1. The Hand of God — A Review of One of the Best Movies of 2021
  2. The Hand of God Movie Explained | Ending Explained
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  7. The Hand of God – A Netflix Review

The Hand of God — A Review of One of the Best Movies of 2021

heres why the hand of god premiering on,netflix december 2021 is one of the best,movies of the year its one of those,movies im going to keep watching,probably several times over the years,and heres why coming up next,[Music],veteran director paulo sorrentinos hand,of god i really love this movie and i,must admit i do not know sorrentinos,work very well at all but this movie,makes me want to go watch all of his,movies it is a masterwork i think and it,will reward infinite or many,re-watchings i found this movie to be,quite italian definitely even centered,in naples this is kind of a love letter,to naples its set in the 1980s and its,about a young man a boy becoming a man,sort of a buildings roman movie where,hes growing up,and really thats all i can say about,the movie if you read summaries about,this movie theyre going to give away,things i dont think,that you should read about beforehand to,tell you the truth if i told you the,story of this movie it would give too,much away ill say this movie is an,experience that develops into a story,its a lovely excellent experience that,becomes a story and by the end of the,movie i was quite moved by everything,camera work and sound is exquisite great,acting very well written written by,sorrentino and this seems to be a movie,kind of like qurans roma about his own,growing up maybe this movies a memoir,partial autobiography and the main,character fabrieto,might be a stand-in for paolo sorrentino,himself who is from naples why this,movie is titled the hand of god,is really interesting i mean the,greatest soccer player in the world,supposedly diego maradona is going to,come or they hope in 1980s naples hes,going to come and play for the naples,team,currently and they watch the world cup,hes playing for argentina and you may,think this is a throwaway i did when i,walked into the movie after the fact,though this is part and parcel of the,movie,and the development of the main,character and all that happens to him so,its really really well woven in the,story of diego maradona coming to nables,the movie is asking giant questions,about how to make gray art where does,great art come from it will develop in,the movie this is not a spoiler that,fabrieto,wants to become a film director but,hasnt seen very many and one of the,touch points in this movie is sergio,leones once upon a time in america a,movie that his family gets to watch or,rents to watch but they never really,turn it on and this is one of the,interesting things about this movie is,that movie is always sitting there on,the tv waiting to be watched but is not,there are over a couple dozen characters,this is quite a classical italian film,sense of like fellini showing family,oriented movies movies with families in,them and the blocking in here is great,sorrentino well this is a family movie,with lots of different family members,extensive family members in fabrietos,orbit you will see vast differences,between them as sorrentino shoots them,either in single or in two shots,sometimes three shots giving each family,a different quirk a different way of,looking at them and i found this movie,very funny sorrentino knows how to put,oddities in his movie and quirks,eccentricities along with a lot of,somberness and so this movie will be a,diversity of emotions for you the viewer,and i thought but yeah i thought this,was really funny at times fabriento,relates to everybody a little bit,differently and it changes his vision,and his perspective change over the,course of the movie and you are brought,right along through that perspective,changing an example is in the opening,his aunt patricia to him well shes just,a hot woman the movie opens with her,dream actually and the dream keeps,coming back over and over,across the movie but fabriano thinks of,his aunt yuck as a sex object but it,comes to develop over the course of the,movie he needs to see her as a muse a,beautiful original woman sort of like,the venus in botticellis painting,or even and this is even better as an,ordinary human being,with all kinds of things going on in her,how is this kid fabrieto going to see,the world and how is he going to then,develop his artwork i think sorrentino,if i read this as a memoir is telling us,how he or others in his sphere became,directors or different kinds of artists,its interesting treatise and thesis on,why art matters how it comes about where,it comes from and why it is produced the,shop megan here is absolutely gorgeous,from the opening shot which i think is a,from a drone theres a couple drone,shots here i think are gorgeous,pretty much every shot is great to look,at but is woven into the organic,experience of this film i love the way,this film is about things that is how,its about what its about and you know,i think this is one of the best movies,of the year,rather easily have you seen the hand of,god what do you think about it let us,know in the comments please subscribe,this channel for more great content,thank you have a great day i have almost,no doubt this will be nominated for a,best foreign or international film at,the oscars but it could be nominated for,best picture i would be very happy if,this movie won best picture it would be,telling the world that movies still,matter that great art can be produced in,film which i definitely think it can be,and this movie is a statement about that,so for all those reasons i highly,recommend this im gonna give it five,stars because i think its going to hold,up over the next 20 to 50 years

