1. Helix Mattress Review – 5 Things You NEED To Know! (2022)
  2. Helix Luxe Mattress Review | Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy (UPDATED 2022)
  3. Helix Mattress Reviews – Honest Evaluation Of Every Helix Model (2022)
  4. DreamCloud vs Helix | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022)
  5. Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Review – Best Hybrid Mattress!?
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Helix Mattress Review – 5 Things You NEED To Know! (2022)

hi there im wes from the slumber yard,and in todays video im talking about,five things that you should know,about the brand helix sleep now in this,video i just want to say that helix is a,nice mattress brand they make a ton of,different beds spanning the whole,firmness spectrum,and i basically want to give you some of,the main takeaways about this brand so,if you happen to want to bed from them,you can make a well-informed decision,now hopefully this video will have,everything that you need to know about,helix sleep but im going to go a little,faster so if,for whatever reason you need any more,information check down below in the,description,were going to try to link more videos,coupon codes buyer guides so much more,information about helix and all of their,mattresses,but without further ado lets get into,the five things that you need to know,[Music],now the first thing to know about helix,is the policies that the beds will come,with if you decide to order them,now i do want to say that helix did send,us beds like this for free to review,but if you order them online youre,gonna receive the following policies all,starting with completely free shipping,if you order a helix bed its gonna show,up to your house in about a four foot,tall box,all packaged up and all you have to do,is drag it inside,rip off all the packaging and put it,wherever youre going to put it mattress,foundation the floor,you can put on your kitchen counter for,all i care just dont invite me for a,dinner,it party really dont though dont messy,now once one of these helix sleep beds,is in your possession you get a 100,night sleep trial and thats basically,your time to try the bed out in your own,home,you can decide whether or not you want,to keep it for the long haul or send it,back within that 100 nights,but if you do decide to send it back you,get completely free returns with the,brand,now hopefully you do like your new bed,and if so you get a 10 year warranty on,the base helix models,you get a 15 year warranty on the helix,lux and helix plus models,and you get a 25 year warranty for the,birch mattress by helix,now if you need any more details about,these policies or warranties check down,below in the description well have some,helpful links for you down there,and i also do want to say that all the,helix beds are made in the united states,so if youre a fan of american-made,products that might be something that,you want to consider,now the second thing that you need to,know about all the helix beds has to do,with what they all have in common,that is the feel of the beds and that,they all happen to use pocketed coils as,their support layer,no matter which helix bed you decide to,go with it will have a support layer of,pocketed coils,now the size or thickness might differ,depending on which bed model you end up,going with,but they will have them nonetheless in,general we always recommend that bigger,bodied individuals go with a hybrid bed,with those pocketed coils,just because they provide more long-term,support and durability,but medium and petite sized people will,also love pocketed coils if you like,a good bounce to your mattress the beds,by helix sleep also generally have a,soft accommodating feel,the birch mattress by helix has more of,a latex foam feel but its still,light soft and responsive we think that,all the beds from helix will be very,accommodating to the vast majority of,sleepers out there,as someone who sleeps on a bed with a,similar feel i can attest that its a,really comfortable option,now the third thing that you should know,about helix is that they have,a ton of different beds to choose from,there are six base,models sunset moonlight midnight dusk,twilight and dawn,there are six lux models of those base,models which are basically,all the beds i just listed with an added,pillow top and some more premium,features,there is helix plus that has super,durable pocketed coils designed for,extra heavy people and then there is,birch which is a latex hybrid bed,for anyone that wants a natural and,organic mattress now you probably want a,way to navigate all of those beds and,that brings us to our fourth thing to,know about helix,and its that they have a sleep quiz and,its not some scary quiz that you didnt,study for in high school or middle,school no,this quiz is designed to help you figure,out which bed will be right for your,situation,so once you navigate to the sleep quiz,all you have to do is enter some,information about yourself,things like weight height whether you,suffer from pain,what sleeping position you like most and,the firmness you prefer in a bed so you,enter all your information you hit,submit and then the quiz will spit out,what they think the best option for you,will be,based on your preferences now in our,experience the sleep quiz works really,well,we think that it usually spits out the,right bed,but if you dont want to trust the,almighty algorithm then you probably,want to know a little bit more about the,firmness of each helix mattress,and that brings me to my fifth point for,helix sleep which has to do with,firmness now since they make tons of,different beds theyre all in a,different firmness and you probably want,to know which one is which well,lets cover them if youre looking for a,soft bed more catered towards,side and combination sleepers check out,sunlight moonlight or those beds in lux,form all sleeper types who enjoy a,medium will want to look into midnight,dusk the luxe versions of those beds or,helix plus,and any primary back or stomach sleeper,who wants a firmer bed,can add dawn twilight deluxe versions of,those beds or,birch to their shortlist but basically,theres going to be a firmness option,for any type of sleeper,out there now we personally over here at,the slumber yard have midnight,moonlight lux birch helix plus,and maybe another one we have so many,beds over here its hard to keep track,but theyre basically all just really,accommodating in terms of firmness,now those were the five things that you,need to know about helix but you know,you guys have been really good so i was,thinking what time is it jd,its bonus tip time baby all right bonus,tip time lets talk about price for the,helix sleep beds,at the time of me recording this video a,queen size before,any discounts helix base model goes for,around eleven hundred dollars,a helix lux mattress will be around,nineteen fifty,helix plus will run you about 1650 and,birch will,be around 1500 this is again before