1. Hellbound Season 1 Review
  2. Hellbound (2021) Netflix Series Review
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Hellbound Season 1 Review

[Music],netflixs latest korean drama hellbound,opens with a shocking and brutal scene a,man sits in a busy cafe staring at the,clock on his phone sweat dripping from,his panicked face as it hits 1 20 pm,theres a brief silence and then a,rumble rips through the streets,a trio of demon-like beasts barged,through the city to grab him beat him,senseless then burn him into a shell of,ash and bones from that chilling opening,moment the series doesnt let up the,tension for its whole six episodes,diving into a world where the threat of,damnation turns us all into monsters of,a different breed,trained to busan director yoon seong ho,adapts his own webtoon for hellbound and,its hard not to be immediately,intrigued by the premise people begin,receiving prophecies from strange,creatures that they will soon be dragged,to hell for their sins causing the world,to fall into a state of panic and,condemnation that opening scene is a,brutal wake-up call for the utmost,seriousness of this conceit there are no,winks nods or sly jokes to break the,tension no meme ready moments for jun,however the focus is less on the,creatures themselves as foreboding as,they may be than the all too human,reactions they elicit first half of the,series focuses on a disparate group of,people tied together by the chaos of,these creatures detective jin kyung hoon,is called upon to investigate the deaths,and min hai jin is an attorney hired to,represent a terrified woman who is,doomed to damnation,and then theres zhang jinsu a quietly,charismatic figure who heads the new,truth society a cult that sees the,emergence of these creatures as a sign,that humanity has strayed from gods,path and must change before its too,late as played by ua in zhang is,unnervingly normal,handsome and holy in control of every,moment he makes it seem completely,understandable as to why anyone would be,taken by his call for a return to old,testament-style justice the wrath of god,is one thing but the judgment of man is,revealed to be far more insidious it,seemingly takes no time at all for soul,society to fall into a trap of hysteria,scorn and religious propaganda this is,most tragically conveyed through the,fate of one damned sinner a terrified,single mother played by kim shinrok in a,heart-wrenching performance thats a,serious standout yuen spends three,episodes achingly developing the roots,of this new world and then theres a,time jump for the second half of the,show that reveals the consequences its,a nervy move by a series that has,several twists that will make you,slackjawed even with a fantastical setup,hellbound retains a grounded approach in,depicting humanitys eerily familiar,response to the unlikely even the,loudest and most mouth-frothing of,reactions feels rooted in our own very,human ways as you watch these sinners be,pummeled to ash while crowds watch on,smartphones in hand and not a single one,of them willing to help the series,message on the agony of human complicity,becomes all too clear dont come to,hellbound hoping for comforting answers,to the questions it poses or the ones,youll have about its ideas this is a,show as merciless as its monsters this,kind of ceaseless nihilism may prove too,much for some viewers but hellbounds,gutsy focus is one well worth investing,in,hellbound may be endlessly bleak but its,mercilessly sharp focus on humanitys,hypocrisy and evangelical panic reveals,a highly gripping drama that holds no,punches in exposing our true darkness,this grounded approach to the,fantastical offers one of the darkest,but most satisfying netflix series of,2021,for more tv reviews check out what we,thought of arcane and cowboy bebop for,everything else stick with,ign you

Hellbound (2021) Netflix Series Review

ive been looking forward to this for a,few months now and hellbound has finally,arrived on netflix does this south,korean supernatural thriller live up to,my hype,[Music],unbelievable demonstrations of hell take,place in the middle of seoul right in,front of crowds where mysterious beings,condemn individuals to be hellbound and,otherworldly beings appear exactly at,the specified time to kill the condemned,in a brutal burning an up-and-coming,religious organization claims that only,sinners are marked for condemnation and,that these occurrences represent the,divine will to make humans righteous and,as another zealous group takes the,punishment of those who go against the,divine will into their own hands the,world becomes a living hell so this,first season is broken up into two parts,i mean theyre the same story but,theres a time jump in the middle i love,how the story begins with a short,explanation