1. Case Cracked: Where is Rudy Redd Victor?
  2. How to Write an Obituary
  3. The Obituary Daily Times Index and the U.S. Obituary Collection | Ancestry
  4. Cape May County Herald Obituary Tutorial
  5. I Seek Dead People:Using America’s GenealogyBank to Find Obituaries and More!
  6. Jay Leno Best of Headlines Part 3
  7. Why Your Obituaries Might Fall Short | Mandy Benoualid (Keeper, Founder) #17

Case Cracked: Where is Rudy Redd Victor?

[Music],hey everybody John Lordan here with,another episode of brain scratch case,cracked thank you so much for joining me,today this episode is for Tuesday August,8th 2017 and today were going to look,into a mystery that just got solved a,little over a month ago but started way,back in 1974 where is Rudy Red Victor,Rudy red Victor was born on September 24,1953 in Bloomfield New Mexico hes one,sibling of a large family having six,sisters and possibly up to six brothers,unfortunately the info on his brothers,was a little less than clear a member of,the Navajo Indian tribe Rudy wanted to,serve his country,he eventually enlisted in the Air Force,to fulfill that desire June of 1974 US,Air Force airman first class,Rudy red Victor was stationed at,Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico he,was a power production specialist,assigned to the 444 ninth mobility,Support Squadron Rudy went on leave to,visit his family and unfortunately never,returned to the base when he didnt,return to duty on June 21st he was,placed into a wall or absent without,leave status a month later they would,change his status to deserter,the FBI would join in on the search but,after four years of no sightings of Rudy,they would officially conclude their,investigation with the case unsolved his,parents Teddy and Vaughn sealed Victor,would spend the rest of their lives,looking for him but unfortunately would,never find him before they both passed,away what happened to Rudy,while he was on leaf in all versions of,the story he was traveling with his,girlfriend they attempted to go to,Canada however were denied entry due to,lack of proper identification and then,were heading back to his familys home,in Colorado heading south through,Montana on Interstate 15 they,got into an argument and some sources,say Rudy literally jumped out of the,vehicle while it was in motion his,girlfriend initially left him behind but,then turned around and went back to look,for him however she never saw him again,in other versions of the story they say,that they were driving back and both,were intoxicated at the Wolf Creek rest,area when the fight happened and that he,left the vehicle while it was at the,rest area she drove away then decided to,come back and couldnt find him and then,she eventually drove home in 1982 there,was a cattle truck wreck on Interstate,15 near Wolf Creek Canyon a livestock,search team was sent out and they found,a human skull,EEE Corky Mortensen a brand inspector,decided to take the skull home to keep,as some sort of souvenir in 1984 the,local coroner hears about that skull,from a different member of the livestock,search team he contacts Corky and,recovers the skull they have it analyzed,a search team went back to where the,skull was found and discovered,additional human remains at that time,the County Sheriffs Office made a,preliminary determination that the,unidentified body was likely the victim,of a suicide they found a noose made of,wire in a tree close to the remains as,well as parts of a red shirt and a,silver cross with the turquoise center,despite further analysis being conducted,by the Montana crime lab which concluded,this to be a 22 28 year-old male,approximately 5 6 to 5 foot 7 likely of,Native American descent no positive,identification could be made a student,used the skull to create a sculpture of,what he may have looked like and thats,in the image behind me further analysis,concluded the death probably occurred in,the early 80s or late 70s however once,the press started writing about this,case a woman spoke up,she said she may have seen the body,hanging in the tree as far back as,oddest of 19,seventy-five she was driving with,friends and they even stopped at the,rest area nearby to look into it further,however when they got there they saw a,crowd of younger people and decided that,the hanging body must be a prank so they,drove on never reporting it to anyone,the case of a missing airman would go,cold for 43 years in 2016,the Air Force Office of Special,Investigations would look into Rudys,case again and decided to enter him as a,missing person into nameís if youre not,sure what nameís is I have a video in,the description box below where you can,learn a lot more about nameís and if,youve watched this channel for a while,Im sure youre probably familiar with,them in some way a member of the Lewis,and Clark County coroners office heard,about nameís in a conference in 2017 and,decided to try to use it on a case of,this unidentified skull all of the,pieces to crack this case were now in,one place an unidentified remains record,and the matching missing-persons record,both in the nameís database the system,generated a list of potential matches,and the coroners office started to work,each one on june 8th of 2017 only a few,months after starting to use nameís on,this case investigators receive,confirmation that a dental match has,been made between the two records the,skull is indeed Rudi red Victor the,coroner would issue a death certificate,stating that he died approximately On,June 15th of 1974 but the cause and,manner of death are noted as,undetermined,the coroner says theres nothing to,indicate foul play and though they,suspect suicide due to what was found,near the scene they are more comfortable,with listing listing the cause of death,as undetermined June 16th of 2017 the,Victor family was notified that Rudys,remains were finally identified having,been found in Wolf Creek Montana while,some facts surrounding his death are,still pending further investigation Rudy,has finally been properly laid to rest,in,Farmington New Mexico the Air Force has,concluded that since he died while still,on active leave his status as a deserter,has been corrected a funeral service was,held on June 30th of 2017 and he,received a full military honors burial,his six surviving siblings three sisters,and three brothers were present at the,service Im happy that they as well as,his extended family which includes 27,nieces and nephews with their children,all have their final answer as to what,happened to Rudy and know that he is,finally at peace quote this is a great,example of how nameís was intended to be,utilized stated Todd Matthews case,management and communications director,for nameís he hopes other agencies will,follow suit entering their cases and,checking them for matches in the nameís,database now Ive been a pretty vocal,supporter of nameís particularly over,the past year I just really believe in,the fundamentals of their approach I,believe that the data needs to be,accessible across different departments,it just needs to be an open database and,thats really at its nature what nameís,is anyone can enter into it and anyone,can go and review the information there,it is open information and because of,that methodology were seeing cases,solved so I truly believe in that in,that system I also spoke to Todd,Matthews recently and heard that nameís,is heading up into a serious upgrade,theres going to be a bunch of new,features and we were even talking about,the possibility of me traveling going,out and meeting some of their team,getting to talk to them about the new,features that are being implemented when,all of that goes down its going to,happen at some point in 2018 Im not,exactly sure when but just know that,Ive got that on the horizon and Im,really looking forward to meeting some,of these people and thanking them,in person for their work theyve done on,a pretty amazing system so that is it,for todays episode of case cracked,thank you all for checking this one out,I hope youre having a wonderful week,come back tomorrow and see more right,here on the Lord narts Channel take care,[Music],you