any,discounts we should have some discounts,for you down below in the description,check that out if you do want to save,money with any of the helix beds,but i also want to say that brands like,helix do sometimes change their prices,around,so again check down below in the,description to see the current prices,well have those linked for you down,there as well but thats all i have for,you today those were five things that,you need to know about helix sleep if,you need any more information check down,below in the description,well try to have a ton of stuff linked,for you down there including videos,coupon codes,written content and so much more if you,happen to like this video,hit the thumbs up button subscribe to,the channel if you want to learn more,about all the mattresses that we,cover over here at the slumber yard and,we also have a monthly mattress giveaway,club where we give away a brand new,queen-sized mattress,every month more info will be down below,in the description about that as well,but for the rest of the summeryard team,my name is wes wishing you,a good nights sleep,[Applause],you

Helix Luxe Mattress Review | Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy (UPDATED 2022)

[Music],so is spending up for a helix lux,mattress over one of the core models,really worth it well you clicked on the,right video if you want to find out hey,hows it going this is owen and we have,our review of the helix lux lineup of,mattresses we are definitely going to,talk about how theyre different from,their core models because you cant,really review these beds without talking,about those as well,[Music],were gonna have a ton of information,for you in this video but were gonna,have even more linked in the description,including more detailed written reviews,comparisons other mattresses best lists,and any discounts we can find help to,save you some money on any beds from,helix if you find this video helpful,give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the,channel and lets kick this thing off by,covering the policy information youre,gonna get with helix this is stuff like,shipping returns trial periods and,warranties so all the beds from helix,including the luxas are going to ship to,you inside of a box and the unboxing,process for these beds is very quick and,easy to do weve unboxed something like,200 plus beds over here its crazy and,its still kind of fun to this day you,just bring in the box open it up rip off,all the plastic and then you watch your,new mattress inflate,now one thing i do want to mention is,that you should have a friend that,helped you out because the beds can get,kind of heavy especially these luxe,models and because theyve been wrapped,in that plastic for so long theres a,really good chance that right as you,unbox it the bed might look a little,misshapen and it might have a bit of a,smell to it and if you lay down on it,youll probably sink all the way down to,your foundation or the floor,it just needs a couple days to fully,inflate and reach the proper firmness,level so if you unbox a bed and it looks,super weird and youre like oh no what,did i get into why did i buy this dont,worry itll look normal very soon,[Music],so once the mattress arrives at your,door you get a trial period with helix,they give you a hundred nights to test,out their bed at home to decide if you,actually like it or not and it suits,your needs if you decide that it doesnt,for any reason or no reason you can,return it and get a full refund within,that trial period however should you,decide to keep the beds the helix luxes,actually have a slightly longer warranty,of 15 years in comparison to 10 years,for the core model so thats all the,policy stuff you should expect with,helix its pretty standard for online,mattresses and its one of the reasons,people feel comfortable buying a,mattress online because they are very,consumer friendly weve actually,returned a few beds over here and its,normally as easy as they say it is lets,just start talking about the beds,themselves now and we should first start,off with the whole,helix brand because they do things quite,a bit differently than a lot of other,brands,[Music],other brands usually have maybe three,maybe up to five different beds you can,pick from and theyre all quite a bit,different the thing about helix though,is that they actually offer 15 different,mattresses although were gonna be,focusing pretty much all our attention,on six of them now that might sound,daunting actually theres so many,different options how can you really,pick one thats gonna work best for you,well helix has a sleep quiz on their,website that you can go through and,itll recommend the mattress that it,thinks will work best for you based on,your answers it doesnt take more than a,couple of minutes and it factors in a,lot of different things like your body,weight your preferred sleeping position,whether or not you sleep with a partner,and whether or not you have aches and,pains,and once you take the sleep quiz itll,recommend you a core model and its,corresponding lux model,now the way it works with the core,models and the lux models is that the,core models are much more basic and more,affordable then the lux models are,obviously more luxurious and have a few,more bells and whistles and theyre a,bit more expensive,[Music],so the biggest differences between the,core models and the lux models is that,the lux models feature an additional,pillow top with some added comfort foams,which make the bed taller and more,luxurious looking and add some,additional comfort in my opinion and,then also they feature a zone support,coil design and then obviously the other,really big difference between the core,and the lux models are going to be,pricing before any discounts the core,models retail for around 1200 and the,lux models retail for around 2000 for,queen sizes so obviously youll be,paying quite a bit more for the lux,models and i think the core models are,perfectly good but i think the lux,models are worth the extra money if it,fits your budget and normally in a,review of a different mattress i would,start talking about all the materials,and the feel of the bed but its going,to vary so much depending on which,mattress you wind up going with the,helix midnight is their most popular and,it has more of a soft neutral feel that,i think most people will enjoy but some,other beds like the moonlight have a bit,more of a contouring memory foam factor,in comparison,so its really going to depend on which,one you decide to go with and i would,just go with the one that the sleep quiz,recommends you,and if you decide that you dont like,that one maybe you can take it again or,just pick a different mattress from,helix,[Music],on the whole though i would say the,majority of the beds from helix are,going to have more of that soft neutral,feel even the ones that have more of a,body contouring quality dont really,feel like a traditional memory foam bed,so if youre looking for memory foam i,dont