1. We Test New Healthy Vitamin Vapes | Inc.
  2. Complete review of healthvape
  3. HealthVape introduces new nicotine-free pods
  4. Health vape! Vitamin vape for energy, immunity, relaxation, collagen (no nicotine)
  5. Can you vape vitamins? We test it out
  6. Trying Inhale Health Caffeine & Melatonin Inhalers for a Week | Inhale Health Review
  7. Vape Your Vitamins?

We Test New Healthy Vitamin Vapes | Inc.

(coughing vigorously),(upbeat music),- Im Chris.,- And Im Kevin.,- And today we are testing,,- [In Unison] Vapeable vitamins!,- These disposable vape pens,,contain substances that are gonna make us better,and sharper at work.,Is that right? – Yeah.,So this is a company called Nutriair,and theyre trying to capitalize on the,whole vape craze.,Weve got the energy kind, part of your performance.,Weve got focus, that should improve your performance.,Theres sleep.,- Natural chamomile extract,,- Okay. – Natural melatonin.,- Melatonin.,- Natural passion flower extract, natural L-,- [In Unison] theanine.,- Our inhalable energy aid is a natural blend of,caffeine, taurine, and amnio acids that keep,you sharp and alert wherever you go.,- Do you think these are actually gonna work?,- I mean I just hit this energy one,,and I already, Im feeling something.,I feel like a whirring.,- Thats, like, pretty immdiate.,- Like I just had a shot of espresso, a shot of espresso.,- Well, God help us all.,- We figured, the only way to figure out if,something actually works or has an effect on the body or,makes us better at work, is to just do it.,- Just to freakin do it.,- Lets just do it. – Lets try it.,(whimsical music),I dont know if I feel comfortable vaping at my,desk cubicle area.,Its awkward.,Im gonna sit there and theres like a cloud,of smoke just emerging from above my cubicle.,- Every time I hit it, especially the energy one,,I feel a wave of dizziness.,Its not necessarily a bad dizziness.,Im gonna hit this relax one because,,Im a little stressed out right now.,(whimsical music),I do feel, more chill than I felt five seconds ago.,So Kevin and I are outside with our Nutriair,because it felt strange to do it in the office.,- It was very uncomfortable.,I feel kind of like a degenerate out here.,Like just, vaping away up against my building,,like around the corner.,- Wish I had some ripped jeans,- Mmm.,I do like gesturing with this in my hand.,- You like gesturing?,It is fun to gesticulate.,- Right, like Im just talking.,- Oh, theres a truck.,- Hey.,- Whoa, see now I feel strange.,I think Im a little bit high!,And it concerns me.,Cause I might lose control.,- More than usual.,- More than usual.,Im sorry this stuff has me like kinda (beep) right now.,(upbeat music),(birds chirping),- Were back.,- Were back.,- Which, if any of all of these,vitamin vape pens,,- Vapeable pens.,- Worked for you?,- Energy.,- Youre saying energy worked?,- Energy works.,- Energy worked.,- And sleep.,The energy got that weird lightheadedness that,you get when you like drink a cold brew too quickly.,- Uh huh,- But then it kind of mellowed out,,and I felt pretty alert and aware.,You know, my heart wasnt racing.,I didnt feel,,- I feel like my hearts racing with these.,- Yeah.,You mightve, you mightve done too much.,So last night, I was pretty awake,,but then I remembered, Ive got my sleep pen to try.,They recommend five to ten puffs, I did six.,And I think about five minutes later,I was like, Im ready to go to bed.,And I laid down.,I dont remember my head hitting the pillow.,I did not wake up once the entire night.,The focus, the relax, I didnt feel much of anything.,- I felt that the relax works.,- Oh yeah?,- This to me is the one that worked better than anything.,- Really?,- Im gonna hit it again.,- Okay.,- Yeah, that is a horrible combo.,- Thats why you gotta hit relax.,- Oh my God.,- How much are each one of these things?,- Ten bucks a pop.,- Surprisingly, were giving this a thumbs up?,- A partial thumbs up,,Ill go at like a forty-five degree angle.,- Why that?,You just said the sleep one was–,- I mean it was unanimous.,- the most amazing thing in your life.,- Those were not my words.,- The science behind this might be nill.,Theres no FDA regulation.,The science behind vitamins, in general,,might be thin and shallow and superficial.,But what we have discovered, is that these,did have an effect on our minds.,On our bodies.,- Sure. – Right?,- Yeah, I felt energized, I felt sleepy.,- Regardless, I think we can now say,that this product has been,- [In Unison] Inc. tested!,- Shotgun.,- What, no!,(happy music)

