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How does Healthy Wage work?

hey im brian and im in the middle of a,weight loss bet,if you want to see why and how i started,the bet ill have a link in the,description below,but todays video is about healthy wage,which is one of the apps that im using,on this weight loss journey betting,thing,im not sponsored or affiliated with,healthy wage in any way im just a,regular person whos using their app,okay so what is healthy wage and how,does it work it lets you bet real money,on yourself to lose weight and win a,cash prize,the company says on their site that they,were inspired by academic research on,the topic of financial incentives,and they had seen studies about weight,loss that showed that basically,mixing financial incentives and people,trying to lose weight,proved to be more successful than if,there was no financial incentive,they cite a study which ill link in the,description below but basically the,study concluded that people were five,times more likely to reach their weight,loss goals,if they had a financial incentive they,do make it very clear though that,theyre not saying that if you sign up,and you have a potential cash prize as a,reward for losing weight,that that guarantees that youll be,successful so they do at least,acknowledge that,you know with or without a cash prize,involved losing weight is still a very,hard and challenging thing to do,however,im not supposed to reveal this but,theres actually a very secret way to,lose weight,without diet and exercise its a proven,thing,its clicking the like button studies,have shown that the actual movement of,clicking the like button,activates this fat burning compound that,just sheds pounds,fast okay maybe thats not true but it,does help me in the channel and i do,really appreciate it,okay so on the healthy wage page this is,basically the beginning where youre,going to calculate your price,so you go ahead and click on there and,this is the part where you basically,just play around with you know how many,pounds you want to lose,how long you want to take to reach your,goal and how much you want to bet,every month and playing with each one of,these and changing,any of these three changes your prize,range for me personally when i signed up,i said i wanted to lose 35 pounds,in six months and i was going to bet 115,dollars into it,or im sorry 116,but actually as im doing this you can,see how just changing,any of these numbers is changing the,price amount right here,so you can basically just you know,fine-tune what you want to do to see,what your price range is going to be,and then you go to step number two then,theyre going to ask you a series of,like you know how much you weigh,how tall are you your age your gender it,shows you based on,what you sign up for you know how many,pounds per week youll need to lose,and they show you the basic overview of,the program so its basically finding,out your exact price,and then youll start the challenge and,you do that by doing a weigh-in,which you do actually in their app so,that its verified,and then youll get into the app and see,how it works,and like i said if you you know if you,hit your goal,youll get paid via check or paypal,and then youll get to a page where,theyve calculated your exact price,within that range,and this is where you actually decide if,you want to sign up and start the,process,during the sign up process theyll ask,if you want to refer anybody and if you,do,basically healthy wage will give you,another it depends sometimes ive seen,it be forty dollars sometimes a hundred,dollars but to where theyll add,that money to your potential cash prize,if youre successful and so my,suggestion would be,if you have like a friend or a family,member that you know you guys have been,talking about losing weight,to maybe get with them and see if they,want to do that program with you,and if you do heres a little little,story time to learn from my mistake but,when i was signing up i knew that going,into 2021 my mom also wanted to lose,weight,you know we had talked about you know we,need to eat better and,and lose weight and get healthier and so,i told her about healthy wage,were both signing up were both going,through the process,and i remember like were both,got to the part where you know do you,want to refer,refer someone and get money added to,your prize and we,were both like you know we dont really,know anyone else who wants to do it and,so we go on,um and its just a little bit later im,like oh wait a second,ah man we had already done it and,basically,i was like one of us could have just,referred the other and we would have,automatically got a hundred dollars,added to our accounts,and of course i was like really mad,you know we were both mad that neither,one of us thought of that simple way,to get money added and i was thinking,that,you know how companies are like because,weve already signed up,i doubt theyre gonna let us do that,referral but i was actually i,emailed them just took a shot and,emailed them and explained the situation,and they were actually nice and gave us,gave me and my mom both,100 each added to our potential cash,prize,if were successful so yeah if you and,someone else are signing up together,just make sure that one of you guys,does it first and then refer the other,one and then they can sign up and you,guys both get a cash prize,of course you know you got to be,delicate with talking to people about,weight loss it can be kind of a delicate,issue,luckily i was blessed with really great,social skills and i just have a way,about me where i can talk to people oh,you know heres my neighbor,hey neighbor hey have you heard about,those weight loss apps where you can,okay in all seriousness if you dont,have someone youre going to sign up,with,but you do want to get the