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HBO Max Review

[Music],foreign,HBO is the most recent major player to,enter the streaming Wars debuting in May,of 2020 with a strong library of Warner,Brothers content and water cooler worthy,new movies and TV shows but its made a,lot of moves over the past two years for,better and worse and theres certainly,been no shortage of news lately,surrounding the merger of Warner,Brothers and Discovery and the resulting,turmoil that comes from smashing two,very different streaming services,together still it retains its vast,catalog of movies and zeitgeisti TV even,if its interface leaves a lot to be,desired and its pricing options arent,as competitive as other platforms before,HBO Max makes even more changes though,were taking a crack at reviewing how it,stands today,oh my God I did not know her head would,pop off,[Music],foreign,Warner Brothers has been trying to cut,costs with some recent removals of shows,like Sesame Street but even still its,Library remains pretty robust its Legacy,HBO content includes plenty for Prestige,TV connoisseurs including the wire The,Sopranos Sex in the City and Game of,Thrones as well as more recent critical,successes like Barry and succession and,of course lets not ignore the Targaryen,in the room house of the Dragon,continues to roll out weekly for the,moment and if 10 million viewers for its,Premiere episode are any indication its,no small draw outside of Originals one,of its greatest treasures is its Studio,Ghibli Library this is the only place,where viewers in the US and Canada can,stream Miyazaki and Companys extensive,filmography such as oscar-winning,Classics Spirited Away and My Neighbor,Totoro HBO Max also has a partnership,with Crunchyroll for those looking to,expand their anime Horizons Beyond,Studio ghiblis remarkable portfolio,film Buffs will get plenty of mileage,out of their subscription as well,Partnerships with the Criterion Channel,and Turner Classic Movies keep,cinephiles a wash in their favorite,films whether youre looking for classic,westerns or Kaiju the city has been,invaded by Godzilla and while it seems,to be the most at risk of cancellation,in the current landscape wed be remiss,to not mention HBO Maxs impressive,animated collections which includes,multitudes of Batman and other DC,superhero movies and shows as well as,Rick and Morty and more while recent,actions and the actions taken at the,beginning of the pandemic may have,damaged Warner Brothers relationships,with artists like Christopher Nolan and,eventually Zack Snyder there are still,plenty of films and series to keep,viewers engaged,well HBO Maxs film and television,catalog remains solid despite the,turmoil its interface has always been a,little rocky where its good its great,where its not well yikes lets get the,bad out of the way many users have,reported consistent frustration with the,hair trigger rewind and fast forward,functionalities meaning it can be hard,to go back or forward to a specific time,stamp the platform also struggles with,crashes at a more regular clip than its,competitors the browsing capability,leaves something to be desired too its,not a platform that encourages Discovery,basically if you dont already know what,youre looking for and its not part of,one of HBO Maxs curated sections its,going to be hard to find something new,to watch meanwhile competitors like,Netflix Disney plus and Prime video have,a much wider array of their catalogs on,display on their home pages making it,easier to casually browse for titles if,the ability to watch 4K is important to,you HBO Max may not be the way to go,either you can stream just 34 of its,titles ranging from The Matrix trilogy,to Space Jam a new Legacy in 4k and,thats only on the ad free tier with all,that said HBO Maxs interface isnt,without its charm the sound it uses as,the navigation noise is a very pleasant,clicking and the ombre purple and black,aesthetic is relatively pleasing overall,it also has a leg up on many of its,competitors with the leaving soon,section which highlights shows and,movies that you only have a limited time,left to watch before theyre rotated out,or canceled after they spend 90 million,dollars on them,HBO Maxs price currently ranges between,9.99 with ads and 14.99 without them you,can also sign up for their annual,packages at the promotional rate of,69.99 and 104.99 respectively after that,year your annual price will increase at,least 40 percent both plans offer the,ability to have up to five profiles but,if you want 4K streaming of limited,titles the ability to download to watch,offline and to stream outside the US,youll need to buy the ad free plan 9.99,might not seem like much when compared,to Netflixs basic package at the same,price but adding in the fact that this,rate comes with ads makes it much less,appealing for comparison Hulus ad,supported subscription currently sits at,just 6.99 and when you go add free every,other major streaming service starts,cheaper than HBO Maxs 14.99 so its a,premium price but you do get a lot of,Premium content along with it however,with all the cuts Warner Brothers,Discovery is still making to its,upcoming shows and movies its become a,bit harder to be confident in its,ability to keep turning out its in the,future,[Applause],HBO Maxs key strength is an impressive,catalog of shows and movies that stretch,from HBOs Classics to some of the,current hottest shows running even so,its cost to Value ratio just doesnt,even out relative to the competition,when you factor in its high price and,all of that is before considering the,recent rash of cancellations and what is,sure to be a tumultuous foreseeable,future to the point where we dont even,know for sure if there will be a service,called HBO Max after it completes its,merger with Discovery plus but no matter,what happens at least youll be able to,watch House of the Dragon without a,cable subscription and we feel that our,forecast is as accurate as it can be for,more check out our reviews of Disney,plus and Apple tv plus and for,everything else stick with IGN,foreign,nice work genius,have you thought about the possibility,that your children are actually scared,of you,[Applause],[Music]

Is HBO Worth It? ????| HBO Max Review 2022

