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Harvest Moon: One World Review

[Music],somewhere in harvest moon one world,theres a really interesting seed of an,idea for a new take on farming sims,which would be much appreciated after 25,years,of very similar games in the right hands,turning a farming simulator series into,a plot driven,exploration-focused adventure game,sounds like a brilliant idea,and yet one world fails in just about,every way to do anything interesting or,innovative with this new idea,other than layer it on top of a deeply,mediocre farming sim,[Music],unlike its numerous harvest moon,predecessors and competitors,one world does not have you inherit an,old farm in a dying village,and spend years rebuilding them instead,youre handed a newly invented portable,farm,in the first 10 minutes,and sent off on an adventure across its,world through five different towns,with their own climates hazards and,problems,the problem is that the one world of one,world,is boring in every way everything looks,bland,except for the named characters which,are exactly fine,towns are dull and empty with just a,couple identical houses each,the areas between them are mostly long,and samish paths,theres little detail no personality,just,long stretches of empty space it also,sometimes does not work correctly sound,frequently sputters when youre moving,from,area to area,[Music],characters and objects appear and,disappear from existence,sometimes on purpose according to their,respective schedules,but sometimes just because theyre not,loading in fast enough,[Music],the aesthetics of one world are not,where the mundanity ends,unlike other harvest moon games where,you get to know a town of distinct and,personable neighbors there are few,actual developed characters in one world,outside of its roster of bachelors and,bachelorettes,the majority of the cast is made up of,same looking individuals,with names like awkward man or,thoughtful woman,whose only personality trait is sending,you endless mail,to ask you to bring them random items,the bachelors and bachelorettes,have a bit more going for them but are,still,largely pretty samey in the end,for the most part they are distinguished,almost entirely by their looks and what,town they hang out in the most,marrying one is inconsequential you,cant even do it until the post game,and its gated behind a lot of time,spent in the,extremely boring minds,[Music],with an empty world and a soulless cast,that,leaves the actual farming to carry one,world,and it doesnt because even though it,has several new ideas,that might have worked if they were,handled differently here,theyre just clumsy,[Applause],as is usual for the harvest moon games,the harvest goddess is absent,which has caused everyone in the world,to forget how farming works,so instead of buying seeds at the store,you have to hunt them down,one of the more interesting new ideas is,that harvest wisps,scattered throughout the world will hand,you one seed per day,per wisp meaning much of your ability to,actually use your farm,is also tied to exploring the world plus,each crop has certain seasons and,regions of the world it grows better in,you can still plant crops off season or,in other areas,but theyll grow more slowly or mutate,and become different crops entirely,theres a lot of potential here for fun,experimentation with where you put your,farm,and what you grow and when but its,never realized,the problem is that nothing is ever,really explained,sure theres a log that gives hints,about how to get which mutations after,youve already obtained them,but even if you plant the same crop in,the same region,at the same time it doesnt always seem,to mutate consistently,that causes a major headache if youre,trying to grow something specific for a,quest,or for money in fact one world lacks,clear instruction throughout,often placing you into frustrating,situations without a way out,some quests that are critical to the,story ask you to find items that can,take,weeks of in-game time to find and farm,or,require specific seeds or tool upgrades,without offering,any hint as to where those might be,found your best bet,is to talk to everyone constantly and,repeatedly,and do every single quest possible until,you,accidentally stumble over the thing,youre looking for,[Music],harvest moon one world has a novel idea,for an exploration focused farming game,but then sets that idea,in an empty uninteresting world its,characters are dull,its quests are often confusing or,frustrating,and it lacks the personality of just,about any other farming sim,option out there including most of its,direct predecessors,at best one worlds farming elements are,satisfying enough,to mindlessly pass the time with but,theres just not much,else here and so much else in other,games in this genre,for more switch games check out our,reviews of bravely default 2,and ghosts and goblins resurrection and,for everything else,stick with ign

Harvest Moon: One World Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hey everyone zion over here from,nintendo life and today were here to,share with you our review,of harvest moon one world on the,nintendo switch,now this review was originally written,by kate gray for nintendo life.com,but was reworked into this video by me,to summarize the next few hundred words,of complaining,harvest moon one world is a badly paced,unattractive,hollow facsimile of a harvest moon game,and yes were well aware of the,natsume marvelous exceed split and that,story of seasons is the true harvest,moon game,but even still how the mighty have,fallen,surely it cant be that hard to make a,good farming game or at least a decent,one,right well lets explain harvest moon,one world starts abruptly spending very,little time on story before kicking you,into its,sparse flat world the harvest goddess is,missing,and everyone in the world has forgotten,what vegetables are,however you are a special magical being,and by virtue of being so special and,magical you discover,turnips and begin your journey to,restoring the worlds agriculture,and eventually the harvest goddess there,are six areas in the game,each one themed around a season climate,and vague flavor of a particular country,like finland germany hawaii and egypt,and youll have to complete the story in,each one to free the harvest sprites,that represent their people,and move one step closer to finding the,harvest goddess,the game revolves around fetch quests,villagers will send you letters saying,get me six chickpeas or bring me 18,daisies and its up to you