1. 2022 Harley-Davidson Pan America Special First Ride Review!
  2. 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America First Ride Review
  3. Review nhanh Harley Davidson Pan America – 1250cc, phuộc tự hạ lùn, máy nóng hơn cái lò lửa nữa á
  4. 5K review of 2022 Harley Davidson Pan America.
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  6. 2022 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special | Daily Rider
  7. 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Review

2022 Harley-Davidson Pan America Special First Ride Review!

a massive thanks to squarespace for,sponsoring todays video welcome back to,another moto bob video and you join me,in spain again for,what is it,a harley davidson were here riding some,of the 2022 models and this morning ive,just been out on the pan america you see,its not the first time ive ridden it i,borrowed one from a dealer last year i,had a press bike for a couple of weeks,but yeah ive never really got around to,wrapping up my full thoughts so today,seems like a good time to do it so in,this video ill go through all the,details and tell you exactly what i,think of it,[Music],now one of the standout features for me,of this bike is the engine its the,1250cc variant of the revolution max v,twin thoroughly modern its liquid,cooled its got variable valve timing on,the intake and exhaust valves on this,version and its far happier higher in,the revs than what youd normally expect,from a harley v twin as such peak,powers pretty good peak torque is also,pretty strong and really it feels a lot,smoother and more refined and much more,similar to something like a ktmv twin or,a ducati than it does a big talky beast,like the milwaukee 8. for me it performs,very nicely in pretty much all the,scenarios youd expect to use a large,capacity adventure bike weve done a,little bit of off-roading this morning,ive done some back in the uk as well,and downloading the revs theres plenty,of guts plenty of grunt and so its,perfectly fit for purpose on gravel,trails and that sort of thing touring,motorway work commuting are also highly,likely on this style of bike and last,year when i had a press bike i took it,down to lansen from the bristol area,where i live you know its a few hundred,miles round trip and it was absolutely,spot on firm motorway riding nice and,smooth plenty of power for overtaking,and youve got cruise control as well,and also as impressed with the fuel,economy youve got a nice big tank and i,found that if you ride steady and in a,sort of reserve manner then you can hit,the quoted fuel consumption figures from,harley and that will give you a very,competitive range figure normally,manufacturers are a little bit,optimistic with that sort of stuff but,ive found the harley figures to be,pretty accurate as long as you can keep,your throttle wrist under control when,you do get to some twisties and youre,off the motorway you also want a big,adventure bike to put a big grin on your,face and it has enough power to do that,and its not the most powerful large,capacity adventure bike on the market,youve got the multistrada v4 or the ktm,1290 but for me theres plenty there it,really does fly when you open it up and,so personally id be perfectly happy,with this bikes power output if you,watch my harley nightstand review which,i shot yesterday you might remember i,said that the 975 cc variant of the,revolution max feels a little bit choppy,on the throttle especially in sport mode,and its a little laggy and then it sort,of jumps in and jolts and im not sure,what the technical cause of it is i mean,youve got different throttle and engine,maps on this bike it is a different,engine but i found this bike to be much,better it feels smoother i felt more,connected with the engine and all round,its a perfectly pleasant bike to ride,from an engine perspective with regards,to handling you cant get away from the,fact that it is a big adventure bike,its never gonna feel as nimble and,agile as some of the middleweights but,as long as youre happy with that its a,very nice bike to ride both on road and,off in terms of the frame the engine,acts as a stress member so youve just,got a front frame bolted to it the,subframe and the swing arm bolt directly,to the back of the engine this should,help to keep the weight down a bit and,also help with the chassis stiffness and,then youve got two models so the,standard model and the s one comes with,regular mechanically adjustable,suspension the s gets the electronically,adjustable stuff theres a few different,damping modes so you can go for,something quite comfortable and cushy,for straight line cruising but then at,the push of a button you can firm things,up for a more sporty ride braking,hardware comes from brembo theres a,pair of radially mounted four part,calipers at the front you also get a,brembo radial master cylinder and the,initial bite on this bike is not too,aggressive i found something like the,new tiger 1200 to have a much more,immediate bike on the front brake and i,think that makes this a little more,approachable off-road where you might be,a bit hesitant to you know lock the,front end up there is plenty of power,though as you get through the stroke of,the lever and then in terms of wheels,weve got cast aluminium as standard but,theres a tubeless spokes wheel set for,off-roading in the accessory catalog you,know they say that the spokes are more,resilient and repairable off-road but,youd have to be going pretty hard to,damage the wheels and i think,realistically most people are gonna buy,the spokes for looks either way youve,got a 19-incher at the front