Complete review of healthvape

[Music],hey guys im literally laying in bed,right now because i just got up and did,a little bit of something to my hair i,wanted to tell you guys about health,vape,guys if youve seen my youtube channel,before you would know that i have a lot,more,um and in this review im not going to,be talking about these because these are,already good i love the disposables this,ones going to be on my new disposable,the energy that ive gotten and my pod,system which is the rechargeable battery,which does recharge it comes with its,own cord and the boost pods and the,vital pods,all right guys this is the battery down,here i have one of my vital pods in here,i love the vital pods they actually,taste really good and the fact that they,are immune supporting is extremely good,especially because not only do i do,youtube but i also work in the service,industry at a grocery store so i have to,be wearing masks be protected and the,immune support will be really good just,to kind of have an extra sprinkling of,immunity while im out there in the,public,[Music],vapor protection is really good on these,pods and i like that especially for a,pod system,the boost pod i always recap its just a,habit so i know which one is what,because one is red and one is green,and i love this thing this thing also,helps this helps me when im at work,being that there is b12 and other,healthy vitamins and give you that,mental clarity that youre going to need,it is actually really good i like the,taste of this one,yall health babe are amazing especially,with energy the energy is the one thing,that wakes me up in the morning i wake,up super really really super early and,because of that i am really dead tired,this is holiday week guys i am like,exhausted so why i have energy because,of the energy,[Music],vapor production on a disposable is,really great the thing i like the most,though and i have to say are probably,going to be the best for your money is,going to be these pods if you already,have a drool you can use these pods on,your jewel or you can buy their battery,which their battery i believe goes for,29.99 i am obsessed especially these,pods not only are they 800 puffs but the,disposables are 500 and honestly this is,just easy to carry around either way,theyre both skinny and slim so theyre,not going to be like taking up pocket,pocket space but i just love these like,i have used this this morning and i have,a lot of energy right now which is great,because now in a few hours im going to,be cooking,my,christmas or holiday dinner not even,christmas its thanksgiving i work,retail everythings happening all at,once this year but guys if you really,like these especially like the the vital,like i said for this time of year were,also having a whole lot of you know,pandemic going around just having a,slight sprinkling bit more of immunity,along with me wearing my mask and being,vaccinated its just its its given me,a sense of like security and disclaimer,these are not meant to cure or prevent,disease but they do help,in the fact that they are vitamins and,vitamins are good no matter what the,circumstances,and they taste great,especially this one it is lime it is the,vital mint and lime and like i said they,come in a four pack,boost is very imminent mint is like used,in i guess a couple things and its,really cool,if you want to try them link is in the,description,and,its also in my bio on instagram so go,check them out they are really awesome,[Music]

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HealthVape introduces new nicotine-free pods

one of the things that we want to do at,health vape is give people something to,use without the addictive ingredient,like nicotine we go hit Venice and see,if we can find some jewel users all,right lets do it,hello hows it going so I noticed you,were you were puffing on a jewel and I,wanted to maybe swap out one of your,nicotine pods for a b12 pod,instead of nicotine as the sort of,active ingredient weve got stuff like,b12 l-theanine b6,a little bit of taurine in there to give,you some energy as well I like the,flavor I like the education I like the,vitamin welcome to the circle so,actually wait with you what Im gonna do,is Im gonna give you a chill one Ill,pop this out so the chill pods theyve,got a blend of like chamomile passion,flower or valerian root instead of,always doing CBD maybe something that,isnt as psychotropic and its got some,lavender flavor thats nice as fresh,nice well you can keep those and Im,actually gonna give you the rest of,these pods hi so youre your future use,and then theres some extra chill for,you all right guys Ill catch you later,thanks for help,so for someone thats super into,nicotine can you see this being a good,alternatives like youre trying to want,to smoke and if this has no nicotine and,I like that there was like a lot of,vapor that came out for me that was,school,I love it,[Music],tastes amazing I love how it fits into a,jewel yeah,hey hows it going you have a quick,seconds so I noticed you just bought,what do you have there I could one of,those dual batteries yeah so were,offering different random people a,chance to check out our new nicotine,free pods so I wanted to see if youd be,interested in trying one of those with,your new battery okay we have the boost,which has b12 and its like for energy,and focus or we have the chill which is,kind of a relaxing pod you want to try,the chill one might as well all right,over here,[Music],its like a thats more of the lavender,chamomile so as someone that can you see,this being a good alternative to like,nicotine vaping yeah