to grow and,or find what they need,in order to advance the plot these fetch,quests will require that you find,seeds which is the games main gimmick,you can no longer buy,seeds in shops instead you have to find,harvest wisps around the world who will,give you a,single bag of seeds back in games like,harvest moon ds,finding the harvest sprites was a matter,of performing tasks,and interacting with the world unlocking,each one by making progress,in your tasks in one world however they,are little blue glowy dots in the world,that you press,a next to and they respawn every single,day,in exactly the same place each wisp,will give you a single seed the same,seed each time which can be planted only,in certain locations and in certain,seasons,and you wont be able to buy these seeds,at shops until youve shipped lots of,that one crop,so if you need multiples youll have to,go back to that same exact spot for,several days in a row,so we hope you love walking not that it,matters too much anyway though because,the currency is wonky as heck,its so hard to make decent money,because although selling crops will net,you a,little bit of profit someone will,undoubtedly need eight of them for a,quest,and youll have to spend a week,gathering all the seeds and growing the,crops,the animal produce eggs milk and wool is,easy enough to get,but is of one quality no matter how much,your animals actually like you,so theres little reason to interact,with the animals beyond squeezing them,until,dairy comes out whats more some of the,recipes cost,up to 75 000 gold,thats as much as it costs to upgrade,your house spent on a recipe,a horse on the other hand costs at least,15 000,gold a sum thats hard to make in the,first two seasons,and youll regret every second you dont,have it because one worlds map,is made up of long winding corridors of,nothingness leading to vast expanses of,empty land,and get this walking takes,stamina yeah we passed out multiple,times just from trying to get home at,like,6 pm the people that dwell in one,worlds various lands come in a few,different flavors,theres dateable characters of which,there are 10,people who are related to those dateable,characters,and a bunch of unnamed randoms who bear,titles like,awkward man and excited woman these,arent one-off characters either they,are persistent and,even give you quests so good luck trying,to figure out which npc is the friendly,man who asked you for,three eggs weve spoken so many bad,things about harvest moon one world,already and we havent even gotten to,the farming bit properly,and surprise surprise its bad,but not bad in a truly awful way just,uninspired dull and insultingly simple,this is a farming game in which your,farm is reduced to a bunch of preset,squares,in predetermined places that you can,bounce between with the use of the,expando farm,an initially promising new mechanic that,turns out,to just be as lifeless as the rest of,the game if you want to plant a range of,vegetables fruits and flowers,which youll need to if you want to,progress at all then youll have to,spend hours of each in-game,day either walking or fast traveling to,each individual farm,taking care of the crops and going to,the next place crops are split up into,extremely specific types,so instead of bell pepper youll have,orange peppers green peppers and red,peppers,despite these vegetables coming from the,same plant in the real world,these mutations will happen whether you,want them to or not,so if youre desperately trying to grow,a bunch of potatoes for a request,you might have just wasted a bunch of,seeds some crops and mutations which is,a,core part of one worlds gimmick only,grow in specific areas,like the top of a volcano or a tiny,meadow but the fast travel points are,never anywhere near those farms,so youll be doing a lot of walking even,after youve unlocked the ability to,teleport,likewise the mines which are,unnecessarily large areas with the,occasional ore deposit and,no combat like in past games are not,close to fast travel points either we,havent even begin to mention the things,that have been removed from the game in,its time,under natsume the most egregious of,these for our money anyway,being the ability to have same-sex,marriages not only is this an,insult to the many many fans of the,series and genre who are under the lgbtq,umbrella but its a backwards,unnecessary denial of modern times,whats more the character creator is,unbelievably limited,restricting players to only a handful of,lighter skin tones,and hair colors that include lavender,green and yellow,the outfit selection is not much better,either and you dont even unlock them,until very late in the game,add on other things like the inability,to sell items the short romantic,cut scenes the lack of festivals which,we should mention are unlocked through,befriending characters,the game progression thats locked,behind dialogue that you have,no way of knowing about and the,stripped-down shops and cafes that,litter the land,and youre left feeling like this paired,down version of a farming game is little,more than a minimum viable product,we have no doubt that some of you will,persevere and find,something to like about harvest moon one,world and were genuinely happy for you,if you do,finding joy in anything is a feat worth,celebrating,but we just couldnt find enjoyment in,this game it looks like a mobile game,and it plays like a harvest moon game in,the same way that,farmville plays like a harvest moon game,its soulless,vapid and completely misunderstands what,makes games like this,charming in a post stardu valley era,theres no excuse for consistently,missing the mark like this,we wanted to write this piece,post-marriage but,hopefully youll understand why we,couldnt in the end at first we were,making steady progress with our chosen,future spouse at four and a half hearts,out of five,which is usually a good sign and wed,almost solved all the problems from the,main plot of the game,but then we started wondering how long,it would actually take to get a ring on,our finger,we wont spoil it too much but it turns,out that you cant get married without,spending,400 000 gold plus a ton of time in the,mines,plus finishing the main story unlocking,all the tool upgrades,relying on the games rng and a long,period of waiting for things to grow to,get the rare materials that you need,and we just couldnt do it we dont need,to get married to know that this game,is a dud we had hopes we re

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Harvest Moon: One World Review – Its not bad?!