of the concept for the,narrative and then gives us a pretty,exciting sequence with action and,violence now this helps to establish,what we can expect along with some quick,context and then the story steps back to,build out the story from there the plot,follows a detective a lawyer and a,religious icon as these demonstrations,of condemnation begin to happen more,frequently and the way it works is that,a person receives just some crazy vision,from this floating face announcing,exactly when that person is going to die,when that time arrives these three hell,beasts appear and delivers just some,crazy brutality to the condemned before,then burning them to a crisp and,supposedly sending their soul to hell,the beasts and i dont know if theyre,actually beasts i mean they might be,demons or whatever but they look pretty,cool they look like theyre made of just,pure muscle all sinewy with just this,pulsing effect to them and theyre dark,grayish and are massive and theyre also,relentless in their mission i like the,fact that the world around can see these,and not just the condemned so it creates,all kinds of chaos and horror for the,bystanders now as cool as the creatures,did look their cgi wasnt flawless there,were portions to them that stood out as,computer generated but on the whole they,were menacing and they produced just the,right amount of dread now i was never,scared of them but there were some times,where i was fearful for the condemned,because once these things arrive they,are merciless i also love this thud,sound that announces the arrival of the,hellbeasts i mean its subtle but its,commanding and unmistakable its kind of,like a deep bass note that just,resonates through everything creating,ominous dread for the ones that theyre,after now like i briefly mentioned the,story has a large religious overtone to,it and while at points it felt like the,story was questioning organized,religions i thought that this was more,of a social commentary about how people,use and then pervert religion more than,anything we see so many examples within,this how this group called the new truth,starts off as small in size and,influence and how they use social media,the news and then word of mouth to,organically grow to something that is,utterly powerful the story pointedly and,maybe a little too obviously sometimes,illustrates the greed that the new truth,utilizes in order to grow but will also,hide anything that could be perceived as,negative or counter to their message and,this mirrors so closely so many,organizations i mean religious or not,and it really mimics just human nature,now i would have preferred a little more,subtlety in some of the commentaries but,i also understand that certain points,have to be very obvious so that theyre,not missed theres also a really well,executed commentary about reactive,culture and how social media is used to,build up or condemn people based on the,suppositions of one influencer which,then gains a lot of traction and spreads,the way the show illustrates this is,eye-catching and relatable because most,of us have probably seen some example,like this on youtube i mean not,necessarily in the same costuming and,look but certainly in the delivery and,the sentiment i like how the subject,hides behind a costume when delivering,the condemnation of others that they,disagree with pointing to the anonymity,that so many in our real world use when,bashing others online i really enjoyed,the actors because they all at one point,or another get to be zealous about,something i mean this could be about a,belief over a position or even about,family and the actors show their,passions in very visceral ways and while,some of them could be classified as over,the top in almost all of these,circumstances its warranted i had said,how this is really a two-part season and,its split in half by a fairly,ill-defined time jump now the first,portion reaches an exciting climax and,then when the next episode begins we can,tell that some time has passed but its,not overly clear at how long and later,in the show i did find out that it was,like a four or a five year jump now this,doesnt really affect my feeling on the,show but i think it would have been,nicer to know exactly how much time had,passed when the second part begins were,introduced to some new players now,living in a world where the new truth is,more influential the demonstrations of,condemnation are still happening but a,new complication to the story is,introduced which was great in its,emotional pull now something i didnt,like though in this time jump is that,certain characters just leave the show,without explanation or revisiting them,it felt abrupt to have people that we,were following no longer involved i felt,almost duped in a way because i made,connections