so a little,bit more off-road ability a 17 at the,rear and that should give you a really,good choice of tires be that for the,road or off-road as standard it comes,with these scorcher adventure tires,which harley say are developed,specifically for them in partnership,with michelin and yeah ive ridden them,on the road in the dry theyre pretty,decent we rode them in the wet today on,road and they were fine as well and then,weve also done a bit of like gravel,work and again they do the job i think,if youre gonna do anything a little bit,more challenging or muddy youre gonna,want something a bit more blocky but,yeah decent versatile stock tires that,suit the bike perfectly well now,certainly a big adventure bike like this,has to be comfortable for all that sort,of touring and distance work and i feel,like this bike comes up pretty strong in,this department you do sort of feel like,youre sat on it rather than in it the,tank is pretty low so is the tft dash,but actually the wind protection is,really quite good youve got an,adjustable screen that you can do with a,single hand i wouldnt say its the best,mechanism ive ever tried but its,decent enough and you actually get good,coverage when its up high the hand,guards also do a decent job of keeping a,little bit of that stinging chill off,your knuckles and then its a fairly,wide bike at the tank so although your,shins might get wet youre generally not,too bad on your body its got a nice,typical adventure bike handlebar,position nice and wide and commanding a,pretty neutral foot peg position they do,have removable rubbers so they take a,little bit of the vibes out of it on the,motorway but also if you want them to be,more grippy you can pop those out and,then take it off road but yeah one of my,favorite features is the saddle its got,that real squishiness that you tend to,find on some of the big adventure bikes,like the gs now personally i dont mind,the sort of firmer seats that you,typically get on the middleweights but i,definitely know from the comments on my,videos that a lot of people much prefer,something squishy and padded and,cushioned this definitely does the job,and its adjustable between two seat,heights but fear not even if you think,that the low setting is still going to,be a bit of a reach to the floor because,the models with the electronic,suspension get their adaptive ride,height effectively this just lowers the,shock as you roll up to a stop and it,makes it just that little bit easier to,reach the floor its quite cool because,its got a few different settings so you,can make it drop quite quickly or you,can make it lower a little more gently,and slower and theres even the option,to lock the ride height in either the,high or low setting so yeah you could,switch it off and leave it in the high,setting if youre a taller rider who,doesnt really need that sort of help,but also if youre riding in town and,you are a bit short in th

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America First Ride Review

spurgeon here with revzilla and today,im in mojave california for the first,ride review,of the all-new harley-davidson pan,america,[Music],so lets take a second and just,appreciate the significance of,harley-davidson creating,an adventure bike they really havent,created a non-cruiser since well,before i was born and really what youre,going to see are two different versions,of it theres a standard version and,then theres the special which is in,front of me right now,and this gets all the extra add-ons,crash bars skid plates olean steering,damper,theres a ton of things on this but the,main real upgrade is the electronic,suspension and all that that it brings,with it which well discuss,a little bit further in the video,[Applause],both bikes at the core is going to have,the 1250cc,revolution max engine this is going to,be an all-new liquid cool,dual overhead cam engine from,harley-davidson variable valve timing,and really one of the things that,excites me most about this is the fact,that its got hydraulic valve lash,adjusters so you,never have to adjust the valves now,harleys claiming about 150 horsepower,and about,94 foot pounds of torque give or take so,really thats going to put this right,smack dab in the middle of something,like a bmw,r1250 gs and a ktm 1290 adventure,so lets see how good the engine is out,on the screen,[Music],[Applause],so i am currently on the pan america,special and,just so youre aware there is no,differences with the engine or the ride,modes,between the two bikes so pretty much,everything were gonna talk about here,is the same regardless of which model,youre on now what i will say is that,this engine did surprise me,it is not what i was expecting from,harley-davidson you know you can lug it,down well you can get down like 2000 rpm,but it really doesnt like being down,there,uh it much prefers to cruise around,three to five thousand rpm,and then once you get over 5000 rpm is,when the engine really wants to uh,to start waking up so its definitely,much more of a river,than i was expecting and its definitely,much more of a river than i think the,average harley davidson audience,is going to be familiar with,now the engine is paired with a,six-speed gearbox and the main,difference here,is that its not that typical harley,gearbox with a really distinct,clunk its much more modern in its feel,and its actuation so really smooth,shifting,there is no quick shifter available and,when we asked harley davidson about that,um they basically were they said where,they were going to comment on future,products so,as of right now no quick shifter for the,transmission,the