1. Himiway Cruiser Review – DONT buy this “Long Range” electric bike BEFORE you see this
  2. Himiway Cobra Review | Electric Fat Bike (2022)
  3. ORORO Heated Jacket Review + Himiway eBike Winter Snow Ride!
  4. HIMIWAY Cruiser REVIEW – Fettes E-Bike mit großem Akku im Test
  6. Himiway Cruiser Review | Fat Tire Electric Bike (2021)
  7. 2022 Himiway Cruiser Long Range E-Bike Full Test and Review (Fat Bike)

Himiway Cruiser Review – DONT buy this “Long Range” electric bike BEFORE you see this

this is the hemiway cruiser and its a,fat tire electric bike im going to show,you a few different specific things,about this bike so i will have chapters,below this video in the description box,in the first part well talk about the,installation how long it took me and how,hard it is then were going to take it,outside and im going to show you my,very first impressions of it and tell,you about the components then after that,were going to take it out to the beach,on the sand and were going to see how,it performs on loosely packed sand as,well as hard pack stand down by the,water,i mean look at those four inch tires on,this bike this things just begging to,be ridden in the sand so after all that,were gonna take it out for a range test,and im gonna see what kind of range i,can get out of this battery i ended up,doing three range tests the first was,mixed writing the second was a brutal,torture test and the third was a high,speed test out here by the beach on a,little ride spotted some more gimme ways,got it dang look at the size of these,tires these boys are big first,impressions taking this thing out of the,box it looks like its actually pretty,much assembled for the most part,and its packaged up really well with,all of these foam materials on it it,looks like the frame is really protected,its a pretty big battery on there,right away i can see why theyre,claiming a long range on this battery,this battery pack is quite a bit bigger,than most the other e-bikes ive seen so,far lets check out what comes inside,the box so you got a little hemi way hat,through axle probably for the front,wheel nice little tool kit,headlight,pedals,charger how many amps im guessing two,two amps so its probably going to take,a while for this thing to recharge,especially considering its a big,battery pack so first thing lets get,this bike on the charger to make sure,the batterys charged up while we build,it so it comes with a set of keys which,is nice so somebody cant just walk up,and take your battery well go ahead and,unplug it and then well get it on the,charger lets see how much this battery,weighs its a pretty big battery thrown,on scale here eight pounds,11.9 ounces so,pretty much almost a nine pound battery,lg cells thats a good sign 48 volt 17.5,amp hour plug this side in first so its,not fully charged i dont know where,its at oh check it out its got a,little button up here so yeah it looks,like its about 3 4 full so thats,actually a good way to ship an e-bike,you dont want the battery to be fully,charged and sitting there stressing out,the cells first step get the handlebars,on then you put the headlight on next,next well put the front wheel on,make sure you get that snugged up pretty,good before you pull the lever down and,everythings lined up make sure its,really tight because you definitely do,not want that front tire falling off on,you paddles on and tight,so the brakes are rubbing a little bit,im honestly too excited to get this,thing out on the road so ill fix it,later hopefully it doesnt affect the,range too much,batterys been on here for about two,hours it still doesnt say its fully,charged its that three out of four,lines are lets get this battery on the,bike and get outside,one of the first things i noticed about,this seat actually i like that theres,like a little handle down here to kind,of help you pick it up because this is a,little bit of a bigger bike for sure,with these massive tires,im looking really forward to getting,this thing out on the beach and seeing,how this performs riding in the sand,another thing that i really like is this,rear rack that comes on it so you can,bring stuff to the beach or wherever,youre going i like the wood look to it,another thing about the hemi way cruiser,is it does have front suspension it is,adjustable another thing about the tires,that you dont see on just every bike is,theres actually some,reflectors on the side to make you more,visible speaking of visibility this does,come with a front headlight on it and,theres also a rear tail light oh you,gotta check this out i just learned,something new about this bike in the,elevator,its got brake lights,of course it is a hub drive motor,and there is a rear cassette with gears,so with these gears carrying around the,extra weight and stuff it should really,help this thing for performing you know,climbing hills as well as going off-road,were just gonna ride it up this hill,see how it does full throttle,oh the steep hill,it can do it it can do it oh yeah as i,mentioned the battery is relatively,large its about a 17.5 amp hour battery,ill put the specs for that up on the,screen here other first impressions are,i like the hand grips they have like a,leathery kind of feel to them,and the stitching on them just looks,neat and kind of fancy the display up,here is large and very visible for sure,you can adjust the,assist levels right here by pressing,that button,and it shows you your pedal assist level,right there,on the right side you have your gear,changing lever as well as the button,here and you also have a twist throttle,right here the bike does come with,tektro disc brakes they are mechanical,disc brakes as opposed to hydraulic disc,brakes these particular brakes are the,ares series it appears that the,controller is actually mounted down here,by the bottom bracket just under the,frame and you also get the tektro aries,disc brakes on the rear and really what,im doing right now is just trying to,get some good b-roll because,im going to get this thing out on the,sand and get it so dirty,right away on my very first ride you can,cycle through the different information,so this is average miles per hour,trip,odometer,time,as well as max speed,theres also a button here to turn on,and off the lights,the preload adjustment is on the left,fork and then the compression adjustment,is on the right side fork additionally,there is a lockout so you can turn the,suspension effectively off that means if,youre riding on super smooth surfaces,and you dont want the suspension to be,active you can just lock it out i,actually really like that this has this,style throttle rather than the thumb,throttle ive kind of found that using,thumb throttles has caused my uh thumb,to actually kind of get a little bit,like of like a muscle strain almost just,from holding it in one position whereas,i feel like this might be a little,easier to kind of maintain like a cruise,control and over on the left hand grip,here you do have a bell that comes built,in,this is a cruiser style bike and i,really like these riser handlebars i,think its going to make the riding,position of this bike as a cruiser,really nice so with all that said thats,just kind of some of my first,impressions looking at this bike so,before we go down to the beach first,thing well do is just go for a little,ride down here in the basement i have,not been on this bike whatsoever were,gonna hop up on here,power it up and see how it is screen,powers right up,starting in gear two lets just see what,its like to pedal,on zero actually you know the very first,thing im noticing about this bike just,kind of maneuvering it down here to the,basement is,uh its a pretty substantially heavy,e-bike compared to other e-bikes ive,ridden so hopefully the weight really,pays off so zero just pedaling with no,power assist it actually gets moving,along just fine,and uh yeah you can tell right away,these big tires are making for a plush,ride and this is a beast of a bike im,actually,liking it so far,i should say for your reference im six,foot five i weigh,195 pounds so that should affect range,for sure,uh the suspension is,nice and bouncy this is great actually i,really like the front suspension gears,are snappy it went right into the granny,gear no problem,the index shifter is nice,yup snappy gears change very nicely,theyre all lined up perfect which is,great i dont hear any clicking or,anything like that theyre not trying to,jump,cogs okay so lets go ahead and try this,uh twist