added cash,prize you can use my referral code and,ill put that in description,and well both get money added to our,cash price and get that money,if were successful but it doesnt,depend on the other so,for example if you use my referral code,youre going to get a certain amount of,cash added to your,account and if youre successful with,your goal youll get that money,okay so now lets take a look at the app,and just look around at the features and,how it works,lets go ahead and open up the healthy,wage app the weigh-in section is where,you will do,when you first sign up youre going to,do this create verified wait,and thats when you actually weigh in in,the actual app so that they can,make sure youre not cheating and then,theres this create,unverified weight which is something you,can do,every day if you want and so this is,where you actually put in your weight,so you can keep track of yourself and,then my favorite part,is the my stats section,and in this section this is the part i,like the best,this shows you a physical representation,of you know the prize that youll get if,youre successful it shows you how much,you need to lose,it reminds you the date that you need to,weigh in by,that shows you you know where you,started your goal where youre at where,you should be,you can see here i got so how they,calculated my price was,the base price is a thousand sixty two,dollars and seventy cents and i got that,hundred dollar,prize boost for doing a referral and so,the total would be 11,62.70 so overall my experience has been,really positive with using this app,even though im behind of where i should,be i feel like im still,further along in my weight loss goal,than i would have been if i hadnt been,using it because a lot of times,you know im kind of one of those people,that would be like okay starting monday,im gonna,you know eat well and exercise and,everything,and sometimes i would and sometimes id,get on a good little streak but,you know usually you know either a week,or a month later im kind of falling off,but i feel like with doing this program,through healthy wage its kind of,helping me just,keeping that in mind and that i dont,want to fall behind and i want to catch,up,and i want to get that money ultimately,my only co

HealthyWage Review

hey guys a recently completed healthy,wage and Im gonna give you a quick,review of how it was and give me a my,honest opinion so I came across an,article while scrolling through Facebook,about ways to make extra money from home,and who couldnt stand to make a few,extra bucks from home so I looked into,the company and saw that you had to bet,on yourself to lose the weight now,obviously I had some weight to lose so,this seemed like a cool option for me I,read some reviews on it I looked into,the company a little bit more and,everyones everythings seemed legit but,I was still not convinced but I didnt,ran my information into the calculator I,played around with it a bit I wasnt,really happy with the results at first,but I played around with it and I ended,up betting $100 a month for six months,that I could lose 50 pounds to be honest,I kept waiting for like the oily slimy,part of healthy way to come through to,see where the scam was cuz it seems way,too good to be true that you can,basically bet on yourself to lose weight,I mean Im in control of that right I,decide whether Im gonna lose weight or,not unless theres some serious medical,issue you know youre in control of,whether you lose weight or not so I put,my information in there and I thought,that I would have a nineteen hundred and,twenty five dollar payout and I was on,board so it was super simple actually,and then all you have to do to get,started obviously enter your information,and then do a video waiting I was,thinking okay the video way is gonna be,super difficult its not going to be,easy it wasnt it was super simple you,honestly just show that the scale is,calibrated to zero you show that youre,not hiding any weights on your body,were just like you know shorts and a,tank top or something and then a turn in,a circle with your hands in your show,youre not hiding anything and you know,the scale show your starting weight and,then you submit to that that to them and,they either accept it or reject it they,accepted mine immediately and that was,it I got started and I decided to do the,monthly payments you can pay all at once,but I decided to do,dollars a month because honestly I cant,afford $100 a month just to go to,something extra so it was a little bit,more than I felt comfortable losing and,Im gonna tell you why that was a good,thing because after that first month I,was not losing the weight like I thought,I was going to and I decided I was not,interested in continuing died I just,thought okay Ive lost $100 but so via I,just I dont want to end up losing the,rest of my money,but I already signed the agreement and,it was already coming out of my bank,account so I was kind of stuck like now,I had to follow through with this which,I am so grateful for because I did I,tried a lot of different diet plans and,some work didnt some good not work oops,didnt work but um I think the key was,just to stay motivated for six months,you are forced to study motivated youre,held accountable for that six months and,so I get it up you can weigh in to exert,so my end date was like the end of July,but you can weigh in two weeks early and,its just another video way and the same,as it was to begin with and they dont,contact you during the process at all,they dont ask you how youre doing or,anything like that you are on your own,to lose the weight however you see fit,whether youre choosing exercise or,weight-loss surgery,diet pills or whatever it is the keto,diet the low calorie diet whatever you,choose to do thats on you healthy wage,has nothing to do with