really think youre gonna be able,to find that option with helix and the,same goes for firmness it pretty much,runs the entire spectrum of firmness,depending on which mattress you get if,you wind up going with the dusk lux as,an example is going to be significantly,firmer than the sunset lux which is,extremely soft again that midnight is,the most popular and that ones going to,be around a medium and its going to be,a pretty nice option for couples because,most people can get by on a medium,firmness so its kind of hard to,pinpoint which of these is going to be,perfect for you,and go over all the sleeping positions,that each of these beds going to work,for because again its going to depend,so much on which of these helix lux beds,you go with,[Music],i would bet the majority of you who take,the helix sleep quiz will probably wind,up with that midnight mattress because,it does sit right in the middle in so,many different categories when i took,the helix sleep quiz i actually wound up,with the sunset mattress because i am,more of a primary side sleeper and the,sunset mattress is extremely soft and,pressure relieving but that really,leaves us with the question should you,think about getting a helix luxe,mattress and i think the answer is,probably yes especially if youre not,entirely sure what youre looking for in,your next mattress,[Music],i like to recommend helix as a really,good starting point for a lot of people,in their mattress search especially if,they really dont know what they want,because it has more of that guided,shopping experience,it makes it a lot less complicated to do,all your research and find the exact,mattress you think will be good for you,because helix kind of just recommends,one i do think if it fits your budget,the lux models are absolutely worth it,having laid down on the core models and,the lux models in my opinion the lux,models are noticeably nicer and for that,price difference they should be although,if you are on more of a strict budget i,think the core models are perfectly good,and you still get that nice guided,shopping experience with the core models,and the lux models so i think theres,just a lot of really good things to say,about helix and they have a lot of,

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Helix Mattress Reviews – Honest Evaluation Of Every Helix Model (2022)

hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video were going to be doing a,review of helix sleep as a brand now,its actually kind of hard to,specifically hone in on one helix sleep,mattress because their whole thing is,having a bunch of different mattresses,which you can choose from so were,basically just going to be talking about,the main reasons you might want to get a,helix mattress like what these beds are,actually made of what they feel like to,lay down on how firm they are theres,actually quite a bit of variance there,how much these beds are actually going,to cost you and ill have a final,verdict for you at the end i really hope,you find this video helpful you get,something out of it if you do make sure,you give it a thumbs up and you,subscribe to the channel we really,appreciate that and dont forget to look,down in the description theres going to,be a ton of resources to help you with,your mattress search including any,discounts we can find to help save you,some money on helix lets just dive,right into the video by quickly going,through the policy information for helix,this is stuff like shipping returns,trial periods and warranties,and just so you know we did get sent,these beds for free from helix so we,could test them out and then tell you,about them but if you decide to go in,for yourself youre gonna start off with,free bed in a box shipping now even,their bigger luxe beds somehow manage to,ship inside of a box which is pretty,cool well talk about the lux beds here,in a bit but either way the unboxing,process is pretty quick and easy to do,although i should mention that because,these beds have been compressed in,plastic for so long it can sometimes,take a day or two for them to reach,their intended shape and firmness but,dont worry about it its totally normal,once the bed arrives at your door you,get a trial period of 100 nights to,really decide if you enjoy the mattress,if you dont within that trial period,you can get free returns and a full,refund but if you said to keep the beds,they are backed by a 10 warranty and if,you decide to spend up for one of the,lux models those actually come with a,15-year warranty so thats all the,policy stuff lets move into the more,interesting stuff now and we should,probably start with the helix sleep quiz,which is kind of the whole point of,their brand so helix has a bunch of,different mattresses you can choose from,they have six core models and those six,luxe models they even have a natural,inorganic mattress called birch and they,have a mattress called helix plus which,is specifically designed for the needs,of heavier individuals now that might,sound a bit confusing like how can i,choose which one of these beds is,actually right for me but if you go to,the helix website they actually have a,sleep quiz that guides you to the right,mattress for you it doesnt take more,than a couple of minutes to complete we,should have it linked in the description,if youre curious about taking it but it,asks you a bunch of questions like how,you like to sleep do you have any aches,and pains your height and your weight,and if you sleep with a partner and once,you complete the quiz it gives you a,core model that they think will work,best for you and its upgraded lux,counterpart we do think that the helix,sleep quiz setup is a pretty cool way to,go,none of the other brands that weve seen,actually do anything similar and most,brands offer one to three mattresses,while helix has technically 14 different,ones you can pick from lets move over,to the construction now and obviously,its going to vary a bit depending on,which of these beds you wind up going,with,but one thing they all share in common,is that theyre all hybrid coil beds,this means that helix should work well,for all body types i did mention that,helix plus mattress which is,specifically designed to handle up to,two 500 pound people so if you are in,that demographic you might want to look,at the helix plus mattress but overall,since theyre all hybrids they should,work well for pretty much every body,type above those coils youll have,various comfort foams that are more,neutral in feel helix doesnt make any,beds that have an explicit memory foam,feel but i think the vast majority of,people will find these beds to be,comfortable depending on which one you,end up getting so id say these helix,beds all have a generally accommodating,feel but what about firmness thats,obviously pretty important and thats,one of the big advantages of helix is,that you can get a mattress in basically,any firmness for example the moonlight,and sunset mattresses are going to be,quite soft theyre going