How to Write an Obituary

[Music],when a loved one dies you want to write,a meaningful and memorable obituary for,them,here are the six basic steps of how to,write an obituary,start the obituary by announcing the,death,the first sentence or two could include,lots of important facts,name age where they lived the date of,death and more,a typical first sentence might read,winnie jackson 86 of springfield ohio,died at home of natural causes on june,14 2022,if you prefer you can say passed away,left this world or another such,expression,after youve announced the death tell,your loved ones life story,where did they grow up what schools did,they attend what work did they do,what groups were they involved with,these facts will help identify their,obituary for anyone who knew them in the,past but you can also go beyond these,basic facts and remember the details,that made your loved ones so special,you can tell a favorite story that they,like to laugh about or talk about what,was most important to them or even say,what youll miss the most,this isnt a complete biography just the,highlights,share a favorite memory or two,next list their family members,most obituaries name the surviving,family members of the person who has,died as well as those who died,previously,some large families will list immediate,family members by name and then,summarize additional relatives eight,grandchildren 16 great-grandchildren and,many nieces and nephews,however you can choose to include anyone,you feel is important to name including,devoted caregivers lifelong friends and,even pets,next add the details about their funeral,events,include the dates times and locations of,the visitation funeral burial memorial,service and or any other funeral,gatherings,also include the name of the funeral,home so that people can contact them,with any questions about the services or,sending flowers be sure to indicate if,services are private,you may want to request charitable,donations in your loved ones memory,you can add an address or link for a,specific charity or you can suggest that,friends donate to a charity of their own,choice you may also request donations to,the family to help with funeral expenses,finally you may want to select a photo,to have published with the obituary,this offers a personal touch and helps,bring the obituary to life a portrait or,close-up of your loved ones face,usually works best the photo can be,recent or from their youth its up to,you in the end all these elements come,together to make a complete obituary,thats respectful informative and,meaningful to share with family and,friends,once your obituary is written you can,visit legacy.com to publish it in your,local newspaper as well as online,[Music],follow legacy.com on youtube or facebook,for more obituary news and information

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The Obituary Daily Times Index and the U.S. Obituary Collection | Ancestry

