1. Watch now: Jason Feger talks about winning the Herald & Review 100 at Macon Speedway.
  2. Meet the Herald & Review journalists
  3. Riding Shotgun with Tupper: Fresh Illini info
  4. Riding Shotgun with Tupper: Whats next in Illini recruiting?
  5. “Guys and Dolls” dress rehearsal
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  7. Riding Shotgun with Tupper: Retiring, but not a blubbering idiot

Watch now: Jason Feger talks about winning the Herald & Review 100 at Macon Speedway.

I know uh jokingly finally but uh tell,me your thoughts yeah just uh,sitting down there on the front street,before the race and theyre reading off,all the past winners and just this ones,staying not to be a winner here you know,like I just love this race and we come,here for a long time and its yeah its,an awesome little race and it just got,away from me too many times and uh you,know it might have been a little weaker,feeling a crazy race tonight but well,take it however it doesnt matter so,this base place is a home with a lot of,crazy races so uh just feels great and,you know thanks for helping you for,always being a long time supporter of,this race and uh glad to find able to,get a trophy here uh you said you sort,of experienced here at dates back to 96,uh you think yeah well I I know Ive,been coming here since uh 90 not 95 or,96 yeah I was actually with Billy Drake,here when he won a couple as a crew guy,and I would have came here in my first,year racing out yeah at first and then,uh 2002 would be my first year racing,here okay so in a late model and uh,weve been here I think every year since,it did have a different feel uh being in,September of course in July what were,what were the conditions like in your,thoughts um you know it just you never,know here making but it was it was fast,night you know we didnt have quite as,many cars and its not quite as hot as,it is in the middle of summer time and,uh the track had a lot more moisture at,night for a lot longer than it normally,does and uh you know just uh you know,its kind of didnt qualify that well,and I actually qualified did we just,were in a tough group and uh you know we,had some work to do there and Dr just,was trying to unlock shes got to be,very patient and you know missed a,couple wrecks there and just try to be,patient and save my stuff and just kept,rolling around there and uh you know,took advantage we had a chance yes you,came out unscathed I mean you were down,to nine cars at the end there what was,that you just heard a lucked out a,little bit in terms of avoiding,everything or,um maybe your experience here yeah you,know this place you just gotta this,place has a lot of give you know a lot,of guys want to take here way too early,and you just gotta I feel like you gotta,constantly give until at least 20 or 30,to go and then you gotta you know you,got no one to take yeah and uh you know,thats where you know thats why I ran,the insides for so long there because,youre just not your chances of tearing,something up or getting in trouble are a,lot less likely than being on outside so,I just I ran it inside as long as I,could and then when I got up there at,the end a little bit I mean I had to get,my cars and I felt like I picked up some,speed up there so thats uh maybe no one,you know when theres like 20 to go its,one thing to get up here 10 to 20 to go,but uh just uh a lot of experience you,know and uh I I try to try to catch my,way up there a lot and weve been like I,said weve been in contention a lot of,times this time and Ill get it done so,it feels great like you mentioned youre,known for the high side uh but youre,passing on the inside today yeah is that,sort of your experience there I mean,yeah this place I mean I typically you,know I typically try to run the bottom,here as long as possible you know if you,can get that bottom group to go here uh,like I say your chances of finishing in,one piece are a lot a lot greater uh,Haley from Bloomington yeah uh obviously,a lot of great racing here in Central,Illinois uh what do you think the,overall you know atmosphere of racing,here in Central Illinois is oh its,awesome you know what Im saying its uh,we got some of the best fans we got a,lot of great drivers to come right out,here out of central Illinois theyre,bringing some of the best drivers in the,country come right from around here and,uh so its just uh its an awesome event,we got great fans this place is special,I always you know they always pack them,in here and have a great time so uh its,uh its great we live in a great spot,for dirt racing can you tell me your,emotions here yeah you know that 90 uh,getting down to the end there what were,you feeling yeah its just uh you know I,cant I felt like I get better and,better on the long green flag run so I,could get in a good Rhythm and then uh,so I didnt want to see any of the,yellows on kept getting yellow after,yellow and then we run around there and,then the crumbs kind of dry out and the,tracks a little bit different after you,restart and tires cool off and stuff so,it was a little frustrating then,obviously you might leave yourself open,for a slide job or jump because you have,something to make a mistake so you know,its just trying to you know be mentally,strong and and you know be impatient and,not make a mistake and you know make,them beat you dont beat yourself and uh,we just uh,uh I dont know you know and then you,know anything can happen here I mean,over here you start from when youre,leading like that you start feeling,stuff you know you think a tire is going,flat or you think you feel the vibration,you cant yes you feel that so its,stressful but uh you just kind of you,know keep just keep digging in like say,be smooth and not try to make not make,any mistakes and uh,you know it all came together tonight at,54 minutes its one of the longest ones