that,they are not a diet plan a gym,membership they are simply an incentive,for you to lose the weight so two weeks,before I decided to hop on the scale see,where I was at and that way if I needed,to lose more like if I wasnt getting,close I needed to push myself a little,harder,in fact I ended up being 5 pounds over,and I decided as to what that last 5,pounds out so I jumped in a bathtub full,of epsom salt and I jogged around my,bathroom and garbage bags and so mid,July comes along I hop on the scale Ive,sweated it out and I lost the weight I,was down to my target weight which was,176 pounds I started at 226 my target,weight was 176 and I submitted my video,weight now it was time to,this company was legit and Im gonna be,honest I was expecting them to reject my,way in them to say okay well no you,dont look like youve lost the weight,or we need you to answer these following,questions we need you to really prove,this I expected a little bit more fights,because I mean is $1,900 Ive only put,in 600 are they really gonna pay me 90,$1,900 mmm hard to believe within two,weeks I was holding my check for $1,900,there was no issues they accepted it,almost immediately my video way in and I,was holding my check and let me just say,I could not more enthusiastically give,this company at 5 stars like there was,no issues whatsoever with them theres,nothing I would change about the program,everything was exactly like they said I,was going to be I feel like they were,honest Ive talked to several of the,customer representatives a spokesman for,the company and honestly they are great,people I really feel like this company,changed my life since July Ive gone on,to lose $1 20 pounds and I know that I,have a little more to lose to but if it,wasnt for healthy wage I would have,never ever stuck to a diet plan to begin,with I would have never changed my,lifestyle but after six months of,sticking with it try and try and try and,you kind of develop a lifestyle habit so,I think healthy wage is not only,forgiving me to lose that initial 50,pounds and giving you $1,900 a $1,300,profit over $1300 profit but they also,changed my entire life like Im not the,same person when I dont eat the same I,dont think the same food is not to this,great reward for me anymore,and yes money should not be the,motivator but unfortunately for a lot of,us it is I think the key is to bet more,than you feel comfortable losing because,if you dont care about losing it then,its not gonna motivate you I dont,think it should just be about the end,price its about I dont want to lose,the money I already invested but the,enterprise is nice because youre going,to have lost all that weight youre,gonna be a new clothes youre gonna want,to feel good about yourself so now you,have the money to do that if youre,getting ready for a cruise if youre,getting ready for a vacation and youre,like oh I want to lose this one,many cons before they stand up for,healthy wage that way youre held,accountable youre losing it and now you,have extra cash for your vacation for,your cruise for whatever the wedding,thats coming up whatever it is its,double incentive two thumbs up five,stars whatever else you can give this,company thats what I give it I simply,completed the program and I loved it and,Im so thankful to them for it I do have,a link for you down below if you want to,check it out what you could win go ahead,and put your information in there it,cant hurt to try right like I said I,played around with a little bit I wasnt,even happy with it at first I was,betting way too low if you want to try,it out see what you could win go ahead,put your put your information into the,calculator play around on that mess,around with it and no hesitate to sign,up because I promise you the company is,legit they are paying people every,single day and four companies they have,company challenges you can do all sorts,of things with it theres so many,opportunities to make money by losing,weight maybe waiting for everyone right,[Music],[Music]

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REAL HealthyWage Reviews – Can You Really Make Money?

welcome to btfl in this video we are,going to take a look to see what users,of healthy ways are saying,but first,what is healthy wage,healthy wage is an online platform that,allows its users to bet on reaching,their weight loss goals the process is,pretty straightforward all you need to,do is put in how much weight you plan to,lose,how long you need to lose it and how,much you are willing to bet on achieving,your goal,healthy wage will then tell you how much,money you could win if you win the bet,now,here are what some wagers have to say,about healthy wage,jonathan ping 44 says,bottom line,i committed to a healthy wage bet to,lose 10 of my initial weight over nine,months,i lost the weight completed my,verifications without hassle won the bet,and was paid my winnings although i,found the process a bit impersonal they,are a legit company,dave h says i had a great experience,with healthy wage the possibility of,winning a large amount of money for,losing weight was very motivating for me,the healthy way support staff is great,to work with i did two large challenges,and more than a dozen smaller jackpot,challenges and since i met the goals,healthy wage paid out for every,challenge that i participated in this is,a very legit business,im thrilled to have found healthy wage,and would highly recommend healthy ways,to anyone planning to lose weight,jamie b says its a nice idea but once,you set it up and pay up you get zero,support prompts advice from them no,reminders no emails i miss my goal,partly because kobe gave me an excuse to,lose momentum and partly because the,goal was just too distant and abstract,to influence my day-to-day decisions,without any other support,thats on me of course