hi everyone Christa Cowan here with,another episode of the barefoot,genealogist today we are talking about,obituaries now were going to talk about,two specific obituary collections or,databases on ancestry.com but I want to,start out with just a little bit of a, or a 101 information thatll apply,to anybody and that is regardless of,what country you live in regardless of,what time period youre looking for,those obituaries and just some basic,information then were going to talk,about these two specific databases the,United States arbitrary collection and,the obituary times daily index which,covers more than just the United States,so lets go ahead and dive in with just,some basic information about obituaries,or at least how to work with obituaries,the first thing you need to be aware of,is that obituaries may have been,published in a variety of newspapers and,it might not always be exactly where you,expect the obituary to have been,published now clearly were most,familiar with obituaries being published,in the place where the deceased lived,particularly if its a local paper now,if they live in a suburb to a larger,city it might also be published in the,larger city newspaper,it may be published where they died so,if they died somewhere other than their,usual residence it may also be published,in a place where they grew up so if they,lived most of their life in a specific,location and then moved later in their,life,there may be an obituary published in,the town hometown newspaper and then,finally you might find an obituary,published in a place where their family,members lived so if you have if they had,children or grandchildren even who all,settled in a particular location or who,may have been prominent in a specific,location then they may publish an,obituary there to notify the community,that the parents or grandparent of this,person in their community has passed,away,so certainly just be aware that,obituaries again theyre not always,going to be published it may be exactly,where you expect and they may be,published in multiple locations which,brings me to my next point which is your,to want to investigate or read all,versions of that obituary every,newspaper has a little bit different,rules about how when and where,obituaries can be published some,newspapers charge for that so Im,charged by the word some newspapers just,run what they have space available to,run on any given day so all the rules,differ based on the newspaper which,means that if the family wrote an,obituary the newspaper has the right to,edit that obituary down to whatever will,fit their space or their cost,restrictions and so the more versions of,the obituary that you obtain the more,likely you are to obtain the most,complete set of information also not,just from different newspapers but,youre going to want to investigate all,versions of the obituary when theyre,published over successive days I know in,the local newspapers here oftentimes,obituaries will be printed two or three,days in a row or theyll be printed once,and then print it again the day before,the funeral which can sometimes be a,week or even two weeks apart depending,on how long it takes the family to,gather family members together so youre,going to want to investigate all of the,versions of the obituary published in a,single newspaper as well and heres the,reason why thats important very often,an obituary will run in the newspaper,and of course the family is very,interested in reading that and sometimes,theyll catch errors a relationship that,was listed incorrectly a name that was,spelled wrong you know some information,that might a date that was wrong and,theyll call the newspaper and correct,that so that then when the obituary runs,the next day its running with the,corrected information so again,investigate all versions of the obituary,regardless of which newspaper or on,successive days in a single newspaper,and then for those of you who are and,again this applies if youre looking at,newspapers published in the 1880s or,newspapers published last week right,youre going to want to review that,obituary really carefully I know,sometimes we go looking for obituaries,us to prove birth dates or death dates,or parent information but pay attention,to the names of the spouses and the,children in the in-laws and the,grandchildren anybody thats listed,youre going to want to review all the,relationships that are listed in that,obituary and if youre looking for,living family members always make note,of that residence of those living people,or the people who are the people who,outlived the deceased right because you,know they may not be still living now is,what Im saying so they might be the,people who are living still at the time,of the obituary take a note of that and,one of the things that I do actually is,in Family Tree Maker in the notes,section Ill actually go in on every,person listed in the obituary and make a,note you know Ill put the year so for,example if its a 2006 obituary Ill put,two thousand six and then Ill write you,know still living according to his,maternal grandmothers obituary so that,I know that they were mentioned in the,obituary and that they lived past that,date if it lists where they lived I will,make a note of that because very often,then Ill go into the public records,index or even onto Facebook and start,looking for some of these living people,to connect with to see if they have more,information about the family and so,putting it into my notes in Family Tree,Maker just keeps it all in one handy,place so that I can have that,information available to me when I go,looking for these living people and not,have to keep going back and rereading,and re digesting that particular,obituary so thats just some basic,obituary 101 kinds of information lets,talk about these two specific databases,on ancestry.com the first one is the,United States obituary collection now we,do have several obituary collections but,were gonna use the United States,obituary collection as an example to,just kind of show you whats happening,here if youre in Canada theres some,other options there theres a database,available for you as well so Im going,to just hover over search here come down,here and click on the card catalog let,me make the screen a little bit bigger,so that you can see it,were here in the title field Im just,gonna type in the word obituary and,click search and youre gonna see that,the United States obituary collection is,the very first thing that comes up 28,million records in this collection now,Im just gonna point out we also have a,Canadian obituary collection a UK and,Ireland obituary collection in Australia,and New Zealand Abbott recollection,those are a little bit smaller for a,couple of reasons one is because theyre,smaller countries with less population,the other is because these obituaries,are crawled or electronically obtained,from any newspaper that publishes these,obituaries online and so some of these,other countries are not as many,newspapers either exist or are or put,that information online whereas here in,the United States thats a really common,practice so lets take a look at this,United States obituary collection Im,going to open it here in a new tab so,that we can come back to that index in,the card catalog there in just a minute,so Im gonna have a search box okay and,I can do some searches here let me just,tell you a little bit about this,collection before I do the first search,first of all ancestry.com started,acquiring these obituaries for this,collection in 2003 the latter part of,2003 so if I was to come in here for,example and do a search on 2003 nothing,else youre gonna see that there are a,little more than half a million looks,like 643 thousand obituaries for the the,death date of 2003 now that if I go to,2004 youre going to notice that that,jumps that number jumps quite a bit we,end up with three million and then we,end up with a fairly consistent several,million every year since 2004 now with,that