Meet the Herald & Review journalists

hi Im Justin Kahn Im here with Donette,Becket in Kennedy Nolan were all with,the Decatur Herald review uh quite a few,years of experience I guess between the,three of us were gonna kind of tell you,guys a little bit about ourselves and a,little bit about the Harold review Ill,go ahead and start,yeah Im Justin Kahn Im the sports,editor here Ive been here to heroin,review for maybe about 12 years now a,little around 12 years now I was in,sports as a reporter for a long time,also worked in News and have been the,sports editor for around two years now,you know we have a lot of really great,reporters that work for us as well and,in my department I have Joey Wagner who,is just a tireless guy and really,passionate reporter Matthew fought in as,well who really has an eye for you know,interesting stories and you know even I,still do some reporting I have a story,coming out this weekend about the final,Forsyth classic its a tournament thats,been here for 35 years in our community,and really touched a lot of peoples,lives I think that there are a lot of,people who in Decatur who never,experienced this tournament but the,people who did it really touched their,lives so you know in sports weve really,worked hard to try to bring you know all,the local stories from community events,high school and of course you know the,professional stuff as well and you know,fans and things like that so you know,donate I know youve what youve been,here almost as long as me what eight,years now nine years nine years and in,opportunities the opportunities have,been given I started out as an obituary,clerk so I got a chance to meet people,who were you know emotional will say and,other opportunities weddings engagements,things like that and because of that,Ive had opportunities to meet the,community and I get to do stories such,as such as this one its just when we,pulled out its just a a nursing,facility where they work on puzzles so I,get to do stories like this in many just,community involvement stories and any,opportunity that I can,to get out into the public and to meet,people just everyday people those are my,favorites they have interesting stories,and most of them dont even know it so,you know any kind of story like that I,always love to hear from other people so,go ahead Im Kennedy Noland the public,safety reporter Ive only been here I,dont know how long 90 maybe five months,but I already love it I really like it,here I get to do a little bit of,everything you know donut just said she,likes to get out to meet people I just,did a story about a Korean War veteran,and he was amazing,Jack stringer and Im working on a story,now about that was really cool its,really weird working here you know in a,good way,I never really expected it so its,awesome you know I think I also grew up,reading the newspaper and where Im from,inclusio Illinois the Quincy Herald wig,and you know I never really thought of I,was away and I got into this job or as,Im a sports fan I love sports Id love,to reading the sports page I wanted to,work for the sports page but as I got,into it really for me that the,storytelling part was I guess the part,that really I guess kept me here really,was my favorite part of the job and I,think thats thats something that you,know in your local newspaper you get,that maybe you dont get from other,media Alexas thats that deep you know,where you can really spend some time,with somebody you know theres times,were all spending 30 45 minutes you,know longer,interviewing people and really you know,learning their story and really kind of,be able to tell that that deeper story,much I think thats my favorite thing,about this particular type of journalism,in in a newspaper industry whats your,favorite story youve done in the last,two years in the last two years I would,say it easily be the stories Ive been,on Kevin Hale the teacher at Eisenhower,who had a kidney transplant it was kind,of getting to know Kevin and bringing,his story you know one that he,originally didnt want people to,necessarily know about but then decided,he didnt want to tell it and you know,from the telling of that story the,outpouring ended up you know finding it,to her and getting a kidney and now is,healthy I guess for me thats probably,been you know in my career the most,emotionally touching story you know it,really hit me personally that Ive done,all right you too Ashley I have several,usually like a musician I like the story,that I did last so right now in Mondays,paper there will be a story about a,group of youth group theyre doing,wonderful things but to be honest with,you I I do always like those stories,where I actually get to go do something,Ive got to ride a make sure I get the,title right a dry land dogsled team I,got to actually ride in the cold and the,rain and the weft and Hills with a bunch,of dogs in the archive section which I,believe you get free with subscription,so yes but well come back to that okay,all right so anyway yeah any time of,those stories where people I get go out,and get dirty and just get to do the,things that people are doing I love,those Kennedy I think man I really like,the CBD story but I think the Marie,Kondo story that I did about how her,organization method had an effect on,central Illinois people and how they put,it to use or some people actually,criticized it I dont know I thought,that was really interesting and I kind,of brought out a womans personal story,about her sick daughter and kind of just,wrapped it in there and,so we just wanted to kind of introduce,ourselves and tell us tell you a little,bit about ourselves and a little bit,about our product and the deal we have,going on right now which is the friends,and family sale 99 cents for the first,month and then $9.99 following that its,a the digital Plus subscription which,includes digital and also the archives