Himiway Cobra Review | Electric Fat Bike (2022)

hey everybody im sam gross with,electricbikereport.com and this is the,himaway cobra its a brand new full,suspension electric fat bike from,himaway a brand thats made a reputation,for itself building long distance,electric fat bikes,weve brought the cobra out to its,natural habitat in the desert in,southern utah and were going to put it,through its paces today to see how it,performs in the real world to stick with,us,so obviously the most notable thing,about the new himaway cobra is that its,a full suspension electric fat bike,which is a departure from the hardtails,that hemaway usually produces and i have,to be honest when i saw this bike,released on black friday of 2021 i was,fairly skeptical of how it was going to,perform and thats for a couple of,reasons mainly because himaway has no,experience building full suspension,electric fat bikes and secondly its,still at a very affordable price point,and quite frankly affordable full,suspensions arent known for their,performance,full suspension e-bikes this linkage,this four bar linkage which is on this,bike is actually a fairly complex piece,of engineering and in order to make it,so that its stiff enough laterally so,the bike doesnt feel wallowy in corners,and over rough terrain but still has,compliance vertically so that that rear,suspension is still working thats a,really hard thing to pull off especially,on a budget,so i have to be honest im fairly,surprised right now to be saying that,im really pleased with how this bike,has performed,it still falls short of that mountain,bike benchmark thats mostly because it,still is a rear hub driven bike its got,a 750 watt rear hub motor and frankly,its just a bit of a beast its heavy,its very large well get a little bit,more into the kind of this overall size,of this bike in a second but its still,a little bit unwieldy and tighter,terrain but were out here in a lot of,double track weve seen a lot of mud,today out here testing this bike and,its done really really well,like all the rest of him aways bikes,its a class 3 e-bike with a 750 watt,rear hub motor this rear hub motor has,been rear excuse me redesigned from the,old hemaway cruiser,it still has a similar setup but,himalway says this one can dissipate,heat better and it now makes 86 newton,meters of torque hidden inside the frame,which is also a new thing for him away,is a,48 volt 20 amp hour battery which is,large again hemaway is known for,building long range electric fat bikes,and this one still is a fairly long,range bike,the brakes are handled by a set of,hydraulic tectro brakes with 180,millimeter rotors front and rear,this is also again another improvement,over the old himaway cruiser which used,mechanical disc brakes the hydraulic,brakes do grab harder theyre a little,bit more modulation they just feel,better in off-road terrain you also get,an rst guide front fork and a rear shock,which im just going to look at the side,its an x-form shock its not something,that im personally familiar with i have,a fairly long background in mountain,biking and this is definitely a more,affordable shock,and i guess now lets just talk about,the suspension a little bit because,thats obviously the big thing thats,new and fancy about this bike,so something im pleased about is how,well the suspension actually works that,rear linkage its a four bar linkage is,actually functional it does soak up,bumps especially on the testing that,weve done on bike paths going through,like a drainage culvert where you g out,for a second and on a hard tail your,back would pack up youd kind of go down,into the seat this one soaks that up,really nice,out here keep in mind if you do take,this out onto an off-road or a double,track type,type style of riding this is still very,affordable suspension there is a himaway,cobra pro which is far more expensive,than this bike and actually has a,mid-drive motor that has a nicer,suspension setup this is still a fairly,budget suspension so youre not going to,get things like small bump compliance,and rebound adjustment and compression,adjustment but it does get the job done,out here on these double track roads,that do at times get fairly rough,frame wise the himaway cobra is a very,large bike specifically its very long,compared to other bikes that it competes,with in this fat tire 750 watt class,like the rad power bikes rad rover 6,plus and the event and adventure were,looking at four to six inches longer,than either of those bikes especially,the adventure its also fairly tall its,32 inch standover height thats again,several inches taller than the rover or,the the adventure so its not gonna be a,bike thats super friendly to smaller,people im six foot one i have a lot of,experience handling bikes especially,heavier bigger e-bikes this one has,thrown me off a couple of times just,simply trying to hold it and wheeled it,around turn it around on the bike path,its just easy to get it to tip over so,bear in mind if youre a smaller person,looking at this bike it might be wiser,to choose a different one but if youre,a larger person like myself it should,work just fine cockpit-wise youve got,himaways standard display youve got a,twist throttle on the side and then,youve got this comfort seat as well,its all super comfortable its a,well-specced e-bike and were pleasantly,surprised by how well its performed so,far in our testing,so to get an idea of how well the cobra,comes to a stop were going to put it,through a braking test where we bring it,up to 20 miles an hour and slam on the,brakes as hard as we can and take the,average of that getting an average,braking distance this bike comes with a,set of tetro tektro hydraulic disc,brakes and 4.8 inch wide tires so its,probably going to come to a stop fairly,quickly but lets put it to the test and,see how it goes,[Music],so the cobra came to a stop on average,and 17 feet 9 inches which isnt quite,our average of all the bikes weve brake,tested but its still pretty good keep,in mind this is an extremely heavy,e-bike and those techno hydraulic disc,brakes are just two pistons as opposed,to more powerful four piston brakes so,that could be contributing to it just,ever so slightly but overall a really,nice breaking performance from the cobra,it come to it came to a stop in a very,safe and very effective distance so good,job,so hemoway built its reputation off of,long range electric fat bikes and the,cobra is no different its got a 48 volt,20 amp hour battery thats now hidden,inside the frame that hidden battery is,another improvement that were seeing,over the old himaway cruiser which had a,battery mounted on the outside of the,frame this one is removable and it tucks,into the down tube,but that 48 volt 20 amp hour battery to,get an idea of how far it can go on a,single charge we did two different range,tests the first on pas5 the bikes,highest pedal assist setting and then on,pas2 the second highest pedal assist,setting in pas5 the bike went for 36.37,miles before dying then on pas2 for,65.06 miles before dying so really great,result from this bike that is frankly,further than some of the other bikes in,this category which is something weve,come to expect of him away so more great,battery range from this company thats,known exactly for that,so in addition to a long battery life,hemaway has also earned a reputation at,least among the electric bike report,staff for raw and unbridled power from,its 750 watt motor,and again the cobra is no departure from,that rule,this bike is fast it leaps off the line,very quickly its incredibly torquey,there is a lot of motor going on with,the himaway cobra,keep that in mind if youre looking for,a bike that might be a little bit,mellower so you may still want power but,you dont want to feel like it can get,away from you easily this might not be,the bike for you but if you are looking,for that if you are maybe experienced,with e-bikes this thing has a lot to,offer,but there is a lot more to say about,this motor than just how fast it is,one

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ORORO Heated Jacket Review + Himiway eBike Winter Snow Ride!

