1. A BRUTALLY Honest Review Of Happy Dad – Hard Seltzer Alcohol Review (The Nelk Boys)
  3. Happy Dad Hard Seltzer Review!
  5. BOOZE BOYS try NELKs Happy Dad Seltzers (Honest Review)
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A BRUTALLY Honest Review Of Happy Dad – Hard Seltzer Alcohol Review (The Nelk Boys)

yo guys what is going on my name is vex,away but you could call me nick and,today im bringing you another alcohol,taste test review i did this once before,for i was uh bud light hard cola like,the soda flavored seltzer things today i,got a hands on with happy dad uh they i,live in new jersey they didnt announce,it was coming in new jersey but a bunch,of my alcohol stores like around where i,live actually ended up getting these,just a quick thought i had while editing,the review for these,i find it kind of weird how they didnt,announce or say anything about it coming,to new jersey whatsoever its not even,on their like website store locator not,even on that doesnt say its in new,jersey like if you asked happy dad on,any social media,any social media presence they have,anything like that their store locator,they would say its not new jersey and,they announce every drop they do,so im a little curious are these like,fake,like i i dont whats the possibility of,that im not sure,but why would they not say anything im,a little concerned or not concerned but,confused because i never see anyone,really trash these maybe theyre just,like caught up by the hype and they,cant really get over that,but like are these like off-brand happy,dads probably not,just room for thought you know who knows,maybe,which i picked up two cases of as you,can see this ones not even opened yet,so i mean yeah if you look at it its a,12 pack you get 12 12 fluid ounces of in,the cans you get four different flavors,you get the lemon lime watermelon,wild cherry and pineapple,five percent alcohol you know thats,pretty standard for the seltzer packs,and yeah with electrolytes thats about,it i mean there doesnt seem to be,anything else too crazy you know 100,calories as per usual,um besides that you know all looks,pretty good so i left these in the,fridge all day let me get this product,back up and im just gonna go for it i,do like the can design though,i do like that its not the tall skinny,can i know thats like their marketing,thing but i genuinely do like that its,like a legit just normal can so i guess,im just gonna go down the line im,gonna make this as unbiased as possible,because ill be true ill be serious,ill be honest i am a big milk fan i do,really like their videos ive loved them,for a while ive been wanting to try,this forever but i am going to be,critical im going to be harsh and im,going to be unbiased here so were going,to start with the watermelon,lets just crack it open,okay,okay,all right yeah you definitely tell,thats watermelon um all im not gonna,pour them into a cup theyre all just,clear every single one of them theyre,always clear i already know that,all right ill go into an in-depth,review after i just give them all the,quick little taste test so that was,watermelon,next we got pineapple big pineapple fan,lets see,okay,all right,im gonna im gonna review them all at,the same time,rank them and review them at the same,time im just testing them right now,lemon lime these are usually hit or miss,you know theyre either really good or,really bad,okay,okay thats one of the better lemon,limes ill say that right off the bat,and last but not least we got wild,cherry,lets see,okay,all right,so,number one is going to be the lemon lime,for sure lemon lime was definitely my,favorite lets put these three to the,side right now im gonna take another,sip,that one actually kind of tastes like a,little bit like mountain dew almost like,a sprite mountain dew type thing,um overall theyre kind of watery im,not gonna lie um,i think theyre a little less flavorful,than like a truly would be or obviously,the bud light hard cola those are super,flavorful,uh,theyre not bad by any means but you,know just like you know what you know,the original bug light seltzers and like,the uh like those types it kind of just,on par with those,its nothing too special it doesnt do,anything crazy it doesnt do anything,unique its not bad but it doesnt,really blow you out of the water but,this lemon lime is good if they just,made 11 lime 12 cap packs i would get,the lemon lime because this is,for sure the best flavor,all right up next i dont know what,number two is gonna be uh let me try the,this is watermelon let me try the,pineapple again,okay and this is wild cherry,okay the pineapples gonna be number two,im a big pineapple fan pineapple,usually is pretty good doesnt usually,get messed up so lemon lime is,definitely a clear number one super,sweet full flavor good tasting pineapple,is a good solid number too definitely,not the best but its still up there and,ill be honest,i dont really like either of these two,like theyre not bad like i drink them,no problem,im not a big watermelon drink fan,but i think just by default this has got,to go number three and the wild cherries,gotta go number four the wild cherry,tastes weird man the wild cherry may be,the only bad one to be honest with you,and yeah that is like just straight up,not good i dont want to sound stupid,but i swear to god it almost has like a,peppery aftertaste i dont know why,maybe maybe bitter,its not because its not spicy so i,dont know if peppers the right word,but,it smells like a taste too,yeah that is just straight up not good,i could drink it if i had to,its really like not the worst thing on,earth ive had worse alcohol but that is,not favorable by any means and im not,even a big watermelon fan i dont think,the watermelons that good just because,i dont like watermelon generally,but that wild cherry tastes so funky,that this has got to take the third spot,by default thats how,weird that is,because yeah that tastes just like every,other watermelon drink so if you like,watermelon seltzers watermelon type,drinks youll probably like this one im,not a big watermelon drink kind of guy,so that why thats why it defaults to my,number three,but if you enjoy like traditional,watermelon it doesnt taste any,different than all the other watermelon,seltzers but if you like,the watermelons youll probably like,this one im not a big watermelon guy so,im