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Cape May County Herald Obituary Tutorial

this short video will explain the online,placement process for cape may county,herald obituaries as you will see this,is a simple four-step process it is,based on our online classified ad,placement process which is why you will,see herald classifieds referenced on,some pages,to support the standard formatting of,our obituaries please follow some,specific but very easy procedures,also please ignore any features which,are not specifically cited in this,tutorial this will ensure proper,formatting scheduling and pricing and,also make the process very simple here,we go,enter the url www.katemayobituaries.com,into your browser,this will take you to the obituary,placement portal the obituary is,automatically slated to appear in the,website and the newspaper you need only,select the word obituaries in the main,category,select the word obituaries again in the,subcategory,click on the add button to move the,obituaries to the selected category,and click on the word next,for step 2 you will enter the text of,the obituary,if you will not be including a photo,select the first template,if you will be including a photo,select the third template,select the format of the obituary by,clicking on the compose add box beneath,the appropriate format,begin by entering one space in the title,box,this is necessary to set proper,formatting and pricing,enter the obituary text observing the,following format conventions,enter the name in all capital letters,last name comma first name,middle name or initial any suffix such,as senior or junior,then proceed with the remainder of the,obituary as it is written,you can copy and paste text from another,file such as a word document into the,text box,when the text is entered click the save,button beneath the text box,if including a photograph browse to the,image file on your computer,double click on the file,and then click on the upload picture,button,the image will now appear,on the page and above each of the,templates,there is a charge of eleven dollars to,include a photograph with the printed,obituary additional photos may be,uploaded to appear on the website at no,additional charge,next schedule the ad to run for one week,replacing the numeral,for,then proceed to the bottom of the page,and click on the word,next,by default the web obituary will appear,exactly as the print obituary does,however to support our formatting some,minor adjustments are necessary,first place your cursor in the title box,and use your backspace key to remove the,space that you had previously entered,next you may type the name exactly as it,appears in the text box in the title box,or you may use,the copy paste function,to accomplish the same thing,if you would like to upload additional,pictures to appear,in the web obituary,you may follow the same procedure as you,did before for pictures two through five,once youve completed the upload process,be sure to press the upload button,then proceed to the bottom of the page,and click,the next button,if you are not already logged in you,will be taken to a login page,be sure to log in using the email and,password associated with your herald,advertising account,once logged in you will be taken to a,page where you can review the obituary,placement,you should ensure the obituary is,scheduled for one week only,and the price should reflect a per line,charge in proportion to the length of,the obituary and a photo charge if,applicable,if this looks right click next to,proceed to checkout,you will see that you have been taken to,a commercially secured website note the,https prefix now appearing in front of,the url in your browser,in this secure environment you will,process payment via credit card,if you have previously processed online,payments under this account you will be,able to select previously used cards,which have been stored securely these,cards are identified by the last four,digits,when you have entered the payment,information you will be asked to verify,your herald account password,at any point in the placement process,you may use the previous button to,return to an earlier step,as long as you are in the same session,you can access or amend content you have,entered,and if necessary you may cancel the,session at any time by closing your,browser,to complete the placement of the,obituary,and to affect payment click the purchase,now button,thats all there is to it,the obituary will be automatically cued,for publication in the next print,edition of the herald,online the obituary will be accessible,immediately from the list of recent,obituaries near the center of the herald,homepage,after the top of the next hour when the,website content is cataloged,the obituary will be accessible,via the obituaries link,at the top of the herald website,or,the obituary can be accessed by,searching the deceased name,in the herald search box,if you should need to amend the content,or appearance of an obituary you have,placed please contact the herald staff,by either phone 609 886 8600 extension,33 or by email classifieds at,cmcharrell.com,as you can see its a simple process but,you can access this video at any time to,review the process,if you encounter any problem with the,placement process or have any questions,regarding the obituaries program or,other herald media services,please contact the herald staff,in print and online the herald reaches,more people in cape may county than any,other local media if theres something,the people of cape may county need to,know then it needs to be in the herald,thank you for placing obituaries in the,cape may county herald

I Seek Dead People:Using America’s GenealogyBank to Find Obituaries and More!

