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A Herald-Review… Review – Zorbaz

we are at,hi im nathan bergstein with the herald,review and we are at zorbas on pegama,lake,and today we are going to review the,menu and a couple of beers,im sitting here with wade thompson the,proprietor here at zorbasanthigma,how long have you been uh running the,show,uh well ive been,uh in charge here since october of last,year,but ive been with service for a long,time now one of the unique things about,zorbas and,some other establishments,in the area is the fact that you have a,large tap selection you have a lot of,beards you have how many on tap we have,24 on so we got a few samples here well,just pull these up,also what were starting with here the,first one there that is the uh line of,cool summer shandy which shadys just,kind of like lemonade flavored here is,it pretty popular,uh yeah it is cant well just,take a try here,that does taste like lemonade that does,uh,that does not taste like beer thats one,of the more lemonade of these,but that is safe but its its good,uh the next one next one that is the in,wheat,and that is like a german-style device,half of ice and thats uh,its a thats a german wheat style here,yeah,that tastes like sunshine,thats amazing how they pulled it off it,was about the summer beer too yeah now a,real popular wheat beer is blue moon now,how would this compare to that,um its not as thick uh you know the,blue moon i feel like its,here thats a belgian,yeah those are weedier but this is,a nice balance,next up these next two are pretty close,in color but this one is but theyre,decidedly different this one is this is,the sam adams boston lager sam is,probably,is the biggest,still micro brewery uh in the us yeah,theyre the theyre the kind of the beer,that if you have tried a micro brewery,beer youve had sam atoms as you can see,its a little bit darker but it is a,lager now yes now a bunch of the,microbrews you have on tap are,ales now theres a little bit of a,difference,there is a its the only real difference,from my understanding is that is the way,the fermentation happens meals are i,believe fermenting and vloggers are,bottom fermenting the result is usually,the fails are sort of,bigger flavors yeah a little more,theres a little bit of a,kind of a kind of cinnamon,yeah in the back,its the same adams a lot of i feel,like a lot of their beers kind of have a,couple of similarities that you can you,can taste,and the last sound last sample here now,this one is actually a little more,special than the other ones yeah guys,this is a minnesota room this is uh we,try to carry a few uh different beers,that are brewed you know in minnesota so,this is summit which is,kind of the big the big minnesota bay,theyve been around for over over 25,years now yes this is the uh extra fail,ale which is like their flagship thats,their flagship if you go in and yeah if,you go ask for a summit youre going to,get a youre going to get an epa as,were talking about before its an air,its going to be a little bit stronger,its definitely a bolder beer its a,very full flavor,here,its good,its in the back yes yes those are the,hops that i would say oh yeah i feel,like you taste those further back,all right all right lets get something,to eat,okay,these are,the macho nachos would you say that,this is enough for one person to eat uh,yes i think thats more than enough for,one person,but food wise if absorbers is you know,kind of known for anything in the area,but the monster notches are fairly,iconic yes yes theyre kind of one of,our one of our signature items that we,uh,we like to go back with what beer which,do you think should go with it you know,i think for you i would probably go with,a brooklyn ipa i know you like the uh,the hops that the ipas have to offer,yeah yeah its kind of a newer one that,they have on top that you dont see very,often well theyre out of brooklyn yes,theyre aptly named,people,might not know what does ipa stand for,uh its an indian pale ale,and generally that means,that uh it has its a hoppier javier an,interesting um little history about the,ipa that was actually originally,created because,in england,when they were shipping beer to the,colonies in india,the regular tales that they had,didnt last the trip and so they created,a stronger,bolder you know hoppier beer,that,also had a higher alcohol content and,that managed to last the trip,was born the idea of pale ale and this,is uh still enjoying today almost 50,years later and its one of the most,popular,the ipas are probably the most popular,uh,micro brew style beer uh in the country,today,its definitely hoppier and it has a,nice dry finish actually perfect thats,good so lets dig into these a little,bit,yeah its hard to know where to start,exactly in there,what are some of the ingredients on this,thing well we start with uh some good,old-fashioned barrel of fun chips uh you,know mandarin from minnesota,and then,we have our the beans that we make,in-house,we also use either beef and chicken that,we make as well now this is half and,half right yes its hot chicken and uh,so then yeah we got some cheese melt,that and then you get some veggies on,top you get onions tomatoes black olives,uh jalapenos and cilantro and then some,sour cream i dont know if i really,dont know how to,eat this im just kind of reaching in,and,some people use plates i know everybody,does differently thats what i like to,do some people kind of like chocolate,chips and sort of take a section out,what do you want to do,we dont take that lightly at all none,of us do although none of the none of,the beers,that weve tried have been made here,service actually goes out of the way to,make sure that they have some,interesting beers on tap and so for that,we definitely give them props as far as,the notches are concerned its a,big heaping of serving of matches and,its life it tastes really good

