow slower slower than,the legendary tiger 59,which is actually surprising,uh the small turning radius for a for a,cruiser and a good rudder shift for a,heavy cruiser now hampshires uh,your serps tiger 59 is the new slowest,tier 8 cruiser so congratulations its,actually being outsped by many high tier,eight evs this is quite concerning as,she cant easily escape from enemy,threats on the bright side is her,concealment which is a surface attack of,base being 12 kilometers and aerial,detection which is 7.6 kilometers but,uh the best surface is 9.7 in the best,air is 6.1 like other royal navy,ships hampshires concealment is good,for her tier 9.7 kilometer surface lets,her outspot all but a handful of light,cruisers useful for her ambushing their,broadsides with ap and then running away,the concealment also gives more freedom,and positioning

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New Web Campaign! – Hampshire First Impressions

today were finally talking about the,hampshire the latest premium tier viii,cruiser,with a web campaign and a pretty,interesting camo i gotta say i think,this things really cool um not,everyones liking but its a pretty,interesting camo but as for the ship is,it worth you investing into looking at,um spending time on this web campaign,its pretty good i gotta say i was,expecting it to have a heal so when it,didnt i was a little disappointed and i,may have been a little bit too negative,on it initially but i had really really,good games in it today ive played five,games so far and well look at the stats,at the end but i think im averaging a,little over 110 000 damage which is,really good and much more than i was,expecting out of an ap only cruiser,especially at tier 8 so,ap only no heal its pretty big its a,big target even though the concealments,pretty solid i was assuming that this,was going to be an absolute awful,experience where,you get hit a couple times and youre,just forced to play so far back and tier,8 of course doesnt have the best,matchmaker in the world and ill talk,about that a little bit more later but,this ship actually performed really,really well and it really comes down to,these armor-piercing shells theyve been,buffed so much that they do feel pretty,good theyre not fully like sap because,you can actually sit at all things and,they do bounce and shatter a little bit,more than sapwood at extreme angles but,the ap is surprisingly consistent it,does really really good damage and of,course we have a 10 second reload on ten,three 203s at tier eight which is really,really solid right we can think of,things like otago that have a 16 second,reload on 10 203s although thats maybe,not the most fair comparison otago,really isnt about its dpm,but this ship has a high alpha damage,very impactful ap and a pretty solid,reload to go with it so i found that,getting damage wasnt too difficult the,problem was kind of staying alive and,having battle impact right so were not,having radar on this ship we dont have,a heal that allows us to play really,aggressive,a lot of my best games really came like,this where people just dont shoot at me,i dont know why people werent shooting,at me but they just werent so i was,able to take slightly more aggressive,positions and impact the game that way,with smart positioning but if you get,caught out just remember that the ship,doesnt have a ton of hp my build does,include survivability experts so were,getting extra hp from there its around,37 000 base which isnt a lot it tier,viii with not the best armor either,well go over that in a little bit as,well once were back in port but the,armor viewer is really really strange on,this ship it has,an extremely weird citadel that allows,us to maybe tank a little bit better,theres a great example of the,consistency on the army piercing by the,way 5 000 damage at that angle and,distance pretty good pretty pretty good,um but i found that as soon as i got,myself into tier 10 games yeah my battle,impact dropped off a cliff but thats,basically like all tier 8 cruisers its,very very difficult to make use of,cruisers in tier 10 games its just too,passive and while this ship has really,good range for a tier 8 cruiser and a,spotter plane to go with it,the shells are floaty so its very,difficult to actually lead targets at,those really long ranges so i really,found myself not even using the spotter,plane a lot of the time since,i would rather use my concealment to get,closer and reposition then make myself a,long range target where im really not,gonna do all that much damage,but this couple of salvos here is really,where i understood that this ap is,different,this is a benson a very small narrow,destroyer these are big caliber guns and,were not over penning them were not,over pending a dd at all with 203s at,this range so,this ap is pretty solid you can you can,rely on it to be really really good even,against light cruisers and especially,against battleships too you hit,superstructures youre gonna do some,pretty solid damage