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Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare | Summary & Analysis

[Music],in the introduction to William,Shakespeares play much ado about,nothing,Don Pedro and his soldiers arrive at the,home of Leonato the governor of Messina,Leonato has a modest and virtuous,daughter hero he is also the guardian of,Beatrice heroes quick-witted sharp,tongued older cousin in the rising,action Beatrice has been long engaged in,a marry war of words with Benedick one,of Don Pedros soldiers they are back to,their verbal battle within a matter of,moments of the soldiers arrival each,declaring they do not believe in love or,marriage meanwhile Claudio a young,soldier from Florence Falls instantly in,love with hero he asks Don Pedro to help,him with her during the evenings,festivities also returning from battle,is Don John Don Pedros illegitimate,half brother and self-described villain,Don John despises Claudio and intends to,make him miserable,Don John that his friends concoct a plan,to convince Claudio that Don Pedro wants,hero for himself easily duped,Claudio believes this is a lie but soon,realizes Don Pedro has wooed hero for,Claudio,Don Pedro decides they should also,convince Beatrice and Benedick they are,secretly in love with each other,Benedick is the first victim of this,scheme when he overhears Don Pedro,Leonato and Claudio talking about how,much Beatriz loves him hero and Ursula,play the same trick on Beatrice and she,falls for it just like Benedick Beatrice,and Benedick fall in love because of,this scheme meanwhile Borachio crafts a,plan to slander heroes good name,Don John will tell Claudio and Don Pedro,that hero isnt as virtuous as everyone,thinks then take them outside at,midnight to prove it,baracci o will be at heroes window with,Margaret heroes gentle woman who will be,dressed in heros clothing implying that,hero has taken a lover behind Claudios,back,Claudio will think Margaret is hero,heroes reputation will be ruined and the,wedding will be called off the,plan works Claudio vows to shame hero at,the wedding the next morning the,villains conversation is overheard by,the Night Watch and Barocci oh and,Conrad are arrested but the clownish,constable Dogberry is turned away by,Leonardos home the next morning before,he can tell heros father about the,terrible plot to ruin her in the climax,of the play on their wedding day,Claudio publicly shames hero before,storming off and devastating her in the,falling action friar Francis the wedding,official comes up with a way to clear,her reputation hero will pretend she has,died from the shame of Claudias,accusations which will make Claudio,remember how much he loved her and see,the error of his way news Braccio,confesses to the plot to slander hero,who is innocent,thus Claudio mourns heros death Claudio,is presented with a masked bride he vows,to marry the woman removes the mask,revealing herself as the very alive hero,everyone is delighted in the resolution,claudio and hero and Beatrice and,Benedick are set to marry the happy,couples dance as news arrives of Don,Johns arrest,seven central characters make up the,madcap comedy of misinformation and love,that is Shakespeares play much ado,about nothing Benedict is a soldier in,the princes regiment and a close friend,of Don Pedro a self-avowed bachelor he,swears never to marry as he believes,women are incapable of remaining,faithful to their husbands he has a,silver tongue and his friends looked to,him for a hearty laugh Benedict is in a,constant war of witty words with,Beatrice with whom he falls in love,after hearing she is in love with him,the Beatrice of noble blood and resides,in the governors home Beatrice does not,fit the mold of the traditional,Elizabethan woman opinionated outspoken,stubborn independent and full of wit she,declares herself averse to love in the,past Benedict broke Beatrices heart but,by the plays and the to love each other,again Claudio is a young soldier who,earned Don Pedros praise and friendship,during battle he falls madly in love,with hero but Claudio is rash and,insecure quick to want to marry hero and,even quicker to cast her aside,threatened by heroes alleged infidelity,he calls off the wedding and publicly,shames hero to make himself feel,superior he shows no remorse upon heros,death until he learns her slander was,part of a nefarious plot orchestrated by,Don John Don Pedro is the Prince of,Aragon he considers himself to be,something of an expert lover as he Woos,hero for Claudio and offers himself as,husband to Beatriz instead of believing,heroes claims she is innocent he,believes the word of his evil brother,with whom he only recently reconciled,after a bitter feud Leonato is the,Governor of Messina,although Don Pedro does not rule Messina,Leonato often defers to him out of,respect for his title and his status as,a guest when he rose virtue is called,into question,Leonato breaks with social norms and,supports the word of his daughter a,woman rather than that of a high-ranking,prince he is more loyal to family than,he is to power Don John sometimes called,the bastard because he was the product,of an illegitimate relationship is Don,Pedros half-brother,though the two have ended a feud Don,John knows he will never be as good as,his brother the prince so he becomes a,self-proclaimed villain he relies on,Barocci Oh to come up with and execute,the plan to prevent the wedding between,claudio and hero he skips town when the,deed is done,the closest thing to admitting guilt,hero embodies the traits of what is,often presented in classic literature as,being the feminine ideal she is modest,reserved chaste and happy to defer to,her fathers guidance unable to prove,her innocence when accused of having a,romantic relationship with a man other,than Claudio she lets others take the,lead in restoring her reputation hero,still wants to marry claudio despite the,shame he brings upon her which is a sign,of both her forgiving nature and her,acceptance of letting men run her life,[Music],horns poetry masks and beards are the,seemingly innocuous but crucially,important symbols in shakespeares,comedy much ado about nothing horns like,those of a bull are the traditional,symbols of cuckoldry meaning a man whose,wife sleeps with other men without his,knowledge,Don Pedro jokes with Benedick that,marriage tames the wild bull the symbol,transforms as the characters views of,marriage change poetry and much ado,about nothing symbolizes Benedict and,Beatrices failed attempts at a,conventional romance and the Elizabethan,era poetry was often used to express,romantic feelings Beatrice and Benedick,both try their hands at it as evidenced,by the sonnets their friends show as,proof of their love,the poems may not be great but they show,signs that their relationship is a,loving one,[Music],masks are worn to hide ones true,feelings and symbols of insecurity,cláudio worries he will not be able to,adequately woo hero so he sends a masked,don pedro to do the job Benedict is,afraid to ask Beatriz how she feels,about him face to face but he feels,safer doing so behind the anonymity of,the mask and the end of the play sees a,masked wedding in a sense masks function,as shields protecting male vanity from,womens scorn,beards were a sign of masculinity during,the Elizabethan era Benedict has a beard,at the beginning of the play and it can,be assumed Claudio Lord lack beard,doesnt have one beatrice doesnt like,beards so Benedict shaves his off,symbolizing how he puts aside his own,preferences to please his love,[Music],honor trickery language and gender,politics these are much ado about,nothing thought-provoking themes honor,is depicted in a few different ways,first as a means of protecting ones,reputation both Don Pedro and Claudio,denounce hero to protect their own,reputations when hero is slandered which,fits the moral code of Elizabethan,society second honor is chivalric which,holds men are obligated to protect the,wronged the ill and the inferior as a,woman hero fits into the first and third,categories consider how Leonato and,Benedick defen