Herald-Review…Reviews – Forest Lake Restaurant

hello my name is Berta ironton from The,Herald review and today were doing a,herald review reviews at Forest Lake,restaurant in Grand Rapids,today we are actually joined by owner,John and Madeline Schumann who is the,2012 campaign chair for United Way of,one thousand lakes Madelines here to,talk a little bit about our dying,indicted and initiative to help raise,funds for a 2012 campaign talk about the,forest lakes and what you offer perhaps,upstairs as well as toys in the steak,house hey were uh were sitting on in,the state levels here today I think,were going to try some some appetizers,from both of our menus upstairs you,offer breakfast and lunch Fred its a,fuller menu in the in the upstairs we,have opened for breakfast lunch and,dinner and dining in the lounge so were,down in the steak house were good,morning for a quiet dinner dining,experience well we started out calling,at the Damas fair steakhouse years ago,and it actually added a lot of items,broiled seafood lobster and things like,that anyway we always see those ribs Id,say the BBQ ribs are the the biggest,thing we do upstair there on all the,menus upstairs and down melvar vagina,knighted you are offering a special,appetizer promotion oh yes we are with a,its its working throughout the,building upstairs and down through there,there one month drive,monday and thursday nights a dollar off,of any worker in the building will go,towards the negative way it gets the,town involved and it gets us involved,gives people a reason to go out to help,United Way how the dining United went,from October 15 through November 15,questions oh so a lot of people there,how to wear behind away so its another,way to reach people through eating and,supporting establishments of apart so,the programming of any way of a thousand,lakes serves the full gamut of the,population you guys its its its the,greater Itasca County we have 27,agencies that help everybody from from,babies to through seniors and everything,in between but were doing though the,dining United fur club for a full month,of the 15 2015 with November so nice,until time right book it is right yes,November 15 is give to the max day when,people can go online and contribute to,any charitable organizations and profit,we are the food arrived we have two,appetizer dishes and well let John tell,us what the ice ugly one is from the,upstairs and one is served food in the,steak house yeah this is the European,flatbread thats appetizer from the,downstairs Steakhouse menu stuff in,cracker trust some fresh basil and,sun-dried tomatoes of our day cheese and,then a fairly new menu item the other,one from our upstairs menu with being,phoneless asian wings house delicious,just let everybody try a little bit we,graduated the European flatbread and,bolus asian wings and think they were,both delicious well that was that,fountain bowl now theres still a couple,weeks left with the united way promote,him come downstairs go upstairs and help,out the united way alright sunday monday,26 thank you

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A Herald-Review… Review – 17th Street Grill

