1. The Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 and V2 Concept2 | Tire Review
  2. Top 5 Best Cheap Tires Review in 2022
  3. Are Modern Runflat Tires Finally Good? Normal, RFT and SEAL Tires Compared!
  4. The Best 10 All Season / All Weather Tires for 2022 Tested and Rated!
  5. Hankook | Dynapro AT2 Extreme Tire Review
  6. EXCLUSIVE! Michelin Pilot Sport 5 vs Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook, Yokohama & More!
  7. Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 Tire Review

The Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 and V2 Concept2 | Tire Review

what is going on gels from fitmin,industries fi garage and were back with,a couple tires for you guys today take a,look at now we have two of hand Cooks,best selling tires that we see on,fitment industries that come that is,both the Ventus v2 concept – and the v12,concept – so these are some very very,popular tires that we see you guys,picking up over at fitment industries,comm but we do get a lot of questions on,them because they are such a similar,name and theyre both hand-cut tires and,they do for the most part look a little,bit similar so we get a lot of questions,like what are the benefits from the v2,concept – versus a v12 concept – well we,are here today to go over that and break,that down dont forget to subscribe and,check out anything wheels tires,suspension related over at fitment,industries comm all that sort of good,stuff so first lets take a look at the,v2 concept so with the v2 concept – this,is going to be in all season tires so,its gonna be a good all-around tire now,its not going to be specifically great,at any certain thing if you want you,know looking for a winter toyota hilux,is just getting a winter rated tire if,youre looking for something you know,something more along the lines of for a,sport tire it maybe want to go with,something more like the v12 here but the,v2 is a good all season tire thats what,its rated for thats what the compound,then they made out of is made for and,especially with the amount of grooves,and tread that we see here as well so,the v2 does a really good job at keeping,road noise down thats why you see so,many different tread patches and stuff,here,that is to keep the noise down so when,youre going down the road those pads do,flex and that reduces a lot of the noise,moving over to the Ventus feet well this,is more along the lines of getting into,your sport tire so this is a completely,different compound from the v2 here so,this is a different compound that its,made of and this is a summer tire so,this is something that youre gonna want,to run on dry roads but wet roads youll,be fine – but definitely not something,you want to run during the winter where,youre gonna get a lot of slush and,things like that in there however they,do do a really good job to call this,their stealth technology with the,grooves here so this is really good,evacuating water away from the tread,path and all that sort of good stuff as,well as your your block here and as well,as these big grooves here as well it,does a really good job like I said,getting water away but slush and stuff,like that because of the compound that,its made of not something that youre,gonna want to run in cold or snowy,weather so if youre looking for,something thats got a good mix of both,comfort and sport youre gonna be,looking more at the v2 concept here,however if youre looking for something,a little more on the sports side of,things maybe youre youre driving the,car a little hard or something like that,and you want something with a little,more of aggressive tread pattern youre,gonna be looking at the v12 concept -,versus the v2 concept – but both of,these tires are extremely extremely,popular in a lot of different areas in,the car community simply because they do,get the job done they can do the,all-season they could do the performance,side of it but we also see them being,picked up for a lot of stance setups as,well because they are more affordable,tire theyre not the theyre not the,very very entry level but theyre more,almost towards that intermediate so,someone who wants to run a little bit of,a nicer tire is probably going to pick,up either the v2 or the v12 here its,what we see a lot they do stretch,decently well nothing too crazy but you,can get a decent stretch out of them so,a lot of people do pick them up for that,but just a good solid all-around tire,that we see a ton of people pick up F at,the ministries.com let us know your,thoughts down in the comments below,whether you go with the v2 or the v12,concept and let us know if you have any,other questions that we can go over for,you guys on these tires or any other,tires that you may have questions about,Im gels from fitment industries dont,forget to check out hand-cut tires and,plenty more over at the pin,ministries.com,will seal it