welcome everyone my name is nate the,great and today im going to be,reviewing harvest moon,one world this game was reviewed on,nintendo switch but is also available on,ps4,up to 2014 the harvest moon series had,been developed and published in japan as,story of seasons by marvelous but in the,west the game was published as harvest,moon by natsume however in 2014,natsumi and marvelous parted ways and,marvelous continued developing games but,now published them worldwide as story of,seasons,the harvest moon series we know today is,actually published by natsume and has,been considered by many as a cash grab,with natsume simply trying to cash in on,the goodwill fans have towards the name,of the harvest moon series,and honestly up till now it kind of,seemed like that the previous games were,kind of bland they just seemed like,copycats of story of seasons,and they always had these mobile s game,graphics,however with harvest moon one world i,think that natsume has finally hit a,turning point for their series,and made it something of its own now and,i cant believe im about to say this,but harvest moon one world isnt a bad,game its actually a pretty good one,harvest moon one world sees you setting,off on a journey to save the world by,awakening the harvest goddess,however this isnt your typical save the,valley farming game instead,you traverse the world starting farms in,different areas and restoring them to,their former glory,while at first looks it might not be the,most visually attractive game there are,some really good aspects about this game,that id love to highlight,when you begin your journey your,neighbor doc jr gives you an expando,farm its a portable farm that can be,put in your pocket and then set up at,various points throughout the world,its a neat concept but i found myself,really only moving my farm when i was,moving from town to town or needed a new,big piece of real estate for all the,seeds that i wanted to plant now the,reason why i wasnt moving my front,around as much,is because the only thing that moves,with your farm are the major building,and animals your fields and your crops,and any fencing or decorations you put,in your fields it doesnt move with your,farm at all,the game does have a quick travel system,so if you want you can travel back to,your last field to tend to the crops,that are still alive but,backtracking isnt really that big of an,issue because crops grow quickly and are,finished producing in about three to,eight days so the fields gonna be empty,anyways in just a little bit of time,now the farming system in the game is,very streamlined you till the ground you,get the seeds you plant them you water,them fertilize them and then harvest,them and one nice thing that one world,does is that you never have to worry,about flipping between,tools you simply press the a button and,the game knows what to do whether that,to be to water the crops,or to till the ground and this makes for,a very fast farming process,i believe one of the reasons why the,process is so streamlined is that you,can focus on gathering different seeds,there are hundreds of different types of,crops in the game and the streamline,process allows you to plant and try out,many different types of crops,very quickly now in a normal farming,game you would probably have to buy most,of these seeds however one world,differentiates itself by having a huge,focus on exploration,all over the world there are hundreds of,harvest wisps who will give you a single,seed per day,when you talk to them because there are,so many different types of crops and,seeds for you to gather,a nice touch the game has is that if you,ever need to go back and find a,particular one you can go to your map,say that you want to find that crop and,then the map will put a tracker on the,wisp who is giving out that crop,another really cool thing that oneworld,does with these seeds is called crop,mutations there are five main areas in,the world and crops will mutate,depending on where they are planted for,instance you can have a regular tomato,or you could have an ice tomato if its,planted up in the cold north area,each of these crops and their mutations,are tracked in an encyclopedia in your,house,so if youre someone who really likes,lots of collectibles and games then this,is probably really going to appeal to,you,now also recorded in that same,encyclopedia are dozens of animals that,you have to buy or tame in the overworld,fish minerals and the hundreds and,hundreds of different recipes,i was honestly surprised by how much,there is in this game to collect,i mean this has stardew valley levels of,collectibles which is honestly a really,good thing,this cycle of farming and exploring to,find these seeds really make up the bulk,of the day to day loop for the game and,this is what differentiates,one world from other farming games in,other games the focus is probably on,making your farm as big as possible but,this has more of a focus on,exploration finding new crops and just,overall progressing a larger story,i really enjoyed this change of pace,from other games and it made me feel,there were things to do beyond the farm,now another way that one world,differentiates itself from the pack is,the story and traversing of the,overworld,the game isnt just set in one small,town like many other games are,there are five different areas each with,unique villagers themes,vegetation crops and animals as you move,from town to town you participate in,main quests which help to awaken the,harvest sprite in that area,there is a beach area a desert a forest,a winter themed area and more,upon completion of the first area the,world opens up for you to go to any of,these areas that you want to,however theres a catch as some of the,areas are extremely hot or cold and,although you can go into them,they will deplete your stanima very,quickly to get around this you have to,find crops and recipes that give you,heat or cold resistance,its a really nice touch of integrating,the crop and recipes into the,exploration aspects of the game each,area has a set of problems surrounding,awakening the harvest sprite living in,that area,in one area you have to heal a sick cow,whereas in another you have to bring,nutrients back to land by,planting crops in a certain area well,the ideas here are okay,theres nothing to write home about but,what really makes each area unique,is