theres been a lot of buzz around hbo,max recently some of it is good and some,of it not so much is hbo max still worth,it stay tuned to find out,[Music],all right so first lets go over the,basics for what you need to know about,hbo max now for the uninitiated hbo max,is of course the streaming service from,warner media which is now a part of the,company warner brothers discovery youll,get thousands of great movies and tv,shows including originals hbo max,currently offers two plans for their,subscribers the first is hbo max with,ads that includes limited advertising on,certain shows that is either 9.99 per,month or,99.99 for an entire year you can also,get hbo max ad free that also gives you,the option for offline downloads and 4k,streaming for 14.99 a month or 149.99,per year right now hbo max does not,offer a free trial however if you want,to learn about some discounts stay tuned,to the end of the video when ill go,over some ways to save money on hbo max,now as for the advertising on hbo max,that cheaper plan at 9.99 per month only,features a maximum of four minutes of,ads per hour this is actually a lot less,intrusive than some of their competitors,like hulu when surveyed hbo max,customers indicated that they were the,least annoyed by hbo max compared to the,other streaming services with,advertising and if youre confused about,the difference between hbo and hbo max,just remember this hbo is the cable,channel thats been around since the 80s,that you can get as a premium add-on to,a cable package hbo max is the streaming,service thats offered by the same,parent company as hbo with hbo max,youll get the same shows and movies,that you would get on hbo but you also,get additional shows and movies that are,only on hbo max if you get hbo as a,channel with your cable package you will,be able to get hbo max at no extra cost,and ill have a link down in the,description to an article that goes,through all those details now before we,go any further i think theres something,i need to address whats that noise,could it be the elephant in the room now,if youve paid attention to any kind of,entertainment media or just the buzz on,twitter recently youll see that there,were a lot of shows cancelled by hbo max,some of which were taken off completely,without warning the most controversial,thing that happened would probably be,the batgirl movie that was set to debut,as an hbo max original film it was,almost finished and they had even begun,test screenings it cost over 90 million,dollars to produce and they have,completely shelved this movie opting to,receive a tax write-off instead the,reason for these cancellations and the,shelving of movies like back roll all,stems down to one thing,next year hbo max and discovery plus are,set to merge into one streaming service,after their parent companies merged,together earlier this year the ceo of,this newly combined company david zazlov,is going through the entire company with,a fine-tooth comb finding any possible,cost cutting measures he can take this,is all a part of a realignment of their,operations that you normally see when,companies consolidate together now as,additional changes happen over the next,year ill be covering those on this,youtube channel and also on my website,at shelleystreamit.com,but for now im going to focus on hbo,max as it exists at the time im,recording this video in august of 2022.,so next lets get on to whats on hbo,max now warner brothers discovery which,is the company again that owns hbo max,has an embarrassment of riches when it,comes to characters and franchises they,have access to theyre really the only,company besides disney that has so much,ip this includes dc comics looney tunes,cartoon network harry potter the matrix,scooby doo game of thrones among others,they filled hbo maxs library with,content from these franchises as well as,beloved tv shows and movies from,throughout hollywood history,as netflix has shifted away from,acquired programming and moved towards a,service that is mostly netflix originals,this impressive back catalog on hbo max,really stands out even more here are,some of the highlights now of course,youll get the shows and movies from hbo,that includes everything from game of,thrones house of the dragon westworld,euphoria the rehearsal with nathan,fielder berry sex and the city all of,those shows that long time fans of hbo,know and love youll also get hbo max,originals,now some of the hbmx originals that,werent as popular have been on the,chopping block in particular and there,are rumors that more cuts are on the way,my recommendation would be if you want,to watch some of these shows do it soon,however we do have confirmation from a,trailer that hbo max came out with,recently that several of these shows,will be going into additional seasons,within the next year those include hacks,our flag means death,tokyo vice and just like that,julia and the minks now if youre a fan,of dc comics hbo max is a no brainer,when it comes to becoming a subscriber,just like disney owns the rights to,marvel warner brothers discovery owns,the rights to dc comics youll see a,live action and animated movies and tv,shows featuring characters like batman,wonder woman aquaman or superman as well,as the other members of the justice,league as for the back catalog hbo max,is one of the best streaming services,for movie lovers period if its recent,blockbusters youre after,warner brothers has put almost all of,their recent theatrical releases on hbo,max,now its not quite the same as it was in,2021 where they came out in theaters and,on hbo max on the same day but its a,safe assumption that if something is,made by warner brothers eventually itll,wind its way to hbo max for classic,films from every era turner classic,movies has a curated selection and,theres several big tv shows that you,will only find on hbo max and finally,they do have a fair amount of kids and,family content although when it comes to,those cuts that i mentioned earlier they,have put the brakes on some of these,shows youll find kids programming,featuring characters from sesame street,which hbo max gains the streaming rights,to from pbs looney tunes classic cartoon,characters like scooby doo and also the,cartoon network as for the hbo max app,this has seen significant improvements,over time when hbo max first launched in,2020 the app was glitchy and had a bunch,of problems the good