not gonna,be a big fan of this one but its,definitely better than the wild cherry,so yeah im pretty solid on these um,if they didnt have the nelk brand,attachment to them i cant say i would,ever buy him again and thats the truth,because i have had better tasting,seltzers i think the,[Music],i dont even remember what i was saying,because that car alarm lasted for so,long but i mean what i was going to say,or what i want to say is that if this,didnt have the milk brand attachment to,it i dont know if id pick it up too,often but since it does and i do like,the milk boys,and,the basics of economics scarcity equals,value since these are hard to find since,theyre rare if i see these in store i,would probably pick them over like a bud,light soda pack just because these are,harder to find and theyre made by,people that i enjoy their content and,stuff like that but if you have no,emotional attachment to milk you dont,care about milk whatsoever,i cant say theyre any better than,every other seltzer i really cant but,because i do like milk and i and the,whole you know its like a hype thing,you know you get it its like i like,them theyre hard to find so its like,oh if i see them im definitely getting,them again i am actually blown away with,this lemon lime one though i genuinely,really like this one though,thats good like no milk bias involved,that ones good pineapples decent these,two are once again i already went over,the watermelon the wild cherries weird,but uh i would get them again because i,do like milk i do like i do like this,the the regular cans i do like the brand,i like the logo i like the theme here i,like it all,minus the wild cherry i dont like that,so thats my review um just on taste,alone the entire pack its probably,gonna get like a six six and a half,because this ones good,this ones decent,this one,average a little below average and this,one wild cherry,i dont know what they did ill take,another sip i mean clearl


hello everyone welcome back to the,second channel today im joined by,randolph,soon to be today im brad no you have to,be randolph because then my joke works,oh go on im joined by randolph who is,soon to be,a happy dad,i get it as well yeah yeah,today were trying,happy dad nelks hard seltzer thanks to,viz viz got this from america and,now we we have happy dad it did not make,it the entire way as you can see by the,box and certain cans yeah spring break,but the liquid is still the same thats,what she always says happy dad what we,saying what are you saying about the the,packaging packaging is great i will have,to say that it looks like alcohol,doesnt it it does i quite like it it,looks very american though its very,american but simple but elegant you know,i like that a lot lemon lime yeah,watermelon watermelon wild cherry my,favorite one so far pineapple would you,pour happy dad on pizza if i was at a,party with milk i would yeah oh yeah,ill do anything they told me,randy will do it so i actually did try,and uh contact milk,via instagram,they did not reply but we now have happy,dad were gonna try each of them weve,got the four flavors here and uh were,gonna give our honest opinion before we,do that predictions i think im gonna,really like,lemon lime oh and wild cherry yeah i,think for me its gonna go wild cherry,the best lemon lime no watermelon,watermelon then lemon and lime and then,what plant from apple yep pineapple i,said im going to say lemon lime wild,cherry,watermelon pineapple we agree on powder,pineapple is going to be yeah,yeah pick one dont dont look at it,just pick one,watermelon,five percent alcohol you know wow five,percent alcohol in a hard seltzer i feel,like thats a lot zero percent,everything pretty much its got,electrolytes love those i do love those,actually its cool packaging now were,really good at branding stuff oh there,they actually are yeah im not trying to,start them off either no im not i dont,think they told me you literally said,ill do anything they ask you know what,this is a perfect cup for an american,drink as well exactly thats what we did,we planned it,okay oh that was a nice opening i was,gonna say can we focus on the opening i,missed it next time you do that can you,give me your attention okay its clear,oh that water all right smell test i,dont smell watermelon this smells,vanilla im not gonna lie this cup may,have been used,i think were selling something that has,come out of john,oh,do you want different cars no its fine,get your nose right in there,it smells like wine darth vader,cheers to milk,[Laughter],it tastes like wine yeah it really does,you know i will say though a lot of my,disenjoyment,with salsas is that it tastes like,fairies you know like,no yeah man no no i dont know just,water with a bit of like,extra stuff yeah yeah well this actually,just tastes different enough im not,saying i like it its different,it really tastes like wine and i cant,get over it im not gonna lie i wouldnt,choose that no i dont think its,necessarily because its not nice i,think its more because its not what i,expected and my brain is having a,conversation yeah the thing is every,seltzer ive ever had yeah ive when,ive tried it for the first time i,havent liked it by the time i got to,the end of the can,ordered another one,wasnt it wasnt really an,accomplishment im not,i dont know what happened there like,im already starting to enjoy that yeah,more youre not no no i actually,compared to the sales ive had before,this is up there because i dont like,salsa have one last moment with it,you can tell this man is going to be a,dad saying i dont like it more youre,lying now no no no no no no actually,when i think of it as wine i like it,make sense pick one of these this one,yeah pineapple this is the one we said,would be bottomless,cant do it,oh my god that was sick that was that,was nice,im so proud i sell that sound youll,get loads for it these are in films,pineapple came when i made fun of you,for spitting out your prime but i didnt,know you did it yeah yeah i just,remember oh,can you remember no you remember that,time i mocked you yeah just remember it,its clear again,this is a good sign american market,should be black more,pineapple smell test this one smells so,much nicer it does this smells actually,like wow this smells like pineapple yeah,yeah it does,i really like it,im gonna throw out there now didnt,like the