engine is controlled with five,different ride modes and then,you are gonna have one programmable mode,that you can use to program something on,the regular standard version,and then the special is going to have,three different slots for programmable,modes,thats going to control things like lean,angle sensitive abs,as well as traction control there is a,six axis imu on this bike very,sophisticated,the other thing thats going to feel a,bit different with the brakes on this is,that its a linked braking system so the,harder you pull down the front lever,it applies rear braking as well you are,able to turn that off and disable it,when youre riding off-road so i spent,most of the day on the street in sport,mode,sport mode means that im going to have,minimal traction control a slightly more,aggressive throttle,and then youre going to have a pretty,firm setup from the damping from the,suspension,the pan america special gets a,semi-active suspension from showa and,thats both front and back,now what semi-active means in this,particular case is that the damping is,set,based on the ride mode that youre in,but then the preload is constantly,adjusting to give you 30,sag of the 7.5 inches of travel,that this bike has but really the most,innovative thing that weve seen,harley-davidson do with this electronic,suspension,is the introduction of adaptive ride,height control for about a thousand,dollars extra,added on to the pan america special only,really what this does is,as you come to a stop the bike,automatically lowers itself and then,when you take off again,it raises back up so depending on your,rider weight itll lower the bike,roughly about an inch or two as you come,to a stop if you come to a quick stop it,lowers it really quickly if you come to,a slow stop it slowly gradually,lowers out then if you accelerate away,it loads that preload back in,really the story here is that if you,pair that with the accessory,low seat youre looking at a seat height,thats pretty much,under 30 inches which is really,impressive it makes it,you know off the top of my head,knowledge the most approachable,adventure bike out there,for shorter riders and you dont,sacrifice on any of the other bells and,whistles it comes with the electronic,suspension,and all the goodies that that entails on,the on the special version,what i will say is that the handling on,the road has been neutral handling right,it doesnt fall into a corner too,quickly,um you dont have to muscle it too much,you just kind of give a little bit of,push in the handlebar,and it holds the line really well so,ive been enjoying this quite a bit on,the street,well see how it does off-road,[Applause],[Music],[Music],so while i enjoyed the adaptive ride,height control for street riding,for off-road i locked it in the tallest,position,and then i also went ahead and i put on,the tall seat to try that out so it gave,me a seat height of just shy of 34,inches,and then i used off-road plus riding,mode off-road plus mode is going to,minimize traction control to its,absolute lowest setting its going to,disable abs at the rear wheel,and then its going to also disable the,linked braking feature with this now,in addition to that youre also going to,get a softer throttle response,so its not quite as twitchy off-road,and then youre also going to have a,softer damping setting with the,suspension,so the question on everybodys mind is,how good is the pan america,off-road the one thing i really like,about the pan america,is that its much more approachable,off-road its a lot easier to ride for,somebody just starting out its a very,forgiving motorcycle as long as youre,keeping the pace down,playing with the suspension settings i,originally had it set to the softer,damping setting,and the firm is actually better whether,youre going slower fast,most people are gonna be most,comfortable around id say 35 miles an,hour with this thing off-road,you know were in some deeper,straightaway stuff right now ive,been able to get up to about 50. after,that it does start to,lose a little bit of confidence so its,definitely one of those bikes where,its better and more approachable and,more comfortable you know at slower,speeds but as you begin,to really turn up the volume it does,begin,get a little squirrely on you the other,part is too is the ground clearance,theres just not enough i cant tell you,how many times ive scraped the,skid plate already and then the other,part of that too,is just the overall ergonomics i think,for a taller rider,i definitely would go with the tall seat,but even then,you know i have adaptive ride height,turned off right now and i can get my,feet firmly on the ground,the one thing i will say is that uh,you know theres a lot of heat coming,off the engine out here now were in the,desert so,ill give a little bit of a pass but im,guessing you know even if i was riding,this back,in pennsylvania thered be a lot of heat,coming off my feet,now that being said out of the big,adventure bikes that ive ridden,this is easily the most approachable uh,for off-road riding um i think theres,gonna be a lot of people out there,that are pretty happy with this bike you,know as long as you dont turn up the,pace,too much so the standard pan america,comes in around 17,000 well just shy of 17 500,the pan america special comes in right,around 20 grand and the bikes as we rode,them with the cross b

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Review nhanh Harley Davidson Pan America – 1250cc, phuộc tự hạ lùn, máy nóng hơn cái lò lửa nữa á

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5K review of 2022 Harley Davidson Pan America.