hi Im Nathan Burks it from hailed,review and grand rapids and Im here,today at the timber lake lodge,seventeenth Street Grill and we are,going to review the menu today,im here with morrie gomez the,restaurant manager and beverage diva I,believe but seeing how its lunchtime,were gonna stick with the sierra mist,well come back later predicts tell us a,little bit about the lunch menu here at,seventeenth Street Grill ok I will be,Vanna thank you were really excited,about the new menu because its not just,sandwiches as you can see that the menu,is broken down into different parts we,do offer appetizers during lunch time,can we have our soup and salad we call,it salad Vermont its just a really,fancy way of saying it gourmet salad one,of my favorites on here is going to be,the bacon and baby blue wedge salad we,have carving board sandwiches which,would be your traditional roast beef,different kinds of bread different kinds,of bread are being offered you have,multi grain we do have naan bread um,naan bread none Im not like na n 0 n,but n aan laga bread thanks for,clarifying we also have you can combine,to any one of those thats what were,really excited about you can do that,half a sandwich with either a small,portion of our salad or the soup of the,day we also offer French onion soup down,whats the soup of the day today today,the suit if Im glad youre testing my,knowledge today we have a recipe for,vegetable we have panini sandwiches,which are on traditional focaccia bread,at the bottom it doesnt wait theres,more it doesnt end there we do have our,specialty sandwiches which are your,burger but the one Im really excited,about is we have the scallop and shrimp,po-boy which is based on you know the,tradition of New Orleans style po boy,sandwich and the scallop and shrimp are,deep-fried and cornmeal and theyre not,going to release,I actually used to work at a New Orleans,style cuisine restaurant and po boys,were big there Oh boys are very good,however this one isnt really for the,poor my goodness youre right yeah,whats really nice too is that weve,tried to keep it affordable so that you,can come in and youre not dropping you,know thirty forty dollars for lunch,would you recommend the shrimp and,scallop or boy then I would since I,would like to see how you rated and i,would suggest this and potato price to,go along with dont all right great,mm-hmm here we go I was moving about the,food actually oh well thanks thank you,very much all right shrimp and Scout po,boy and the whole time ham and cheese,whole time honey cheese for the,illustrious cameraman yes the thing,about putting shrimp and scallops you,know between two pieces of bread that,its a lot of little pieces that you,gotta keep together I probably should,have kept the skewer in here we go no,not num num num mmm,but really good article quick question,is how does it stack up to my other pool,boy experience that was years ago I,dont remember i was just playing out,there i dont usually sit down with my,guest but no its really good okay i see,that theres some seats in here where,are what are those hot mustard no way,thank you it doesnt taste it,exceptionally spicy a great but add a,little flavor huh it is a little bit,politically flava or flavor like ah and,especially if youre going for a,southern style dish right we got our,sweet fries having sweet potato fries,and along with the sweet potato fries we,have a tiger sauce which is a little,spicy as well it must be this exactly,what is this a tiger sauce that secret,even a chef stone like that let me know,but that is its really good though I,think that much kind of gives that sweet,potato fry a little kick it does I,detect a touch of horseradish I wont,give any more away Im very secret,deconstruct the sauce if you live by,hmm but it really is quite good,compliments to the chef very good i will,go back and let them know mmm thanks so,much one thing about bull boys that,actually called it originally they were,named that because theyre a big,sandwich at a cheap price but theyve,kind of become more of a higher-end,sandwich so I know the names ironic I,guess they definitely still fill you up,in conclusion the sandwiches come chill,is great and the sweet potato fries are,really good a little more expensive than,most other places around town but no the,foods good for what its worth no Ill,recommend the 17 street grill for lunch

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Herald-Review…Review – Toivos