watermelon one,this one i actually like like really,like imagine you know youre uh youre,at home on the back garden its you know,18 degrees outside,sprinkles are on this would taste really,nice then this is way above watermelon,pineapple im going up here at the,moment okay its number one i reckon,watermelons gonna be down here im,gonna have one more moment with it again,cherish this moment oh,i really like that wow where do you go,from here then why do you,when you talk i dont know whether,youre being serious it all sounded fake,i would like to go with the one thats,broken this one uh really didnt make it,here safely and its wild cherry broke,yeah,clear again wild cherry i feel like this,could bang any change in in you know,calories no all 100. i can smell it from,here that is very cherry thats the best,smell so far oh,wow,wild cherry oh also this smells like,rashes picture this youre in your car,yeah youre going to get it watched okay,okay here we go yeah youre gonna get,your car washed inside theyll give you,oh i already know yeah,yeah its nice oh wow well thats very,like it like its nice but doesnt taste,like anything i know what you mean you,know you know them air up bottles i do,where,i do it it just makes you taste it a,little bit because you can smell it,thats this i agree i feel like im,drinking water that just has a smell of,something i love,watermelon is definitely at this end do,you prefer that its pineapple i dont,know yet im gonna say no im gonna say,no but if at the end can we try them,both again did you like a showdown yeah,yeah this one is definitely down here,famine pick one of these i picked this,one i reckon,lemon lime oh,its gluten free as well you know,safe hard to get dirty little,grape oh its clear shock i can smell,that already that smells so oh wow this,is the best smell 100 it smells,literally just like sprites i actually,just had a seven up what night doesnt,smell like seven foot though seven come,on out there thats a bit its a little,wild statement cheers cheers turn elk to,milk,oh,you dont like this one do you,its got that watermelon flavor to it no,i dont think it does really it tastes,like beer i know what youre talking,about but i dont agree it doesnt,necessarily taste light and happy i,thought you didnt like the,fairy taste of seltzers yeah did i just,say that as well you know what though,i would put those two above this,yeah i like it yeah yeah and if i was,doing it on a scale it would be like,this yeah no i would agree with that as,well yeah you know what i dont like the,cans,dont line up,this,like the hole is the other side of the,happy dad this one is to the side can we,see like multiple seven ups we cant,confirm guys that right,normal for cans are we agreeing yep,that watermelons at the bottom yeah,then lemon lime yeah then we need to,figure out we have to go to war if i was,speaking to nelk if they would reply to,me,i would say please can i have,these two they sell individually,they do amazing well there we go there,you go but i preferably want to save,money in milk if you wanna certainly,need something feel free ill drink it,inside my videos they get views yeah,yeah yeah this wont but cyber videos do,we have to figure out which we like more,right blind lets be blind,okay,pour me one im not looking right stop,looking,again,ill lay back close my eyes just do me,im not coming oh i preferred the first,one but they tasted similar first one,was pineapple,oh yeah second one was wow cherry ah see,you preferred wild cherry yeah did you,i didnt listen to what you said,[Laughter],okay were at

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Happy Dad Hard Seltzer Review!

[Music],hello and welcome to kentucky reviews,im radar special k im still reserved,and tonight we have another seltzer,highly requested sales with the most,requests to tell us from the show happy,dad sell sir uh 18,for a twelve pack a little high it does,have electrolytes in it so its hot oh,boy its called thats thats uh,the plants crave also,also,electrolytes no artificial sweeteners,very clearly marked on the can give,props for that so its stevia is what,youre telling me,i dont think theres any sweeteners at,all oh okay yeah it says sugar cane so,there you go oh,um,flavors right there the cans look like,genesee hands they they look like,genesee beer theyre,its just simple you could you could,really confuse somebody by handing them,one of these,here how do you wanna you wanna drink,all they have to hard happy dad all i,have to do is hard happy part hard dad,tell sir i dont want you to just pour,it dont dont so we have,wild cherry no,watermelon,lemon lime and pineapple which one we,gotta start with the worst one,watermelon is genuinely usually the one,thats worst come on,nice flop for steel day,well thats perfectly clear look at that,well i dont think that i think their,thing is theyre trying to be,pure,i mean highly carbonated tane sugars,uh it smells like cells perfectly clear,very fermented,whoa yeah uh it sort of just smells like,farts and citrus yeah it doesnt know it,doesnt really smell all that much like,fruit its mostly just kind of a foodie,smell yeah,lets taste it,so,it tastes like i had watermelon lotion,on 12 hours ago and then i dip my finger,in a cup of carbonated water and mix it,together kind of like plain cream soda,yeah,get that yeah,its not bad,the fermented flavor definitely comes,through on this one im not digging the,watermelon but its nice not to have,that artificial sweetener kick on the,back end is there water,like i get a little bit of water on but,its its faint man yeah its pretty,well you may never know,uh im gonna go with the foreign af on,this one,i uh,i mean it tastes like cream soda im a,fan of cream soda ill give this like a,ill give it like a five this is this is,all right im fine with this,i dont know it tastes like watermelon,though youre gonna live oh went down,wrong,im gonna give it a four then im gonna,finish it because we gotta reuse these,glasses yeah,that went down not good,lemon lime next yep how have you managed,to survive this long and not know how to,swallow,well i mean i know you asked yourself,that old town i dont know how you,like have a job i thought thats all you,did swallow,you just need to stop trying give me,anything im tired,im hungry this one is also perfectly,clear,sorry lemon lime carbonate,lemon