whats going on everyone today we are,taking a look at the Aurora row heated,jacket this is their classic style and,all black but they do have a ton of,different vests and color jackets if you,want something a little more stylish but,Ive always been a simple black jacket,kind of person so this is what I got,here I also got another for my wife,which except for the size is pretty much,identical to this one she wears hers a,lot and is currently at work so this is,the only one Ill be displaying today,this jacket has three different heating,elements one on the left and right side,chest here and then another larger one,on the back to Power the jacket you have,what they call a mini 5K power bank,this Powers the jacket through a barrel,connector here but you also have a USB a,and USBC Port this is used to both,charge the power bank or charge your,phone as well since youll be having the,power bank with you anyways thats a,nice added bonus and convenience to have,the battery is 4 800 milliamps and can,power this jacket for three hours on,high,six hours on Media mode or 10 hours on,low for most cases I found the jacket on,low mode was good enough to make a good,difference in warmth and I can usually,get about two or three days out of one,charge with my usage keep in mind this,is because I am not wearing my jacket,the entire time so if you have it on,continuously and are outdoors in the,cold youll probably need to charge it,up every single night its a fairly,light battery and even has its own,pocket here on the inside of the jacket,to store it so while it may sound,inconvenient to carry a battery around,with you most of the time you really,dont notice its here so me and my wife,have been wearing these jackets for,about two months now and I gotta say we,both really love these jackets unless,its a really nice day outside we find,ourselves wearing these jackets a lot,more than our other jackets this is my,first time owning a heated jacket if you,have a car with heated seats this feels,very similar to that its just a nice,warmth that hits your back but you also,have the addition of two heated pads up,front as well so even though its only,on certain areas it does travel,throughout you to make you feel much,warmer overall being in Chicago where we,get into the negative temperatures every,winter I was concerned that even though,this jacket might have built-in heat,that it just wasnt going to be,insulated enough heating elements aside,even with the Jackie powered off I was,happy to find out this is still a very,warm and well insulated jacket one of,the reasons I really wanted a jacket,like this is even though its winter I,still like to get out and ride my e-bike,if its 20 degrees outside and Im,riding my bike due to cold winds for me,it would end up feeling like 10 degrees,or less so even though I wear multiple,layers in bundle up it can still be,uncomfortable which leads to Shorter,rides I dont fully enjoy Ive ridden,with this jacket about six or seven,times now and it definitely helps a lot,by no means am I completely warm as it,is still very cold outside but similar,to heated seats in a car it really does,help to take the edge off and provide,more warmth and comfort along with thick,socks and winter pants this jacket,really helps make winter writing a lot,more tolerable and easier to do alright,so were going to take this jacket out,for a spin this here is the e-bike Ill,be riding today this is the hemiway,escape Pro I did do a review on this,e-bike already so if you want more,details in my honest opinion on it Ill,throw a link in the description to that,as well,so heres a quick look at the jacket to,see how it looks and fits this is a size,extra large I have as I like to have a,little more room when it comes to,jackets so to turn the jacket on you,simply press this button here and red is,for high white is for medium blue is for,low and then you just hold it down for a,few more seconds to shut it off as well,yeah so before I had this jacket I,usually just used to bundle up and use,those little hand warming packets I,think theyre called hot hand or,something like that,and overall they helped a little but,since it was just a small packet inside,my pocket it didnt help too much but,with the heated jacket the pads two of,them are pressed against you up front,and then you have the other one on your,back so not only is it keeping the cold,out but its also adding warmth at the,same time so its definitely a lot more,effective,versus just bundling up I dont even,have anything under this jacket right,now I just have the jacket and the,heater elements on and I feel perfectly,fine and warm right now I mean Im not,extremely warm but its pretty warm,overall and right now its about 25,degrees outside and inside my jacket I,feel like as if it was like 40 or 45 or,so so its definitely really helpful,yeah so this is my first time riding,this e-bike out in the snow and as you,can see its handling it no problem at,all thanks to the fat tires if you had a,regular Commuter e-bike or didnt have,five tires you definitely dont want to,ride that in the snow I have an e-bike,that has 2.2 tires and one time I tried,taking it over loose gravel and it was,just slipping and sliding all over the,place so I know in the snow it would be,just about the same if not worse but,this bike as you can see,no problem at all riding through I mean,this is not very much snow its a its,kind of just a dusting over the grass,and sidewalks but it is making the floor,very wet but,Im not slipping or anything like that,so thats really good,so if youre going to be riding your,e-bike out in the snow theres two,things I would recommend you do the,first would be to make sure you are,riding with lower tire pressure in your,tires so for example if your tires are,rated to be inflated from anywhere from,15 to 30 PSI you want to put it closer,to the 15. what this is going to do is,make your tires softer,which will make your ride more,comfortable but also make it have more,traction in the snow so it can have more,bounce and really grab into the snow,much better and then number two you want,to make sure you lock out your front,fork suspension because if you have it,on whats going to happen is while,youre riding a lot of the power from,the bike is going to be pressing into,the ground instead of onto the ground so,its a lot of wasted power there but,when you lock it out it makes sure that,power is all delivered onto the road,this way you also youre not stringing,the motor but youre also able to get,more speed and Battery efficiency so,definitely keep that in mind first the,first half of this video I did forget to,lock out my suspension but now I have it,locked and I could see its