with some of these,characters and now i no longer get to,follow him most of the cinematography,was fine but i mean nothing that stood,out to me is just absolutely spectacular,but there was an extremely awesome,action sequence and i think its episode,5 with some wonderful camera work where,we follow this crazy fight scene through,multiple areas of a building and then we,even go through a window to the ground,below and the camera follows the entire,chase i was a lot of fun the tension and,urgency towards the end really had me,gripped too i was never nervous for the,outcome and although it was twisted and,dark i was rooting for the bad guys to,fail because of what it would mean for,the story as a whole but in rooting for,the bad guys to fail that meant i was,also hoping for a terrible outcome for,another person and i liked that internal,conflict that it created for me now this,is an easy binge at only six episodes,and each of them is around 50 minutes in,length i was sucked into the mystery and,then the emotional drama and intrigue,pretty much the whole time and what made,this especially engaging was the,friction that was caused between parties,i do think that some of the characters,were oversimplified especially for those,that were in the new truth i mean i get,their motivation of power and control,but at some points they just came across,as generic villains now something i,wasnt totally ready for especially in,the first portion of the story was the,amount of brutality thats displayed and,im not talking about the violence,inflicted by the hell beasts i mean that,i did expect it was the depravity of,some that caught me off guard especially,as they begin to be indiscriminate in,their victims so overall hellbound is an,exciting and dark social commentary,using religious fervor as its catalyst,the series effectively shows us the,dangers of zealous groupthink and calls,out the condemning internet culture that,uses anonymity to bash others the beasts,are creative and while not flawless in,their presentation they still look,menacing the pace of the show is good,but the ill-defined time jump in the,middle along with the disappearance of,certain characters was a detraction as,the story transitioned its narrative im,excited about where this left off and,what the end coul

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How To Beat The HELL GODS In “Hellbound”

[Music],if a pack of bloodthirsty demons are,hunting you down and their only goal is,to drag you to hell what would you do,im going to break down the mistakes,made what you should do and how to beat,the demons in hellbound someone in this,coffee shop is going to die this group,of friends are watching a video about a,series of strange attacks that have,started happening around the world the,presenter explains that before the,victim is killed they are always visited,by a spirit it will tell them exactly,when they will die and when that day,comes three giant monsters will arrive,to take that person to hell this guy,makes fun of the presentation insisting,its just cheap visual effects but the,group doesnt realize theyre about to,see something theyll never forget,behind them this man checks his phone,and is terrified to see that its 120.,suddenly three giant creatures come,crashing through the glass wall of the,coffee shop the executioners have come,for him and he desperately runs out of,the building scared for his life the,monsters chase the man down the street,and he tries to cut through traffic to,escape but one of the creatures jumps,into the air before landing on the car,in front of him the man is surrounded on,both sides with no way out he tries,crawling underneath a car but one of the,monsters drags him out from under it and,swings him around brutally torturing the,man they throw him to the ground before,burning him alive as he screams in pain,theyve just sent his soul to hell and,the bystanders watch in fear as the,creatures run into a revolving door,disappearing without a trace the only,thing thats left of the men are his,scorched bones and this is only the,beginning of a new world order,okay this is absolutely horrifying these,monsters look like they are totally,indestructible and theyve come to send,us to hell now this guy obviously knew,that they were coming for him at exactly,1 20 p.m but the strange thing is that,he chose a coffee shop of all places,like he was waiting for the,worstmatch.com date of his life look at,this place its entire front wall is made,out of glass if the only things inside,he could possibly use to help defend,himself are these wooden chairs and,tables now i should say that trying to,outsmart the supernatural realm is,completely against all odds these health,spirits are eternal they know where you,are and they arent going to stop