lemon feet,yeah,this ones way stronger in the lemon,lime,area though,flavor is,im looking for it,im not a fan of this one either,this just tastes like seltzer water,yeah its very subtle,no im not a fan of the way we all just,took a drink in unison that that was a,little bit weird,um like weve planned it or something,yeah just didnt i like the other one,more not because it tastes like,watermelon but because it tastes kind of,like cream soda this just tastes like,seltzer water,it does have like a little bit of lemon,lime afterthought,what they did what they did was they,took,a,lemon and lime that had already been,sitting in other water,so you know waved at it theyre just,like all right,all right were done,get these out of here,uh,four,on the uh lemon lime three and a half,im going for a four on that one as well,that was,yeah,theres nothing wrong with it but,it tasted like an ingredient you would,get to mix and make a mixed drink,all right so pineapple,smells like pineapple,subtle,it does smell like pineapple,yeah,i might need to get my nose checked im,not getting pineapple,sorry its better than the other two i,think thats got the strongest fruit,flavor of the uh of the three so far all,right so what they did was they took the,pineapple,let it sit in there for five seconds and,then took it out they switched it and,now time for the turret exactly,oh that one was juicy it spit on me,i have plenty,i gotta say they are all perfectly clear,every single one of these is perfectly,clear,oh this one smells the worst,and yeah then you decided to give oh,give it a shot its [ __ ] gross keep,it dismayed,it smells like an old cherry icing,it smells like really old cherries or a,weird vegetable or something i get old,cherry icy yeah like a cherry ice you,left in your car,well i dont like that at all now to be,fair most of the time when you drink,these youre just going to drink them,straight youre not going to smell them,but whoa,yeah its vegetably,what the [ __ ] is that,um,um,its got its got the strongest flavor,and its got cherry up front but that,after flavor is really vegetable thats,a vegetable oil,or a cucumber or something,i was gonna go with like,cabbagey,lettuce something,leafy yeah its definitely leafy yeah,brussels sprout,nah its not pondy enough brussels,sprouts have that like kind of dark pond,water kind of taste,nah dude,you get the steamed ones from aldis,that theyre in the frozen section,steamer you can throw them in the,microwave they seem oh,thats the brush the ones that are the,ones that are flavored yeah,no these arent flavored theyre just,straight up just brussels sprouts and,thats what this is well i did say at,the beginning it does taste like parts,so ah brussels sprouts too in fact,tastes like farts im not a fan,of that flavor at all uh three,really um two okay,yeah im leaning more into the two,territory myself,um,the pineapple ones not so bad,uh,the watermelon ones not so bad its,just it doesnt taste like watermelon so,happy dad,thumbs down this is an angry dad,very very pissed off dad uh so theyre,theyre honestly like its nice that,theyre doing the no sweeteners love,that fact,but its very foot forward so its very,fermented yes we know thats how theyre,its not their best foot do they put,food yeah um the flavors are like either,non-existent or crap,so,uh not gonna lie yeah the one that was,non-existent is probably my favorite one,im gonna give the pack as a whole as a,let me give it a four and a half i want,to give it a three,i dont know man that cherry one really,brings the rest of them down like it,does in fact like a quarter like a,quarter of your pack is undrinkable yeah,im gonna give this a two,[Music],because this ruins the rest of them,like you cant even give these away,people are going to have one sip and,theyre going to be like oh no im not,going to do this people theyre going to,immediately grab the chair because i,think its going to be the best one you,let them you let them grab that just let,them have it you let them have it like,hes like oh you want the chair oh here,bro go for it but alternative im,alternatively how about white claw serps,those are good those are good those are,good,these are not,they cost the same yeah,lets get the surf boom problem yeah you,no longer have a problem,this is a problem,all right well that has been our episode,theres something you would like to see,on the channel you leave a comment down,below dont forget to hit that like,button im special k im steel reserve,im radar thanks for watching,[Music],[Music]

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welcome to heart seltzer track im your,host benji,what we trapping hard for these celsius,and guess what man,im excited because you want to know why,i got the exclusive drop,happy dad this was one of the hardest,saucers to find right now,theyre flying crazy here in florida,they lined up i heard it was about 500,people waiting outside when the milk,boys arrived,and everybody got to get their hands on,the happy dad merch,got to get their hands on the series,they was only selling these,one case peer person all right so this,is how exclusive this was and when i,walked in the store,literally i must say it was probably 40,cases left,i mean out of 500. it was only two,stores that had this,and yeah i hit up every employee i knew,while i was at work im like yo somebody,got to be on this side of town i didnt,even stay nowhere near the store,like somebody one of my co-workers got,to know somebody,with that being said no boys was here as,yall can see yall can check,their instagram happy dad and man im,excited because i am a happy dad,and we tracked hard to get this social,when i tell you i tracked hard i hit up,everybody i know so shout out to yall,who gave me the info where this was and,here it is,all right we got lemon lime we got wild,cherry,we got pineapple and my favorite that,im ready to try is watermelon because,yall know i love watermelon,yall know i love pineapple especially i,think this pack is dope,i think the box scheme is real dope i,love the retro feel to this,no more skinny cant [ __ ] you know,thats their slogan i feel like yo i,dont have them tall,little ass cans anymore man i got this,big can,you know what im saying im excited we,got,one gram of sugar we got a honey cows,um and thats it uh,im trying to get more detailed in this,is gluten