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Health vape! Vitamin vape for energy, immunity, relaxation, collagen (no nicotine)

hello so this is angelita thats,a-n-g-e-l-i-t-a,whats up angels this is just another,little show-and-tell,i have recently bought these um,vape,pens and they are actually,not nicotine theyre nicotine free and,im not one to advocate,smoking at all like do not smoke,um ive never smoked ive done hookah a,few times but i thought this was kind of,cool uh they have several different um,quote-unquote flavors,um,and as you can see this is the little,brochure that came with it i decided to,get a variety pack,because of the prices and stuff i,thought well i want to try all of them,and see how they are,but i paid,89.95 to get five of them,and uh looks like they have,one two three four six and it came with,five,um,[Music],so anyways,so this is uh the different kind and,theyre supposed to do different things,so this is the one thats vital,it is for immune support,and again this is just a vape that has,different things,uh,this one has,vitamin c d,b12 vitamin a thats kind of cool uh,they said 500 plus per thing so this is,an energy one for focus and energy,and it has,oh caffeine in it b12 l-thymine,different things in there and you can go,on their website um this is healthy vape,health vape,so you can go to their website kind of,look at,that thats healthvape.com this one is,soothed,so it is going to help you sleep so its,got melatonin and things like that in it,uh,chamomile passion fl passion flower,this is very very deep zero calories all,of these are zircon ive not tried them,yet so ill let you know what if i like,them or not this is chill this is for,relaxation,so you know instead,drinking wine maybe drink this this is,uh or smoked this fake this,zero calories chamomile thinning,valerian root passion,flower those stuff is kind of cool,and i wonder if people know about this,restore,rejuvenate,lavender lavender and citrus,got collagen in it and things like that,so theyre really theyre just kind of,vitamins are um,things that you can that you just need,anyway supplements that you need and,instead of,taking it ingesting it you can vape it,so anyway thats my show-and-tell for,today,as you can see that they advertise it as,um,delicious supplements,infused with that without the nicotine,and um so anyway im gonna try them and,see how they are,oh its a different its a color,related to the box,cool,all right lets open it,about to try my little vape,healthy vape,and also my view look at my eyelashes,theyre still,on there i did them about,four or five days ago,im like i dont think you see it but,its supposed to help with your,am i doing it right,tastes good,tastes like a citrus,all right,all right,thats that one the citrus one i need i,actually need to do the energy one,so lets see what thats like thats,this ones citrus too though,oh im gonna have to do the um,the chill one later because i dont want,to be chill i want energy,lets go work out,but this ones citrus too so well see,oh,oh save got a coupon inside there,try all six,okay,all right,i got only um five of them,im not sure,i must have clicked on the one for only,five,i didnt i didnt get the boost one the,one thats,for,its very mint flavor and its boost but,i did get the,energy one,so,try that one,its got caffeine in it thinning b12,carbon,l carbon l-thymine,ive never heard that before,okay,thats what it looks like,oh i like that one,im trying to think of how to describe,it,its like gum,what kind of gum,uh what gum is this,is it gum,yeah a gum but i cant tell you what,kind of gum its good though,very good i wonder if its going to give,me energy oh,energized,so anyway,what do you think,am i doing it right,i think this is a cool thing like for,people who need to like relax and stuff,definitely,especially like the chill one,and the soothe one for sleeping,i mean,why not right,so check it out check it out very cool,and and and then also for people who,tend to vape they want to not vape,anymore this is a perfect replacement i,think