but my rating,reflects that it didnt work for me and,if it was really about weight loss and,not just money thered be better,communications,miranda b says,healthy wage was a game changer for me,putting my own money on the line with,the chance to win on top of that,kept me motivated even on the hard days,i was amazed that they would pay me to,lose weight i lost 80 pounds and won 2,972 dollars,900 was my own bet i know it can seem,almost too good to be true but within,hours of my winning video being verified,my entire winning amount was deposited,into my paypal account so glad i found,healthy wage,heres what a couple of youtubers had to,say about healthy wage,so,obviously the more you put down,the more,the more risk it is obviously because if,you lose then you can lose all this cash,that youve put in,but like i said i was really determined,i would not advise anyone to do this,because of the risk,unless you are like one million percent,certain youre going to do it,so,the amount of money i invested,was 200 a month,for two months no sorry for 10 months,and,and luckily i hit the goal i im so,grateful but um,i think i earned,it was 4 200,i cant remember the exact image or i,cant remember the math ill put the,numbers down because,my memory is terrible so did i lose my,30 pounds within six months yes i did,did i receive money from healthy wage,yes i did how did i receive the money i,received the money through my paypal,account,super fast i think i got it in like,under a week and then from there,i just transferred the money to my bank,account or my debit card which literally,took like under five minutes so i,received all four of my payouts through,healthy wage the internet has spoken,yes there are a few complaints but,overall it seems like healthy wage is a,legit company that will pay you for,reaching your weight loss goals for more,on healthy wage and to see how much,money you could win,click the link in the description be,sure to like comment share and subscribe,and i will see you in the next video,[Music]

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???? Is HealthyWage Legit? | Healthywage Review | Transformation Challenge | ????Weight Loss Journey

thank you – here you want to know how I,lost 24 pounds in just five weeks,well look at you a secret welcome to my,channel hi Im Kelly Chris thats right,a girl raised in the south,living in Cali thank you so much for,tuning in if youre new to my channel,please hit the subscribe button and also,turn on your notifications so youll,know when I upload videos in the future,please like come in and share my video,we ever told Misha,dictator is in Harpo you know you can,also follow me on instagram at cali,underscore grits and on facebook @,first-name Kalie lastname group because,i love to eat and tell stories the focus,on my channel will be cooking healthy,month bangs yes thats right,cooking chatting and chewing while,getting fit with Cali grits so I know,you all came here to find out how I lost,24 pounds in five weeks well let me just,go ahead and tell you I joined a free,transformation challenge yes I said free,but let me explain back in July of 2019,I was at unhealthy two hundred thirty,four point six pounds Ive never been,that big in my life and as a matter of,fact I never ever thought that my weight,would ever be a problem when I was in,college,oh my goodness I was so skinny I mean,you would never even think that I should,be having a struggle right now me yeah I,used to be trying to gain weight when I,was in college I used to try to eat a,whole bunch of junk food,I was load up on like fudge brownies,drinking coca-cola eat late at night,because I was,totally thats what make you gain weight,yeah Im nothing I junk work I was,walking around here probably the way,Nabucco file for real there was a little,phrase bad deed I could not get away to,save my life I had a bunch of hair and,you know I was just like walking around,looking like as my siblings called me,Olive Oyl,you know I can laugh about it now it,wasnt funny back then I had lost 20,pounds,everybody else was gaining that freshman,20 I did I got skinnier when I got to,college cuz yall be dining hall who was,this is guys today my momma used to,telling me you know what you look like,you losing too much weight Im gonna,make you move back from on campus cuz I,went to college in the same city as I,grew up in that College is – ooh baby,hey you know people kept telling me you,know girl dont be trying to gain weight,because one day youre gonna be trying,to lose weight it was like whatever,so I was thinking hmm so these people,know what they was talking about you,know whoa,I started picking up weight and going,where I needed to go to the booty and,all that it wasnt going too good,I couldnt buckle my pants all yall,been wearing shirts so I can keep it,coming a little bit or unblended and,pull the belt over so at least it wont,fall down yeah unfortunately we cant,stay at the same size we were is like,teenagers in early 20s because we,probably look kind of crazy anyway being,next unit looking like we need a,cheeseburger a book oh five nobody wants,to look like that as an adult but so you,know Ive got on my computer you know,Im like okay I know it got to be some,kind of program right here so Im going,to google it once I started googling,transformation program six-week,challenges because I had been hearing,about challenges of course you know,Google Big Brother they save all your,information and so then I start to get,these Facebook and Instagram ads on you,know youll get a little pop-up itll,say were looking for ten motivating,women to join our program our free,program yes its free you get free,training you get a nutrition plan and,you cant guarantee results its all,right you know what let me go check it,out and so I started you know looking