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Riding Shotgun with Tupper: Fresh Illini info

hey welcome to riding shotgun with,Tupper a day late because I was over in,Champagne this morning Wednesday the,25th of April and checking up on a few,things Illini basketball wise and and so,I just got back a little bit ago and I,thought itd be worth the days wait and,maybe come up with some fresh,information so you know some things I,kind of figured out a little bit today,some things that I kind of have saved up,since last week when we talked beautiful,day here certainly headed in the right,direction think were turning the corner,on the weather now I would think Ive,seen corn going in the ground out this,way in central Illinois and and I think,farmers are going to take advantage of,the stretch I think our farmer will be,out planning probably within the next,couple days and but its pretty Drive,around and I had the horses out today,and a good day didnt bring my dog kind,of complicated there todays they are,cleaning ladies there and I got to put,her down the base that put the dogs down,the basement because they kind of,attacked they scare the cleaning lady,and and and then if I haul her out of,the basement so she can go on the run,here then I got a drag her back in there,and thats a traumatic thing she didnt,like to be down there very much so,AM so okay geez I was visiting with Brad,Underwood this morning and first of all,when I pulled in the parking lot there a,tub and the dude is driving a new whos,got a new ride hes no longer in that,BMW now hes in a big black shiny,tricked-out Cadillac Escalade which is,really thats a recruiting car and,thats what,thats Chris recruits like that thing,you file them and their family in there,and lots of room looks awesome so that,was good,hes excited about spring there in any,question about that you know lets face,it were gonna hear a lot when all these,recruits get here in June,especially than all the new the new,faces and and thats gonna be amazing,because summer work is going to be,critical but whats going on now is both,important and encouraging you know by,the time I got over there and I was over,there by nine Demonte Williams and I,believe it was a J Aaron Jordan had,already worked out for a long time and,were gone a lot of guys putting in time,Trent Frazier putting in a lot of time,theres just a lot of of improvement,going on and work going on with those,guys right now and you know hey we we,talked a lot about the new guys coming,in and thats understandable theyre,gonna be exciting and so it was fun to,learn about what those guys are and what,they can do and how they mesh with,everybody else but but lets not sleep,on the improvement thats going to,happening is already happening with the,returning guys and Im talking about,Trent Frazier and Im talking about,Aaron Jordan and Im talking about,Demonte Williams and Im talking about,Kippur Nichols and directing,Greggy Boyd went in and you know I I,dont know whats gonna happen with,Matisse Im not including him on the,list its just been too much,conversation about that Brads not,confirming anything there thats a,decision that Matisse makes and just,determines when he would announce it but,its just my impression that he wont be,back that that hed have to explain it I,think hes just not comfortable about,his ability to excel in this you know,American College market right now you,know whether its a lack of confidence a,lack of physical strength whether he you,know I dont know and I know everybody,would wish him well and they will fill,that spot but so any Im including those,four guys and you know they just got,done with hosting Bryce golden who was,here visiting over the last weekend by,all accounts that visit went really,really well you know theres four,schools involved Syracuse Illinois,Georgetown Butler I think he had a,little visit to Georgetown Im hearing,that it might be 50/50 if he takes the,butler visit I really think its between,Illinois and Syracuse I think most,people feel that way I know a lot of the,recruiting services are you know 100% on,Syracuse and that may end up being true,I I cant tell you that for sure but I,know that they made a strong,presentation and really sold the,opportunity to play immediately and to,contribute immediately and that his,skill set matches what they want to do,at that position that he is a he is a,really good match for,they rate him more highly than many of,these other services do and theyve,tried to let him know that how they,value him and and well see where that,goes if it doesnt go there Illinoiss,direction on him there are some other,possibilities out there you know theyll,kind of cross that bridge when they get,to it but I theyve kept you know in,touch with people and have some options,there as well whether its another high,school kid like Kalu who youve heard,about from Oak Hill or whether it is a,fifth year transfer which i think is,still in play I think theyre being,pretty guarded about who they may have,warming up in the bullpen in that,regards it just it makes no sense to me,to let that scholarship go unfilled so,why not get a 50 or guy if hes a good,fit for you almost more important,culturally than then how good he is look,you need you need some experience help,on the front line theres no doubt about,that,so if you could find a guy thats a good,guy hes good in the locker room he,works hard and hes good at something,hes a good rebounder hes a good,defender hes a good you know maybe hes,a reasonable scorer maybe hes a guy who,can do a couple of those things you get,the scholarship back the next year and,then you know youve been reading all,this stuff Im sure about Francis o,Carell from normal you know is he going,to reclassify honestly I think the,answer to that question is that nobody,knows I dont know that he knows I think,thats still a possibility and I think,if youre Illinois and you value him and,they do that youve got to play that as,though it could go that way and so do,you have a scholarship available if he,reclassifies to the 2018 class and you,know I think the answer is you you need,to have one of those,so its kind of a tricky deal but maybe,that will become a little more clear as,he moves closer to what would be the Im,assuming that normal West has a May,graduation date but his situation may go,into the summer or go into August I,dont know but I just dont think that,thats been ruled out entirely as a,possibility nobody knows if it is but,nobody can say for certain that it is,not and so youve got to keep that in,mind as well I think I think for the,time being though theyre so focused on,the returning guys and you know Trent,really working hard on some things with,his game look they they put a lot on him,last year as he began to demonstrate he,could handle it I think they will raise,the bar on him hes working hard on a,floater game you know which is what,undersized guards need to do hes,working hard on going right to his right,with the ball,hes working hard on his strength hes,never going to be a guy that you know,fills out to beat 215 pounds so that,then it gonna happen but you can still,be strong and and hes working on that,so theyre working on a lot of those,things with him I think I think with,Aaron Jordan you know I think its clear,within the program theres such a high,level of respect for him this is a guy,who I would have had on my list when,John Groce left and Brad Underwood,arrived I would had on my list as hes,leaving hes out of here DJ Williams,Aaron and Jordan out of here because he,hadnt played much he hadnt gotten any,satisfaction we didnt really have a,feel for what he could or couldnt do,you know we thought he was a good,shooter but hadnt been really had had,much of an opportunity to demonstrate,that and that we just assume now you,throw on top of that the uncertainty of,a coaching change and you know what,the kid probably goes somewhere else but,did he he likes it one he likes the,school he likes the idea of playing,there and and he played and he,contributed and as they watch him they,view h

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Riding Shotgun with Tupper: Whats next in Illini recruiting?