to offer you a,lot of pressure relief and they should,be somewhere around a medium soft to a,medium on the firmness scale again its,going to depend a bit on your body,weight then you have the helix dusk and,midnight beds that are around a medium,on the firma scale which makes them,pretty accommodating for all sleeper,types back stomach site and combination,and then you have the dawn and twilight,mattresses which are noticeably firm and,most ideal for strict back and stomach,sleepers,now this isnt a hard and fast rule but,for the most part side sleepers want,softer beds that have more pressure,relief for their hips and their,shoulders,while people who sleep on their back or,their stomach want a firmer mattress,that helps keep their spine in a more,neutral alignment while they sleep and,beds around a medium firmness work,especially well for combination sleepers,because theyre spending some amount of,time in multiple positions so of those,six core helix mattress models you,should be able to find something thatll,work well for you lets briefly mention,that birch mattress and the plus,mattress the plus is actually around a,medium so generally accompanying for all,sleepers then that organic birch,mattress which is actually made with,latex foam well have our full review of,that bed down in the description because,its not really that similar to the,other beds from helix that beds around a,medium firm lets also talk about the,helix lux models so each of the six core,models has an upgraded lux version the,lux version adds a really nice pillow,top and it has a nicer cover thats made,of this breathable tensile fiber and the,coils have more of a zone support,structure which can actually help with,back pain we should have some more,information about zone support linked in,the description overall we really do,enjoy the helix lux mattresses and we,think theyre going to be worth the,extra money if it fits your budget,before we start talking about the price,though lets take a brief break to,mention our monthly mattress giveaway,if you didnt know we give away a brand,new queen size bed to one lucky winner,every single month if you want to know,how you can win all the details are,linked for you down below in the,description so make sure you check it,out make sure you enter i hope you win,but lets get back to the review,so price wise helix as a brand is pretty,affordable a queen size core model will,retail for around 1100 bucks which is,not bad at all the helix lux models are,admittedly quite a bit more expensive,youre looking at just shy of 2 000 for,one although we should have a discount,linked in the description to save you,quite a bit of money on a lux or a core,helix mattress model pricing and,discounts change all the time for online,beds though just so you know so make,sure you check the description for,whats current on helix although for,what weve seen the helix core models,are generally pretty good values and,thats just about going to do it for our,review of helix we do think helix is a,great option for couples that sleep quiz,actually takes your partners,preferences into account as well to find,you both a good option and it does well,in the categories of edge support and,motion isolation make sure you check our,full written reviews for more,information about that,but overall i would say look into,getting

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DreamCloud vs Helix | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022)

what up slumber squad im jd hopefully,youre doing well in this video were,going to be talking all about how dream,cloud compares to helix now both of,these online mattress brands make a,number of different options but for the,purposes of this video im mainly going,to be focusing on how the flagship dream,cloud compares to the helix midnight,which is essentially the most,accommodating option offered from helix,sleep so in this video im gonna try to,tell you everything that you should know,about these two beds were gonna start,things off by talking about the policies,that theyre both backed by then were,gonna delve into the similarities then,well cover the differences between them,were going to talk about the pricing,for both beds and at the very end ill,try to sum things up with a final,verdict to help you determine which one,is going to be right for you now along,the way if you need any more information,about dream cloud or helix once we reach,the end of this video check down below,in the description box were going to,try to link a bunch more helpful content,pertaining to these two beds down there,for you and if you end up enjoying this,video and i help you out towards your,online mattress search we would really,appreciate it over here if you dropped a,like on this video and considered,subscribing to the slumber yard for so,much more but without further ado lets,compare dream cloud to helix,[Music],okay so to start what are you going to,be back by in terms of all the policy,stuff so what are you getting in terms,of shipping returns trial periods and,warranties with helix or dream cloud,well for the record i should mention up,top that we did receive these beds for,free from dream cloud and helix to,review but if you end up buying them,online you should be backed by the,following policy stuff starting with,completely free bed in a box shipping so,both of these online options will likely,arrive at your door stuffed inside of a,big box thats around like four feet,tall and all you got to do is just drag,that box into your home and with the,help of a friend unbox it which is,actually kind of fun to do now once the,beds are set up and in your possession,you also get a sleep trial with both,with helix you get a standard 100 night,trial period to test the bet out before,its officially yours and with dream,cloud you get an entire year to try the,bed out risk-free before youre stuck,with it whether its a period of three,full months or a whole year you still,get a nice chunk of time to test the,beds out before you have to either send,them back or keep them and in the case,you want to send them back you do have,free returns with both within that trial,period time frame so thats pretty nice,to have and in that case youre,basically going to call the company up,and set up a time to have someone swing,by your home and remove it at no extra,charge but in the case you decide to,keep these online beds thats awesome,because theyre both backed by,warranties with helix you get a standard,10 year warranty and with dream cloud,those beds are actually backed by,lifetime warranties which is above and,beyond the usual industry standard and,well try to link some more helpful,details regarding all this policy stuff,down below in the description box so,feel free to check that stuff out if,youre interested now lets get into the,main similarities between dream cloud,and helix and the first one has to do,with construction so these are both,hybrid beds by default and that means,that theyll