free obviously,make sure yall follow them no,artificial sweeteners theres none in it,which is dope its cane sugar in it um,natural flavors alcohol carbonated water,you know the the usual things you know,what im saying like this is dope,with electrolytes this reminds me of,gatorade im like am i getting the,gatorade social,man im ready for this man i dont know,about yall im before talking i got,some ice here,we got the can we going straight for the,lemon lime first because i love lemon,lime as well,and lets get it man,right off the bat just give me that,gatorade feel,im telling yall man my first,impressions be dope,i havent tried these so lets do it,let me lie off the back let me separate,from the cam first,okay we got clear,this is lemon lime,okay my verdict on this one,the lemon lime this has a different,taste than any salsa i tasted,um i feel like this does taste like a,sport drink it tastes like a gatorade,man,can i taste the liquor i cannot taste,the the alcohol in it,they are five percent sorry i didnt say,that these are five percent,i feel like its fire but im not really,tasting that that uh,im not im im tasting exactly what it,is you know it tastes like,a gatorade lemon lime,i cant taste no alcohol yall,its like a goat sports drink,im gonna give this one a seven out of,ten i feel like its fire,i feel like youre gonna like it i did,have these in the fridge probably an,hour i normally put things in the,freezer,im gonna give this one a seven out of,ten i do like it,but out of all the lemon lime things i,taste,i think that the the um,another one was better but i do like,this because this has that feel,it doesnt feel like its going to give,me a hangover feel its clean,it tastes crisp it tastes amazing,you know what im saying me like i said,im more of that sweet guy,youre a guy there like a balance this,is you right now this is you,i like to taste that if i taste lemon,lime i like to taste that lemon i like,to taste that lime,this tastes like a gatorade done thats,as detailed as i can go,wild cherry lets do it,once again this this this has that that,wild cherry smell,it definitely smells like,like a black cherry um,but lets do it i aint gonna do no more,talking man im just gonna pour up,got that in the glass do the can first,its cool not better than the lemon lime,but its cool um,i do believe it tastes good once again,its a balance,its not bad its fire i can see people,killing these,immediately like its not bad you know,what im saying i cant really say,nothing bad about it,is it is it is it like,a white claw no is it like a truly,no i mean this has this own flavor,like i said its i feel like this,concept with this electrolytes in it,is really going for like this sport like,retro,like hey were here you youre gonna get,electric lights youre gonna be getting,all this good stuff out of it one gram,of sugar,i mean what can i say man its good,im gonna give this,im gonna get that one thats six out of,ten,right now that is my least favorite one,but what i can appreciate about this,they did not use no fake sweetener its,cane sugar in it,so and i think people that love that,balance between sweet,and between bitter is gonna love this,pack period,lets go for it pineapple right now ive,been waiting on this one,got that pineapple smell,i i dont feel no gatorade vibes right,here at all,lets do the can,thats what im talking about thats,exactly what i was talking about,um,fire eight out of ten,i love the fact that i dont feel like,like i cant taste any alcohol i love it,it doesnt taste like you know you can,taste that alcohol slide on your tongue,a little bit especially with this one,now you can taste it that pineapple hits,amazing its not like,biting into a juicy pineapple its more,biting into one thats waiting to be,ripe,um like i said this is different it,doesnt taste like white claw it doesnt,taste like truly it doesnt,it doesnt taste like any other,pineapple i tasted man,um im getting this at eight out of ten,its real clean,its fresh is the carbonation is amazing,the the pineapple is literally is this,is one of the best ones that ive drunk,so far,i can definitely see myself messing with,it here we go with the watermelon,sorry if im being detailed sorry if im,taking too long,but its fire im taking my time because,i want to give yall the best review i,can,as possible,okay this one tastes like this one,smells,like a watermelon jolly rancher,and one thing i can say about happy dad,i feel like i will be a happy dad,and drinking these for sure not too,sweet,not too not no fake taste like thats,why i cant really,describe like its one of the dope i,feel like they,took every saucer that was out and made,sure theirs did not taste nothing like,anything that was out there on the,market thats what make this so unique,lets do it ive been waiting on,watermelon yall know that,yup thats my favorite one,straight up tastes like youre biting,a watermelon thats not sweet,no seeds fire,10 out of 10 already from the can,10 out of 10. watermelon is so,fire thats the one youre going to kill,out this whole pack,is the watermelon the second one is the,one youre gonna kill is the pineapple,the third one is gonna be the lemon lime,the last one,is going to be the wild cherry if i see,happy dad here,im at a party im grabbing watermelon,and pineapple all right,thats my verdict these are five,percents,all right do i wish they would have,probably went to a six,yeah maybe a seven years probably would,have been harder to sell,i feel like theyre coming in they want,to destroy the market,they want to take over um i think this,is very,inspiring because for one these guys man,theyre amazing the way theyre promoted,everything,the way theyre doing everything the way,the box is theyre definitely,stepping away from the original seltzer,scenes like this is a whole,different seltzer within itself if i had,to rate this,pack right now im giving it a 10 out of,10 for one because its different than,anything i ever tasted out of all,celsius,um number two i dont feel like its a,fake taste,its a real taste you know what im,saying everything,had its own taste do i get this gatorade,sport feel when i drink,these the lemon lime in the wild cherry,yes,do i get that do i do i f

BOOZE BOYS try NELKs Happy Dad Seltzers (Honest Review)