overall you want to,aim for upper belts on battleships right,cruisers you can do some pretty good,damage even citadelling ive cited out a,couple of cruisers out to 15 kilometers,so it retains its pen reasonably well as,well,these torps arent amazing theyre not,nothing to no theyre just okay you get,eight of you know 10 kilometer torps,that do okay damage and they have,reasonable speed but,this ship really doesnt want to be,brawling all that much even though were,gonna go in and brawl late game here um,its not a situation where you want to,be taking those close range engagements,all that often i think mid-range is,really where this ship is going to shine,lets talk a little bit about this web,campaign you get a few tries once youve,completed all the web campaign missions,you get a few tries at the loot box in,the armory to get this ship and if you,dont get it then you have to get it,from the admiralty admiral package in,the premium shop which includes a ton of,extra bonuses and,credits that you dont really need or,want to be buying with real money its,much better to earn those in-game,certainly,so with this ship thats really the only,way to get it for now,coming in early 2023 it should just be,available for the normal tier viii price,for a premium um without the extra,bundles just the standard pack right,which i guess for canadian dollars would,be in that 50 or 60 range uh depends on,your home currency right,but i think its a decent tier viii,cruiser i dont personally think i would,get it terrified cruisers are in a rough,spot as soon as you get into tier 10,games its tough even tier 9 games the,dpm and tankiness of cruisers takes a,massive leap as soon as you get to tier,ix because of course they all get heals,and they all get access to the slot six,upgrade slot right and you get dpm or,range from that,its tough playing a tier viii cruiser,into those higher tiers against its own,tier its very good as you can see and,were even rushing down two battleships,here and well look at the armor viewer,import but im playing,very intentionally here,im going directly bow into this north,carolina because my citadel is basically,only at the back of my ship theres no,citadel up front so im hoping that if,he shoots my bow his shells will arm,before they even reach my citadel so,hell get some full pens but he wont be,able to kill me in this situation,and sure enough he gets a few full pens,but we dont really mind at this point,well launch our torpedoes and try and,finish him off here,so im trying to caution you against,this ship a little bit i think that it,does require a certain playstyle to,really take advantage of you have to,know how to use cruisers and get,yourself into positions where not only,are you gonna do good damage but you,need to get on flanks of ships right,because bow on even though the ap is,really solid improved pen angles,seemingly also just doesnt want to over,pen also with the short fuses,youre going to be bouncing against bow,on targets so you have to know how to,play cruisers without a heel right you,got to play a little bit aggressive when,you want to be flanking and catching,people out,and no heal to potentially come back,from a mistake,and its a little bit tricky but it is a,good ship i do think its a really good,interesting tier 8 cruiser not a lot of,them play like this they all tend to,have at least some he that allows them,to do good in bow on situations,this one doesnt but it does have,incredible armor piercing and of course,like all premiums you can make a lot of,credits with it right i was getting a,lot of these near million credit games,with just a little bit of the credit,modifiers right four kills nearly a,kraken in this one even 2.6 000 base xp,and we managed to brawl it out getting a,little bit lucky against some of those,battleships so i did have a pretty good,session of five games here getting,and twelve thousand average damage which,is really

HMS Hampshire Royal Navy Heavy Cruiser World of Warships Review Guide

hello and welcome everyone,todays video features a complete review,guide of the brand new tier ace royal,navy heavy cruiser hms hampshire now the,hampshire is described in game as being,a british heavy cruiser that is a,further development of the surrey class,of ships with an increased number of,main battery guns now there is a,giveaway active for one lucky winner of,the hampshire all you have to do is,leave your in-game name and the server,you play on in the comment section below,this video in the format you see here on,screen and ill draw one lucky winner in,roughly,about two weeks time on my live stream,you can see the link here for this also,on screen,now the hampshire will be available at,first from random bundles,and in the admiral bundle in the premium,store now the ship itself in a,standalone version will be available at,the beginning of 2023 so you will have,to wait a while before you can just,purchase the ship on its own now the,number of bundles is 35 and each bundle,can be