hey everybody this is Pete uh welcome,back to the channel if youre a first,time visitor thanks for stopping by what,were going to be talking about in this,video is my 2022 Pan America special,it has 5 000 miles on it I just did my,own 5 000 mile service,one of the things that uh super easy to,do and I think everybody should do it,but what were going to do is just a,little walk around of all the things,that Ive done to my bike,to,make it where I want it because Im,planning to take this bike on a trip,next year to Alaska with a buddy of mine,so what were going to do is kind of,start at the front,work my way back of what Ive done,personally to it and some things I would,like to see added in the future for,Harley-Davidson so in the front you,probably notice I am running the,knobbies thats because I live in,Florida and theres a lot of sand,I have,put on the skid plate,this is the Harley skid plate works well,Ive also done the guard up here now as,were sitting at the front and one of,the things Id like to see Harley,Davidson do is have a longer front,fender on this bike because this as you,guys know its just too short and it,shoots up mud and everything here I also,have the tortec I havent put them on,yet the fender relocator brings it up a,little bit because a lot of people have,been having their fenders ripped off,their bikes because mud and everything,gets caught in there and it rips off and,your brake lines are very susceptible,because theyre all right there on top,Ive also added the front,um,guard to the headlight protection,nothing major that was an Amazon,purchase,the cockpit what Ive done on the,cockpit is fairly nice now lets put up,a picture here of the cockpit is I have,done the Garmin,above the TFT display with the Luma,Cycles,Mount which is fantastic cant recommend,it enough I guess like a hundred and,something bucks so its well worth it,takes you 45 minutes maybe to put it in,you know if youre got any kind of,mechanical skills you can do it easy,Ive also done the quad Mount and you,know quad lock with the adjustable,charging head or the wireless charging,excuse me with the vibration dampener,and all that and a lot of people have,taken up you might have seen some other,people that have changed to this design,my friend Jerry saw my bike at uh vam 22,and he really liked it and he switched,all of his stuff over to pretty much,similar setup,um my next thing though will be the hand,guards these are garbage and probably,different mirrors because I smack them,all the time because I do ride this bike,like its supposed to I fall off it a,lot pretty much every time Im on the uh,on the dirt because Im still learning,now of course I have a tank bag this is,the Harley tank bag which is a great bag,its got plenty of volume only thing I,dislike about it is not waterproof and,for the price,thats a a little bit,too much for me also on the front Ive,put a USB charging block that Ive run,back underneath the seat here,that runs with the,uh,uh it plugs into the gerbing heated grip,stuff so our heated gear things and Ive,run those and hardwired it all in so,when the bike clicks on,everything turns on so my GPS and my,charging block are all run off the,switch so theyre not run off the,battery directly but I did on this side,under here and Ill show a picture of,that,now is,I put an extra,pigtail for a,battery tender runs straight to the,battery because on the Pan America I,dont know about other Harley-Davidsons,because its the only Harley-Davidson,Ive ever owned is the,you cant run anything off your,Factory pigtail,so you I ran up one so I could or you,can charge stuff while youre going and,I can run you know other things I have,the Ive gone with the Moscow Moto stuff,and Ill do a different review on that,but this is the 40 liter duffel and Ive,done the offset this is a 25 and a 35 on,the other side and Ill do a different,review on this stuff this stuff is,fantastic yes its expensive but it can,take a whipping,um so I have the Harley-Davidson top,case here because I wanted something,that does lock and Id already had the,bracket ordered and it showed up so I,was like what the heck but these are the,nice cases so they just slide on and off,these mounting brackets here which are,great,um,lock right on these are these are the,Harley side case Panera X so I also have,the muffler guard on it because as I do,fall over,I have the uh brake,Reservoir,protection on it Id like to do a steel,braided here if somebody sells one Ill,probably end up changing that to a steel,Brady because that rubber hose just one,thing is toast when I did I have the A1C,um,cycle,is it two inches up one inch back or,something like that the bar raisers,risers so theyre really nice and they,also sell these which are aluminum,instead of the plastic kick plates that,you come factory on the bike,Ive also put the quick shifter on it,the quick shifter is just absolutely,amazing,it has really helped the bike out its,taken me a while to get everything set,up the way I want it where the,handlebars are at and I had to roll my,controls forward a little bit and thats,just personal preference on what you,want to do with the bike now,lets get into the meat and potatoes of,why I bought this bike I bought this,bike because,I want to use this bike to go on a trip,to Alaska thats why I bought it,this bike is,new for Harley-Davidson especially,but Eileen waited till the 22 came out,so they could work out some of the bugs,and theres a few things left that I,would like to see Harley address but,ones offender,the,piping is kind of stupid on the radiator,my biggest gripe though is a freaking,kickstand the Jiffy stand on this,motorcycle is absolute rubbish,period it should not be on this bike,if you guys know like you can do an,elephant turn where you put the bike on,the side stand and you can turn it on,the side stand I would never trust this,bike on the side stand doing that,because its like the tip of a Harley,one where you put the kickstand down and,as it takes load it swings out and,thats just really frustrating because,on this bike you want a solid piece of,metal that is hooked up properly to the,motorcycle that needs to be addressed,that would be my biggest thing for them,to actually change would be to retrofit,that on the 23s and above,what I love about this bike its got,plenty of power it does good off-road it,helps me out because it has enough,riding modes for me to,get in there and do what I