all right whats up [ __ ] we are here,and were trying the bucket,sought after happy dad,we got all the flavors you tried them,whats your favorite,favorite bite,my favorite by far is lemon lime,i went pineapple and then watermelon and,then wild cherry and then,what do you think your be man ive been,hearing all about lemon lime everyones,saying its the best so i assume thats,gonna be the one im hyped about the,wild cherry i dont know growing up in,little target drinks to the wild cherry,[ __ ] bomb at least lets get into it,what should we try at first,watermelon watermelon,crack at the same time,you go you go first your first happy day,tastes like medicine would you be a,happy dad after you drank that or we,should be your kids,probably be my kids [ __ ],the liquor and be like oh my goodness,all right here we go,wow,medicine right thats not [ __ ] good,dog no,out of a 10 im gonna go with four,thats just dogs,im gonna rock with it,you dont even know,all right all right four point one three,better than anything else but its,definitely better than [ __ ] but thats i,think its bad,all right,here we go round two is it getting,better are you still six point nine,eight seven,wow theres a lot of flavor in this one,im gonna go with like a seven three on,this no i mean its if for me its in,between six and seven i mean its you,dont really enjoy it going down,i dont enjoy it kind of,you kind of have to power through it,like i still will finish it oh i like to,get drunk,well lets [ __ ] lets finish this,car when youre driving a car,hey kyle steve i [ __ ] love yall,all right,cheers target white cherry here we go,are we going one by one yeah,all right,look this,you only see this from me i dont know i,just do that its like its not really,good but its not bad i think its like,a seven like i i could drink this i,could go to the pool i could drink this,so the watermelon sucks the wild,cherries,you guys are gonna drink one can and,like in 30 minutes your teeth will feel,like you havent brushed them in a week,coated in sugar,i [ __ ] with that thats target that is,target [ __ ] white cherry [ __ ] do you,ever target growing up,taste it tell me it doesnt taste like,that dont taste it,were going to turn it off this way you,go get some white ice blend it up pour,this in and see what it is,this ones fine,oh much better much better much better,im gonna say that thats like 8.5,thats my favorite,[Applause],oh colin youre carrying me oh im not,driving me home bud,oh refill this guy,i cant slam it again ill,puke my [ __ ] guts out all right,whats next,watch me throw up oh please please,no thats bad thats thats you need a,straw thats like that its like a five,i dont know dude even if ive rated,these like kind of lower than what they,are but i preferably drink them over,like white claws but like i get i know,how smooth they are were great,exactly were rating these on like what,weve heard from them so were expecting,them to be the best because everyones,been like talking about like theyre the,best like theyre good you know better,than white clothes but like not the,watermelon,oh yeah not the water id really ground,up cat [ __ ] from that come on,how you feel about it,i dont know,definitely better than watermelon thats,all we need here,see i think we have different taste buds,because i like this one,thank you,i like this one,its not bad but its not good um,oh,dude its not bad,so far i think this is the best one ive,tried thats not better than wild cherry,yeah i like this one more id give it,seven or eight seconds,ill give ill give it a six not not as,bad as [ __ ] pepto-bismol but my last,flavor lemon lime hes been hyping this,up for [ __ ] 20 minutes now so 20,minutes youve been here for three hours,come on okay three hours sorry,[Applause],me first yeah never had it,i mean i already had three of these,today i know what it tastes like [ __ ],alcoholics its like its like 8.4 this,is the third best seltzer ive ever had,the only two better ones are the truly,punches [ __ ] red next,besides the truly punch this is the best,seller out there the lemon lime happy,dad i could buy this [ __ ] all [ __ ] no,you cant not hear it,you have to smell it,smells like a sprite,heads in the right direction you set it,its gonna taste like one you believe,you think its good,im not surprised,no actually spider seven up cause those,are two different if you have great,great taste buds you can tell the,difference,just [ __ ] drink it,no im gonna try right here im trying,wait you have to let him review,it yeah i can i can join after you,thats not sprite theres seven thats,not thats not even close to the seventh,or sprite really that is seven,no thats [ __ ] fire its almost like,a lemon water like its a yeah,i dont know what this tastes like you,know those [ __ ] uh lemon lime lemon,salt pack lemon little packets that you,[ __ ] can throw in water and it makes,you water no,all right all right so we should we,should bring them from least the best,person of course,watermelon,lets take,goes right here thats the worst uh,voluntary second we got a taste between,lemon lime and pineapple because,pineapple was good,wait wait we gotta we gotta test a,different way which one takes away the,flavor of titos out of your mouth,quicker,a little shot not full shots,oh this guys drunk too,[Applause],[ __ ] watermelon can eat my whole,[ __ ] get the [ __ ] out of here,pineapple not bad wild cherry,[ __ ] i dont know what happened the,lemon lime,[Applause],pineapple youre all right watermelon,leaves the [ __ ] building no we all,agree watermelon is,[Music],heres a watermelon pineapple,oh god sorry,yeah,would you rather drink this in a while,or oh much more,youd rather drink [ __ ] 12 ounces of,coffee,theres rather more straight for the,tricks of that,this stuff,you should put water in front of it too,im going to drink this [ __ ] vegan,[ __ ],kombucha,maybe,there we go,all right so we picked our favorite,flavors that were gonna shotgun,obviously mine is watermelon whats,yours well cherry baby watermelon okay,im gonna show you guys how you shotgun,so first oh youre a squirter yeah,[ __ ] squirted shot shotty test for,the happy dancer,thats how you this side shotgun,watermelon go,you dont [ __ ] shotgun,now you get a pineapple you start over,i feel better when im not sober they,trying to bring me down gotta stay,focused when i get sad i get that,[Music]

HIGH NOON VS. HAPPY DAD! (Who has the best variety pack?)