hello everybody thank you for joining us,i am so glad to,be able to speak to you about genealogy,bang,so one of the things that i want to,make note of before we,dive even further into this is that im,going to be focusing on,the version that is in our library,i will touch upon,the personal version because i do have a,personal subscription to that that i use,from home,but i wanted to make sure that you guys,realize that its going to look a little,different from what you have,a lot of the information will be,applicable to,both versions so just kind of keep that,in mind as were exploring,so lets explore,seeking dead people,so if you were to use our version we,have it here at the genealogy center it,is an on-site,database which means you physically have,to be here in the building or at one of,the branches to access the,database,now,i gave you some ideas in the handout you,can check with your local library or,contact newsbank to see where they might,have a library that could be close by,that has americas genealogy bank there,are always options plus at the very end,i do have the link for the paid version,but if youre anything like me you do,like looking for,free or cheap or,what may have you i just happen to,choose this as something that i pay for,personally because i find personal,benefit in it it is up to you,so once you go to our website which is,genealogy center dot org,you go to our resources which is the,lovely green button at the bottom,once youre there youll see about our,databases and click on on-site databases,and then were going to have to scroll,down because we have 24 databases we pay,for so our customers dont have to,on-site this is just another reason to,come visit us everyone,once youve scrolled down and you find,americas genealogy bank,you go ahead and click on it and this is,what it looks like so for those of you,that have genealogy bank and youre,paying for your personal subscription,this looks vastly different its a much,different screen,the one that for the personal version is,green and kind of a tan color well see,it later on,but the content is similar not the same,but similar,you do get more through the paid version,the personal paid version but thats,usually true of most of these paid,databases,so lets explore a little bit,were going to go ahead and begin a,search so were going to,type in a name but,lets lets look at this advanced search,first so once you open up the advanced,search,one slide you can see where the advanced,search is,and you can open that up and you get,more information now we have a last name,and a first name,so we could add more additional,information but,lets go ahead and just do,the simple name charles tennant,were going to begin a search,and see what results we have,this is what is going to pop up its,going to tell you that,with that specific name,these four collections have items,now,one of the great things about genealogy,bank is that it has a lot of,i say a lot its a very,subjective term um it has obituaries,it has the current,quote-unquote current 1977 to current,obituaries now its not for every,newspaper so dont go into this thinking,youre going to find,every single newspaper every single,family member,its what theyve been able to get a,hold of,or possibly pay for so you have to keep,that in mind but its really great to be,able to look at these different things,and say okay,i want to look for,historic newspapers or i want to look,for those obituaries,so were going to go ahead and get,started,with the obituaries,114 items,thats what i want to use this for so we,get to this page and we see a bunch of,different options and okay theres some,interesting things here but i want to go,ahead and scroll down,i want to see whats at the bottom of,the page because theres a lot of,results,and you can see that theres multiple,pages of results,so one of the things that you can do,is add more information at this point so,lets say you did a simple search a,simple name,and you want to,then get into it a little bit further,that 114 results too many for you or,maybe you have a more common name and,youve got,1563 results,i dont know,you want to be able to,filter down those results and so thats,where you refine that search,or,you can refine it by,going to a specific location you can say,i only want,obituaries for this name in west,virginia,well if we do that begin that search,its going to give us,less we get nine results okay well lets,scroll down and see if we can find what,were looking for,the eighth result is the person that we,are specifically searching for its the,correct date its the correct location,and name,we found our obituary thats why theres,lots of stars and sparkles,so we have the information and this is a,fantastic obituary this is,a genealogists dream it has so much,information and i absolutely love it it,talks about military it has,names it has dates it has,high schools sometimes you get those,obituaries that just are a single line,this this is a genealogist dream,well lets go back theres some another,name that popped up its not the same,name but,in the research i could recognize it as,another person of interest,okay so lets go ahead and click on that,one,its another person in the same family,they have a different last name but its,in the same area and theres a lot more,information in here as well its another,one of those obituaries that has a lot,of great information and this man lived,to 101 in 10 months which is pretty,fantastic i hope to live that long,so,again stars,son,we are happy,lets go ahead and do another search,lets search for a different name,and,simple name and begin search,this time it only comes up with two,results,and thats fine i was just curious what,would come up with this and this time,its in the historical newspapers the,historical newspapers are,1890 to 1922.,why would it stop around 22 well,copyright copyright is the biggest issue,with finding digitized newspapers online,copyright goes,1924-ish,were going to say that,to,current day,so youre going to have trouble finding,newspapers or potentially obituaries or,articles about your family members,that are within that time period so to,be safe it looks like,genealogy bank decided to have a little,buffer so its 1922 or they had that as,their stop date,and then,the,copyright moved forward a couple years,so its its a little bit up in the air,to why they did that i dont know their,decisions but theres a couple of,different options as to why,thats why its so nice to have the,americas obituaries as well in 1977 to,current so,there is a little bit of a hole in,genealogy bank but youre probably not,going to find those newspapers in other,databases as well because of that,copyright issue you never know its,worth an ask its worth a try,but you got to remember that so lets go,ahead and look at these,two items,once i click that i see it is two,different dates but its basically the,same article its the same information,but lets go ahead and click on it,we have that information its,information that,possibly i wouldnt have known before or,i needed to research further and now i,have a little bit more information,about that person which is great if,youre doing that historical context and,trying to understand more about your,ancestors,and not just the dates and names you,have a little bit of information about,this person being an operator at the,south exchange,but lets look at it in,americas genealogy bank without me,cropping it out and making it look,pretty,so this is what the screen looks like,and you have some options,so one of the first things you can do is,print,printing,great option,when you hit print,you get another option its going to,open up and its going to give you an,option to,include image and citation,image only or citation only im not sure,why i would only want the citation i,like the image and citation,personally,you always want to make sure you cite,your sources so you know where you found,them and can get back to them later,because if you fin