news is since then,with software updates they have seen,significant improvements now watching,hbo max is a simple user-friendly,experience free from technical errors at,least for the most part you can watch,hbo max from three devices at a time you,can have up to five profiles per account,they allow for offline downloads with,the ad free plan they have parental,controls to restrict what your kids can,see video streams and up to 4k,resolution for select titles with the ad,free plan and certain titles on the ad,free plan are also eligible for 5.1,surround sound and dolby atmos certain,tv shows have a shuffle button so you,can watch an episode at random and you,can watch hbo max with friends over a,facetime call with the feature called,shareplay now one of the things that i,really like about the hbo max app is the,app interface itself they do things that,are just more creative and visual than,other streaming services navigating,through the menus youll see a large,poster size images of different movies,and tv shows and they do creative things,to help you discover new titles last,october for example you had the choice,between one of three doors and the,halloween section they were marked not,scary at all scary or very scary like in,the it movies choosing one of these,three doors each day led you to a,different movie or tv show now lets get,on to discounts hbo max has offered,different promotions from time to time,whenever that happens i do update my,page at shallowstreamit.com forward,slash deals so if you want to check that,out make sure to do that and at the time,im reco

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HBO Max Streaming Service Review

one of the key elements needed to,compete in the great streaming war,against the likes of Netflix Disney Plus,Amazon and Hulu is to possess a vast and,diverse entertainment catalog to keep,potential subscribers occupied for hours,on it enter HBO max the new streaming,service has plenty of content thanks to,warner medias many subsidiaries HBO DC,entertainment Warner Brothers Adult Swim,Studio Ghibli crunchyroll and many more,at launch HBO max promises to provide,more than ten thousand hours of content,for eager viewers and while netflix,reportedly has around 36,000 hours of,movies and shows at any given time,HBO max brings it with a level of brand,recognition and prestige that no other,service,apart from Disney can match warner,brothers alone has been in the,entertainment business for more than a,century producing iconic award-winning,films like Casablanca The Shining and,the entire Harry Potter saga in short,you dont have to weed out a lot of crap,on HBO max in order to get to the good,stuff,at launch HBO max has some kinks in,terms of its features and availability,that still need to be worked out in this,competitive streaming landscape IP or,intellectual property is king,apart from friends HBO max is also home,to countless series from Warner Brothers,many studio divisions,its basically HBO on steroids this,means especially if youre already an,existing HBO subscriber that you have,access to the entire library of HBOs,hit series like Game of Thrones but also,everything else from Warner medias,empire that comes with it much in the,same way Disney Plus did not have its,entire lineup at launch HBO max does,have some glaring omissions like,Christopher Nolans Dark Knight trilogy,Batman the Animated Series and,Christopher Reeves Superman due to,various licensing agreements the,streaming provider also has a batch of,HBO Max originals in both the scripted,and unscripted space including love life,and entertaining rom-com series starring,Anna Kendrick and Looney Tunes cartoons,a reimagining of the classic animated,series featuring iconic characters like,Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig,looking ahead were excite,to finally see the Justice League Snyder,cut in 2021 and Greg Berlanti is live,action Green Lanterns series that is,going to feature Sinestro and to earth,lanterns HBO maxes user interface is,seamless to navigate with curated,carousels you can also easily search by,genre via sidebar and browse Warner,medias various networks depending on,what youre in the mood for where the,streaming platform struggles is not with,its visual appearance and ease of,navigation but in the lack of features,that should be found on any modern day,service backed by a multi-billion dollar,company,theres no 4k or HDR support available,at the time this video was made which is,a big disappointment since rivals Disney,Plus Netflix and Amazon all offer this,feature 4k does cost more on Netflix but,at least they offer it thankfully HBO,max does have a continue watching option,Disney Plus did not have that when it,came out and the ability to download,shows and movies for convenient offline,viewing another issue plaguing the,launch of HBO max is the confusion,consumers and we are having over the,differences between HBO GO HBO now and,HBO max when it comes to app recognition,basically you might already have HBO max,without even knowing it and lastly HBO,max is currently not available on Amazon,fire sticks and Roku devices due to,Warner Media and their parent company,AT&T not being able to make a deal with,Roku and Amazon yet which is a shame,since these particular streaming devices,reportedly account for 80 million TV,households,while HBO max may seem a bit expensive,when compared to Disney pluses $6.99 per,month offering its actually a pretty,good deal when you consider that HBO now,along with most cable packages that,carry the premium provider have been,charging $15 for some time now,Warner Media is essentially providing,the same service while adding a ton of,movies and television series from its,subsidiaries,Warner medias HBO max streaming service,has a ton of entertaining TV shows and,movies to binge but there are some,glaring missteps that need to be,addressed,in order to make it into a true,competitor to Netflix and Disney Plus,the lack of 4k HDR and lack of support,for Roku and Amazon fire stick devices,should be at the top of the streamers,to-do list however if youre already an,HBO subscriber for the same price max,opens the door to an incredible library,of new and classic movies and TV shows,as well as a few entertaining original,series with the promise of more to come,thanks for watching and for more IGN,check out why we think Rick and Morty is,trying to distract us and dont forget,to follow and subscribe to i GN wherever,you like to watch I turned myself into a,pickle morty boom big reveal im a,pickle