Top 5 Best Cheap Tires Review in 2022

[Music],if you are looking for the best cheap,tires,here is a collection you have got to see,lets get started,number one most popular westlake rp-18,touring radial tire,when you are looking for the best budget,all-season tires you will probably get,to come across the westlake,rp-18 tire it is one of the best sellers,all-season budget tire,the tire comes with an asymmetric tread,which ensures steady and high traction,on both dry and wet surfaces,its tread pattern ensures that the tire,easily removes water from the tire,improving its handling capabilities,while also reducing the chances of,hydroplaning,the tire comes in a variety of sizes,including 13 to 16 inches,and t h and v rating,number two hankook h-737 kinergy pt,all-season radial tire,the tire comes with impressive features,that will blow your mind,the new han cook kinergy pth 737 uses a,specially formulated compound that helps,to increase traction while still,reducing rolling resistance saving you a,couple of dollars on gas money,it also comes with a new tread design,that allows the tire to retain maximum,traction on dry surfaces its wide,grooves also help the tire to maintain,high traction on wet surfaces,for a more comfortable ride the tire,uses a joint less belt and highly,strengthened bead filler which also,helps to improve its handling,number three milestar ms 932 sport,all-season radial tire,when it comes to the best budget,all-season tires the milestar ms-932,takes the number one spot,it is the best seller when it comes to,budget all season tires,it uses advanced technology to enhance,overall performance on wet,dry snow and ice conditions it uses a,tread compound that is long lasting,its wide grooves allow the tire to,easily evacuate water allowing the tire,to retain traction even on wet surfaces,available in 66 sizes in t h,and v speed ratings the ms-932 sport,performance touring tire,is sure to cover your high performance,needs,number four summit gta all-season radial,tire it uses high-quality material which,not only ensures durability but also the,value of every dollar that you spend,the use of advanced tire construction,enables the tire to give your ultimate,performance,its lateral grooves and tread design,help the tire to retain maximum traction,on wet surfaces,while also maintaining high traction on,snow surfaces,the tires also come with a rigid,construction increasing its handling,capabilities even at high speed,the symmetrical four-rib pattern,provides superior ride and stability,number five kumo solus ta-11 all-season,tire,the kumo solus ta11 is one of the,cheapest tires on this list,grip and traction are excellent on dry,tarmac and the tire is also very,responsive,wet performance is another area where,the ta-11 scores highly,it isnt on the level of the best in the,category but its still completely safe,one of the best things about this tire,is that it is very quiet on the highway,and comfortable over uneven surfaces,the 75 000 mile tread wear warranty is,pretty good for the price,too,thanks for watching the video

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Are Modern Runflat Tires Finally Good? Normal, RFT and SEAL Tires Compared!