up,some places in my area laughing on this,one place in all its life okay you know,a nice commercial and everything I drove,all the way to the La Crescenta,California but once I got there you know,the guy started talking to me and so I,started looking at the before and after,wall before after before and so the,before and after look just like to me so,my DS never thought youve broken so,then you know I was like okay,nevermind so I let him keep talking so I,said you know I wanted to cut to the,chase you say this free so nothing worth,having is free right so I let him,explain to me he said oh oh oh you got,the wrong ad I dont know how that got,there but the program is $1200 what how,you go from 399 to $12.99 and so I was,like okay so everything he said I,thought it was Charlie Browns teacher,walk walk walk walk walk and so I let,him finish his little spiel and then,its like getting kind of late chuckles,dude man Im like okay I said oh sorry,sorry you know for like this is the baby,switch you know you promised me free and,I says well I dont know Im like you,didnt know how you gonna have an,advertisement and you dont know its,being advertised for your business and,so I was like okay,wasting my dog long time and gas gas,fire something a gallon,look I dont have time for this and so I,decided to go back home and I found one,that was really close to my house and so,I was like let me hit this person up you,know cuz I really need to do a challenge,because I feel like theyll keep me,motivated because I know when you put,some money down on something that is,motivation so I contacted Moses Fitness,so I found my Moses and so I went to,Moses and before I drove up there I text,Im like oh do look give it a skinny Im,not trying to drive up up here find out,that its a thousand dollars they say,its free and so he says well it is free,but there is an accountability deposit,and so my hmm,so I didnt even know you know he says,just come in person I promise you know,youll be youll be pleased so I got,there yah-hoo before I drove up there I,googled Moses fitness and I checked out,Moses he is fine fine or fine point and,I was like,hey he was fine and sounds like okay so,when I walked through the door he said,hello um you know now look at how he was,fully clothed its kind of like yarmulke,and I was thinking okay you look like,dead dad sundered it under these clothes,um he had me at hello and so you know he,started talking to me about his,nutrition program and everything he did,my in body analysis and Im gonna hold,it up so when I started July 29th 2019,Im 30-plus years old and you know you,can just add whatever you want to add to,that yeah,and so the weight was 234 point six the,part that really really was troublesome,was my BMI it was 36 now when you have a,BMI that high youre susceptible to like,high blood pressure which I had,developed blood strokes and heart,attacks you know that is too much by the,fact I have this is the before six,months ago so pull up finger on it,because Im super excited because,something good it happened today so I,feel explaining to me his program,it basically is it was a five hundred,dollar community but you get the money,back if you lose twenty pounds and we,just discussed you know what I needed to,do I need to lose 20 pounds or more by,the end of the program in order to get,my deposit back now he told he explained,to me the nutrition program and he,explained the workout it was a barbell,fitness gym and you know how are you,gonna plant it fitness and I we got,other treadmills and ellipticals and all,that this place was not that okay I like,the end Im like dude its like somebody,could Raj the child Jason brought some,waste in here and call it a gym but ima,tell you something those workouts,werent killer,it was mostly barbell you know we do,have a few dumbbell activities but it,was all like plyometrics,we did a lot high-intensity interval,training which included the strength,training the weights and the you know,like burpees and kettlebell swings and,we had an elliptical and a rower and we,had this thing that I thought was a,treadmill but when you get on it when,you try to walk that thing you start,making you run and I have to jump off,that thing real quick kind of the cardio,and the lung capacity is not up to par,and so that but um so we did all of that,now of course if you join

www.healthywager.com Reviews (Dec 2020) Know The Facts- Watch! | Scam Adviser Reports

[Music],hello friends,and i welcome to all of you in this new,video,today we are going to discuss about the,www.healthywager.com,reviews the social network has already,placed a large role in the spread of,healthywager.com,and we are going to find out more about,it in this video,but before that do not forget to like,the video share the video and subscribe,our channel,as it will boost our spirit to bring,many more informative and exciting news,for you,so lets begin the company,healthywidget.com was founded in 2009,in response to exciting academic,research at harvard,healthywager.com is a legitimate way to,earn money losing,weight how much you can earn will depend,on how much you have to,lose and your timeline for dropping,those pounds,there is no catch with healthy video to,win your healthy wager you just need to,achieve your,goal in the time frame you set up your,challenges,starts when you get your verified way in,how long does it take to get paid if you,choose paypal,your payment will process in two to five,days,you can lose more than your goal weight,and still claim the price however if you,do not lose all of the weight selected,during your wager,you will not win any price,they use cash prizes to make weight loss,and fitness,more fun and effective the famous,healthy wager dot com,lets you make a personalized bet on your,weight,loss prices up to ten thousand 