well welcome welcome to ridin shotgun it,is Tuesday May the 1st and the weathers,nice and my farmers out here he planted,corn Friday hes out here I think its,gonna disc this bean field or or maybe,hes just gonna looks like hes gonna do,some mowing and and and and discs also,apparently and and maybe hes going to,plant beans later today or tomorrow I,cant tell now when we go by here as,youll see this theres a Corvette,parked here its not mine and he always,tells me farmers are the richest guys in,the cemetery because all they all they,do is accumulate the wealth of land but,and this is not his either this is,somebodys whos helping him one of his,people and I see hes also left his fuel,tank down here from when he was out here,plant the corn the other day anyhow its,uh its really going to be nice today I,think we finally turned the corner on,the weather I know Ive mode I think,four times already and its gonna be in,the 80s today thats awesome,still windy but hey yeah we got some,basketball recruiting to talk about,Bryce golden is going to Butler you know,I thought the Syracuse was kind of a,favorite and then I heard maybe Syracuse,or Illinois and I just heard it wasnt,gonna probably be Georgetown and then I,heard it was gonna be 50/50 on whether,he took his visit to Butler and you know,if you got if you got a guy whos gonna,make all four of his visits and you,could dictate the terms man I would,always like to be the last visit you,know make the final impression then he,goes home with his family talks through,it all what does he really remember the,things that he just saw and his final,visit was over the weekend at Butler and,Im not saying that was the only factor,I just would like to be the last,one illinois in this case was the second,visited when syracuse illinois,georgetown butler and you know good for,him i hope it works out great for him,there it was seemed like a nice kid and,he he was a good looking ballplayer six,nine forward and you know the problem is,you cant cant all say ill be the last,you know I think in Syracuse this case,they were hoping they could be the first,and get into commit and he would cancel,the other visits and thats a strategy,to so it didnt work out you move on you,know the the one that becomes so,interesting that was Francis Oh grow up,at normal West six nine six ten good,player top 50 player Illinois Purdue,Oregon hes visited all those places,just took an official visit to Purdue,over the weekend but this this the,theres two things here one the,reclassification issue will he,reclassified from 2019 to 2018 I dont,think anybody knows for sure yet I dont,know I dont know just because you want,to doesnt mean its possible youre,gonna have to satisfy your high school,graduation requirements in an,abbreviated window and then youre gonna,have to be admitted somewhere number two,this is why all my basketball recruiting,is difficult doesnt matter who the,coach is it was difficult at the end for,Bruce Weber it was difficult for John,gross its difficult for Brad for Brad,Underwood and its difficult because,look look at you Illinois is recruiting,against in this instance and and its,amplified because its a big man theyre,recruiting against Purdue and theyre,recruiting against Oregon well these,kids are lets just say theyre 18 years,old,their memory goes back to what five six,years really realistically maybe a,little longer,they havent seen Illinois in a,competitive meaningful situation in a,long time they havent seen Illinois in,the top 25 they havent seen Illinois in,then in the NCAA tournament we all know,this Im not telling you anything you,dont know Im just telling you that,when youre recruiting against a school,like Oregon who was in the Final Four,what a couple years ago when youre,recruiting against a school like Purdue,who not only was high in the top 25 this,last season that has been nationally,ranked in the past several seasons that,recruits would have noticed and remember,but in the case of Francis okeroa big,man they can point to several examples,where they ran a successful offense,through their big man AJ Hammons Kaleb,swanigan who I think of him more as a,forward than a center but but was an,undersized big under sized five at times,for them and then Isaac Hass nothing,under sized about him and that harms,nothing under sized about him,so Illinois is trying to sell this,vision the one advantage they have is,that theyre the in-state school and,theyve built a good relationship with,him but theyre but theyre selling this,promise that we will get to the NCAA,tournament and you will be a reason why,we get there we will be more effective,going through the post although they can,show them that even going through a six,seven gala Ron they could be fairly,effective but so these are things that,theyre fighting and you know its a,its an uphill battle,always on all these recruits which is,what makes the current class of 2018 as,it is assembled remarkable in my view to,get IO to buy-in,and then to get you know the Player of,the Year out of New York in a four star,out of California who was committed to,Arizona and and to get a kid like Samba,came out of Florida which people were,just starting to notice him and and I,think its gonna be maybe the most,underrated guy in this class to get a,point guard like Andres filiz you know,and and and understand that when youre,recruiting against Purdue in this,instance Matt painter is gonna pull this,kid aside and say dude dont you want to,go to the NCAA tournament why would you,consider going to a school that doesnt,go to the NCAA tournament,do you want to be a big man who gets the,ball all the time why would you not want,to come to a place where weve been,doing that for years and those are hard,questions to answer and and Brads got,answers,everybodys got answers but that makes,it an uphill battle,the reclassifying thing is a mystery to,me I just go back to when I was in high,school and I dont think I could have,snapped my fingers as a junior and said,you know when I reclassify and Ill have,everything done in time to to graduate,and to satisfy my requirements I and and,God bless Francis o crow he may have,been forward-thinking enough to prepare,himself for this everything might be,legit you know it just seems like wow,that would really be hard to do I can,see where an exceptional kid could maybe,do it maybe he is an exceptional kid I,dont I dont know Im not saying that,Im just saying I hear more and more,people talk about reclassifying like,its no big deal,there would have been a big deal to me,okay so anyhow well watch and see what,happens there I still think theres a 50,year transfer out there somewhere that,brad has tucked in his hip pocket I do,and if you can get him get him because,you got two scholarships I know if,theyre still involved with Maurice Kalu,you know but and hes the okay high,school kid but see ways if you can get a,50 year kid to come in and play on the,front line with some experience you get,the scholarship back the next year so it,doesnt hurt you in that regard you need,experience on that front line if hes,okay thats good thats probably good,enough youre not under an obligation to,play the heck out of a kid if somebody,shows themselves to be you know,frontcourt ready right now you can just,you can just avoid that but anyhow so of,football recruiting you know its,interesting to see a strategy unfold,with lovie we obviously understand the,strategy of targeting not a not a player,but a school a high school which they,obviously did at Trinity Catholic in st.,Louis you know they know theres a,wealth of really good talent down there,they know st. Louis should be a strong,area with loveys experience down there,and Illinoiss recruited down there,anyhow proximity all that stuff works,out so what do they do they recruit not,only the players but they recruit the,head coach and now hes on lovely staff,Corey Patterson they recruit Isaiah,Williams theyre recruiting a number of,other players t