Jay Leno Best of Headlines Part 3

he always wondered what causes fat kids,whats the real reason besides the,obvious well here it is right here look,over eating causes fat no I thought says,interesting Help Wanted this is the,Northwoods trader help want a good,typist transcribe top-secret documents,must be unable to read well nitro may,help hemorrhoidal pain I think thats,called preparation h-bomb lady down I,[Applause],[Music],guess theres a market for everything,baby items look Huggies used diapers for,sound but what are you saving really,I love this stuff emergency services,look at this look at this lowered duck,pond Ashland police respond to a report,of two dogs running loose in attacking,Ducks at 11:20 a.m. they offers sighted,a residence with loose dogs the Ducks,refuse medical treatment and left the,area will be fine,you know why the doc you know why the,Ducks refused medical treatment dont,you can know the doctor was a quack,thats why,its the tommylee Pamela lien tape is,out its beauty and the breasts ladies,heres why your bottles good what is,this one heres the I like the top one,there the salty dog look its a thinly,sliced prostitute,heres the silk ears a 96 Buick Regal,$11,000 in Sochi because theres a,howitzer shot in the door you know I,dont know a lot about European food can,have you been to your oven number times,ever have this look at this bakery is,selling fresh baked bastards,heres our abrasion the new technique to,remove decay from your teeth look at,their and slogan its drill lists,painless and median my favorite one is,so stupid,special limited one-time offer small,fountain drink free with the purchase of,a memo,is the boldest ad I have ever seen in my,life,vomit assorted females of any race age,of color for prostitution,well at least the man does not,discriminate you know thats nice I used,to see times changing thank you for,youre a vegetarian thats too bad cuz,youre missing out youre missing out on,this its a land of frost thin slice,lunch meats ass variety,in fertility why cant we get pregnant,Im no doctor could be some kind of,genetic flaw wedding anniversary its,the damn 50,heres Alison got and Andrew Mayo its,the got male wedding theres the shot,putz wedding how about the scratchy,lincoln wedding its the crows cawing,wedding crummy sweat wedding,I like this couple here they look happy,there the Daffy Duck men wedding I like,these two here look its the,yellow-bellied wedding theres the love,our honeymoon wedding the May Breedlove,its the lay more wedding and this one,here oh man I cant believe this one,its the reamer and out wedding,someone sent me this I think this is,Albion College this is their little,brochure they put out I thought this was,fascinating obtained hands-on experience,before you graduate look go to the,school and you can become a college,intern we always get these I love this,one no gas leak found a Taco Bell,despite bad odor so what could the,problem be Bob hand me another burrito,supreme what do I cant the problem the,Huntington Learning Center help you,child do better in school,heres the Alis Clinton joke you know,you know Hillary has been traveling,around the world and you know I dont,think its quite as innocent this is,from a Brazilian newspaper October 3rd,when Hillary Zinberg Brazil here she is,being greeted by one of the dignitaries,look at this photo,crack smokers to blame for smoking crack,these are babies of 97 though all babies,born here theres a paul wayne wilcox,colleague somebody reilly i like the,second look at the second babys name,root beer belly alright kids not gonna,get beat up every day in school more,government money at work here you go,folks thousands of dollars spent on this,study tickling causes laughter,mm enterprising young man you know the,parents probably called him lazy heres,a big sale I have used pizza boxes tons,of them theyre all over my room cheap I,hate to keep picking on the man,[Music],let me tell you pop more moose wedding,hey do er right with it how about the,okay