000,you can play with the price calculator,all you want,without commitment a variety of recent,academic research,demonstrates that financial incentives,triple the effectiveness of,weight loss programs healthy wage.com is,available,to residents of the united states united,kingdom,canada european union mexico and,throughout latin america,australia and most of non-europe and,asia,unless you are participating through,your employer you may not participate if,you are a resident of,north korea iran syria iraq,saudi arabia burma yemen,afghanistan libya sudan and others,and you cannot participate if you are,pregnant there is a public challenge,department,where you can participate in up to 10,challenges at a time,the research and ongoing academic and,industrial research,suggests that even small cash rewards,can increase the effectiveness of,weight loss and step programs people are,more effective at losing weight,and getting more active when their own,money is at risk,and social networks play a large role in,the spread of obesity,and will likely play a large role in the,reversing,obesity we read all your comments over,every video so keep commenting please,like,this video share and if you have not,subscribed yet,please subscribe our channel today,be informed be safe thank you,[Music],[Music],you

A HealthyWage Review: How I Won Almost $1500 and Lost 40 Lbs

so its Monday and we are gonna do the,second half of our Easter Egg post but,we didnt get that finished up yesterday,so that is going to be coming up Im,hoping tomorrow if we can get it,finished up tonight after ballet but,today I have some exciting news and that,is that my ten months is up or at least,I was in the window for my 10 months for,me to be up for my healthy wage that,competition that I talked about a couple,of months ago when I first started,making these videos and I did it I won,which was pretty exciting,basically for anyone who hasnt seen the,other video back in May I think it was,May 30th and last year I made a bet I,fee on this I was I was reading an,article and it was about ways to make it,was like you could make money losing,weight and it said that there was a,website called healthy wage and it had,been on like The Today Show and Good,Morning America and they had all these,different sites that it had been on,which is basically what slowed me on him,when I went and looked at the different,things that they had been on and you,could place a bet that you would lose,weight and if you lost the amount of,weight that you bet you would lose you,would win whatever and they bet they,would give you an amount that you could,win if you actually lost the way and if,you didnt lose the way they get to keep,the money that you bet so I bet and I,didnt say I think last time when I bet,Ive had sixty dollars a month for ten,months which was basically like my,birthday money that I had gotten right,before that right before that time when,I placed the bag so I bet $600 that I,would win that I would lose 40 pounds,and at the time I remember thinking at,that if I came even close to winning I,would be happy because I would have been,willing to pay $600 to lose that weight,and if someone was actually gonna pay me,to lose that weight I would be,really excited about that so I did it,and it was hugely motivating for me like,when because up until that point,whenever I would like start counting,calories I would make excuses to myself,like okay Im gonna start next Monday,and then Im gonna start next Monday and,Im gonna start next Monday and I would,keep putting it off but once I place the,bet I really did not want to lose that,money and when I wanted to cheat on,something when I wanted to cheat on the,basically what I did was count calories,I didnt put myself on a special diet,when I wanted to cheat I would go on and,kind of like window shop and I knew that,most of the my weddings were gonna,probably go to pretty practical things I,mean we have five kids but I would just,think about what I could spend the money,that I was going to win on and my,winnings were going to be $1,200 it,ended up being all together cuz I did a,couple little challenges along the way,you can you can add the little,challenges like for how many steps you,take in a day I did a step challenge,along the way where it was also hooked,up to my Fitbit and I won like 90,dollars doing one of those challenges,and I did an additional 6% challenge so,altogether my winnings when I got the,actual money the other day it came to I,won let me look my winnings came – lets,see the screenshot fourteen hundred,ninety six dollars and forty cents so I,mean not bad for that initial bet and so,I mean if if that is something that if,money is something that motivates you,think if you think money is something,that motivates you that this is,definitely something to look into,because I mean I did try different,things and that was definitely what,motivated me so basically the way it,works is they have you weigh in and Paul,helped me out and we got the scale out,and you see out on the scale and take a,picture and not take a picture but take,your smartphone and record the scale,stand on it and show the scale show you,turn it to the left to the right and all,around to show that this is you this is,your weight and the way out is pretty,much the same thing and then it asks,they asked for a little story youre the,story of your weight loss and they asked,for before pictures and after pictures,if you had at me well they asked for,before and after pictures and then it,was really hard for me to find before,pictures because I had like I mean I do,have a lot of pictures of myself just I,mean I blogged for ten years and I do,post on Instagram all the time but like,almost all of the pictures from myself,from the time when I was at my heaviest,40 pounds ago were like