be able to support all body,types including heavier people due to,their support layers of pocketed coils,now weve talked a lot about pocketed,coils on this channel and well try to,link some more stuff that weve done,down below in the description but in a,nutshell pocketed coils just do a lot in,terms of supporting bigger body types,over the course of say seven to ten,years and they also provide just a lot,more support airflow durability and give,beds a lot more bounce if thats,something that youre into now another,similarity between these two has to do,with firmness so both the helix midnight,and the original dream cloud are right,around a medium on our scale and that,means that they should work great for,all sleeper types whether you like to,sleep on your back your side your,stomach or a combination of all three,sleeping positions you should be good to,go keep in mind though that firmness is,an altogether subjective thing that,usually depends on how much you weigh so,heavier people usually perceive beds to,be softer than they truly are while more,petite sized folks see them as a bit,firmer but for the average joe youre,looking at a medium firmness for both,now if that medium firmness doesnt,exactly sound right for you thats fine,because another similarity between,dreamcloud and helix has to do with a,number of options that are at your,disposal within these mattress lineups,so with dreamcloud you also have their,dreamcloud premier bed which is a little,bit firmer between a medium and a medium,firm and you also have their dreamcloud,premier rest which is a little bit,softer in turn with helix you have a,number of different mattresses that all,vary across the entire firmness spectrum,including their helix luxe lineup of,beds which are a little bit similar to,the construction of dream cloud theyre,all pillow top mattresses that are,really nice and well be sure to link,those options down below in the,description box as well so those are all,the main commonalities between helix and,dream clouds so now lets get into the,major differences between these beds and,the first one has to do with their,respective feels with dream cloud since,this is a pillow top bed that does use a,bit of memory foam it has more of a,memory foam pillow top feel so you will,probably get a bit of a sinking,sensation from that memory foam but its,not too overwhelming at all and the,coils and more responsive foams used,within the bed help to balance it out to,feel more neutral overall so if youre a,fan of memory foam options you like the,sensation that memory foam provides you,with dream cloud is likely going to be,your choice between these two but that,being said we think all sleeper types,should find the feel of dream cloud to,be pretty accommodating even if youre,not the biggest fan of memory foam with,all of the helix beds including the,midnight mattress they all have more of,a soft neutral foam feel simply put,these beds to us just feel like comfy,coil mattresses and thats what a lot of,shoppers within the online space are,ultimately looking for just an,accommodating safe pick so if that,sounds like you maybe go the route of,helix comparatively to dreamcloud as,its probably just going to be the more,overall accommodating option but now,its time to get into some x factors,between dream cloud and helix with,dreamcloud this is a more premium,luxurious looking option that probably,wouldnt look out of place sitting in a,fancy hotel and thats not to say that,helix midnight isnt its also quite,nice but we just say that dreamcloud,probably gets the slight edge between,the two when it comes to that overall,luxurious aesthetic now with helix since,they offer so many beds as a brand at,first glance it can kind of be,intimidating to navigate through their,lineup but the cool thing about them is,that they actually run you through a,short sleep quiz on their website to,determine the right mattress for you and,your preferences we think thats a,pretty quick and easy way to navigate,through an extensive lineup like helixs,and well try to link that sleep quiz,down below in the description so you can,maybe take that quiz for yourself and,dont worry its not a pass fail system,i know a lot of people are getting,flashbacks to their you know high school,career myself included okay i know you,really want an a but at the end of the,day theyre just going to give you a bet,jd you got another f on your math test,how dare you im sorry teach i dont,know wh

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Review – Best Hybrid Mattress!?

Hey guys. Marten here from Mattress Clarity. If  youre looking for a hybrid mattress with a great  ,balance of comfort and support, you have come to  the right video. Today, were taking a look at the  ,Helix Midnight Luxe mattress. Were gonna take  a look at construction, my experience with it,  ,and help you decide if its the right mattress  for your situation. Lets get started!,So lets start off by talking  about the construction and the  ,information you need to know about this  mattress. Starting with the construction,  ,we have a hybrid mattress construction. Were  gonna start off on top and then work our way down.  ,So first off on top a plush pillow top. This  is kind of the highlight of deluxe mattresses.  ,Very plush. Very comfortable as well. Now, right  up on top you actually have a choice of covers.  ,You can have a Tencel cover or a special cooling  cover. We have the cooling cover here today. Helps  ,draw heat away from your body. Now inside some  plush layers for again that plushness on top  ,of the mattress. And below that we have our main  comfort layer, memory plus foam. Kind of has that  ,slow memory foam feel, gives some nice pressure  relief to the top of the mattress. Now below that  ,a layer of gel visco foam can act as partly as a  transition layer, ease you down into the mattress,  ,and also add some nice cushioning as well. Beneath  that another layer of transition foam. Now moving  ,down were gonna have the main support layer  of this mattress, individually wrapped coils.  ,Very supportive and also zoned so firmer towards  the center of the mattress, gives targeted support  ,for back sleepers, and makes it a good fit for  multiple sleeping positions. Now moving down to  ,the final layer some dura dense foam for support  for the entire mattress. Now speaking of some more  ,customer service terms. Free shipping and returns  a 15-year warranty and 100 night sleep trial.  ,So when you get your Helix Midnight Luxe mattress  you are going to have to unbox it. I want to talk  ,about my experience unboxing this mattress.  Definitely not too hard to unbox this Helix  ,Midnight Luxe mattress, but it is definitely on  the larger side. Its 105 pounds for a queen size.  ,Thankfully, I had to help Elisa to help me get  it unboxed. It took a little bit of time, again,  ,it is bigger getting it flipped over was a little  bit difficult. But after a while, we were good  ,cleared the plastic away and after a few days it  was fully expanded. Lets move on to firmness and  ,feel. First off speaking of firmness, I put this  at close to a six and a half out of ten about  ,medium in terms of firmness. Again, it has a great  balance of comfort and support. Plush layers right  ,on top and supportive layers right beneath that.  Six and a half again is right around medium-firm.  ,Now moving on to feel, it has more of a responsive  feel overall. Again, you have bouncy coils,  ,a responsive pillow top as well, just a little  bit of that slow-moving feel with that memory  ,foam in the main comfort layer. But overall more  of a responsive hybrid mattress. Now speaking of  ,sleeping positions and starting off my back, this  is a very good match for me again. It has a very  ,nice balance of comfort and support. My hips sink  in just the right amount. I feel extra support  ,from the zoning so a good match for back sleeping.  Moving to my side, it is a plusher mattress so not  ,a bad match for me side sleeping. I will note I am  a larger person, so I put a little bit of pressure  ,on my shoulders and my hips. If you weigh less  than me, you should feel better pressure relief  ,than I did. But moving to my stomach, again, it  is a medium firm mattress not quite firm enough  ,for me as a stomach sleeper. My hips are bowing in  a little bit, and I am getting out of alignment.  ,Hey yall! Elisa here to offer a different  perspective. I am five foot three, much  ,shorter than Marten, but surprisingly I had a very  similar experience on the Helix Midnight Luxe.  ,It also feels like a six and a half out of ten for  me. That classic medium firm feel when Im resting  ,on my back. I really notice that zoned support  in the middle. It helps my back stay in a nice  ,neutral alignment. Moving to my side, I can tell  that the top part is a bit softer, because I feel  ,some cushioning along my shoulders. And weirdly  enough, moving to my stomach I also feel really  ,comfy. I dont feel like my hips are sinking out  of alignment. I feel like I could stay comfy in  ,this position all night long. So if you have  a body type like me, this mattress should work  ,in all three sleeping positions. If you sleep with  a partner, theres two things you do want to think  ,about: Thats motion transfer and edge support.  First off speaking of motion transfer that means  ,youre lying down on one side of the mattress your  partner moves around on the other side. Are you  ,gonna feel that motion or not? We tested this  out with a glass of water on the Helix Midnight  ,Lux theres a little bit of disturbance as you  can see in that water glass but i also tested  ,it out by lying down on one side of the mattress  and rob moved around on the other side i didnt  ,feel any of his movements transferred to my side  of the mattress really good at handling motion  ,transfer in that respect now speaking of the edge  support excellent edge support with this mattress  ,i feel very supported sitting and lying down near  the edge when youre shopping for a new mattress  ,price is always a major consideration lets  talk about the price of the Helix Midnight Luxe  ,mattress at full price for a queen size right now  its around two thousand dollars but we have some  ,great coupons for you definitely check the youtube  description below to save so now lets talk about  ,the pros and cons or who should and shouldnt get  this mattress speaking of pros its a great match  ,for back sleepers again excellent balance of  comfort and support so support from coils extra  ,zoning and plush layers right on top speaking of  that plushness if you like more of a pillow top  ,feel with your mattress or a responsive hybrid  feel you get both with this mattress if you like  ,that take a look at the Helix Midnight Luxe and  also a great match for hot sleepers with the coils  ,a lot of room for airflow optional cooling cover  which definitely works and more cooling materials  ,now speaking of cons probably not the best match  for stomach sleepers again more of a medium firm  ,mattress they do offer firmer mattresses however  also probably not the best match for heavier side  ,sleepers okay pressure relief for me but if youre  a much larger person you might feel some pressure  ,on your shoulders and your hips take a look at  one of their softer models if youre a heavier  ,side sleeper and lastly speaking of price $2000  for a queen size. A very good deal for what youre  ,getting, but it might be outside of some peoples  price ranges. In the end, I think the Helix  ,Midnight Luxe is a great option for back sleepers,  hot sleepers, and those are like a plusher pillow  ,top mattress. If you want more information about  this mattress or any other mattress, head over  ,to mattressclarity.com for more in-depth reviews  and money-saving coupons. Well see you next time!,you


hey guys today Im here to do another,hyped up video with you if youre not,familiar with the hyped up video series,that Ive been doing I started a I dont,know its PI like three or four months,ago and basically these are just reviews,on products that Ive seen a lot of,either advertised on my Facebook and,other social media sites or may be,seeing a lot of YouTube bloggers do,reviews on yeah thats what these videos,are kind of about so today if youre not,well you can tell from the title I am,doing a review on the helix mattresses,if youre not familiar with helix,mattresses I really heres what happened,so my daughter has been complaining,about the mattress that shes had if you,guys dont know I do have a 12 almost 13,year old daughter and she has our old,queen-size mattress when we upgraded our,to a king-size its literally only,probably what how old is kaya shes like,almost five its less than four years,old me and John collectively weve never,had a brand new mattress up until that,point back then we did not have a lot of,money we just bought the first like semi,comfortable or comfortable to him it was,super uncomfortable to me kind of like,foam mattress because thats what John,really wanted so you know we did one of,those used our tax return bought this,new mattress so when we upgraded to a,king-size we gave that in our old bed,set two of my daughter which I thought,was huge because when I was her age I,was on a twin mattress that was like my,grandmas old mattress that was handed,down to my older brother and then that,was handed to me like it was a old,mattress so I thought you know like oh,she gets you know shes getting so,excited she gets this you know a,queen-size mattress and bed frame and,all of us other stuff and she did not,like the mattress and has not liked it,shes only been on it for about a year,but she would always complain that was a,little bit too firm I shouldnt say,complain because you guys know my,daughter she is very very sweet and,doesnt really complain often shes very,grateful for what she has but you know,there I would ask her it said you know,are you really comfortable