The Hand of God Movie Explained | Ending Explained

so a few days ago i saw the hand of god,and it is spectacular im in love with,this movie in its direction and its,characters and its themes its perfect,so i wanted to explain my interpretation,of the ending with the little monk,removing his hood the opening scene with,the little monk in san gennaro the,meaning of san gennaro spanking patrizia,the inspiration for the film the parents,death the jaw-dropping sex scene with,the baroness and all the themes and,symbols and references that make this,movie so special and so meaningful so to,break this movie down were going to use,three themes one reminiscence of boyhood,where well discuss the films direction,the films inspiration fabiots point of,view patrizias mental illness and the,significance of beautiful women in this,movie two devotion versus destiny well,discuss the parents death fabiantos,evolution the significance of the title,of the film the impact of maradona and,the sex scene with the baroness and,three legend of the montesielo where,well discuss the opening scene san,gennaro the little monk saint general,spanking patricia and the ending with,the little monk at the train station and,how it all relates to theme number one,and theme number two and much more and,if you like this video please leave a,thumbs up and a comment it helps so much,and if you want to see more of these,please make sure to subscribe as well,lets get started,theme number one reminiscence of boyhood,i want to start this analysis off by,going over the direction of this movie,the style because i feel like the style,contributes enormously to what this,movie is trying to communicate to us,when i saw this movie for the first time,i felt like i was watching a memory,every scene in this movie feels so,dreamy so surreal and so peacefully,bizarre the camera moves ever so,smoothly as it pans widens and zooms,within scenes the color palette also,brings out such a wide variety of,vibrant colors even at the darkest,moments in the film the cinematography,likes to linger and relax with our,characters as we simply just watch them,be them and the reason for this,dreamlike stylistic choice and direction,is because this movie is a memory this,story is an autobiography of the,director pablo sorrentino capturing his,life as a 17 year old boy and the tragic,death of his parents the story is,partially fictional its not all,completely real sorrentino wanted the,freedom to add his own new elements and,new moments to strengthen the themes of,the story this is why the main,characters name is fabia tosquisa,instead of paulo sorrentino in an,interview with andy wire sorrentino says,its a film based on the perception of,pain and joy of a boy and its narrated,through the eyes of the grown-up man,hes become that is to say me this is,why it all feels so dreamy and,reminiscent the tone of the movie,follows sorrentinos memory of his teen,perspective prior to his parents death,everything is beautiful fun and every,character has this warm glow to their,personality and after his parents death,the film gets so much quieter slower,colder drearier and so much more lonely,and this reminiscent style of filmmaking,explains why many of the characters seem,like exaggerated versions of themselves,they all embrace their most memorable,traits that you would remember of them,30 years later alfredo respects and,believes in maradona almost to the point,of worship and self-sacrifice senor,gentile always remains separated from,and looking down upon the rest of the,family at every gathering and fabietos,sister is absent from every family scene,because she is literally in the bathroom,every single time another embellished,character is patricia who is a very,important character for this film,patricias body is very voluptuous and,she has multiple nude moments which,captures what it was that drew fabieto,towards her sexually through his,sex-driven teenage boy perspective she,also has many lines in the first half of,this movie that give us hints that shes,flirting with fabiato or feeling some,sort of attraction to him but i believe,the purpose of these flirty seductive,moments is to capture how fabieto felt,when speaking to her it was this,desperate hopeful sexually skewed,perspective of a teenage boy who was,attracted to an older woman who,realistically is not attracted to him at,all hes just infatuated to the point of,almost hypnosis which is normal for a,teenage boy patricia is also a victim of,mental illness due to the abuse she,suffered from her husband so this,extremely surreal moment that opens the,film with patricia san gennaro and the,little monk is not a real moment its a,hallucination in the mind of patrizia,whos losing her grip on reality fabieto,is the only one who believes patrizia,when she says that that moment was real,and since the movie is told from the,perspective of fabiato we as the,audience also see the scene in the movie,as something that is really happening to,patricia and of course well dive way,deeper into this scene in theme number,three the concept of fabietos,sex-driven teenage point of view that we,see this movie through is further,enhanced by how every beautiful woman is,highlighted throughout this movie these,glamorous and conventionally attractive,women have very little to contribute to,the story but they are always captured,in slow motion shots and close-ups as,they are given a very generous amount of,screen time fabietos facial expressions,in the presence of these women capture,perfectly why the movie is portraying,these women in this way and the scene in,my opinion that is the biggest,embodiment of how you would remember a,moment 30 years later is when the entire,street literally freezes when fabiato,sees in person his lifelong idol diego,maradona theme number two devotion,versus destiny the entire purpose of,this movie structurally is to showcase,fabietos evolution and transition from,a directionless unfocused dependent boy,to a driven focused independent man in,the first half of the film fabieto is,very unsure of who he is and what he,wants to be he says he wants to study,philosophy but doesnt really know what,it is he has no friends and no,girlfriend and everyone else in this,movie has more of a presence than him he,often falls into the background of his,own story and since fabieto has no,direction he lives through his idol,maradona we never really see fabieto,sharpening his own soccer skills to one,day play like maradona hes simply a fan,enjoying maradonas success when he,hasnt found any of his own success,however the tragic moment of his parents,death was the turning point in his,evolution this moment forced fabieto to,find himself and his independence as sad,and catastrophic as this moment is,sorrentino is embracing in his movie the,evolution that has come out of it and i,think thats the primary purpose of this,film to reminisce on how beautiful life,once was and to find the new beauty when,that old world is entirely flipped,upside down forever and this is where,the significance of the title hand of,god comes in maradona in his prime was,seen as a deity to soccer fans in italy,around the world and most importantly to,fabieto and when maradona scored that,goal with his hand the historic moment,has been famously remembered entitled as,the hand of god going to the napoli game,saved fabieto from visiting the new home,where his parents died almost as if it,was ultimately gods doing gods hand,that saved fabietos life and allowed,him to find his purpose and whether its,just coincidence or the mysterious work,of some higher power fabiato can no,longer depend on his parents to support,him protect him and guide him he has to,do all this by himself he has no choice,but to push himself forward he has no,choice but to find his passion in his,career and he has no choice but to,become a true self-respecting individual,so is it faith that his absence from the,freak accident caused him to become who,he is or would he have become this,artistic passionate driven