very carefully,like angled on Instagram were like of,my upper body and they were always like,you know this angle like where my phone,is like right here and my head is tilted,and the angle is like perfect so maybe,my face looks like my face definitely,looked fuller but I would pick like you,know the most perfect picture where you,could barely tell and there were very,few before pictures and I think I found,like three that actually looks like,befores where you could honestly see and,most of those were taken pretty much for,a healthy wage that was why I took those,pictures well at least the one the,wonderful picture there werent very,many full pictures of me because I was,pretty much hot hiding from full,pictures or hiding behind the kids in,most pictures and then when when I,finally the day I finally did the,weigh-in Paul and I were both that was,like the height of the pinkeye and,strapped and so I would like my flop,clogs and my pajamas and you have to,picture so I was like I want I want this,done I want to send it in heres the egg,Paul Pollock managed to get himself out,of bed and he was really really sick,that day,Im taking after a picture for me and do,the do the way out for me so that I,could send it in write that even though,he was it was really sick I was pretty,sick that day too,I was definitely not doing well,but it was awesome to be done and to,have it done and to have it confirmed,and to have actually succeeded in this,so hes kind of awkward talking about,these things but I also wanted to share,because it was something that I was,excited that I worked hard,Ive never definitely days where it was,hard there were definitely days I mean,Im always cooking Im cooking three,meals a day for five kids and so there,were a lot of days where I was cooking,things that the kids loved and it smells,great and it was great,I was either in the middle of,intermittent fasting and I wasnt in my,window or I was done with my calories,or I wasnt eating all of the same,things that they were eating and so to,stay in my to stay in my calories I was,really surprised with how easy I was,really surprised with how easy I dont,know I I kept waiting for there to be,like some complication with the part at,the end where we act where I actually,got paid like are you actually just,gonna pay me like I won is it just going,to and they just deposited the money in,my PayPal and I transferred it to my,bank and that was that like it was that,easy there were absolutely no bumps I,didnt have to email anyone contact,anyone there were absolutely no problems,along the way so that was easier I kept,waiting for them for like are they gonna,challenge my way and I mean it was,totally clear but I could I dont know I,didnt I kept waiting for it not to be,as easy as it was and it was easy so,that was awesome,I had a super positive experience with,healthy wage and I would recommend it if,you are motivated by making money if,youre already trying to lose weight and,make you money but motivates you and you,really feel like you can do like if you,feel like you are going to do it then,yeah then I would recommend it because,that was this was something for me it,was like I am going to do it I have to,do this I felt like I had to do it,because any,to be able to keep up with Maggie I was,trying to have a hard time like I had,gotten so stressed out I I hadnt,stress-eating because of all of tessies,medical stuff and I was getting to the,point where I couldnt keep up with,Maggie and I needed to be able to keep,up with Maggie and I ne

Healthy Wager Reviews 2022 || Best Healthy Wager || Smart Money

hi guys,welcome to my channel,so before we get started make sure to,hit that like,button also subscribe to my channel,in this video we will talk about,healthy wagger reviews 2022,so make sure to watch the full video,losing weight can be difficult although,its never too late to start,but if youre tired of paying for a gym,membership you never use or setting,goals you know youll never meet its,time for a change,you need the right tools resources and,motivation,healthy wage is one tool that might help,you meet your weight loss and fitness,goals,based on studies showing financial,incentives can aid weight loss healthy,wage challenges you to meet your fitness,goals and will pay you when you meet,those goals,theres a catch of course if you dont,meet your goals youll lose money,in our healthy wage review well show,you the programs ins and outs and help,you decide if its right for you,the basics of healthy wage,healthy wage allows you to bet on your,potential weight loss success,when you first sign up for healthy wage,youll set personalized fitness goals,and weight targets,then youll make a bet on whether or not,you can meet those goals,you have full control over how much you,bet as well as whether you win or lose,this is why even though the company uses,words like bet and wager legally it,isnt gambling,you can pay your entire wager up front,or spread it out over several months,either way you commit to paying the,entire wager amount even if you quit the,challenge,at the end of the challenge if youve,met your fitness goals youll get your,wager back plus additional prizes,but if you havent met your goals youll,lose the money you bet,healthy wage calculator,the healthy wage calculator is your,first step in determining your fitness,goal and how much youre going to wager,using the calculator you can adjust the,variables to see how much you can earn,if you meet your goals,you can change information such as how,much weight you want to lose how long,you need to reach your goal and how much,youre willing to wager each month,for example if you want to lose 30,pounds in six months and wager 20 per,month you can earn anywhere from 133,dollars to 353 if you win the bet,keep in mind though you will have