need to do,the other things I like to do on it are,um,other things I do like its very,comfortable I did a 2000 mile trip and,theres another video on that like how,it kind of handled that it did great I,had no problems with it the stock seat,is comfortable enough for me to do you,know five six hundred miles a day you,know if I had to wouldnt want to do,much more than that though,um having the heated grips is nice,and its just ride well I havent had,any problems with mine so theres I know,that if you go to the forest people are,like oh this bike is terrible blah blah,blah I know a lot of people that have,this bike and havent had a single,problem with them theres people 17 20,000 miles I havent had any problems,except minor stuff that youre going to,have,um I think my fuel pump is going Ill,preface that though,with it,but I think shes going to get me up to,Alaska without a problem you know I mean,if it doesnt then well uh well break,down,the other things uh we could definitely,see Harley doing is when they do redo,the kickstand you cant put the side,stand up with the center stand down so,Id like to see them change that if they,would,um also up here on your instrument,clusters they could really be lit,theyre not lit and you know you ride a,lot at night and or in the dark and in,the shadows itd be nice if these lit up,because sometimes youre fiddling around,and I my muscle memory is getting there,but when you have two other bikes you,kind of like when you go between this,kind of would be nice to be able to see,the other thing I wo

Pan America S One year/25,000 mile review

well its been one year and 25 000 miles,with the beast here,been quite an eventful year,right now,a bunch of iron butt certifications,read a bunch of,iron butt extreme certifications,then the iron bud,rally could have done better on that one,[Applause],pretty much turned into my everyday,daily driver commuting back and forth to,work running down to the bank zipping,around orlando stuff like that,into,five oil changes,need a new set of breaks but you know,like everything else saying in stock,i just put on my fourth set of tires,put some stuff on the bike took some,stuff off the bike,i think i got a pretty good feel of this,thing,now the big question is of course after,that much time,that many miles what do i think of it,i think i wasted my money do i have,regrets,im glad i bought it,mostly i think this is the best bike i,ever owned,i love it,is it perfect no,but these things run,thing runs great,got to the point where i can depend on,it now even though it does some weird,stuff from time to time,but it does everything i needed to,pretty much when i needed to,about all you can ask for a bike,[Applause],ill start off first but,one of the things i like about this bike,bill,absolutely love the power of this thing,engine is,awesome,this is a solid engine,got a feeling its going to be around,for a while,theyve had some hiccups and problems in,productions a few people have had to,have them replaced and things like that,but fortunately,i have any trouble with mine and,these motors are running good they run,smooth,wide,wide power band,amazing,pretty much from 3000 to as high as you,want it,gas mileage is actually fairly decent on,this thing,five and a half gallon tank i usually,get somewhere around 240 miles a,tank full or so,cant complain about that in the,slightest,the electronics are good,whereas the dash the information,all kinds of interest and stuff there,now one other thing i absolutely love,about this bike,is the handling,handling on this bike is more like a,sport tour than a sport adventure bike,thing,goes where you think you need to go,instantly without a problem,i can honestly say,that,in leg one of the iron butt rally the,very first night,the handling of this bike,saved my life,i aint really talked about it before,but i almost got hit head-on by a car,that was going down wrong way down the,interstate and if it wasnt for this,bike,instantly snapping where i thought i,needed to go especially when the guy,swerved at me,i wouldnt be here,if ive been on the crossbones ive been,on that bmw 800,anything else except maybe the sporty,after i had it modified for racing,i wouldnt have been able to get out of,the way,this bike right here saved my life that,night,is this bike perfect,of course not no bikes perfect,all machines are compromises,all motorcycles are an even bigger,compromise because you dont have enough,wheels,and not all of them adventure bikes got,to be about the,biggest compromise there is because its,kind of trying to do everything,this is the first time harley tries,something like this,the wallet may not be perfect,i think they get,quite an outstanding job of it,now there are some problems,some of them are just problems,that all adventure bikes share and some,of them problems that are unique to this,thing,some of the really irritating stuff like,itd be an incredibly top-heavy,thats just an adventure bike thing,it kind of made me mad because i had so,much trouble with it out into the hobby,but,i would have had just as much trouble,with that,bmw out there,maybe not so much with the sportster and,crossbones was almost like a weeble,waffle it would almost stood up on its,own,personally i think the gas tank,its good for everyday use but what i,would have liked to seen harley do is,something kind of like what bmw does,where they have their gs and their gsa,id like to see harley have,like maybe a panamerica,sa,have a either a bigger gas tank out here,or maybe did something with the air box,that takes up like whole center section,of this gas tank,maybe get it up to six or seven gallons,or something like that that would have,been a little bit nicer to be,would have made it a little more top,heavy but you dont get something for,nothing,some people arent going to like it,because it dont sound like a harley,well,it is what it is,dont bother me in the slightest im,more interested how the bike runs and,how it sounds,what dont i like about this thing,biggest thing,i have an issue with this bike on,is parts,straight out,last year the way everything was all,messed up sure ill give them a pass,ive had the front fender and some of,the front wiring components on back,order now for 10 months,with absolutely,no idea,when theyre going to be ready when,theyre going to be available or,anything like that,the year after i broke the front fender,and messed up some of the front wiring,in