until,they get what they want but that doesnt,mean we should make it easy for them as,we saw earlier there were already videos,on the internet of how these things will,attack us and that means this guy had,the information to study their methods,as well as the time to prepare for the,attack if it were me i would research,every video i could find to study how to,take advantage of these guys from what,weve seen we know that these things,show up in threes and they beat you up,until youre weak enough for them to,circle around you and take your soul now,as scary as this is it actually exposes,a huge problem with their method because,these guys brute force everything and,dont use any special abilities like,teleportation or stopping time for an,overpowered supernatural being this is a,pretty inefficient system because you,would think with all the power of hell,at their disposal they could do a lot,better than running through streets and,smashing cars its pretty unprofessional,but if this is what theyre limited to,then it means there might be a way for,us to take advantage since we already,know the exact time theyre coming for,us i would be using this time to map out,the perfect obstacle course to lose,their trail instead of a coffee shop we,could run through narrow alleyways that,theyre too big to fit through and use,sewer drains to hide in places where,they cant follow me if we can create a,series of barriers to stop them from,chasing me its going to be a lot better,than literally waiting for them to come,and kill us now one last thing to notice,is that it also looks like these guys,can only suck your soul if you arent,moving around this seems to be a,necessary part of the ritual and they,might not be able to send us to hell at,all until they can form this circle for,all we know these creatures might even,have a time limit that theyre allowed,to be on earth with the information we,have so far evading capture for as long,as possible is going to give us the best,chance of escaping our damnation but if,running away is our only option we,should at least have fun while doing it,gentian impact is an open world action,rpg that you can play in multiple,platforms including pc mobile and,consoles you can climb swim and fly,across a world with jaw-dropping,landscapes intriguing challenges and,diverse cultures the world at tivot is,home to seven elemental powers with,multiple characters you can play as each,with their own unique element and combat,style and if its getting too easy you,can also team up with friends in co-op,mode taking on challenging domains to,reap huge rewards and with the new 2.3,update caught shadows amid snow storms,there are tons of new things for you to,try out those are the four star archer,guro and the five star oni arataki ito,you can head to the epic archipelago of,in azuma and fight against the new,golden wolf lord boss that will,challenge even veteran players,participate in six new events with epic,rewards and by the time youre done,youll have everything you need to level,up your party as well as unlock two,five-star characters that will only be,available for a limited time im really,loving all the characters ive unlocked,so far and im on the way to building a,snowman and getting a four-star sword,for all of my travelers use my link in,the description to get gentian impact on,your devices right now thanksgiving,impact for sponsoring this video that,night these police officers arrive at,the crime scene and check with the,investigators asking them what theyve,discovered about the murder the man,tells them that besides the body the,monsters didnt leave any physical,evidence and the only thing they have,are the victims blood stains thats,when the detective notices that i cross,the street are members of a new,religious cult called the new truth and,all of them are listening to their,chairman giving a speech about the,victim walking over the detectives,listen to his presentation and he warns,the crowd that god is sending these,monsters as a message threatening humans,to stop sinning the detectives find the,group suspicious but the man hasnt,broken any laws so kyung here cant do,anything to stop him later that night,this woman pakiang returns home and is,surprised by her kids who wish her a,happy birthday its a heartwarming scene,and her son takes a video to remember,the occasion but then he sees something,that scares him his mother notices the,boy looking behind her and turns around,to see a giant ghostly face appear the,family stares in shock at the spirit as,it tells you that five days from now at,3 pm she will die and shes going,straight to hell the next day the mother,decides to meet with an attorney and,explains to the woman what she saw the,night before the lawyer doesnt,understand until her