the characters that live there i,really like the character models in this,game,theyre all unique and really well,polished in my opinion these are,characters that i wouldnt expect to,normally see in a farming game which i,think is really good,and on top of that all the characters,have personalities that fit their looks,one girl appears to be a witch or a,vampire and she acts that way,another guy fits the surfer stereotype,very well and you also have a girl who,forgets everything from the previous day,so as you meet her and over and over,again,she completely forgets who you are and,you have to reintroduce yourself to her,there are five bachelors and,bachelorettes to meet and win over in,the game,and by giving them gifts and talking to,them you can raise your friendship level,with them which leads to hard events now,up to now i feel like ive really been,praising the game a lot and there is a,lot of good here but the game also has,some issues,the first is the graphics and their,overall appeal in my opinion the,character models they look awesome,the ui its beautiful its a really nice,clean ui,the interiors of buildings they look,great theyre super nice,because of all these good things thats,in the game it just boggles my mind,that certain areas of the overworld just,look so bland and uninspired,particularly the first area of the game,the one that,everyone starts in is the worst looking,one in the entire game,people are going to go online theyre,going to watch the first 30 minutes of,this game and then decide whether or not,they want to play it and this is really,not putting a good foot

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Have to Eat My Words | Harvest Moon One World Correction Review | #Honest Review

so i previously did a video about,harvest moon one world,after only 14 hours of gameplay and,now i have to eat my words especially in,regards to the,storyline scenery and character dialogue,hi im vina luca and welcome to my,youtube channel i,am an avid harvest moon story of seasons,and rune factory fan have been for like,my entire life basically um,and what i wanted to talk about is that,um,harvest moon one world actually gets,better after you beat the storyline,now i know that is just like an,awful thing to hear and to say,because well no one really wants to,watch a series that only gets better,after like the first four episodes or a,few seasons,of it um but unfortunately,thats the sad reality with this game,that it does just get better after you,beat the storyline,and like i told natsume that if youre,gonna put in a storyline to like have it,be worth a few tens of hours of gameplay,im actually kind of glad that this,ones really short and really easy for,you to power through,because the scenery the festivals,and just the character development,dialogue everything it just gets so much,better and,some of it is the best,that has ever been produced at least as,to what i can remember,and were gonna touch on it so yeah,thats what i have to eat about the,story line it still,sucks that theres a story and that we,have to beat it and its the same,stories all the other games,that still stands but the fact that this,story,doesnt take you that long to beat is,amazing because um,if it took longer none of us would be,playing like really,because they really overdid it with the,barrenness of the landscape,which also makes sense because the land,is barren and you have to save the,harvest goddess to make it,better so like it makes sense,but once you do resurrect her,a lot of like places that were,previously barren do get,flowers and trees and things to fill it,and ill put in some examples so that,you can see that,but um for the most part there are still,a lot of areas that dont have anything,and i think it would have been better if,they put those they filled those places,when you got the medallion for the area,and then they did,way more once you actually beat the game,but then i also have a feeling that they,have a lot of the void because well,its an open world and theres already,bugs and issues,with um glitches that happen,and it would happen a lot more and be a,lot,worse if they were to have it more,filled because you know thats thats,just a thing that happens with open,world,glitches and stuff happen but um,theyre not bad at the moment like ill,put up a few examples of just some stuff,itll just be like a random black area,and then itll come back,thats mainly the type of glitches you,get or maybe itll be like slow,character dialogue,but its nothing awful and its not like,your game just froze out of nowhere like,itll come back it might take a while,but,it comes back and even then ive heard,of pioneers of all of town having to be,stitched up and repatched,so things happen and they can be fixed,um i dont know if theyre going to work,on ever fixing those but,they could be and then now with,character dialogue because,oh my gosh during the storyline it was,so dry,so boring it had like nothing to do with,anything and you could skip like 99,of it but after,and when you start to like woo someone,it gets,so much better they will talk to you,about what you previously saw,at their heart event or they will,even like after you get married people,will congratulate you for getting,married,and then also you will like people will,talk about you being pregnant or your,wife being pregnant,and then theyll also talk to you about,having the baby,i dont remember a harvest moon game,that talked about any of those like,its i its trust me ive played a lot,of harvest moon games,if there arent any its probably just,been a really long time,since i played them or i just simply,havent played them,like there might be in a few that i just,havent played because there are,theres like two story of seasons that i,havent played but i can tell you they,dont do this in story of seasons,friends mineral town,nobody talks about your baby unless you,play the doctor ten dollars,and nobody talks about anything else and,i would hope if youre dating half the,town,that they would say something but they,dont they dont even say something,about the golden lumber anymore,like that sucks that was like such a,great thing to just have,everybody hate you just because you put,a piece of gold and lumber on your land,anyways yeah they talk about different,things,and so i ended up marrying sammy and im,going to give like tips and