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The Hand of God [È stata la mano di Dio] (2021) Netflix Movie Review

im not familiar with paolo serrantinos,work but his newest film the hand of god,has already garnered some festival,awards and it also just hit netflix is,this italian drama one to add to your,list,[Applause],in 1980s naples a young man pursues his,love for football as family tragedy,strikes shaping his uncertain but,promising future as a filmmaker in,addition to the festival awards this was,just recently nominated for a golden,globe in the best motion picture,non-english language category and i can,see why i mean the storytelling is very,engaging now i didnt always like the,story more so because were watching,families that are sometimes in turmoil,but the way the story unfolded really,was captivating we follow a young man,named fabierto as he navigates life over,the course of a summer or so and there,are times where this is a bit chaotic as,we get to see a lot of his family,dynamics they laugh joke insult i mean,its pretty much what youd expect if,you were to gather with a huge family i,like how we watch him go through all,sorts of emotional experiences theres,young love and lust heartbreak through,devastating loss even excitement over,discovering new passions there are some,really touching sequences within this,that are used to continually illustrate,love theres this older couple who,whistles to each other signifying their,love so even when they go through nasty,times there are still moments where they,will share a whistle and i thought it,was sweet to watch in one scene even,though i was pretty sure what was about,to happen those whistles provide warmth,and softness which made the following,sequences easier to digest and as much,as this is a drama there are quite a few,moments with absurdity and humor the,camera knows just where to point to,extend a look before giving us the,punchline and it helps to set up the,awkward or even knowing glance of a,character giving us a clue that,something is about to happen but i loved,how most of the time those clues were,vague so the reveal could actually have,an impact like i had said this follows a,young man over the course of sort of a,summer or thereabouts so were just,seeing this day in a life kind of thing,for him sometimes these types of films,with that type of storytelling device,can feel pointless but this was really,an enjoyable journey as we watch,fabiento grow into the man that hell be,all of his experiences work to shape his,character we see him grow in empathy,maturity and then even through some very,unexpected experiences the,cinematography is beautiful also the,camera is patient giving a lot of,concern to capture details that work to,add to the emotion of a scene and then,the lighting is also really well done,especially when we have scenes that are,inside darker rooms the shadows actually,work to draw us in more to the small,emotions in the face and the eyes of our,characters now the imagery at times is,very intriguing theres this opening,sequence that is really only present to,thrust us into a characters mindset but,i loved how mysterious it was that,mystery didnt really play out though,through the rest of the story and,theres also a slowly erupting volcano,in one scene and i loved how that,coincides with fabietos own internal,brewing some of the scenes in this are,awkward but theyre there to illustrate,fabiettos mindset so when he feels,ashamed or maybe out of place the scenes,match that emotion which i surprisingly,enjoyed because of how they drew me into,the narrative now normally awkward,sequences break me out of the story but,these manage to complement rather than,detract the set designs are wonderful as,were transported to the 80s now i dont,know what naples in the late 1980s,looked like but the wardrobe walkmans tv,and cars all have that vibe so they feel,like they live in that space the pace of,this is a little slow and you might feel,the time in spots during the two hour,and ten minutes there are portions where,the patient storytelling and camera work,become noticeable and maybe even seem a,little bit self-indulgent but the film,really uses these to reinforce the tones,of the story the patience mirrors,fabietos wondering hes a bit of a mess,or even aimless searching for some,meaning and purpose so to have the story,also take that time gives us good,insight into his mind theres one quirky,and almost humorous portion with,fabietos sister and its an ongoing gag,and while its funny through most of the,film at the end theres a pretty,emotional gut punch for her character,and the way everything is captured is,captivating but its also devastating,through its meaning as much as i was,drawn into the story throughout i think,some of the most powerful storytelling,comes towards the end this is when we,really get to see into the heart of,fabieto he has this dialogue with the,director whom he admires and their back,and forth i found incredibly moving not,that it was going to make me cry but,its still touching as it works to show,what this has all become a culmination,of,fabietto has found a voice a direction,and even how to address his passion and,to watch a young man go from fantastical,living to aimless to then knowing his,desires,its incredibly rewarding i even love,how the credits play out giving us good,resolution and closure with fabieto,theres this piece that envelops the,story so even though weve gone through,a variety of emotions along this journey,were left in a peaceful state that left,me feeling satisfied and hopeful so,overall the hand of god is a slow but,satisfying character journey of a young,man on the road to discovering himself,the cinematography is spectacular and,the use of varied family dynamics helps,to make the story engaging i think the,true heart of the narrative comes from,the growth we experience in the main,character taking us convincingly and,unhurriedly through emotional maturity,and mindful resolve while the pace may,feel like its dragging at points the,end result is an honest look at how life,shapes us theres sex a lot of nudity,along with some profanity and violence,including domestic violence i give the,hand of god four out of five couches so,have you heard of this film id love to,hear your thoughts on it in the comments,below if you enjoyed this review please,give it a like also dont forget to,share and subscribe im chris this is,movies and munchies thanks for couching,with me