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HBOmax In-depth Review

hbo then hbo go now hbo max  what is it do you need it and  ,will it help you in your cord cutting adventures  hello im Wanderer001 and this is my review of  ,hbo max on roku that will be the caveat  of this particular review this will be a  ,review of the roku interface for hbo max im also  using my roku ultra review in the corner there  ,which will give you an idea of the hardware im  using to actually do this review many of you have  ,had hbo products in the past and hbo max is kind  of im going to call it almost a me too movement  ,as you can see down here power mount plus they  all are trying to gather all of their properties  ,in one place and hbo in particular has a very  distinct property lineup and if you enjoy  ,those properties hbo will probably be a very good  streaming service for you if you dont like those  ,properties you may want to sit through this to see  if there are other aspects that might be appealing  ,to you so what were going to do is im going to  start hbo max right now im going to let all the  ,screen times run in real time to give you an idea  of load times just so you know what you can expect,and im doing that in part if you saw there  three little dots at the bottom of the screen for  ,whatever reason hbo max seems to have a slightly  longer load time than a lot of the other streaming  ,services that ive tried in the past right here  we can see this is our profiles page i have  ,three adult profiles and one child profile  set up you can have five profiles per hbo max  ,account that you have and have three simultaneous  streams at once so only three people at a time can  ,be watching even though you have five accounts  five profiles per account at the bottom here  ,this is how you can either add a profile for an  adult or add a profile for a child and if we come  ,down one more we can actually manage our profiles  selecting that will allow us to edit any one of  ,these profiles and what ill do is ill actually  show you the edit from my main account here  ,here you go you can change the name change  the color right here or you can come  ,all the way over here and not change your  profile picture you actually have to use a  ,mobile phone app to upload a photo or choose a  character i do not particularly care for that in  ,my streaming applications if youre going to allow  me to do a selection of a profile picture which  ,every other one lets you do you should be able to  do that from within the app so thats one one ding  ,against hbo max were going to come all the way  to the end here to the kids profile im going to  ,select edit and youll notice this particular page  is showing up because i set up a pin to be able  ,to edit the childs profile meaning child cant  come in here and automatically change something  ,so what were going to do is quickly enter my pin  so we can show you the options that you get for a  ,childs profile you have the name and this was one  that i found a little disturbing they actually ask  ,for a birth month and year they say they use it  to customize the content for the child but if you  ,look down here you have the option of selecting  what level content you would like displayed for a  ,child so i dont particularly like the fact that  hbo makes you put in a birth date for a child i  ,just threw an arbitrary information in here and as  you can see 1990 youre not really a child anymore  ,but i wanted to see what it would do with that  information you can select both individually  ,for movies as well as tv series what level youre  comfortable with a childs profile having and then  ,at the bottom here require pin in order to edit a  childs profile im going to select cancel because  ,we didnt really do anything and then come down to  the bottom and select done so youll know that you  ,have a locked childs profile with that little  lock icon there selecting the childs profile,we wait and it brings us in now here is the one  thing that i do not necessarily like that hbo  ,hbo max did if we come over come over to  switch profile if i select down it will show me  ,my list or i can select continue watching this  particular profile doesnt have anything on  ,it so were just going to come back up to switch  profile in order to switch out of the kids profile  ,you have to input your pin but if you do not leave  off on a childs profile lets say i was watching  ,and my son or daughter comes home and wants  to jump into hbo max if its still on my  ,profile i dont have to input a password for an  adult profile they can be on an adult profile  ,and watch whatever they want so in some cases i  like the idea of a pin to get out of the childs  ,profile but i also feel each individual profile  that is an adult profile should have a passcode  ,or pin of its own in order for a child to not  be able to get in and see that content again  ,hbo is is well known for more graphic content  shall we say once we input our pin it will allow  ,us back to the main profile page and then i will  select my main profile right here and again well  ,wait for the load time so that you can see there  actually is a bit of a weight when were jumping  ,from profile to profile again if i come selecting  on the d-pad left and then up to profile selection  ,i can select my profile and then here it will  automatically end up on switch profile it shows me  ,my list i can come over to continue watching and  here itll show my continue watching i can go back  ,to my list and im doing this just so  you can see also how it highlights and  ,the lag between i can also come in here  and select edit and i can remove something  ,from my continue watching or my list which i  do like i just wish that they did not make it  ,where you have to jump into this profile section  in order to actually get to this because what  ,were going to do now is im going to come back  to home which is what we first land on when we  ,click into our main profile at the top you always  will have an ad for a new hbo original that  ,theyre trying to push on you