the,iron butt rally,im going to be taking it out with the,same broke fender and the same messed up,wiring to the hokey egg,and the way things are going,i might wind up running the arm rally,with the broken parts next year that i,broke in the,arm butt rally last year,yeah,i understand that theres issues and,problems and stuff but you know were,talking about a front fender here that,aint high tech,you know some of it i just got fed up,with,you see i aint running harley panniers,on there,ill get around to doing a video as soon,as i got the time on what they are and,how i like them,but,pretty much after half a year them being,back ordered and,me searching around and seeing that,theres,dealers that are sitting on them down in,miami that have them but no bike to put,them on,you know i said forget it i dumped those,and i got me a set of the uh,fill in the heroes,i like them but like i said ill do,another video about those later,pcm updates,its been more of an irritation than a,problem,they fixed some of the early problems,they had like,pushing the button its not starting and,not being able to do anything about it,for 10 minutes then it would start right,up things like that,but theyve had a little bit of problems,with their updates it seems like,ive,got everything running no longer have,the problem with the no starts but,i seem to have lost power to the usb,again and the heated grips dont,work as heated grips anymore and all,that happened after the last,last update,it just seems like,theyre addressing the big problems but,then they create little problems and,then they have to go back and address,those too,its a rough learning curve theyre not,used to dealing with the bike like this,but,it it falls under the category its,irritating but i can deal with it,um,the side stand is still irritating ive,come close to dropping it a couple of,more times even though im completely,aware of it but,thats just the nature of it,i dont know if ill ever get completely,used to it or im just going to get,really good at picking it up off the,left side,now one thing you may have noticed right,here,i went ahead and,added those rubber knee pads,on the way back from the missouri rally,i had a,real,hairy emergency stop in a construction,zone,yet another one of the,workers wandered right out into traffic,selling staring at his uh,cell phone,i think he realized how close to uh,getting killed he was,you know not when i slammed on my brakes,and managed to swerve but when the semi,that was behind me tailgating way too,close for a construction zone,slammed on his brakes and was doing all,the skipping and hopping and stuff and,he looked up and he saw it come to a,screeching halt,probably,less than 20 feet away from them,but,when i slammed on my brakes like that i,wound up riding the uh the tank bed even,though i was gripping it about as tight,as i could so,i decided these would give me a little,bit better grip the next time itll,happen and im saying the next time,itll happen because thats about time,number six a construction worker that,hadnt been uh,looking where hes going has walked,straight down into traffic either in,front o

2022 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special | Daily Rider

good day everybody zag courts here with,revzilla and welcome to another episode,of daily rider where we learn about,motorcycles as we ride,guest today is harley davidsons pan,america 1250. so this is a motorcycle,that 10 years ago heck even five years,ago you might be hard-pressed to believe,it would ever even exist and now its,made a big splash in the adv pool,that being said you might be wondering,how does it handle the daily ride well,im wondering too so lets get to it,all right everybody,here it is,pan am 1250. well start with the engine,as we often do,1252 cc,liquid cooled v-twin,very modern very uh actually involves,some technology that no other bikes have,hydraulic valve,lash adjusters did i even say that right,im not sure the point is you never have,to adjust the valves ever which i think,two strokes and electric bikes you know,bikes,that can claim that um which is pretty,cool anyway well talk more about the,engine when were riding obviously um,well high-end componentry nice stuff uh,brembo,calipers up front here uh steel braided,lines,um this is the regulator rectifier and,actually the battery is right there as,well some people asked in the pictures,on instagrams what uh the heck was going,on down here so,thats what that is um this bikes got,the cast uh wheels on it,but you can get uh,crossbow tubeless,um,wire spoke uh wheels i add a little bit,of weight though i think to add 14,pounds to the bike if spurgeons article,has stuck in my mind,at all um lets see what else yeah i,mean uh a harley-davidson designed to go,down a dirt road,like i said not long ago who to thunk it,um big old led headlight here uh this is,the lean angle light,so when you lean this way these lights,over here illuminate and they cast,beam out that way,if i forget to talk about it it works,pretty well,yeah i think thats uh thats just about,it we got basic,structure here um lets fire up,this bad milberg,little bright tft which is nice,there we go,um i should mention this is the 1250,special as it said in the link on,youtube that you clicked on spurgeon has,more details in his article which he,wrote,um i think the link is in the,description of this video but basically,what that means is you get uh you get,crash guards you get uh the hand guards,you get a tire pressure monitoring,system you get this olins steering,damper um,some other stuff too uh most notably uh,electronic,suspension that well talk more about,because its very uh kind of complex and,interesting and uh starts at 20 000,anyway,lets get to riding shall we,i think its time,yes sir,all right we should cover some specs,as we often do,in the beginning of a ride,as i said msrp starts at,20 000 usually by the time you get one,decked out it was like 22,000 something like that,um which is a lot of money no question,but uh but seems fair within the scope,of the adv world i feel like anyway,well talk about that later,the 1252 cc liquid cooled v twin in the,panamerica here,uh cranks out a claimed 150 horsepower,and i believe 94 foot pounds of torque,so it is a pretty burly mill,faux show,and the fuel tank,um,holds,5.6 gallons,of gasoline and when its full oh gosh i,forgot to wait,fives,oh man it was 586 for the one we had,last year that