on that,because I wasnt very comfortable on it,you know wasnt made for me it was made,for my husband its a little bit heavier,as you guys know that me you know it was,a very firm mattress I would ask,everyone tomorrow if you really like,that mattress and she just really seen,well it kind of hurts my back its not,very comfortable that kind of thing,which I didnt blame her because again I,thought the same thing which is why we,got a new mattress its the king-sized,mattress so with that being said I was,are you looking for a new mattress for,my daughter and right as I was looking,online and I saw an opportunity to work,with helix and I thought you know what,this is perfect because I wanted to do a,hyped up video on these like bento box,type services and how they worked and,helix is perfect because my friend Sam,is you guys saw if you watch her channel,she did a review and unboxing of them,and she actually really really likes,hers like I legit grilled her Im like,listen do you like your mattress because,I really like I really want to know if,its like an ideal Brynn to work with,shes like yeah I love my mattress they,still sleep on it all those good things,so it just worked out and was kind of,like in the stars for me and he likes to,collaborate together so super excited,they provided us a queen-size mattress,for my daughter for free for this video,and in our fostering this video so thank,you thank you thank you thank you so,much to Hilux Im just going to say that,right now they keep to my subscribers,for making these types of videos,possible my daughter is excited to,finally be benefiting from my channel,because you guys know I dont show her,on my channel because of the age that,shes at and also because of just thats,what me and her father decided for hers,to keep her off social media you know,she doesnt always get to benefit from,the things that my channel brings in so,this was like huge and she was so,excited to be a part of it with that,being said I will be telling you guys,how she felt about her mattress but yeah,so starting off that was a long,introduction the process of ordering the,mattress was really interesting it was,nice you just go to the website which I,will leave link below they provided me,with a $50 coupon code which Ill leave,right here for you guys if you decide to,order mattress yourself but going to,their website it was really easy you,just kind of do their little bed quiz,and whats nice is that you get to put,in your stats you know whoevers gonna,be sleeping on there so I put in you,know Avas height her weight all of,those types of things and then if you do,sleep with a partner somebody else you,put their stats into and then you can,either choose to have your preferences,combined throughout the whole mattress,or have them separated one side to the,other I did strictly stick to her,preferences when it came to how firm she,liked things how much support she needed,whether or not she was a back or side,sleeper or a stomach sleeper and then,also another question was you know how,much do you overheat at night like how,much is how much cooling system or,whatever do you need to put in the,mattress for her even though shes,tinier than me,she runs so hot I dont know what it is,but she runs so hot she can have her,air-conditioner blasting at like 60,degrees and the fan on high and shes,still like mom Im sweating Im hot,that was really cool about that mattress,I love that we could integrate that into,it our mattresses could have that I,actually joke to them like you know,youll be nicer metrics than your mom,and stepdad is if right now what you,thought was really cool to ask you take,the quiz you finalize it they give you,your results until you kind of what,mattress it is and all this stuff and,then you have the choice to whether or,not you want to let change things or,tweak things and all that just to make,sure its right for you and then you,send the quiz in and then you can buy,your size mattress so in regards to,shipping for us it probably took about I,want to say ten days for us to get our,mattress which I thought was pretty,impressive it was just dropped off on,our front door,it is super heavy I will say that you,know its not something that my husband,couldnt bring in by himself from the,front porch but in regards to taking it,up the stairs and not you know hurting,his back and all that he did have a,little bit of help but he did unpackage,it by himself so first off I want to,talk about the Box like you still cant,believe that a queen-size mattress fit,in this dang box like it was impressive,how like compress this mattress was to,fit in this box they do say on it,specifically do not leave it in the box,for more than two weeks because then it,starts you know degrading the quality of,the mattress so you want to make sure to,unpack it as soon as possible but like I,said it fit Im surprised Im seriously,so shocked like what I think back Im,like I dont know how they fit it in,there like my sister when I told her,about it because shes staying the night,this weekend Im like Molly you get to,try out the new mattress you know we did,a bend in the box type thing and theyve,been actually looking in today and Ive,had a lot of friends ask me about them,too and shes like I just want to know,like how did it fit in that box so as,youll see from the cliffs,it was super compressed down with like,this really thick plastic and then,somehow they folded it in half as well,and then rolled it and then thats how,it fit in like I said John was able to,get out of the box and set it up all on,his own I just kind of sat there and,filmed him just so you guys could see,the process and then we laid it out on,the bed frame and then after that you,just kind of cut open the plastic and,once the air hits the plastic the whole,thing just like,build Oh what to do oh my gosh one thing,that I reall

Helix vs Nectar | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022)