purchased for one thousand,doubloons you will be able to get a,couple of free rolls from the portal,campaign and three can be purchased for,credits now besides the ship itself,there will also be a skin called the,cloud privateer in one of these bundles,and this is the camouflage that you can,see here on screen in this gameplay,footage let me just quickly say im also,getting very close to ten 000,subscribers on youtube,and once we get to this milestone there,will be a massive ship giveaway of up to,750 dollars so please hit that like and,subscribe button and help us get to that,landmark you might win yourself a very,nice free premium ship in return so with,this being said lets move to the ship,build im using in this game and all the,numbers based in this review are then,based on this combination of ship,upgrades and captain skills,just a couple of small things of note,the hamshire does already come equipped,with enhanced british propulsion so you,dont get the option to use the,propulsion mod so ive gone with,steering gears when it comes to the,captains skills you dont have high,explosive so ive gone straight for the,heavy ap channel skill for three points,i have found this built to be quite,effective you do have a little bit of,wiggle room youre not necessarily,forced to take focus fire training you,could go with something like fill the,tubes although i have found that the aea,does need a little help at times so,lets move to the armor layout now as,you can see here on screen,using a simple port screenshots that,hamshire gets a four-end lacing upper,and lower of 25 millimeters the main,deck is 30 millimeters,the upper case mace armor is 27,the main citadel armor is 152,and the rear placing the rear after in,placing is also 25 millimeters both,upper and lower the superstructure gets,16 millimeters while the gun turrets are,a little bit lightly armored they get,all around 25 millimeter placing on all,surfaces but that is one slight little,drawback with the turrets looking at the,internal armor we can see that the,citadel really is quite small you can,see,the deck placing of the citadel is 64,millimeters the adward ship and spell to,armor is 152 from quite a small citadel,this ties in directly to the,survivability now it is very important,to point out that the hamshire does not,get a repair party so with this field,you get 41,200 hit points and a torpedo protection,damage reduction of only just seven,percent now fortunately you do have,access to the hydroacoustic search,consumable allowing you to detect,torpedoes most importantly at 3.5,kilometers and enemy ships and sealed in,smoke screens or behind islands at five,kilometers,other consumable choices you get the,defensive aea fire in the third slash,and you do get a choice between the,spotting aircraft and a fighter aircraft,but i highly recommend holding on and,using the spotting aircraft as the range,on hampshire is really quite good and,youd get a 20,increase with this spotting aircraft,giving you a lot more flexibility,against enemy targets,okay so moving to the main battery quite,impressive five twin mounted 203,millimeter guns of 10 of these barrels,in total these guns have a 10.5 second,reload they can rotate 180 degrees in,just under 20 seconds,19.6 seconds to be exact,they have a max dispersion of 138 meters,and a base firing range of 16.8,kilometers now these guns have a sigma,value of 2.0 with the heavy ap,skill trained these shells can inflict a,max alpha damage of 4568,with a quite a fast shell speed of 884,meters per second now there are quite a,few important things to notice about,these ep shells on the hamshire these,armor piercing shells come with improved,penetration angles they also have a low,arming threshold and a short fuse timer,and have higher armor piercing,penetration than most 203 millimeter,cells at tier ease now the only drawback,of course having only armor piercing,is the lack of,explosive and the ability to set fires,so what youre primarily going to be,focused on,with the hamshire is penetration damage,and thats what these shells are very,very good at,if you happen to get broadside cruisers,you will be able to scissors album but,for the most part youre going to be,going for,upper decks superstructures anything,that you can get penetration damage on,and then they will be very effective,okay so moving to the secondary armament,each miss hampshire gets 12,102 millimeter guns,in six twin mounted turrets,these have a three second reload,a max firing range,of 6.9 kilometers,firing high explosive shells,now they can inflict a max alpha damage,of 1500,they have a six percent fire chance,spending 17 millimeters of armor,with a shell speed of 811 meters per,second,each miss hamster also comes armed,with torpedoes,two quad mounted turrets,one on each side,these are in an enclosed space they have,pretty decent firing angles,now they have a firing range of 10,kilometers they can inflict a max damage,of 15,533,with a torpedo speed of 62 knots,and a torpedo