definitely,going a lot faster rather than jumping,in and down into the snow so one other,thing to keep in mind is the cold is,harder on the batteries so whatever,range you have in the summer and spring,youre not going to have the same range,in the winter if youre not someone who,likes to ride far distances youre,probably not going to notice it but if,youre someone like me who likes to ride,further distances and like to go 20 30,miles away,you definitely want to keep that in mind,because the last thing you want to do is,ride your usual route that your bike can,do but this time you end up getting,stranded instead so something to keep in,mind for you people that might be,writing for the first time this winter,and if youre going to be riding in the,snow in the winter in general the floors,are going to be icy in some areas they,are going to be wet so keep that in mind,and try not to be Road Runner going as,fast as you can because thats really,going to increase the chances that,youre going to slip and fall somewhere,so definitely take precautions and ride,safely if youre going around the snow,yeah so Im in Chicago and we havent,had that much snow yet this is the first,snowfall we had of the year I think we,had one before this but it was a real,light one that did

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HIMIWAY Cruiser REVIEW – Fettes E-Bike mit großem Akku im Test

[Musik],heute bin ich mit dem handy way krusa,unterwegs fette reifen eine ordentliche,federung unglaublich viel fahrspaß,erwarten euch in diesem video schauen,wir mal was das bike sonst noch zu,bieten hat los gehts,[Musik],vor fast genau einem jahr habe ich euch,in einem video dass hemingway city,pedelec vorgestellt optisch eher,konservativ und der erste versuch von,hemingway neben dem amerikanischen auch,auf dem deutschen markt fuß zu fassen,mittlerweile gibt es da einige modelle,darunter auch den himmel way krusa den,stelle ich euch heute vor den cruiser,als tepco also mit leicht abgesenkt um,oberrohr hinweis alternativ gibt es ebay,kann auch noch mit gerade am oberrohr,das ist dann in schwarz die farben unter,den e bike modellen wechseln das geht,leider nicht der erste blick fällt aber,ohnehin weder auf farbe noch auf das,oberrohr sondern natürlich direkt auch,auf die fetten kenda reifen der cruiser,ist ein feedback und die 26 zoll reifen,sind gute zehn zentimeter breit und das,ist natürlich eine sehr sehr brachiale,erscheinung und das tut dem ansonsten,recht unauffälligen rahmen auch ganz gut,der ist okay der akku ist auch sehr,präsent und ja auch das kann man schön,erlösen darüber hinaus hat der cruiser,him away typisch sein kleines,schneidebrett dabei der gepäckträger,kommt mit holzoberfläche und him away,logo der ist trotzdem ganz praktisch,besitzt hier noch streben für taschen,oder expander praktische auch dass das,rad komplett auch mit dicken,schutzblechen kommt denn ein ausflug der,unbefestigte store bietet sich hier mit,diesen reifen nur an und da braucht es,eben auch die gespräche sind das plastik,machten aber trotzdem einen sehr soliden,eindruck das bike hat bei allem,brachialen aber auch einfach schöne,details etwa am gepäckträger oder hier,der griff unter dem sattel sehr,praktisch zum rangieren immerhin wie,lisa brocken hier auch 32 kilo und das,ist natürlich auch eine ansage leicht,geht anders außerdem finden wir hier,über all diese schrauben am rahmen also,da lässt sich neben einem front,gepäckträger oder korb noch einiges,montieren was die langen touren,angenehmer macht was mich überrascht hat,online sieht die beleuchtung komplett,anders aus vor eine ziemlich große lampe,und mehreren leuchtquellen drin aber,bekommen habe ich eine doch recht,schlanke beleuchtet dabei handelt es,sich um die chemie 50 dies gut sie,leuchtet schon hell ist auch vorstellbar,im winkl aber so rein optisch zu diesem,fetten bike hätte ich so eine dicke,leuchte vorne auch ganz cool gefunden,hinten ist das rücklicht mit reflektor,in den gepäckträger integriert passiv,beleuchtet quasi sind die reifen denn,die haben einen reflektierenden,umlaufenden streifen spendiert bekommen,also soviel zum design ich sag mal so,ohne die fetten reifen wäre mir das,ganze zu bieder zu langweilig aber in,dieser kombination geht bei mir auch,dieser rahmen durch das macht insgesamt,schon was her da stört auch der dicke,akku nicht weiter den wir hier,abschließen und natürlich anders rum,auch entnehmen können dass sie zeitlich,und ziemlich einfach hathaway die nennen,sich ja die reichweiten experten und der,akku kann auch wirklich das ganze 800 40,wattstunden hat deren kapazität und das,ist natürlich einiges aber er muss ja,auch ein 32 kilowatt plus fahrer und,zuladung bewegen reichweiten technisch,liegen wir dann zwischen 60 und 100,kilometern so um die 80 90 waren bei mir,im test schon realistisch ich fahre auch,gerne im höchsten modus und dafür finde,ich das wirklich eine sehr sehr gute,reichweite die wir damit erzielen,konnten und wo wir gerade bei der,zuladung war noch das gefällt mir der,cruiser ist für bis zu 160 kilo nutzlast,kapazität freigeben oder auch dieser,wert ist wirklich top gut das,eigengewicht ist schon ziemlich hoch,aber trotzdem auch knapp 130 kilo wenn,wir das bike abziehen sind nicht wenig,alles faktoren die man von einem bike in,dieser preisklasse auch nicht unbedingt,erwarten würde dazu bekommen wir auch,eine schaltung die altus von shimano mit,insgesamt sieben gängen finden wir hier,verbaut und dies wirklich in ordnung,klar die schalt gruppe ist er so in den,niedrigpreisigen einsteiger kategorie,anzusiedeln aber sie hat hier ihren job,wirklich gut erledigt und ohne murren,alles mitgemacht auch schnellere größere,gang wechsel ging mit ihr flink von der,hand,woran ich mich auch bei anderen bikes,aber einfach nicht so recht gewöhnen,kann ist hier diese art der bedienung,ich finde die unterhalb des lenkers,dezent aber wesentlich besser zu steuern,als wenn sie hier oben so thront und man,da so richtig die gänge runter ziehen,muss na ja ich gehe zumindest mal davon,aus dass man sich bei längerer benutzung,schon daran gewöhnt und dann ist das,ganze ja auch okay okay fand ich auch,den sattel ich bin der mann schon,irgendwie so ein stück zu weit nach,vorne drauf gerutscht hat man die,richtige position ist der natürlich,schön aufgeplustert und bequem aber,irgendwie eine nummer zu rutschig für,mich vielleicht gibt es ja auch noch,ansonsten ist so ein sattel ja ohnehin,anteil dass viele von euch zuallererst,austauschen denn der muss einfach zum,fahrer passen der da oben drauf sitzt,und wer hier oben drauf sitzt er hat,einen freien blick auf das große,aufgeräumte display das gefällt mir,immer sehr bei hemingway ist ein wenig,so wie ein bosch in tuvia so vom