you could simply  come down you can still kind of see it there at  ,the top but first and foremost which i do like is  the continue watching section so here you can see  ,im continuing watching of westworld it has a nice  indicator underneath it letting you know how far  ,it is uh this was something i watched and only  got one episode into and decided it is not for me  ,but again from this page if i select continue  watching it will bring me into the next episode  ,it does not allow me to remove it from  this location which is a little aggravating  ,having to go into that extra menu to do it  but im glad that they allow you to do it  ,from the roku at least coming down we have our for  you and this is based on whats on your watch list  ,and what you have actually watched and i threw  in a couple of extra things to my watch list  ,to try and force it into something that i felt  would be more akin to what i would expect it to  ,show me and its i i dont know some of these  recommendations i did not watch anything that  ,would really merit these types of recommendations  and if the fact that i watched one episode of this  ,is of close enough is why im getting a lot  of these other recommendations then i think  ,hbo max needs to work on the recommendation  algorithm just a little bit coming down you  ,have your my list which again isnt bad its in  the third position on the main page which is great  ,so here we go ready player one its movie i added  harley quinn and then i just added a bunch of dc  ,batman properties to try and force the for you  to kind of change a little bit the one thing in  ,the my lists in this particular place you cannot  change the order under your profile like i showed  ,you with the continue watching you can change  the order there if we select one of our options  ,it will bring us into the tv show or movie itll  give you a brief synopsis big picture in the  ,background you have a play button highlighted  in

HBO Max Review

hello and thank you for joining us we,are taking a look at HBO max and first,of all we need to point out this is the,URL to watch HBO max its not HBO max,calm its play dot HBO max dot-com if,you go to HBO max comm its just sort of,like sign in to your account and so on,lets take a look at what you can see on,HBO max n if you look at my list youll,see that I have put together a couple of,things that kind of give you an idea of,the sort of range here they have their,featured series which is gonna mix up,everything from HBO and the Cartoon,Network and Turners library all,together I mean youd never expect to,see The OC the Doom Patrol and Bill,Maher next to each other but now that,its all in one big happy family thats,where youre going the HBO Max originals,at the start are very slim because they,didnt have time to film all these,things and because of the Cova 19 your,featured movie section is basically HBO,stuff with some Turner closed in you see,theres Casablanca so its now the home,of both Game of Thrones and Casablanca,it launches with all of the Harry Potter,movies but I wouldnt necessarily expect,to see them on there permanently that is,a property thats kind of out there but,thats a big pick up early on down here,you see a section that might remind you,of Disney Plus a bit but theyve done is,theyve broken down all of their brands,into separate sections were gonna jump,into HBO and youll see this more or,less looks like the HBO now website and,app its got tons and tons of movies,that you can find on HBO whether theyre,HBO original movies or just movies that,HBO has the rights to distribute it,breaks things down by the different,things,HBO offers so you see even it has a kids,section the kids section is gonna be,where you know where you find things,like Sesame Street and cartoons things,like that as we keep scrolling down you,see that it has a section for everything,else so lets take a look at the DC,section Warner owns DC but you will see,that despite the fact that it does have,DC properties including the watchman,which is interesting because people,dont necessarily think of the Watchmen,as DC you will see that seer its epic,origin stories it includes steel and the,Catwoman movie we see Supergirl here,that is the Supergirl movie from the,1980s it was a spin-off of the,Christopher Reeve movies versus the,Supergirl TV show another interesting,note here youve got Gothams Joker and,if you look at the section where it says,Gothams Joker says why its so serious,its a Heath Ledger reference yet the,Dark Knight is not one of the Batman,movies in the Batman collection but you,know does that mean were gonna see the,Dark Knight on HBO max at some point I,dont know but right now theyve got the,original movie collection and theyre,obviously they also dont have the TV,show lets see what else,HBO max has to offer were going to keep,on exploring these different sections,the Sesame Street section is actually a,whole lot like what you already see on,HBO now and of course HBO GO it breaks,things down into themes,my cousin is so excited by The Fresh,Prince of bel-air,now the TCM section is one of the big,ones because one of the really big poles,of HBO max is that its gonna combine,HBO content with all of this classic,Turner stuff and you see as you scroll,down theres a lot to you know a lot out,there including a whole collection of,Charlie Chaplin movies thats the Great,Dictator there if you see looking in the,middle that was you know the and the,ironic one because he already had the,the Hitler mustache and he made a movie,making fun of dictators and looked a,whole lot like pretty well known when at,the time but you see that this is a,pretty big collection if you go into the,A to Z youll see the scope of it and,the only thing I would note on this is I,mean look you notice aliens you know you,might have seen this scrolling by that,and you know what whats whats big top,peewee doing in a Turner classics,section you know Michael Moore here its,not exactly a Turner classic yeah,neither is Braveheart even though I love,the movie so you know while youve got,you know for some reason things like,commando thrown in there next Charlie,Chaplin I do you know acknowledge that,this is quite a collection I really,think that HBO needs to sharpen their,filters a bit so that you know gone with,the wind is not next to