Can you vape vitamins? We test it out

today were gonna try out inhalable,vitamins by nutria Im a big fan of,future foods like Soylent so but,somebody pitched the idea of inhalable,nutrition I was like sure we got to try,that thing up now our samples came with,a little book there are three different,here weve got energy focused and relax,supposed to have those moods after you,try it out and this booklet says theres,no nicotine in new trailer devices and,also because it bypasses the digestive,system a minimal amount of the,nutritional supplement is needed so get,to your bloodstream faster lets round,up some test subjects and I see how this,thing works out in this very highly,unscientific test Ill go with energy,for now Im use a pick-me-up the boxes,suck do you – too late I feel like,nothing healthy would come in a package,like this Im really bad at swallowing,big pills so and I like the soothing,sensation of something okay caffeine,taurine amino acids so its like an,inhalable Red Bull okay,[Music],oh its kind of like a hookah theres no,scent to this home but Im gonna be,really peppy,is that a challenge I want to say I feel,energy but Im not sure I mean I feel,like to get a proper benchmark you got,to sit here for like five minutes or,something but Im just gonna pile these,on so Im gonna be like high as a kite,is this like like taking a espresso shot,or something but I cant look like a,total dork see now that Im all hopped,up can I try the relaxed all right oh,its blue and relaxing color I like that,its got a little cartoon meditation on,it thats appropriate well I need to get,into the Zen zone my deadlines,approaching dont be nervous just suck,on your stick I feel relaxed,I dont know if its too soon to tell,but I do feel relaxed this it might be,all placebo like everything here might,be placebo but I do feel something going,on and I like it but theres many other,things I could smoke to feel relaxed,definitely not no no Im Im not more,relaxed what does focus taste like I,mean is that really a vitamin if I can,help me focus more Im a just me,preoccupied with this I dont know am I,supposed to like stare off into the,universe and my god its full of stars,[Music],it seems so silly,I was just straight-up mint feels like,nothing is happening with this one I,could see this working like same at an,airport and have anxiety or something,and you know you cant just light up,there so you go you know something like,this I mean I never like taking my,vitamins as a kid I used to hide all,those little Flintstones chewables like,in the corner of my room I never I never,liked the taste of them so I guess this,is a better way to take your vitamins,then how much do these cost this is its,a great idea I love the idea if you told,me that if I smoke this twice a day I,would get all the vitamins I need for,the day I would love it I guess you,could have combo packs right go get a,little crazy,[Music],smooth,[Music],it just tastes like bad robitussin like,robitussin that was left out for like 30,years no I would hope not because I,think Im going to live forever now,[Music]

Trying Inhale Health Caffeine & Melatonin Inhalers for a Week | Inhale Health Review