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Hand of God Season 1 Review – Amazon Original

you know how Marvel and DC sometimes do,what if story is like what if Superman,grew up in Russia instead of the US so,what if clay from Sons of Anarchy wasnt,in a motorcycle gang but decided to,become a judge instead this show thats,what if welcome to bent Walters where we,talk about the stories and characters we,love and the shows they live in my name,is Ron and lets talk about season one,of hand of God hand of God is the first,Amazon original Ill be reviewing and,also the first one I watched the show,tells the story of Parnell Harris aka,clay who decided to become a judge Im,sorry just if youve watched Sons of,Anarchy you will not be able to stop,thinking about this anyway PJ Purnells,son has shot himself and now hes in a,coma so pronounced as to find a way to,deal with what happened to his son but,he also believes that someone might be,behind it all so she goes on this quest,to find out what really happened I dont,want to talk about the story itself too,much because its good and its,interesting and I want you to watch it,unfold but the best thing about hand of,God in my eyes were the characters each,one of the main characters felt,beautifully crafted they were deep and,they were fleshed out and you knew,exactly what made each one of them tick,my personal favorite was the mayor hes,kind of the comic relief at least part,of the time but beyond just being funny,he is a very strong character that has,to deal with some very complicated,problems and he also has to deal with,pretty much everybodys problems on top,of his own and also hes probably the,character that will make you think,everybody needs to shut up and listen to,this guy the performances in this show,are all-around great,Pernell harris is definitely the main,character of the show but hes not a,good guy and the show doesnt try to,make you be on his side this is,something I really liked about this show,it felt like they were just showing me,what happened and asking me to form my,own opinion about everything not trying,to get me to like anyone specific and a,lot of shows where the protagonist is a,criminal or just generally a dick the,show still tries to portray him or her,in a positive light not here Pernell,Harris,a dick he is not a sympathetic character,hes not supposed to be but he is a very,interesting broken man who faces a very,complicated situation I just spat all,over everything I dont know if you,caught that the best performance in this,show has to go to Alona tal who plays,PJs wife theres this thing in Israel,where whenever someone who is originally,from Israel or you know just has a very,remote connection to Israel somehow,whenever they do something impressive in,the world so the country tends to go,like us thats us we did this this is us,thats our so this is not that I dont,care where shes from if youve watched,the show Im sure youll agree that the,performances were all-around great but,her performance was incredible and of,that is at least in part about the,effects that religion or generally just,belief in God might have on certain,people and about the fact that religion,as an organization can be very,manipulative this show does not have a,lot of negative reviews out there but,most of those few negative reviews are,from people who are offended by the,portrayal of people of faith as unstable,or easily manipulated but I didnt feel,that this was the message this show was,trying to send and I do think that some,people are kind of looking for,opportunities to be offended and to,write stuff online especially when it,comes to religion personally I didnt,feel that this show was trying to be,anti God or anti religion I dont have a,problem with shows that try to send out,a message or criticize society in some,way but I didnt feel that the things,that people were getting offended about,were in this shows agenda the story,itself in hand of God is solid its a,good solid story with some interesting,twists I personally wasnt a big fan of,the ending but it never failed to be,intent and of God shines in its,characters and their struggles like a,lot of shows that kind of loses steam,about halfway and picks it up again,towards the end bottom-line should you,watch it hand of God is a drama with an,interesting story that really just sets,the stage for its complex characters to,present themselves the most powerful,moments in this show are not the twists,or reveals but when characters evolve,and learn something about themselves,well I dont think its up there with,bloodline or house of cards I did enjoy,hand of God very much and I do think,its a very important addition to the,world of content thats being created,specifically for online streaming or in,other words specifically for us binge,Watchers but all of that that is just my,opinion I want to know what you thought,about hand of God if you watched it and,generally do you use Amazon Prime for,your binge watching what do you think,about it compared to Netflix maybe Ill,make another video with my experience,also as I said on my last video I will,be doing another binge Watchers Q&A,pretty soon so if you have any question,for me about TV shows or anything else,post them in the comments in this video,or the last video or any video really,with the hashtag be wqa yep do that the,next review will be posting is season 1,of house of cards if you like this video,please give it a thumbs up it really,helps out a lot and if youre finding,binge Watchers for the first time,welcome Id like to invite you to join,the binge Watchers community where we,talk about TV every Monday Wednesday and,Friday with reviews and pinyons sketches,and all kinds of great stuff all for you,fellow binge Watchers and TV lovers so,you can go ahead and click that big,subscribe button to join in on the fun,or you can check out any of the other,videos on the channel in any case keep,pinching and I will see you next time