detectability range,of 1.3 kilometers,now these torpedoes are incredibly,useful,you can launch them from concealment at,a target they have a reload time of 96,seconds,or virtually a minute and a half,now considering you have a concealment,rating of 71 which equates to,a surface detection of 9.7 kilometers,so you can launch these from concealment,and having stealthy torpedoes like this,is very useful,okay moving to the airstrike capability,you get two available flights,a max firing range of seven kilometers,one attacking aircraft per slice,dropping three bombs,that can inflict a max damage up 1600s,and the reload time on these flights,is 41 seconds,moving to the aaa defense,hampshire,gets four single mounted 20 millimeter,followed on by 18,twin mounted 20,millimeter,four quad mounted 40 millimeter guns,or octopul mounted gun turrets 40,millimeter,and the secondary battery,our dual purpose e6 twin mounted,102 millimeter guns,though,at face value,quite a few aaa guns,but the result is a little bit,the continuous disappointing,equates to 255,and the vast majority of this,is short and medium range,now i am using,skill,focus fire training,and that does increase the number of,shell explosions,hamshire fires,five shell explosions,are flex elbow,with a max damage of 1323,and the max firing range on these aea,guns,is 5.8 kilometers,now you do have the option to boost this,with the defensive fire consumable,this gives an additional fifty percent,continuous damage,boosting the shell explosion damage by,three hundred percent,and it has a forty second action time,should you find yourself teaming up with,barriers then i would also advise,picking the,visor consumable for some extra,protection,the lack of long range damage on the aea,can,leave the hampshire,feeling a little vulnerable at times,there is a large population of cv,players at tier 8,though,getting games without carriers theyre,not going to happen very often,okay moving to the maneuverability hms,hamshire,get


oh,i left a surprise on there for them i,am back im gonna cover up with this,cause im just so out of shape nowadays,anyways hey okay whats good welcome to,the video sliding,oh my are they always doing landscaping,like all the time,in my beds a dude im a mess i am such,a mess my allergies are horrible,so its been about a month and i im,gonna zoom in so its been about a month,and a half since i made a video but im,back,were back were back basically ive,been gone because of covid,not because i had code again but because,of the coveted rules it is very hard to,make entertaining videos for you people,we got about a month and a half left at,school not even like five weeks which is,horrible and sad to say because i dont,really want to go home but i guess i,have to,i miss my family i miss with friends but,this place is heaven college is amazing,if youre going to college you will love,it and that leads me into my next topic,which is,college q a college advice stuff like,that thats what were going to do this,video ill come by so lets just get,right into that im gonna,get dressed and not look like the mess i,look like now heres some of my first,college advice if you can get a car on,campus your freshman year makes,everything so much easier you can drive,everywhere go get coffee go get food go,do anything,like having your car on campus freshman,year has been a,absolute life hack for me great praise,question what do you do after you get,accepted slash commit to a college,dont fail out of high school senior,slide is a thing but dont fail that,hard,because ive heard of colleges actually,dropping kids because they fail so bad,their last quarter after theyre,committed so basically have a senior,slide but not too hard,my senior slide was one of the greatest,ever this is because i was part of the,covet graduation group i committed to,unh right before we stopped going to,school in person and right before kobe,became like a huge thing so we had,online,school for the first time and everyone,was trying to adjust and stuff so i,remember we had like a month off,immediately so that brings it to like,april probably,like a month and a half left to high,school i was very close to failing,because i just didnt want to do the,online work i was like im a senior im,graduating and even the teachers said,they were like you dont really have to,do any of this work i remember my,english teacher was actually rapidly,emailing me to hand in just,one assignment so i could pass the class,i handed in that assignment i passed,i got my diploma and then i went to,college and college,has been the greatest experience of my,life so have a senior slide but dont,let it be too hard how do i know what,college is right for me,okay so this is another great question,you wont know until you get there dont,worry about making friends because,everyone wants to make friends when you,get to college,its the one time where everyone is just,so friendly and just wants to meet you,and just wants to have a new group of,friends because mostly