format,her und wirklich auch gut ablesbar was,bekommen wir hier ausgegeben die,wattzahl des motors was ich immer ganz,interessant finde darüber hinaus,natürlich geschwindigkeit und akkustand,gefahrene strecke gesamt und aktuell die,dauer und die,durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit also,zusammengefasst eigentlich alles was wir,brauchen schaffen wir das licht ein,dunkelt die hintergrundbeleuchtung etwas,ab das sieht man in ihrem hellen kaum,aber das muss man ja auch nicht die,bedienung erfolgt über diese einheit,hier linksseitig die man auch von,anderen modellen schon kennt und auch,die ist ein wenig wie die von bosch,licht ein- oder ausschalten das rad an,sich ein und ausschalten sowie eine plus,und einem minus taste mit dem navigiert,man sich durch die insgesamt fünf,unterstützung stufen außerdem an bord,eine klingel ungewöhnlich sieht nämlich,eher aus wie von einem e scooter aber,schön integriert schön sind auch die,griffe hier mit dem nähten und,ergonomischen hand auflageflächen das,gefällt mir sehr gut und ebenfalls,angenehm an den bremshebel finden wir so,eine art gummierung vorne tragen die den,fingern dann noch einmal etwas mehr,schmeichelt übrigens die hebel führen zu,den 188 mm scheibenbremsen auch hier,alles etwas größer dimensioniert aber,durchaus passend nur sind es eben leider,mechanische scheibenbremsen das lässt,sich gut dosieren diesem fall und,wunderbar einsätzen am ende fehlt mir,aber wie so oft etwas der biss wenn es,in richtung vollbremsung geht aber,vielleicht kann man die auch noch so ein,bisschen durchs einstellen etwas,nachschärfen sollte man auf jeden fall,mal probieren gibt in kombination mit,den belegen auch derzeit zumindest sehr,geräuschlos und wofür brauchen wir hier,starke bremsen ja um den kraftvollen,motor zu bändigen er sitzt der,hinterradnabe und hat wie das gesamte,bike schon eher ausladende ausmaße bei,jedem anderen bike hätte mich das,gestört hier,da fällt es auch nichts weiter auf erst,hildebrand ich weiß nicht genau wer da,ein detail dahinter steckt was sich an,beweise ist dass er die erlaubten 250,watt mit sich bringt und ein kraftvolles,drehmoment von 80 minuten metern,aufweisen kann und das ist schon eine,ganze menge und die merkt man auch es,geht wirklich sehr schnell aus den,startblöcken weg auch anstiege oder,ausritt ins gelände machen ihm nichts,aus das hat mir echt sehr gefallen auch,weil er für 80 newtonmeter namen motor,wirklich sehr schön ruhig arbeitet klar,hört man den aber da gibt es noch ganz,andere kandidaten die dann mehr,aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen was mich,aber stört am motor oder vielmehr in,seiner integration ist dass er etwas,braucht um einzusetzen ist hat man


yo whats up people how are you guys,doing today I am checking out my brand,new e-bike this right here is the,Hemingway zebra lets check it out,[Music],[Music],here we go guys the Hemingway zebra so,this e-bike is basically a beefed up,version of the himaway cruiser I love my,Hemingway Cruiser I put thousands and,thousands of miles on it until today,that thing is still running thats why,Im so excited that they actually,released this thing first impression,this bike is fat Im not talking about,the tires Im talking about the frame,look at this look at the seat stay in,the chain stay look at the down tube the,top tube so they pretty much upgraded,the material on the frame to a 6061 high,grade aluminum thats why this e-bike,can actually hold up to 400 pounds and,because of that this e-bike is kind of,heavy 79 pounds so this e-bike got an,upgraded motor Hemingway claims that the,new 750 motor has 86 newton meters of,torque and it dissipates heat better,than the old one so the drivetrain is,still the same Shimano Altus and the,upgraded thing here is the tektro,hydraulic disc brakes and it just looks,really neat so on the cockpit they stick,with their classic display Classic,Controller classic leather imitation,grips and twist throttle you know still,the same seven speed shifter in the bell,and again the main upgrade here is the,tectoral hydraulic disc brakes this,thing looks really neat so on the rotors,still the same I think this is a hundred,and 180 millimeters front and back you,guys see that techno disc brakes caliper,and right here the rack is actually,fatter there was a plywood over here,that has the hemiway logo but I left it,at the house because I had to put my,sons bike seat at the back you know,because we was riding together the other,day and the backlight now is upgraded,look at that very nice and very bright,and they included this reflector over,here so lets check out the front light,this thing is way brighter right now,its kind of you know its a daylight of,course you know you cant really see it,and use it but at night this thing is,pretty bright again with a reflector on,it and it looks very neat look at that,one of the neatest headlight that I ever,seen on e-bike classic fenders front and,back but I had to remove the front,fender because I just like the way it,looks and soon Im going to remove the,rear rack and the rear fender because,this thing looks mean without fenders,you know it looks like a fat aggressive,electric mountain bike the controller is,actually tucked in here now its part of,the frame now so the old Hemingway,Cruiser to control was kind of like bolt,in right here and the batteries on the,top the tires are kind of crusade 26 by,4 with this nice reflector over here,Ill use Kenda Crusades and they last,for a long time and its pretty grippy,too you know you cant go wrong with,Kenda the forks are still the same the,blackout 110 millimeter travel Fork that,has this little controller here so,basically you can lock it out or adjust,the damping and I think this is one of,my favorite parts right here the saddle,the saddle is not too big not too small,not too soft not too stiff there are two,Springs down there and so far its,working pretty good in my bump overall,for eighteen hundred dollars up to 1999,this is probably the meanest rear hub,electric bike that you can get I said,1800 to 1999 because you know sometimes,price will fluctuate because you know,sometimes theyre having sales but again,this e-bike is pretty beefed up you know,you got upgraded motor and the frame,looks really nice the frame is very,rigid it can hold up to 400 pounds so,all of you big boys out there here we go,you can actually ride an e-bike right,now without worrying that its gonna,break so yeah I guess uh lets start,writing it because the bugs are killing,me already all right right now we are,doing zero pedal assist and let me tell,you this thing is heavy so let me go to,pedal assist one,damn here we go its already kicking in,so pedal assist one,I