tricks,because getting married was one of the,hardest things ever to have to try to,figure out what you were doing because,they would say one thing and its just,its a completely different thing and a,lot of the festivals and everythings,like that too like there are some,glitches in the game,but this game goes from mediocre to,actually being,good once you beat it and once again,just free play,get married do whatever participate in,the festivals theres lots of like,little deity festivals that you can do,the person that has the most hearts for,you will also,like either console you after like oh i,know its not the outcome that you,wanted but you know you did your best,or theyll just congratulate you for,winning and theyre like you know what,lets celebrate,and go do this after though you never do,it but actually i really like the,festival set up for this game because no,matter what you still have time during,your day,so all the 10 a.m festivals you have to,talk to the person before 10 am,otherwise you cannot participate,at all theyll end around 5 or 6 p.m,so i just typically deal with my garden,and then go talk to it to them and then,i just deal with my animals after and it,takes however long its going to,but then all the 7 pm festivals if you,get a date you will be interrupted from,whatever youre doing right at 7,to go down to the festival meet your,date have your little date thing with,whatevers going on,whether its the lantern festival or,the northern lights festival,these really cute things and then itll,end at 8 p.m,and so you can still finish off whatever,you were doing,to get like a good amount of sleep in,this game all you have to do is be in,bed by 10.,you can even go to bed like 11 but,youll you just wont have that full,stamina but even then its like fine,um and also the more that you complete,the game the more stamina hearts you get,so thats also extremely helpful um,but yeah honestly the game isnt that,bad and the character dialogue is,amazing,so when i married sammy um,like when you go up to the person you,can choose to propose or not to propose,i just wont propose because,your wedding will take your entire day,so prepare for that,and so we ended up going on this cute,little date as a walk in the mountains,and he was like oh i really want to,marry you and your characters like oh,well,i have a blue feather and then you go,and you talk to his dad who of course,his dad gives you his blessing because,you know you saved his town,and hes so happy that you you want to,be part of the clan,which i think is really cool to be part,of a clan and that people have last,names,stuff just stuff that we never had,before and people have parents,thats all so nice though theyve had,parents before but like this is like,really having parents,that you actually ask their permission,and stuff and so yeah so we ended up,getting married,we talked to his dad and then you go,home and you tell your mom that youre,gonna get married and then you guys get,ready for the wedding at your moms,house get the dress out get the suit out,and then you go down,to like the marriage ceremony place,and you have this really cute intimate,wedding with family,and friends so for your family itll be,like your mom and dad,his dads the one who married us and,then he had,i know im gonna im gonna put his name,here because i cant pronounce it and,y

Harvest Moon One World is Nothing but Soulless! – Review | Wilder

hello everybody my name is wilder and,unfortunately,i played harvest moon one world let me,just say this now,if you enjoyed harvest moon one world,thats awesome im actually really happy,because when somebody can enjoy,something that i cant it means it,wasnt a waste of time for everyone and,thats good,if you enjoyed harvest moon one world,let me know what you liked about it put,it in the comments down below,id love to know but lets get into what,i thought about the game starting at the,very beginning,harvest moon won world release for all,consoles and pc on march 2nd,2021 the main premise of this harvest,moon game is that after the harvest,goddess disappeared from the world,many of the crops had disappeared as,well after finding out about the harvest,sprites and finding a clue that may lead,you to finding the harbors goddess,you set out on an adventure around the,world to do just that,so the whole appeal of one world is that,its kind of open world,there are different areas that each have,their own climates weathers cultures and,people to them,youre meant to travel from town to town,while exploring along the way,exploring for what exactly well your,guess is as good as mine,and i played the game okay so i guess,the harvest wisps,yeah the harvest wisps are a new,mechanic in this game these little wisps,are scattered all across the world,some come out only at certain times of,day or night but they all do the same,thing,when you find them theyll give you a,seed that you can plant to grow,different kinds of crops to either sell,cook with or turn into complete requests,sounds like an interesting idea,especially in a game thats kind of open,world,but its trash its trash these harvest,wisps are,everywhere just about all the time,theyre never hidden and the worst thing,about them is that they give you random,seeds,maybe it isnt completely random like oh,wild or no the harvest whispers that,spawns outside of this town at exactly 3,pm each day will give you a tomato seed,every time,thats great im not going to remember,that because these things are,littered everywhere you go youll never,be able to keep track of them and your,bag is going to get full,every time you go out with random seeds,for crops you wont even need for a,handful of hours into the game but you,have to talk to them because you need,certain seeds to make progress,the reason these wisps are in the game,at all is to promote exploration,but if i see a wisp every two steps then,theres no need to explore the world for,them which means that theres no need to,even have them as a mechanic in the game,so yes youre able to buy seeds in shops,later in the game,but youre required to unlock it in a,way and to do that you have to sell a,bunch of specific crops first which,means you have to use the wisp system,and its just a mess in a previous video,i said this harvest wisp system was,going to make or break this game,if it worked it would have worked,wonderfully and if it didnt