ITALIAN Movie Reviews – THE HAND OF GOD – How Cinema Brings You Into Life !

in this episode i am going to be,reviewing the new italian film the hand,of god which was just released on,netflix this was written and directed by,paulo sorrentino and it starred felipe,scotty tony cervillo and louisa ranieri,[Music],welcome to robert bellissimo at the,movies this is a film podcast where i,explore,the ways in which stories are told on,film today im going to be talking about,the hand of god and for anyone whos,been on my channel before i often do,much older films which occasionally i,will do something that is a brand new so,for those for those of you who are not,used to the way of my style of working i,usually have a lot of spoilers uh so,since this is a brand new film if youre,here just to hear whether its good or,not to check out on netflix for the,first time click off,because i do have spoilers all the time,thats just the nature of deep dive,reviews so watch the film and come back,but if youve watched the film and you,want to hear what i have to say please,you know hang around ive been meaning,to see this you know im such a big,fellini fan and you know sorrentino has,often said that fellini has been an,inspiration to him and i dont even,really know sorrentinos work too well,ive seen the great beauty i love this,must be the place with champagne which,is one of his american films i thought,that was such an incredible underrated,film im gonna really have to review,that one of these days i remember seeing,it in the theater when it came out about,nine almost 10 years ago now,this film i was looking forward to to,checking out it certainly looked,intriguing and i quite enjoyed it it,certainly has surrealistic uh elements,and its a set essentially about what it,is to grow up its a coming-of-age story,of course weve seen many great,coming-of-age stories uh told in cinema,many many times and this is another,unique uh look at a cup of this young,boy uh felipe scotty plays fabieto skisa,and hes part of a family in napoli and,he has an older brother he lives with,his family in napoli and in the south of,italy and they live in a small apartment,together um and theres you know these,really odd uh bizarre scenes its it,begins with louisa ranieri who plays,patricia in line somewhere and shes,someone knows all of her secrets this,guy shows up and he knows that her and,her husband cant have a child and,basically he has to come with her,because he can he can help her have it,get a child and you know he brings her,to this to this plate to this place,which just seems like it appears out of,a dream with this weird christmas like,tree thats on a slant and theres um a,little monk there that that they call,who is basically you know just touches,her and gives her some money and it was,almost as if he was some kind of a,guardian angel who who was helping her,with her problems in terms of you know,having children which is what she wants,so,we see her go home and her theres,obviously,problems in their marriage because her,husband thinks that shes you know,because she has money on her that shes,uh become a prostitute and theres,jealousy and he hits her and um she,calls her family over the parents this,is played by tony servilo and uh theresa,sapo nangelo sapon angelo and and the,nephew sabiaro skisa and,whats a little odd is that uh when they,appear they they come over to stop the,fighting and her her boob,is is hanging out of her shirt and,the the the odds the strange thing about,this film is that he is really attracted,to his aunt which which is pretty icky,uh if you ask me and and him and his,brother later on or even you know talk,about her uh sexually and you know the,ant clearly has mental health problems,and so the the family are all you know,this big family gathering and they have,various you know its somewhat funny but,also in a dark you know creepy sort of,way because theyre all sort of played,these you know sick sort of tricks on,each other or cruel jokes that they get,a laugh at you can