Shakespeare Summarized: Much Ado About Nothing

“Много шум за нищо” е една чаровна история за любов, предателство, сарказъм в изобилие,,БРАЯН БЛЕСЕД,,брадата на Браян Блесед и възрастни мъже, цамбуркащи се във фонтани.,Тази класическа Шекспирова история проследява романса,на двама интересни, забавни, саркастични човешки създания и техните по-малко интересни прилежащи.,Сега, персонажите:,Имаме този саркастичен тип, Бенедикт,,Саркастичната Беатриче,,Лесният за забравяне тип Клавдио,,Лесната за забравяне Херо,,принц “Вервайте му” (Дон Педро),и принц “Не му вервайте” (Дон Хуан), злодей толкова очевиден и безинтересен, че може да бъде игран от Киану Рийвс.,Госпожица Сарказъм (Беатриче) живее с братовчедка си, госпожица Незапомняща се (Херо),в дома на бащата на г-ца Незапомняща се (Херо), Този старец (Леонато).,Историята ни започва, когато г-н Незапомнящ (Клавдио), г-н Сарказъм (Бенедикт), принцовете “Вервайте му” (Педро) и “Не му вервайте” (Хуан),заедно с още някакви там хора, за които на никого не му пука,,решават да останат в дома на Този старец.,Незапомнящите се веднага се влюбват един в друг,,докато Саркастичните, *пфт*, изобщо не се, защото… не е като да се харесват или нещо подобно.,Г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) решава да се ожени за г-ца Незапомняща се (Херо),,но се притеснява да говори с нея по някаква причина, за това успява да убеди принц “Вервайте му” (Педро) да говори с нея,по време на маскения бал, който ще имат по някаква си там причина.,Значи, принц “Вервайте му” (Педро), какъвто си е добряк,,решава да му помогне.,И, на бала, принц “Вервайте му” (Педро) си виси със г-ца Незапомняща се (Херо),,докато г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) си седи мирно и се подмокря от нетърпение,,когато изведнъж, съпроводен от драматична музика, се появява самият Дон Рийвс (Хуан)!,*драматична музика*,Дон Рийвс (Хуан) казва на г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио), че принц “Вервайте му” (Педро),със сигурност не се опитва да спечели г-ца Незапомняща се (Херо) за г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио),,а вместо това си я взима за себе си.,И г-н “Незапомнящ се” (Клавдио) е като: “Ах, оказва се, че на принц “Вервайте му” не може да се вярва?! (Педро)”,”Това е толкова типично за него!”,Но стига вече сме се занимавали с лековерието на Незапомнящите се. Напред към белите на Саркастичните!,Докато нашите приятели Незапомнящите се, си играят своята малка сапунена опера,,г-ца Сарказъм (Беатриче) със сигурност не си говори с г-н Сарказъм (Бенедикт) със забавна маска на лице,и му се оплаква колко досаден е г-н Сарказъм (Бенедикт),и как се държи твърде нелепо.,(смее се) Моля? Нелепо? Този образец на аристократичността?,Значи, г-н Сарказъм (Бенедикт) отива да се оплаква на принц “Вервайте му” (Педро),,който улисано си говори с г-ца Незапомняща се (Херо),,докато г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) им мята с очите си мълнии.,И принц “Вервайте му” (Педро), какъвто си е добряк,,си мисли: “Уха, това сватосването върви толкова добре!”,”Може дори да ми стане навик!”,И предава г-ца Незапомняща се (Херо) на г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио).,и вика: “Ето, брато, напълно се е влюбила в тебе.”,И г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) вика:,”Уау, искаш да ми кажеш, че на принц “Вервайте му” (Педро) може да се вярва? Кой би повярвал?”,И Дон Рийвс (Хуан) прави своята “проклятие, пак се провалих” физиономия,,която, за съжаление, е по-близо до неговата “току що надуших ако” физиономия.,И неговата весела физиономия.,В смисъл, това е Киану Рийвс, имаме прецедент, който да поддържаме.,Значи, принц “Вервайте му” (Педро), Незапомнящите се и Този старец (Леонато),решават да сватосат Саркастичните един за друг,чрез злокобният план да им кажат, че другият ги харесва!,Защото ако работи в 5-ти клас няма как да не проработи на двама интелигентни възрастни.,Но, понеже това е комедия, планът сработва,и Саркастичните се влюбват до уши един в друг,,което изисква този напълно ненужен монтаж, в който двамата деградират до пет годишна възраст.,Както и да е, значи, Дон “Мразя всичко забавно” Джон (Хуан) решава