can go up to 12.,12 miles an hour,pedal assist two,and pedals this two 16 miles an hour,pedal assist three,oh wow,20 miles an hour,let me slow down,pedal assist four,how fast we can go,all right let me see how fast we can go,here 22 miles an hour 22.5,and pedal assist five baby lets do it,how fast we can go,five miles an hour,all right lets go out on the road and,see,him go with this e-bike so pedal is this,one on the road is,all right what is it same thing 12 13,miles an hour,pedal assist two,16.5 miles an hour pedal assist three,foreign,assist four,all right come on,23,23.6 miles an hour pedal assist five,is,fast we can go,25 miles an hour I noticed that when it,hits 25 miles an hour the motor kind of,cuts off a little bit so I guess this,bike is limited to 25 miles an hour max,speed you know rules and regulations on,e-bikes kind of normal but you know me,Full Throttle I dont use pedals on my,e-bike just throttle so were just going,to be throttling this on the road and in,the trails lets do it all right I,stopped by my fishing spot real quick to,check out the tide oh man its a good,day for fishing today overcasted and I,forgot to tell you guys that the range,of this e-bike is actually around 60 to,80 miles and it will take you seven,hours to charge the battery thats,plenty of mileage but for me I think it,depends on how heavy you are depends on,the terrain so I think probably,realistically 50 miles per charge all,right lets get out of here because the,bugs are eating me already so we got a,little Hill up here and this is a pretty,good steep hill and the zebra is getting,it pretty easy look at that,no problem you know what lets do brake,checking I got a crazy idea hold on,lets turn around here,and hopefully,hopefully I wont hurt myself all right,Im just gonna do this once all right,lets go downhill real quick oh yeah the,zebra can go just about anywhere and,were gonna do a brake check no,right okay,brakes are pretty good,Im not gonna do it again,lets keep on rolling all right another,Hill Climb test since were here again,no problem,pedaling at all,zebra is getting it easy,all right lets go back to the trails I,like riding the trails,lets go over here,nice overcast today and finally the sun,is out man come on I need sunlight today,for filming every time I film here its,just its super cloudy and its raining,Thats The Story of My Life,handling is actually pretty good because,maybe because of the handlebars,hello yeah slow down theres hikers but,anyway right now I am on a,semi-aggressive position so you know the,handling is definitely better than the,Hemingway Cruiser I like the zebra you,know they named this thing the zebra you,know zebras can go just about anywhere,and they can run pretty damn fast like a,horse you know so yeah thats probably,why they named it the zebra right what,do you guys think comment down below,and again a no pedal here just Full,Throttle this is how I use all of my,e-bikes this throttle because I always,pedal on my regular bikes anyway so,oh yeah just Full Throttle baby this,trailer looks pretty Rowdy too,oh no here we go,its over lets go over here its my,first time going in this Trail so good,luck to me,I dont know where Im going right now,but hey,its fine and soon I might use this,e-bike were fishing because you know I,got a nice wide back rack at the back of,course,and uh maybe I can put a cooler there,Tackle Box fishing poles on the side who,knows well see,man this is so much fun dude,nice little fire Road ride Full Throttle,oh yeah,oh,sheesh oh man this is pretty Rowdy,all right zebras getting you pretty,good and the chain is slapping the heck,out of that chain stage,I dont even know if Im allowed to be,here all right I just realized that Ive,been riding around for 24 miles now and,I still got three bars of battery use so,two bars for 24 miles and then maybe,another two bars so thats 48 miles plus,maybe the last bar lets say Im gonna,get 10 more miles on that last bar so,yeah I guess Hemingw

Himiway Cruiser Review | Fat Tire Electric Bike (2021)

its pierce here with electric bike,report and today we have the hemi way,all-terrain fat tire e-bikes these bikes,are budget-friendly,fat tire e-bikes that are great for,all-terrain riding,and sitting back and relaxing while you,let the motor do its thing,with a 750 watt motor and four inch wide,tires,these bikes are going to climb any hill,and ride over any sort of terrain,im looking forward to showing you the,nitty-gritty of what these bikes are all,about,so well see you there,[Music],so when it comes to the specs on the,hemiway all-terrain fat tire,what do you get for that great value,that youre paying well ill start off,with the electrical components,starting with our battery here this 48,volt battery has 17.5 amp,hours essentially that means it holds a,charge for a very long time,and we really appreciate seeing that,from hemi way,being a heavier bike with fatter tires,any lesser of a battery and youd,probably lose charge pretty quickly,but theyve definitely equipped this,bike with the right battery for the job,all your power is coming from this 750,watt,brushless rear hub motor this motor,packs a serious punch,whether youre using the throttle or,pedal assist youre going to feel the,power of the hemi way all-terrain fat,tire,right away controlling that you have an,lcd display,this is going to show you everything you,need to know from how fast youre going,to how far youve gone and how much,charge you have left,they didnt over complicate the display,and everyone is going to understand the,data that theyre giving you,when youre writing theyve also,equipped the hemiway fat tire with a 48,volt,front headlight and a rear brake light,that will turn on,as you brake i like this headlight,because it can get you home in low light,conditions,and let you be seen to others even if,youre not seeing too well yourself so,as far as safety goes,the headlight is definitely adding a lot,of safety to this bike,especially if you plan on doing a lot of,riding in lower light conditions,when it comes to your drive train you,have a shimano altis drivetrain,this has seven speeds total and i find,thats plenty for how powerful this bike,is,on the hard end of your gears you have a,gear hard enough to get going and,maintain your speed,and on the easy end you have plenty of,granny gears that are going to boost you,up the hill without you having to work,too hard,your tires are kenda juggernaut tires,that are four inches wide i love these,tires,youre going to float over sand and snow,and get serious amounts of traction on,pavement and gravel,these tires are also easier to balance,on than your normal tires,because theyre wider and when youre,going at higher speeds