you win wedding kind of a kinky,couple here look its the keister savage,wedding is the gettin Johnson wedding,hold them out one I cant even what is,this old enough to plow our wedding I,like this couple its the nail and batch,of wedding and I dont know what this,means its just a silly name its the,dicker off schlep our wedding someone,sent me this sent me this here let me,show you the threads the outside this is,called tota toilet its a portable,toilet it looks just like a cardboard,box to me but I like the attractive,sales technique they use that guy well,thatll make me buy it right there yeah,I gotta have one now Wow heres irony,irony classic irony here you go right,there,paychecks or postal workers get lost in,there they go,okay heres a computer look its got a,word spell dictionary the fact that,dictionary is spelled,is this man here was arrested for,driving erratically youre turning me on,following a dragon this economical,do-it-yourself incest control you spray,that on grandpa if he comes around honey,you guys hit crap on the eye a couple of,shots when you walk come around anymore,incest control so you gotta read the,fine print no heres a home here,$425,000 its a lot of money but look,the home is actually,keV whats up,you know everybody has seen Titanic its,made over a billion dollars everybody,knows whos in oh well I just thought,heres an ad a little synopsis of the,movie Titanic look directed by James,Cameron look starring Leonardo da Vinci,later they got cut out of the movie so,for a long time I guess a lot of men do,not know this look map can help,determine location,Carnation Instant Breakfast mmm creamy,milk chocolate if mmm and its green you,know let me ask you a question if you,have a dog do you make your dog whatever,religion you are what youre a Christian,your dog – the Christian right,if you Jewish your dog if you dont,people do that well look what youre,gonna get here this this baby laughs sad,look at this dog Sabbath dog what did,you can get it,its a yarmulke for your dog,I guess that dog would be a bagel,look at the dog the dog,theres no bigger lie than car ads you,know look at this 190 79 Jeep renegade,Texas truck look at it says never seen,snow no actual headline sex is popular,Clinton polls President may be exposed I,like this one handle President Clinton,is preparing Americans for possible,airstrikes against Iraq you can read,this one for yourself,dogs name incorrect in the wind days,edition every time speaking you and they,misspelled the name of a dog photograph,playing in the ways that Lakeshore Drive,the dogs name is Broadway just want to,make sure you know that apparently the,dog complained the other dogs friends,saw it police beat a Lincoln man failed,to slip through a police dragnet despite,the fact he was hiding his head in a,bucket of manure,pretty clever criminals all right,holiday break either break out the,holidays okay call and ask for the hole,rate two quick ones heres an eye doctor,dr. Vincent see you,and heres an a very unfortunate realtor,Coldwell bankers Im sure hes a lovely,man,but look his name is mr. fu this person,has an armed robbery at the Union,Springs express Mart now the police have,put out this color composite of what the,person looks like so if youve seen this,man please he is wanted in a robbery,that Skeletor seen that boy he,understand this one this is a lovely,woman Polly Miller says works in the,kitchen of st. Stephens school,preparing the schools annual soup,festival its five dollars four dollars,results two for chilling those attending,are asked to bring their own soup and,Bowl okay so what are we getting really,bring your own soup bring your own Bowl,four bucks,okay theres the Rio Hotel Casino,employees two of whom were wearing bags,over their heads and fear being fired,finally the other guy just looks like,that,dog now I think its great when someone,can do it wrong and then turn their life,around I know cab youre way too modest,but look at this Kevin Eubanks was,sentenced to three ye