hi Im Nathan Bergson with the herald,review and were at lupos today were,going to review the mission,Im sitting here with Amy and Nikki,trevenant the honors of typos on youve,now as of two weeks ago or so have been,opened a year is that right yep July,seventh was one year being I worked for,the previous two owners so I get at this,establishment or 12 years now the,opportunity came about that it was for,sale and I called my sister on knowing,that she had a lot of experience,venture in your response ha obviously I,agreed Oh what if some of your,experience prior to opening boys Ive,worked a lot of different restaurants,chilis as a district manager for place,called the Bryans down Minneapolis also,was a new restaurant open air for famous,daves theres a number of things here,that kind of set this establishment of,part in the community I never did one,thing that is on me Freddie walk in,other places have different phrases on,the back of them you only where did this,idea well Ive seen it at a bar that,Ive been at somewhere across the,country and we just decided that it the,chairs came a little bit more pissy,honestly you see this town shares a lot,in this area and we just decided they,need to be spiced up a little bit where,did of these phrases come from it was a,matter of we actually started with a,list and just started brainstorming and,we literally create her at list around,with us I think most of them came about,after a couple cocktails and joking,around as some of the best things do,right right they talked about kind of,creative phrases and names and such well,you know things linguistic in the,restaurant world on your men the number,of interesting interestingly named,burgers and San Jose we have the Handy,wingman Roy cheesy McGee sassy Nancy,bruiser hell be one of these,comfortable Ill from,weve had loser came from a cook that we,had a previous owner and I just like in,a bit and he would be like a move okay,what would you recommend for me my,personal favorites change every week,okay so when you ask it kind of depends,on what mood Im in this week my,favorites been a bruiser you can,actually have it with a hamburger patty,which is a fresh patty hamburger patty,grilled chicken breast fried chicken,breast turkey burger or a vegetarian,burger it was also a choice of press of,compliments that goes with it as well,not just fries what are some what are,some of those options homemade chip,which is delicious or reallocate herbs,fresh fault Ill gratin potatoes or,baked potato all the time what would you,recommend to you want to bruiser that,tater tots tater tots for sure tots are,always good choice good need to get,something to drink now I see her you,actually have expanded from your,beverage life absolutely last week one,of our things that we excited to do for,our one-year anniversary was amp up our,beer selection a little bit so we can,have now have 18 beers on tap I see have,one lot of time old red heck yes woody,compliments Bruce I think that your,compliments burgers all the time I think,youre probably right yeah all right,well done ah,narrative by the shells bruiser our math,the burger on Texas toast with the black,and spice and blue cheese crumbles every,compliment Gator tots the cat has become,quite known around the community for,their tater tots so,really good all right lets try this,burger out,the blackened seasoning of the blue,cheese really nice mix of flavors its,not black and season is usually pretty,spicy so if youre youre not used to,spicy might be a bit much but just adds,a nice thing to it but then to go along,with the burger is that the good a Red,Hook ESB espe stands for extra special,bitter its a British style beer and,lets see how I this American company,makes this mix of style thats not bad,its not its not overly strong its but,its uh and despite the name not,exceptionally bitter or for its strength,thats fairly multi,and definitely read okay this is really,good he said that it was an old cook,they used to not here but ed when it was,a previous name yeah just kind of a,sudden we were messing around kitchen,one day and he put some stuff together,and it was very amazing,hot,me is it is it a pretty popular burger I,think it is absolutely if people like,blue cheese think definitely definitely,like the prism well this is really good,hand up I thank you very much for having,us well we appreciate you coming down

Herald Review… Review – Brewed Awakening

Im Nathan person of the herald-review,in Grand Rapids and were at brewed,awakenings today today were going to,review the menu,were in the kitchen or brewed,awakenings with honor John Foster dont,how long have his brood waiting spin,around where do i do to open in 1996 in,a copy card from the quadrant grocery,store at the time,teen years later were a full restaurant,is easily got cookies clients horse left,without a lot of baking,great harvest bread grilled sandwiches,you also have a fortune of our suits our,special TV makes every day,are always been Terry Im a gardener so,I call in whatever i have in the garden,and above the farmers market of time of,year theres a focus here on the,ingredients that you use view of,everything very fresh if I get your own,garden farmers market the reasons that I,like to come in addition to that,visit paul organic or is again,but the come from miles our holiday,I grew up on a farm in West,or become food,so I,14,we make our own gelato,july,ice cream but its not just that normal,ice cream so they,no rather than cream so its low fat ice,cream well I think we should probably do,something now what would you recommend I,try talk about a lot of things special,today at lunch special is tamale comic,to mollify,molokai like that Im up with the shower,alright alright so we have in this first,round organic caramel filling,mostly beans garlic holy every otha eyes,out all the Terry good thing,company and we have a cappuccino,lets give this a try seeing a lot of,people make me,not turned out Mary like calling,bloomery nvm cells,have no really,Oh,we also got some Arnold,youre temporary,yes awesome sound very good,well the tamale pie is done,the cappuccino is gone time to research,I think its about time we try some,gelato so what would you recommend,peanut butter well i will try a sample,of that,nice things about Bruins gelato just ask,for example forgive you one,to come on,ah