да се опита да раздели Незапомнящите се,чрез злокобния план да накара един от приятелите си,да спи с любимата си в стаята на г-ца Незапомняща се (Херо),,докато г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) слуша отдолу по някаква гнусна причина.,Следователно дон Рийвс (Хуан) вика:,”Това със сигурност е г-ца Незапомняща се (Херо) там горе и СЪС СИГУРНОСТ можеш да кажеш, че е така.”,И г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) вика: “бойнк, бойнк, звучи добре, по-добре да започваме с публичното унижение.”,И Незапомнящите се предстои да се оженят,,когато г-н Незапомнящ се идиот (Клавдио) се развиква, че Не-помня-как-изглеждаше (Херо),със сигурност е спала с някакъв си там друг.,И Не-помня-как-изглеждаше (Херо) вика: “Ние изобщо говорили ли сме си?”,И г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) вика: “Без сватба за тебе!”,Значи, тя припада и г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) си отива.,Както би направил ВСЕКИ добър съпруг.,Тогава попът има тази СЪС СИГУРНОСТ страхотна идея,да кажат на г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио), че г-ца Незапомняща се (Херо) е мъртва,,следователно той ще откачи и ще се чувства МНОГО зле след това.,СЪС СИГУРНОСТ проработи в Ромео и Жулиета, СЪС СИГУРНОСТ ще проработи и тука.,Както и да е, Саркастичните се отдалечават и официално се целуват или нещо подобно.,Тогава г-ца Сарказъм (Беатриче) вика на г-н Сарказъм (Бенедикт) да отиде да убие г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио).,Страшен план.,Не се шегувам.,И г-н Незапомнящ се идиот (Клавдио) и принц “Вервайте, че е лековерен” (Педро) си висят,,когато Този старец (Леонато) и БРАЯН БЛЕСЕД (Антонио) се домъкват.,И Този старец (Леонато) вика: “Ти уби дъщеря ми, понеже хората могат да умират от подобни работи.”,и г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) вика:,”О, човече! Искаш да ми кажеш, че действията ми имат последствия?”,И принц “Вервайте му” (Педро) вика:,”Бях твърде разсеян от уникалната брада на БРАЯН БЛЕСЕД (Антонио), за да чуя каквото и да било от разговора.”,И Този старец (Леонато) и БРАЯН БЛЕСЕД (Антонио) се чупят.,Тогава се появява г-н Сарказъм (Бенедикт), екипиран със своята сериозна физиономия.,И г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) вика: “Здрасти, брато, как върви?”,И г-н Сарказъм (Бенедикт) вика: “Сега ще ти размажа лицето в стената”,И после му размазва лицето в стената. И е ЕПИЧНО!,(Бенедикт) Ти си злодей!,Значи, г-н Сарказъм (Бенедикт) вика: “Ти. Аз. Дуел!”,И г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) вика: “Човече, по д*волите последствията!”,Тогава Този старец (Леонато) се появява отново,и вика: “Хей, със сигурност трябва да се ожениш за другата ми племенница, защото все още имам такива.”,И г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) вика: “бойнк, бойнк, звучи добре.”,О, по същото време, Саркастичните си посвещават един на друг лоша поезия.,Честно казано, пак се чувствам в училище.,Докъде бях?,Г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) отива да се ожени за “племенницата” (Херо) в кавички, намиг, намиг.,И изненада, това е г-ца Незапомняща се! (Херо),Защото тя все още иска да се ожени за него по някаква неразбрана причина.,И г-н Незапомнящ се (Клавдио) вика: “Обожавам, когато действията ми нямат последствия!”,И Саркастичните викат: : “Ние, ъх, бихме желали да се оженим.”,”Но не защото се харесваме или нещо подобно!”,И тогава семейство Незапомнящи се се вика: “О, за Бога!”,и вадят, уау, ЛОШАТА ПОЕЗИЯ!,Неопровержимо доказателство за любовта на Саркастичните.,И те всичките се женят и живеят щастливи до края на дните.,Освен Дон Рийвс (Хуан).,Той си остава мразещ забавленията особняк завинаги… И може би затворник.,Може би щях да го направя това дори и да не беше задължително.,Считайте тази пиеса като по-добрата версия на “Укротяване на опърничавата”.,И “Ромео и Жулиета” сега като се замисля.,И Дон Джон (Дон Хуан) не уби никого, така че май нещата се развиха по-добре и от “Макбет”.,Но май всичко се развива по-добре от “Макбет”,Мисля, че това с името на БРАЯН БЛЕСЕД е закон.,Тази музика е просто невероятна!,Това беше филм на Overly Sarcastic Productions!