everyone doesnt,know whats going on freshman year,youll know the college is for you,eventually it might take some time and,honestly it could not be for you and,then you can just transfer or do,something else or join a club or,something and make it for you but you,wont know a college is for you until,you actually get to that school,how do you prioritize school while,trying to get out and socialize as a,freshman this is another hard question,so theres definitely a healthy balance,somewhere what i tend to do,and what i did early on in my freshman,year is i try to do all my homework that,was due for the week on monday that way,i had the rest of the week to socialize,this worked out great for me but,honestly you will find time,i really recommend your first semester,going out making friends talking to,people and all that stuff i wouldnt say,prioritize it over school but make it a,really close balance,you will find your group in college i,promise you you will find them thats,really my best advice is find a good,balance but honestly if you dont find,that balance,i would socialize a little bit more get,all your work done get good grades your,freshman year thats really important i,actually had a 3-6 my first semester,which is,very good for me so yeah definitely my,opinion is reach out to kids,make friends join the facebook page i,know a lot of colleges have facebook,pages for freshmen coming into the,school like mine was class of 2024 for,unh,reach out to a lot of those kids put a,put a post on there reach out to a lot,of those kids get to know people its,really important,have your door open the first few weeks,you never know whos gonna walk in this,stranger that walks in your room one day,could literally become your lifelong,friend you will make friends i promise,dont worry about that,by the way for all of you who do not,know im a freshman at the university of,new hampshire i rushed a fraternity,one of the greatest things i ever did if,you can rush a fraternity or sorority i,recommend doing it it is a great,experience you meet some of your best,friends while doing it and then once,youre in you just find unbelievable,people,people that share the same values as you,and all this the rush process i would,definitely recommend going to a bunch of,different ones find which one fits best,for you and go for that one,and even if you dont get a bid the,first time go back some of you might not,even know what im talking about because,i knew nothing about frats and,sororities until i came to college you,will figure it out i highly recommend,doing it it was a great decision,i did it my first semester freshman year,to get it done with and now i just get,to reap the benefits for the next three,and a half months and the benefits are,way higher than any of the downfalls,hold on i want to show you that my,fraternity house is a little bit,different than most houses,this is actually my fraternity out,its a little bit different than most,look how beautiful it is oh,my god this video gets enough love i,will give you guys a tour eventually i,want to start making a lot more videos,there but like i said earlier with covet,its very hard and,its also not that interesting because,just kovid like when its non-covered oh,my god the house is beautiful the,fraternity is called sigma beta,joining it is one of the greatest things,ive ever done in my entire life so yeah,i recommend you join a fraternity or,sorority that was a little sneak peek of,our house i will show you more,eventually if you guys want it,long hair answer one of these sit down,dude im too musty to be in a video,youre so musty all the time,marcy how to choose a roommate how did,you choose bedford thats a great mans,sleep,facebook groups i just said that best,storm at unh,if you live anywhere but stoked youre,gonna regret it alright im going,golfing,heres a great example of college in the,middle of the day literally 2 p.m you go,golfing you do your homework and then,you go golfing i go to class like two,hours a day i do homework and then i do,whatever i want and in this case its,golfing for the fourth day in a row,i actually might bring you guys on the,golf course for the first time ever,im feeling that honestly im feeling,that welcome to an average wednesday,this is john anything you got to say,about yourself,um just the best,goddamn golfer in this universe johns,from baskin ridge,really nope oh this is a good question,for you actually,because im close to home how is it,being away from your family they miss me,more than i miss them,thats good really im a good guy in my,family,do the what the blue guy the glue guy,you cool down hold them together,oh yeah,you gave it a ride definitely gave it a,ride not anywhere close to the hole but,definitely give it a ride,not a good day on the course huh were,not playing well,oh wow someone hit a tree,a lot of people want to know like what,not to forget like clothes wise i would,say,bring like your seasonal attire and the

This 475BHP S3 8Y is the UKs FASTEST!