in this video Ill be testing the,differences between a normal Tire a,sealant tie and the latest generation,run flat tire and finding out exactly,how much abuse these two tires can take,tires are complicated things and run,flat tires which need the ability to,support a car deflated theyre extra,complicated this in the past is given,run flat tires a bad reputation for,reduced comfort and reduce wet grip but,I want to know how much of this is down,to the tire and how much of this is down,to the run flat technology to find out,Ive needed the help of a tire company,that has the run flat tire and normal,Tire in the same compound and luckily,Hancock have come to the rescue their,award-winning Hancock kennergy 4s2 which,also won this years tire reviews All,Season test go check that out has,exactly the same compound in their,regular tire and their run flat tire and,Hancock have been kind enough to support,this test and made a seal version of the,tire specifically for this test so we,can test all three which is amazing,hopefully as youre watching this,channel I dont need to explain to you,what a regulatory is and Ive run flat,tire youre probably familiar with it is,a tire that has more support in the,sidewall compared to a regular Tire,although this fourth generation Hancock,run flat system only has about 10 more,material so some of the drawbacks in,comfort and grip are hopefully,eliminated a sealant Tire theyre a bit,newer to the market its essentially,exactly the same as a regular Tire,except it has a very complicated sealant,material bonded to the inside which,means in a punter event in the center of,the tread the nail can go straight,through come straight back out and the,sealant will seal it instantly,obviously I had to test just how good,the sealant system is so we created this,torture test with four long nails,not being satisfied with just four,punches we ran over the bed of nails,again and again,[Music],and again,[Music],and again totaling 16 punches in the,same part of the tread,amazingly the tire lost no pressure and,the next day I even did some driving on,the abuse tire without any problems,[Music],now we know the theory of the tires,lets go find out the data Hancock have,kindly invited me to their very,impressive Proving Ground in Korea where,I can test the grip of the ties and most,importantly the Comfort levels because,they have very Advanced Comfort tracks,should be a really interesting test can,this fourth generation run flat tire,really get close to a normal tie lets,go find out,because I dont want to spend this,entire video being mean about run flat,tires which Im a little bit worried Im,gonna have to be Im going to start this,video where I think the run flat has the,best chance and that is dry handling why,do I think this well I know BMW famously,wont fit run flat tires to the BMW M,cars theyre ultimate handling cars and,Ive always wondered why because in,theory a run flat tire with its much,stronger support in the sidewall will,give you better steering response and,better handling qualities and Im happy,to say my theory is correct but not,quite as I expected the run flat tire,definitely did have sharper steering so,bearing in mind this is an all-season,Tire its not designed for out and out,dry handling but the 4s2 is very good in,dry handling its one of the better all,season tires thats for sure and the,steering response on the normal tire and,the seal Tire which was pretty much,exactly the same I couldnt tell the,difference uh was very good you had,quite good off steering on on Center,steering reactions so as you turned the,the tire turned very quickly but then,there was a secondary delay which we all,know about these kind of tires you get,you steer then it starts turning and,then the steering forces start building,up afterwards so theres a sort of a,slight delay as the load builds up,the run flat tire didnt eliminate this,but it did make this better so the car,did feel noticeably quicker on steering,especially once those steering forces,started to build up the car just dug,into the turn the tire wanted to turn,more and the steering weight was a,little bit heavier which kind of made it,feel all the more sporty but these,differences are quite slight what I,didnt expect and this surprised me is,the at limit communication perhaps this,is where BMW get their no run flat thing,from for the M cars the at limit,communication was definitely reduced by,a small margin that means you had less,information about when the tire was,breaking into slip whether that be,understeer slip like this or whether,that be on Corner exit when youre,applying the throttle I just felt myself,more surprised by the fact I started,pushing with understeer and this is not,the most powerful golf in the world so,there was the drawback of the run flat,as for the ultimate grip and Tire time,well over a one minute 20 lap they were,less than half a second apart so thats,something like 0.25 which is essentially,the same so in terms of outright grip,the run flat technology in the sidewall,and yes it is a little bit heavier it,doesnt give you any negative drawbacks,in terms of grip and it doesnt give you,any positives either because I guess the,compound and the tire is working very,well in both versions of this 4s2 in the,dryer the braking similar story,0.1 meter between all three of the tires,from 100 kilometers an hour 62 miles an,hour which again is allowable variants,within the test its less than a percent,so in the dry in terms of Ultima,outright performance theyre all,identical,in terms of steering response and,reaction actually at Road speeds up,below limits I actually prefer I do,prefer the run flat because you just get,a slightly quicker steering reaction a,slightly quicker steering response and,you can just enjoy that directness of,the tire more than you can on a normal,tire but like I said the negative is the,uh the absolute limit feedback does get,a little bit reduced in in the tar I,guess so the dry which was the easy bit,for the Run flap we all know that has,proven to be very impressive for the all,three tires,lets see if things get worse in the wet,well the good news is I dont need to,spend as much time explaining to you the,differences because theyre the same as,Drive the run flat normal and seal Tire,were less than a second apart in wet,handling and in wet braking less than,0.1 meter which is essentially the same,even for testing the same Tire this is,impressively closed the dynamic,differences were less pronounced than,the wet as you would imagine because you,put less forces through the tires but,they were still roughly the same the run,flat did still have slightly sharper,steering and the run flat did still have,slightly less communication as you were,breaking into a slide I dont know,whether its you just get less,vibrations through the sidewall this is,me theorizing now but its definitely a,thing and it might be wide BMW dont,allow run Flats on their M cars who,knows if anyone knows anyone at BMW M,division please get in touch because Id,be fascinated to have a conversation,about tires and run Flats at bmwm this,to me at least has firmly put to bed the,myth that run flats are bad in the way,yes some run Flats can be bad in the wet,but I think thats down to either the,tire choice or the OE demand so Im,wondering if thats why because these,tires these run flat tires have exactly,the same compound as the normal time,testing and the seal time testing and,the outright grip is identical,so,fair play to the run flat for this one,so far Ive enjoyed it but Comfort is,next Comfort might be the big one,instead of trying to describe the sound,of each tire we recorded the regular run,flat and seal tie across three different,surfaces so you can make your own mind,up,to Mayas at least theres almost,nothing in it Comfort is another thing,thats very difficult to talk about on,camera however thankfully Hancock have,this amazing system of Step ups and step,downs and triangular sha

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The Best 10 All Season / All Weather Tires for 2022 Tested and Rated!