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Blood and Shadow | Exandria Unlimited: Calamity | Episode 3

BRENNAN: Hello!,And welcome back to Exandria Unlimited: Calamity.,Im your humble GM, Brennan Lee Mulligan.,It is so thrilling to invite you all back to Avalir,,the City of Crowns.,Why is everyone so nervous?,AABRIA: I have to poop now!,MARISHA: Yeah. (laughs) TRAVIS: Yeah.,LUIS: I feel fine.,BRENNAN: Everyone feels fine!,Its all good!,If youre just joining us, we now tell you a tale,of a long lost city in the ancient history of Exandria,,a city that was long gone by the time,of our modern adventures here at Critical Role,,but…,it flew once.,How much longer it may fly,is up to our wonderful heroes here.,To do a quick little ol recap,,in our last episode that we left off,,strings were brought together as a conspiracy was unlocked.,The Ring of Brass, those members of the high society,of Avalir who do all the moving and shaking,,gathered together at the Feast of Imyr at the Palazzo Porco,and realized something was amiss.,Artifacts of the Archmage Vespin Chloras,had come aboard.,Talking to a young Purvan Suul,and putting together clues from a crime scene,in a psychometric chamber,,we realized something most foul had been attempted.,And whats worse,,it seems to have succeeded.,We also now find ourselves,on the eve of the Replenishment,,the most significant–,To call it a holiday is almost…,Its every seven years, you know.,Its a incredibly significant, potent magical ritual,that the city of Avalir conducts,as it lands back on its,terrestrial sister city, Cathmoíra.,There are many important arcane elements of this,that our Architect Arcane, Laerryn, has clued us into,,but also on this eve of an Apogee Solstice,in which the impossible has become possible,and Avalirs crown jewel,,the center of its arcane research,,the Astral Leywright,,an engine that would allow the city,to travel not only across the face of Exandria,,but to realms supernal, where a city of mortals,might walk as equals with the gods themselves.,We are returning,after seeing the Astral Leywright,,after attending the Hall of Records at the Heralds Tome,,where we saw evidence that a younger Vespin Chloras,while alive had spoken of these matters,to none other than Lacrytia Hollow,and Loras of the Weavers Mask.,Our Architect Arcane and our Keeper of Scrolls,busted the door down,and killed Magister Micah Cormorant,in a single round.,If youre planning on killing all your PCs,,dont be extra unfair.,Run that shit rules as written.,That guy would be dead.,Hed be dead so fast.,You got to play it as it lays.,(laughter),TRAVIS: Play it as lies.,BRENNAN: (laughs) So.,And our First Knight,and Guildmaster of the Golden Scythe,went to the Hall of Prophecy,,where we discovered that,perhaps fewer oracles had gone mad,than we otherwise might have thought.,Perhaps they were simply doing exactly as they should,,and that the powers that be,wished to call it something else.,And we had one last interaction,between our First Knight and the Lord of the Hells.,What that could portend, I cannot say,,because what I know is as our three groups of heroes spoke,,they decided to all come back together,because the Helmswoman of Avalir,,the Guildmaster of the Navigators Guild, Akami Rowe,,in reporting no problems whatsoever,to her direct report, the Architect Arcane,,something terrible befell her.,Rushing to the Dawnsledge, you arrived,,and in the middle of the street found Lacrytia Hollow,,member of the Ring of Silver,,Dean of the Throne of Necromancy,,who had earlier that evening left a vial of poison,as a gift for Patia Porco.,AABRIA and MARISHA: So dramatic.,BRENNAN: “All things end,” she wrote.,”Lives, stories, even ages.”,Without any further ado,,I feel like were going to have fun.,I feel like theres a lot of fun.,TRAVIS: Is that the word? LOU: Im glad you do.,Im glad you feel that way.,AABRIA: My brain and my butt hole are in hell, right now.,(laughter),BRENNAN: Hey, well a lots about to join them.,Folks, get ready for tonights episode of Critical