today we are comparing the best of the,best seltzers high noon versus happy dad,wow whos got the better variety,interesting before we do this lets give,thanks to our sponsor pride sellers,because i got to tell you when im not,drinking seltzers im a wine guy every,month i get a selection of wines based,on my taste profiles that i created,online brightsellers is going to share,with me some of their,finest wines from around the world,and i get to just taste them its really,good for somebody whos an inexperienced,wine drinker like myself who doesnt,really know what they like versus what,they dont like so for me i put them a,taste profile i get wines that i think,are going to enjoy and then there you,have it you know whats even cooler is,that theyre giving our subscribers 50,off their first six bottle order click,that link below and grab your set we are,doing a head-to-head comparison review,today high new versus happy dad first,flavor up is going to be,watermelon first thing i want to note i,love the size of the happy dad can you,guys a nice shrubber yeah i think its,its its nice at home and i i prefer,this one with cheers smells like,watermelon,okay,all right,very um almost tastes like the sour,patch watermelon,wow come on thats not me close which,one do you like better,high noon,yeah im going to be honest i like the,high new way better i think it uh,really close the happy dad almost tastes,a little too fake,its like a flat,nothing im sorry probably if you didnt,do it side-by-side you might feel,different but next up,pineapple so happy to have pineapple no,hino is probably one of the first,seltzers or vodka clubs that ive ever,had and i was pretty amazed by it,okay,pour some in there,hit me up with that real quick while,its on my tongue still,we dont want it tom,okay,uh,what whats your thoughts theyre,different theyre actually very,different,yeah,theyre different all right so my take,on both of these not good i dont like,either i just dont like either one of,them i dont care okay which one do you,like better neither,you have to pick one no theyre not,better its like which ones worse wow,well i think the difference really is,that this is a vodka club and this is a,malt liquor sometimes you cant tell the,difference so malt liquor is just,fermented sugar,whereas this is actual vodka and club,soda you can taste the malt liquor in,this for the aftertaste um kind of gets,me here well taste leads the way i dont,care how its created or whatevers made,for this yeah well taste leaves away so,theyre both seltzers were tasting them,so im gonna go onion again but its,its sort of like here in here,cherry thats what i like to call it,yeah the color is always,im a guy about the visual right so the,optics of this this has color it sets,some expectation up this one,is clear,oh wow,well this happy dad,smells a lot stronger look i,this is biased because this is my,favorite seltzer out of every seltzer,every flavor is the cherry hiding youre,not beating that i dont think with,anything youve got so yes im going to,go hiding again first happy dance uh,cherry was not bad yeah but this one,rains pretty much its not bad but when,you put them side by side its its its,high noon im crushing these theyre,trying them yeah,now for the last flavor um happy dad has,a lemon lime heinen has a grapefruit so,were going to kind of just compare,these two,[Music],great food i like that so how we compare,lemon lime and grapefruit is completely,opposite theyre not opposite theyre,both very,theyre both citrusy flavors this was a,grapefruit,and that was a lemon lime i like the,happy day,yeah i think so im gonna be honest i,also like to have it out cool im gonna,go,it makes sense happy dad lemon lime over,my new grapefruit but clearly if you,have to buy one of these,can i see whats the price point,difference how much is this oh i dont,know i think this is a little more,expensive because its again this is a,vodka club versus a malt liquor seltzer,yeah i mean its actually interesting we,picked these two this is heavily,sponsored by bar stool this is heavily,sponsored and started by nut boys so,both internet sensations both do a great,job marketing um they actually just came,out with new cans that are resealable,thats it for now,like subscribe show some love,cheers cheers


right guys im sure youve heard of milk,but its a huge youtube channel and they,just created their own hard seltzer,called,happy dad,happy happy happy so these guys are,supposed to be amazing theyre supposed,to have like one carb 100 calories added,electrolytes are supposed to be great,are they as great as white cloud,lets find out,lets get boozing,[Music],all right so these lovely seltzers come,in four delicious flavors we got the,pineapple we got the lemon lime,watermelon and wild cherry now youre,probably wondering why does our boozy,boar this time have a one two and then,it goes to four and five and thats,because here we dont believe in the,number three we dont like it we hate it,we dont use it anymore in fact for now,on well never use the number three,really i just messed up making the thing,and we have to get this video done so,lets freaking begin,[Music],[Music],we are starting with the pineapple and i,like to say i kind of like the branding,its very simplistic with everything,modern you know just getting the name,yeah,they have that like bud light more,american beer it doesnt look like a,seltzer it looks more like a beer yeah,so lets lets try these lets see how,they taste,its actually really light its not like,normal seltzers normal this is super,super light yeah because normal seltzers,have