The Herald Reviews News Brief with Blake and Gabby

the ripe center is proud to present,grand jab 2022 featuring the van perry,[Music],july 23rd at the itasca county,fairgrounds in grand rapids coyote wild,kicks off this epic musical event at 2,p.m followed by roll on the best of,alabama tribute band starting at 4 pm,then special guest diamond rio,dont miss grand jam with the van perry,hello and welcome to the hero review,monday sports update im your host blake,mortensen the grand rapids post 60,legion baseball team hosted the 46th,annual grand rapids invitational over,the weekend at bob streeter field at,grand rapids and portage park,grand rapids opened things up with a 3-2,victory over taconite on friday morning,dominic broberg was the winning pitcher,in the ball game going all seven innings,and striking out four and then grand,rapids lost to anoka 12 to four on,friday evening and ten to five to north,st paul on saturday it was a one and two,weekend for grand rapids in that,tournament,and now starting on tuesday grand rapids,will play in the lakeview tournament,down in duluth,for the taconite legion baseball team of,course they fell to grand rapids three,to two friday morning and then they lost,to anoka 19 to 18 in an over four hour,match up on saturday morning at portage,park,in other news the minnesota twins won,their series versus colorado over the,weekend two to one after dropping the,opening game on friday one to nothing it,was a 6-3 win on sunday for the twins as,joe ryan picked up his sixth win of the,season on the mount,and now the twins will play five games,in four days versus the second place,clement guardians in the yale central,who are two back behind minnesota,sunny gray will pitch tonight,against tristan mckenzie in game one of,the series in cleveland,in other twins news,pitching coach wes johnson is leaving,the team after accepting a pitching,coach job with the lsu,college baseball team,johnson will stay with the team through,the cleveland series and then the twins,will,have a new pitching coach starting,this weekend,and finally the colorado avalanche have,won the stanley cup,after defeating tampa bay 2-1 in game,six last night,this stanley cup for colorado is their,third in franchise history,for the grand rapids hero review monday,sports update im your host blake,mortensen thank you for watching,good afternoon its monday june 27th and,im gabby drewley with your grand rapids,herald review news brief heres a look,at todays headlines,itasca county board explores options for,the s lake canister site,itasca county will continue to explore,options for a new canister site in s,lake,at tuesdays county board meeting,environmental services coordinator greg,stoltz provided information regarding,the request to approve the relocation of,the s lake canister site,the current site is in need of repairs,and is not owned by the county it is,owned by the city of s lake and is,registered as an existing landfill,according to county documents,stoltz said the lake canister site,is one of the countys oldest and they,have had bears break into the site in,recent years,the county road leading to the current,site is minimally maintained and with,the secluded property,property along it allows for illegal,dumping of garbage we just have no room,to expand we cant put roll-offs in,there trucks cant get in and out,comfortably we need a new gate a new,building stolte said weve been trying,to keep it going while we talked about a,new location the proposed new site is,located northwest of the current site,and is located along state highway 46.,the county sent letters to adjacent,property owners to notify them of the,potential new site at the june 24th,board meeting a resident of s lake,raised concerns about the safety of,adding a canister site at the proposed,location,we want to make sure that we dont rush,it stoldt said we look at everything we,want all input,county commissioners made no decision,about the new site and it was a,consensus of the board to direct staff,to