Role.,(ominous music),(dramatic music),BRENNAN: Hello!,They were making chicken noises.,Welcome back to Critical Role.,They were, and Im letting them know.,The people deserve to know.,TRAVIS: Its because were nervous, okay? Were nervous.,AABRIA: Snitch energy, Brennan.,BRENNAN: Is it a snitch, or am I a reporter to the people?,TRAVIS: Oh, yeah!,Ingratiated.,BRENNAN: So.,We return to the neighborhood of Dawnsledge.,The fireworks extravaganza,is in a momentary lull overhead,as it prepares for its grand finale.,You see little pieces of illumination around you.,This is the easternmost side of the city,near the Helm itself,,the headquarters of the Navigators Guild.,But why describe it more with my mouth,when I could just show you where you are.,(exclaiming),BRENNAN: Now.,TRAVIS: We got banners and shit?,MARISHA: We got banners! BRENNAN: We got banners and shit.,Once again…,LUIS: I want to look–,AABRIA: Its so beautiful! LUIS: — at everything.,LOU: Oh, this is delightful.,SAM: Wait, what is that big telescopey thing?,BRENNAN: The big telescopey thing.,TRAVIS: Im getting up, Im moving around.,BRENNAN: Get up, move around.,See what youve got to see. SAM: Its an observatory,of some sorts. BRENNAN: Its an observatory.,AABRIA: Look at us. We love learning!,MARISHA: Look at this white horse looking like Artax,over here.,BRENNAN: Beautiful. TRAVIS: Dont invoke Artax.,LUIS: Poor Artax.,MARISHA: Im doing it. AABRIA: That vardos huge.,TRAVIS: Im doing it. BRENNAN: One second.,So.,Im going to go ahead and let you know,that observatory right there, thats the Helm, okay?,AABRIA: Oh, okay, okay.,BRENNAN: Thats the Helm of the Navigators Guild.,Thats where, theoretically, Akami Rowe would be.,However, Im going to go ahead and ask you guys,to place yourselves where you wouldve come from.,So first thing I need to do,is actually give all of you your miniatures.,LOU: What a gorgeous day! BRENNAN: What a gorgeous day.,Nydas. LOU: There he is!,BRENNAN: Would you pass this over to Loquatius?,SAM: Oh wow. BRENNAN: Zerxus.,AABRIA: Oh, look how cute you are! LUIS: Hell yeah!,BRENNAN: There you go. LUIS: Thank you.,Give me my griffon!,TRAVIS: (laughs),BRENNAN: Theres Cerrit. TRAVIS: Oh, watch out!,BRENNAN: And of course, our archmages,,who have already seen some use of their minis.,MARISHA: Mm-hmm.,BRENNAN: Here you go.,Oh, and there is one more mini.,LUIS: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!,BRENNAN: This is Tempus! (exclaiming),TRAVIS: Hes made of star stuff!,AABRIA: We love kitty.,BRENNAN: What a beautiful baby.,Lets pass Tempus on down to Sir Ilerez.,MARISHA: Whoa, dude.,This paint job is sick!,BRENNAN: Its very, very sick. MARISHA: Look, its all spacey,and galaxy! TRAVIS: Dude, you got cosmos,in his wings.,LOU: He got cosmos in his wings!,SAM: You got wings in my cosmos.,BRENNAN: It is true.,AABRIA: Two great tastes that taste great together.,BRENNAN: Okay! LUIS: Can they see this?,Are they not–?,SAM: Someone can. LUIS: Someone can?,LOU: Theyll see it. AABRIA: Zoom and enhance!,TRAVIS: Well take pictures of it.,AABRIA: Is that a big old brumestone?,BRENNAN: Thats a big old brumestone right there!,TRAVIS: Brennan, for us, which direction were we heading, and,which direction is our felled,person that works with Patia?,BRENNAN: Do you guys think you wouldve taken,back roads to arrive here, or would youve just gone,by straightest route? TRAVIS: Direct, right?,LOU: Direct. AABRIA: Yeah, whatevers,the fastest way. BRENNAN: You will all be,starting right here. LUIS: From the skies.,TRAVIS: When somebody gets cut off going (choking),,you just go. AABRIA: You run.,BRENNAN: So, everyone feel free,to pass up your minis. Theyll go right here.,I will assume that you are traveling together,for safety as you arrive,,but let me know about the placement that you all want.,LOU: I mean, yeah, I dont think we expected,to have to kill it,,or I guess we knew something was going on.,SAM: Maybe in the back for me. LOU: We knew something,was going on. LUIS: So Im in the front.,LOU: Ill take the front as well.,LUIS:

More: the witcher review

Exploring Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing

[Music],[Music],good morning everyone good morning my,name is Claire ceccacci I am the,executive director here at Bard,its wonderful to see you all here this,glorious morning and I would like to,introduce the incredible dr. Paul mudra,many of you know Paul he probably,doesnt need an introduction but Im,going to do so anyway Paul is a,professor and chair of English studies,at Simon Fraser University he is the,author of many books and articles on,Shakespeare and other classical,literature hes been a friend and a,lecturer here at Bard for many years and,were so delighted to have him back so,ladies and gentlemen dr. Paul Boudreau,[Applause],thank you so much Claire and thank you,to everyone here at Barden the beach,especially the volunteers who give up,their time to come out on a beautiful,Saturday morning thank you to Mary whose,idea was to have this series of lectures,some nine years ago this is the ninth,year that weve been doing this and SFU,has been sponsoring it which is,mind-blowing and its really Im a,little nervous today because this is the,first time that this has ever been,filmed and they didnt tell you this but,its being filmed in 3d IMAX and,simulcast around the world and to the,International Space Station so I better,be careful so for those of you who,havent been here before what Im going,to do is Im going to talk for maybe 40,minutes or something like that I will,leave at least 15 minutes for questions,so thats the plan,okay much ado about nothing lets start,this by talking about comedy what I,talked about Winters Tale I talked,about the romance tradition comedy was a,more well-established genre in,Shakespeares time and Shakespeare had,inherited two sort of models of comedy,one which Ive spoken about in previous,lectures came from latin literature when,Shakespeare was a schoolboy he read,Latin literature and he read Roman,playwrights,and the roman playwrights of comedy that,he would have read were two guys called,cloud kiss and terrorists and a typical,Roman comedy was about a young couple,who are I would say in love this was,ancient Rome they were in lust they,wanted to as the young people say today,hook up but this was a pre tender,generation and there was always some,impediment to their hooking up there was,a father there was a law there was some,authority figure who got in the way,so with the help often of a wily servant,the young people deke around this,impediment and hook up and usually get,the old guys money too so comedies were,and to a large extent still are about,sex and money,but theres another tradition that,Shakespeare inherited a tradition of,romantic love and that tradition which,Ive spoken about in previous seasons,goes back to April 6th 13:27 yes I can,name it exactly April 6 13 27 when an,Italian young Italian man whos planning,to become a priest Francesco Petrarca,also knows Petrarch walked into a church,in Avignon saw a woman and fell madly,and hopelessly in love with her her name,was Laura he could never have her she,was above his station she was married he,ever even spoke to her but he went away,and he wrote a series of important,influential and very serious poems about,his love fixation with Laura treating,her as an idol to be worshipped,something that made him burn but froze,him out and these poems called the Reem,Esparza became incredibly influential,and are responsible for many of our,ideas about romantic love that persisted,this day for example,love at first sight and Shakespeare sort,of takes that romantic tradition which,he addresses specific,in his sonnets and combines it with the,Roman comic tradition and what you have,are plays by Shakespeare in which you,have a young couple who are not in lust,they are in love they want to get,married usually love at first sight,there is again an impediment but somehow,they get around that person or that law,or whatever it is so that they are at,the end of the play betrothed,alright so its not about sex its about,true love so thats his sort of model,and he does variations on it in a number,of his plays a lot of his comedies that,even in one of his tragedies Romeo and,Juliet the first half is based on that,model now this model is so important to,understand much ado about nothing I left,very quickly demonstrated by writing,with you a Shakespearean comedy very,quickly give me the name of a female,protagonist Julia give me a male name,and it better not be Antonio male name,what oh dear God was that Fabio thank,you so so we have Julian favio now we,need an evil authority figure maybe a,politician even,what Donald Trump I never would have,thought of that so let us set our play,in in Vancouver what we would have is,Giulia and Fabio because theyre young,people in Vancouver doing something,repulsively athletic theyre doing Zumba,on a paddleboard or something they fall,in love with each other they want to get,married she says you have to I live in,Washington State on the American lets,go across the border and meet my parents,but guess what the evil Donald passes,law prohibiting the immigration of,Canadians because theyre smuggling,maple syrup and poutine and as he likes,to call him bad hosers,right so she has to disguise herself as,a lumberjack to get back into Canada and,now we have another element of the,shakespeare adds to his comedies but not,all other writers do something im going,to talk about in a few minutes called,bro culture a lot of the young men in,Shakespeares comedies are all about the,guys they have this sort of toxic max,masculinity,thats testosterone the sort of frat boy,attitude towards women and they have to,learn to get beyond it so she disguised,our friend Julia disguised as a,lumberjack oohs and spines on favio and,watching him be a bro and he she works,his way into his group of drones right,and then one day he says hey you want to,go with the guy she goes yeah and he,said okay were going to this cool place,its at the north end of Vancouver I,mean the far end of Vancouver she goes,fine rec beach where all is revealed,and they review their vows of love while,the Sun sets over Vancouver Islands,perfect Shakespearean comedy and we got,the authority figure we got the bro,culture weve got cross-dressing,and what should we what should we call,this play because of the fit in,Vancouver starts in Stanley Park people,call it Loves Labours Lost Lagoon so,now youve got the model lets go to the,much ado about nothing much ado about,nothing is in Sicily in the town of,Messina where the governor is Leonato he,has a daughter named hero of marriage,Abel age he also has a niece Beatrice a,little bit older also of marriage Abel,age he gets news that Prince Don Pedro,of Aragon has returned from the wars and,is going to be passing through so he,invites Don Pedro and his men to stay,with him for a while all right,Don Pedro has in his company his own,discontent brother Don John but he also,has a young man of marriage Abel age,called Claudio and a slightly older,young man of marriage Abel age called,Benedict so we see where this is going,right we know its going to happen,Claudio is going to love hero Benedict,is going to love Beatrice and we have,not one but two authority figures to,impede and mess things up to stop them,to try to prevent them Leonato and Don,Pedro right its simple the play then,goes into those two stories the Claudio,story story and the Beatrice and,Benedick story so theres an a story in,a Bea story and this is typical of,comedies tragedies usually only have one,storyline they focus on a single,protagonist the first tragedy that,actually has a subplot of any,significance is King Lear before that,tragedies are very focused but comedies,didnt have a broader social focus and,very often have two storylines to this,day if you watch a television set,Frette friends or Steinfeld or the Big,Bang Theory,watch carefully there will usually be,two storylines and script writers call,them the a story and the B story so,Shakespeare does this too so the a story,is claudio and hero c