[Music],hey guys and welcome to another video,todays video should be really,interesting because well be testing a,very unusual product its called inhale,health and the simplest way that I can,explain it is as a healthy vape pen but,its actually very different from,cigarettes because it doesnt have any,nicotine or any harmful ingredients and,its not addictive its basically a,device they call it an inhaler that uses,a cigarette technology to deliver micro,nutrients into your system through vapor,in a way that is quicker and more,effective than if you would take them,orally,they offered three different types of,inhalers caffeine melatonin and b12,vitamin in this video Im gonna be,testing out the caffeine and melatonin I,will also leave links in the description,down below as well as a discount code in,case you guys are interested in checking,them out for yourself I basically did it,as a one-week experiment where I would,take the caffeine in the morning or,early in the day kind of like the way,that I would drink my coffee and then I,will take the melatonin at night right,before I go to bed,and now lets see how they one went hey,guys its Monday morning and I am about,to try the caffeine inhaler right now,Im gonna unbox it Im gonna show you,everything but basically youre supposed,to start by unboxing and removing the,cap then breathe in for 3 seconds and,then you can do 10 breaths which is the,recommended daily serving so I havent,had any coffee Im a little bit sleepy,so well see how this is gonna work so,this is what the box looks like,this is how it comes like there are 40,servings so if you take one serving,every day its gonna last you 40 days,this is what it looks like,it looks very sleek,okay guys Im ready to try it out I,dont feel anything like weird in my,throat or anything like that its just,very like up like straight up air,basically with a little bit of orange,flavor and I am gonna monitor myself and,Ill see how I feel when the caffeine,really like starts working,[Music],overall I would say its pretty pleasant,okay so I think I will return in about,an hour and Im gonna tell you how I,feel if I feel like more energetic if I,feel like Ive just had an espresso or,like a regular coffee but yeah Im just,gonna watch myself and Ill tell you,guys how I feel see you in a little bit,okay guys its been an hour and I feel,pretty fresh and like a week I dont,feel super different but I generally,dont feel very different after I have,coffee I generally just feel normal,the way that I feel right now the only,way that I have noticed that caffeine,impacts me is when I have it too late in,the day and then I struggle to fall,asleep but other than that I dont feel,like it gives me a ton of energy but,just like one cup of coffee or whatever,so I would say D inhaler works pretty,similarly so far for me I will try it,again tomorrow and I will give you,another update good morning guys its,the day after Memorial Day and Im,feeling really tired I dont know why I,overslept a little bit in the morning,Im still like feeling really sleepy and,Im supposed to be working I just had a,cup of coffee but Im still feeling kind,of like not very energetic so I think,Im gonna do a little bit of caffeine,right now by the way my husband has also,been like trying it out and he told me,that he actually can feel it and Im not,able to so he told me that Im probably,not taking enough and Im probably not,like breathing in for the full three,seconds so today Im really gonna make,it a point to get enough with each like,breath so I can really feel it and tell,you,its really weird because I feel like,Im smoking but I know Im not smoking,but I dont know the flavor is really,nice though I really like it even though,its like a subtle orange flavor its,pretty nice so after using the caffeine,and hailer multiple times throughout the,week I realized that its not really,working for me I couldnt really feel,any major effects hi guys its day 4 and,I have tried the caffeine inhaler once,again and its official I dont think it,works for me I feel no difference so I,guess this one just doesnt work with my,body for some reason I dont know but as,I mentioned in the clip my husband was,also taking it and he told me that he,had a very different experience he,didnt want to be on camera because he,hasnt had a haircut in a long time,because of quarantine but I will try my,best to summarise what he told me he,basically told me that the inhaler,helped him feel more awake more alert,gave him more energy he really really,enjoyed the taste and just the overall,sensation but he told me that he,wouldnt use it as his only source of,caffeine because it wasnt strong enough,but it was definitely a nice supplement,to use throughout the day this tells me,that this device again varies a lot from,person to person pretty much the same,way as with any wellness practice it,might work great for some people and not,at all for others for me personally I,think if this product is something that,interests you and you want to try it I,would suggest that you try it for,yourself and not rely on online reviews,too much just because everyones body is,different and it reacts differently to,different things so now lets move on to,the melatonin and the melatonin worked,completely differently for me I totally,felt it I am I am in love you guys I am,someone who always has melatonin by my,bedside just in case I dont take it,every single night but this is,definitely something that I reached you,whenever Im struggling to fall asleep,its a relatively healthy,and harmless way to help yourself in,moments like this Ive been using this,melatonin by now it has three milligrams,of melatonin per pill and honestly most,of the time I can barely feel it so I,was really skeptical because the inhale,helped one only has one milligram of,melatonin so I was like this is probably,not gonna work on me at all but it,definitely did okay,lets unbox it it comes in the same oil,packet this one is black though it also,is supposed to taste like lavender which,I dont know how I feel about that I,love lavender in the shape of candles,and room sprays and stuff like that Im,not sure if Im gonna enjoy the taste,but well see this is what it looks like,again the same design just different,color and lets do it,[Music],the taste is actually pretty Pleasant,pretty much like a drinking herbal tea,so I like it,[Music],I think Im gonna try five times tonight,and then maybe increase the amount of,breaths tomorrow and until the end of,the week but I just want to start lower,and see how everything goes I dont know,Im feeling very relaxed but I cant,believe that this is working so quickly,I dont know okay so this was breath,number five Im gonna read a little bit,Im gonna watch a little bit of YouTube,and Im just gonna see how much it takes,me to feel sleepy and actually fall,asleep I will see you guys tomorrow hey,guys I just woke up and want to tell you,a little bit more about my experience,with a melatonin from last night so I,definitely felt it it took about 30,minutes for it to work on me and I got,really sleepy and I slept really well,the whole night I definitely felt this,way more than the caffeine Im,definitely gonna try it for a couple,more nights just to see if Im gonna,have the same effect if its not a,coincidence but so far Im really happy,with this product,[Music],I can definitely see myself,incorporating the inhaler into my,routine probably not as an every night,type of thing but just a way that I use,melatonin right now just in case just,have it in my drawer and use it whenever,I feel like I need some help falling,asleep Im curious what your opinion is,of this product would you guys try it,let me know in the comments down below,this is it for this video I hope you,guys enjoyed if you liked it please give,it a thumbs up that really really helps,my channel if you like lifestyle,wellness if you like to see me try weird,products if you like to see my little,cap make sure you subscribe