research traffic concerns for the,current relocation option and to,continue to resource other locations,iedc is luring workers to itasca county,the itasca economic development,corporation iedc has initiated an,incentive program to get workers to move,to itasca county,the initiative is entitled luring you to,itasca in an attempt to alleviate the,worker shortage the program is offering,two thousand dollars in cash fifty,dollars to a local brewery fifty dollars,to a local meat shop and a twenty quart,cooler to full-time workers who move to,itasca county from at least 75 miles,away,luring you to itasca is a recent,addition as of june 1st to the local,marketing campaign thrive up north which,is in its third year,thrive up north has primarily had a,focus on peoples stories related to,life in itasca county the iedc partnered,with public and private organizations,for this campaign such as visit grand,rapids the city of grand rapids itasca,county grand itasca and many more,many of these organizations were in dire,need of a larger workforce,the iedc hopes to attract a variety of,people to the county through its new,incentive program,it doesnt matter what industry you work,in says iedc president tamara louni we,have left it really broad because we,want to attract all workers itasca,countys worker shortage issue began in,sync with the rest of the state,pre-covet and was exacerbated by the,pandemic,this growing problem along with an,increasing demand for workers in itasca,county has motivated to thrive up north,and luring you to itasca campaigns,lonnie says there is some really large,growth happening,so that coupled with an already short,workforce makes an effort that is really,important to us to attract from the,outside,falcon chicks at minnesota power sites,are ready to fly with names from area,elementary school students,peregrine falcon families at both,minnesota powers nesting sites appear to,be thriving,teams from the raptor resource project,in decorah iowa and minnesota powers,recently climbed the stacks at boswell,energy center in cohasset and hibbard,renewable energy center in duluth to,check on the chicks in the nest boxes,three chicks hatched at each site this,spring as well as all six appeared well,fed and healthy the chicks all have,names too thanks to area school children,students at cohasset elementary school,named the boswell nestlings hawkeye,tiberius from the movie secret life of,pets and frightful from the book my side,of the mountain,students at starbase minnesota duluth,named the chicks at hibbard they are,lewis agrius and flecca,with the fledgings underway just a few,days,bird enthusiasts can still see the,families via minnesota powers falcon cam,at,mnpower.com falcon cam,[Music],grand rapids state bank provides,financial literacy learning resources to,local schools,local students are getting free,education and how to manage their money,thanks to grand rapids state banks,sponsorship over,1740 students and teachers at 11 schools,in itasca county have free access to,banzai banzai is an award-winning online,financial literacy program and content,library of articles calculators and,personalized coaches all of these,resources are available to students at,home or in the classroom via any device,that can access the internet,banzai is a web-based financial literacy,program kids get their own accounts and,they work through assignments that are,based on real life says morgan,van de griff co-founder of the banzai,but because grand rapids state bank is,sponsoring it local schools get it for,free more than ever its important that,kids develop,sound financial skills to prepare them,for the real world grand rapids state,bank realizes that and theyre doing,something about it isd 318,superintendent matt gross added this is,an example of a community partner,working with the school district to meet,an important need for students in this,case practical knowledge for life,we applaud partners like grand rapids,state bank who step up and pitch in,thanks for listenin