that like super sweet taste and,its like very flavorful this is almost,like a carbonated water yeah like one of,those mineral waters,its exactly what it tastes like 100,and the little tiny bit of flavor in the,background i dont know if i,love it because its like that but i,kind of like it i dont know i think the,burp has more flavor to the pineapple,than the uh,i just really like i almost dont even,feel like im drinking alcohol right now,no not at all it gets really easy to,drink super light super cold and,refreshing,it almost has a little tiny bit of beer,aftertaste do you get that yeah where do,you think we should put this right now,we are gonna rate them so were gonna,see which ones the best you guys know i,think right now we should just put it,like four yeah a four lets do it,a four not a three or four,next flavor next up is the lemon lime,this ones probably gonna be really,light too we had the white claw lemon,lime and i loved it,i think this is way better this is by,far way better than the pineapple um,and this this is this is up there with,the white claw the white claw is sweeter,like i almost feel cause the thing is,well go well well have some drinks,like some seltzers and stuff i always,feel i dont know how they say,electrolyze and everything but i always,feel like the next day i always,have a huge hangover and i feel like,this wouldnt give me a hangover right,this is way more it feels cleaner it,doesnt i dont i dont taste like even,any sweetness really its very light i,think its better than white claw to be,honest,yeah i dont know it depends what you,like if you like a really strong like,sweet like more intense flavor youre,gonna like white claw more but this is,really good actually im really liking,it the cans are even look like a beer,can they dont even look like a seltzer,and the lemon lime has a lot more taste,than the pineapple did you can really,get that i think it has a lot more lime,at the end you really get the taste of,the fruit but you dont have like that,sweetness of the fruit its like they i,feel like theres no sugar in this at,all,yeah well right one gram and it shows,and thats probably literally real sugar,like its not an artificial sweetener,right now for me this is number one for,sure this is really good,i really like this one,number one,lets do the next flavor,next up is the wild cherry i like me,some wild cherry white clotting is,really good,i dont im the opposite anything like,that dark cherry wild cherry smell this,black cherry smells very strong and it,smells like black cherry yeah very,strong,i dont like it that much personally do,you like it no because its really no,well i dont really like the black,cherry and this is the flavor i mean if,you like it the stark cherry black,cherry,wild cherry,its very,you can taste it in here its,significantly different than the white,cloth flavor too of the black cherry,white cloth black cherry doesnt taste,like black cherry it tastes like a sweet,cherry kind of this,it hits you right away it goes right in,your face you get the black cherry and,then it kind of just smooths down with,like the carbonated water the flavor,profile on all these is,intense so far well besides the,pineapple its intense but its not,intense,its intense or right away and then it,fades right away right and then its,just its gone its super clean,its almost like when youre smelling,something like if you like you ever like,you know i mean like on a food and then,like you can get the initial like taste,of it but then it kind of just,[Music],depicts,me,just,how do you say it i have no idea,[Music],precipitates holy guys all right,um i would um i need to take some,pineapple one more time,[Music],i like to pineapple more i think we,should put that at number five yeah its,uh its very strong yeah okay cherry,goes number five and im not saying its,not good if you guys like cherry youll,probably love it lets do the next,flavor all right guys the last flavor is,the watermelon and white claw just,barely came out with their white claw,flavor or their watermelon flavor ive,only had a couple of this and im like,turning up anyway and i dont really,like it i dont really like the white,claw watermelon i dont think its very,good but lets see it doesnt smell like,watermelon,no it has no it has no no scent,[Music],thats kind of ass,it doesnt taste like anything,this one tastes like,artificial sweetener,a little bit a little hint of artificial,sweetener,and thats it i dont taste watermelon,well the thing about it is watermelon in,essence is kind of like a,dull very dull flavor,the aftertaste almost tastes like a very,diluted ethanol,like vodka,no,yeah um,i dont i dont like this i dont think,it would be sucks this is not good its,terrible,um sorry happy dad this one doesnt make,me very happy the rest are good though,the lime yeah the lime is the best for,sure pineapple i mean its pretty good,cherry cherry probably if you,love pineapple and cherry equally youd,probably like the cherry more it is a,little bit more flavorful watermelon,sucks watermelons not good,the white clot watermelon wasnt good,either so in conclusion is white claw,better than happy dad i dont know man,its up to you what do you guys think,leave it down in the comments below make,sure you guys hit the subscribe button,it helps me a ton it helps me a lot,dont you want me to be successful,because i want you guys to be successful,so please hit the damn button,thank you im done with my rant and,remember stay busy,happy dad,will it be though,happy dad,[Music],sad happy dad,happy dad,[Music]

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