so youre in the market for a brand new,online bed and your choices are now down,to the original nectar mattress one of,the most popular memory foam options,within the online space and the helix,midnight bed which is probably the most,accommodating one from helix sleep well,if you clicked on this video youve come,to the right place because im going to,put these two beds head to head in this,direct comparison and talk about,everything that you should know about,them before you buy like the policies,that they come with their similarities,their differences their pricing of,course and at the end ill even back you,up with a final verdict so you can,really determine which one is going to,be right for you now hopefully this,video helps you out today if so give the,slumber yard a thumbs up on this video,and subscribe to our channel for so much,more and if you need any more,information about these beds once the,video reaches the end check in the,description for so much more down there,but without further ado lets compare,helix to nectar,[Music],all righty so right up top i do want to,say or mention rather that both of these,brands did send us these beds for free,to review and thats pretty much the,case for all of our online mattress,review content that we do on this,channel and in terms of policies what,are these bids backed by if you do,decide to order them online well to,start both are going to come with,completely free bend-a-box shipping,which means these mattresses will both,likely arrive in a box thats around,like four feet tall and all you got to,do is just drag that box in your home,and unbox it which is really easy,straightforward to do and actually kind,of fun if you have a friend there to,help you out now once the beds are in,your possession you also get a sleep,trial a risk-free sleep trial with both,with helix they offer a standard 100,night trial period for all of their,mattresses and with nectar they go above,and beyond with a 365 night trial period,so you get an entire year to try the bed,out in your home risk-free before you,have to send it back and in the case you,decide to do that maybe either one of,these beds arent really working out for,you at the end of the day thats totally,fine because within those respective,trial period time frames they both offer,completely free returns in which case,you just call the brand up and say its,not really working out for you and,theyll send somebody buy your home to,basically pick up the mattress at no,extra cost but hopefully you do enjoy,your brand new helix midnight or,original nectar mattress and if thats,the case both of these beds are backed,by warranties you get a standard 10 year,warranty with the helix midnight and you,actually get a forever warranty or a,lifetime warranty with the original,nectar mattress which is pretty cool and,well try to link some more information,regarding all this policy stuff down,below in the description if you want to,check that stuff out now in this point,in the video is where i would typically,cover all the commonalities between,these two beds but apart from their,general policy stuff and the fact that,these are two bed in a box mattresses,theres not a lot of similarities going,on here theyre quite unlike in a lot of,different ways so lets now dive into,the differences and the main one the,first one has to do with their,respective constructions so all of the,helix beds are hybrid mattresses by,default including the helix midnight and,this means that they use pocketed coils,for their main support layers now weve,talked a lot about pocketed coils on,this channel and well link some more,stuff about them in the description box,below this video screen but what they do,is just offer beds with a lot more,bi-directional support and durability,for bigger body types or heavier people,so this factor makes all of the helix,beds pretty durable and supportive,enough to handle and withstand all body,types now in contrast to helix all of,the nectar beds that the brand offers,are all foam beds by default and this,means that the beds dont use any coil,layers and are entirely comprised of,various foams this makes the nectar bed,most ideal for smaller or average sized,individuals you know if youre heavier,you probably could get by on the,original nectar just fine but compared,to something like a hybrid bed like the,helix midnight this type of bed is just,going to offer heavier individuals a lot,more of a support advantage now going,along with their separate support layers,they also feature different comfort,foams on top which naturally gives them,completely separate feels helix midnight,has more of a soft neutral foam feel,since it uses a softer comfort foam on,top and to us it just feels like a,standard comfy coil bed which should,work out great for the vast majority of,sleeper types out there especially if,youre unsure as to what type of,mattress feel you really prefer and this,feel is pretty much the standard across,all of helix sleeps lineup for their,mattresses now in terms of nectar these,beds feature more of a dense viscous,memory foam on top which in turn gives,them more of a dense memory foam feel so,similar to something like a tempur-pedic,bed youre gonna slowly sink into the,bed as it conforms to the shape of your,body providing a little nook for your,body to rest in now this type of feel,can be a little bit divisive amongst,certain sleepers you know if you remain,in one particular sleeping position,throughout the night it could be really,beneficial for you because this material,kind of makes it hard to switch between,different sleeping positions so if,youre a combination sleeper like myself,i dont really like this type of feel,because i kind of feel restricted by it,and unable to move but that being said,it should work out for the vast majority,of sleeper types and it is quite cozy,these different construction types and,feels also give the beds different,firmness levels the helix midnight the,bed sitting right behind me we clock,this bed usually at right around a,medium firmness to the average sized,individual so it should work out just,fine for back stomach side and,combination sleepers and over here at,the slumber yard we usually recommend,beds with medium firmness levels to just,about anyone as theyre generally a safe,pick for the average sleeper the,flagship nectar however is a bit firmer,than helix midnight at right around a,proper medium firm on our scale so it,should also work out fine for all sleep,styles but since back and stomach,sleepers commonly prefer firmer options,itll likely work out best for those,sleeper types now those firmness levels,i mentioned dont sound right up your,alley thats totally fine because both,brands offer a number of different beds,that feature a little bit of a different,firmness throughout with nectar they,also offer the nectar premiere mattress,which is around a medium firmness so,good for all sleep styles and the nectar,premier copper bed which is a little bit,firmer than nectar premiere in between a,medium and a medium firm so on the,nectar side you do have some softer,models to choose from now with helix,they actually offer six different core,models six luxe versions of those core,models a natural and organic option,called birch and even a more supportive,option for heavier individuals called,helix plus and these beds all span,across the entire firmness spectrum and,since they offer so many beds it can be,kind of difficult at first glance to,choose the right one for you but the,cool thing about helix is that they run,you through a short sleep quiz on their,website where they ask you a bunch of,questions related to your sleeping,preferences and then at the end it,basically determines the right mattress,for you based on your answers we think,the helix sleep quiz is a really fun and,easy way to basically pinpoint the right,helix bed for you ive taken it myself,and it is quite easy so well link it,down below in the description if you,wan

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