“Guys and Dolls” dress rehearsal

hey,best of summer stock started in the 80s,its a musical theater experience for,kids that are in first,through ninth grade we have two groups,of first through fourth grade and fifth,through ninth grade boss jr,is first through fourth and boss seniors,fifth through ninth and its to,introduce them to musical theater the,etiquette of theater teach them some,skills,and it culminates in a performance we,come to the civic center with the goal,to give them a professional experience,we have a tech staff,costume lights and for the big kids the,boss,boss senior group we bring in the,decatur park district band as well,oh,big group were doing guys and dolls as,you can see the mission bands in the,back and we have 58,in our group and um so we have a lot of,female crap shooters and of course our,hotbox girls and,the mission band and then guys and dolls,is a great,piece of musical theater one of the,reasons for choosing it as part of the,program is to introduce the kids to,classic,musical theater and guys and dolls when,it came out in the 50s,won tons of awards and its just a lot,of fun good family entertainment,right now were ending act one where,nathan um has that nathan needs to find,a place for the game,so skye mastersons in town and hes a,high roller,scott masterson now there is the highest,player of them all,so he just bet hes going to bet sky,right now that he cant take a,sarah the mission doll to havana,why do i do this because i love it,my backgrounds professional theater and,i came over to the park district and,um im you know my i believe in the,importance of the arts and,really 48 hours is the time we have to,teach the show,so we have to be really on our on our,game plan,and make the learning fun and,but still interesting and challenge that,you know they have their homework they,all had journals to write in,so its its just fulfilling to see it,all come,come together,you