Magical Mystery Strawberry Fields Tour Forever

hi Im Nathan Burke said with the herald,review and were here at Luna berry,strawberry farms with me is caralluma um,and you and your husband are on the part,yeah we do yeah following yogurt at some,19 years since weve started our first,patch and he did it as a family endeavor,19 years ago to enable us to get our,children through school through college,and that was successful and they are,theyre all they do awesome home in,palace on over we cash and we started,with a about an acre piece and did,the plants my hand and covered them with,the square bales by hand and over the,years weve increased to a close to five,acres how many varieties of strawberry,you have oh the house probably five,different varieties we have moose calves,we have window nose masab ease by if I,understand correctly um different,varieties of strawberry of writing at,different yeah whats available right,now uh well the atascocita stylee and,were picking on those the other,varieties are real close behind those so,probably are when actually picking on,all of them now we have one priority,called the window nuh,that was developed University of,Minnesota and thats a late Friday so,that isnt ready yet were here with the,Stuart lavalier at lava lose my,blueberry patch and here to there are a,number of strawberry varieties over a,few acres how many stuff how many,different varieties down we have five,different girl,honey this ride is here carbuncle yeah,big berry and it seems to be open enough,that that it allows air to get you there,in the intention to perform well we have,Mesabi which is developed in Minnesota,Cavendish little girl staff so how many,fingers you have total here we have two,acres of strawberries a one-acre that we,pick from what is your background being,strawberry class okay well I Ive been a,teacher for 32 years that I retired a,couple of years ago but before that and,before I I got a degree in teaching I,got a degree in horticulture so the,horticulture really helped me on the,farm enjoy growing than many different,things,and then so how long have you had this,place we started at about 32 years ago,so you know horticulture is a passion of,yours um that doesnt limit you to these,fruits well wouldnt it detects you,describe Aries and blueberries oh I,guess just to be able to pick a fresh,fruit yeah when the men here there are,many things you can buy at the grocery,store but you cant buy the flavor that,Minnesota strongly theyre just,tremendous what do you think the,comparison is to a fresh pic strawberry,versus a store-bought strawberry you,know in the plastic container well what,would you say the comparison is well if,you have a smile on your face the,comparison is that they look like,strawberries but when it comes to,tasting theres nothing to say theyre,hideous we need to a few minutes or,flavor you bite into the first one in,the string of the year and its like,this is some aside from aside from,strawberries like this all right now,being strawberry time theres also honey,oh yeah yeah but the reason for the,were having hives is twofold absolutely,this is something we talked about a,little bit earlier today but well have,you talked about it sure the more car we,know the honey is really an extra was,that the big bosses is for pollination,they pollinate the strawberries were,really central for the apple trees,for the cherries Im here with Nick elk,grove he actually owns the bees that are,pollinating these strawberries here at,Linda Berry Farms now you know they are,your bees you tend to them and then you,also from knowns please make money I do,so I get probably 1,500 pounds of honey,every year from my beekeeping operation,I have another more Ives out at to,college and for I just blew your how,many Tobys of that is about 60,000 and,each Ive so hundred you pick this out,that seems like a lot of because its a,big crew of the hives if you have 60,000,bees about 40,000 45,000 our workers and,they go out to miles and visit probably,several hundred flowers every day and,bring it back to the soul zone so in,addition to the four acres of,strawberries these bees are well theyre,really helping the overall ecology of,this entire area right over to my honour,comes from acres well well go take a,little tour of the of the farm itself,yeah all right rock here in the actual,strawberry fields themselves Gary and,now how do you know how are you involved,well Im friends of a little on the x,over here as a neighbor and every summer,I help them with the berries its a,three to four weeks season so Im you do,guide that people up in the actual patch,of you just shuttle them around no I,should instruct them or tell them where,to start picking I see their flag this,flags here right flags they indicate,where the berries have been back expect,to and thats where theyre going to,start taking from and moving all moving,in the same direction toward the,afternoon make sure that everyone has an,optimum very picking experience,basically for us is we,taking varieties rap will do well in our,client so thats the reasoning for for,the ride is everything from my,understanding to my experience the,fresher the berry the better than to the,better the king yeah yeah for sure sure,sure no house well whats your take on,the fresh strawberry versus the grocery,store strawberry Azul compares did not,compare our show will compare and all of,that if you never tasted a fresh,strawberry out of the strawberry patch,youre missing the bullet holes progress,theres no comparison either so good,okay so we just took a little tour of,the sniper field and this is basically,the end results um now you have workers,here that go and pick these so that,people can just come in and buy a vibe,flat full to a very hectic so what yeah,we try to encourage people to order,ahead if they can we can pick it o up,words from being the 19 flat sedated for,orders for peoples now last week we got,a lottery yeah and strawberries are,pretty delicate yeah but but who looks,at things yes gonna be turning all right,yeah we did all right you get all right,early in the season we had all three,nights of frost and we did lose some but,we were pretty good shape and the rain I,think we fared pretty well being a lot,of our patches are up on the hills I,think that helped out before I go yes,you can,okay good hey guys we gotta get at least,a video testimony yeah yes yes yes

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