work then,it was going to fail horribly,theres no need for this stupid harvest,wisp system,and the biggest reason for that is,because of the ugly,bland lifeless uninspired,shell of a world this games world,has nothing in it every area looks the,same and the only difference between,them all,is their colors i was someone who was,actually excited to go explore the world,because even though it didnt look that,good,i still thought they were going to put a,good deal of content in it so you could,actually be motivated to go explore,but nope theres nothing here each area,is made up of different paths that,either all lead back to the main path,or end up in a dead end with trees and,rocks for you to break,thats it thats your one world i said a,second ago that the world didnt look,good and it doesnt,and normally you know graphics arent,everything but the textures are,so flat it makes everything and everyone,in the game,look lifeless speaking of everyone,though,where is everyone where are the people i,dont see,anybody move an inch outside of their,own area in town,i dont see people walking to or from,anywhere i dont see people using the,different pathways outside of town,its so empty and lifeless there are,barely even any animals i mean come,on youll find a few animals wandering,around but there are so few,and again they all have their own spots,in the world that they never move from,and if there is anyone outside of town,its because they were placed there to,throw dialogue at you that you already,knew,the dialogue by the way oh my god the,dialogue in this game is so,painfully uninspired and boring i,actually,im not kidding you i couldnt take it,anymore i,stopped talking to people whenever i saw,them whenever i play,older you know real harvest moon games,or story of seasons games as well,i always find myself saying that i wish,there was more dialogue,or that you know it surely wouldnt have,been too hard for them to write more,dialogue for the characters,i love talking to them so much that i,want to keep talking to them,i want new dialogue its one of my,favorite parts of farming sims in,general,building those friendships and,relationships harvest moon one world,actually made me just,stop talking to its characters it made,me avoid them whenever,i could their dialogue is so boring it,barely builds up themselves,their homes or the world i think the,worst defender of this though is the,beginning of the game in its tutorial,yeah i know we all hate tutorials,theyre slow most of us can pick up on,what to do and how to play before the,tutorial can even tell us,but natsume begs to differ they said no,guys thats okay,really let us give you a 20 minute,tutorial where we tell you all 20,different things pressing the a button,can do,im not joking and then after 20 minutes,you finally get to leave the starting,area only for the first town,to reel you back in for another tutorial,which shows you,you guessed it 10 more things the a,button can do,if you dont understand what im talking,about in harvest moon one world you,cant switch which tool you have,equipped,instead you basically have them all,equipped at the same time,and which tool you use depends on whats,in front of you and when you press the a,button,oh you press the a button on a cow well,you use the milker and then you,immediately after that press a,on some seeds on the ground watering can,gets used so i never actually,thought about it before but harvest moon,one world taught me,that switching between tools isnt in,the way or a mechanic that stands in,between me and the action,you know its not only there to pad out,the farming day so it feels like im,actually doing work,its actually quite the opposite,switching tools is there so that,i can make some kind of impact and so,that the whole system of using tools,doesnt feel,automated i actually sat there while,playing one world and thought,multiple times why doesnt the game just,do it for me,all im doing is spamming the a button,its actually amazing,how much not being able to switch tools,takes away from the game,and no its not just a situation of like,well the alternative is pressing another,button then spamming so i dont see the,problem,im talking about player impact and feel,the difference in,feeling and impact on gameplay switching,tools has compared to this,is actually significant enough for me to,bring it up ive just never,ever felt like the farming in my farming,sim should be automated because i was,making,so little impact as a player speaking of,impact on gameplay though lets talk,about another mechanic,one that i thought was going to be cool,until i found out how limiting it,actually is,thats the ability to pick up your farm,and move it around the world,i personally thought this was going to,be a really cool mechanic pick your farm,up explore the world,plop your farm down wherever you are to,rest and take care of animals,that sounds awesome but its ruined by,so many limiting factors,first of all you cant just pick up the,farm for free theres this little

Harvest Moon: One World (Zero Punctuation)

Jeez, I thought the world of light farming  simulators was a gentle, uncomplicated place  ,where turnips always come up in three days and  baby cows spontaneously materialize inside barns  ,when the other cows are happy enough, with none of  the grim realities of getting ploughed up and down  ,the feeding trough by a randy bull. But apparently  theres a lot of copyright fuckery going on in the  ,world of almost spherical livestock. OK, I looked  this up and I think Ive got the details square:  ,The popular and influential Japanese cutesy  farming sim franchise Farm Story was published  ,by Natsume in the West under the name Harvest  Moon. In 2014 the developer switched publishers  ,and its games have since been released in the  West under the name Story of Seasons because  ,Natsume reserved the rights to the name Harvest  Moon, so that they could make their own rival  ,cutesy farming games and call them Harvest  Moon because they assume those fat ignorant  ,westerners have reservoirs of cream gravy instead  of brains and wont know the difference. Well,  ,just dip a biscuit in my skull because I tried out  the new Harvest Moon on Switch. I enjoyed Harvest  ,Moon back on the SNES and have clocked in enough  hours in Stardew Valley to raise an actual child  ,or moderately sized dog, so I was curious