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  2. Hey Sinamika Movie Review | Dulquer Salman, Aditi, Kajal, Jayam Ravi, Siva, Gayathri Raghuman, Kiki
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HEY SINAMIKA Trailer Reaction! | Dulquer Salmaan | Aditi Rao Hydari | Kajal Aggarwal | Brinda

you guys we just got done watching this,trailer and doing our discussion and i,just want to give you a heads up that in,the middle of the trailer i get really,confused and i dont want anyone to get,aggravated while watching our reaction,so just be patient we get through that,and figure it out together aint that,just the way it goes,[Applause],hello people i am jaby kawai joined by,achara kirk whats up were looking at,the trailer to hey cinemica i believe,thats how you might say that sina mika,sonomonica,okay this is starring dulkira salman,aditi rao haideri kajal agarwal and its,directed by brenda with music by govind,vasantha make sure you hit that,subscribe button bell icon all,notifications and pretty please vote,this up to let youtube know youre,enjoying what youre watching lets jump,into this here we go,hi welcome to his fm newton multiplayer,under happiness killer endeavor,[Music],software engineering,[Music],[Music],okay no violence,okay,[Music],oh hey,so wait a second is the dc or hidery,into him,shes his wife,right,they got married in that scene in the,beginning with like when she was wearing,the flower garlands i assume that was,them getting married like they had a,whirlwind she said she said,congratulations on the divorce thing,though im so confused well because she,wants a divorce from her husband and so,he the the guy is trying to help her,have a divorce from her husband right,okay theres a dt,yeah,the same dude thats still cara salman,gotcha yeah,and she says dont go out in that dress,even though theyre like all happy and,stuff yeah thats not just this is a,different guy thats a different guy,so he said i want divorce i want to sign,divorce okay i just signed divorce paper,shes saying congratulations i didnt,under i got thrown off completely about,what was going on because i didnt know,what was in her head,i didnt know what was actually,happening i didnt know like i dont,know what her business is exactly i,guess shes in some sort of like,a construction or engineering shes,pretty successful okay yeah and then i,mean obviously its a trailer and were,still like discovering whats going on,here but like when the guy said i signed,divorce papers it went a completely,different direction and i was like wait,whats going on here i just got really,confused right because its subverting,the expectation because,in the beginning you think the movie is,like your typical rom-com its really,cute you see them do all the cute like,rom-commy type tropes you know theyre,like having fun and whatnot,yeah im listening yeah and then it,turns into a divorce story,so,like somethings happening here shes,getting jealous right,because hes maybe falling for this,other woman,so shes pissed,are they actually divorced are they,still together no theyre still together,okay yeah okay,they havent divorced yet like,that got intense,[Music],so what are we saying movie,hey angry belle okay,[Music],thats super interesting its certainly,different from your run-of-the-mill,rom-com i feel like nowadays indian,films are kind of trying to take a,different direction with this type of,stuff you know exploring like we just,saw that trailer with the jay sethupathy,where hes got two two girls and so so,in this trailer was she initially im,just trying to unpack the story that,they were telling us here so they showed,us that she was happy with him yeah and,it had like this sort of dream like,qualities a very ethereal quality to the,whole thing yeah its so much so that,like okay im i was confident that what,i was watching was real and it was a,this blossoming romance but then it took,this hard right turn where theyre at,this uh dining table and like for a,split second i wasnt sure who the guy,was who goes i want a divorce and she,goes congratulations im like wait,whats going on in this story and i like,got confused