certainly,feel the love but its its love in a,dysfunctional sense and patricia the,aunt is there and they go out on a boat,later and shes takes off she gets,completely naked in front of everyone in,order to sunbathe and she asks her,nephew of uh fabieto to come and and and,bring a towel and when he brings it she,goes oh my how youve got it so big,so,that that wasnt really strange,part of this story that they lusted over,their own aunt and this is not this is,the blood aunt this is their mothers,sister uh and you know theres this you,know of course at the same time uh,theyre big soccer fans and,this is takes place in the 80s when,maradona started to play for napoli so,you know if anyone is not a big soccer,fan or if youre watching this in europe,we could call it football um,you know maradona in the 80s was one of,the biggest soccer players in argentina,and you know they would die to get him,to go to napoli and and he does and its,such a big deal to everybody uh it means,the world to them that they got maradona,on this team uh but his brother asks him,what would you rather have maradona on,napoli or to sleep with zia patricia,youre the aunt and he says have to have,maradona so,its that was a big part of it and as i,was watching it i was like why is you,know as a big soccer fan myself im,wearing a italian soccer jersey as we,speak i could understand,really loving soccer and how much that,may mean for your team to win but this,means everything to them to to in a,sense where its its just too far about,how the family how much theyre almost,in tears because they got maradona so,what we see later on later on it begins,to make more sense as to why that was,such a big deal and its because theyre,all looking for escape in their life,and its not to put down sports if you,enjoy sports thats fine but for them it,was,it just it meant everything to them,because theyre theyre sort of always,trying to distract themselves from the,reality and the problems of their own,life and you know unfortunately what,happens is the parents die and this,carbon monoxide poisoning gets into the,to the apartment and the suns werent,there at the time and,you know because he was watching soccer,summer he was watching maradona play and,one of the uh relatives at the funeral,says maradona saved you you know so they,have these,strange superstition so it can make you,laugh and cry all at the same time but,the relationship with the parents is,interesting because theres this affair,that comes out that the mother already,knew about but uh the son one of the,sons of fabiado the the main character,he doesnt know about it and the this,woman calls it in the middle of the,night and as theyre fighting uh she,gets into such a rage and shes crying,sobbing its such a great performance,from teresa sapp sapon angelo forget my,bad pronunciation there uh even though,im italian italian descent but uh she,was great scary and and you see how much,affecting the suns even though theyre,you know uh older uh ones in his 20s the,other ones a teenager and and hes,shaking and his brothers comforting him,and it was a hard scene to watch but it,was beautifully uh performed but this,this death was interesting and it,becomes clearer as to,the significance of their life before,and after the death because the brother,is also,uh an actor and he meets fellini and you,know something he says that fellini says,cinema is a distraction from real life,and,i dont think that i dont know if,fellini actually say that said that but,i dont think fellini truly meant that,he he probably meant that a lot of films,are pure escapism that we should have,more truthful stories,about life and we just get these,fragments and these clues about,you know this uh what that he perhaps,would want to be a filmmaker and we see,later on that he,thats something that he very much is,interested in uh you know he goes to a,set once uh fellinis shooting a scene,and its just these these little moments,of that as the film goes on and that his,interest in movies is building and