Honest in Much Ado About Nothing

in this lecture Im going to examine a,little bit how the word honest is used,in much ado about nothing,building on the information that we,found using the Oxford English,Dictionary and the Shakespeare,concordance so as weve discussed,Shakespeares language is very rich in,its meaning hes always playing with the,multiple connotations that a word might,have so our goal is to explore how one,word can be used to evoke different,meanings in a particular passage and how,that enriches our understanding of the,play so we our goal here find a,significant word and explore its,different uses in much ado about nothing,and so the basic steps to look up the,word in the Oxford English Dictionary,identify the different meanings that are,pertinent that would have been current,in Shakespeares time using the,Shakespeare concordance then we find,where that word is used in much to do,about nothing and then we look at some,of the individual meanings and discuss,what meanings are the individual uses,and discuss what meanings are revoked,based on the different possible meanings,now the word that I picked from our,previous lecture on the OED was honest,and just a brief overview some of the,major definitions associated with honest,when its applied to things it means,things that are magnificent or,respectable worthy of honor when its,applied to people in Shakespeares time,it can mean someone who holds a position,of honor it can be an epithet or a title,of praise or appreciation especially for,someone who is of lower status so you,might say ah look that heres my honest,servant or my honest barber or my honest,blacksmith whatever it might be when,applied to people honest can mean moral,or virtuous when its applied to a woman,in particular in Shakespeares time,honest has the connotation of sexually,chased or virginal or sexually,appropriate moral according to their,morality and then of course our usage of,the word honest is a later usage of it,in Shakespeares time one who doesnt,lie one who is free from deceit or,trickery and it can also be applied to,act,Shens and those are actions that are,done sincerely or truthfully with good,intentions so this is an overview of,some of the basic definitions of honest,looking at the Shakespeare concordance,we see that honest is used 18 different,places in much ado 20 individual uses,and this includes honestly dishonest so,anything that has the word honest in any,variation and we can see that its,spoken by these characters interestingly,enough spoken by Dogberry more than any,and then by Benedict the some of the men,speak it and hero speaks at once lets,look at heros usage of the word honest,and the context this is act 3 scene 1,this is when they are playing the love,trick on Beatrice and Benedick getting,them to fall in love with each other,Beatrice is listening to hero hero has,made up the story that Benedick is in,love with Beatrice and she is saying,well Beatrice my cousin is so mean Im,going to tell Benedick that he should,give up his love and of course she knows,all the time that Beatrice is,overhearing and the plan is that,Beatrice will be moved by this to fall,in love herself with Benedict and of,course the men played the same trick the,other way on Benedict and hero says no,rather I will go to Benedict and counsel,him to fight against his passion and,truly Ill devise some honest slanders,to stain my cousin with one does not,know how much an ill word may employs in,liking so in other words Ill go tells,Benedict some bad things about Beatrice,and that will get him to stop loving her,lets start with that term honest,slanders well slander is a false,statement meant to defame someones,character so to say honest slander is,that a contradiction or an oxymoron,since honest normally would mean,truthful and slander would mean false,statement meant to hurt someone well the,Norden shakespeare gloss is honest as,harmless in this case so harmless,slanders small petty insults things that,arent that bad thats one possible and,I would say the simplest meaning,Hiros words but what are some other,possible definitions well if we look at,the OED definition for a of an action,feeling etc and honest action if,something thats done with or expressive,of truthfulness fairness or integrity of,character intention free from deceit,genuine sincere or done with good,intentions even if unsuccessful or,misguided so if we use this definition,for the phrase honest slanders what does,that mean well maybe it slanders that,appear truthful and that hero will,appear truthful when she makes the,slanders even if theyre not true,theyre done with a certain sincerity,because shes trying to save Benedict,theres a good intention behind them,shes trying to save him from his love,for Beatrice even if the slanders,himself might not be true so the,slanders are harmless theyre harmless,petty little slanders but theyre also,slanders that appear truthful and that,are done with a truthful intention of,course the irony being that here was,saying this knowing that shes not,really going to do this knowing that,Beatrice is over here so theres a whole,nother level of deceit slash appearance,on top of the statement is that the only,possible definition though well again Oh,Edie the Oxford English Dictionary,definition 3b when honest is used of a,woman it means virtuous as regards,sexual morality someone whos chased or,virginal so honest slanders are those,slanders against Beatrices honesty,perhaps is hero suggesting that shes,going to imply that Beatrice is not,totally honest or chaste as a way to,turn Benedict off thats another,possible meaning of these slanders so,what do we get when we pulled all these,together well hero says that the,slanders will be harmless innocent mild,and theyre going to be done with true,sincerity shes doing them shes going,to appear truthful because she sincerely,wants Benedict to be saved from his love,so theres good intentions behind this,as well,but again with that hidden suggestion of,sexuality of sexual connotations in the,slanders that perhaps Beatrices chaste,chastity will be called into doubt,so the question we might ask ourselves,is how intentional are all these,meanings that is how aware is hero,herself of the multiple connotations of,her words and is she doing is she,speaking these words in order to suggest,all of these things well certainly we,can say Shakespeare was aware of it or,it seems to have been because of his,excellent craftsmanship hero herself now,that depends on how we interpret her,character hero is often interpreted as,very innocent and naive and thats you,know I think fair reading she seems,throughout the play to not really have,much of an understanding of how the,world works so perhaps she herself,doesnt even realize the sexual,connotations of her words that shes,that that honesty when shes talking,about honest slanders could be,slandering Beatrices chastity we as the,audience do recognize that so theres a,certain dramatic irony later and even,more so that this ironically foreshadows,the dishonest slanders that will be,leveled against hero hero says shes,going to slander Beatrice and hero is,the one herself who ends up slandered on,the other hand we might say well perhaps,hero is innocent and naive but she does,have desire of her own she does love,Claudio she wants to be married to,Claudio so maybe shes not entirely,conscious of the meanings but maybe,there is an unconscious part of her that,realizes the sexual connotation,something in her that is wants to talk,about or think about sex because she is,a young woman on the verge of marriage,so it really depends on how we see the,character and how we see her embedded in,her situation,lets move on to a different use of,honest this one by Don John this comes,in act 1 scene 3 the context is hes,talking to Conrad and borracho about,himself and his hatred for his brother,Don Pedro for Benedick and for Claudio,and he says I had rather be a canker in,a hedge than a rose in His grace and it,better fi

I [Finally] Saw Much Ado About Nothing (1993)! Maybe Spoilers?