about what the first half,of the trailer was for a moment i,confused myself but then i was like why,is she congratulating this guy on a,divorce thats a very specific thing,first of all its funny because its,like a completely inappropriate response,right because youre supposed to say oh,im so sorry right and in society right,and secondly i just projected i might be,wrong but i just she wanted out yeah i,just thought that it was kind of talking,to her about it but then after that,there was this like montage of stuff,where theyre talking about business and,whatnot and it seemed like she was,pining after some dude who was like,getting out of a divorce i got so,confused about what was going on where,did she pine after a guy i dont know,she probably she probably wasnt pining,after anybody it just like its just the,way that it all cut together just like,kind of messed me up,congratulations,okay so what threw me off,was the name mona i thought she was mona,shes mona okay see like did youre,talking about her in third person and,then like im like okay so wait shes,not mona do you see what im saying like,thats why i got confused and then here,he is with this other heres this guy,with this other broad im like wait,whos with who i got so thrown off,because like you know what im saying,okay do you understand why i got,confused yes,and so so he talked im like okay wait i,dont know what shes talking about here,when she when she says he talks i,thought that she was getting a little,jealous because she wanted to be with,this dude so like this other narrative,popped up interesting this other,narrative popped up into my head that,was like not what this movie is saying,yeah because i didnt get that,she put something in his juice yes she,did yeah she did what the hell is that,its diarrhea like yeah maybe its a,laxative,[Music],no violence,yeah okay anyway,im im more caught up now on what was,im sorry i just got super confused,about what the story was for a second,okay so they show us the happy marriage,and then it starts to fall apart i guess,and then she congratulates this guy on a,divorce because she really wants a,divorce and then after that she realizes,she doesnt actually want a divorce,because she gets jealous of seeing him,with this other lady she wants him back,okay,were straight now yeah yeah i think,thats another story i gotta say the,level of obsession that she had for this,guy when he was trying to get out of,this relationship i have not personally,experienced an obsession that was that,long lasting i have experienced,obsession where like girls are like ah,like my first two girlfriends werent,just not letting go when i tried to get,out of it even after the relationship,was technically over they were still,trying to like uh being very obsessed i,had one girl chase me by car you know,some crazy lots of things like that,have happened to me but they dont ever,seem to last like this long in real life,usually i feel like women tend to take,that loss and theyre like all right,well this sucks and then they just stay,in those feelings for like six months,but anyway thats not what the storys,about its not about real life its,about its about this uh journey of her,trying to what do you think the,objective is of the movie do you think,the objective is marriage story where,she learns how to deal with the terms of,whats real now its like okay theyre,divorced he doesnt want in the,relationship anymore or is the objective,of them to get back together i dont,think its like marriage story obviously,you know i havent seen the film im,just going off of the trailer and my own,prejudices and biases but watching this,i just thought that maybe this is a,story thats talking about how in today,in modern society we fall in love very,quickly you know we do all the things,and then afterwards you dont realize,that theres actually a lot of stuff,that maybe happens later on in the,relationship you start getting annoyed,and you dont realize that relationships,require work and then you want to take,the easy way out which is like oh well i,guess ill just get a divorce then,because i can and then when youre in,the midst of