had the spoke wheels this,bike,570 something im putting it on the,screen,uh,yeah,you know its a full-size adventure bike,this is the way the gun these days the,bikes are big and fast,um what else oh yeah seat height uh it,is adjustable i believe in the low,position,it comes in at 32.75,inches,if memory serves,and,yeah it feels feels fairly low well,talk a little bit more about the,self-lowering suspension and stuff like,that a little bit later but um,but in general surprisingly approachable,for,how big some of the other numbers are,like i said horsepower and weight and,stuff like that,so i have the seat in the low position,at least i think i do,and its very comfortable,um as is tradition in the adventure,class these days as well,um,big wide handlebar way out in front,feels nice and commanding the seats,cushy,my feet are right under my,thighs kind of its,just a great place to sit i gotta say,all right were gonna merge with traffic,here,and just like that were on the open,road i actually got a lot of questions,on instagram about whether or not this,is a good sport touring bike,which i thought was a little surprising,i guess just i would have thought that,even,uh though its a relatively new bike in,the motorcycling universe it would have,built a reputation by now being,a pretty good adventure bike and,adventure bikes are typically pretty,good at sport touring,more to the point yes,its very good at this kind of thing im,going to put the windshield up which,works with kind of a cool little trigger,system where you pull a little trigger,and,just a little thingamajig i like to go,one notch from all the way up because,then it tips the screen forward a little,bit and provides a little bit better,wind protection for me,but in general,really good like the adjustable,windscreen system pretty well,and even at six foot two i find the wind,protection is surprisingly good for a,stock bike a lot of times,its just,not great for someone my size but,the pan am is uh pretty darn good,and as for the other aspects of the bike,for sport touring that is its just,fantastic the engine is nice and smooth,you can see were going 70 miles an hour,just over 4000 rpm its just purring,along no no undue pressure on any points,in my body the seat is,really really good,and uh yeah you can get stuff like,heated grips which i can do oops i just,changed the ride mode thats my bed uh,not time to do ride mode yet zach,here it is the ketograms over here,there we go uh and you can see,the temperature is 64 degrees,so you might be wondering why im,turning on the heat grips i dont know,because im spoiled,one thing i will say about the heated,grips uh any heated grips are great,heated grips dont get me wrong but,uh,im its like i said mid 60s here and i,turned the heater grips on to full blast,and theyre not super strong i,i think,i think level three on heated grips on a,60-something degree day should,absolutely you should have to turn them,down you should be like no way man they,cant do that they should just cook your,hands because if youre riding when its,35 or 40 youre going to want a lot of,heat,but you know like i said yeah,no sense in biting the hand that feeds,you when it comes to keeping your hands,warm,the uh,pan america does have cruise control,which i believe is up here there we go,turn it on and,set pull down to set there we go yeah,were cruising pretty good system yeah,not bad my only complaint i have is that,the not a lot of tactile feel in the in,the buttons so like im pulling back on,the speed,or the um,yeah the speed toggle to,drop some miles per hour,and,normally with motorcycle switches as you,know its nice to get like a little,click or something when,you,you know like when you push on a blinker,switch or something like that so you can,feel that youve,done the thing youre trying to do and,theyre theyre theyre a little rubbery,the switches,this is sort of like the heated grips,like i wish they got hotter but,im thankful that its there at all same,thing with the cruise control the,buttons arent great but,im glad theres cruise control always,as for fuel mileage,you guys i forgot that one also im so,sorry i ive had a heck of a week,im not making excuses but theres stuff,falling out of my brain and i,i cant remember someone put that on,screen too,anywho,ill tell you that these mirrors are,great i like them,theyre they get a touch buzzy at,certain rpms but in general theyre just,great,but i like the structure i like the,shape,theyre usually very smooth its,the theyre in a good spot,very good,gold star to harley davidson for the,mirrors,all right trundle in the neighborhood,here im going to put the windscreen,down,and were going to get ready for our,stop sign challenge here,crack the knuckles,loosen up the wrists here,ther

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Review

[Applause],[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],hey guys ryan adams from motorcycle.com,here with,one of the most anticipated bikes that,ive probably had the chance to ride,in all of my motor journalism career and,its the harley davidson pan america,so today we traded in the black leather,for full,moto boots and rally gear and had a two,days,to go check out everything this bike has,to offer as far as street performance,off-road performance and just really get,an idea of,what this all-new platform is that,harley-davidson just brought to market,and to put it short its a really,stunning bike it has definitely has a,place among the other big adventure,bikes,there are some standout features that,make it even more compelling,for new adventure riders or adventure,riders in general,but yeah lets get into it,[Music],[Music],i think the thing that surprised me the,most when i jumped on this bike on the,first day of riding was the motor,you know it doesnt have that real low,end torque,that the you know your typical harley,has right off close throttle thats just,really pulls the bike forward but as,soon as it spools up past,like three grand this thing takes off,and its such a performance oriented,bike,and of course you have a lot of,technology to kind of tailor the motors,characteristics,but it was just a pretty stunning,uh realization as soon as we took off so,harley davidson really did a a great job,with r d,and the motor i hope they put it into,some other platforms maybe you know,maybe a naked bike who knows,down the road the heart of this machine,has definitely,elevated