The european all-season tire, also known  as an all-weather tire in north america,  ,is a tyre that tries to be good in everything,  but as we know thats not yet possible.  ,This means tire manufacturers often remove ability  in one area to give it another, so which of these  ,tyres is best for you? To find out ive rounded  up 10 of the latest and greatest all season tires  ,in the very popular 225/45 R17 inch tire size,  and as always ill be putting these through  ,the usual array of snow wet dry noise comfort and  rolling resistance test to tell you exactly which  ,tyre is best for your own situation! On test we  have the bridgestone weather control a005 evo,  ,the continental AllSeasonContact, the falken  euro-AllSeason as210, the goodyear vector 4season  ,gen-3, the hankook kinergy 4s2, the kleber  quadraxer 2, the michelin crossclimate 2,  ,the Pirelli Cinturato AllSeason sf2, the tomcat  Allyear 3 and the Vredestein quatrac pro.  ,The michelin crossclimate 2 dominated last  years test, can it do it again this year?  ,Lets find out! Snow handling! And before i go  through the results i want you to keep in mind  ,that these are all season tires, so the snow  performance of the tire might range from very  ,very important because you live in somewhere like  the north of germany that sees a lot of snow and  ,you do a lot of snow running, to absolutely not  important because you live in the south of the uk  ,and you just want a tire thats better than  the summer tyre for that once in five years  ,we get snow, and let me tell you they are all  better than the summer tire. And keep in mind  ,when looking at the lap times the lap here is very  long but there is quite a big spread in lap time,  ,theres over 12 seconds from the best to worst  which is way more than the winter tire test  ,which i finished yesterday, subscribe for that,  im sure thatll be out in a couple of weeks!  ,The slowest tire on test, a full 15 seconds  behind the best was the bridgestone weather  ,control a005 evo. Now, as ive just said all  season tires are different for different people  ,and the bridgestone often does well in the dry  and wet, we are going to find that out soon,  ,but in the snow it was a handful. It was the  most difficult to drive subjectively, it left you  ,fighting for grip, it was the only tire i touched  a snow bank on and i touched two of them (luckily  ,i didnt get stuck.) Next up was the Vredestein  quatrac pro and the falken as210. Both these  ,tyres were a lot easier to drive, they were both  under steer primary, they were just a little bit  ,weaker in grip in all directions so braking and  turning. They didnt give you any nasty surprises,  ,but again as ive said they just didnt have the  most amount of grip so they ended up around nine  ,seconds off the leaders. Next up was the Pirelli  Cinturato AllSeason sf2, around 7 seconds or 5.7%  ,off the best. This tire did have a little bit  more oversteer than the rest of the tyres,  ,as im demonstrating now although im not  actually driving on that tire at the moment,  ,but it just didnt have as much grip so it  ended up in seventh place. In sixth place  ,was the Tomket Allyear 3, not this tyre, for its  price point, this is the budget tire of the test,  ,this tire did have better levels of grip, but it  didnt give you a huge amount of communication  ,and it was very understeer primary which meant  you were hesitating on the throttle a lot more  ,than any of the other tyres, because you just  didnt know when the grip was going to break away.,Im going to be interested to see how this one  does on the brakes as some of the other ones  ,because ive not done braking yet, but yeah  a reasonable result for a tire thats priced  ,very competitively lets see how that rolls  out into the dry. In in fifth place was the  ,Continental AllSeasonContact around five percent  off the best and in fourth place the Goodyear  ,Vector 4Seasons Gen-3, around four percent off  the best. Both these tires felt very similar  ,to drive they were both secure feeling tires  they just had a bit of understeer in the car  ,but they did feel very good on the brakes. These  were the first tires of the group where you really  ,felt like positivity on the brakes. Third place  was the other impressive Hankook kinergy 4s2.  ,Now I drove this tire last a couple of years ago  and i really liked it then and im back really  ,liking it in this 17 inch size, good levels of  grip, perhaps a bit too much front axle meaning  ,you did get a bit of oversteer like the Pirelli,  but that helps it around the lap, and i feel like  ,this tire will also be quite good on the brakes.  In second place was the Kleber Quadraxer 2.,Now this tire felt a lot like the goodyear  and continental, just with a tiny amount  ,more grip , understeer primary and still  three percent off the best. And yes,  ,thats three percent off the best which was the  michelin crossclimate 2! Now as i said earlier,  ,yesterday i finished a winter tire test and as i  test blind so i dont know what tyres im using  ,when im driving, just taking notes and set  numbers, i had to check at the end of the  ,test they hadnt stuck in a winter tire to throw  me off the difference was that vast! It was as  ,fast in terms of grip at the front of the pack  as the bridgestone was at the back of the pack,  ,but it wasnt just grip it was subjective as well  so the tyre felt really positive on the brakes  ,had an excellent front end and it would just pull  you into the corners like other tyres wouldnt so  ,an all-round very impressive tyre from  michelin. The Crossclimate 2 backed up  ,its excellent handling performance with the  shortest dry braking, closely followed by  ,goodyear. You can find the snow traction  results on the link in the description. ,Wet handling! Unable to continue its reasonable  performance in the snow the Tomket budget tyre is  ,a 10 out of 10 if you want to show off to your  mates by drifting around a wet car park or a  ,wet roundabout with loads of oversteer, and a 0 out of 10 if you want a safe balanced car. This  ,tire was so oversteery and non-commutative, so  you didnt know when it was going to oversteer,  ,its the first time ive ever made an error so big  ive ended up on a different wet handling track,  ,which is a little bit embarrassing. The  tire was also 12 seconds a lap off the best,  ,and although 12 seconds doesnt sound like  a huge amount of time, its only 12 seconds,  ,that translates to what is a near undriveable  package. Ive said it a million times before,  ,avoid budget all season tires, they can be good in  one area, weve proven this tyre was okay in snow,  ,but they cant be good in all the areas, they  just they never are like some premium tires  ,can be. Kleber and Pirelli were next, now these  were five percent off the best so you can see  ,its actually quite a close group, apart from  the budget tire, and subjectively they were  ,miles better than the budget tire. The incredible  snow domination of the michelin crossclimate 2  ,unfortunately seems to have come at the expense  a little bit of wet handling. Now its only  ,2.4 percent but in a very very capable group of  tyres, 2.4 percent obviously makes a difference.  ,It had probably the safest most pleasant  understeer balance it was a very easy tire to  ,drive, but also when youre trying to go quickly  it was quite a frustrating tire to drive because  ,although it felt good on the brakes, mid corner,  as youre accelerating you just pick up some  ,understeer and it wasnt communicated very well  and then you were just waiting on the throttle  ,which meant the lap time you, just lost some time  across the lap. The bridgestone a005 evo was next,  ,and that surprised me when i was working out who  was who because i test blind, because bridgestone  ,is generally, in the all season and  winter products, exceptional in the wet,  ,and their new summer products actually,  theyre normally very very good in the wet,  ,