hello,[Music],[Music],hey guys its Luke here and welcome back,to another video you join me today with,an S3 8y the latest generation Audi S3,first time Ive had one of these on the,channel I have of course filmed a couple,of rs3s in the eight white generation,this car is one of the UKs fastest a,whole host of stuff has been done so,its running stage two package about 475,brake horsepower which is pretty nuts in,usual function of course I will,introduce you to Jason the owner have a,walk around the car you can tell us,exactly what hes done to it before we,head out in the car for a little spin,okay so were joined now with Jason mate,thank you so much for coming down today,in this Ive seen this car all over the,Internet so its only a matter of time,before I get it on the channel um so,yeah thank you very much for coming down,um seeing as weve got the Bonnet open,itll be rude not to start off with kind,of the bolt-ons under here and there is,uh quite a bit that youve done so yeah,if its all right to give us a bit of a,walk great yeah so uh inventory intake,and APR uh coil packs with the NGK spark,plugs Ive got an Airtech uh inscooler,hiding over there and thats about it in,terms of the engine bay okay so its a,states typical stage two pack phase two,uh yep its currently just running an,octane booster map yeah its got a,little bit extra a little extra and yeah,obviously tuned by MRC yeah its,brilliant it drives like an absolute,dream yeah and youve had its in stock,right so youve done everything yeah Do,It um so you can kind of see the,progress yeah they even show is the,first thing you see on here looking epic,um down pipe wise thats obviously the,Scorpion uh three inch downpipes um I,presume um yeah three inch uh catback uh,is all custom flowers that box Id see,the valves and thats been done by JC,Customs over in West London called nice,nice and its obviously running stock,turbo obviously for now October yeah as,far as the dyno sheets go youll see,that the normally the torque figures,tend to drop at about four and a half,five characters something yeah it just,keeps going I was told the limit at the,moment actually isnt the turbo at this,power oh its the um its swamping into,its the fuel oh okay so I could put,nothing on there I could put me mix in,there awesome setting it to space mate,something its nice,um visually obviously its wrapped as,well which looks really smart satin gray,uh yeah charcoal its like a satin,metallic its been done by ultimate,Customs up in Warrington yeah early in,Manchester Ive got ppf on the front end,putting ppf on the entire car off the,wrap which is you know its quite,serious money so I just wanted to do the,front end thats the most important part,because its Saturn any stone chips will,come up quite a lot so uh quite clearly,so moving around as well Wheels tires,brakes,PS4s is uh two four five three five,nineteen and weve got a Boston hf3s at,the front uh k-sport eight pot calipers,I think theyre 356 two-piece rotors H R,Spring its about 30 mil drop and then,weve got spaces on the front and rear,thats our binic yeah that ultimate,Customs supplied for me I love these,wheels actually yeah theyve sold now,theyre changing something a little bit,more special,youve always got plans in place youre,working on something eventually I just,yeah Im gonna sell something and move,on just sort of upgrade um but yeah,theyre gonna be very very special and,the car was detailed the other day uh,via that detailing boy over in West,London wanted to give a little plug,absolutely incredible job on the car,ceramic uh Sonic coated it and,everything the insides been it,literally looks as though its just been,picked up from the showroom yesterday,absolutely incredible so um yeah hook me,up with that just in time for the video,nice low line cable as well yes so weve,got maximum front splits at whats,temper actually Ive got carbon kit,coming but Ive got Max in front of Max,and side skirts really good diffuser,yeah and Ive done a little clash with,the max