Hey Sinamika Movie Review | Dulquer Salman, Aditi, Kajal, Jayam Ravi, Siva, Gayathri Raghuman, Kiki

foreign,foreign,so very happy for her for the,entertainment top-notch top-notch not,only cinematography all the departments,are directional in the,cinematography music all the departments,um,foreign,very experienced,foreign,particularly you know aloe vera all girl,crew obviously editor,female editor female,cinematographer master hello,powerful one or a girl,foreign,on the enhancement,and the lighting auto frame,on the wonderful area so cinematography,i think she has a great future,and i would love to welcome her to the,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,such a legendary,[Music],i just kept my first step i feel that,audience must like it,audience,will be the happiest person because we,had a lot of hard work in my back,now only work,no technicians develop your hard work,dot com

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Hey!Sinamika Movie Review by Filmi craft Arun|Dulquer Salmaan|Kajal Aggarwal|Aditi Rao Hydari|Brinda

[Music],hello viewers welcome to filmmaker and,um,foreign,performance,foreign,foreign,foreign,bye

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Hey Sinamika Movie Review By Kairam Vaashi | Brinda | Dulquer Salmaan | Aditi Rao | Kajal Aggarwal

for all the latest reviews interviews,and everything entertainment in tamil,kannada malayalam and telugu subscribe,to film companion south now on my way to,the theater today i wondered of late,what kinds of films have i been okay,with having a run time of about two and,a half hours or more and truth be told,relationship drama couldnt make it to,the top three,i know its easier said than done,but at the same time its also,imperative for a relationship drama to,be thoroughly engaging and have us,invested in the relationship but,unfortunately most of the recent ones,that ive watched have not been,successful at it,hi im kairan vashi and this is about,the super reputed choreographer dance,master brindas directorial debut hai,sinamika sinam as i understand means,anger and hence tsunamica,may mean angry woman angry young woman,as against the angry young man that we,are all used to,the role reversal here starts right from,the title and ill come back to that,later mauna aditi ravi and yaran,dulgar salman meet at a coffee shop on,the shore of a cochin beach,the conditions are overcast and soon,theres a storm and thanks to mauna both,of them escape the storm by taking,shelter at a blind spot but how did,mauna spot the blind spot,of course because shes a paleo,tempestologist,yeah go ahead google it absolutely no,time is wasted right at that blind spot,they fall in love with each other get,married and are now in chennai all of,this happens within a govind vasantha,song the tune of which is from thai,kodam bridges fish rock its now two,years since the marriage and the,breadwinner of the house mauna cannot,stand her house husband yarn,for her hes a good man but he talks too,much asks a lot of questions and also,nags her about the kind of food she has,to eat all in all with him around she,has no freedom whats next she wants to,be separated from him for which she,seeks the help of a relationship,counselor malar willi played by kajal,agarwal,what ensues is a story of jealousy,mistrust trust regret repentance and,union im going to leave the question,who is yarn going to unite with,unanswered for obvious reasons on a,lighter note given that mauna is,interested in katrin moli and also there,are two ladies and a man i couldnt help,but think that this too is,kathubakila indicadal in its own way the,story which apparently is an adaptation,does flow smoothly always in a familiar,manner,the framing the colours the costumes are,all pleasing to the eyes but a tad bit,overdone and unnatural id like to,specifically call out one shot that i,thought was framed very well,the camera is like a fly on the wall at,a height,watching yarlan the pensive yardan who,is sitting on a chair because by then he,has witnessed maunas darker side,mauna enters through the door like a,shadow,and yet asks yardan as to why he is,sitting in the dark the way in which the,songs are picturized and choreographed,is enjoyable and i would recommend a,repeat listening of govind vasanthas,songs he has touched different styles,for instance theres a rap with a,bharatiya kaviday speaking of which i,felt the film was trying to be poetic,intelligent and all that we have come to,happily associate with madan karki who,has taken charge of the writing,department of this film,however,quite a good lot of it didnt feel,actually organic for example one of,maunas problems with her husband is,that he cannot keep quiet but she is,meaning quiet or silent,or does her name signify the lull before,the storm,regardless such poetic linkages did seem,obviously done another example would be,of yarn smashing the ways kept on the,table while telling mauna that she has,smashed his life to pieces,there are dialogue recalls short recalls,one in the climax as well,but none of them fully provide the,gratification that the writer perhaps,expected and we the audience wished like,i hinted at the beginning,length is a major issue here there is a,yogi babu scene which didnt work for me,at all while i did not dislike any of,the songs,i did feel it was one too many and i,felt all of this time could have been,more effectively used in having scenes,which drew us closer to the characters,and the drama honestly theres not a lot,for dulgar to do as yardan but,nevertheless hes one of the reasons we,sit through the film,im curious to know what had him choose,this role not because its a bad role,but its mostly one tone and hes almost,never vulnerable now going back to my,role reversal point,this is a story where aditis character,mauna is the protagonist and hence the,title,mauna slightly reminded me of karthis,character in carter valley day she can,be toxic and does what men usually do in,our films,also not to forget,the hero,in this film is a house husband and the,role reversal is seen behind the camera,as well obviously starting off with the,director brinda dop prieta jayaraman and,editor radha sridhar i wish them all,more power overall this is a debut that,definitely cannot be written off however,i only wished this eye pleasing film was,soul stirring too,[Music]

Hey Sinamika Tamil Movie Review By Sudhish Payyanur @Monsoon Media

İyi,bakalım iyi Aytene diğer Lisa yatıyor,ağabey bunu da hey o,O Amerika kataloğu bunu bebeğim gönlüme,yetti olmalı Hanım adına dönüyor,de ama ben,bu haberle belediye bırak beni randevu,olur hadi var Yolları sahibi,gazilik bu senin,kooman kongresinde ve uyu ediyorum,hadi buradan e posta,bir şey sinamega bu da yolunun,Amerikada sevmeyen top Allah Allah o,[Müzik]