Good Will,Hunting so this is a this is a very,impressive collection of movies but its,not exactly what they advertised on the,banner so sharpen that up HBO you know,just show your stuff right,as we continue were gonna jump into,this gosh Im not gonna say it I know I,know Im messing up this is an,independent studio though than this a,very very well known,very well-known artist and its gonna,live here on HBO max the Cartoon Network,section should be exciting for folks if,you used to have the Cartoon Network and,you dont anymore this is a chance to,get back in things it doesnt have every,single thing that the Cartoon Network,has for instance I noticed that it,doesnt have these shorts my daughter,and I were watching the Transformers the,new version of the Transformers but it,does have Steven universe so here we are,in the future and its bright an A to Z,look well show you just how limited it,actually is but at the same time there,is a lot of content the Adult Swims,section is much the same an A to Z look,well show you that again,its not all-inclusive but you see the,big hits Robot Chicken Aqua Teen Hunger,Force and even Space Ghost Coast to,Coast which I remember from college the,crunchyroll section is hardly a,replacement for a full crunchyroll app,but it does have a number of animes,sorts of things I it almost feels like,theyre trying to show you other,properties and give you a little taste,of it for the price of HBO max with the,idea that if you really fall in love,with these kinds of things maybe youll,go get crunchyroll maybe youll go get,the Cartoon Network independent app now,where I think that it really shines as,far as collections along with the Turner,stuff is some Looney Tunes,if this is something that you grew up,with its something that you havent had,a chance to explore much there Looney,Tunes library is extensive and Im gonna,give you an idea of what I mean if you,look under the A to Z and you take a,look at this Looney Tunes like near that,this first one here this is every single,season of Looney Tunes its just a,massive library yet tell me something,how did they dont get sued for this uh,these mice here I dont know maybe they,called them squirrels or something like,that but uh I dont know I dont know,about that but you know if you click on,these different seasons here youll see,that tons and tons of episodes are,gathered here in this library which is a,real treasure trove as far as this,content goes and look theres the old,dancing frog hello my baby so this is a,very very big collection of Looney Tunes,cartoons I know I dont know if theyve,kind of taken out things that somebody,might consider you know insensitive,because I havent explored it all but,there it is theres a lot to see there,but I mean this is what you see you see,you know we added Rick and Morty when we,were looking through so now its on my,list click on see more and you get a,kind of a little easier to digest group,of the things that youre gonna watch,and of course HBO max is the home of,friends that might be a big deal to a,lot of people it was very popular on,Netflix and I think that might have been,the reason that HBO swooped it up but it,has every season of friends so theyll,be there for you if you want them so,thats HBO max my friends I hope you,liked this video if you did please,subscribe and share it with your friends,and as always Im Ryan Downey the,streaming Advisor stream on my friends

HBO Max Review – Is It Worth It?

in todays tech video we are going to,review hbo max and see what it has to,offer,so i just downloaded hbo max down here,on the bottom,uh part of my screen here im going to,be opening up for the very first time,i am using a samsung tv here but im,sure this will look the same on,whatever tv that you have that youre,downloading hbo max on,okay so youll get to the home screen,here where it asks you if you want to,subscribe now,or if you already have an account youll,sign in there or to restore,restore purchase but since this is the,first time that im going to be,subscribing im going to click on,subscribe now okay so youll come to,this screen,next here and this is where you can,create an account to stream on your,devices,uh what youll do is youll sign into,hbomax.com backslash,tv sign in and then there will be a code,right here,this is my particular code that i have,blurred out,but its going to be different on every,tv but youll enter in that code once,you sign in on your phone or your,computer,okay after you sign in it takes you to,this screen here where you can start to,create,and manage profiles so as you can see,right here,it has my name but then i can go down,here to add,my wifes name or if you have kids you,can add in,uh your kids right here but this is um,where you create the different,profiles all right so well go ahead and,log in,and see what it looks like okay so,heres the interface for it,um it looks a little bit like netflix uh,where its got a,featured movie on the very top here and,then you can scroll down,and then they just they have the just,added tab here,where its got the movies that are in,this uh theaters right now so,for example the little things right here,is currently in the theaters,but you just scroll over and these are,all the new media that they have added,to their,streaming player okay so lets say you,do decide to watch the little things,here you just,go to its tab youll click enter,it takes you to this screen here on the,bottom left youll see where it says,its got that play icon and then you can,change your subtitles on there if you,want its got plus icon,so that way you can add it to your like,watch list,um so ill go ahead and click it there,and then its got extras,in case you want to watch some of the,little featurettes that it has,or you just go to play and then start,playing it okay so,now i i added it to my list you can see,it now its got a category when you are,on the home screen,thatll have your list at the top and,then right below it its got your just,added,then you go down again they have,episodes that are exclusive to hbo,max for example you have the selena chef,show here the painting with john,and just scroll over here and see all,the different types of shows that they,have to offer,that i have multi episodes down here,they have a popular,on tv category this flight attendant is,one of the