Why Your Obituaries Might Fall Short | Mandy Benoualid (Keeper, Founder) #17

just like why we have funerals when,people are able to share and express,their grief together and share the,memories of that person,that in and of itself is a really,important tool that we have found have,helped families through the bereavement,process and like I said it was not,really our initial goal was not to be a,tool to help Bruce families it was a,tool to kind of store legacies and then,in turn we realized this is actually,really helpful for people,welcome to the direct cremation podcast,with your host Tyler yamasaki and will,Demichelis,I met our next guest and my first ever,funeral conference back in 2014. she is,the founder and president of keeper,memorials an online Memorial platform,dedicated to memorializing the lives of,The Departed,she is the editor of talk death a death,positive Media company whose mission is,to encourage positive and constructive,conversations around death and dying,shes also on the board of the,International memorialization Supply,Association the Ernest Becker foundation,and board member of the speaking grief,documentary by wpsu,she is an entrepreneur in every sense of,the word and Ive had the privilege of,watching her grow within the industry,and making a huge impact on death care,please help us welcome Mandy Benoit,thank you Tyler thats a thats a very,nice introduction hey Mandy and you got,my last name right thank you so much I,know I was practicing,because most people do dont worry yeah,yeah so yeah thanks for joining us I,want to talk about you a little bit I,want to talk about the company and you,know kind of the journey youve taken to,get here because as you and I both have,been in the industry for you know coming,up on a decade I think,our companies have both changed and,morphed and pivoted multiple times so,Id like to talk about that but lets go,ahead and start from the beginning,whats your background and how did you,find yourself in deathcare,my background probably like a lot of,other folks in this space except for the,funeral directors that arent,multi-generational that are listening,here kind of came into death care a bit,out of the blue you could say my story,is a bit of an organic one I was,visiting a cemetery I was with my family,visiting my my grandparents and we came,across a glass front Niche that had a,blank CD in it and if anyones kind of,heard me talk about my story before,itll be familiar but it was funny it,was like a blank CD that you know the,ones that you would burn in the 90s,um yes Im old enough to remember that,and it had the words dads work written,on it in Sharpie and that was obviously,a weird thing to see in a cemetery I had,never seen that in a cemetery before and,I did what most of us tend to do when we,are curious about something or want to,find an answer as I took out my phone,and I tried to Google this persons name,and nothing came up of course so I was,just really curious like what someone,would put on a blank CD and then put in,space uh with this persons remains as a,way to memorialize them,so that one experience just made me,realize that everyone has a story in a,cemetery and we have that name if we,have that persons name we have their,date of birth and their date of death,and we have that Dash in between and,theres nothing else theres a whole,dash theres a whole life and we cant,really learn about that in the,traditional sense of a cemetery,so the goal of keeper when we got,started,was really to,not so much solve a problem but solve,this this curiosity of what if you could,learn about the life story of every,single person in a cemetery,and,thats how it started,my background personally was not really,had anything to do with with death care,although I learned over the years that a,lot of the work that I did in the past,actually makes a lot of sense so I was,um,I went to University I had a,communications degree I was working in,documentary filmmaking in the sound,production department and then I was,working in marketing as well and as we,know in marketing and Communications,its all about kind of telling stories,to be able for the most part you know,sell sell something and Communications,and documentary filming was also all,about storytelling so I realized only,like maybe a couple years ago that a lot,of the work that I did actually kind of,makes sense to where I am today yeah I,mean I think we met and it was probably,2014 because we had our first Booth ever,at an iccfa conference and I think at,the time keeper was spelled q-e-e-p-r,and it did have a different business,model which kind of goes towards your,story can you tell us a little bit about,what the original keeper solution was,trying was solving or what it was doing,yeah absolutely you are right keeper was,spelled in a pretty awkward way,q-e-e-p-r it was our,um startupy name as you probably know,most you know a ton of startups just,like didnt put vowels because who needs,vowels when we can assume what they are,sure we obviously got rid of that yeah,so super cool very unique obviously we,had the domain for that although there,was another company that has made some,which was funny but anyway its another,story,and um we were spelled like that with,the queue and the r at the end because,we primarily started out uh with QR,codes on monuments so we were producing,different types of QR code plaques from,you know Plexi style ones to just,aluminum ones different styles and they,could be added onto a marker either,permanently or semi-permanently and the,whole idea is,as it is with any QR code is it was a,quick link to access that persons,online memorial page so the idea is,youd walk around the cemetery,see the QR code,snap it and then get to the memorial,page from there so it was essentially,just a quick way of getting to a page,and at that time QR codes were known,they were sort of popular,but marketing firms kind of ruined them,in the way that they put them up on,billboards and just use them for really,silly things,and they kind of killed the QR code,meanwhile you know in in China theyre,still at that time in 2014 scanning like,a million QR codes a day,and whats interesting now is that even,though we moved out of this,as we know now since coven QR codes are,everywhere you go to a restaurant you,scan a QR code also all phones have QR,code scanners native to their cameras,which we didnt have you know almost 10,years ago yeah so funny enough were,actually getting requests to bring back,the QR codes because people literally,ask us for them all the time so its,kind of a funny full circle,yeah I will say though I think your name,was quite clever,um it wasnt spelled funny just to be,funny spelled and just to get a domain,like it actually had a purpose for the Q,and the r,yeah I do think you were probably,eight years too early for that in,America yes probably I just have to say,that with the name the funniest thing,would be at conferences watching people,walk by our booth and being like creeper,and like trying to pronounce it the most,often we got was creeper yeah it was,very funny its like people didnt know,that like Hughes make a custom were all,just so used to having like a unique,yeah exactly yeah well that breaks the,the rule right you have to have a u,after a q I mean not in the startup not,in the startup world,so what did you learn,from that and what has keeper as a,company involved into oh my goodness,what have we learned we learned so much,for I think what one of the most,important things or some of the most,important things we learned about,was directly from our users,what is important to a family when,someone passes away in terms of,what needs do they have when it comes to,personalization Legacy building Legacy,keeping genealogy,and understanding how being able to,interact with your community and,allowing your community to be able to,reach out to you in a time like that and,finding a really simple way to be able,to do that we learned that that was,really important we were kind of doing,it at first more of like a historical,pe

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