to see  in precisely what manner Natsume was buggering the  ,franchises reputation over a feeding trough. Quite heartily, it turns out. Harvest Moon:  ,One World is the game and while it seems to  have had some noble intention to sprinkle a  ,little more adventure into the concept so youre  not just waking up and urinating on potatoes day  ,in day out, in doing so it loses sight of the core  appeal of these games and theres a general air of  ,wrongness about the whole thing. Which first  started sinking in when it told me to go to  ,the cave and mine some bronze ore. Theres  no such thing as bronze ore, ye shitwits,  ,its an alloy. Doesnt occur naturally. Its like  telling me to go harvest a cupcake bush. Anyway,  ,the starting premise is that youre a dude  in a world where everyones forgotten how  ,seeds work. Oh, so its like a dystopian future  where technologys taken over and everyone eats  ,manufactured nutrient cubes? Well that sounds like  an interesting concept for a light farming sim,  ,and as such too interesting to be anywhere  near this game. Its actually standard RPG  ,rural village, where I guess the inhabitants  have subsisted up to now sucking the dew off  ,the grass every morning. I say village, its  more like two houses on the edge of a cliff.,Thats one of many ways this game comes off  as insubstantial. Another way is how most  ,of the world is an empty corridor maze of  repeating grass texture dotted with the odd  ,house or tree that all look like inflatable  pool toys. As do the characters. Especially  ,the protagonist with their glazed expression  and permanent village idiot grin that looks  ,incomplete because they forgot to add the line  of drool at the corner of the mouth. Anyway,  ,as the one weirdo who still thinks crops grow  from seeds you are tasked by the Goddess of  ,Spring or someone like that to travel the world  and reintroduce the concept of growing things.  ,And yes, every character in this game does come  across as about as stupid as this premise. I mean,  ,for fucks sake, there are fruit bearing trees  everywhere, what did everyone think those were?  ,Unusually taciturn people with very delicious  haircuts? The reasonable question to ask at this  ,point would be how does one combine a farming sim  with a game about journeying around the world? The  ,one certainty about farms is that they kinda cant  go anywhere. Well shows how much you know because  ,this society that failed to develop agriculture  has mastered miniaturization technology.,You know, Its like when you play Civilization  against someone who researches nuclear fission  ,before theyve discovered the wheel. And because  of this, you can pack up all your farm buildings  ,into a convenient package and go establish  yourself at one of several predetermined spots  ,throughout the world because this society has also  failed to develop the concept of land ownership,  ,apparently. But isnt the point of these types  of farming simulators to build something and  ,watch it grow from a humble turnip patch in the  backwoods to the primary agribusiness concern  ,of anime thirsty ladies ville? You dont get  that when youre having to uproot yourself  ,every few hours so you can move to a new area  with a different colour repeated ground texture,  ,another two or three inflatable NPCs to load you  down with more fucking fetch quests and another  ,couple of thirsty love interest characters  about as romantically intriguing as a plank  ,with a bad haircut. I say uprooting, you cant  actually bring anything youre growing with you,  ,just the buildings and your animals pressed  together into one squawking very confused box.  ,Every new spot has its own unchangeable grid  of farming plots lovingly laid out by mother  ,nature with a fucking set square apparently. So the game generally lacks a sense of payoff,  ,and the mechanics are going to the randomness  bordello a few too many times for a few too  ,many economy handjobs. You cant really choose  what seeds you get, you pick them up randomly  ,one at a time from passing gnomes, which is very  annoying if youre trying to fill a quota. Like  ,the story mission that required me to grow three  watermelons. I turned over every gnome in the  ,fucking meadow and when I finally found watermelon  seeds Id wait for them to grow and then the game  ,went “Ooh youre so good at growing melons this  melon randomly turned into a special melon! Which  ,doesnt count towards the quest quota so guess  its back to the gnomes with you.” And dont get  ,me started on the fishing. Cos I just started  anyway, itd be redundant. “Ooh, thats a nice  ,big silhouette of a fish in that water,” say  I, forgetting that this isnt Animal Crossing,  ,because after I drop in my line all those enticing  silhouettes disappear and a random, generally  ,much piddlier one appears for you to catch. Then  you have to press a button when the little fish  ,icon moves past a bar but the icon can change  direction at literally any moment and if you  ,press wrong then bye sucker, stole your bait! And then 90% of the time its a fucking sardine.  ,That sell for so fucking little I might as  well have spent the time charging truckers for  ,disappointing handjobs. After one particularly  long and unrewarding day of proxy handjobs I  ,realised I didnt even know what I was saving up  money for. I didnt need it to buy seeds thanks  ,to the gnome exchange and I felt about as much  investment in my farm as I do in one of my extra  ,long pubes after I zip my trousers up too quick.  And thats it, really. Id heard that Natsume  ,was driving the Harvest Moon ice cream van smack  into the animal shelter and I suppose I was just  ,curious to see the wreckage for myself and pick  through it for salvageable orange fruities. In  ,the meantime, if, like me, you enjoy fantasizing  about what it would be like to have actual manual  ,skills, theres a new Story of Seasons coming this  month thats probably the one worth holding out  ,for, or try the remake of the GBA one thats out  on Steam. Keyboard controls are a bit wonky and  ,its hard to get a good sexual tension going when  all the love interests are proportioned like Dora  ,the Explorer but thats just the companionable  whiff of cow manure that drifts into the farmhouse  ,kitchen compared to One Worlds hundred  yard swim down the factory farm runoff pipe.