you feel a lot,more,in control and stable than you do on a,thinner tire,your saddle is a velo plush saddle,thats,somewhere in between a performance,oriented saddle,and a comfort oriented saddle and i,really like that because thats kind of,what the hemi way,is as a full bike its performance,oriented and can shred some off-road,stuff,but its also leisure oriented if you,just want to go have a mellow smooth,cruise and i think that velo plush,saddle is the perfect media,just like the bike is as a whole you,have leather grips as well,that feel very comfortable and are,shaped so that your hands dont get as,tired on the ride you also have a twist,grip throttle on this bike and i think,this thing is a blast with how powerful,that 750 watt motor is,when you grip it and rip it you feel the,full power of the hemi way all terrain,fat tire,stopping you when youre going those,speeds is 180 millimeter,mechanical disc brakes from tectro these,brakes,stop me just fine however i would like,to see hydraulic disc brakes on this,bike,for how fast you can get going and how,much this bike weighs,these brakes do just fine and i,understand why they put them on for the,price point,given overall im just a guy who likes,hydraulic disc brakes being more of a,mountain biker,you also have a rear rack that comes,from hemiway,this thing has a high weight load and,with how powerful this bike is,youre going to be able to lug around,about 50 pounds worth of stuff with,relative ease,this bike also comes with plastic,fenders with how wide these tires are,you can kick up a lot of,dirt gravel and sand and i really liked,having these coverage,fenders here to make sure that im not,getting dirty as im riding through some,off-road terrain,so as a whole this bike is a really good,value for what youre paying,youre going to feel the power of this,bike immediately and theyve given you,components to make sure youre smiling,the whole time,hemi wave provides two different frame,styles for the hemi way all-terrain fat,tire,this is our standard frame and it also,comes as a,as a step through frame that also comes,with a water bottle cage mount,the hemi way cruiser glides over almost,any terrain with little regard for,whats in its path thanks to its four,inch tires,being a cruiser youd typically expect,it to be less maneuverable,but that wasnt the case here we had,virtually no issues biking around on,terrains ranging from paved trails,to gravel to hard packed dirt and even,loose sand,with as much power as this bike has,there is a small learning curve in the,beginning,to manage your speed so you dont get,out of control,but with how stable this bike is overall,that wasnt a huge issue to our test,riders,who adjusted fairly quickly,the power on the hemiway cruiser is,self-evident so for our test ride we,were curious to see if that power would,hold up on our range tests or if it,would drain the battery quicker we used,two different riders on the two cruiser,models,both riding the bikes on max pedal,assist level five,on the standard cruiser model one test,rider got 34.23 miles,in just under two hours with an average,speed of 18 miles per hour while the,other tester put up 43.65 miles in just,over two and a half hours,with an average speed of 16 miles per,hour that was on the step-through model,and we concluded that the power of these,bikes did not come at the expense of its,range,all right so if youre paying attention,during our spec part of the review,you know that this bike has a lot of,power in its 750 watt motor,so we are here at our hill thats a 12,grade,and were going to see how these bikes,can climb with full pedal assist,and throttle only weve also got our,test rider from electric bike report,here,named griffin griffin weighs a little,bit more than me and is also,taller so for two different sized people,were going to see how these bikes climb,and then were going to let you know the,results after griffin,have you tried these bikes before i have,ridden them around a little bit i,havent gone up any hills that are as,steep as this one yet so i am going to,be very interested to see,if if all that power does translate well,on the hill it does get me to the top,i guess well find out yeah and same,thing with me ive taken this on a lot,of hills but none,quite this steep so i think this will be,the true test of how these bikes climb,all right lets get at it lets see how,it goes,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],all right so we just finished our hill,climb test griffin howd that bike feel,for you,so it performed really really well i,kind of,im always nervous on a hill this deep i,kind of doubt whether or not im going,to get up there,the entire way with just throttle but,actually on our throttle test,it got me the whole way i entered at,about 20 miles per hour i slowed down to,2.6 i think at my like slowest so it got,really close,but i didnt have to put my foot down i,was able to get to the top did it in,about 232,on the throttle and then on pedal assist,i think i got there in 119,high 20 low of 10 miles per hour so yeah,you look like youre right behind me on,the pedal assist i was gonna say i was,keeping up with you there on the pedal,assist um i mean the power like on the,specs really did translate on the hill,so,very happy with how it performed cool,and as far

2022 Himiway Cruiser Long Range E-Bike Full Test and Review (Fat Bike)

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],well im sold on e-bikes as a long-time,cyclist and motorcyclist ive always,seen a clear distinction between the two,but modern e-bikes blur that line quite,a bit you want to hear shocker this,thing has three times the torque of,brooks honda crf300l rally him away,bikes claims 80 newton meters of torque,which translates to 59 pound feet brook,spike puts down about 20 pound feet oh,and the hemi way is just about one-fifth,the weight and price,lighter and more powerful than any,old-school moped this thing is an,improvement in every way and it reminds,me of my childhood a lot of our views of,the world are set when we are children,in my case the setting being a town,named gizko in the northeast of poland,in the early 80s it was and still is a,quaint tourist town located in the heart,of the missourian lakes and i remember,growing up with the kind of freedom that,todays kids only dream about i rode my,little bike all over that town and even,into the surrounding forest and along,with my friends explored most of the,area on two wheels,i was pretty young between six and eight,and looked up to the older kids who got,around on far more adult conveyances you,see if you were over the age of 12 you,could get yourself a permit to ride,around on a moped and thats what all,the