more popular ones that are,drawing people to,hbo max its got friends and then it,looks like it has,the office uh the uk version of the,office your game of thrones which is,highly popular its got all the,series and the episodes for that on here,the big bang theory sopranos,keeps on going on and on here its got,some of your family friendly content,with animated films and then you can go,down another,tab and its got the popular movies in,case you just wanted to,have a night in and watch movies i see,they do have the mummy collection right,here,the kings of state staten island kong,godzilla,suicide squad and so on,uh another great feature with hbo max is,that they signed a deal with one of the,big networks tv movie making networks,to where whenever they release a movie,out on the theater theyre also going to,release it,on hbo max as well all right and then,heres another tab here with hbo,highlights,highlighting one of the more popular,series that they have like the undoing,and then this one here which is tiger a,documentary on that,and you can scroll over a little bit,more and see all the other ones that,they have to offer,okay they have a category called,straight from the heart keep going down,they got action-packed,uh black history month and then hbo hubs,to where if you have a particular,hub that youre wanting to take a look,at you can look at it right here,with all these different features that,they have they got a comedy category,here,a new and notable animation category,its got all your animated films for,your kids,and then if you liked little things,which is the the most popular,movie being streamed on hbo max right,now they have some that relate to it so,it,remembers what you watched and then,gives recommendations based on that,okay if you are a sports fan its got a,category for the big game here,um because the super bowl is coming up,they have a category here that,is displaying more of the football uh,movies that are popular on its platform,so you can just kind of scroll over here,and uh find a good sports flick,watch with the family this is one of my,favorites here so its got more of the,family-friendly content,because theres been countless times,where ive been trying to search a good,family,friendly movie on netflix and havent,been able to find a good one,but i like that they have a categorized,right here,so that way if we want to have family,movie night we can watch it right here,all right and if youre into period,pieces it does have uh some of your more,uh popular period pieces like lincoln,the tinker taylor soldier spy phantom,thread here uh downton abbey the,notebook,and so on if youre into the true crime,spree,that does have a lot of content on there,like the forensic files,and some more of its hbo original like,ill be gone in the dark,so it looks like you have plenty to,choose from if you do subscribe to this,on a monthly basis,uh its got a blockbuster franchises,here where,movies have multiple sequels they got,them listed on here,so i like how they have this all,categorized all right and then so if you,want to go over to the side low screen,here its got where you can search,up there where you can create another,profile um its got movies its got a,big,broken broken down by series and then,you can browse right here,lets go ahead and just go over to where,it says movies and see what that looks,like,all right so its got based on featured,just added,its got it broken down alphabetically a,to z,its got the hbo max originals,kids its got action crime comedy,documentaries drama fantasy horror,international music,latino romance sports so it just breaks,down,its content by so many different,categories so you can definitely spend,a lot of time watching movies and tv,shows here on hbo max,all right well go over to the side load,screen again and click on the series tab,and then right here they do put their,most popular ones on the very top the,undoing,which was nominated for four golden,globe awards but they have that broken,down on just added also,alphabetically and then they got it,broken down by all the different genres,like action,comedy crime documentaries okay so this,is a really good look at,what hbo max looks like comment down,below are you going to get this are you,going to subscribe to this,or are you going to pass but hopefully,this video was helpful if it was,go ahead and click a thumbs up on it go,ahead and subscribe to my channel i make,tech videos all the time and id love to,have you back on the next one,take care,you

The DEFINITIVE Top 10 Streaming Apps of 2021 | Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and More

when ive done these top 10 apps videos,in the past its always been kind of,separated paid apps or free apps roku,apps,apple tv apps fire tv apps whatever but,then i thought,what if i combined all of that what,would happen then to my top ten so,i took a list of about 20 top streaming,apps and whittled them down to my,personal top 10,and i ranked them too so now theres,even more reason for you to yell at me,in the comments,which i am definitely looking forward to,so lets dive in,[Music],thanks for joining me today everybody,dont forget to like and subscribe if,this video is fun,informative helpful entertaining,whatever would really appreciate that,all right so lets go over some of the,ground rules that i came up with for,this list i did this judging based on a,few,criteria price the presence of ads the,content available and my own subjective,experience and that category,is going to be kind of a catch-all for,things like whether i like the interface,how many streams it provides,if the app tends to be a bit buggy and,so on each category will get a score,between one,and three points and any tie breakers,here are determined,solely by me because this is my list and,so,if you dont like it you can take it up,with the comments which im actually,looking forward to,now if this all sounds terribly,unscientific and totally subjective well,yeah thats because it is so if you want,to you can subscribe and stay tuned for,chantels upcoming list shes gonna be,taking a more hard numbers-based,approach and shell have her own top 10,list of the most popular apps out there,im actually really interested to see,how our lists stack up against each,other but,lets dive into mine coming in at number,10,on my list