DUI Patrol

basically what i do is,drive around looking for people that,driving without their headlights on,cant maintain their lane of travel,speed or lack thereof its probably the,some of the top,things that you observe from an impaired,driver,were just gonna see what we can find,tonight being a friday night and its,warm,it shouldnt be a,hard find really,theres an off-duty mount zion officer,thats called in hes following somebody,he believes is impaired theyre,westbound on route 36 getting ready to,come into town,were going to go see if we can find it,there we go,40 central maven,shes coming from mount zion going in,town to stay with her boyfriend shes uh,she hasnt had anything to drink she,just woke up from a nap,im missing her written warning for a,failure to signal when required,and then we will be on our way i know,its a pretty generic term from officers,but i truly do like to help people and,you know we get a lot of,grief on the job from people but,the ones you do help and that really,appreciate it it makes makes it worth it,stop,im only under 10 pounds so,i dont think hed be close,go,oh good okay good and whats your name,brooks thank you brooke said it was okay,um sergeant was approached and a person,was in question of whether or not they,were safe to be driving their friends,home and,she asked him if uh,she you know if somebody would,basically put her through a pbt a,portable breath tester,and uh he said sure,hed rather be safe than sorry so,called me over there and she gave a,breath sample of an 052 well under the,legal limit,sergeant asked if we were downtown i,told him that we werent far,and uh,now he has stopped a car at monroe with,wood,that he thinks might be dui so were,gonna go see if it is,made a couple stops,well,did some field sobriety on a guy that,thought may have,consumed,overall the the traffic was,pretty good at the beginning of shift,then it just really tailed off by the,time,um about two oclock,unfortunately not a whole lot to show,for which,when one side of the coin is good it,means that our dui enforcement is,doing as a as wed hoped,keeping the impaired drivers off the,roadway,otherwise well be right back at it,again,next time on shift