The Hand of God Review: A Fellini Homage To Warm Our Hearts

the hand of god this is the latest film,from i would say legendary filmmaker,paulo sorrentino,hes worked on a lot of cool stuff and,hes very much a generational type of,creator where you know his work is of a,certain era and a certain prestige,so,were in a really weird time,in,i think maybe because we were in,lockdown worldwide,some of these directors were like im,going to get self-reflective and,introspective of myself,tell my story,you know ken if bronna did it this year,edgar wright kind of did it this year it,makes sense that paul was like yeah i,could give it a shot,so,we have the hand of god and it is really,fun,i i severely and severely sounds like i,hated it i sincerely enjoyed this film,immensely i think a lot of what it was,doing worked for me really well,the narrative it was telling was,perfectly what it needed to be,and the world it built was interesting,and i was compelled by it now of course,its an italian film,and even today,there is one thing that italian,filmmaking can never really escape,especially in a self-reflective piece,like this that is neo-realism,and thats not a bad thing,you know this movie feels very fellini,which of course it does because you know,sorrentino is a fellini guy he does not,shy away from that it even references,fellini a lot and that is completely,fine by me,if youre going to homage the best,talk about the best in the homage its,like bergman island you know if youre,going to do these things go for it,and i think that was a really,interesting part of the story so we,follow this guy we cut we say we should,call him fabio throughout it because,thats a little more cinematic,were following this kids journey as he,is just exploring the troubles of life,through f friends family love lust,and its just really fun,it is just watching this kid come to,terms of the world and what is he,wanting it what does he need to do in it,how does he learn to love certain things,how does he learn to cherish certain,things,its a really interesting story that is,very neo-realistic and,thats the point of it where its just,like were going to linger on these,moments for too long were going to show,you like the lustful or like the you,know provocative nature of certain,things how does this young man become a,man how do we explore these certain,things certain points in the film there,is moments where youre like okay is,this do we need to draw on this scene,too long but it works for the context of,the film its about a man growing up and,becoming who hes meant to be through,the lens of a beautiful italian family,and i just adore the way this looks,first off the everybody whos cast in,this feels authentic it feels like we,just went down to like your neighborhood,youre like lets get everybody in the,neighborhood to be in this it just feels,like its not actors doing stuff there,are some big names in here some really,big names in here if youre familiar,with their work but its just like,thats cool,dont overplay it dont oversell it if,anything just tell your cool little,story,that makes it fun,i enjoy that aspect of it too and you,know when we get stuff by filmmakers,talking about their lives theres always,going to be scenes that have to be about,the love of cinema sometimes it works,like in belfast i enjoyed it,i think it works pretty good in here too,im not going to say it was the best and,just like you slowly see like this kid,doesnt start off as like the lover of,cinema hes going to be he he builds to,it over time which is very cool to see,it just feels like a natural progression,where youre like,this is your world these are the people,in it that are important suddenly youre,gonna see that world through a new lens,and i thought that was really cool,some of the romantic sides of things,kind of i think just hinder it mainly,just because,it could just be like my western eyes,where i was like why do we have to have,this type of sex scene or like this,potential romantic entanglement it,doesnt go anywhere,it doesnt feel like its needed but,a kid growing up like this who feels,alone hes gonna find those connections,those people that find the connection,with him so it works for me im not,against it i just think its a little,cheap at lazy at times the,cinematography on this show is really,great too like it just looks fantastic,to watch i know im like some of the,shots linger for too long but sometimes,when it lingers for too long youre,looking at a beautiful landscape youre,looking at the beautiful just the,choreographed scene one of my favorite,shots in this entire film is just it,looks like we have a camera strapped to,the back of a scooter were watching,these guys travel along the docks just,having a conversation as were following,them in real time along this dock and it,just,it looked beautiful and its very much,neo-realism and i really think,that could get lost in modern cinema,its an important stepping stone to,where cinema is going to come but just,exploring those topics and those themes,it feels like we dont do that enough,anymore its just talking about what it,means to be a young man figuring,yourself out and growing up we have,countless of them sure and we could do,it in you know like different cultures,and ethnicities and thats all great too,and i i explore those and i adore those,and i just think we should make more of,those films and have them have bigger,impacts and put them out in the world,more and yes we can talk about our,blockbusters all day but sometimes just,seeing a kid struggling to be happy,after a great tragedy in his life and,learning how does he need to come to,terms with his existence,is fun and its encouraging to,filmmakers to be like your story matters,you matter tell your story you could,come from just wherever the hell in,italy and you could still have something,that matters to say,thats really cool to me so everything,about this worked i think the dialogue,was strong the directing was strong i,just liked all the performances nothing,about this felt out of place nothing,about this didnt work for me its a,quiet story about a kid growing up i,adore that sometimes and i think if you,are a creative type and you can walk,away from a piece of art inspired,then it did its job right so when i,walked away from this im like you know,what maybe i can tell that story i,wanted to do or maybe like i can go back,and try that screenplay because these,things are important and they matter and,seeing this world through the hands of,god is really cool,i endure it,its awesome theres also a really cool,like running theme with like uh its,like oh how who is it diego mardona i,think is the football player who comes,to the naples team nepali team and hes,just like,its kind of like signaling him being,the reintroduction of this culture and,bringing it one of the best teams ever,and then that just kind of like,like goes along with everything,happening in this kids life and its,pretty fascinating and a cool way just,to play with this world so i really dug,that and paulo sorrentino hes a guy i,respect all of his works he loves big,sweeping epics that are quiet and stoic,thats what this feels like its,personal its neorealism its italy its,all of those things that made fellini,great and its a great homage to fellini,so i like this and it works check it out,guys its on netflix you should watch it,then so the hand of god this new film,im going to give an 8 out of 10.,now thank you guys so much for watching,this review be sure to like and,subscribe to the channel as always you,can check me out on instagram ticktalk,and twitter i will catch you in the next,one have fun stay safe good luck,[Music],you