Ive got the side stats okay,yeah thats maximum as well and then,just um some carbon tips that I got,online awesome,um a lot of dechroming or ultimate,Customs carbon spoiler that looks,literally OEM plus the weave is like,just like I am its quite cool not to,mention Ive got ppf on the front hand,like as well its got that nice little,purple Hue which is a wicked looking,thing you uh yeah you have not hung,around with getting the mods done on it,and I know theres a lot more to come,but I think if thats pretty much,everything outside the car I think well,hop in I think lets start it up oh yeah,for a quick spin lets do it fantastic,yeah youve had a TCU map obviously as,well,so fast the clutch is fresh it is,actually isnt it yeah theres for peace,of mind I wanted to get a brand new,clutched on an Eco tune up in Glasgow so,its a way to go but yeah I wanted them,to be the people to do the clutch yeah,um but yeah no were out in the car now,obviously inside here a lot has been,done as well first thing you notice set,until its you guys will probably be,familiar with these from my Golf R,although theyre a different seat these,are the B9 B9 yeah yeah really cool full,car yeah,its a custom Stitcher in the middle and,weve got a sort of that diamond design,thats actually on the original seats,you can um see it matches in the back,seats,um this is what the design there Audi,did on the um s38 wires thats what we,decides to match I mean so weve got,alcantar in the middle and then weve,got leather around the outside and,theyre heated as well wow um so Attila,sponsor this build with the seats yeah,and its um its very very special I,think thats so comfortable,foreign,that was the interesting thing once we,got the cartoon its the pitch was,different it wasnt sort of just the,typical I dont know what it is I dont,know if it reminds youve gone far by,any chance but I think its because,obviously when youre pushing the car so,much lower the more boost and everything,the sound of the turbo the pitch the,turbo makes it impacts the actual,exhaust note a bit more yeah and it,actually sounds like its a bigger isnt,it its deep its more grunts here it,doesnt sort of sound like it sounds,like a two liter for something but,thats a different tone it actually,comes across really really nice very,smart I love all the carbon in Target,thank you as well but that all custom,done yeah,um gosh our guitar on the doors that was,an optional Factory but I didnt get I,didnt get it so when I saw it I was,like I didnt get this done so my buddy,um Dan is a 12K media he does my,photography and everything uh pretty,much majority of my pictures and he,helped me with taking all the trims out,as well so for about eight ten weeks I,had no doors I had no dash I know,nothing and you were still driving it,yeah and everybodys you know 70 players,2021 car yeah and I was literally,putting a piece of wire to open the,doors for quite a bit of time I can put,my windows down but yeah the end was all,worth in the end yeah I can tie around,the air then its kind of getting a bit,of a Lamborghini kind of really Vibe,yeah yeah,[Music],its Relentless mate yeah,loving the Starlight headlining by the,way as well thank you so much yeah r28,garage I think that was in East London I,got it done about a year ago goes to all,the colors you can make it follow music,as well really yeah I mean its a full,setup you got here you got I mean its,all Tastefully done as well which Im,sure a lot of people watching will agree,theres nothing in here which is I dont,know a little bit too much I try and say,its like Im trying not to go over the,top but at the same time I it depends,for you to talk I mean I have something,over the top but Im trying to keep it,OEM plus its kind of yeah very classy,I mean it just grips on these roads as,well Jesus Christ,its remarkable how well it grips which,yes youd expect here but I mean the,roads are pretty damp and its quite a,cold day as well they say 100 of t

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