Hey Sinamika Movie Review | Dulquer Salmaan | Aditi Rao Hydari | Kajal Aggarwal | Brinda | The Quint

after watching the couples fight in,haiti amica i was really happy that im,still single,as if you have a choice,hey everyone im sanderiya and this is,bulka salmans latest flick hey,sinamikas movie review the title hey,is borrowed from a song in mani ratnams,okadalkar mini but just as you complete,watching this movie you will start,feeling like this is mani ratnams car,trivially day with the gender roles of,the leads reversed this story is written,by a famous tamil lyricist madhan karki,starring dulker salman aditya rahila and,tajila gabal the film is directed by,dans choreographer turned director,brinda and the music is composed by,gobind vasantha the movie opens with the,aaron played by dulka salman and mona,played by aditi in a beatside restaurant,taken by a storm right after they fall,in love at first sight thats a,brilliant metaphor to set the context of,what follows in the relationship in the,rest of the story they soon exchange,poetic pickup lines and get married at,the end of the first song and before you,realize the first song is over the,second song comes and then the third and,then many more,we are constantly reminded that heisen,amica is a directorial debut of dance,choreographer turned director brinda,master because of the introduction of,such new songs and dance sequences at,regular intervals they are good but just,too many,coming back to the story yarn is a happy,house husband whos a stickler for,healthy food he loves to cook healthy,meals right from his backyard garden,hes a chatterbox loves living life one,moment at a time and expressing his true,self on the other hand mauna is an angry,young woman who feels suffocated in a,relationship with yarn she feels that,her personal boundaries are violated by,her clingy and talkative husband,struggling to breathe in the,relationship monarch decides to divorce,yaran but in the least painful way,because yaron is a good guy after all,but how you may ask experts should have,told mona to have a conversation like an,adult with yaran to either fix the,marriage or part ways but moana had,other ideas she chooses to hire a,psychologist smaller very played by,kajal agarwal to seduce her nice husband,to use it as an excuse to quit the,marriage at this moment i want you to,ask dear mona why do you devise a,cunning divorce strategy to peacefully,blame it on him if you genuinely dont,want to hurt that good guy yara,why,every character in the movie is well,defined with clarity yet the reasoning,behind their behaviors is still a,mystery for instance mona hates yaran,for being so clingy and talkative and,she goes to any length to devotion but,suddenly she wants to take him back when,mullerberry is halfway through her love,assignment which is apparently what,moana had assigned while the answer to,why she hates him is clearly established,the answer to why she wants to take him,back is not well defined the storyline,then gets predictable with mullerby,developing feelings for yarn and then,two women fighting over a man the film,aspires to be funny and sensitive while,being mediocre at both for instance,there is a scene where yaron schools a,bully in a function who mocks at him for,wearing his wifes clothes just when you,finish saying wow that was amazing a few,scenes later muller very asks mona if,yarn is a gay as an insulting joke,though the screenplay tries to,repeatedly make you feel lost the,aesthetic beauty of the shots in the,film kind of pulls you back to sit,through it the color palettes used in,the movie is so accelerating and kudos,to cinematographer art director and the,costume designers one of the best things,about the movie is the refreshing,slightly feminist take on the male,protagonist drm and despite his flaws,how he organically enables a woman like,muller very to restore faith in men,going from all men are cheats to not all,men,so honestly,namika is a love story that you may not,really love but just like and my rating,for the film is 2.5

Hey Sinamika Movie Review By Hariharan Krishnan | Brinda | Dulquer Salmaan | Aditi | Kajal Aggarwal