colleagues play a,video with the birthday party showing,the ghostly face damning her to hell in,five days time the mother tells them she,visited the religious cult to ask for,help but reveals that they made her a,special offer they would only help if,she agrees to broadcast the exact moment,that the monsters come for her soul and,in exchange the chairman will pay her,three billion won desperate the mother,begs the lawyers to help her kids get,the money and they decide to take her,case,okay if theres one thing scarier than,going to hell its not knowing what you,did wrong to get there in the first,place this cult here claims to have the,answers but theres already enough,information to tell us that theyre not,interested in answers theyre interested,in power first of all we need to realize,that as te

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Phim sốc óc nhất thế giới – review phim Bản Án Từ Địa Ngục tập 1 2 3

từ hôm nay mua phim Seri review bộ phiên,bản án Từ Địa Ngục bộ phim nổi hơn cả,trò chơi con mực được đánh giá là sông,ác và bạo lực kinh khủng tổng ai dưới 21,tuổi thì cân nhắc trước khi xem nhé Theo,truyền thuyết cứ mỗi năm trăm năm khi,loài người xảy ra một đại dịch lớn thì,chúa tể địa ngục lại phái 3 Sứ Giả Địa,Ngục đến nhân gian Lựa Chọn ngẫu nhiên,một nạn nhân giết hại để gây sợ hãi,trong loài người 500 năm trước thì không,ai để ý nhưng vào thời hiện đại mạng xã,hội phát triển khi ám ảnh mà nó gây ra,thật quá đỗi tinh người ở một quán cà,phê nhóm thanh niên đang xem video về ra,con quỷ tiêu diệt người được điểm danh,họ Khởi cho rằng đó chỉ là những kỹ xảo,điện ảnh nhưng quả thật một người đàn,ông bên cạnh đang run lẩy bẩy rồi Bởi,khi hơn một phút nữa là đến giờ anh ta,bị hành hình Theo như báo trước anh ra,sợ hãi và tuyệt vọng không biết là có,thật không Rồi đột nhiên ba con khỉ ấy,cũng đến thật chúng giống như sứ giả của,địa ngục phái đến bắt đầu đánh nhập tra,tấn trước khi lấy mạng anh thanh niên sợ,hãi bỏ chạy thẳng ra ngoài đường mang Sứ,Giả Địa Ngục cũng như thế đuổi theo bằng,được không ngờ ở năm 20 21 mà lại có quy,thật mới kinh Con Quỷ Dữ đêm thì Như,Quỳnh chị Dậu hùng hổ xóm những con vật,đến là tội thân con thứ hai thì vì chặt,đầu anh vào chiếc xe buýt khiến những,người bên trong chai sợ vãi đái ra quần,nhưng một số người vẫn kịp rút điện,thoại ra quay lại cảnh anh ta bị hành hạ,những con quỷ này tra tấn nạn nhân đau,đớn tột cùng rồi kết liễu bằng việc dùng,tay phát ra Ngọn Lửa Địa Ngục trong phút,đốt cháy nạn nhân xong việc chúng cứ thế,biến mất không để lại dấu vết nạn nhân,còn lại chỉ là một bộ xương cháy xém,nhân gì vậy là chỉ trong vài phút đầu,heo Ba đã vượt mặt quýt đêm về mức độ,bạo lực cảnh sát tất nhiên là không ghi,về câu chuyện thế lực siêu nhiên mà chỉ,đơn giản nghĩ là một trò giết người mới,lạ Nam chính khiu nhưng cũng là một cảnh,sát trực tiếp điều tra lúc này ở Hàn,Quốc đang dầm gỗ câu chuyện về Hội chân,lý mới một tổ chức Tôn Trùng 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HELLBOUND Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Review And Season 2 Theories | NETFLIX

حسنًا ، Hellbound هي سلسلة قصيرة رائعة مليئة بالتعليقات الاجتماعية حول الطوائف,والأوامر الدينية والوحوش الكبيرة.,غرر.,استنادًا إلى webtoon الذي يحمل نفس الاسم ، تم إصدار الموسم الأول للتو على Netflix,وطوال هذا الفيديو ، سنقوم بتفكيك القصة والتطورات والانتهاء.,أي شخص يشاهد هذا ، لا بد أن تكون مدللًا في الـ 15 ثانية القادمة ، لذا إذا لم تكن لديك,فرصة للتحقق من ذلك ، فأنا أوصي بشدة أن تقوم بتسجيل المغادرة الآن. إذا كنت تستمتع,بالفيديو ، فيرجى الضغط على زر الإعجاب وتأكد من الاشتراك للحصول على المزيد من,مقاطع الفيديو مثل هذا كل يوم.,بهذه الطريقة ، نشكرك على النقر فوق هذا ، والآن دعنا ندخل إلى Hellbound.,حسنًا ، يتم تقسيم Hellbound إلى قسمين. إنه نوع من الوضع قبل المسيح,وبعد الموت حيث يتعامل القسم السابق مع إنشاء دين جديد,ويقوم قائده بنشر الرسالة قبل أن يموت في النهاية. هذا الأخير يتعامل مع,القوى الدينية ، وكيف يتم دمجها في كل وجه من جوانب المجتمع وكذلك الفساد,داخله.,في جوهرها ، على الرغم من أن مفهوم Hellbound بسيط جدًا.,في أحد الأيام ، يشهد الناس اقتباسًا لملاك غير مقتبس يظهر أمامهم ، ويذكر أنهم,مرتبطون بالجحيم ثم يقول الوقت المحدد الذي سيموتون فيه. عند الوصول إلى هذا الوقت ،,ستظهر الوحوش السوداء العملاقة وتمزق الشخص بوحشية قبل أن تحرقه,في وهج يعمي العمى.,لا أحد يعرف ما هم عليه حقًا ، وخارجها لا يمكن إيقافه تمامًا ، فنحن لا نتعلم,سوى القليل جدًا عنهم. لقد رأيت الكثير من النظريات حول الوحوش بدءًا من,كونها شياطين أمرًا بها الشيطان إلى كائنات فضائية وحتى كونها لعنة يتحكم فيها شخص ما لم,نواجهه بعد.,لا مفر على الإطلاق ، وحتى الأشخاص الذين ينهون حياتهم يجدون أن أرواحهم,تنجذب إلى الجحيم كما هو مرسوم.,الهدف من العرض هو أننا نشبه الشخصيات إلى حد كبير في أنه ليس,لدينا أي فكرة على الإطلاق عما يحدث وكلها مفتوحة للتفسير. بالنسبة لي ، هذا,تعليق على الدين ككل والعالم مليء بالأشخاص الذين يأخذون,نصوصًا دينية