Hi everybody, its Wednesday! So a couple of weeks ago I went up to see Sarah and,we didnt end up filming a P&S Watch video, but we did watch a couple movies.,The one that Im going to talk about today in a short review is Kenneth,Branaghs Much Ado About Nothing from 1993. I had,never seen Much Ado About Nothing, Ive never read Much Ado About Nothing. I,really didnt know anything about Much Ado About Nothing except that theres,the one scene with Kenneth Branagh that people really loved on Tumblr where hes,just a super big dork and cant sit in a chair, and is just fawning over,another character in the movie. Its a great movie; you should watch it. So Much,Ado About Nothing is pretty much spelled out right in the title for you,there. It is a whole big comedic romantic drama about nothing. They filmed on,location and it is gorgeous. Its like the Italian countryside and everything,is bright and sandy and wonderful, and like the greenery is very green, and,everybody wears white to like offset the colors of the scene. Its such a pretty,movie to watch. Theres more to say about the acting than the dialogue itself, and,the acting is superb. This was Kate Beckinsales first ever theatrical role.,She plays a character that doesnt have a lot of lines or anything – she plays,Hero, who is central to the story, but doesnt have a lot of active power,within this story – and thats okay because a lot of the other characters do.,So the movie opens and the members of this small rural Italian village are,just kind of hanging out and Emma Thompson is just hanging out in a tree,,eatin some grapes. I dont know if Ive ever been quite as attracted to Emma,Thompson. Shes got a good emotional range and I liked it a lot, and her chemistry,with Kenneth Branagh in this movie is… real. You can feel it, and its because,they were married. Also theyre both really good actors, but they were married,at the time of filming this movie. Kenneth Branagh is fantastic as Benedick,I didnt know if I was gonna like Benedick when he first shows up.,The first time Benedict really opens his mouth hes like, “Heros fine but like,have you seen her hot cousin Beatrice? Shes like the most gorgeous person in,the world, but I cant get married Im gonna be in a bachelor for life!”,So the men come riding to the village in slo-mo, hair blowing in,the wind, like the tops of their shirts open – its so extra, and Shakespeare would,have loved it! The men that are riding into town are Kenneth Branagh, who plays,,like I said, Benedick; Keanu Reeves, who plays Don Jon, and Keanu Reeves has a,legitimate scene where he is oiled up, getting a massage and plotting villainy;,Robert Sean Leonard, who plays Claudio, the stupidest straight to ever straight;,and Denzel Washington, who plays Prince Don Pedro. His main place in the story is,just to kind of prank Benedick and Beatrice. Michael Keaton is in it! He,plays the like kind of stereotypical Shakespearean jester character. Its,weird – its really really weird. The cast is so good; the music is perfect; the set,is gorgeous. Sarah and I have a lot of headcanons about these characters, like,Don Jon is gay. The whole scene where he is oiled up getting a massage is super,gay. But hes not the only one, which is what makes that not such a bad thing.,Sarah and I picked up on some pretty like heavy bi(sexual) vibes from Beatrice,[and] Benedick especially, who has a whole soliloquy about how hes gonna be a,bachelor for the rest of his days and he cant have his dick tied down to any one,person – its just too big! Thats a real thing that it said in the play.,There are just like super bi vibes from the both of them. As the men are riding,into town on their horses, the women just like rip their clothes off and go,take a bath. And the men like end up also taking a bath, but like theyre separated.,So its like Kenneth Branagh and Robert Sean Leonard and Keanu Reeves are all in,one bathtub, and then Kate Beckinsale and Emma Thompson and Imelda Staunton…,theyre all in another showering area, and its just gay in both senses of the,word. Hero and Claudio are the only two in the play that we were like, “Theyre,definitely straights. They are The Straights.” And Claudio is a f*****g idiot.,Hero, not so much. Throughout the movie there were times where I was like,,”Kenneth Branagh had a seance where he talked to Shakespeare and this happened.”,I dont know what else to say about this movie – its just so good. I really, in my,soul, kind of feel that this is exactly the way that [Shakespeare] intended this play to,look. Obviously I dont think he had like time-traveling powers, or the ability to,see so far into the future that he could predict the invention of cinema, but I,think it would make him very pleased to know that this is how weve handled his,material. There is a production with David Tennant and Catherine Tate and,apparently it is so good; I would love to watch it. Thank you so much for watching,this video! If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up. In the comments below, let,me know what your favorite thing about Much Ado About Nothing is if youve seen,this movie or any production. If you know how I can get my hands on a copy of the,version with David Tennant and Catherine Tate, definitely let me know that. If you,havent seen this movie you, definitely should, if for nothing else then oiled up,Keanu Reeves getting a massage and plotting villainy. If youre not already,subscribed to The Princess and the Scrivener, please do so down below,especially if youd like to see more videos on Disney, intersectional feminism,,pop culture critiques, Shakespeare, and more! I will actually be seeing you again,this week. I have another video to post, so look out for that. And then the,Scrivener will see you next week! [blank pause] This is what I was looking for a slideshow.,These are all pictures of me as a child; preschool; I was a small…[cuts off] there was…,This month was not supposed to be Shakespeare month, it was actually supposed to be,Black History Month. And I kind of just used that and Valentines Day to talk,about Shakespeare.

Much Ado About Nothing Crack (And Review!)

[Music],everybody got that,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],let me introduce you to your new Defense,Against the Dark Arts teacher me,Gilderoy Lockharts order of Merlin,third class honorary member of the dark,force Defense League and five times,winner of witch Weeklys most charming,smile award well I dont talk about that,I didnt get rid of the Bandon Banshee,by smiling,[Music],Rudy youre not thinking about Darla oh,yeah no course not,I wonder shes nothing gonna make – you,are not thinking about our alpha are you,oh no no no way so Im going to pretend,to be you and hit on your girlfriend and,then shell want your D and then wedding,[Applause],[Music],you cant marry a man you just met,you can if its true love women I hate,women,I definitely never never ever ever look,nd women what are your qualifications ah,well I attended truly are,Im gradual the hard business school I,travel quite extensively hi lived for,the Black Plague and I had a pretty good,time during that if the Exorcist about a,hundred sixty seven times and I cant,get funnier every single time I said now,I dont think you think white girl get,along with each other so I stand up for,themselves,girl yeah boys take what stairs boys,wont listen all I want to do is talk,there I come on yeah,and the worst thing of all refer you,were dead,nope I hate you Im gonna kill you Im,gonna eat you Im gonna marry you the,cowboy,theres my put it up out of what about,put it up whether I believe I try it our,forefathers I was trampled on the,generations of honest woman haters too,came before us,ah hey everybody I learned a new word,actually a boy Conrad Murray this is,vocabulary dr. Maggie a phenomenal grass,programmer and a superlative command of,syntax I simply chose not to employ them,[Music],well I guess thanks to set that changed,sometime,oh wow

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