Vape Your Vitamins?

its been getting quite a bit of buzz,lately were skeptical as you might,expect take a look,green juice wheatgrass shots and,broccoli are always you can get your,vitamins but what if you can get your,vitamin dose in the club hot new,Instagram trend thats already hitting,the hipster scene in Europe could be,coming to America soon vitamin vapors,the company vitae stick claims to,deliver a water vapor mixed with,vitamins and organic flavors and even,collagen while of AP market has exploded,in popularity in recent years it still,remains unregulated by the government,can you really huff your way to help,teenage daughters come home with that,with fat in there now sitting there,looking like you drew like theyre so,and I eat their vegetables because,theyre vaping yeah Im with you on that,one I mean heres a novel concept my,medical and maternal opinion No maybe,eat your vitamins instead of smoking,them and Travis is gonna say you dont,need to get any vitamins or dont eat it,no he would he would say no but if,youre going to take vitamins to take,them in a form where you know talk to,your doctor get them in the form you,know you can trust my issue with this is,it its much like this sodas tried a few,years ago drew see your ear enhance,something,vitamins lead drugs like prepubescent,kid whos gonna get one of these and,hes gonna think its cool then the next,thing hes gonna be using an e-cig then,hes gonna be smoking its this to me is,taking something trying to make it look,sexy and your ultimate is gonna be a,gateway his kids are going to use this,and theyre gonna end up smoking were,not gonna know the impact of this some,years some decades down the line,somebody walking into my I agree saying,thank me and now they have some serious,medals right what Im gonna be looking,for you drew Im not even going to sit,here and say that this is technically,bad for you there are vitamins in there,its water vapor it doesnt have nicotine,and so from that perspective you know I,its not like I have a problem with,anything in this particular vitamin your,turn is just why its gonna make money,its just to make one over a lot of,mommies automatic you cant you know I,feel a little irritated in my throat,youre not supposed to inhale your,vitamins yeah you saw me listen him,though his voice sound listen a lot I,feel love coming on,hes right no sound normal to have to,smoke to be a [ __ ] you make an excellent,point Travis about the Gateway because,as parents youre always concerned about,something leading to something more,serious although this looks hips and,cool now is this going to cause that,Sheen ager to start using something the,wiring that I will say is a positive is,if you were an adult and you had been,addicted to cigarettes and the act of it,yeah this is going this is better for,you smokey nope I mean theres no doubt,about that,its just it seems like the concept,nowadays is lets add vitamins to,everything and then from is healthy and,and its all marketing and money and and,thats where I just get so frustrated,because they keep coming out with new,products to make money and its oh its,its vitamins its good for you so,youre telling us there is no substitute,for eating a healthy yeah well-balanced,diet your veggies and this isnt going,to respond nice no no no this was I want,you to repeat it again because hes not,listening,Lesley drew stop because your voice,sounds jacked up seriously,what would you like me to say all right,ABC a no grasp your rats for you I did I,can feel after one doctor after weve,burped me and put this up thank you,I feel better now its good because you,dont sound whats so funny,is is and we do have to obviously in,this segment which Ive thoroughly,enjoyed is you really are like Mikey,give it give it to Mike hell try,anything okay theyre beating up on drew,Im gonna come to your defense a little,he was just trying to tell as you all,know that this isnt the way no,good

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