Hankook | Dynapro AT2 Extreme Tire Review

today we have the hancook dynapro at2,extreme the hancook dynapro at2 extreme,is a new tire in hancooks tire lineup,that replaces the previous generation,at2 hankook uses a proprietary compound,formulated to improve fuel economy and,provide cut and chip resistance on rough,and gravel surfaces the at2 extreme has,all the off-road performance of an,all-terrain tire with the added daily,drivability of a highway tire which,means you get extra quietness and longer,tread life some of the features on the,at2 extreme include multi-direction,grooves and sipes that provide better,traction in any direction tread block,design here allows you all the good grip,in snowy wet and dry conditions it is,three peak snowflake rated for winter,driving biting block edges that provide,more traction off-road staged edges on,the tread grooves to create a sound,barrier that reduces road noise tie bars,on the outer tread blocks that tie the,blocks together for added stability,while not reducing traction and,aggressive shoulders and side blocks on,the sidewall to add more traction,off-road when aired down as well as,having resistance against being cut or,pinched so when im reviewing the tire,usually the first thing i start is with,tread blocks so you can see these tread,blocks kind of alternate being scooped,and not scooped right through here and,so what this will allow you to do is,when you air down a little bit itll,give you additional traction off-road so,youll notice on this tire that it has,multiple edges,multiple biting edges in multiple,different directions as well as sipes in,each tread block so thats going to give,us traction in any direction and these,sipes obviously are for traction in,winter and wet conditions so this tire,is three peak snowflake rated and it has,features consistent with that especially,these sipes and the way these tread,blocks are designed so anytime you see,tread blocks with all these different,biting edges all the way around them you,know that is probably going to be pretty,good in the winter so on this outer,tread block row youll notice that in,between each tread block,theres a bridge in between each tread,block right here and so what that does,is it allows you to get the traction of,an open,tread block design but also have the,stability on the road so it doesnt,squirm around and its real stable at,high speeds other tires that weve,looked at have had a center rib thats,connected all into one tread block this,one doesnt has multiple tread blocks,these screws right here,in in these alternating blocks,they reduce the noise as well and keep,supposed to keep the tire cooler and the,cooler the tire the cooler you can keep,the tire the less itll wear now this,sidewall right here you can see that,its pretty aggressive and its raised,up on these side biters so what this,does is it will deflect anything that,comes in contact with this sidewall to,keep it from pinching it or cutting it,but also when you air down like in deep,sand itll give you some extra biting,edges so heres that tie bar bridge that,i was talking about that bridges these,two tread blocks together,you also notice that all these different,tread blocks are different sizes and,slightly different shapes some of thats,for traction but its also for noise,because if you had every single tread,block shaped exactly the same it would,be much louder,so any tire with open voids in the tread,is going to make noise but what they can,do is they can shape these tread blocks,in a manner that reduces the noise it,actually creates more white noise to,block out the louder negative noise its,kind of strange how they do it but it,works out pretty good but i like the,amount of sipes that are in each one of,these tread blocks thats whats going,to make it good in the winter especially,in these center tread blocks theres a,lot of sipes so lots of sipes means lots,of winter traction especially when its,new i do know that these ched blocks,arent very deep the grooves arent very,deep so it kind of leads me to wonder if,its really going to make it to its,rated warranty rating as far as mileage,but also on each one of these tread,blocks youll see theres a step down,on each of these tread blocks and what,that does is that that reduces the noise,because you want to make to make sure,this tire is super quiet especially if,they decide to use this on oem,applications but they use some pretty,good design features to make it good in,the oe and the replacement market so,this tire being an at duck will have a,little bit higher rolling resistance,than an at tire that has a continuous,center rib but thats okay its not,really designed for that it needs to be,the best of both worlds it does have a,high silica compound thats for your wet,traction and braking you can also see on,this tire that we do have a rim,protector it is made in the usa and,right here we have the all season,designation,the hancook dynapro at2 extreme comes in,sizes from 15 to 22 inches standard load,xl and lt rated the size of this tire is,275 65 18 and it retails for 229.99 the,hancook dynapro at2 extreme has a 60 000,mile tread wear warranty even in their,lt rated sizes you can pick these tires,up at tirer.com tirerack.com or the,amazon affiliate link in the description,below the bottom line is i think this is,a decent tire time will tell im not a,huge handcook fan but their quality and,engineering keep improving so theyre,definitely a manufacturer on the rise to,see more hand cooked tire reviews and,comparisons like this one check out,these videos

EXCLUSIVE! Michelin Pilot Sport 5 vs Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook, Yokohama & More!