Harvest Moon: One World Review

theres always something about planting,props,raising animals and befriending,townsfolk that keeps drawing me back to,the harvest moon and story of seasons,games,though to be honest the latter seems to,be holding my attention more so than the,former but that doesnt mean that i,wont leave the harvest moon games in,the dust,enter harvest moon one world the most,recent in the nuts who may harvest moon,games and,quite possibly the most ambitious yet,in harvest moon one world you play as a,self-insert farmer living of your mother,and neighbour doc jr the descendant of,doc from previous harvest moon games,a long time ago the world flourished,with people and nature working together,overseen by the harvest goddess who had,made sure the land was rich with crops,and produce,in this weird future world the only type,of food that you can seemingly find are,potatoes,despite clearly being overedible items,when you eat dinner later,youd certainly be in trouble if a,certain microorganism decided to strike,but i digress,and you and doc junior go searching for,food youll see a harvest wisp,and decide to follow it to an old well,after feeding the well some nearby,acorns youll get your first set of,seeds to plant and,my god its a turnip seed praise the,return of the turnip,after planting the seed you investigate,it later that night and encounter your,first harvest sprite,this begins a chain of events where your,farmer must explore the world to revive,the harvest sprites in order to reawaken,the harvest goddess,the game has you visiting five different,settlements in different environments,six if you have the dlc while meeting,the locals solving their settlements,problems and growing new crops while,youre at it,you can also keep livestock and befriend,the local wildlife to keep as pets,as well as become friendly with the,locals by giving them gifts doing quests,for them,doc junior politely threatening me when,he asks and perhaps,even finding that special someone note,that there are no same-sex marriages in,this game,the game retains the four seasons of,each season having 28 days,but how does this game stack up against,the recently released story of seasons,pioneers of olivetown,and more importantly is it any good find,out in,the good i think the game still has the,basics of farming nailed down,you still tell the fields plant seeds,water them and then wait for them to,grow before you harvest them,only this time you initially need to,find seeds by interacting with harvest,wisps,if you ever stuck having to remember,where certain seeds are there is a,search function you can use which will,highlight them on the map,seeds are available on different days,and different times and you can unlock,the seeds in a shop if you sell enough,of the crop,drop mutations which i still think are,one of harvest moons neatest features,makes a return,and like a lot of hope it does away with,soil elevation in favour of where its,planted,the season and whether its been,fertilized or not your farm has been,made portable courtesy of doc jr,though having the portable version look,like his ancestors head is a little,questionable,but you can pack up and set up your farm,in different areas to make the most of,the terrain which is cool,there is a good variety of animals,available and there are a couple of,different chicken,cow and sheep breeds that you can get,with different produce being obtained,from them,reading animals is also encouraged as,like in other harvest moon games and,story of seasons games animals can die,of old age,you can also befriend the wildlife that,you encounter in each area to keep as a,pet,though i do have a little more to talk,on about that later,fertilizer can also be made from animal,waste and really saves you from having,to buy it if you have a bunch of animals,youre taking care of,in terms of feed just grow a lot of,grass and theyll make plenty of animal,feed,your farming tools are considered,special items and the appropriate tool,be used when you need it thus freeing up,valuable bag space for the crops,food and various materials youll be,getting through your adventures,you can also go mining and there are,three different areas you can mine at,four if you have the dlc with each mine,at a different depth and different,rewards if you reach the bottom,of course the deeper you go the larger,the mine area is but thankfully the game,will bookmark every 11th floor,i do have some grievances about mining,but ill also save that for later,in terms of basic features harvest moon,one world has gotten this down pat,i also really like the open world aspect,of the game,its very ambitious and i think that,idea was pulled off very well,the weather differs from region to,region so one area might be clear and,sunny while others might be cloudy,raining or even stormy which was a neat,little touch,there are desert and snow areas and if,you wander around in those areas,unprepared youll find that your stamina,will start dropping quicker due to the,heat or the cold,you can fix this by drinking a cold or,warm drink or eating a cold or warm meal,so stamina drain will go back to normal,but this is a temporary fix and youll,need to eat or drink again after a few,hours,once you solve the problem in a,particular area and reawaken the harvest,sprite of the area,you can fast travel between them you can,also set up your farm nearby in an area,that youre working on to make things,easier when youre working on the main,story,as you can fast travel to where your,farm is this is especially handy with,the dlc area as its on an island,nonetheless this is probably the best,thing about this game and i wouldnt be,opposed to seeing an approach like this,in future games,i do like the cast of characters in one,world and dare i say it,i think i might actually like the more,than pioneers of olive town in its,current state at the time of this review,i do plan on revisiting again once it,gets its patches and i explore all of,its dlc,you do have generic characters with no,names but the characters that make up,the main story,all have some personality to them and,the main bachelors and bachelorettes,have their own personal problems to,overcome outside of the main story,while character development and,overcoming problems is also present in,pioneers of olive town,i feel one world addresses and handles,these better,while im not the biggest fan of 3d,models in favour cuttings,at least the emotions of the characters,are more varied and i do appreciate that,but of course with the things i liked,there were things i didnt like and,were going to explore those in,the bad the first issue i had with this,game was before i even started playing,it,while you can unlock and upgrade your,tools in the game i do not appreciate,the final upgrades being locked behind,dlc,it certainly made getting to the bottom,of the mines easier and ive just,ironically added to the problem by,buying it,but i just dont approve of locking tool,upgrades behind dlc,and i wanted to see how much of a,difference it made since the hammer was,the most used item for me in the game,for all the time i spend mining to buy,the largest house upgrade,while the mines has its own problems,which ill address shortly,the final upgraded hammer certainly,makes a bit of a difference,i just feel in regard to dlc theres,certainly more meaningful things you can,put in for the value,and im hoping that this doesnt become,a trend in future,the mines are the only areas where ive,come across bugs in the game,there are times where the screen goes,black and resets the floor and any,progress ive made on it,and there are times where the game will,just outright crash,in later mines you can also come across,traps which will make you drop floors in,return for stamina damage,while the amount of floors you can drop,seem to range between one to five,i found about 95 percent of the floor,traps ive intentionally triggered to,try and get to the next 11th floor has,only dropped me,one floor and penalized my stam

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