ويفسرونها بطريقتهم الخاصة ويقولون إن هذه هي القواعد التي,يجب اتباعها.,نظرًا لكوني نشأت مسيحيًا ، فقد شاهدت كيف تغير الدين على مدار الثلاثين,عامًا الماضية عندما يتعلق الأمر بأمور مثل النشاط الجنسي وحتى البابا خلال العقد الماضي قد,خرج وقال إن الحيوانات تذهب إلى الجنة على الرغم من وجود فترة طويلة عندما,لم يفعلوا.,لذا فإن الأمور الدينية شديدة الدقة ، وعلى الرغم من وجود العديد من الطرق المختلفة,لتلقي رسائل معينة ، فلا يزال لدينا أشخاص واثقون من صحة ما يفعلونه,على الرغم من وجود مليون رأي آخر حول هذا الموضوع.,الجحيم ، أنا متأكد من أن هناك أشخاصًا يشاهدون هذا الفيديو الآن يفكرون “نعم,لقد حصل هذا الرجل على نقطة” بينما يعتقد الآخرون “إنه مخطئ تمامًا ، هذا,ما يدور حوله العرض.” إنها عبقرية عندما تفكر في الأمر ، وعلى الرغم من أنني,خرجت عن المسار الصحيح ، فإن الشيء الذي أحاول إيصاله إلى المنزل هو أن الكثير من الأديان غالبًا ما يتم,تغييرها لتلائم التفسيرات المختلفة التي أعتقد أنها مترابطة إلى حد كبير طوال,العرض.,بدأ الدين إلى حد كبير من قبل الحضارات القديمة لأنهم لم يكن لديهم,الأدوات العلمية لشرح أشياء مثل ما خلق النظام الشمسي والحياة والكوكب,وهو مستخدم كثيرًا هنا لأنه لا أحد يعرف كيف يشرح الوحوش.,كل شخص سوف يسحب اقتباسه من الدين غير المقتبس منه وحتى الذي نشهده,مقسم إلى عدة طوائف بما في ذلك الإصدار الأكثر شعبية The New Truth,وهو أكثر إثارة للجدل بكثير The Arrowhead. إنه رابع كسر للجدار وهو أحد,الأسباب الرئيسية التي تجعلني أحب المسلسل لأنه في عدم معرفة ما يجري يمكننا أن,نرى كيف ينتهي الأمر بالشخصيات الموجودة فيه بأخذ الأشياء في اتجاهاتهم الخاصة.,لكن من أين يبدأ كل هذا؟,حسنًا في عام 2022 ، نرى رجلًا يُقتل في الشارع على يد رجاسات سوداء عملاقة ،,وفي أعقاب ذلك ينطلق تحقيق للشرطة.,هذا يلفت الانتباه إلى رجل اسمه جونغ جينسو ، مؤسس الحقيقة الجديدة. لقد صرح Jung Jinsu,لسنوات أن هذه الأحداث تحدث في جميع أنحاء العالم واكتشفنا أنه كان على,علم بهذه الأشياء لأنه حصل على مرسوم مدته 20 عامًا من قبل الملاك عندما,كان أصغر من ذلك بكثير.,سافر جينسو إلى البرية لينهي حياته وشاهد الشياطين,وهي تقتل مما دفعه إلى تثقيف العالم عنها.,ينتهي الأمر بالمظاهرات إلى الانتشار أكثر فأكثر وببطء تصبح الحقيقة الجديدة,مقبولة كدين حقيقي.,الآن أصبح ضمير الجمهور مرتاحًا لأننا أخبرنا أن الأشخاص الذين يرتكبون,الآثام فقط هم الذين يُحكم عليهم بالحرق في الجحيم. يسمح هذا لمن صدر قرار بأن يعاملوا,كمواطنين من الدرجة الثانية ، لكننا نتعلم أن عذر الخطيئة هو كذبة إلى حد كبير وأن الناس يتم,اختيارهم بشكل عشوائي على ما يبدو.,كما اكتشفنا ، لم يخطئ جينسو أبدًا وتم منحه مهلة 20 عامًا لمحاولة,اكتشاف سبب ارتباطه هو والآخرين بالجحيم على الرغم من أنهم أبرياء تمامًا.,بحثه لا يجلب الكثير من الإجابات ، وفي وقت مبكر التقينا بامرأة تدعى بارك جونغجا,مرسوم عليها بالموت. نشاهد أطفالها وهم يُطاردون ، وكيف تتعامل مع معرفة موعد,وفاتها وأيضًا كيف استخدمت كثيرًا كمظاهرة لتحذير الناس,مما يمكن أن يحدث لهم إذا كانوا شقيين بدلاً من كونهم لطيفين.,نعم ، هذا هو بابا نويل المتطرف.,حشد من الناس يتجمعون حول منزل Park Jungja ومحطات التلفاز تصور النبوءة وهي تلعب ،,مما يؤكد أن هذا هو الوضع الذي هو عليه العالم الآن. إنه أمر مرعب للغاية وكان,متوترًا للغاية أثناء مشاهدة التراكم عليه. لقد فعلوا شيئًا فظًا حيث أعادوا تشغيل,معظم نهاية الحلقة 2 في بداية الحلقة 3 وانتهى الأمر بجعلها,لحظة مثيرة.,الآن نرى هذا الجزء الأول من الموسم من خلال عيون Kyunghun والذي ربما أخطأت في نطقه,لذا أريد أن أعتذر عن ذلك.,قُتلت زوجته وهو الأمر الذي يلومه هو وابنته بشدة. انتهى بها,الأمر إلى أن تصبح من أتباع الحقيقة الجديدة وانتهى,بها الأمر بالانتقام من قاتل والدتها ، حتى أنها أحرقته حياً في الفرن ، على غرار النار التي,تغدقها الشياطين على ضحاياهم.,لقد انجرفت كثيرًا في الجاذبية الساحرة لزعيم الطائفة جينسو وبعد المظاهرة,اكتسب عددًا كبيرًا من المتابعين . كاد أن يُهزم Kyunghun في الشارع من قبل أتباعه ، لكن تم,استدعاؤه للذهاب إلى مكان مهجور حيث يكشف Jinsu الحقيقة حول,مرسومه.,يُقتل جينسو ويعود Kyunghun إلى ابنته التي تنتهي الفصل الأول.,من هنا نحصل على قفزة زمنية كبيرة إلى عام 2027 ونرى أن القس كيم قد تولى المسؤولية عن,الحقيقة الجديدة. يقوم بانتظام بإلقاء خطب دينية حيث يوبخ أولئك المفروضين,ونشاهد موتهم المروع.,على الجانب الآخر من هذا ، يوجد Min Hyegin ، رئيس شركة Sodo للمحاماة التي,تحاول إضفاء بعض الكرامة على من صدر بحقهم قرار حتى لا تتعرض عائلاتهم للاضطهاد.,يُفترض أن مين هيجين ماتت بعد أن هاجمتها الحقيقة الجديدة لكنها بقيت في,الظل ، ووفرت الملاذ للمحتاجين.,يقع باي يونغجاي في المنتصف ، وهو منتج فيديو تم تكليفه بإنشاء قطعة,دعائية للحقيقة الجديدة. بعد أن شاهد صديقه يتلقى مرسومه ، اكتشف,أن طفله حديث الولادة قد أُعطي واحدًا أيضًا. هذا يتناقض تمامًا مع تعاليم,الحقيقة الجديدة التي تنص على أنه لا توجد خطيئة أصلية وأن جميع الأشخاص الذين يعانون من الجحيم,يُحكم عليهم بسبب أفعالهم في هذه الحياة.,سيؤدي ظهور مصير الطفل للجمهور إلى تفكيك أتباع الحقيقة الجديدة تمامًا,لأنه سيظهر أنهم لا يعرفون حقًا ما الذي يتحدثون عنه ولا ينبغي,الاستماع إليهم.,ينتهي الأمر بزوجته بالذهاب إلى الحقيقة الجديدة للحصول على المساعدة لكنهم يريدون التستر على المرسوم.,على الجانب الآخر من هذه Sodo ترغب في بثها إلى العالم ومن الواضح أن,موت الطفل سيُستخدم كثيرًا لتحقيق مكاسب سياسية.,يعمل العرض