its finally happening im testing two,of the newest ultra high performance,tires on the market the michelin pilot,sport 5 and the goodyear eagle f1,asymmetric 6 against seven of their key,rivals including tires from bridgestone,continental hancock and yokohama before,i start the testing which is going to be,as thorough as ever and cover all the,important dry wet noise comfort and,rolling resistance tests i just want to,quickly talk about the tyres in the test,im testing in the popular 225 45 17,inch tire size which means i couldnt,get the prelly p0 i also couldnt get,the brand new falcon the fk 520 so i,dont have the fk 510 in the test the,other thing worth noting im gonna go,pick it up to prove a point,sometimes we speak with time,manufacturers about what tires they want,included in the test so as always i sent,out emails to the main premium,manufacturers including bridgestone,saying im doing a 17-inch test with a,golf gti against the pilot sport 5 and,the goodyear eagle f1a symmetric 6 id,really love the potenza sport in the,test they said yeah no problem well,send you some tyres for the test because,we need 10 of each and logistically and,cost wise it can be quite difficult,and they sent the terenza t005 their,premium touring tire not entirely sure,why but it does give us an interesting,benchmark the trends of t005 is an,excellent touring tyre but i want to,show you something i dont know if itll,be quite visible on camera but this is,the sidewall i can quite easily deflect,it with my thumbs,this is the goodyear,same,double the pressure the same amount of,pressure gets almost no movement,whereas the trends are the side wall,squishies and this thing is,significantly lighter these are some of,the differences between the ultra high,performance tyre designed to be good at,handling and a touring tire which is,designed more for comfort low noise and,rolling resistance so although i am sad,we dont have the potential sport in the,test im actually quite interested to,see how this does anyway now ive said,all that lets go get testing i am going,to start with dry handling because these,are ultra high performance tyres lets,face it we all care exactly how they,feel in the dryer,there were only two tyres in the 94,second range and that was the rotella in,december the rotella was slightly ahead,on time but the same print was slightly,nicer to drive,both these tires did have quite a lot of,understanding you turn in and then youd,be waiting and youd be waiting then you,couldnt get the throttle,and they just had limited grip and,feedback im sure therell be,comfortable tires when we get around to,comfort testing then dry handling they,werent the best next up were,bridgestone and hancook now i have,already said im a little bit,disappointed we didnt have the potenza,sport and bridgestone sent the t005 but,it did give me a really interesting game,to play while doing dry handling and,that was guess the bridgestone guess,which the premium touring tire is in a,group of vault drive performance tyres,and i thought this was going to be easy,in fact i thought id nailed it because,i test blind i dont know and after,testing the hand cook,i was all happy i was like this is,definitely the bridgestone the steering,is soft compared to the other tyres ive,run so far there was loads of understeer,it seemed to have vague feedback the,grip was fine especially on the brakes,but i just like this is the premium,touring tire and then it just so,happened to be the next hiring sequence,was the bridgestone i was like,oh this is more bridgestone than the,bridgestone and how what whats going on,so when i worked everything out i worked,out it was the handcuffed then the,bridgestone,both these tires in particular the,bridgestone you could tell as soon as i,was reversing out of the garage after,the wheel change,the car just feels like it i dont know,how to describe it just like it moves a,little bit as on the tire like the whole,car sort of rocks around a little bit on,the sidewall,and that goes on into the handling lap,the bridgestone especially it was,easily the tyre with the most understeer,you couldnt really attack the corners,the steering was light it offered very,little feedback,even compared to the lesser good ultra,high performance tires the steering was,really really numb and you needed a lot,of steering angle to turn,so although again its sad its not a,potenza sport but its been a really,interesting like comparison finding out,i ive enjoyed it the gt was in fifth,place and probably the first tire i,would actually allow to be called an,ultra performance tyre because the,steering was nice and direct it weighted,up nicely it was linear there wasnt a,huge amount of delay as the tire,obtained slip angle and sat on the,sidewall it was an enjoyable time to,drive just didnt quite have the grip of,the very very best but its not quite as,expensive as the very very bear so like,i enjoyed driving on the gt,prepare your shocked face for in fourth,place was the michelin pilot sport 5.,now this was only 1.28 seconds off the,very best,and,had fantastic levels of grip but it,seemed to pick up exactly where the,pilot support 4 left off,it just had that slightly numb,slightly slow to steer,lacking feedback steering that i,dont think an ultra high performance,tyre should have,im not saying its not a good tire it,had buckets of grip it just kind of,in a group of ties it wasnt as bad as,the bridgestone obviously wasnt as,undynamic as the hankook,but it wasnt up there at the sharp end,which id really hope the pilot sport 5,would improve on on the 4 but it feels,overall very similar,one tie that definitely deserved the,word sport in its name was the yokohama,advanced sport v105 now this is an old,tire its already been replaced by the,v107 im only testing it because every,single time i do a tire test you guys,ask me to test it but im glad i have,its been a long time since ive driven,on this tire and this is the first time,ive driven it in a test,but in the dry really enjoyable tire up,there with the very best the very,sharpest and sportiest feeling,it the loads build up nicely and i yeah,im im sad i havent had in a test,sooner i have always tried to get,yokohama and this tower in a test it,hasnt come round im glad i have this,time because it was a fun time to drive,in the dryer,goodyear managed an impressive second,place overall in dry handling,with again some of the best steering it,wasnt quite up there with the yoke,armor but it was very nice compared to,the michelin which i know youre all,interested about these are the two tyres,everyones comparing it was quicker it,was sharper it gave you more feedback it,loaded up quicker and it just felt more,sporty,the grip was excellent it was only two,tenths off the very fastest on average,and it had the quickest one lap pace the,tyre felt like a monster on the brakes,and its just another really good,product the asymmetric five was always,up there as one of the best in the dry,and the asymmetric six is still there so,im really happy about that whereas a,lot of tire companies are making their,tyres feel softer and less sporty,good your answer thank you very much,but the fastest tire on test,and the most sporty feeling by a small,margin over the yoke armor was once,again ironically one of the only tyres,without sport or race or f1 or whatever,in its name it was the continental,premium contact six,obviously not the sport contact 7,because that doesnt come in this tire,size is 17 inch and personally i dont,think the sport contact 7 goes against,tyres like the asymmetric 6 and the,pilot sport 5 i think its natural rival,is tires like the pilot support 4x so,thats why my other test have both of,those in,but the tire again i knew on the way to,the track and has gone to track it,confirmed it the tide just loads up,super quickly,it was perhaps lacking a tiny bit of,detail mid-corner exit but i think,thats more down to the golf eight than,anything else but other than that again,

Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 Tire Review

hi everybody welcome to the video,surprise of the day today were going to,look at the hanbok ventus,s1 noble 2 tire before you get started,please remember to hit the subscribe,button the bell icon will be notified,new videos,and i really appreciate that thumbs up,thank you very much in advance,okay today were looking at these hand,nook tires these are south korea branded,tires first of all i do want to show you,how many miles i have in particular on,the vehicle while making this video,its under 7 500 miles plus a minus,a little bit here and there so i havent,rotated yet because im waiting for 10,000 miles,for the major service to rotate it,and these are treadwears 500 tractions,double a and temperature,is a on these particular tires,they have the thing called control,technology,and this marketing thing and ventus,s1 noble 2 so thats the model we have,over here,and these are on the family car so its,a 2016 lexus es,350 yes its a ucpo car,so it looks pretty good and the fit and,finish,the product is not bad and you know hand,look has definitely improved their tires,over time already and these are better,tires than it used to be like say 10,years ago,and more and more manufacturers or,actually use car dealerships,or use car shops or using these tires,nowadays,so 215 55 zr 17,so like i said a 17 inch wheel,and you can see the wearer and it,actually is wearing pretty fast on the,tread wear,so you probably notice that youll see,the top over there,the band the trip band you see that,yeah im going to rotate them maybe be,lucky to get,30 000 miles more likely i get around 25,000 miles 20 to 25 000 miles,then again these are not super expensive,tires so you got to,do that trade-off and also depending on,your driving condition how the driver,drives,what kind of weather you have in your,area is this sunny,is it snowing or is it raining a lot,you know thats how you determine what,tire to to purchase right,so these in particular definitely great,for sun,you know the sunny road conditions,summer tires i could say right,asymmetric and the price is pretty,inexpensive,im going to show you that and you,probably want to do some more research,on different tires and comparison and,you know it depends how long you have,the vehicle for one right if you dont,plan to have the vehicle for a very long,time,you dont care you dont need to get the,best tires and also if you,purchase a tire just to before you,return the lease vehicle,yeah you dont need to spend a lot of,money on the on the tires so these might,be an option,if you had a vehicle theyre going to,return back to dealership for lease or,trade,you know these might be worthwhile so,pretty inexpensive,overall what kind of,are driven on these roads rain and sun,so in my area theres obviously rain and,sun,the sun part of it is really good i,think these tires are pretty good in the,sun,i would say like an eight to nine i,guess for the sun,traction is pretty good in the sun i,wouldnt say its really bad,at all and sun is great,but when it rains yeah you gotta be,really careful,stopping is not great on these tires and,also you can see the weir is already,showing up at uh 7500 miles now,so and i could tell,these are inexpensive but lets look at,this thing,tirerack.com all right so great,information great source,hanok ventus es1 noble 2. you can see,down the top,and wet performance 7.7,so 7.7 hyper plane resistance,7.8 with traction drive performance p,or radiant 8.3,8.6 8.2 right,steering response winter its a six,four point seven four point six for ice,traction,you can see that over here performance,amazingly people rated pretty high its,eight but treadwear performance,is definitely not great so treadwear,performance,uh you know you could see even my,current vehicle,so i do want to show that video to help,you if youre searching,its wearing pretty fast so if youre,lucky,you know youre really lucky i guess and,were not winning fast drivers or,you know stopping abruptly on the dying,type of driver,wed be lucky to get 30 000 miles on,this more likely,in my opinion theyre probably going to,get around 25,k on these tires and the pi have to get,new tires,yes that comes with rotation if you,dont do rotation,it may not even last that long so that,thats something to,to look for and by the way always do,your research,dont believe all the the comments and,any sign im not paid by tire rack you,actually look at discover,discount towers i mean as well and you,want to enter,maybe say the vehicle to double check,your tires yeah so 2016.,yes i dont know why im hovering over,here,so yes 350.,and you want to enter over here the zip,code,and that will pull up 16 17 or 18,so this ones a 17.,and its about 107 dollars per tire,which is not bad at all,and instead of force only like 430,dollars,besides disposal and mounting so,very recently price for these passenger,tires,and it may fit other vehicles,as well but do your research hope this,video helps you out,please help me for thumbs up so that,people see the video and please leave a,comment if it helps other,and i see you next time have a good one,bye,you

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