really cool kids did there were all,kinds of mopeds basically bicycles with,50cc two-stroke motors that were capable,of reaching at least 40 kilometers per,hour or 25 miles per hour some like the,komar or the mini moto like motorinka,were polish others like the motorcycle s,kyava mustang were from czechoslovakia,and could even hit the big 60 kilometers,per hour the speed limit on the local,roads i remember watching the cool kids,motoring around on these and being,tremendously envious someday i would,have my own moped well at the age of,nine i moved to canada with my family,and forgot all about mopeds as they were,not a thing in toronto but now with the,advent of e-bikes they are starting to,become a thing,himaway an e-bike manufacturer recently,sent me their fat bike cruiser to test,and quite frankly i couldnt help to,think back to those childhood years the,top speed you guessed it 40 kilometers,per hour i was amazed at how functional,these things are and doubly amazed by,the very impressive price and range so,should you spring the 600 us bucks for,one of these stay tuned to find out and,if youre enjoying this content please,consider hitting those like and,subscribe buttons to help out the,channel,[Music],big fancy electric motorcycles have had,a rough time of it so far brahmo got,bought up by victory and then shelved,indefinitely harleys live wire did not,sell well and while zero motorcycles a,fully electric brand has established,itself its definitely not considered a,top seller one problem that electric,motorcycle makers have not figured out,is how to interest more riders in their,products and no wonder charging up to 30,thousand dollars for a bike that has a,theoretical 100 mile range and much,shorter than that in practice does not,seem a winning strategy especially in,places without quick charge,infrastructure seriously no one wants to,draw big money on a bike that will give,them range anxiety every time they want,to have a bit of fun and this is where,e-bike companies seem far better,positioned to appeal to a mass market at,their core electric bikes are most,perfectly suited for commuting,especially in cities they dont need a,huge range to do this and despite being,relatively heavy compared to bicycles,can be stored in places motorcycles,cant and charged overnight from your,wall socket in effect they solve the,problem electric motorcycles have,struggled with since their inception,having a use case,now a city dweller without a motorcycle,or even a car license can buy an e-bike,that will run them to work and back,never require an oil change insurance,registration or any of the expensive,gear motorcyclists need and commute to,work on it for the cost of charging the,battery basically nothing additionally,they can have some fun on the weekend,and stay in shape as a bonus these bikes,appeal to folks who are older or live in,extremely hilly areas where riding a,bicycle is not realistic or live in an,apartment without a parking spot and,want to keep their vehicle inside maybe,they work for a company thats cool,enough to let them bring their bike into,the office and park it beside their,beanbag chair,there are lots of people who need,vehicles like this who needs a 30,thousand dollar live wire when a hemiway,cruiser costs 1600 bucks us the bike,arrived lightly disassembled in a box,that had taken some damage the bike,inside was undamaged except for a couple,of scratches on the plastic fenders and,was easy to put together for me because,im a long time cyclist if you have less,experience with bikes you should consult,a youtube tutorial before diving in,seriously nice looking bike it matches,the honda rebel back there,first impressions the aluminum frame was,welded well the bike looks premium with,the wood accent on the luggage rack the,display is large and easy to read the,seat looks comfy the seven speed shimano,altis components are budget but this,bike costs a fraction of what most,e-bikes cost the hub motor in the back,wheel produces 750 watts of power which,equals just over one horsepower but more,impressively delivers the aforementioned,80 newton meters or 59 pound-feet of,torque right from idle for reference 750,is a lot of watts more than any pro,cyclist could push out over the course,of a race a weak point on the cruiser,are the brakes which are cable operated,and rather squishy it took some,adjusting on my end to make sure that,these didnt rub on the pads and bleed,power thus reducing battery range the,brakes did their job fine but if youre,in the market for one of these you may,want to step up to the himaway zebra,which gives you a bit more range and,more powerful less squishy hydraulic,brakes its 400 more expensive but the,hydraulic brakes and several other,upgrades are well worth the still low,000 us dollar price tag the forks on the,cruiser come with a lockout switch to,prevent them from bouncing on smooth,surfaces and with preload adjustment,they work well on bumpy gravel roads and,i had no complaints the seating position,has some adjustment and although,hemingway claims that the bike will fit,riders from five two to six four if,youre in a six foot or taller club,youll probably have to spring for a,longer seat post as i found the highest,adjustment was just about right for me,at five eleven and a half barefoot okay,so i got a slight bend in my leg which,is about the proper pedaling position,and when i get off you can see,that the seat post is right at the,lockout,right at the highest level it can be any,higher and it wouldnt be recommended,so,the seat post is maximum for a guy my,height,get a diameter 30.4 long post to fit the,bike properly i also found the bars a,bit too close and we recommend that,taller riders flip the stem to lengthen,and lower them a bit if this position is,still too cramped the seat can be slid,backwards and hemoway offers an,accessory adjustable stem for shorter,riders or riders who like a lower bar,the cruiser has three spacers under the,stem that can be relocated above it to,substantially drop the bars with a small,investment the hemiway cruiser can fit a,wide range of riders but the current,bike as equipped is good up to six feet,tall about 183 centimeters for a rider,brooks size shes five six and a half,or 169 centimeters tall the bike fit,perfectly and she found the riding,position to be roomy and comfortable the,quick adjust seat is handy as it allows,for an easy change in seat height but,riders living in cities where theft is,an issue may want to replace this part,with a regular allen bolt clamp to deter,people from simply undoing the lever and,walking off with your seat seat post and,clamp otherwise you have t

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