بظلال من اللون الرمادي ولكن بعد أن أدركت مدى فساد الحقيقة الجديدة ، انتقلت,العائلة مع Sodo. جميع أعضاء Sodo يعرفون شخصًا صدر قرارًا بأنفسهم,وهم يدركون جيدًا أنه لا علاقة له بالخطيئة.,وهكذا يتحولون إلى رجل كان شخصية بارزة داخل اسم Arrowhead Lee Dongwook,الذي اعتاد أن يعيش مذهبه الخاص. ومع ذلك ، فقد أدار ظهره للكنيسة بعد أن,تلقى مرسومه الخاص بوفاته بعد 5 دقائق من أخذ الطفل.,لم يكن هو الجزء الأكثر إزعاجًا في العرض فحسب ، بل انتهى به الأمر أيضًا إلى الاتصال,بالحقيقة الجديدة التي أقنعته أنه تم اختياره بالفعل من قبل الله للتستر على خطأه,في الحكم على طفل بالموت.,انتهى المطاف بـ Dongwook بالجنون ومحاولة قتل أولئك الذين يحمون الطفل لكنه,هزم من قبل Min Hyejin.,يتم تنفيذ مرسوم الطفل في مكان عام لكن الوالدين يربطون أنفسهم بإحكام من,أجل حماية طفلهم بينما تحرقهم الشياطين حتى الموت.,قُتل Dongwook بعد فترة وجيزة ولكن حدث تطور كبير عندما نسمع صرخات,الطفل ونعلم أنه نجا من اللقاء بسبب تضحيات الوالدين.,على الرغم من أننا لا نعرف سبب استمرارها ، إلا أنني شخصياً أعتقد أن حب الوالدين,واستعدادهم للتخلي عن حياتهم كان يعتبر شيئًا يحمي الطفل,ويعني أنه تم نقلهم إلى الجحيم بدلاً من ذلك. إنه يُظهر أنه يمكن,هزيمة الوحوش الثلاثة ولكن من أجل القيام بذلك ، عليك تقديم تبادل.,انتهى الأمر بمين هيجين بأخذ الطفل معها ونرى أيضًا كيف انقلب,السكان والشرطة على الكنيسة ، مما يدل على أنها تضاءلت الآن. يبدو,أن الحياة يمكن أن تعود إلى طبيعتها إلى حد ما ، وعلى الرغم من أننا ما زلنا لا نملك أي فكرة عما يحدث,مع المراسيم ، فإن السكان لم يعودوا ملزمين بقوانين الكنيسة.,إنها لحظة تحرر للغاية ولن يتم اضطهاد أولئك الذين

Hellbound Review – A new 90s style shooter

hell bound is it worth a bye,lets read the words the words of the,developer,classic first person shooter style game,like the good old days are the good old,days guys,an action game focused on speed gold,guns and,metal music,inspired by the 90s classics hooray for,the 90s guys,but with modern visuals and audio,yes guys were going back to the 90s,apparently,for this game uh the developers have,said that this is a 90s style shooter,and they even put a disclaimer up,warning you millennials,that you might find it a little bit too,hard because theres no,x revision in it guys yeah but before we,get into all the uh,all the air lets have a quick look at,the graphical options guys uh you get a,little,few little few bits and blobs uh of um,things that you can change the main,thing is guys you get a fog slider so,you can adjust that,and also it has auto run in the options,so thats great,as all 90s games had it was just yeah we,dont want we dont want to sprint,sprint and then crouch and slide on your,ass and i wouldnt want any of that,this is a thoroughbred 90s shooter guys,so lets see,is it any good well the story is it,doesnt really have one,i didnt even care i dont know i dont,know the story i dont give a [ __ ],i dont give a [ __ ] when youre playing,a 90s shooter all you want is a big,[ __ ] gun,who gives them,um does it have a big [ __ ] gun well,it has it has a few guns lets quickly,go through the guns guys,lets go through the guns you have fists,i know its not a gun but you have fists,you have a club you have your base kind,of,machine gun i guess if you like it it,can fire quite quickly,um its quite a decent gun this actually,i mean its its your kind of last,resort kind of weapon,but it can take down a lot of well and,all of the enemies essentially with,um you know five or six seven eight,shots so,its a pretty decent weapon but then you,have the triple barreled,shotgun guys now this is a big,[ __ ] gun this is a really good gun,this,this can just give enemies from point,blank range just,boom you then have the machine gun which,is kind of like the super nail gun,um its a great gun it is a rapid rate,of fire does a [ __ ],ton of damage and its probably the most,powerful weapon in the game,um but i just prefer the shotgun because,its a big,[ __ ] gun that makes the game good,stop,doing that you then have your staple of,90 shooters,the rocket launcher which doesnt sound,that good guys it does a lot of splash,damage it will take out anybody in,pretty much one shot,and thats all thats it guys thats all,the weapons you get,now yeah thats kind of sticking to the,formula of 90 shooters which is a bit of,a shame,um worse still guys these weapons have,an alternate fire,uh which why,why why does it have a lot in that fire,i mean,youre talking iron sights guys in a 90,shooter im sorry youve just,failed the 90s shooter test by giving,these [ __ ] guns iron sights,the whole point of a 90s shoot is you,fire from the hip,whilst in mid-air doing triple back and,somersaults after a,revered very reverse rocket jump guys,but anyway lets have a look at the,monsters im sure theres plenty of,monsters to shoot,well you have these humanoids who um,have a bat,at the big bat guys you have the,humanoids with the big bat,you have the