welcome to film companion south and im,hari haran today well be talking about,a film called hey sinamika by brinda but,first rom-com movies or romantic comedy,movies are like action or horror movies,and just like in action and horror,movies we the writers and audiences want,the good women and men to emerge,victorious at the end so too it is in,rom-com movies this is the basic rule of,melodrama,where the virtuous shall always triumph,over evil rajnigan should be able to,fight hundreds of bad guys in one go in,hundreds of movies while an innocent,looking jody foster must overcome the,evil genius honey ball in a horror,masterpiece called the silence of the,lambs,there is however one problem with,rom-com movies without the support of,extraneous gadgets and fireworks as we,see in action and horror movies the,rom-com movies tend to look real and,realistic so this makes us focus deeply,on the acting talents who occupy the,screen throughout the duration,and they have to be romantic and,engaging so,hey cinamica the film we are reviewing,today works within the rom-com genre,i can imagine how debutant choreographer,brinda and madan kharki the writer could,have discussed the following points at,the inception stage they would have,first said there should be no logic,no psychology no questions asked about,how their characters can afford such,lavish lifestyles dress up in so many,designer costumes or live in residential,complexes with no neighborhood etc no,question should also be asked about who,their parents and siblings are etc etc,but there should be plenty of songs pepe,background music trendy costumes,gorgeous makeup sleek cars fancy,interior decor etc etc the film begins,with princess aditi rao haideri called,mauna meeting prince charming dulkar,salman called iron and this love at,first sight develops literally into a,fiery thunderstorm as they passionately,hug each other and sing a song and after,this beautiful eternal love for each,other promises they arrive into their,lives two years later,and we see them as a married couple the,first twist,he is now perfectly domesticated as a,house husband,cooking and gardening while she works as,a hotshot in a construction company,this means,the early romance part is over,leaving us only with the comedy of a,mismatched romantic couple i have a,feeling that brinda and karki must have,decided that this film should be an,extension of an earlier blockbuster,called okay convenient by mani ratnam,that dulkar and nithya menon are seen,having an extended living relationship,and finally ending up married in the,climax so calling the film hey cinamica,a song from okay kanbani as a reference,point they plunge straight into this,annoying relationship where mauna has to,bear the burden of an over-affectionate,partner who gives no space for her to,talk or express anything so this leaves,mauna no choice,but to bring in her quirky office,colleagues and find a way to somehow,quit this relationship by seeking a,transfer to puducherry so far so good,within a rom-com genre,both aditi and dulkar put up an,entertaining and reasonably hilarious,show of how not to live as a married,couple for the first 50 minutes,but to last another 90 minutes the rule,book prescribes that chaos must enter,the screenplay and upset all the plants,and it all happens at the wedding of,aditis bosss daughter in a fancy,setting,this is where i think lies the primary,problem what do we see here enter the,evil lady lover called dr mullery played,by kajol agarwal she photographs a man,whos too timing she then dances in the,sangeeth offering stiff competition to,mauna,jaran arrives at the wedding in a,completely bizarre costume and out of,the blue ridicules the catering service,and then he picks up a fight with a,guest on how to observe decorum mauna,shocked by the behavior and drags him,away home,this is not just chaos it is,catastrophic to reveal so many conflict,points in just one big scene,for a simple slender rom-com story from,here it descends virtually,into sleepless nights for the poor,mismatched couple so how does this film,save itself from here,ah did you hear me say sleepless,yes help arrives here from an,interesting story plot from another,rom-com famous film called sleepless in,seattle so in this film yardan is,persuaded to become a radio talk show,host and he speaks about good human,values in the hope that he can bring,back mauna into his life and the,importance of being an optimist dulca,does this job admirably well and this is,also thanks to kharki who has spent some,brilliant lines for him,but the talks soon we are into social,activism exposing crooks in our society,a goofy yogi babu comes into the picture,leaving the film completely out of its,romantic focus the film starts,meandering here yet fortunately the best,part arrives here at least for me a,vibrant rap song called achamilay sung,by dolkar himself,[Music],choreographed in an equally energetic,manner showing yardan and his fellow,crusaders jiving through the narrow,streets and slums of the city bunda is,extremely innovative here and helped by,preetas fluid camera work and some,reasonably good music here by govind,vasantha,this sequence will be my hot favorite,unfortunately this standalone piece,surfaces like an oasis,before the rest of the film plunges,into a serious problematic love triangle,melodrama now i want you to see the film,from here onwards and make your own,balance judgment but what i would like,to say is that romantic comedies have,been a staple diet in indian cinema,since 1947 providing the young,post-independent generation of the 60s,70s and 80s their first lessons in,romancing more often than not our young,heroes then were in their late 30s and,sometimes even mid-40s for example shami,kapoor was 40 years old when he danced,for jungling and shivaji ganesha was 50,years old when he did tirislam and,dancing with sri priya but this is 2022.,mani ratnams okay khan money from 2014,already seems part of history should we,not ask as to why do we have actors in,their mid 30s still performing like,teeny boppers with sound technology,having advanced so much,why do the dialogues and effects in the,film sound,so dubbed loud and synthetic with so,much diversity in modern indian urban,society why cant our films scripts,include characters from other,communities and nationalities so you see,as we enter global ott platforms i,sincerely hope our filmmakers push these,boundaries,and make our films more relevant and,more contemporary,thank you see you later,[Music]

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