paid,in 120,if you want to lose 100 pounds within 12,months and wager 50 per month you can,win 1 400 to 2 185 if youre successful,of that you will have paid in 600,after youve narrowed down your goal,time frame and wager amount,you can continue with your user,registration to find out exactly how,much youll win for your bet,just enter information such as your sex,height weight and waist size then enter,your login information to unlock your,exact prize,try it out use the healthy wage,calculator to see how much you can win,according to the stories on the healthy,wage site some users have one thousands,of dollars meeting their fitness goals,however the companys founder david,roddenberry admits only one in four,people who sign up on the side actually,win their bets,he believes everyone still benefits,though because at the very least they,will have spent six months or more,working to improve their health,healthy wage rules,when you set up your wager youll need,to enter a weight loss goal thats at,least 10 percent of your current weight,in order to be eligible for a payout,you can choose a challenge period of,anywhere from 6 to 18 months,the total amount wagered over the,challenge period must be at least 100,you can pay the entire wager up front or,pay monthly in any amount from a minimum,of five dollars per month to a maximum,of 995 dollars,in addition to the information you enter,healthy wage also requires verification,before and after the wager,that involves uploading a video of your,weigh-in at multiple intervals,throughout the fitness challenge,the challenge doesnt begin until youve,placed your wager and successfully,verified your weight,hold off on starting your weight loss,efforts until your post wager weight has,been verified,otherwise your results may not be,accurate and you may not get a payout,at the end of the challenge simply,upload another verification video and,get paid if you met your goals,if you dont meet your goals by the end,of your challenge period you lose your,wager and your money is used to help pay,out future challenge winners,healthy wage teams,if you dont think youll be successful,going it alone you can join up to four,other users to make a healthy wage team,joining a team to meet your fitness,goals can prove successful,having your teammates counting on you,provides additional motivation to meet,your goals,plus teams can compete against each,other and win additional prizes worth as,much as ten thousand dollars,find out more about healthy wage team,challenges,you can create your own team with,friends family and co-workers,or you can join an already existing team,through the healthy wage site to connect,with others on their fitness journeys,additional challenges,in addition to your personal fitness,goals healthy wage sets community,challenges with the opportunity to earn,even more when you complete those,challenges,these challenges involve corporate,challenges with your coworkers as well,as team challenges that can net up to,ten thousand dollars,you are limited to one individual,challenge at a time but you can,participate in up to 10 community and,team challenges at a time,making money with healthy wage,its important to note the cash payout,is not going to be the same for everyone,even for those with similar goals the,healthy wage algorithm considers all,factors including weight loss goals time,frame,wager sex height weight and waist size,when determining the exact amount for,the payout,this formula is always changing so the,amount is going to be different from,person to person and goal to goal,once you go through registration set,your goal and enter your information,your cash payout is locked in based on,your information,youll have 30 days to make any,adjustments to your weight loss goal,wager or length of challenge,after 30 days the terms are set and,cant be changed,if at the end of your challenge period,you find you need more time you can,extend it for another six months,youll pay additional installments on,those months but your prize money and,weight goal wont change,refer friends and family,if you want your friends and family to,join you on your fitness journey youll,get paid for every successful referral,when you have your friends family and,co-workers sign up using your unique,referral link healthy wage pays you,forty dollars,with enough referrals that referral,bonus can add up quickly,is healthy wage a scam,healthy wage has been in business for,almost 10 years and the company says it,has helped thousands of users lose,weight and meet their fitness goals,according to the company the average,winnings for those who meet their goals,is over one thousand three hundred,dollars,in fact there have been multiple users,that have won well over five thousand,dollars,prizes top out at ten thousand dollars,the company partners with advertisers,government entities and large,corporations to generate revenue and,ensure bet payouts,schemes that tempt you with financial,incentives for exercise and weight loss,including healthy wage certainly have,their critics,but those with negative views of healthy,wage are concerned that it may not be an,effective way to lose weight or maintain,weight loss,they dont suggest its a scam or that,you wont reap the promised prizes if,you meet your goals,they just doubt that youll meet those,goals at all and according to the,company itself theyre probably right,healthy wage reviews,healthy wage has some strong reviews,which is promising for those that are,looking for new ways to lose weight,you can find links to testimonials and,success stories as well as social,sharing media mentions and the better,business bureau on the healthy wage,reviews page,is healthy wage right for me,healthy wage can be uniquely,motivational and work for mul

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