is imdb tv,imdb tv is free its commercial,supported but,its got a library that in my opinion,actually beats competitors like tubey,and crackle i love,the library here on imdb tv theres not,a ton else to say about it honestly if,youve ever used this or something like,it then you know about these,free commercial supported apps one thing,i will mention is that this library,often gets rolled into your prime video,interface so if youre ever scrolling,through prime video there is every,chance that you will see,the imdb tv categories in there,where its actually pulling in this,content next up at number nine,is discovery plus when discovery plus,came out a few months ago i was,frankly blown away this isnt the kind,of content that i typically watch,but i can recognize a quality app when i,see it i love that its got,a cohesive focus to the content and that,is unscripted tv so,whether its food stuff or ghost stuff,or house porn or whatever,all that unscripted stuff you used to,love on cable its all here and its,just five bucks a month,so you get everything from uh discovery,plus originals to hgtv,food network and so on and so on there,is just a ton,of great unscripted content here and,theres some scripted stuff as well but,you know thats the focus,next up is the roku channel coming in at,number eight this is a,free app that beat out the paid app that,i just talked about,the roku channel is the ultimate do,everything free service it does,a lot of what you would want from 2b and,pluto and other free apps,plus it does more as well so if we click,into the roku channel youll see,that its got all of that free content,that youre looking for whether its on,demand,or you can scroll down and check out,their live content as well they even,have a live tv channel guide,now as with other free apps the live tv,content that youre getting is not going,to be the same as what you got on cable,its going to be slightly different but,that doesnt mean its not awesome and,theres a ton for you to watch,and the last thing ill mention about,the roku tv app,is that its not just on roku anymore i,can watch this on my fire stick if i,choose to,and hopefully itll be on just about,every app here coming up pretty soon,coming in at number seven is peacock now,peacock,looks and smells and feels just like any,other studio specific paid app like,paramount plus or discovery plus that we,just talked about,but this one has a free tier option,which frankly is something that i hope,catches on i hope this works out and,they get,the i hope they get the ad revenue and,the,viewership that theyre hoping for,because i would love for more apps to,have this,free tier option i do really like,the library theyve put together it,didnt blow my socks off,but i like that they that they make this,available for you,for free now that free tier option isnt,going to have everything but theyve got,i think something like two-thirds of,their library,is available on that free tier which is,great,number six is hulu hulu is a classic,its been around since,close to the beginning of streaming,content and it does have some great,content on here,along with their great content the,navigation used to be terrible but they,did update that so it is,it is a lot more bearable now than it,used to be uh,but honestly there are some devices that,hulu is available on where the,navigation is still pretty bad but that,being said this one is nice in that you,do have another,tiered approach so you can pay six bucks,a month for a commercial supported,version or 12 bucks a month,for the commercial free version you get,that choice plus,it does come with the option for hulu,live which gets you,cable channels for what i think is a,pretty steep price,but you know if you love those channels,if you want the live sports or the news,or whatever,uh then it may be worth it to you number,five is apple tv,plus all right this may be my most,controversial choice for my top ten but,as far as im concerned this one is just,criminally underrated the thing about it,is people are,kind of underwhelmed with the amount of,content on here and i totally get that,but the thing is theyve got amazing,content what there is here i think is,very well produced really,well written its just fantastic stuff,but if apple,maintains its pace of production for a,few years they could really fill this,out and apple tv as far as,subscriber base and peoples enthusiasm,about it could become much bigger,if they keep going simply on the,strength of like i said the excellently,produced,content on here for example mythic quest,had one of the best pandemic episodes of,2020,and ted lasso frankly has flat out one,of the best shows of the last 20 years,and with the quality of this content,that im talking about at five bucks a,month,as far as im concerned thats a steal,and a lot of us are not paying anything,for a while because of the,deals that theyve got going on number,four,is actually the grand daddy of them all,netflix i mean its netflix,what is there to say theyve been around,forever theyve got a huge content,library the only thing here is that they,have been bleeding,big name licensed content for years as,studios have stood up their own services,and pulled,their content over to those services but,netflix has made up for it with,hundreds thousands of original titles,some of which are even good i mean im,kidding kind of,netflixs strategy has been to create,something for,every niche and whatever your niche is,youll find lots of it here,the biggest drawback is that to pay for,the breakneck production schedule,netflix keeps raising their prices,now so far it hasnt been enough to get,many,people to tap out so theyre still at,over 200 million worldwide subscribers,now,that their behemoth theyre not going,anywhere but with that raising price,it does bring down the overall value of,netflix as far as im concerned when,youre talking about price versus,content,but in my opinion its still a must-have,all right were getting into our top,three now number three is,hbo max yes hbo max beat,netflix now speaking of high prices ill,just say this right up front this is the,highest priced app on my list,but im not sure that people realize,just how good the hbo max,library is plus in 2021 with the,simultaneous releases of warner movies

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