humanoids with the gun the,basic,gun you have the humanoids with the big,shotgun,three monsters and one there guys thats,a bit cooler but then you have this,chargey chloe thing which is probably,the hardest enemy in the game because,they are so fast and i never quite got,around to,judging their leap uh from the right,distance you cant stop them point blank,with a shotgun in the face if you,if you look in lucky enough or skillful,enough whatever,to actually hit it um i prefer leaping,out of the way and then,hitting it as its trying to turn around,but these can be very very,hard to kill and they can wreck you in,seconds if they get into your face,theyll probably kill you,in probably one second flat so im,obviously unless youre clearing it on,like the pissy easy levels which im,sure,no one will unless youve got a,controller,mac that was uncalled for,but true you then have these kind of,horned imps,the like that reminded me of the imps,from doom the fire the fireball they,just kind of stand around,and they dont move like imps they just,kind of stand that theyre very easy to,take out and very easy to avoid unless,theres like 10 of them raining,hellfire down on you which then it can,be a little bit of a problem and and,guys,oh i forgot to mention guys you also,have the humanoids with machine guns,and rocket launchers so yeah,theres not many enemies in this either,which is a [ __ ] shame so,hopefully guys hopefully the game can,redeem itself with a very,long campaign or maybe three campaigns,like 90 shooters,used to have um this only has one,campaign guys,and i beat it in two hours oh,[ __ ] but it does have survival mode with,a leaderboard thats probably going to,get hacked by russians,you cant see yes it has survival mode,with four five maps guys um,with a leaderboard which didnt interest,me in the slightest i dont play,90 shooters to have waves of enemy just,rush at me while i,circle straight around in a circle well,i do but i prefer to do it inside of a,level,thats part of a very complex map,um so you get about six levels in the,campaign,and this is what i found guys this is,what im gonna report to you here,i found most of the levels good uh some,of the level design is really good on,some of the levels,um it follows the formula of the yellow,key the red key and the green key so you,have to find them,keys to open the doors which is a nice,touch from the doomdays,and i i did enjoy playing this game but,it was all over just as i was really,really getting into it and,the difficulty levels is the thing i,want to talk about i mean i didnt try,easy,because why would you i played straight,through the game on,a medium and found it a breeze,pretty much just easy no problem at all,i then tried it on,old school and that is the hard,difficulty and then it has a nightmare,that you unlock after that,now again i was able to get through the,game i havent finished it yet,on um old school but im gonna do it i,can tell im,flying through it but this is the thing,that i want to mention,it is much more fun on medium level than,it is on old school level,and the reason is is because the damage,you take on,old school level is so extreme that you,constantly have to keep topping your,health up and your armor up,and you do that by giving the bodies,with,preferably the club to save ammo so you,club the bodies on the ground and youve,got a chance to drop,armor or health of them to top yourself,back up before you,engage the next trap if you like uh of,of,enemies and i found this stop start,gameplay just saw on 90s,now obviously if youre some kind of,ninja warrior you can probably,fly through the game on old school,without having to give bodies,but i wasnt so i went back on the,medium and had,way more fun just flying through not,giving your [ __ ],whether your healths low or not you can,kind of give the odd body if you need it,but,generally speaking you can hold your own,against them constantly moving in games,like this obviously its a twitch shoot,you dont ever stand still,in the games like this you can strafe,jump as well that little bit of extra,speed if you like but i really enjoyed,the game i wanted more of it now its,only a tenner guys this game i think i,think its 15,which is gonna work out about i dont,know 11 12 pound its,its its not a lot of money its very,enjoyable but its only two hours long,you know plus youve got the survival,mode if you like which can give you,another couple of hours a year,if youre into that kind of thing im,just not so you probably get about four,hours out of it,um if you want to replay it on a higher,difficulty you know probably add another,two and a half hours to it theres a,boss fight which is just,easy you just circle straight from the,death uh you kn

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