Riding Shotgun with Tupper: Retiring, but not a blubbering idiot

well welcome to riding shotgun with,Tupper it is Tuesday it is April the,10th and wow its been a in interesting,24 hours for me I gotta admit I kind of,announced yesterday that I was one of,retires the executive sports editor,theyre held in view after 44 years Ill,be doing that in the end of May and I,have kind of maintained that its not a,big deal just do it and then move on in,the response from people some of you on,Twitter and emails and text messages and,Facebook and wherever has been,overwhelming,I cant begin to thank you enough I hope,I can get through this,riding tougher without turning into a,blubbering idiot and thats a very real,possibility you know you do something,for a long time and honest-to-goodness,you dont think very often or at least I,havent thought very often about whether,or not it makes any difference or,whatever Ive tried to do a good job as,I said in the column I wrote on our,Harold – review.com web page,Ive always kind of felt like I was,taking the readers with me I always had,them in the front of my mind about what,is it that they would find interesting,what is it that they would be want to,learn or want to know or be entertained,by or whatever and I felt like you,didnt start out this way you know when,you start having journalism sometimes,you you have to find your voice and you,have to find a voice that works with,your audience in some metropolitan areas,you know sarcasm works it really works,but here I live out in the well you can,see in the heartland if you will and,they dont do sarcasm real well out of,here they dont they dont like a,smartass and I tried being one a couple,times early I thought oh thatd be fun,no man not really and and it wasnt who,I was anyhow so you kind of find a voice,and a language that you and your readers,agree upon I dont think theres that we,dont ever sign a contract but we we,sort of settle in on something and and,and and its been fun having the readers,with me all the time and I mean all the,time you know were driving along really,slow across here on the back of our,property and but Im talking about when,were winging down the highway and on,our way to this big tent town or this,wherever you know Ive driven a lot of,places and Ive just always felt like,the readers were kind of with me which,is why riding shotgun here just makes,sense to me you know now I actually get,to talk to you instead of riding along,listening to the radio and and making,phone calls and wiling away the time,this is a seem to me to be a better,arrangement at any rate,what I learned in the last 24 hours is,that you know it really has mattered to,some of you and I appreciate that though,Ive responded to I cant respond to,everyone I dont think theres I mean,theres literally thousands and Ive,responded to those that people I know,which have mostly been writers and,broadcasters and coaches and athletes,and administrators and and friends that,Ive had on more of a personal level I,know many of you have not met just the,other day at the basketball the thing I,was over at Saturday watching Andre,Scalise there was a fellow waiting in,the hallway maybe hes watching now who,when I exited the door just said,introduced himself really nice guy and,wanted to say how much he enjoyed riding,shotgun and and you know and I really,appreciate that and and then walking,into the stadium some guy who I didnt,know said hey Mark tougher and I said,yeah and he said man youre a good,writer dude thanks man I mean those,things are so nice and unexpected,theyll always come as a surprise to me,and and then to have them come in the,wave that they have the last 24 hours,has been just remarkable its so,humbling you know to hear from people,like well I got a great text last night,from Brad Underwood which was just so,sweet a great text last night from bill,cubed which was just great and from,Nathan Sheila Hoffs and from Jaylin,Dunlap on the recent Illini football,team who Ill be honest with you I,didnt know he knew me from