my whole experience with it,everything built around it,the chassis the suspension ended up,handling much better than i thought it,would too,you know i dont want to say that i you,know had my doubts but its a harley,davidson and jumping into a very,competitive market with some really high,performing machines,and theyre im not going to get into,all the details of this bike and all the,details of the new engine here,weve got the article on motorcycle.com,for that and that will have,every all of the technical,specifications about the new motor and,everything else,but i think some of the standout,features that make this motorcycle,different from other bikes on the market,are going to be,the hydraulic valves so youre never,going to have to do a valve adjustment,it automatically adjusts for you,and then also the ride height adapt so,when you come to a stop,the semi-active suspension will lower,the bike and for so many with adventure,bikes,thats really a barrier to entry theyre,so tall you know if were talking about,a ktm its like 35,inches and and you know you can kind of,just go up and down from there but,the fact that this bike has that feature,its going to make it appeal,i think to a really broad audience whos,always been interested in adventure,bikes is like i can never deal with the,35 inch seat height,and with this bike with its standard,seat its 31.1,inches in the low position and then you,can actually get a lower seat which,drops,that down another inch and if youre,taller you can get a taller,accessory seat so you have a lot of,options with the spike as well as,taller risers if youre again if youre,a taller person you want to get the bars,up higher,theres just a lot of adjustment to,tailor the spike but it really,the the range ergonomically for this,thing is is pretty vast,and then getting into the electronics,you know youve got a big tft display,that allows you a lot of adjustability i,think someone counted and theres like,something like 25 buttons up here which,can get confusing but you have ride,modes you have,uh youre able to customize those ride,modes everything from,throttle map to fuel map to engine,braking,traction control so many different,things it really,lets the rider tailor the way they want,to use this machine,so on the road yesterday you know,we had a lot of fun had a little bit of,a sandy section at the end of the day,and and i was kind of like okay the this,bike,is is pretty solid i i dont know if im,totally sold on it yet but its,its been a lot of fun and its,definitely a performance oriented,machine it definitely could hang,with all of the other bikes in the,category im not going to say its,the category leader you know id love to,get this bike into a shootout with all,the other bikes because,it does have a lot of really great,features,and it rides really well but,what was really the eye opener was today,we spent almost the entire day off-road,and we had a chance to really rail on,this bike through,sand rocks two track trails kind of,everything,and we rode the bike really hard we,bottomed it,it could use some more ground clearance,but thankfully we had the accessory,harley-davidson skid plate so that,helped,protect the crucial components like the,battery which is right behind the front,wheel as well as the regular,rectifier so theres some things that,are in vulnerable positions but,with the skid plate we didnt have any,issues the hand guards could be a little,beefier the windscreen could be a little,beefier,i think that thats probably my biggest,complaint with the bike is if you,tip over a lot if youre on a tour or,something and you know you have some tip,overs and some challenging terrain im,not sure,how well some of some things will hold,up but really you know its going to,take,time and people uh getting out there and,riding the bike to really,have a better idea about it i didnt,crash the bike today which im happy,about so,i cant speak to it personally but we,did see some tip over some things that,ended up breaking some components but,that said we absolutely railed,on this bike and again the motor works,so well you you can,the way you can change the electronics,in the engine character,is not not a game changer by any means,you can do that on a lot of bikes these,days,but it allows the rider to decide how,they want to be able to ride it,so you you know if youre riding at a,higher level you can kind of dial a lot,of things back you can turn off the,abs to the rear wheel you can pump up,the throttle map so you want an abrupt,kind of abrupt throttle off-road and,sand and things like that theres just,so much to talk about with this bike,i mean literally everything is new but,so the semi-active suspension,and the ride height adjustment you can,set that in a few different parameters,but as youre coming to a stop,that will lower the bike and give you a,really low you know you get your feet on,the ground really easily you can also,lock that out so it doesnt happen,and then you can change the damping,characteristics,but the suspension is always going to be,trying to level you out at like 30,percent,sag so its always going to be making,sure it keeps that preload but then you,can go in and adjust the damping,and that kind of sets it at you know,off-road firm off-road soft,sport you know things like that so again,theres a lot of adjustability there,and i think its its going to be a,solid contender with a lot of the other,bikes out there,again not saying its a category leader,but we absolutely railed on these things,today,and honestly it handled better than,some of the other expensive adventure,bikes uh on the market right now,and so im really looking forward to a,chance to get this into a shootout and,really put it through its paces back to,back in the same terrain with other,motorcycles,i think its a great motorcycle for the,market and,i think anyone thats mildly interested,will be pleasantly surprised with how,this motorcycle performs,but again guys this is a quick overview,quick thoughts after a day of riding im,filthy sweaty sunburnt and so if you,want the full digest of our,my riding opinion and whatnot as well as,the specs and the full technical,breakdown of the motor,head on over motorcycle dot com and,check out the article hopefully well,get some more content out with this bike,as soon as possible because i think its,going to be a really important,motorcycle,n

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