The Hand of God – A Netflix Review

hey guys whats going on lane back for,another netflix review and today im,going to be talking about the hand of,god,[Music],the hand of god is an italian drama that,tells the story of fabieto skisa a,teenager growing up in 1980s naples in,italy he lives an ordinary life as a,high school student has a close,relationship with his entire family,especially his parents and mostly spends,his time listening to music and watching,football games of his favorite player,diego maradona fabi yetto spends the,majority of his time with a variety of,family members living as carefree as can,be when a tragedy occurs in the family,that forces him to re-evaluate his life,circumstances this results in an abrupt,coming of age while he tries to make,sense of his newfound adulthood this was,definitely one of the more interesting,films i watched this year although its,not as straightforward as your typical,drama i found myself intrigued by its,setting characters and variety of themes,that are present throughout the story,now while i didnt find myself blown,away by it compared to others whove,seen it i still couldnt help but be,fascinated at how much stuff the movie,juggles and how well for the most part,that it all comes together much of it is,thanks to its lead character fabiano,skisa fabietto has a lot of details to,unpack so as far as characters are,concerned im mostly gonna focus on him,what i found interesting about him from,the start is how unconcerned he is about,his future he has vague aspirations of,studying philosophy and hanging out with,his family but not much else in the way,of life goals then when the tables are,turned fabietto is faced with a harsh,reality that completely overturns his,perspective on life going so far as to,be disenchanted with reality altogether,he soon becomes distant from people he,used to associate with and shifts his,focus from philosophy to filmmaking i,think fabianos behavior in response to,the tragedy that occurs in his family is,believable in its presentation and his,actor does a great job at communicating,the frustration that he undergoes,theres a powerful scene where he vents,at his circumstances and its fittingly,placed at the halfway point in the movie,this scene is the perfect transition for,his character it highlights the peak of,his immaturity while serving as a,jumping pad for his adulthood to be,launched from before and after this,moment there are plenty of examples that,show the amount of growing up he really,has to do in terms of what happens,before theres his general ambivalence,and always heeding the words of his,parents who he has a close relationship,with like i mentioned earlier theres,little bits of advice that theyll give,him and he acts on this advice later on,in the story which signifies the growth,that hes experiencing even if its only,a little bit i really like that this,continuity is set in place no scene of,dialogue goes to waste as one line,usually has to do with another thing,that happens later in the story it,forced me to pay careful attention to,what characters were saying and it was,rewarding to recall details as fabietto,started to apply them from his past to,his future and speaking of the future or,what happens after this is something,that becomes particularly important in,the latter half of the film fabianos,world has been turned upside down and he,finally has to ask himself where he goes,from here this is where i started to,notice a lot of his sexual maturity come,into play as he proceeds to lose his,virginity once again he recalls advice,given to him by his father and he,actually applies it in a manner that i,really did not expect although a bit,weird at first it actually ended up,being one of the more poignant scenes in,the film for me it represents another,stepping stone for fabieto in crossing,over to adulthood he can finally scratch,his first time off the list and can move,on from being so obsessed with sex and,focus on what hes going to make out of,his future there were a lot of sexual,themes present throughout the story in,general especially involving fabianos,on patricia shes the complete opposite,of him in terms of maturity and this is,reflected on fabieto as well due to,suggestive incidents occurring between,them before the tragedy takes place,which provides a hint of whats to come,for him later on but by far the biggest,influence on fabierro concerns the,football player diego maradona whos,traded to the napoli football club hes,revered in an almost god-like manner not,just by fabieto but also the italian,population at large which is fitting not,just for the goal he makes when the,movie gets its name from but also the,subliminal role he plays in fabianos,journey to adulthood without giving away,any spoilers maradona is what motivated,fabietto to go in his life path while,others go their way this can be inferred,as the hand of god itself steering,fabietto onto the path he needs to walk,on and in fact is directly referred to,as such by another character it took me,a while to understand how the connection,was made but eventually it made sense,maradonas influence on fabietto is,almost invisible which parallels the,fact that maradonas goal had hand ball,contact which went unseen by referees it,was a master stroke in how the film used,a simple event like watching a football,game change the course of fabietos life,story regarding his later interest in,film this was the only area that i felt,required more explanation hes made out,to be passionate about film and wants to,make a career out of it but theres only,like two scenes or so where he moves in,that direction theres just not much,justification that warns him being so,dedicated to this area this being said,though there is a recurring motif i like,where he wants to watch a copy of the,movie once upon a time in america he,never gets around to it but its,actually a good thing because it,signifies that hes already happy with,the narrative of his family life and,when tragedy does strike he cant bring,himself to watch it because it reminds,him of what happened honestly there is,so much more to this film im barely,scraping the surface apparently much of,it was inspired from the life of the,director himself which i can definitely,see in hindsight its clear that a lot,of care went into crafting every single,nuance that went into the making of it,the way it recreates 1980s naples as its,setting makes the story come to life,people drive old cars watch programs on,vintage tvs and attend dilapidated,schools the movie has an intentionally,dated look to it that enhanced its,atmosphere as well as signifying,fabianos journey from the old and,familiar to the new and unknown the,reality of life in naples doesnt look,particularly pleasant though fabietto,doesnt notice this until later in the,film his family members mask this,reality for him through their wacky,personalities and off-kilter dialogue,every so often someone will say or do,something completely ridiculous which,results in everyone bursting out into,laughter i do think that some of these,scenes are really funny especially the,ones involving the man with the voice,box but sometimes they can be a bit,excessive since its supposed to be sort,of based on the director im not sure,how much of the silly stuff is authentic,to his own personal experiences and to,be fair im not italian myself so there,may be a cultural difference in there,somewhere too i cant speak as to,whether or not casual swearing or,insults are this common but insofar as,the movie is concerned it tended to,create tonal shifts in the story that,felt weird to me on another note i would,have liked to see fabianos arc change,just a bit sooner than it did i know i,praised the movie earlier for its use of,the halfway point but i felt that i,already gotten a sense of what fabiano,was like before reaching it and would,have appreciated more time getting to,know his new personality after the,tragedy unfolds the general style of the,film does help to upli

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