anybody,although Ive interviewed him a number,of times you know we dont have nametags,when were at practices and things maybe,if he looked at a game he might but,maybe hes you know hes just aware of,whats going on and knows who some,people arent he had a so very nice and,grand poaching the former offensive line,you know Ryan Baker our good friend up,in Chicago former Illini basketball,manager for the Flying Illini and,neither the sports anchor at WBBM up,there and oh god so many great people,and all of those friendships made over,those 44 years I mean I hope this is the,case for everybody but those are each,one is meaningful to me I mean Ive been,Ive enjoyed the time that Ive spent,with people like Dave Wilhelm and and,Jeff Wendland who I heard from and my,buddies over an Iowa Steven John and an,Andy bagnato who used to be up in,Chicago at the Tribune and is now in,Arizona and just so nice to hear from,Andy and from guys in the SIDS at the,different schools and in the Big Ten,office Tommy Dean Harden and guys like,that and just and and I think maybe the,most touching ones were from people who,said they dont remember a time when,they werent reading me,it kind of makes you for you older than,hell but,44 years is 44 years you know and and,its just been its been too much I had,to just push away from it last night it,was was getting to me and my wife and he,was people,oh yeah I cant thank you enough,enough of that but that basketball thing,Saturday was I went there expecting to,be kind of I dont know why but I went,there expecting to be a little bit,lukewarm on Andres Phillies maybe I just,set my expectations kind of low Ill,tell you I set him way too low I walked,out of there thinking take that kid,right freaking now I liked a lot of his,game I liked a lot of his demeanor he,you know hes been in junior college two,years so what does that make him 20,years old I dont know he looked and,acted and played like he was 24 there,was just something about him he had,quickness he had changed direction he,had a presence he he could see his,teammates he got the ball to him made,some great passes the behind the back,bounce pass to Matisse Matisse,underneath the basket was no risk pass I,know sometimes you think behind the back,oh god hes gonna start throwing in the,crush not that kind of a play at all,just a sensible play to get a basket,thrown alley-oops you know and I think I,was thinking about it cuz Allen Griffin,was playing to thats got to be hard,well thats an awkward situation for,those kids theyre out there the,balconies full everybodys watching them,they know that they want to put on a,show theyve never played with these,guys before you know who knows how that,I was all going to go you know you dont,you want to make plays but you dont,want to be a ball hog you want to make,shots but you dont want to be a gunner,and I thought both those guys handled,themselves well in that regard that was,just very cool and then to get a,commitment from the next day was right,on the money good for good for Brad,thats a thats just a really good get,and you know I know some people are,skeptical about those things I get it,people didnt feel like Mark out all,Stark worked out so well last year okay,the only thing I can say about mark all,stork is that he didnt come over and I,didnt get to see him in a workout and I,maybe I would have spotted something and,said I you know Im not as gung-ho on,this as other people are and Im gonna,take a little running start down this,little embankment here because the,ground is soft this was all covered with,snow yesterday morning up here anyhow,but havent seen this kid you know and I,understand – hey I saw him one day maybe,I saw him on his best day I dont know,but I know that where lando Antigua has,a history with him and hes seen him,often and hes played in the,international competitions hes played,with older players so I feel pretty good,about him now tomorrow is signing day,theyre gonna have some kind of a press,conference over the

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